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United Nations Agenda 2030

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Last year Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the guest speaker at a private gathering in New York hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates.

She told the audience that under her administration New Zealand had taken a lead and embedded the United Nations Agenda 2030 into our legal and regulatory framework:

“…my Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions… I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale…”

The event was arranged by Goalkeepers, an organisation set up by the Gates Foundation in 2017 to accelerate progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

In her glowing introduction of Jacinda Ardern, Melinda Gates told the audience that our Prime Minister “has released an international human rights plan in which New Zealand promises to take the lead on, among other things, gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.”

She described our PM as “a true international leader who understands that the future of the world depends on eliminating inequality.”  

It’s a shame Jacinda Ardern was not so upfront with New Zealanders when she decided to take the country down this experimental Agenda 2030 path. Most Kiwis would be completely unaware that not only have we adopted UN doctrine, but we are also apparently leading the world in gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.

While the Ardern Government has not hidden the fact that it is committed to implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, they most certainly have not been open and transparent about the agenda that underpins those goals – nor the policy implications of “eliminating inequality”.

Agenda 2030 featured in the 2017 Confidence and Supply Agreement between the Labour Party and the Greens – although not by name. Instead, the parties made a commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that underpin Agenda 2030:

“The Green Party supports a transformative Government which implements the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In this parliamentary term, the Green Party has a number of priorities to progress the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Labour-led Government shares and will support these priorities.”

And that is the path the Labour-led Government has taken the country over the last three years.

While this has led to Jacinda Ardern becoming the poster child for Agenda 2030 – the UN’s blueprint for modern socialism – New Zealanders have remained largely unaware that we are being used as a guinea pig in an international socialist experiment.  

In a speech to the International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York in 2018, the Prime Minister signalled her intention to lead the world by fully incorporating the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into domestic affairs: “we have decided to try something no other country has done before and embed indicators like the SDGs into everything we do”.

She said her Government would no longer rely on traditional measures of progress such as ‘economic growth’, but would instead introduce new experimental indicators: “…we are establishing brand new measures of national achievement that go beyond growth… We have created a tool called the Living Standards Framework. It puts the notion of sustainable intergenerational wellbeing at the centre of the different decision making processes we have – policy advice, government expenditure and long term management of our assets.

“Our Statistics department is working on an ambitious project called Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand that aims to create a comprehensive set of indicators across the different dimensions of the current and future wellbeing of New Zealanders; economic, cultural, social and environmental.

“These new tools will help us deliver, and monitor the delivery of goals like the SDGs. Our first test of this new approach will be early next year. That’s when we will deliver our first budget using these new measures, and new approach. We’ve called it the well-being budget, and it will unashamedly look to invest in generational change…”

Just before the 2019 ‘wellbeing’ Budget was delivered, the Prime Minister explained to a Business New Zealand audience what the Government’s new approach entailed: “while economic growth is important – and something we will continue to pursue – it alone does not guarantee improvements to New Zealanders’ living standards… My hope is that this year, with the new Wellbeing Budget, you’ll see us setting a strong foundation for both our country and our people.”

The mainstream media doesn’t appear to have made much of Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to Agenda 2030, but that’s not surprising given their lack of balance.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Dr Oliver Hartwich, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Initiative, describes how difficult it is becoming in this country to speak out openly – especially against the government:

“Our small population size has fostered a social conformity that makes it hard to speak one’s mind. With two-degrees-of-separation, you cannot afford to burn bridges.

“Most of us no longer dare question if it is grounded in reality and anyone who does is called unpatriotic and petty. So, at the risk of being torn to pieces, let me do it anyway.”

Dr Hartwich is especially critical of policy failures relating to housing. As he says, if there is one thing New Zealand is not short of it is space for building houses. Yet the high cost of sections in New Zealand, combined with overly bureaucratic planning laws and excessive building regulations, have led to a housing market that is “the most expensive in the developed world”.

The lack of affordable housing has become such a scandal over the years, that successive governments have prioritised fixing it. But to little avail, so entrenched is the ideological framework that created the problem in the first place.

The housing crisis has its roots in the forerunner of Agenda 2030, the United Nations’ Agenda 21, which for over 20 years, heavily influenced private property rights in New Zealand. ‘Smart growth’ policies designed to prevent ‘urban sprawl’ have been imposed by council planners up and down the country, resulting in a severe shortage of land for housing. The effect is plain to see – higher section prices that have contributed to the current housing affordability crisis.

Agenda 21, with origins dating back to the first Earth Summit in Sweden in 1972, was established by the United Nations in 1992. Based on the notion that humans are destroying the planet, it seeks to control our lives using the benign-sounding but far reaching policy mechanism of “sustainable development” – meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.

In 2015, when the UN updated Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030, they highlighted 17 sustainable development goals to control every aspect of our lives. From an end to poverty, to the intensification of cities, and the elimination of inequality, the UN has mapped it all out.

The following summary of the Agenda 2030 goals from the UN website doesn’t do justice to the complexity of the restrictions being proposed – full details can be found HERE:

– Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms
– Goal 2. End hunger and promote sustainable agriculture
– Goal 3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages
– Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education
– Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
– Goal 6. Ensure sustainable management of water and sanitation
– Goal 7. Ensure access to sustainable energy
– Goal 8. Promote sustainable economic growth and decent work for all
– Goal 9. Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization
– Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries
– Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements sustainable
– Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
– Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change
– Goal 14. Sustainably use the oceans
– Goal 15. Promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss
– Goal 16. Promote inclusive societies and institutions for sustainable development
– Goal 17. Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development

The UN’s concept was big and bold – they wanted change that would require all sectors of society to mobilise for a decade of action: “to secure greater leadership, more resources… embedding the needed transitions in the policies, budgets, institutions and regulatory frameworks of governments, cities and local authorities… and people action, including by youth, civil society, the media, the private sector, unions, academia and other stakeholders, to generate an unstoppable movement pushing for the required transformations.”

Central to Agenda 2030, and justifying the need for ‘urgent’ action, is the “climate emergency”. It is being used to claim that humanity is destroying the planet, and to justify more regulation and control. That’s why every wildfire, drought, flood, or storm is touted as ‘evidence’ that a global warming Armageddon is just around the corner – and only avoidable if nations take action to implement the UN’s goals, including a significant redistribution of wealth from rich to poor nations.

In reality, this is the new face of socialism – first, Agenda 21. Now its Agenda 2030. Next it will be “Agenda 2050”. It will never stop because “equality” will never be equal enough for new age socialists like Jacinda Ardern.

While old school socialism pitted the working class against the ruling class – with an underlying premise that the rich were getting richer by exploiting the poor – socialism has now morphed into a struggle for equality. The underlying premise nowadays is that it’s fair to take from those who have, to give to those who have not.

It’s developed into an obsession over wealth equality, instead of the most important principle of all – equality of opportunity.   

It’s an issue that is now dividing nations. But the difference between New Zealand and most other counties is that here, there is no open debate. We are being transformed into a socialist state, but without full disclosure by the politicians driving this radical change.

There has been no effective media inquiry about these developments, nor has there been any effective scrutiny from opposition politicians.

