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Undue Influence

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As the election closes in, there appears to be an overwhelming mood for change.

New Zealanders have had enough. The chickens are coming home to roost for Labour as disgruntled voters, sick and tired of the incompetence, the lies and deceit, search for alternatives.  

Election campaigns can be noisy affairs, and this one is no different. Given the unprecedented manner in which Labour has crushed democratic rights and imposed their destructive agenda onto the country, protesters are out in force, expressing their concerns directly to those who are seeking their vote.

But is it really any worse than it’s ever been?

In the nine years I was in Parliament and the four election campaigns I was involved in, shouting, yelling, heckling, pushing, and shoving, were all part of the rough and tumble of politics.

It wasn’t out of the ordinary to have to break through lines of protestors to get into an event, and I well remember giving one speech to an audience, where the barrage from opponents was so loud, even I couldn’t hear the address!

What seems to be different this time around, is that the media are also copping the wrath of a disgruntled public. And it’s not hard to see why.

When Jacinda Ardern was elected leader of Labour just before the 2017 election, the gushing media coverage was so extreme it was given a name: “Jacindamania”. From that point on, any semblance of media impartiality was swept aside, exposing the strong political bias of mainstream journalists.

That bias was revealed by journalists themselves in the “Worlds of Journalism Study 2.0. Journalists in Aotearoa/New Zealand” published last October by Massey University. In this third such survey undertaken by the Worlds of Journalism Study group – a collaboration of academics from more than 120 countries – a snapshot of the 1600 journalists who work in print, digital and broadcast media, is provided. Almost 60 percent of the workforce are women, 10 percent are Maori, and as far as age is concerned, the profession is split between those in the younger 25 to 30 age group, and older 50 to 65 year-olds.

When it comes to political bias, the results are definitive – journalists overwhelmingly identify as left wing: “There are very few strongly right-wing journalists, but a substantial number of moderately or strongly left-wingers.”

The survey reveals 5 percent describe themselves as “extreme left” and 15 percent as “hard left”. Of the rest, 22 percent say they are “left”, 20 percent are “mild left”, and 23 percent are “middle left”, while 6 percent identify as “middle right”, 4 percent “mild right”, and only around 1 percent all up say they are “right”, “hard right” or “extreme right”.

In other words, nine out of ten New Zealand journalists are socialists, with one in three hard-core. Only one in ten journalists claim to have no socialist inclinations.  

When it comes to ethics, the survey shows there’s been a significant shift in attitude, with journalist support for adhering to their professional code of ethics dropping 28 percent since the last survey in 2015.

And when it comes to the role of journalists, there is now a growing disconnect between what the public expects from the media and what journalists believe their role to be.

While the public wants journalists to report the news in an unbiased manner, presenting both sides of the argument on contentious issues so they can make up their own minds, that’s no longer how most journalists see it.  

They regard ‘educating the audience’ as their most important role, followed by ‘countering disinformation’. But in some cases, this has led to a concerning development: hard-core left-wing journalists describing information they disagree with as “fake news” or “disinformation” in order to discredit those with alternative views.

Journalists still regard monitoring and scrutinising political leaders as important, but letting people express their views has declined significantly. Also dropping is the notion of ‘being a detached observer’ and ‘providing analysis of current affairs’.

The role that rose the most sharply, albeit from a low level, was ‘supporting government policy’.

In other words, the gulf that has opened up between what the public has traditionally expected from the media and what the media themselves believe their role to be, is no doubt responsible for the decline in public interest in the mainstream news.

Making things worse is the fact that journalists overwhelmingly believe the Treaty of Waitangi should be a key part of their reporting.

The survey, which was carried out just after Stuff announced its absurd apology to Maori for its historic news coverage – and other organisations such as Radio New Zealand and TVNZ had started to become more ‘inclusive’ – says this: “Asked to what extent did the Treaty apply to what they wrote, almost a third (31%) said it applied to everything. Another 43% said it applied to most things, such as any stories that involve legislation or politics, culture or society in which the treaty is referenced. A minority (16 percent) thought it only related to some things, such as stories for Maori about Maori issues, while 2% thought it had no relevance to journalism.”

It’s no wonder the media are seen to be increasingly out of step with society.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, freelance journalist and former newspaper editor Karl du Fresne, believes these developments are the consequence of the transfer of journalism training from the newsroom to the lecture room:

“Earlier generations of journalists learned on the job from other journalists. Many of my contemporaries came from working-class backgrounds. They didn’t go to university and were proud to regard journalism as a trade rather than profession. The importance of neutrality, fairness and balance was drummed into them. They had no delusions of grandeur.

“But from the 1970s on, journalism was subjected to academic capture. Budding journalists were inculcated with a highly politicised vision of journalism’s purpose. They were encouraged to acquire degrees that were often based on esoteric theories far removed from the simple, practical concerns of good journalism. Over time, that has had the fatal effect of creating a widening gap between journalists and the communities they claim to serve. Even more dangerously, it has led journalists to think they are wiser and smarter than the people who buy newspapers and watch the TV news, and even morally superior to them. As the Marxist American journalist Batyar Ungar-Sargon puts it, they climbed up the status ladder and became part of the elite.”

To make matters worse, most mainstream media organisations accepted handouts from Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, and as a result, became echo chambers for government propaganda. This was especially the case with regards to promoting Labour’s fraudulent Treaty ‘partnership’ claim that underpinned their whole unmandated race-based He Puapua agenda.

With tens of millions of dollars of additional taxpayers’ money also poured into the media through Government advertising and sponsorship, it’s no wonder the public became worried the media had been ‘bought off’ and could no longer be trusted as a reliable source of information.

There have been stand-out pockets, of course – mainstream outlets where journalists continued to speak the truth and hold the Government to account – but they are few and far between. As a result, alternative media channels have emerged to fill the vacuum.

As Karl says, people no longer look to our mainstream journalistic institutions to reflect the society they live in. “The crucial nexus between media institutions and the community they purport to serve has been strained to breaking point. In fact the media often seem implacably opposed to the society they live in and determined to re-shape it, whether people want it or not.”

With journalists now advocating politics rather than merely reporting it, it’s little wonder that they are now being berated with the same contempt the public has for politicians.

While thankfully the media lovefest with Jacinda Ardern began to wane before she actually left Parliament, the impact of her incompetent leadership on our society has been devastating.

More than anything, what Labour’s time in office has taught us is that for our democracy to function properly, we need balanced journalism.

And if anyone needs further explanation, look no further than Three Waters.

Three Waters was the brainchild of Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta, and her Maori Caucus colleagues. Their primary motivation was to pass control of fresh water to Maori, but to dress it up as necessary reform for the public good.

If journalists had been doing their job of holding the government to account, the policy would have never withstood their scrutiny.

Let me explain.

Water supplies in New Zealand have traditionally been regulated by the Ministry of Health. Their annual water quality audits showed excellent results – as did the regular surveillance reports from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR). 

But to create an imperative for reform on the scale Labour needed, a water quality crisis had to be created.

Minister Mahuta did this by resurrecting a report that had been prepared for Helen Clark’s Labour Government in 2006. ESR scientist Andrew Ball had been contracted to provide information on the incidence of endemic waterborne gastro-intestinal disease in New Zealand. While he found no real problem with water quality – “the size of most outbreaks is small, averaging nine cases per outbreak in 2000-2004, and is smaller than any other countries for which data are available” – there was insufficient local data to calculate the incidence of endemic disease.

As a result, Dr Ball used UK statistics to estimate between 18,000 and 34,000 infections a year in New Zealand, but he qualified his findings with a disclaimer: “The reliability of this method is questioned by the author.”

In other words, even he knew these estimates were not accurate.

Unfazed, Minister Mahuta used that old report to claim – as a mantra – that the main reason for the Three Waters reforms was that “At least 34,000 New Zealanders become ill from drinking tap water every year.”

We exposed the Minister’s claims as rubbish, knowing that if 34,000 people each year got sick from drinking tap water, we would all know about it because the issue would never be out of the news headlines.

The recent water contamination problem in Queenstown, where 30 or more people are reported to have become ill from drinking tap water – which dominated the news for days – has demonstrated what a huge lie the Minister’s 34,000 claim has been.

And the point is this – if the media had questioned the Minister about her ridiculous claim instead of regurgitating her lies, the whole senseless Three Waters scheme would never have got off the ground – saving the country billions of dollars that will have been utterly and completely wasted once the scheme is cancelled by the new government.

The Ardern legacy is about to come to an end and a new government will need to set about correcting a multitude of wrongs. But the media should also reflect on the status of its industry and what it needs to do to restore public trust. The damage done is such that restoring their reputation will be no small task.

Predominantly journalists need to go back to their role as neutral observers and reporters of the news. And with regards to contentious issues, they need to return to providing a balance of perspectives so that their audience has reliable information on which to make up their own mind.

In particular, they need to recognise the dreadful division within our country that Labour has created – with their assistance – and they need to help rebuild our society and heal the harm.

In summary, we don’t need the media to advocate political agendas  – we have politicians for that. But what we do need is balance and truth in the news. Is that too much to ask?

