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Update on Covid-19

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It’s been eighteen months since New Zealand’s first Covid-19 lockdown was imposed on the country, so let’s look into what we have learnt.

There have now been four major lockdowns, three caused by breaches of the Government-run border security system. We now know that while lockdowns have been effective at containing the spread of the virus, they have generated serious unintended consequences – many of which have had only superficial coverage.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Waikato University Economics Professor John Gibson – who has described lockdowns as “one of our greatest peacetime policy failures” – outlines his concerns in two papers.

In the first, Lockdowns only Slightly Postponed Deaths in New Zealand, he points out that during last year’s first lockdown, which started on March 25, “there were almost 500 fewer deaths than would be expected from the 2011‐19 average.”

That’s not surprising, since the lockdown prevented road crashes, most work accidents, boating tragedies, an influenza outbreak, and so on.

However, this was then followed by an unexpected increase in deaths: “Starting in November and persisting past the end of February 2021 – in this period, up to 100 more people died per week than would be expected from the historical patterns, totalling almost 1200 excess deaths. The surge in deaths was concentrated on the elderly.”

New Zealand, of course, was not alone in experiencing excess deaths amongst the elderly. In her investigation into the situation in the US for NBC News, Suzie Khimm reported: “The effort to shield elderly, frail and disabled residents from the coronavirus has created another wrenching health crisis: The confinement meant to protect the most vulnerable is also threatening their lives. We’ve locked these older adults in their rooms in the name of safety without thinking about the unintended consequences. In many respects, the side effects are worse than the potential harm of a slightly higher risk of infection.”

According to Joshua Uy, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, “The isolation is robbing them of whatever good days they have left – it accelerates the aging process. You see increased falls, decrease in strength and ability to ambulate. You see an acceleration of dementia, because there is no rhythm to your day. There isn’t a single part of a person’s life that isn’t affected.”

Concerns about the damaging impact of lockdowns on short and long-term public health is growing amongst medical professionals around the world, with the Great Barrington Declaration highlighting “lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come…” 

While the effect of disrupted medical care, loneliness, anxiety, and deteriorating mental health – as well as the devastating impact of small business failure – cannot be underestimated, what is not generally acknowledged is the long-term harm to society caused by a decline in life expectancy, as falling economic output results in less investment in health care.

As Professor Gibson explains in his second article, Lockdown Again, “the Treasury long-term fiscal forecasts released recently show future life expectancy is almost two years below what they had previously forecast. Thus, the apparent kindness of locking down to limit Covid-19 deaths will, instead, be killing more people by making us poorer.”

Lockdowns, of course, are part of the Ardern Government’s elimination strategy for dealing with the virus. At her post-Cabinet press conference last Monday, the Prime Minister explained: “At the moment, our strategy is elimination. We’ve not changed our plans… Now we have vaccinations. We have this tool. We need you to use it.”

Essentially, four main types of vaccines are being used around the world.

Both Moderna and Pfizer use messenger RNA technology, which works by injecting part of the genetic code of the virus into the body, triggering it to make the viral spike protein which then trains the immune system to identify and attack Covid-19. AtraZenica, Johnson & Johnson (Jannsen), and Sputnik V (the Russian vaccine) use harmless viruses to deliver Covid-19 genes that also trigger the body into making the spike protein. Novavax uses viral spike protein fragments to trigger an immune response; and Sinopharm and Sinovac (the Chinese vaccines) utilise more traditional methods by using inactivated viruses to trigger the production of antibodies to fight Covid-19.

Our Government, which opted for the Pfizer vaccine, is now playing catch up with their vaccination roll-out. Until the latest outbreak was announced on August 17, the country was lagging behind the OECD. But since the level 4 lockdown was imposed, the vaccine rate has climbed substantially to the point where 37 percent of the eligible population has now had two doses of the vaccine, with 72 percent having had one dose. 

While the goal appears to be 80 to 90 percent vaccinated by the end of the year, even if the vaccination target is achieved, it may not be the panacea that some are hoping for.

Professor Gibson explains: “A recent paper by Pfizer’s own scientists shows vaccine efficacy (VE) for infection with the Delta variant falls by 10 percentage points per month, to be just 53% if the second jab was more than 4 months ago. Falling protection was almost as fast against other variants, declining by 8 percentage points per month. When they break out the results by age, VE for the at-risk elderly starts low and wanes at a similar rate as for all-age groups: VE against infection is highest at 80%, within a month of the second jab, and by four months later VE is down to 43%.”

Israel, which was one of the first countries to impose a strict vaccination regime using the Pfizer vaccine, is now struggling with slumping immunity, and as a result, they are now imposing a third booster: “On Aug 31, Israel registered 11,000 new Covid-19 cases, the highest daily number since the pandemic began. The worrying thing was: That day’s case count beat a record set in mid-January, when only a small proportion of Israel’s population had been vaccinated. By the end of August, at least 68% of Israelis had received at least one vaccine dose, but even the vaccinated were falling sick enough to need hospitalization. Alarmed, the Israeli government set about administering booster shots, trying to contain a surge in cases driven largely by the Delta variant.”

This not only raises the question of whether New Zealand will suffer the same fate as Israel once our borders begin to open, but concerns are also being raised about what people can do to keep themselves safe, since having the vaccine is no guarantee that they won’t get sick with Covid.

These concerns have led the Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, to explain that alternative treatment options – to be used in conjunction with the vaccine – are now being considered for New Zealand.

It’s fair to say that since the beginning of the pandemic, research has been going on all around the world to find effective therapies for Covid-19. Some potential treatments were identified early on when cohorts of patients taking certain classes of medication were found to have avoided infection.  

The Medical Journal The Lancet outlines one such case, where asthma patients were found to be under-represented in severely ill cases of Covid – even though they had compromised respiratory systems. Investigations into the treatments they were using revealed that some types of inhaler drugs were effective in reducing virus replication and inflammation. As a result, there are on-going trials which are showing great promise of providing “an effective, safe, cheap, and readily available treatment for COVID-19 in the community”.

In another case, outlined in a US National Library of Medicine paper, it was similarly noticed that there was a lack of Covid infections in rest-homes, where the elderly patients had been treated for scabies outbreaks with Ivermectin – a cheap and effective drug that is widely used for the treatment and prevention of viral and parasitic conditions.

Throughout the pandemic, ivermectin has been used against Covid-19 in many countries, including in Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the government claims the drug helped its 241 million people “to maintain a lower fatality and positivity rate” compared to others.

Meanwhile, Australian researchers at Monash University, who are investigating the potential for ivermectin to be used as an anti-viral for treating Covid-19, note the drug “is firmly on the World Health Organisation’s List of Essential Medicines with millions of doses prescribed worldwide every year” (including New Zealand where it was approved by Medsafe in 2005) – and they outline details of 68 clinical trials that are currently underway into its effectiveness against the virus.

However, Dr Bloomfield, our most senior health adviser, takes a different view and has dismissed ivermectin as a “livestock drench”.

It is now clear that the Government has staked its political future on the Pfizer vaccine strategy, which requires near universal vaccination and regular booster doses. They were re-elected last year on the strength of their response to the pandemic, and, with their vaccine roll-out having been woefully slow by international standards, they now desperately need high numbers to avoid Covid being added to a long list of  Labour Party policy failures.

Without a doubt, fear is being used to motivate New Zealanders into getting the vaccine. It appears to be a key part of their strategy. And while the delta outbreak and the prolonged lockdown has provided a convenient mass-vaccination opportunity, the growing list of adverse reactions to the vaccine are being downplayed. Medsafe (the Government’s medical safety regulator) has recorded that 13,000 adverse incidents have been reported to them, including 500 that are considered “serious”, and 40 deaths – 19 of which are categorised as “unlikely related to the Covid-19 vaccine”, 5 “could not be assessed due to insufficient information”, 15 “are still under investigation”, and one death “was likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis”.

In late August, the Prime Minister explained to Parliament that the Government’s intention had been to provide a choice of vaccines using different technologies – an RNA vaccine, and “one of a more traditional variety”. The final decision however, was to use a single vaccine, the Pfizer RNA vaccine.

With the Pfizer vaccine rollout currently well underway, the Government should now turn its attention to securing that traditional alternative vaccine they planned on providing, to ensure that more New Zealanders – especially those with compromised immune systems who have concerns over RNA technology – are able to get vaccinated.

Co-incidentally, it turns out that a vaccine using traditional technology is currently being trialled in New Zealand. The French biotech company Valneva, has developed a new vaccine, using inactivated whole virus particles, that is thought to have the potential to provide better immunity against the Delta variant.

The UK government has already ordered 100 million doses in anticipation of the vaccine being available later this year. Our Government should do the same, not only to provide a traditional choice of vaccine technology, but to get ahead of the game, since it appears that increasingly, countries are finding that using different types of vaccines as boosters, increases the immune response.

Last year, the Prime Minister told the country that she and her Government were the only source of truth when it came to Covid-19: “I want to send a clear message to the New Zealand public: we will share with you the most up-to-date information daily. You can trust us as a source of that information. Otherwise, dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth. We’ll provide information frequently. We will share everything we can. Everything else you see – a grain of salt.”

In these uncertain times, it would seem wise for governments and their health officials to keep an open mind on all options regarding the pandemic and the future. One would hope that decisions will be based, not on politics, but on what will provide the best long term public-good outcomes.

