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A Broken Country

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The battlelines have been drawn. The campaign to win the right to govern New Zealand has begun.

Four recent polls signal the tide is going out for Labour.

The Roy Morgan poll has National on 31 percent, Labour on 24 percent, ACT on 18 percent, the Greens on 12.5 percent, New Zealand First on 5.5 percent, and the Maori Party on 4 percent.

On this poll, the “wasted vote” for parties that won’t make it into Parliament is 6 percent. In effect their votes will be divvied up and re-allocated proportionally to successful parties.

The Roy Morgan analysis shows that overall, Labour gains marginally more support from women than men, with significantly more support from older than younger women.

In contrast, the Greens’ support comes mainly from women, especially younger women.

National has slightly more support from men than women, especially older men, while ACT’s support comes mainly from men, particularly older men.

As expected, New Zealand First’s main support comes from the older age group, particularly women, and for the Maori Party, it’s younger women.

The Post-Freshwater Strategy poll puts National on 36 percent, Labour on 26 percent, the Greens on 12 percent, ACT on 11 percent, New Zealand First on 6 percent, and the Maori Party on 3 percent.

The Talbot Mills poll has National on 36 percent, Labour on 30 percent, the Greens on 12 percent, ACT on 10 percent, New Zealand First on 5 percent, and the Maori Party on 2 percent.

And the Taxpayer Union poll has National on 35 percent, Labour on 26 percent, ACT on 14 percent, the Greens on 13 percent, New Zealand First on 4 percent, and the Maori Party on 3 percent.

It’s said that opposition parties don’t win elections, governments lose them. That’s certainly what’s playing out in 2023. Labour’s record in government is so bad, they’re not only unable to campaign on it, but they can’t even promise their way to victory with any credibility.

Reality is confronting Labour. Chris Hipkins and Jacinda Ardern have led the worst government in New Zealand’s history. Virtually everything they have touched has ended in failure. They have not only left New Zealand with broken social services that are struggling to adequately deliver even the basics, but they have saddled the country with crippling levels of debt that will take decades of careful financial management to bring under control.

Worse, during the last three years when New Zealanders trusted them to govern alone, Labour’s arrogance and contempt for the public good knew no bounds. Secret agendas, bullying, intimidation, misrepresentation, and outright lies have underscored Labour’s term in office, as they sought to manipulate both the public and the media.

The harm they have caused to our country is incalculable, and it will take a herculean effort from a new government to repair the damage and heal the deep divisions Labour has created.

To cover up their disastrous record in government, Labour’s election strategy is to go negative. Their focus is to attack National and ACT, to try to discredit any potential new government in the eyes of voters. They also have their guns aimed at New Zealand First to prevent that party from entering Parliament.

To achieve their objective, Labour appears to have given their team a carte blanche to lie on the campaign trail. As a result misinformation is rife: Cabinet Minister Willie Jackson lied when he claimed a National-ACT Government would scrap the minimum wage; Minister Andrew Little lied they would “sack all teachers and flog off schools”; Northcote MP Shanan Halburt lied they would halve sick pay days; and “staffers” lied they would re-introduce interest on student loans.

But Prime Minister Hipkins surely takes the cake when he claimed the Covid vaccine mandates he introduced were not compulsory: “There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices.”

Really? If a loaded gun was pointed at your head in the form of losing your job if you didn’t get vaccinated – even though PPE was available as an alternative – isn’t that compulsion?

Even the Disinformation Project has issued a warning: “Our politicians have a responsibility to help counter false information, not contribute to it.”

With the party that claimed to be leading the war against misinformation and disinformation, now the chief perpetrator, not only is trust in Labour and its leader eroding, but by going negative, the party risks alienating their support base – particularly those older women who are propping up their vote at present.

Furthermore, if the full-page newspaper advertisements attacking National, that were funded by Labour’s trade union supporters are a signal what’s in store, the party that won majority support in 2020 on a mantra of ‘kindness’, may well be seen as a party of nastiness.

If that perception of Labour as a ‘nasty’ party takes hold, their disillusioned supporters may well stay at home instead of turning out to vote. The big question of election 2023 will then become, ‘how low can they go’?

Labour’s worst election result in the MMP era was in 2014, when, under David Cunliffe they won 25 percent of the party vote.

With recent polls already having Labour in the low 20s, will they fall beneath that crucial 20 percent threshold? If they do, they will suffer the sort of political ‘wipe-out’ from which it will be very difficult to recover.

But a ‘wipe-out’ is exactly what the Labour Party deserves, as no other government in New Zealand’s history has treated voters with the level of arrogance and contempt shown by the Jacinda Ardern–Chris Hipkins 2020 Labour Government.

There are many questions for a new government.

Will they sweep aside the Orwellian shroud of fear that, thanks to Jacinda Ardern, hangs over the country, and restore genuine free speech and open debate?

Will they reject the rabid intolerance she introduced towards anyone expressing a view contrary to that of the government?

Her totalitarian approach to dissent was so aggressive that opposition politicians were too scared to even talk to the anti-mandate protestors camped out on Parliament’s grounds for fear being labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’. And now, even though she’s gone, they remain petrified of being called ‘climate deniers’ or ‘racists’.

Will a new government break this stranglehold that ‘woke’ ideology now has on the country?

Will a new government instigate a proper investigation into Jacinda Ardern’s management of the Covid pandemic, in light of research from around the world revealing the immense damage that was caused by lockdowns – since neither Ministry of Health advice nor due process was followed by the former PM?

Will a new government pledge to undertake a root and branch review of climate policy to remove Labour’s fraudulent measures that are now costing New Zealand households dearly?

Thanks to Jacinda Ardern’s championing of identity politics, minority interest groups now have disproportionate power and influence in New Zealand. Will a new government restore equality and the Rule of Law?

One of Labour’s most despicable actions was to betray the trust of New Zealanders by imposing an unmandated agenda after the 2020 election, that had been kept deliberately hidden from voters. Their plan was to transform our constitutional arrangements, by replacing one of the longest- standing and most successful democracies in the world with tribal rule.

Without informing the public of the consequences of their He Puapua master plan, they have downplayed and disguised the widespread establishment of power-sharing arrangements with iwi separatists.

This week’s Guest Commentator, research scientist and author Dr John Robinson, outlines the devastating implications for our society:

“In New Zealand there is now separation into two people: the minority ‘indigenous’ Maori, and all the others, who are second-class citizens. This division is by race: in legislation, where any drop of Maori ancestry, no matter how little, places a person into that privileged group.

“There are separate rights, which are constantly added to so that the division has become increasingly absolute.  Different and vastly unequal voting rights, many specified special powers over the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains – and all water systems.  Different education and health systems, different rights in law, where the old tribal tikanga is given special status.”

And if anyone needs a concrete example of how dangerous introducing ‘tikanga’ or Maori custom into the law really is, they need look no further than the debacle over the Marine and Coastal Area Act, where it has led the Courts to deliver the exact opposite of what Parliament intended.

This whole fiasco was triggered when activist Court of Appeal judges issued a ruling in 2003 that customary title might still exist in the foreshore and seabed – which was owned by the Crown under common law. The resulting flood of tribal claims for the coast, forced Helen Clark’s Labour Government to legislate in favour of Crown ownership. The 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act allowed tribal claims for the coast, but as guardians, not owners.

In 2011, at the behest of their Maori Party coalition partner, National introduced the Marine and Coastal Area Act, to repeal Crown ownership and open up the foreshore and Territorial Sea for tribal claims. The new law specified two legal tests: claimed areas had to have been held not only according to ‘tikanga’, but also ‘exclusively’ and ‘continuously’ since 1840.

