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Unwinding Labour’s Agenda

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Former US President Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation.”

The fight for freedom in New Zealand has now reached a critical juncture. After six years of Labour’s increasingly authoritarian restrictions on our freedoms and democratic rights, unwinding their agenda will be a major challenge for the new Government. 

The recent postponement of a ‘freedom of speech’ event planned for Victoria University to discuss how to have a discussion about free speech, is indicative of the enormity of the problem we face.

Universities used to be bastions of free expression. Students said what they thought, not giving a toss if anyone was “offended”. Those who took umbrage either fought back or sucked it up.

But nowadays, those who seek to restrict the free expression of others, have the upper hand. Being  offended is now a trigger for restrictions, censorship, even cancellation.

In the case of Victoria University, in spite of 600 people registering to attend a debate on how to have respectful discussions about free speech, claims that some students felt threatened by the inclusion of free speech advocates in the lineup of speakers prevented it going ahead.

That irony did not escape Vice-Chancellor Professor Nic Smith, who said: “Paradoxically, the mere framing of this event has surfaced a depth of feeling and a polarisation of views on how we should proceed, that has made it challenging to even schedule a conversation about how to have challenging conversations.”

To his credit, the Vice Chancellor has re-scheduled the debate on ‘The role of universities in supporting freedom of speech’ for later this month, with a new format adding more speakers to reduce the claimed ‘threat’: “We will bring a full discussion with a whole diversity of views. It will be done with the kind of scrutiny that universities have done for many years and it’s going to be important that we are prepared to listen to things that we may find uncomfortable rather than decide – a priori – that certain groups need to be protected or held back from things that they might hear which I think is a rather patronising position.”

But the bigger question is, how is it that activist groups now call the shots and can hold large institutions to ransom?

This incident is, in fact, symptomatic of a far wider malaise infecting our society. New Zealand, like most other Western countries, has become victim to the ‘capture’ of our institutions by social justice advocates pushing identity politics. With a focus on the so-called ‘oppressed’ groups in society centred on gender, race, and sexuality – their aim is to transform government organisations into agents of ideological change.

Requiring the State Sector to classify and prioritise people on the basis of group identities instead of helping everyone equally regardless of background, is abhorrent.

Yet that’s exactly what Labour expediated.

In true Orwellian style, their dangerous intent was disguised by the relatively benign-sounding requirement for State institutions to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the Treaty of Waitangi. 

But in the tertiary sector those requirements were captured by extremists and expanded into vast social engineering networks: Victoria University’s framework can be seen HERE, Auckland University’s HERE, and Otago University’s HERE.

As a result, their radical cultural indoctrination has now infiltrated all areas of university life, including recruitment, teaching, learning and research, restricting freedom and limiting opportunity.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Emeritus Professor of Engineering and a former Pro Vice Chancellor John Raine warns of the destabilising effects these social justice demands are now having on tertiary education:

“In the tertiary sector specifically, a critical issue for universities throughout the Western world, has been an ideological shift away from institutional political neutrality, and a focus on teaching and research excellence, towards the critical social justice (CSJ) politics of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). DEI agendas focus mostly on race and gender identity issues and have become, ironically, oppressive and exclusionary. This shift has been fostered in New Zealand by the Ministry of Education, and in research funding by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. DEI activism in our universities is an aggravating factor in their present financial difficulties.  

“CSJ activism has led to a loss of freedom of speech and of academic freedom more widely within universities in the Western World, self-censoring of research journals to avoid giving offence to a particular identity group, and, worst of all, widespread career-damaging cancellation or even loss of employment for staff who speak out against the overbearing nature of institutional DEI policies. New Zealand academic staff have not been immune from this.”

And when it comes to the Treaty of Waitangi – or ‘te Tiriti o Waitangi’ as they like to call it – Professor Raine describes how it has been weaponised: “In New Zealand, CSJ politics have been demonstrated through the universities declaring themselves te Tiriti-led and incorporating Te Ao Maori as a dominant culture.  This situation has caused a de facto politicisation of the sector, and the introduction within science programmes of matauranga Maori courses (to become mandatory in 2025 in at least one university) is moving these institutions away from open inquiry and debate to places where some taught material that includes aspects of myth, vitalism, and animism, cannot be questioned. Such an environment leads to a culture of indoctrination, which should have no place in a university.”

To understand how this radicalised Treaty agenda has been forced onto our universities, we need to cast our minds back to 2018, when the Ardern Labour Government established the Office for Maori Crown Relations. In the Cabinet paper setting up the agency, the Minister Kelvin Davis signalled that it would empower iwi to effectively co-govern the country: “I expect people will ask how the Iwi Chairs Forum fits within the new engagement framework. The type of relationship being sought by the Forum appears to be one where the government recognises the Forum as a Treaty partner with equal decision-making rights.”

And that’s how it rolled out. Labour’s aim was to transform the public service to deliver the empowerment of iwi along with their other social justice objectives.

A search of the legislation that regulates the education sector, the Education and Training Act 2020, for key terms associated with Labour’s ideological agenda reveals “diversity” is mentioned 15 times, “inclusion” once, “equity” 6 times, “Waitangi” 39 times, and “Maori” 205 times! 

In other words, as a result of the Office for Maori Crown Relations facilitating a partnership with iwi leaders, the education system has been re-prioritised to deliver race-based indoctrination. As a result, the focus is now on Maori rights, Maori language, and Maori culture – with Matauranga or Maori ‘knowledge’ described as science, Tikanga or Maori custom described as law, and Te Ao Maori or a Maori world view dominating.

The legislation specifies that the responsibility for imposing this radical agenda onto the country’s early childhood centres, schools, and tertiary institutions, rests with their Boards.

But by early 2021, as Labour began to advance their unmandated He Puapua agenda to empower iwi and replace democracy with tribal rule, progress in education was clearly not fast enough.

