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We Don’t Love You Anymore Jacinda

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One year into Labour’s three-year term as a majority government, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s honeymoon is coming to an end. The public now know the destination she is taking our country, and it is not where we want to go. Finally, we, the people, are saying enough is enough.

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows support for Labour slipping from 50 percent on election night to 39.5 percent. That would result in fourteen Labour MPs losing their seats. Confidence in the Government has fallen 15.5 points to 109.5 – the lowest rating since the Prime Minister came to office four years ago.

If we were to write to Jacinda Ardern, to outline why New Zealanders don’t love her anymore, we’d probably say something like this: 

Dear Jacinda,

When you became Labour Party leader, seven weeks before the 2017 election, you had been a little-known list MP.

We now know that nine months before being elected to Parliament in 2008, you had become President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. The fact that instead of immediately resigning from that role after becoming an MP, you continued on as President for a further fifteen months, should have caused concern – especially after a video emerged showing you referring to conference attendees as “comrades” fifteen times in seven minutes.

Being trusting people, we didn’t think that meant you were a communist.

We saw the media fawning over your elevation to Party leader so enthusiastically that the term “Jacindamania” was coined. And we noted that these media cheerleaders, gave you favourable coverage during the election campaign.

In spite of that, Labour received 956,000 votes or 36.9 percent, while 1,152,000 New Zealanders – 44.4 percent – supported National.

That result showed the country had overwhelmingly voted for conservatism and stability.

But Winston Peters, holding the balance of power and ignoring the wishes of the majority of voters, anointed you as our 40th Prime Minister.

Kiwis are fair minded, and you were given the chance to prove yourself. But while you had great communication skills, and what appeared to be genuine empathy, it soon became clear that true to your hard line roots you intended to impose destructive socialist extremism onto New Zealand.

The first indication of your intention was your unilateral decision to ban new deep sea oil drilling to effectively close down New Zealand’s oil and gas industry. This was done without warning, without consultation, and without Cabinet approval, on the eve of your first overseas trip as Prime Minister – allegedly so you could look decisive on the world stage.

We saw this again following the Christchurch terror attack – even though the perpetrator was a deranged foreigner, you cracked down on the rights of law-abiding Kiwi firearm owners without warning, consultation, or proper justification. Driven by a seemingly insatiable desire for international recognition, you appeared oblivious to the livelihoods and lifelong interests you were destroying.

We then became concerned in 2019 to hear you tell a meeting hosted by Bill Gates, that without our knowledge, you were imposing the United Nations Agenda 2030 onto New Zealand: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions. I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale.”

But while you were successfully embedding the UN’s socialist agenda into every regulation and law change, your election promises of building affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and eliminating child poverty were all turning into dismal failures.

And even though the media had largely stuck by you, by the end of 2019 the growing discontent – especially within the business and farming sectors that were facing a tsunami of restrictive rules and regulations – was so widespread it was reflecting in the polls, indicating yours was likely to be a one-term government.

That is until Covid-19 came along early in election year.

Covid became a socialist leader’s dream. It enabled emergency measures curtailing freedom and liberty to be embedded into every facet of our lives – with minimal Parliamentary scrutiny.

Under the guise of fighting Covid you hired a multi-million-dollar Rolls Royce communications team to provide you with expert advice: as long as you could keep fear of Covid top of mind right up to voting day, your re-election was assured.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Winning over 50 percent support from New Zealanders was a remarkable achievement.

On election night you assured the country you would govern for ‘all’ Kiwis: “We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.”

We wanted to believe you.

But we now know, those words were a lie.

The separatist agenda you unleashed is unprecedented in New Zealand’s history.

We now know that you concealed the ‘He Puapua’ blueprint – to replace democracy with tribal rule – for 12 months prior to the election.

That report reveals your plan is to introduce 50:50 co-governance, to give the Maori elite, who represent just 15 percent of the population, disproportionate power and unimaginable authority over the lives of the 85 percent of other New Zealanders.

Why did you not tell us during the election campaign that you intended to transfer democratic power to an unelected and unaccountable tribal aristocracy so they can control New Zealand for their own benefit?

Since you didn’t reveal those intentions before the election, you have no mandate from New Zealanders to replace democracy with tribal rule.

And while you have denied ‘He Puapua’ is Labour Party policy, it’s clear that is another lie.

New Zealanders are not stupid – we have read the He Puapua report and we can see that the laws you are now enacting are part of this agenda for tribal control.

In health, when you realised that a Maori Health Authority with the right of veto over the entire health system couldn’t be established under the decentralised District Health Board model, without any consultation you announced that DHBs would be abolished. You have no mandate to replace community control of health with a centralised apartheid bureaucracy prioritising Maori over those with more serious medical needs.

Putting race ahead of need is not the New Zealand way. It is shocking and callous. How can anyone with genuine empathy and a clear conscience possibly think it’s OK? And restructuring the entire health system during a pandemic is not only ideological madness, but it borders on being criminally reckless.

In education you are allowing Maori extremists to dictate the curriculum and indoctrinate children with a worldview that denigrates our history and the people who helped build our nation.

In local government, you abolished the democratic rights of local communities to reject plans to divide them by race. It seems clear that this was the first step towards the He Puapua goal of tribal control of local authorities.

You have no mandate for your disastrous Three Waters proposal to give control of ratepayer-funded water infrastructure and services to the Maori tribal elite. Communities up and down the country are outraged at this blatant seizing of local assets – and the transfer of democratic control that will undoubtedly lead to the imposition of royalties to Maori whenever a Kiwi tap is turned on.

And what about your plan to silence opponents through proposed hate speech laws? You did not seek a mandate to ‘criminalise’ someone for political views – such as criticising Labour politicians or Maori supremacists – yet that is what your draft law changes are proposing.

Nor did you seek a mandate to effectively buy media support for your plan for tribal rule. You campaigned on funding the media, but you did not explain that the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund would be contingent on supporting the fabricated Maori ‘partnership’ claim that underpins He Puapua. In some countries, political leaders who attempt to unduly influence the media through taxpayer funding, are being accused of corruption.

What hold does the tribal elite have over you? Why are you prepared to sacrifice the democratic rights of all New Zealanders, so they can have power? Kind people may think that you are simply naive and being duped by your Maori caucus. Others believe that creating disunity is part of your socialist DNA.

When it comes to your management of Covid, we are now witnessing the loss of liberty on a scale unimaginable from a New Zealand Prime Minister.

You have given yourself the authority to control our lives, even to the point of allowing police – or their ‘agents’ – to enter our homes and businesses without a warrant.

Now, through vaccine mandates – that you promised before the election you would not introduce – you are dividing our nation and trampling over sacred civil liberties and democratic rights protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

In 1990, when Labour Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer was introducing the Bill of Rights in Parliament, he explained that it was a safeguard to protect New Zealanders against the unbridled power of future governments: “It is unlikely that there will be a wholesale disregard of human rights in New Zealand in the  foreseeable future, but… we cannot afford to wait until rights disappear before we take action, because it is too late by that stage. It is better to have a Bill of Rights when it is not needed than to not have one when it is needed.”

Now, thirty-one years later, you are leading a government that is doing exactly what he believed would never happen in New Zealand – you are stomping on the basic human rights of New Zealanders.

This is not the New Zealand way – and it is not what voters thought they were getting when they gave you the responsibility of leading our country for the benefit of all.

You have betrayed us, and we have lost trust in you and your Government.

That’s why we don’t love you anymore, Jacinda – and why we want you to resign.

Yours sincerely…

So, what can be done?

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is UK based Mark Hanson, a New Zealander with a legal background and vast international experience, who is so deeply troubled by the destructive socialist agenda he sees being rolled out, that he has proposed a new type of law:

“New Zealand faces a major challenge to the future of its democracy which it has never experienced since the coming to power of the current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Ardern, who comes from a communist, socialist and dictatorial background, has changed the history of New Zealand by closing down both the economy and Parliament with the excuse of Covid.

“By the time the next election comes along in 2023, it is expected that a number of ‘power-sharing’ laws will have been passed by the Ardern Government, that will change the nature of New Zealand democracy forever…

“There are two democratic ways of dealing with this. First, is to draw up a list of amendments to every relevant law or regulation in need of repealing. This however, would take years to achieve and would not restore democracy on a timely basis.

“Secondly, the most time efficient and democratic approach is to draw up one Repealing Act of Parliament to repeal every law and regulation she has enacted, before the next election. In addition, all persons who have been appointed under laws and regulations should be removed from office the day the repealing legislation is passed into law.”

Mark’s suggestion is powerful.

After three years of Jacinda Ardern’s destructive agenda the immediate repeal of their unmandated and undemocratic law changes by the next government is imperative.

Will opposition parties – including National and ACT – pledge to repeal these damaging law changes when they become government?

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*Do you believe the concept of a Repeal Bill to remove unmandated and destructive law changes has merit? 