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Funny, how under legislation TVNZ and RNZ are required to be impartial, but some money from auntie Cindy and the law doesn’t matterHugh
Corrupt, and not trustworthyRoss
They have sold their should for thirty pieces of silver so I don’t trust them. There are a few that I do but they are outside MSM.Kerry
TVNZ and RNZ are the puppets of the Labour party. Tow their line or no funding. Bribery and corruption in my world and not to be trusted. October 14th will deal with this despicable labor, Greens, Maori parties hopefully never to rule ever again.Terence
Certainly not since the Labour Party came to power nearly 6 years ago.Ken
The coverage we get is suppressed by the Government narrative.Jacqueline
They are a deplorable bunch, spineless and ‘weak as weasel.’ Absolute dogs ! Each week the story gets worse and if Labour happened to win the election I would fear a civil war breaking out. This is almost beyond belief to imagine but highly likely. But I really think Labour is finished for years to come. So in view of such bad behaviour ‘heads must roll’. The treachery against the nation is deep and sinister. So if we did what they have committed we would be behind bars. The scope for retributions is massive with the top brass including Ardern of course, the media and selected editors ,,Mahuta and it goes on an on for a massive clean -out of traitors. That is just for starters !John
It is not enough to recind the Labour bribe to media by granting additional public money to private enterprize. TV and RNZ need to be dismantled and the infrastructure onsold to private enterprise. It will mean a loss of free conservative music but plenty of that available for purchase or download. Blogs have proven News will get through. Doubtless a private subscriber TV will emerge. The loss of rubbish and misinformation is no loss the loss of pushed propaganda is a gratefull advantage.Richard
Definitely not trustworthyMaxine
absolutely not, the very people that cry mis or disinformation are the very ones peddling itjohn
Your latest newsletter says it ALL. Thanks for publishing and the more you can spread the message ,the sooner we will get back to unbiased mediaRoss
Funded news resources from a political sponsorKen
They are definetly biased in favour of Labour no neutrality their in reporting to NZ ers..Rex
How do we know the govt. tell LIES? look at LIEBORS’ slogan: ‘In it for you….NO, you mean “In it for our NWO/WEF,bosses at the UN/NWO !! They tell the BIG LIE!David
They are bought and paid for by Govt. You only hear one sided govt propagandaSue
I inadvertently came across No 1 US cable news channel Fox in Jan.,’16 and have watched it since then for facts and common sense journalism. All the worse things from the left-wing lunatics seem to arrive here so forearmed. In fact, I saw Jonathan Turley’s appearance in front of US Congress today – he has written about Ardern’s outrageous UN calls to crack down on free speech. She should be banned from NZ until she apologises; she is a disgrace.Monica
So many lies, I try to avoid watching as it just pisses me off .Robyn
It’s not even debatableNev
All lying MSM in NZ cannot be trusted, All of it is owned by International media corporations, that answer to UN.WEF/TC/CFR/BIG PHARMA, NWO!David
No in capital lettersJock
Bullshit artists, artists perhaps too polite a description of these brainwashed, apartheid idiots in NZ’s msm.Andrew
Not at all.Des
Media have little regard for the truth,in general.John
They have been brought by Labour Party thanks to Ardern &RobertsonIan
More accurate news from Australia Sky TVchris
I never follow the news because it is so biased & unreliable. And we don’t need the Maori language rammed at us at every possible opportunity!david
Heaven only knows what or who is a trusted news source today. No other views allowed during Covid surely made it quite clear that we were being fed gumph by the news sources and that we disputed what we were being told at our peril.Paloma
By and large the media have not credibility at allPeter
Karl has it right. The slide began in the 70’s with academic capture of journalism training. It has continued from there. There are only two reasons anyone takes on journalism as a career and neither of them have anything to do with getting rich. One is to use your natural talents to communicate and explain. The other is to change the world according to your beliefs and make a name for yourself in the process. There are now way too many of the latter and hardly any of the former. And academics with an agenda are to blame.Juliet
They are not trustworthy, because the media, is controlled by the Govt. and the same tyrants, that brought people the COVID 19 SCAMDEMIC, I.E….WHO,WEF,UN, BIG PHARMA !David
Journalism is now dead in NZ.Derek
I am continually being blocked from sending any emails containing political words.Hmmmmlinda
Absolutely without respect now.Aoart from politics,a prediictable program of reporting….climate change and extreme weather,Maori inequality somewhere,rinse and repeat. You bent bastards.Alan
Just as Muriel says, they are consumed with political activism.Hugh
I used to work in NZ media…..some years ago, until one day I woke up and realised that I had a huge conflict of interest. I left and have never returned.David
Sadly I feel that there are too many people that don’t look further than these. I like to research as much as I can and that is not only the internet, listening to other radio outlets (not MSM), reading books etc. I don’t watch any MSM news, or listen to MSM radio stations.Jackie
The irony is that you have to ask this question.Vic
Very one sided reporting and by no means is it a balanced report
We stopped watching the news years ago. We don’t even turn the TV on any more. I called a newsman a “rent boy”. He was so angry I thought he would hit me.. But perhaps he knew it and didn’t like to be exposed.Jenny
We do not hear both sides of any thing politicalChrissie
There are definitely not trustworthy because they are subject to state censure when they have taken government funding in return for promoting a particular ideology.Peter
Should be privatizedDanny
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We have been appalled at the ‘takeover’ of the news by this government.Barbara
The MSM machine was bought and paid for by JA,when she became PM. She then told KIWIS, the ‘only source of truth was the lying NZ COMMUNIST GOVT.!!David
Government funded propagandistsJohn
The Media have a lot to answer for and their blatant Promotion of the Labour party is so obvious that the general public are losing a lot of faith in the Media and all its forms .I did not bother to watch the leaders debate in full as Paddy Gower had no controll and the show was all about him and Hipkins. Bring on the Election.ken
They are unadulterated rubbishchris
Dont hold your breath expecting the media to alter its doctrinaire approach to what they unsultingly call journalism, its propganda in fact.terry
stopped watching the main news about 4 years ago. Could not stomach anymore lies and the constant goal to feed us all as much gay/lesbian and trans stuff as possible. There really is a lot more important stuff to cover and discuss than that! It all became very one-sided and other views have been ridiculed or ignored. You are no longer allowed to have a proper debate. Freedom of speech have been eroded.Lone
A very insightful commentary on the media in this week’s newsletter and one that is entirely accurate. As with many New Zealanders I too am totally ashamed and disgusted at the quality of journalism with which we are confronted on our screens and in our print media on a daily basis. Thank God for the likes of Muriel Newman and a relatively few others who continue to fly the flag for balanced opinion and democratic viewpoints.John
It is so obviously very left leaning it is embarrassing.Ian
Journalists need to lose their jobs en masse after the Election. Terminating all Government Funding for the media needs to be a priority.Derek
Just another opinion rather than a report of what happeng or is happening.leo
I have stopped reading or listening to MSM for a long while now as I did not read unbiased factual reporting, rather biased opinion pieces.Hildegard
I have found the last few years under Labour to be very depressing and would have left the country if at all possible but am now too old!!Janet
Bias leftJohn
They have been taken over by our radical Labour party and Maori members for their own radical views of NZ. Surely the 55 million dollars with strings attached is bribery. That use to be against the law. It appears Labour and their maori racist radicals are above the law. October can’t come soon enough.Kevin
When they are State funded, they can’t be trusted to be neutral (reporting both sides).Jennifer
They are clearly biased, unprofessional , aggressive and arrogant . I have stopped my subscriptions to all print media , Stuff and ODT.Kevin
False and don’t believe what media are telling me!Neil
I don’t see objective reporting happening in MSM in NZ. Important issues such as TOW, climate change etc are not discussed from both sides leading to most Aotearoians (or whatever we are supposed to be), believing the only side they see or hear about. Any other opinion is by default conspiracy, extreme right wing or dog whistling.Alan
State directed propagandistsRichard
We noticed during the first year of the pandemic that RNZ was a propaganda machine.C
Haven%u2019t listened to this biased reporting for ages now – just makes my blood boil,Chris
Every policy announcement by National and Act is followed by highlighting criticism instead of in depth scrutiny.anthony
Any ‘sponsored” and controlled media are not going to provide any neutral and appropriately questioning resultsMark
Certainly not … but although they are parroting woke policies on all fronts,.. perhaps especially the Maori Partnership treaty and Maori lore as science – they are all against freedom of opinion re Covid/vaccines .. and as far as I am concerned as a life-long libertarian socialist – the media are not socialist one little bit. They are egotists, mini-poiticains with a power complex because they do have power.Rochelle
The MSM have a great deal to be accountable for over the last 3 years, if not longer by spouting Govt propaganda…..I look forward to a huge push back when the chocks come home to roost….!Bruce
Dishonesty is rife in the media!David
I don’t believe many, if any, institutions getting tax funding through government are trustworthy. Government today have agendas their masters have set for them, the same as central government has coerced local government into those same agendas.larry
Absolutely not. I have been reading academic papers on Covid science since 2020 with not a jot of the facts appearing in MSM I trusted the 5th estate until then, no more.Christina
include stuff as well, it all started with the truth rag who at the time were the biggest liars in the southern hemisphere. even some of the aussie mob aren’t much better than our mob and even the bbc has bad moments but their coverage is much better than our mob,so look forward to getting Dr Muriel’s reports and find out truthful news about what is happening in New Zealand.Richard
