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We’ve Had Enough

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In November 2017, just after being elected Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern attended an APEC meeting in Vietnam, where she asked world leaders to join New Zealand in reducing the impact of climate change. “It is my responsibility to take a lead role on climate change. My challenge to you all is to join us on that journey and leave a legacy we can all be proud of – we owe it to ourselves, our children and future generations.”

She said, “No matter how small we are we have a role to play”, as she outlined her plans to move New Zealand to a low carbon economy to uphold the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Unlike most countries New Zealand’s carbon emissions are very low because most of our electricity is produced from renewable sources. So cows and sheep and the methane they produce, became the Prime Minister’s main focus instead. This is in spite of Article 2 of the Paris Agreement which specifically prohibits countries from enacting policies that would restrict the supply of food: “This Agreement… aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change… in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

The PM says the methane targets in her Zero Carbon Bill, which require farmers to lower their emissions by 10 percent within 10 years and by up to 47 percent by 2050, came from modelling carried out by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change.

In spite of a great deal of uncertainty over the accuracy of the UN’s modelling – and huge controversy over the science of methane and whether it has any warming effect at all – the PM’s Bill will impose the harshest restrictions in the world on an industry that’s an international leader in primary production – with livestock farmers that produce almost twice the milk and meat per kilogram of emissions than the global average.

While an alternative pricing mechanism to the Emissions Trading Scheme (which was designed for heavy industry) has just been announced for agriculture, farmers were unsuccessful in persuading the Select Committee to lower the punitive methane targets in the Bill. As they stand, these targets will eventually decimate most farming operations and crush New Zealand’s major export industry.

Now, two years after the APEC meeting in Vietnam, Jacinda Ardern is planning to announce to APEC leaders in Chile next month, that New Zealand continues to lead the world by passing the first zero carbon legislation that targets agriculture.

With New Zealand’s contribution to global man-made greenhouse gas emissions a miniscule 0.17 percent, the Prime Minister’s obsession with looking good on the world stage, comes at a serious cost to the country.

The Australian broadcaster Andrew Bolt summed it up well when he said, “instead of the truth, what now matters are people ‘wanting to seem more passionate, idealistic and holier than though’ on the issue of climate change. Global warming is ‘a movement that attracts the haters and the mini totalitarians’. Ultimately, what green activists want are ‘laws to control you, laws to control the economy. Some will say, we want you to stop eating meat, and we want you to stop flying so much, and we want you to turn off the street lights’.”

To be ready for the Prime Minister’s APEC announcement the Zero Carbon Bill is having to be rushed through its final stages in Parliament. 

The Environment Select Committee that is dealing with the Bill was forced to take the unusual step of meeting on Monday in order to finalise its report to Parliament. The Committee stages of the House will need to be truncated by Government MPs, so the Bill can be passed into law in time for the Prime Minister’s visit to Chile on November 14.

But while the Prime Minister’s leadership on climate change has elevated her to international stardom, she is part of an elite cabal spreading climate alarmism.

Her claims that climate change is her generation’s ‘nuclear free moment’ and that ‘the world’s in a climate emergency’, are exacerbating a deadly problem that began when the UN’s IPCC started exaggerating the danger of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, to gain more media profile and scare politicians and the public into action.

Back in 1989, the late climatologist and lead IPCC author Dr Steven Schneider, explained their problem:

“On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but — which means that we must include all the doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands, and buts.

“On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change.

“To do that we need to get some broadbased support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This ‘double ethical bind’ we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.”

Even Michael Mann, the Penn State climatologist whose discredited ‘hockey stick’ graph was responsible for generating much of the modern-day climate alarmism, is opposed to doomsday predictions: “Unfortunately there’s some bad science behind much of the ‘doomism’. There is no need to exaggerate or misstate what the science has to say.”

Former Vice President Al Gore has admitted that the language used by the IPCC in their reports was “torqued up” in order to “get the attention of policy-makers around the world.”

But Al Gore himself is one of the worst offenders, particularly with his 2006 error-laden movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, which warned melting ice caps and rising seas would drown cities around the world, turning millions of people into climate refugees.

The exaggerated facts in Al Gore’s movie were debunked by British television producer Martin Durkin, who produced the film “The Great Global Warming Swindle” – view HERE. It labelled man-made global warming as “the biggest scam in modern times”.

But in spite of the best efforts of scientists and others to inform the public that changes to our climate are within the bounds of natural climate variability and that the forces that influence the climate such as the sun, wind, clouds, and oceans are beyond the control of mankind, extremists continue to scare people into thinking the world is going to end and there is no hope.

David Buckel, a successful 60 year-old retired gay rights lawyer from New York, was a victim.

One Saturday morning in April last year, he walked from his comfortable home in Brooklyn, to a nearby park, where he emailed a prepared statement to media decrying the lack of progress in tackling man-made global warming. He then doused himself in petrol and set fire to himself.

His suicide note said, “I am David Buckel and I just killed myself by fire as a protest suicide. I apologize to you for the mess.” No-one had been aware of the depth of his anguish over climate change.

Such despair is an issue of great concern to this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Seattle based New Zealand consultant Nicholas Kerr, who explains that doctors are now seeing more and more children who are deeply troubled by the exaggerated doomsday predictions being made by global warming alarmists:

“An old childhood friend, Dr Joshua Betts, practices medicine in Australia and this year posted on Facebook about his experiences: Recently I have had a number of teenage patients break down in my consulting rooms, overcome with despair at the thought that the world will end in their lifetime. My daughter and her friends tell me how the planet is being destroyed and we are all doomed. These thoughts and beliefs feed into a vortex of anxiety and uncertainty that is crippling many young people.

We need to protect our children, give them hope and strength for the future rather than hatred for their fellow man and contempt for science and industry. This doesn’t mean wearing rose colored glasses and putting our heads in the sand, but instead framing the issues in a rational way where the most likely outcomes are highlighted, rather than the worst case scenario of environmental Armageddon.

Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old Swedish activist, who has been anointed as the new messiah of the global climate change movement, is a victim of this herself.

She began suffering from depression over climate scare stories at age eight. She was diagnosed with autism and obsessive compulsive disorder. As Greta became increasingly despondent, her fixation with climate alarmism led her, by age 11, to stop talking and stop eating. She refused to go to school.

These troubles plagued her for years, and there is now a real fear, that since she has been elevated to celebrity status, other children may attempt to emulate her poor choices and actions.

Around the time when Greta started starving herself, reports emerged that a Brazilian couple, terrified by the prospect of global warming, had entered into a suicide pact, taking not only their own lives, but shooting their two year old son and 7 month old daughter as well. Miraculously, the baby survived.

Last month there were reports on social media that climate change anxiety had played a big part in the death of a 14-year-old boy from Manchester in England.

With a media ban on the reporting of suicide, it is impossible to know how many others have sunk into such depths of despair that they too have taken their own lives.

And it’s no wonder that children despair, when they listen to the alarmist rhetoric that’s being regurgitated.

At January’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Greta Thunberg said, “I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if the house was on fire, because it is.”

Then last month, at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York, she raged, “You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words, and yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction…”

History may well show that a turning point was reached, when that 16 year old stood on the United Nations stage and snarled at the leaders of the free world. Reasonable people are now beginning to realise that climate change has become a cult led by indoctrinated children. Many are now saying enough is enough.

But while there’s a mood for people to speak out, many media outlets refuse to publish anything that challenges their Armageddon narrative.

An Italian petition, signed by 90 leading scientists and presented to their President in July is a case in point – it received almost no media coverage. The scientists explained that human-induced global warming “is an unproven hypothesis” based on inaccurate UN computer models that underestimate natural climatic variability. They say the alleged consensus of scientists who believe that humans cause global warming does not exist. And they want their President to reject any policies that pretend that humans can control the climate.