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Quite the opposite. Don
Like the Democrats in the USA who wouldn’t use a “Trump Vaccine” – I have strong doubts about this gumminy!! Although I’m 78, I’m resisting all blandishments to get vaccinated – especially with the David
Everything Ardern and her evil govt say is a downright lie. Richard
Most deceitful govt in memory Ian
Cindy and her cohorts are becoming less and less transparent…..Cindy gets her UN job and Maori get something for nothing and richer Julie
No – people must do their research. Lila
NO, NO, NO. Pieter
The government are the main source of misinformation, we are continually being told by them that the Pfizer vaccine is tested safe and proven, but it is none of these things. The vaccine has not been tested or proven according to Pfizer and from the Medsafe nz AEFI numbers we can see that the vaccine is not safe. This is before we even begin to look at the plethora of international data. Christopher
Not that or any number of other national issues! Carol
They are delusional. Goebles 3rd quote: If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. This is what is going on here, and most sheeple believe it! Jan
I would call them a bunch of outright liars. They definitely have an agenda as it is NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH. There is so much information showing that Lockdowns don’t work, Covid has a very very high recovery rate similar to the Flu, Masks are proven to be non effective and are bad for you and worst of all more people have died in relation to the vaccines than from Covid and by far more have been injured. So why are the public not doing anything about it. Richard
No. They avoid telling us what’s really going on and get rid of journalists and media commentators who query what they are saying. There’s certainly no freedom of the press in our country. I want to hear what’s really going on including these severe reactions to the COVID vaccine. We all have a right to know. Thank you Dr Newman for all you doing including going to sky news – more of this should happen Kay
No one has the full information on COVID listen to all sources to make your own decision Murray
Jacinda has told too many lies to be able to trust her in any way Colin
The government is running the ‘socialist’ policy of fear as a way of control. Look to the factual history of Hitler and Stalin and the millions of people they killed and had exterminated to progress their ‘socialist agenda’ Maureen J
you have to be kidding barry
Propaganda,coercion, totalitarian government Anna
Very little truth from this government. Graeme
Govt is the main source of misinformation Brian
Do you mean like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth? I avoid listening to any pronouncements or interviews by the childish Ardern. I have found her to be lying, smug and indulging in groupthink since she was appointed by W. Peters. Her Marxist government will be a very dark period for New Zealand when the history books are written. Monica
I don’t actually believe much of of what the government and nz news media say John
History shows us most people in power are corrupt time and time again. Don
Never they wouldn’t recognize it. Andrew
No government is the arbiter of truth, and any that claim this should be treated with extreme skepticism Anon
No way ! I wouldn’t trust this government now or ever again. In fact politicians are ruining this country. And the same applies worldwide . Maybe a whole new system is required ? During my interesting life-time all I have witnessed is a steady decline of everything we value over the last 50 of my 80 years. Very sad really ! John
NO way- they are biased- wouldn’t trust what they said about Covid- they haven’t done the research! Trisha
If they were truthful, they wouldn’t dismiss many severe adverse reactions and death. That is not honesty. I use to trust them but they have now proven that they do not care at all about people lives or health. Heidi
this govt wouldn’t know the meaning of truth even if it hit them on the head the same as the old news paper called truth, with cindy in charge she should call herself prada the con, the most devious pm this country has ever had. Richard
Democracy is dead Alex
No way. There are two sides to every coin, and with a virus it would seem that other remedies are worthy of investigation – transparently. Alan
absolutely not Jo
Brave new world, 1984, all in one! Cindy and her commie crime gang, have lots more instore for us Kiwis, wait till the shooting starts ! for real!! David
Spin doctors. The lot of them. John
Never trust a commie…. Patrick
This whole scenario is a pack of lies Jennifer
They even admit to propaganda John
Govt needs to be questioned and other info distributed or listened to. To maintain a balance and challenge info spouted from on high is basis for a democracy. David
Lies and deceit most of the time. Glyn
The Government would be pushing and supporting its own ideas on what is truth. An open and informed response is needed and required to give us the true information Brian
They lie all the time Grant
Any one who claims to be to know everything should not be trusted.This is clearly tyranny Carl
On the contrary, I think the Government is the single source of lies and propaganda. Steve
ABSOLUTELY NO BLOODY WAY. J.A. and Bloomfield are completely suppressing true science and data from TRUE SCIENTISTS and medical people working on the front line to further Bill Gates (& others) agenda of depopulation. These mRNA jabs are dangerous and their side effects are deadly. I WILL NOT BE JABBED WITH UNPROVEN EXPERIMENTAL POISON!!! Cynthia
Seriously, dose anyone think that not even a year is long enough for a true trial test. Glenice
Absolutely not, I do believe ardern admin will tell you what they think you need to know with a left leaning slant towards keeping the ardern admin popular. The actual truth of the matter is that they’ve done virtually nothing in the past eighteen months to prepare for the expected breakout of the virus through their own ineptitude. New Zealand is in no better position now than when the China flu originally hit us. The podium of truth is actually the podium of misinformation, half truths, lies and ardern versions of her socialist propaganda. Flip
Out govt doesn’t appear to be willing to debate the science with overseas experts??????? Craig
Don’t believe a word she says. Russ
She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Warren
Hell no they’re a corrupt bunch of communists!! Steve
An absolutely ridiculous claim to make. They couldn’t lie straight in bed Carolyn
This question is just a joke, anyone who believes a government can be a single source of truth on anything is delusional Danny
No – I think people need to do research. Kim
Yeah, right! Susan
Dream On !! colin
I don’t trust a word she says. She picks and chooses who gets to interview her and ask her post press conference questions. Doesn’t fill me with confidence. David
They wish! Thomas
There is the real truth and the political truth.Sometimes they coincide Bryan
If even half of what most free thinkers already know, is already going on our government needs a reformat because they aren’t working for the people anymore Anthony
If you gag the mainstream media, then there would appear to be only ‘one source’. However, thanks to Youtube, Telegram etc. we can FIND THE ACTUAL, DOCUMENTED TRUTH clyde
Absolutely NOT!!!! The ‘Alter of One’ is relying on fear tactics to bully and coerce New Zealanders to get vaccinated, no matter what. caren
This Government wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it. One only has to look at the 3 Waters proposal and proposed hate speech rules et al to see that they operate by stealth and deception. Would you want to trust your health with this Government? Alan
This government doesn’t admit the truth until 6 months to a year after I’ve already heard it from somewhere else. They’re preventing other treatment options from being allowed into the country that are already being used overseas. We have to wait one or two years for permission from this government for each new treatment option. Right now we still only have one, which is embarrassing. Doctors finding out what treatments work best from drugs already released has proved far quicker and more effective than governments locking us up until they develop a “vaccine”. We could do with far less government running our lives. Carol
Have never seen a bigger pack of liars. Daniel
HERD IMMUNITY versus LOCKDOWNS, COCKTAIL VACCINES AND THE FAILING ECONOMY Frederick states: The following advice was tabled with a political party in July 2020 before the last election. The best alternative will probably entail letting those at low risk for serious disease continue to work, keep business and manufacturing operating, and run society, while at the same time advising higher-risk individuals to protect themselves through physical distancing and ramping up our health-care capacity as aggressively as possible. With this battle plan, we could gradually build up immunity without destroying the financial structure on which our lives are based (Professor Michael Osterholm, Director of the US Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota) It is without doubt, the unremarkable SARS (CoV)-2 virus that created COVID-19 is the first Political Virus and Pandemic in recorded history. Up until now diseases have been left in the hands of trained medical professionals to direct the public sector and governments. Once a topic is politicised marketing takes control and drives the topic. The first casualty is the truth. Take the global numbers from the Worldometer over the last few months. Consistently there has been the declaration that 98% of infections are mild symptoms (Runny Nose; Cough; Sore Throat etc). Thus, 7.5 Million Cases are reduced to 150,000. The reported Deaths are some 423,000. How do you get 423,000 deaths from 150,000 severe infections? Unless people with a Runny Nose are dying! (June 12th 2020 Report) The most Remarkable Flu Virus we have is Influenza-A as depicted above. It has been around for 2,000 years of recorded history and possibly emerged in Egypt 5,000 years ago. Including mutation, Type A uses a triple weapon attack – bacterial Pneumonia, viral Myocarditis and viral Encephalitis. Unlike COVID-19, it is not selective as it kills children, adults and the elderly. Numbers confirm its potency is five times more than COVID-19. Our seasonal approach is to take precautions and keep working to facilitate economic well being and prevent our own financial meltdown in a personal sense. Health is a personal liability. Influenza-A (FLU) took the lives of 1,100 Australians in 2017. It moderated to 900 deaths and 310,000 infections in 2019. In NZ there were 48,000 infections and around 100 deaths in 2019. The COVID-19 disease caused 7,300 infections and 102 deaths in AUS (alleged) and 1,150 infections and 22 deaths in NZ. The differences between these viruses are profound. STRATEGIES: Selected Borders need to be re-opened without COVID-19 restrictions to allow the aviation, travel and cargo industries to become functional for revenue creation. Due to historic virus release, the Chinese Border is contentious, opening should be deferred. Frederick’s Conclusion is that political power is as intoxicating as Booze so that leaves us to consider the next Lockdown strategic date – December? Employees unsubsidised, employers unsubsidised, companies on the brink of failure in shutdown industries. Staff retrenchment rises and the pressure rises against the Socialist Government. The political opportune way out is another lockdown. Let us pray that Frederick is wrong? Frederick
The Government is not giving any consideration to the opinion of thousands of medical professionals around the world. We only hear the Governments opinions on Covid 19 Ann
Absolutely NOT. Pandora’s box of deceit. Alan
we need to take notice of successful CV treatments from round the world from top experts there – IVERMECTIN is very successful !! unlike the injection that is killing many people that we are not being told about. the Phizer agreement with the govt should NOT stop the use of IVERMECTIN in NZ. why should Phizer dictate our prevention and treatment?? Annette
The princess of spin should never be trusted. The extreme narrative control is the give away. Transparency continues to be her greatest fear. Donald
And they were supposed to be open and honest, they should look up the meaning in the dictionary Garth
They are not even one of many sources. Tom
How can that be when the majority of information is crafted by PR/Spin doctors Rob
I am sick and tired of been locked down. this government is doing more harm than good Stu
Of course not. If you are vaccinated you can still get covid – the only difference is that it gives you a better chance of survival. Survival surely is a personal choice – not a Government directive? However, that does not give the Marxists enough control, hence keeping spouting the indoctrination. Scott
They have no reason to tell the truth. Ardern has long stated her support of Marxism. Kiwis do not realise that the main aim of Marxism is simply THE ABOLITION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY. Everything else is subservient to that aim. Thanks to Dr Newman for her site as it is perhaps the only free speech outlet in the country. The vast majority of newspapers, talkback hosts, reporters and people giving their opinions(University Lecturers) are all serving this Marxist cabal even when they deny it. I wish that we could get a independent audit of the Government finances and see the true state of things. You will be able to tell how serious things are when they start inventing new ways of taxing you, of course this helps to reduce the level of private property. Terry
Absolutely no. Norm
They hide the truth for political gain. Andy
such arrogance! Sonia
about as much merit as open an transparent comment John
Historical experience suggests MPs are not to be trusted.They think they have a licence to utter lies and portray it as the truth.I certainly do not trust this present bunch of Socialists/Communists !! Tony
The NZ Government has proved themselves to be untrustworthy by not being transparent and honest in their messaging. Gavin
