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Tribal Control of Water

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New Zealanders have been well and truly duped by Labour over Three Waters.

From the outset, the primary objective has always been to deliver control of water to the Maori tribal elite. It is only through lies and manipulation, a compliant media, and an absolute majority in the House that Labour – or more accurately the Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta – has been able to progress the reforms to where they are now.

Three key changes have been introduced to give control of water to iwi.

The first involved confiscating water assets from councils and centralising them into four mega Water Services Entities so ‘co-governance’ arrangements could be introduced.

‘Co-governance’ is a benign euphemism for ‘tribal rule’. It’s a clever description, because it ‘sounds’ equitable, even though it’s profoundly discriminatory since it gives tribal minorities veto rights over those representing the majority of New Zealanders.

With co-governed Regional Representative Groups giving the tribal elite ultimate control over Three Water Entities at a strategic level, a way had to be found to deliver local control to iwi.

That has been achieved through the Bill’s ‘Te Mana o te Wai Statements’ – which the Boards running the Water Entities must ‘give effect to.’ These statements can cover any aspect of water services: whether pipes, consents, levies – nothing is off the table.

In fact, when Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan asked the Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson whether Te Mana o te Wai Statements could enable local Maori to “control what a farmer does with his or her pond on their private land?”, the Minister could not answer: “Ah, no, I wouldn’t think so … yeah, look obviously Heather I’d need to refer to the detail…”.

Just like their proposed overhaul of hate speech laws, which were eventually shelved, Labour’s Cabinet Ministers do not have a proper grasp of what they are about to inflict onto the country.

The only one who really understands the insidious detail is Nanaia Mahuta, and she’s pushing her own agenda.

To ensure tribal control over the new Water Services Regulator, the Minister established a powerful Maori Advisory Group with the authority to issue directives to the regulator’s Board.

So, with the plan for tribal control of water stitched up, the Minister set about manufacturing a crisis to justify to the public her confiscation of their water infrastructure and services.

A multi-million-dollar advertising campaign was launched to build public support for reform. By depicting sludge coming out of taps it aimed to discredit local councils.  

The Minister also embarked on a disinformation crusade – exemplified in her second reading speech on the Bill: “We need to take this crisis seriously. We need to act with urgency. I do not use the word ‘crisis’ lightly, but when an estimated 34,000 New Zealanders get sick from drinking water each year, that is a crisis.”

The Minister’s on-going claim that a tsunami of 34,000 people get sick each and every year from drinking contaminated council water, is a complete and utter fabrication. It is not based on current health data but on an ESR report estimating the incidence of waterborne gastro-intestinal disease in New Zealand that was prepared for Helen Clark’s Labour Government in 2006! 

The 34,000 figure was the upper band of a ‘guestimate’ based on UK statistics because the incidence of disease in New Zealand was insufficient for modelling purposes: “the size of most outbreaks is small, averaging nine cases per outbreak in 2000-2004, and is smaller than any other countries for which data are available.” The author even highlighted the unreliability of his estimates by noting in the report: “The reliability of this method is questioned by the author.”

Apart from one tragic accident in 2016, when farm runoff entered a town water supply during a storm, New Zealand’s freshwater quality has been amongst the highest in the world.

The fact that the Minister is using unreliable sixteen-year-old figures to push her crisis narrative, demonstrates only too clearly that she simply cannot be trusted.

Then there’s the litany of lies about the new system including the false claim that councils will still ‘own’ their confiscated assets even though they will have no control over them – and that water users will save money even though every independent analysis warns the figures do not stack up since the alleged “savings” are based on a huge escalation of debt that’s never repaid.

In effect, Three Waters is a Ponzi scheme based on interest rates of 3.5 percent, that maintains the illusion of a sustainable business for as long as the credit lines remain open. But with the new mega agencies reportedly spending money like water, and interest rates set to double, are Minister Mahuta’s glib assurances about the affordability of her scheme credible?

Or does she even care?

The problem for New Zealand – and for Jacinda Ardern – is that Nanaia Mahuta has turned Three Waters into a legacy project.

Through this legislation she aims to deliver tribal control of all New Zealand water – continuing the work of her parents Sir Robert and Lady Raiha Mahuta, who, with the assistance of her sister Tipa Mahuta and the former New Zealand First MP Tukoroirangi Morgan, successfully established ‘co-governance’ of the Waikato River.

With Tipa Mahuta appointed chair of the water regulator’s powerful Maori Advisory Board, and Tuku Morgan appointed chair of the northern Three Waters iwi body, both have key Three Waters roles to assist the Minister to deliver Maori supremacy over New Zealand water.

At a recent iwi leaders meeting, Tuku Morgan condemned an alternative Three Waters plan, which excluded co-governance, saying, “We will never be denied, we will never go silently in the night, our voice must be heard at the table and we must take our place, end of story.”

Those are not the words of someone committed to using their Three Waters co-governance role to serve the public good, but the arrogant and intimidatory demands of an elitist, who believes they have the ‘right to rule’.

And that is the ethic underpinning Three Waters. Any hope that water services under a tribal veto would serve anyone other than an iwi minority are naive and misguided. These tribal rulers will call the shots and they will be accountable to no-one. They will not be able to be challenged, nor sacked. They represent the totalitarian tribal rule objective of Nanaia Mahuta’s legacy project.

The extension of the Three Waters legislation from dealing only with freshwater, stormwater and wastewater to include coastal water and geothermal water was buried in Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Select Committee’s 200-page report on the Bill.

It simply said, “In the bill as introduced, Te Mana o te Wai and Te Mana o te Wai statements would only apply to freshwater bodies. However, water services also discharge into coastal water, and may affect geothermal water. We believe it would be appropriate to expand the bill’s application of Te Mana o te Wai to these other water bodies.”

Without any public consultation at all, the Bill has been expanded so all water in New Zealand will be controlled by iwi.

What a legacy Minister Mahuta has created!

How long will it be before iwi introduce a levy on freshwater – so they can receive a royalty in perpetuity every time a Kiwi tap is turned on?

How long it will be before geothermal power generators are pressured for a slice of the action?

And, how will tribal control of coastal water out to the 12 nautical mile edge of the Territorial Sea affect the 600 overlapping claims lodged under the Marine and Coastal Area Act?

The inclusion of coastal and geothermal water in the Three Waters Bill appeared to have surprised the Prime Minister and key members of her executive.

The Minister of Energy and Resources Megan Woods confirmed as much during a radio interview with Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking: “The select committee report was the first time I’ve ever heard of the thought of including any more waters into the Three Waters bucket. So this hasn’t even been talked about by Cabinet… As the Minister of Energy and Resources, I’d probably have some views on geothermal! It’s not something we’ve even considered.”

And at Monday’s post-Cabinet press conference, when questioned about the inclusion of coastal and geothermal water in the Three Waters legislation, the PM still seemed confused: “My issue is that I’m struggling to quite understand the question that you’re putting to me…”

It turns out that while the Ministerial Working Group on Three Waters had suggested including coastal water in the Bill as one of their 47 recommendations, back in April Minister Mahuta had advised Cabinet that such a change would not be introduced until the second Three Waters Bill, since it would require a substantial work programme to ensure alignment with the new resource management legislation, new water regulations, and climate change planning.

Although geothermal water was not mentioned by either the Working Group or the Minister in her Cabinet paper, it has now been included in the Bill, alongside coastal water – even though the Minister’s substantial work programme has not been carried out.

Is rushing these into law now, instead of waiting for the next bill, a sign that panic is setting in?

Has Minister Mahuta suddenly realised that her Cabinet colleagues are unlikely to support the controversial expansion of iwi powers to cover all New Zealand water in an election-year bill?

Since coastal and geothermal water were not included in the Bill until after submissions had closed, members of the public have had no opportunity at all to have a say on this explosive issue.

The Prime Minister has now made the bizarre claim that including coastal and geothermal water does not alter the “scope” of the Bill – and she asked for it to be clarified.

Minister Mahuta obliged through Supplementary Order Paper 306. All references to “coastal” and “geothermal” water have now been removed from the Bill and replaced with the term ‘water’ – “as defined in the Resource Management Act” – where it states “water includes fresh water, coastal water, and geothermal water”!

So, while coastal and geothermal water are still part of the Bill, the Government’s subterfuge makes it harder to ‘see’ that three waters has now become five.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator financial analyst and former local body councillor Frank Newman describes the toll on New Zealand democracy from the lies and manipulation associated with Three Waters:

“Unfortunately, the consequences of Three Waters go beyond a debate about infrastructure. The lies, the gross dishonesty, and the consultation charade will inevitably damage the public’s confidence in Parliament and democracy itself.

“Who now could be bothered putting any effort into making a submission to Parliament when they not only know their opinion will be ignored, but realise they are being played and treated like a fool?

“And why would anyone have any respect for Parliament and politicians when politicians have destroyed any notion that we live in a representative democracy founded on the principles of ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’. 

“The truth is Labour does not believe in democracy – at least not the kind of democracy that the people want and not the kind of democracy that has empowered and liberated communities throughout history and created unprecedented prosperity.”

Many questions arise from this whole Three Waters debacle, including who is actually in charge?

It certainly appears that Nanaia Mahuta is bulldozing her legacy project – tribal control of all New Zealand water – onto the country, over-riding the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and treating the public like fools.

Filled with dangerous detail that will undermine New Zealanders’ rights to water and our democratic way of life, this Bill is a huge mistake.

Jacinda Ardern needs to rein in her errant Minister and scrap Three Waters while there is still time.