Another 500 prominent climate scientists and professionals from around the world submitted a European Climate Declaration to the Secretary-General of the United Nations last month, stating that there is no “climate emergency”. Organised by Professor Guus Berkhout of The Netherlands, their message explains “the models of climate on which international policy is founded are unfit for their purpose” and they say, “it is cruel as well as imprudent to advocate the squandering of trillions of dollars on the basis of results from such immature models”.

The Zero Carbon Bill Jacinda Ardern’s Government is about to pass into New Zealand law is not based on science; it’s based on ideology – and the UN’s grossly inaccurate models.

If you want to urge MPs to vote against this Bill, their email addresses are HERE.


Will Jacinda Ardern’s Zero Carbon Bill have any impact on the climate?

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Jacinda a well meaning flake.if only she truly understood. Graham
None whatsoever Steve
Labour is ruining this country. Mike
I will cost those who cannot afford it a fortune, while those who can afford it will get out of paying their due just as they do now. Peter
Of course not. Fancy thinking we can control the earth. We should focus on being more sustainable and cutting down on plastic and other rubbish and pollutants instead. Sam
Although she believes she can rule the world, her showing off will not change anything. All she wants is to be recognised by overseas countries with her ‘look how famous I am’ attitude. Instead of going round declaring emergencies and throwing money everywhere she would be better working to keep her cabinet concentrating on progressing NZ rather than destroying resources to please the green loonies. Chris
Goody two shoes wouldn’t have a clue Barry
Self Centre Dreamer Jill
Better get rid of this idiot before she wrecks the country completely. John
NZ is too small to make a difference, and the climate will do what it wants to do irrespective of anything NZ does. Gary
The farmers should stop paying their taxes in protest. Go Trump 2020. Bruces
None whatsoever. It is all part of Jacinda`s plan to be employed by the United Nations. There appears to be no limit to Jacinda`s naivety. Frank
0.17 – yeah nah. what a lightweight Jacinda is philip
no all bullshit another typical alarmist from our so called educated government John
And closing down the NZ oil and gas industries will increase overall emissions – awesome! Jon
Zero Carbon is a ridiculous goal . We need CO2 for all life on the planet and to grow our food . We would all be dead with zero Co2. At 0.04 , CO2 is the lowest it has ever been . Check the Graphs going way back and as shown on this site previously. Only the books are being cooked by the scientists who are being paid by those with an Agenda ( being Agenda 21 ) . More threatening is the heavy Geo-Engineering activities that are taking place in our skies unbeknown to most people . This is blocking the sun which we need to grow food and keep us healthy . There is now a ceiling (veil ) of sprayed nanoparticles of Barium , Aluminium and strontium etc ( very dangerous to our health ) blocking the sun and holding trapped cloud under it . Take a look in Auckland skies at the long trails ( not cloud ) that streak the sky , sometimes they feather out on the edges . Has anyone wondered about the heavy cloud Auckland has experienced over the last 3 months with low real cloud and a veil behind it . ( almost looks like Smog . Google Geo-engineering .com and Dane Wiggington .com to see and understand what is being done for many years now . Our Government refuses to acknowledge this activity dead silent . Jacinda will ruin this country , your freedom of speech and cause the middle class to be taxed heavily in the name of the big Scam called Climate Change .if you vote her in again Colleen
Just so stupid Alan
This is a hoax NZ can’t afford Sharon
she’s a bloody idiot Norm
Water is the main greenhouse gas and by cloud cover it causes a feedback loop that stops the temperature from changing quickly even when volcanoes cause massive disruption to the normal cycle. Craig
No, but it will on her ratings and NZ, the woman is a one worlda which says it all, bring the people of the world to their knees so the UN can take over, which Taxinda hopes to be the boss of. Athol
Our contribution 0.17% I very much doubt it Stan
Politicians can pass laws, but neither they nor their laws can affect the natural rhythms of Creation. Jacinda’s Bill will certainly not have any effect on matters that are beyond our control. Even if Jacinda’s Bill is passed, there will be plenty of folk who will not change their behaviour because they’re sick and tired of the emotional hype that is being thrown at us via a compliant media. In other words, they “switch off”. I feel for the young people who are listening to such scary talk of the imminent end of the world. Their minds are not mature enough to sift the wheat from the chaff. I trust that they can find the strength while getting support from adults to get appropriate help from trained professionals. Our tragic suicide rates are high enough now. Politicians, vote the Bill down! Laurence
No impact at all …when these believers finally realise they have been lied to with propaganda from the u.n.& so called money hungry scientists ,al gore included with james shaw & our pm there will be alot of egg on their faces.. Rex
4 minute video exposes the climate scam. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BC1l4geSTP8 Above 31,000 scientists agree that carbon dioxide induced global warming is a scam. George
not one jot Brian
There is and always was cycles in the planets weather cycles, Ardens always been a jump on the band wagon type of person Loves the limelight and should stop it as she looks like Goofy! alan
Any honest capable scientist will attest that any contribution made by the NZ economy to mitigate so called climate change will have a result so small as to be barely recordable and as such will have NO significant impact on the Climate at all. Yes the country can do something about pollution which is a different issue. But it is well established by Scientific test that the IPCC models are a scam, the IPCC results are a scam, the UN policy is a scam, the Paris Accord is a scam, those countries fool enough to follow the UN marxist dictat are disadvantaging their own citizens, the financial manipulation of the Carbon is a scam, Politicians who uphold these scam prepostions and scam policies are themselves deceitful scammers. That scam policies are enforced through confiscatory tax on citizens is treasonous abuse of office. Clear thinkers and truthful politicians need to unite against this monsterous scam and denounce the UN and all its marxist enablers. Richard
None at all. It will however have an extreme negative impact on the economy. Cant wait to the next election to see this lot voted out. David
Funnily enough…”zero” is the answer! Mark
The only impact it will have is to put our economy on a downward spiral. Terry
Just another crazy left-wing, Ardern-ation/abomination stunt! An idiot ‘green-dream’ so far from reality the concept is pathetic….if it wasn’t so dangerous. Ced
because based on politics not science – part of world conspiracy to break down western civilisation for UN one world govt Russell
She is dopey for even imagining it will but what do you expect from an air head? Garry
Although humans have the potential to pollute, the chemical reactions of hydrocarbons on this planet and the resulting product CO2 will have occurred with or without us. We are actually smoothing out a process that could have happened over a much shorter time frame. Brooke
Absolutely not! But it will have a huge destructive impact on our country%u2019s farming industry, essential food production and NZ%u2019s standard of living. Sarah
Absolutely no impact on the climate but a probable negative impact on the pocket of all New Zealanders Fred
This business is getting silly. The solutions proposed by government will be worse than doing NOTHING. When Asked what effect NZ reaching it’s Paris agreement goals would have, at a recent meeting, Dr Harry Clarke (Director of NZ GHG Research Centre) said… Oh, no effect… When then asked how much pain the country should suffer to achieve that “no effect” goal… he went to some detail to explain that we were doing this to our economy to maintain our international markets… REALLY? Murray
It will just have a disasterous effect on NZ s economy. If we don’t change the way the Country is governed this type of rubbish governance will only get worse. The only way to stop it is to make binding referenda the law of the country for both National and Local politics. WE the people have get to take control away from the nut jobs turning up in Wellington. Ronmac
this STUPID woman is just a puppet who you cannot reason with! Bill
NO impact on climate, but a devastating impact on our life style and our primary industries. Rita
A greenie / socialist at heart – she’s conforming to pressure from the UN and other countries to reduce emissions. It’s all BULLDUST. Electric cars, solar panels and even wind farms cost more in planetary pollution / disposal problems than our existent power production methods. Carboniferous fuels and extraction are the least polluting ones. The human race as a whole has an insignificant influence on the planet’s climate. One large volcanic eruption spills more pollution into the atmosphere than the entire human race has since the beginning. The planet warms and cools as a natural cycle – has done for millions of years. Jacinda uses every tool she can to push her socialist agenda for control of the population. Socialist regimes work until the money runs out – they usually destroy the people who create business, wealth and jobs. We’re simply following Venezuela….. Simon
