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Trust in Labour Falling

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The latest political opinion poll confirms support for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government is sliding. According to Colmar Brunton, Labour has fallen 3 points to 43 percent, National has dropped 3 to 26 percent, ACT has risen 5 to 14 percent, the Greens and the Maori Party are steady on 8 percent and 2 percent respectively, and NZ First is up 2 points to 3 percent.

While these results show Labour and the Greens could govern together, with 51 percent of the vote, they nevertheless represent a substantial fall from election night, when Labour gained 50 percent of the vote, the Greens 7.9 percent, National 25.6 percent, ACT 7.6 percent, NZ First 2.6 percent and the Maori Party 1.2 percent.

Is Labour’s slide in the polls the result of the public seeing through their PR spin to their record of dysfunction, realising they are a government that’s strong on rhetoric but abysmal on delivery?

Or are they waking up to the fact that Labour is subjecting New Zealanders to an “unfortunate experiment”, leading us down a path to disunity and racial division without our consent?

Have they realised that He Puapua – Labour’s secret 20-year plan to turn the clock back 200 years to tribal rule – was deliberately withheld from voters at the election and is now being imposed without a mandate? 

Perhaps the public are beginning to understand that the Ardern Labour Party cannot be trusted –that a ruthless separatist agenda lies behind the veil of smiles and pleasantries, that will undermine New Zealand democracy and our Kiwi way of life.

Two proposed law changes reveal Labour’s radical agenda: firstly, the introduction of apartheid into our health system, and secondly, the transfer of control of the country’s freshwater, wastewater and stormwater services to iwi.

The fact that Labour is intent on restructuring the entire health system during a pandemic reveals their objective is not to govern in the best interests of New Zealand, but to ensure the race-based health service being demanded by iwi leaders is delivered.

Instead of one health system for everyone, run by local communities to meet local needs, Jacinda Ardern wants us segregated into an apartheid system run from Wellington. Those of Maori descent will be directed to a special Maori Health Authority, which will have the right of veto over the entire health system, with everyone else directed to the other Agency.

And even though the new agencies are still in the planning stage, questions about impartiality are already being raised following Cabinet’s decision to appoint Nanaia Mahuta’s sister as the co-chair of the new Maori Authority.

This same agenda for tribal control is driving the Three Waters reform. While councils were asked to provide feedback to the Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta by the end of September, many requested more time – councils wanted a pause in the process.

But the Minister is not listening.

When asked in Parliament on Tuesday, “Does she stand by her comments on Three Waters reforms that ‘Pausing the reform discussion will not help to respond to the significant challenges facing councils’; if so, why?” Minister Mahuta replied, “Yes, because the case for change is compelling, well understood, and needs to be addressed. Doing nothing is simply not an option.”

Her statement fails the fact-check test.

The Minister claims there will be massive cost savings for ratepayers under her proposal to transfer the water infrastructure of the country’s 67 local authorities to four water entities co-governed by iwi, yet virtually all of the reports reviewing the Scottish model upon which her reforms are based, show the savings are overstated, and the reforms will not deliver on the promises being made.

In his latest assessment, financial analyst and former local body councillor Frank Newman explains, “The Water Industry Commission for Scotland report assumes the four new water entities will significantly reduce operating costs, and deliver lower-cost capital spending. They assume there is ‘an efficiency gap’ that will be closed within 10 years and result in a 53% saving in annual operating costs from year 10. They qualify this by saying: ‘The scope for cost reduction will, however, require a commitment to a full package of reform: investment, financial freedom, clarity in objective setting, empowered regulation, and incentivised management’.”

Frank outlines why these savings will never materialise under Nanaia Mahuta’s separatist model: “New Zealand is not the UK and UK water services do not have an indigenous 50:50 ‘partnership’ co-management model that is the foundation stone of our Three Waters reform. Rather than having incentivised management, which is required to achieve efficiencies, management of the four entities is more likely to be disincentivised by having to meet the unknown costs of the cultural and spiritual considerations embedded within the governance and management structures.

“We know from other co-governance arrangements that iwi act in the best interests of iwi. Reality would suggest the entities will be burdened with additional costs that have not been factored into the Scottish model. How much those additional costs will be is impossible to quantify as no other country has passed control of essential water infrastructure to a monopoly controlled by a vested interest group claiming to represent just 16.7% of the population.”

While the need for an upgrade of New Zealand’s water services was first proposed in 2017 following an inquiry into the Havelock North water supply tragedy, like the health reforms, the plan for Maori control only emerged after the 2020 election, when Labour gained an absolute majority – and totalitarian power.

Under Three Waters, each of the four water entities would be controlled by a 12-member governance board, six members representing up to 22 councils in their area, with local iwi holding the other six positions – and an effective right of veto.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Gary Judd QC has examined the Cabinet paper in which Minister Mahuta outlines her plan for the involvement of iwi:

“The Cabinet paper contains no principled basis for making the provision of the three Waters services subservient to iwi/Māori. Its impenetrable language is a smokescreen for a political determination to put these assets under effective iwi/Māori governance and control by the structure the legislation will create.

“The Minister’s aims are clearly revealed by paragraph 26 where she says, ‘my reforms of the three Waters system provide the opportunity for a step change in the way iwi/Māori rights and interests are recognised throughout the system.’

“The three waters proposal has been deliberately designed to give iwi/Māori the predominating governance influence. In addition, it was agreed that the water services entity would fund and support capability and capacity of mana whenua within an entity’s boundary to participate in relation to three waters service delivery. Bear in mind that getting a return from an asset is a right attributable to an owner. Therefore, the proposal would confer on iwi/Maori, but no one else, a direct attribute of ownership.”

Gary Judd also debunks the Minister’s claims that councils will retain ownership of their water infrastructure: “Councils now own drinking water, wastewater and stormwater assets, directly or indirectly. That will change. Only iwi/Māori will have ownership rights. Directly in some respects, indirectly in others. Local authorities will have none.

“The government whilst claiming that the new entities would be publicly owned did not say how. Under pressure, by the end of June the Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, was saying they would be owned by local authorities, by being listed as owners in the legislation. As the proposal deprives local authorities of all the rights of ownership, this ‘ownership’ is a fiction. It is ‘spin’ on a grand scale. Listing in the legislation does not confer ownership if it does not confer ownership rights.”

In reality, Three Waters will result in a massive transfer of power: councils will receive no shares in the new entities in return for their assets, nor fair compensation, and they will end up with little or no representation on the governing boards, and therefore little or no influence over the assets, whereas iwi will gain ownership rights and veto powers.

Under the proposed arrangements it is inevitable that local iwi will claim – through some imagined spiritual connection – that they own the water, and the iwi-controlled boards will grant water royalties. Nanaia Mahuta’s Three Water reforms will give private sector iwi corporations what they have long coveted – royalty payments in perpetuity every time a Kiwi tap is turned on.

Despite most councils rejecting Three Waters, Minister Mahuta is now preparing to use the heavy hand of the State to confiscate their water assets and infrastructure through legislation.

She claims the reforms are needed because the upgrade in standards being planned by the Government’s new water regulator Taumata Arowai will be difficult for councils to fund. But a June 2020 Cabinet paper suggested a range of water infrastructure funding options including “government bonds” – to provide councils with funding at rates closer to the Crown cost of borrowing, rather than the higher rates available through the Local Government Funding Agency.

Instead of confiscating water infrastructure, the logical answer is for the Government to apply the same shared funding model they use for roading infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Government’s exemption from paying rates for the land it owns should end. If they paid their ‘fair share’, those councils where Government land holding is high – up to almost 90 percent in some areas – would be far better positioned to fund water infrastructure upgrades.

The speed with which He Puapua is being enacted – to implement the elitist agenda of tribal control promoted by Labour’s Maori Caucus – is alarming.

The loss of freedom when democracy is undermined by tribalism should never be underestimated. Whether through democratically elected Health Boards or Councils, having local representatives sorting out local needs, is vastly superior to relying on face-less centralised bureaucracies that care little about the concerns of distant communities.

It is extremely disappointing that media scrutiny of the Government’s separatist agenda is virtually non-existent. Labour has effectively bought media silence through a $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, that’s only available to those who promote the Treaty partnership fiction that underpins demands for tribal rule. Those accepting government inducements are complicit in this deceit. Public trust will not be restored until media turn their back on State funding. 

What this means is that exposing Labour’s separatist plan to replace democracy with tribal rule depends on us, the public. We must do everything we can to help other Kiwis understand what’s going on, and to let them know that Labour should be feared, not trusted.

While readers of these NZCPR Weekly newsletters are doing a brilliant job of informing others through emails, delivering fliers, sharing our social media memes – see our People’s Press page HERE – and contacting councillors, it’s now time to turn our focus onto politicians.

The email addresses of all MPs can be found on the NZCPR website HERE. Government Ministers and MPs must be urged to drop the reforms and stop dividing our country by race. And opposition MPs should be urged to put a stake in the ground and pledge to repeal race-based laws once they are elected to office. 

During last year’s election, Jacinda Ardern did not campaign on Maori control of health services nor of three waters. He Puapua was kept hidden. Labour has no mandate for what they are now doing, and should be held to account.

In the year since the election, one out of every seven people who voted for Labour have shifted their support to another party. All it takes is another one out of every seven to do the same and it’s game over for Labour and He Puapua. That’s a challenge for each and every one of us – to help those who voted for Labour in 2020 to realise how badly they are being duped.