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It was always about N.Muhuta’s extending her family’s influence – sounds very similar to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and will be just as disastrous for us in New Zealand if we follow this racial road. Monica
The present Government are a bunch of incompetent clowns. Mike
Another rip off by govt based on lies????? Keith
No doubt whatever Ruth
Yes and I shudder to think of the future ! But as I’ve said many times before, the world is led by liars, cheats and bastards. Every week New Zealand gets ever closer to political disaster, social chaos and civil war. The nation is in a woeful state ! John
The most evil people – the elite who are bulldozing this stupidity through parliament. Elizabeth
They want it all. Total control. It must be stopped. Tribalism is apartheid. Laurine
This will deliver to the Iwi, an endless income for no added value, all at the cost of the public. The finances will be used to fight endless legal battles to further their gains. Meanwhile the plight of poor Maori will deteriorate. Ian
yes,it is a cunning theft of infrastructure paid for by the hard work of ordinary NZ taxpayers,these people should be called the Maori Mafia not Maori elite Bruce
I cannot understand what Labour expects to gain from this proposal. Rob
Yes, but not all Maori – Tainui is behind this. Mahuta is Tainui and she is serving her king and the sovereign movement and not there to serve the taxpayers who pay her. Pamela
Sleasy legislation Michael
It is just so blatantly obvious in the arrogant way it is being pushed through at all cost lone
Aim to destroy democracy in NZ Bryan
Minister Mahuta has an agenda and so does Tuku Morgan (until now I had no idea they were related!! ) Now I understand! Ngaire
Mahuta, while flashing her moko, expects every NZer to ignore her racist intent and pass ALL of NZ over to the racist elite. Wake up NZ Bob
Three Waters is the most obscene power grab by Maori in New Zealand history. The deeply stupid people supposedly running (ruining) our Country continue their sycophantic pandering to their Maori caucus and Mahuta in particular.. Three Waters must be stopped. Doug
bastards Robin
democracy is being eroded by the present labour administration, and is a scary profile for us all. bob
What a dreadful shame that NZ is going down this co-governance route. It’s undemocratic, divisive, inefficient and costly. Josie
Jesus….this is now very very scary and very very real.Pissweak opposition,out of control Labour MPs with personal agendas and their leader to busy with the mirror to take any notice. alan
Absolutely!! These tribal types are wanting all of the benefits of todays society without any contribution on their part. Tony
It’s beyond belief that this is happening. A minority race ruling the majority is apartheid !! Not so long ago we protested as a nation against apartheid – now we are living it !! Glen
Once this bill passes into Law, elite maori WILL OWN THE WATER & CONTROL the Water, not New Zealanders, part maori New Zealander’s, But an ethnic group. Maori will have absolute control of both water and the power to charge a fee. It must be stopped. S
Of course it is. Rosemary
100% asset stealing to give to some tribes … Can’t believe this is happening in 2022 Dave
no longer a genuine Labour Party. elitist party now. Chris
it is so obvious!! Robyn
It has been all along and until the government and its conies are sent back to the Marae and the universities Ray
I have no doubts about this Allan
obvious when you see the facts, but with the media effectively blackmailed into silence by Labours bribe, how will average Kiwi ever know. kabe
Radical Maori are “OTHER NEW ZEALANDERS” that have used victim hood to gain advantage of political power not offered to ‘Other New Zealanders’ to corrupt our democracy for their own personal enrichment. they are so close to pulling off this coup, doubling down by this group could escalate to to civil unrest. Very concerning. Appeasement is not an option now or never, it needs to be shut down once and for all, our society is becoming more toxic and divided by the day. New Zealanders need stand up now or lose our country to apartheid. Sam
it has become obvious now that the aim is Maori ownership and control ie. privatisation. Irony reigns large – the Sage SOP wants to ‘stop privatisation”. richard
Only a blind person could not see that. The brown tide is ever-reaching… Carl
stop Wiremu
Yes I do think that is what the Government is doing, and it is wrong on so many levels. They don’t own the water and neither do we,, it is God given for ALL, regardless of race, ethnicity, colour,, rich or poor. And we, here in New Zealand, are so lucky to have so much available to us. What this Government is doing is abhorrent. They are a disgrace and so are Maori Elites who want this. Heather
Mahuta has used subterfuge and deceit to force her separatist agenda on we New Zealanders Peter
It was never only about water, it was always about the journey towards co-governance. David
Surely there must be some way of taking a legal case against this govt before the next election or will it take anti govt demonstrations to make the point. Mick
This a grievous insult to local democracy and an obvious attempt to destroy the one person one vote process. This Govt shows itself devoid of honour and integrity. It must never be allowed to take power again. Russ
More Maori grab Neil
its an historic objective of Maori elite, and it won’t be the last claim on resources that no one group should own, they are universally owned and shared by all. Ray
This LEGALISED GOVT, THEFT, by the Maori Elite, via Govt. mandate, will only STOP, when WE THE PEOPLE, UNITE AS ONE, SAYING… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..!!! David
Just one of A NUMBER OF EVIL AGENDAS’, used against people who value FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY, AND SLAVERY. Adern and her cronies in Govt. work for their Satanic Masters, WHO/UN/CFR/TC/ROCKERFELLERS. The Agenda will only end when KIWIS RISE UP AS ONE NATION !!! David
Not just to Maori but to a specifically Tainui based controlling agency! KM
I believe 3 waters will change our democratic right for every sector of nz’s population to be heard, it does not make sense in this day and age. Unfortunately I feel disenfranchised by the present government and have concerns about whether a national government will be strong enough to right the wrongs the present government have committed. Sue
An outrageous proposal which should never go ahead a total mahuta scam Sidwell
No, it’s main goal is to give more money to the rich pricks who are already in control. james
If they succeed with their water plans what will be next ? All national parks? all government owned land? G F
No one owns water. It is a gift from nature. Pure and outright greed from the Maori elite. Wayne
You would be a fool not to think otherwise. Michael
Driven by individuals set on stealing millions of dollars who care not what the cost to wider society (measured in *billions* of dollars, and tearing of the social fabric) may be. Tony
I do believe that the ardern regime is being led by the nose by mahuta and co into a complete tribal coup where most ordinary people of this country will own nothing and be subjugated by the state to the service of our new socialist party. It appears that mahuta is actually the prime minister and the maori caucas are the govt. The rest are just window dressing making up the numbers. Most people in this country are sleepwalking into this new socialist country called aotearoa Flip
I’ll go further. I firmly believe that the primary objective of this unmandated, unrepresentative rogue Ardern Labour/Maori/Green Cabinet is Maori Co-GOVERNMENT. Phil
No doubt about it! Janine
Totally !!!!!!!!!! The proposed legislation has little to do with water. It’s for Iwi control — people are now waking up to Jacinda and her agendas. We MUST turf this Labour lot out and also their Green friends. Check on their latest input into three waters and their disgusting input. Alan
Most concerning Bill
It seems tribal control is the only viable reason for it! Peter
that’s obvious, stan
That was the objective from day one and the Prime minister has no control on her Maori caucaus and one just wonders whether they have some hold over her. The three waters will fester and will not go away come election year and they Labour party will not be able to defend this disasterious policy. ken
Scrap this proposed legislation. I’m fed up with the pandering and divisive action splitting Iwi and Kiwi Rose
Yes, Clear to see! Get rid of it! Levonne
The Labour Party is so corrupt, doing all it can to do as much damage to the country before loosing next year Election. So that whoever wins has a very major problem in bringing country to it’s true Democratic standing. Roy
This is not democracy, it is Tribal Domination ! James
This needs to be stopped asap Duncan
It will fail as the multiplicity of regulation will so damage productivity that everything will collapse So what are a families priorities Food energy health safety But govt taxes like water rates, insurance, council rates etc will not be paid as families will not have the ability to afford govt Toy
Of course. It’s a cunning move to let the maoris charge everyone who uses water so that JA & her mates no longer have to support the maori.. Maurice
Racist. Divisive. Destructive. Ruth
We need an early election before she/they destroy NZ. Carole
The entire set-up is not designed to deliver an agile three water system that can respond and improve three waters. It is clearly set-up to deliver control, worse the system has a number of road blocks that will bog the process down. Andrew
it’s time for a ‘Whitlam”moment,time for Governor General to step in. simon
It cant be anything else the way it is proposed Colin
Quite clearly. They have tried to ram these laws through without any debate. Mark
Without a doubt this Labour government together with its Maori planners is the greatest threat that I have encountered in my 82 years. Our TV news media especially, appear unwilling or unable to highlight the debacles that are escalating regularly in N.Z.. Are five million New Zealanders being lead on a long path to devastation that Russia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Argentina, Iran, Nazi Germany, Haiti and Cuba have experienced? Ralph
If water lands up in iwi hands can we recover damages from them for flood damages . This legislation is so bad doug
No matter how much Mahuta attempts to conceal the real intent of her bill, it is abundantly clear that the main purpose is tribal control and more money for jam for Tainui … John
Yes, it indeed looks that way. I would venture to suggest that there is a larger agenda at play, such as an asset grab for the globalist agenda. The globalists are desperately seeking to control Energy, Food and Water. This is just one more asset being stolen from right under our noses while we sit back and relax in our “she’ll be right mate” apathy. BRYCE
Maori have always wanted control of all waters in NZ. Mahuta is the evil person delivering it. I still believe main driver is Willie Jackson, hence his total quietness in recent times. Peter
We need an entrenched law hat nobody owns the water- any kind of water. Gay
Damn right. Terence
This is an example of He Puapua in action Peter
Theft Peter
Absolutely there has never been any consideration of all Kiwi’s, just Maori David
Always has been. Muriel
YES!! This a disgrace. This is the most deceitful, lying, scheming government we have ever had. John
Not only water. It is becoming more and more obvious that the intention of this labour cult is the whole country revert to tribal rule. A more repugnant government this country has never seen. All they are capable of is lies, treason and incompetence. They must go! Terry M
You wouldn’t print what one feels about this lying deceitful racist Government!!!! Ron
No doubt about it. Murray
Very much So, Now they are trying to save it by making it compulsory to have 60% to recind it. This is not Demockerasy it is Dictatorship. Richard
Without doubt Sharen
Absolutely YES!!!! This is the whole purpose of the bill!!! Monty
Why can’t we all be considered New Zealanders William
There should be a vote of no confidence in the govt and they governor general should dissolve parliament. Labour clearly cannot be trusted in any way shape or form. Rick
17% of the country and watered down Maori wants to be in charge. I fill these petitions out but nothing changes. no wonder my family are leaving this country. Marie
neosocialism at its best here n NZ Long live Luxon Bryan
Always their intention Andrew
Based on the evidence, the person leading this and that its really 5 Waters she wants, how could you come to any other conclusion. John
Why are Maori considered to be different to Pacific Islanders? Bryan
The PM has neglected her duty. Mahuta must be demoted to the back bench and the bill scrapped. Is that PM’s plan? David
When are kiwis going to wake up and push back on this blatant attack on democracy in NZ. The only emergency in NZ at present is the Labour government and they need to be extinguished! Chris
There is absolutely no other reason to align the regions along tribal boundaries. Indeed, any intelligent thinking would be to align the region with the existing regional councils. This government is nothing but a pack of racist liars – period. Steve
When is this nonsense going to stop Laurel
Yes – sticks out a mile, but only the Maori Elite will benefit from it as they have done countless times in the past. This needs to be nipped in the bud now, or the cartridge box may well replace the ballot box in the not too distant future! Scott.
It must be stopped!!!!! Maurice
Insidious, deceitful, arrogant, and profoundly antidemocratic. This law, if enacted, will become an international case study in what not to do. Richard
This is only one of many strategies to wrestle total control of New Zealanders into tribal rule. John
Of course, what else could it be! Eric
I’m absolutely staggered that Labour would knowingly betray NZ by ramming this through Wayne
The hard facts all point to a Maori iwi elite wanting to change NZ for the worse.. The Morihori were, by all accounts the first peoples on NZ Stuart