As a result, as Dr Hartwich notes, it has become increasingly difficult to freely debate these issues – especially now the media has become so openly biased to the left. In fact it’s a tragedy for our society that the Fourth Estate, that used to stand as a guardian of the truth, has now become part of the problem, with so many in the media crossing the line from critical analysis and reporting facts, into political advocacy.

In light of the present-day scarcity of balanced views, it is indeed ironic that while our access to information has never been easier than it is now, access to the truth has never been harder.

Let’s make no mistake that behind the smiles, sits the most radical socialist government in our history, with a Prime Minister intent on embedding the objectives of the world’s most socialist organisation into our policy and legislative framework.

To fight back, we have to start calling out socialism for what it is – but to call it out we first have to lift the veil and expose what is happening.

Next, we have to decide whether we want to become a socialist society that takes from those who achieve to give to those who don’t – or whether our ambition is for New Zealand to be an opportunity society, where everyone has the chance to better themselves and their families.

In other words, should New Zealand go down the path to socialism based on the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, or should we respect people’s individualism and freedom, and ensure they are given the opportunity to get ahead?

If it is the latter, then we collectively have a lot of standing up and speaking out to do before the next election!

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Let’s stop pussyfooting around and call it what it is… socialism is just a more palatable word for communism or Marxism. Name me one country where communism has brought anything but sustained misery to its citizens. It’s been said that the only difference between socialism and communism is how you get there : socialism is achieved by voting it in while communism is achieved by force (the means of one is suicide, the means of the other is murder; but the ends of both are the same) What concerns me is that they say you only vote for socialism once – because once they are in they change all the laws and suppress any dissent. NZ voted comrade Jacinda in by a landslide and already commentary has turned to needing longer election cycles. Very worrying indeed. Jenny
equal opportunities are available to all who wish to use them . People need to get up and work for what they want not expect the country to provide. wendy
Absolutely not Jenny
She enters into international deals without consultation with the people Kebin
Who will bother to work hard to excel and do well in life if the “system” is going to steal it and redistribute to those who make little effort and “cruise” through life? The end result of this is that the overall standard of living for all will fall, some much more than others. (Generalising of course). Roy
Get it out on the table for vigorous debate. The media and leading citizens from both left & right need to share the issues so we can understand them – not just Jacinda Doug
Definitely not! Nina
I believe our freedom is being eroded Loretta
Socialism has never worked and never will. We are not dealing with sheep but dealing with intelligent aspirational human beings. Albert
I’m not into communism thank you! Angela
Definitely not I don’t want New Zealand moving further towards becoming a Stalinist state, it is madness in America right now this just highlights what we need to stay away from Jeffrey
NO our Government has deceitfully implemented many changes that are abhorrent for New Zealanders and future generations Wendy
Hell no the UN has no right to impose anything into any sovereign countries laws. Bazza
It will be a disaster! Cyril
Equal opportunity not equality. Paul
I do not support a model of society where the theft would be legal and the hard working citizens and their families would not be entitled to enjoy what they earned by their hard work. Dave
Absolutely NOT !! Commie jacinda is defying ALL New Zealanders to further her own agenda. It is now time someone who has some clout to start a campaign to remove labour and the greens, with a vote of NO CONFIDENT, as the co-election are their only for their own gains. NZ europeans, (whites), are fast becoming the minority race. Maoris are demanding to be the dominate race while only being 14% of the NZ population…time for them to go along with the government. ROD
Unfortunately it’s looking more hopeless for NZ by the day, as the unquestioning hoi polloi swallow everything being fed to them by Ardern Mark
NO.NO.NO. Get rid of this useless lot. Why the hell do we let the U>N. run our country. dona
I support our total withdrawal from the UN. gary
I like many other lemmings ai voted for Ardennes when she became Labour leader believing her that rare beast an honest politician. I am retired and like many Kiwis worked overseas and paid into an overseas government social insurance pension scheme. When I became eligible for NZ Super like many of the 93,000 other Superannuants found my overseas govt pension was used to pay for my government funded Super. There has been government revues of this 1938 law that is in effect a state crime and cash grab off us elderly both condemning it as unfair and discriminatory. Politicians in opposition always promised justice including Ardern talking at the rewrite of the Social Security Act in 2015. She talks about reform and the ending of this injustice here https://youtu.be/mLKOIjsCKhg yet now in power continues the ageist rip off. In 2018 the govt signed the UN Compact for Migration in which Objective 22 calls for the portability of social insurance pensions and which Ardern’s government breaches. She is not a Socialist but a Marxist who believes in the impoverishment of those who have earned and paid for incomes and wealth etc in order to hand it out to those who subscribe to her fantasy notion of the world. She has openly shown she is capable of lying to reach her warped goals in politics and yes, the press suppressed to air anything that might dent those goals. For example the Spousal Part of this awful legislation was dropped on the 9 November, no press coveridge because it is in fact an admission of wrong doing over decades. There is a challenge at the UN Human Rights Committee at present by 36 individuals against this state crime she continues, it will be interesting to see if the UN will protect its star turn against the reality of what happens to us elderly under her rule. Bob
i’ve been against it for years terry
Will they do it without at least a Referendum? I fear so.. Greg
Control in any form is unacceptable. we need to call this out for what it is and to fight for our freedom in any and all ways we can Carolyn
I do not want a bar of socialism John
No way !!!!! The UN is perhaps the most corrupt organisation on our planet. Just look at the climate change bullshit and horrific costs involved. (Poor Africans !!) Alan
The U.N. is a bulldog with no teeth bill
Have alerted the ACT and National parties as they appear not to have heard of socialism, communism? Brilliant quote by Ayn Rand that communism and socialism are the same. I do know how unlucky we are in NZ. Monica
Continued erosion of our freedoms. The thought police want to control everyone. 1984 was a true prophecy! Duncan
The word “sustainable” features in 9 of the 17 aims mentioned. I ask, how is sustainability measured? What New Zealanders need to embrace is personal accountability and responsibility. Peter
No bloody way, it seems Labour and a lot of other seem hell bent on wrecking our country and our way of life. and unfortunately most people go along with her. Fraser
This is the first hint of the changes that are being foisted onto us as a country and what a lot of waffle. Some of the ideas have some merit but expressed in ‘pie in the sky ideals’. The 17 aims which begin with, end this and end that, ensure this and promote that have no planning or solutions as to how they will be achieved. One thing is for sure, that it will cost an enormous amount of money, which we do not have so more will be borrowed and the country will swing closer to bankruptcy. Maoris will of course enthusiastically support these ideas but of course only on the understanding that they control everything including where the money is spent. They will of course still agitate for their fourth or fifth Full and Final settlement. The United Nations was formed to promote peace after World War two. It is only partially successful in achieving that aim and many of the large country members no longer contribute to the upkeep and running of its programmes. This whole nonsense comes about due to Adern’s Self Aggrandizement urge on the World stage. She was trained by Helen Clark on that line and is now determined to outdo her. Chris