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*What do you believe is the real motivation behind the Three Waters reform: to improve water services, or give control of water to Maori?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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Iwi Control! An asett and power grab. Shameful! Laurie
ridicules idea, Maories do not know what to do. Paula
It is blatantly obvious that this has very little to do with improving water quality!! David
and this only the start, Willy Jackson’s comment to close relative….”we are going to get it all” Ann
BUT in order to comprehensively achieve that the matter has been politicized – another case of focusing on the hole and not the doughnut. Michael
Its a sneaky takeover of the countries assets. Nick
I have for many years been very content with water management. Len
A potential disaster for all other than Maori George
N. Mahuta should not have a national portfolio such as Local Government minister when she is sitting in a Maori parliamentary seat. She is doing everything into pulling her weight as a supremacist telling everyone what to do and how to do it, undemocratically which is the tribal elite way. What special qualities do tribal elite have to run water services? Maori parliamentary seats need to be abolished to stop all this UNDRIP racist rubbish. Kris Faafoi there will be no extension to the parliamentary term until these Maori seats are gone. Monica
Disgusting Daniel 
Not even subtle Laurie
This is democracy being eroded by stealth and non- transparency by a bunch of people who are unable to complete any of their election promises Blair 
Of course it is all about giving power and control to the Maori,s. One of the biggest lies is that the water is going to be cheaper. Well reading that they will have to borrow 180 million or thereabouts means that it will have to be paid back with interest. And who do you think will be lumbered with the payback money ,why it be the good old rate payers or taxpayers. My suggestion is to give the maoris the storm water and the waste water and keep the freshwater for ourselves. And make them responsible for all future situations with flooding and excessive weather. They can pay for this put of their own funds such as Maori corporations that set up as charities and don%u2019t pay income tax. Also all Maori land and buildings should be paying rates like the rest of us. Ralph
Do not get them anything .all one people Mike
For many years now Maoris have declared their demand to control and own first the seabed and foreshore so they can extract admission fees from every Kiwi who wants to step onto a beach and now they have changed their hint of wanting to control water to a demand pushed by Mahuta with a threat to steal, by using legislation, the ownership and control of all water supplies so that they can add their cut to the metered supply so that we pay more whilst lining Maori’s pocket. Whilst this is progressing Mahuta’s sister is lining up to take over the health system in order to give her mates priority health care whilst Europeans will probably end up having to pay for any medical care they need. Chris
How many sisters has Mahuta got. ? Al
The advertisements on TV depicting the necessity for providing clean water through Three Waters is nothing but Marxist propaganda to pass control of our water to Maori. There has been no consultation with all New Zealand, only with Maori, this confirms this move is a racist proposal. This Government is in breach of providing governance for all New Zealand, it is hiding behind Covid 19 whilst allowing Marxist outcomes to be implemented by stealth. Steve
hands in the till once again Erin
It is blatantly obvious. Barbara
on paper improve the water services but that would be better and cheaper achieved with direct grants to the specific councils with problems and money woes. It therefore comes down to a Te Puapua style control. mike
it part of an agenda to take and control all natural resources under the false guise of securing and protecting . Is reverse racism toward the non Maori MAJORITY of NZers. Absolutely driven by greed and own power agenda. Richard
first will be water, next will be the sun and then the oxygen we breath, there will not be a working Maori in New Zealand, they will all be existing on handouts from the above penalty payments all New Zealanders will provide cliff
We knew that this would happen, we knew 4-5 years ago. We tried to tell the other parties, they said we were conspiracy nuts! Well, turns out we were right!!! David
Its all about Maori having control. Noeline
They must be stopped or there will be a civil war Harvey
Control to Maori sadly. Kim
It is clear to put maori in control together with a pathetic communist government! The ‘capital investment’ story (needing $ 120 bil) is just to ver up their agenda! Jan
Maori want everything and wont be happy till they have it, this government needs to be voted out, Maori have been treated better than any indigenous race in the world ,which is pretty amazing really when they are not even indigenous, people in this country need to pull there head out of the sand, and do there own research into our history, read to the ends of the earth by Maxwell c hill the Maori are not indigenous and have no indigenous claims on new Zealand and unless this huge lie stops there will never be any unity or one people, these activist Maoris are going to bleed this country dry, I don’t really trust governments and polatitions any way but i have always voted for Winston peters he speaks a truth he has no time for all this activist shit that is going on and he can say this because he is Maori, this government are dangerous and need to be voted out, and these in opposition need to wake there ideas up and give some constructive opposition to this very dangerous government rodger
I am totally saddened that this government is dividing this country by race. Jens
I don’t understand, why does the govt want to separate us ?? I refuse to let the govt and a small band of elitist Maori turn me against Kiwi’s. If we let that happen then they win, please don’t blame greater Maoridom. Steve
Water is something that no living thing can do without; and to give it to Maori to control will be the worst possible thing. If we think things are bad now, wait until that happens! Having to pay for water will be burdensome for all, having it impact on other costs, such as Electricity will be yet another brick in the wall for a lot of people. Water is God given, or for those that are non-believers, comes from the sky, and we don’t pay for that, we get it for free, so why should we give control to Maori? Heather
This is not Democracy in any form. Delete it ! James
Without a doubt, Maori want control of NZ This is but one aspect on that journey as they will not be happy until they control it all. NZ is going backwards at an alarming rate and I fear for our future Carolyn
We have a great service now. One of the best in the world. So a corrupt grab for our assets is not on and they do not have my consent. Government is by consent of the Men and Women of the country, and they do not have it. So hands off!!!! Neil
A political coup is underway in NZ. First 50% of all assets to Maori. Then once that has been achieved, and the maori have a strangle holdon all political decisions, then comes Aoteroa, as the new name for this beautiful country. Next there will be a push for aoteroa to become a republic. Once that is achieved, mahuta will be the new president. God help NZ. This government needs to go now!! Cal
This and He PuaPua are driving a racist wedge thru no society. Maoris have had more advantages thru the education systems and government departments if they care to take advantage of them and that also applies to the health system as well. Wendy
Undoubtedly. But where does it leave JC in the end? Marilyn
Straight theft! Brian
At all cost, this must not happen!! Ray
Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party seem oblivious to the reality the backlash against Mahutu’s reforms is an expression of a breakdown in trust in this government. No, Jacinda Ardern, we don%u2019t want our democratic rights blatantly abused. We don%u2019t want your very tricky 3 waters reforms. Donald
Mahuta is a disaster for nationhood aspirations of all cultures in NZ. To believe that Maori should have ownership of water misses the point that water originates from evaporation of larger bodies of water, such as oceans and lakes. It evaporates into the atmosphere and is carried on winds around the globe, condenses in the form of rain or snow, which feeds streams and rivers globally. What right do Maori have, to claim water that originated from another country? Get real Labour MP’s. Put a stop to this nonsense! Vic
another example of crap politics from this seemingly maori led government Edward
labour has already begun giving control of water to the maoris Stanley
Disgraceful and tyrannical behaviour by the Labour Party, they are nothing but left wing socialists the lot of them. This has to be stopped by any means necessary and as soon as possible, otherwise NZ democracy will be lost for years to come. Brenda
Thank you. Will distribute fliers as able. Mabel
With Maori Control of an Essential Service for all New Zealanders, it will become a money making Racket , Scam to the disadvantage of all people , other than Maori !! It must not be allowed to happen !! Pierre
True Douglas
Maori supposedly arrived in NZ by sailing skillfully to a place they did not know exist and became indigenous ,The next 500 years they spent existing tribally in constant conflict with each other resulting in rape pillage slavery canilabilism confiscation of land and assets in fact what did they do that improved anything they lived in whare a mud hut constructed of branches and leaves and that is the type of future they have in mind for NZ tribal law tribal health tribal control. Are they going to build their own schools hospitals roads houses transport and all the infrastructure or do as they have done historically claim racist bias victimisation it is time to SAY NO MORE Stop blaming the people that made this country a place that the rest of the world envied brought a culture of decency hard work and respect for all not one where sticking out your tongue exposing bare buttocks that is offensive in my culture but then who cares certainly not Maori only they matter in NZ VIVIAN
Toooo much Maoriness happening in this country and the 3 waters is proving this. My lovely Maori friends believe the same, we sensible people see all of this nonsense happening. Barbara
Connecting another dot to their quest to give Maori total control. Debby
WAKE UP NZ. Push back against this Govt. at every opportunity. colin
Democracy is all but over, in New Zealand. No thanks to Jacinda. Josephine
She is of a single mindset to change over NZ from pakeha control to Maori control. Hilary
Is the only option against the Mahuta plan – CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE? Our democracy seems to be in disarray and against the freedoms & greater good of society at large! tony
I am against it Ann
Pretty obvious that it will be a money making option for Maori. It will be a bit like the road cones that are put out. Each one costs the get 50 c the more you put out the more money you make. Look at how this has increased the number of cones put out where we have roading developments. It is ridiculous. Our water will be the same over regulated and increased cost. Andrew
Water is not owned by anyone and under the ‘Treaty’ Maori have equal rights to everything together with other immigrant groups – Pakeha, Asian, Pacifica, African etc. Maori have no additional rights. Gerry
maori have been trying to gain control of water for many years as they see it as a cash cow .IE;Waikato river water for Auckland Michael
Another sneaky power grab. This will store up further animosity which will result in civil unrest before too long. When will they stop this racist legislation and treat all citizens as having the same rights. Brian
I did a quick Google check of how many Maori in positions of trust have been prosecuted for fraud – and it’s shocking – and amounts that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases milions, which is an indicator of how power corrupts. Example Donna Awatere Huata and her husband and many more. Gail
The more you study what the government is proposing with the 3 waters along with the new health reforms it should make every Kiwi very concerned. Come join in the GROUNDSWELL protest on the 21st November in your local town or city to show this government how you feel..Check out their web site and FB. You will feel better for getting involved. The bigger the protest the more effective it will be. See you there. Marty
Not so dichotomous. It’s both. But 30:70 respectively Derek
When are people going to wake up and realize what is happening here? A move toward Iwi minority rule based apartheid and fascism – the parallels to the rise of far right fascism in 1930’s Germany is uncanny. Didn’t thousands of NZer’s die fighting a war against the spread of fascism? Rikaad
Division in our country Elizabeth
It’s corporate theft. The Govt want to own it – this is there way of getting it. MoniV
This is a blatant asset grab under the auspices of a water improvement program. Susan
