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Undermining the Kiwi Way

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FlagReferendumChoiceWhen he launched the initiative to choose a new flag, the Prime Minister said he wanted to give New Zealanders an opportunity to reflect on our culture and the things we hold dear. He hoped a new flag might bring the country together in a way that he believed the old one, with its roots in our colonial past, couldn’t.

John Key personally favoured a flag with the silver fern as a symbol that would not only better represent modern-day New Zealand, but would also be recognisable by people around the world. He hoped it would be something New Zealanders would want to wear on their clothing and promote in the same way as Canada’s maple leaf, and the stars and stripes in the USA.

The Prime Minister believed that choosing a new flag in an open and democratic way, would help to build Kiwi patriotism and national pride. And while there’s been a lot of discussion about flags – with a final decision on whether we change to the new silver fern or keep the old flag scheduled to be made by referendum in March – a wider discussion about what it means to be a New Zealander has been much less forthcoming.

But it is an important topic, and a few things need to be said, because there are changes afoot that are seriously undermining the ‘Kiwi way’.

As a nation, New Zealanders have traditionally been outspoken – not afraid to poke fun at ourselves and call a spade a spade. We have never warmed to being politically correct – but that is no longer the case.

The reality is that our freedom of speech is being increasingly muzzled. These days discussions on sensitive matters are mostly held in private. People are far less inclined to speak out publicly for fear of personal attacks and ‘labels’.

Anyone speaking out against man-made global warming for example, who points out that climate change is a natural process and that long before mankind had even evolved, carbon dioxide levels were up to ten times higher than they are today, runs the risk of being labelled as a ‘climate denier’, a ‘traitor’ to Mother Earth.

But it isn’t just radical environmentalists who threaten free speech.

This year, the Human Rights Commission appeared ready to jump down the throat of anyone daring to say “Merry Christmas”, accusing them of being “multiculturally insensitive”!

Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, a patron of the Auckland Regional Migrant Services, suggested that New Zealanders should avoid using the word “Christmas” so new non-Christian migrants don’t feel excluded! But as a country with a strong Christmas tradition, this is a ludicrous suggestion.

In New Zealand we commemorate Christmas – its part of who we are as Kiwis. It’s a wonderful time of celebration and family. Christmas trees with lights and decorations, nativity scenes, Christmas carols, Father Christmas, Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, gifts, mince pies and Christmas cake, and that incredible spirit of good cheer – is all part of a great national tradition. It doesn’t matter if someone is religious or not, everyone joins in. Christmas in New Zealand is as inclusive as it can get.

To justify her stance, Dame Susan reminds us that a million New Zealanders were born overseas and that many people come from non-Christian countries. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean they will feel excluded if others utter the word “Christmas”. And in any case, if they are upset by it or feel excluded then it is they who should change, not us – Christmas is, after all, an important part of our culture.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Brian Rudman, a regular columnist with the New Zealand Herald, has this to say:

“Dame Susan wants to save me, and the majority of New Zealanders who are not Christian, from feeling excluded at this time of year. Let me assure her that as long as the sun shines, the wine flows and there’s plenty of pork crackling, I don’t care what the season is called.

“As patron of the Auckland Regional Migrants Services (Arms) Dame Susan says she agrees with the agency’s policy of avoiding the word Christmas, by referring to ‘happy holidays’ and ‘season’s greetings’ and other euphemisms instead. Arms is planning a ‘festive lunch’ instead of a Christmas lunch, so non-Christians won’t feel excluded.

“Arms and Dame Susan are well-intentioned, but surely new migrants don’t need protecting from the cultural idiosyncrasies of their new land…  How odd that the Human Rights Commissioner now regards Christmas, as somehow threatening to newcomers.”

Brian goes on to suggest that Dame Susan should stop wasting time and tackle a real problem that he says he has raised many times before – getting rid of the objectionable custom of “karakia at dawn”, when Maori spirituality is thrust down the throats of anyone who attends the launch or opening of just about anything that’s ‘official’.

In criticising the actions of the Race Relations Commissioner, broadcaster Duncan Garner went further, saying, “Nor do I expect taxpayers’ money to be squandered by an office that has time to meddle in such a lame, pointless debate. It’s time to ditch her role and the entire office she heads.”