I regard government as a deception spreader. IamGroot
No it is not the single source!  Jen
We get a lot more of the truth about Covid -19 from Fox News. Morea
Absolutely NOT Kevin
Lost all trust in this Government June
I don’t consider the Govt to be the single source of truth on any subject. Donald
It is healthy and wise to ask questions and seek out alternative views. Claire
Never. Remember Hitler & Stalin Barry
not at all. paul
Any person, organisation or government who proclaims that they are the only arbiters of ‘truth’, is both delusional and disingenuous. Sam
I honestly have lost all confidence and trust in the current coalition lead Labour Govt. I think there are hidden agendas behind the whole Covid saga and is UN led. Wayne
They are nothing but a propaganda machine. ‘Tell a lie once and it is a lie, tell it a thousand times and it is the truth.’Goebbels,Hitler’s propaganda minister. Rosemary
Selective information to make them look good. The unpleasant bits are never said. norman
The Ministers do not always tell the truth by evading questions and misrepresenting the facts. Janie
yes and why not,they are in touch with all the medical experts around the world Mark
they are the ‘1984 Ministry of Truth’ H
That statement shares similar status with much of this government’s policies, absolute arrogance. We are therefore being told to disregard peer reviewed articles in the world’s most prestigious medical journals for example. As for Dr. Bloomfield, in my view he has a clear choice to make; is it medicine or politics? At present he is not making a good job of either. Peter
Anyone that says that is hiding something. Michele
Good heavens, no. Gail
Hardly a good track record in truth telling if the hidden He Puapua agenda is anything to go by. Shame on Ashley Bloomfield for actively participating in this charade. Simply; New Zealand has moved under this ‘government’ from a Democracy to an Idiocracy and deserves better.. Tony
I never imagined you would be joining the idiots promoting disinformation and trying to help the CCP spread the virus around the world. Lets be clear, Covid19 is a bio-weapon that may not have been invented by the Communist Party but was certainly hidden and encouraged to spread to other countries as part of a campaign to destroy the economies of other countries. While the Pfizer strategy isn’t perfect, there is no excuse to jump on anarchist bandwagons and spread CCP inspired propaganda. Yes Covid has been accompanied by an insidious information campaign that goes from WHO to the popular American misinformation outlets. If you can’t be smart about this, at least be responsible please!! This appears to be an example of how ACT has been taken over by libertarian hardliners. Dwayne
Traditionally Governments lie just about anything which does not suit their particular philosophy. John
Can’t trust a bunch of commies Dennis
This Gvmt hasn’t told the truth ONCE! Norm
I make sure I read what other countries, including the NHS in Great Britain, have to say about Covid-19 vaccines and what is said by trustworthy news media. Colin
Hell no – this Government couldn’t tell the full truth if their lives depended on it! Glenda
For a cutting edge discussion and overview of Covid-19 and treatments and the reason for governments rubbishing ivermectin, watch Dr Paul Marik: Answer: Big Pharmic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkcp04z8pE4. Tony
The Greatest philosopher who ever walked this earth warned his followers “be not deceived” watch out for people who will try to deceive us. Government the single source of truth about covid-19? not likely . World wide there is lots of great information out there on the internet. Greg
Absolutely not, the whole performance of this govt., has been one big fat lie, they appear to lie about everything, Their position in govt is more important to them than working for the good of the country. Unfortunately our vainglorious leader, only performs for the so called world stage, and to hell with her own country men and women. The sooner she is gone the better for the country, Merryl
Absolutely not to be trusted! me thinks they protest too much… Martin
I don’t trust the government about anything they say. KATRINA
They do not see reason. They are being controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. Pamela
Such a controlling statement, one that a cult leader would make! Pamela
No the logic behind lockdown of approx. 1.5 million perfectly healthy people, because of a handful of symptomatic people, and destroys businesses and the economy, is absolutely Bizarre. It is not achieving the objective , which is to Stop the Virus in the city of Auckland !! Pierre
Impossible to be the single source of truth Ian
I believe they are being economical with the truth. and only telling us what is politically acceptable to them Ian
Hel noon! Lourens
They have over reacted and caused many small firms to go to the wall instead of helping to keep them trading while observing stick rules. Wage subsides are not a great help to businesses if their clients have gone elsewhere. . Graeme
No NZ Prime Minister has ever said something like this. It is the height of arrogance and hubris, and it makes one immediately suspect they are hiding something. Graham
The longer this gov. takes to vaccinate 90% of us, the higher the number of deaths due to C19. Arden can add the slowness of her response and to tell NZ the real story as yet more labour failures Dave
Propaganda yes – Truth NO Wayne Gene
What a joke. Lie after lie and “we know best” attitude. Many countries are way ahead of us in all COVID matters. Faye
Leftist authoratarian bureaucrats. Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery Mike
many blunders under this govt Don
Their medsafe site has a section that state do not use anything here to decide whether to have the vaccination or not. This is a government site, the only source of truth, in other words dont blame us if something goes wrong. Frank
It is unbelievable that a politician will stand up and claim to know the only truth about a virus, and that any doctor that ventures a different professional opinion should be firstly ignored, and then sanctioned before losing his/her medical licence…. John
the very essence of free thinking and free speech has been systematically removed from NZ citizens by Aderne and her government. Government , because it is driven by Aderne. Repeated faiures by the Labour Party have allowed them to use Cvid as a tool to manipulate people that initially trusted their reasoning and judgement. this has proven to to be a lie and a hoax. Cash is now DIRTY and the Labour Government is pushing for all transactions to be Digital. This will alow them to be into everyones BVank Accounts at will. On top of that there is the threats of Cyber security that even thy can’t prevent! Technology relies on electricity-that only works when the Power companies generation can stand up to the increasing demand. Already we get rolling outages because of that failure and Aderne want all vehicles to be electric! the country will come to a standstill On top of that the Government has capped the Papers, news and to some extent social media for reporting negatively on the Aderne Govt and its failurer. Interestingly I saw an interview on FB with an Aussie news program with an NZ reporter about the Moari takeover etc Why not get it out there hey So back to is the govt the single source of the truth. Capital NO she and they are the biggest bullshitters this countries Govt has ever produced. Scary that if it isn’t stopped instantly os very soon it will all be too late Robin
This should be the case but unfortunately too many truths are being witheld or misrepresented. There is so much mis information on social media we need a single source, which should be Government, but to do this we need to separate health issues and politics mike
i blame the media for what is happening in this country. their lies are preventing a proper debate. Blood is on their hands. they should be ashamed of themselves. jess
They tell us what suits them! Brian
It is dangerous to remove debate on any issue. Sincere competent intelligent people have been threatened isolated and their well documented and referenced findings have been nullified. Informed consent has been thrown out the window Chris
The are lying about ivermectin. They don’t want us to know the trust. Howard
Not bloody likely they are the biggest bunch of liaring bastards you have ever met eric
Never, they manipulate the truth to suit themselves. Without doubt they are the most cynical, manipulative, secretive, dishonest bunch of inept politician’s we have ever had the misfortune to have in power. The end result will see a mass exodos of many of our most talented and ambitious young people leave our shores looking for a true democratic country. Albyn
This Govt wouldn’t know what the truth is if it bit them on the arse. The are either totally informed of what’s going on in the world regarding this jab and the adverse effects and deaths it has caused, or they know and don’t care. They need to be stopped immediately before they cause more deaths and unnecessary illness. Peter
Because this Govt has chosen the vaccine as the only form of ‘saving’ the population, while ignoring successful life saving early treatments being used around the world, they cannot be trusted to be the single source of truth. It’s time for kiwis to start educating themselves and finding truth elsewhere. CJ
Perhaps the best spin doctors of the mistruth bruce
Telling us what they want us to know, not the actual truth Chris
we should be foolish to believe any Government which has made that statement. Wake up Kiwi Jenny
They are covering up the effects of the Jab. It is NOT a Vaccine by any stretch of the imagination. This is a Synthesized Pathogen with absolutely NO Virus in it what so ever, unlike normal Vaccines. Some of the ‘Contents’ should never be injected into a Human. So what’s going on.!! Thousands of People are dying from these Jabs around the World. Booster shots are being started because this Jab doesn’t Work !! WTF. geoff
They are not the “single choice of truth “about anything so why should we trust them? Their track record with Covid depends on locking us all down and controlling the population with the daily delivery from the “Pulpit of Truth.” Politically motivated?? More people are dying of illnesses other than Covid .as they are unable to get treatment. Not to mention suicide , due to harsh restrictions and loss of livelihoods, imposed by this “caring and Kind” govt!! Vaccine roll out has been abysmal till now . Why didn’t they source an alternative ,more traditional type of vaccine? Many questions go unanswered. Mary
This government has a track record of deceit. Why anyone would trust them is beyond me to comprehend. Peter
Like all Parliamentarians, the leaders speak out of the corner of their mouths .Comrade Ardern also obfuscates as well Lying and untrustworthy would be the final summation! John
Not at all, I believe the labour government to be decisively misleading and deceitful Dave
Jacinda “this will be the most transparent government ever and no you cant see the secret deal with Winston”, need I say more ! John
Hell no they could not arrange a booze up in a brewery Peter
Last place I’d look for truth Dave
The ongoing blatant lying of these incompetent fools gives me no confidence there is truth in anything they say. Vaughan
How can anyone trust a communist leaning govt? They fail EVERY time! Ian
The song ‘Mother” by Pink Floyd comes to mind when I hear statements like this from the government. Mother knows best…. Boys
Too slow to own up. So many unexplained infections. That first outbreak within the community last year; a denial it was a returned criminal and his girlfriend. No other credible answer provided though. How can this be trusted? Peter
They are anything but!! David
both the government and the media give out sanitised news which makes it difficult to digest and sometimes conflicts with itself John
What a complete pile of festering rubbish. Any claims re the jab are highly suspicious. Dr Peter McCullough, a Cardiologist from Texas USA and the publisher of over 600 medical papers sums up the “JAB” in very simple terms, “it doesn’t work and it kills and maims people.”. So whats the game here. You have got the “single source of truth” claiming via both the Royal College of GPs and the Director General of Health rubbishing the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid and yet in places around the world where it is being used extensively the treatment is having great success. Uttar Pradesh in India has recently announced that the State is Covid-19 free thanks to the effectiveness of the “Deworming Drug” So we need to ask ourselves why are governments lying about this treatment and others that are very effective and yet forcing the jab down our throats when all the evidence from around the world shows it doesn’t work. (Keep an eye on Israel.) Another simple treatment is to nebulize 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can do this at home and no virus can survive this treatment including Covid and any versions of it. And doen’t forget Dr McCullough is actually in the trenches treating Covid patients so he know what works and what does’nt. There is a whole lot more to this jab than what we are being told. Ronmac
I listen but I make my own opinion. Eric
this Govt. has repeatedly lied.. totally untrustworthy..no confidence in anything they do. Peter
Absolutely not! And they have bought off the media so they are not challenging the government or even providing healthy debate. And Ashley Bloomfield is another puppet in the same game. Sadly its a game playing with people’s lives and their livelihoods. Felicity
Nothing this government (corporation) says can be relied on to be factual. They are a complete gang of liars Phillip
This Govt is not to be trusted. Never give a straight answer. I’m tired of the propaganda being spread, especially through the media. Judith
The NZ Government has a one liner get vaccinated..Facts are not important. Mary
I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Lies, Lies and more lies. She’s sold her soul to the devil ! Brenda