They are traitors. Susan
Control, but no responsibility for performance failure. And these reforms will fail as they are based on ideology and racism, not expertise and provision of an improved level of service. Malcolm
Only one reason and that’s why it’s being driven by a Maori MP. Andrew
3 rivers is a dictatorship at work I never thought I would see it in NZ very sad for NZ David
with the polywog now dictating to the tooth fairy who wants to sit on the throne she will give the whole country away to the brown neanderthal mobs and three waters is just another start of this country going down the waste water s***e chute. Richard
It has to be this as they are not listening to the public or the councils, they have already made up their mind and had no intention of compromising. I am scared to death over the next He Puapua law ..Self-declared iwi ‘border controls’ will become lawful under clause 12 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2) introduced on September 21. We are being taken over under cover of Covid and being in lock down appears to be a great way of stopping the public showing how they feel about these monumental changes to others and passing on the message. Perhaps you can write a piece on that as well. Thank you for getting on AUS Sky TV, it bought it closer to some in NZ but there are still many who think it will just go a way. Helen
Absolutely!!!!! Murray
She wouldn’t be the slightest bit concerned about the water quality, (except maybe for her own whanau) this is a hatchet job through and through, did you hear any mention of this in the lead up to the last election ? This is a show of POWER and her boss is doing the same thing, I’ll wager that we all get a huge ‘lollipop’ just before the next election …. to erase the bitter taste that we all now have. Tony
Of course it is. It is time for opposition parties to show some metal and really expose this total sham. Where is the opposition, missing in action at the moment. Another cunningly disguised takeover by Moari. Fraser
This has to be the most deceitful, deceptive, dishonest act any political party has ever tried to establish as their very selfish agenda in the history of political NZ. It’s a huge MONEY GRAB for Mahuta to further their radical part-maori cause to obtain 50:50 governance of NZ when they are only 15-16.7% of the population and it’s dubious as to how many have any significant amount of maori ancestory! Labour & Leader J A have been incredibly DISHONEST to try & not only sneak He Pua Pua through 2020 Elections, but now under the radar during this so called “Plandemic”. I hate to think what state this country will be in by October 2023 Elections when we will be living in a Communist Dictatorship under the Leader COMRADE ARDERN….the mind boggles! Bruza
It’s Apartheid and Racism by a minority group of Maori racist activists. The Labor govt members are too gutless to say NO this nonsense.. They should be ashamed of themselves.  Bruce
Taking control by lying to the public, we need media attention to this so the the public can respond before it is too late Geoff
It is clearly theft from ‘we the people’ bruce
Undoubtedly so – destroy ‘white man’ power completely russell
Its patently obvious the 3 waters reform is payment, pure and simple for the continued support of the government by the Maori party John
I’m having trouble in believing that this stupid labour government is even thinking about giving the three waters to a stone age tribe that after two hundred years still haven’t made it, apart from a few that are more pakeha than Maori, and have learned how to milk the poor old tax payer. Athol
Article 32 of UNDRIP states water specifically will be governed by Iwi at its sole consent Rob
The maori activist agenda since 1970 has been maori sovereignty by 2040. Jacinda Aderns Labour Government is driven by the maori caucus and maori sovereignty will happen with Nanania Mahutu in charge Maureen 
Another ploy by these cretins to do as they please without consultation or common sense. Gareth
How cani this racist rush to Maoridom be stopped Arthur
Does this Government think we are all completely STUPID! If they didn’t control the media and everyone could find out what is happening, they would not be able to put any of these dreadful things forward Sylvia
Another back door grab of paid for assets and control of the population by a government whi h hzs little ability to see beyond their ideology Peter
It’s obvious in a sinister kind of way. Bruce
Racist policies should be stopped Rob
No-one can believe that there is any other motive and its becoming increasingly obvious that the Maori part of the Labour party are flexing their muscles for their support of Labour however both could well be damaged in the polls. Mike
its our water!! graham
These changes will not improve our services. It is all to do with Maoti Doreen
This is a totally untrustworthy government lead by a person with no ability to tell the truth. Paloma
This straight theft by a racist government. They never had this in their manifesto last year & have no mandate for this criminal act. Peter
Giving maori what they want will simply lead to disaster for all of us – maori and pakeha alike. Once everyone realises what’s actually happening, the amount of resentment that this will produce will literally tear this government apart Trevor
More Maori ownership Neil
hard to believe this could happen in New Zealand.I feel I must have slept through some form of time warp.What has happened to our country, especially our supposed democratic prossess, is both frightening and completely bewildering. Ray
They are damned lucky they weren’t colonised by the French, Spanish, Portugese or Germans as they would not be as well off as they are today. Colonisation was inevitable to this country so at least show some appreciation Errol
This is so wrong on every level. We must stop this. Tim
The majority of Labor MP’s do not identify as being maori or a Cookie . (Cook Islander) Yet , they allow thier party to be dominated by a select few . Do these people not have a conscience ? Are they happy to lose their freedom ? A revolt should start from within . Pity we don’t have any journalists to question them and find out what their constituents really want . J Peter
Time for a Nuremburg style trial to be initiated and needs someone like Gary to start the process. Bet he would get a lot of support financially, plus other legals joining in Neville
Maori Greed knows no boundaries. Merryl
Tribal take over by stealth. 16% of New Zealand ruling the rest that is APARTHEID in my book. Where are the anti apartheid protesters now. Wendy
Why can’t our government see beyond their noses and put a stop to this blatant takeover of NEW ZEALAND Gareth
Maori control of course, like everything else and we can complain until we are blue in the face and get no where ! Frustration is mounting to the point where only a riot will advertise the fact that this nation is in serious trouble. Sadly we have reached the stage where politicians world-wide are pathetic; the general public are scared or as thick as mud ,with the U.N. a useless gin swilling mob of cucumber sandwich munchers. In a nutshell the whole world is a bloody disgrace ! Sadly for many years I have watched this gradual decline . For an old person the current NZ situation is sickening, frightening and unbelievable. John
Undoubtedly, as the promises and savings stated are impossible to achieve Just more socialist power and wealth grabbing. Roll on 2023, or hopefully sooner. Bryan
See Mahuta’s speech notes Armand
No, No, No. Why should we give 50% control to Maori when the 90% of us have paid for these assets Ross
Let us examine the justification for “Co-Governance.” The maoris lost control of this land mass to European peoples with superior technology, and they want to take it back. They have two options: accept the status quo, as all conquered people eventually have to, or fight. Where can “Co-Governance” ie half and half, possibly figure in this? The answer, disregarding the blatant lie of ‘partnership’ being implicit in the treaty, is, it is a stepping stone to “Full Governance”. Does anyone fancy that? I don’t Please, New Zealand, for God’s sake, wake up! TOBY
I and my family are totally against any group, racial or otherwise gaining control of our water supply. It is real madness to do this and will cause a great uprising in our country is the mad project is approved. Brian
Maori have been after control of the water for a very long time. This is just another example of government deception, deceit and straight out lies. I wonder what was traded off for this ? John
The triable method of rule has never been successful anywhere on this planet. It was a disaster in NZ where eventually all the the tribes were rescued by the introduction of an advanced civilisation and the introduction of an advanced technology in the name of democracy. The 3-waters scheme should never be allowed to go ahead. It’s nothing more than an opportunity for tribal corruption. garry
Its how to win friends and influence people just keep telling lies and believe them. The little corporal in Germany did this very well in the 1930’s Garth
Labour seeks to lock in Maori support 16% and will do anything to maintain control of the country no boundaries no matter what the consequences Rex
there is no such thing as a true 100% Maori now as they are all interbred however they are not being made to do DNA tests and their claims they are is being taken at face value which is also causing great concern as it is obvious they aren’t Maori but just on the gravy train Linda
Blatantly obvious. Fred
The superficial motivation is of course to progress the radical Maori vision of an apartheid NZ. Bad enough; but the real motivation may be found by ‘following the money’ in greed and corruption at the highest levels of this government. The current Labour government is completely lacking legitimacy as hid this from the electorate at election time. Tony
Central government can never do a better job of running local water issues. Water control has always been one of the top wants of Maori Michael
Abhorrent Behavior Peter
If anyone thinks that, if under Maori control we would be better off, then let us know how john
Treason ! Frank
We’ve dreamed about ‘one-people’, one country, one set of laws. Are we now prepared to allow one racial type ,Maori, to own and control one of the life-bloods of all our existence? Ced
This MUST be stopped! Gail
A true re write on history showing that the only indigenous people of N.Z were Mori-ori and that they were enslaved, raped, slaughtered, and eaten by Maori could help re address the lies and falsifications that we are being given every day by the newspapers & Labour John
We moved to NZ to get away from this sort of BS. It seems the madness has followed us. Who would have thought a Labour government would promote such discrimination as they have. The’ve punished the innocent kiwi over and over, taking peoples private possessions for the so called “good of society”, banning this and that, and now they even want to take away our water rights. Whats next, the air we breathe? Maybe Maori have a right to govern this too? Seriously, how can a country fall so fast. Marxist Labour government, thats how! The irony here is, we could soon face arrest and fines for even daring to question these things given Arderns crackdown on free speech and all it entails. Kevin
A brilliant summation of Labours devious intent. Philip
Labour are diligently following the UN declaration on Indigenous rights, to the deliberate detriment of all New Zealanders Rob
I think these four water entities being pursued By jacinda and Nanaia is about dividing New Zealand into four tribal controlled communist States ,or feudal fiefdoms, each controlled by a Mugabe type leadership. I think that the objective being not only about controlling and owning the water but to have control over every aspect of human activity within their respective fiefdoms. The rule of law being replaced by the rule of force. Don
Shameful deception Bryan
The beginning of the end Jamiemie
A nasty and underhand agenda exposed – well done! Robert
My guess is that it is not 3 waters which are wanted. Just control over fresh water. Under the proposals the other water infrastructure will inevitably languish Matthew
This Minister is a traitor to democracy. Allan
Why do politicians think that Maori can fix health and water infrastructure issues. These organisations are full of bright people with health and engineering degrees. Can simply handing over control to a minority solve the current issues, i seriously doubt it. There aren’t enough qualified Maori people to run these organisations. Colin
Three Waters is all about Maori control of our water. Disgusting apartheid move by slimy dishonest Labour. Chris
To Frank who wants to get a water tank. Very funny, but they will find a way to (Maori) tax your rain water too, Frank! After all, all fresh water comes from rain and/or snow. Maori invented all that, same as most things in this world. Scott
Without a doubt. Typical underhand, deceitful, hidden agenda from this socialist Govt. who have lost control of Caucus to demands of Maori Elite. This must be stopped, but regardless of incessant mails, and knowledgeable advice from those who loudly proclaim FOUL, wake up, pay attention, the general public appear to think they are bulletproof, or it will not happen to them…. this can be laid firmly at the feet of Editors and Reporters who refuse to print anything against this Govt because they have been %u2018bought off%u2019.. Robyn