With ‘ownership’ of the coast the prize, almost 600 overlapping claims flooded in – 200 to the High Court and the balance for direct negotiation with the Crown.

In a landmark decision in the first High Court case, Judge Churchman ruled that holding a claimed area according to ‘tikanga’ was sufficient to justify awarding title to multiple claimants on a ‘shared’ basis.

The Court had elevated the importance of tikanga to the point where the property rights test of whether the claimed area was held exclusively and continuously since 1840, was not even considered.

Since that decision could set a precedent for tribal ownership of New Zealand’s entire coastline, the NZCPR raised the funds to have the case appealed to the Court of Appeal.

That hearing was held in February, and we have now been advised that we should expect a decision any day.  

If the appeal is found in our favour, the property rights test will need to be applied in all Marine and Coastal Area Act cases. But if the original decision stands – that only tikanga is needed to claim ownership of the foreshore and seabed – then almost the entire coastline of New Zealand will fall into tribal hands.

When National introduced the law, they assured the public that customary title would cover only a minority of the coastline. Thanks to tikanga, the exact opposite is the likely outcome.

It is surely the responsibility of National to correct this miscarriage of justice and fix the law.

But at this stage, only New Zealand First is pledging a solution: to repeal the Marine and Coastal Area Act and restore Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed.  

Dr Robinson believes Labour’s ultimate objective is apartheid: “The intention is for an end to democracy. The intended future is set down in the He Puapua report, where the aim is for two unequal systems of government. That would be fully developed New Zealand apartheid… This is a broken country.”

Labour has indeed broken our country. In spite of widespread public opposition, they abolished the democratic right enshrined in law by Helen Clark’s Labour Government for communities to reject Maori wards; they bulldozed through Three Waters to pass control of fresh water from democratically elected councils to tribal groups; they established a Maori Health Authority to prioritise Maori patients over others in greater need; and throughout the whole public service a Maori world view and co-governance now dominates.

On October 14, New Zealand will either continue its decline into an apartheid-ridden tribal backwater, or a new government will begin the process of restoring our nation to the great country we should be.

Let’s hope voters make the right choice!

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*Which parties would you like to see involved in governing the country after the election?
Labour, National, Greens, ACT, New Zealand First, Maori Party, other (please specify)