Why not allow iwi to prove their ability by letting them deal with sewerage first? If they can successfully and economically deal with human waste then let them move on to freshwater!!! No sense in letting them spoil everything at once!!!! Peter K
This will knock the progress that Maori have made back 50 years, because of a very greedy so called elite, who don’t represent the bulk of Maori. Merryl
How has this been allowed to happen? Peter
this is only one bill this labour govt is pushing thru unilaterally. democracy in nz has been ridden over roughshod by jacinda.. craig
Not all Maori – nor all Maori tribes – just Nanaia Mahuta’s whanau and Maori elites. Ms Ardern will be tossed aside as soon as legislation is passed. Cherie
Mahuta is becoming the Robert Mugabe or Jacob Zuma of the South Pacific and taking this country down the same road that Rhodesia and South Africa have gone. It is corruption, pure and simple. Gavin
Water is essential for all of us, all cultures. Margaret
Completely obvious to anyone with half a brain and not brain-washed by wokeness and Maori “spiritual” b.s. Read John Robinson’s books to realize just how serious is take over by the tribal elite. Sandy
It has been years in coming but is in full speed ahead now. Have learned today that the legislation will be locked in so that no future changes will be possible. Richard
Of course, this was their objective from the outset! Easy money to charge all users of “their” water. And what value could appointed Maori add to water supply and disposal? Peter
Our Government is practicing Apartheid in front of the entire Country. Wake up NZ Kalakanthi
Then they will plant more flax and cabbage trees along our water-ways. John T
This is what it’s been all about from day one. But how to stop it is the question. Too few NEW ZEALANDERS have no knowledge let alone understanding of just what is at stake here thanks to the complicit media. The sooner we get rid of this Government the better. Malc
This Govt. has to be denounced and ridiculed for their co-governance actions They are an embarassment to all level thinking New Zealanders!. Our Asian Community have more rights than 17% Maori can claim in this country. Ian
Of course it is! Alex
We need all NZ to get involved. It would appear only a small percentage of New Zealanders understand what is really going on here. Why is this not in Mainstream Media?? Frank 
Outright criminal robbery of the NZ public-surely there is some way this can be overruled? john
Three Waters will be a huge financial disaster for New Zealand and cause serious racial hatred. Ross
Chip chipping away. Wake up New Zealand. There’s a possibility we will be paying through our council rates to enter on to some of our beaches . Have a read of what National and Act have to say about The Three Waters Bill now before parliament. Owen
How is it possible that the rest of the labor caucus let this happen? Are they not there to bring value to All New Zealanders? Murray
However it is really delivering control to IWIs rather than Maori who are currently ratepayers as are everyone else. Even people paying rent in effect pay rates through their rent.. This is just a tribal power grab to gain control of all water. John
If this happens,i’m off to Aussie. Mark
Im part Maori but this is a slimball way of money for nothing for an elite few . We have a women in change of our country who is gutless and being walked all over. It getting to the stage where who need a job. The labour party will set us up, put us in Motels or besides people who never want or need this Winston Peters put this lot in charge and now we are all seeing how letting the fish and chip wrapper has destroyed our country. NO dual governence of any WATER SYSTEM Alan
Definitely. Heather
I am appalled at the way Nanaia Mahuta is rushing through HER Three Waters bill. Completely ignoring what the majority of the people of NZ want. Her legacy will be to ruin the country to give control of the waters to the Maori. A small percentage of NZ population. This Labour Govt. must go. They are taking democracy away from us. Robina
There’s a Cabal running this Govt. Neville
The fact that there was a large number of tax paying New Zealanders that took the time to consider the facts and then make a submission against three waters shows the level of concern we have as a country and even more so now that the conversation has moved to five waters. The people of this great country deserve a better Government than the deceptive and undemocratic one we have now. Rob
German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said all truth passes through three states, first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, third it is accepted as self-evident. Maori were not the first people to come to New Zealand. Many Maori will tell you that. That pride of place goes to Patupaiarehe, who arrived about the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. Second came the Waitaha people who arrived about 300 years later. However, authorities, including Government, will tell you that the Maori, who arrived in the “great fleet” about 1350 were the first to arrive here. One particular tribe of about 100 were picked up from Hao Atoll by the Spaniards and dropped off by the mouth of the Kaipara Harbour at a village named Aotea by the Waitaha people who lived there in peace. They did not integrate, but built canoes and moved down to Raglan and called their village Aotea. This is the tribe of Nanaia Mahuta. The name of that Spanish ship that brought the here was Tai Nui. Kevan
It is not a matter of belief. It is absolutely fact. The co-governance word is just code for joint sovereignty over this Nation. It is not just water that’s involved but everything. All Government Departments, including Police and Courts. Language you see all literature in Government Departments. To pay for it there has to be a partnership. Enter the treaty. Now defined regularly in the Government bribed media. Which means 50-50 share of the tax take fort 15% of the population. Preposterous you say, well it is happening before out eyes. I have approached a number of Politicians, told them what I have learnt through my dealings with the head of the Maori sovereignty group. They all agree with what I told them, but will not come out and say it to the people of this country. The are fearful of being labelled racist and loosing votes. Excuse me and what Maori are doing in this country is not racist, everything they want is because they are maori. For goodness sake wake up all other Political parties and call it what it is. Apart from the greens they would be happy for Maori mythology and plants to run NZ. Race based politics!! This comment is from a mixed Maori pakeha family. Dene
Certianly do, and it will be an absolute disaster to every one except Maori, what next the air we breathe, and that’s no joke Brian
Not right, needs to go to public submission Trev 
of COURSE! Gregor
there is no other logical explanation, Mahuta is evil personified. gale
It is just the beginning. Maori elite want all of New Zealand. They are not stopping at 3 Waters- now 5 Waters and want a lot more !! Rosie
You would have to be blind not the know what is going on with Cindy the Red licking the bottoms of the thieves to stay in power at any cost. She has NO loyalty to NZ and the tax payers who have paid for the water reticulation over a long period of time. It will not worry her as she will flee NZ to some cushy post in UN to strut around again looking like a peacock and stuffing some other country so she can be famous. This lot has to go NOW and take Mahuta with them to a very dark place. Why weight for next year when it will be TOO late. Wake up NZ yes it is still NZ and be counted. Rod
It’s a way for the tribal elite to grab power while they have majority – this MUST be stopped. Clive
All water including the 12 mile limit and the Waikato river must be made public property administered by the crown and only the crown. Wayne
Mahutagabe and her tribal elite are slowly taking control of this country. The health system, the poly techs, and the water. It’s all part of their implementation of He Puapua. Democracy has failed this country. Arden is a disgrace Rick
Of course it’s a planned scheme by Mahuta Stephen
Most definately Graham
It has always been YES. Seems like Mexico is looking more and more appealing! Chris
This has clearly been their objective from the start. I said as much in a submission I wrote in opposition to this Bill, which I doubt the government has even read. Ian
Of course it is and then everything else, they will not stop until they control everything. Does Labour care not a bit. Fraser
The water belongs to all of us.Perhaps Pakeha should jump in quickly and claim the RAIN first now? linda
Maori are natives that have not grown up or learnt how to adapt and live with others. Including their own mates. RICHard
corruption pure and simply the fact that all submitters were refused to be recognised by the Labour government says it all Allan
Have always thought so and the latest discovery of the legislation including geothermal and coastal waters is proof! Rose
Yes. Absolutely no doubt about it. We can look forward to our water infrastructure being left to deteriorate into wreckage while the Maori Elite grab all the funding and then rate payers the biggest bill you’ve ever conceived to reconstruct it. That’s what they are doing with all co-governance arrangements so far. Parks, cut down the exotic trees and leave the place to fall in to wrack and ruin and burn down the huts in the Uraweras and wherever possible close down public facilities. Up north here, many walking tracks are now unusable because there are packs of feral dogs that will attack walkers. Access to beaches is being denied by thugs closing roads and public assets are being left to be overrun with kikuyu grass and go rotten. That’s what we can expect from “co-governance”. Dianna
Science needs to come to the fore and corrupt politicians move out of the way Alan
It is being done in an underhand way Arthur
Absolutely no question. Thats been the plan from day one. Mike
How do we stop this, I see now they have included a 60% requirement to overturn the bill. Unbelievable. Gordon
What a charade the whole Three Waters bill appears to be. We all need to wake up to what is happening to the NZ we once knew! Phil
This is a concerted move to reverse apartheid by Tainui Ross
There is no doubt about this and if passed the backlash will be significant Geoff
Without a doubt. Outrageous bill. Max
Grand theft, corruption and racism. The best way to counter this BS is for everyone to join a 3 waters strike. No pays water bill until this crap is reversed and the perpetrators punished. Richard
It’s a disgrace. Jim
Totally agree with the comments made by Muriel Newman on the fraud that this government and in particular N Mahuta, are trying to perpetrate on the New Zealand public – it is an utter disgrace and an affront to our so-called democracy! George
water is the most important resource on this planet. Its protection and use must not be up for grabs by self interest entities who are fully aware of its value. Gary
I hate all of this Maori stuff, my Maori friends are growling about it all too as it doesn’t help any of us. Our country is being taken away from us. Barbara
It has been obvious from day one that maori want full control of all water and must be STOPPED LEO
Always has been from it’s conception Bruce
It is a major rort. Mahuta cannot be trusted at all! Frank
It goes further then that. This is a necessary step towards delivering Agenda 2030 for the globalists. Pete
It has never been clearer that that is their main goal Jim
Yes and to cap it all I read that they are in the process of putting a 65% clause for future governments to change the law. They call this democracy!!!!!! tony
This government must be held to account for there mismanagement of the country Anthony
We have no choice in this, how can this be allowed to happen. Government are a complete joke John
It has been the ‘elite maori activists’ agenda since the 1950’s to achieve ‘maori sovereignty’ by 2040. Jacinda Adern, Nanaia Mahutu and Labours maori caucus are exponentially ahieving that outome and to hell with the other 80% of NZ citizens. Maureen J
This is a blatant coup attempt to subvert democracy and give control to the tribal elite. It is based on lies (there has never been wholesale contamination of water in NZ as Mahuta claims), deceit, and brazen willingness to exert their will over the pope of NZ. They must be stopped before we lose more of our democratic rights Kerry
Water comes from the sky. No one “owns” it. Water is for all to share, regardless of their ethnicity Peter
We will end up like Zimbabwe next our property and farms will be taken by force Brian
Disastrous for our country. we need a serious referendum on this issue. Tom
One person maybe pushing but it takes all of them to make it happen and therefore the Government is responsible. Iain
Another racist nail in NZ’s coffin Ian
And I believe that Luxon has no other choice than to state the objective of his government will be the urgent repeal of all legislation passed in the name of 3 waters or co-governance. Dave
Blame Winston. He put them in power Ian
Ok Wayne Brown. This is why I voted for you: Ready, set GO! Matt
100% Michael
And now they are deceitfully tagging the Bill so that in future it will require a 60% vote in parliament to get rid of the Bill. Luxon is dreaming if he thinks he can remove it. Can you imagine the litigation and injunctions (part) Maori will through to prevent that happening. Paid for by taxpayers of course. What stupid, stupid people voted for this woman without doing any homework to see what her history and agenda was. Creed
It is so bloody obvious despite what the Minister and her Maori caucus state over and over again. One has to wonder if the PM, who while out of the country appealing to the international media, is being totally undermined by the group she is forever bowing and scrapping to. Barry
It is part of the Tribal elite Propaganda machine to Maorificate Maori life at the expense of freedom David