No, No. No. What a dangerous path we are on. We are all just puppets on a string for idealists to tweak at will. Fiona
ANOTHER communist bad idea. Chris
I totally resent the notion that I should hand over any of the wealth I have created through sheer hard work and risk taking, putting the financial future of my family on the line, to those lazy buggers who weren’t prepared to get off their chuffs and commit to creating value through their own efforts. I despise socialists who think they are entitled to the fruits of the endeavours of others who put in the hard yards. I am incensed that this move by Adern was carried out by stealth and not openly canvassed amongst the population at large. Kerry
No. This is simply the first step on our way to Communism with complete control by the Government. Are Communist countries’ population equal in all respects ?- NO WAY – Look how Russia is now acting after Communism collapsed, and do we really want the level of inequality that exists now in China? Their poor makes ours look like the rich in comparison and they really have no way to change it with the current political set-up and a Dictator who voted himself in for life. Garry
I can see what they are driving at, but I am unable to identify an alternative, other than to proceed with the current status, which doesn’t seem to be successful at all. For instance, Where is the quoted “equality of opportunity” Mike
How can we patriotic about New Zealand when we are being ruled by socialism that takes away US and our rights. My poor grandchildren. Diana
On environmental matters, there is no arrangement under which we agree to delegate our environmental policy to the unelected United Nations, so there’s no need to follow the agenda set out in Agenda 2030. We can resolve what is best for us. Richard
One step closer to being controlled by the world communist movement led by China. Steve
Most definitely not. This is having direct implications for us as property owners, as part of our land has been designated a significant natural area and our rights over that part of our property have been cancelled. Ingrid
Very angry about the situation Sandy
Definitely NOT. Enough erosion of living standards in this country by the current shower of crap politicians we have claiming to their illusion of managing the country, but in reality…. straight out of Disney land !! David
Bloody robbers Neil
Not enough people are aware of what this commo Cindy is doing to New Zealand behind our backs so for christ sake Kiwis wake up before she takes you all to her commo mates Eric
With Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30 the writing has been on the wall for over 30 years. Muriel , your commentary is clear and explicit and needs publicising to all New Zealanders. The question is ‘will it receive a fair hearing ! Well done peter
A recipe for disaster. Michael
Socialist government in action again Ross
Absolutely not. The UN is an organisation that has lost it way big time. David
It’s a takeover of our democracy. Something needs to be done against the one sided media support of a false narrative based on untrue facts and a false political agenda with an apparent interest to lead the country into better days. Franka
This would eventually destroy our hard-won democratic freedoms Harry
It is immensely sad that our own people, under the guise of responsible leadership, are selling this nation out. It is patently obvious that this Government are pursuing a track towards a communist style, single world Government. Whether the climate ‘continues’, in so-called negative change, will matter little then; most of the Free world freedom that we rightly possess and own, will be eroded away. The United Nations organisation from day one, has been an inherently deceptive body and remains so. Alan
Socialist Cindy and her toxic band of toadies make sick. The media are to blame for brainwashing the fools who voted them in, but in particular Winston must take most of the blame. If he hadn’t gone with the lefties as utu for being busted by the Nats for his blatant benefit fraud, we wouldn’t be stuck with this idiotic woman and her communist ideology. John
Without sustaining all human life we are doomed to extinction. Jan
shit no!!! norm
Absolutely not. Particularly when its done without honest debate and with a leftism media feeding socialist idiology to a gullible public. Trevor
Certainly not. This is politics and national direction by stealth. Sly, underhand stuff, and concerning to boot. Grahame
nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ok.. Wayne
NZ at the present is a democracy, as such we didn’t vote for the UN’s socialist agenda to be embedded in NZ laws, so one can only hope there is enough public pressure on the dear Leader not to subject New Zealanders to this draconian agenda. John
New Zealanders are known for their entrepreneurial Spirit. Adern’s Socialist doctrine will inevitably take us down the path to Communism. She has no mandate from the public to experiment with our lives. She and her Party must be stopped. Kathy
Goals 1 through 17 read like an early Russian playbook. This is really scary stuff. The Jacinder adoring public will blindly follow along with whatever she dictates. I’m beginning to understand why half America loves Trump. Ray S
We’re getting more socialistic in our government circles each day. Hard to stop but we must. A&T. Ted
Why would I hand over my rights to a bunch of green, Marxist, globalist elites, the vast majority in the UN who hate western christian society. Jacinda is committing treason by handing over control to foreign dominance by people we haven’t voted for, as she gratuitously grovels for future inclusion with her elite comrades. Rex
I would be happy to see NZ totally withdraw from the corrupt UN. The largest voting bloc at the UN is O.I.C. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. You can be sure they Dont have our best interests at heart. I have read comments by some Americans to get America out of the UN and get the UN out of America. Couldnt agree more. Carole
Not just no but absolutely not Roger
No to socialist agendas Brian
Hard for us as a society to get on and promote all these goals if nobody tells us that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. ian
This has to be activated by referendum. Every citizen has to give an opinion on anything that changes our society rules. CMT
It is vital that the next elections in NZ will hopefully STOP “The Smiling Assassin” in her tracks, if it isn’t TOO late with the damage that can be done to our FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY before 2023. The National Party have been conspicous by their absense in dragging this infrmation out in the open even during the 2020 Elections, as they surely must have known about this meeting with the Gates driven agenda, so WHY didn’t they speak out, one can only conclude that if they don’t condemn the socialist concept of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, they must condone it….sacry times if we have NO opposition to the huge lack of disclosure by Comrade M’s Ardern before and during the election campaigning. The big problem about stopping this “UN Train Crash” is that over many years, UN Socialism has insidiously been introduced through our eduction system, news media, always pushing the UN Agenda through UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO etc….it is already deep into the into the subconsious psyche of Kiwis……Yes Comrade M’s Ardern, we know what you are up to, BUT, can we stop her in time? Come on KIWIS, WAKE UP…….!!!!!!! Bruza
Why should a independent county end up taking laws made up by the worlds largest corrupt organization, is it because our last female dictator wanted the top job but lost so now our latest dictator is now doing the same since she lost out getting a Noble prize but would be happy to sit at the top of the table giving out favours, Trump was 100% right saying the UN should be shut down. we have enough bent people in power with out taking orders from overseas but comrade cindy wants that hat that says brilliant UN top dog, and to hell with what happens to New Zealand and its people. Richard
I am totally opposed to the UN and horrified at the idea of incorporation with the organization. Doris
Sick and tired of New Zealand being used as a Guinea Pig for Political Asperations of a few loonies Frank
it’s right john
UN needs to go along with WHO and NWO. She Govtnz had no right to comment the people to an agenda most people have no understanding of. Kara
A special characteristic of this clandestine action has been the manufacture of apparent hostile acts in order to manipulate public opinion within the democratic system. Anon