The Greens, Ardern and the Labour leadership are at war with NZ imposing the Zero Carbon bill on us while Pres .Trump is preparing to pull the USA out of the Paris agreement. There are major riots in Chile against expensive climate policies so let’s hope Ardern never makes it there. What happened to Judith Collins voting against this Carbon bill? Monica
This is the greatest UN scam to remove money and power from the Western Democratic World and like give it to Nations with no accountability on how that money is to be used. The UN is now controlled by radical Nations who hate Western Democracy and all it stands for. Unfortunately we now have a Prime Minister who is deceived as they are!!!! Dene
Not in the Least Bit !! The World and Nature requires Carbon for Photo Synthesis, the process that makes Plants grow, and in return produce Oxygen for humans to Breathe!! It is the way GOD designed it !! Jacinda is a very selfish person, who’s sole objective is to make a Name for Herself with the UN, as a WORLD LEADER !! Climate Change is a UN SCAM, to provide them with an INCOME !! Pierre
Not at all Steve
The UN science used around CO2 is flawed and superficial. The doomsday declaration is based on CO2 and Methane. CO2 is also produced by Combustion and that is fundamental to our living standards and along with CO2 – Pollutants are produced that have enabled mankind to double life spans from what they were 12,000 years ago when we had just learnt to herd Goats and make weapons out of Stone! Today, Pollutants are components of just about every item we use for everyday use and as such have given us our high standards of living, including the huge advancements in Medicine. Dinosaurs lived for 185 million years in atmosphere that had 5 times the CO2 levels compared to today. As stated, there is no climate Emergency only in the eyes of a socialist UN. Methane has a small lifespan and dissipates in the atmosphere after about 8 years. Rather than blame cattle in the West and other animals, the 141 countries that are members of the UN from lower socio economic countries are the biggest producers of Methane through paddy field Rice growing! Something being undertaken by the Continents of Africa, Asia and China – or 73% of the UN! Unfortunately, they hold the biggest Voting Block in the now dysfunctional UN. The answer is for the 52 Industrialised Nations of the UN to fight back and force the UN to research below the surface layer of Science, the IPCC is using, down to the depths and layers of real Science! The real Emergency is rampant Population growth and those 141 countries above are breeding like Rabbits! Frederick
Mad stupid and alarmist and very very dangerous. Lets hope Simon Bridges has enough backbone to replace the silly thing with legislation that is more sensible and meaningful. Albyn
Destroying our efficient food production should be the last thing our prime minister wants. She’s our adult Greta Thunberg, she should head to Sweden, comfort Greta and stay there. Alister
It is unscientific and flies in the face of the best and credible advice she has been given. She is a brainwashed grandstander who will destroy the economy of this country. Peter
We are too small to make much impact, while the major ‘pollutants’ will move into any space left by NZ which increases the impact. The whole issue is cyclic, and we can do little if anything to make any big change. Mike
Silly little girl thinks she can control the world. Robbie
Creating disaster where none exists is lunacy John
There is a saying “beware the ever smiling face” . Behind Jacindas smile is a very calculating person who seeks to use every opportunity to advance her standing in the world stage to equal or even better the achievements of her predecessor Ms. Clarke. any cause that advances this quest is worth her attention. Geoff.
What scientific qualifications, which one would need plenty of, has this woman got? Ian
Not in NZ. We can’t control the climate and neither can she. Kristene
I do not believe the so called science predicting man made global warming. It is total bumkum designed to scare otherwise rational people into supporting left wing ideology. I reject it entirely. Derek
Not printable…. Russ
But don’t you love her equine smile Peter
Zero impact Tim
She does not have a clue peter
But it will have a severe impact on our economy and the mental health of farmers. Ken
I believe there is hidden agenda that climate change is the front for. Picking on agriculture is financial suicide for our country. This govt has to go Geoff
it has been said that Jacinda’s NUclear moment was a typo and should have been UNclear moment. It should in fact simply be quoted as her UN moment. Neil
Ridiculous Pauline
Only by the generation of more hot air. Paloma
it is disgraceful – the things being done in the name of ‘climate change’ and ‘zero carbon’ – people’s lives are being wrecked by this nonsense. Meg
Apparently we contribute approx 0.5 % of the harmful emissions to the atmosphere. India – pop 1.5 billion. China – pop 1.5 billion. USA about 300 million doing nothing to mitigate their massive contributions of pollution. planet does our PM live in if she thinks by screwing our producers with taxes will have even the minutest effect on the overall state of global pollution Richard
Too little by us!. Must remember that climate change is cyclical, that the planet is a living organism that corrects itself over time. We are just the parasites that live off it and decimate its animals, flora, fauna and minerals, because money rules all. Vic
get rid of this woman ardern at the next election all this climate change nonsense paul
None, zero. There re far more important issues but no money from them. Don
Climate change is a naturally occurring event that has gone through countless cycles in past millennia. It is not influenced by humans – suggesting it is, would result in claims that our ancient ancestors (apes swinging in trees) must have had something to do with what was happening climate-wise Trying to compare current temperatures and trends to historic ones is nonsense, as accurate calibrated electronic thermometers were only invented in the last 50 or so years. Any historical temperature readings prior that using alcohol or mercury thermometers were only approximate estimates as calibrating those fluid-based temperature devices was guesswork at best. Assessing historic temperature by referring to tree rings is surely pseudo-science. Dimensions of tree rings relates to growing conditions in terms of water and nutrient availability not ambient temperature. Put simply, if NZ was to sink below the Tasman Sea/Pacific Ocean due to some catastrophic tectonic activity, all so-called emissions from NZ would stop, and what would the benefit to the environment be? No discernible change. Most if not all so-called greenhouse gas molecules are heavier than the predominant atmospheric gas (nitrogen) so will sink to sea/ground level, not stay up in the atmosphere to contribute to any warming affect (recall density fact taught in school science class). Man-made climate change is all political, and political parties won’t rubbish it for fear of losing votes. Greg
The effect that that NZ can take will have a miniscule effect on the world . Jacinda like Helen Clark just wants a UN job Arthur
How much of this hair-brained ideology can Cindy through at us? For God’s sake woman, get on with your poverty reduction, model railways and “homes for all” crap. Oh, increased productivity would be nice if you could give it a thought. How do we get Peters out of parliament and his national party utu and persuade NZ First voters to insist they know which way that party will form a government BEFORE the election. 3rd past the post system is insane. David
Sadly Jacinda became a bit confused when they said, “You are now Prime-minister”. She thought they said, “You are now God”. Seriously though, the climate change scam is a Globalist – National , Socialist – Labour, dream come true. ie scare the population into believing government control is the ONLY salvation we have to avoid extinction. With a whole generation of indoctrinated, not educated children already campaigning successfully to indoctrinate the older, mentally lazy generation, this is better than fellow Socialist, Hitler could of imagined in his wildest dreams. James Shaw suggestion, let’s lower the voting age quick. A.G.R.
In reply to my objection to the Zero Carbon Bill, Green leader James Shaw’s answer was… ‘The science of climate change has been established through lab-based studies, computer modelling and observational evidence, which supports the link between increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming. These studies represent global experts’ assessment of knowledge on climate change, which the New Zealand Government accepts.’ Dear Mr Shaw. Stop pulling the wool over our eyes because your quoted ‘lab-based studies, computer modelling and observational evidence’ IS ONLY PREDICTIVE. Not evidential. And yet they are presented as fact. Our politicians are being influenced by false scaremongering tactics promoted by the UN and its agencies. And they know it! Our soveriegnity is stealthily being invaded by overseas beauracrats with an devious agenda. Robert