Theres no such thing as “a single source of truth” about anything much less a new viral disease. This sort of statement should have everyones alarm bells ringing! Miriama
The focus should always have been about treatment for those who have more than a superficial positive not abut vaccination. Catherine
Just like the tooth fairy!! Mike
Never Gayle
The government response has been woeful. Delta is not a surprise, but the governments poor preparation has had a serious impact on New Zealanders. Being at the bottom of the world gave us a natural advantage which should have put us way ahead not last in the oecd. The 1 pm stand ups are just propaganda and spin Anna
This government’s only expertise is in propaganda of which Jacinda Adern is a master. She has lied about the efficacy of the vaccine and not revealed to the nation the growing number of people who have been affected by serious side effects. The Adern government is using this lockdown for political purposes first and foremost. Phill 
Only selected elements of truth, massaged and manipulated by savvy spin doctors with a lot of waffle and padding to present a story that might appeal to the people of low single figure IQ. Glenn
Spin more like! Trevor
Ivor cummins is good. bruce
This is the biggest lie that has ever been told in the sad sorry history of our species. This is Goebbels. “If you tell a big enough lie often enough: the people will believe it. Mark
An arrogant, ignorant assertion by the PM Isabel
it seems quite apparent that the Govt is not allowing a full and balanced approach to dealing with Covid. How can they not fully investigate [ and promote the use of] Ivermectin and the other options that have been so ignored. One day we will all recognise that far from being the “truth tellers” Jacinda and her team actually were [and are ] the great suppressors of TRUTH. Well written article, thank you Muriel. Graeme
Absolutely NOT Pam
With the media now in the back pocket of the current administration and being paid to promote divisive government agendas Max
I sincerely believe that this government is continually and flagrantly lying about all aspects of covid. GRANT
If it is we are in serious trouble. Neil
not even close …they are very selective with the information they put out RG
JA backed elimination she thought she wouldn’t need vaccine hence the very slow roll out. Pity her and her cronies got it wrong again! CHris
Scare tactics. 0nly to remain in power. Ann
They so often hide the truth Tony
Never heard such anti democratic nonsense before. Christine
It is however the single source of fake. Linda
Very untrustworthy government, the only experts they use to inform the public are on their pay-roll and follow the government narrative. Other voices are totally silenced. I am extremely suspicious towards this controlling government. Jan
BS, with forked tongue… Kenn
I wouldn’t trust this government as afar as I could kick it. Pete
I think there is a lot we are mot being told. We were told that there was very little reaction to jabs. 5here is now 13500 reported. I had a bad 10 days after 2nd jab and that would not be included in that number so how many more unnotified? Bev
cant trust this govt in anything they say or do neil
the government does not give a balanced point of view and some statements are factually wrong Jennifer
Unbiased discussions and debate would have been more helpful. I do wonder if the Government has NZers welfare and health as the main focus. Sue
The govt track record proves they can%u2019t be trusted. Terry
I have done my own research. Wouldn’t trust any of them. Heather
The government information is not even one truthful source let alone the only source Lyndle
they lie about climate change. john
Bloomfield has outright lied about ivermectin effectiveness. Shame on him Paddy
Absolutely not. They have continued to lie & deceive us throughout this pandemic. It’s all about control through fear. Why are we the ONLY country still (mis)believing in total elimination?? FloJo
Definitely not.why they haven’t researched more in to treatments available for Covid beggars belief. Christine
I am unable to believe this Government on anything they pronounce, least of all COVID-19. Both Miss Ardern and her political health advisor, Dr Bloomfield clearly are unable/unwilling to accept any medical analysis that does not agree with their political analysis of the proper manner to “control”. Virus. They both continue to believe they can “eradicate” the virus and the opinions of other analysts, such as Professor Gibson, simply do not count. A further example of her politicising of science is her 21st century “anti-nuclear movement” – Climate Change. She claims that her party’s policies and their laws are based upon science. This may be so as long as the “science” does not conflict with her dogma. Her and her government’s “truths” are about as straight as someone lying in bed. If you want the truth then do not rely on Miss Ardern or her Government’s utterances!! Michael
Absolutely not, they couldn’t be further from providing the truth in many spheres. Anon
They only tell us what they want us to hear David
Far from it Ann
Since when did anyone trust politicians? They are paid 3 times the median income and represent no one but themselves… James
I’ve got a bridge to sell them! Roger
The government source of truth is forced on the public with informational flooding in an attempt to outcompete any opposing view. If the “Ministry of Truth” is so certain of its facts, why not have a public debate between their experts and those of the opposing view? Surely they would win hands-down, and so have the public’s confidence. Fat chance of that happening! Kris
I regard this government as the biggest source of untruth ever. Cherry
Source of lies more like. Danny
Don’t be silly!Not even,who would really believe them when one considers some of the porkies they have put out there. Peter
I refuse to believe any thing that the priminister says. Fin
Preserve us! Bruce
Far from it. I do not trust our government. They have not delivered on promises. Julie
Hell no, they are the biggest bunch of liars we have ever had, whether we are talking about Covid or any of the other shoddy things they are foisting on us without consultation. My faith in this current government is zero. Fraser
Truth!!! You’ve got to be joking I wouldn’t trust any of Labourers hopeless lot with my cat and he’s been fixed. Athol
Led by the PM, the Minister of Health and the Director General of Health, the government is a source of lies Kevin
Lies Damn Lies. I can tell when Spewcinda is lying she opens her mouth to speak. The 1pm stand up is a party political brainwashing broadcast. The Flip flop now that they have realised lockdowns won’t cut it with the delta variant we are subjected to the constant message get Vaccinated. They couldnt do this earlier when they should have because yet again they dropped the ball by not securing enough vaccine.. The Ministry of health is just a bunch of headless chickens trying to cover up their failings. Salve
Cannot trust the Government with anything as serious as Covid 19. Willian
So funny. I probably regard them as the biggest source of untruth. Cherry
No never! This entire wuflu campaign has been massaged and manipulated from the very beginning. Am sure govt knew of the wuflu existence well before this current govt won its first term. Anyone remember Winstons emphasis on the need for a kind leader, hence is choice of cindy,plus the big push about mental health support? Then the fear-mongering swallowed hook line and sinker by SO many NZrs won this lot a 2nd term, enabling them to roll out their marxist agenda. Just saying… Sharen
No! And not just about Covid-19. Gary
They have dismissed positive study after study around treating COVID. NZ is in the enviable position of having accesses to so much data from other other countries months ahead of us in this COVID journey and Jacinda is ignoring it all! One needs to ask themselves why? Why are we installing fear into our nation instead of hope and good science backed health! AJ
This government is the single source of BS and lies Laurie
Government officials are not allowing open public debate with well qualified and experienced doctors, emergency physicians, virologists both here and around the world. They are protecting their one eyed, millions of dollars, marketing campaign to NZer’s. Disgraceful and not transparent leadership. I don’t feel that government is representing the people at all. They have put themselves in the position to dictate terms to the people, running over people’s free will and rights of free movement, rights to do business, rights to meet up with people and in particular family and friends, and rights to chose medical interventions that best suit them along with consultation with their doctor. It’s so appalling I’m wondering if we have changed our core values and exchanged them for communistic dictates, fear mongering, obey or be punished, etc. Rebecca
One would have to be totally delusional to believe this government is “the single source of truth” regarding anything, let alone, as an authority on the best option for the population. Sadly, like frightened rabbits, a large portion of the public cling to every word that comes from “THEIR great Leaders” mouth. Thankyou Dr Newman for another extremely well researched alternative view. To ensure treatments like Ivermectin are not used to undermine “the only source of truth”, such products appear to have been taken off the market.. A.G.R.
They don’t seem to read or take any notice of information from overseas or any information that may be negative about the jab. Do not trust them one bit. Tee
How could it be? Phil
No way. We all need to know what is out there, and the best way to fight Covid in its various forms. I am tired of Jacinda Ardern telling us that what she says is gospel, we need the facts, all of them. Kerin
Not at all! When did ANY government including democratic ones ever prove themselves worthy of such a claim? Never. Ray
Propaganda and lies. Kerry
Properganda!! Dave
They have currently lied about most things and there is very little truth in any of their statements Garry
Let all science do the talking not the government Barry
The present (rather kinky and intensively left-wing) government is the “single source of truth.” Yeah, right! I really believe in that as intensively as I believe in Father Christmas. My advice is always to look everywhere, listen and read widely, and make your own decisions. Rob
They have proven that they fail in most things they promise. We would we trust them to not fail in this promise as well Phil
This government has hidden a lot of information from the public. Laura
very bad advise from the govt. we are mostly able to source further information re Covid from more reliable institutions. Julie 
e.g. The use of masks started off well didn’t it Rowan
Of course you can’t trust them they are politicians Neil
There is NO way I will ever TRUST a Labour Government. Jacinda has spread more lies than any other Prime Minister. Carl
Too much evidence of cover ups Neville
They are just Tell lies Allan
We cannot trust a word that Jacinder Ardern says. She has proven this over & over. They are simply using the virus as a Political Tool Henry
I love my country. This government, is about destroying our freedom under the guise of protecting us. GERALDINE
The Government have made a decision on the truth in which they are expounding. This is not the only truth but to dodge from one to another each time something arises would be very confusing. Hence keeping to one truth is sensible. However, notwithstanding changes should be made to our good. Dennis
They have no clue about long term effects from the vaccine. Won’t even look at ivermectin and think lockdowns which contribute to suicides and financial pain are the way forward..this govt is useless! Barbara
as a retired medical practitioner ,( after 45 years practice) we all know that the game changes all the time ….. including what is regarded as truth David
I don’t trust a single thing our government says; so manipulative and deceitful. What’s more, NZ media have been bribed – they are a puppet piece for the govt. I only source my news from off shore uncensored sites, educated people like yourself and the BFD site. Karlene
The spin doctors of the Government public relations departments are only releasing information that is favourable to the Government Geoff
they are deceitful on many fronts if you trust them you are a fool Ewan
Most definitely not. People need to do their own research, we cannot believe everything our Government and media are telling us. Hydroxychloroquine is also another safe option in the treatment of COVID. Vaccine testing takes years, we do not know the adverse side effects of these COVID vaccines yet. Janine
No, definitely not. In my opinion, Ardern and the govt have shown themselves to be liars when it suits them. Trevor
They lost my trust years ago Matt
I don’t regard the government as a source of truth – period. Vic
They are caught lying all the time . It is all politics Hans
your kidding yourself if you think the govt is the only source of the truth.. They are just playing politics John
This government has been lying to us from the get-go. Why believe anything they say? Jenny
Absolutely not! Cathie
What an arrogant view! Jonathan
You would have to be very gullible to believe only one source of truth. Wayne
Trust me, I’m from the Government.Yeh Right!! Bob
They are open minded enough to look at all that is out there, and there is alot going on. Gillian 
Certainly not ! The amount of propaganda circulating astounds me. Jenny
Govt claims are rubbish. Not only the Covid 19 ones, others as well. Mike
Labour pays huge funding for ‘spin doctoring’ to the public. One needs to literally question everything, research further afield to find a variety of sources and who ‘s are actually legit. Kathryn
Absolutely not! This is ALL politics. If they were really interested in truth they would be open to debate. John
They should be open to all the latest research.Just proves how blind they are to the real world. Bryan
Yeah … right! Bryan
Governments are made up of politicians who lie by definition. The information provided by this government has changed and contradicted itself so many times that no one in their right mind could regard them as a “single source of truth”. Paloma