*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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Sounds good to me, go for it, would cover almost all that Jacinda has pushed through. Eric
we repeal the whole nz govt corporate jurisdiction, burn it to the ground…. start again under the 1835 Flag. Wayne
To maintain any sense of democracy. Margaret
Yes it has but you must leave it to the people of New Zealand to vote on it you just can’t trust politicians. Eric
0This country hasn’t been a democracy since Lange was PM. laurie
So much has been done under urgency, under cover of dark, in the shadows, and with a complete lack of transparency it will be impossible to cut out all the rot a piece at a time. Better to pass a single law that erases from the pages of history the gross error of judgement that has been the Ardern maladministration. Alistair
Offramps are brilliant when you’re trying to exit SH-bullshit ROD
Absolutely. Remove the lot of them all at once. Christine
Get rid of communist ardern ASAP Lesley
Yes, and it can’t come too soon. Susan
Very concerned at path this governement is treading, which I believe to be destroying the very fabric of our society Murray
bring on a majority of the peoples vote of no confidence in our democratic freedom right vote of no confidence and force an election to form a new government of the people. Robyn
Please make it happen Tim
This Govt.is a dictatorship bill
This is a must for New Zealanders Aotearoans might accept what is happening but the repercussions from this ill thought out policy needs to be shut down before it becomes law Blair
No one can keep up with the amount of Acts that this Socialist Government is forcing through parliament. Government employees are predominantly left/green luvvies. The NZ culture is being severely damaged and replaced with an invented history. Maureen
It cannot happen soon enough. The damage this government has wrought must be undone as simply as cost effectively as possible. Lena
Yes very much so. How much longer do we tolerate this liar and cheating mad woman ? John
Only way back to democracy. Improve the Bill of Rights so it remains effective Keith
We are being run by non listening bunch of ego seekers, with no sense of reality John
Watch Fox News on Sky TV and you will see the USA under Biden is rapidly going down the socialist path and Ardern is following every footstep.She has to GO,the sooner the better. Morea
I have never loved Ms Ardern and I was never one of the 5 million. Once I found out she was a communist, shortly after her appointment in 2017, I knew New Zealand was in great danger and that prediction has turned out to be horribly true. Also in the US, Joe Biden’s socialist, hard left govt. has destroyed the American economy and way of life in less than 9 months. At least they have some media eg. Foxnews reporting the disaster whereas all our media have been bought off by Ardern – she is a disgrace to humanity. Monica
This government has ridden rough shod over the rights and wants of New Zealanders. We need to undo the damage they have caused. Carol
trouble is that most if not all mp’s cant be trusted to repeal any law be it good or bad. Pity our new GG doesn’t do the Australian way, SACK the bent dictator and her brown nosing arse lickers, but I suspect she is in cindys back pocket being you know what. Richard
We need strong, assertive, authoritative, direction. Especially in some way to get a move against this government happening quickly and promptly. I hope it is taken up with vigour Denis
The country in in real chaos. we need drastic action to avert actions that could easily lead to civil war. Bill
Excellent idea. The raft of new undemocratic, dictatorial and devisive legislation must be thrown out in total to send a clear message that New Zealanders want New Zealand restored to it’s previous position as a democratic, harmonious, and united country. Richard
I think it is an excellent idea. All the screaming left wingers can be got out of the way before Christmas 2023 and then the next 3 years can be spent enacting positive policies. Andrew
Absolutely. It has to happen. Judith
Yes, but it must be drafted with care. Murray
Not only does JA need to go – but ALL her supporting ministers as well. A clear example needs to be sent to all elected official Michael
We also need a Bill to prevent future Governments, either Right of Left, from introducing these undemocratic laws. The sooner NZ introduces a Swiss type of democratic binding referendum the better. Then the public will have genuine influence on policy. Brian
just to get rid of this mangy mob john
She needs to resign and put NZ people first not that wimp GayClarkford now is the time for the opposition to stand up and unite Gaz
Yes, but how do we go about it? The Government has an absolute majority and I doubt if Geoff Palmer would take a hand in it. I doubt if National & Act could do much either. Maybe a petition, but Labour would just ignore it. However the prospect of 2 more years to an election and even then a further wait whilst legislation is prepared after the hopeful new National Act coalition would make it a long drawn out remedy, especially as by then there would be so many dreadful effects from Labour’s mess. We need some expert legal minds to get into this Urgently. Chris
We need to remove this very distrustful and deceitful Labour government, Viona
YES. . AND . .YES! Yvonne
Yes we need to sweep all away and reset to undo the damage Peter
If this is the best option at this time. “LET’S DO THIS”!! Mary
Merit ?? NO Imperative ? Yes. Neville
Stop dividing our nation – we are supposed to be a team of 5 million …NOT a TEAM of 15% Wendy
100% Georg
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Stop this madness by Labour. Brendan
It must be agreed to by the opposition parts so that New Zealanders can see they fully understand the average Kiwi really chrishes democratic government. Alan
New Zealand must be returned to the people – all of them. James
But it will have to include repealing the legislation (brought in by John Keys) that protects any PM or MP from legal action over things they did while in office. John R
We need the opposition to stand up and be counted. Please can someone step forward? Pete
without any doubt the sooner the better William
Imperative Rachel
Preferably mass protests will convince the changes in the first instance being implemented Kenneth
Thank you for this proposal. Matt
Race based legislation is destructive Paul
Wake up NZ we are heading for socialism so fast and too many NZ people don’t realise it, they are so indoctrinated with the fear of Covid Alan
Vital that democracy in NZ be reinstated! Trudy
Any unjust law must have the mechanism to repeal John
Because we do not get a chance to vote this Govt out until 2023 (too late) that only leaves civil disobedience. A number of marches are being organised this month and they need the support of all those who want this Govt to come to an end. Terry
Absolutely. If they hadn’t lowered the voting age we’d be better off as it’s suicide to give immature, inexperienced people a say in the running of any country. simon
We will govern for all New Zealanders and when is that going to happen Mendacity ? Tonight and every other night we are inundated with an advert for Jacinder Ardern,s boyfriend tonight 5 times in 38 minutes enough is enough who is paying for this nepotism ,politically it’s immoral . The what else can we expect from someone who only cares about personal achievement. Vivian
Yes, but only if you can get the information out to the people – and that is difficult at the moment. I don’t think mainstream NZ even knows what is going on – they’re too busy watching the “pretend” news on TV. Debbie
If we don’t take this path then the alternative leads to civil war which is also not the NZ Way……….until it is David
Your letter to JA says it all Muriel, so along with the Protest Marches on the “Vasphive” today, maybe we can get this narscisstic, deceitful, deceptive, dishonest, with a total lack of any Integrity using coercion and bullying to force an Experimental Genetic Modification Technology Drug Injection onto an unsuspecting Kiwis makes her now THE most HATED PM we have ever had in my life time memory….she has to resign and step down, but not until the Nuremburg Trials 2.0 have had her arrested and frog marched off to the Trials…YES, bring it on A.S.A.P……!!! Bruza
It sucks Lorna
Absolutely…. We need massive regular protests in every city in the country. Ken
Well put .we need more of these ideas.thank you David
This is not our way, NZer’s must retain our rights and freedoms or this country will fall apart. Benjamin
The sooner the better rather than later Cyril
what we really need is the current system to crash and burn…. out of the ashes maybe He Wakaputanga, get back to our original flag and move forward from there Wayne
Agree should happen now Leo
Vital to uphold democracy Michael
Something has to done Grahame
This current Govt is demonic and they are headed for the lake of fire reserved for the devil and his angels (Labor Party) Alan
The PM is undermining most of the critical and fundamental tenants that define NZs democracy. She must inform herself that her legacy will be discredited and undone if she continues on this path. Nik
Yes, the public need to have a say. Kim
Anything Labour have passed without the permission of the NZ people is tantamount to treason Roger
BUT its the young people those in the 18 to 45 age bracket that believe in her ….and they are all highly University educated…I remember myself doing to Uni as an adult studied how radical the place was…maybe they are right it just felt alien to me….But then I am the olde generation and maybe I too am a product of my upbringing. Wendy
Return to First Past the Post, drop all list PMs and call an early election. Ken
It needs to be done before the next election. A lot of damage will be done in that time. Immediate action is imperative. Darren
Repeal all junk law back to and including the RMA Laws are for the lawless. Matt
The erosion of democracy is not so much by stealth as by sledge hammer Suzanne
Without question. Craig 
Enough is enough – time for her and her lapdogs to go – she probably will go to a snout in trough job at he UN before she really has to face the music at home. Gone by Xmas?? greg
NZ is under an emergency declaration and any laws passed that are not directly related to that emergency should be regarded as ‘ultra vires’ with immediate suspension of enactment. Janya
we all have to stand before our Maker Anna
It is essential John
It must be done. Barry
Yes I think that is worth a try. If it does not work then it will signal the end of democracy in NZ. I will purchase some more ammunition to defend my family. Steve
The immense damage wrought by this government needs to be undone in the fastest way possible, without giving any bureaucrats remaining after an election the means to keep these divisive policies and infrastructure in place. Deon
This needs to be stopped ! helen
But I think the Governor- General is the way to go. Other reserve powers are to dismiss a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation. These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations and with the exception of the appointment of a Prime Minister following an election, no New Zealand Governor-General has ever needed to use them. Noel
Never before in my life time of 74 years have I witnessed such blatant disregard for democracy as NZ,’s know it. Robert
Soon this poll will be illegal Rob
We need to consign Adern – the political Trojan Horse to the political wilderness. Pete
including the laws that have been before a select committee and they have ignored the wishes of the majority of NZers. Christine
Apartheid is real in NZ Shelley
Better than a violent revolt, Alain
Absolutely. It’s a disgrace what has unfolded in NZ in such a short time span. Mark
Absolutely – 100% However the current Government will never agree to this and – If the current Government can manage to bring these “power-sharing” laws into existence within three years why can’t the next Government just get them removed within the same time period. Raewyn
Yes this is what National and Act have got to campaign on for next election otherwise we are stuffed. Greg
May democracy prevail every step of the way Brian
A Repeal Bill will be absolutely essential to repair the damage that this Marxist government is doing to New Zealand! Grant
Lets get it written now Norm
Unacceptable that we don’t get consulted. Len
Yes especially laws introduced by Government duress disguised as a Covid pandemic “mandate”. There is never a mandate to remove citizens’ freedoms. Helen Clark got voted out for merely trying to control our shower heads so what do we do with Jacinda Ardern and Labour who wants to control our very water? The buck stops here and it stops now. Jin
Absolutely ‘she has divided our country through her deadly vaccine and all law changes she got to go she has destroyed our kiwi way of life, our bill of rights everything we stand for corruptions , no jab no job has destroyed families the death rate among 12 year old to 23,24 blood /clots we have lost loved one he died 6th october with blood/clots through his body and vax injuries are shocking she is evil , trust my immune system frreedom choose she has taken away our God give rights,our human rights and our freedom of speech divided our nation SHE HAS TO GO Grace 
We are 1 nation & 1 people no mater race or colour Phill
Definitely!! Bruce
I did not vote for communism and everything else this lying leader is doing. Sue
could this include the drivers of culture in our universities RAY
The sooner it can be done the better. We have to get rid of Jacinda ASAP Christine
I would be careful not to conflate the issues of He Pua Pua and its offshoots with the current Covid regulations. While the willingness to impose. the current Covid laws show Arderns Socialist leanings she has a lot of support from a health perspective. He Pua Pua as your excellent letter says is an absolute attack on our democracy and clearly Ardern lied about its intent. Fred
Jacinda should be prosecuted for treason and her destructive laws removed as soon as possible. Her racial tendencies are more than enough to disqualify from leadership of this country. How dare she wreck our once proud land. Paloma
Brilliant article ‘We don’t love you anymore Jacinda’….thank you… Richard
This has to stop now. This is madness and not the country I grew up in and love. She has to go ASAP Eugene
Is there any possibility of petitioning the Governor General to remove this government on the basis that they are continullay infringing the Bill of Rights in relation to ALL NZ citizens. Joseph
100% Jenny
What do we have to lose? Under Ardern’s Labour Government NZ is lost. glyn
Jacinda’s government is a nightmare of racism and control. We need to be rid of her, Mahuta and the rest ASAP. Chris
There has to be bold steps taken to stop this socialist dictator and her SS generals. Jeff
I’m all for a democratic society. Joanne
Yes if the government acts purely to push policy on behalf of the Greens, Maori and far left Labour supporters, without support of the general populations it would be Undemocratic not these destructure laws and policies John
Any move that heads down a democratic and legal process is preferable to the alternatives. Lionel
The most efficient and rapid way to undo the harm Labour are causing to New Zealand. Do it now! #RepealEverythingNZ Pete
It seems like the last hope of any democracy for New Zealanders Ann
restore democracy Gary
Ardern and her policies ( Politics ) are a disgrace Bryan
We need to take action to protect the rights of ALL NEW ZEALANDERS today and in the future. It is absolutely critical that this madness we stopped!!!! KATRINA
Absolutely believe to remove the socialist ideology that Ardern has imposed on us. ASAP. Rae
It is absolutely necessary Stanley
Most definitely and quickly…this mad mob has to go. Colin
But what can we lawfully do to resist in the interim? Amy
I cannot think, of any other way to undo the damage already done Keith
It must e done and fast Ross
We have to get rid of this tauthoritarin Dictator and all of the legislation she has imposed on New Zealanders without any mandate. Tom
Absolutely… This dictorial madness has to be stopped Jock
Especially relating to Council Maori Wards, He PuaPua, Three Waters and the New World Order 2030! Rose