Please show us how we can organize public demonstrations and or civil disobedience to fight this now! Des
And this is the beginning of this Marxist government’s move to full apartheid for this country. They MUST be stopped dead in their tracks. David
Without doubt the aim is to give control to Maori; pork barrel politics supreme! This a crass move to lock in Maori support for Labour in perpetuity. What a deceitful government we have. Clearly we have a centralised, control-oriented power crazed government delivering control more akin to countries ruled by despots. Peter
Continues apartheid introduction. Richard
Heaven help us !!! Mark
There’s absolutely no way the services will become better or cheaper via centralisation. Just more separatist bollocks from our lightweight PM. Mahuta’s just a very dangerous idiot. Wonder how long it’ll be before she brings out the taniwha as the “owner” of it’s environment? Dave
It has long been their goal to own the water as it gives them the tool to gain control over everything else. WE ALL NEED IT! And once they have it,the task of getting it back will be nigh on impossible! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE NOW, before it happens. Wally 
It is obvious the the Maori caucus is running the labor government John
Government control of anything is doomed to failure. We do not need to list them here as they are self evident. Time for the population of this country to remember what the 1981 Springbok tour protests were all about and do the same to save our own nation as we are going down the track of apartheid. Where are all those protestors now? Wake up NZ!!! It is time to fight for the rights of all NZers and not just an elite few. Kevin
Iwi leaders believe us ‘normal’ kiwis are their meal ticket!! Time to get tough on all those on ‘job seeker’ benefits. Get them repairing the sewer pipes! Judith
The intent has been signalled Maori have not rights greater than anyone else Legislation referring to race should be removed Colonisation was a gift embraced by the chiefs at the time. Bruce
For those of us with half a brain, it’s plain to see that ownership of water is what’s behind all of this. Lets hope that council;s will not fold to Mahuta and by so doing,protect their respective ratepayers / asset. The government is arrogant enough to make the three waters asset grab compulsory. They are failing with everything they touch, this would be no different. Failing with Covid, so why not this? Ray S
Absolutely. And don’t forget the other 8 areas of interest that He Puapua will directly enable iwi (not every day NZ loving NZ Maori ) to governance by racial control. We need equal rights, equal access to services and laws applicable to every NZ citizen. Rita
What a great way to gouge a permanent source of funding out of the long suffering ratepayer. Bernie
The PM is sucking up to the Maori Party for her own ambitions, as without them, Labour won’t be strong enough to govern alone. It’s about power over the other Parties, but we all know that the Maori Party will suck us dry and entangle a huge mess for us to clean up. But they will achieve what they want and use the PM to get it (water, DOC land, shoreline, etc). We will be stuffed as a nation with racism abounding. Annie
Maori see this as nothing more than a cash cow, We will all be paying a royalty to Maori should this go through. Water comes from the sky and nobody owns it. When Auckland Council introduced Watercare Services my water bill went from $ 200.00 a year to about $ 500.00 a year and we are on water restrictions and no infrastructure has been improved in our suburb, even with all the infill housing, disgraceful. Gayle
Maori deserve no more rights than they have currently..no minority should ever have the power of veto. We have a democracy and should continue to do so. Any significant change should be decided by a referendum. It would be prudent for National to go to the polls on such issues when it wants to govern. Peter
Don’t trust this government Rex
New Zealanders are not that stupid ” to see that this is just another iwi elite power grab…! Christopher
We are on the slippery slope of total apartheid in this Country. Leslie
This government is incapable of improving anything, so has to be the latter. Willy
If it was just improvement of water services the governance and control would be simple and rational. Three Waters (sic) is anything but rational. Alister
No way should this go ahead it will be a major F up carl
Again this is another step toward NZ becoming a fascist socialist state without a care for what is best for the “whole” of NZ. Brian
Patently obvious. Allan
Must be stopped.. Peter
One has to ask if the Govt is serious in its concern around water why is it necessary to complicate matters by granting Iwi control in their proposals. Bryan
I have no faith in maori control ,it is not based on experience or investment. Gerald
We need to stop this reform – there is too much change giving Maori control and everyone having to listen to TVNZ with Maori language (I don’t know what they are talking about) and talk of partnership. I feel NZ is no longer a place I want to live does not feel like home to me any more with Maori being pushed onto us every where. We can email MP but what else can we do? Karen
The intention is clear. And is wrong, so very wrong. The direction NZ is heading is frightening and needs to be halted. Now. Grahame
In a recent Maori TV programme Willie Jackson addressing a group raised his fist and said when we have control of the water we have control of N.Z. Don
Cindy is so focussed on staying in power the only way to do it is to keep side with Maori politician’s to get it thru. Even tho she has to pull her pants down to do it. Her head must be in such a dark place she would be blinded by the light if it ever got in. Eye watering to think of what will happen to this country if Mahuta forces it thru as she has threatened. Very sad state of affairs this country is now in, will become a third world country rod
I’d like to know whether the cost of the proposed water authorities takes into account the fact that they will have to be operated in accordance with some vague Maori spiritual/magical dogma ‘Te Mana o te Wai’ which is to be entirely made up by the whanau and hapu in each area. Those rules don%u2019t have to make sense and can be changed whenever the local Maori want, but they must be obeyed and cannot be questioned. I doubt the Scottish water authorities, which were used as a model, had to allow for such nonsense in their budgets. William
Theft of rate payers assets must not be allowed to proceed Noel
This has to be stopped if necessary we need to get people to March to stop this theft of assets to give control of OUR water to Maori iwi’s. I thought we are all supposed to be equal in New Zealand Frank
Patently obvious from day one that the sole objective of this exercise is to give control over water to maori. colin
Absolute racist ideology leading to apartheid. Ardern should be made to try and publically defend 3 Waters & He PuaPua. Arrant nonsense! Christioher
No need for reform. Hawkes Bay was an isolated incident! Mike
Wake up New Zealand, our great country is slipping away fast, with the prospect of 3 Waters then He Puapua and Tribal rule it is terrifying to imagine our future. Water is our very life blood Alan
Is the labour Govt main purpose with this PM to pander to Maori?? How can this be in a Democratic society, they are some 17% of the population. Owen
More woke BS from a government that wants to actively promote racial separatism..Maori and everyone else. Rob
Please, no more control given to a race based entities. Enough false information. Norm
Council plumbers are now going to Australia, where they will be better bosses than maori George
Hidden agenda in plain sight. Gavin
Very dangerous Kath
letting the lunatics run the funny farm. Mike
IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW. Our country is being stolen from us Sara
It is in fact giving control of water to Iwis who will then control water for all NZers including Maori. The many Iwis can disagree with each other and none of them are democratic organisations with elected representatives! Not even Maori will be able to demand accountability of the Iwis. John
I would trust nothing that Mahuta does. She is racist through and through. Doug
Thats a no brainer. NZ is heading down into apartheid. Very critical time for NZ. Peter
Utterly shameful Margaret
Time to wake up. This is as blatant as it can get Poul-Erik
This racist, socialist administration pushes on with its agenda of tribal control. Apartheid by stealth. Labour’s maori caucus and its allies in the green and maori parties are determined to hand their relatives total tribal control of water, and the money which will continue to flow in the future. Gavin
Just trust Muriel. June
This Prime Minister will do whatever the U.N. say as she wants to have a position there in the not to distant future Tom
Thought history wars have been fought over the control of water. This is just a sneaky way of gaining control Dave
It’s a no-brainer, get rid of Mahuta and Her ideas for a start, then give Labour the boot. Benjamin
It is a political, power, greed inspired, payback (utu) formulation. The idea behind it is that colonialisation has robbed Maori not only of the authority to self determine, but also of the infrastructural means by which Maori leaders or chiefs or those who are the most prominent at the moment. This robbery or denial is down to none Maori or Tauiwi and politically is creating a weakened form of “apartheid”. Ray
BLIND FREDDY can see what this is all about. This MAHUTA woman is dangerous. Her demeanour and body language says it all. JACINDERELLA maintains her daily cameo performance to keep the focus off MAHUTA and her fellow connivists, while they set about destroying our democracy, but even more criminal is their hatred of non-maori will destroy the harmonious society that this country is well known for. Timothy
The “Three Waters” programme clearly follows the edicts of He Puapua, It is but a further degradation of equality of ALL NEW ZEALANDERS defined under the Treaty of Waitangi. It is but another change proposed by the Plan starting with a rework of New Zealand’s History curriculum to be enforced by our our education system, the requirement to learn Te Reo even if parents would haveit to be otherwise, the change to the Local Government electoral system with the removal of ratepayer electoral rights, and the creation of a centralised health authority, passing the right of control and management to maori. Not one part of the “Three Waters” programme can be considered as democratic and gives lie to Miss Ardern’s claim of “governing for all”. “Three Waters” is clearly designed to pass control of all water sources to maori does nothing to guarantee the improvement of theses assets nationally. Michael
This is the most hideous proposed or imposed legislation directed to deprive democracy from New Zealanders in favour of their socialism. Stuart
The handing over of ownership of water assets to Maori is obvious from a rational interpretation of the deliberately vague wording used in the introductory documents. There is no logical reason to adopt the approach that the minister has insisted upon adopting other than to obtain ownership and rent for Maori from water use.. Peter
not enough info. typical of this govt don
There are no Maori left all those who claim to be Maori are decendents and as such should be treated as such Les 
Financial ruin of council and tax payers assets will happen under 3 waters and Iwi and mixed Maori elite because of mixed Maori culture of more chewy, blessing rituals, more Hui and no Doey wasting ratepayer money on nothing – throwing money away and ruining our assets for mixed Maori racial and financial supremacy – insulting and disastrous for democracy Brenda
Sadly dividing us Ken
This agenda is unbelievable, this govt is the most deceptive ever in NZ. They are so underhand and as for buying the press etc that is the lowest of the low. Only those with any morals are leaving journalism. They need to speak out louder. Peter
It is driven by greed Warren
Blindingly obvious! Warren
Our community has a good reliable safe water supply at low cost to its users, outside interference will increase our costs without doubt. Ian
unbelievably tragic the way our country is being lead. Communism Christine
look what has happened in Govt. being duped into giving Taupo lake bed to Iwi. It seemed an innocent token at that time !!!! Bruce
It is but another instance of this Government passing control and ownership in many cases to a small minority of our population. Les
This is a naked attempt to subvert the New Zealand way of life without any mandate. Terry
This government is being very under handed with the way they are inserting Maori into power over all Kiwis. Governance by stealth. Ray
Hidden agenda rushed through Gail
Why else would 16% of the population be given 50% power. Lynne
I believe that is also behind the push to defer local body elections for a further year. Mark