Through Letters of Expectation – a non-legislative mechanism used by Ministers to provide directives to the Boards of the organisations under their stewardship to ensure compliance with Government objectives – then Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins, was able to instruct educational agencies like the Tertiary Education Commission to prioritise their radicalised Treaty agenda: “I am writing to convey the Government’s priorities for the education system, and my expectations for your role in achieving these. I expect the Board and TEC to honour and give effect to the Crown’s Te Tiriti responsibilities. This means bringing Te Tiriti to the forefront of the Education and Training Act…”

The Tertiary Education Commission embraced the directive explaining in their Statement of Performance, “Through our stewardship and monitoring role for the tertiary education we will ensure that all tertiary education organisations are giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a condition of their funding and delegated roles and powers from the Crown… We’ll honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and work in partnership to meet the needs and aspirations of Māori learners. We’ll also embed Te Ao Maori in our work and strengthen Matauranga Māori in the system.”

From that point on, instead of academic excellence and achievement being the primary focus of education, it became Maori rights and the Treaty.

But Labour’s race-based assault wasn’t confined to education.

Using Letters of Expectation Labour’s Ministers were able to put He Puapua into effect, away from the spotlight of public scrutiny, transforming institutions into agents of radical indoctrination.

Under their directives and through the influence of the Office for Maori Crown Relations, virtually every government organisation was required to prioritise the Treaty and Maori interests.

Such requirements are now endemic. From the Real Estate Authority to the Fire Service, even Antarctica New Zealand, acknowledging the Treaty, establishing partnerships with Maori, and demanding staff undergo cultural re-training are now standard practice.

What’s more worrying is that some Ministers seem unaware of just how radicalised their departments have become. A recent Ministry for the Environment report on Coastal Hazards that was signed off by the new Minister, is indicative:

“Applying a te ao Māori lens and implementing Māori values are essential to managing and adapting to the impacts of climate change for Aotearoa. Applying a te ao Māori lens means developing adaptation responses in partnership with Māori, elevating te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori in the adaptation process and empowering Māori in adaptation planning for Māori by Māori… Empowering Māori gives them autonomy over the management of natural resources.”  

The new Government has identified a raft of measures to address what is in effect a cultural takeover of our institutions. In their Coalition agreements, they committed to “remove co-governance from the delivery of public services.”

They plan to “conduct a comprehensive review of all legislation (except Treaty settlements) that includes ‘The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi’, either replacing all such references with specific words relating to the relevance and application of the Treaty, or repealing the references.”

They also intend to “issue a Cabinet Office circular to all central government organisations that it is the Government’s expectation that public services should be prioritised on the basis of need, not race, within the first six months of Government.”

The Coalition’s overarching aim is to “reverse measures taken in recent years which have eroded the principle of equal citizenship.”

While these words are admirable, promises achieve nothing. If the Coalition Government is to distinguish itself from the previous Labour administration that promised everything and delivered nothing, it needs to do more.

The problems they face now reach into all corners of Government – including the Judiciary, which is now planning to introduce Maori cultural indoctrination in the form of ‘tikanga’ into our common law, in spite of the fact that doing so will undermine the Rule of Law.

Tinkering around the edges will not be enough. A legislative solution is now needed.

The original Public Service legislation, passed into law in 1912, contained no references to Maori or the Treaty, nor did it contain any social engineering. Instead, the legislation was colourblind and free of indoctrination.

Isn’t this where New Zealand’s future lies?

As President Reagan said, freedom is fragile and must be defended. Wouldn’t a colourblind clause in the current Public Service Act 2020, removing all references to race and the Treaty, assist in defending our freedom and ensuring the institutional foundations that have been put in place to facilitate the iwi takeover of New Zealand are dismantled?

New Zealanders should be treated equally before the law without regard to race, gender, sexuality, or any other group identity. Surely that’s the direction in which this country now needs to head.

Please note: Two submission processes are now underway dealing with the future of the university sector:

  • Details of the University Advisory Group submission process, which closes 31 May, are HERE.
  • Details of the Science System Advisory Group submission process, which closes 17 May, are HERE.