Present government needs sacking before they do anymore damage Gareth
lets get back to normality Colin
It should be a policy printed in every manifesto of National, Act and The New Conservative parties. Gerard
We are at a very dangerous tipping point with this dictator. Susan
we most certainly need a law to repeal the dangerous racist and undemocratic laws that Jacinda and her socialist commmards are creating allan
All race based legislation should be repealed. One after the other so while they are trying to protest one two more are going through. Wayne
Absolutely Leanne
My answer is yes, we do need such a law. or bill. NZ is getting exactly what it voted for when caught up in the euphoria of smiling Tinkerbelle and her kind loving nature. It would be better to have a Komodo dragon for PM. Ray
The pendulum is swinging too far. Regrettably the voice to challenge is weak. We must do something to protect our children. Guy
It’s is imperative. Julian
All governments waste money. The smaller the government , the higher the GDP. The private sector taxes pay for everything including public sector salaries and taxes. bruce
I believe the current socialist strategies been employed by the NZ Labour Government is a trial been initiated by world communists on a first world western country as part of developing their strategy for world domination. It has to be stopped immediately. Greg
Endorse all of the comment Keith
Too many controlling laws made. James
100% No further comment needed David
I totally support the repeal bill concept. I’m completely over what is happening to New Zealand, a country I once was proud of Nyle
Brilliant! Nothing will hurt the left than completely wiping out their legacy by repealing all they have managed achieve in their six years of governance! Changing the election rules so that what occurred in the 17 election, must never happen again, should also be implemented Luke
bring it on… we must stop this madness Tim
Something must be done about this racist, divisive, and communist government without delay. Otherwise, everything we treasure about this great place will be destroyed. Logan
I fully support this Janet
The government is democratically elected. The next legitimate poll Is the next general election. Suggesting otherwise threatens democracy I New Zealand John
The liar has no mandate for these racist, divisive and destructive policies and they must go. Allan
During this Labour government’s reign, we have seen abortion laws further liberalised and euthanasia introduced, without a referendum that would have allowed individual NZers to have their say. Talk about opening Pandora’s box! Jacky
It couldn’t possibly be worse than what’s been forced on the New Zealand public by this government. Brent
NZers deserve the democratic right to have a say on all things that affect our bill of rights Miffy
we as a democracy are in serious trouble –voting is one3 action but who for to repeal and dis ember racist and undemocratic rules – perceptions and regulations — John
Yes I do, but only if National & Act can govern alone. What happens if they need the Maori Party to get over the 50%? FloJo
Will only create even more unintended consequences. George
Never trusted Adern. When asked in the 2017 campaign what she would do if NZ was military threatened, she answered “I would ask the UN what to do” Wayne
There are many Laws that need to be repealed. Not only laws promulgated by this lot, but thousands of laws promulgated by previous governments, especially laws relating to property rights and health and safety. Many of the so called Health and Safety Laws are thinly disguised “Power and Control” laws. Don’t even get me started on the so called environmental laws. Especially those being dumped on farmers. However, your “letter to the PM” pretty much says it all. Dianna
We must be able to overturn Bills such as 3 Waters which opposed by the vast majority of Kiwis. Murray
She has to go Ian 
Yes, the idea has merit. It would be troublesome to introduce, but vastly preferable to continuing down the pathway that the country is on at present. Peter
I think we should reject everything this absolutely destructive government, in the best way possible being the concept of a Repeal bill to rid the country of all the “cr..p” Ian
It will be encumber on those forming a coalition to be prepared with suggested new bills to cover replacement legislation where needed. Terry
I have long said ” in the fullness of time this labour govt will become the most hated govt in the history of NZ” Rick
NZ must return to a single community no elite groups such as one of the early settlers – known as Maori. Ben
the sooner the better dave
but can we get her out Robin
This is the only way to save our country, but I doubt it will happen. If I was younger, I would seriously consider leaving the country I call home and which I loved. Heather
This Government has lost the support required to govern. Andy
My concern is this possibly creating another issue, by granting absolute power, and we would need to know how this is to be balanced Allan
Marxists don’t care what opponents think so appealing to someone who doesn’t care is wasted effort. If the opposition political parties were to be given a new repeal law why haven’t they used the current powers? NZ politicians have earned the citizens mistrust so the answer to the problem is to give the repeal power to the citizens not the politicians by passing a Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda, as the Swiss have used successfully for the last 170 years. REX
It is essential if we want to save this country from separatism. I am ashamed of the dirty deceitful lying unhanded dictatorship of this Labour government headed by an egomaniac. Franckie
Best idea yet! Tony
Perhaps any new law shouldn’t proceed until “promised” policies have been delivered. 100,000 houses, for example. Philip
vote her out now paul
Very Considerable Merit. Every Conservative Party should have and uphold the Repealing Act on its mandate going into the election. This should be a requirement for every NZ citizen to consider as they apply their List Vote. Richard
Some Laurel
This government has created such a comprehensive mess it will take a comprehensive act of parliament to untangle it. Mike
Very definitely! It MUST be done! We are a Democratic country, or at least, we were. We want it back. Heather
Absolute must Christina
Most definitely, This woman has already caused enough disruption with her bulldozer tactics. Sonya
Never again must a NZ Government be allowed to buy off the MSM for their own benefit. Dee
Say what you do, do what you say! Gavin
So who initiates a Repealing Act of Parliament? frerd
Something has to be done to repeal this destruction of our rights Len
Because I don’t live under these stupid new rules. They sux! Donna
Absolutely! Trisha
Well documented Ken
I cannot understand why opposition parties are not vocally and loudly stating, at every opportunity, the very rights Ardern has stolen from NZers. Joanne
Can we enact it now please!!!! tony
Certainly. No excuses can help her and her Maori mates. Let us hope New Zealanders are not stupid and vote her and her Maori and Green mates out in 2 years time. Peter
this Government has run amuck passing and introducing legislation which tears at the very fabric of our democracy. This legislation and those who introduce and support it need to be removed from parliament and the statutes. Colin
If New Zealander’s want a color Blind DEMOCRACY, we the people MUST DEMAND DEMOCRACY. It is now clear National have no intention of speaking up for our country, for the citizens who do not want to be beholding to a bunch of radical power hungry part maori supremacist. There can be no Appeasement.. Judith you have let the country down. Sam
Anything unmandated should not pass into law anyway – we have an extremely slack system with no checks and balances so we have absolute power corrupting absolutely. Bad news Warren
Jacinda is selling this country out to her Maori and socialist mates, both minorities in New Zealand. She needs to go. I hope local councils have the courage to mount a class action in court to test the legality of the three waters push to skew control of water services to Maori. Bob
The assumption that a prime minister can do whatever they like is tantamount to being a despot. . Our prime minister is heading that way with her sheer arrogance, naciiscism and quite frankly lack of basic intelligence. Fran
She should be gone by midnight or even sooner JohnT
Let’s get it done! Dave
She has to go. Lynne
A great idea if you can get buy in from the parties contesting the removal of labour. Andrew
Jacinda’s dictatorship needs to end Graeme
I did actually write to my local MP with this in mind some four or five weeks ago. Still awaiting a reply. Dave
It is a must have policy for both National and Act to have Mark
Its unlikely a National govt would be able govern a country with a room full of dictatorial Bill’s undermining every move Keith
Absolutely – the only way democracy can be reclaimed. In addition, to reclaim true democracy, Maori seats to be abolished as their purpose was made redundant with the introduction of universal male suffrage way back in the 1870s! David
He Puapua, so undemocratic. Devisive, plain wrong. The Treaty was never a partnership, it was for protection under the laws of the Crown. Ian
The government is ruining our country and the average New Zealander has had enough. We have to stop the rot now. We can’t wait as our country is under threat from Jacinda  Chris
It is fairly obvious that Chairman Arden will be remembered in history as the most hated politician ever in NZ Bruce
Absolutely !!! We have to get rid of this dreadful Government and their agendas. This is leftism at it’s worst and I cannot help but pity those who think the World of Jacinda !!!!! Alan
I grow tired of the Labour Government’s incompetence and idealogical agendas. Sven
Great concept, need to get it in place and that will require a change of government. Pete
As a student of pubic policy, I have been advocation repeal of individual acts. Hadn’t given any thought to the detail and the time. This umbrella act is a brilliant solution. For me, a condition of voting for a party will be their commitment to this act. John
So sick and tired of the lies and deceit from this commie woman and her fellow liers and thieves. Ben
It has merit- the problem being how to make the NZ Public aware of wwhat is happening…. that is a key challenge to do………not easy given the noose has been put on the population with Covid , a huge diversion and how to remove this smokescreen is not an easy one- but very important.. That is key. Philip
But it doesn’t go far enough. If memory serves, repealed law can still be used in legal proceedings. Mark
Read appropriate article peter
NZ is being destroyed by Ardern & Mahuta, the power behind the throne.She needs to be stopped from trampling on the rights of all non-maori NZers. If that can be brought about about by a Repeal Bill I’m all for it. However, how can such a bill get passed into law when she has a majority? Kerry
A ray of hope! A must do. With our judges’ appalling bias (Foreshore decision for example) I have despaired at our ability to restore the rule of law in NZ John
That would certainly make me feel more comfortable for the future of New Zealand, my children and my grand children. Graeme
A Repeal Bill would return us to a democratic position where we can discuss issues before they become law. So much has been pushed through recently without due regard to facts and without consultation. Bill
Anything that can be done to legally cancel and remove the Arrogant, Bullying ,Autocratic manner in which Jacinda has been leading the existing Government ! There is only One Option : JACINDA MUST GO !! Pierre
Anything to reverse the damage and highlight to the sheeple the damage JA and her minions caused. Mark
Absolutely and soon steve
I support this idea completely as it appears we are close to the point of no return.Somehow more people need to be made aware of what is happening in NZ. Jacinta and her cohorts are getting away with destroying our country and we need a plan to combat this. National appear weak and rudderless and I wish they would put their head above the parapet and make some waves instead of appearing scared to offend anyone. Hopeless, and I find it very hard to support them them even though with Act they are probably our only hope. Ross
YES OF COURSE. This Govt is wrecking New Zealand Yvonne
Absolutely! What is going on here with our socialist PM is outrageous and this country doesn’t feel like the NZ I grew up in. Louise
I shall vote for any party that supports such a bill. Labout has lost my trust forever. Herb
People should be able to make their own choices about medical interventions on their body. Kathryn
I think what needs to happen is a trust to be formed for tax and rates to be paid into. Trustees to be past PMs and other important people to give it creditably Nothing will cause a bigger pressure than that Colin
needs to be done as soon as possible Mary
Stop destroying NZ and we need to get out of the UN. Bryce
It is absolutely imperative that this happens. Peter
Far too much has been put into law without the approval of the public. The Labour Party must go, and the sooner the better. Laura
Enough is enough! Wendy
Definitely needed David
Couldn’t agree more! Lana
How do we do it? Lily
the sooner the better Gay
Before she does more damage to this country Melissa
With NZ being pushed in to a pseudo communistic country , some thing needs to happen before we have revolution John
I think you are barking up the wrong tree, and are deliberately misconstruing what has and is happening. Lorrainne
Ardern….resign NOW or CIVIL WAR wii be happening Ron
Hell yes and the sooner the better. Bring it on. Let us get New Zealand back to the way we want it, not Jacinda land. Fraser
The only tragedy is that it can’t be activated now. Rosalie
I Fully Support all laws, not part of Labours 2020 election agenda, and subsequently passed in law be repealed. Walter
Soonest possible please Peter
National and ACT should run with this idea. JD
Laws should not be passed under Urgency. the Labour Government is dividing our people. William
Soon Pam
Each elected govt should have to stick strictly to their manifest as outlined to the public prior to election. Must go to the people for anything substantial otherwise George
“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing” . . . “when bad men (and women) combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” — Edmund Burke, 1770. Kevan
the Westminister system needs urgent overhall. Ray
just get stuck in and do it Ian
We need safe guards to protect our democracy when you have a bunch of Bastards like this Government headed by Jackboots Jacinda is imposing on this Country .At the rate this Government is heading i would not be surprised if we have an early election given that the Country has been betrayed and a vote of no confidence ken
Great idea, but how can we get it passed into Law with a Labour/Greens majority in Parliament. Alan
It would cause an outcry such as we have never seen by those who have or will benefit & power from the undemocratic corruption of NZ legislature. Bring it on 🙂 Derek
We used to live in a Democracy. We don’t want a Communist or Maoists government. Warwick
Anything that will destroy the shocking existence of APARTHEID in NZ has to be a good thing. Geoff
With complete justification !!! Nicholas
Will the national govt do this tho? Or will they still carry on with the communist UN agenda? Debbie
‘Has merit’ that is mild language. The Repeal Bill is ESSENTIAL Peter
Yes. Get rid of all race based laws and racial advantages from Maori seats, to unelected racially preferred council members, to minorities getting preferment in tertiary courses and State employment, to the Maori veto on hospitals, three waters if it passes. Nothing should be missed including taxes on Iwi businesses. Adern and her chief ministers should also face charges beginning with sedition and working down. The media outlets are also to partly blame for not vigorously debating law changes and taking the money as are also Universities that used to be a place of debate. Massey University probably the worst offender and those in charge should be dismissed. Labour looking for a longer term in parliament. If a referendum is raised on this it should also give the public a say on conduct with a recall clause. There used to be a time when Police were independent from Political coercion. I do not believe this is still the case. We need a HUGE CLEANOUT. Terry