Too biased and too leftist and many controversial worldwide events are totally ignored — on purpose I believe as they contravene climate change beliefs and leftist views.Alan
To much bias on local topics and following the lead of international news organisations, particularly on climate change, where the reality is that there is no “climate crisis”, just weather events!Graham
No, if they were any further left they would drown.Scott
I gave up listening to them along time ago. The Public Interest Journalism fund has had a really big influince on them.Paul
Scrap the fundingGeorge
The new Government must not give any funding to any print media organisations. They must stand or fall as any other private businesses has to do. It’s up to the public to vote their $ support or non-support towards their desire to keep or reject these substandard propaganda waste of good base resources.Garry.
They’ve become pure outlets of propaganda. True journalists are few and far between these daysDave
I think the Germans had a word for that style of journalism, PROPAGANDA. Sheeple are sheeple and are easily led.Leonard
Tax payer funded media must be neutral in reporting that should be mandatory.Peter
Defiantly NOT.Ian
They are not independent and just regurgitate Government PRTony
In your article “Undue Influence” you clearly lay out the situation: the “mainstream” media is out to feed us moralizing lectures rather than unbiased news and clear information and evidence.Marla
The left leaning TVNZ and RNZ have become overpowering . The Herald is even worse !Rob
They promote conjecture as factDave
10% might be reliable, but I doubt the reliability of the restDavid
Based towards the Left, it is so bad makes you sick. I have not watched the news for 3 years now. The news on the radio is just as badAnon
They are biased and only show a leftist view point so consequently don’t switch onto either news on 1 or 3 or read the paper anymore. Stop 2 years ago.Marion
Very left biased.Smith Janine
Obviously biased towards the leftSandra
bunch of liars paid for by liebour partyLesley
They are state funded for one reason and one reason only,jacinda proved that,to regurgitate state propaganda and lies,Goboels would have been proud of our news media outlets but I fear national doesn’t have the backbone to reform this organisation.Morrie
Jack tame,Jessica Mitch, Declan are classic examples of biased reporting. Many people we know can’t stand them, and change channels or turn tv off.Dianne
They are mostly sheep in a flock of idiots. So self important!Patrick
Certainly not. For the very reasons outlined in the NZCPR columnIan
Shameful bias from te majority of the media. Interviewers interrupt to get the answers they want. Who really believes them? But if they favour the left now they will do so even more when the payments stop. I don’t mind those who display their leftness, it’s the others who purport to be fair but aren’t.Mike
MSM are corrupt globalist puppets! they have never been a balanced view of reporting news! in the last 3 years they have become dangerous to democracy! they never reported the covid vaccine injuries just government propaganda! They need to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity!! Their day is coming!!!lisa
Who possibly could?Natalie
Mostly their ‘news’ is prepared for a ‘headline grabbing soundbite’and is an opinion from a person with scant knowledge of the item. as I prefer to call them ‘edicutated idiots!’Mike
A great shame as the presenters seem honest folks but we live in a world where untruths are bandied about as facts from on high.Edgar W.
Both are now political influencers with an obvious agenda.Geoff
Clearly they are biased towards Labour as they need to be to qualify for cash payments from the Political interest journalist fundRex
As we have been brain washed for the last 6 years with lies and dishonesty WE hope some common sense may come soon if Govt changesleo
They are an absolute bloody disgraceVicki
Of course they aren’t! But I must point out that if people vote National in this election expecting them to reverse the worst of Labours racist policies they will be disappointed. National cannot be trusted to do what they say they will do. They will simply paint over the worst of the policies from red to slightly blue. They have a history of doing this. The ACT vote must be big enough to place real pressure on National to make meaningful change and it must happen in this election.Paul
Few media reports on many subjects pass the “does really sound right ” test. Particularly political and climate change reportsPeter
Not at all.Steve
It is so obvious these news sources are biased.Robert
They should all just lose the bribe money paid to them by this Labour govt and go broke. Who needs them anyway now that there are other excellent alternatives.Rosemary
They are biased by their left wing professors of “education” … That even sounds like 1984!Robbie
absolutely not!Gerhard
I think that media have set themselves up on a pedestal to report the best point scoring story for their media public regardless of the facts which may be hidden within.Robert
Thank you Muriel, for being one of the few that tells things as they really are and in particular with this week’s comment about the 3 waters, some of which certainly never hit any sort of news.Ted
I now read overseas news on NZArthur
Not reallyDavid
They have all taken bribes from LabourPeter
It’s not news they write; it’s propaganda.Frank
biased reporting based on exagerated headlines to get attention and alarm peopleWade
Absolutely not. I hope they go broke, I do not trust themDenise
Absolutely NOT, I haven’t watched TVNZ or its news for 4 years now its totaly bias, it might as well be called Extreme Left Wing and Maori Propoganda TV welcome to Aotearoa, Aparthide Ethnostate of the South PacificDiana
Haven’t used them or others since 2017.David
they are scaremongering liars who have lived by the verbal sword and will die by the sword of lies they have createdterrence
If when one watches a so called interview and then listens/watches a news cast 10 minutes later one is left wondering if we watched the same interview. It is like the debates on tv lately. The so called adjudicator asks a question and doesn’t wait to hear the reply. The media just put their spin on it. I have never seen such biased reporting. It is not reporting and these folk should hang their heads in shame. How they can accept their pay is beyond me. The exception was Radio Rema on Shine interviewing Chris Luxon this evening. There is a thing called comeuppance and what goes round comes around. If I was PM the first thing I would do is have a live media conference where would advise the Media that unless they can report the facts accurately their media passes will be revoked. Some examples of their misreporting would not be hard to find. Let’s switch the tables.Jacqui
They are nothing but propaganda pushersIan
They have news that does not correlate with the stories of actual events shown on international news. It is always biased to the left wing talking points. I do not trust either of them.Derek
They both have their own agendas to peddleChris
Just propoganda merchants for a corrupt, incompetent governmentRuss
As pointed out in the current article all trust in the “mainstream” media has vanished, I believe, for many people. As an expat who “comes home” every year I have seen the drastic deterrioration of NZs society towards anarchy., aided and abetted by “Governments” The bought off Media”. New Zealand is no longer a first world country but has reached 3rd and is approaching 4th world status. Sorry to have to write that….but, unfortunately, what is , is. There are very few, if any, people in Governemnt and Administrations with a realistic future vision for New Zealand.charles
We hardly watch television news now. We listen to Newstalk ZB and rely on the blogs of independent journalist for balanced news and opinion.Tony
The media have been bought by Labour and have lost sight of their function in a democratic society, which under Ardern and Co it most certainly is not. A big is coming and the “chickens will come home to roost” for the lefty media.Peter
As an overseas NZer who was blocked from returning during Covid I began reading more intently mainstream articles and found them much more full of propaganda and toothless than I ever recall.Barry
Most of NZ mainstream news agencies are a discrace and simply puppets on a string doing everything the puppeteer commands. You have sold out the NZ public. You have overextended your rights. I hope they will be held accountable one day. ShamePixel
They are treacherous liarsDianne
Embarrassing. Disappointing is an understatement. Majority of journalist brainwashed.bryan
I would love to see a Monty Python type skit wherein the most offensive & offending NZ media people are labelled & put in a line of stocks and have their bums smacked with a cricket bat by a john Cleese character saying you naughty naughty boys & girls.Bruce s
Absolutely not, very poor and extremely bias reportingBeau
Haven’t for a long time and covid cemented that for me. There was truth out there for those that wanted to hear, but not through the mainstream media.Judith
Absolutely not. We do not watch TVNZ at all. We watch SKY NEWS Australia. We dont read the Herald.Bruce
Definitely not. Totally biased left wing bullshit.Tim
You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.Rina
Basically controlled by the government. Kelly
And unfortunately the Broadcasting Standards Authority is loath to uphold the standards it’s there to police. Try making a formal complaint about unbalanced politicking or even proven incorrect ‘facts’ and they will come up with some excuse to let the broadcaster off the hook.John
They are racist,devisive and tell terrible lies. Very arrogantAllan
the media have a leftwing bent on everything, leading up to the election they are always negative to National & ACT & will put them in a bad light by manipulating the announcements & always go running off to Hipkins for his response to their policy which is always negative but it is never the other way round, stuff the main stream media they are a pack of leftwing liersNigel
A resounding NO from me! They are paid propagandists and the Taxpayers should NOT be funding media who are, in effect, shafting the very people paying their wages. There should be NO TAXPAYER FUNDED MEDIA IN NEW ZEALAND…..PERIOD!Heather
Empathically NO, ,NO .Most disastrous. The weather forecasts on Both TV1 and TV3 are worth viewing but rest of the news only promulgate s what our communistic government mandates. The 4th Estate is guilty of not proving balance content. What can you expect when all media with open hands accepted the $55 million bribe with no opposition view whatever. Its all left wing leaning..Cyril
they are open to corruption.Dvid
They merely report and support government policies and conceptsGeoffrey