Under no circumstance should we accept this UN Agenda 2030 or any other such version that may subsequently be amended too !! Roy
Next step is Communism. Pete
Ardern should not have the power to support 2030 with out a referendum shes acting on her socialist beliefs Dave
And to insult to injury, it appears that the even the land of “hope and glory” have decided to follow the same road with the socialist Democrats looking like getting a mandate from the unsuspecting followers to endorse Agenda 2030. No wonder our PM is over the moon with election of Biden, a convincing Socialist. Barry
New Zealand is an independent country, we do not need a foreign power telling us how to live!. Ian
Of course not. I have always had a very low opinion of the UN for many years, and this confirms it yet again. Chris
I’m not a communist, and never will be! Unfortunately, there have always been the have and the have nots, in a way, it is natural selection. Turning us into a communist state is not the right way to tackle it. Heather
UN is an ideology. Before you can destroy millions of lives you must espouse ideology, and believe you are the good. gulags are close, we are already imprisoned debt slaves. Mainstream media hates you. Matt
Nothing should be incorporated in New Zealand laws without proper debate and popular consultation. This government seem s bent on ramming lws through without debate or consensus Terry
The UN is nothing more than an impotent waste of money just supporting the losers of this world. Sadly NZ voted in a Socialist self serving PM so we will just have to suck up whatever the stupid women serves up to us. Don
Sustainability is a non-sense. Imagine what NZ would be like if it had been sustained as it was when Tasman and Cook first visited our shores! Colin
We are a nation state. Let the people of New Zealand decide on our path to the future. To make that decision we need unbiased access to crucial information, and transparency from our government. Sadly, we have neither. Rodger
Without an opposition and honest media providing debate, it’s hopeless. JA is emboldened to follow her naive ideology. Sam
we should have the freedom tol be able totry to get ahead. Acess help when we need it. Not have to toe the line Joan
The United Nations should be dismantled because it is riddled with and driven by Socialism. The organisation’s utopian concepts of removing Inequality are simply based on emotion and not functional policy. The UN is an enormous cost to the taxpayer and the money would be better spent locally on home based poverty created as a result of socialist policies! Socialism actually breeds inequality because its power base depends on voters living in poverty and being dependent on the State. Thus providing the political power needed for a State to create more poverty and match it with policies that drive Voters into submission. Like the Covid-19 crisis that is not a crisis but a vehicle to use fear to drive more voters into poverty. The NZ PM is a driven Socialist with no concepts of How an economy actually functions? The PM is so lacking in knowledge that the state of the NZ economy is beyond her comprehension. We are approaching the pinnacle of Nanny Socialism and we always had to get to this point. The current number to rationalise with is 11.7. So what is 11.7? It is the amount in Millions that the NZ governments money printing presses pump out in dollars Every Hour of Every Week of Every Month. Democracy depends upon a functional economy to exist. Freedoms are also lost without a healthy economy. Socialism attacks these democratic principles and the NZ economy would collapse into depression if the printing presses were shut-down and the government ceased massive debt based expenditure! It is expected that in about 3 to 6 months the value of the currency will start a path of de-valuation bringing with it increasingly adverse economic impacts. The current PM is using her country to Bounce to employment in the Big socialist collection of bureaucracies – called the UN. The mess she leaves behind will be profound. NZ should Bounce her into poverty for a taste of true socialism. Final Point; Watch the One-Way exodus out of NZ when the Borders Open!!! Frederick
Definitely NOT, Jacinda is feathering her own nest with the UN, planning future possible Employment to achieve her World Domination Plans. This she does by paying Millions of NZ Taxpayer funds to the UN. Pierre
More international meddling in NZ affairs Gareth
Extraordinary claim from Melinda Gates where she claims “the future of the world depends on eliminating inequality” this from one of the wealthiest people on the planet. As for the U.N. pretty well any and everything that emanates from there should be regarded with scepticism and suspicion. Bart
It will never happen because governments change and polices change also. People change and have different ideas and views. It would be near impossible to put into place all 17 Goals. Many counties would total ignore them and to apply them all, every country in the world would have to agree and do it, and that will never happen. Reg
Some of it is fine, however imposing a one size fits all is an opening to fascism that destroys basic right of taking opportunity and success as individuals. There is too much autocratic imposition. Better to have small change from options the populous can withstand. Look at Sweden Norway and other countries exhibit success and democracy. Stan
I think it was Ann Rand who said, you get socialism in by the vote, socialism always turns to communism, and you get communism out by the gun, look up NZ, just have a close look at the laws been passed in the last two years. Sam
NO NO NO!!!! Caro
Not if it means losing our human rights, which it does. Marcus
Tell the UN to piss off. We saw Helen Clarke use us to get her place in the corrupt organization and now Cindy is doing the same. Can’t people see socialism doesn’t work. God save us from socialist. P
Just a lot of socialist BS in an effort to control us Alan
Commie BS Russ
Absolutely not, – it is insidious and sadly many NZrs have their eye sand minds closed and believe all they are fed via mainstream media. Shelley
NO!!! I’ve been fighting it for years with printed T shirts and caps. “2030 AGENDA GLOBAL SLAVERY’. “AGENDA 21 IS SLAVERY” ( Green T shirt 1) “Sustainable Development” – destruction of private property or HAMMER & SICKLE and SWASTIKA wrapped in a GREEN BLANKET” (Blue T shirt 2) “STOP AGENDA 21- Learn about it – Fight it – Do Nothing – Get SLAVERY”. Basically, it was the brainchild of one time U.N. bureaucrat Canadian Maurice Strong who spent his later years in China. Refer to videos about him on line. Don
All the things Jacinda is doing is by stealth and this is one of the worst things that could happen to NZ. Carol
I would touch the UN with a barge pole. It is run by . When the human rights chair is held by the Congo, who have the worst human rights history in the world. They are unelected in our country grey suited individuals that want to run our country. I will never surrender our sovereignty to unelected highly paid men and woman, nor come under their law. dene
Hidden within the lofty goals of Agenda 2030 is the intent to destroy those who work hard to create independence for them and their families by working hard and producing and creating in businesses, professions, and of course farming. We live in an era where this means “being kind” when it really means stealing from those who have worked hard to give to those who have not, while ignoring the escalating taxes we pay to help those genuinely in need or vulnerable. What we see is a rogue government with an agenda that reports to other masters. When what we need is a benevolent government that represents the wishes of the people. Kate
What gives Jacinda Ardern the right to decide for us. How dare she commit NZ to the UN and determine what right for us. We need to speak up. Enough of her fear and scare mongering going on onth covid PCR testing that is not fit for purpose False data Masks that cause more harm then good for the reasons she proposes. Be off with her and her goonies. Take us back Do not let this continue Lack of transparency integrity truth. People don’t matter She is not serving the people She wants to control and rule remove the power of the people. Speak up I do not want my children my grandchildren my great grandchildren to ever suffer under her watch. We are suffering enough. Unliveable systems creating poverty and health issues. Not only physically but emotional mentally psychologically Enslavement at its finest. Sustainable what a load of rubbish. Annexe Kahika
No way!! Hamish
Absolutely not. I am frankly appalled that we have got so far down the path to socialism / communism with absolutely no coverage by the MSM. In fact they are trying to portray Labour as being “centrist”. Mike