there is numerous examples that ‘their truth is what is commonly called ‘bending the truth or more to the point dam Lies Mike
NO NO NO. Another means of controlling NZ To say that they are the only ‘source of truth’ is outrageous. Robina
Absolutely NOT!! They’ve proven to be deceitful and totally incompetent and despite their ongoing spin, our vaccination rates compared to other OECD countries is downright shameful. Tony
NO – NO- NO- this government never tells us the full truth about anything. Cec
Absolutely not. They are, if anything, the podium of lies. lilia
Too many adverse comments to suit their own agenda john
They wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it. Denise
Far from it, I doubt if Jacinda could even spell truth Terry
Absolutely NOT. What an arrogant statement, particularly when their record is hiding the truth from us. Their tendency for “spin” means that I don’t believe a word they say. The “pulpit of truth” is simply a political platform that is aimed at keeping them in power, despite their failures to delivery on any of their promises. Look at all the examples: light rail, child poverty, housing, governing for all NZers, and the list goes on. What about the hidden agenda that was never disclosed during the election campaign: Abolishing referenda on maori wards, Three Waters, He Puapua, dividing the nation by race? I don’t trust them on anything. They are intent on the destruction of democracy in NZ Kerry
No never they-She tells what she wants you to know not the truth Jamiemie
Ja-cinder Adern couldn’t lie straight in bed. She lies and or distorts the truth all the time or she just refuses to answer the question. She’s treacherous and has an agenda which she won’t admit to Trevor
Nothing more than a Party Political Broadcast using irrelevant stats to spread Covid Fear in order to deepen their control over the NZ Sheeple. Shameful! ps; Keep up your great work! Ian
Definitely not; Ardern and her govt are basically masters of obfuscation, rather than enlightenment. Bob
They are such a pack of liars beryl
J.A. and government paid health officials are liars supported by media which they have essentially bribed Mark
NO!! Roy
This government does not tell the truth about anything. I have never encountered such a large group of absolute liars in my life, and that is quite a few years! Murray
Truth! this govt. wouldn’t come close to know the meaning of the word.Just watched Ian Bishop on u tube the Beat goes on.He has written a book called the Great Divide,a history of the real meaning of the treaty,not what this pack of liars would have you believe Ross
They are spin and bs merchants. Of the multitude of promises they have made their delivery rate is terrible. John
The use of fear tactics and the refusal to consider other alternatives is to say the least, very unsettling. Ian
Govt does not know all the truth about Covid-19. No one does. How arrogant they are that they say that they alone know the truth. Hallmarks of a dictatorship John
The facts on all facets of their policies have been deliberately misrepresented from before the 2020 election. Vonne
Do I have a choice ? David
Never, ever in a million years do I regard the Government as a replacement for that source of absolute Truth “Pravda”, and its Editor in Chief, Joseph Stalin. Dave
neither the govt. or the controlled press have told us about the reputed cases of death from the covis injection, this raises hugely important doubts and questions norman
it is a political party and everything they say reflects their need to favour the party. Shaun
Once again this is part of the Socialist Agenda – tell them enough times and they will believe it, whether true or not!! Same with everything else this Socialist Government is trying to push down our throats. He Puapua, 3 Waters, to name two recent ones. As for the 3W TV ad – who but a kindergarten kids would be sucked in by that ??? Robyn
Marxinder and her henchmen are sounding more like Hitler and the Nazi propaganda machine every day. Chris
They, this government, have proved time and time again that they are not to be trusted, so why would anyone with half a brain trust them now. Thanks for the info, having had our second injection just over four months ago, my wife and I will soon be looking for the booster jab or at least some further protection. Look out !!!!! Tom
the Liebour party and the govt. are adept st hiding the truth greg
As I understand it Joseph Geobels was a single source of truth Will we never learn from history Robin
they will always have hidden agendas. Hiding behind the screen of covid ,Water maori rule , to name a few Francis
This government would not know the truth Alan
They lie to maintain control. Lindsay
I get my most reliable information by searching Google Scholar. (scholar.google.com). Colin
A resounding NO to this poll. Never in my more than 80 years have I seen a New Zealand government so who blatantly and obviously tell lies. Denis
Ardern and the truth appear to be strangers at most levels Terry
Single source of truth!! Nothing could be further from the truth Rod
I don’t trust this government!! Alison
Not to be trusted. Ron
Far from it, can not be trusted. Daryl
Hahahahahahaha!!! The truth fairy is as believable as the tooth fairy. You know when they’re lying – their lips are moving. Alan
This Govt is the single source of SPIN. Ian
jacinda would,nt know how to speak the truth.OVER & OVER she,s smiled & told NZ BULLSHIT & silly sheep believe her but NOT people who can think they know her lies.Cindy Cindy
Totalitarian socialist government. John
No they have an agenda they are pushing, otherwise they would have investigated other treatment options a whole lot earlier. Their response actions have not been based in integrity or open transparency Tracie
I regularly call it the ‘Pulpit of Disinformation’ and do not listen to it. I can get more truthful news from other sources and later in the news as to what points are really important – without the sometimes up to half hour blather from that woman and her tame and trained poodle Ashley. Brenton
Definately NOT Can’t believe a word they say!! Sheila
i don’t regard this Government as the single source of truth on any subject. They tend to distort and obfuscate rather than convey the truth ! Geoffrey
I don’t believe any of their Drivell ERIC
What arrogance. Daily their claims to provide most up to date information are a joke. As a nation we are 18 months behind the rest of the world in living with Covid 19 which is endemic most everywhere but here. And committed to vaccinate with an experimental therapy now seen to have failed in every nation with high vaccination rates, and in effective against delta variant. Data from Israel indicates 2x vaccinated folks are spreaders. So here we are jabbing people with ineffective stuff that has no clinical data on medium to long term effect.. And the constant repetitive messages of safety when adverse reaction data from world and NZ experience is censored and withheld is of criminal magnitude. Uwe
How can you trust a government that has already actively pushed a hidden agenda in Hepuapua. George
perniciuos propaganda purveyors Owen
Can can you trust this government it is all a political agender, we may as well ban push bikes, cars, trains, planes, horses etc they kill more each year than the virus Mark
Ardern is using the Covid pandemic as camouflage of her political racist agenda Bill
This government are born liars. New Zealand needs an honest government to act on behalf of ALL New Zealanders … not just a minority few, so they can retain their votes. Des
for her to even say that is just unbelievable the news they put out is all scare mongering wanting every one to be vaccinated, they have got most people scared shitless over all this, we haven’t had a case in the south island yet they are all running round with there masks on in town, for myself im just watching this space about the vaccine, they are working on other forms of treating it and im more inclined to go that way,im not an anti vaxxer,ive done a lot of traveling and have had to have vaccines to visit countrys, its the scare mongering and control this government is pushing on the people had enough i so hope they get voted out next election, but i have my doubts,,this bloody woman is not my mother and thankfully my mum and dad are not here any more to see this shit going down, until they say that there will be quarantine travel from here to uk and back again if you have had the vaccine, until then they can stick it where the sun don’t shine rodger
This is an unbelievable claim. It is not the job of Government to be the arbiter if truth and the claim is yet another attempt to limit freedom, the freedom of thought. Along with the dob in your neighbours and family you have two of the key planks of the totalitarian State Stephen
To make that claim is arrogant and makes me think immediately of propaganda. Colleen
How can anyone trust this Socialist / Communist Government of Ardern and co. Ardern can’t even lie straight in bed, every time she opens her mouth lies and rubbish ensure along with her nodding head! Frank
Politics and the truth rarely meet each other. Politics & the truth rarely meet each other. John
how do we get the opposition to actually oppose all the rubbish labour is trying to feed the people. john
Abernethys is Irene no. Way would I trust anything she said Raymond
I regard that comment as just another great lie by a government full of misleading perhaps intentional – misleading comments thinking we must be totally dumb to believe such an unabashed comment! Stuart
I cannot trust anything this govt says or does everyday my distrust and hatred grows Geoff
Series of mistruths coming from the pulpit. Just trying to control lives lindsay
Their informatioin, like climate change information, follows their own political agenda. It has been raised to the level of a modern religion and woebetide the deniers!! Wolf
They are hiding a hell of a lot that they don’t want us to know. Graham
Lying Marxist cow John
The continued use of spin and the marginalization of those who ask questions leads us to believe they are hiding behind something Keith
they lie Richard
They are blinded by ideology and manipulation Rob
There are continuous developments taking place which may be contrary to official thinking. As a result there cannot be a single source of truth. devadunna
They have lied outright and suppressed relevant, scientifically proven information in order to pursue their corrupt narrative. This is not about saving lives and public health – they have destroyed lives by their actions – this is about control and their agenda (whatever that agenda really is?) Simone
Their record of lying in the past does not give any confidence ! Colin
Heck no! If everyone in NZ actually took the time to do their due diligence before blindly allowing experimental vaccines to be injected into themselves and loved ones, they would think twice! However, do not take on board everything you read from BOTH sides, sift information and focus on the credentials of who is actually supplying that info. Do NOT use G gle, use a different search engine such as D ck D ck Go. Lazza
Govt is more lies than truth Anne
more lies and non transparency from our government than any other source. Total manipulation and stealth hiding a hidden agenda. Rita
You should have a ‘no’ and a ‘hell no!’ option. Simone
there are many professionals telling different, they refuse to listen Lynda
Na Shirley
no!!!! Ngaire
In dealing with most issues, and certainly scientific issues, there is NO single source of truth. Science is trial and error, applying theories and testing them against actual data. No theory can be proved beyond doubt – only confirmed or denied. The statement “a single source of truth” is straight out of the 1984 political playbook. Totalitarianism favours sayings like this. Looks like we have one in charge! Derek
The PM is using strategies typical of the communist era under Russian control. They are only telling us what they want us to know to cover their incompetence. Tony
The. Government. Is. Dismissing. Pretreatment. As. Per. Protocol. By. Valadimir. Zelenco. Which. Is. Far. Superior. To. The. Vaccine. Which. Is. Killing. More. People. Than. Covid. Watch. The. Videos. But. America’s. Most. Cited. MD. Perer. Mc collough. To. See. We. Are. All. Being. Lied. To. Masks. And. Lockdown S. Don’t. Work James
Dr Graham Le Gros is more qualified as an imminent immunologist to listen to regarding vaccines. Pam
How can they possibly be. Probably nobody knows it all re Covid ! Diana
Daily figures on covid are never in context! Marianne
Hopeless & helpless doesn’t carry trust. Kevin
The government has an underlying agenda. It is lying, using fear tactics and covering up the truth about Covid and vaccine injuries. Mainstream media is doing the same. Wayne
Can you trust this Government with anything? Adrian
Phizer have paid out 2.3Bn in medical fraud for a start. 1 bombarding narrative, prizes and freebies, major censorship, NZ doctors shut out, nothing to gain, everything to lose. Govt are liars. Jess
Because they lie and withhold information “injurious” to their cause (“elimination strategy”) David
Broadcasting fear and sugar coating government failures is simply a government manipulating the message to fit their political aspirations of increasing control over New Zealanders. Frank
Spin doctors iain
Masks or not masks? RICHard
The y provide a narrative that suits their direction. Neville
How arrogant of cindy Bruce
looking at the way other world countries deal with the virus Dominique 
I think we all still have a great deal to learn about how to deal with this virus and its variants. While there is a lot of misinformation about also, I don’t think our Government is the single source of truth. Lee
Elimination is not the only tool to use against SARSCoV2. NZ can learn from other countries Nicola
Government will only approve for release information that supports their political agenda of controlling the masses. It is critical that they are constantly re-elected in order to complete their socialist and separatist mission. Control using fear, media propaganda and debunking of conflicting information are their tools of trade. Covid has provided them with the perfect storm under which guise they can manipulate and impose their ideology on the future course of New Zealand. We are too blind and trusting of politicians in general and will ultimately pay the price. martin