PIJF hacks the lot of them! Few would find a job outside of MSM.Mark
under no circumstances Jacinderella caused thatRob
Ardern has a lot to answer for. It is she who has turned this country to be racist.When I look back at her self serving interests. She has destroyed and separated the people of this wonderful country,then she had the gall to step down before she was pushed. Good riddance to the most disloyal person .Let’s get this country back and get the journalists reporting unbiased news stories and let the public make up their own minds.Dianne
Like Ben, I stopped watching or listening to MSM when they came on strong in all this Maori rubbish.Since then it`s just got worse and is now at the stage of being laughable. Also the public interest journalism on its own is enough to bring charges of treason against the labour party in its entirety.Co governance and he puapua report should also be placed in the same boat. They are race based and undemocratic We do need however to get the country on a more even keel first,Don`t worry guys remember the Nuremberg trials took a while to happen so we have plenty of time. So vote right and for democracy and kick labour,greens and maori partys out of the ballpark to await their trials for treason in shame.brian
They’ve lied continuously for at least the last 3 1/2 years and whored themselves to the govt for money. Pure and simple!!Wayne
AbsolutLy are not!! They are so biased and obviously left wing that any media be it print or visual I now avoid unfortunatly as the odd one used to be quit objective.Ian
They are mostly. Left wing and promote the left wing parties..Most interviewers cut short right wing politicians or talk over them.Dorothy
No way – are leftie flunkiesIhaia
This is a generalisation. Too many in the media see themselves as “personalities” seeking to feature in the “Wimmin’s” magazines. They are not obviously impartial and seek sensation rather than the truth.Philip
The standard of reporting now seems superficial on most stories and non-existent on many others, particularly overseas news (so we see ourselves living in a fish bowl rather than the world. Most so called news these days seems to be gleaned from social media (hardly a balanced source) . I wonder if the journalist has even read what they have written some times – often it just keeps repeating superficial speculation. In my opinion speculation in the absence of information is not news!Anne
Trustworthy in the sense they don’t lie, but they are selective in what they report.John
Unprofessional and bias. I say unprofessional due to their lack of presenting a balanced view to the public particularly in relation to the so called climate change (which has been occurring for thousands of years) and their affinity towards our socialist government who have paid the media to follow their socialist doctrine. Do they have the intelligence to foresee were this will end up?chris
We would be better off without TVNZ, RNZ, and Stuff. So one-eyed, preaching their agenda’s, and news not factual or balanced.Donald
Reporters have become fiction writers,all we want to have reported are the facts not their viewsJohn
They should all be named and shamedBill
They have been bribed, pure and simple.Alastair
definitely not!Ann
Australia is so lucky to have Sky News and their commentators countering the extreme L wing ABC and holding them to account. It is purely due to their influence that the Yes campaign (their version of co governance) is likely to fail. There is no R wing media influence here.Steve
We used to ensure our evening meal did not clash with the 6 o’clock TV news. Now we don’t bother watching it. I have the same attitude towards our Stuff newspaper – only use the puzzle page and check the Death Notices. My partner likes some of the food articles, otherwise it would be canceled. To stay informed I go to other sources that aren’t patently government propaganda or left wing apologists.Rodger
They should be held to account for the treachery of the past 3-6 yearsKelley
It is exactly as reported in the current article. As an expat who returns every year this has been so obvious that I do not look at or listen to “Mainstream” media.charles
I don’t watch news anymore, it’s so biased. The stuff paper I used to get delivered is much the same, socialist. Biased.Philli
Most untrustworthyEvans
In many instances the concerning issue is regarding what the media fails to question or even report at all. It’s hard to escape the impression that the current government is being protected.Jen
They provide misinformation not the truthPhil
govt stoogesmary
Don’t read the paper any more. Too many liesGail
Absolutely not, especially with Jackson involved.Gavin
De-fund them.John
No! They can’t even be trusted to report the weather without politicizing it!Pamela
They both (as with most media outlets) bang the left drum – we need unbiased reportingtony
Totally untrustworthy! So much so I haven’t read a news paper in years, I don’t even read the front page headlines. I have disconnected tv aerial cable from all connections in the house, couldn’t watch mainstreem tv if I wanted to. They deliberately lie and fabricate information to suit the corrupt government and corrupt wef and who. I doubt I would ever trust media again. I fact I’d go so far to say media has been corrupt since the first paper was printed!peter
I know they lie because they lie about my industry and my political understandingBasil
They are not impartial.Sue
should be got rid ofIAN
Stopped buying papers and stopped watching TV newsIan
Never watch TVNZ News or listen to RNZ as they distort the truth.Judith
Are you kidding me? the news from every source in NZ is so left biased as to be totally unreliable and I hold most journalists in the same contempt as I do politicans.John
Some lies are blatant. Others, probably most, are by omission of information. A govt controlled media narrative must by its essence omit information and facts the govt would find, at one end, uncomfortable, and at the other, intolerable. At that point govt sanctions become necessary, by which media are brought into line or cut loose to fend for themselves. Refer PIJF and conditions applying to its receipt.Warwick
Shocking journalism unbearable crap and why do we have multiple billboards on buildings promoting so called leading journalists.Chris
Very biased; don’t trust them any more than I trust the present Government.Lee
They are racist incompetentsLinda
Consistant lies and articles that put left wing agendas are common – people are openly sick of it and this is why RCR radio and “the Platform” are doing so wellAlvin
absolutely not look at the Heraldrobin
They are definitely not trustworthy!Mike
Take the potential danger from EV’s, fire with poisonous cobalt gas. If I can find this information so can the media, yet they do not report on it.Diana
I have known for a long time ever since the communist approach to journalism became more and more apparent during the reign of Jacinda Adern. A shocking state of affairs for a small democratic country to be infiltrated so easily by the media..Jim
For over fifty decades the state media has been a tool of the Left. Back in the earlier decades they were already manipulating the news to promote their anti-capitalist and anti-Christian worldview. It has only grown worse and worse until it has become rampant now. All vestiges of impartiality are totally removed.duncan
They are liars and deceivers.Mark
What we need are the FACTS, not some journalist’s opinion about the facts nor an expectation of how viewers or readers should interpret those facts. We just want the facts.Bruce
The Russian media under the Poo-Tins control are more balanced and honest than our main-stream mediaAlan
Time and time again they are biased against the major opposition parties. They love to choke them at any opportunity. Blame Labour and the weak selfish CEOs for excepting the bribe money way back when Ardern became leader. TVNZ I avoid them as much as possible. I hope a new government gets into them with a sword. We have witnessed animosity and violence toward them often which says it all. Good on those who got out of there earlier.Owen
The bias of the left-leaning journalists is sickening.Graeme
We have noticed for some time, that a lot of the news & journalist personnel have increasingly been showing a left-wing bias.Ralph & Lauree
They took a page out of the works of Joseph Goebbels when he was minister of propaganda for Nazi Germany. Even though he took himself, his wife, and his children out of the picture in 1945 his methodology lives on in the 21st CenturyJohn
NO. NO. NO. And as a result I don’t read newspapers, watch NewZealand produced programs, and social media is suspect at all times. They are all state funded. Where are the investigative journalists that are capable of presenting both sides of a story?Elizabeth
The NZ news channels are trite entertainment, with very little real news except for perhaps 5 minutes every half hour. When it comes to interviews, the journalists persist on interrupting their guests, so we don’t get a full narrative. I confess that I watch one or two of the morning news breaks, then change to BBC news channel 89 or Al Jazeera.Vic
Absolutely NOTLaurie
No. Not since Jacinda Ardern, a seasoned and qualified spin doctor, created the PIJF – her greatest crime. The ugly genies this released will take some putting back in the bottle if it can be done at all. It will take the combined efforts of Act and NZ First to put the backbone in Luxon in order to undo this dreadful woman’s influence on New Zealand society.David
State-funded media has always been corrupt. People like dogs always favour the hand that feeds them.Catherine
Disgusting is a more appropriate description.Kevin
No, I rate them as one of the most untrustworthy occupations in our country.Fraser
Definitely not. Like nearly all such major developments/changes that society has to endure the operators fueling the engine of change will be sacrificed to make way for the replacement structures/functions. Jim
NZ has a government-suborned media, totally diverted from its integrity-of-purpose to in effect become no more than a strongly leftist public relations vehicle for an ideologically-obsessed, ultra-left-wing, racist government that’s driven by its corrupted management and strongly left-wing-biased journalistic team. This is a combination characteristic of the very worst dictator-dominated societies in which ownership / control of the media is par for the course. All of this is of course indirectly being funded by the taxpayer. It doesn’t just smell – IT STINKS!! The sooner we are rid of this cancer in our midst, this treacherous / traitorous Labour Government, the better .Tony
I haven’t thought so since Jacinda appeared on the scene. Once upon a time I believed what I read or heard in the MSM but now I don’t.Terry
very sad, the bias has become so obvious. This includes other outlets like StuffLindsay
they are a waste time and moneybarry
they should only write up the facts and not make up stories to sell to the public.noel
When you pay the piper, he will sing any tune you want him to.Jacki