Why are the other parties quiet on the treaty partnership lie. One must consider packing up and moving to Australia as an option going forward if National doesn’t get some grit. Phil
There is very little wrong with our water systems other than some councils have not invested enough to keep rates low. Three waters will not improve our waters. Brian
Without a shadow of doubt . If there was any doubt just look at the proposed membership of the controlling body. This is simply theft on a grand scale. Surely this matter has enough issues for a legal challenge. However it is dealt with it has to be STOPPED Mike
Of course it is about Maori Control Just look at the appointment of Mahuta’s sister to the new health authority. Nepotism in all its glory. Mahuta has no concern about the quality of the water just that the few Maori Elite have the control and the ability to charge for a natural resource that NOBODY OWNS. Tribalism at its worst ROB
No person, Government or Maori tribe owns the water. This is just plain and simple theft by Maori extremists of bygone and present ratepayers of NZ citizens. Wayne
Absolutely not on- we must stop this separatism before it is too late!!!!! Derek
shocking peter
If maori control the water they will extract a royalty for its usage as was disclosed some time ago Ian
Must be stopped. Terry
There is no doubt whatsoever that this dreadful Marxist Governments agendas is to hand over much of NZ to Maori. We simply have to get rid of them or we are doomed. !!!!!! Alan
If this happens it will be a very sorry day for our country Iain
The Maoris cannot even look after their own people. Let alone run New Zealand. William
We all know it won’t improve water services! It is theft by stealth and no good can come from it. John
They are the most dishonest bunch we have ever had in power, I don’t trust a word she says Mark
The current government is guilty of treason. Who has a rope? Igor
There is absolutely no way this insane scheme can increase efficiency. It is clearly part of a treasonous plot to hand control of New Zealand (not aotearoa, deliberate lower case) to Maori. Kerry
It is a snaky way of giving Maori something they have always wanted . So Ardern is hoping to get another term with Maori help.I don’t trust her John
It’s a given fact that Maori have always wanted control of our water Tony
one needs to be easily deceived if they cant see the hidden agenda .it must be stopped before its in legislation .I don’t know which party or parties can rally enough support to ensure labour doesn’t get in again anthony
Reform is needed, but not as they propose John
Neo-socialist dogma and nepotism by Mahuta Bryan
One of the biggest scams in NZ history Complete loss of democracy Neil
Right from the beginning it was obvious. All rest of it is smokescreen. Lesley
Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out its about giving control of water to maori. Promoting APARTHEID Laurie
It’s obviously to give Maoris control of the water. Labour is dependent on the Maori vote and Comrade Jacinda will see that it is done. There will be no getting the Genie back into the bottle once that happens . Maori Health, Maori Welfare, Maori Children’s Safety and Welfare (sic) etc etc. Labour has captured the Press, the Maoris have the Police Force. The Police Minister has, I believed, publicly stated that Pacific and Maori interactions with the police is all she is worried about not the Police. Look at the value she put on the police over Covid-19. Not essential workers, No, they can get there vaccinations when the 12 years old do! The Harbour Bridge Clip on cycle lane. The Minister of Immigration etc etc. Te Reo, turning this country into a land of pidgin English speakers. A dead language in the real world and on the job market. You can’t make this stuff up it is so unreal and they run the country. Once again, this time in capitals GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND Bruce
Same as Health system Maori control. they can have their own health system as long as they pay for it themselves out of treaty of Waitangi settlements or the taxes Maori pay Greg
And Manaia gives her SISTER the plum job!! Robin
The mixed race, descendants of Maori have the cunning of the Maori, mixed with the greed of the Pakeha. Not a good mix. Throw in the U.N Globalist Agenda, promoted by John Key, when leading the previous National government, & now full steam ahead under Labour. Can our country expect anything other than good-bye democracy? I am afraid not. A.G.R.
This is the start of the Communist take over Colin
This is separatism by stealth Murray
Maori have been radicalised by the Maori Imam hiding inside the universities. tony
Muriel says it all- the whole proposal is a downright disgrace Wah
Rasist!!! Tim
We know the governments record of managing things and if the Maoris own it nothing, and I will say it again, nothing what so ever will change. The councils who go along with it are being lied too. Wake up New Zealand the PM and her Maori mates are trying their best to walk all over you. We are all one in NEW ZEALAND. Jude
It%u2019s very plain to see! Gives Maori rights that will end up being taken advantage of, and why?? Hugh
Probably to give control to Maori as we have seen with everything else lately! Jim
Without a doubt it is to give control to Maori and undoubtedly it would mean just the start of many other control moves of the same kind. The success of the first one being all important means Mahuta will try and push it through by hook or by crook! Ron
Labour is trying to divide and conquor and elevate Maoris to a superior position.They are not superior but equal and not in partnership with the crown.Civil unrest wil be the norm if these “reforms” are permitted. Peter
She is as cunning as a Maori rat Mike
This policy is apartheid and theft of ratepayers assests by stealth. It will, inevitably, lead to higher water charges in that royalties will be paid to Maori. Andrew
no doubt about it, pure maori control!! norman
The only thing is does is to remove ownership from the communities who paid for the three waters infrastructure and give control to Maori. John
No way ! Pete
total tribalism look to africa thats we are heading brian
Obviously David
Iwi controlling all the wee wee! Layor
The proposal is as racist as it gets. Tom
Bit of both but mainly giving control to Maori. Alan
Obviously Jacinda wants a small group of people (15% of population) to get control of water / health – for what reason it is hard to understand but it isn’t for the good of the team of 4 million. Come on media etc reveal the truth and keep publishing it again and again until people understand the extent of this Socialist government sheryl
The people who voted for labour should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Do they understand what harm it has done to New Zealanders democratic rights ? Jan
This Govt 9lead by Jacinda) is so determined to hand NZ over to the Maori. Changing laws and legislate quietly and quickly to do as they want. It is apartheid. So much is being done secretly and quickly. Many more will be leaving our shores due to the way the govt. cares little for the majority. Shame on you. Robina
How can the government enforce the sale if we refuse to allow it by civil disobedience? Alan
I do not have to write any comments, as we all know what is being done. We ALL need to help make the people that do not read this column, aware of what is happening to our NEW ZEALAND by getting this information out to ALL the other NEW ZEALANDERS. William
Like taking candy from the baby, unless enough Kiwis wake up to all that is happening here. Government should remember the words “for the people by the people.” How can you ignore the majority of the population’s best interests, by replacing it with one for the for the minority. How do explain this situation to immigrants, who often come from already oppressed societies. Carol
It’s quite obvious and they are very keen for that to happen we have to make sure it doesn’t Please
I am totally against this reform, control of our water should not be given over to Maori. A resource vital to life should not become subject to political sways. I believe such changes are dividing NZ, and we don’t want an apartheid system here, NZ should be for all NZers. Jenny
When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn! Ted
Blatant racism & a direct assault on Democracy in NZ Bob
As stated in cabinet paper Mike
It is a blatant asset grab by a minority group. Water is a civic right and as such should be in the hands of elected boards. Local government should be in charge, not three or four mega-bodies. Simon
How could anyone have any doubt that it’s NOT for Maori Control… sorry for PART MAORI control. The control would be total but those controlling it would be part Maori. .The name ORMSBY may familiar to the Minister .  Warwick
We have an outstanding water service in most regions so that an inept government promise to improve it is a lie Must be an agenda to secure our water systems and gift it to Maori for a continued source of income in the future Luke
This is what the Maori have always wished for! John
Tribal Rule is coming and we didn’t vote for it! Rosalie
Its f***en rotten!!!! earle
Give Maori more access to taxpayers%u2019 money. Sure beats working for a living. Margaret
What an insult to the intelligence of everyone who has paid water rates for many years, expecting them to just give up and hand it all to Maori! Janet
Have we lost our senses? Is the democratic system so weak that a one of majority Government can rail road democracy into bureaucratic dependency and democracy into oblivion. ? maurie
Reverse apartheid Ted
Can you just imagine the endless meetings and tribal print that will occur. Darryl
They will gain control and sell it to China who ever controls water controls life . Peter
we are continuing to fall into this trap of changing and giving everything to maori laurie
It’s a big con to give Maori control of water WWE can’t let it happen we paid for Our retrictulation with Verry high rates Over last ten years ian
This is another unjust, despicable scheme to hand over to maori total tribal rule over our nation of NEW ZEALAND. They are NOT and NEVER were indigenous people here. The treaty also has been changed over and over and over again to suit unjust and unrighteous demands and claims. They do not even number more than 17% of the total population but keep demanding control. They need to grow up and settle for what is right and just – to be citizens of NEW ZEALAND and even though you all are not a majority in numbers here, you have always been treated with equality. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO CLAIM TOTAL CONTROL OF THIS NATION !!! NZ was settled by Mori Ori and European farming settlers before any maori canoe touched our shores. IT IS WAY PAST TIME TO ACCEPT THIS TRUTH. HONESTY has to be enforced, make them accept they have NO rights to total control of this nation. We belong to the British Commonwealth of Nations and our Sovereign if Queen Elizabeth 2nd! CM
Recent dodging of a question to Waikato Regional Council “Who controls the water resource and sets the standards?” shows they are aware it will no longer be them – but don’t want to answer for fear of upsetting Minister Mahuta. Mark
Ardern is the biggest liar of them all. But with the numbers, how can they be stopped? We need legislation when the government changes to prevent this system of secret arrangements between parties when forming coalitions under mmp Gay
It seems almost incredible that the Labour government could be so dishonest, undemocratic and perhaps criminal in their planned theft of local body assets which have been built up over up to 200 years by the ratepaying citizens of New Zealand’s local bodies. Would they risk a referendum on that? Yeah, right! Rob
start pushing the opposition to fight back against this crazy ruling party. john
It’s all about control for the benefit of the controllers. Filibuster this proposed legislation until after the next election. It is easier to prevent than to cure. Don
Had government really wanted to improve water services, there are many other options to do so dave
Typical labour policy this is bullshit Allan
Try misleading by lying or deliberate omission in a public company or financial institution at your peril. Guilt hopefully results in jail. What’s different here? Oh hang on, in this case it would be racial discrimination. By the way, who paid Sky TV for the Kia Kaha Te Reo screen overlays during the NZ based rugby tests??????? Taxpayers no doubt. How very subtle. Creed
It must be blindingly obvious to many Labour members that their party is in serious danger of disappearing for ever when they fail with their implementation of these (almost daily lately) insane, radical reforms. It’s hard to believe that we are not yet at the end of the first year of their term.. Most New Zealanders can see our country being disemboweled by a very small group of people who have no love, understanding or respect for this great place we have ALL created. Ian
It is becoming blindingly obvious that it is giving control to Maori, just look at the speed at which this is all happening and the lack of consultation in all areas. No mandate and not democratic. Linda
To give control to Maori as well as gov being able to sell off rest to overseas interest. Ken
Apartheid pure and simple. Corruption too Joe