Yes most certainly. However I doubt that neither National nor Act have the courage to campaign on this. My dilemma after many years being a National supporter is who to vote for. Judith Collins has had her teeth pulled as leader and I cannot see another Nation member as an effective replacement. ACT is not as aggressive as I would like to gain my support. I would hate forgo my right to vote because none of the options are presently worth voting for even though I can’t wait for Labour with its Racist policies to be thrown out. Sadly, in the present environment of Maori preferment for seperatism I am in danger of becoming a racist and vehemently anti Maori. Other minorities such as Asian and other immigrant nationalities are just as important as Maoris because in fact all NZers are descendent from immigrants including Maori who just happened to arrive here a bit earlier. I say we should have a range of laws for all with no preferences for any particular race. Clinton
IMO, the PM of New Zealand is a liar & a very dangerous politician. I am astonished at how so many people still “support” her! Isabel
Jacinda Adhern is trying to indocrinate NZ citizens by stealth in passing laws without consulting the people of NZ. Roydon
This not a government for the people is only a government for an ethnic minority who like the rest of us are na impure race. Shaun
Something has to be done – and FAST, before it’s too late Janet
ASAP Please Colin
Hurrah, a plan to unwind the damage this tart is doing. Bring it on asap. And bring in citizens initiated referendum to curtail any dickhead legislation. Peter
The division of the country into two racial factions will cause significant rest in years to come. Richard
It might help right some of the wrongs that are being done. Brian
Should be everything since the 2020 election John
It is absolutely essential Julie
She is going too far. We will have to fight to get our country back together. Helen
It’s crucial Andrew
Our present Government, led by the megalomaniac who calls herself PM continues to introduce legislation, overtly and covertly, for which she and and her government, Labor and Green alike, have no mandate. For New Zealand to return to a democratic nation ALL the legislation that has been introduced akin to that that would be applied by a dictatorship, the enshrinement of the falsehood of a partnership between the Crown and maori, the linking of all legislation that is has been applied to this falsehood and the attempted forcing of a “dead” language onto over 90% of the population who do not understand it [despite it being designated as an official language], should be immediately repealed Michael
All socialist and totalitarian laws must be abolished as soon as the dictator Ardern can be ousted. Jeff
Ardern is like a destructive bomb to this country we love. She must be defused immediately! Robert
This Govt has been captured by the few radicals in the Maori caucus that do not represent the majority view of their own people or the rest of NZ Gotta go Jacinda Robert
I am appalled at the way the government is bulldozing through its agenda dividing the country on racial issues and abusing ratepayers democratic rights with the 3 waters legislation. Gaire
Must be done otherwise we will not have nz as it was and how we want it Ken
Our country is headed for total disaster if a Repeal Bill is not immediately enacted by a democratically elected government a the next General Election. Jacinda and her mob are hell bent on turning NZ into an apartheid state where the official language will be be some sort of “pidgin English”. In the meantime could please have a NZ News and Weather channel in the English Language. The country IS stuffed. Bruce
Labour Greens need to go! Shirley
Definitely. !!! Reversal of the racist, globalist destruction that adern has implemented is a must. Hopefully they try her for treason and ban her from any political career ever in the future. Jude
For heaven’s sake, restore democracy before it is gone forever under this Marxist, racist government. Our children & their children deserve to live in a country which treats everyone the same – democratically! Not under the failed system of communism. Peter
absolutely bruce
Great if it is possible Alan
Absolutely! We do not, at this point live in a democracy. Ardern was democratically elected and by stealth has eroded it. Lya
Not only merit but essential Doug
I await the lead taken by NZCPR in this initiative Mike T
Yes for sure, also it must be set in stone so political parties cannot repeal it. Dennis
Communism has no place in New Zealand. Peter
has to happen quickly Jean
We need to get rid of this ‘stuff’ as quickly as we can Anna
This Government ( Jacinda) is out of control and we need protection from her, God help us if she remains in power for another two years. Stevo C.
I*t is a question I have asked many times, will the replacement government be able to repeal all the atrocities that this airhead has created. It needs to be done as there is a lot of it! steve
National needs to form an alliance with ACT and if required (and it will be) with NZF. They need to start loading the torpedo hatches and declare to NZ what Mark Hansen is saying. Rick
Too sweeping Rob
We want a democratic, free society. Not socialism or communism. Alison
Give us back our freedom and democracy. John
Yes and I trust that both the Nats and ACT campaign on that. I would take some issue on the assumption that all part Maori are in favour of these draconian measures or the 16% of the population in general. I suspect it is only some very loud 10% of the part Maori population and so the NUMERS ARE EVEN WORSE. Robin
Very much so. David
Absolutely it has merit Terry
Yes Yes – absolutely needed russell
I was never happy with the dropping of our support from the privy council. I was not happy with MMP – did not support it. Jacinda stated that – Capitalism has failed NZ – What about a good debate on that – never challenged to my knowledge. I support any law change that will give the people back democracy – It will only come from wisdom, but wisdom is not birthed in the current confusion, only further stupidity. Another example of complete ineptitude is the promises on mental health – it is seriously worse than it was and will continue under Jacinda – despite her promises. She is dangerous. Maurice
Restore Democracy john
The state of the nation was fine before this socialist agenda was rolled out. My ancestors didn’t sacrifice their lives in the First World War for our freedoms to be eroded. Time for Cindy to resign and to repeal all this divisive legislation. Sam
Most definitely. There must be a firm rule to prevent such undemocratic “Bills” being secretly push through by a non democratic government.. Bring in the Swiss system. If the population does not want some dopey rule it can be thrown out. Graeme
If we dont we can kiss our ass goodbye and live under in the prison of Jacinda,s authocratic govt for ever. Time to rebel or commir asuixcidwe John
Absolutely imperative to have a legal means of undoing the destruction this Labour government is creating.  Sue
Totally agree. Jill
With what this Government is proposingThis law would be an excellent idea. It would save milloins as it could be done it one sweep rather than dozerns of individual bills. john
Yes. Un-mandated laws surely can not hold legitimacy. Parties state their polices and how they are going to be achieved. The people vote for their party based on these disclosures. Many legal contracts fail on mis-representation. Matt
“We the people’ have not been consulted, our approval or permission has not been sought nor have we been fully informed. This is.not democratic therefore cannot be allowed. Chris
I believe that the current crisis, seeks impactful measures. I am however concerned about the time this may take. We need to do something now! simone
We live in a democracy and it’s about time the government remembers that! Jordan
Bring it on !!! bruce
The sooner the better, in fact, yesterday. Samuel
I support the intent of this proposal but believe this should be done democratically. The obvious parties, NZ First, Act and National should campaign on their positions A new government has the capacity to change any Act as mandated by the electorate. john
Definitely! Given a bit more time, there will be so many people that have woken up to what is going on, then and only then will it have a huge chance of succeeding. The more she pushes, the more people wake up! Gavin
This has to happen as it is appalling what this government is doing to the country Ken
Not only has merit, it is essential to restore NZ Maurice
She and them have got to go. Sooner rather than later. Dennis
Nz must follow through on this repeal bill Janice 
National and Act must support the growing opposition to the tyrant Ardern instead of meekly going along with her stripping of rights and freedoms from the people Trevor
The sooner this period of rampant change by the Helen Clark mentored fanatic, the better we will be going forward. Righty now the country is in serious trouble! Ken
Governments are elected by you and me. They work for you and me and not for some self appointed dictator. Scrap all legislation imposed by Ardern and co and lets put New Zealand back yo its rightful position as the BEST country in the world. Andrew
Whatever it takes to save our democracy and extinguish everything this woman is doing to to our country Warren 
This would be an ideal solution if it can be satisfactorily enacted. Marg
Time to rid us of that communist filth running the country The repeal bill will do this John
This needs to happen. Our country is being destroyed by a communist butch. Jill
I can’t see it ever coming about. Labour has too much control and the oppositions are too small at present without a coalition. mike
What they’re doing is racist theft. Geoff
The quicker it is implemented the better Garth
Two parts are required in the repeal legislation: 1. Repeal all Ardern legislation; and 2. Repeal all reference to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in legislation. Henry
Yes and absolutely because there are so many of them secretly that were passed through. David
the sooner the better before some things cant be changed anthony
Yes I do not believe the govt should have the authority to pass unmandated laws at anytime let alone under the cover of Covid Lynne
In the days of FPP elections a snap election could be called for if confidence was being lost in the standing government. Can this be carried out under MMP. Robert
In my opinion they should go through all the legislation and fix it. Michael
Horrified by this govt. and their He Puapua Colleen
Please go for it! Peter
Good idea. Got to be careful here though. Are there any “good” laws that don’t need repealing in a blanket move? Sheila
Ardern is destroying the fabric of New Zealand, the country our family members fought and died for. Shame on her! Pauline
It is criminal what Jacinda and her Labour Government are doing to New Zealand and racist to the full extend of its meaning by using ethnicity to class New Zealand’s She did not ever get voted into Power…Winston kindly helped her in Round 1 and Round 2 – Covid Michael
Can we not get the Governor General to get rid of this Government. Irene
Muriel’s letter to Jacinda is so worthwhile reading and the ability to repeal these laws being enacted without the consent of the population is urgently required. Merrill
Definitely Sheena
Definitely June
Anything to remove the Jacinda destruction to NZ Mark
I have never and will never vote for this government. Act all the way. Jeanette
I absolutely agree that this upcoming forced legislation needs to be repealed immediately this stupid racist government is thrown out of parliament. Bruce
Absolutely the fastest practical way of getting back our democracy. Paul 
This is the only glimmer of hope we have left in Jacindastan. I’m sure that like myself, every other Kiwi is stunned at the pace with which authoritarian socialism has infested NZ. That’s our fault for not taking socialist Cindy seriously enough, notwithstanding the venal despicable Winston peters for foisting this nightmare onto us all. John
Yes remove the law and remove the communist leader called Jacinda Ardern if New Zealand isnt to become another state of Russia eric
Sounds good but it can be used by any side and thus make long term governance quite unstable with no surety when working towards future goals. Alastair
SOMETHING has to be done to stop this communist madness – and SOON! Sylvia
If we are not careful it will be too late to stop the changes. Ian
Yes and be prepared for the racist chant as we move into another faze of willful divide, orcisraited by our socialist Ardern lead government. Owen
I totally support the notion of one act of Parliament which will; repeal all the divisive, one sided Labour laws which primarily give Maori funds, assets; dominance of Te reo, and supreme power over the other 84% of NZers. Douglas
We are going down a one way track and it must be stopped. Brian
ACT and NATIONAL have to do this or Apartheid will be entrenched in NZ. forever. Jasmine
This is exactly what is needed to get NZ back to a proper democracy and repeal all the legislation she had forced upon us as soon as a new government is established. Brian
The problem is, whose view are we going to listen to??? Les
These devisive policies done in such a secretive manner and without public awareness need to be repealed ASAP Allan
They are creating more division and debt that we don%u2019t want or need. Justine
Because now we have seen just what happens when there are no strict checks and balances to all governments to ensure that politicians understand once and forever that they are the servants of the New Zealand citizens not their masters James
Yes the sooner the better David
Absolutely Jill
the sooner the better ben
I definitely think so and the sooner ,the better ! Barbara
Urgently as soon as possible. Andrea 
Something has to be done to stop these laws being passed before the election in 2023 and before its too late. Virginia
We want our democracy back. Harvey
Absolutely. Cindy is destroying our country. I’d hate to see a civil war here………….. Dave
Absolutely!! And it should be done NOW – not tomorrow….. Heather
We need to protect our heritage and way of life from communism Heather
It’s an extraordinary measure which I believe requires a mandate. The opposition should campaign on it, and ask the electorate for a 50% plus mandate, otherwise they would be no better than the current regime. alloytoo
Most definitely do! Pam
This must be the number one policy on both Act and Nationals list for election 2023. While they are in the process they should include a requirement to rescind all laws that have been passed over the past 20 years that have racist objectives. i.e. provide benefits to a group of New Zealanders based on their ethnicity. Chris
What a great idea! Save time, money and argument, Graham
Yes it seems the only timely way to dismantle the anti democratic law Jacinda has put in place. Robbie
lets ALL go for that, we need to real back ALL her vary bad unwater ideas. william
We have sen this before and it was not good anywhere Elizabeth
Definitely S&G
Yes and we should be asking each candidate if they will do that should they be elected. Robert
Repeal all laws that have restricted the freedoms of New Zealanders and/or undermined equity for all as certain groups in New Zealand are given greater rights, essentially the commencement of an apartheid system. Frank
And the sooner the better. New Zealand has had enough Marxist management and Goebbel’s style media. Bryan
If it continues unchecked by repeal, NZ will descend into anarchy creating a civil war. This I can see & do not want. We must reverse these communist policies Nick
With the example of the current clowns it is obvious this will be necessary but it, in turn, will be useless unless New Zealand also introduces a measure that will see tax-payers able to remove a government, particularly if that government, like the current clowns are doing now, is stealing the taxes to corruptly donate to their racist mates. Personally I’d like to see law introduced to make theft and corruption by legislation or decree an imprisonable offense. Phil