There’s merit in this idea, but why stop with Susan Devoy – the whole Human Rights Commission should be closed down.

The Commission was established in 1977 to promote and protect human rights in New Zealand. With a $10 million budget, $7 million goes on wages for 60 staff – 19 of whom earn over $100,000 including $227,000 for the Race Relations Commissioner.

While the Human Rights Commission is meant to uphold the human rights of all citizens, including our right to free speech, over recent years, it has become a cheerleader for the Maori sovereignty cause and is now using state powers to try to suppress opposition to their agenda.

Earlier this year the Commission revealed they had created a permanent register to ‘name and shame’ anyone who makes negative comments about Maori issues. They now ‘monitor’ the media on a daily basis, including newspapers and popular blogs.

But by embarking on a censorship campaign, the Human Rights Commission has overstepped the mark. What’s worse is that they are trying to pretend that their reporting will not stifle media freedom: “Our aim is not to limit media freedom, we want to start an open conversation about balance, fairness, social responsibility and quality in reporting.” While they say Talking About Ourselves is not a ‘report card’, it clearly is – and while they claim that those being named and shamed are not being labelled as racist, they clearly are.

Freedom of political debate is a core right in any democratic society. An informed electorate is in the public interest.  By undermining our freedom of expression, the Commission’s initiative will muzzle the media and stifle on-line debate about race relations in this country. How long will it be before newspapers start rejecting outspoken opinion pieces on Maori issues, closing off letters to the editor, and failing to challenge the actions of iwi in news reports – because they know the Human Rights Commission’s media monitoring unit is watching, and they don’t want to risk their publication being labelled as racist.

The obvious question is, what has motivated the Human Rights Commission to shift its position from being the defender of free speech to wanting to censor open debate? Are they simply attempting to protect the radical agenda to which they now clearly subscribe?

As they explained in a submission to the Government’s constitutional review, “The Commission believes that the Treaty provides the foundational source of legitimacy for co-existing systems of governance and law in Aotearoa New Zealand in order to give effect to the right to self-determination for both tangata whenua and tauiwi. In the longer term, the Commission therefore recommends the development of a Treaty-based constitution.

The effect of the Commission’s support for separatism can be see in their promotion of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) – the treaty that Helen Clark’s Labour government refused to sign in 2007, because it was too extreme.

But in April 2010, the Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples secretly flew to New York to sign New Zealand up to the agreement. At the time, the Prime Minister claimed that the Declaration is a non-binding expression of aspiration that will have no impact on New Zealand laws or constitutional arrangements. But as former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman and High Court Judge Sir Edward Durie gloated, “I would rank the day that New Zealand gave support to the declaration as the most significant day, in advancing Maori rights, since 6th February 1840. Important statements of principle established through international negotiations and acclamation filter into law over time, through both governments and the courts, which look constantly for universal statements of principle in developing policy or deciding cases”.

The Human Rights Commission is now working with Iwi Leaders to implement an autonomous Independent Monitoring Mechanism for UNDRIP. The initiative has been led by Professor Margaret Mutu, the Chair of the Iwi Leaders’ Constitutional Transformation Working Party, who is also preparing a new model for a constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi, to be presented to the government with a view to long term implementation.

Now, every year, representatives from the Human Rights Commission and the Iwi Chairs Forum will fly to Geneva to report to the United Nations on whether our government is complying with the wishes of the Maori sovereignty movement in implementing UNDRIP.

As Human Rights Commission representatives explained in Geneva this year, “The New Zealand Human Rights Commission welcomes and supports the establishment of an independent monitoring mechanism for the Declaration, by the national forum of iwi leaders earlier this year.  We note that the monitoring mechanism has provided its inaugural report to the Expert Mechanism and is represented here today.  The establishment of this monitoring mechanism, its work to date and its proposed future activities represent a significant milestone for indigenous rights in New Zealand. ”

Ever since the New Zealand Centre for Political Research was established ten years ago, we have been standing up for equality. We believe that all New Zealanders should be equal in the eyes of the law and that there should be no special treatment based on race.

