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Undermining Democracy in New Zealand

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Earlier this year the Economist newspaper’s Intelligence Unit (EIU) released their 2018 Democracy Index of nations. They ranked New Zealand the world’s fourth most democratic nation. This position is now under threat – but more on that later.

The EIU found that while just over 4 percent of the world’s population lived in 20 “full democracies”. Forty-three percent – including the US, Indonesia, and Mexico – live in 55 “flawed democracies”. Seventeen percent live in 39 “hybrid regimes”, and almost 36 percent live in 53 “authoritarian regimes”, which include China, Russia, and North Korea.

Norway was rated as the most democratic country, followed by Iceland, then Sweden, with Denmark ranking fifth, Canada and Ireland sixth, Finland eighth, Australia ninth, and Switzerland tenth.

The United Kingdom ranked 14th and the US was in 25th place, largely as a result of a perceived lack of public trust in the country’s institutions. This is due to the highly partisan nature of Washington politics whereby political parties are increasingly seen as focused on blocking one another’s agenda, rather than enacting policies in the public interest.

The EIU found an increase in the number of people around the world willing to engage in lawful demonstrations reflected a failure of mainstream political parties to address the concerns of a growing proportion of their populations. As a result, support for anti-establishment parties, on both the left and right of the political spectrum, is on the rise.

Of the Democracy Index’s five categories – electoral process, function of government, political participation, political culture, and civil liberties – only political participation improved globally. The EIU believes this shows that while voters around the world are disillusioned with formal political institutions, rather than being disengaged from democracy, they have been spurred into action.

The results also found that civil liberties, which form the bedrock of democratic values, is continuing to be eroded particularly through increasing restrictions on free speech.

New Zealand’s overall score of 9.26 out of 10 was made up of 10 for electoral process, 9.29 for functioning of government, 8.89 for political participation, 8.13 for political culture, and 10 for civil liberties.

While these results indicate that, as far as the EIU is concerned, our democracy is in relatively good shape, Dr Simon Chapple, the director of the Institute for Governance and Public Policy at Victoria University, believes “serious storm clouds” are on the horizon. In a policy brief he identified a number of concerns including political lobbying, voter turnout, and the influence of China.

He also highlighted race-based representation as a problematic area, noting that the MMP electoral system had led to lower levels of public scrutiny for list MPs, “and a developing notion that at least some of these MPs informally represent an ethnic community rather than New Zealanders as a whole. The move to MMP has coincided with the growth of identity politics, which has a tendency to formalise and reify the fracture lines of identity groups as the basis for political action, rather than to break down group barriers, emphasise a common humanity and seek shared ground.”

Indeed, the growth in race based representation in local and central government – through appointment rather than election – is creating increasing levels of public concern. The on-going drive by iwi leaders to institutionalise 50:50 co-governance is a growing threat to our democracy.

What’s worse, is that their demands for power are fraudulent. They claim the Treaty of Waitangi established a 50:50 partnership between Maori and the Crown iwi so they should have half the say in all official decision-making in New Zealand. They are ignoring the reality that the Treaty was not a partnership, but an agreement that endorsed the Queen as our sovereign, protected property rights, and established the rule of law.

However, truth is no obstacle to the supporters of the Maori sovereignty movement.

The fact is that Treaty partnership rights do not exist in law. They are a political construct invented by the iwi elite to pressure politicians and persuade the population at large, that the Treaty confers special sovereign rights that justify tribal groups being elevated to a position of power above everyone else.

In light of the inexorable growth of race-based governance in New Zealand, let’s use the EIU criteria to see what effect it is having on our democracy.

EIU Criteria: “Electoral process and pluralism, including whether elections are free and fair,”

Undoubtedly race-based representation has eroded the “fairness” of our democracy when the Maori seats, established as a temporary measure in the 1860s to give Maori men the vote, are responsible for creating significant over-representation of Maori in Parliament. A fair electoral process would not embed racial privilege in our democracy but would treat all New Zealanders as equals, regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other defining feature.

EIU Criteria: “Function of government, with indicators such as whether freely elected representatives determine government policy, whether the legislature is the supreme political body, and whether there is an effective system of checks and balances.”

An important matter to be considered when assessing the functioning of government is whether it is freely elected representatives who determine government policy. The reality is that wherever iwi co-governance bodies have been established, it is a racial minority with vested interests that are directing policy outcomes for their own enrichment.

The Labour Government in particular has been very outspoken about not only ensuring that iwi play a pro-active role in running government agencies that deal with Maori, but that they also have a greater say in the Government’s legislative programme. Whether that includes the right to veto laws or regulations that do not advantage Maori, remains to be seen.

There’s also the question over whether governments have effective systems of checks and balances in place. When iwi co-governance is adopted iwi representatives have no public accountability at all.

By the EIU’s standard, governance without public scrutiny and accountability is not  democracy, its authoritarian rule as in China, Russia, and North Korea.

Furthermore, by setting up governance bodies with 50 percent membership based on race, the important principle of proportionality is being ignored. This breaches section 19(1) of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 – freedom from discrimination based on race.