Outstanding ‘letter’ by Muriel. In her galaxy of lies, one of her first was that she would lead the most transparent government we have ever had. That was also about the first promise broken. I am hesitant to use these strong words, but they seem wholly appropriate, in fact hard to avoid. In my view. Her authoritarian, unilateral, trampling, mandating, approach is treasonous, if not criminal, against the people and this land. Almost everything she has touched has been a momentous failure, some through ignorance, cluelessness, and incompetence. Others through communistic intent. If you look at the propaganda, mandates, and other tactics used, it is hard to differentiate them from those used by Nazism. She might not like the word Nazi. Nor do I. She would probably far prefer the word Communist. One is held to be far right, the other far left, but at the end of the day, they are both the same, far left. When history is written, this period will go down as ugly. Jack
Jacinda’s behaviour is adopting some of the elements of the emerging Nationalist Socialist party of 1920’s Germany. Colin
It not only has merit – it is essential NOW. If this is not enacted and Jacinda continues down her present socialistic path New Zealand as a democratic free country will be doomed. I also believe most who associate with genuine Maori – not activists – would also prefer a One Country, One People Country. Jacinda, and some of her List Member cohorts have assertively shown their socialist, communistic hands with every intention of driving this onto New Zealand by what ever means she determines – and lies are not excluded! The complicit media has been bought off ($55M) enabling massive one direction propaganda readily accepted by many confused individuals. Then throw in ‘revised’ education with ‘modern’ History being enforced through many Schools and Universities. My support is for New Zealand to have a Repeal Bill NOW via a Referendum – NOT a Coup! Stuart
Absolutely  Rita
Three waters is an example. judy
evil ardern the narcissist chris
DO IT NOW! Judith
Sooner the better before more damage is done Margo
The sooner the better Fee
Much merit, and also gives us hope for a future democratic NZ. Pammie
yes it will be needed to reverse the bullshit that will be in place. All race based & communist laws must be removed including the treaty of waitangi to be dumped NZ will never get ahead with these continual claims & payouts it’s ripping this country apart & has to stop Nigel
The more swiftly we can roll back the madness that Cindy has unleashed on NZ the better Anton
I am very concerned at what is happening to our country. Adern has to go now, not in 23 but now. Noel
I have been wondering what can be done and this seems to be a great plan – it will need funding to promote it to ALL Kiwis at the time and I for one will be happy to contribute in a meaningful way. Mark
An excellent idea – it also disposes of her co conspirators AAC
Yes, they need to Repealed to return New Zealand to the country we love. DEREK
Janocchio is evil, utterly dishonest and she and her cohorts have to be stopped. Cecilie
We must preserve New Zealand’s Democracy, and Repeal these changes immediately. Elaine
This country is going to be in such a Social, Economic and security/personal safety mess, as a result of all the ‘Captains Calls’- recognised and also the disguised ones- that a REPEAL (OMNIBUS) style legislation will be required. This legislation will need to be implemented immediately after the final declaration of the Election Results; using an Emergency calling of Parliament that night to pass ‘under urgency’ the legislation. If the sitting Governor General won’t agree to open Parliament immediately the Queen/King should be approached to dismiss the Gov Gen. Bob
Excellent concept, let’s do it. Grant
Come on kiwis lets get rid of this government NOW. COLIN
You must be crazy. Dick
Comrade Jacinda is ruining our country, she needs to go now! Allan
We all have to come together as a collective and stop the division that this Government. This New World Order Government that she and other governments have signed us up to. This has been in the pipe line for decades. The whole government is corrupt with Masonic bull shit. The black and white tiles through out parliament and churches tells it all. Oh that’s right its all a conspiracy. Well welcome to the New World. The Biggest Plan for the Human Race that there has ever been. Fear is the biggest weapon now and not a shot has been fired. Most people can see the writing in the sand but others are duped big time. Lock Step look in to it. before it is tooo late. Pauline
Absolutely. This country we love called New Zealand is going down the gurgla big time if we continue with this dreadful socialist/communist government called Labour. What a dreadful predicament the country has got itself into. Adrenaline would be the worst Person ever to run this country.she and her comrades in crime Robertson Hipkins Little Parker Mahuta are an absolute disgrace. We want them out and fast so we can get back a little dignity that our country deserves. Unfortunately Collins doesn%u2019t seem to be up with the play time for her to be replaced and soon. Suzanne
It needs to get worse for the majority to wake up, as it will. Richard
It sounds good in theory. But how could it be used against the people of this country in the future? James
I am very worried because Labour has two more years to create more division, no democracy, allow more crime without punishment and ruin our economy. Jacquetta
We must do anything we can as peacefully as we can. I hope it does not come to a point where more is required. But NZ’s future truly hangs in the balance, we are at a crucial fork in the road, and something drastic needs to be done to reverse what can only be described as premeditated evil. Rud
100% behind it Grainne
Decisive action urgently needed Ian
They are destroying our country and way of life. Stephen
We need our country back, the blatant lies and mistrust is not a government we want. Ewan
Sooner the better. ERIC
Agree 100% with the letter June
Absolutely and with immediate attention. Murray 
Lets change the Govt. Graeme
This would be the only way to bring Democracy back to New Zealand. Otherwise we would be locked into a Communist State. geoff
Absolutely imperative lindsay
good in theory,but how long will this take? we need her gone NOW!! lisa
What a lovely, lovely idea. The our dear Jacinda can retire on a nice fat Government pension, whilst the country can get back to Democracy. It sounds far better than having some dipstick shoot the nice lady in frustration. Carl
we must get back to democracy not be run by someone who only looks after her own and radical maori agenda.We are all New Zealanders and should be treated as such not separately. ALLAN
As long as the Repeal Bill includes all parliamentary acts that have included racial bias and favouritism. Paul
We have to be able to undo the harm that Cindy has done after she has gone. GORDON
The sooner the better Karen
Na Shirley
Definitely, & we MUST get rid of this Government Graeme
This seems to be the simplest, most logical way to regain our rapidly disappearing democracy %u2026 Dennis
Definitely. We must get rid of Ardern and this government and flush out the whole destructive system! Marilyn
It is imperative that we do not allow basic democracy to slide into oblivion. We are a land of quiet sheep, it is time to unleash some dogs and get rid of these destructive labour policies. Merv
Absolutely – democracy must be restored for all NZ citizens and for for the sake of our future. Phil
It is against the Bill of Rights The PM has gone power happy! Fiona
Yes , Definitely. It must be enacted by all parties against Labours New Laws. Stanley
Bring it on! Christine
Yes… 2017 until 2023 all Nathan
The sooner the better David
Government is intended to govern for the rights of all New Zealanders, and does dot have the mandate to over ride the bill of right s of private freedon s. Don
Absolutely, obviously something needs to be done otherwise the chaos this government will have created will have lasting effects for many years to come. Lawrie
if we dont we lose all our rights and will be puppets Barry
lets do it! now ! Erin
Absolutely yes. Action is needed urgently to put a stop to this dangerous Government . Dianne
Yes I do. This is the only way we can put NZ back on the right footing and enable all citizens to enjoy life and it’s benefits as we used to. Mary
At last a ray of light ,lets get behind this Repeal Bill proposal and pester all MP’s until they take notice. Henry
The negative is who pays. If it’s us, then many won’t be able to access or pay for it. Graham
Save Our New Zealand. Now. Coral
Absolutely, without hesitation. gale
Some chance though eh. Richard
How do we get this out into action? Paul
This labour Govt has ruined New Zealand….Not the Virus. helen
Your article created such an intense feeling of hurt that I pledged I would lay my life down for the sake of my children%u2019s future in this country. Ardern must be removed from Government. John
Yes , yes , a thousand times yes Shirley
Disgusting Leader, worst Government in NZ history! She should be in jail!! Tony
This would be an effective way of reversing the damage this wretched creature has done. Charles
This type or any other type of communism has been proved not to work so what is her agenda? Does she simply want to be the first, and the Maori queen to boot? Terry
These racial, destructive laws need to go ASAP clint
I will vote for any party that commits to this! Bruce
Only to get rid of law changes with Cindy’s name on them – yes! John
The sooner Ardern and her evil regime are removed from office the better off we all will be. Once that is achieved the main aim of the incoming regime should be to rescind all legislation that was passed by them. What they have done and are dooing ss abhorant to all the people of NZ. Allan
There is another way. Consider what happened on the night of 16 – 17 July 1918. Reverse the positions. There is a basement available ……. Ted
Yes it has!! But the question arises who in the legal landscape will stand up and challenge this criminal gang posing as politicians in court. The High Court is already tainted and — after all– the regime gang leaders are only taking orders from higher up ( i e the UN new world order gang leaders) All what we can do is give it a good go in combination with the inevitable civil disobedience and unrest which is already stirring below the surface. A lot of people ( incl. the ones who ran away from National to vote for this gang) are now starting to regret their decision . But we , who did not fall for this con artist/ communist and her minions, are caught like the proverbial meat in the sandwich. Another 2 years of this will be devastating for what is left of our country. Michael
great idea – Don
soon as mike
Let’s do it! We are desperate to protect our rights and freedoms. Elizabeth
Reluctantly it seems necessary Doug
Do whatever is necessary to remove Jacinda Ardern from her dictatorship power Pam
This has to be reversed – ASAP Clive
She has to go chris
Particularly unmandated laws based on race or favouring one group over another.. Max
this is an absolute necessity ….. Roy
got to clean up the mess she has made of our country mark
Absolutely along with this the removal of Maori seats and entrench first past the post as it was meant following MMP. John
Great letter Muriel! We need to do something before it’s too late! Annnarie
More than merit National and ACT need to make an election promise and campaign on, that they will enact on becoming the Govt. Mark
Disgusted with Arden and Trudeau not much better Norman
I had to flip a coin on this poll and reading Mark Hanson’s article did not answer my questions and was unfortunately light on detail. Would this not eliminate popular or efficient laws? Admittedly there are few that this Government can point to but there may be some. The other is ‘Does this not set a precedent that the next Labour Gov’t (God help us all) will not then do the same to the preceding Gov’t? However the idea does have merit but would require further study – and should not be just for this term but also the 2017-2020 term also. Brenton
Ardern is a Traitor. Literally! She has sold our Nation down the path towards Globalist New World Order. Bankrupting our Nation is all part of the plan. ‘The Great Reset’ is a real thing, so too is the Globalist agenda… She is also a traitor to Traditional New Zealand Values, esp Freedom, Equality, and Self reliance. Tim
When acquaintances who hail from East Germany and who studied the rise of the Nazis and of Communism are in a high state of anxiety for they recognise the signs on the track we are following to the same dystopian future, it is time to pay attention. This Ardern government is a disaster and desperately needs to be halted in its tracks. Dave
This madness has to stop somehow and this seems a good option! Stuart
There also needs to an effective coalition Opposition now! They need to be on the same page. DAVID
I was warned of her socialist roots years ago And her Tribal Law mantra. I’ve never voted for her. And people who keep saying she is so kind and nice. When you point out her failures it’s never her fault. And it’s mean to pick on her. But National won’t stand up to her. Neither will Act. I would not be surprised if they are benefitting from maintaining a cooperative relationship with her. Charlene
I sincerely hope this present Government will be out next election, God help us if they are not. Ross
This is urgently needed now ARDERN was given no mandate from New Zealanders to dump Democracy and replace it with Socialism David
Most definitely. My only concern is the lack of opposition. National has to pull its head out of the sand. Get rid of Judy ASAP. Peter
She is a control freak Bob
Absolutely right methodology. Then there needs to be laws to prevent any more dictators taking such psychopathic control. The mental and financial repercussions will take decades to recover from Zoran
It is imperative Rex
Bring it on, how do we do this without screwing New Zealand, the sooner the better. Sven
Great idea. Peter
It should have been included in the bill of rights that no government can introduce into law that which they did not campaign on. With the exception of legislation that was being worked on in a bipartisan way to the benefit of all. And that the continuance of any pending legislation is flagged prior to an election Without a doubt the corrupt accidental prime minister with her communist tendencies is seen as a failure by ever increasing numbers Honestly she represents every thing that the west fought against in world war 2 which was the destruction of democracy And further more she is a lair It’s all about her. Listen closely, its not about you Jacinda a well balanced politician would refer to the government But just perhaps there isn’t the unity in the labour and maybe that’s why we keep hearing I, my. It if you have experienced life on all levels it doesn’t take much to spot a fraud Bruce
Definitely and the sooner the better. Tony
I do agree but nothing will change if the National party remain weak looking and lacking courage to stand up against the noise. Just about the entire media and radio hosts go the way of the noise because they don’t have the courage to tell the truth. Most of the public are oblivious as to what is going on in this country and I suspect that we will have the same government as we have now as a result of the next vote for the next Government. I think that most New Zealanders are too immature and seem to think that their salvation is by way of hand outs instead of a hand up to self sufficiency and an acquired dignity. Garry
Jacinda is KGB operative 101, straight from Goebbels agenda in 1933 – Ive sen this four 4 years mike
We need to re think our system of democracy. For such undemocratic changes to occur so rapidly, do we need an upper house ? Peter
OMG Yes! The right, what’s left of it (pun intended) must pledge to repeal ALL divisive legislation and also delete the Maori seats. Grant
Absolutely. it is imperative this be put in place and people must be made more aware of exactly what is happening to New Zealand and how our own prime minister and her government is betraying our once proud country. Loretta