But iwi leaders want to separate New Zealanders by race. They want a parallel system of governance based on tribalism and privilege, where the rule of law and democracy do not apply. With the proactive support of state agencies like the Human Rights Commission – and the ear of the National government – they are moving steadily towards that goal.

Looking at the politics, it is clear that the National Party is taking the country down the very path they rejected in 2004 when Don Brash made his “Nationhood” speech at Orewa: signing up to the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, allowing iwi to claim ownership of the foreshore and seabed, facilitating taxpayer-funded tribal self rule, and most recently introducing a new Resource Management Act reform bill that will give unelected iwi the power to control councils – and natural resources, including the country’s fresh water.

There is a saying that politics hates a vacuum. National’s shift towards racial privilege is leaving a very large vacuum for someone to fill. Is anyone ready to step up?

I will finish this closing article of the year with a final fundraising plea. If you want the NZCPR to continue to be your voice, speaking out on these challenging issues – then we need your backing. We cannot do this alone. Your support empowers us to be strong. It is a collaborative effort.

Through your support the NZCPR is helping to change New Zealand’s future direction. And with the huge challenges that lie ahead, your support is needed now more than ever before.

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We need a leader with balls to not only get rid of unnecessary govt. depts but also the treaty of waitangi industry.  I think we will be waiting a long time. Terry
As the HRC is unlikely to be disestablished any time soon, can we at least remove Susan Devoy from her current role. She is no doubt well intentioned and trying her best, but is clearly out of her depth and not suited to that job. Gary
It supports rights for one colour only, brown. Anything can be said against Europeans in particular but Asians get a raw deal as well. Alan
Who does Susan Devoy represent? Everyone or Iwi? Norm
Bloody oath. Clark
If the Human Rights Commission wishes to promote bi-culturalism; joint governance of our nation; and maintains a register of all person speaking against such actions in the belief such comment is racist, then it has no place in the New Zealand in which I was born and wish to be part of. It is past its “Use-By Date”. Where are all the anti-apartheid protesters that were so active during the 1981 Springbok tour? What is difference between what a White Africa Government promoted and what those persons in positions of influence and having Maori ancestry, are promoting their race with the connivance of our Governmental Executive to bring about joint governance of our nation.. The Human Rights Commission does not seem to be ensuring that my rights as non-Maori citizen are being promoted and protected with equal fervor being shown to citizens claiming Maori heritage. Surely our rights in this Nation are the same! Michael
There are too many things we are not allowed to discuss e.g. has feminist/social theory anything to do with our suicide rates, or crime and violence rates? Max
The statements the commissioner is making will be taken by the rest of the world as being official NZ Government policy and she has no right to take that line as she is meant to be defending the rights of New Zealanders not formulating policy that give power to a minority group. Bryan
We do not need government funded institutions promoting reverse racism , and as for separate development, wasn’t that the definition of apartheid? Frank
I am totally opposed to institutional racialism. Mike
It’s racist… John
Just because They have got it all wrong This time that does not mean they have it wrong all the time. They just need to be kept an eye on and correcting if needed! Theodorus
Sooner the better. Helen
Make a great Christmas present. Ted
Susan Devoy is totally out of line in wanting to take Christ out of Christmas. I wonder how he will feel about that. Frank
Exactly what qualifications has Susan Devoy got apart from being a World Champ squash player. I think the race relationship/Human rights commision have over stepped their authority and should be disbanded by taking away common folks right to call a spade a spade. Wayne
Is S Devoy an aethiest or does she want to ruin NZ . She is promoting racial disharmony for the majority. HRC wages should go to help the needy & hungry of NZ. Lee
HRC has lost its way and been taken over by the PC brigade. Brian
Dame Susan has been very disappointing and all that is coming out of her office is more division between Kiwis. Ronmac
Maori has become “Sacred, spongers who our politicians are paying and wasting zillions, for their vote, and heaps more to get each of the future votes. Brian
But the government needs to censor them and insist that their activities are, and are seen to be, in the interests of all New Zealand residents. John
Like the Waitangi tribunal it is farcical. kevin