And when it all fails it will be our fault for not giving them enough money. This whole Maori control thing has to stop now. Frank
Always was the aim geoff
This is a decisive step for New Zealand to abandon democracy Gerhard
Any thinking member of the public, regardless of race in NZ, realises that this cunning plan to control water in any form, by a Maori minority. is an affront to our democracy! Ian
I have written and complained and signed multiple petitions ..but we need action. Jean
A very dangerous woman is Nanaia Mahuta. Sue
No question. Maddi
That view is reinforced by the split up on the basis of Tribal boundaries and more recently the feeble attempts to hide that they want the seawater for Maori too. John
Would not happen in a civilised society. John
if you couldn’t see this coming you must be blind good news eventually the greedy mawee will bugger it like every else they do brian
The maoris should be reminded that they are a failed race, who were unable to hold on to ‘their’ land when challenged, and lost it to superior cultures. They have made no improvements to their own way of life, or understanding of the real world since then, and are unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. It is not conceivable that they could operate all water systems, or indeed, any modern infrastructure, in an efficient and effective manner. In a similar vein, our prime minister should be reminded that in an earlier period of history, high treason of a scale she is engaged in, would be rewarded by the swift application of a heavy bladed instrument to a rather important part of the body. I do not advocate that in this day and age, but at the very least she should be removed from office and put on trial for treason. New Zealand citizens, be aware that your next general election vote may well be your last, unless you use it wisely. TOBY
totally undemocratic poer grab by a minority john
What else can you think when it is obvious that this dumb government are hell bent on giving in to the Maori elite. What are this maori elite, nothing but a bunch of money grabbers who should be charged with treason and jailed appropriately, along with our Prime Minister and a few other communists in this government Tom
Its been obvious since 3 waters inception Stanley
Along with creating racial division. There seems to be a dearth of recognition of European tech. Geothermal has been here before anyone but it only came to serve as it now does with European know how. Darag
Get this government out and be quick they have wrecked New Zealand. Daryl
We will become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific & an Apartheid state run by Maori. White flight to Australia will explode. Warren
This is becoming a debacle of the first order and it is necessary for all democratic New Zealanders to understand what is occurring by overt stealth. Keith
Absolutely DEREK
Socialisim at its best.Water belongs to all New Zealanders not just Maori Tribal elite will be the only ones to benefit at the expense of every on else. David
that was the intention right from the beginning Elaine
It has been a long held objective of kingitanga Roger
There is no other credible reason for the over representation of iwi interests in the governance arrangements and iwis exclusive rights to issue te mana o te wai statements Terry
Most certainly yes they are trying to take control of the govt and stupid Jacinda is letting them bulldoze it through, who wants to pay them a leyy every time you turn on the tap. This is not the NZ we grew up in where we were all one people, kick he mob out NOW eric
It all started with the Helen Clark Government. Foreshore and Seabed legislation. Denis
not only Water. The entire country. Here comes Maori control of everything for their benefit, not the citizens of NZ stewart
We are allowing our children’s birthright to be stolen, their very existence to be threatened by control of our life sustaining water. They know the control they are trying to exert over us with water, life or death. Alex
Of course it is Iain
100% and following this line will eventually give control of all “power” generation to maori iwi also. Rita
Now I see Labour changing Law to make it 60% of members of govt to be able to change 3 waters once passed.. This is absolutely despicable. Absolute con job on all New Zealanders. Maori elite members of Labour must be removed along with the lying deceitful traitor red queen. Kevin
Unbelievable – how have we come to this. I see there is now a new requirement being introduced for a 60 % vote being required to overturn this “law” assuming it gets passed – words fail me. Roy
Ludicrous tribal scam from a Minority that are far from truly indigenous anyway, but behave like they are …NONSENSE, this charade must stop! GeeBee
This is absolutely wrong in its intention and violates the spirit of democracy. It cannot be allowed. New Zealanders deserve better and demonstrates again why labour is unfit to govern. Harvey
YES! I think as you say in your report that it’s time that the PM puts a stop to her minister and this whole three waters thing before it’s to late because if this goes ahead and becomes law GOD HELP US ALL. Mark my words there will be a civil unrest in this country like has never been seen before, and if that happens i would guarantee Labour would not return to govern for a very very long time because the real people of this country will not forget in a hurry, because what this government has inflicted on the people of this country in the last five years is the worst i have ever seen in my seventy years, the sooner they and their IWI tride (Maroi party) are gone the better off we will all be, come on National and Act speak up be louder and do something before it’s to late or you might be tared with the same brush for doing jack. COLIN
To Iwi, more than to Maori Tom
This is the most racist, divisive policy this country has ever seen. It needs to be repealed ASAP. Andrew
Will anyone even listen to my voice this is now the pressing problem – there is no democratic path open we have been bulldozed into submission and we are letting it happen, more fool us, it was a great and prosperous equal society once – now a racist third world island the rest of the world sees as an absolute failure. Jane
For me, the most important works in this article are “And does she even care?” Jacinda cares about Jacinda, she is a “World First” opportunist who seized on opportunities offered by her giving birth while in office to grab international headlines. Since then we have had “Headscarf moments”, giving a speech at Harvard, alarmist reaction to climate change, over the top gun control laws and now “World First” rolling back democracy and returning to tribal rule. Does she care about any of these or are they just part of her CV for a job at the UN? Who knows, one thing seems for sure, she sees anything that happens to NZ along her way as acceptable collateral damage. F.A.O.Mr.Tuku Morgan, yes sir we did hear you and that is why Wayne Brown is the new Auckland Major. geoff
It wont be all maori running the ship Tainui will have their snouts in the trough murray
Yes – But it is part of a broader initiative that Kiwis cannot quite comprehend because each event is taken in isolation. Consider, the following and what the final outcome would look like? 1) Only Jacinta and a handful of her government make statements around specific policies. They are the few in control and they have similar ideals and goals 2) Climate change policies are being introduced to court UN initiatives that are not relevant or progressive for New Zealand. 3) UN indigenisation program is being courted for the same reason – getting Jacinda into the top UN position. 4) Promoting lawlessness through inaction under the pretext of reducing jail numbers is a cover up for creating chaos that would justify extreme government-led intervention to ‘legally’ change the laws of the land for their own purpose. 5) Jacinta frequently evades questions that require a direct answer by alluding to the notion that it is the governments intent that is important, not the result. 6) Control of the media using taxpayer funding to control the narrative whether true or false. 7) Managed unemployment numbers that do not reveal the true number of dependents on government subsidies. 8) The creation of an elitist group that would ultimately become authoritarian leaders of our country. 8) The unprecedented printing of money, for non-COVID related initiatives, fuelling inflation and blaming global effects on our economy, and increasing local dependency on the taxpayer. All of the above, along with extreme ideals, speak loudly of an agenda to completely alter the lives and cultures of New Zealanders forever. This has already been achieved with the introduction of policies that have influenced the perspectives and activities of our more gullible groups and individuals. Her task completed, our PM would be well positioned to try and head the UN in an attempt at global influence. Martin
Total control – NOT co-governance – is the, not too hidden, objective of the activists. Jack
Im just astounded that there isn’t a robust, dependable system that has the authority to shutdown rogue governments. Geoff
Given the “benefits” to ratepayers it was pretty obvious from the start. Our glorious leader is pandering to the maori party and the greens to ensure enthusiasm for a coalition after the next election, plus all the woke globalist idealogy Mike
Of course it is, anyone who thinks otherwise is a stupid fool! Robin
Water, like air, is, was and always will be part of the universe. Never to be “owned” by anyone or anything. Jan
Mahuta and gang must be stopped immediately. Peter
It is the most racial attempt to control New Zealand ultimately, if passed it will lead to a lot of disharmony and protest, this must be stopped Peter
there is no doubt that the intention of 3 -5 waters is to give Maori control of all water. They tried to claim it through the Waitangi Tribunal & where told NO. the new additions to this bill will do away with the court cases on coastal claims as it will give IWI the control automatically. This bill must be scraped & Mahuta thrown out of parliament! If it is pushed through New Zealanders will be charged for the life giving force of fresh water & this summer we will be charged for going to our own beaches. Labour needs to be rolled out of parliament NOW Nigel
I thank all those Dim witted fools who voted for this pack of thieving communists, and those who are to stupid to see what is directly in front of them Hugh
Listen to the rantings of Turku Morgan. Kevin
The most dangerous action this government has taken to date. David
Control the water control the country. eric
The whole 3 waters scheme is a scam ! Mike
I am most offended by the underhand way in which it is being handled and the fact that many MPs have no concept of the enormity of the subterfuge that they are enabling. Jenny
Yes it is all about empowering and enriching Mahuta’s elite Maori cabal. Now they are putting in a 60 per cent majority requirement to any future government trying to repeal it! Why are the mainstream media silent about this shameful power grab? It is a legacy for Mahuta all right: the most malignant politician in living memory. Chris
And with maori control of everything else. Last pale skinned person leaving NZ please turn the lights off. Richard
I do believe Infinite Waters is a heist by the Maori ‘elite’. And they’re getting away with it due to the duplicity of the Mainstream Misleadia who are failing in their duty to keep the public informed. For example, every person I ask has never heard of He Puapua. Dave
We are all kiwis and should be treated as one people Lynn
Shame on Labour Doug
Tribal rule Claire
It always has been from the outset, very obvious. Stuart
Treasonous. This gulliblement must be ejected. Kevin
Undoubtably Alan
I really worry where NZ is heading Paul
Theft by Stealth and cunning Jackson 
And NZ will naively allow it to happen until we wake up to find Tuku’s hand in our pocket. Even ordinary Maori will see no benefit. It is a Tainui takeover. Gerry
Its totally racist, and i recall our PM telling NZ she would lead the most transparent Govt YEA RIGHT Paul
The question should be rephrased ‘Do you believe the primary objective of the Three Waters law change is to deliver control of all New Zealand water to an unelected Maori elite?’ because non-Rangatira Maori will see no benefit from it and be stuck just like us. Brenton
The subterfuge is so great and when you get “senior” ministers having very little idea about what is in the bill it is very obvious New Zealanders are being conned Graeme
Goodbye democracy God help New Zealand Astrid
Democracy has become a joke. A very bad joke. Please could we get some sense from our democratically elected political servants? Norman
Are hydroelectric and. Geothermal hiding in this bill yet? Kay
This country is rapidly going down the toilet – democracy flushed away by this awful bunch of racists Patrick
What’s happening in NZ sickens me and makes me so angry that I will never live there again as od live the rest of my life being angry. If I was there I’d likely be in prison for activism. Trevor
Theft, and undemocratic. Must be stopped Roger
Control of all water is definitely one of the Maori’s objectives, but ownership of water is the ultimate goal. John
NEW ZEALAND .. drowning in lies ! John
And I believe the Treaty of Waitangi should be scrapped and leave it in the archive of history. Jackie
I have ben reading the book The Musket Wars and I truly don’t believe Maori could run it. Tribalism does not work. Jackie
Why can’t the media in this country alert the people as to what is going.I know it is because the PM has bought them off Mary
the old adage give a person an inch and they will take a mile same applies to Maori Tribes john
Evil Mahuta Tane
Definitely especially after Tuku Morgan’s latest comment when meeting in Taupo with his colleagues Carolyn
Outright dishonesty John
Five waters and it will cost the general public every cent that Maoris can screw out of us Andrew