A noble cause but not enough. Direct action will be the only way to change things. Unlikely as only the police and army are armed. Ray
Anything is better than nothing, we have got to get rid of that so and so called a pm and her hanger on’s called mp’s. Richard
Totally and absolutely Dennis
Not only does it have merit but I see it as the only way to extract New Zealand from the mess this bunch of Labour clowns have placed us in . Rex
Great idea Ray
Its desperately needed to remove this Govts destructive efforts to turn this country into racially divided Maori controlled Country TONY
No question in relation to the current government. They simply do not have a mandate to put into effect what they have brought to the table. How ever in post Labour government there would need to be guidelines put in place to ensure good law has a standing supported by its citizens. chris
Absolutely – and the sooner this destructive ‘government’ is kicked out, along with all its destructive ‘laws’, the better Patrick
Yes, but why not simply pas a law repealing or declaring any law conferring privilege or benefit on any person or group on the basis of race or ethnicity unlawful and of no effect? It goes without saying that any office or position created pursuant to those laws would cease to exist. Alan
This government (small g) has to go – and before the next general election. In my terms Ahern is a criminal and should be held to account Al
Jacinda Ardern needs to hang for this treason. And for unspeakable crimes against humanity. I predict she’ll have fled by Xmas but Robertson will need to be reigned in. Ghastly affair. Jackie
It’s better than nothing and I haven’t heard of any other ideas yet, so it’s worth a try! Brenda
YES a law to repeal her crazy laws should be done BUT I cant see it EVER being done People should STRAIGHT AWAY NOT WAIT email both ACT & NATIONAL leaders & ALL their MP,s (their email addresses are on this newsletter) & ANYWHERE else they can & make it VERY PLAIN this labour govt. is CORRUPT/LIARS & WILL make NZ into a race based country with NO DEMOCRATIC laws ONLY for the elete 15% of iwi NOT all maori.So come on EVERY-ONE ACT NOW so the sheep will WAKE UP jacinda doesnt care about NZlanders ONLY how she looks overseas.Cindy Cindy
About the only thing we can do to restore democracy when our crazy leader finally loses her seat Ange
Yes this has got to stop. We cant let this Socialist Dictator bring down New Zealand Mike
It is hard to believe what this socialist Government is doing and getting away With in our wonderful country. Helen
This is the only was I can see to restore the status quo. It is essential the appointees of this and previous Labour Governments be “disappointed” as soon as possible. Dave
Drastic action is needed to neutralise the horrible law changes imposed by the Adern regime. Chris
Absolutely critical Lorraine
It has to happen Judith
We are now experiencing the arm of a dictatorship for the first time and it must be stopped immediately. Dispear and fear currently reigns, of the heights never felt before in NZ. A Repeal Bill definitely has merit, otherwise we are going to lose the respect of the world, our tourism, trade, and the life as “kiwis” forevermore. Annie
It is time for a vote of no confidence in the government as it appears that Cindy has been bullied by the Maori members and she does not have the house to work for the whole of New Zealand Bob
Unquestionably. David
Thus current government is destroying NZ. I fear for the future of our children and future generations. She has lied to all NZers and should be forced out of her job. Elizabeth
This Govt is just bringing legislation without consultation with nzers. They need to realise that what they are doing is criminal and they will be tried as criminals. frank
Clear precise writing about what is happening in our great little country. Take every chance you can to say she was not elected by the population in 2017 but she was chosen by Winston Peters. Rosalie
It’s the only thing that will save the country from a descent into communism and tribal rule. Mark
Absolutely. Rosemary
It doesnt just have merit, its absolutely essential. Howard
It is essential that this happens! Ron
These unmandated laws/regs. Have no place in our democratic way of running this nation. Peter
Democracy’s survival depends on it…. Chris
Absolutely! it is New Zealands’ citizens, best chance to restore democracy in our country. Robert and Louise
With out doubt. mike
great idea. It will be a rallying call at the next election. Only problem is that National will lose the Maori voters so will have to rely on the Resurrectionn of Winston which personally I find very distasteful. john
we must ensure this is done to protect all NZers and remove this govt from office jenny
Merit? It’s an absolutely necessity. Jacinda has to go before even more destruction carried out. Dell H
It certainly has and must be introduced as soon as possible. Cut the talk and lets have some positive action Tom
They were enacted without justification and against the will of this country Wendy
MUST happen Robbie
Ardern must be stopped all costs and her tyrannical reign brought to an end. Rod
Fully support anything that will repeal this prime minister’s agenda Helen
Let’s get nz back to our expected lifestyle John
please do not wait, do it now, FAST……never in my life have i watched so many TV updates etc, to a lot of disgust as to what is happening to our beloved country, with negative thoughts as well as moving to another country. I absolutely despair for my grandchildren, for their future lives etc, bright kids, but with education not as i knew it was, i despair with the financial cost of covid, the ruinisation of many business’s and the owners of these business’s, she says she cares and we should all be kind, BS, get rid of Jacinda and this labour government NOW anita
Absolutely – it is the only lawful option available to us – to introduce a Repeal Act and thereby repeal everything done under this unmandated self serving government. Every law was rushed in under the pretence of an emergency – given that an emergency means an imminent threat to life in the minutes ahead – it is by its definition absolutely impossible to extend an emergency to drag in for years. It’s all been a red herring and every last legislative interference needs to be repealed. Then we can start again on the people’s mandate, with respectful consultation and carefully considered, intelligent laws, by the people for the people. Hannah
Yes yes yes geoff
Changes & intended changes are so pervasive they need to be unilaterally dismantled. Kevin
That is absolutely a good idea – Labour has passed so much undemocratic legislation this term it simply must be undone in 1 quick action. Nick
It certainly has merit but I doubt if it will see the light of day Terry
Most New Zealaders want a democratic governance , not a socialist authoritarian system with a minority having special privileges at the expense of the majority. Peter
Excellent newsletter. Excellent summary of the Jacinda failures. Brian
Bring back democracy Wayne
It is essential Graham 
Without doubt. I said, in this forum 2 to 3 years ago, Adern will go down in history as the worst PM New Zealand has ever had. I wasn’t exaggerating. And I certainly hadn’t anticipated what our lives have become since March 2020. It’s a nightmare, and she and her advisors are evil. Sharen
Absolutely for a repeal bill, all these proposals required a referendum! Mike
Absolutely. She must be removed. Joy
Ardern promised much, and delivered nothing of that promised. Instead, she has operated insidiously, to create her own, socialist world. This is not what New Zealand wants, or needs. Ardern (with her blatant lie of leading the most transparent NZ government in history) has illegally pursued her own, personal agenda. She has to go! Grahame
Definitely Charlotte
This is unbelievable max
Referendum to gauge voters thoughts but any law that goes against Bill of Rights etc should be repealed. Remove two laws before any new law is heard. Ray
WE need a non racist bill that deletes any reference to ethnicity from all legislation Arthur
Absolutely. Jacinda is completely ignoring the democratic process and wishes of the NZ people. Kerry
For all the reasons he states Mel
Ardern HAS to go!! Russell
I sincerely believe this should be done. sylvia
turn her bludgeon back on her and her subservient team! murray
We need to undo the damage Jacinda has enforced on us and protect our Country’s future Christine
The sooner the better for ALL new Zealanders David
Comrade Jacinda is destroying NZ Dave
Yes, it needs to be done yesterday. ACT or National need to commit now to do that if majority elected. Barry
It’s bleeding obvious innit? Mark
Certainly has merit – implementing it in this dictatorial apartheid regime – problematic wally
The only real downside here is that, in order to make this happen, there still needs to be an election in 2023. I am less than certain that this will occur. Greg
Traitors should not profit at the expense of ordinary New Zealanders – whatever they do can hopefully be reversed legally – this is supposed to be a democracy, not a communist dictatorship. Damn the woman and all who conspire against our country with her. Roy
Absolutely, it must happen. National and Act must join on this and give New Zealanders a future. Bryan
If that is what it takes, but is there not a system in place where we can petition the Governor General to enforce the Reserve Powers, to which she has recourse, to dismiss the Prime Minister? Other reserve powers are to dismiss a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation. These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations. This must be an extreme situation where the government is enacting legislation without a mandate, imposing restrictions which are in contravention of human rights, overturning democracy, introducing totalitarian rule, encouraging separatism, and therefore encouraging apartheid, usurping the monarchy, and intending to give control to minority plastic part-Maori activists, failing to fulfil one promise made in their electoral manifesto, corruption, generally lying and pissing people off. To get rid of her this way would prevent them from causing too much more damage. The Governor Generals Oath is to the Queen, not the labour party or labour Maori caucus. Let us see how good is her word. Once rid of this treacherous lot we must have a provision for Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda, so we have some control over politicians that attempt to introduce any legislation that threatens our freedoms, and repeal the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act and all race-based legislation and Parliamentary Seats. Terry
I voted no. It is a ruling parties role to Govt how they see fit. If it turns out this is against voters preferences then the next election will reflect that. It is up to opposing parties to say what they will reverse or repeal and should form a part of their campaign. Our electoral system is broken. The losing party should not be the king maker. The party winning the most votes should decide how they form a Govt. There are a multitude of other changes which need to be made like no racist seats and at least a 1/4 less seats. And NZ needs a constitution which protects us from many of todays failings. Making it illegal for the Govt to fund the media would be one such thing. I could go on forever. Tony
This a must do or we will see a mass evacuation of business and wealth overseas Geoff
A very frightening period in New Zealand’s history and Ardern’s plans must be exposed Jenny
It is probably the only way to quickly reverse these damaging changes. Opposition parties who agree with such action need to say so now, so we can go into the next election with a clear view of what will happen should we elect those parties to govern. Rod
Queen Victoria’s 1840 Royal Charter/Letters Patent is our true founding Constitution. The Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement with Queen Victoria for Britain to gain sovereignty over the islands of NZ. Labour is trying to take control by force to replace the Charters One Law for All with customary Maori law. Brenda
Jacinda must resign Astrid
I think Jacinda is the best PM since Helen Clark. If the current govt gets its agenda across the line we will all be a lot better off. Jim
Most definitely in favour of such a bill Neil
This is a common sense move on NZ’s behalf. PM Ardern and this Labour Government will go down in history as THE worst ever to lead this country. No other NZ PM comes close not even Muldoon. Peter
It should be the norm for all legislation to have a built-in terminating clause. Probably this should be set at 3 to 5 years. Nothing should prevent the re-activating of laws at the time of their termination but each one would require an extension act for it to continue. Murray
The current government, run by totalitarian ideologists has no interest in democracy and representing the people of NZ. Clearly Adern os a Communist and must go, one way or another. Linton
It is the best way to pull back the damage this government has done is doing and will continue to do. Lynne
Too much power for one person to have, totally undemocratic and she has to go….and fast!! The damage has to be undone before it is too late for all Kiwis, this includes ALL races who dwell on this land. Lazza.
What socialist Jacinda hasn’t quite grasped is that the introduction of socialism, anywhere, has always come at the point of a gun. If her plan all along was to remove certain types of firearms from private use with the hope that private citizens no longer had anything to defend themselves with, I believe she is badly mistaken. Most Decent and caring New Zealanders have now had a gutsful of her antics and I believe that New Zealand is about to boil over into a situation that none of us want – we are now staring into the abyss Trevor
We have got to have some way to repeal all this racist nonsense that is being foisted upon us Andrew
We need to reverse the separatist and racially communist leaning agenda that is and has been put through based on lies and deceit without a mandate from the people in what is left of this democratic country. How can a party govern on with holding the truth ie He PuaPua., as it knows that they would not have been elected if New Zealand had known the plans Niels
Not at all. If a law is inappropriate, it should be repealed. A Bill which lumped several disaparate laws together as if they were the same is a very poor way to run a country. Each individual Bill should be debated on its own merits. glynn
I believe this is the only thing that could reverse the destruction that the current government is wreaking on our country – a country that up until now I believed was a great place to live. Tina
If this is not done New Zealand will forever be a communist state! Richard
It is by far the best idea I’ve heard so far. Sheila
An affirmative “yes”. While a lot of NZers are not aware of what’s going on with Ardern and co’s socialist and antidemocratic agenda, there’s an increasing groundswell of people are realising what she and her government are doing to this country and its democratic society. A repeal bill, if the other parties will run with it, could be the only way to rid ourselves of a society divided by race. We are NOT a “bi-cultural” nation, and shouldn’t have this sort of deception thrust on us! Laurence
Restoration of democracy and equality Tony
Yes -The sooner the better. I will support that whole heartedly Carolyn
A really good idea Frank
It’s urgent! Lynda
I agree with this article that Ardern is splitting this country to give control to the Maoris Ray
Hell, yes!! davidf
As has the ability to ‘recall’ a candidate who fails to keep his/her word. The people need a enhanced sets of strengths to call a government to order. Roger
Absolutely unwind all the damage this mad cow is doing to NZ as soon as possible. Mike
Too obvious to comment on. grant
You have summed it up very well Muriel Gary
Gone by lunchtime. Catherine
Overthrow the Iron Lady New Zealand and take back our Country. David
All the parties have failed us. ALL OF THEM. We have no representation. What remains our is People Power. Now we must figure out how to assert People Power from the grassroots as ‘Localism”. Chris
Time is of the essence with this. Rob 
The Socialist destruction of our way of life must be repealed at all costs. Particularly those agendas relating to the He PuaPua suite of racist & divisive policies. Christopher