Worst PM we’ve ever had. She sells her ideology with emotions…not facts. Wake up NZ and shut her down before it’s too late! Robert
It concerns me how biased the press are and I fear for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future. We need to wake up and speak up. Ian
Churchill Quote; “Socialism is a Philosophy of Failure, the creed of Ignorance, the Gospel of Envy. It’s inherent Virtue is the equal sharing of Misery” Geoff
An unequivocal NO. Kris
No we must not do this and I do not support this Aphrodite
NO WAY!!! Ironically most NZers don’t seem to realize that there is no opposition from National (or Act) as they are diff sides of the same coin and all financed/bribed or black mailed by the CCP! Last Election Billy Te Kahika and AdvanceNZ along with 63 candidates tried to inform and educate kiwis to the truth They were vilified, persecuted, excluded from Candidate Meetings and Main Stream Media – and the Govt gave $220,000 of taxpayers money to the Broadcasting Assn in July, for them to make a mockumentary to discredit Billy and the Party – released several days before the Election!! Facebook took down the Party’s page at the same time. Despite having documented proof for everything this party exposed – the majority of the NZ Public aggressively refused to hear the truth. They are about to reap what they have sown. WAKE UP NZ !!! Heather
no not at all, agenda 2030 following agenda 21 is just another load of red fed poo devised to enslave a population, just like the russian and chinese despots,adhern is a despot in disguise, beware all kiwis james
As a country we were once free thinkers and achievers. Now we just follow like sheep to the slaughter house of socialism. It is nothing short of a tragedy. And as for our news media, I was going to comment that they are spineless but instead perhaps call them unprofessional in their conduct and ethics. chris
Because it takes away freedom of speech and that is the beginning of the end for our freedom Dave
My Father spent 3 years away as a bomber pilot in World War 2 to ensure a free world for us. That affected him forever. And now another enemy to our hard won freedom. Damn her and her team Brian
The UN has reached the same point in its life as the League of Nations and it is time for it to give up and die gracefully. In its present form it is nothing other than a socialist/communist mouthpiece that uses its unearned but levied wealth to berate and chastise its major contributors who fail to respond to their plea for world government. New Zealand may still be members of this monolith but for our political leaders to take it upon themselves to commit OUR nation to its socialist agendas, clearly on the basis of “They Know Best”, could not be more undemocratic if they tried. Clearly in 2019, Miss Ardern believed that she had captured sufficient a following that she did not need to consult them and gain their agreement (just as she stated during the so-called COVID-19 “crisis” – ‘we have sufficient support to not need to consult or advise them’). The sooner we as a Nation can allow citizens to call for binding referendum to keep our mono-cameral government accountable to their electors the better off we shall be. Perhaps then we can avoid the removal of rights in a two day vendetta that creates binding law “required” by the government in power. We are hastening the demise of our nation as a sovereign power if we permit Miss Ardern and her sycophants to incorporate any UN Edict into our law and policies. Michael
It sounds as tho the UN is going to own us lock stock and barrel if Jacinda Ardern takes us down this track. Carol
Equality of opportunity is the hallmark of a free society, Not the socialist model of wealth redistribution. Willy
Agenda 21/30 has been quietly introduced by successive governments in most of the Western world for a very long time now. Probably beginning in 1972. Rarely has legislation introduced by previous administrators been repealed. Usually in fact, such laws have been endorsed & entrenched. The last National government in this country gave a prime example of that. In the U.S.A, President Trump broke the cycle, & so to remove him, the Demorats have attempted to cheat him out of power, with fraudulent votes that are rapidly being exposed. Here in New Zealand, political Parties who stood for NZ sovereignty, & private enterprise, such as NEW CONSERVATIVE, were barred from any televised Leaders debates. Ridiculed & branded extreme and dangerous FAR RIGHT EXTREMISTS by the main stream media. All to keep them from gaining traction & explaining the truth to the gullible public.. Jacindas Labour Party played the Covid Card to perfection. Ensuring a frightened, poorly informed public would vote for her, as a way of saying thankyou for saving their miserable lives. With now, 15, 16, & 17yr olds, who have come through the indoctrination system we once called education, all eligible to vote at the next election, I am predicting we are stuck with our extreme Marxist government for a very long time. Possibly forever, if the Agenda 2030 UN Global Government is successfully implemented. A Trump victory in the U.S.A could be our only chance of surviving this, & the Globalists know it.. A.G.R.
comunism is coming to NZ by this Govt . we have to stop it graeme
The UN has an agenda which is apposed to our traditional values of A true democracy. Haldane
“By hook or by crook, I’ll have a Nobel prize soon”. Thus spake the Blessed Jacinderella. By the way, you lot in New Zealand don’t matter a toss one way or the other. ME, ME, MEEEE! TOBY
The UN has lost it’s way and become an toothless tiger. No way should it be able to influence the internal,peacefull, politics of NZ, or any other country. richard
I totally disagree with a socialist government of the P M William
I worked hard for what I have, let everyone else get off their asses and do the same. Lyn
As Churchill said, ‘You don’t make the poor richer by making the rich poorer’. Bruce
there should have been published documents so we are aware what are involvement was before taking such a binding committment anthony
Socialism has been tried before and the Ardern version is really no different. Combined with identity politics it is striving to stifle any disagreement or debate by using a compliant media and the twitter mob Derek
We are on the road to communism Tony
Typical, another bit of socialist transparency that isn’t publicly known by the Labour government. Lawrie
Heading more towards a communist state Colin
Leave well alone. clive
I’ve worked hard since I was 15 to make myself self supporting. We helped our children get a good education including tertiary studies. They have worked hard and are now supporting their own children’s education. When things were going badly we picked ourselves up and carried on. Those who voted for this government are sadly lacking in clear vision. paloma
Read the list of goals, and very quickly you will see that the measures needed to achieve these goals involve population control…Sounds like a great idea…except WHO will have the control and HOW. Lionel
The prime Minister Jacinda Adern said on taking office that the government she led would be the most open and transparent government ever. Alas that is not the case and from what I read now it is turning out to be very very secretive with unannounced meetings which will have a significant impact on all New Zealanders. It is well past the time that United Nations agendas should be dumped. What on earth is she thinking. If One World Government is the ultimate goal there is no need for her any way John
communism Greg
I’m furious that we weren’t aware of this. Who does Jacinda Ardern think she is. I wonder what else is in the pipeline, which is fast leading us into the sewer that is the UN 2030 Agenda? Julia
She has been a Communist since she was at University so nothings changed. martin
The one that really sticks out for me is the hypocrycy of planting monocultural pine plantations while espousing the virtues of bio-diversity. The whole thing is couched in commie language anyway. Geoff
Socialism only works while a socialist government while the socialist government has use of other peoples’ money Jan
New Zealanders decide what is best for our country not some NWO organisation tells us what we must do!!! Joanna
The agendas seem OK to me, if too hopeful and unlikely to eventuate. Rochelle
I like many others of my boomer generation grew up in poverty had a great life post graduate education travelled widely, worked hard & will leave my children a 6 million inheritance . from state house solo mum thanks to the opportunities provided by our systems . Lets not throw it all away Bruce