The former Attorney General pointed this out when a private member’s bill to make Maori seats on councils compulsory was going through Parliament. Since the bill would have increased Maori representation to a level greater than their proportion in the population as a whole, the Attorney General said the bill was discriminatory and in breach of the Bill of Rights:

“In a representative democracy, it is important to maintain approximately the same level of representation for everyone. The proposed formula would make the number of council members for Maori wards disproportionately higher than the number of council members for general wards in comparison to their respective populations. The Bill has a discriminatory impact on non-Maori by diluting their democratic participation in local authority elections.”

Essentially this means the co-governance ‘power sharing’ model favoured by iwi is having a discriminatory impact on non-Maori, by significantly diluting their democratic representation in decision-making. Since these co-governance bodies are in breach of the Bill of Rights, there is a legal case that these bodies are illegitimate and should be disbanded.

EIU Criteria: “Political participation, with indicators such as voter turn-out, percentage of women in parliament, and willingness to take part in lawful demonstrations.”

The EIU criteria for political participation includes a “willingness to take part in lawful demonstrations”. Regrettably and shamefully, the displays of aggression and intimidation by tribal groups over the years has made many New Zealanders fearful of challenging divisive race-based initiatives.

This fear of standing up to iwi is especially prevalent amongst decision-makers, who worry that a denial of iwi demands will lead to accusations of “racism”. Few elected representatives have the strength of character to face such criticisms, preferring instead the easier and safer option of agreement and appeasement.

EIU Criteria: “Democratic political culture, including whether there’s enough societal consensus and cohesion for a stable, functioning democracy.”

The criteria to establish whether a county’s political culture supports democracy questions whether there is sufficient societal consensus and cohesion for a stable, functioning democracy. In those areas where iwi groups have been appointed into governance roles, the answer is largely no.

Racial preference is dividing our society along racial lines, and the divide is likely to widen as iwi increase their demands for preferential treatment.

EIU Criteria: “Civil liberties, with indicators such as whether electronic and print media are free, independence of the judiciary, and religious tolerance.”

Civil liberties, includes the freedom of the press, yet where once the media in New Zealand reported freely about Maori issues – both positive and negative stories – now they don’t, largely due to the shocking tactics of the Human Rights Commission that described media publishing negative reports as ‘racist’. Many in the press have now become cheerleaders for the Maori sovereignty movement.

Furthermore in an extremely disturbing trend, radical Maori sovereignty supporters are now calling anyone objecting to race-based rule ‘white supremacists’ pushing ‘racial hatred’. They are clearly attempting to pave the way for the government to introduce hate speech laws, which would severely undermine free speech and democracy in New Zealand.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, communications consultant Fiona Mackenzie, outlines how co-governance is enabling tribal groups in Auckland to gain control of the Hauraki Gulf, a large coastal area covering 1.2 million hectares that encompasses Auckland, the Hauraki Plains and the Coromandel Peninsula, and includes the Ports of Auckland, shipping routes, marinas, fisheries, marine farms, and other commercial and recreational facilities.

Fiona explains: “Increasingly, local bodies and successive governments have been transferring responsibilities for control of resources that we all use and cherish to unelected, unaccountable representatives of tribal groups. The Hauraki Gulf is a prime example of where it’s happening. It is a treasure to all but has been managed under a statutory but rather dysfunctional co-governing body (the Hauraki Gulf Forum) since 2000.  The Forum is comprised of government departmental members, elected Council representatives and iwi appointees. Witnesses have reported bullying and inflammatory comments promoting tribal control of the Gulf.”

Fiona explains that the Forum has been trying to come up with a spatial plan since 2013. As a result, a ‘Stakeholder Working Group’ of iwi and other interested parties took the project over coming up with 181 recommendations for the Gulf.

“The recommendations support tribal elite having controlling rights in aquaculture, recreational and commercial fishing, harbour and catchment management plans. Governing committees could prohibit recreational and commercial fishing in ‘their’ zone for any or all fish species based on ‘cultural values’ – with no need for scientific evidence. So the Plan could result in effective tribal control of the entire Hauraki Gulf and associated lands.”

So there we have it – control of the Hauraki Gulf is being taken by iwi groups for their own self-interest, right under the noses of the public. This erosion of the democratic process has only been possible through the appointment of large numbers of iwi representatives with a vested interest in the process. Surely that should have ruled them out of the decision-making process from the start.

Worse, as Fiona also points out, all of these iwi groups have lodged claims under the Marine and Coastal Area Act for the coastline and the Hauraki Gulf itself, which is another reason why their involvement in the project is tainted with conflicts of interest and is illegitimate.

Whichever way you look at it, race-based representation is an anathema to representative democracy. Whenever government power is shared with private bodies, democracy is compromised. If the problem was limited to one or two instances, it would not be such a grave concern. But this threat to democracy in New Zealand is widespread and growing and if it continues on its current path will lead us down a path towards NZ being an authoritarian nation. 


Do you believe iwi co-governance is undermining democracy in New Zealand? 