Go for it great idea Carl
If National does not support this Repeal Bill, it will not get my vote. reg
Definitely! and the sooner the better before she totally ruins this beautiful country of OURS. Cheryl
Such a law would be too extensive and may result in laws which are not too unreasonable being repealed. Not that I agree with virtually any of the legislation that this woman has implemented Wah
Get rid of the Comunist Dictatorship/ Fire Jacinda Adern. tony
not only a repeal bill but lay charges of treason on the ones that put through these draconian laws regardless which party they belong to and allow the IRD to trace how they made their millions. Richard
Yes! Definitely for right now & for the future! But I cannot see how that would happen with Ardern in power. Valerie
Ardern is using the monopoly of seats in Parliament to move the country into a state where in years to come there will be civil unrest that will tear this country apart. She came into power on the back of winstons power brokering and now he also no longer believes in her crazy dangerous path for NZ. She needs to be removed from her dictatorship NOW alan
Our grandfathers and fathers fought for our freedoms. It is time for their children to claim that freedom back Roger
ABSOLUTELY!! As NZ does not have an Upper Chamber to review bad legislation, then we need the provision of either a legislative recall or better still, a governmental recall. Tony
Yes yes yes ,please do whatever it takes to stop this egotistical maniac and her loyal collection of half wits .Surely there are enough sensible moral Kiwis who can stop our country being ruined . It will drive Cindy mad to have all her corrupt plans halted. Finally some hope to a badly suffering majority .If this does not happen I fear a civil backlash may well tear New Zealand apart NZCPR please keep the momentum going I saw the anti 3 waters add tonight on TV .Wahoo im joining the Groundswell protest on Sun 21 Nov . Ray
Most definitely. Jacinda Ardern and her government are out of control. Brian & Margaret
the alternative is terrifying sheryl
Yes definitely! vic
The great nz reset, awesome. Didn’t catch what year though, 2017 would get my vote. Everything she has done! Russell
YES and get her back to the fish and chip shop as fast as possible james
In addition, I would like to see a recall option so future govts can be stopped by some legal mechanism when the unmandated damage can be seen before it becomes too serious. antoni
The Labour Government’s attendance to correct legal procedure is incorrect and subversive.It has embarked on policy decisions that do not represent the majority of taxpayers and ratepayers and by definition dishonest representation. matt
We were all deceived by Labour and all its CANDIDATES, they have no mandate and its time they all fall on their swords and do the singularly honest thing that they have ever done. Michael 
We need to unwind these undemocratic laws with speed to minimise the damage being wreaked on New Zealand. We did not choose a dictatorship. We must restore personal freedom and liberty so our people can make choices for themselves; remove divisive separatism; enable the economy and our people to thrive.  
I cannot believe what is happening to our beautiful country. Our forefathers did not go to war and sacrifice their lives for this. We have to beat this destructive government by what ever means we can. Debs
We have to bring back democracy and bring back our country. Lee
It is vital these laws are repealed. ruth
Something has to be done and a Repeal Bill is the only suggestion that holds strength. Ursula
But will it be too late? In another 2 years we may be under martial law with a totalitarian government extending their hold indefinitely. I think we need to remove this govt now. Fred
But will Act or Nats have the guts to do it Greg
This must be done to restore democracy in New Zealand richard 
An interesting idea I had not thought of. How do we make it happen asap? T
I think a repeal bill is the only way we can put our country back on course. barbara
Yes – but don’t stop there – go through the whole rotten edifice and include laws that should have been done away with years ago. However, this may require the creation of a new political party with enough spine and intestinal fortitude to carry the Repeal Bill concept through – I cannot see it happening otherwise. One thing is for sure – they will have a massive clean-up job on their hands – hopefully they will be up to this daunting task! Scott
I am outraged by the smiling faced assassin and now also believe civil disobedience is required. Brett
I support this Repeal Bill because I love democracy and the sound of “We the people…” which sadly, is missing in this government Jamie
Need to up the anti and drive her to resign. Jane
Jacinda OUT now! Ann
Myself & at least a hundred of my associates would embrace such a party with open arms. The destruction this Nazi govt has created will go down in the annals of history as our worst ever govt. I said Nazi because they were socialists as well ( National Sozialistche Deutche Arbieter Parti ) Which translates to National Socialist German Workers Party ( Labour ). Allen
NZ for NZers. All one people. Sandy
Fantastic concept Peter
Sooner the better Ken
I think the repeal Bill is a brilliant idea, so lets start drafting it now so it is ready to go the day after the next election. Greg
These proposed socialist laws need repealing as quickly as possible. Margaret
Earlier Mistake Don
Very succinct and comprehensive summary Muriel of where NZ has been taken against the will of the majority by a non- democratic dictorship by stealth. Historically no centrally controlled socialist system has ever succeeded in taking any nation towards a prosperous future. That outcome had been the sole domain of market lead economies with minimal input from central governments. Les
Absolutely! Jon
It is urgently needed. There is no risk in such a bill because if any half decent bill is inadvertently rescinded it can be reinstated. Colin
It will save New Zealand Paul
Right back to the treaty Gary
Absolutely! Robyn
we can not afford to have a prime minister is hell bent on destroying our way of life –perhaps it is time for a general uprising of the people to OUST this COMMUNIST lot Les W
We also need a law to ensure that any PM who acts without electoral mandate to implement substantial law changes is permanently prevented from ever being able to hold any parliamentary position, even janitor. Steve
Under democratic governments, law changes can take an awfully long time to enact because it requires consensus from many different stakeholders, followed by a voting majority in parliament. Under a dictatorship (Jacinda) laws can be enacted immediately – without consultation or consensus. For laws to later be repealed requires consideration of the parties who would then be adversely affected by the repeals – whether their benefits were ‘lawful’ or otherwise. This is how democracies are designed to work – with equal and fair regard for all parties. A Repeal Bill would remove intangibles by immediately reversing the laws regardless of the effects on those advantaged by the laws. Should any of the Repealed laws be contested, they can be dealt with through the normal parliamentary processes of a democratic government where consensus must be achieved. Unfortunately our democracy has been hijacked and we need to take it back before much more damage is done. Martin
of course, the sooner the better gerard
Absolutely! Robyn
100%. It has more than merit. It needs to happen. NZ could have its own Repeal party. Ireland had one in the 19th century. The Repeal Association was an Irish mass membership political movement set up by Daniel O’Connell in 1830 to campaign for a repeal of the Acts of Union of 1800 between Great Britain and Ireland. Its ideology was catholic emancipation and Irish autonomy. They didn’t succeed until later when Ireland got home rule, but they believed in a constitution that was fair. Where one person was as good as the next. In a proper democracy, each person is given an equal vote and the rule of law is applied fairly and consistently to all citizens. Unfortunately, not so in NZ. Will
should have been done before last election :garry:
Unquestionably Graeme
Would be tidy way of repealing Tom
Needs to be worked on now ready for introduction. Make it an election main issue. Include the cancelation of Maori seats forever. Barras
This mob have introduced the play book of Karl Marx. You get socialism in by ther vote, socialism always turns to communism, you then get communism out by the gun, if this is what you want for NZ, then keep this pack of clowns in power. Sam
Desperately needed ASAP Lyn
At last, someone who knows what they are talking about, along with educated and experienced knowledge, has presented a workable and totalitarian solution to the shameful and un-mandated slew of laws and proposed law changes imposed by the current Labour Government . Action needs to be taken immediately, preferably before the end of the year in order to halt the two major draconian race-based processes of Three Waters and the DHB. We cannot let these happen. Robyn
It has great merit, but unfortunately I think hell may freeze over before national ever repeals a law introduced by Labour. Willy
Have voted yes, as most of the laws passed by this rogue Government need to go, but am doubtful whether such a law would itself be democratically logical, as it would set a horrible precedent. ron
What a fantastic idea Mark. A ” Repeal Bill ” .. and the removal of ALL the parasites. Colins has made a start with promising to repeal ‘Three Waters’ should they win. Whether all the Nats and ACT have the guts to enact such a Repeal Act can only but dream. Mind you .. dreams have been known to come true ! Lets do it. Alan
Absolutely Anthony
Yes, but good luck with that. The whole system of governance in the country is broken. The corporate crown is directed from without, and it is time for living men and women to state their non support in an inferior authority. Would encourage all New Zealanders to proclamationofpeace.org to learn there is a better way. The eventual disassembly of the corrupt government system at present is imminent. Neil
Too late to repeal it, must stop it now. great summary in letter to Jacinda. Where is the opposition leadership to pick this issue up. I have suggest to all opposition parties we need to show what we want NZ to be in the future. Letter to Jacinda outlines a great agenda of items most NZers would disagree with. Research is done now time for the people we voted for to show the required leadership for us. mike
The concept of a Repeal Bill is jolly marvellous. Jacinda Ardern and her government’s governance emergency is turning one of the greatest countries in the world into a bankrupt, corrupt third world basket case. The legacy of Ms Ardern’s commitment to foreign socialist interests rather than New Zealanders must not be accepted as anything other than a total betrayal of the people she claimed to represent. We cannot afford to keep any of her reforms on our statute books. The sooner we get rid of Ms Ardern and her treacherous government and their destructive policies, the better. Let’s do this ! Donald
yes, Jacinda is a deluded idealogue with 48 forward gears, no reverse, and no roadmap, just a big steering wheel. You could have mentioned a couple of other mad things she’s doing. As well, the so-called opposition has been conspicuous by its gutlessness. and its failure to call the government, so-called, to account for the science behind “covid-19, tests, masks, and above all, vaccine science. This has been a political, much more than a medical “pandemic”. Much has been made of “misinformation” from the internet. Try the website of the Ministry of Health. The science available through that source is a condescending cocktail on the level of Hopalong Cassidy vs. some Marvel comic villainous character. Actually, there is no science available to the public to justify the horrific divisiveness, fear and destruction we have been subjected to. I’ve been looking for it every day for eighteen months. steve
That is the simplest way to do it. Andy
I%u2019d like to see us remove support for the UN and WHO. We need to rebuild New Zealand before sending money to these organisations. Bruce
I believe this has become absolutely essential; and cannot believe what has happened in NZ over the last year. . Murray 
The sooner the better! Mat
Absolutely Dave
Drastic action is called for . pete
Sack the lot of these mongrels running our country Marc
About time, before we become another failed Communist state Rob
Something that has to be expidited immediately to save our country. Benjamin
Jacinda Adern has commited treason and needs to be put on trial for her crimes against the people of nz Paul
The reasons are well covered in your editorial and the subsequent article. Hugh
Reluctantly I must vote yes! Just hate the way Apartheid is creeping in to all facets of life in N.Z. Jacinda does not seem to recognise european and asia Asian people,they are the backbone and the workers in this country. Chrid
Bring it on! Simonne
We must preserve democracy. Keith
Definitely jens
Fantastic suggestion Robert
Most definitely. Darryl
Yes I do believe in a Repeal Bill, in fact I think it’s imperative to be able to undo the great harm that this socialist/communist ardern has done and is doing every day. The only other alternative, and it’s an attractive one is a vote of no confidence to be passed and get rid of her and her socialist elites immediately. Flip
Excellent idea. The tide has definitely turned against this Marxist Labour lot. It is a result of much prayer. Ian
sounds good Graeme
We are turning into a country like South Africa. Peter
Sounds good to me and at the same time no law passed without full public consultation. Russell
With MMP the race based members of Parliament were meant to be abolished. Laws based on race is apartheid. Shouldn’t NZ be in front of the UN as an apartheid state? Who will take us before the UN?. That would get the world’s attention as to our non democratic nation. Paul
GO FOR IT !!! Jim
We must be careful as such a law can also be used if/when any opposition takes over. Yes, this concept has merit but beware of unintended consequences. Gary
Ardern does not have the authority of the people for things that were not made public. She is there to serve the public of New Zealand. If she is not willing to do that her resignation is required. Frank
Corruption on a breath taking scale. Jeff
Oh please! It must be done. Dorothy
100%. I would totally support that to get our country back. Gill
Let’s do this NOW Greg
Great idea! the sooner the better Laurie
If only. I am old enough to remember when it was once warmer than today in 1021AD during the reign of King Canute (then king of England, Norway, Denmark and part of Sweden) He dragged us down to the sea-side to explain that even though he was rich and powerful he couldn’t turn back the Tide. Today Socialist Cindy tells us she can do not just that but she is more powerful than the solar cycles and terrestrial water cycle all put together. But I don’t know how we can get rid of such a deluded megalomaniac. Its like she owns my credit card and won’t let go. john
All Psycho Cindy’s laws must be repealed. She is a communist working deceitfully to bring UN Agenda 2030 and totalitrianism to NZ . Kate
The government has pushed through so much destructive legislation and at the root of so much of it is that sinister He Puapua document. Adele
This lot pass everything without consultation Colin
Quickly Neville
Cease all non mandated regulations. Peter
Please do it Bronia
First remove UN from NZ involvement and partner with major technology nations Rob
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Rebecca
Why can’t the opposition parties go to the Governor General with a ‘Vote of No Confidence” in this Communist government and get them removed. It will be too late by the time the next election comes. Marion
Strongly agree ian
What about a vote of no confidence in this government right now? The damage they can inflict over the next two years is unimaginable- we need action NOW! John
No question! Felicity
The sooner we see it the sooner we get rid of this Dictator and her government of sycophantic woke corrupt liars!!!!! Bev