No it will not make the slightest difference. One of the perks of being elderly, I’m well into my 83 year and hopefully I still have some marbles, is that I have seen a great deal of climate change and to try and portray it as some new phenomenon is absolutely ridiculous. Climate change has been going on since time began, and this old planet of ours has quite a history of looking after itself pretty well. The worst feature of all of this is the attempts to frighten young people in order to further their agenda. That is just absolutely evil..  Jim
No – of course not – how can it? Just more virtue signalling by a brainless buck-toothed bimbo whose only real aim is a plum job in the UN. This will be a ready made means of escape from the mess that she will leave behind for someone else to clean up! Scott
Absolutely not. It will make life intolerable for our food producers. Very convenient that that part from the UN about NOT having undue influence of food supply has itself become an ‘inconvenient truth”.Thankfully my Handbook says.”While the earth remains,Seed time and harvest, Cold and heat,Winter and summer.And day and night Shall not cease.” That I trust. Dick
The climate eco-terrorists have almost succeeded in turning the world into a socialist state. Blaming capitalism for all the worlds ills, Jacinda you are one of them proven by your remarks pre election about capitalism being a blatant failure. Sam
The PM and her side kick Shaw are in socialistic dreamland. If NZ went carbon neutral tomorrow nothing, absolutely nothing about the climate would change, This 3 party idealistic government must go before NZ suffers from such loony ideas. Graeme
Methane emmissions from livestock are produced by small organisms of the Archaea family that make up about 40% of the biomass of the planet. They break down carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen. Reducing their habitat in the intestinal tracts of large animals ., cows and sheep won’t make any significant difference. Attempting to reduce their numbers in intestinal tracts is a fools mission. In any case CO2 to carbohydrates to methane which combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form CO2 and H2O is part of the carbon cycle that has been going on for millions of years. If not how do you account for all the previous methane from animals, for instance the 55 million bison that grazed the Great Plains of Nth America for 10,000years up to the 19th century? It’s a load of nonsense that farmers can do next to nothing about except convert land to cropping, then how do you maintain the carbon fertility of the soil. One grain crop undoes the good of about 10years animal grazing. In addition much land is too steep to crop and NZ soils have low natural fertility. If NZ went full vegan our soils would be exhausted within 50years without heavy applications of nitrogenous fertiliser produced from fossil fuels and the soil structure would be reduced to sand and dust. We are looking at a environmental disaster. The attack on livestock farming is a social/financial change. A strategy to replace small independent producers of natural foods with large scale industrial produced highly processed and corporately owned and controlled food supply. In the new urbanised society who controls the food source absolutely controls the population. Mervyn
If the labour coalition votes for this bill it is another reason to want a sane balanced government. These ill thought out tilts at making the world a better place will not work and are a waste of resources.. John
For Adern to believe her own rhetoric of man made climate change despite all the evidence against she is either stupid or manipulative or both. Once again the NZ public has been shown to trust politicians words as truth. In reality, money is behind the propaganda. Ask yourself, why people who are so fanatical about a subject and you will find they are seeking personal reward, in Aderns case a seat at the UN trough. The National Party must also believe as they are silent with no word of repeal if they regain power. We need a Trump-Farage type leader to pull us away from the brink. Rex
Aderns’objective is her own advancement in the political world, as a backstop for her declining popularity in the NZ electorate. She is clearly incapable of assessment of complex scientific research and reporting. David
I’m a greenie at heart, I like trees, trees like CO2. It’s all part of the biggest con ever. Brian
Not one iota, but it will do a great job of crippling New Zealand’s economy. John
I’ve had enough of Jacinda Stephen
It will be a non event, just like her.The sooner she leaves for the UN.the better ROSS
Miniscule at best. Terry
The cost of Jacinda’s idiocy to this country is incalculable! The stupidity of the people in power is so frustrating! Elizabeth
The only measurable impact will be the negative economic one. Stan
NO. The ability of humans to control the climate is laughable. A logical impossibility. Politicians and the media need to be held to account of this incredible Hoax. How far down the rabbit hole do we go before the population wakes up. This COL is an embarrassment. National with current so called leadership would be no better. COL has no loyalty to country or it’s people. Sam
But it will show what a bunch of unthinking idealogogists can push through by their scare tactics of ignoring the science and misrepresenting the lack of benefit – I am sure we all agree – “not a sharp knife in the drawer!” Greg
Our P.M is just an attention seeker without any brains Tom
She is about to wreck this great country of ours. Peter
It will only affect our economy in an adverse way. Ian
she is a silly commo b*** Eric
You can not control Nature. Ross
The Suns changing temperature output is without doubt the major instigator in causing changes to weather patterns, and there is nothing we can do about it. aubrey
Loaded question! So difficult to answer. No it won’t because NZ’s impact is so small unlike that of the US which is huge. Still, i done think we should be a ‘free rider’. The climate belongs to everyone, and we should all play out part. And BTW Murial, CH4 is one of the worst heat trappers so ignorinf that fact in your introductory paragraphs is denial. Huria
Agenda 21 scam! Check out www.climatedepot.com for the truth that you will never hear from Taxcinda and the crazy Green/Red left. Maree
It will have a negative impact on us instead. Moyra
a) NZ is too small a player to have any effect. b) CO2 does not have the effect that the IPCC claimed Peter
For fundamental scientific reasons it will have no impact on climate which will change as it did prior to the industrial revolution. It will have an immense negative effect on our economy and standard of living. One has to question the motive that drives this policy. It certainly isn’t about tending our planet better. Stephen
Change has been happening for millions of years. Our actions may have speeded it up somewhat but it will happen anyway as it always has . Laurel
No it won’t make a scrap of difference. It will however have a huge impact on NZ and our economy. I’m appalled at how this is being rushed through. Her agenda for doing this has nothing to do with the welfare of NZ. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant it is the life force of our existence. Vivienne
It will be insignificant. Martin
enough is enough, how do we stop this raging nonsense? letters to the editor are declined, when questioned told they were not allowed to publish any negative letters re climate change. people of NZ are unable to formulate an intelligent assessment for themselves. Ralph
It will have Didley squwat effect on the climate, – but will have a severe effect on our economy- all for nothing; – especially as it hammers farmers about something they have little to no control of. The New Conservative Party would divert the funds gathered under the ETS and divert them to research to help farmers with the animal gasses that are supposed to be causing some of the “problem”. Also, it is worth nothing that every scientist that help to create the original IPPC computer model have joined with around 2000 other climate scientists to completely reject and distance themselves from the current “tweaked” IPPC climate computer model. Ted
If we all vacated these Isles there would no difference to the climate. Kevin
The only impact from the bill will be on our economy and food prices. Dennis
It is disturbing that so many believe the lie Catherine
totally not Gerard
As a retired Meteorologist who has studied past NZ climate, and Geology, I can definitely state that global climate radical/alarmists are talking nonsense and using it for their own political agenda. There’s never been ANY data as to the proportion of anthropogenic enhancement to a natural warming global climate. It is ideological hyperbole!! Bruce
What I want to know is who is benefiting by all the money being collected by the emissions trading Scheme and notice that it is not shown in any budget Joe
The only crisis arising from the climate change hysteria is the loss of democracy ironically promoted by the fourth estate which should be performing the role of challenging what is said to be the undeniable truth. Nothing is settled beyond challenge and never has been. History is littered with predictions about the future that never happened. Graeme
Absolutely not! Not even Jacinda believes her own hype as she jet sets around in the old CO2 belching Boeing 757. She is throwing our population under the bus to impress her U.N. buddies. Shameful. Lee
Prime Minister flying a kite! Roger