No and No again. What is needed is the teaching of history in our schools. Unfortunately I wasn’t taught properly and learning that the battle of Hastings was in 1066 seemed to me pointless. What is needed though are good history teachers so that we can learn from our wins and our mistakes and so not make the same mistakes again. Socialism DOES NOT WORK. It has never worked and will NEVER work. This needs to taught in our schools but as they are run by socialists I won’t hold my breath Equal opportunity is great but equal outcome can only be achieved with force All these fine sounding slogans such as Black Lives Matter and Build Back Better are nothing more than Communism in disguise. Where is the MSM and the questioning that is needed to bring this BS out in the open. The global mantra that disaster is pending because of Climate Change (Sorry Global Warming- which is now not happening) is another such program to bring about the UN’s Socialist utopia. Read Apocalypse Never by Schellenberger and learn the real answer. Bring all peoples out of poverty by enforcing property rights and cheap energy which must include fossil fuels. When this happens the population will stabilise and most of the so called problems foreseen by the UN will be solved with good old fashioned capitalism. We have a communist leader and the national party need to take the capitalist stance or they will lose out to ACT Robin
No! – my fathers’ generation did not go to war against National Socialism only to have UN or Global Socialism replace it. All the mugs that voted for this mess will be in for one hell of a shock in the not too distant future. The tragedy is that our children and grandchildren will be denied the rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed which were dearly bought and paid for by previous generations. It may be that we will have to do what they did to ensure that we will have a lasting legacy of freedom and liberty to pass on to succeeding generations. This agenda has no place in NZ and needs to be done away with – along with its proponents – at the earliest possible opportunity. Scott
ABSOLUTELY NOT .. socialism i believe does not quantify a healthy local economy . if we dont have a varied socio economic population there is no growth, there is no will to gain more out our lives… how the hell do we stand against this ?? Alex
The people of NZ have shown themselves at the last election to be like a gagle of ignorant Leemings who have blindly followed a image over the cliff, and are now in ‘free fall’ downwards. When it occurs, the sudden stop at the bottom of the cliff is going to be very painfull. Bob
strait communism. Has no place in New Zealand John
I looked at Time Magaxzine’s recent extensive coverage of the 2023 Great Reset. The World Economic Forum’s Davos Manifesto looks very similar to the NZ Labour Party’s manifesto. I would also point out to Dr Oliver Hartwich that the Liberal/Left are very comfortable at speaking their minds in New Zealand. It is us centre right conservatives who unfortunately keep our thoughts to ourselves. Phil
En route of 1984 2.0 Peter
We are so far away from the rest of the world we must do what is best for us John
The UN are a disparate bunch of world misfits, who seem to think that what they have done in their own countries is the perfect example for us all to follow, countries with human rights that are appalling, poverty (well ardern is half way there with that one) , homelessness, poorly educated people ( a deliberate ploy) , how ardern thinks that she has the intelligence to fit in with that lot is beyond me, but then again with helen clarke pressing the buttons what else can we think, the UN needs to be disbanded, told to go back to their rat hole countries and face the consequences of their own people, before handing out edicts to other countries. It infuriates me. Merryl
I do not support socialism or voted for labour (I do not like UN’s Agenda 2030. David
I am sure this is one of Helen Clarke’s “babies” and it seems she still has a lot of power in the running of this country. Time to back off I say!! Janet
another bright idea from our empty headed PM.When will the population wake up and start objecting. We are like a mob of docile sheep being shipped to the abbotoirs judith
The United Nations is an evil organization moving us all toward a One World Government, to control us, on behalf of the Super Elite of the world. John
Typical PM grandstanding for her own future political aspirations!! Kevin
NZ should be a free nation where we promote opportunity for all. If you work hard you can have a good life, if you sit back with your hand out you will remain poor. Cheryl
People world wide tend to believe that the UN are doing a good job. It is not until you take time read in depth what they are espousing that you realise this is not so. To have our country entrenched with this agenda is contrary to many of our populations wishes.. Dennis
Goal 10 will never be achieved, there will always be someone who feels they are not equal. Steve
I do not support the UN at all. Wayne
none of this B/S has ever worked barry
Unless the natural growth of New Zealand’s population is reduced and all immigration (including refugees) ceases the only foreseeable outcomes are a failure to achieve any goal and a more dictatorial New Zealand. john
The sad reality is that you will get no positive backing from our left wing press and TV journalists. Any coverage you do get you will be branded as Right Wing extremists. Very sad. David
Give everyone the same amount of money and in a very short time you will have rich and poor again as some are foolish and some are wise. Kath
Absolutely not. I find it all extremely worrying and am glad most of my family now live in Australia. This is not going to end well. Helen
Equality of opportunity yes Equality of out comes NO Arthur
call it as it is and dump this agenda now paul
Socialism has proven not to work. A socialist is someone that wants what others have but don’t want to work for it Barras
Just another step on the road to one world Government. This disease has to be wiped out before it destroys the world and I dont mean Covid. The ideology of Socialism is evil and an afront to mankind. Allan
NO, NO, NO and NEVER. These are the failed policies of European Marxism that Britain, Greece and others have found seriously wanting and trying to repeal. They are the sure road to Globalism NWO and the economic surfdom of everyone excepting a few corruptly pondering Party Elites. Its like voting for the school bullies to look after your lunch. Only the Stupid will be influenced by the meaningless bribes but they trade their futures for nothing. Gullible fools. Richard
deceitful and underhand. I think some polices may be ok but need proper debate especially around time and needs to flexible. I strongly object to being double taxed as the greens propose. Mike
NO NO !! Socialism has already got this country by the neck and A/2030 will just continue towards the death of personal freedoms and bring in the totalitarian state that JC wants russell
We need to retain our own sovereignty. Maurice
Absolutely not. If it is meant to be so good why aren’t they being more open about it instead of sneaking it in and silencing anyone who questions it. Karyn
NZ,s laws & actions should NOT be united nations & we NEED to STAND UP & be BRAVE cause there will be insults,name calling,threats ETC because you had the GUTS to speak up so be ready,if nothing is done jacinda will take control of our lives,freedom,FREE SPEECH ETC.It,s plain she,s a communist & wants to be a star overseas DONT let her DESTROY NZ any more than she has.The media is so LEFT wing & she controls them but NZealanders NEED to make sure ALL her policies she tells us is made VERY CLEAR to EVERYONE what they really mean.WAKE UP NZ before she STEALS OUR TAXES & GIVES OUR MONEY away to activates iwi ETC. Cindy
That is not NZ Warren
Absolutely not. This is communism very thinly disguised. Ronmac
It leads us to communism. Avril
No way. The UN agenda stinks of socialism and the new world order funded by Gates and all the rest of his cronies. Wayne
The truth will conquer. Kevin
We are doing pretty well without the UN INTERFERING with NZ. Owen and Janet
A sad reflection on Labour governments who have never understood the meaning of equality. The rich and middle class usually do well being qualified and working hard Tom
Strictly against State control of private assets. Equal opportunity for all to work and obtain security . State must never be allowed to control our private lives as in happening now with Covid 19 Laws. Don
The U N is a corrupt organisation and is funded by the likes of the Gates with excessive wealth and you can see why U S A have reduced funding as they have a socialist agenda . You cannot have equality due to different human ambitions .So those who voted Labour that would have voted National get real. ken
Socialism has always led to Dictatorship Brianb