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no racism in NZbud
Absolutely necessary for the function of a free and democratic societyMargaret
What the hell is the matter with National? They continue to support totalitarianism,apartheid, separatism. Chris Luxon needs to develop intestinal fortitude like Pres. Donald Trump instead of being like John Key. He sold New Zealand out with his appeasing UNDRIP and MACA tribal policies.Monica
Of course yes ! But the plot seems to have been lost ages ago. Freedom in life is probably the greatest joy but sorry this has been lost and is getting worse. Bullets and cold steel won freedom in two World Wars and look what we have lost over the last 50 years through weakness. This will soon lead to armed confrontation. Also masses of dark people being allowed in by idiot politicians will not have a happy ending. Wake up and get real. Time, longevity and travel breed wisdom, or should ! Sad days lie ahead for this country.John.
I’m a mental health nurse and I’m aghast at the waste our precious resources on this nonsense. Action is needed now before we become swallowed whole my Maoridom.Cath
We are all New Zealanders, and there should not be race based decisions.Gavin
More to the point, shouldn’t we all be colour blind in the racial sense?Peter
As soon as possibleAnthony
They might also consider language blind. Given some overseas citizens outnumber Maori in New Zealand but are not given the same consideration to use their languages or dialects in schools or employment, this seems to be racist or culturally negative also.Vic
Absolutely it should be colour blind I am so sick and tired of of all this corrupt thievery by Maori and iwi tribes in our once great country.Paul
This country should be colourblind in everything.Heather
Best person for the job, not the COLOURMike
We are all human beings, all the same. No race, creed, or any other difference will ever define us.Alan
Of course they should. How on earth have we gone so far off course with these core valuesRoy
The major problem is Luxon. Peters and Seymour need to go public in reminding Luxon as to the reasons as to why the public voted his party into power. We clearly want the country to be looked upon as we being simply all New Zealand citizens where we are all treated on the same equal terms. One vote per citizen. There is no room for any special conditions what so ever, for any specific ethnic group. We are all Kiwis and have the same responsibilities toward ensuring our country remains a viable, free and safe democracy. We are all to be treated in the same manner as would be any other citizen under our New Zealand common law. That law as made by our publicly elected parliamentarians and definitely not any lore or law suspiciously pushed through by the radical Judiciary. If Luxon won’t make this happen, as the general public want, then he needs to be replaced immediately. It looks as though this Government will be a one term Government.Garry.
Why was preferential entry to university outlawed by the USA Supreme Court not mentioned. This policy affects 60% of medical school admissions at Otago.Paul
I am a New Zealander first, and a Taxpayer, second. I do not wish my Taxpaying dollar to pay for a separate entity to rule my country. Public Service must not be divided by Race!Valerie
I understand the intent and agree with the principles of the proposal. I just don’t agree with the description and definition of the change to be referred to as colourblind. I believe that that proposed definition is not absolutely definitive and could be subject to opinion as to it’s meaning. It should spell out with no possible measure of ambiguity that racial separation, division, or control is not acceptable, condoned or permitted by any central government or local government law or regulation in this country and is contrary to the understanding and intent of the Treaty of Waitangi. Further any proliferation of racial division within the basic and higher education systems of this country is prohibited and punishable at law. Maori are of course free to follow their own cultural practices and beliefs within their tribal communities as the Treaty of Waitangi provided but they have no place in New Zealand law or the sciences that are taught as fact which have resulted from centuries of academic studies.terrence
Yes, I don’t know why race needs to come into it. Just treat people equally. Kate
All references to Maori & the treaty need to be removed.Rex
the very fact this question needs to be asked is disturbing in itself. NZ is in deep trouble if this decisive rase-based clap-trap continues…Mark
Ardern’s policies (or more correctly, the policies of those who were pulling her strings) were starting us on the road to becoming “Zimbabwe South”, or “South Africa for the 21st Century”. Those divisive and racist policies MUST be reversed!TOBY
The Public Service was converted to the ‘Cultural Marxist’ agenda, during Clarkes’ last term as the hidden arm of the Labour Party, part of Agenda 20/50David
you would think this was obvious in a multi cultural country as NZ. We are more than 50 different cultures here and we should all feel we have equal rights and opportunities!lone
Yes all sectors need to be ,Universities courts includedDavid
YES – with regard to colour of skin.Ron
Race-based policies will bring huge conflict or even ruination to New Zealand.John
there should be nothing based on race. one person one vote, everyone is equal.Malcolm
Not “Should be” but “Must Be”Norm
We are one people New Zealanders !!!Julz
Agree. wholeheartedly. The government must be colourblind. Why should one’s colour have priority over others… The last six years of the last government has caused huge divisive problems within this country of NEW ZEALAND .We now have no true 4th Estate in NZ with all the media continuing to promote one sided slant on all news as is now happening. The Platform is where I catch up with what is happening in NZ. that the main stream news media won’t publish.Cyril
The majority agree the public service Must be colourblind if we are to remain a cohesive society but the politicians don’t. Governments passed and present have had/do have the power to instruct and create law to ensure the public service is colour blind… Why would this not be a priority, we voted for change to ensure we are all equal. one would have expected that would be this new Govt’s; first instruction. Ask yourself WHY they don’t do it?Sam
Such a question should never have to be asked. What Ardern, Hipkins and their ilk, including the Key government, have done to this country can only be described as treasonous.Hugh
The public service is supposed to be impartial, supporting the policies of the government in power. The coalition government has declared that “we are all one people” and nothing will be decided by the ethnicity of our ancestors.Kerry
Too much BS is being paid for by taxpayersArthur
Colour blind only option. This current govt are far to slow in removing all race based agenda. We need action now. We are already 6 months inti this govts term. If the radical maori loving Labour, Greens and Maori party ever get back in NZ is doomed. Definitely Aussie bound.Kevan
Of courseTony
Justice, is always portrayed as blindfolded.Lionel
Thankfull exposure. Now is when the recovery/restoration work begins..Peter
The govt needs to get Action to Legislate to stop this Radical Agenda within New Zealand nowleo
Get it done immediatelyJim
The inclusion of the treaty in every aspect of Government, Education and Law is abhorrent. To gain any respect, this present Government must seek out all references to the treaty and remove its nauseating effects.Doug
We have accepted minority groups into NZs society. Something that is privilege as many countries around the world don’t. But instead of being humble and appreciative about it they now want to push it in our faces. This is not on.Peter
Every and any publicly funded service or organisation should be colourblind!Brenda
The Public Service appears to be blind to everything else, why not color as well!Michael