Definate should not be under maori control Barbara
Just part of the He puapua document that has been kept hidden from the public. Just so wrong. Elizabeth
Considering water falls from the sky, how can anyone own it! Janine
It is very apparent that this is the intention of the Labour party. Ever since the Labour party was reelected they have been governing by deceit which is undemocratic. It beggars belief that so many people still back the party. Dennis
This will become known as the most dishonest Labour Government ever in the History of New Zealand…. Carl
This insidious move by the Maori elite under Mahuta is exacerbated by the fact she has said it will be made mandatory. Will she do this by changing the law under urgency, as has happened with other controversial legislation? It is a disgrace and she will find she has a big fight on her hands as the population become aware of her motives. Mary
Without a doubt – Maori control is the aim. Roger
The bottom line is not about the wider NZ interest – it is about a minority Maori World view of 50/50 rule in the future. Very sad – has no future for Maori only tribalism. maurie
The deceitful process and proposed undemocratic enforcement by this majority empowered Government is an arrogant and appalling breach of trust. peter
Once again,a flagrant case of toadying to the minority and instituting apartheid! Henry
This is part of a full blown Communist Agenda to take control of a lot more that just Water. They are using most Maori as a scapegoat, it’s only the Tribal Elite section that want the Governance . Geoff
Mahuta must have some hidden agenda, as she%u2019s very determined to get her own way. Glenice
This is glaringly obvious. The appointment of Mahuta’s sister as co-chair is highly suspicious of being a flagrant act of nepotism. Ron
Out and out theft by steath… Fay
its as clear as black & white — the whole direction of Jacinda and her team follows UN agenda 21 & 30.. we have come so far as a country in 180 years why wind us back to 1839 mike
Its a underhand way of giving control of water to the Maori so they can charge us more for it. Its what they have always wanted. Jillian
I will go further, it is to also centralize governing power. if the three waters are taken away there really will be no need to have them!!! You don’t need a council to run a library or a swimming pool and sweep up a few leaves Les
It’s pretty obvious and devious and totally unacceptable! Brenda
A really dirty trick!so typical of the underhanded ways of this government. leo
Another ploy to give Maori control of all resources Lindsay
Mahuta is forging ahead with her agenda as usual using cultural jumbo as the excuse to take more money from New Zealand tax payers. This to further line our so called partners pockets. Rob
Blatant Apartheid,this can not be tolerated.We came to a free New Zealand 55 years ago.Now lookat all things Government, Education, Welfare, Health, Press, etc etc. We’ve done well, NZ has been good to us, to see it slide like this is gut wrenching, must never happen. Henk 
There is no doubt at all that this is the main agenda being followed by Mahuta. This evil policy has to be stopped in its tracks. Allan
Separatist views have been promoted by a radical few Chris
its so obvious that her secret agenda is to hand control of most of NZ’s resources over to Maori. She was far to scared to reveal this at the last election because she would have been dumped Shes a shocker the worst PM NZ has ever had Tony
The deceit confirms the criminal intent. Kevin
Democracy is dead. Ardern is a dictator. Trevor
Most be stopped Bruce
One nation. One people. One law. Global history demonstrates that centralised power leads to centralised control and %u2026%u2026 corruption John
They will not stop with three waters and he puapua. Next will be a constitution based on the fictitious “principles (note the plural) and partnership” in the treaty of waitangi, and beyond that – total control! This is government by deceit. Labour, under this bunch is passed it’s use-by date, and must go. Kevan
I can see civil war coming john
This is so obvious David
Not just Maori but centralised government control, establishing greater beaurocracy and taking away local/regional knowledge, skills, ownership Ray
A no brainer. That has been obvious from the start Gail
it must not be allowed to occur! Gordon
Control is the key word! As is Jac’s agenda! Barry
Another means of giving all to Maori and control leo
The proposal is totally flawed. Any attempt by Mahuta to make joining mandatory will be the death knell for Labour ! Errol
Absolutely passing control of water to Maori is very clearly what Mahuta is about Murray
Very clearly obvious that this is one of the steps in the process of handing control of our once free nation over to a minority of activists. The pretense that Ardern made that this was necessary because of the Havelock North water contamination was just an outright lie. Doug
It worries me greatly that the main opposition party is not putting a definitive stake in the ground but muddling around the edges.. We need definitive policy from these people that will see New Zealand into a prosperous future, free of racial divide. rod
All they want to do is own an asset that gives them an income for ever. Rod
Maori have made no secret, that they believe they own the water, the air and god knows what else. they are mad. Iwi part maori cannot ever be trusted, its all about them and only them, absolute greed and power. It will go on and on until these radicals destroy the fabric of our country for ever. They will take what we allow them to take, time for push back. Sam
Real reason is to create societal divisions to pave the way for a full communist take over. Richard
you don’t need a brain to see that maori are going to control water at the expense of NZers and make big money doing it graeme
Any shortcomings in current problems are mainly caused by City Councillors negligence and mismanagement. In the case of Porirua City Council, money that should have been spent on required maintenance has been redirected to commercial property speculation and playing Father Christmas to various voter groups. Rex
An underhand way for the government to give Maori activists control of the water. No way should Maori control our water. Frank
It is obvious. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool. Maori have always claimed they own the water and want full control of it. This is the excuse to achieve that objective. Frank
I repeat what i said last week, this government needs to be taken out the back and shot, why should this country go back 200yrs to please 15% of the people. COLIN
Let’s acknowledge water infrastructure in NZ is pretty old and tired, BUT why the need to give control to Maori. Apartheid, pure and simple. Geoff
It’s yet another example of this governments intention to remove freedom from New Zealanders Brian
They are creating another gravy train for Maori. They will charge for every bit of water they can. Joan
Sad but True. Labour wont give up until we have a maori government. WAKE UP New Zealand before its too late. We have fought world wars to stop this sort of thing – WAKE UP NZ Don
Maori are only 16.9% of NZ’s population so with the belief our Govt. is democratic -we would be at the start of a major change in which a minority would be given control of a basic country-wide basic need. norman
The government keeps referring to the problems that occurred in Havelock North as a reason for three waters reform. It was an isolated incident and no reason to suggest that this reflected to other regions. It is a blindfold excuse to enact a transfer to Maori and hence Mahatu’s evil determination to push the issue. chris
This will include foreshore seabed and will then move to control by 4 tribes. There will be civil strife over this once people realise the full plan. Dave
Mahuta, Ardern & the rest of the pro-Maori radicals need to go! What have Maori contributed – nothing, they only take. This Labour government is the worst that NZ has ever had to endure. Surely there is some form of action that can be taken to get rid of them? david
the maori caucus must be removed & charged with treason chris
It is blatantly clear that this move will put Maori in the drivers sat and all those who use water will pay dearly for that privelge. So Kiwis beware the shit is going to hit the fan so stand up a protest. ken
And Fail this must! Dasve
In line with all the He Puapua moves – another South Africa with disorganised expensive racist disaster – the death of democracy Ross
You would be a fool not to see it coming Brian
Dacism gone mad. Mahuta is an extreme Racist! Bruce
Silly question, of course the thrust behind this reform is to give assets and shared government to Maori – free Terry
They want the seashore; they want the water ; yet they can’t control themselves. It’s scary. Until we get opposition capable of opposing them we are a doomed nation!!!! Wake up National. Peter
This theft of local body assets in favour of Maori has to be halted if it proceeds I believe we will see large scale racism in our country New Zealand Geoff
I want to hear out loud from National and Act that they will repeal this awful legislation! David
I am totally against Maori control of an asset that I have paid for for the past 58 years as a tax payer and Rates payer. If you own it and we get floods for the lack of investment in infrastructure then the owner should be held responsible for the payment to the people who have lost everything. I never see the Maori put their hands in their pockets to help but are very quick to put their hands out for money. Gary 
My wife and I are both Maori and we are disgusted with Jacinda, the Greens and the Maori caucus who desire to conquer and divide NZ with overt reverse discrimination DJ
There seems to be no doubt that water services need to be improved but there is no case for transferring control to iwi/maori as part of the solution Terry
No referendum, no democracy ruling by stealth, control to Maori who only make up 16.7% of our population. This Government needs to go Brian
This could be very harmful to local councils. For instance, where I live, there has been a proposal to produce a new suburb, with hundreds of houses and a shopping centre. If the water etc was controlled by iwi, they could simply refuse the proposal by saying they wouldn’t supply water and drainage/sewage, and this would result in a real problem for the growth of our town. Water and drainage has to remain in the hands of councils. John
This Three Waters proposal is absolutely outrageous and we as New Zealanders must do everything in our power to stop it. Laraine
The 3 Waters is a vehicle to greater Maori control over other issues. By Labour budding up to the greens and the Maori party it will help them over the line in the 2023 elections. I am sure the majority of kiwis aren’t aware of what’s happening or don’t care. On this platform we all write a comment and are convincing each other we’re onto it. Does our message go further a field? Meanwhile the opposition party or parties appear to be in cruise mode. My local MP cruises along and occasionally writes an article in the local rag that looks like something they copied from elsewhere. Keep up the good work Muriel. Chris
If you watch Question Time regularly you get a good insight into our politicians. By their speech and body language they indicate their ” true selves”. Interestingly, not as the media portray them. Adern is not a good communicator actually. She speaks much but says absolutely nothing of value. National are too timid to speak up forcefully. A for eful opposition is seriously required. Act seem to be undecided who they support. They are not entirely for our democratic freedoms unfortunately. Mahuta, when speaking on “Three Waters”, to my mind indicated she would overrule the councils. We are being held hostage politically by a very serious illness. Where to next? Can a real leader please emerge who puts self-interest to one side and really cares about their fellow New Zealanders and democracy. I will be 100% behind them. Janine
I also doubt that it would improve water services overall. Geoffrey
Anyone believing differently is either blindly biased or mentally deficient. Edgar W.
Absolutely blatant NWO Andy
Get Ardern gone ….. please! Kevin
Look at Africa to see what tribal control does to a country & well being of the majority of the population. Alarming to find apartheid alive & well in a so called non-racist society. Dane
Apartheid measures to transfer wealth by stealth from all to a select few. The long game is globalist ease for UN takeover. The iwi will be shafted the same way they are deluded in trying to shaft all of NZ with this madness right now. Agenda 2030, agenda 21 sustainability lies. Asset grab. Timmi
This must never happen. Rise up NZ and have a say. We Loose it ,we will never get it back. The Minister is a very dangerous lady and must be brought under control. RISE NZ AND HAVE YOUR SAY. Graham
Just like the latest Healthcare reforms, giving preferential treatment to Maori the 3 Waters Reform is totally racist and apartheid in reverse. Hylton
Apartheid Peter
Maori want royalties so that they get money for nothing while whites work their arse off to support them financially. Barbara
Very obvious Lois