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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National and Act have some bad policies, but Labour and Green are both far worse.Paul
I think all parties should be written up here its an insult and disrepectful to not include them a s a valid vote ijules
anything else would mean more of the same or probably worse.Stanley
No other parties will treat all “kiwis ” all the same. We want a party who will support our democratic rights & Freedom of Speech!Dominique
NO Co governanceSusan
The Party system is obsolete – needs a revision- re-design.Ross
Labour and the rest of the barstards have run NEW ZEALAND down just about to the point of no returnAlan
NZ Loyal also.Peter
NZ First as first choice. The only party that is campaigning against co-governance and all the other racial policies of the present tribe. I am a Maori electrate voter.Denis
has to beNev
Proven history plus strong idealsClem
Democracy NZ & NZ loyalRosemary
Would like to see NZ first get a few seats plus New nation party with about 6 to stop the government pushing the 2030 reset and also fight to get us out of the UN, WEF etcChris
Most definitely. To use an old expression by lunch time by the New Government National/ACT and New FirstCyril
NZ LoyalVaughan
The labour party has been a disaster in all repects thumbing their noses at anything and everything of Democratic,significance,and treated the voting public with contempted. They have shown no respect for those who put them there.They shall reap what they sow come October.gale
NZ Loyal. By the people for the people. The six on the list are globalists.Lindsay
National is not courageous enough on its own to fix the idealogical rubbish imposed on the country by the current government and that of the government of 2017-2020, and the country therefore needs ACTY involved to remove the more loony tunes policies of the last 6 years to help get this country back on its feet.T
Get rid of the racist Maori Seats and these three are the only ones that can do it.Eric
At least these two would get rid of some of the dumb laws imposed on us by National and LabourJohn
NZ Loyal. A leader who can be trusted, with great policies.Paddy
This has to happen otherwise let’s leave this countryEri
The only choice we have to get rid of the worst govt New Zealand has ever had. People, please wake up.William
I wonder if/how James Shaw’s popularity will be affected in the polls if he is unable to provided proof that he is entitled to hold a MSc from Bath Uni.Allan
None of the major parties deserve to be in Parliament after the elections 2023, as none of them were prepared to face a legitimate protest in early 2022…none of them had the intestinal fortitude to hear the very people who pay their salaries….along with Liebour failing our country SO badly, it will take years, even decades to recover & one can’t help wonder if this was all done deliberately, 6 years of total failure & disasters will be historically remembered…!Bruce
We need National, Act ,NZ first to decimate the worst ever collection of idiots in govt. This current lot are the most racist, undemocratic, lying pack of bastards to ever draw breath. Oxygen thieves. I should be more careful maori cabal may charge us for for oxygen to breath.Kevin m
All the major parties are just WEF puppets or wannabe puppets. After all the lies that were told to the public re the covid “vaccine” safety none of them should be even considered to be rulers of our nation. They should in actual fact be in prison because of the vaccine injuries and deaths that have occurred and still occurring. Many are still pushing for people to have boosters that don’t work and have not been proven to be safe. What are they thinking? Well obviously they are not. Many want to sign our sovereignty over to the World Health Organisation for times of perceived pandemic etc. That is treason in a definition of the word. I could go on and point out many other things that are drastically wrong with the thinking of many of the wannabe politicians. There is not enough space here to do so.Kevin
National is appearing to pander to centralists and undecided lefties, is so doing they have walked away from their foundoing core values. If Luxon continues to uphold maori as indigenous and worthy of extreame wealth transfer based on misguided guilt for supposed past wrongs (never do we hear about recompense for murder and cannibalism) then he is in grave danger of forfeiting the traditional vote as his current sub 60% poll shows. Wake up National, restore democracy or perish.Richard
Together they must have the balls to reverse al co governance arrangements and somehow get the government agencies to realise they are there to serve all the people of New Zealand not just the priviaged few Maori eleteBryan
NZ Loyal is the only party giving me any confidence. Winston Peters is saying the right things pre election but has proven himself to be unreliable post electionMaxine
Seymour and Peters need to shelve their egos and work fot the good of the country. I have eliminated National as I don’t like Luxon’s take on cllimate and go-management.Vic
So long as I can see Winston clearly over the threshold a day before the election he may get my votedoug
I ticked National but have no faith in them particularly their leader.Murray
The party committed to sorting out the Treaty of Waitangi juggernaut. The treaty should be gone, it’s a money grab gravy train for elite Maori.Chris
National and Act for me! Labour, Greens and Maori Party are deadly to this country and should never be allowed to Govern again. The corruption from these parties has been so obvious from the beginning, that it surprises me that people would be stupid enough to vote for Labour/Greens/Maori Party at all.Heather
Time is well overdue… the MARXISTS, LOONIES, AND RACISTS parties, have to be booted into touch, on THE FULL, roll on .. October election!!David
These parties still believe in the premiss that we are all New Zealanders regardless of our race or cultureMorrin
No Need to commentAlbyn
Preferably ACT only but that won’t happenGreg
NOT Labour, Green or Maori. Unfortunately I don’t like Chris Luxon or David Seymour either so there is not much choice left. Maybe NZ First?Kate
The “other” being NZ LOYAL. I don’t fully trust National and/or Act, however because too many people are still sound asleep, we need them to defeat the traitorist Labour party and their cohorts the Greens .Gregor
More Freedom Party involvement – eg NZ Loyal (Liz Gunn).Jackie
we need to go back to “normal” to democratie without any tribal influence.gerard
the minor parties like Democracy NZ and NZLoyal but they need Winston to get over the lineJanet
Need to do something different. Current parties in govt are all tarred with the same brushCharles
National is too close to labourt to be trusted to remove the damage done..Winston sounds good but can he be trustedDavid
Please not Winnie again !!Laurie
Please turn out and vote the lying sods outAlan
Easy answerPeter
NZ First, National, Act Goodbye Maori partyLeon
As long as we repeal the divisive laws that have been passed in the last 6 years and the foreshore of John Key – what ever was he dreaming of – a new flag perhaps!tony
A government containing these two parties is our only hope of re-establishing a united country.Joan
ACT and NZ First are the only ones saying the right things.National or Luxon are not committing to remove co-governance. Ther is a lot to do still.Colin
NZ First is a must under these current circumstancesJeffrey
If they don’t win l shall join the exodus overseasPeter
New Zealand LoyalHelen
National are trying to keep a foot in each camp, and clearly do not understand the Treaty and what the word ‘indigenous’ REALLY means. One man, one vote, irrespective of ethnicity, is the only way we will be able to regain our democracy – and everyone who truly believes this must fight for it, or NZ will be completely lost to Apartheid..Marg
If the (hopefully) new government don’t act to get rid of all the separist policys set up by Labour, , the god help New Zealand.Lorraine
ACT is the only party to suggest they will rid the country of many if not most or all of the co-governance legislation and reverse what has been done to have a non-equal New Zealand citizenshipSally
I never want to see Labour in power again ! And the bastards should ‘swing’ for treason. We need National ,ACT and NZ First . This is not perfect by any means but a vast improvement on the Red mongrels. We are fast reaching the point of a political revolution in this country where more political nonsense will not be tolerated. But who will take the lead and stand for democracy with ONE VOTE, ONE PEOPLE, ONE COUNTRY ?Johm
why people are still thinking the greens is a good idea, I will never knowBJ
After reading the comments on this poll, we’re in the shit up to our eyeballs. Voting the same two parties for ever has led us to the scenario where the only reason for either of the major parties, and supporting minor parties, offshoots of the major parties, to be in the drivers seat is for the added value, added value being, one can increase one’s net worth from $800,000 to $26,000,000 in a vert short period of time, given the right circumstances. The system as it stands, with the voting public caught in the paradigm of “The Truman Show”. Beggers belief the voting public refuses to acknowledge this FACT. “they” are a tag team. “They don’t care how you vote, “they” KNOW in 3 years, 6 years, “they” will be back to steal even more of what few “freedoms” we have left. The only way to change this is to break out of our cozy little world and vote completely differently. Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. NZ Loyal is the only party with HONOURlarry
Becsuse the Labour, Greens and TPM are forcimg a co governance agemda and unequal rights on usDorothy
I don’t think that at this time in history that we New Zealanders have any current or future Politicians that possess the basic pragmatic qualities to deal with all the anti-democratic nonsense that has perpetrated within the fabric of our lives. There are too many flakes that just don’t have the capacity to call a spade a spade and to just get on with the job!Garry.