The Labour Government paid them to print what they say.William
Your article says it all- extreme left wing, pro-maori at all costs viewpointsBrent
Definitely not, and have not been honest for years. Sadly some people will consider them honest, and are reluctant to believe anything different, even though it affects their standards of living and enjoyment of life/Marga
Prefer to see a level playing field were the State Funding is with drawn.Keith
I worked in media. I was continually dismayed at the lack of balance in the news from the state owned TV channel. The usual questions you would expect from good journalism were so often overlooked. The egos also that began to grow were uncomfortable to see as wellPMC
Was, Not Now!Eric
Absolutely not-aformofcorruptioninitzelfVaughan
Red media is alive and well in new ZealandKerry
They sold themselves to the devil for their 30 pieces of silver. I have no trust whatsoever. Every article screeches biasCarolyn
Wouldn’t trust any of them, they have given ALL journalists a filthy name, al they do is take the state handout and feed the gullible their filthy lies, then stop any arguments from the other side.Laurie
NO, NO and NOAnon
NO, Stopped watching TVNZ/RNZ in more than seven years. Very Liberating. The language is rubbish and content is unbalanced, propaganda in my view.Sam
The MSM have shown they are without scruples or ethics time and time again. They are totally dishonest.Vonne
Very few if any journalists are conducting in-depth research into stories which appear go to air based on what “suits” the mediia narravtiveBarry
I have said for a long time that the independence of journalists and the companies they work for is long gone. They have succumbed to bribes and brainwashing. Journalism should not be called a profession but a media outlet for the left.Robert
It certainly showed in the Ardern years, however since the media are involved with the forthcoming elections things have changed. Whether for the better, we will see.Dennis
RNZ used to be my main source of news, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to its articles. I stopped listening to them about three years agoTony
They have been bought and paid for by this corrupt and incompetent government. Role on 14th OctoberMurray
Not at all trustworthy. Have not read or listened to it for 6 years now.Roy
mostly utter garbagemuzza
The journalism fund was another devious underhand method of this corrupt government controlling the people. I personably have very little regard for media. October 14 can’t come soon enough.Chris
I will not use mainstream media again as a trustworthy source of information. Sources such as Sean Plunket’s The Platform are far more informative. The Treaty, like all historic treaties should scrapped because it is no longer relevant in the modern world. Maori are not indigenous here and should get off their high horse and join the human race.Warren
For a start, it would help if the news media reported only the facts.Paul
Too much reporting is opinion not fact.Liz
I grew up in NZ in the 1940s and 50s listening to the NCBC news and the NZ Herald. I trusted them then, but less so now. One of your better blogs.Brian
They are absolutely not trustworthy news sources.Terry
They have taken the governments bribe money, which is ours through the taxes we pay, and joined the woke mob as the easy way forwardBrian
Can’t believe how bad it’s got Post has a little real news, lots of adverts, lots of copy from around the world papers. Balance?? Don’t make me laugh!Anthony
I gave up buying newspaper and watching TV news long ago. The media have sold their soul to the government. I get what news I want from a variety of overseas sources to get a balanced view. The MSM should hang their heads in shame, they are pathetic.Peter
They’ve been bribed and held to conditionsTony
Definitely not.Murray
Control of the media is the first step to Dictatorship. Try getting a Letter To The Editor published if it is not left wing aligned.Urban
Tv NZ’s news is full of issues which are generally of low importance and international news is scarce. RNZ news bulletins last approx. 3 minutes…and are a complete waste of time If I want well reported news I tune into Al Jazeera.Selwyn
Journalism has always been left leaning but the news was still reported from a mostly unbiased point of view. No longer, they’ve been paid off by the labour govt. to espouse their skewed world view and it shows. No one trusts reporters any longer, they are held at the same level of contempt as the cheating,lying,thieving politicians who have bought them offTrevor
Gave up listening to their rubbish a long time ago.Charles
Untrustworthy,venal ,propagandaistsGeoff
It is not hard these days to listen or watch a live interview from an expert then to look for its convincing evidence on TV1 to find the bias when its presented to the public, treating them as gullible. Likewise IPCC’s own retractions and the truth about the Antarctic (its grown over last 10 years)Maurice
Frequent additionms and omissions relative to breaking news, are clearly observed. Even a story important but not covered is dangerous.fred
Rotten to the core.Tim
They are mouth pieces for Labour Greens Maori Party.Grant
The have both been caught out and their collective jornos are so left they cannot provide an even debate, especially evident with this years elections.Phil
Don’t listen or read their opinions that much, they have ceased reporting and see themselves as Influencers, a very sad state of affairs, no, dangerous.Colleen
No way..so prejudiced to the left..can’t stand listening to or reading most of their articles. We cancelled our Stuff subscription for this very reason.Shirley
No – seeing the word “trustworthy” being used in the same sentence with reference to TVNZ and RNZ would prompt one to either laugh loudly, or throw up!Scott
Never watch TVNZ news or listen to mainstream media – complete propaganda.Dianne
I believe they are trying to manipulate us into becoming part of the hive.Max
I get the feeling that the presenters are going with what they perceive their target audience wants to hear to bolster their popularity. Larger audience=larger pay scaleJeff
It will be interesting to see how this will be dealt with by a new governmentHeather
Just Government an UN propaganda promulgators!Craig
Honest media disappeared many years ago when it became obvious that the corporations had made their decisions to control NZ and all who live here. The lies and deceptions will end when ALL media are removed and replaced with more appropriate trustworthy individuals who value the TRUTH and everything it represents….Bring it on NZ LOYAL..fred
‘No’ a thousand times over.Graeme
IT appears to me that they receive funds from Government to create what news they want which I dont believe.Warren
They have failed us by not telling us the truth!Dominique
Herr Dr Goebells would be ecstatic. However the shot him for all his propoganda.Dick
Media only tell you what they want you to hear.Graham
Very easy to seeRuss
Media refuse to accept that they have been bought and the Indocrination of journalists as individuals is alarming, concerning and very suspicious. We need to get to the core of these teachings of journalists and re learn them to observe the world from both or many sides of a story. With a change of government I hope to see a change in the way journalism snd reporting is implemented allowed to go uncheck. Good investigative journalism is sorely missing. Next to tackle the propaganda of medical professions and NZ medical Council but here lays the problem – media obstruction again!Angela
ain’t it obvoius!Chester
The media have self-destructed!Roger
I do not buy the herald anymore to one sided i can not watch tv 1 or 2 news an only a bit of 3 all to one sided you cant have ying with out out yang a lot of people need to loose jobs !!!peter
Shameless peddlers of left wing propaganda. Jenna Lynch probably the archetypal example.Derek
We get just propaganda, Nazi style from them.bruce
Totally biased reporting and editorial. Never watch or listen to either Tv1 or Rnz.Jeff
I tune in to channels 85 and onwards, particularly the Australian Sky news as we get no real news or current affairs from our bought and paid for children posing as knowledgeable grown ups, when most are dumb bimbos. It’s to be hoped Luxon doesn’t continue with the $55million handout. I’m voting for NZLoyal and Winston.Carolyn
Hell no the news is not worth watching on TV or the papers it%u2019s definitely one sided reporting some of the independent are no betterPeter
Certainly not. As demonstrated time and time again.Rosemary
Too woke, too PC, too full of their won importance, formulating questions to be easy on one party and not others, too eager to give their own opinion instead of just reporting facts and letting the people make conclusions.Murray
Why would we trust the current state? Especially given the $55 million bribe, Labour dished out with strings attached.Geoff
I’m discussed with what the media have been upto and it’s interesting that such a big number of them are left leaning.Peter
Not on your life.Steve
100% untrustworthy stopped watch MSM years ago and far better of for it. More up to date now than before as no need to sift for and dump the dross.Collin
I’ve not watched mainstream news for about 4years and don’t intend to until they drop all the Maori language and report in an unbiased manner.we are a westernised modern democracy.Warren david
We tell all People we meet NOT to turn on any Mainstream Sewage Media and stop themselves being pummeled with pre Effluent. Give all of our, or what’s left of our Brains, a rest !! I trust the Main Sewage Media Outlets realize, by doing what they’re doing, is aiding and abetting a Tresonable Crime. !!Geoff
The NZ media is utterly corrupt and riddled with highly biased wannabe journalists who use their job to push their own perverse agenda and that of their favorite government, yes the same government that has now proven beyond any shadow of doubt that it is both the most corrupt and incompetent government in NZ history. I make a point of getting my news from a wide variety of credible international sources via the Internet, TVNZ’s utterly useless excuse for management couldn’t run a news room if their lives depended on it, they only produce total drivel with few facts, and screeds of government sponsored government propaganda instead of news. TVNZ and Stuff should be utterly ashamed of their dismal excuse for news content. I want facts, not some wannabe excuse for a journalists opinion.Steve
Main Stream Media in NZ have with a very few exceptions become the most dishonest institution in our Country.Ken
They are a disgrace – treasonous even. Watching what has happened here, it is easier to understand the process for any country (and I’m thinking of Germany in the late 1930’s) could be led down a disastrous route to failure.Roy
I no longer watch TV news or listen to the radio news. I source all my news from alternate sources. NZ news media is corrupt and definitely a propaganda arm of the leftist lies and Maori treaty rubbish. One can’t believe a word that comes out of one reporter now days.Barry