Scary stuff – socialism does not work, and why should it? Hard work should be promoted for those who want to get rich!! Cecilie
We are a very small country & can run our own affairs without being pushed about by BIG BOY agendas. We cannot have any effect on climate change due to our size. Forget it. This is world socialism in drag….. Graeme
“Danger, danger Will Robinson” Graeme
this is taking away peoples responsibilities by being fed by the Government and allowed no individual thoughts …. China here we come David
No, no, no! If there were truly open debate on the subject you know how the majority in this country would vote. Unfortunately it is not like that. The United Nations and also our Beloved Leader Jacinda Adern are not open or honest about their agenda. Backing this up we have a “fourth estate” which has been totally taken over, so there is little chance of all this being exposed. For years a system was sneakily introduced to provide courses and academic qualifications in news and journalism. The product today is the people who staff our newspapers, magazines, radio and television as “journalists.” Take a look at any copy of the daily newspapers, and I will especially point you at the Wellington daily. Be discerning as you look through the content. Almost every article is in some degree an opinion piece and there is little totally factual and totally unbiassed factual reportage. So from where is the general public going to get its facts? Sure, you will get selected facts among the opinions but that is insufficient in itself for anyone to form a balanced opinion or to make informed decisions. Jacinda and her cohort may make all sorts of decisions and without any openness or public discussion or democratic process we will all have her decisions foisted on us, like it or not. Rob
What’s the point of making any comment? We all know it is the blatant truth hidden by this Socialist Government and being implemented by stealth. Robyn
NO, no, no and no. Oh and did I also say No? Vernon
Oliver Harwich said it all. Most Kiwis are asleep at the wheel when it comes to their love affair with Ardern. I’m reminded of the term smiling knife. Doug
Socialism sucks Richard
Who is strong enough to stand up against the smiling assassin, and tell the truth of what is happening in New Zealand Rod
It is theft. Paul
It should be debated and thoroughly researched eira
But will a National lead govt be any better? My feeling is that they will also be manipulated by the UN. Maurice
NO NO NO Russell
We are the proverbial frog in warm water heating up till we find ourselves boiled and wonder how it happened. Bev
It will be the demise of Western culture and our national identity Anne
We do not need such a dictatorial oversight of the likes of the UN. H Clarke I understand started this ball rolling. Paul
Policy being implemented by Stealth. WRONG Carl
And I would like to see a political party clearly defend and promote that they do not support the drive towards more socialism Peter
This agenda is dangerous to democracy as we know it there is no reality to it its idealistic dreams Geoff
Ardern’s government signals the victory of autocracy over Democracy with unilateral decisions made by government without any public input Bryan
Sound too much like Government control David
Thank you for ‘exposing’ this. Dick
Jacinderella is a self proclaimed communist leading us to apartheid as well. Bud
Socialism by stealth aided by the universities and school curricula – then worst, an opposition who will not with historical facts, evidence call it out. Maurice
Especially with the public not realizing it’s even happening. Change by stealth. Andrew
No of course not – we should be setting policy for the improvement of New Zealanders. Just a quick browse through the UN’s Agenda 2030 is enough to sound alarm bells for anyone with half a brain! The seventeen goals are unobtainable simply because humans are humans with all their inherent faults. How the hell do we expect to end poverty for a start? And hunger? It’s a wishy washy list drawn up by a bunch of self entitled bureaucrats sitting in their comfortable offices trying to justify their existence. Rex
If they’d listen to the truth and stop controlling the science I could be tempted to trust them. Given the UN do the opposite of that, they control the science and the narrative they do not deserve anyones trust. It’s past time to take a stand Darag
Cindy trading away NZ’s independence and autonomy, allowing the UN to get between its power and its people. We all know what comrade Cindy gets out of this – 30 pieces of silver to enhance her life at the expense if everyone else. She is a liar and a fraud – a con artist scaling the depths below real estate agents and used car sales types… #not-my-pm LUKE
Noble aspirations Murray
North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela have all achieved equality for their citizens ! What could go wrong ! John
Ayn Rand said: “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave people by force, socialism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.” “Lenin said: “The goal of socialism is communism.” This is Ardern’s goal. She is a traitor of the people of New Zealand. Jenny
As a small populated nation we cannot afford to lead the world as proposed by the United Nations. We can contribute in part but not on the scale of Jacinda’s wish list. Roydon
I wonder how many of those who voted for labour this time round understand what this government is aiming to achieve? The old saying about socialism being ok until it runs out of other peoples money seems to be well on its way to happening. Graham
You are right,Muriel Bruce
Absolute socialist ‘control freak’ nonsense denying many rights of individual freedom Hylton
U.N. agenda is not democracy. We are being forced to implement other ideological policies that are contradicting our own values. The veil of communism is slowly enshrouding this country. Bruce C
New Zealand is New Zealand not the united Nations. you can see with covid that we are uniquely different from the rest of the world, we don not need a set of rules dreamed by a group who cant event run their own show properly Les
We need to stand tall as a sovereign state with our own laws derived by our own actions. We do not need external Marxist principles being imposed on our people. Lee
I could see it coming but many won’t open their eyes or ears. Chris
Thank you Dr. Newman,, this discussion is so overdue. All of our critical thinkers have to get to the point as Dr Hartwich has done, of making the personal sacrifice of putting oneself on the firing line for the greater good. Safety lies in numbers. Robert
The countries that are ruined by turning to socialist doctrines are enough to show that socialism destroys the life of countries John
Whilst some of the intentions sound good and we in NZ already follow them, we as citizens need to be able to achieve on merit, not by right TONY
It needs exposing but our mainstream media organisations are not reporting this and that verges on criminality. The fourth estate has become nothing more than a Govt mouthpiece. It is a disgrace. NZers need access to this. Kevin
This is way beyond appalling and is being imposed dishonestly, aided and abetted by failed journalism. Allan
It has the smell of Helen Clark and Peter Dunne and other has been politicians behind it. The UN has strayed a long way from the purpose it was set up to achieve into power games and policy pushers for the disenchanted and selfentitled of the world. The reports they give on poverty and racerelations etc etc in NZ is fed to them from NZ by the disenchanted and looney left. Don’t forget the greens in this too! First place the Maori activists head for as well. Bruce
Socialism by stealth. Where are the opposition parties on this agenda? Well past time the mainstream media started to disclose just how devious our PM comrade Marxinder can be and start questioning if indeed this is what New Zealanders voted for in both 2017 and 2020. Only NZCPR seems to be awake to this Animal Farm agenda. Chris
we have turned into a police state under this leadership murray
it%u2019s totally undemocratic having not had the opportunity for debate in NZ. Adherns Gates address was a disgrace!! Nev
No no no Mike
Aspiration. Equal opportunity. Less bureaucracy. Aim high no dumbing down. Sometimes I feel That my Dad who left school aged 12 new far more than me. Doug
As my 98 year old mother said NEVER TRUST A COMMUNIST Hugh
Have you read Obliquity by John Kay? We better achieve our goals indirectly than directly. Roger
