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Waitangi 2024

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Waitangi Day was the spectacle we have come to expect. Like a reality TV show, politicians attended to supposedly pay their respects, while radicals acted out their disrespect. Most Kiwis didn’t bother about it and just enjoyed another summer day off work.

This year the Waitangi theatre had a particular edge to it. There was fighting talk: “This is a fight that will not be fought just in Parliament. I lift my gun, and I let the shots do the talking.” But did former Labour Minister Peeni Henare cross the line into inciting violence against the new government with those words? Was another former Labour Minister Willie Jackson doing the same last year when he threatened war: “Maori will go to war if this Treaty referendum goes through”?

What could have been celebrated as a day of unity and pride, was not.

But was it much different from previous years?

Back in 2012, the late Sir Paul Holmes expressed the widespread disillusionment that most New Zealanders were feeling at the time – and are probably still feeling today – over the disrespect shown at Waitangi in his Herald column: “I’m over Waitangi Day. It is repugnant. It’s a ghastly affair. As I lie in bed on Waitangi morning, I know that later that evening, the news will show us irrational Maori ghastliness with spitting, smugness, self-righteousness and the usual neurotic Maori politics, in which some bizarre new wrong we’ve never thought about will be lying on the table.

“This, we will have to address and somehow apply these never-defined principles of the Treaty of Waitangi because it is, apparently, the next big resentment. There’ll be lengthy discussion, we’ll end up paying the usual millions into the hands of the Maori aristocracy and God knows where it’ll go from there.”

Where it has gone is now clear. The coffers of the Maori aristocracy have swelled considerably since that time. According to a report produced by TDB Advisory assessing the wealth of the country’s largest tribal business conglomerates – those that hide behind charitable status and pay no tax – Ngai Tahu topped the iwi rich list in 2023 with a value of $2.2 billion, Tainui came a close second also on $2.2 billion, followed by Auckland’s Ngati Whatua on $1.6 billion, Ngati Toa on $795 million, Tuhoe on $406 million, Ngati Porou on $298 million, Ruakawa on $238 million, Ngati Awa on $180 million, Ngati Pahauwera on $101 million, and Ngapuhi, which hasn’t yet negotiated their treaty settlement, on $88 million.

It has also gone to individuals at the top of the tribal pyramid. Matt Nippert from the New Zealand Herald identified Maori Party President John Tamihere as the highest paid chief executive of a charity with an average executive salary of $510,679: “A somewhat surprising leader of this list – given it has one of the smallest staff levels, asset bases and annual revenues of entities surveyed – West Auckland Maori health and social services provider Waipareira nevertheless appears to have the highest paid executives in the charitable sector. This ranking was due to a sector-leading 77 per cent increase in senior manager pay in the year to June 30, 2023. Chief executive John Tamihere told the Herald this pay increase was a ‘one-off’ due to ‘restructuring’, but did not provide details.”

When Waitangi Day became a national holiday in 1973, it was re-named New Zealand Day by Labour Prime Minister Norman Kirk to reflect a broader concept of nationhood. His vision was for New Zealanders of every race and heritage to come together in mutual respect to celebrate their love of our country and pride in being Kiwis.

In his first New Zealand Day speech, on the 6th of February 1974, Prime Minister Kirk said:

“I want to pay tribute to all those who join together tonight to give New Zealand on this first New Zealand Day a glimpse of the forces and the inheritance of history that made us what we are. Our future will be what we make of it for ourselves: the sum total of our daily actions and our willingness to join together. And if we join together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect, everything is possible, nothing is beyond us. Let each New Zealand Day stand as a milestone before which we pause and review our efforts and refreshed, press on to build the future that we can earn.”

While Prime Minister Rob Muldoon changed the name back to Waitangi Day in 1976, successive Prime Ministers have used the occasion to reiterate the need for the nation to pull together and build a future we can be proud of – including Christopher Luxon who said:

“We must aspire to go forward not as two sides, but together as New Zealanders because there is more that unites us than divides us…

“I believe New Zealand is the best country on earth. We have unlimited potential, and everything we need to be successful… There are simply no excuses for why we can’t do exceptionally well and be one of the world’s leading, advanced small countries.

“This Waitangi Day, I renew this Government’s commitment to helping all New Zealanders, Maori and non-Maori, get ahead, and to giving all our children and grandchildren hope for a prosperous and secure future here in this great country. That goal, and many others, are entirely in our grasp. We can realise them together.”

To achieve the PM’s goal of building a better future, it would be helpful to bring some clarity into the debate over the Treaty that’s been triggered by the proposed Treaty principles bill.

First of all, we need to be realistic about the historical context that preceded the signing of the Treaty. In a Waitangi Day article in 2020, the former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy outlined the situation:

“New Zealand had become home to some 2000 European settlers including: whalers, traders, missionaries and convicts escaping from Australia. This led to violent disputes between settlers, and the Maori inhabitants for which there was no mechanism for peaceful resolution. Given that many of the settlers were of British origin the Government felt compelled to intervene to prevent any further descent into lawlessness and violence. Hence Captain Hobson was sent with instructions to attempt a reconciliation between the warring factions and significantly to prevent any further exploitation of the Maori inhabitants by Europeans. The tenor of the instructions from Lord Normanby head of the Colonial Office to Captain Hobson are often overlooked in debates about colonialism, and the intent of them bears repeating, beginning with the unequivocal requirement that: If these conditions could not be met then New Zealand could not become a British colony.

There are many drafts and interpretations of the Treaty, but as Gary Judd KC clarifies, the one that matters is the one that was signed by the vast majority of more than 500 chiefs – and that’s the Maori version of the Treaty.

But as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator journalist Mike Butler reveals, the “official” interpretation of the Maori version of the Treaty, that’s been used by successive Governments as the basis for Treaty policy, is highly politicised:

“In 1986, with the 150th anniversary of the signing of the treaty coming up, the Lange government invited Professor Sir Hugh Kawharu, an Oxford University trained Professor of Maori Studies at the University of Auckland, to check out the various translations that had been made of the Te Tiriti Maori text. He produced what is often called the Kawharu translation, and that translation was accepted by the government of the day.

“But Sir Hugh was not necessarily the neutral academic that high-ranking politicians and jurists apparently took him for, and what he produced was a reinterpretation that serves as a manifesto.”