I haven’t watched mainstream TV for 6 years. Too much lefty propaganda.steph
I don’t believe any of them now and I stopped my subscription of the NZ HeraldRay
we have no comparative reasoning to make our mind s up with.leigh
Much social media is rubbish but many items are genuine news that msm fails to acknowledge or refers to as misinformation. MSM is not trustworthy!Bruce
And they won’t changeIan
definitely notOwen
Don’t watch any more. Not for a while now.Charlotte
It beggars belief that the majority of the NZ population can’t comprehend the truth but would prefer to accept blatant lies. We have had to suffer 6 years of abuse from an idealistic government that doesn’t care a dot for the people that they are supposed to look after and do right by. Ardern leapt off the boat just before it sunk. Another intellectual twit. Please stay in the USA. We don’t need selfish idealism in this country.Tony
Not at all. As always, they just follow the main party leaders around like lap dogs in the election buildup. They consciously report on a basis of exclusion rather than balanced inclusion. Can Sky News Australia please open a portal here in NZ?Bruce
too much opinion and little facts on balanced reportingSean
Had they debated issues and held people to account we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.Lindy
of coursemark
A left bias has been maintained over the past 6 yearsMark
Definitely not. They are just puppets for this current govt whom have paid them off. Bribery use to be a crime, but this Labour govt seems to get away with it. I now get news from Newstalk ZB the only one I trust . No longer watch TV news, weather due to Maori language complicating my needs.Allan M
It’s not what I believe. It’s what I KNOW!Mike
a bit biased, and not enough depthDiane
They are biased crooks and I don’t believe a word that they print or what that comes out if their mouths. They are the river of filth.Teresa
Most emphatically not.Kevin
When it suits!Wiremu
Absolutely sold out.Joe
No way. They are biased towards a woke view.David
It is most definitely propaganda we are fed. Likely never to be trusted again on critical issues of health and well-being.Diane
Most news items are left leaningJerry
Clearly biased shown by choice of adjectives, emotive descriptions and interpreting rather than rrportingGraeme
Not at all loaded with corruption and manipulationrichard
The print media get plenty of state funding for the so called public interest stories which are all strongly left biased. The fluffy tailed journalists of today are hell bent in making the news rather than reporting the facts. God defend New Zealand.Bruce
No one is going to “bite the hand that feeds them” I also believe reporters are genuinely scared of the consequences of revealing the truth lest they be tainted with the racist labelCath
Journalism used to be a profession with clear lines between accurate factual news reporting and opinion based editorial commentary. Sadly it’s all gone out the window and opininated biased reporting is rife. Some so called journalist’s work are not worth reading. Sad.Greg
Far too biased on their personal opinionGaye
But not because they “are Left wing”. They are not. They like the fun of a contest, and have swung the election Right-wards for months, and continue do do so, assuming National/ACT will win and that Labour is a goner. The sentiment has power.. The “debates” are Mederator show-off fests. We do not hear any of the candidates fairly. And $8m to $1m [plus ACT $4m] makes a mockery of “democracy”. National especially and ACT advertising is everywhere – boards, newspapers etc.Rochelle
No wayAnthony
they are more like politicians instead of reporters!Nick
As well stated, reporting should be neutral and factual . The need for reporters to have a degree is questionable. We all have beliefs as to how our country should be governed and the laws required for a stable and safe society. There are those who believe the country’s wealth should be equally shared whether they work or not and those who believe you are rewarded for the efforts you contribute and a stable society. Somehow a balance between the two means a stable population The last nine or more years our media has had a love affair with the left and have turned a blind eye to what most New Zealander see as fair and balanced and thus have a lot to answer for. Perhaps they need to declare their political leaning when reporting on political issues. We all have views and with social media these views are spread quickly even although most are flippant and without much substance. God forbid we go the American way.ALan
Law of inverse consequences applies. Whatever they report the opposite is likely the truthPeter
Sadly, no.Andy
The mainstream media organisations are nothing but (socialist) government propaganda units.Francis
IMHO they are heavily biased in favour of the left. They should be unbiased but are anything but.gavin
When I do find balanced factual reporting presenting both sides of an argument, I note it to myself with surprise – “how unusual, these days !” It seems to most often occur in reporting local body news by regional reporters.Peter
Because they do not provide detail on alternativesJohn
Absolutely Not!steve
…far from it – MSM now act as an arm of Govt. We have lost the fourth estate in NZ (and most of the western world) hence the dramatic shift to alternative media’outletsMark
Very biased.Iain
NO, TVNZ does not employ journalists, they prefer auto cue readers who are then celebrities who become “much loved” NZ icon’s (vomit) Radio NZ is slightly better but not much, we will miss Kim HillRobert
Some of RNZ conversations are enlightening when not politics…which is easy to ignore and what is garbage. Yes, the use of the maori language is an insult . What can you do ? Leave this politcally damaged country.Chris
They are led along by this current, lying governmentPaul
I no longer watch or listen to MSM. Nothing but propaganda.Murray
They are NOT true, fair or accurate, as required by their own rules. They fail all the time and the Media Council just slap their wrists!!RICHard
Ethics is a rarely acknowledged attribute in jourbalism.Barry
They haben’t been for a long time, but the current government has made it so much worse.Mike
It is totally biased far left of reality.shaun
If they can’t survive using their own resources, then they shouldn’t exist.Ted
They are just pushing Govt Propaganda all the time.colin
They are beholdered to the govt who gave them the $55 million. The fact they are using Maori words too often in TV and press also suggests that. Why did not journalist question changing govt dept names to Maori and putting the Maori names on top of the English ones,Frank
News items seem mostly to amount to mal- or dis-information. Which would at least be watchable as comedy were it not for strong ‘turn-off’ factor of the presentation of such being peppered as it is by indecipherable Maori nonsense and dreary repetition of Arty-rower.Tony
NZ MSM have rapidly become a nest of Marxist ideology, and its promotion as factual NEWS.Bob
They are very good at miss quoting peopleGraeme
Virtually all of NZ media is controlled by the current woke Communist government.Ken
Absolutely biasedJanet
Journalists in this country are a bloody disgrace and must be held to account..David
News per say fails to exist. Mostly about Maori or Pacifica virtually overseas news is non existent and they keep pushing the left narrative. Have friends that only have access to TV1 and 3 and still believe that that woman saved their lives – unbelievableClaire
With a govt slush fund how cany they avoid the bribery?Kevin
Leftward bias is nauseating.Tony
I have stopped listening, reading and viewing news broadcasts.Howard
I have seen many instances where the facts contradict the news reports and a strong bias is evident in many other cases.Harvey
They have been seduced by the looney left Labour/Greens. We saw the worst when Adern was the PM.Bruce
I stopped taking notice of the left wing bias of government controlled media years ago. The new government should disband taxpayer funded news outlets as being permantly biased and close them as a threat to democracy.Rex
Havent read a paper or watched state news for years. Totally untrustworthy and biased.Gail
Why is it that no one has exposed the ‘deep state’ created by Helen Clark. That one of the TV news editors was blatantly pro-Labour was very apparent. As an aside, the dodgy English grammar and pronunciation used by some of the journalists is a disgrace coming from people who claim to be ‘professiona.’Martin
How can one trust the media to report objectively when reporters like Simon Wilson of the NZ Herald and Tova Obrien of Stuff , and others in the media, are in effect Labour Party Proagandaists.Ted
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! The whole media have become racist & politically biased! All the fault of Jacinda Ardern & her communist leanings!!Ron
They have been influenced by the Labour Government.David
I have seen the evidence many times where the reports are completely contradicted by the facts. The bias is plain in many other cases.Harvey
All socialistsPeter
Need retrainingAlbyn
$50,000,000 doesn’t help journalists remain neutral.Jennifer
Its a shame , it JUSED to be a easy way of knowing what was happening . NOW its laughable . STRIP JUcinda of any knighthood , send Faulci to jail where he belongsRoger
Along with a vast majority of other news media.Carl
Very obvious if you listen to or watch their programmes. In fact RNZ Morning Report is going down the toilet with reporting skills now at an all time low.John
Their views are coloured by the $ sign. If they dont toe the line = no funds. The views therefore are coloured by what the Labour Govt. wants them to print. BIASED REPORTINGRobyn
Why cant jurnos be truthful. Unless they are being paid off. They gain no benefit from what they scribe.. As the old saying goes “The truth will set you free” and also stress the public less by their deliberate lies. mh.mike
They should be disbanded or at the very least have a massive purge of their incumbent socialist schills. Both are nothing more than propagandists for the toxic left and have zero credibility.John
Nowhere near.Sheila
“He (i.e., the government) who pays the piper calls the tune”. The PIJF is a cunning buy-out of the media by the Labour government under guise of the lockdowns. We deserve a news media which is impartial and investigatory without political or cultural bias.Laurence
absolutely not , just like PutinRob
Absollutely NOT, the greatest source of mis/disinformationchristine
They are shamefully dishonest and too many queers amongst themPeter
Biased content. I no longer watch or listen to either.Kim
Furthermore, they should both be sold off to private enterprise with the proceeds used to fund the Arts via an Investment fund set up in perpetuity.Gary
After threatening to cancel my herald subscription for several years! I finally decided enough is enough and, have finally done it and told them that they had turned a great newspaper into a Socialist Rag!Barry