Of course, there should be no fringe favouritism any where in this country.Alan
To do anything else would prove that they are racists.John
Of course it should be. But I doubt it ever can be again because it is now invaded and infected with brown thinking and brown advocates. Don’t bother closing the stable door-the taniwha has already bolted.Don
Absolutely, any other position taken would confirm the previous South African Apartheid system is now in place in New ZealandNoel
Staff should be appointed according to their ability not their race.Dorothy
And stop hiring incompetent people to get the race numbers to target.Margaret
All government and private entities need to be colourblind and not balanced by race numbers which is racist in its self. This principle should also be understood regarding gender balance as well in the private sector and government sector, best person for the job principal. Even political parties should not be gender or ethnic number controlled, again best person for the seat. We need to stop pussyfooting around the woks.Owen
Its all about the money as usual.Robert
for sure.gerard
Absolutely. One rule, one authority, one rule of law for all. We all came out of a human mother’s womb and we all return to dust in the same soil. Life in between those two events should be open and fee to all on an equal basis.Phil
Colourblind and ideologically neutral. The government has lost control and is not able to deal with the white anting present in the Public Service. They need to reassert their role in directing government agencies and firing personnel who work in opposition to their directives.ken
Absolutely. Race/colour should NOT come into the equation at all.Christine
It shouldn’t need to be said. But yes, absolutely.Geoff
We shouldn’t even need to have this poll – of course the Public Service should be colour blind.mark
Of course, we should all be equal. Where has the idea of equality gone ?Andrew
Of course, but it won’t beGraeme
How do we rise up and tell the Govt, enough is enough. Fix this or else. Do all Maori want a backlash? I do not think so.Bill
By “colour blind” I mean treating all people equally regardless of race. Is that too difficult?Doug
Definitely and immediatelySidwell
The Marine and Coastal Area Act MACA,,must immediately be removed by legislation and changed, so that our coastline does not end up under the control of the many iwi who have claims to it. If NZ’s coastline ends up under customary marine title, these title holders will have significant rights over the foreshore and seabed around NZ. All other claims by Maori to have different rights due to The Treaty are false, and the Judiciary including Tikanga in their deliberations is a disgrace.Mary
At a pre-election meeting I complained how the health services and other government departments were introducing racist policies. I was advised the embrace of these policies was being introduced at departmental levels which basically meant the previous Government could claim it was not their doing. It seems the public services are run by dickie lickers whose ambition is to raise the pecking order. Being involved with health services I have often seen completive staff move up the pecking order not because they were good at ther job but because of glowing reports just to get rid of them.ALAN
Coulour and race should have no place when appointing people in the Public sector and even the private sector for that matter. You employ people on their ability end of story.ken
All advice should be research-based, scientific (where possible) and publicly available. If the Government’s Cabinet is to be run as a business, the ‘public service’ should perform (against KPIs) as Government’s executive We need a government (and public service) with a Vision, a Strategy, and measurable OtcomesTony
Absolutely, no doubt about it. The heart of democracy.Laura
Always. Lets get on with itErin
Until all citizens are treated equally we will be faced with increasing fractures and divisions in society.Lee
Absolutely. Unfortunately National don’t appear to be behind this change with any authority. The aftermath of the Ket era softness on things Maori for pure and selfish political advancementDavid
Choices should not be based on colour.The Bess person should be be appointed regardless off gender or raceJan
Good luck on that. Maybe if we hit the public service in the pockets they will change there minds. Thats exactly what liebor didRon
A no-brainerDave
How did we let this happen to our number 8 wire thinking countryChris
However, this should be consistent with New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, Sections 19 and 20. Strong action should be taken against illegal discrimination.Colin
Absolutely !!!!! Up until 1975 the country was a united and happy place. In that year the stupid Government of the time allowed the treacherous Matiu Rata to introduce and pass the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act which changed NZ forever. He ARRANGED for the Freeman version of the Treaty to be entrenched in our society and this so called “Treaty” is totally incorrect and should never be a part of NEW ZEALAND. I am sure the current politicians are aware of this fraud but won’t do anything about it. Since the 1975 Act we have seen Treaty demands and settlements plus co Government demands included by stealth go way beyond the original and factual Treaty and it will never end. Talk about the loss of population to other Countries for more money is just a misnomer. They mainly go for the reasons above and what is happening to NEW ZEALAND. I would go but I am too old now and many elderly I know say they are glad they are old as the wouldn’t want to live in a society that we are creating and the Treaty bullshit is the main reason.Alan
Get the labourrits to wake up and see what their party has done to our New Zealand.Johan
people should be treated equally and without reference to colour or racenoel
any other answer is apartheid.Peter
Absolutely. How quick it has been to completely reverse the essence of democracy -equality before the Law in all fields of endeavour.Rochelle
Of course. It is alarming that the question even needs to be asked!!! But it does!!!Dianna
How apathetic we all are to let this happen. Most New Zealanders are ignorant of this takeover. Shame on us.Tim
One country one people, we are all New Zealanders.Ian
Absolutely the best person for the job should be hired without fear or favour.Christina
All New Zealanders should be equal under lawLesley
ALL this NEEDS to be PLAINLY TOLD to ALL 3 parties in govt.Cindy
MOST DEFINITELY the world is heading down a dark road, and i don’t really know how this coalition government can or actually has the strength of character to take it on, time will tell,rodger
Teach what is necsssary regardless of race or colourPierre
OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE!. I grew up in the King Country, Worked there, hosteled in Wellington , soldiered, boarded there shared flats there and was bestman to a “mixed couple” . It Turns out that all those years I WAS COLOURBLIND. The Country is stuffed! GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND. (Eng)Bruce
If not then we have lost our democracy to tribal rule covertly hidden by the name co-governance.John
Absolutely, the basis of democracy.Merv
Finally the “OTHER PART OF LABOURS’ AGENDA BEING EXPOSED”…… now the PURGE STARTS!!! Hipkins will not be impressed…….David
Everyone should be colour blind.Denis
Of course they should as should ALL legislation and ALL institutionsCookie
There is no place for colour being the priority in making decisions that affect all NZers.Susan
That should be the way to go.Murray
There is no discussion needed surely.Richard
of course get rid of maori seperatisms…..a bloody disgrace, Adhern, Hipkins and Robertson should be in jailmark
About time as i do not want to live in a Maori dominated culture, when we have so many cultures and diversity of people. NZ NZ government needs to get a move on to making change to legislations and make this a priority.Graeme
Stop all the nonsenseMichael
Of courseMike
One country – one peopleRob