More likely the source of lies, manipulations of truth, and poorly rationalised ideology. Kevin
I do not regard this Government as any source of truth. Period. The only agenda they have is Marxist and give the country to the Maori elite. Folkert
Transparency ? No ,! Terry
Absolutely not ! ! ! Ron
They spew lies as do their paid accomplices. Edward
They are incapable of telling the truth!! Elizabeth
The Govt is clearly lying! ” Everywhere that vaccine uptake rates are the highest, covid “cases,” hospitalizations and deaths soon follow. It’s abundantly obvious that the vaccine is the pandemic, and the spike protein inserted into the vaccines is what’s causing the injuries and deaths”. So for those with their eyes open, herein is what the agenda is! Globalist eugenics to reduce and control the world population. Population “replacement” tactics like is happening in the US. Kill off the people you can’t control, move in people you can control. Live the satanic high life and hold people as slaves. And everyone thought “hunger games” was just a “story”. Neil
Would not believe a word out of that woman’s mouth. William
Lack of INFORMED consent. Coercion, propaganda, biased reporting. Censorship of alternative views. Validity of PCR test. Lack of information provided on: Reporting adverse reactions & deaths following vaccine. On boosting your own Immune system. I could go on & on! I am disgusted with Dr A Bloomfield, Medsafe & the Medical Council. Cynthia
Satan said the same thing Chris
Satan said the same thing. Chris
I do NOT trust this Government to be, or provide anything that comes near truth, Their record speaks for itself. The worst damage to NZ is the Maorification of the country, what a pity there is no anti Ardern vaccination, Peter
With the amount of spin and total lies that have been forthcoming from the Podium of Truth by oru deal leader and her puppet Bloomfield I now would not believe anything that either of them say. They have proven to be blatant liars and totally untrustworthy and I have nothing but contempt for both of them. Allan
They lie Roger
Yea right !!!!!! Chris
a con job muzza
More like the single source of BS Kevin
Dangerous. ALL information should be open to scrutiny. Kevin
A “single source of truth” is a very dangerous statement and has historically been used and abused. Penina
I now disbelieve everything they say and no longer watch TV news or read newspapers. Elizabeth
Can%u2019t believe anything that comes out of their mouths! Chris
Their history as the most transparent Government gives that statement and any others like it a serious dose of the wobbles. Their credibility is through the floor, as is the level of integrity they (particularly PM Ardern) display. Highly disappointing and concerning. Grahame
With this REGIME in charge ( government would be the wrong term for that outfit) ,New Zealand has arrived at the crossroads. To declare themselves as the ‘ single source of truth’ is on a par with North Korea , Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Venezuela, or the ex USSR for that matter. Another two years of this mess will certainly land us in a corner where damage control will be rendered almost impossible. There is no real opposition left here and what has survived this far, is systematically attacked by the State propaganda machine. I fear the worst for our country. Michael
little research required to discover our government is guilty of crimes against humanity and the vaccines are fraudulent Hugh
No comment! Don
Governments all over the world has been caught repeatedly, verifiably lying to the public in order to maintain the level of fear and to hide statistics and facts that do not align with the mainstream narrative. NZ government was no different. John
No they are lying communists Greg
Far from it. I am deeply concerned about the LACK of information that is disseminated to the public regarding adverse vaccine side effects. We are also currently in the grip of a disturbing propaganda campaign which appears to have a large portion of the population under some form of mass hypnosis. Jessica
I don’t regard this deceitful junta as capable of telling the truth, let alone being the sole arbiter of it Charles
They are about as truthful as the ministry of truth from Orwell’s 1984. David
Communism plain and simple. Richard
Goebbels said the same thing Ravi
This Government is heading down several paths that run counter to commonsense. The division by race in terms of health is just one. Three Waters is another. The list goes on. Of most concern is the lack of a credible Opposition. David
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice? WTF? no doubt in my mind J.A. “ABSOLUTELY” believes this right down to her core, LW inner being. The one single thing socialists believe is “they can change human nature”, they can’t and they should just stop trying, it doesn’t work. We have all the history we ever need for the evidence. Bart
Definitely not Tom
No no no not now not ever. On a scale with 5 being no. We vote 5 x 5. They are liars, deceitful and motivated by communist goals. Kristene
Trump suggested Ivermectin and was criticised by the left including JA and AB. john
This Govt have been laying a false trail of information from the start Colin
Absolutely not! Their political future is at risk so they will fudge and fiddle the results to create a “reality” that best suits them. We should not be surprised by that – it is what any self-interested party would do. It’s because of that self-interest that the govt should not be seen as the single source of truth. JD
most definitely NOT…we would never believe any thing this GOVT says without researching , and finding out the true facts .. Roy
Idiocy again… Richard
There is so much information from reliable sources that contradict our Government’s “truth” that I now do not believe anything they tell us! Marion
I wouldn’t trust those racist lying idiots one inch. Carl
Never, ever trust a labour led government!! Merv
They are a government fixated on political outcomes and not the wellbeing of the people.lies and deceit is something they are the masters of. They will get found out. Warren 
They are the one true source of political spin and very little more. Ross
This Govt has made too many public statements which have later been shown to be unreliable. The have also promised much and achieved little. John
Hypocrites to the end. And like most surveys – no choice to say you don’t want it. Neville
Bureaucratic arrogance John
I have researched how other countries are handling the pandemic and unfortunately none know what they’re doing, because it hasn’t been possible to make a plan, and the goal posts keep changing because of the changes in the virus mutations. It’s great to have guidance but we must all take personal responsibility to investigate what, how, when, and where, to be able to make the right decisions to keep healthy and well physically and mentally. Annie
Emphatically NO! Listen to Dr Peter McCullough and thousands of doctors all round the world. Jan
They would be the last O would believe David
Jacinda Ardern said they would be very transparent in their governance, but indeed the opposite has happened regularly. When Dr. Michael Baker Chris Hipkins were interviewed by Amanda Gillies on TV 3’s Breakfast show, they both minimised the possibility of adverse events saying “some people may suffer allergies” (Baker); “oh”, (there’s been) “a few…..a handful…..”, when indeed there were 180 cases listed on Medsafe’s CARM site. 180 is NOT ‘a few”!!!! Theodora
I do not think any of them could lie straight in bed! will
I don’t trust the govt at all. After some research it appears the same people that own big pharma own the media. Marc
NO! Go here, www.therealnews.nz for the latest issue #3 – COVID CURES COVERUP Don
They will go down as the worst and most devious government NZ has ever had. Policy failures everywhere and a rapidly increasing number of us just want them as dog tucker next election. Andy
They have proven they can’t be trusted. Just look at how they lied to their coalition partner – Winston Peters and NZ First, not to mention all the deceitful things they have been continually doing behind our backs Gavin
Jacinda is a compulsive Liar. tony
The whole scenario is a con. They have renamed influenza as Covid19. Anon
Definitely NOT Graeme
Not at all! When all they can do is parrot ‘Safe and Effective’ and dismiss a Nobel-prize-winning drug used on humans for 40 years and 200x as safe as Paracetomol as ‘livestock drench’? They are either supremely ignorant or lying through their teeth. Gail
This government are Communist bullies! They are inducing fear amongst our population. They are lying to the people. Valerie
I like searching medical studies, which is very different to what Govt tells us sometimes. Zelda
You are either FOR the Government or AGAINST the Government leaves no room for discussion which is an indication of how dictatorial this Labour Government is behaving. Ken
I think everyone is entitled to do their research. Jane
Our prime minister would seriously blot her UN copybook if she had to admit she made a huge mistake in putting all her eggs in the vaccine basket while there are other, much, much less expensive effective treatments available for the virus e.g. ivermectin  Dennis
No, Not by a long way. gale
I do trust the Ministry of Health but I think people should look at other research too. Lyn
This government wouldn’t recognise a truth if it fell over one. They can be relied on only to obfuscate, utter half truths and totally suppress anything not on their agenda. For instance – they present the GNP as showing we are prospering when we are all fully aware that literally thousands of businesses are either stone broke or heading that way. The GDP only looks good due to rampant inflation distorting the figures. If they told me that 5 7 = 12 I would have to get my abacus out to make sure. That’s a good way to treat Ardern’s “truth” – check it extremely carefully – odds on it’ll prove to be false. Ron
So we should regard her 1pm briefings as the NZ version of Pravda? Geoff.
Anyone who does has not been paying attention or read any history books. Tony
Our political leaders are liars and keep statistical observations opposing their predictions from us. Ian K
Not about anything! Claiming to be the single source of truth should have had the whole country laughing-the most useless government ever. Roger
Absolutely not. This government have proved to lie through their teeth! Colin
certainly not. They have a different agenda.The Vaccine is NOT providing the protection. Bloomfields rejection of Ivermection as an animal drench is ignorant and criminal. Phil
Sadly this current govt cannot be trusted to be ” a source of truth” Cindy and her bunch of lowlifes have proven that any/all statements are generated by the army of taxpayer funded spin doctors .Her word has no legitimacy to Kiwis . Ray
Liars, egregious manipulators, patsies for UN/WHO agendas, FEAR MONGERS… Gill
I do not regard this government as a source of truth on any subject. They have misrepresented their intentions as accomplished facts, and opinions as absolute truth. They are hopeless dreamers, led by a fantasist. TOBY
The spin is unbelievable. Everytime PM starts a sentence with Absolutely you know she is lying. Jane
Every utterance is a lie. David
I consider anyone that is so arrogant to say such a thing as dangerous. Eric
They are not telling people the truth at all.. We do not have a “covid” pandemic. We have a PCR test pandemic. PCR test is not diagnostic of anything. Charles
No they are liars: look at Bloomfield’s defence of Siouxsie Wiles’ beach antics: the friend was not really swimming he lied, while thousands had seen her up to her neck in the video. If he will tell a bold faced lie like that when he knows we know, what kind of big lie will he not tell? They are flying blind through Covid with their futile lockdowns and trying their best to keep us scared. I have had enough of their lies. The virus is not a big killer of healthy people, not worth the fear and the fuss. Chris
The Government is deluded if it genuinely thinks it is the “single source of truth” and it is high time it woke up! Ron
In our house we do not watch TV news nor listen to Radio news & we don’t read the Herald. In fact the PM’s name is forbidden to be mentioned. We are heartily tired of it all. Our ages 50’s – 80’s Evelyn
Our government is a LIE factory, Adern Hipkins Little and Bloomfield should be held accountable for the majority of Covid related deaths that will likely happen when Covid is eventually throughout the community, as they have deliberately removed effective and provably safe treatments such as Ivermectin, while pushing an unsafe, untested, so called vaccine that has little efficacy, but serious risk…..that is a criminal conspiracy. Paul
Are you kidding me Gary
Absolutely not Liz
More like the single source of Labour Party Propaganda. Geoff
The Ardern govt is way behind what is happening, and the up to date info is easily found, fear does terrible things to people, we have been conned, badly. Allan
They do not seem prepared to be honest with us. Mike
Only Totalitarian Marxist govt are single source of truth. Ron
Absolutely not they are being completely single minded. I can%u2019t wait to be rid of them, they are dangerous for our country. Colleen 
Hell no! Not one ounce of truth has passed their lips since this show began. Christine
I don’t believe them at all. We are being subjected to a campaign of media pumped fear tactics designed to portray the Government in an almost savior-like role. Basically propaganda. People are not thinking logically about this , but instead are acting out of blind obedience and fear. We are continually being subjected to comments from a growing plethora of experts and epidemiologists through the media, backing up the Governments claims about the vaccine and virus. Where on earth have they all come from?? As for Mr Bloomfields comment of that “livestock drench”…A large percentage of New Zealanders seem to be blindly following the Government and “health experts” like a collective pack of sheep…so perhaps a drench would be more appropriate!! Ian