The commission is an absolute racist waste of space and money, if we took all the money that will be wasted on maori in the next ten years and invested it in something useful we would all be much better off. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the traitorous Key and Whinlayson to do it because they are under strict orders from maori to tow the racist line, otherwise susan and her racist ministry will be on to them. Stevo
More people die of prostate cancer than melanoma, so why aren’t you pushing for a national screening program? Bob
It’s better than nothing and can be fixed. K
asap. I am tired of paying tax dollars for this sort of crap. Ross
Yes, because it has become an unbalanced hotbed of bias and political correctness crap. WHY must I change my beliefs and values to accommodate a group of immigrants whose own peoples are murderers and cold blooded killers of any who do not accept there beliefs ? Merv B.
If they are supporting Maori seperatism… most definitely. Murray
asap Alec
YES. I am not a church goer but I like to think that I follow a Christian lifestyle so Happy Christmas everyone. Fiona
Just another self-seeking committee which seems to be out of control and very biased in its workings. We should be working towards “one people” not towards special privileges for some. Simon
Under this Socialism by stealth, Key led government, only one ethnic group, has any protection or rights, under the current human rights commission. This racial minority group who arrived from overseas like the rest of us & are certainly not indigenous to New Zealand, have been given a free ride for so long, & contributed absolutely nothing, when you examine the technical acheivments surrounding us. Why are we not charging these thugs for the use of all things not invented by them. They have had 150 years to join the civilised world, yet they still prefer to do their primitive dance, with their sharpened sticks when greeting important visitors.. A.G.R.
BUT I would certainly support the disestablishment of the Race Relations Commission. Peter
It appears that according to the Human Right’s Commission that freedom of speech is only OK if its coming from a minority point of view. John
About time. Pam
Dr Newman’s column 13/12/15 says it all – time for the ‘Maori privilege’ nonsense to stop and equality of all Kiwis to be promoted in terms of our NZ culture which is to be preserved – not replaced by foreign cultures. The HRC is an abject failure and Dame Susan Devoy should resign forthwith. Russell
Rubbish in rubbish out. Barry
Yet another complete waste of taxpayers money. Andy
What an utter waste of time and money. better to spend it on ensuring we have equality and to ensure payouts to Maori go to the grassroots as well as the bigmouth elites who are looking after themselves. Judith
Why stop there. There are many other such organisations that have no place in a modern, secular country, Peter
Yes, I agree with Monica, so I’m going to repeat what she said:: And you Muriel Newman are the ideal person to step into that political vacuum. Let us have a political party with your commonsense policies and steer us away from all this racial privilege. National is indeed taking us down a very sinister racial road without the knowledge of many New Zealanders. Come on Muriel, have a go before it’s too late. Athol
To hell with the HUMAN WRONGS COMMISSARIAT and its Cultural Marxism. What a legacy some of these politicians have left us with. Our surrender is almost complete. Don
So long as it is used as a political lobby for racism. Barry
Human Rights are for all, my family are third generation Pakeha so we are just as equal as any other sector of New Zealand irrespective of Race. Ian
Yes – with urgency, before irreparable harm is done. And scrap the Waitangi Tribunal at the same time. John
The HRC like the Waitangi Tribunal are a bunch of racist morons hell bent on stuffing our country, we are not far off being the Zimbabwe of the south pacific, and Key and his bum boy Whinlayson are steering us head first into the biggest pile up in human history. The gutless media in this country should also be held accountable for what is happening because they will not go near anything that could possibly offend the racists, why the people put up with this is beyond me, but we must stay strong and fight this battle that will determine the outcome of our once great country. It’s not too late but the gates of democracy are closing quickly so get in now and write to your local MP before it slams tightly in your face. Stevo
They are walking in fairyland. John
Very soon please.and all other committees like that at the same time.. The people on those committees are time wasters and money grabbers.. Sorry if i am stepping on the long toes but that how I feel.. That committee is doing more to split between the race, not bringing them to gether. Johan
It should be disestablished as should any organization that promotes racial division. Once again we have someone , Susan Devoy, who has been brainwashed by the P.C. idiots and the radical Maori activists. This government has lost the plot and needs to stand back and have a good look at itself. Mike