Same treatment for everyone, freedom of speechYanna
Obvious ,reallyBruce
To my mind all people are equal in a democratic country and race should not be a factorGerhard
Yes, its the only fair way forwardMick
yes, & also minimised .High Govt spending results in low GDP.bruce
Without doubt,!Robyn
maorification is a cancer that needs to be purged from our countryGlyn
Not only that, it must be cleaned out and made to start again with a clear focus on serving ALL the people of NZ not just the elites of one particular racially identified groupDoug
The whole of NZ should be colour blind and this dumbing down of all things that are precious in NZ must be reversed.Carol
What does this even mean??Derek
Waiting with bated breath. Hope I am still alive when it happens.Pamela
The previous government and its leaders were traitors to New Zealand and should be dealt with accordingly.Paloma
Yes ASAP why is this coalition government so slow getting rid of the 2018 Crown Office of Maori Relations which is running our institutions and country. Also the Public Service Legislation Act of 1912 with its colourblind clause needs to replace the current PSA 2020. If this government does not repeal the seabed and foreshore back to the crown ASAP Iwi tribal rule will win as their nearly 600 claims will bankrupt NZ and tribal rule will be established very quickly especially as we no longer have the democratic protection of the PSA 1912 Act. Wake up Coalition Govt before it is too late.Brenda
Absolutely it serves all kiwisIhaia
The radicalising and politicising of the public service has been happening for many years. It needs to be stopped, and the radicals need to be ousted, all the way to the chief executives.Gavin
Unequivocally yes. The alternative is catastrophic.Alastair
It should be colorblind, Raceland, religionblind, toilet paper treatiesblind. It is there at the tolerance of the tax payers that fund it and 90% of them are white. NZ is going down the toilet like the rest of the west. Communism is really easy to get and fx#kn hard to get rid of. Try asking the Chinese, Russians, Cubans etc..TC
The right thing to do.JUDITH
There should be no choice in this matterLeon
Too many promaoris in it with too much controlArthur
If no legislation is passed to ensure all government departments remove what they was forced on them by the Labour government then our future looks very bleak indeedBryan
The public service should be neutral when it comes to dealing with any governmental issues. I wonder if its too late for the coalition to overturn the damage that Labour have doneLawrie
There is no room for apartheid policiesGlenn
There should be absolutely no reference to Maori in any Public Service. Labour said finds would be with held if they didn’t comply with Hipkins directive. Luxon must do the same but the directive being the removal of all Maori references.Gail
NZ used to be a raceless society and to that we need to return urgently if we are to be a prosperous country.tony
Good luck on achieving that!!!Chris
Otherwise a minority ( Maori) benefit exclusively at the expense of every other race or nationality. This is clearly undemocratic and can only lead to further erode the democratic process and create an already divisive society.Lance
All NZers should be treated the same. One country, one people, one rule for all.Carol
My birth generation signed a binding document and I have faith in that, The birth of a nation where all count as one. I do not believe n or will back the misfits who want to stir to up to their benefit and greedKen
If it is not colour blind NZ will become increasingly divided by raceTerry
Send this article to your MP and local Counciller ,ask for a replyGraham
If you want to see what has happened to NZ – yes already has, not just will, then look at the numerous failed countries that are driven by race based governance.Dane
the govt needs to address this immediately, we kicked out the Labour lot to get to action on reversing all this racist tripe, we are already losing the foreshores because they are being to slow to act, how hard is it to send out notification for a holt to be put on the divisive policies while they are being repelled, do it now or we the people willNIGEL
Most definitely. We have been led way too far down an extremely slippery slope, which I fear we may not be in time to recover from.J J
The racist agenda of the Labour Coalition is closely pinned to the doctrines of Vladimir Lenin, who dictated all the “-isms” defining “Political Incorrectness.” His agenda was bent on punishing anyone who did not toe the party line.Hugh
It is unacceptable that NZ has APARTHEID aided and abetted by the Public Service and they remain largely pro Labour.Geoffrey
We are one whatever colour we areMarlene
They should do the work they are employed to do without any bias or favoritism to any race or culturePeter
Absolutely colourblind – a no-brainer!Gary
For heaven’s sake wake up New Zealand! Has it really taken only six years of indoctrination to turn this country into a blind, communist lap dog?Robin
No place in a democracy for special treatment of any specific groupHugh
An Urgent ‘reset’ required from the “you can be any colour except White….” Bloody insult. Remove these useless radicals to the waste-bin of history.Chris
Yes one rule for all even the treaty says thisJon
As should all organisations. Best person for the job with minor “Help Ups”Ian
Every resident of NZ should be treated as a New Zealander. As for Maori it is time to clearly define who qualifies as one, but they are still NZersDonald
There is NO other way forward.Maurice
Equal opportunities regardless of woke DEI discrimination, exclusion programmes.Andrew
The rot is very well entrenched. For example see the Hutt City Council’s 10 year Plan. It is devoted to forcing Te Reo on everyone and giving power without reponsibility to IWI.Perce
Sack those committed to woke policiesDave
What are they doing? They keep on with separatism all the time, they don’t realize that we here in NZ are all one people.William Clive
Absolutely and NOW! This coalition worries me. It must do what it said it was going to do and face the wrath of the so called Maori elite, buuger them.David
One country one people one vote otherwise we will be a fascist state.Stephen
Luxon and his Ministers need to be honest and state exactly what they stand for and stop sitting with one leg either side of the fence in fear of being called RACIST by Willie and the rest of his rich followersBarry
And ministers must enforce compliance of p servants.John
We are all the same under our skin, so skin color should not influence decisions or life.Andrew
One people all nzersAndy
What has already happened is Unbelievable and it is continuing to get worse! How are we the average Kiwi going to stop this takeover of our Country? Our present Government needs to start acting today!!Frank
The Maorification & co governance of NZ needs to be totally dismantled in all government departments, universities, schools,police, judiciary, councils, libraries, day care schools & all other areas it has been introduced period.Derek
Needs not Race.Doug
Yes the public service and every business in N.Z should definitely be cilour blind in order to restore order once again.Terry
Of courseJenny
Common sense tells us all that there is only one answer and that is a color blind system is practised in all facets of GOVT and LAW.JOHN
We should all be treated equally as New Zealanders.Philip
We’re all New Zealanders and almost all of us are predominantly European, including Maori. (Recent migrants of the past thirty years excluded).Neil
We have a multi national population which includes Maori, British, Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian South African, chinese,and many other nationalities. Maori seem to be the only race that believe that they should have special treatment. We are one nation and should all be treated equally.John
The Public Service are working for all New Zealanders. Not a specific race or culture.Jacqueline
of course, totally. If not, my future is not in NZ.Henk
If it is not where is democracy?Anon