A Government that gives $55m to the media to get the Government’s message across doesn’t bode well for democracy.Ross
Nothing more than government propaganda mouthpiecesFrank
Since the $55 million media handout 6 years ago, the RED Radio and TV reporting has been so biased.JOn
Too biased.Eleanor
Absolutely not. I’m also very annoyed at the amount of Maori spoken on the media. Obviously a sop to Willy Jackson. Enough is enough. Bring on a new government with ethics and an understanding that the majority language of NZ is English.Laura
Don’t believe anything the government or media say. Haven’t watched the news for a coue of years now. I source my own truth from honest people most of whom have been trashed by govt and media. What a corrupt society we live in.Kath
It will take a long time for trust to recover. I suspect most media organisations will have gone bankrupt without willing customers or government handouts before then.Kenneth
Absolutely not … almost to the point of believing the opposite of what they are telling us.Jaedra
Bought by the left wing govt. Indoctrinated when completing their journalist course.Ann
Too biased for accurate report on politics.Clive
They are biased in favour of the government.Josie
State funded propaganda.Mark
Unrealistic socialists!Bruce
the mainstream media are entirely captured by the failed socialist agendas they learned at universities, and by the government whose propaganda they slavishly spew on a daily basis.Baden
I finally had enough of stuff and cancelled my subscription after yesterdays vile reporting by jody ocallhan. I had been pushed close to it before but this was the last straw for me. I will not return even if they fix their problems.Antoni
They are just part of the Labour govt campaign teamVaughan
No – especially with the ever-increasing use of Te Reo/Maori words that haven’t been in common usage.William
Always treat them with suspicion.Graham
all media edit out the news they don’t want us to see/hear/read.Sarah
They are but conduit messenger of the stateHugh
MSN is hopeless and downright dangerousJohn
They are leftie SHILLS!James
The have completely abrogated their responsibilities as members of the fourth Estate, and are now no more than the propaganda wing of left wing political parties.Bob
Political bias and lack of context has long been blatantly obvious to myself, no I do not trust everything I read or hear from mainstream media….they have sold their souls.Roy
I don’t think I can believe anything the media has to print or say these days apart from the Score in Sports games,share market prices and maybe the weather.Frank
They have been bought out by the government to do their idiot ideology theoriesGareth
Ardern and her Marxist gang, bought and paid for, the media, before they came to power. She then said: Her government was the sole source of political truth, as quoted in ‘Brave new world’/1984,both are now the new normal!David
So much ‘left’ bias, it’s despicable.. The interviews with Labour/Greens is notably sympathetic while the other side is negative. And then there’s the selection of subjects. Recent example…no medai at Napier ACT road show.Adrian
Bought and paid for by Liebour. How close to communism can you actually get when the media are mere puppets of the Government propaganda machine, and informed / balanced presentations of what is newsworthy are thrown out the window?Rob
It’s corrupt communismGreg
I cant be bothered listening to talk back radio or reading the new papers. anymoretony
They are most untrustworthy by omission, more than anything elsePeter
Bought and Biasedkabe
Sad reflection on such a divisive government. They will be remembered as the worst in NZ history. Bet they wont teach that is schools either!Mike
payed lyersRod
Their bias has become even more obvious in the last two yearsKirke
A dream would be all journalists are like Switzerland, neutral! I did say ‘a dream’.Sharron
A good example of untrustworthy news occurred a few mornings back on the Mike Hosking Breakfast programmeNeville
He who pays the piper calls the tune!Rob
I have been commenting for some time that the news media are left wing biased. news media people need to rethink their core values to report the news honestly and without bias. No wonder the public have lost trust in them.Allan
they have virtually ALL been bought and paid for by the PIJFMike
Media needs to be defunded. The government should not fund ANY media. This just makes them carriers of government propaganda.Christine
That lying , devious lot called ‘journalists are nothing but a bunch of bottom feeders instrumental to the global neo marxist cause. Goebbels in the late 1920’s already realized the power of controlling mass media ( then radio broadcast and print press). And there is no difference what the Covid Queen did with this so called ‘public interest fund’. I wish this pack of minions would be de funded by the incoming new government but I am not so sure whether they will not keep on funding these media parasites to their own ends.Michael
It’s Really Easy to see the News on TV 1& 3 Plus the All MSM is definitely Hard to Meddle Left . If they where not they wouldn’t have a Job with this Government .Michael Andrew
It’s been very obvious that most reporters, journalists TV presenters and many others in such positions, think they can impose their views on us, the general public. Preachy, arrogant and disturbingly biased. I have no time for them.Maria
Far too much Bias!Cyril
We need an independent Ombudsman to set new standards and ensure independent and unbiased commentary is delivered to us all across NZ.david
The answer to that question is so obvious I am surprised it was even asked.Murray
There is only petty sensationalism, and no connectivity to what’s real and what matters.Jim
Not at all! We stopped watching TV1 and listening to RNZ about 3 years ago. The propaganda was just too obvious.Trevor
Absolutely not ,the most unprofessional bunch of bottom feeding parasites ,that call them selves nonbiased . What sort of scum would happily the Toothfairys 30 peices of silver to accept her bribe . Surely this blatant form of left wing agenda should be deemed not only scandalous but also morally wrong . Hit them where it hurts ,stop buying any /all Stuff products ie the Press and TV Guide .Hopefully the new government will introduce legislation to make any form of bribery illegale and make sure it never raises its treasonous head again .Ray
Everyone knows, that TVNZ,RNZ, ARE controlled PROPAGANDA sources for controlled media, that support the narrative calleds POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!David
The biase is obvious and deliberate.Terry
So biased towards the current administration being labour greens and the Maori party I have stopped watching the news as it’s totally undemocratic Hopefully if the government changes they sack the lot of themDianne
During the so called pandemic we were lied to continuously by all gov funded news medias .Steve
I would take with a grain of salt what is reported in both of these outlets. If they leant over any further left they would be lying flat. 1% and even that is probably being generous of their reported news would be unbiased. A waste of time reading or listening to any of their posts.Allan
Totally biased to Govt and Govt agenda. Not impartial and eager to run down opposition. Media do not ask similar baiting questions of Govt or Ministers. It makes me wild. Fortunately we have the ZB Network!John
In 60 years of watching news and politics l have never seen such bias as in the last 6 years .The media are merely a mouthpiece for left wing politiciansPeter
Havent been for a long time. I dont watch or listen to the legacy news any moreBeverley
NO, not at all. They have their feet in the $M55 Labour trough and are just Labour Puppets. I just change channels or switch off if I am unfortunate enough to be confronted by one of these individuals who are so patently left wing and has a “holier than thou” attitude. They don’t seem to understand how ridiculous they are when they are pontificating their nonsense.Don
Definitely not. I have had a guts full. And how can Aderne hold her head up when she returns to New Zealand? Shameful silly person.Elizabeth
You referenced the source of the problem in your article. Tertiary education was captured by left wing radicals in the 70s and 80s, and ever since has been producing so called “professionals” indoctrinated to politicize every aspect of society with socialist agendas. The problem starts in the Universities and Polytecs, and Im afraid it wont be solved until they are forced to be the open, questioning places they once were.Davidf
The biased crap the mainstream media dish up is contributing to the social and fiscal decline in New Zealand Most frustratingjohn
Not on your NellyAlan
Not only are they untrustworthy, a lot of what is uttered in incomprehensible to most Kiwis.Ted
they do not investigate to find the real truth of issues, and are weighted in their views and approach to be pro-LabourDavid
They spread Labour Party false news, can’t be trusted. I won’t watch TVNZ. or listen to RNZ again.Valerie
I think the government is controlling the media. Kim
NO corporate media news outlet can be trusted, for the very reason that it is owned and controlled by a corporation. The ‘state’ is a corporation.neil
The press has now become the news instead of reporting itTony
30 years ago my opinion on real estate matters was regularly sought by journalists who appreciated my honesty and when I once asked a journalist to report with a degree on advocacy I was told that was not their role and they only reported the facts. Sadly I have noticed the drift away from this which has become much more pronounced during the last 6 years.mark
Total left wing biasHylton
They are allowing the labour government a conduit to the public by printing untruths.Murray
And no longer watch their news programs.Gerry
totally biased especially on issues involvimg climate changeKeith
And the whole problem is they are STATE FUNDED! You just need the wrong government – ergo LABOUR, and you have propaganda not news! The only way to weed out the cancer that has corrupted the MSM in NZ is to cut off funding and make these organisations provide what the public wants…. or go under. That should be a priority for an ACT/National coalition but nobody is even talking about it.Derek
Media a skewed towards Maori. It almost seems like it’s mandated to include Maori in everything.Kevin
They are agents of the socialist state and if it continues should have funding removed.john
Seldom watch the TV news now as don’t trust it.Lucy
Definitely not trustworthy. They simply and obviously follow the money trail and mislead our fellow NEW ZEALANDERS.Brian
TVNZ News – is so blatantly pushing the Labour Party & snide remarks are thrown at the National and Act parties – at least its clearly propagandaPeter
Today’s media is bias towards the state narrative and nolonger presents a balanced viewJennifer
They are so biased and sycophantic it makes me puke.Mike
Brain washing mouth of the governmentRaewyn