Absolutely that has always been the case even without any amendments. This government and Nanaia Mahuta have been playing the voters of this country for a bunch of fools believing that their crafty cunning and devious manipulations of new parliamentary laws will not be noticed by the electorate. Sooner or later it was going to blow up in their faces. It was my view that the opposition parties were lying low and waiting until closer to the election before they unleashed their fury and embarked on a campaign to enlighten the electorate about the skullduggery of this Labour Party and the underhanded tactics of their Maori Caucus. About their intention to institute the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People and the preparation of He Puapua as the path to guide its implementation. It is unlikely that even 25% of this country are aware of or have read HePuaPua. In that event they are blind to the process and do not understand or interpret the intention of this Prime Minister to control the process and deliver this country over to Tribal Rule by 2040. The opposition parties need to make a concerted effort to educate the electorate about He Puapua and keep reinforcing the issue at every opportunity. Willie Jackson was smirking behind his hand when he said that “the people have nothing to fear from He Puapua, and that He Puapua was not the plan” New Zealand needs to be VERY AFRAID of the implementation of HePuapua and gird their loins for there will be fireworks ahead. The Maori have been led to believe that this PM is their Saviour and will lead them to the promise land by implementing HePuapua. Fireworks will certainly ensue if that doesn’t occur as they see the ground snatched beneath their feet. Either way there could be turmoil in this land and the administration need to prepare for it. Terrence
What has happened to our country? Ww need to push back fast. Mahuta is dangerous!! …. and racist!! Glenda
It is definitely not about improving water infrastructure now and into the future. Gillian
If it were not, why is the Government so determined to keep that clause in the Bill Tony
Outright theft on a large undemocratic scale – Most lying deceitful Govt and PM NZ has ever had Tony
From its inception, the perceptive readers ALWAYS saw through the stealth of 3 Waters from Labour and Mahuta. And now to use a legal Act definition of ‘water’ to conceal the 5 Waters extension is further justification to remove these corrupt clowns at the next election. Unravelling their connivance might be difficult but Kiwis thrive on a challenge and hugely respect democratic rights. Banishing Labour for decades is the only way to stop this lunacy – by voting them out repeatedly. Ardern’s only legacy in history will be the disastrous non-achievements and racially divisive policies of her two terms, mostly in the second when there was no MMP coalition party resistance. David
Of course it is. Mahuta sees this as way to make her family the wealthiest in NZ, because of clipping the ticket of public services salaries paid to her family members. Wow Tuku can get more ties Anon
It is reprehensible that in a Democratic nation like New Zealand, a Government uses stealth and deceit to bypass the democracy that it promises its people. Leslie
It was always about giving them control. Maoris might have a role but it’s not control. I’m getting sick and tired of everything having to be for the maoris. But not all maoris are in favour of whats going on. This will come back and bite them in the future. We need snap election asap. Peter
reverse racism Sam
It’s got so bad that commenting feels like a waste of emotion. Labour aren’t listening to any of us. My voice doesn’t count, but my vote will. Bring on the election. Wendy
There is no doubt at all. What a sad state for such a beautiful country to be reduced to such a terrible state as this. Carol
Scribble chin mahoota is a terriorist like the Pm. Both decietful and false. Be gone: corruption mike
if this goes in to law everybody will face costs equal to another big MOTGAGE on their property- in effect every one but the Maori elites will become SLAVES Les W
As far as dishonesty and deliberately deceiving the public Jacinda and Mabuta make Putin look like an amateur Jim
Communism Michael
A blind man can see that is the case. As for the PM’s utterances that they will be the single source of truth, and the most transparent g’ment ever. What a complete land utter lie, fabricated to make some sheeple trust them. Jan
Why are the police not locking these criminals up,whats happened to our country,Traitors were once arrested and the key thrown away Paul
We are talking “rule by 15% of population” Geoffrey
Equal rights for everyone – no group gets special rights/powers. This is the first of many “confiscations” planned. Greg
It appears that the prime minister’s name is Nanaia Mahuta. She has total control over this government. Who voted her in? This is not democracy. What happened to this translucent way of doing things Dianne
Without a doubt. Christine
And Adern is not only a power-drunk fanatic but a fool as well. Mark
Water like oxygen can’t be owned or controlled. Les
Clearly that has been their objective from day one! Alan
It is a disgrace!! Russell
Another nail in the coffin of democracy. Act’s message tells me that Labour and Greens re forcing through a Bill that would prevent a future government undoing these evil laws without a 60% Parliamentary agreement. Wake up people! Pauline
I can see a revolt in the streets over this rubbish. The prime minister had better sort out this attempted coup or the people will be so infuriated that a war of sorts will be needed to resolve it. Derek
Not one drip of good will come from this charade. Alister
The PM does not have the intestinal fortitude to control her Minister. Ian
It is quite obvious hat Nania Mahutu has even our communist dictator Prime Minister under her influence. Andrew
ABSOLUTELY! Plain as the nose on your face Peter
It is obvious what is going on by stealth, deceit and outright lies. merv
My God . Is this for real . Underhanded,lying ,sefserving , maori barstards .I was thinking trey seemed over confident considering the falling support for Labour , i guessed there must be a back door option ,actually thought Grant Robertson was the back door specialist . I propose we all chip in and purchase a old Lada that Adern and fellow parasites visit Ukraine and drive around and tell them great communism is and Putin could surely not be as bad as Adern ??? I would happily pay for a bullseye to be painted on said Ladas roof . At least the bribed media would have to show that . Ray
When will New Zealanders wake up and see what damage this government is doing? Councillor Ray
They are under the thumb of iwi Colin
This elitism by Maori should be seen as high treason by all other NZers. They wish to destroy our democracy. Alan
What a disgrace. William
More divisions in the country Ann
This is legislated theft of the highest order from the vast majority of kiwis by an elite few. Stuart
There is absolutely no doubt this is the case David
A civil war is coming . I will take up.arms if this happens and the Maori elite will find there is nowhere to hide on these islands of NewZealand Harvey 
This is marksism once again Tony
This has always been Nanaia Mahuta’s intention and she is simply fulfilling the wishes of her late father, Sir Robert Mahuta, who many years ago stated that who ever controls the water controls the country! The water is only the beginning – wake up NZ!! Phil
Of course it is. They’ve been after it for decades! Brenda
Absolutely and always has/ Must be stopped. This is a total abuse of power. Martin
I always said after the last election – we will see what Nz would be like if run by Maori. What a shambles, by recentful, greedy, disrespectful people. THe treaty was about good faith bargaining – well at least we can chuck that out the door and eliminate any reference to the treaty other than the annuls of history mike
Arseholes Bill
It’s time all non maori KIWIS joined together to take back our country. Lets show we can be a happy,prosperous and successful multcultural DEMOCRACY. First step is to vote out the Labour Party en masse.Next, convict every single Labour party member of treason,strip them of their assets and throw them in jail for 10 years. I really am starting to get big time pissed off with this bunch of a/holes. I am a New Zealander and I was born and live in NEW ZEALAND Brian
It always has been Gail
Wake up NZ. Aaron
Of course the plan is for Iwi control. Only a fool would have thought otherwise from the outset. We have a government of Gangsters. Along with the massive push for Maori to be Jabbed with this killer toxin, it seems the other plan is to make sure the “Bro’s” are killed and maimed as soon as possible. Watch this rubble doco to have it laid before what the plan is for the whole world, that includes you and me. They are no more than animals. 2021 Safe and Effective 2022 Died Suddenly https://rumble.com/v1wac7i-world-premier-died-suddenly.html Neil
Sneaky Trevor
Get these clowns out next year. Eric
It now appears that Ardern has lost control of her government. This is government by manipulation and misinformation. We are not fools and must not let the government treat us as such. Paloma
It is becoming an obvious charade. Must be stopped immediately. William
This is an absolute abuse of power and manipulation of an opportunity for i appropriate gain by a small percentage of the population Sharon
Totally. I can’t see why the Governor General cannot be called upon to dissolve parliament and force a general election. Many countries there would be coup and they would be thrown out. Graeme
Please Mr Luxton We need more information going to the public. They need plenty. Alan
I am not in support of the present 3 waters but judge you have not made a conclusive for this extreme conclusion. Incompetence by ministers, public service and consultants may also be the explanation. STEPHEN
Nothing more than a disgraceful con. Logan
yes can smell a partmaori rat or 3in this fiasco,all water on the planet belongs to all living creatures including part maori as of course a minor race. all should watch under the carpet on youtube. james
Iwi elites have crossed the Rubicon but face no sanctions for their lies, deceit and attempt to steal public assets for their own purposes. John
Yes, but not all Maori, just the elite. Tainui in particular. Mahuta (Tainui) is not in parliament to represent the people of NZ; she is there to further the Tainui King plans for sovereign control. Once tribal control of water is in place, all other tribes will be fighting Tainui for their share of the pie. Goodbye democracy. Pam
I’ve thought this from when it was first mooted. Patricia
it should never happen, let us stop this nonsense gerard
Ownership is the real goal, not control. Murray
Lies and skulduggery again Thomas
I object most strongly about this objective. pamela
This underhanded sneaky objective by the maori caucus typifies what a sly race they have proved to be. Darryl
More and more people are making derogatory remarks about Labour, Jacinda, Nania and maori. The Labour Party are to be congratulated if distrust and dissention is what they set out to achieve. Peter
Should be burnt. As Mahutu and co will be come election. Ron
Minority control over majority, approaching Apartheid. What happened to one New Zealand for all people. Peter
and all of New Zealand Anon
Yes dishonest and frightening Shirley
Honest, open and transparent government? Time they were sent packing! Bruce
A step closer to misery, a step closer to apartheid, a step closer to a communist state. Mike
It’s just so obvious what these scumbag traitors of New Zealand are laying the groundwork for. Steve
All of our waters belong to ALL of our peoples Colin
Yes of course it is – and the purpose apart from the power is to make money- clip the ticket with every litre we use. Maori will have their dream- sit back do nothing and collect the money rolling in. We must NOT allow it to happen. Roger
Very little other reasons to do it. Ardern,Cabinet and Labour should be tried for treason Bill
There should be prison sentences for politicians who lie to the People. Paul
The water quality argument is just a smoke screen enabling a coup by iwi elite to control this country. Shame on the government traitors. Willy
Disaster Geoff
Another appalling decision by the worst government NZ has ever had Adrle
It is a total disgrace the way this subject has been handled.!!! Dyveke
Racist, purely racist. David
On the balance of probabilties, YES Geoffrey
No doubt, this is a disaster in the making if it is allowed to happen Michael
DNA doesn’t lie, Maori are not the Tangata whenua of New Zealand, any more than the Indian, European or Chinese immigrants. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE WATER. George
No one can own the water,no one can own the air!it all comes from above!! The only reason Maori want to own both is to benefit their hierarchy with payments they extort from New Zealanders,if Government allows this farce to continue we will end up being another Third world country. Chri
How anyone can believe that they own the water is ridiculous. Jacquetta
They should not be in government John
It is a totally deceitful process to vest total control of water resources in the hands of a minority whose ethnicity in most cases has less Maori heritage than all other ethnicities which are so conveniently ignored because it is more advantageous to claim a tenuous thread than to stand equally with all other citizens of this country. It simply is the end of democracy and will lead to conflict driven by retribution. Ian
As well as causing division between maori and European people. Communism is divide and conquer which jacinder is one good comrade David
This government is the most corrupt and devious than any NZ government ever Robert
Definitely Mahuta the Looter and her Iwi elite maori caucus is in total control of the gutless Labour Party. Surely this is evidence democracy is being replaced by tribal rule surely our sovereignty with England must be called upon to over rule the destruction of our democracy? Brenda
So obvious to anyone who has followed the corrupt manoeuvres of this government Stewart
Stop paying Property tax & Council rates. They will get the message then ! Hazel