The public service under the Westminster system should be color blind. A new system where the newly elected leaders be given the right to bring in staff and civil servants sympathetic to their ideas and policies should be considered, i.e. upholding Law4all that is nation state sovereignty and not an apartheid-type system. We need a moral ethics-based constitution that upholds property rights, for without them, no other rights are possible.Donald
Yes it should be New Zealand cantered not racial group cantered, we are all in this boat together. Get rid of all race based policies.Clive
Absolutely and this needs to be dealt with immediately in all relative areasGail
Of course it shouled and be guided by the original Treaty, not the later one contrived by Maori. It reeks of overseas help to bring down the system. there are other races. many born in NZ and the equlity of all NZ should be equality for all new Zealanders.Ian
It must be colourblind and hire on merit only.Helen
We are all a “Person”.David
So grateful for the information Muriel. How much more is hiding in the closet! Brenda
No race is superior.Janet
That surely is the essence of equality and social justice.Ralph
A must. It gives fairness to all New Zealanders, whatever colour or creed.Dennis
Sack them all.Graeme
Colour is a source of motivation in many instances. Contrary to much of the accusations ., minority groups use racialism as a weapon to achieve their ends.WE should not be colour blind but be guided by truth and fairness to allHarvey
Throw he Paupua out!!!Arthur
The public includes all who live in this multi racial country. This is irrespective of colour, race or creed. Anything less is, well, racist.Sarah
Maori signed the Treaty with the British to stop tribal wars and been taken over by the French or the Dutch empires at the time. It was so all Maori and white Europeans could all be treated as one nation. There was never ever any cousultation about a pertnership.Wayne
For too long we have been hello bent on turning nz into a very tribal banana Republic.Paul
Absolutely and unconditionally!Dennis
There must be no Prejudice!!Murray
Definitely should be colorblind.Clive
Absolutely, with no shades of greyVaughan
Of course it should be color blind. Who in their right mind would want to go back to the tribal days; the tribal war days when tribal wars ruled the territory?Stuart
Definately noBarbara
We need to return to the 1912 Act.Frank
Absolutely YES, and DEI should also be ditched, lets get back to “the best person for the job”, regardless of race, colour, gender, culture, religion, the Treaty etc.Brian
Truly shocking Discrimination and Racism. DEI stands for didn’t earn it !!Wayne
It used to be, as far as I know when I worked in it.Terry
although I fear it is too late.mike
Here again the general public at large have not been made aware of the last governments policies and we are now in a very serious situation. The previous so called leaders should be charged with treason and sentenced accordinglyTom
This one sided aprtheid system has been going on far too long under the last govtLaurie
This is totally unacceptable. Separatism and a partite in the making.Not only universities but MSM as well .If Maori get everything they want they will be back the 1800 Hundreds Fighting over one has more than Others Tribes.Then who will they Blame!!!Michael Andrew
we all should be colour blind, the social engineering is reversing this objective, for me!Giles
Shocking! beyond belief and common sense what the previous Government have perpetuated!Dianne
There is NO PLACE for race-based or colour-based agendas in New Zealand. Under our law, all peoples are equal and must be treated as such, else we will have anarchy.M
Answered incorrectly the first time. sorryDavid
of courseCatherine
We all should be equaldavid
Of course.Neville
Get rid of all Maori radical indoctrination .Barry
The most suitable people suited for the positions should be chosen regardless of race or colour.moyra
Every individual has the right to be treated equally regardless of race, colour religion, identity, sex, belief etc. No one of these groups should be put above or before the other just because of their particular leaning and nobody should be forced to believe or follow any of those individual beliefs, ideas, whatever if they don’t truly want to.Craig
The Public Service is fundamental lazy. They need concise and publically-communicated KPIs that ensure compliance with the needs and aims of the current govermnment and the people of NZ.John
An absolute mustDavid
The Treaty states that all New Zealand’s were to be equal.Cathy
More horrific news from NZCPR. Thankyou Muriel for informing.us. But it’s not getting out to the complacent public. Step one would be to remove Luxon to the care of the WEF,instead of his govt allowing him to lick the asses of radical part Maori communist, corrupt leaders. Go away Luxflake, the WEF will reward you like they rewarded Ardern., who is now a multi multi millionaire.Carolyn
Maori activists, well the Maori party member who wears his hat in the house is a classic example, imagine the uproar should a person of another race wears shoes when on a marae on entering a cultural place.Dianne
The previous Labour Government got us New Zealanders (Kiwis not any other form). He Pua pua and all that.David
For to long choices have been made to keep the peace with either culture or sexual orientation. Merit often came second with the consequence of not delivering the quality required for the job.ido
Democracy and the Public Service go hand in hand. Independence is the key element and the Electorate should be the final and only judge. Civil Servants MUST be Non Political in everything they do.David
We have to untangle our country from the radical left laws they put in place – We MUST be one people again!Peter
Yes, and all of New Zealand Society should be colour blind. We must all be just New Zealanders first,, last, and foremost. It is abhorrent that so many conversations and introductions now start with the persons race, ancestry, and gender dreams. Is that more important than being a proud and patriotic New Zealander, living in a free, equal and just society?Frank
Yes yes yesEvans
Article 3 of the Treaty of Waitangi says that we have equal rights. This would mean that the Public Service should be colourblind.Kent
Should not have to ask the question! – not just colour, but sex and ethnicityMaurice
I ask is there enough pressure being applied on the Ministers to expedite the actions required to make the changes at speed, to reverse these movements? Who is approaching the governing persons? Who is respected enough to be able to open eyes and ears to our cry?Robin
That this question should have to be asked …Mark
The public service legislation of 1912 is as relevant today as it was then.Richard
They need to respect all Races in New Zealand and NOT one over another.Carl
Of courseSteve
If New Zealand was to continue on with this Labour led indoctrination there is no future at all for most of the population – except Maori of course. Once again, I say “WAKE UP NEW ZEALANDERS” before it’s too late.Don
This current Woke Agenda perpetrated by the WEF New World Order must be stopped. Hiring by Diversity is part of this Agenda to destabilize any Business and or Country.Geoff
Anything else is racist.Coral
Its got to stop, if the colonials had not been asked to come here to help the natives, Maori would not be where they are now. They would have cannibalised themselves to extinction. Be humble, be grateful and stop being greedy!Sharron
Colourblind and politically neutral! The best way to accomplish this is to go through the whole Public Service with a fine tooth comb and weed out the radicals along with those who refuse to do what they are told by the Government Minister. Start at the top and work down!Scott
We supposed to be all equal. The past whatever it was is long goneLindsay
It is imperative, without it we breach the natural justice of equality for all regardless of race, belief and most importantly inclusion.chris
Absolutely And gender blind It should be about wether you can do the jobGreg