Mike explains that as well as being a member of the Waitangi Tribunal, Sir Hugh had been pro-active in supporting claimants in numerous Treaty disputes, and he points out that the whole Treaty partnership fabrication, that led to the disaster of co-governance under the Ardern Labour Government, can be traced back to the Kawharu rewrite.

In 1922, in response to on-going questions about the meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi, Sir Apirana Ngata, a trained lawyer and Member of Parliament, wrote an explanation of the Maori version of the Treaty in the Maori language. His interpretation was held in such high regard, that in 1963 the government translated it into English and distributed it to every Maori household.

That was the inspiration for the NZCPR’s Treaty book project, which, thanks to the support of readers of this newsletter, has resulted in 1.1 million copies of Sir Apirana’s explanation being delivered into New Zealand homes.

With Mike Butler presenting such a clear argument as to why the Coalition Government must replace the Kawharu translation for official purposes, surely it’s appropriate that the work of one of Maoridom’s greatest leaders – and the prominent New Zealand Statesman who features on our $50 banknote – should be considered instead.

In a recent interview with the Herald, as part of their Waitangi Day coverage, Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata, a leading expert on the Treaty, reminded us that the Treaty of Waitangi was a crucial stepping stone on New Zealand’s journey to democracy.

It was only because Maori chiefs had ceded sovereignty to the Queen of England when they signed the Treaty that the British Parliament was able to pass the New Zealand Constitution Act in 1852 to establish our first New Zealand Parliament and introduce democracy.  

While sovereignty now rests with Parliament to govern on behalf of all New Zealanders, it is voters who have the democratic power to decide who should rule the country: government of the people, by the people, for the people. And every three years we exercise that power at the ballot box, when we decide whether the old Government should carry on – or be replaced.

As Professor Rata reiterates, the Treaty, which played such a crucial role in our development as a nation, enabling the brutality to end and democracy to begin, has now fulfilled its purpose. That’s not to say it’s no longer relevant, especially as some tribal groups still have not concluded their Treaty settlements, but it is not part of our constitutional arrangements and that’s the way it must stay if we are to remain a democracy.

Unsurprisingly, Iwi leaders and their supporters do not agree. They want the Treaty enshrined in law in a new constitution, so it controls what we do. That’s what all the argy-bargy at Waitangi was about.

Their ultimate aim is to re-tribalise New Zealand – to strip away the legal and political rights that democracy guarantees to each and every one of us, so they can impose their own totalitarian rules and regulations.

The question is, do Kiwis want to give up democracy? Do we want the tribal aristocracy – those who attempted to bully and intimidate our democratically elected leaders into submission at Waitangi – to have the power to control our lives?

Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party believe tribalism is the way of the future. They campaigned on it at the 2023 election. They want to strip Kiwis of our democratic rights and hand the power to mega-rich tribal business leaders.

Fortunately, voters recognised the danger and supported a new Government that promised to remove this threat – and for the sake of the democratic future of our country, we hope they succeed.

And on that note, I’ll leave the last words to the former ACT leader Richard Prebble, who concluded his Herald commentary on the importance of the current Treaty debate, with a vision for the future that we would hope the new Government can deliver:

“I have a rainbow of grandchildren. I want for them a colour-blind government with one law for all. It is the way to honour the Treaty.”