just shows who is calling the shots but still wouldn’t trust any labour poly as toothy cindy dosen’t give a dam about NEW ZEALAND or its people as all she wants is to make a name for herself and she’s certainly doing that by being the most hated pm this country has ever had by being in bed in more ways than that with the corrupt and devious chocolate mob run by mahuta and family, this country will be totally destroyed if luxton and ACT don’t can these ideas when they get back in charge and the sooner they do the better for all of us. Richard
Brown anting at its worst. Hugh
they have been given far to much now. Alan
pure greed stephanie 
obviously Gerhard
Disgraceful David
even a low i q person could see that.This is racist control by stealth. Welcome to our labour led 3rd world country!! norman
And ownership. Charlotte
Lies, deceit, non mandated (like all labour/Maori party policy) and destruction of democracy. Note the recent policy for all councils to fluorinate water? Leaves one wondering if this is in prep for Maori control so they won’t have to fit the bill? Gary
I have always thought so. The three waters proposal was a Trojan horse, at its heart was tribal control of New Zealand’s water. Louise
total ‘racist and dishonest ‘theft and lies hylton
Three waters is only the thin edge of the wedge for full control of New Zealand to Maori Elite. Stop the press it just aint going to happen. Francis
It is all about the 25% Maori caucus gaining further control and income streams. It is simply democracy destroyed! Colin
We can’t rely on any politician or any party to save us as they are all under the control of the Khazarian mafia tentacles. It is up to We the people to stop this. neil
Divide, confuse, conquer and RULE. We are in the divide/confuse stage of Her WEF overlords plan. Quote ..”Patriotism is the mortal enemy of globalism”. AND.. Patriotism in NZ is floundering by the day. Go figure ! Alan
Scariest law change yet! Jan
Absolutely horrendous, deceitful, Absolutely sick of living in the divided tribal grievance of Maori, time to say no to this BS. WE ALL OWN WATER, WATER IS LIFE. Nanaia Mahuta has an agenda and it is for a select elite of the close knit so called Maori inner circle. Colleen
This government s the most damaging government in multiple areas. I have even experienced NEV
Dam (excuse the pun) disgrace. It’s disappointing that local councils don’t seem to care about Co-Governance and are only concerned about the ownership of assets. This Government is an ass! John
with out doubt warwick
always was and always will be. richard
Make no mistake this is that very real beginning of Tribal Rule for all of New Zealand. I would say that the Tainui Tribal Elite are very favoured here. Check out the other part of Five Waters. Iwi to control the whole Coastline of N Z out to 20 kms and over the top of. Let’s see how much it costs to go to the Beach soon !! For those of you ,not awake yet, may God bless you and help you through this small Sample of Hell, coming soon. Geoff
Water is just the start. There is an insidious coup happening under the apathetic noses of NZers. Sooner or later there will be a violent backlash. And sadly MOST Maori are not to blame. Government are to blame for this APARTHEID. Geoffrey
That Mahuta woman is the most dangerous cabinet minister ever. Even Key and Finlayson were not that dangerous. peter
Yes – and you are dreaming if you think that a future National led government has the guts to reverse this. John
it always was. don’t think that country homes with tank water will be immune either. It has been stated by Maori that “all water belongs to Maori”. mike
And we will be paying for ever. Another scam of the present government. Florence
What Nanaia Mahuta is doing with this this water crap and “Te Mana o te Wai Statements” is like what Hitler did with the Jews. She’s just another Hitler and needs to be stopped. reg
The worst proposed legislation I have ever seen in my lifetime (81 years). If this the new democracy I am off to Australia Errol
Mahuta and her ilk want total control of everything. Look out Jacinda – you’ll be taken over next. Sheila
There is no other reason Barry
Very underhanded and very deceitful how it was implemented. This is only the start unfortunately. Angela
This whole debacle has never been about water quality, it’s all about tribal control Gavin
They couldn’t get the seabed and foreshore, so this is just another way to get it. No way. David
Over my dead body!!! Norm
We are all one people in New Zealand, according to the Treaty. William
No doubt , the evidence speaks for itself ! Pierre
100% Colin
It all began with Key & Finlayson. Now, with our Marxist majority government, elected by the people, because of their fear of the C.C.P Flu, the very cunning Maori caucus will have this theft of asset agenda, well entrenched before the next election which is at least twelve months away.. Once in place, if National replace this government, nothing will change, as National are also U.N puppets, who believe in the Great Reset. So sorry folks, democracy as we knew it is screwed. A.G.R.
And it aways has been, but only for Mahuta, who wants to be the paramount chief of all New Zealand, definitely not even all Maori or even most Maori. John
Yes, BUT it is also the model structure for tribal-elite Rule of New Zealand. Mahuta is the most dangerous player in Government. Hugh
When I drilled down into the sections of the Bill to enhance my submission, the light dawned: IT’S ALL ABT TE MANA O TE WAI!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t but should’ve made this the singular point of my oral presentation. And only this! Art
Corruption which will ruin New Zealand Frank
No one asked for this Lynne
No doubt that this the objective of the Maori Elite!! Colin
Absolutely undemocratic. They are trying to trick us. We cannot allow this to happen jean
Done by a minister with corruption allegations against her that have never been addressed. Allan
Maori have been trying for years including a plane flying over Lake Toupo Brian
A small percent of those with Maori ancestry are driving this. Reportedly the Prime Minister is terrified of this radical Maori element in government (both labour and Greens.) As such she is weak and pathetic, sacrificing NZ and the people in total to hold power when in fact she is a public servant. Tony
This nonsense – the division of our country & its assets must cease. Water is for everyone. Paula
Absolutely Fred
Maoris want money for water!!!! End of story. Derek
Tribal rule of New Zealand must not be allowed. Maoris want control of all New Zealand. Anyone who can’t grasp that fact is a naive fool. fred
The voice of the people of NZ hasn’t been heard. We all should be able to vote on such a proposal before it is formally introduced. Did the Labour Govt have the mandate from the people of NZ to do such?? I don’t think so. So much for an “open transparent inclusive” but reckless Labour Govt Brian
All done under one lie after another. We have never had such dishonesty in Government… fay
Yes. Disgraceful. Jane
Exactly in line with He Puapua Darrel
NO one owns our water .Control must remain in ALL Nw Zealanders hands and administered fairly and not given to one group eg Maori Barrry
This should never be allowed to be Carl
Vote labour in for 1 more term is the best way we could mover forward because it will take 1 more term for Labour to be thrown out of NZ politics as the country will be in ruin by that point. National is not a great choice here either. I believe we need to somehow get back to a First past the post political system first, as this experiment is clearly not working for the Majority only the minority. paul
Its always been about Maori control. Gordon
Of course it is, and it is the only reason. It is a betrayal of Democracy. It has nothing to do with better outcomes. On the contrary – it will only get worse for 98% of the population – same as with the health reforms, the RMA and so the list goes on. Scott
Time for real kiwis to stand up and be counted – enough is enough!! Denise
There is NO evidence that it is in the best interests of the health of NZer’s. Falseness perpetuates deception and this is classic – Ony fix is change the Government. Maurice
3/5Waters is nothing more than a blatant rort orchestrated by Willie Jackson, Nanaia Mahuta and the (so called) Labour Maori Caucus. The consequences of this racial division are unthinkable. pdm
The Government cannot or will not explain why Maori should be given control rights. Eric
No one has done anything to disabuse us of that opinion, to the contrary. Pieter
This is the end of the labour government as far as I am concerned. I will never trust them again. This is not democracy Warren
It’s an obvious YES! The Labour party has lost control of governance of New Zealand. I suspect that this is due to bellicose bulling by the minor Maori Party and the Greens. Jacinda Ardern’s reputation is fast being diminished and tarnished by the nefarious behaviour and crude actions of the radical Maori Party who unabashedly are making a selfish grab for unitary power all due to their mistaken premise that they matter more so than any of the other races that makeup NZ’s total citizenship. I wonder if they realise that they will become nothing more than parasites much like the varroa mite is to our hard-working bees. Jacinda needs to put an immediate stop to all the recent and forthcoming legislation based upon such unpalpable racial nonsense. It already is beyond being plausible. if her Ministers who are pushing all this disastrous nonsense refuses to backdown, then in order for Jacinda to protect the reputation of the Labour party and herself will need to dissolve the parliament ASAP and go for an early election. Jacinda needs to show that she is a quality human being able to display positive integrity and honesty in a dignified manner that will gain more respect for her personal self from her fellow citizens. We are in your hands Jacinda. Only you can make it happen in putting a stop to an oncoming national disaster. Garry
Without doubt. Mahuta and Morgan have clearly put it up lights. It is racist intent and unforgivable. Simple power and greed and to hell with what is right and proper. chris
A very divisive Govt. A pack of lairs, can’t wait to see them get slung out before they destroy NZ properly Ian
This needs to be stopped somehow urgently. Chris
It is all built around LIES and untruths. Dick
Yes. With tribal control of all water. they could also dehydrate and poison us with fluoride as well. Donald
There is no other reason to run this bill! Peter
This has been the objective from the very beginning and must be stopped. Steve
Very devious and cleverer than her cabinet buddies is our Nania This whole rort is a bloody disgrace as as for Tainui Tuku Will someone stuff those flash underpants in his uppity gob and shut him up! Phil
No doubt Clare
I have always thought so. Graham
This is treason and it is being sanctioned by Ardern! John
Totally Bro….. to the ELITE 1% – even our cuzzies will miss out. Gill
Frightening where will it end Richard
Yes and yes. David
Theft of assets and tribal rule, that is what it is Jan
Once again, its disgusting how Maori think any water, anywhere In New Zealand is meant for their sole ownership. They are not indigenous and need to be realistic about their position in a country shared very well for numerous years by many ethnicities, in most cases much more prolific than Maori. Stop embarrassing your selves and take your place beside all other ethnicities in New Zealand. Sharron
Yet more bizzare behaviour by this lunatic, out of control Govt. Bruza
O course it is, I never realized how devious the Maori ‘tribal elite’ really are Terry
Sadly, this is as a result of John Key allowing Sir Pita Sharples going and falsely signing the UN Declaration of “Indigenous rights” when Maori are NOT indigenous! You don’t “arrive” at a place and be indigenous. Indigenous people have always been there! Ted
From the outset, Three (five) Waters is the mechanism that Maori elite are using to control in every way the water that rains, sits, flows, drains and laps the land mass that is New Zealand and thereby to create an income in perpetuity for their Maoridom. Brian
Without a doubt. Fritz
It is the thin edge of the wedge Bill
A racial group having control of the countries water is a no no and must not proceed.. In a way this proposal is saying that race based groups will be given special rights over a product (water in this case). This is totally wrong and if it proceeds will cause untold damage to the country and all residents. Brian
This is not acceptable, must be stopped. Clare
We NZers have got huge problems coming up , National party has got to stand up for the benefit of all NZ graeme
This needs to be stopped in its entirety robert
Daringly undemocratic Raj
Hidden agenda with no public consultation is antidemocratic and being ramed through under urgency! Not good enough! June
The bullshit they are offering is beyond belief.. and they think we can’t see this!!??? Malcolm
No mention of who pays for flood water damages. rod
Its just simply disgusting. Mike
It is not even disguised. Just a blatant attack on democracy based on a clear racist attempt to introduce apartheid Robbie
It’s a total scam and rip off being engineered to benefit the racial elite PART maori radicals in the present labour gov’t and their cronies.. It’s actually apartheid in disguise. bruce
Mo doubt about that at all and in the process destroy any semblance of democracy in NZ Carolyn
Absolutely!! Maori Elite want control of ALL NZ!! They want tribal rule by 2040 this is just the beginning! I can see our beautiful country in the grip of a civil war! Gillian
That is most certainly there intention! Ron
and I have submitted but was advised that as I am not Mana Whenua or have a direct interest in water (even thought I am a farmer) I could not speak to my submission yeverley
Mahuta has made that crystal clear. What a devious and deceitful charade the whole stinking mess is. russell
The takeover of the waters of NZ must never happen. jill
This move by ‘our’ government is diabolical. Control of water by Maori is like putting a noose around the neck of all other New Zealanders! This government appears to autocratically impose (at the behest of various maori tribal elites) control of ALL water within and about New Zealand; to return this country to it’s tribal state of some 200 years ago. What a mess our country is in!!!!!!!!! Intentionally !!!!!!!!!!! Beware New Zealand! Stuart