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There is a way of countering weak politicians who don’t perform to the majorities wishes and that is to use the 160 year old Swiss method of control by referendum where the citizens often counter objectionable laws and regulations – the referendum results are mandatory. Rex
Weak elected representatives are not doing the work they were elected to do. The National political party and the previous Attorney General are largely responsible for the current situation and the current Labor Party is unlikely to to do any different. Nothing is likely to change when we continue to vote for the same so a Venezuela scenario is evolving. Rex
Yes, sick of the division in our country. May
Definitely! John
The longer this situation continues the nearer NZ comes to anarchy Grace
trying to rule via the back door.. the politicians lean over backwards to preserve their own positions Tony
This must be stopped before it is too late.We thought we had someone in Winston who would do this.How can we find a way to motivate enough people to reign this in? Bryan
I strongly endorse the Principle enunciated by Hobson’s choice of One Law for all Citizens and I believe we are overdue for abolition of all race based seats and positions, favours, grants and eligibility preferences. Co governance is a political farce lacking any legal substance. To advocate raced based entitlement of any sort is by definition racist and as such all advocacy of race based entitlement should be subject to the existing laws protecting against such practice. Failure of the Judicial system to eradicate race based entitlement not only exhibits the blatant hypocrisy of the administration by it defines the integrity of the judiciary. Democracy that is so arranged that it is controlled by the veto vote of any one group is not democracy rather it is a sham arrangement and those that endorse it are guilty of falsification with prior intent. The only reason that it appears co-governance is being pushed is that the maori tribal model is more easily influenced by the marxist UN and NWO policy machine and could overwhelm the complacent 86% non maori majority. Richard
Who is actually going to standup, speak to and stop this Maori mumbo-jumbo and mafia? We have a left-leaning media and identity politicians. The only person I can see in the world who could stop this apartheid would be US Pres. Donald Trump. Could Judith Collins? Democratic country?? – that one person from a minor party, namely W. Peters, can choose a whole govt. is a sick joke on our country and not democracy. And 25% of our parliamentarians are from a minor ethnic group, namely Maori, is also not democracy. Monica
“Who wears the pants in your house – man or mouse? John
It is very frightening to realise this is happening without fair and unbiased coverage in the news. Jill
very very concerning. John
Maori should clean up their own backyard first, and that will get them off our backs and keep them busy for the next 100 years Athol
It most certainly is and it is appalling how easily they are getting away with it Get a grip NZ Robert
we have already lost ground with the list MP system Stan
Absolutely Robert
Not a good idea to introduce racially based influences! Simply creates divisions in our society! Hugh
same old same old….when are we going to wake nz start with undermining Democracy in NZ, Speak up we all live here …would be interesting to know what percentage maori are represented on benefits…generations …all with the attitude of expectation … Dianne
This undermining of democracy has been steadily growing worse over the last 10 years. It is relentless and insidious but is happening. Each time it is partially successful the proponents regroup and attack again and it is gradually wearing down and infiltrating our democracy. Despite the pre-election promises like Winston Peters’ abolition of the Maori seats, once in power, he quietly changed his mind and found a reason making it necessary to keep them. National has made similar flip flops and Labour doesn’t even care. Chris
This is becoming very serious N Z is no longer the lovely Country many of us in the older Generation have grown up in. Those of us that also grew up with the older Maoris were great friends which is now getting uglier with those that think that they are being wrongly done by–they cannot see that it is those of us hard working Kiwis that are keeping New Zealand as it is to our liking and trying to hopefully keep the rabble at bay and destroying same, though our present Labour Gvt is not helping Marylin
Racism by stealth ! ALL New Zealanders should be treated exactly the same ! This rule of one rule for Maori and another rule for everyone else has GOT to stop ! Now even on both radio and TV we are subjected to the sly introduction of various Maori words on mainstream media. All Maori should also be on Maori TV only Andrew
Of course it is – democracy should be the target for all such discussions Rob
Yes ! Our democracy is being weakened day by day and ignorance is doing much of the work. The effort being put into making a ‘partnership’ appear in the TOW where there is none is considerable and ongoing. Time for real resistance. Roger
Erosion by stealth and playing the racist/hate speech card. The government should be ashamed. Rob
100 years ago maori were in grass huts, now they want a mansion . Iwi thinking is still is still in infancy , too young to run a country George
What forum, other than this one, is enabling free thinking New Zealander’s a soapbox to express their opinions. Being called a racist or white (or brown) supremacist does not bother me – both terms are hyperbolic. Russ
This is a very worrying trend for the future of New Zealand and does not bode well for the non Maori population of this country. Digby
They have crossed the Red Line. Dave
Perhaps trump, for all his compromised blunders can curb the deep state Libtards with global effect,re NZ. Stay positive. Robert
One person one vote no special deals for anyone based upon ethnicity, culture or religious belief Kelvin
When responsibility is transferred to private hands without any accountability or means to get that responsibility back, this is a serious breach of local and central government trust. Graeme