I would love to see a new minor party come through and make changes, but this election is critical for our nations survival so I cannot waste my vote.James
ONLY NZ Loyal. All the others are hucksterslarry
NZ LoyalDarag
WE must stop the the breakup of the NZ society that labour and the IWI have conspired to achieveJim
Have always been a centre right voter. I have zero faith in Luxon, and Seymour runs with the hounds and the hares. They are both globalists, which is designed to undermine our sovereignty. New Zealand desperately needs a patriot at the moment which leaves me to see Hon. Mr Peters as the best option. Say what you will – you cannot deny that he is a patriot.Bryce
Right wing parties are needed to get New Zealand, NOT Aotearoa, back on democratic track.Allan
Labour,National and Act are all WEF Puppets and governed by what they dictate. Same Horse different Jockey !! Only they will come at their 2030 Agenda in a slightly different way.Geoff
All the main parties are woke and UN puppets so will only continue us down the path to socialism/communism and civil war.David
Not N Z First under any circumstancesPeter
New Zealand Loyal &/or Democracy New Zealand.Geoff
Voting is important but counting the votes in honesty is even more important.Ian
No Socialists, no communists, no apartheidTom
Too many lies from Labour/Greens. Luxon too woke to govern without NZ First.John
NZ LoyalPeter
WInston has had his dayChris
The only way to rescue NZ from insolvencybob
NZLoyal…….This is the only party that will restore the country back to the people and not the globalists.Ngaire
I would ideally like only National and Act however I believe Winston needs to be in the fray as well as National will need to have their feet held to the fire to make the changes we desperately need. Even so, I despair at the blindness displayed by Luxon. For a supposedly intelligent man, he certainly is hiding his intelligence well.Alan
National seems wet and woke and not to be trusted to do what needs to be done. That is to reverse ALL Labour government legislation passed in the last 6 years. They need to eliminate all Maori specific preference from law, drop Maori seats, restore one person one vote representation. They need to drop all climate change nonsense particularly net zero.Richard
even though national and act are still still saying maori are indigenous,we have no real choice,but to go nats,act and New Zealand first,i know ill be voting for Winston,he is the only mp to say that maori are not indigenous,and thats good enough for merodger
This current crowd need to be given the bums rush. We need National and ACT working together focussed on getting rid of everything co-governance related and cutting out the wasted spending by Governent Departments and Ministries on activities that aren’t contributing in a tangible way to New Zealand current and future success. It is time for a complete refocus of the entire public service around key goals in education, health, justice, science, welfare, environment etc that are simple, meaningful and let all New Zealanders get on with life without unnecessary meddling in hiw they go about it or how they should be thinking. Freedom of speech and dissent should be welcomed not actively discouraged, as the proper debate of ideas and views will likely result in the best outcome.for New Zealnd long term.Graham
NZ loyal!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wayne
ACT are the only party that seem to actually answer questions and use basic common sense.Scott
It would appear that overseas people are being warned not to visit NZ on account of the violence being experienced here!Joan
Anybody will be better than Labour. An absolute pack of bastards that will have trouble walking down the street. They wouldn’t even join our Champion Woman’s Rugby team to celebrate on the Parliament Grounds,preferring instead to stay on the 9th floor,knowing full well if they fronted on the street they’d be roasted. Get out of our lives.Alan
None of the UN puppets.Brtyan
All small parties who can’t get enough votes. Kick the greens and maori party OUT completelypeter
Labor, National, Act, Greens are all sold out to and follow instructions from the globalist cabal. Why would anyone vote for these parties? What on earth makes you think that anything will change for the better under any of these people. The only party with the balls to change it all and also to shun all of the corrupt parties listed above is NZLoyal.Mike
NZ Loyal Democracy NZJanet
NZ LoyalMariska
Only one.NZLOYALMike
Only Winnie has the truth for the NZ people. ALL other parties are trying to sell you someone elses lies/agenda, and they dont even live here!Alan
According to the interviews with Luxon, nothing is going to change, he has repeatedly disavowed ACT’s proposal. So I ask, how is it going to change. Bloody wanker this Luxon clown.Sam
Stay right of centreNeville
One person,one vote.Olly
This Labour Govt has divided NZRoss
I never thought that I would want NZ first in government but National is just so woke that I have no confidence. Act showed no leadership during the protest on the mandates and can not be trusted with protecting our freedomsjeremy
I would like to see New ZeaLand LOYAL in volved in governing this Country.Valerie
The system of representative democracy is broken when 26% of eligible voters (2020 election) are not represented at all.Simon
Party politics suck! The opinion below is not perfect but a better democracy we would be. THE DECLARATION of INDEPENDENTS One opinion is as good as another and the opinion favoured by the majority wins – 100 Electorates ; 1 FPP-Elected Prime Minister; 100 FPP-Elected M.P.s.Russ
DemocracyNZ The only party with integrity.John
New ConservativeBruce
although I dont trust National anymore. There is little choice.john
Only party promising an enquirey into mandates and co-governance.Rosalind
New Zealand Loyal Outdoors PartyRobyn
Luxon must stand up and be counted. He absolutely needs to make a firm statement of the direction the country must go in,, including: equality (we are one people), equal democracy, sovereignty of one united nation and freedom of speech (wiping out the false Tiriti restriction). He presents as being far too weak in these areas to date.Murray
would be nz first as well, except winston has demonstrated a poor sense of direction in unleashing the labour goverment on NZTerry
NNP Would suit meColin
We simply have to rid ourselves of Labour, Greens and the Maori parties.Alan
It has to be a National, ACT coalition The thought of a Labour, Greens and Te Pati Moari Government for the next 3 years would only see further damage to NZ and democracy. Very dissappointing to witness Labour stooping so low by running a campaign based on misinformation and disinformation, surely the Nation deserves better than this.Rob
Unfortunately, you just can’t believe Winston Peters. Love the idea that he is against co-governance etc, but at the end of the day, Winston will side with whichever party gives him the most baubles. Sad , but truAnne
We need Winston back as a handbrake against the woke wombles who will be in the next Parliament.Mark
I have added NZ First for the full covid response reviewPrue
The only par ties to openly reject the tarpot agendaSteve
I’d like to think an ACT and National coalition could undo the damage done by labourCath
NZ LoyalRichard
National need to come out and say they will get rid of all the negative things Labour have done and Act need to make sure they do it not just tinker with it.Peter
I think National needs to go as well. Luxton won’t withdraw from the WEF or WHO treaty and without that this country is lostET
Hopefully a National/Act government can restore our democracy quickly before further damage occurs.Graeme
As long as they stop cogovernance, restore democracy, amd reinstate the English language, New Zealand stands a chance of being the great country it used to be.Diana
The national party has abandoned its founding principles and allied itself to the wef. Zero carbon remains top of their agenda and if realised would doom the environment and the economyDominic
National has become to WOKE!! Therefore other parties are needed to keep them honest.Dianne
only Party with the most straightforward and logical solutions to NZ’s many problemslinda
National, Act and NZF have the only manifestos to bring sense back to politics. However it will be a sad day if those three parties start squabbling amongst themselves like children in a school yard.Dennis
NZ Loyal is the party that I feel has the best values. Though it is a new party it is getting traction and the policies that Liz Gunn is advocating is gaining traction.Carol
I think national and act are both pretty women, but we need them to get labour out. Winston could help and some of the minor,parties Imwould vote for but feel it will be a wasted vote, this time round anywayGail
I might add that I have ‘Reservations’ about including National!J J
National needs a large enough majority to keep the radical left out.Paloma
Labour, Greens and Maori Party will destroy our country completely if they are allowed back into government. They have assisted in every way possible to dig New Zealand into a black hole. Sensible government is needed to turn our lovely country around – back to a productive, happy home land that we can all be proud of!Lauree
Sadly, it is not clear of National has enough backbone to get rid of the race-based legislation already partially implemented.duncan
the rest are the cause of the problemGiles
I applaud their stance.Rob
Can’t trust Peters, but like some of his policies.Ian
I want to see a government that, through its policies, encourages and rewards people who take personal responsibility for all aspects of their lives.Mark
My mother who died when she was 98, only ever made one political statement and that was was, never trust the communists. How right she is. As has been proven since Karl Marx, communists must never be allowed near power, no matter what they call themselves.Hugh
None of the other 5 parties are addressing excessive deaths, vaccine injured. They are all corrupt and cannot be trustedChrissy