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Get this sorted before it is too late. It’s now or never.Rodger
The treaty chiefs understood this ! If allowed to continue with tribalism again today, they would end up at one another’s throats as of old.Barry
Stop apartheid in NZ.Steve
The government have to stop sucking up to RADICAL IWI… This country is in one Hell of a mess, that was left by lying LIEBOUR. Time to IGNORE THEM..!!David
YES ! Fling the Treaty off a high cliff and start again as one nation.John
The Arden govt agenda was not based on the ToW or anything but a twisted version of it. All references to the ToW should be removed from legislation.Bruce
Absolutely. It’s time to set out a framework with rules when it comes to managing and curbing Maori treaty entitlements. We must go forward as NZ incorporated. It’s time to say No you are not the owners of all that is New Zealand! Retribution has been made, Maori entries have been paid, they must use such funds to support and lift the standards of their people in need. How they do that with the tribunal monies paid rests with their leaders, not forever from the greater tax paying New Zealand public.Paul
Absolutely. As a pakeha, married to a Maori, with part Maori children, I want all races to be regarded as equal. I want our grandchildren to grow up in a nation that does not judge them by the colour of their skin – or their ancestry, or what bone of claim they can pull out of the hat – but by the fact that they are human, are NZers and are entitled to the same rights that everyone else is entitled to. The right to be free and to be equal, and to do and be what they aspire to do and be if they are willing to work hard to achieve this.Christine
The treaty and tribuneral, should be consigned to the disposal bin ,for forever enough of the lies and B.S… PUBLIC BURNING NEEDED ! A.S.A.P…David
Parasites on society like Willie Jackson,Tuku Morgan,John Tamihere, Mike Smith, Mahutas etc. prefer to retain their Maori privileges so will never be committed to one law for all.Monica
a colour blind govt & laws are the only way forwardNIGEL
Yes, and this goes in all areas – law, sports, health etc.Berndt R. Olesen
No race is better than the otherAstrid
most definitelyCyril
It is ridiculous that we even have to worry about this!Jim
Everyone should be treated equally – European, Maori, Chinese, Indian etc.Kelly
Yes, I agree, race shouldn’t come into it.Len
And one of the worst areas regarding unequal law in NZ is gender. There are numerous gender-specific laws all of which favour females and/or disadvantage males. They include the law for rape that is defined as only possible by males, ‘male assaults female’ for which the imprisonment tariff is four times greater than any equivalent law covering assaults by females, and Infanticide which allows women to kill children with relative impunity that cannot legally apply to a man who did exactly the same thing. As well as numerous other laws including providing primary rights of parenthood to mothers. As well as the application of laws by law enforcement agencies including our Courts that routinely favour women, for example, treating and sentencing them much more leniently than men for the same crimes, ordering men out of their homes through ‘Safety’ and ‘Protection’ Orders even when the only violence was clearly done by the female, and so on ad nauseum. Let’s not be hypocritical and keep tolerating gender inequality under the law while complaining about potential racial inequality.Ministry
It’s the basis of Demacracy so no arguement here.Ian
Anything else is discriminationWayne
That is what democracy is all about.Mark
Anything else is un-democratic and therefore racist.Mark
NZ is well overdue for a huge overhaul of the out of control maorification which Liebour Govt has been desperately pushing over the last 6 years, especially the last 3 years. Good luck for the Coalition Govt to bring this country called New Zealand back to the democracy we once knew!Bruce
I think the land should ben investigated for land thefts and all stolen land given back. And then have same laws for allJoseph
We are all equalKim
All one nation to share equally.Jeremy
One law for all now, Trash the fraud treaty at the same time!!!David
Of course. One law for all. We have too many laws that allow favouritism, just look at Otago University where DEI means we get inferior doctors. Most do not go into frontline doctoring.Andrew
At the moment some evil rabid maori think they own everything all land, sea, the water we drink and probably the air we breath will be next. They must be stopped. Lets start with non tax paying maori corporates. Did everyone know maori can by all our schools land in the hutt valley and potirua. Labour govt offered this land up. Chippy and crew must never hold control over our country ever again.Kevin
Over Maori making up stories to justify their demands and greedDianne
The treaty has no principlesTony
As a registered descendant of more than one iwi as is more common than not and including Caucasian lineage the importance that our Government be colour blind cannot be overstated. It will be essential for the future well being of our Country and its Citizens.Gary
all as one, no ‘special’ treatment for different race.Rod
Racism is not necessarily a white problem. Brown supremacy is rearing its ugly head everywhereKaye
absolutely yesjohn
We ertainly want a colour blind government AND countryKeith
Appalled at what has happened to our country, New Zealand. Considering that Maori are around 19% of of our population, what are we doing? Absolutely tired of Living in the Past and no forward thinking, just a certain few of entitled Maori elites making sure the Money flows into their pockets. It’s time to give the 81% of us a say without being called Racist, Enough.Colleen
Can not happen soon enoughMorrin
it’s only fair, and democraticjohn
we should all be recognised as NEW ZELANDERSRex
Even Mandela said only fools divide themselves on language race or religionCliff
One law for ALL New ZealandersLynda
YES, and the sooner the better, and get rid of all this bullshit, one people one law, not a different law for a few, and if you break the law, commit a crime you do the time and it should be made a harder penalty than it already is, it’s pass time to get tough. STOP THE BULLSHIT.COLIN
We are one! We are all Kiwis. Maori have had their share of so called grievances paid out and it is time for the Treaty to be put to bed once and for all.Wayne
One Vote for all and cut out any racial biasBarry
ASAP can’t happen soon enough. Forget the TOW as Iwi Elite troughers will never accept the February 4 1840 and 6th Maori version so better to abolish it for the colourblind legislation that the European countries adopted to stop Nazism and racial COUPS from ever happening again.Brenda
Absolutely. The Maori elite feathering their own nests, and the anarchist who support any anti-democratic movement, need to be told clearly that enough is enough. It is high time that businesses, including Maori-owned ones, that hide behind charitable trusts to avoid tax are forced to follow the same rules as other businesses.Gary
2000 settlers couldnt have coerced over 100000 maoris into something they didnt wantCraig
Yes,yes,yes…No more prejudice.. ONE LAW FOR ALL!!David
For what else is Democracy.Fred
We need to stop the power grab that the Ardern govt has set in motion.Jane
All Parties Constitutions, with the possible exception of the Greens because some of their constitution is written in Te Reo, say that they are for all people.Perce
Absolutely. The country needs a mature debate and referendum on the so-called principles of the treaty and of separatist maori claims. Luxon and Peters need to stand with Seymour on this.Gavin
having two classes of people was recognised hundreds of years ago as being totally abhorrentdavid
Absolute requirement in a democracyVaughan