keep things simple, one voice for all. Gerard
The percentage of other races in NZ is greater than the Maori race. Thus not democratic Louise
one law for all is the only non-divisive way John
NZ has got a big problem coming up with maori claiming so much of the coast lines of NZ when it all belongs to NZ Graeme
It’s just another Form of Maori Sovereignty by stealth. They have adjusted the Treaty of Waitangi to suit whatever agenda they want to push. He iwi tahi tatou (we are one People) is deliberately left out. Geoff
Absolutely. How can we stop this erosion of our democracy without being labeled “racist” by the racists. Evan & Margaret
This must be addressed immediately and lawfully. Keith
Maori as a mixed-blood entity have no special rights over the NZ population so can only have the same rights as all other born NZers and accepted citizens. They do not possess the right to automatically have guaranteed right of entry into Parliament. The Treaty of Waitangi, as an agreement, only provided the facility for others to peacefully reside in NZ. alongside the Maori. John
As a Maori I am appalled that this nonsense is being perpetuated. We need to accept we are “one people”. Mike
Absolutely separatist agenda. Will eventually destroy the country I love. Mark
Democracy is no more in this country. Cannot see the racial division being slowed down any time soon. Dr Brash is courageous and needs our support. Sam
It is apartheid. Lionel
it is becoming increasingly evident that iwi are demanding positions that far out lay their proportion of the population colin
In the 2020 election people NEED to ask politicians IF they stand behind RACE BASED LAWS or will represent ALL N.Zealanders. Cindy
it is an anathema and insulting to the people who built and maintain this nation.. Gordon
there is no doubt about it barry
I have dealt with maori groups seeking what is called ” JOINT GOVERNANCE’ which is really a disguise for joint rulership of this Nation. To do this, there ultimate aim is to have a maori equivalent of every Government Department. Including police. To do this it means that get fifty percent of the tax take. This is their aim. They are well on their way to achieving this. Under this Government it will progress rapidly. It was bad enough under John Keys Government. He has a lot to answer for during his coalition government with maori. Dene
Absolutely. That’s the sort of crazy legislation that causes these so-called hate speech regulations to arise in the first place. Sam
It sure is undermining New Zealand democracy. It is time that this shit stop. Both main government parties suck up to the Maori to much and let them get what they want. It has to stop. Robert
In a Democracy all people are treated equal. Why our governments break this vital rule and are not called to explain, I do not know? Eric
Quite honestly I am sick of living in my own country. That’s 76 years. Racist, political correctness, freedom of speech gone in case someone is offended. Strikes, greed, no work ethics. Dole and single mother benefits too high. There is work in NZ for those who want it but are to lazy. This government are a lost cause and the sooner they are gone the better. Brian
Again I say we are all New Zealanders and a divided Government and Population does not make for a good and happy Nation. Laurel
One person one vote – yeah right. Henry
How many pages can one write on the subject of racism as a whole. There is not enough space here to do so. My attitude is NO NO NO to co-governance. Kevin
Getting more suppressive and subversive as the days go by. Robert
We must get back to equal rights for all and away from race based legislation. Maurice
Totally. The UN supports Maori claims not Kiwis. Sharon
political corruption in NZ Mike
It totally undermines democracy in NZ, and is racist in it’s very nature. All decision making that involves our Country must be from elected representatives, never from appointed advisors who are exactly that, advisors! Ian
Most definitely yes it is. We need a classic blueprint for a JUST society that upholds reason, freedom, individual and private property rights. I big ask I know, that won’t happen any time soon but….. it ought to happen sooner than later. Don
Who are these people? Have we elected them? Besides, the good of the race they represent comes before the good of the whole community and country, if the latter features at all. Alison
I know people involved and they are very determined Darag
Not only is the wrongful claim for co-governance undermining democracy, it is also a nonsense under the wording and intention of the Treaty of Waitangi. No ethnic group can legally have “partnership” with the Government. Indeed if we had a Government worth its salt it would assert this, strongly and unequivocally. The undemocratic appointment of members of local bodies on a racial basis instead of by right through election by ratepayers is an outrage. Rob
Equality of representation in government and local bodies is essential in a democracy. Keith
There is nothing democratic about Iwi control. It is totally authoritarian and the only hope we have of stopping this take over is to make binding referenda the law of the country in both Local and National government. Politicians have not got the cajones to stop the rot so we the people must do it for them. Ronmac
All citizens to have equal rights and equal opportunity of representation. Francis
Definitely undermining democracy in NZ they are trying there best to stuff up the country Russell
This separatism in our great country has to stop Diane
3 Ps Proportionality x 3 Doug
There is absolutely no legal means for Maori to push for co governance. Such would be a race based and therefore totally in breach of the bill of right. Sure raced based iwi action must be outlawed once and for all.NOW. Graeme
Iwi deserve a voice but no more so than anyone else. That is the cornerstone of a democracy. Gary
No doubt at all. And our news media is either missing in action or actively promoting this race-based separation. Stan
Co-governance is totally WRONG! What is going wrong with our ELECTED M.P.’s allowing this to happen? Sylvia
Absolutely and its happening so fast its frightening. Robyn
Of course it is and Maori wont rest until they have complete control. Time to leave NZ? Fraser