In their present form both the Human Rights Commission and Treaty Tribunal are simply vehicles for racial divide – would be wonderful to see both disestablished. KM
Not needed — Waist of money –burocricy out of control — another case for Jobs for the Boys. Neil
Government organisations should not promote or support rascism. Shame on Dame Susan – maybe we should insist on removing the honorific. John
Maybe I would give support if the Commission consisted of the cmissioner and one secrrety. The commissioner positon could be honary as it carries prestige which should be adequate recompence.. An oppotuity for an established person to give something back to our country. Laurie
Way overdue !!! Peter
The Human Rights Commission is going too far. David
As it stands at he moment. Off on a tangent meant to promote rights for all not just one race/culture. Dianne
They are a joke, not one dictates or wish can have any good effect on the total NZ population. John
The HRC no longer represents New Zealanders (whether Maori (of whatever lineage they are), and immigrants in New Zealand from other countries they came from) making up a disparate group, retaining the customs and procedures from their origins without the need for busy-bodies who need to do whatever they feel it is their right to do without any real reference to ordinary New Zealanders. Neil
Rather than abolish the post because of the occasional maverick commissioner, all that is required is for the CEO to be replaced urgently, and a new CEO to be elected rather than politically appointed. The job description should set clear guidelines for EQUALITY that prevents favouritism for racial groups agendas above those of the general populace. The Human Rights Commission is a good concept, it has just been hijacked. Tony
I believe it is important that some organisation is able to ensure that the rights of all people are fair and equal. If this organisation favours or appears to favour the rights of one group over the rights of another, then clearly it has overstepped the mark and its terms of reference need to be adjusted accordingly. Therefore disestablishment is neither necessary nor beneficial; what is both necessary and beneficial is an impartial watchdog to ensure the decisions made by the HRC remain fair and equitable to all parties. Alan
This country is being overtaken by the iwi radicals using this Human Rights Commission as their shield. Graeme
It could be renamed Maori Superior Rights Commission. Mitch
If ‘Christmas’ is to be removed as a description of a special celebration in NZ culture – then all other ‘cultures’ should follow suit. Having achieved this – we can then all just attend ‘a party’ for any old reason! Colin
The Human Rights Commission has come, over recent years, a cheerleader for the Maori sovereignty cause and is now using state powers to try to suppress opposition to their agenda. I thought this country was meant to be a ONE nation – we should rid ourselves of the Commission. Kerin
Yes I would, this organisation supported by the U.N., was bias from its inception, and has been the basis of the U.N. anti colonial, anti Western stance for decades. It is however very doubtful whether any N.Z. Government has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and demand its abolition. This is especially so, with our ex Prime Minister socialist Helen Clark furthering her ambition to be the Queen Pin in the white halls of the United Nations bureaucracy, at regretfully, the expense of what democracy is still left in that organisation. The Human Rights Commission with Dame Susan at the helm will go on furthering the rights of migrants, their loves and hates of what THEY want New Zealand to be. Just to make them feel at home by the removal of Christmas and other traditional functions. If you come here as a migrant you accept the New Zealand way and assimilate, if you cannot the way is always open to return to where you came from. I therefore call for a petition to remove Dame Susan Devoy and the Auckland Regional Migrant Services on the grounds of demanding bigoted racial change; and for exceeding their mandate by introducing measures which interfere with the accepted traditions of this country. Brian
What has this country come to?? This is getting worse and worse. Now this HCR has clearly turned into a mouthpiece of some Hardcore Maori leaders and creating instruments like this so called Independent Monitoring Mechanism is nothing else but a Pc term for the creation of GESTAPO surveillance. One has to wonder what these fascists have in mind next once they have collected enough data about what people in this country say critically about deteriorating democracy and Apartheid like tendencies. The only logical conclusion is that these Zealots will take action and start not only to threaten critics of the ‘regime’ but will go further. And on top of it they get handsomely paid for their political backstabbing!!!! I start to fear for NZCPR and the people who send their comments because this is exactly what the IMM is targeting.Just look at what happened in Germany in the 30’s.That will give you a good picture what they have in mind. And not a single critical voice in Parliament either! Proof that that lot has totally towed the line and are (politically) utterly useless to protect the majority of Nzlanders from these fascist racists. If we are not getting political representation soon we will be in real trouble. Michael