agree 110%. current govt needs to do more. and not temper the roll back because of threats.John
Fed up to no good. Just do it as they say!Norman
Absolutely, otherwise we do not live in a democracy!Mark
we are supposed to be all equal -if the public servants can not accept that then they should be FIRED from their jobs –time to get toughLesW
Race, sexuality, etc, definitely have no place in our countries politics. Just incidentally, neither does religion.Graham
Absolutely not.Ann
We are all one people, excellence should be our goal.Christine
democracy is tantamount, not racially motivated ideology, most especially here in NZbob matthews
Why are the politicians not following up on this. Maori palace names for a start.David
But not deaf, dumb and stupid. Time to get back to core objectives. These should be possible to manage with between 50 and 66% of current Government department staffing. Sharpen the axe.Philip
Otherwise racistJeff
True equality is only possible by disregarding skin colour ethnicity race and cultureMike
Absolutey and also “obedient”. To do without resistance to do as the Government at the times bidding. Which is how we now have this mess. But will also be now required to unwind it all. By the slow rate and in fact some groups continuing with that devisive agenda, it is clear there is now a fair amount of disobedience prevailing. Strong action needs to be taken to reverse this.Steve
There is no place for any race,colour or crede in any legislation. Our ancestors went to war to protect us from such evil.Lachlan
And gender blind.Neville
There should be equal rights and opportunities to all New Zealanders, regardless of race of skin colour, people should remember what happened in Nazi Germany when race based policies were embraced and enforced.Brian
Their duty of care is to be apolitical, serving all citizens equitably!Philip
The GOOD THING is…. Racism is now fully exposed as EVILGill
Legislate NOW, and also replace or disestablish the Waitangi Tribunal.Greg
Definitely. That’s what we voted this Government in for and we expect them to do.Lee
We are all created equal under God. Our politicians and state bureaucrats must start acting accordingly.Christopher
We need to legislate the changes required to undo the apartheid regime put in place by LabourJohn
Equal ‘access’ to NZ Govt services for all citizens and Permanent (Tax paying) Residents and colour-blind delivery to those that need it.Francis
Plain and simple. All positions should taken by those suitably qualified and by merit alone. Colour, sexuality, race, religion & diversity identities are divisive & destructive by nature . This is simply knowing right from wrong, so how can it be so difficult for society this slip into such disarray. Sadly it stems from complacency and watching our younger generations being brainwashed & indoctrinated. I still can’t figure out what their end game is or who actually gains from such social vandalism.Mike
The public service and local government should be colourblind and secular. Local government is paying specifically appointed managers and staff to make sure the Maori perspective is heard while in actual result Maori is comming first. An equal and secular approach to all public administration, in local and central government, is essential for long term success. The racial separation being promoted and steadily enforced is not going to work.Peter
Hell yes and when this social and racial engineering project has been dismantled and only when then I will consider living in New Zealand again.Trevor
That this query is put, indicates it may be too late! The canker is embedded too systemically.murray
It seems weird having to ask that question. It’s a no brainer!!!Maddi
Only then is there a suitable platform for taking, practically speaking, the best possible care of all New Zealanders, though the need for “colour blindness” on the part of the government institutions, must be spread well beyond the Public Service.Pieter
Not only the public service but everywhereGareth
Of course it should be colourblind. It is by name a Public Service after all.Gary
What the Labour government has done is absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, I think the majority of New Zealanders are unaware of it.Jackie
And expected to do a better job in all aspects.Colin
A basic principleHylton
But it hasn’t been for ages and this got much worse under Labour’s term. It’ll take a long time to weed this out and I doubt the current government will enjoy enough time in office to get anywhere near completing the task before the electorate inevitably give the Left another go.Derek
white cis male .. says all this division of a once beautiful country by recent politics ,division by race or sexual preferance needs to come to an end. There is no threat to any of these indiviual groups other than the pressure they create on themselves. that simply heightens the need to wave thier flags.. its way past the time when New Zealand, (whatever you want to call this country) grew past the radicalisation that has been shoved down all of our throats.. Grow up New Zealand . We are now so many generations past the treaty the world has so many diverse cultures.. Accept and move on live for the future, plan and dream instead of taken and all for one – thatone is me approach .. Chural
Yes the PS should be colourblind, if the pagan Maori world view continues to be forced on the citizens oif New Zealand more decent hardworking people will be forced to leave this counry. There will be a ‘brain drain’ and New Zealand wil be the poorer for itHans
The acronym for Diversity Inclusion Equity should always be presented as DIE, as in “die”. After all, those pushing the DIE dogma really want the western world of freedom and responsibility to die,Mike
This is a question that should never need to be asked. That it is asked just shows how far down the awful activist path we have gone.Howard
We are all equals today we cannot accept our differences because of different race colour!Dominique
Yes but evenmore important the Public Service be just that a Public Service not able to dictate to the government and do their own thing as it sees fitMichael
Public service needs to stripped back to just that, ‘Public service’. Free of indoctrination, social engineering and with no mention of the treaty or Maori.Rose
It is disgraceful what Labour have done to New Zealand, making it a racially & gender biased country. The racially biased Court of Appeal judges need to be sacked along with any other people with ideological activist positions employed in the public sector.david
we must insist our weak PM gives support and help to nz first and act,if he wants to be respected, [ which is not the case at present ]. If not, australia,here I come!!norman
Racism has no place in NZ.graeme
Most people have no idea just how much taxpayer and ratepayer money is being wasted on the current Te Tiriti compliance model. This has to stop now or New Zealand will never be a first world country again.Chris
At all levels including Concils.John
The coalition has the power via an election and democratic process to immediately make the legislative changes NOWMike
This is essential to the survival of our country and the security of its people. Unchecked, the status quo will lead inexorably to civil war. Many of us are quite prepared, as our grandfathers were, to take up arms to defend our freedom.Anthony
I don’t know about being colour blind but definitely maori blind is the way forward . BTW its time these heads of taxpayers funded entities are reminded they work for ALL kiwis not just the ones who disagree with their woke agenda . That woman who heads the newly formed Disabilities govt funded department needs to either change her decision to not use the English version of her department, or resign immediately . seems these Ardern era scum buckets, must think they are not answerable to their employers ie taxpayers . Wrong . Ideas of grandeur methinks , add her to the public service cull asap .Ray