Of course it’s tp give control to Maori. It’s not the only thing on the agenda either. Madam Mao has so far alienated Taranaki oil workers, farmers, White people in general with her white privelege crap, anyone that owns a block of land, small businesses that no longer exist especially in Auckland CBD, gun owners and the only happy people are Maori separatists looking to clean up on water royalties, Mongrel mob with $2.75 million, Taliban are ecstatic, News outlets are over the moon with their bribes, Maori promoted to local councils without a vote and University lecturers. This machiavellian Labour government should realise that when they have finished taking a dump on us, they have to live in the community and perhaps they will find that people will not be so welcoming to them for many years to come to the extent that they may have to hire full time bodyguards with all the loose cannons around these days. That will be costly. Terry
Details of how improvement is to be achieved are not very evident. Jack
Setting up apartheid! Ray
3 Waters is simply a distraction so Maori can end up owning/controlling the Water. Mahuta and Tainui are still fighting the battle of Rangariri and looking for revenge. Henry
With nearly 40% Maori members of cabinet they are running Jacinda and she is letting them.. This is an Iwi lead POWER GRAB. Every time Maori talk about a program they say “for our people”. They are working on their own agendas and us silly fools are paying for everything.. The “Treaty” was never our founding document. It was a very simply three clause peace treaty between Maori and the Crown. Nowhere was New Zealand mentioned . Graeme
If this is mandated by government, it will be another few nails in this governments coffin. John
Just so obvious and so frightening. Another case of dividing the country. Dell H
Apartheid, Chaos, Civil Unrest, Separatism, IT MUST NOT HAPPEN Bryan
There seems to be be a hidden agenda the Labour Party are determined to implement which inevitably is going to divide New Zealand racially . Kevin
Of course Bryan
Jacinta is introducing a form of communism into New Zealand politics and splitting this nation along ethic lines forgetting that we are all mongrels Maori included. There are virtually no pure races world wide. Shaun
Tribal take over by Maori elite Jeff
Undoubtedly it is to give control to 1% of the population that will also Undoubtedly screw the 99% for every cent they can, plus more. Stevo C
The proposed reforms have nothing to do with improving water services but EVERYTHING to do with giving Maori a perpetual income stream. End of story.! David
its a bent philosophy to return to primitive racial politics together with its historical conflicts – we are a modern state, and we should be governed accordingly; not by some ancient tribal system. eric
The Government is turning our beautiful country into a separatist country where 16.7% of our population will have all the rights and all the day. This MUST stop Lois
Government theft of our assets Ken
Racism chris
What do Maori know about control of water, Hell they couldn’t even boil the stuff before Cook arrived & gave then pots. From stone age savages to bureaucrat sponges get real! Just another Socialist plot to divide & control Allen
Jacinda needs those extra Maori seats (MP’s) to govern so she is prepared to sell her soul and give them whatever they want. As the old saying goes ‘Power Corrupts’. We can correct this forever if we get rid of the Maori seats in Parliament which should have gone over 100 years ago when they became irrelevant. Eric
IWI = I Want It Jacqueline
We are starting a new life in AUST two families are there Im selling the farm Brian
Again its the divide and rule an old communist idealoligy that has been used by Stain before eric
More power to a minority group MAORI.It is the tail wagging the dog john
This government is leading this Country to Aparthied. Trish
No Doubt at all Robert
I believe that it is all about giving control to very specific Maori, not Maori per se. Mike
And provide a precedent for power shifting a la Te Puapua Murray
That’s it in one, control. Mary-anne 
A blatant theft of assets by decree. Lindsay
… and sell the country down the drain! wally
Any fool can see it won’t improve water services Matt
This separatist agenda must be stopped. Unfortunately because Labour has silenced the press, Kiwis are in the dark. Stuff regularly refuse to publish my comments on the 3 waters because I either criticise Labour, Mahuta or urge people to read He Puapua. Laura
To enact a UN water rights for indigenous peoples .lengthy article if you search Google Alan
We all know governments are unable to manage assets…just review history. Sally
no doubt my mind of the real intention Graeme
Maori have always claimed ownership of water, this is a backhanded way of achieving that Allan
Taken from the oldest play book from any tyrannical gov’t that ever has existed, divide and rule, if you do not comply, you will go to jail. Sam
Just another rort on the tax and ratepayers of New Zealand facilitated by the Waitangi Tribunal through their regular reconstructs of the so called Treaty. When will this continual division of New Zealand forced by the tribal elite end? New Zealand is in urgent need of strong, new leadership. Chris
This government is being wagged by its tail – the Maori Party and the Childrens Party (Greens). Yet they have the numbers to govern on their own without causing all this division. David
It is very clear that Maori are pushing for total control of everything, aided by a corrupt government and media. Democracy is all but over in New Zealand. Murray
There is nothing majorly wrong with our water, we all can drink it straight from the tap, any tap, unlike most of the world. Havelock north is not a reason to change the system, my husband’s aunty was one of the four(?) That died and she was in her 90’s. Jeanette
Hell no one owns the water farkkkkkk but taxcindy wants everything to go to those maori who don’t contribute to New Zealand at all but take (steal) Anon
As a previous National supporter who voted Labour in the last 2 elections I now regret it. I had already decided not to vote Labour next time and my decision is strengthened. Alan
Pure service-to-self, unbridled avarice. Ngati Pakeha not allowed on the gravy train. What next? Legalise cannibalism? Bill
I am so disappointed in the mainstream media for not investigating this. If only New Zealanders would rise up and get their attention! Pamie
Appalling undemocratic breech of power Christine
this is a giant move by maori sepertists to take control of the nation with out water we can not live! Maori Sepertist have long called for all non maori to be driven out of NZ & with control of who can get water they will have the tool to do it. THe entire Government needs to be abolished & the perpertrators charged with treason Nigel
Labour’s agenda appears to give control of everything to moari – health, seats on council, water – what’s next? Air? Michele
these reforms must be stopped as no mandate has been given to this Government david
Divide and conquer is the Labour agenda. Turning our country into racist division. The name Hitler, comes to mind Pauline
I think the intention is to create an apartheid state – welcome to Aotearoa Rhodesia – the Third World’s newest republic. Can we have an itemised account of how they’ve spent the billions they’ve already borrowed & how many promises they’ve fulfilled. How are they intending on getting the country back on it’s feet? Or was that never the plan?? FloJo
Just yet another demand by Maori. This stupid government panders to all that is asked, while Maori must laugh their heads off at the stupidity. Sheila
Both really, but mostly Maori control. However, as usual when the Maori get their way (if they do) it will be the elite who will benefit, not the average Maori family. Roy
The rush to separatism and control by Maori of so much of N.Z. Is a recipe for disaster Chris
I have no faith in Jacinda now. I feel she is leading us down a path no one wants that will have disastrous results. Kerin
Unmandated robbery designed to serve only the supposedly “indigenous” minority! Justin
It is entirely race based and I think the media are not voicing the opinion of most New Zealanders who think that is so. 16% of the population is part Maori (there are no full blooded Maori left). 16% of the population should not have a 50% share in anything. I think that anyone in the media (or anyone for that matter),who discusses or derides all things Maori is labelled a racist, but Maori activists who deride Pakeha are not racist. Does that make any sense? Warren
Since the tooth fairy and her cohorts came into power it has always been about the aborigines of New Zealand. The shame of it is they havenever been truthful. I am sick to death of this two state partnership bull dust. And fir the record I am of Ngati Wai descent, a true New Zealand aborigine. Mike
Politics is mostly deceitful. Raewyn
Maori with 50% and the veto?? RICHard
Captive to her socialist ideology, Adern is deranged and should be institutionalised until capable of rational thought. Geoffrey
We as taxpayers have a right to decide about our water. Just look at Israel and Palestine regarding water rights!!! Ken
This government is only good at one thing. Giving essential services and veto control to Maori, or more accurately the tribal elite. Needless to say, the money mostly comes from everyone else. Iwi leaders then horde the money for their own gains as evidenced from decades of settlements through the Waitangi tribunal. Derek
A shameful misuse of power. Maori have long wanted control of everything.. There must be those in opposition who will commit to rescind any of these tribal law changes should they be elected… Essential to have this. Peter
NZ should withdraw from the the UN declaration for the rights of Indigenous peoples, as it is the UN directing this apartheid change for NZ to become a racist country. Brian
State sanctioned theft Barry
We as free New Zealanders living in a democracy should not be dictated to by a minority in order that they can live of hardworking peoples backs. We should all be demanding our rights. Not just letting this happen without a fight Muriel
Water is God given and nobody owns it Colin
Am heartily sick of the blatant maorification of NZ. What happened to ‘one country, one people’? Neville
It’s obvious. No other valid reason. Felicity
totally undemocratic power grab john
All control to Maori must be stopped now! We will either end up as either North Korea or a banana republic. So much for an open transparent govt !!!!! Faye
Absolutely shocking state of affairs. The problem is the bulk of the country doesn’t know what’s going on because the media won’t report on it. Aussie is looking more attractive as time goes on. Lawrie
“3 waters” is drowning democracy. Or flushing it down the toilet. Or poisoning it with radical maori racism. Let’s hope New Zealanders wake up in time to stop / reverse all this insanity. Patrick
Racially based nonsense, democracy is being destroyed under this totalitarian regime. Steve
Did the Labour Party take the guns from New Zealanders to avoid a civil war type conflict which is looming amongst the silent majority? rod
Yes, but for how long? Jacinda Adern is a master at using anyone and anything to distract blissfully ignorant New Zealanders away from knowledge of the truth: JACINDA ACTUALLY DOES HAVE A PLAN: it is very simple, it is a socialist New Zealand at any cost! Maori, the economy, democracy, human rights, everything we love about New Zealand are but dispensable pawns in Jacinda’s game plan. Like a chess player, she can, no matter what, smile, exude confidence, lay false trails, lie, and bluff, while sacrificing whatever is necessary to gain checkmate. Racial division, Propaganda, bribery, corruption, secrecy and control are her tools. e her friends. If fear of covid and ignorance can be made to last long enough Jacinda will have had time to set her plan in concrete. John Key has got it dead right, just look at the facts, we are prisoners in our own country, police control our internal and external boarders. Society is divided by race. Anti social groups are being paid. Democratic rights are being legislated away. Media is controlled. What can we do? The public gave Jacinda absolute power at the last general election and, as the saying goes, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We might think it will be ok, the next election is 2 years away. What election? If Jacinda does what Hitler did there wont be one! I would guess the German people thought Hitler was the saviour of Germany when he was elected to power. Wake up NZ. This is just my opinion. Richard Richard
Three Waters must never go ahead. Kevin
Lies and propaganda is the Hall mark of the Ardern governance . Where are the fact checkers, when all is he media are controlled by the government ? We are getting more Chinafication than even John Key planned. Alan
It’s very plain that Maori want control and all the money that goes with it. Wake up New Zealand. You are being taken over by greedy racist separatists. We need an end to everything that mentions race. We are all New Zealanders and should progress together without any distinction whatsoever. Helen
Apartheid..separatism and racism to the core Maree
Those who control fresh water can hold the country to ransom, and they will. Trevor