Very obvious to me that we need a coalition of National, Act, NZ First. Winston and Shane can sort the thieving cousins out and the consensuses with Act will give us some common sense that has been very lacking with the Red Communist’s that have destroyed NEW ZEALAND and split the country. Unbelievable how they have stuffed the country by stealth. John Key had the balls to put the flag referendum out to the population for comment, not tell everyone what he had done while we were asleep in bed. And the red witch is being overpaid for the reast of her life sucking up to the world as to how great she is. Hello time to stand up and throw this lot into the sea with no life boats.jeff
Democracynz stands for all the issues that are important to NZCPR Matt King will very likely win Northland seat such is his popularity in the Nth.with electorate vote. National is NOT the paty it was founded on. It will be a National,ACT, DNZ coalitionBrett
The others are a wasted voteEvans
We need a very strong administration now to get us back to proper and full democracyGraeme
Just get it done & bye, bye Labour/Greens/Maori partiesJohn
No other choiceJeremy
Labour and their ragtag partners would be a total disaster for this country. We must kick them out now.Rob
Luxon can not be trusted. He is far to aligned with John Key, & his disgusting racist agenda. ACT with NZ-First forming a government, with National as a Minor component would be ideal. Aint going to happen though, as the voters still think & vote for the label, will give them the change that is desperately needed.A.G.R.
I would like to see the parties working together but Act isn’t looking like an easy partnerJean
National. Act and NZ First so Peters makes sure Co Governance is eliminated and all election promises are kept.Wayne
They are the best of a bad arse butch sad to say.Sven
This grouping although fraught with a lot of difficulty would give us the best chance to reverse all the hideous “Maorification” being pushed on us all.Murray
Must stop co government. and have equal rights for all Kiwi..Neil
Must be a coalition of at least two of the parties I listed to stop the bad policies being made law but the one major partyRoy
National and ACT. Act to give National some Backbone. Co-Governance and all the other Maori favouritism legislation must be rescinded.Ted
Preferably with national a minor.Mick
As one of the election slogans say, ” Lets take the Country back!” Ditch the Treaty of Waitangi as well!Peter
any party that has not been a part of the current disaster masquerading as a parliament. I would like to see a clean sweep of the Beehive… I would vote for any party who would get NZ out of the clutches of the various globalist entities that have been making our lives steadily worse for decades. And pronto… we don’t have much time before this would not be possible. NZ Loyal’s policies are worth looking atJenny
You lot are full of s*** and biased just as much as most other commentators.Wilson
If Winston could be relied upon there would not only be a place for NZ First, his policy positions would be great. But reliable he is not.Doug
Definately NOT Lbour but I am interested in the Act Party with NZ First a last resort as I feel Winston let us all down last time.Barbara
National have no clear values, vision or goals – and very little backbone. They approach is of appeasement. Labour are old Soviet socialists. The Greens are into social engineering on an epic, woke scale, and who would trust Winston!Gary
The others are not worth TutaeLionel
Only then would Luxon have to take note of Act!Sandra
What a shambles labour, the greens and the Maori party have left to us here. Bloody hell what a way to destroy a country.Fraser
We have to STOP all this racist and apartheid turnaround from those in power at the moment.Laurie
Need Act to give the Nats some spine.Mike
Only a Nat/ACT Government has the capacity capability and most importantly the will to repair our society.Grant
NZ LoyalDerrick
I wish the whole lot of the above were voted out. They have all proven to be either traitors to the people, destroyers of our freedoms and rights or just down right useless.Christine
No political party who chose to ignore the parliament protesters and thereby undermine and marginalize their message deserves to be a part of a democratically elected government.Paul
I am still considering Act but am wary.Richard
We need smart economic management of our country. And get rid of co-governance. One county – one people.Greig
our only hopeRobin
Our country is so broken. None of the current mob in the house work for us the people. So we all need to wake and only vote those that know they are our servanetsAngus
National as a centrist party but with emphasis on self-reliance not welfare dependency, with government assistance to those who truly need it. Act to provide the courage and firmness needed to restore New Zealand to economic and social health.Scott
NZ Loyal all the way!Wayne
National,Act& NZF. Labour have been the biggest losers to have ever governed NZ.They adopted a Maori approach to govern the country. Never tell the truth, always make misleading announcements, pretend to be indigenous and never be accountable for your mistakes.Steve
National and ACT sourly will give us the best option of recovering from Aderns apartheid /communist leanings. I would love to support Liz Gun with the loyal party but sadly id is too risky to consider National/ACT saving our once beautiful and well balanced society . Sorry Liz next election if National are too woke ,you will definitely get a big swing to you.Ray
Anything different to this reflects the ignorance of a sizeable part of our voting population.Tom
A massive swing to the “Right” is needed to clean up this “Train smash”Roger
I have voted National for years and this year I leaning towards ACT. Dont want to see Labour with any power for the next 20 years…Carl
All other parties are corrupt and weak. Not one parliamentarian had enough guts to come out and speak to the protesters on Parliament grounds so none deserve a vote. Neither National or Act had any guts so they don’t deserve our vote. I will not vote for anyone who was in parliament. They are not worthy.Kath
Labour a lying disgrace to the people of NZPeter
National must repeal the Marine and Coastal Area Act and restore Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed. They must also remove the numerous “principles of the Treaty” from all existing legislation and restore the names of government departments and agencies top their English namesKerry
ACT and NZ First [if they make it] MUST force National to undo the mess of the past six years of misgovernment New Zealand has been subjected to, and restore NZ to the proud, free, world leading democracy it once was.Rodger
I am strongly opposed to any form of co-governance. Any one born in NZ is indigenous to NZ. All maori seats should be abolished and all citizens be on the general roll. There is no difference between Maori and everybody else. We are all people who are citizens of this country.John
New Conservative Party have the only policies for getting this country back on track. Every other party has policies which will drag the country backwards.Brian
For my grandchildren I hope New Zealanders see the light.Barry
It will take the combined effort of Act and NZ first to fix the lies that corrupt Maori have now even infested National with. Maori are not and never have been indigenous to NZ. That lie and all the law built on it must be removed from the stature books. If Maori don’t like it and can’t handle the fact that they are no different to other New Zealander, and have no right to special treatment, then they are free to go find some other country to try to corrupt and ruin with their mindless tribal anchor.Steve
The current treacherous govt has to go…NOWAndrew
Repeal the Marine and Coastal ActPenina
It is so significant that the current lot cannot campaign on their ‘record’ Q!!michael
National need Act and NZ First to keep them on track as they are not coming out strongly enough against co-governance,tribal elite takeover of NZ and the emissions trading act based on false data and RMA ruled by Iwi Elite not NZERS.Brenda
Keep NZ First out – Winnie is a menaceChester
MMP is a weak government but it what we havegraham
I would like to see Act get in with a 25% plus vote to keep the Nats in line as I don’t totally trust themPeter
We must reject apartheid and promote One New Zealand.John
Ideally a coalition between NZ First and the Greens to give: (1) A firm commitment to democracy, equality of rights and opportunities, freedom of speech and a return to a neutral media; (2) an end to neoliberalism and a return to a more equal society by making wages a fair compensation for work done rather than hugely unequal and unjust wages countered by redistribution through social welfare to counterbalance the inequalities of corporate welfare, (3) A commitment to retaining our public commons (National Parks, all conservation areas, and beaches) as public commons with free and unfettered public access for all and with their management being determined by all within the bounds of law focused on principles of conservation and free and equal access for all, (4) Strong, fast action to mitigate the risks of climate change, (5) Strong environmental protections. , (6) proper funding of scientific research and academic institutions; commitment to academic freedom and removal of need to go along with unscientific ideology in order to keep your job and access funding. We need fast and strong action on climate change but I worry that the current fractured loyalties within the Greens would result in other vested interests hindering and slowing true pragmatic action. A NZ First majority with James Shaw as climate change minister and giving James significant autonomy within that area (but within the constraints of a equal democracy that did not allow race based capture of governance) would be ideal.Lara
Can’t trust Peter’s.Jeff
NZ should stay in the hands of NZers not maorigraeme
we need ACT to light a bomb under National and avoid another Labour-light National GovernmentSteve
Let’s get our New Zealand back on track Not with Chris who is in it for you Ray
Act to keep National honest!Mark
Go the BluesIan
There is only one choice if we want to save New Zealand from apartheid.Russ
its our last chance We are in deep deep trouble and the possibility of a huge CIVIL disturbance is a real possibilitybill