Absolutely NOT ! Senseless twit. Considering that, the entire human population, given standing room only. would fit on the surface area of LAKE TAUPO ! Hmmmm ! Alan
Absolutely not. Climate is not within the realm of man’s ability to control. It is a natural event with natural causes. Ronnie
The climate has always been changing. Jacinda’s and the looney left goal is one world government with open borders. Claim that there is a climate emergency then enact emergency legislation. They are a gullible bunch of no hopers Laurie
This Government led by Ardern, or Winston, is hell bent on destroying NZ both economically and socially. They are nothing more than a pack of ideaologists on a big egoego trip.Somehow they to be stopped Mike
it’s all purely hype to look righteous. Graham
Not a bit. She is a socialist dreamer engaged in trying to impress the UN etc for a ” more’ influential position. Darryl
In her socialist dreams! Darryl
For goodness sake when will someone publish the other side? The truth is being stifled. Pam
In my reading other factors affects climate variations. Brian
i cannot find the article which tells of the greenland shoreline being totally devoid of ice in the early 19th century and how the coastline was accurately mapped. this so called climate change is just our world going through its normal cycle like ice ages etc so tell all panic merchants to get real David
Looky here. The princess turns out to be a true foot soldier of the climate change army and wants to be promoted and recognized at any cost. That is more than pathetic considering that our country’s industry is so tiny that it does not make a heck of a difference to anything. Totally nuts!!! But explain the facts to a fanatic zealot. To teach a cow to play the piano is easier than that. It is about time we get another Government with some brains and common sense. That current lot will ruin us!!!! Michael
More political theatre for the world stage. Will she go crying off to the UN when she loses the next election just as her mentor did when she lost. Gary
does she think any of the major countries will take any notice, I don’t think so. hit the farmers, and get no more milk and its by products, we rely so much on our farmers. no more oil exploration so many by products for manufacturing, etc etc. makes you wonder if any of them has any practicability in their body Arthur
She is only interested in promoting herself on the world stage so when she gets booted into touch by the NZ electorate she will have a highly paid secure job at the UN. Roger
Tell her to put a cork in all the volcanos first RICHard
This woman is an absolute embarrassment to NZ helped along by all the left wing loonies who serve with her.Roll on 2020 elections Allan
The only climate change will experience will be getting “hot under the collar” as our economy is deliberately strangled. Neil
0.17% of world emissions. Cost to economy huge Ian
We are very small in the scheme of pollution. Until the countries eg China Russia & America start to clean up their air quality we shouldn’t put our industries and especially our farmers in more debt and stress. Wendy
No it is ridiculous. Jann
Jacinda ardern is just another air headed politician, we as a country have such small emissions, I’ve really had enough of the absolute shit that we are getting flooded with every day about climate change, and countrys following the ramblings of a little girl, every thing these governments seem to do always revolves around money, and how they can make life more expensive for people through there never ending taxs on hair brained ideas and global warming is just another one, and the more they can brainwash the young people all I can say is god help us all, we are ruled by insanity Rodger
As a registered geologist, the world has been changing for over 4 billion years! Where were all the climate experts even over 200 years ago? Be reasonable people, use your brains and not your emotions. For all those who want to “save the world” I suggest you save yourself first by limiting your carbon footprint as you tell everyone else to do. Hilary
All it will do is destroy our economy and impoverish many New Zealanders Brian
We must remember that aunty Helen is pulling the strings here Ron
It wont change a thing. Arthur
The Left are using alarmist climate-deterioration propaganda to effect a socialist takeover. William
0.17 % produced by NZ what is our contribution to climate change compared to any other country in the world. She is a prima donna chasing her stardom. But only I hope for anther year. Andrew
It is nothing but posturing and glory seeking Michael
She will have as much impact as did King Canute when he tried to hold back the waves. Richard
She’s dreaming ,if she wants a UN gig after her (short) stint as PM (she wasn’t elected by the way she was handed the job courtesy of Winston) then she should stop using kiwis as pawns in her mindless crusade Grunta
As with many politicians, ill informed and educated youth and even many so called scientists who have already landed on one side of this debate and only acknowledge the science that supports their position. Climate change is happening – no doubt about that. It has always occured and will always occur. That it is a the product of a complex set of dynamics in our solar system is a fact. It is so complex that we cannot even model it and choose to ignore factual records and only recognise data that suits the dooms day models. I am a little tired of this ignorance and the politicising and simplifying of this complex issue. For example there is no evidence whatsoever that carbon increase results in an increase in temperatures. In fact for 300 years it is demonstrably unrelated by facts that have been recorded. Even the measuring of the earths temperature is frought with assumptions and complexity and the error range I suspect far exceeds the claimed increments in any event. My strong recommendation to all these precious politicians and incredibly wise people who choose to glue themselves to the roads and complain bitterly tot heir parents for bringing them into this world with all it bells and whistle…..get educated. Read science and physics and study the wonderful and complex universe that we have so recently discovered in incredible detail. Then you can enter the debate about climate change from an informed base instead of a base of bullshit and bravado and relative ignorance! Greg
Of course it can’t. The indoctrination going on with the younger generation is scary. The left are very dangerous. You only have to look back to Germany before the second world war to see how one person with enough propaganda put out there can control the masses. Comrade Jacinda is only looking to make a name for herself on the world stage and to hell with the country. Graeme
No of course not. Nobody can change the weather. Len
None whatsoever. The climate will inevitable change – it always has and always will. Maurice
The climate cannot be controlled any more than the weather can be or we would change the weather and really stuff things up! RAY
The immaturity speaks volumes when young people are questioned about history and science, politics and philosophy because the left have full control of these at primary, intermediary and tertiary education levels. RAY
As climate change is a hoax, nothing mankind does will make any difference. The reality is that we live in a world of climate cycles, and no, we can’t do anything about that either. Kris
Biggest con ever perpetrated on mankind. Peter
Absolutely none. Let hope she and the Labour and their coalition partners go down the gurgler at the election. You never hear the opposing view points about climate change as the TV and newspapers always are quoting from those who have a viewpoint in favour of the climate change rubbish. Climate change is the biggest con since Ponzi or Madhoff Colin
It’s all about Jacinda’s feel good and projecting an image in front of the world. Peter
I’m a global warming cynic. Clinton
‘Man’ cannot affect or control the planet’s climate. Martian polar ice caps are melting, ours are also melting. As there is no industry on Mars, common sense and logic suggests that solar emissions are a common factor in both. I bet the ‘scientists’ have not even considered whether the thousands of satellites and other space junk above our atmosphere may be reflecting or refracting the sun’s rays to increase the heat reaching Earth. Alan
NZ is so small with our greenhouse gas emissions only 0.17% of the worlds emissions. The whole thing is rubbish and has become nothing more than an unhealthy cult. There are no redeeming qualities that I can see, and our stupid politicians are in it up to their necks. Roy
No, but it might help to clean out some man-made pollution. Graeme
No. Our beloved Prime Minister is not only undemocratic in her actions, she is also ignorantly unscientific. Rob
Absolutely none whatsoever. She has just jumped on the bandwagon of a lot of nonsense. Expensive nonsense and dangerous in that it would destroy our country via the farmers. I personally am fed up with all this climate change at the hands of us, the people. Of course the climate changes, always has and always will but it’s nothing to do with man. Helen
It’s an own goal. Richard
Our carbon footprint does not account for the imported carbon Simon
Jacinda is going to make us all pay for a scam that will hopefully go away soon but any how more photo shots at APEC although pressure is dulling the image Russell