Without a doubt. Gavin
The New Zealand people urgently need to take action & do something to control or preferably remove this dictator. Perhaps we need another Guy Fawkes? david
We have to do something to repair all the damage labour has done David
It’s imperative, including the radical abortion laws she’s instituted. Jacqueline
We ! Never did ! John
YEP INDEED….. and UN connections too… Gill
Our only chance of avoiding Communism Michael
one word sums up this creep adern and her communist followers. ” LABOUR” of course, what else, the biggest threat to democracy is facing the people of NZ in the countries history. They will destroy our way of life and freedoms as we know it in their pursuit of forming a communist state.! . The people must recognize this threat and the REALITY of what this labour / communist movement will do to NZ David
Both Act and the Nats signing up to repeal the flawed Socialist legislation introduced by these current clowns would also serve as proof of their commitment to change if and when they are elected to office. Presently I see the Nats in particular wallowing in the mire with bugger all commitment to anything, and not much obvious talent either.. and certainly not worthy of my vote at this time. Rob
Most definitely. We were once a free country – my Father spent many years as a Bomber pilot during WW2 – one of MANY Kiwis who gave to save. Brian
this is the only way Dominique 
Absolutely essential Helen
We need this Repeal Bill now. Meg
The sooner the better…. Jack
Winston felt the effect of his disastrous decision to back Jacinda by him and his party disappearing in the next election. Hopefully between NZ1st and act and National next time round all this damage may be undone Owen
Why can’t this story be put on social media so more people get to see your opinion? peter
Our freedoms are being eroded bit by bit by a Marxist government – very much like the issues hitting America. We are mirror reflection of what is happening there. As a nation of freedom loving people we must push back against this tide of totalitarian wokeness before it is to late. Mark
Absolutely we have to remove the laws that have turned our country into one full of hate vehemence and separatism Sharon
Adern has abandoned her service to New Zealand citizens who are her paymasters – she’s lost her duty of service and representation and has turned New Zealanders into subjects of a destructive ideology – This is a breach of her social contract. Michael
We do not want a country that even rivals South Africa for extreme apartheid Ross
Fight force with force. One overall law change to remedy the outcome of years of deceit and incompetence. Vernon
So sad to see our country so divided. You Ardern are the cause of this. Pauline 
This Socialist Government had several of the Acts they are trying to implement not mentioned in their manifesto prior to the last Election and they are taking this Country down a VERY dangerous path ! If Winston had been told about He Puapua before the last election when he was part of the Government he would I am sure have been strongly against this policy. We must have the democratic right to reverse all these non mandated policies currently being promoted by this Labour Government. Andrew
A very good idea with little chance of being passed into law. This government is racist to the extreme and must be thrown out at the next election. Bruce
The Governor General should be immediately instructed by Her Majesty the Queen to dissolve this labour government immediately and call an election. Ray
It is one sure way to encompass everything in a timely manner – none of the one law at a time business! Michele
Repeal all her and her socialist governments laws and start again for everyone. Steve
Act, NZFirst and National need to absolutely endorse this concept and and go on the record that they will follow through if elected to Government .The time to seriously fight back has arrived and ditching the Maori seats wouldn’t hurt either Phil
This is certainly NOT the New Zealand I grew up in!! Rick
Write the bill with all its relevant clauses and acts that are to be included and get it out into the public domain by mid 2022. Ordinary NZ’ers need hope ian
Bring it on. Perhaps all the gun laws were inacted so that she would be safe from disaffected voters wanting to shoot her and her mob. Tim
Yes in deed we do and sooner the better Ron
Good article Muriel. Catherine
Totally agree it Must happen we cannot afford to wait .. Is there a way she could be ousted now under some criminal negligence laws ? Lorraine
It would be a good first step. Then would come some stern measures to put ‘egalitarianism’ back into our model of democracy. The Treaty of Waitangi should then be dismissed as playing no part in 21st century New Zealand. Graham
Arden has to be stopped from going ahead with her communist agenda Joan
This is the most divisive govt that has ever been in power and this law needs to be put into action as soon as possible. 50 years ago I fought against this crap in Vietnam and are ready to take them up again Ken
I reject this communist PM and I do not want NZ to become a socialist/communist country governed by the UN or any other overseas power. I want to see NZ returned to a truly democratic nation with close ties to out traditional partners such as Australia, Canada, UK & USA . Linda
Yes, especially when you have a government with so much power that they have been misusing so badly. Andrew
Best something is done soon. Craig
A Repeal Bill? Yes please! Furthermore, the European Parliament’s notions of “colour blind” legislation also bear investigation. Under NZ law we all have equal rights, irrespective of our ancestry or skin colour. A requirement for all NZ legislation to be “colour blind” would reflect this and protect all the many and varied ethnicities who call NZ home. Wendy
Essential john
This is a grand solution to a massive threat…a threat that deserves heroic steps to bring back the New Zealand we knew and loved. David
Ardern needs to be thrown out – along with her sycophantic caucus. Steve
to stop any further, or future legislation instigated by the Jacinda government! Roy
Arden has to go, we’ve had enough of her pathetic and destructive behavior, a nobody trying to impress her overseas masters, she doesn’t care what happens to New Zealand or New Zealanders, well Jacinda I don’t care about you either, the sooner you are gone the better all round. Merryl
This would provide the simplest way to restore the country we were proud to be a citizen of to how it was B4 this madness took CONTROL . Bruce
The Repeal bill is the best we can hope for.The damage she has do to date is immense and real New Zealanders have lost all trust they may have had in this communist government. The division between Maori and non Maori may never be repaired due to Ardern and all the Maori radicals in her kennel. The all need to be removed .. with haste. Des
The public must have a say. Brian
Yes the proposed Repeal Bill has merit. However it seems quite moot in that the Roy Morgan poll quoted shows that it is mostly women that still adore Dear Leader. Until greater numbers wake up from the notion she saved 80,000 from death; that she is so lovely and trying her best, Labour are likely to be returned in 2023. Their 1st term list of failures should have been enough to condemn them for ages Peter
Henry V!!! in female form with a touch of Stalin/Mao and Adolf thrown in to refine the soft edges.Are there any soft edges in fact? Bryan
most definitely. Try to bring back our democracy john
Ms Ardern’s New Zealand is not the New Zealand I came to know and love. I feel very uncomfortable with these new so-called “laws” and if I could I would go back to the UK unless she is removed from office, along with Mr Robertson and Mr Hipkins. Kate
Yes we need to get rid of every law that has taken away our freedom and to get back to a normal life as we new it before Jacinda got her hands on it Russell
A must!! Murray
That would be a very efficient way. Rex
Yes .. a thousand times YES. Jack Boot Jacinda is a bloody disgrace and should resign forthwith. Maddi
Leave it to Muriel June
Jacinda you will go down in history as our worst Prime minister (to date) Ross
Just get rid of her and her Communist ideals that even Vlad Putin has rejected for Russia. Graeme
Of course this makes such sense – there must be a way to repeal all the neo-Marxist changes that have been implemented by this hopeless irresponsible arrogant PM & Government Hylton
Only because it could be done quickly. We would then need to go through each on one at a time to put back the stuff we do want. It won%u2019t happen before the next election though because the people who passed the laws would need to repeal them too. We definitely need the other parties to speak out and say they will reverse some specific stuff none of us(including most Maori) don%u2019t want. Ian
This Ardern and co nonsense must cease NOW! Neil
Betrayed is totally the right word. Gabrielle
Action s required now, before it is too late. Lynne
Awesome concept. Also the idea of no Govt at all with online internet voting by registered voters for each and every Bill rather than having MPs huffin at the trough. LIES CORRUPTION AND PROPAGANDA is all our govt has become. LOinda
Something has to be done urgently Craig
How have we let this government get this far what has happened to the opposition why are they not looking out for the majority of us clear thinking Kiwis Peter
We can’t sit back and let this go on. Action is needed. June
There must be a way to purge an unwitting population of oppressive legislation. Yes, we need a Repeal Bill. Alison
Sounds like a sensible idea. Must stop NZ becoming a dictatorship. We are one people .. Don’ drive wedges kabe
This complete change of direction for New Zealand and its people is happening without most peoples knowledge. Please it must stop. We are and want to be a democracy. Ray 
As soon as is possible. Jacky
Jacinda is a FRAUD Floyd
Such a bill is necessary, but beware the genie which once released cannot be put back in the bottle. Bryan 
Sounds like a must to me Helen
Sooner is better Tim
What a good idea! It would save so much time going through all the devious enactments made under this communism inspired bunch of charlatans. To steal the phraseology of the Commissar – LET’S JUST DO THIS! Ron
Jacinda’s fascist mandates need to be repealed urgently John
How can I help!!!! Sally
Sorry but there is not enough room in your computer for me to express my disgust in the antics of our current government tony
the sooner the better ngaere
Not just merit, it is essential. Peter
It seems to be the only way unless we can force her to resign now & force an election Peter
The 16 November 1840 Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent with its One Law for All needs to be honoured as it is our true founding document and constitution. Peter
Where do we start?? RICHard
This government needs to be stopped in its tracks before it is too late. James
It seems an almost incredible move but I believe absolutely that ALL of the un-mandated and destructive law changes introduced by the present government MUST be repealed absolutely. This present “Labour/Gteen/Maori” government has been a disgrace in undemocratic government and its destructive moves must be cleaned out for the good of our country. What they have done is so destructive that I begin to wonder, even, if a serious penalty should not be imposed, perhaps permanent removal of citizenship for all the perpetrators. Rob
A stop has to be ut on the unbridled power of Jacinda. Patricia
Get on with it right now without delay John
Desperate times call for extreme measures! Hugh
Proviso that “unmanaged and destructive” be defined with absolute clarity. James
She has got to go Paul
we never loved you brett
the=alternative is Anarchy. bill
How do you pass such a bill? Wait for the next Govt? Martin
Absolutely in favour of a total repeal Peter
Yes!!!!!!The sooner the better for NZ We are currently on a road to disaster. Bryan
It is not just meritorious; it is essential. Geoffrey
It is patently obvious that ardern is pushing her communist agenda with the help of robertson who is also a communist. Just must be stopped, because they are both pushing the same destructive agenda. Peter
Children should never ever be allowed to run the candy shop. Please enact another bill after this to make it so! Ross
And we need Act and National to catagoritically state theyu will repel the harmful laws and anyone employed to carry out these laws will have their contracts revoked immediately with no severance payments. This will override current employment laws as people will apply for these jobs knowing the consequences so it is their choice to take the risks. Robert
Given where we are in NZ with illegally mandated law changes, there are limited options for speedy address in future – this is a positive and fast route to revision Mark
There has been too many unmandated bills passed Edward
Let’s go Cynthia Dan
or something stronger to get her and her yes people out before she can do any more damage Allan and Lynne
Democracy please! Peter
Not only do unmandated laws need repealing but ALL laws that divide us as a people. That means all racial laws. Jenny
Not just meritorious; essential! Lindsay
It’s a way forward that if a opposition party took we would know what to expect. Martyn
I support this proposition 100% This out of control freight train has to be reversed. Lee
100% agree! Lyn
We need it now to save what is left of our country before it is completely destroyed by Jacinda Ardern Sam
Now please..we need this a.s.a.p. she needs to know her laws won’t stay and nor should she! Barbara
I don’t feel safe in New Zealand anymore, breaking my heart to see the country being split in two. Linda
We must have this concept of a Repeal Bill as soon as possible. This current Government is just so corrupt and the worst Government New Zealand has ever had. I just want them to go immediately not see out another 1 1/2 years. Imagine the destruction they will cause if they stay until the end of their term. Please, Sheeple, wake up!! Helen
And soon Grace
It must be passed to protect us now and our future generations. Philip
Its hard to know where to start in offering comment on this Jacinda Arden government other than what I have said before, this is the most dangerous government New Zealand has ever seen. Kevin
Absolutely It must be done. Louise
Totally agree. Laws passed without mandate and personnel appointments without mandate have no place in New Zealand. Frank
I agree with Mark Hanson. One repeal document to change all this divisive legislation. Unfortunately from what I can ascertain the protesters are all protesting different things so I am not sure how this will unfold. One people, one law. No favours for one group of New Zealanders in the future. Janine
There must be something in the Bill of rights which would enable the citizens of NZ to rid themselves of this communist government before civil war erupts. Of course we would need to purchase the necessary arms from the gangs who are well armed through the intervention of the government and the buy back of weapons from law abiding folk. Joseph
It’s the only way to return NZ to the democratic country it once was. If we don’t do it the next extreme Left-wing government, and there probably will be one, will pick up where this lot left off. But more than that, we have to get rid of NZ’s fascination with race and abolish the Waitangi Tribunal which is a festering sore. Derek
Something has to happen Bev
Imperative claire
Absolutely! This apartheid rubbish MUST be repealed as soon as the new government takes office.  Jason
Ardern will go down as the worst Prime Minister in New Zealand history – even worse than Robert Muldoon and he is hard to beat! Donald
Well said! If National and ACT won’t step up and promise to repeal these dangerous separatist laws, then a Repeal Party should be formed to do just that! I would vote for them! Olly
What a dreadful betrayal by Ardern. How can you possibly trust a government that is undermining our democratic rights. She must go and Labour must back off this separatist and authoritarian agenda, otherwise they are toast.  Matilda
I have never seen so many New Zealanders so up in arms about politics. Jacinda Ardern is the most destructive leader in our history. No wonder she’s called the smiling assassin! Chris