So many of us understand the hypocrisy but are frustrated that we seem to be continually fighting fires without enough ammunition. joan
Irrefutable Ian
It is diabolical, dictatorial and totally un-democratic – an underhanded bid by elite iwi to takeover New Zealand by stealth. There needs to be a nationwide declaration of “no-confidence in the Ardern government” – and the Governor General needs to dissolve Ardern’s Government and announce a new election immediately. Suzanne
I cannot believe the litany of lies being foisted upon us ordinary decent New Zealanders. I even believe that most Maori would be shocked if they fully understood what was happening, as they stand to lose out just like to rest of us. Matthew
It is blinding obvious Maurice
The objective is to set Maori and Pakiha against each other, so we are distracted from the real issue, which is to drop our fair land into Communism. The New World Order, of which they are part, wants to control the whole world, and they want to eliminate 7/8ths of Earth’s population to ‘save it’. If we don’t wake up and fight back we are doomed. Virtually all the current parties are on-board with this program, only the newly created, fighting for freedom parties are truly for our Democracy. Global warming is false, the Covid pandemic is false, all the shortages are created by THEM. Do some research, people, speak out. Joyce
always has been Poul-Erik
Absolutely it is. Jen
Subterfuge at the highest level. Janet
thats obvious david
This radical Maori agenda is just the tip of the iceberg.If the tribes gain control of NZ it will not be long until they resort to tribal war as they did in the past.It is in their DNA that no other tribe will be trusted.What they are trying to do is unconstitutional in any democratic country including New Zealand. They must be stopped now before people take action to defend their freedom. Steve
Not just to Maori but the Tribal elite of the Maori nation. The run in the mill Maori will get nothing but the tribal elite will get richer. The Labour Party are a lying bunch of rouges. Shaun
Biggest theft being conducted on New Zealand ratepayers in our history. Three Waters must be stopped before it is too late. Chris
Clear that the Mahuta’s are in to win on this one. Tribal control equals apartheid. Jacindy is all in favour of that. Will look good for her in her new job at the UN. John
Absolutely, and…by hook or by crook! Valerie
The concept has been expressed by various tribalists for decades so where is the surprise when with true deviousness it’s to get ram raided under urgency thru Parliament now with the additional requirement apparently for a super majority to over turn it. Breathtaking! I we sit by and watch it take place. Dick
If this bill is not stopped, civil war may well come in the future. This is apartheid. Theo
The ongoing deceitful and duplicitous expansion of the Three Waters proposed legislation is deplorable and confirms that New Zealanders must be made aware of the urgent need to overturn / stop this undemocratic power grab by Maori elite. Peter
Has the PM lost control as leader ?or is she just plain stupid, and cant see further than the end of her nose. Mike
If this country is run by maoris, forget co governance bit, that’s just smoke screen NZ will be just like Zimbabwe. Lesley
As with any proposed changes involving the Maori elite, it is not for the betterment of the people, it is for the betterment of their ability to control the people while at the same time lining their own pockets. We are slowly but surely being edged towards a Civil War. Maybe as a counteroffensive, we should start taking away some of the benefits maori have been given since the arrival of the european. They don’t want to share the beaches and water, maybe we should stop sharing our cars, welfare benefits, houses and clothes. Urban
Anyone who doesn%u2019t realize what this deceitful Government is up to must be brain dead Kevin
Ardern and Mahuta are on a path to destroy the astalility of the New Zealand people of all races. Mahuts wants to control of all New Zealand assects into the control of Maroi entlties. South Africs all over again. Carl
Racism Personified Greg
The only objective! Lesley
I’m afraid so. Rochelle
This is a socialist agenda put by eilist Maori To control water so they can us it to mah make money Ian
Maori think they own the water Lynn
Always has been Craig
No question about it. Accretion by stealth, lies and purposely hidden agendas!! Yes, we are being taken as fools, including Ardern if she cannot understand a basic question posed to her. My guess is she knew, but as usual played dumb and deflected the question by the (hopeful) non-answer, appearing to be the fault of the interviewer. A very low trick and one which makes her a glaring Mahuta Puppet……. Robyn
It is patently obvious that the ONLY aim of 3 waters is to give control to iwi and set the foundation for complete maori control. Bruce
I do not think it is about water quality. I object to the handover and I am concerned about the excessive debt levels inherent in the proposal. It should be tossed out, including Taumata Arowai. Peter
List MPs should never be in a position to bring in/promote a law change like this. The whole MMP system needs to be ditched, or altered so that only MPs actually voted in by an electorate can hold positions in cabinet. Jane
It has always been a ruse to hand control of all water to the Maori. It is the worst piece of legislation I have ever heard and the country is being played for fools. Jillian
Couldn’t be more obvious Trevor
Yes definitely as soon as I saw how the proposed 3 Waters was to be managed.If this is not stopped it will lead to real trouble. Suggest we all don’t pay their bills as a way of protest! Peter
How can we stop this before it is too late? If anyone is organising an uprising please count me in Maxine
It’s now very obvious. Ronmac
If they get it through in the next 3 weeks the will drown in it at the next election Graham
Three Waters is nothing to do with water but everything to to do with perpetual income awarded to iwi elite. thank God the opposition have undertaken to repeal it. David
This is a another Maori takeover bid about time this whole debacle of Maori cogovernance is thrown out forever Gvprice
Unbelievable how these losers are trying their hardest to drive our country backwards at a time when we should all be pulling together as ONE PEOPLE to get us out of financial hardship. The Maori elite are just pigs gathering around our ever-diminishing public trough. Dave
it’s racism in reverse, this is what Africa has now and is where we are heading lyall
It’s all so disgraceful! Stop 5 waters ! Nick
always has been Robin
The Three Waters law change definitely gives control to a Maori elite group. Water cannot and should not be control or owned by any ethnic group based on race. Water is a free entity and a basic human right to have access too. Jacqueline
It has never been about water quality, it has always been about control. Alan
Yes, I believe so. Outrageous. Jane
This is all propaganda peddled by water-melon environmentalists Anthony
That has been obvious from the outset. No Labour politician has been able to explain why 15% of the population of New Zealand should have any control let alone 505 control over the water resources. Tony
There is no more democracy in N>Z> Maori will take control under this evil Labour, Communist Government. Georg
Yes, and everything else too! You “gotta” believe it. THIS COUNTRY IS STUFFED. Keep Luxon out from behind the counter at Mcdonalds … what a childish attempt at PR that was … and educate him on the facts of life under apartheid and on political campaigning. Bruce
IWI I WANT IT.Charge with treason these MUGABE TRAITORS!They are the racists in this once wonderful country.Never known such arrogance & greed in 52 years. chris
Liebour Party sanctioned Racism at its worst Rob
dictatorship by Maori caucus pushing their agenda to take everything they can and more Kenneth
Perhaps it is time to start referring to it as “The 5 Waters”. JOHN
100% I do. This lot have to be stopped before they destroy New Zealand as we know it. I really do fear for the future of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It is up to us to prevent this takeover happening. Kevin
Mahuta has no conscience, no respect for the New Zealand public and is an absolute disgrace as a minister of the crown, and should be removed from parliament. Peter
This gov is all about division! It’s all part of the agenda to create division in population so they can call in the UN troops for total control. Peter
That plan was publicly obvious years ago when they wanted the 12 mile limit fisheries area. In our house the comments were: they’ll want the water next. Marie
Mahuta has hoodwinked her colleagues and introduced additional waters into the bill. If this is correct the bill must be scrapped as there is insufficient time to pass it through committee stages before the next election. Dennis
This must be stopped Valerie
Ultimately I believe privatisation may be the goal – at my most cynical I believe water was traded as part of the Pfizer Contract and this is a feeble attempt to put Maori as gatekeepers. Other countries put up military bases and ports so I don’t think this is too far fetched Skarlett
If you are last to leave, please blow out the candle ! Bryan
The labour government have not acted in the best interests of ALL kiwis , nothing new there , for it has been abundantly clear since Labour acquired office that their agenda would be implemented regardless of the peoples wishes . We see this same type of governance being enacted in all of the 5 eyes countries meaning that the new world order plan of masters unknown ruling NZ from the shadows has already begun…sadly ,the people will sleep right through it all again whilst more of their sovereignty is tossed in the bin progress for the elites. Stupidity is never compulsory , but it is alive and well in NZ. This current crime against the people of NZ is just the NWO’s next step in the demolition of sovereignty here in NZ as it will do nothing to improve the relationship between the people and is more likely lead to more animosity amongst them . Again we are seeing this same pattern being played out in all of the 5 eyes countries and with our current leader show more loyalty to several other countries OTHER than NZ , our future WILL be in the hands of others and not ours. God defend New Zealand , for our current government have clearly removed that remit from their anti-NZ agenda….Money has always had that type of power over those who only pretend to be Kiwi. fred
It is flagrant racism Bruce
It has always been the case. The concern for public health and welfare is just a smokescreen. Sheryl
It’s a family and tribal push, not a ‘Maori’ one. Tainui and the Mahuta family see this as an ultimate, bloodless victory over issues dating back to the early 1800s. Those who identify as ‘Maori’, unless very close to the action will get zero benefit. In fact, those who are being discriminated against will in turn become discriminatory, and regrettably our race relations will most likely take a giant step backwards. Ian
New Zealand is on a very dangerous path. Government has become a law unto itself and is behaving as a tyranny. Return the power to the people. Diana
This bill must be stopped John
The reason for this ridiculous proposal is obscure to me, but yes, that’s clearly the aim. Sue
What has Ms. Mahuta got over the PM that gives her such power? Or is Jacinda happy with the all the lies and subterfuge of 3 Waters structure? Glyn
While Jacinda is traveling the world for photo opportunities the maori ministers are stealing democracy from all New Zealanders John
Its obvious Rob
With the overwhelming belief that GLOBAL WARMING is causing floods to inland areas and erosion to our coast lines. Will the proposed Three Waters body not be responsible for the cleaning up and repairing of this damage??? Rod
The sheeple are still asleep thanks to a corrupt media. If you think Luxon will repel the bill think again,I would be very surprised as National is nothing more than labour dressed in blue ever since that scum bag Key sent Pita Sharples on a midnight flight in stealth to sign the indigenous peoples act (false Maori are not indigenous) National have been pandering to Maori. Don’t forget it was Key that started the seabed & foreshore claims, even Helen Clarke send that would be totally undemocratic & she was a commie for God’s sake. Allen
That’s always been the case, right from the start. Iwi want sovereign control over all of the assets they can grab – this is nothing more than state-sanctioned theft of private resources. When is New Zealand as a whole going to wake up to this? Trevor
Has always been clear. mary
cldnt be more obvious- sick of skin colour elitism in our once respected democracy mark
Yes definitely Graeme
I absolutely believe the primary objective of the so-called three waters scheme is designed solely to deliver control to the hands of chosen maori. ROB
Has been obvious for some time. Labour must go!! Jim
Stand up for what is right Kiwis! Liz
Of course the aim is to control all water. This has been obvious for the last 5 years. The public will be paying Maoris every time we turn on a tap. All access to coastal waters, beaches and the likes of fishing and boating will involve an admission charge paid to Maoris. This has been obvious for years. My stated opinion years ago was that the Labour Government would bankrupt the country and that has become obvious with the overspending, unplanned, Government waste of taxpayer money which the Reserve Bank has now stepped into, is too late and with nearly everyone suffering the huge increases in interest rates, our taxation will be required to repay these huge loans. Government finance has now taken on a life of its own completely out of control with disaster looming. CHRIS.
I am sure that is the objective. Part of Jacinda’s strategy of driving wedges and causing social disharmony throughout society. Lee