The bill will have appeal to those who have been duped by the climate change hype. Politicians who vote for the bill are more concerned with tapping into those people than they are about the message. Unfortunately the results of the bill will have little or no effect on total greenhouse gasses or the climate but will have significant effect on our economy and lifestyles. Cindy is playing politics with the climate hype and should direct her energies elsewhere for the good of all of us. Ambassador to Guatemala perhaps. Ray
Two days of China’s emmissions equates to that of NZ for one year. T Max
But it will force farmers into bankruptcy. Force agricultural product prices up within NZ to pay for compliance and should cause Fonterra to withdraw its milk in schools programme so that it can afford to meet compliance costs. Robert
Ms Ardern is just a publicity-seeker who travels the world, at our expense, to boost her own status. William
She is just after a position in the UN Neil
We are all being told a lot of verbal garbage and the cost to us all is going to be horrendous this climate change cult is getting completely out of hand and has to be stopped. Digby
No effect, even if the whole world adopted these naive policies, the best result would be damaging to mankind. I will only vote in the next election for the party that rejects the corrupt UN climate alarmism because it is a lie. How about the rest of you out there? Are you going to vote out these fools intent on destroying our country.? Neil
Based on corrupt science Jasmine
I worry for the children of the future because they’re being fed on misinformation and fear for their future Trevor
I’ve had enough myself of the “sky is falling” proponents. It is actually damaging to the health of young to teenage children. Nick
Preventing highly combustible buildings from being built might be a good start in lowering Auckland’s pollution levels……… Fiona
If there is any climate change it is not being caused by co2 ,as we have had climate changes well before co2 was being created long before the use of fossil fuel came into existence. So let us get off this subject and work on something that will help mankind. John
using fear to get socialistic control over future generations Colin
No the who me thing is a con. She is just wanting international attention for her own personal benefit. Frank
Contrary to UN propaganda, the Science IS NOT settled. Prof Tim Ball, prominent Climate Scientist is a prime example of a credible opposite view. Certainly imminently better qualified than the more high profile likes of Sir David Attenborough – film maker. Geoff
Our contribution would be negligable by world standards. David
From my humble but increasing observations, the growing body of Science does not attribute any cause of global warming to Green house gases. Maurice
With large industrial nations like China, USA, etc making no real effort. New Zealands contribution will not be of any use. Gary
Oh – it may have an effect – by my calculation something in the order of about 0.0000000000000001% globally. But, never mind the fact that we will suffer dire financial consequences, it is the virtue signalling that counts. Never mind the fact that the current warm period is completely natural, caused by the cycles of activity on the sun and the earth’s trajectory around it. This is Commissar Ardern’s career path to a glorious future in the United Nations – perhaps even exceeding that of her mentor Clark. This is what matters – LET’S JUST DO it – for Jacinda’s sake!?! Ron
Another big fat MO, along with the Billion trees, 100,000 houses, transparent government, etc, etc, etc. John
She does not understand any science at all! Eb
I wonder how long we will have to wait to see the results of the impact on the environment or not. And most likely it will be covered up with more and more fancy talk. Bhanu
What a pipe dream by Jacinda and her ‘team’! Why doesn’t she try to stop earthquakes and tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, sun sports, the moon’s orbits, equinoctial winds and lightning – which history shows can cause widespread destruction. The above all play a part in nature’s Carbon generation. What’s the saying? The Zero Carbon Bill is like f…..g against thunder. I think you’ll need to try harder Jacinda!! Maybe it will work if this government renews (deletes) history – then in time no one will know what went before! NO ice ages? And all that carbon (coal, oil and gas) buried below the earth’s surface. Shouldn’t you dig it up and throw it away? But don’t volcanoes emit ‘carbon’ gas? And the Ring of Fire volcanoes encircling beneath the Pacific Ocean continually emit very hot (carbon) gasses constantly warming the ocean! Try blocking ALL those Jacinda! It might burn your little pinkies – go Carbon free to your doctor on Carbon neutral roads on horse back. But then such horses also emit ‘Carbon’ in various forms! Good luck to all Zero Carbon Bill believers. It just might be easier to jump off the edge of this Flat Earth!! Stuart
If you tell a big lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually believe it. We know that and it is working in this case, assisted by bullying tactics of Government and the ‘fake news’ which has become universal, almost. To get the truth heard is ‘pushing it uphill’ Harvey
Ironically it will have zero impact on the world’s climate! Cyril
She is a very evil person and her only aim is the top job at the U N which is also a corrupt organization with no morals at all and bleed countries for money that some poor countries never get in the way of relief .Jacinda and the greens including Russel Norman are reckless and are out to destroy New Zealand and its people. ken
Fiction versus Fact: NZ has less than 0.2% of global emissions. How can NZ influence global emissions??!! Russell
It’s time for everyone to speak out on this madness Janet
It will ONLY make her look good ONCE again at N.Z. EXPENSE OVERSEAS.It,s WAY OVER TIME people sent emails to ALL MP,S from ALL PARTIES STOPPING her GRANDSTANDING around the world as IT,S US who will SUFFER if she,s not stopped so EVERYONE get on your computers, ITS FREE TO EMAIL so get off your butts & FINALLY STOP jacindas GRANDSTANDING at OUR EXPENCE,things are expensive now but they will get MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE if shes NOT STOPPED. Cindy
100% of nothing is still nothing. NZ emissions are insignificant world wide. Mal
And the political lie within the whole NZ CC fiasco is that they refuse to accept methane is irrelevant and has no significant role in absorbing or emitting infrared radiation. Convenient? You bet. Don
It’s not intended to have any impact on the climate. The intent is to raise Jacinderella’s profile to the level of saintly superstar. ‘Vote for me and all your troubles will be over.’ Yeah, right! TOBY
When will common sense be again applied? Jacinda’s agenda is not in the interests of NZ as a nation. Let’s hope she will head a one term govt. Maurice
The tax will ultimately support U.N. directives. The hype is designed to create fear in the ill informed so they happily contribute funds. It was never about climate, just funding Tribalism in NEW ZEALAND, Globalism around the world. Bruce C
It could be the extinction of NZ agriculture and economy. All for the sake of one person’s (Ardern) ‘day in the spotlight’ ! Penina
The climate is cyclical over millions of years. Other planets, universe etc all have a bearing . People developed dark skins many generations ago to help combat the last period. We are in a time zone that is favourable to this period of time. Brian
Jacinda Ardern should stop grand standing on at UN and start to try to run NZ for all NewZealander’s. Gordon
Jacinda is a dreamer. looking for attention David
Political showmanship, substituted B/S. IAN
The claim that Manmade emissions of CO2 are causing dangerous global warming will be the greatest scam ever. John
Of course not. She is only trying to make herself look more important and grand on the world stage. She talks of this being the equivalent of our nuclear moment of which we were supposed to lead the world. The first principle of leadership is to look over ones shoulder occasionally to see who is following. From memory there was but one pacific nation that followed. Some leadership! Beside what is it that makes our politicians (or country) think they (it) can or must lead the world. Arrogance? Graeme
Very doubtful Jim
anyone who thinks CO2 is a temperature knob that controls the weather is in need of some serous psychiatric help for their delusions John
Its all a lie same as the UN Chris
Too many people live in cities, and can easily believe six impossible things before breakfast, because they haven’t the faintest idea where breakfast come from. Howard
She is a self- aggrandising socialist. Bruce
It’s all based on rubbish science. Ian
Even if everyone in New Zealand, along with all our livestock, dropped off the face of the planet, it would make no measurable difference to climate change. Jacinda is prepared to wreck our economy for no good reason other than to virtue signal. It’s nothing but arrogance and a pathological desire to attract attention to herself. Allan
Ardern is a joke as is her entire government. Climate Change is a complete fallacy as you rightly point out but unfortunately the opposition have no balls and will not do anything to change the bill or get rid of it in the unlikely event that they win the next election. Murray
It will have no effect on the climate at all David
The same as Trumps false facts Gareth