This is the only way -then every New Zealander can live in a democracy, where all are treated with the same mutual respect and liberty.Dianne
MUST be a colour blind society with one law for all. Luxon/National, you are on notice, we the people demand democracy of one person, one vote of equal value. No mention of any race or religion should ever be included in our laws, legislation or protocols ever. NO TRIBAL Concessions or appeassments or NZ will continue it’s slide into the mud. The tribal people are just other New Zealanders, nothing more.Sam
This essential for the growth of fairness and democracy in NZ.Neil
Color does not matter, and there should be 1 law for all!Anna
They have the mandate from the people. They must and should deliver or face not beinre-elected.Dianne
We are a modern day multicultural society. When race and religion are used to advance one groups power over others just because of ancestry we will continue to get what we have got (nowhere) we all have one thing in common (our home).Rob
I too am “I’m over Waitangi Day. It is repugnant. It’s a ghastly affair. As I lie in bed on Waitangi morning, I know that later that evening, the news will show us irrational Maori ghastliness with spitting, smugness, self-righteousness and the usual neurotic Maori politics, in which some bizarre new wrong we’ve never thought about will be lying on the table.”Peter
“A house divided cannot stand.”Rodger
Should have it it years ago.Dave
it’s the only way this country will thrive!Brenda
absolutely – anything else is not acceptable behaviour no matter which way it is looked atCarolyn
I am sick of all the one sided deals and the white privilege tag from which we get labeled, work hard and make this country great againBrendon
Tribalism has only one end. A few benefit to the expense of all. Democracy is a proven system where everyone has an equal say.Jan
Any other attitude I racial discrimination.Henry
Of course, can’t be any other way. As for Henares vomit of “fighting talk: This is a fight that will not be fought just in Parliament. I lift my gun, and I let the shots do the talking.” His almost declaration of war is made against all of New Zealand, not just the government. Is that not sufficient to warrant action against him for inciting violence or should prepare themselves for open conflict. Lets hope its not the latter.Ray
Lets rename this holiday Why- tangi dayRon
Colour blind country only way forward. Scrap waitangi day, let all the radicals and part maori eletists fight amounst themselves. TAX ALL MAORI BUSINESS,JUST LEECHES ON TUE REST OF US NEW ZEALANDERS…Allan
If they can’t agree on equality it is time to abandon the Treaty. It only causes divisiveness.Peter K
Do we want a New Zimbabwe or SA apartheid? NOPeter
ONE nation. ONE people. Look to the future. Not the pastkabe
Certainly and nowSidwell
It is difficult to see how one could reasonably argue against this as a position.Melanie
This is what democracy is all about isn’t itAllan
Everyone equalGarth
Yes, and soon as possible! Get rid of all separation laws,as well, based on race preference for the so called Elite Iwi…One Law for all….David
As was said in 1840 now we are one people.Ddarag Rennie
Absolutely. In two world wars, our forebears fought to keep NZ a democracy. Thousands layed down their lives to achieve this, including many Maori. The following little gem applies to all people but certainly resonates in the space we now find ourselves: The first time you give something for free you create appreciation The second time you give something for free you create anticipation The third time you give something for free you create expectation By the fourth time you give something for free you have created entitlement By the fifth time you give something for free you have created dependency And on the sixth time, if you don’t give anything, you have created resentment and hatredJohn
As should Canada!Norman
The Bullying will continue to prevent this but the smallest step back will be a fatal one and will lead to continued chaos and an apartheid regime and dictatorship.john
You have to get the Maori elite to tell the public what they will change like one vote for all to 50% Maori appointment; that Maori will take ownership of all the coast and the 10 km limit and the ocean resources and ownership of all the water etc. The public have to be told that these are some of the fundamental changes that they say must occur . Then see if the majority of the population would accept such changes. Just stop waffling around with innuendos an d mumbo jumboStan
There would have to be a damned good reason for introducing apartheid into New Zealand.larry
Enough of this tribal BSSam
Yes, it is time to reverse all the Ardern government co-governance nonsense. Bring on the Seymour referendum and let’s agree on an equal rights society. The tribal alternative would be ruinous.Chris
If the Government does not commit to one law for all we are lost – that is the cold, hard, reality.Scott
It is what it should beRob
Happily colour-blind and bewildered by the dystopian system of some being more equal than others that is currently in situ.PAMELA
YES. Absolutely, and the most successful countries that have provided the safest societies and highest standards of living and quality of life all adhere to those principles.Frank
This Govt has got to get behind its promises and put Davids ideas into place. This Treaty thing is driving us all mad. Sure it is part of NZ History but this is 2024 just put it out there for people of NZ to digest them go through it with a fine tooth comp and weed out what Kiwis dont need or want.Barbara
Yes this is one country we are all equal and will be the only way forward. Luxton has to go, Seymore gets stronger every time Luxton opens his mouth. National wake up and get on the same page as the people on the street. The only people that want this is the dark mafia that is trying to take over NEW ZEALAND and we will pay the billsrod
Anybody who has attempted to learn Maori words has learned that each word has several different meanings, and the intended meaning has to be deduced from the context. Hugh Kawharu ignored this. His subjective translation is no better or worse than that of any other expert. It is one man’s point of view.Barry
Of course, it’s not rocket science to believe this is the only way forward for all New Zealanders.Ken
Common sense must prevail despite the noise from the minorities.karen
Legal colour blindness is the political goal, That leaves everyon free to identify with what ever culture ethnicity, reliagion or nothing as they freely choose.mark
Absolutely. Democracy must be retained if this country is to progress. Its not hard to work out what would happen if tribalism gains a foothold. If it did there would be mass movement across the ditch. Why don’t the rest of us New Zealanders have our own ‘hikoi’ and show this government what they MUST do. A peaceful March in all the big centers to say we want one vote per voter so we’re all equal. Can someone arrange that ?Peter
Yes of course. Lets face it, the government is scared of the Maori activists, the activists only have to threaten violince and the government will cave in and give them anything they want and to hell with the other 85% of the population. The government will always be weak and the acativists will only keep demanding, I’m thinking more and more it may well be time to leave this country.Paul
We have one opportunity to save the Democracy in our Country. We need to act with urgency to strip away all the false narratives that we are being fed about Maori Role in all aspects of our Society.Derek
However, your question misleads the voter. By this question you are misleading the voters to suggest that they are Colour Blind to suggest one rule for all. You guys should know better. Murray
Kiwis are not stupid.They know self appointed elite Maori are hell bent on feathering their own nest.Doug
Absolutely. Otherwise this would be apartheid..Russ
It’s only logical to do soDominic