I see them as the single source of lies, obfuscation and general BS. Maddi
Government is just lies, lies and more lies. No truth at all. Laura
They have been light on detail when is has come to the negative effects of lockdowns on mental health, education, small business, etc etc. Like taking a sledge hammer to a pin. Richard
While they have put themselves up as the single source of truth they have been far from truthful right from the start. Lies and more lies. Murray
I wouldn’t trust anything this government said Clive
Total rubbish Erin
Thankfully I had a good education that taught me to check other sources of information to establish the facts. Mark
I increasingly regard any information from the government or the MSM as unlikely to be truthful. The spin on a daily basis is unprecedented in my lifetime. Priscilla
The Government must listen to outside medical opinion – not just Dr Bloomfield. It must set out immediately NOW to get Vaccine supplies for booster doses commencing early next year Hylton
They are not being honest about everything and Ashley Blomfield not even open to Ivermectin which is being researched around the world. , mind you I think he has been told to toe the line. Ken
Emergency use of this drug , assumes there are no viable treatment options. Therefore treatment options must be buried Philip
They are not the sole source of truth about anything Owen
Numerous examples of their lack of intelligence and judgement has proven there is no way they can be a single source John
no I don’t trust them at all Sally
They have been lying all the way. Masks don’t work ( take the measurements of virus particles and the mess in masks and you’ll find that the virus CAN’T be stopped. Lie nr one. Distancing have to be at least 9 meters and the PCR test should NOT be multiplied 40 times but maximum 24. But, lets face it: you should not bite the hand which feeds you ( something for the “scientist). As the article tell” Ivermectin ( 65 years proven effective) and Hydrochloroquinine, with Zn is the solution AND cheap) but then Big Pharma, does not earn anything out of it. A few people should be trialed in front of the Nurnberg court. peter
As far as the ‘single source of truth’ is concerned, it is more a matter of what they ARE NOT telling the country as what they want us to know. All the smiling, hand gestures and raised eye-brows can not cover for the total lack of transparency that surrounds this communist poster-child and her politburo. Whilst she can say straight-faced she is saying is the truth, it would be nicer if we were given access to the WHOLE truth and NOTING BUT THE TRUTH. Ted
Absolutely not this Government are after political gain rather than the truth David
A very dangerous idea! It should cause alarm bells to ring! Annette
I prefer to listen to the most highly credentialed Doctors in the world than Adhen, Hipkins and Bloomfield! These include Dr. McCullough,Dr Geert Van Den Bossche, Prof. John Ioannidis, et al These men actually know that of which they speak. They are also humble enough to never claim to be the single source of truth! Delia
Absolutely not. I cant see why we couldn’t have had an informed debate on the whole covid issue. We need different viewpoints presented to the people of New Zealand so they could make their own informed decision. We should have had a debate earlier on between the different medical factions instead of a political agenda being forced upon us. It’s pretty disgraceful really the way people are being treated and there is a real dumbing down with the messaging which is just a complete turn off to those with any intelligence. Janine
They are without any truth in their response to Covid. No science, ignoring evidence, lying, disastrous re lockdowns, masking of healthy people and pushing hard vaccines which are neither effective nor safe on everyone including those who have recovered from Covid infection and are therefore as immune as they are to most other diseases.. No opposition from any parliamentary Party either. What a disaster!. Rochelle
The Govt only tells us what they think we want to hear!! John
The tooth fairy and her totally incompetent muppets have zero ability to run a fish and chip shop in Morrinsville let alone a country Tony
Purporting to be the single source of truth, is an attempt to control the narrative. Free societies encourage open inquiry, and subsequent discourse. The governments position is more usually associated with Totalitarianism, or alternatively, Religious zealotry. Neither is conducive to a free and open society David
History will show that Lockdowns were an absolute failure in many aspects of our way of lives. With an obvious lack of an annual Influenza outbreak in 2021, we now have more deaths from the Pfizer Injection, Genetic Modification Technology, NOT a vaccine as it has been falsely called over and over again globally, conning innocent recipients into the Big Lie, that they think they are receiving a Vaccine….absolutely NOT the case at all, a killer injection…! As for the Fraudulent PCR Tests which were never meant to be used for diagnostics and only for research of many different types of Infections, has now been discontinued by the CDC in the USA and Europe due to them being “Not Fit For Purpose”…!!! That means ALL of our Lockdowns which have been based on these fraudulent PCR Tests, the results of which have mostly been “False Positives” due to the number of cycles during processing being 40-45 cycles, when the W.H.O. have recommended 20-25 cycles to avoid any contaminants causing the many “False Positives”….!!! NB:- I highly recommend NZCPR to do a Newsletter on this topic of the PCR Tests as there are Medical Scientists in NZ, like (Prof) Dr Simon Thornley and other Doctors from the Govt discredited NZ Drs Speak out with Science…NZDSOS, check them out for a written comment, the public deserves to know just how PLAYED or CONNED they have been with this Fake Plandemic, as the so called COVID-19 virus has NEVER been Scientifically Isolated or Purified, so, what has the planet experienced over the last 18 months….a worse than usual Common Seasonal Influenza rebranded COVID-19. I challenge you Muriel Newman to do an Newsletter on this subject as ALL Kiwis really ought to hear the TRUTH, not the nonsense we have had from the so called “single source of ……LIES”. There are plenty of Peer Reviewed Papers and a Dr Peter McCullough who is world reknown for his extensive research and he is very highly Qualified in many areas od Medicine, he would be delighted to help you out or look up Voices Foe Freedom website and view the interview the 3 Lawyers recorded. Bruza
this is the most disengenuous govt ever that controls the media narrative and lies through omission john
Early treatment using emerging drug protocols is key. Doctors need to step up. Tony
All ready 2 high ranking FDA officials have resigned over the extra boosting shots that Biden is trying to force upon people. Sven
Don’t believe a word of it.. Rather trust a Car Dealer. Don
Plan B common sense Hans
Truth is not a word Labour should use. Misinformation, white lies or simply not telling seems more their line of governing. The media informs the public as Labour sees fit. Ido
Self testing is necessary leigh
Manipulative, liars using fear tactics and division within a society for an unproven gene therapy injection with too many known side effects being dismissed as conspiracy Kerry
They wouldn’t even make the top ten for me. Brian
Some of the TV messages we are receiving from the Labour camp are similar to a Cult leader, if you tell a lie 1000 times some people are like sheep they will believe it !! We are on a very slippery slope, governments come and go and the sooner this government goes the better. Ross
I don’t regard the Government as the ‘single source of truth’ about anything whatsoever. Graham
They can’t be trusted with anything! Matt
Such an arrogant statement. We are very far from being told the truth. Jen
Could we develop a vaccine to get rid of this government ? Patrick
It is possible to find other reliable sources but care is needed to avoid a lot of confusing information. Allan
single source of truth is a big lie, alex
You simply cannot trust this government to tell the truth on this and other matters. They will not accept that there is another way. We cannot carry on imposing lock downs as it obviously clear that this virus is here to stay. chris
Definitely NO! John
There’s ample evidence that everything the NZ government has said and done regarding Covid is wrong, as evidenced by genuine science and independent expert’s views. Peter
There should never have been quarantine accommodation almost near door to a vaccine centre. These places should have been ideally purpose built, and far away from CBDs. Mobile units could have coped with catering, something like the NAAFI in the UK set up catering facilities for the services whilst abroad. Not rocket science. These buildings could have been designed to convert to apartments for eventual sale. Paying for peoples’ quarantine accommodation shouldn’t have happened. The costs could have either be partially covered, ie 15% say, with the remaining amount as a loan, which had to repay before leaving the country again. Ken
She is a liar and Bloomfield is an idiot. Phil
Its planned genocide. Robert
Govt not as well informed as they think they are. Thomas
Pure arrogance and shows they are not willing to look at anything other than what they want us to bow down to. Greg
They have stifled and alternate debate on treatments which has caused mistrust. Mark
There is no place for any discussion through the main stream media and very little on radio. Even people I know won’t talk. Scary. Claire
Unfortunately many of our government ministers have to toe the party line to which our communist prime minister adheres unerringly. Therefore none of them including our communist prime minister ever give a direct answer to a direct question, instead they reply in what I describe as political speak where in fact what they say is nothing, in so many words. This form of reply to serious and intelligent questions is in my humble opinion tantamount to lying. Rob
I research this issue widely – have done for many months. Our government is using scare tactics. Simon
No Cindy could not lye strait in bed, we should be kind it tells us really ??????? rod
They are untrustworthy. Politically driven science. Duane
NO way…they are so far behind that they think they are in front. helen
Lies Lies and more Lies. dona
Are you kidding? Cindy is the biggest liar we have ever had as a PM. She couldn’t lie straight in bed if she tried. Get rid of this pack of amateurs . Peter
Such arrogance, obviously nobody knows the whole truth yet about this virus. Owen
Any government that proclaims itself the single source of truth has something to hide. IT is lying and attempting to cover up its own shortcomings, or maybe even sinister motives. Rod
Too much qualified antivaccine reports available. Govt pressuring the population to get vaccinated without proper investigation and no recourse against big pharma for adverse events. Genocide in the making. Remind anyone of Hitler and the Holocaust? Kath
Jacinda is a pathelogical liar Barry
How can repeated lies be the single source of truth? Frank
Self congratulatory claptrap wally
Too much is duplicitous spin. Gordon
No. Of course not. No thinking person could. Penelope
With the ever rapid mutation” of the covid-19 virus….. Humanity is for sure not in the fast lane.. It is “metal to the pedal” or we will see our last setting sun earlier than we would hope….. Chris
They don’t know what to do next Geoffrey
I have read and listened to many others in many scientific and medical fraternities where credible information is evolving all the time. Now I don’t bother to listen to the brainwashing BS spouted from ‘ The Podium of Truth’. Margaret
They withhold the truth and appear to fabricate their reports ie it%u2019s spin not truth. Kerry
It is more like a “source of constant lies”! The notion that this has anything to do with health, or that the main purpose of masks, 2 metres, injections, etc is to keep us safe, is patently absurd. Steve
Going on their shocking record of telling the truth – absolutely NO!! David
Do not trust them. They withhold the truth or twist facts to hit their plan Susan
They temper their advice to suit their failed vaccination agenda. kevin
Fear is what the Govt is encouraging. Need to get traditional vaccine as a priority! Love your articles and balanced view, keep it up! Helen
Never have, never will. I prefer a dose of the real truth. Chris
They are the source of misinformation Len
What a joke! More as the greatest source of “Misinformation!” Terry
I don’t trust the government at all. Robyn
They blew that with the lies over PPE, Vaccine and test kit availability, and their absolute failure to have put ANYTHING in place in the months between First out break and this latest one. Lionel
The govt has told so many lies, one is not able to keep count. They are certainly not the only source of truth – they have an agenda and that is depopulation. Michele
Actually, I don’t trust anything the government says now! Rayward
The whole business of ‘covid’ is FAKE. This is a de-population plan implemented by unscrupulous self-entitled elites and it is up to us to STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Coral
Have lied to us from the outset. Ross
More like manipulators of the truth! Willy
I cannot believe anything that comes from our Govt sources. They are diverting us from criticising their obvious contradictions and failures and trying to disguise their incompetence in managing the economy and the health of the majority of NZrs. Blatant misuse use of public money to buy votes from minority groups, many of whom are not contributors to the country’s finances is impossible to hide from anyone in the lease observant. Edgar W.