The cost is estimated at $300 billion over 30 years. The benefits are first some people will feel better second food production will decrease with lower co2 (explicitly not allowed under the Paris agreement and the effect on global temperatures will be exactly zero. Could we think of better ways to spend $300 billion? Tony
Mother Nature is omniscient. We humans adapt or die just like other species. Doug
I do not believe so It is dangerous alarmism that will be hugely detrimental to our country Gordon
The whole thing has been a scam from the start. The earth will do what the earth will do and who the hell are these idiots that think that they can control that. It’s the height of hypocrisy. It’s nothing to do with climate but rather it’s all about the control of Y O U Carolyn
Zip! Maddi
Crazy crazy!! The weather might be changing but that is what has been happening for thousands of years!!! Sandra
None at all. It may make it harder for the farmers. Chemical runoff into the waterways is a much more pressing concern. Sheila
Climate alarmists are out of control and of course they have another agenda World control. Norm
NZ’s carbon footprint has absolutely zero impact on the worlds climate. but if the Govt Dept DOC keeps 1080 poisoning the country side things could change. Jacinda Ardern is just to elevate herself on the world stage as a savior and ensuring that she will get a position in the UN. Wayne
This woman and her cohort of losers are a danger to New Zealand. The general election can’t some soon enough. Jenny
Well short of one iota! Frank
The ultimate aim is to destroy our way of life, and destroy a free-market economy. Adults are using children to their own ends. Shame on them. Florence
Not much, but it’s better than nothing Kevin
Jacinda is just a prima donna norm
degrade standard of living, Jill
None what so ever. It will only negatively affect food production worldwide – which is their ultimate agenda. Jude
Of course not; with New Zealand producing 0-17 percent of the world’s omissions, how could it? Ardern’s ideologically driven policy is a classic example of diverting attention from the much more substantive issues such as confidence, which underpins growth. This government will go down in history as one of the least effective in our country’s history and Ardern will be remembered as of of the worst prime ministers that we have had to suffer. Peter
just destroy and upset the country Chris
We are too small to make any impact and moreover the aiming at agriculture while at the same time accepting increased carbon through increased tourism is hypocritical Malcolm
Answer a definite no. Just relate Nz’s size to the rest of the world. This Bill is Ardern posing again for world attention. Pity is her ego hides the reality of her absolute failure in office. Don
Our P.M. is a Drama Queen and is going to cause irreparable damage to the economy of N.Z. Our wonderful world has been through numerous global changes from ice age to global warming since millennium. The human tenure of earth is a mere blink of the eye and we cannot stop the present change. Perhaps we “May slow it down, but it will happen regardless. In one Million years there will be very little life as we know it in existence. The glaciers have been receding through out the world for the last two hundred years. so enjoy today and try not to take too much notice of our Drama Queen. John
how could it no current results have proven any change Beth
When will we see a Politician stand up and call this what it is? A Hoax. Martyn
The arrogant claim that humans control Earths climate is breathtakingly stupid. Rex
Of course not. And anyone with the simplest grasp of maths can figure that out. Why on earth should NZ sacrifice the backbone of its economy just to be a so called leader in the world. Andrew
Because the World and its climate move in a circle which if you read history moves from on cycle to the next and so on. Carl
The climate will change as it always has done and will continue to do so, with or without a “zero carbon bill”. This futile bill and others like it, stems from the human belief that we are more important and consequential than we really are! Charles
Who do these Idiots think they are ..God No on can change the Climate but you can change the environment. All this Climate Alarmist crap which is detrimentally affecting millions of People, particularly young Folk is a Crime. The New Zealand perpetrators of this should be charged under the Crimes Act for ‘Endangering Public Safety’ We all need to stop this Cancer by voting for Sanity next year. Geoff
Of course not! Not in the slightest but that won’t stop the chicken littles of this world supporting her. I find it just amazing how ignorant most people are when you try to talk to them about climate facts. But then when we have STUFF refusing to even debate the issue and NZ Herald runs a line almost as stupid I suppose it not out of the way. What I can’t figure out is how it will all end…..not well I suspect. Roger
The planets climate has changed many times throughout its history, and will change many time in its future. There is nothing we can do to stop it, as we have no control over it, and never have. The media should be ashamed of their fake news. Peter
Not a chance in hell of altering what is happening naturally. Any marketing guru should take note of the method used by the likes of the UN and our own(if temporary) PM. and avoid the exaggeration that has and is being portrayed as fact. Has anyone noticed that with the exception of the topic of “climate Change and Global Warming” our PM can not talk on any other subject without waving her hands and stating”of course I can” A one dimensional politician if ever I saw one. Barry
no, but it will distort and in some cases cripple the NZ economy; making it much easier for Jacinda’s crusade to create the south pacific paradise of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Aotearoa – namely the COMMUNISATION of NZ Bob
Another example of the talking teeth trying to elevate herself to stardom and idiots in this country are boosting her along for their own appeasement. Mike
Definitely not. Clark
Because our contribution is insignificant and because even if it were significant it’s still would not have anything to do with so called man-made global warming or climate change. Gerard
a global effort is required by all peoples & country. Nz effort of no influence much. We have smoke from Austfires blown across tasman. similar winds around the globe Its all in or nothing destiny is preordained: Mike
We are over populating the world and degrading it but this zero carbon nonsense will just get us in a mental tangle. Perhaps spending money on coastal defences is a way to deal with any sea level issues that may come as part of natural change. Tim
It will just ruin our economy. David
Gullible Twit. Roger
Hi Muriel, Did King Canute stop the tide coming in. Also I found this, “the pervasive belief that politicians can control the weather by agreement to curtail our lifestyle has not gone away. You can’t get 2deg C out of thin air. Sorry I read this somewhere but cannot provide a ref. The scam is not about climate, it’s about redistribution of wealth. Warwick
The mentality of the world leaders is shrinking by the minute Colin
It’s already been said…….we cannot change the climate. and most of the information circulating is incorrect. Future history will show that we are caught up in one of the biggest world scams ever. Mary
Absolutely none whatsoever. That woman is getting more flakey by the day. Shows pretty much the same symptoms as Greta Thunberg. HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SANITY. Terry
Apart from imposing severe penalties on our farming sector it will do nothing but harm our countries ability to produce farming exports to the world. Vote her out. Lawrie
None whatsoever!!! Bruce
It’s absolute lunacy. An International scam. Bryan
The whole issue is a scam. The Climate has changed over the millenia and will continue to change. That is what nature does and absolutely nothing that mankind does will alter this fact. It is total arrogance to believe that mankind can alter the course of nature. This Climate change scam has nothing to do with weather but it is just a Socialist UN devised wealth transfer scheme in order to get the wealthy developed nations to give money to the under developed nations. Allan
First the threat was the yellow peril then came the nuclear threat now it is the Climate Change threat. Unfortunately social networking has elevated Climate change to young people in a way that the previous threats never did. We need to use social networking to debunk this threat to a much greater degree! Dorothy
The truth will out Alan
It is, in fact, the biggest scam known to mankind. MAGA – Make Adhern Go Away Michael
Because CO2 is not a dangerous gas. https://www.daragrennie.com/climate/ Darag
Is it because of her Vegans have been protesting. She is supposed to be a Prime Minister and work for this country (which she can’t do) No fix the world Anon
Just another childish dream of hers David
Jacinda should read the Paris agreement which says that food production is not to be affected by carbon reduction proposals. I’ve had enough of all this climate change hysteria Wah
Zero! But may help her get the UN job she wants after Labour loses the next election! Hugh
AGW is driven by an evil cabal of rich industrialists seeking to make a killing on green technology and only too happy to partner up with their useful idiot left wing extremists. This has to be exposed and stopped now. Allan
she does not know what she is talking about. Truth is that we are living on a planet that has always had a changing climate. Looking at the big picture our actual change is small. Bernd