NZ Loyal. None of the sitting MPs deserve to be re-elected.Elizabeth
It is the way I am thinking.David
Any party which is anti Maoris or co-governance or anything to do with partnership with government. Preferably one which will reassess the value of The Treaty of Waitangi and get back to majority rule.Peter
Time for a big chance, failure after failure.Noeline
Any party other than the Labour-Green-TePatiMaori coalition!!!Warren
yes, yesDELLREA
In the order tickedlindsay
Make Winston a Minister in a National led Govt to push back on all the Maori washing and co-goverance issues. Make Seymour Deputy PMJohn
Its doubtful now that any government is going to be able to undo all the damage that has been done by Labour. Lets hope there is a massive change otherwise I believe the future of NZ looks bleakLawrie
The racist apartheid high jacking of NZ democracy & rewriting of NZ history particularly by Maori elite needs to be stopped immediately and reversed. NZ’rs are all equal.Greg
Strong Leadershipjill
Really fed up with the money wasting tactics of the current government and their apartheid aaproach.june
TOP all the way – none of the others have any fresh (or sensible) ideasdave
Approaching $200 billion in debit, rated 159th performing country in the world, USA, China plus many other countries in financial trouble. Droves of young talented people leaving the country – I’m deaply concernedBill
It’s a must Labour OUTRita
ACT must have sufficient power to shift and strengthen National’s weakness. Or ACT should replace National in three years time.Peter
A broken country indeedSiobain
There are no real alternatives. Labour has been totally divisive.Ian
Labour must go. I don’t necessarily agree with all the other parties’ promises or agendas, but they/ve got to be better than the other parties. and Labour must go.Sheila
Only NZ First and ACT together would be able to get rid of co-governance. Labour and the Greens would be more of what is happening now and National would be too scared to do anything because they might loose the Maori vote.Frank
We need those three parties who have a deferent balance regarding race and Maori need to be put back in their place and for one vote one person to be restored . This Government and the Maori elite have destroyed this country.ken
No MaorisDavid
Vote NZ Loyal. The only party with clear cut policies that not only identifies the problems but also offers solutions to fix them!! Go NZ Loyal xxxTreena
If things don’t change, civil conflict is inevitableDoug
To be brutally frank – none of them! MMP has brought us to this, in my opinion. Given the present state of affairs, a change of government would be akin to replacing a defective part in a broken down machine with one which is slightly less defective because that is all that we have available! Radical change is required, otherwise the damage that has already been done will only become worse over time. NZ Loyal is the only party that seems to have the courage to bring this about – I can only wish them well, given the present climate of political confusion that exists at the moment!Scott
Will cut government spending to the bare essential.Neville
N.Z. First are only ones speaking out loud and clear against co governance,National needs to work with themChris
Democracy NZHugh
National seems shaky.Eileen
If Peters had not been such a selfish bastard in 2017 we would not be in this mess. However he is talking the right thinking and deserves to be there.Andrew
Act is the only party actively opposing the isues raised in your excellent articleTom
Leighton Baker Party for meSarah
First choice National alone, second choice National and ACT, third choice National, ACT, NZ First.Terry
Disappointed there’s no TOP optionLucas
As well have Winston on confidence and supply and Minister of Maori affairs outside cabinet.Mike
I donot like what Luxon is not saying, I hope that DNZ can getpast the line but i now doubt it, all small parties need to get togetherPhil
What should really happen is that the lot of the current politicians get soundly kicked to the curb and a new crop of politicians that actually care about New Zealand take officeTerry
I will never vote for Labour, National, Green’s or Maori. Useless, racist,corrupt parties.Barbara
I’m disappointed Dr. Newman has said a vote for a minority party is wasted and will be divided amongst the major parties proportionally. The Electoral Commission say this is not so. Who is now telling the truth? What is the definition of insanity? doing the same thing and expecting something different! Isn’t that what voting labour and or national is what happens, we flip flop between labour and national government, expecting the one or the other to do something different and guess what we get more of the same! Luxon has lied to us about not knowing about WEF, he admires Obama, another liar, he brags about visiting B Gates, a criminal hellbent on reducing the human population. He gave up a multi million dollar job to be a politician for peanuts. His job in parliament is to continue labour’s destruction of New Zealand. A vote for labour, national or act is a vote for more of the same destruction of this country! Many people would like to vote for a smaller party but are put off by talk of their vote being wasted and shared around other parties and that puts people off, either voting at all or they go for the same old same old insanity. We need fresh blood in Parliament, people who will get rid of controlling bureaucrats and overreaching laws and who don’t have puppet strings attached. There is a party saying the right things, New Zealand Loyal is not mentioned but are saying the right things, Liz Gunn has spent the last three years helping disadvantaged people. People disadvantaged by a tyrannical, criminal government, happy to destroy peoples lives and businesses for the profit of corrupt pharmaceutical companies and back handers to themselves, like Ardern’s sudden increase in wealth, by about 25 times it seems. Look what happened in the Netherlands a minority party, the farmers party, came from behind and now leads the way. Vote with your heart, vote for what this country needs, a fresh start, new faces, new ideas! Same old same old takes us to oblivion!peter
We must return NZ to a democratic society. Remove co governance and repeal three waters and all the other laws Labour forced through with their majority. It was a very bad day when Ardern became PM.Laura
We need all the support we can to abolish apartheid.Murray
With enough ACT to Activate National to get rid of much of the work/damage done by Labour.Lionel
Labour and the mad Greens are just nasty self serving communists, and though he espouses much common sense it is a sad fact that Winston is lying when his lips are moving. NZ needs to reset itself to democratic principles and ditch the crazy ideas on race, climate, and alphabetized gender diversity.Bob
I still don’t trust NZF because of past actions. Mr Peter’s says all the things that the public want to hear. I don’t hear much in the way of policy.Elizabeth
National looks as if it needs to have its back strongly stiffened on fully recapturing our Democratic system and fully unwinding and dismantling ALL vestiges of Maorification .Hugh
Fingers crossed they get to govern NZ can’t do another minute of the current regimeDianne
Who can trust any others?Bruce
time for massive changebarry
common sense must prevail !!Brian
We should be so luckyRussell
ACT needs to form a government with National to drag them more ‘right’. ACT are correctly – we do need real change.Glenda
Though it doesn’t look like “making the grade” New Conservative has some excellent policies as well.Ted
Everything labour has touched is broken.Don
Only hope after JacindaLGF
I would like to see accounatability for this lapsed govt and the coup.Kevin
We need a government to focus and deliver positive outcomes on our: economy, police, health, and education.Gavin
NZ First only for supply and agreementShaun
Anything to get the Reds out of decision makingWarren
A big jo for them, but they NEED to restore democracy in New ZealandAnn
To prioritize democracy and free speech. To stop wasting money on racial division and woke ideologiesMichael
New Zealand First has the only real Statesman and capable leader to fix our country.noel
i personally think new conservatives have a lot to offer but could be a wasted votejohn
Would like to see Act get a bigger share of the votes to prevent National doing the same old thing and become similar to Labour!Dominic
Any party that will remove us from the UN agendas and let us govern to NZers principlesStephanie
NZLoyal. The only party to state they will take us out of all global controlling organisations i.e. WHO, UNundefined
We need political parties to strongly implement a democratic Elected GovernmentBrenda
Change is so neededWiebke
sick to death of old parties lying blatantly to our face. we need new people, new solutions and an acknowledgement that we are all one country one vote. no race should be superior to another. makes me feel sick.Marie
Luxon is spineless, believes in jabs for everyone and is a globalist. Seymour is a would be dictator, two faced and loves the WEF, WHO and UN. His potential candidates have woken up to him and are deserting the party. Don’t trust Seymour, who talks out both sides of his mouth. I actually trust Winston this time round, and I’m encouraged to see Liz Gunns NZLoyal getting some impressive candidates together, hopefully rising in the polls, and the policies of her party are what NZers are crying out for. Shame she has left her run so late and of course the media think she’s a dirty word and won’t mention NZLoyal.Carolyn
Return of DemocracyJohn
Maybe ????? NZ First, with any other party, but for “SURE” none of the other parties that you have mentioned, as there are all the same, full of “LIES and DECEITFULLNESS”.Richard
What a mess that will need to be sorted. Too many parties in government and any chance of decent reform will be lost.Tim
National & Act need NZ First for the input of some common sense reasoning in decision-making – they are both weak in that respect!!russell