The hearings panels for decision making in NZ are made up commissioners who are well paid thus present the decision required by Local governance ,which by and large is the one sought. These commissioners no that if they do not coe to sought out come .No more work. I am one of those. mike
Absolutely !!!!! I am sick of Maori intrusions in almost every facet of our lives and that trend is growing rapidly. The Maori parliament seats were temporary but they are now greater than they ever were or ever intended. I have just advised a family who is thinking about coming home to NZ to go to Queensland instead — I wish we had done it earlier when we had the chance in the early 90’s. We wanted to get away from this crap whose growth is very very alarming. Alan
Absolutely. Left wing liberals will not listen to anyone who disagrees with their stance, and Iwi use aggressive tactics to intimidate anyone who tries to take a stand for equality. Plus they base their claims on false information about what the Treaty said. THEY are the racists here, not us. Joyce
Co -governance is only a nice term for what I would call a well paved ( with our tax money –mind you) highway to hell. There is no turning back. What the tribal elite has got in their grip they will not let go anymore . Not without a nasty fight anyway. And for that nasty fight they certainly have prepared themselfes. We can assume that there are plenty of guns plus ammunition stashed away underground to arm a substantial militia– (the gang leaders have slipped in letting the police know that they will not part with their guns and that indicates that there is more to be expected) The militia leaders will be people like Tamati Kruger –Tama Iti– Valerie Morse–. Hone Harawera ( and cousins)Apart from that I seriously doubt the loyalty of our Armed Forces —and Police— for that matter. MMP has certainly helped to fragmentise our political landscape beyond recognition resulting in having MP’s in Parliament which should not be there in the first place. In short: people– hold on to you pants– we are looking forward to exciting times. Michael
Evidence overwhelming but a public uninformed and wallowing in apathy. Peter
About time NZ politicians gained some balls & stood up to this racial based minority & acted upon what the majority of the population actually want. david
Absolutely. We can’t have a democracy with one hand tied behind it’s back. Willy
Of course it is. More politically incorrect madness. John
We all know that the Maori leadership will never be satisfied with their lot, and whenever they get a win will move on to the next item on their political agenda. They will continue to undermine democracy. Richard
Hell, yes. Tony
Spineless governments of both major parties have allowed New Zealand to decline into what will ultimately be a neo-apartheid state. There will ultimately be bloodshed when an apathetic non Maori population rebel. The tragedy of Christchurch shows we are not immune from violence.  Tom
There seems to be a conspiracy to return us to a semi feudal state with an unmandated elite being able to exercise political control over resources for their own benefit. Corruption here we come! Ken
this growing trend is not what NZ should be about Mark
We are becoming a bi-cultural society – Maori and others David
we should all be treated the same. Richard
Yes definitely Jo
We are all New Zealanders and such c government should have no place in a democratic society. If these groups want co government then they should have co social welfare. John
Without doubt the direction being taken is an affront to any democratic process. While Maori may have some valued input for the future, I strongly suspect their driving force is greed and power rather than what is foremost “right” for our country and “all” its peoples. Chris
Comment on this and you will be labelled a racist. No politician has the guts to speak out against what is going on. Just what are our grand children going to suffer! Bruce
I believe Maori are getting and demanding too much in this country and other ethnic groups seem to be pampered. Barbara
Without doubt Keith
Maori tribal society was, and still is, based on inequality. The concept of democracy is regarded as a “step backwards”. Their use of terms like racist and white supremacist to silence the opposition are nothing more than emotional blackmail, but too few non-Maoris can see it for what it is. Donald
we are now acting the reverse of South Africa Apertheid Brianb
the last 3 populist governments of NZ have sadly mortgaged true democracy for in return for a vote. democracy always should be most concerned with maintaining the political stability of the nation to the advantage of its total citizens, not select groups Joanne
Oh Yes I do Cherryl
Absolutely! It’s undemocratic to have people appointed to local bodies who have not been elected by proper process. It gets worse when the Maori Council is taking Hobson’s Pledge Trust to the Human Rights Commission, charging the Trust with racism, when the Maori Council could be said to be racist by its strong and very pointed comments about the Trust, with things like name-calling, etc. this is all happening with the support of the present government, aided and abetted by past politicians such as Helen Clark and Michael Cullen – perhaps others too. One law for all of us, irrespective of racial and cultural background. Laurence
Clearly recent governments have sought to ‘reward’ their political supporters at the very real cost of impartial democracy, i.e., government of the people by the people for all the people Joanne
If the treaty was judged “a simple nullity” by Chief Justice James Prendergast in NZ’s Supreme Court in 1877, I would imagine all founded upon it to be also false, in particular when it is illegal in English law for any subject or group of subjects to be in Partnership with the Royal family. Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, ratified on 03-05-1841; the day we became separated from New South Wales, given our first constitution, Government and courts recognising English law (including language presently denied)) and our own flag which in spite of flag change propaganda is older than Australia’s. George
Absolutely. Mark
Apartheid is very strong in NZ and getting worse. John
time to go back to South Africa. There its in the open Rex