Let us be one people regardless of colour or creed.Murray
God help us if we are ever governed by the tribal elite but I really don’t think the majority of New Zealanders (both Maori and Pakeha) want this, and will not let it happen. I also think Mr Luxon needs to commit quickly to David Seymour’s Treaty Principles so we can move forward as a united country.Sue
Equality for allRichard
Tribalism has failed in all parts of the world.geoff
Yes totally colourblind, everything should be based on need and not raceJeffrey
A big yes from me.Mark
Absolutely !!!! There are so many colours so where do you start.Alan
Absolutely we are a multi cultural society. A blend of all racesSharon
NZ, One People and One Law for all !!Pierre
And make sure our capitalist regime looks after those that are unable to look after themselvesDoug
definitely and unequivocallyGordon
It was always thus , then it wasn’t and I seriously missed the Critical Race memo which has overtaken critical thinking and turned NZ into them against us mentalityPAMELA
Of course. This what most New Zealanders want. Why do Governments pussyfoot.Dennis
We are one nation irrespective of ethnicitytony
Yes we must make our voices about this heard to the Coalition Government. It is a VITALLY important time – reset for democracy or sink into apartheid.K
We have been saying it for years. One nation, one people, regardless of the colour of their skin.Paloma
Without unity there can be no peaceful nor worthwhile future for citizens of this Country.Roger
Yes I do. The Maori people have developed an arrogance in regard to their beliefs that they have a right to control when in actual fact they do not. Even to the ridiculous attitude in regard to the maori “owning the water” Perhaps they need remindimg– that all our forbears– ours and theirs –came by ship or waka from other countries, and they have not, even today,purchased the land they claim is theirs !!jenny
We are heading for trouble, I’m amazed at how fast things changed,marches of people on benefits.so many not working?Keep our gravy train rolling?South Africa here we come.Peter
It is the only way NZ will survive.Ted
Absolutely I agree. Every resident of NZ no matter their race, colour of skin, race, place of birth SHOULD get the same rights as everyone else. That’s what this country of New Zealand is all about.Christina
Anything else will lead to anachry.Graham
It is TIME Enough of ‘maori gravy train’ One nation under God via King Charlesgraham
I am sick and tired. of the past Government and the current opposition and the Maori elite pushing for co governance and we as New Zealanders being ignored. Let me put it this way some of my friend’s are reaching appoint that if those wanting a fight bring it on . We are heading into a very dangerous time and our Prime Minister should start showing some courage and start to threaten those that want to stir up trouble be cautioned.ken
Who wants apartheid?Rob
Absolutely it should beGail
Yes, without question.Linton
The government should govern for all New Zealand citizens.Shaun
As soon as possible.Mike
We are supposed to be one Nation.Maurice
Absolutely agree. That’s the only way we will ever move forward as New Zealand.Frank
A no brainerRhys
Same for allDerek
Of course – if not, we are ultimately doomed to destruction; let alone reach our potential asa nation.Francis
We will have this debacle forever if we do not sort it out now and become totally ‘colorblind’!henning
It is only the pseudo- Maori that want anything else.bob
Until we are one nation as one people there will never be peace in this land. But hey thats what radical maori elites want. They thrive on war and they have gotten very rich doing it.Alan
All nzersGordon
Yes, definitely. We are all humans and have the same issues. Kate
Absolutely colour blind, its the best way forwardStuart
Absolutely but I wonder if its achievable given the younger more radical part maori that are in our society. I firmly believe the damage done by our previous Labour government has now made it extremely hard to overturn.Lawrie
Looking forward to some long overdue debate on this subject. Some maori have threatened violence, but the rest of us must have this conversation and NOT be scared to air our opinions and if necessary “call a spade a spade”.Mike
There is no other solution that would ensure everyone’s equality, irrespective of race.Marg
Glad I was educated 60 years ago – otherwise may have for the security question wrong!Chris
And the racist Maori seats must be abolished as they should have been way back in the 1880s when universal male suffrage came into effect.David
Time to end this nonsenseKev
There is no other wayGay
The polls say that Seymour’s bill should go ahead and Luxon is a fool to oppose it and I agreeArthur
Absolutely! But don’t hold your breath. The country is stuffed. Look at the sideshows at Waitangi. Talk about empty vessels making the most noise. Threats of violence and take up of guns ….should never have given them muskets in the first place. God defend New Zealand.Bruce
United we stand as all New Zealanders.Bryan
Yes, absolutely! As One people we all survive OTHERWISE anarchy breaks out for New Zealand to be controlled by (their words) their own despot leaders .!Stuart
End racist legislation creation, repeal existing legislation that has racial preferences. Stop cogovernance.Greg
Because I want a democratically elected government not one chosen by one race only to benefit only that race.Dorothy
Yes most definitely, a gravy train has been created and the recipients of this gravy train will fight tooth and nail to protect their convoluted view of the Treaty.Joseph
Seems sort of obvious – doesn’t it??Mike
One big familyJuliet
And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mark 3:25KEVIN
This needs to be clarified, amplified, and publicly emphasised. right now. Luxon does not have his heart (or is it guts) for this. He’s quibbling and quivering in case it upsets some people. Well, the people it upsets are in a small minority and try to warp the meaning and intention of the treaty. They need educating and putting in their place.Ron
New Zealand has a diverse range of nationalities now living in New Zealand and almost all just want to be good citizens of New Zealand,and that is why we need a referendum that is binding on all.Peter
Like Rodney my grandchildren are a rainbow of races.Dick
The guts of the question we face is, Do we won’t Democracy or some form of Dictatorship?Mike
One country many races so one law foa alljohn
Treaty aspirations should be – all for one and one for all – no question !!!Ross
Remember why we became a colony, to prevent uprisings, supremacy and the infanticide by MaoriGaye
Of courseSteve
Dead Right they should be. We are a multi-cultural country now and race should not divide us!Lauree
I believe we were colour blind for many years and it’s only recently that colour has been used as a weapon against people of shades of white. This gradual indoctrination has taken root world wide and is a never ending process. The Government can and should ensure that steps are taken in New Zealand to encourage colour blindness but can it resist those riding the train of privilege ? Resist but not eliminate.Mike
It’s not only multicultural future we as a nation should aspire to, but that minorities hold no sway against the majority of New Zealanders. Tribalism is inward looking and outwardly past tense.Len
absolutely, Jackson and Henare should be charge with treason for inciting war this country can stand by and let these ass holes get away with this just because they-er Maori.Barry
We are one nation made up of many nationalities and ethnicities. All should have equal right regardless of colour. Anything else is a form of apartheid.Lynne
But derail the gravy train firstHugh