By 100% because these other ass wipes have no idea, and the sooner they are gone the better, and the I.W.I TRIBE, (the I WANT IT TRIBE), should never be aloud to enter parliament ever again, and i hope the people of this country remember the trouble they have caused by spitting this country in two. Get out and stay out, the rest of this country don’t need your way of governance. ONE VOTE, ONE PEOPLE, ALL NEW ZEALANDER’S, ALL ENGLISH , NO BULL SHIT.COLIN
Labour worst, National not much better! Too many career politicians,after power and money! Not enough people there for the right reasons! Need more states men [ and women ].norman
Freedoms NZ have a lot going for them. Great unity. Act do not acknowledge jab issues along with National. The country is in a mess. Winston for Prime Minister.Keith
National are not hard line enough on reversing the racist policies introduced by Labour. They will try to appease the electorate by staying more ‘centre’ but the centre has actually moved far to the left under Labour. ACT and (dare I say the untrustworthy NZ First) actually have policies that would bring us more to the previous centre.Martin
I have little confidence in National to make it right. Act is thankfully doing well in the polls, but not enough to lead and now Winston is speaking the truth about the Maori bogus claims he has my attention. The racist Maori supremacists will put up a fight so it won’t be an easy fix. If the mainstream media want to survive they have a lot of apologising to do for their part in this division of New ZealandKirke
We definitely need to fix this Broken CountryLesley
National and ACT with ACT with enough clout to force National into into making decisions regarding protecting our legislation from racial separatism. National is silent on anything that hints of standing up against the current tirade of the Maori elite who want to take this country back to tribalism and the warriors of utu.Creed
One person one voteWietske
Act and NZ first are openly anti co goveranceNigel
Others are too soiled by WEF mindsetGill
I hate what Labour has done to this country, National is for the rich people and dont give a damn to beneficiaries, pensioners, people living on the edge. Winston keeps them honest, he’ll ferret out lies and secrets. So I hope he gets in. Apart from that I think the two major parties are bad news.Kerin
Winston is needed to maintain a stable balance in Government as unfortunately the National party in its current state is still somewhat woke in nature. If Luxon can grow a set then things may be turned around from the disastrous and extremist crap that Ardern and her ilk have lumbered us with for the last 7 yearsKen
NZ needs good honest and strong leadership, making decisions based on facts.RICHard
I don’t want to give one party absolute majority. Winston might be a leveler!Doug
It’s more strong people with common sense.Helen
A National government with a strong Act party and the wise voice of Winston Peter’s is what New Zealand needs nowPeter
NZ First is ESSENTIAL as Luxon still favours co-governance, ACT’s policies on that are very weak, but Peters will speak out strongly to keep Luxon on target.Ross
If New Zealand does not return to a true Democracy where ALL citizens are treated as equals, Then NZ will sink into a state of Apartheid, chaos, and anarchy, and civil war.Bryan
No party could be as bad as the current communist lot that are dictating life to us all at present.Tony
Get back to democratic processes and govt with real policy and not woke based and apartheid type policyBruce
And I am convinced this will happenJane
The only party which has policies with which I totally agree is ‘New Conservative’. Unfortunately, they are very unlikely to get into parliament.Tony
Other being NZ LoyalMichele
The only parties to consider to get the country balanced again.Ann
Prefer ACT to be the main player as National is becoming too left leaning.Barbara
The only party prepared to lay bare its plans to remove the apartheid instilled on this Country by Ardern and HipkinsDon
NZ Loyal is the” other”David
Clearly ACT can’t govern alone but I have little confidence in the woke leaders of the National Party and their adherence to the false gods of climate change and the mRNA vaccination program. I sincerely hope NZFirst do NOT become part of the next government. Peters is completely self-serving and it beggars belief that just over 5% of voters think he’s a good bet again. However, I do respect Casey Costello who will likely lead the party in the near future – but not yet! The next great challenge, assuming we get a Nats/ACT government is to knock National into shape as a fit-for-purpose centre-right party….or knock it out.Derek
It’s not a case of choosing who is best in New Zealand, to run our country. It’s a case of choosing who is the least bad.Brenda
God save New ZealandAlan
National, Act and NZ First. NZ First has now a chance to make up for their horrible mistake to have joined Labour in 2017 and hence helped to bring along the worst Government ever. Now WP can redeem himself and deliver proof that he can do better. As for the other lot : they can go to hell.Michael
With a large majority over opposition.Graham
Certainly National and Act, but Winston might give them a little backbone.Robbie
Some people have been a wee bit hasty to reject NZF as a partner. Time to reassesss.Barend
ACT in whom I have most faith in maintaining democracy and actively assisting workers, disallowing apartheid. However concern for foreign buyers and foreign developers not advantageous to NZers just to foreign buyers and developers. We need starter homes affordable for our young people – How is that so hard? and NATs just for some experience to assist ACTLeeanne
Losing faith in ACT because of loony ideologies of some of the now dismissed candidates. Makes me question their vetting process.athole
only one with a bit of senseChris
No other parties have shown they can believed.Phil
I’d love only ACT but that would never happen. Luxon needs to grow a pair.Steve
DemocracyNZ has all the policies to address the issues you raiseDanny
That arrogant ginger heade3d little shit need his nose rubbed in the mess that He, Adern, Robertson and the Labour Party created. He is hanging on to 3 waters and his apartheid health system like grim death and here’s hoping it will be their death. Made a big deal over their “free” dentistry care. It is not free. Nothing is free. You will be paying for it in increased taxes. If you think Mr Rich will hang around and pay it for you, dream on. I hear DOC are handing out bonuses in their own form of PC nonsense to staff who learn Te Reo. Up to $3.5k.. Time to sack their management. And on a new twist to the old fencibles that used to guard the Auckland isthmus against hostile Maori incursion, apparently Auckland will now have 4 little safe zones, where you can go on your big night out to feel safe. I guess the guards there will be running around with “New Fencible” badges on. What a bloody joke.Terry
NZ first only one witha pledge on sea bedthomas
At 75 and living through the past two years, I will never vote for Labour, the Greens or the Native parties. I have little faith in Act as I see NZ First being the only party advocating to scrape He Puapua which will destroy NZ even more.Reg
Red is out.Unfortunately blue is too close to the cancer that was running the Reds, so, no MEANINGFUL change. Gotta have fresh new blood that will rid the country of the outside control that is existing now. Blue/Act will not do this.Dave
The power of minor parties is our only hope to turn the tide .Mike
Give us a decent right wing governmentClive
Anything else would be a complete disasterKevin
Other than National AND ACT we are TOTALLY f..cked. Any vote for other than these two is a PLUS for labour (small L). Pleez do it. Brian
None of the current “tainted, complicit parties” are going to do what is really needed to get our country back to one law for all under one flag, irrespective of race , colour or creed. All these current parties, since 1975, have brought us to this situation, by design IMO, and may tinker, but will not cut out the cancer. We the people deserve better than this.neil
NZ Loyal all the way! I want a government I can trust to uphold the needs and rights of the people! Not one of the parties in government currently ,can be trusted! We need a ballot box revolution to NZ Loyal!lisa
I know Seymore dosnt like Peters and I am am angry he ever went with Labour in 2017 but his imput would help keep Act and National in line.Des
My candidate vote will probably go to Matt King and Democracy NZ. Party Vote – ?Roger
NZ LOYalHans
Act will eliminate duplicated government departments based on race. Put and end to debates about the Treaty once and for all. Put forward plans to bring back strict lae and order where it is about the victim and not the criminal, cancel these cultural reports and make a more fair justice system. Health to be based on need and not race.Peter
National is being devious about co-governance. Calling it co-management doesn’t make it any different. We’ve had enough of lies and deceit!Lee
national act nz firstwarwick
We need Winston in the mix to make sure previous National policy is repealed. Never again should we have one party run rough-shod over our country.Sue
Labour, Greens and Maori need to go. They have ruined New Zealand.Vaughan
National need to work with Act and sort the broken country and clean up labours mess and move and restore NZ to the great country it wasPeter
Stop co governance nowDavid
Good question to ask your polls is how many voters are thinking of leaving NZ if Labour is back in government?Pavithra
I will never trust the labour party againWarren
National needs more aggressive coalition partners. They are scared to stick their necks out at the moment.Wayne
If you want to save our country the order of the new governing parties should be National, NZ First, Act. Anything else and we will struggle to keep this country alive!Robin
NZ LoyalGraham
My preference is for ACT as being the only party that truly represents the values of the general populousJohn
I never thought I would vote this way. Always been a Labour voter but, times change and I so honestly and passionately believe in one vote one person and free speech.Sande
The only parties with Economic sensePierre
none of current 5Collin