You gotta be kidding me Jacinda! She is a Communist and part of the Globalist agenda to implement the New World Order and this Covid 19 vaccine crap is all part of the coercion tactics to achieve it. Dr Newman, your article did not deal with the fact that these vaccines have not been properly tested – we are the experiment! Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine do not need trialing as they are being used all round the world with great success already and saving thousands or millions of lives. Talk to Dr Zev Zelenko or Dr Peter McCullough. Our government has set us up to fail with Pfizer as it is not only a killing machine because of the mRNA spike protein but also because it is toxic as it contains materials such as Graphene oxide. Talk with Karen Kingston who worked for Pfizer as a analyst for 20 years or Dr Michael Yeadon who was Pfizer%u2019s Vice President . It is criminal what our government under Jacinda%u2019s leadership has done to us. Bill Gates even visited her not too long ago..that is definitely not a good sign! Brian
Having done my own research I have come to believe a number of other ‘sources of truth’ where the commentator is much higher qualified than any of our PM’s advisors. Sylvienne
After 2 years plus of deceit and falsehoods, untruths why start believing them now?? Confirm liars in most things. mike
Most deceitful govt this country has ever had Robert
Many of their comments re covert are politically motivated Ted
Absolutely not, they have comprised our health, economy, freedom of speech and press and democracy. Along with creating division and undermining our children’s education. Ardern is that special combination of arrogance and incompetence and needs to be marched for the damage and her failures. Lena
That’s nazi Germany style. They are exposed liars so their truth is unlikely to be mine. Gerard
Never known any govt to tell so many lies but if any one has truth they get shut down any how the Bible say no lier will get to heaven so they are in for eternity in the lake of fire and torment Russell
THEY HAVE LIED & LIED we cannot believe them let alone trust them sheryl
They are about as trustworthy as a three legged cow… and they lie continuously Aphrodite
Their arrogance about this subject is frustrating. June
No, it isn’t the single source of truth, but there is so much information out there, it is hard to know who to believe. Kim
Jac is a comedian wayne
They don’t tell us any truths. Daphne
They have been caught out on so many lies and I also believe that when questions are asked about vaccination related deaths occur, we keep getting the same answer ” It’s not related to the vaccination but to other medical issues. It just seems odd that the deaths that have occurred have happen after the persons or person have received their vaccinations. We are not being told the full story. Richard 
As far as effective drugs go, despite the fact that everybody poo-pooed it because Donald Trump used it, hydroxycloroquine, a widely used malarial drug and very cheap because it is out of patent, has been proved to have beneficial effects with at least early Covid Ted
Certainly not – neither is any other Gov or medic Maurice
They shutdown all debate – hence there is no basis to be sure that they are right – therefore they must be unsure and insecure of their claims. John
Ask me if the government ever lies, wheres the flu, why have homeless folk not died in droves?, our elders died because they were assisted of this planet by the clot shot, its still only for emergency use only was only supposed yo used for a small amount of folk and these were supposed to be monitored, our teenagers are being harmed and resulting in deaths noe they want to hunt down our most vulnerable 5year olds wby havent i heard from the AOG about this desth jab. The silence is deafening, and telling. Mieke
You must be kidding, she is dishonest as is her caucus. She is hell bent on turning this country into a Maori dictatorship. They are a disgrace to democracy. Steve
Re-active, deflective and dishonest is more like it. Sharron
They are deceitful pack of people Jimmy
This “plandemic” has ruined lots of small businesses and wrecked lives around the world. New Zealand is no exception. Also, we are being told only one side of the vaccine argument, with doctors who actively speak out against government policy, threatened with revocation or suspension of their practicing licenses. It appears, if you look into it, that there have been many thousands of injuries and deaths around the world from this abysmal exercise Trevor
Just about everything the government has ben saying about Covid-19 and the so called ‘vaccine’ is false. It is now known that the fully vaccinated can still get Covid and can infect others! So why would anyone need to be vaccinated, particularly now that some of the horrific side affects of the ‘vaccines’ are becoming apparent. Ivermectin has been shown to be extremely effective in preventing and treating Covid, but of course there is no money in it for the drug companies! I have given my GP information about Ivermectin, (which is readily available on line) and he will prescribe it if necessary. By the way, I am 82 years old, and have no intention of getting the ‘vaccine’. Tony
Absolutely not!! Alastair
The last place to look for truth Marcus
They should take some advice from those who have experience in treating Covid19 patients. Philip
There is no dingle source of reliable information about Covid—even world wide. The truth is everyone is still learning Jenny
The Government puts across it’s own narrative on all the Main Stream Media platforms that it has any financial involvement with, with no room for discussion of alternative views. Anything objective is deemed subversive. Brian
Resoundingly NO – they have demonstrated their complete lack of ability – period. Collin
Jacinda has politicised the whole thing and her henchman, the Director of Health is her lacky…… Graeme
Hell no. This lot are the biggest liars in NZ political history and the media fail to take them to task. Mike
“Government” and “truth”? In the same sentence? In a pigs ear! Scott
They’re the last source of truth in my book. I’m disgusted by their patronising, bullying tactics to silence anyone, from the international science and medical communities to local expert voices, holding alternative views and evidence about treatments proving effective. They’ve also conveniently forgotten this ‘vaccine ‘ was approved for emergency use in the older, vulnerable population. Now it’s being used as a tool to divide and create social and economic chaos. Horrendous. Leigh
Most Definitely NOT! Diana
Overseas info convinced me to get vaccine as government info was lacking in detail around serious side effects. Anon
Truth is not the long suit in her deck of cards. Bruce
We go to Aussie news for the truth Lenise
I wouldn’t trust Ardern and by default this Govt as far as I could kick them. They are Liars. Period. kevin
Absolutely not! We’ve been hearing about the success of Ivermectin for months now, and we know that the jab doesn’t stop you either getting COVID or transmitting it, so what on earth is the point of lockdown, and why can’t we have access to medicines that have been shown to help if we get sick? Hilary
It is simply beyond rational reasoning for anyone to accept anything this bunch of overpaid and underperforming idiots in government say. Let’s see now, how the cricket team fares with re-entry to NZ (Not aoter…whatever you will notice). Martyn
To many lies Jack
No way! Peter
They work spreading fear onto the general public to force vaccination and refuse to debate other professionals and qualified people about alternative medication that is as good if not better than vaccines being offered. Bet
they are a source of misinformation eg covid vaccine like measles vaccine – no it is not mary
This govt has ruled by fear ( has no real plan for living with the virus)and has been caught out so many times. Pity we dont have journalists with backbone and ask pertinent questions Dawn
Liars Anon
My hope is that the majority of NZ’ers, wake-up to the fact , that we are currently being lied to and decieved by a ‘Communist Tyrannical Dictatorship’. John
This is a clear sign of an authoritarian government, the same viewpoint of a single party state. and we all know where that leads. Peter
Same medical experts always. Prof. Des Gorman banned, mary louise 
They are doing their best but turning their back on some of the newer solutions Hugh
As soon as one claims they are the only source of truth they are not telling the truth. No-one is the only source of truth. Blowing smoke up ones own rs is no recommendation. Also the phrase an”honest politician” is an oxymoron with the emphasis on the last 5 letters – some politicians come close to being honest but many are far from the truth. I can think of a number of phrases describing truth and people but I will leave that up to others. Why only now is our gov’t investigating alternatives to a vaccine when these things were mentioned over 12 to 15 months ago. As to how safe the Pfizer vaccine really is I have my doubts – the research is not completed and so I reserve my conclusions – true scientists and politicians should do the same and not tout the vaccine as safe. The truth is out there somewhere – time will tell. Kevin
No way, they are full of cover ups , not transparent & treat Kiwis like kindergarten kids Lorraine
single source of untruths louis
They are simply a filter for their own flavour of truth. Clearly other things are in play when things such as home test kits are illegal and other vaccine varieties, while approved, remain unused. George
Why David
There is very, very little truth in anything this government has a hand in Mike
Lies, lies and more damn lies Alan
The government are doing their best, and sniping by Crusher Collins do not halp !!! Kevin
For a start the Moriori were the tangata whenua and their descendents now live on the Chatham Islands. And we all know how the Maori treated them. Peter
Definitely NOT! Why would they be trusted on most issues? Liz
I don’t trust the government as any source of information whatsoever Matt
I do not trust this Government and any of it’s allies — we have to get rid of them and the Greens and any party based on race or any other with separatist ideals. Alan
I do not believe they tell the truth about anything. Lies and spin, not a government I want messing with my children’s future. Monique
Truth what’s that with this government Les
I would not trust anything about this dodgy government & the sooner they go the better. david
New Zealand’s destruction by stealth is disgusting. Spin doctors to manipulate the sheeple with fear oppression and propaganda. Not going to end well. CCP probably behind it all Zoran
We are only told what the government want us to know-George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ all over again!!!! Henry
The govt “line” has turned into bulls&^t. They keep throwing around old numbers that have no meaning in the real world. It does not take 10 seconds to see the vaccine approach is not enough. The line that people getting the vaccine protect others is beyond absurd Gavin
I would have to be a DEAD LOBSTER to believe a single word from any of the labour gang. There is so much scientific and medical evidence out there to prove the vax and the virus are being used as a political tool . Look at Israel the most vaxed country in the world, but they have the most deaths per ca-pita and sick people who have had the vax 3 times already. This proves it dose not work. David
I prefer to have an open mind on any issue and don’t ever trust anyone who says only listen to me! Lynne
I would say no truth. steven
Not even “a” consistent source of truth: many facts, but lots of spin, and quite a few outright misrepresentations. Michael
Should we apologize to our comrade for considering alternative and effective covid treatment protocols when those reporting these have been excoriated by our “single source of truth” peter
The fact they are blocking information from highly qualified overseas Drs, and blocking tests says thet have a one eyed strategy that will cause harm to NZers. Judi
they have been caught “spinning” figures G
Spinderella’s pet gnome, Ashley Bloomfield, is not fit for purpose. He seems totally inept at managing his department effectively and in no way earns the massive salary he is paid. Alan
racist seperatism is not fair system its aparthied.this govt should be tried for treason. chris
I wouldn’t believe them if they told me what day it is. Dorothy
This government is so far removed from reality they wouldn’t know truth if it hit them in the face. (Now there’s an idea.) They as well not bring out a manifesto for the next election because nobody is likely to believe anything they promise. They either cant deliver or just plain lie. Terry
Absolutely Not. We stopped watching NZ Television news more than four years ago. I understand it has now become unintelligible. many people, particularly, older folks have said they have shut off the TV news and weather because they simply cannot follow the language, it is huge distraction and for 90% of the population are likely feeling disenfranchisement, they simply do not what is being said. So much for Kindness. As for Covid when the PM stated on radio up to 80,000.00 could died we never listened again. As free thinking people, our intuition and gut instinct, plus the history of a high rate of computer modelling errors told us we needed to do our own research. The 2017 selection of Jacinda and her unqualified rabble, further reduced our confidence in any Words “of truth” ushered from her single source of truth. It is sad indictment of our society when people believe the Govt is the single source of truth. Govt will not save, you must learn to THINK and save yourself. Sam
No – how can you trust a government that is ramming through policies designed to suit their supporters and win the next election. They are not governing for the good of the country.  Simon
They cannot be trusted – they are not telling the full story about the vaccine and other treatment options. It is all very scary. Natasha
This government wouldn’t recognise truth if it was staring them in the face! Bruce
Their record of running the secret He Puapua agenda shows they cannot be trusted. They promised on election night they would govern for all New Zealanders. Yeah right!  Roger
The Director General’s comments about ivermectin were a disgrace. He has just revealed how politicised he has become. Larry