The Human Rights Commission has become a generously government funded organisation that is taking away the rights of the majority of us and advocating for the radical minority race based groups.This is discouraging these rope to become part of New Zealand society. Bryan
The National Government sanctioned Maori rape and pillage of New Zealand just keeps getting worse. We all know they are not the Tangata Whenua of this country and we all know what they did to those peoples preceding them on this land. Mind boggling BS. There is no room for complacency or she’ll be right mate. Don
We are one and only ONE. Jim
And not before time. Barbara
Undemocratic race biased scam. Peter
This appears to be just another way of achieving changes by stealth. Laurence
It is divisive and undermining the coming together of people of different nationalities. We do have the wit to converse and understand each other. Barbara
The Commission has outlived any usefulness it may once have had and is now engaged in proactive social engineering which will eventually see us all turning to face Mecca! David
Absolutely. Its lunacy goes back to its very beginnings. I have exposed some of this in letters to the editor, and argued for the abolition of the HRC. Roy
Its metamorphose into an anti-free-speech organisation is frightening. Geoffrey
Why do we continue to pay for new links in the chains used to beat us? Lesley
It doesn’t represent the wishes of New Zealander’s any more. It has become too radical! Brian
Muriel, I totally agree with all the issues you raised in this article. I wonder when will the people of this country wake up and say enough of this insane situation that totally defies commonsense. I live in the hope that the reality of this sad saga will cease and we can all prosper and move forward as a united country. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Frank
Yes, but with a government dependent on Maori party support to pass legislation, don’t hold your breath! John
They no longer protect the right to free speech & promote division in society which engenders apartheid. Nick
Get rid of the Commission and vote for New Zealanders as one race at all times. Jim
Most definitely! Pam
Human Rights, it appears, no longer applies to me. Joseph
Yes, get rid of it. Sooner the better! Neil
Not balanced. Not doing the job they were inaugurated for. NZ does not have to be a chameleon adapting to every ethnic minority who might choose to live here. People used to come to a country to join in and accept its culture and essence, not to turn it into something else! David
It has has lost its credibility for true racial discrimination. susan has really lost the plot especially over christian celebrations and greetings. Anthony
The sooner the better – the funds saved can be put to better use elsewhere – e.g. medicine funding. John
It is more than time for these pointy heads to be unemployed. Phil
Most definitely, and take with it the Waitangi Tribunal, it has passed its use by date. It seem to me that organisations which are set up to denigrate certain negative aspects of society give them impetus over time.. Kevan
It is taking NZ on a separatist path that will only lead to a divided society. Graeme
Yes. Anita
Their support of undemocratic processes should mean that there is no place for them in NZ (or anywhere for that matter). Neil
Socialism comes about through stealth and stealth is impinging everywhere in New Zealand society. Beware!! Stuart
I concur with all Dr Muriel Newman says in her column! Valerie
Another useless office such as this could be scrapped and no one would miss it except for the well paid busy bodies who work for it. Colin
The disgusting racist attitude of these freeloaders is tantamount to national treason and to give that women the honour of being a DAME negates the value of the award.Merry Xmas. IAN
I see it as part of the UN Agenda 2030 scheming! Cyril
Just another front for the social engineering mafia. Barend
Past its use by date. Colin
The Commission has done its day. Interfering with the fundamentals of NZ now has Maori as a separate entity from New Zealanders. David
Seems their agenda is pro Maori to the exclusion of others, time the Commission was disbanded, along with the Waitangi Tribunal! Sean
Absolutely- Make this the 1st thing on the New Years list of things to do immediately. Elayne
There are negatives, but positives too. Ron
While the Human Rights Commission champions APARTHEID in NZ, it should have no place in our country. Geoff
Your article says it all. Barry
Not the direction NZ should be heading. Cliff
Close them down. Devoy is a disgrace along with John Key, who leads a party of deceitful MPs who are not allowed a mind of their own. Time to support the 85 percent of NZers (non Maori) who are fed up with this divisive crap we are having forced on us. And there would be another $10m to spend with Pharmac! Carolyn