She needs to get off the World Stage and spend more concern on the needs of the people of NZ. This whole climate thingy is based on lies, half-truths and cherry-picking of scientist graphs and print-outs. Shame 0n the Green party and the Government for allowing them to hoodwink us with half-truths and global propaganda. Robyn
Too many are accepting what they are told about carbon/carbo dioxide being bad for us. Why are some of us so gullible? Mike
Hahahaha – a govt bill affecting climate??? You’ve got to be joking. Puppeteers will always manipulate gullible puppets – Jacinda is one such puppet. Alan
The IPCC in its TAR said it cannot predict climate because it’s a chaotic system. Kevin
Disappointing article from Nicholas Kerr. We are going into a GSM and things are getting a lot cooler overall. Look at what it happening in North America and Russia right now and stop with all this warming B/S. Alice
How can a reduction by a small percentage of 0.17% make any difference? This is ideology not science. Graham
It is just another tax to screw our farmers, and a disgrace. Don
Time we fought back against this far left wing hoax Gerry
She’s a glamour – pus seeking the world’s adulation and a position in the UN. If she has anything in that head of hers she%u2019s yet to show it. Alan
Climate has always followed its own path and will continue to do so into the distant future. Jacinda has to realise that she is no more than a grain of sand in the plans of the universe. Liz
She is a sensational seeking politician anything to get attention even more dangerous than the b<s normal crowd in parliament Brianb
I farm an extensive hill country farm with sheep and cattle and my carbon foot print compared to Auckland city is one third. I planted 130 hectares of exotic pine trees in 1991 and they have acidified the soil and the fresh water ecology no longer exists today there. Carbon credits do not mitigate anything. The government tried fencing off the waterway in the 1900’s between hawkes bay and the wiararapa to stop rabbits. That fence lasted 6 months only to slip into the river and out to the coast. Posts and wire littered the beach for a decade. Now the government want us to chuck tannalised posts and galvanised wire into the fresh water and marine ecology. Farmers only want to enhance the environment. Not kill it. To greta thunberg, “Lest We Forget” To the coalition government I say this. Coalition Undermines New Zealands Trust & Sovereignty Mark
She has to go, she’s puppet to the global elite. Poor stupid girl thinks she can become one, but doesn’t have the intelligence. Merryl
Jacinda Ardern is just another “barking mad” and uninformed, ignorant climate alarmist! Ron
Enough is Enough is there no one with any brains out there why are our media not printing the real results that prove global warming is a natural phenomenon Peter
“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” and….. “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” H. L. Mencken Delia
Total waste of valuable paper John
She will destroy our export lead economy & is terrorising our children Nigel
I have emailed 3 MPs on this. Got no response. Robin
Only on our economy, our pockets and the govt’s coffers. Brenda
It sickens me that we have a PM and a Green Party who the vast majority of NZers didn’t vote for, destroying the very backbone of our fantastic country’s economy. Arderns just like Helen, signing us up to BS policies in her quest for a plum UN job. Watch this space….. Sharen
She is a lying socialist puppet of the corrupt United Nations Cutty
she is destroying our economy. frank
Abso-bloody-lutely NO!! The whole climate change fiasco is a manufactured gigantic hoax. There are a growing number within the scientific community who refute this as just a colossal rort. Tony
It’s all fake science. Graeme
Money making Jimmy
Not a skerrick! Terry
No, but it will have a HUGE, negative impact on New Zealand’s prosperity. Jancinda is grand-standing again; showing off to the world , despite the negative impact this draconian law will have. And this Global Warming scare is all based on lies and misrepresentation of the facts, that humans are the main contributors. We are not. Earth heats up and cools down constantly. What a jerk! Joyce
Regrettably there will be massive unintended consequences due the actions of the muppets that inhabit our parliament who vote for this and enable our brain dead virtue signalling PM to wave her silly flag on an international stage Phil
NO. Nothing human’s do has any material effect on the climate . But if she is allowed to promote climate alarmism ,it will have disastrous impact on our economy Ken
It is totally farcical to believe that NZ’s emissions can have any impact on the climate. John
It won’t because NZ’s contribution is so minuscule that any action we take will not matter. All we can do is become more efficient – unfortunately in lieu of this Government having any policy and implementation successes this is all they have to show and present in 2020 in the hopes we will be gullible enough to vote them in again. Brenton
more stupidity from ardern; http://www.knowledgewagon.nz/hbrc.html Collin
Ideology rains, the real science indicates the UNIPCC hypothesis of CAGW fails the most fundamental scientific tests. The PM is scientifically and financially illiterate as is the Government. Kevin
Keep up the good work. Neville
Keep up the conversation. I believe more people are beginning to see the GHG global warming alarmist talk for what it is. Hot air. William
Anything man does cannot effect he climate do such a disastrous degree that the world will end. Climate change is a natural occurance out of our control. Brucce
Ardern is a professional politician whose ambition is to be the head of the UN. She has no scientific training or experience and is also a victim of fraudulent catastrophic delusions. Her zealous commitment to neo-liberal and Politically correct ideologies is a danger to the future of our nation , and our economy. Charlie
I believe the majority of people have had enough of this Alarmists religion and starting to push back. John
Miss Ardern and her partner in crime, Mr Shaw should be declared the winners of the Canute award. They’re turning off the CO2 switch in NZ will have an effect that can hardly be measured and only quantified mathematically. Their endeavours will possibly reduce growth rates in New Zealand and ultimately stifle horticulture unless it is grown in CO2 enriched atmosphere within controlled greenhouses. What it will achieve is a poorer New Zealand and an increased number of persons dependent upon the handouts and largess of the state (always a good situation for socialists/Marxists). Perhaps Miss Ardern, Mr Shaw and their adherents, including their political parties, National’s spokespersons on Climate Change and the Environment, and organisations such as Greenpeace, could help save on emissions by ceasing to breath. That would certainly have an impact – the cessation of alarmist doomsday prophesies so oft repeated but never coming to pass. Tell a lie often enough it becomes the “truth” – ask Goebbels. THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH. To quote their evangelising 16 year old icon, SHAME on You, SHAME on YOU! Michael
Climate is not impacted to any significance by humanity. Warming were it happening which it is now NOT would benefit the planet as every civilization that ever existed attests; all killed by cold. CO2 is plant food and needed to accelerate growing crops in now shortening seasons but common sense has gone out together with scientific method; Globalist puppet has warmed her seat at UN; move over Helen. Unelected except by a stupid facile system that now demonstrates the idiocy. My attempts to inform parliament fell on deaf ears. I am now past caring and thankful I have no children and no vested genes in a Sick World run by fundamentalists of every religion including the Climate hysteria cult. Career Politicians too blind to see anything beyond their fat cat salaries and perks. Enjoy the Ice Age folks. Suspicious Observers has some informative videos. zoran
New Zealand has contributed enough by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions per head of population. We are a small country compared to other countries around the world who show no sign of contributing. If we are to prosper we cant afford to lead the world we will not have enough jobs for our children and their children’s children. Roydon
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that climate change alarmism is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. John
while large countries like CHINA, USA, INDIA etc continue to drop barge loads several x a day into the ocean, we are pissing into the wind, google photos, make you cry George
Comrade Adern’s Zero Carbon Bill is as effective and authentic as her Arms Amendment Bill. Glad we live in Australia. God defend NZ! DJ
But if she stopped farting it might. Ooops how rude. Dave
Man-made climate change is a scam and this zero carbon bill is designed to control the population. Why can’t NZ Fist and National see that?  Simon
Labour zero carbon bill will ruin the country. Paul
Jacinda Ardern tries to pretend she cares, but she is hanging farmers out to dry with this zero carbon bill. Raymond
Absolutely not – the only impact of the bill will be the destruction of farming and the economy.  Donna
It is dreadful that it has been allowed to get this far, where we are on the cusp of having laws imposed that will ruin the country. Brian