It is a philosophy that has been proven so often as a failed philosophy with the most disastrous consequences for everyone. While I agree that excessive representation of humanity is destroying the planet, part of the rebalance required to ensure the planet carries on in a sustainable condition, is to limit the growth of human populations. That is to ensure that both men and women are sterilized after they have created 2 children. i.e. replacement of themselves. However, this policy is going to take a lot of hard sell and many people who are incapable of seeing more than a week ahead … will be horrified at the prospect of not being able to breed willy nilly ad infinitum. So just like Muriel, I will say what needs to be said and let the baying hounds bay. Dianna
Unfortunately it’s too late. Too many little old ladies voting for image over substance. Terry
The UN is has turned into a global neo communist headquarters.. All these ‘ agendas’ are nothing else but blueprints for worldwide totalitarianism and well hidden under a torrent of harmless sounding terms and words. The media and ‘social’ media are the mouthpiece to lull the population into a ‘ ignorance is bliss’ mindset and serve well to destroy all natural and traditional values in order to create the new world citizen. But— whatever will come from all this — it will not be sustainable because the wellbeing of humanity will suffer ( hell on earth) and only a few top dogs will prosper materially but not spiritually. And this does lead inevitably to destruction . Michael
By trying to keep out the Greens New Zealanders have voted in a government led by a dangerous woman. The bought media are continuing to serve up biased news and while the blinkers are still in place will never question decisions made by this government or do the investigative journalism and reporting they should be doing Heather
Equal opportunity has always been the ethos of NZ. Andrew
Muriel, Kenysian economic liberalism is an experiment that cannot work forever because it relies on unlimited resources.. It is clear that natural resources are running out. Yes, the economic liberal model gave equal opportunity and was deemed to be fair as the gains made, although unequal would trickle down and everyone would be better off. But we see now that the gap between rich and poor is huge and is patently unfair and must not go on. GDP measures ecnomic growth of the rich. It does not take into account many other measures of well being like the environment, unpaid womens work etc. its time things cha ned and we aimed for sustainable growth and a more equitable way of measuring well being. Huria
This need to be thoroughly disseminated before implementation. Charles
Absolutely and emphatically definitely not. Rossco
I support equal opportunity Jason
Absolutely NOT! The Government needs to be called out, what is going on behind closed doors, is increasingly alarming caren
This is world communism and totalitarianism in disguise. Freedom means your will to choose how and where to live and work, who to vote for and what political structures match your values. The UN is unelected, unaccountable and will destroy nations and individuals sovereignty to set their own laws and live according to their own value systems. Rachel
Wtf? Mark
Do true New Zealanders not have the mental ability to understand and see New Zealand as a free and democratic society capable of making life’s decisions for ourselves. What is wrong with our own intelligence to allow others far away the political power to determine our destiny? A very scary smoke screen! Stuart
never have. Everyone should have the opportunity and access to skills to make those decisions for themselves Robyn
GOAL 18 – write a budget. Who is going to pay for the 17 goals?????? RICHard
Jacinda is on the right path Kevin
I support the right of the individual to follow his own dreams, make his own mistakes: to be creative and have the right to free speech. Climate change is a myth!! Mary
We should run our own country. Not become saves to international socialism. Frank
This needs to be exposed , do we all leave Nz now Dean
No way . I could see this coming ages ago we had our chance this election BUT so many so complacent no idea how government works Peter
Where are the policies to reduce male suicide, male workplace deaths, male homelessness? Hans
While the UN’s objectives might sound benign, their methods of achieving their goals are straight out evil! Elizabeth
No f***en way Greg
Hell no. I don’t want anything to do with the UN. Graeme
NO WAY! Simon
What have the UN ever achieved? just a bunch of nodding heads in a room. Erin
Unfortunately our opposition parties don’t appear to be bold enough to take the bull by the horns and speak out on this and other race based policies Martyn
The UN is clearly a trojan horse for the socialist takeover of the western democratic world and we should have no part of it. We should stop all payments to that body except those related to its original objectives. Charity starts at home and that is where the savings should be spent. Alan
No. And Labour and the Greens should have disclosed their agenda to New Zealanders. Clearly our PM sees her future on a world stage at the UN, and unsuspecting kiwis and our future generations are being used to further that career path. jd
U.N. the earthly manifestation of Satan. chris
Don’t want anything to do with socialism. Don’t want to be controlled by any government. Sheila
We will loose our independence our country e
I’m disappointed that this wasn’t brought out into the open before the election. There are so many people unaware of the direction she is taking New Zealand. I couldn’t understand why National and other parties weren’t making this apparent to the public. As for the media, well they wouldn’t go near it. This is not the direction I want NZ to be heading. Vivienne
The UN can get stuffed. Steve
The media and opposition need to thoroughly examine what this government does from this point on. Mark
absolutely no. Wake up NZ. I do not/did not consent. Jenny
Woe betide anyone who has the guts to stand up to the Marxist tsunami. Look at the torrent of attack Trump has weathered these past 4 years – it has been relentless. The world needs an army of Trumps to turn the tide. I fear it’s too late. Number 1 cause: Marxist media Sharen
No because there is no transparency in the way this government does things. Kristene
Socialism makes everyone poor and destroys any ambition one may have. This leads to chronic depression which often leads to suicide. This what the likes of Bill Gates wants – to destroy people, because fewer people are easier to control… Elsie
UN globalist agendas are undemocratic and genocidal. Melahi
I wish that just once in my lifetime, I’ll get to see what it’s like to have a government that put’s it’s nation and works for it’s citizens instead of some UN bureaucrat. pavel
If we are going to wait for a change until the next election, we WILL find ourselves living in a country like China or North Korea! Wake up NZ! Are we going to tolerate this PM any longer? Krassi Dimov
You want to know what racism looks like??? Well here it is, right in your face! Neil
No I do not. I fought hard in this last election to try to “inform” New Zealanders of the impending changes that this dangerous government have planned. They sure have not made it clear what they intend for New Zealand, and as such, are covertly implementing these policies. They did not put these policies up at the election. They now believe they have a mandate to go full socialist/communist. During the election campaigning this was a question I directly asked people. Do you want democracy or socialism in New Zealand. Invariably, the answer was democracy. Then everyone voted for the communist, including the stupid farmers!!!!! What the hell is with that? Are they blind, and the answer is yes. They just don’t want to believe that which is right before their eyes. We can see it transpiring right now. This covid nonsense. Mandatory mask wearing. By the way, mandatory does not mean you have to do it, they are just after “voluntary compliance”. Same with “mandatory contact tracing”. Slimy lot they are. The truth is that communism does not work. You end up pissing everyone off and running out of people to take money off to give to the lazy blood suckers. And man, aren’t we seeing those numbers grow!! Neil
Absolutely not – UN socialism has no place in NZ. It is outrageous that all of these developments have happened without us being aware of it. National needs to commit to repeal it all when it becomes the next government.  Laurel
Jacinda Ardern is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She does not have a mandate to turn us into a communist society. Yet that’s what she seems to want to do. Dennis
National needs to start campaigning now on getting us free from the clutches of the UN.  Michael
I wonder if all the dopes who voted for Labour to keep the Greens out realise what they have done – how dangerous this left wing government is and the extent of the long-term damage they can do. Colin
All UN and sustainable development references need to be purged from our law. Jeremy