Much-McKay proved this when she led the so call leader’s debate on TVNZ1. Her control of the childish Hipkins was appalling and showed her political bias quite clearly.Alastair
They are the primary propaganda arms of a socialist regime.Paul
Watch River of Freedom and you know why mainstream media is no longer trustworthy.Peter
No .It is those who control the stated organizations who are the problem.gale
If the MSM told me that grass was green, I’d still want to look out the window to check for myself. That’s how much trust I hold in MSM.Brent
Very biased reportingCatherine
No, and the editing is terrible.Kate
Its human nature not to bite the hand that feeds it, so by funding the Press Labour have corrupted the medias function of being the the watchdog of the public & holding the government to task.John
liars and socialistsdonald
Thank you Karl for standing up and shouting about this well done I sayRobert
They are all or almost ll too bias to the leftGilly
A sound democracy requires an unbiased objective MSM. NZ does not have this.John
State based media are trying to influence the political agenda instead of reporting it. Commercial media – in particular TV – are blatantly biased and are offensive in their approach to National politicians while gush with adoration at the PM eating a sausage role, lying about school lunches or his Cabinet Ministers fabrication lies about National ideas.Robert
Maorified beyond all recognition.Ken
They have become Labour Green TePati activistswilly
As per NZCPR disatation!David
We have very few genuine investigative journalists in this country. The rest merely regurgitate what they are fed or copy from other sources.Peter
I have for a few years been aware of definite bias noticeable in our media. I once emailed R NZ to comment on bias in a subject they were debating only to get a very frosty reply from a John (name) very indignant that I would even think such a thing Since Covid and Jacinda Arderns first address to NZ I have never watched a NZ news channel and unfortunately even our newspapers don’t reflect all of the NZ public’s ideas or interests. I read my news online and fossick around several sources of news to really find out what is what I go onLorraine
TVNZ is unrecognisable from 20 years ago,never ever thought I would see the day that our once trusted national broadcaster could end up like it is nowKevin
Fantastic articles. Must reads.John
The media sold it’s credibility by accepting money from a corrupt and lying government. The Ardern / Hipkins government should be shown the back door!Dennis
Current NZ journalist are also responsible for the current state of chaos in NZ. The NZ public do not trust journalists anymore – refer leaders debate and the way it was conducted. God save NZ.Mike
not since they don’t report both sides equally.Chris
The majority of journalists in NZ’s mainstream media are left leaning and have been bought out by the 55mil public interest journalism fund.Bruno
They are lying scumbags, I don’t trust them or the corrupt government one iota.David
Given up The PressBryan
Political bias is often too obvious As personal celebrity opinionand populist trends outweighs fact.Max
These are the guys who have only fuelled racism in this country with all their leftist agendas. It needs to stop and honest journalism to returnChris
Stopped watching because of the biasJeremy
Neither is Newshub. All mainstream media are heavily slanted to the leftlindsay
With a few exceptions, Leighton Smith, Karl du Fresne etc, I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. In fact, any opinions they come up with, I immediately disbelieve them. They have absolutely no idea of our true history and continue to push the great big lie we are living under and which is destroying our democracy.Helen
Severely lacking in credibilityWayno
Viewed with the Left eye onlyBryan
I get my news from alternative sources. Mainstream media are too biased to take seriously.Jenny
A good journalist must be fair, accurate and objective, They must report the news, not create it. The current crop have been paid to do otherwise.Neville
Far too much poorly based opinion and not enough verifiable facts.Bruce
They have clearly been sub or Ed by Government funding and surrendered their Purpose , objectivity and integrity. They have become Government lackeys and leftist rags.Hugh
A total pack of liars owned and controlled by Global Elites. Who owns Newshub? check it out.. they are nothing but propaganda machines.Peter
They are unproffessional and opinunated to the point of printing dis-information.mark
No longer journalism. Just have to look at what journalists are taught today. Gone are the day of reporting the facts, or the truth. Don’t watch TV or read the news paper. If something really important happens that I need to know about, someone will soon tell me. I follow (trusted by my judgement) news sites. Just an aside, if you want sone truth not to be found in the MSM, buy a copy of the nz journal of Natural Medicine, latest is issue 49Neil
Absolutely biased and promoting government policiesPeter
Purveyors of patently biased, unrealistic and racially divisive rubbish. Their executives need to spend months in harsh retraining camps.Jim
Absolutely not, it is incredible how corrupt, incompetent and disingenuous they have become in the name of good story, it is a very sad indictment on their profession nowadays.Robin
Absolutely not – all state-owned media should be sold. Why should the state own any news outlets?Roger
And I’ve watched, nor listened, to either entity for 4 years!Michael
When they stop being “Leftist” and “Govt controlled puppets” we MIGHT get some unbiased reporting. BUT that means we need a whole new bunch of journalist with actual journalistic neutral ethics. Sadly I don’t think that will be any time soon.Rita
If not all, nearly all, are propaganda machines for a left-wing totalitarian governent that are dishing out a false dumbed-down narrative that distracts from what people really need to be focussing their attention on.Wayne
NZ news is partisan, parochial and always from the perspective of the politically-correct far left.John
Love your article! Spot on as always. Keep exposing the Labour rot and lies!!Susie
ought and paid for by using taxpayer money by Labour/Greens and Blackrock.Max
Scorn-piracy Terrorists (MSM) vs Conspiracy TheoristsRobert
Add to that Stuff reporting, it is very biased as well.Ross
so far from trustworthy, it’s hard to describe!Giles
I think the people of New Zealand are rapidly becoming aware of a group who are hijacking New Zealand. Who are the Maori’s anyway? we can all call ourselves Maori’s.ian
I just do not listen to MSM .Rod
Defiantly not. How come the media do not investigate Mahootas clan still receiving massive salaries re The Three Waters scam? Plus many more goings on that Liebour have implemented in their destruction of New Zealand’s tenure.Wayne
Not any more. Newstalk ZB, Sky News Australia and Kiwiblog are our sources of truth for news.Darryl
a big fat noooonev kath
Dont belirve a word of public media . News is not news just Government funded propagandaDon
And as a consequence I do not use them at all nowGeoff
I no long watch or listen to them as I regards them as Labour/Green/Maori Party mouth pieces for the last four years.Brenton
Nearly all NZ media ae coming across as left wing and biased. This obvious in the case of climate change and poitics. Like the climate change ‘hoax’ and 3 waters it goes back as noted to trianing. Too much university training instead of ‘on the job’ has dumbed down today’s reporters (II dont’ call them journalists). They are subject to the lef leanining views of universty staff. I am aware of at leas one theseis on climate change wihich dared to express a ‘contrary’ view being nearly failed. I was reexamined by aninternationall renowned outside scientist who said it just narrowly missed bein the top grade.Layor
they are a disgrace to what used to be the jealously guarded virtue of ‘the 4th estate’ impartiality and reporting the real truthdave
No. I very rarely watch anything on TVNZ or TV3 unless I record it and cut out the adverts. I used to look forward to TV news but have not watched it for 5 years. It is no wonder that they are laying staff off because of declining revenue from advertisers.Neil
They are too bias Just look at the Possie Parker debarkelGordon
No way, they haven’t been for a long time. And they wonder why their ratings are dropping!Janine
The facts are showing in the current opinion articles by obviously the politically allignedrob
How can you be when public interest journalism and govt funding models fasten you to the govt tit – horribleSkarlett
Where is the objective coverage of the excess death rate following covid vaccination, in the state funded media?Rod
They are pro-governmentGavin
Too many journalists are incapable of coming up with original thought – its almost like they are affected by political dogma. Probably has a lot to do with their own socialist agendas. They say “How do you know when a politician is lying – Their lips are moving.” Perhaps this applies to journo’s as wellsteve
Bought & paid forSheena
I don’t watch any news on TV and don’t read any news from NZ media outlets.Martin
I read widely both from NZ and other sourcesLee
Sycophants are incapable of exploring contrary viewpointsalan
They merely do labour’s bidding ing spreading the Maoris are superior mantra when in fact,most know the truth.Peter
Blatant left-wing bias – brought and paid for.Mike
Government’s prime cheerleaders. Neither watch nor listen to either due bias. Opinion peddlers rather than issue or fact reporters.Raymond
Their approach towards the truth is unbelievable.why can’t people see the truth.David
Its all left leaningPru
Never listen or view either anymore. Both total rubbish.don
It is widely known they have been bought off and so, I ignore what they have to say. Even at the best of times, it’s pretty weak journalism anyway.Grahame
The PIJF came with too many conditions to allow those that received it to be independent of the stateChristopher
I stopped watching, listening or reading Mainstream media nearly 10 years ago. It started with simply poor quality but has morphed into absolute propagandaAlastair
The media has been appalling since Labour was elected – except for Newstalk ZB and Leighton Smith. The rest were under their influence big time and they let NZ down. Well done to the alternative media though – they have stepped up to keep us informed.Paul
Jacinda Ardern only became PM because of the media. They have had a huge influence on NZ politics, mostly because of the huge left-wing bias. Those figures from the journalists say it all – it is why NZ politics is stuffed. Anthony
Shocking bias in the media. Surely there must be some way to balance things out. Where is NZ’s equivalent of the Aussie’s Sky News when we need it!Judy
I stopped listening to Radio NZ when they started forcing the Maori language onto listeners. I have never gone back.Ben
The public interest journalism fund was a scandal. How the heck did Labour get away with bribing the media like that??Larry