We are people, just people, no matter our colour. At the moment NZ is very divided, scared to speak out. When I came here 32 yrs ago I loved that no matter your colour or creed we were untied. We are not united anymore and it scares me. Everyone is equal, not just certain peopleKerin
All legislation suggesting otherwise must be cancelled by ParliamentAndy
Yes they should, raising the bar for one group, over the expectations of equality from everyone else, will just lead to a new sense of resentment amongst all those who are excluded. It has been said that two wrongs don’t make a right and that should apply here. We need to raise the standards of everyone living in New Zealand, not just condesend patronisngly to one group. It that can’t be done, simply sack the whole of the public service and start afresh.Trevor
Our public service needs to be cleaned up and the racist apartheid agenda exposed and completely terminated from NZ.Greg
We are one peopleSue
Must be neutral. All people in NZ to be treated thesame.Neil
OMG Applying a te ao Maori lens and implementing Maori values are essential to managing and adapting to the impacts of climate change for AotearoaMike
What is maori for colour?RICHard
Divide and conquer! Marxism at work. The western world is under attack and it is not just New Zealand. The World is waking up to this and the criminal globalists have become desperate!! We do not consent!!!Neil
They should be impartial and colour blind! We are all one New Zealanders so there is no room for race based policies.Andrew
The public service is totally corrupted by Marxist poisonous nonsense as is the entire education, now indoctrination, system. The Government needs to defund and rebuild it all. At present they are just hammering more nails into rotten wood.John
And the sooner the betterMartyn
there also should be a quota in the Public Service and bureaucrats loosely based on the demographics of the population only loosely as still competence should always be the prime reason for employment. But staff shouldn’t be biased to 1 minority or another.Mark
As was said at the signing of the treaty in 1840. “We are now one people” Plain and simple. Lets get it back to that.Murray
NZ should not even be asked that question. How does colouring the public service assist the NZ economy or society? The end result is to further slow any progress we make in the fierce global competition for prosperity. To callit a retrograde step is to minimize it.Graham
Greed and self has no place in the boat which transport us all. Begone entitlement, welcome consideration of equality for all.mike
There should be no distinction or preference based on racial inheritance. Similarly there should be no unelected bodies or persons with veto, nor should consents and approvals and the like be subject to consultation or reviews by other than fully qualified professionals such as engineers. This local iwi consultation is simply appeasement nonsense.Mike
Asolutely. The creeping antidemocratic and disproportionate influence of Maori must be ended before New Zealand becomes just another 3rd World countryRob
You ask the silliest questions, of course they should, but the majority will always agree. I see nothing in the coalition words or actions which positively influence the current Maorification of the country. It is still a case of the squeaky wheel getting all the grease and minorities still rule the world we live in.Peter
I think anyone living in NZ should think seriously about themselves and decide wether or not they are prepared to fit in with every other Kiwi, no matter the colour we have rules in this country and whoever isnt happy to abide by them should head to the foreshore and keep on goingBarbara
We had striven for so long to unite, and in 6 short years Labour sought to divide with an acrimonious and destructive agenda that is part of a worldwide movement to destabilise countries and communities. Rapid and decisive response are required now.Gina
Otherwise it is racistGary
Absolutely. Otherwise NZ will become ZA.John
Yes. It is the only way democracy will work. Labour led our country to the point of destuction and it needs a very firm hand to reinstate law and order and equality for all.Des
This is not a question we should need to ask. The fact that we have to ask this question shows how far down the slippery slope we have already gone.Rod
absolutely colour blind, on need and ability onlyChris
Otherwise – a Marxist state.mar
This needs to happen. Totally agree.John
WE are all one family.Douglas
We all should be colour blindPhil
It may sound radical but I believe the ToW has served its purpose and should be rescinded. The Waitangi tribunal should be wound up and the 7 maori seats abolished.John
Of course it should be This government is not shaping up to be much better than the last one I voted for them hoping they would do as they promised well they are taking far to long and still pandering to Maori they should have gone in hard and fast fired anyone who was not on board with them but no they don’t want to rock the boat and offend anyone come on do what you promised LuxtonPeter
Time to through out racism being used to enforce Marxist totalitarianism.Max
Public service is what the title implies.: Service to the public and nothing more. Everybody who is applying for a job as a public servant has to be screened A: for this applicant’s previous work experience and references ( which have to be verified) and B; has to sign a document to follow moral and ethical guidelines to honour rules and regulations made in order to serve the citizens of our country and our Government.. Anybody not following their obligations as public servants and failing to perform have to be dismissed giving two weeks notice.Michael
Absolutely colourblind.Mike
Some one please tell Hipkins he%u2019s a loser and to get off the stage. And tell iwi to stop reinventing the Treaty and force feeding Maori wonderfulness on us all. We are all equal, half caste or not.Peter
We are one people made of multi ethnic groups. No one should be privileged other others. Co governance plays into the hands of those seeking control of NZs natural resourcesWilly
We should all be treated the same! Colour blind is the way to go!!Marianne
Pubic Service morphed into Globalist Servitude many moons ago.neil
We were so unlucky to get such a hard left socialist Government in the first place. He puapua was really Apartheid.Paul
Its quality and efficiency that counts. If the Public Service does not do this then the country is in downward modeBrian
Labour was not a Labour Party, it was Communist through and through and open to all the Communist machinations learned by Comrade Ardern. I still cannot understand how that horrible Hipkins is still parading around giving his opinion to the News when he was a complicit partner to all their machinations. Perhaps he is waiting for his gong. As the Labour Party was infected so to have most of the State Institutions as far as I can make out. A mammoth job to cleanse all the sleepers out of them.Terry
YES. Race or colour preferences is outragous and racist in itself. Public servants need to be picked on credentials not race or because you are part maori.allan
Absolutely the public service should be colourblind. It should be politically neutral as well!Dave
It really is time for wholesale reform of the public service. The problem is that Labour employed tens of thousands of additional staff, many of whom are ideological radicals. They are the ones who need to be curtailed by a law change. There should only be half the number of public servants and they need to be apolitical as well.Michael
All the radicals need to be sacked – starting at the top!Ben
What Labour has done is disgraceful. They have radicalised the public service and transformed it into an agency promoting the iwi leaders agenda. how bad is that!Hilary
How on earth can we get this information out into the mainstream?? Most people would be shocked to learn how manipulative Labour were. National have to make sure all vestiges of the destructive plan they dreamt up with iwi leaders are removed. And yes, introducing ‘colour blind’ requirements would be essential.Simon