It is an absolute disgrace that The very limited Medical Enrollments are allocated based on race to 40% exclusively for Maori. The Medical School Administration should be Individually sued to restore the merit only. Same with all other race based allocation and funding. For profit enterprises are NOT charities and need to pay their share of tax. The Minister of Administrations needs to install law that enables automatic robust enforcement provisions of equal rights under the one law for all, and dismissal of any govt employee that fails adhere to the law, no exceptions. system.Richard
Total commitment to Democracy- one person/one vote!Brian
I ask the question; “how could any logical person want anything else than equal rights. ? Everyone would want equal rights. Is just simple logic.Andrew
Most definitelyAnn
May the vote be positive!judith
If the maoris are permitted to run the country, it will be “One man – one vote – one time”, and we will become New Zimbabwe.TOBY
Couldn’t agree moreDavid
Absolutely. All references to race and/or colour MUST be deleted. The treaty is past its use by dateGareth
All political parties should want a colour blind NZ.Michael
Immediately… we have answered this question many times before.Robyn
As a society, we intertwine with all races and marriages meaning our race percentages. change through generations and like many I have found my ancestry has many surprises including a Maori great-grandmother I was unaware of but I identify myself as a New Zelander as we all should what ever our colourAlan
Everyone should have the same rights.Gavin
Has been too long but now is good.Glenda
The question is – will the new coalition government carry our the policies we voted them into power for?Keith
Yes. It should never of been allowed to change from that in the first placeRoy
Way to go !David
Hell yeh there’s no place for ‘tribalism’ in NZ!!!John
Only way to have equal rights for all New ZealandersMike
Too Damn Right! Anything else is unacceptable and will cause problems.Grahame
One person; one vote; one peopleFloJo
As some maori threaten violence, all other NZ’ers need to remain STRONG & VOCAL and dont be afraid to “call a spade a spade”. We simply have to get this issue sorted!Mike
One law for all New ZealandersWietske
There is no comment as there is no acceptable alternative.Vic
Of course what else can you have in a country of 5.5 millionTom
We are one Nation and one people, we are all New Zealanders.Chris
Of course.Vonne
If you want harmony between people you have to have one law for allMike
Under a democracy it is ONE LAW for All and nothing else.!Dominqiue
Democracy as we know it. One law for all.Peter
There is no place for racism in a true democracy.Grant
Democratic rights need to be upheld.Glenice
There is no other way forward! We need to protect our democracy that so many lost their life to protect in 2 world wars. We need to put a stop to all this them and us rubbish which is going on.lone
but I doubt it will ever be allowed to occur because of al the perks that are currently available to all who seek them through deception.fred
Only way to go !Patrick
It is the obvious and fairest way to run a country with so many different cultures and nationalitiesJames
For all the reasons stated in this article.Terry
That would be a very positive step towards long term domestic peace in New Zealand.Robert
That’s what the Treaty is about, but was drafted and passed into law in the reign of Queen Victoria.. Perhaps it needs to be re-ratified by King Charles, in plain English with an accurate translation into Maori. This Waitangi Day nonsense has to stop and Iwi charitable status revoked.Vic
Some activists may need to be incarcerated.Kevin
The government needs to do what the voters put them in power to do, as they campaigned to do and that is to treat all citizens as equalchris
A democratic law for all comers is the only way to go. Tribal law results in chaos which does no one any good, apart from the greedy fat cats at the top. I think the Treaty has passed its use-by date and should be scrapped. Too open to misrepresentation.Sheila
There is no other option.Mike
leave colour out of itnoel
We are One People and in you want to live in this country named NEW ZEALAND you come under the Laws of that Country otherwise you create and will have ,anarchy.Geoff
Yes, defiantly YES, one Law, and completely Colour- Blind, otherwise N Z will continue to be Guilty of Appartied towards Pakeha.Rebecca
If not, we have anarchy. If we’re stupid enough to have that, then I’m off to Aussie pronto. But that’s what the maoris want us to do. I guess just stay here and fight the resultant war – but hang on – Lucinda took the guns off us farmers and let the gangs keep theirs.Don
The government should use Sir Apirana Ngata’s explanation and interpretation of the Treaty.Kath
Definitely and soonPam
The word Maori is so over used in this day and age especially as there are none living. It should be confined to the history books. Then we might get somewhere.Judy
I DO BELEIVE THE GOVT. SHOULD BE COLOUR BLIND but under Luxon it WONT HAPPEN UNLESS ALL OF YOU EMAIL HIM & say :He promised to take back our country & end division,he,s NOT DOING THIS AS VOTERS WHO PUT HIM IN GOVT. can see,SUPPORT FOR DAVID SEYMOUR as voters have done by INCREASING ACT,s VOTE NUMBERS is needed by him & he needs to keep his word or NEVER BEING IN GOVT. AGAINCindy
We are one people!gavin
Most definitely.Trevor
The coalition need to move with some speed to ensure their promises are acted on quickly and so avoid too much disharmony.Ian
The idea that “we two are now one people” was stated after each person signed the treat at Waitangi. That is clear in the Treaty and was explained repeatedly by the missionaries. There are no “principles” in the Treaty ; that was Geoffrey Palmers invention. Apirana Ngata was no ignorant fool, neither were his illustrious friends.Duncan
Anything else is RacismGreg
I have thouroughly disliked Waitngi Day since I came to NZ in 1977. I hate the Hakas, the shouting of the Maori speakers, and that the respectful silence of the listening politicians is not reciprocated by the Maori, including those who have done well in “education:” business in this cointry. I was disgusted by the treatment of Helen Clark. I always come away from the day feeling disrespected [and the amazing explorer Cook denigrated always]. I understand that indigenous peoples should be respected especially in relation to language [like Wesh in Wales], but their warrior culture does not sit well with me.Rochelle
Obviously most Kiwi believe preferential to maori is abhorrent as is reflected in a rejection of Adern and co conspirators in the general election . If nothing else I have learned at 65 years of age ,maori want everything handed to them ,which sadly has been the legacy of ALL former governments . Lets all get in behind the coalition and support them in every case .The out come if maori continue to grab anything that is worth a dollar .They are parasites and need to be stopped at all costs, including civil war.Ray
Fundamental to NZ progressDoug
Law is not about colour nor culture.Charlotte
That is democracyPam
I believe this is called demcracy. Let’s give it a try.Philip
A divided nation is a weak asset to political humanity. Economic strength is obtained by enthusiastic total population participation. The only limit to this realisation of tomorrow will be our division and doubts of today.MICHAEL
It’s well pas time NZ govt stopped behaving like we are still a colony and it’s 1842, and move on into acting like a serious nation that doesn’t have separate legal classes of society.Pavel
Am tired of the separatism that the past handful of years have brought to our table. I would never trust Labour, Greens, Maori party again. Between them they’ve brought Violence into our homes via controlled media pay offs and lack of honest reporting. Those parties aforementioned are deceptive to those less discerning and they have single handedly destroyed homes, businesses, peoples lives, and bullied themselves into a position where our right to live joyfully in freedom was fast becoming a distant vision. They wreaked havoc on our health system, our economy. To even think about co-governance makes me shudder. The aggression at Waitangi, the disrespect, the lack of dignity to rule, take hard working peoples land, and the list goes on- no thank you. An absolute disgrace and humiliation to those of Maori descent. Highly disrespectful and yes! Greedy. I will continue to be seated at the rainbow family table to enjoy my dinner in peace and harmony.Ann