Ardern and her lowlife government are driving New Zealand towards total apartheid. Mahua’s sister as co-chair of the NEW Maori Authority … WHAT!!! Why is this not making huge headlines and getting the public backlash that it requires? Because our media have now also been corrupted by accepting the bribes paid to them by the Government, and cannot be trusted. Television has become unwatchable as more and more Maori is rammed down our throats … its sickening! So many issues happening … three waters, NEW Maori Health board, unelected Maoris on councils, Mongrel Mob paid Millions with money that had been originally confiscated by the police from gang drug and crime activity … the list just goes on. ONLY ONE WORD CAN DESCRIBE IT … APARTHEID. Is this how communism works, or is Monkey Ardern just trying to start a civil war? .. The mind bogels! Des
Hope the other parties win the election and stop this and other racially based decisions e g maori health Ron
Very hard to find those people that voted for this socialist gov’t Graeme
Absolutely no question. Hugh
They want everything. Clark
tribal socialism Geoffrey
Of course it is to give Maori the water. Jenny
i am sick of this racist government pandering to maori tribes what next do tribal elders own the sun as well murray
All part of He Puapua and Aotearoa racist campaigns. pdm
Apartheid is rife. Doug
its so obvious craig
This is communism at it’s best. Mahuta is going to ignore councils and out of spite she will try and use regulatory powers to make the takeover. Murray
To provide income to support their self Government in 2040 !!??This would relieve the rest of us the huge burden we have now ! David
Blind Freddie could see this Owen
This is a communist tactic and should be seen as such. Tony
To give them future Income to bulster their self Government in 2040 !!!??? David
Communist racism Greg
Wake up sheep%u2026 Donald
Blindingly obvious… Richard
It is obvious but not just ownership of water, they want council control as well, and our rates. rod
Getting sickenig that 15% of the population is getting total control of every thing it is strait out racial division Russell
Those elite amognst the I’m A Maori” racists Kelvin
Just another Maori grab. Ron
Just to be devisive Derrick
Disgusting ethnic division Tony
Undemocratic Pam
NZ is turning into a dictatorship by Adern and Madura.they are an insult to womanhood. Claire
It is just another move to keep Maori happy and voting for Labour Stewart
Denier Mahuta is a liar. Plain and simple. She never answers a question and her favourite word at the moment is complexity. Robert
obviously this is purely a means to appease a few maori radicals in the Labour .Shame on you other Labour politicians .Im sure Labour will be removed from power next election .,if not serious times are ahead for New Zealand. Thank you NZCPR the only voice of sanity under Labour with media bribed into toeing the Adern agenda . Ray
I believe that the 3 waters issue has nothing to do with water quality, it’s all about power, control and money. How the system is to be set up proves that. Gavin
The numbers stack up for total Maori control. The proposed 12 member board would comprise 6 council representatives and 6 Maori. The councils also have to include Maori membership in their own boards so the bias of the 12 member board would naturally be towards Maori and their agenda. Our smooth talking PM has hoodwinked unwitting Kiwis and will continue to promote her socialist ideology while she has the mandate of majority voters. How easily are the unthinking fooled! Martin
treason…..very nasty women, wrecking our country mark
This will put up household bills and stir up hate and division james
Very clear. Mahuta only has Maori interests as her priority. David
I actually think there is a larger agenda here and it’s hollowing out local government so in the next round of local government reforms labour have a bolstered case for abandoning local government for a centralised model we have no say in! This is all about control and the labour government are hell bent on forcing their ideology on us and if we don’t agree as we are seeing with the 3 waters they will just do it by force. This is not a democracy. AJ
It’s more than water control, it’s really just another policy set on destroying democracy as we know it. All reference to race and creed should be removed from New Zealand’s statutes so we have true equality. Alastair
Ideology has no place in the providing of such an essential human need – water. 3 Waters is a dangerous proposal with no responsibility owed New Zealanders as consumers. Penina
I want to get a water tank. Chris
This action by this Maori Minister is totally what this NZ Labour Government is all about, a evil criminal form of Government. Don
A Government completely out of control with communistic intent. Lyn
Terrifying! Louise
Time to stop this nonsense and for Kiwis to stand up against Maori claims and money grabbing. Kevin
Takeover by stealth Janet
Of course it’s to give power to the minority culture in this country. When they have water they have the power to control everyone… Kristene
They have been saying for years that Maori own the foreshore, seabed, and water …and now with this Totally DISHONEST government…this is what is happening. helen
This and other reforms are nothing short of giving control to maori tribes mark
By stealth while everyone is distracted by COVID 19 and the super fearmonger Shaun Hendry Dorothy
It is a maori asset grab and will match their claim for rivers, lakes and coastline. Trevor
Obviously to give control of life sustaining water to Maori. Once they have control of water they will demand royalties that will make your eyes water, and virtually have control over whether or not you have access to water. Thereby having the ability to influence whether you live or not. Ardern has been planning this for years see ; https://www.beehive.govt.nz/speech/progressive-and-inclusive-growth-sharing-benefits An obvious outright socialist(read Marxist communist) If they had the courage of their convictions they would call and election to confirm a mandate for their agenda. Fat chance. Terry
Time Kiwi’s revolted. Celebrate November the 5th frank
Ardern needs ousting from parliament. If she isn’t stopped her damage to our country will. not be undone easily. I’ve heard she is again going to manipulate the next election date to stay in power to ensure her agenda is signed off: https://theweekendsun.co.nz/news/6672-the-forgotten-story-of-nzs-pakeha-slaves.html Pauline
democratic society Ewan
absolutely no question Mike
Shes been there a long time and done nothing, The tribes are pudhing her to do this…. Graeme
There can be no doubt that this is the sole motivation for the water reform when you look at the proliferation of everything Maori that we are faced with today. This Labour government has shown itself to be the most undemocratic, divisive, seperartist and incapable in the history of NEW ZEALAND politics. It is controlled by the Maori caucus members and more importantly by media in all its forms who assasinate anyone who questions “Maori” by labelling them as racist. Mike
Use our assets to boost the government’s asset base in support of debt,/ asset ratio given they are borrowing and spending wastefully John
They have long wanted this and as opportunists they will scheme, push and bully into getting what they want. What happens when another minority group wants something? Sharron
Ardern is overshadowder by herMaori caucus Wayne
Racist asset grabbing Greg
This is bollocks. No way should 16.7% of the population be able to control what is a basic human need. Glenn
Brian Tamaki addressed a motley crowd of losers in front of the Auckland museum recently. In his rabble rousing speech he said we’ve had a gutsful. Resounding cheers. He was referring to lockdowns. Well it is time for anther rallying cry with the same message. We’ve had a gutsfull. This country is deteriorating at an alarming pace. Police stood by and watched two thousand people standing cheek by jowl many without masks which was against the law. Motor cyclists raced down Queen St doing wheel spins and later riding on the pavement followed by a police car. No action. These people know intuitively under labour they can get away with it. James
Mahuta will not give up her agenda. Besides— it is not about ‘ in the interest of Maori’– it is in the interest of the tribal elite to make money. That is all there is. Ordinary Maori will see jackshit at the end of the day. That pretty much sums it up. The radicals will force a law upon us and simply confiscate our assets. My take is that the general NZer is so soft in the head believing the regime’s spin that they only wake up ( or not) when it will be too late. Michael
Ridiculous carry on. Must be stopped quickly. Graham
It is blatantly obvious. Barbara 
This is a blatant asset grab by greedy iwi enabled by the most useless government NZ gas ever had. Steve
By extension give Maori control of Electricity generation through control of our hydro lakes. Onne
A few individuals who have the impression they are better than everyone else will be the only people who benefit from this john
This 3waters is more worrisome than COVID. Iain
It is hard to believe that our country is going down this path. Sadly though, I believe we are at the beginning of these race based rights being enforced on us. Sam
nZ is in a serious situation of being over taken and ruled by radical iii all being sanctioned by Aden.. Sidwell
There is no other explanation!! The whole purpose behind this proposal ALWAYS has been to stick it to whitey for all of the ‘harm’ done by colonialism, such as bringing Maori law & order, stopping inter-tribal warfare, ceasing cannibalism, extending their life expectancy by 40-50 years, introducing them to all the material benefits of a modern society….what a ‘dreadful outcome’ to impose on the poor unsuspecting Maori. Tony
This labour government is obviously on the path of racial divide they want to revert to tribalism with moari in charge Clive
Everything this government has done where the word Maori has been in the sentence, it has been to Maoris advantage. Peter
partly to give control to maori , also the govt has run out of monies and is trying to gain assets which do not belong to the govt , to gain equity for further borrowing . Roy
I am at a loss at this government’s actions. William
Democracy has to come first. David
Any political decisions contingent on people’s skin colour is racist – period. It is constitutional nonsense to have both a partnership and a democracy. The Treaty of Waitangi did not envisage this. Andy
No doubt about it Peter
Neither – it is the final step before implementing a totalitarian like communist state with central total control. Central FOOD control will follow water. Local councils will be disbanded and people’s voices silenced. Our democracy will be no more. Hannah
Transparent government? I don’t think so. They can’t build houses, how are they expected to run a water company. They are promoting separatism in NEW ZEALAND where all citizens no matter their race should be treated equally Pauline
I help set up a small rural water supply group and I do NOT want control passing to anybody else. Leonard
Another trick question? Of course it is to give control to the Maori elite, seeking the end of Democracy so that they can collect and collect and collect. Folkert
Blatent Laurie
Creating a Racist elite… kenn
No Astrid
It’s rascist and will destroy the social fabric of NZ Ross
This crap is driving me nuts. I no longer want to read this apartheid rubbish or be any part of New Zealand but it’s hard to turn my back on my country. Oh sorry the maoris country Trevor
I can only hope the zombies of New Zealand wake up before its too late. Kirke
This craziness must be stopped, it is aparthied, there is no other word for it. Carol
Please ,please,would someone explain to me on what metric or basis do maori justify ownership of water?Am i right to think this is a fanciful absurdity?There is no logic to this belief,or is it just mumbo jumbo yet again.? gale
Jacinda has been deceived into believing that Maori ae the indigenous peoples of New Zealand. She has sold New Zealanders to the maligned UN. the wolf in sheeps clothing. David
I despair as to,how we can stop all this maori pressure. How about we all join the groundswell movement and widen the concern to these matters Bev
Tribal control is the aim. That’s why the Minister is trying to force the law changes through without involving the public. She knows most Kiwis are dead against separatism.  Brenda
What a racist Minister imposing a racist cause on the whole country. the whole concept is a disgrace. Lee
Labour continues to dupe the public, but people are beginning to understand what is going on and they are not happy. I hope Labour really does start to slide. It would show them once and for all that Kiwis do NOT want to be divided by race.  Trevor
What a dreadful situation – racist health care, racist control of water. We need to get rid of this government now! Jason
The Government is pretending the aim of the reforms is improving quality, but that is a lie. The Maori Caucus is determined to set up their iwi relatives so the riches will continue to flow long after they leave Parliament. We are being betrayed by this Government.   Murray