NOW? Maggie
Emphatically! andrew
The only rights humans should have are those they earn by hard work!! Jim
And you Muriel Newman are the ideal person to step into that political vacuum. Let us have a political party with your commonsense policies and steer us away from all this racial privilege. National is indeed taking us down a very sinister racial road without the knowledge of many New Zealanders. Monica
Yes as soon as you can. Geoff
All races in NZ should have a fair and equal say in running our country, and that’s not been happening. Hope I have ticked the right poll tab. Kelvin
And the Waitangi Tribunal at the same time! Geoffrey
We don’t need it in NZ now. Dawson
A thing of the past we have moved on. Warren
Yes, if they are going to promote separitism in this manner. Andy
Long over due. Dump it immediately and Susan Deveoy. If you are offended by our traditions don’t come her. Jeff
Dame Susan Devoy lost all credibility with me when she stated her wish to abolish Christmas. Her job and the Human Rights Commision have to go now. The same with the endless repetition on TV of Maori hakas when ever there is a news item they can remotely link to an event involving one or two non Europeans. I mute those shouting, unintelligible mouthings. I used to tolerate some of that but now it has become so frequently thrust down our throats, it is a complete turn-off. Chris
The Human Rights Commission is a disgraceful total waste of the taxpayers money. The $10m saved could be put towards the annual cost of subsidising Keytruda. Peter
And immediately!! It has now become a racist body and is contributing to enormous harm being done to our country by way of racial initiatives. The Treaty brought us all together as one people under the law and that’s how it should be. We don’t need a Human Rights Commission especially one which is racially biased. Helen
It is now not serving its original intent. Gary
It’s simply an answer looking for a problem; and when it can’t find one, it unashamedly makes one up. Graham
They are not helping NZers as a whole they only want to help a few Why? Cherryl
It clearly has an agenda which precludes equal treatment for all. Mark
This all proves the dishonesty of the National Party in its political push for power right from the start.John Key is cunning and unprincipled and totally against democracy. Lance
Susan Devoy was high in my estimation until she took over her new position. This has turned around completely with her stance regarding iwi. I always believed she was a tough and called a spade a spade without fear. Not any more. Now it is just more of the PC nonsense to which we are becoming accustomed. What happened Susan? Power? Money? So disappointing. Paddy
You have just spoilt my Xmas! “With a $10 million budget, $7 million goes on wages for 60 staff – 19 of whom earn over $100,000 including $227,000 for the Race Relations Commissioner.” What a bloody great waste of my tax dollars. Rod
Absolutely! Mark
Yes definitely. Just another waste of taxpayers money. Steve
SAP Eddie
Bloody left wingers!! Noelene
Good riddance Malcolm
I don’t like the way things are heading at all!! Why do we only have to recognise other people’s traditions etc at the expense of our own. If I went to live in a Muslim country I would have to conform to their rules! They wouldn’t worry if I was offended by their traditions imposed on me!! So why do we have to be so PC and sensitive to those who we take in to our country. The Maori people were mostly very happy to follow Christian traditions when they saw that as an advantage to them way back etc! We have to move on together not separately! That will only cause serious problems in the future! Amy
HRC excuses criminality if it can be seen in any of ethnic identity. HRC is a cause for division and is arouses hostilities. Susan Devoy MUST GO. Resign or be forthrightly sacked by a responsibile government, and all the HRC meddling stopped by disbanding the ogre of politically correct meddling lunacies. Leo
Definitely yes if it continues the path as outlined in this article. What a sham. A department covered with a cloak to mask its future actions..shame on it and the Commissioner…a devil in sheeps clothing. Audrey
If HRC continues to pursue a program of preferential treatment based on race, yes, dismantle it. Its original ideology has been twisted into the opposite, a race based oligarchy. That’s not good. Joyce
Yes close it down – the HRC is a disgrace! Daniel
Promoting radical sovereignty should not be the brief of any government agency. The Human Rights Commission and the Waitangi Tribunal should be closed down. Thomas
I’m appalled to read the radical views of the HR Commission. Susan Devoy is a joke. It took no time at all for her to be captured and converted by the HRC staff. Brian
The Race Relations office is a joke. Devoy should be standing up for the majority of citizens who do not want a divided society. Instead she promotes division and thinks she can stop it by imposing censorship. Appalling really. Max
I had not realised the extent to which the Human Rights Commission is pushing Maori supremacy. It should be abolished ASAP. Judy