Is this not what the treaty was all about?Robbie
It fulfills a very old principle of truth.maurice
Even though I am a “Non Maori” instead of a New ZealanderWarren
Human.rights are based on exactly this precept.Christina
Yes it’s the right thing to do.Peter
Under no circumstances should we be forced into Tribal rule and control. Democracy and the rule of law regardless of race and no race based laws or separate entities.June
Democracy rulesJan
As has often been quoted “United we stand, divided we fall.” We only need to look at history and other regimes to see where racism, the lust for power, and the division it creates take a country – down a path to hostility and poverty. Inevitably, the few rich get richer and the majority poor get poorer. NOT what New Zealand needs!Anon
It’s the only way.Emmanuel
We must be all made aware we are equalPeter
Without this change we will never go forward in peace. It is that simple.chris
One law for all, no services based on ethnicity, one person one boteAlec
Doesn’t bear commenting!Michael
Tribalism died with civilisation. Tribalism, began with troglodytes in Europe and still exists in the Middle East and Africa. We are a civilised country%u2026discipline, laws, education. Why go backwards to what illegal /legal migrants are dying trying to leave!!!Lyn
Any alternative will benefit those who dont deserve it and be paid for by those who dont’ benefit.Graham
Colour actually means nothing as history shows we all came from dark skinned people and only became white when the tribes lived in the northern hemisphere where sun was limited and pale skin was required to gather in the required vitamin D.Murray
Absolutely ,there are many colors in this country now. All should be equal.Ann
Luxton has to put his big boy pants on and grow some gonads.Laurie
This is the only way for a true democratic fututeBryan
Definitely, there is no option!Graeme
It’s about time we treat everyone the same no matter what race creed.. or colour you are one people one rule for allClive
The original Treaty I Maori ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria. We must have democracy for all.Liz
scrap waitangi day. In our house we do not watch anything to do with whinging Maoris, waitangi,, hooey’s, poe furries hakase’s, etc. We are so sick and tired of having it shoved down our throats every night of the week. our children are married into a hard-working Maori family who have earned everything they have. My brother married a maori lass of quality and they have also raised school teachers and accountant.. those are real people. waitangi and ngaruawhahia crowd are nothing but bludgers.Ray
and tribal groups should be paying tax not relying beneficiaries payments to come from taxpayers . Tribal groups members make up a high proportion of beneficiariesjean
YESSSSSSSSSSS…… Especially since “racism” today is deploredGill
Too bloody right, anything other than this principle is segregation, apartheid and blatant bigotry… There is no alternative interpretation. Race bias!Graham
The only way Forward.john
I’m in support of a free & Democratic Society for all New Zealand citizens. & I feel most of the rationally thinking public think the same .This Government was voted in to support this agenda.Michael
We are doomed to a life of trbalism if we dont change the current policy settings and adopt a colour blind and one law for all mandate for Governing New Zealand.Chris
it’s obviousgraeme
Absolutely only option 5 th generation kiwiRichard
Most definitely and if we do not do this I fear our country will be going down a very radical slippery slope to Venezuela status. All this racist racial nonsense must be shut down immediately and I do hope Christopher Luxon is the leader to do this. We are all human beings and no ethnicity is any more important than another. Deletion of all mention of race must occur in all of our legislation forthwith.Helen
At this stage Equality is essential in N Z are immigrants!m Action is the action neededCyril
I’m sick to death of the division and the gravey train. One country, one people (Kiwi’s) and one law for all.Grant
Tribalism will never succeed in New Zealand. Trying that may result in something like the US Civil War – activist maori are already threatening ‘war’ in their speeches – how can that be condoned or accepted.Carl
If NZ wishes to call itself ,and be seen ,as a democracy then there can be no other option than a one law for all.Julian
It is the corner stone of democracy.Geoff
Consecutive governments have always been actively opposed to separatist and racist behaviour like Apartheid – what has since changed for us to now introduce and promote that very same behaviour in New Zealand? Anti apartheid activists are suddenly pro apartheid?Martin
The word racism has been used and abused. Groups have wrongly used it to seek personal advantage. They themselves are being racist. My desire is for truth and honesty to prevail and fairness to all.Harvey
Most definately , if not so, l would go and live in a dictatorship rather than a democracyrobin
This is a no brainerTerry
Definitely. maybe it’s time to have “positive discrimination” in favour of non Maori? That’d be interesting….Giles
There is no other way forward.Derek
The opposite would be anarchy and chaos.Elaine
no matter the colour of skin ,if you break the Law then you pay the penalty no matter what your upbringing wasLes W
Without doubt and without exceptionPeter
Democracy for all!!Merv
A no brainer anyone voting otherwise would have to be hoping for the destruction of our society.Ken
Apart from Maori and New Zealanders, the country has become multi cultural wit people from many other countries here. We should all be treated the same.Andrew
It is the only way forward as a nation.Lucy
The brown racist and entitled tribal elite cancer must be purged from our lives for good.John
Unarguable . And Parliament should not have dedicated racially-based, as of right (Maori) only seats. We must be a true democracy – for all citizens equally.Hugh
obvious why a referendum is so importantPhilip
Only comment is without the varying ethnicities, New Zealand would likely have floundered earlier.Sharron
It’s the only way forward if we want our country to become one where all people have an equal worth and respect for each other.Roy
I totally agree with Don Brash and his Orewa speechRoger
Colour doesn’t come into it. A large proportion of present day part Maori are as pink skinned as other New Zealanders.John
One nation, one people, until we get this correct NZ is going nowhere fast.Phil
We are all EQUALmike
Maori apart from getting rich and elite separatism have done nothing but make New Zealand go backwards sadly. We are and should be one people and stand as one people.KT
The only wayJohn
I too have a mixed race family and agree we should have a colour- blind and committed government with one law for allRod
One person one voteTed
Absolutely,with no exceptions.gale
Charity??? 10 billion to buy what??? Arms? drugs? I can only hope not. Perhaps they too might want to pay taxes to fund hospitals, ligit businesses,education. Hope springs eternal.Bruce
One law for all is part of democracy and it is foolish to tinker with the foundations of the building, in case the whole comes tumbling down!Ray
I am ashamed to see radical members of our society act the way they do. They bring nothing worthwhile to the table, just youth without just cause.Ken
of course. I am just as much a New Zealander as those of my family including grandchildren and great grandchildren, who have some Maori ancestry. Why divide us?Catherine