Furthermore, iwi co-governance violates both the words and the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi. Ed
It seems every part of our daily lives has to be influenced buy maori ,okayed buy this government they put there hand out and are given. Jimmy
Definitely this is more racist nonsense Gareth
It has already been undermined., created and fostered by central and local body politicians who can’t read the full intent of what they agree to Mike
Unless the placid majority wake up from their lethargy, and start active resistance, the momentum being developed by ethnic supremacists is such that their agenda may soon be unstoppable via peaceful means. John
Scary scenario Mike
The Treaty of Waitangi mentioned. We are all one.. While you have Govt Ministers twisting the knife to go Maori or Iwi way we are quickly sliding down the slope of Reverse racism. Wayne
Until we are treated as one people under the law we will not progress as we should. The three articles of the Treaty were Sovereignty granted to the Crown, British Citizenship to all the peoples of New Zealand and property rights to the Maori. NOWHERE was a partnership mentioned so this whole co-governance movement is based on a falsehood. We need a strong Government that will stand up to these bullies ( because that is what the Maori Elite are) and get us back to equality. As George Orwell stated “All being equal not some being more equal than others” I live in hope Robin
Unfortunately, the biggest racists I’ve ever met have been of Maori heritage, and when pointed out, the commenter is labeled racist. Graeme
why is this sort of thing NOT BEING made public in large print as most Kiwis don’t even know what is going on. So much foe Winston Peters ONE LAW FOR ALL all talk but only looking after his own ego. John
no place in the world for race based politics Nigel
Yes because of the lily livered MPs in the govt who have no back bone and wont stand up to them Colin
They can f**k up their own s**t but don’t let them f**k up ours. Graham
The question is, why is this rort being carried out when it is illegal under the bill of rights. Dennis
Listen to Hobson’s Pledge. All NZers are equal. Maori should not be favoured because of race. They should be voted in, not appointed. Peter
The opposition to iwi control is far too quiet — thank God for NZCPR Alan
Yes, absolutely Paul
An old expression states, ‘you get the government that you deserve’. For far to long, the sheeple of this country have voted Labour, who established the Waitangi Tribunal. Then National who signed the UN Indigenous People’s agreement, & wonder why Maori are taking advantage of this separatist B*S*. As a Maori associate said to me, “we are only playing by the rules provided”. ACT, when led by Rodney, & now New Conservative, led by Leighton & Elliot, have & still offer alternatives, yet the public complain & still vote for the establishment. Certainly confirms that expression, YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.. A.G.R.
Absolutely. Rejected by most thinking New Zealanders. No place for this tribalism in New Zealand Jeff
And I’m disappointed in Winston Peters’ endorsement of NZ signing of the UNDRIP – finally showing his true colours, ie NOT in favour of One Government for all, as he has always claimed. In any case, we have proof that Maori were not the first people to inhabit NZ. Nola
Too much division in this country. Jan
Just like a dripping water tap it will wear away resistance Warren
Obviously, as ‘co-governance’ of this – or any nature – requires anti democratic systems to exist and supersede democracy to function. Pavel
The country with left leaning polys continues to support the minority. Ron
obviously Roy
The writings on the wall. Sadly so many can’t see it. Graeme
Of course it is. It prevents all NZers from being equal. Ned
Close the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal down and also the Maori based schools.Both are makingNZ into two separate parties. Neil
we must reject this racial maori nonsense. Norman
This, I believe, is a very scary movement aided and abetted by today’s very weak political structure where many tails are wagging the proverbial dog. Democracy does not exist where ‘representatives’ are appointed and NOT democratically elected on which our whole society has been successfully based for many decades. Stuart
Absolutely and must be stopped. How do we make this happen? Steve
There is absolutely no way this long term Maori agenda can be allowed to continue. Non-Maori Kiwis just don’t get the vision and determination these mafia hoods have. Our media is useless and sensibility has now all but disappeared with Leighton Smith and Larry Williams retired this year. We are buggered! David
Maori activist groups are having too much under the guise of the Treaty of Waitangi. The worst thing about this is that leaders both government and local body support the “partnership” principle for fear of offending Maori or being called racist. Frank
NZ is a democracy and this cogoverance demand is racist. Laurie
It is time for right thinking NZers to row balls and stand up to Iwi in all areas – the problem is the threats of violence and spurious accusations – I would, given the chance, put the treaty in a frame and label it obsolete. All NZers of any ethnicity should be treated equally under the law. Alastair
This is a travesty Government , Councils and the news media have a lot to answer for . Maori are 14 % of the population, The public are not being told about the foreshore debarcle and the Maori claimants being paid to put in claims were as anyone else has to pay themselves , Completely unfair. Wendy
The very essence of un-democracy. Coral
Very bad for our country. Deb
Absolutely!! These greedy sods will twist any arguments so they can feather their nests at everyone else expense. Tell them and the Waitangi Tribunal to go to hell and stay there Colin
Aren’t we all kiwis Allan
the problem we have is there are no real maori left only people masquerading as maori. Les
I don’t know how we will oppose it though as my free speech is being controlled Andrew
We educated Maori so they can stand on their own two feet and not lean on the Govt for every penny they can get. Now it seems we have educated them into ‘money, resources and land” far beyond their fair share. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ONE COUNTRY;.ONE PEOPLE. ! Robyn
