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Treaty Transparency Settlements 1989 to 2013 – revised and updated

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Treaty Transparency ImageInformation surrounding treaty settlement transfers is not easy to access, so few New Zealanders really appreciate the extent of the public resources that have been given away. From hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cash, to iconic buildings, mountains, lakes, rivers, coastal areas, forests, parks, farms, schools, police stations, court houses, and even state houses – nothing that is publicly owned is safe from tribal demands.

The New Zealand Centre for Political Research think tank has regularly examined treaty settlements and reported our concerns through our NZCPR Weekly newsletters. A rich archive of material can be found on our NZCPR.com website. Now we have updated and revised this report that provides a comprehensive analysis of treaty settlements to date. We hope the information presented will not only expose the unwarranted excesses that are now associated with these dubious settlements, but will also empower readers to speak out against the flights of fancy that are masquerading as legitimate claims.

Dr Muriel Newman
Founding Director
New Zealand Centre for Political Research

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