Yes, I do think that our New Zealand Government should be colour blind. In actual fact, I thought that it had always been that way before…. until Labour came in in 2017.Heather
Ultimately, there can be no other way for the peace and harmony of all New Zealanders.Valerie
Yes, we can now better follow this regenerated course thanks to your initiatives.Wayne
The pampering to maori has to be stoppedColin
Most definitelyDavid
And soonPeter
We are a farming community both maori and other races dutch itialian,pakeha etc,we are all mates and we talk are all nat voters,,we have decided that if luxton dose not grow some balls and back seamore and make us all equal citizens then our love affair with nats is over he must back seamore if he wants our continued support,,chris ,if you cant take the heat and read the room then get out of the kitchen,,we dont want this opportunaty to heal our probs missed,,david we support youHone
This is the only way forwardPhil
Waitangi Day has become a fraud. Revert to New Zealand Day immediately or scrap it completely! The disrespect is growing out of control.Marshal
Is there any other fair and decent way? Certainly not the path promoted by our radical Left-wing parties.Derek
Certainly we need Individual freedom BUT personal responsibility. One NZBeryl
The only way to be one peopleDeb
One law for all promotes unity, anything else causes disunity & eventually war. We are one – we are all New Zealanders under one law!Jennifer
Of course, it’s the only way forward for ALL New Zealanders! I fail to see why anybody, apart from these power hungry activists, would want it otherwise. Total ruin of our country if they have their way.Lee
But it won’t happen!! Luxon is a mealy – mouthed weakling who would rather let Maori have what ever they want than allow the public have their say on the Treaty Bill that ACT is putting forward..Elizabeth
Yes, of course. Tribalism (apartheid) would never work. Remove all tax breaks and charitable status that currently apply to these tribal corporations and let them compete in the real world of business .Mike
Absolutely yes to a colourblind government with all suggestions of racial preference and treaty principles stripped from the legislation A review of the Waitangi Tribunal and an overhaul of the Supreme Court to remove the notion the the concept of tikanga can be included in our common law are also important.Peter
Unity will bring productivity and one focus for a brighter future for allHoward
Anything else is apartheid in reverseHylton
To stand as a country, one law for all is vital. Where in the world has anything different worked?Rod
The only way to go forward, otherwise we have a ongoing deterioration of our country towards a 4th world problem state. Besides : what the late Paul Holmes said , sums it up . The same disgusting ilk is acting out and show their real face .. Nobody in their right mind should show up at this monkey show anymore and simply ignore this theatre.Michael
Racism has no place in N.Z.we are now a multi ethnic country we cannot have laws for different ethnicities, it’s clear from counties overseas if we abandon democracy of one vote for all then peace between all will go. Equality in every way is a must for N.Z.Chris
We are all New Zealanders Not Aotearoa n’sfrank
and end the tribalism bull sh*tjohn
As a Ngati Wai descendant I am appalled that these self appointed Maori representatives dare to speak for me, so they xan fatten themselves at the treaty trough.Mike
Not holding my breath with LuxonKeith
To protect my family futureGary
Of course it should be. Tribalism has no place in the modern world and inevitably leads to violence wherever it appears. Unfortunately, as is evident in NZ’s disproportionately high Maori prison population, violence and brutality are part and parcel of their so-called ‘culture’ which we are constantly told must be revered. There exists a parallel whereby in the greater world we are similarly encouraged to believe that Islam is the “religion of peace. Cue Tui add.John
We are all equal in Gods eyesJanet
Sadly will not happen.Russell
Also, they should change the name to its original intent. “New Zealand Day.” Sir Paul Homes said it all!Frederick
Of course. I am shocked to learn about the Kawharu interpretation of the Treaty and want the government to support the Act initiative into lawTerry
One country, one people.Don
Yes, and this must be entrenched in law by Parliament. The so-called “partnership” must never again be allowed to trump the civil and political rights of all New Zealanders.Trevor
We are supposed to be one people, however, this will never be the case. Maori will always be “The Special” people while we have a government that panders to them, and believes that they are “Soecial”Peter
One nation, New Zealand. One law for all.Trevor
Absolutely. No other way for our countryMarie
It is the ONLY way to go!Ron
Apartheid is alive and well in NZ. Apartheid has never ended well for any country that has tried it.Geoff
Wake up LuxonRICHard
Long overdueCollin
AND: Change the Feb 6th day back to ” NZ DAY”. I agree with Norm Kirk ( before the Forces-of Evil” killed him.!!!!!Honest Dave
the only fair way!!Chris
We are one and live in a democracy. Get rid of them and us.Jill
United we stand – divided we fallJohn
Has to happenDianne
It was OUR history ignorant governments that created the racial division in the first place with the passing of 1975 TOW Act, so OUR government need to remove/repeal ALL Acts and other statutes which give explicit recognition to the TOW. (there are some 97 pieces of apartheid legislation currently on the books)neil
After all, we are a democracy & that’s what ACT, national & NZ First campaign on !John
Anything else is apartheid.john
Of course they should one country for allPeter
Only way forwardEvans
We are all of mixed heritage.Carol
Absolutely. It is imperative for democracy to have one law for all peopleMargaret
This is why this Govt was elected in 2023 to make us one people irrespective of ancestry. Just do it.John
A true democracy MUST be colour-bling and everyone must have the same rights and responsibilities.Ken
We have all had enough of divisive policy, media and politics. This is not the NZ that we can be proud of.Paula
We should be a liberal democratic society not a tribal nepotistic and autocratic oneGeoff
NZ must remain a democracy. Tribalism will lead to civil war.John
United we stand, divided we will failNeil
Divided we stand, divided we fall otherwise.Maree
None necessary!anthony
Absolutely. YES, YES, YESBruce
This concept is nothing new. The country has always recognised this principle and soldiers have died defending it. It is only with the unmandated encouragement of the previous Labour Government that an alternative view has been promoted, by a very small and prejudiced group who are trying to usurp the democratic rights of all New Zealanders. No matter how much they try to disguise and force their bias, they will not succeed. Because Kiwis are one voice, one people. Always were, always will be.DAVID
No policy based on race only need.Raymond
Absolutely we should have a colour-blind government committed to one law for all – it is outrageous that we don’t!Dan
It has been appalling watching the increasing dominance of race in New Zealand laws and regulations. It didn’t used to be like this. Obviously iwi leaders have had friends in high places for a very long time to force these changes onto the country. Murray
Mike Butler’s article is a real revelation. Why on earth wasn’t it properly assessed long ago? The new Government should prioritise replacing it and Sir Apirana Ngata’s interpretation, which was written before the Treaty became politicised would be a good option for a replacement.Penny
Yes to the question, but can Chris Luxon be relied on not to cave in to tribal activists?Roger
Well said Richard Prebble – we totally agree with your sentiments: a colour blind government and equality under the law!Chris