We are supposed to be one nation and working together is the best option. Our Maori friends are not doing this in the belief that we took everything from them which is not entirely true. They need to look at what their ancestors did as well Elsa
It is against the Treaty agreement. David
Of course it is and you have to give them full marks for the crafty way they are going about it It’s time government local and national stood up to this eroding of the rights of the rest of us and why can’t I say what I believe and feel without being called racist Peter
Why is not an authority challenging this via the ‘Free press’ or have we already lots that Too John
no way. one law same rights for all. Owen
There are no Maoris in NZ, just some mixed race people who believe it is financially beneficial to themselves to declare as Maori. Nick
Yes, unfortunately for NZ, maori have taken our country into apartheid. Why isn’t this article, from Fiona Mackenzie, not being published on the front page of the NZ HERALD!!! Darryl
divide and conquer Wayne
We are heading towards tribal authoritarianism. Jenny
How can we call it democracy when people who claim a smidgen of one particular race have privilege Bryan
This isn’t new. Just a progression from race-based allocation in our Tertiary institutions, sports competitions, et al Sharen
Keep in mind that the maoris are a failed race. They lost their country to superior western-based political, technological and military concepts. It is obvious that they will want to try any and every means available to them, including dishonest claims about the Waitangi treaty, to regain their pre-eminence; but what is utterly inconceivable is why certain sections of our community should want to help them achieve this aim, as it will certainly be to our detriment when they reach their goal of racial dominance. TOBY
Our politicians are only interested in appeasement, in order to maintain their personal position in Parliament. I fear their moral compass is broken and that they just don’t have the guts to do what is right for the overall population which is equality for all. A Maori perspective is a right to be heard, but not a right of privilege. Vic
Absolutely we all one people. Clark
Equal rights for all New Zealanders Alan
one person,one vote.Equal law for all. Sidney
How can 14% of the population unlawfully try to get 50% of power David
we love the maoris but we don’t want them running the country Owen
Absolutely Racism Greg
It is disgrace. Who has the courage and fortitude to stand up and protest against this movement in our democratic processes. Seems we are all happy to talk but do nothing. Maybe a open march from Cape Reinga to the Bluff is required to create awareness by the general population of ordinary New Zealanders is required to turn the tide? If action is not taken successive Governments will keep acquiescing to the demands of tribal elite and their “shared Partnership” governance model. Chris
No race based policies= democracy Chris
Maori have no moral , political, or legal right to the privilege of ‘co-governance’: those who identify as Maori are guaranteed the same rights, and obligations, as everyone else in this country. To afford them special status, in terms of representation, is to subvert the very idea of democracy. The fact that successive governments, from both sides of the political divide, have pandered to this separatism, is an indictment of our elected representatives. History will hold those traitors to account. Graham
An Apartheid system did not work in S.A. and it won%u2019t work here. Time for a serious rethink. Lee
Equal rights and responsibilities for all New Zealanders regardless of race or culture.Why is that such a problem? Frank
Spineless councils will willingly abort democracy and give apartheid control to maori to avoid conflict and keep their bums in a seat. They will be found out, and voted out ! Peter
Most definitely.The co governance is simply racist.Most sensible people on the street will say we already have one rule foe Maori and one for the rest of us.The Treaty of Waitangi settlements should be finality to Maori so called grievances but in addition they have been handed unfair gains by pathetic weak governance exampled by Auckland Council and the many socialists in Wellington.Sadly I think it’s gone too far now to fix and Maori knows this and they will continue to make governance gains.Just remember how they refer to their claims ,OUR PEOPLE. What happened to we are all kiwis of equal rights.YEAH RIGHT Don
Iwi should have no place in co-governance in this country. It is purely a race based approach, and in fact racist. We are fast becoming a multi-cultural society, a new society. And this naive view of minority rule should be left far far in the past, where it belongs. I strongly believe that it is a big step backwards. NZ is a democratic society, and if a person is not elected into government, under democratic process, then it is putting our democracy under threat. It would damage existing progress made, as well as impact the future of our new society. Quentin
Indisputably leading further towards racial division and disharmony. Graham
At the rate Akld Council and The Labour party is party to Maori Appeasement, rather than application of Democracy and Legal Principles, it is only a matter of time for the Democracy in NZ to collapse. Pierre
we are only a few steps away from apartheid Bud
Equal rights for all New Zealanders Alan
A shocking situation of rank favouritism which is quite invalid and unjustified – shame on the govts that allowed this to happen Russell
By definition Richard
Speaks for itself Chris
I strongly believe that iwi co-governance is undermining democracy in NZ & our rights to talk freely about this issue is also being eroded. John
I am appalled that our elected ‘representatives’ are so gutless. The stable door is all but useless. Denis
It is evidenced by the continual requirement for inclusion without election. John
Yes I do! Jo
When co-governance advocates continually call on our obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi 1840, they are clearly lying! Anyone with half a brain can read that the original treaty documents state no such thing. Paul