It is a first stage of tribal control. Iwi will have water, coastline & geothermal control, as well as all hydroelectric. With sister Tipa and other cronies in controlling roles there is no comeback. As Mahuta is destroying Local Govt in her other role, it is not too far fetched to see how Iwi will control all food production and distribution as well as all NZ utilities under an ethno-state banner. Part of their plan to 2040 Sovereignty Mark
This is not democracy. Leigh
And we will all pay! Matthew
And the parks etc etc Mary
It is completely anti democratic John
Mahuta and her ilk have always wanted control of our water get rid of her and her family otherwise we will be paying for our water even when we go to the toilet. Absolutely disgusting what she is sneakily doing to us Get rid of her and the tribal rule other wise we will all suffer for a few elite terrible to say the least Barbara
New Zealand is facing a catastrophe with the tribal takeover of all aspects of our precious water. Get ready to pay to visit your local beach if iwi haven’t put a rahui on it that is! Lynne
Definitely NOT!!! Jim
This lying has to stop – Africa impeached one of their leader who was caught lying – why do we have such a high tolerance for it ????? anna
This socialist and elitist autocratic government is another China, Russia or Iran. They just purport to be acting (literally) in everyone’s best interest. They all need to be removed from office by way of a snap election. Murray
Most councils have 3 waters running efficiently. All the Maori elite want is a cut of the profits, erroneously believing it’s their traditional rite, with no regard for democratic principles. Peter
It must NOT happen as mahuta is devious and a liar and cohort with Ardern. What the hell is the next corrupt activity will be announced Sidwell
Totally obvious from the very start. I am saddened that many NEW ZEALANDERS don’t understand how much money it is going to cost every individual Alan
Blatant grab of all water assets and obviously a transfer to IWI Totally undemocratic and unacceptable Geoff
Ardern won’t reign in Mahuta or her Maori caucus will threaten a mass walk out and sink the Labour party. Jacinda knows this that’s why she is convenient with the truth. The floodgates have opened and it is possibly too late now to prevent this going through unopposed. Lawrie
Absolutely – our government is corrupt Simonne
Of course it does Time to get rid of the liars In power before its too late and NZ becomes a total Banana Republic at the bottom of the globe. Lorraine
Must be stopped at any cost. Keith
But it is only the beginning of a tsunami of such malfeasant policy. Helen
I question at all Richard
Just the elite iwi will benefit. Glenwyn
Most definitely along with all the other insidious agendas the Maori activists are pushing. Mary
Increasingly when I hear Ardern’s name being mentioned it is coupled with traitor. This government that operates under the Labour brand is not a Labour Government, The party has been hijacked and is run by hard line commies. it should be properly be renamed the progressive national socialist party.They are using the former Labour branding as a subterfuge, a chicanery. As the same with all commies you will find that the top brass never go short. I bet they have all raced to have their names put in top spots for the list seats. Kieran McAnulty working hard to keep the rest of you in line is he? Well it’s time the rest of you manned up and told Ardern and Red Rob that you’ll be voting with your electorates for any future bills being passed and not with Ardern’s a— lickers. I was presented this morning to the extraordinary article of David Parker revealing he came under strong pressure to ensureNZs new 0planning regime was governed 50:50 with Maoridom 2which he admits is undemocratic. In codemning Morrison, Albanese said ” the secrecy with which they had been surrounded was corrosive of trust in government.” He could have been equally talking about Ardern. Terry
NZ is rapidly going down the toilet like Rhodesia(oops,sorry-Zimbabwe!) did some years back Henry
There has been no discussion regarding how they intend to improve infrastructure and why did they need to take over current infrastructure. This is a blatant ownership grab which is going to disadvantage all kiwis except the Maori elite. What happened to democracy? Fi
It is been obvious for a long time& is just the start Lindsay
Along with Health, Education and local government. Looking at the numbers given the population of this country is now very mixed why such overwhelming representation is being granted to one only ethnic group how on earth is Labour reflecting the citizens they are meant to serve. B S in truckloads. Christina
It’s apartheid Pure and simple Alan
Not only 5 Waters but many other critical areas of governance captured by the same lethal intent of the Maori caucus. Bruce
Keep up the good work – praying that common sense will reign eventually Bruce 
It is a Treaty Claim by stealth. kevin
This should correctly be called treason and the organisers prosecuted, end of story! Casey
Mahuta is a Labour Govt financed terriorist. Full stop. mike
Tribalism. Just suppose that it the tribe waere white then the outrage would be of deafening mean. Christopher
I’ve thought this all along.it puts our news media into an even worse light by not reporting the truth. David
I’m ready now to get rid of this circus and I wait for the opposition to show their true colors. Opposed to any division of My Country Ken
obviously every thing they do is racist David
This is fraud by the Maori caucus and must be stopped Margaret
Mahuta is not only corrupt, but also taking us down the same path that Magabe did in Zimbabwe Jim
High handed daylight robbery Keith
Absolutely. This has been obvious from the outset Paul
Agree, this is the very visible hidden agenda gavin
Yes — and nothing else. These gangsters will bleed the system dry until there is nothing left. The infrastructure will go down the gurgler ( literally ) because they will give a fiddler’s fart about maintaining the system needed to ensure safe water supplies to the general populace. That is dangerous stuff because in the end one can push people only that far without risking major upheaval and civil unrest. Michael
Maori DO NOT own the Water and should never claim that they do. NO ONE OWNS THE WATER. Graham
Labour and mahuta and co are just a pack of thIeving bastards. Must be removed from govt for treason. COME ON OPPOSITION DO SOMETHING. Allan
They have misled the public by their campaign on dirty water coming out of the pipes in order to bring in Maori control and are now pushing the legislation through under urgency Dorothy
And I am quite angry about it. And extremely concerned at the way this country is heading on a fast track downwards. In fact I am seriously considering now advising young people to up anchor and clear off out of the country because the future is looking grim. James
Shameful proposition Denis
Blatant anti-democracy at work with the active connivance of our pro-communist “Labour” government. Edgar W.
They are already clipping the water ticket with hydro electric power companies and any company that discharges water. In other words , they are already stealing from the public. # waters will give them unfettered access to everyones money. Mike
Democracy in this country is under threat as never before. Aside from the racial division inherent in Three Waters, water is a key strategic resource which must be in safe and democratic ownership. Global warming and the likelihood of competition for potable water makes this even more important. Paul 
Appalling! The Right to Speak has been completely ignored by the PM. The people have definitely tried reverse this decision. Very sad times for New Zealand. Anne
This has been evident since day one of three waters and their deceitful little minds will be strongly focused on total tribal rule,this is what I call the waikaremoana effect. Total destruction of OUR country NZ Warren 
It has been all along. Surely what they are doing is illegal. They will now try to tie it up so tight that national will be unable to undo it. diana
And if that happens you watch how many people leave the country for ever we are fast becoming a 3rd world country because of the apathy of the NZ voters Peter
Minister Jackson has openly said so Mo
It was obvious from the outset but what influence will this poll have? Laurie
Blatantly Obvious! Roseanne
Keep up the good work Robyn
No doubt. Dave
This is outrageous! The hypocrisy, the lies and deception are breathtaking. This is but another example of Maori cunningly taking more control. Ardern and her party are now in a death spiral. Rob
A decade ago Maori predicted that in ten years they would own the water. Thanks to Ardern, their prediction has come true. Jenny
Yes, and it scares the hell out of me Kerin
Asset grab for the tribal elite through the fraudulent interpretation of the TOW Peter
Absolutely and it’s totally shocking. What dreadful racists we have running our country at present. I just hope National grow a spine and vow to repeal everything to do with race. It is imperative we are all treated the same. Helen
they still not evolved beyond thier violent savagery donald
It’s quite obvious now, despite the spin and fog overlay. Barry
Absolutely. We need a “Groundswell” type response. This is WAR!!! Jim
The coup is almost complete.Shame on all those who voted for this disgusting undemocratic government.Wake up! Speak up and demand this be stopped right now! Gail
Wake up Kiwis!! Donald
What you say is quite correct but unfortunately the public at large are not getting on to the government about it. John
This is a disaster on so many levels. Trevor
Most definitely Bernadette
Glad I no longer live in the apartheid Marxist gulag that NZ has become. Elliot
No doubt about it. Dianne
It is to transfer the ownership of our communal resources to private ownership. It is theft. Charles
Absolutely, this needs to stop right now. This is a blight on our country and decent New Zealanders. Shame on Maura. Ann
With the privileged Mahuta in charge it was always about tribal control. She is a serious danger to our democracy- but of course the elite iwi don’t believe in democracy. She is out of control and must be fired. Laura
Hang them all. Evans
Clearly the underhand inclusion of coastal and geothermal waters confirms this position. Ray
Three Waters must be stopped. I will never vote for Labour if they somehow get this through, against the wishes of the majority. Kevin
Undoubtedly that’s the intention. And it must be forbidden. Graham
It is time for the Governor General to step in and stop all this crap from happening Ken
Their aim is total control of NZ . The quicker we get them out the better. Mike
And when they control all water they have total control over us all! Their ultimate objective! Michael
This should be seen as the single biggest scandal NZ has ever seen and is absolutely 100% unacceptable. Alan
No doubt about it and congratulations and thanks to those who have unearthed these details Bev
Absolutely shocking destruction of democracy by the labour radicals Mike
There needs to be a proper revolution in the streets before it is too late. What Ardern and her Socialist sycophantic friends have done in 3 short years to NZ is disgusting and breathtaking. They must be taken down!!!!!!! Tuhinga
GOD, our CREATOR ! did not give control of WATER, to a select, race, to claim all rights to water !! Water, was given to all races to SHARE.. WATER IS THE STAFF OF LIFE, FOR EVERYONE !!! David
It’s absolutely unbelievable that this is happening and being enabled by our government Sally
Never! Since I come to realise that it is all about taking from us ratepayers and having control over NZ! Ray
17.3% of our people are Maori Around 15.2% Asian We need to be one country same rules for all. Beryl
This outrageous attempt to confer advantage based on race must be avoided at all cost. Contunation down the current track will result in civil war. Rod
YES, YES.. This govt is NOT a Labour led one. It has been hijacked by the Maori Caucus. It must go as it is definitely NOT a democratic party anymore. Goodbye and good riddance. Graeme
Nanaia Mahuta: The most dangerous, ideology driven and self-centred woman in New Zealand bar none. Colin
Nobody owns the water least maori! if they want it so bad, they should be paying out for flood damage and droughts, this govt will cede ownership of everything to these scavenging ratbags Laurie
Definitely. That was really its only objective. It’s certainly not about fixing imaginary water problems….or making water services cheaper. Mahuta cares only for Maori, and really only for Tainui. She will ensure Tainui sit at the top of the tree. Ardern is a useful idiot who is now exposed simply as a feeble talking head who is being told what to do. Derek
PM Jabinda Argern either too scared to stand up to them or agrees with what they are doing to please her WEF masters. Ron
Absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is the agenda. Worst so called government in this country’s short history. Steve
No question. Andrew
Absolutely disgraceful lies by this Govt. making out our water is contaminated and in need of Govt entities to clean it up and Ardern’s false claims that Rates will rise exponentially if Govt doesn’t do this! It’s all about co-governance, with a Maori veto over control of our water. Mary
Disgusting racism Don
Absolutely their goal from the beginning and the downfall of this Govt Phil
Time to pick up your shovel and march! chris
Yes – and giving control of water to Maori is despicable. The sooner an election is held and this present government defeated, the better.  Nigel
New Zealanders have been manipulated and lied to by Ardern and her cronies. You can’t believe anything they say. Bruce
It is shocking that Nanaia Mahuta has been allowed to impose her Maori supremacy agenda onto the country in this way, and seize control of water. All water, for goodness sake. What on earth does Ardern think she’s doing?? Julie
Welcome to George Orwell’s new world – NZ 2022! Paul
The lies and deceit over Three Waters has been disgraceful. And now they want control over the sea and geothermal water. Their greed knows no bounds. At least National will repeal the law when they get in. Danny