Thought we were one country and people? were once, not with Twitchy Witchy as PM! Ian
Absolutely it is and it needs to stop, now! Brenda
One New Zealand (not two – or even several ! !) Michael
enough of this we are all equal under the law Graeme
As I have said before. Maori are not the indigenous people of NZ, and therefore should not be treated any differently to all other New Zealanders. Andrew
WE do not want our country to become racially separated with a “Them” and ‘Us”situation. This is a very dangerous for NZ and becomes close to the South African position. Brian
There is no doubt in my mind the the long term goal is over riding control of all aspects of our daily lives . David
When will NZ shake off the apathy that allows APARTHEID to exists in a country which claims to have had a hand in the downfall in Apartheid in South Africa? How ironic. Geoff
I am part Maori. I deplore racism and am deeply concerned by the Racist Society that our governments are pro oting Tony
We have left the one person one vote basis of democracy. Errol
Without doubt Bob
. . . and YES< YES< YES, definitely. Hitler employed the same tactics and remember the millions who died. If we fail to remember this then we are fated to repeat it. Joseph
The Maori demands are absurd. Michael
NZCPR has said it all..based on a fraudulent premise and without doubt the strongest threat to democracy that NZ could experience. Shameful greed by iwi and rank cowardice by our political leaders to do what is best for ALL NZers Michael
I feel so helpless to do any about it! Cyril
Yes it very definitely is through “appointed” representatives Dave
Most definitely. Arthur
Clear as daylight it is. Everything about it is undemocratic race biased. Donald
If the EIU ranks New Zealand as the fourth most democratic nation, it would indicate that their methodology is flawed. Perhaps they use the same as the United Nations does in determining human rights records. John
Yes it s but if you disagree with it the immediate fallback is to call you a racist. Anon
It already has in many places. Mark
There is no doubt that democracy is under threat in NZ. Unfortunately it is being attacked from many sides. I will only support a political doctrine that resolves to correct New Zealand’s democracy, and I encourage all right thinking New Zealanders to wake up and do the same. Just “making a noise” at the present incumbents and their opposition is a waste of time. Neil
Deliberate manipulation of the Treaty in favour of iwi. Jennifer
More and more noticeably as time is passing. Jude
I absolutely oppose co-governance as it does nothing for NZ and only benefits about 20% of the population to the detriment of the other 80% Garry
Absolutely Brian
Sneaky Maori always wanting anything and everything Kevin
Muriel, thank you for having the courage to state the reality, truth and the facts of the matter. If “we” do nothing then our politicians will do nothing and we will lose it all. Rod
It is illegal according to the bill of rights NZ Nick
Go Brash RICHard
I feel we have already lost democracy here, until we can believe we are being treated as one people there is no democracy, it is a downward spiral to separatism. Denise
Makes it hard to stand up individually and be labelled racist. We need a big collective attack on this disgraceful situation Tim
What happened to we are one? Chris
Of course. Our spineless politicians will always opt for appeasement and give in to iwi. Bring on the revolution!! Alan
There should never be a non elected person in any decision making Govt body local or national. Allen
This message of racial politics needs to be communicated more widely. John
These IWI elite need to start a program to take care of their own people before they try and force their demands on the rest of society, after all they now have the cash to do so. Barry
There should be NO co-governance, one Country, one people. Terrible ho this has crept in. Graeme
Seeking control by stealth. Trouble is the bulk of the population especially the young, have no idea whats happening. Phil
So sick of hearing all the Maori on Radio and T.V. such as Toopo, Waitematar, grandchildren being taught te reo instead of times tables etc, and this Govt throwing money at a minority of people when so many other folk need help I.e. health, housing etc Claire
Elected members/Councillors have no mandate to appoint Maori or any other race to committees where they have voting rights the same as elected members Kevin
Absolutely ….and it is already entrenched well and truly. It is time to say NO MORE CO-Governance Thank you. OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY !!!! CHowes
Nothing should be race based. Representation of groups should be by election, so they have accountability to the electors.No unaccountable bodies should be in power, have voting powers, or payment unless voted by the electorate under an official election. Elizabeth
Yes definitely Jo
ABSOLUTELY!! It’s no longer a democracy and reverts back to the basics of stone age tribalism when we revert to elitist appointments Tony
Yes it has having too much influence Jan
Yes it is and it’s got to stop Kristene
Leading to separatism rather than one Country of different ethnicities. Adrian
Too many examples underline this as fact Graeme
Most definitely and needs to be curtailed. Once the genie gets right out of the bottle it will be a real problem to get it back in. David
Totally endorse Don Brash’s views on these matters. Andy
Absolutely – race-based rule is undermining democracy in NZ but why can’t our elected officials see it. Surely they can’t all be too scared to take a stand. If they are, they have no right to be in politics! Bernard
Iwi are clever and taking us for a ride with their fraudulent claims of partnership. It’s time that people called them out on it. They should not be allowed to perpetuate such deception and lies. Murray
We should all be treated equally under the law with no race-based privilege at all. Chris
Co-governance is just a con. Iwi are taking us to be fools. And those politicians who vote them into positions of power are even greater fools. John
How can vested interest groups possibly be appointed to governance roles? They are discriminatory and illegitimate and need to be disbanded.  Bruce