Easily the party with least government interference, most Libertarian and best economic ideas. Without a good economy, all other promises are merely nice to haves. National is too close to Labour and doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the UN, WEF.Geoff
Not the best but its all we have got to get rid of the worts labour Govt everDavid
Labour got too cosy with Maori.Kevin
National maybe can win alone NZers are so tired of this present regime. We need clear and undivided government ACT can and will support NationalBeryl
Unfortunately under national nothing will change as run by UN,WHO.WEF All paid off corrupt puppetsGreg
Co governance has to cease and a combo of one people in New Zealand thinking is needed. Ethnicities should be lauded but secondary to democracy for All. Treaty claims should cease they are just a gravy train for alleged Maori.Sharron
Labor and the Greens are certanly not capable of governing the country as has been demonstrated. Too much wrapped up in maori and climate ideologies.Anthony
I have a word for Ms Ardern…EVIL.Geoff
EVERY Globalist must be wrenched from their seats and disposed of, as a priority.Coral
God help us if we vote the Great Charlatan Peters in Government. The new Government will have enough on their plate fixing this country without dealing with Peters BS.Brenton
Freedoms NZMoana
I’ve voted ACT since their inception but Seymour has lost the room, he’s shown all his bluster about free speech and personal autonomy was just hot air. He’s a globalist and will sell their lies to be part if the club.Alastair
We need a change for the betterMurray
We need radical decisions for radical problems.Ken
I’m generally not in favour of coalition parties [look at the Liberal/NDP farce in Canada for reasons] but ACT will force thru some policies to address the Maori centric rule under Labor and turn the tide against the Maori elite – he will be able to do that being part Maori himself. A pox on Winston Peters- he’s to blame for the last 6 years of socialist rule – hopefully he will never darken Parliaments door [along with Ardern et al] again.Alwyn
NZ First is the only common sense party. Winston Peters is able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to governing NZ and is driven by what is good for all NZ not what is only good for the party or fulfilling a globalist agenda.Robyn
Less woke than others. We can no longer trust the wets in national and this is to important to leave to chanceBarras
Only Act can be trusted. National started the Iwi rot we have today.Trevor
I add NZ First because of their policy to revoke many of the racial policies I put in place by Labour. Act should keep National in line.Marilyn
These 2 parties should have the power to get some common sense in politics. Not so sure the Nats aren’t a bit woke.Neville
Need NZ First to keep National honest.Ray
It is important that ACTs representation be as strong as possible – ideally at least a third of the new government – to prevent national backsliding on the the necessary bold reforms.David
Somehow we need to rid ourselves of the apartheid state that has been created and perhaps rid the country of MMP as well.Chris
A landslide victory to National & Act will certainly help our NZ to recover from probably the worst Government in NZ history !!Andrew
NZ Loyal PartyAngela
National & Act will be the next Government. But if Winston gets above 5% he could be approached to take over the Minister to Maori to stop Maori privilege and bring us all together again as equals and one New Zealand nation.Eric
Other being NZLoyal. The party that has the people at heart. The transparency and lack of fear is to be commended. 1% tax policy on purchases seems the fairness way to obtain large funds to run our country. The apartheid in this country to be stopped. Policy and representation for ability and not race based without earning it.Andrina
TOP has an interesting approach with some or their policies.Iain
National might need to be used only to make up the numbers. Too woke to goveren.John
New ConservativesRay
We need a massive correction in direction back to true Democracy.I believe it will take the combination of these 3 parties to ensure such change. National has not shown to me they have a full grasp of the damage they and the Labor party have done over a number of years.Marty
Only NZ Loyal would give us good Government. A real Peoples Representative Government that works on behalf of New Zealand People. The present lot are Gobalist’s, selling us out to the U.N,. W E F and W H O.John
And at least 20% for ACTRobert
Probably National and NZ FirstKate
Only a National ACT government can undo the dreadful damage done by the Labour/Green/Maori triumvirate!Mike
The choices you present should be checkboxes, not mutually exclusive Radio Buttons. I want a National,Act and NZ first coalition.Andrew
Only NZF promises to destroy the woke toxic nonsense poisoning the country. All the rest are complicit or too cowardly to do much.John
Want National/Act but poll wouldn’t allow the combinationPatricia
And these candidates were ‘schooled’ in NZ before the education system was screwed over… as nowmargaret
Act is the only party seriously discussing the social damage inflicted by Labour.Dave
NATIONAL, NZ FIRST, ACT. Let us hope that all New Zealanders VOTE to get rid of the labour party altogether.William
To get the country back on track we need National /Act but having said that I am still not convinced that they have the best interest of NZ at heart. We need to separate ourselves from the WEF, UN and WHO and not be ruled by there AgendasVivienne
I’ve chosen ACT as they appear to be the only party that have promised to restore the mess that labour has gotten us into, i.e. , be repealing all legislation passed by labour putting maori interests front and centre while leaving the rest of New Zealand out. The rest of us will, of course, be expected to pay the continuing costs associated with apartheid, ultimately to everyone’s detriment. As a country, we are in deep shit. The only way to get out of it is to come together with goals and aspirations common to us all and work together to defeat the problems that we, collectively, are faced with. “United we stand, divided, we fall”Trevor
NZ Loyal is the ONLY party to demonstrate understanding of, and commitment to address the elephant in the room. The UN, WHO and WEF are steering NZ domestic policy and pushing us down a a dark path.Vanessa
NZ First, Act and National on the treasury benches and hopefully the “Children’s” Party and the Apartheid Party will be gone!David
NZ First is the only party that ticks all my boxes. ACT next and National a disappointing 3rd. Going to need all three I suspect.John
National and. ACTHugh
NZ Loyal should be listedMaureen
NZ Loyal will lead the way, read their policies for NZ , there has been none like them before so why would anyone consider the same old garbage being reinstated yet again. I was very disappointed to see NZCPR didn’t even include them on this most important upcoming election….shame on you for not even being aware of what is about to occur in our sleepy hollow.fred
None have the strength or resolve to govern strongly or effectively.Mark
real changebruce
Get rid of all Maori names of Goverment departments. Get rid of all Maori language on all TV broadcasts, news, weather etc.Maori is NOT an Tinternational language. ENGLISH is NZs language, Maori should be confined to the Marae and NOT used in our schools. I have had enough of the Maori destabilisation of NZ. Ardern has a lot to answer for, her communist doctrine has Pervaded this country.Tribes are communist entities, no wonder she embraced Maoridom!Claire
National ActMurray
National is Labour light. They signed the UN convention on indigenous rights and the foreshore and sea bed act. Total disasters and no word on fixing their Cockups.Darren
Anything but labour/greensPatricia
Obviously National and Act but I would like to see NZ First there to give Chris Luxon a wheel alignment as he is just too nice and needs someone with a bit of mongrel in them to guide him along the way.Remember he is going to have to deal to mongrels to get us back on our feet. In time I would also like to see Jacinda and the whole Labour Party plus a few MSM bosses charged with treason and put away for about 20 years. ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLEbrian
If Labour rule again, this country will end up more of a third world country than it is now, only apartheid is added into the mix. I shudder and fear for the next generation.Joan
The latest idiocy is considering co-governance for the Human Rights Commission which will give effect to the mangled treaty. Human Rights should stand above any Treaty and are supposed to be for all humans.Perce
We must get rid of this ruinous government. In my 8 decades of living in this country, this Labour government is the worst I have experienced.Laraine8
NZ LoyalPhil
And Act. Can’t trust NZ FirstJohn
Can only select one . Act must govern with National to ensure that National stay right of centrekeith
National and ActNev
Act/NZ First/NationalKay
We reject any form co governanceDavid
A National ACT Government is urgently required to bring this Country back from becoming third world and sliding into Tribal rule. We need to get rid of Labour and their dictatorship policies of division based on ethnicity. New Zealand not Aotearoa which they had no mandate to change our country’s name either.June
And NationalJo
ACT is really the only party that matches mostly what I see as important for NZ. Unfortunately National are far too timid with their race policies. I predict ACT will get 25 seats.Roger
NZ LoyalFin
Will need National and Act.Barry
Not an easy choice , you need Nationals clout to remove labour from the electorates but Act to challenge the Treaty and ethnicity in our laws.Graeme
NZ Loyal seems to have the most all-inclusive and logical policies, but they would best be included in a National-Act partnership.Alan
National for finance and act for maori stuffBeverley
The possibility of the loss of our current democracy is the single biggest issue that must be resolved and New Zealanders failing to appreciate this single issue do so at their perilStan
ACT and National to form a Govt. Your selection only allows one party to be chosen. Apart from the last disastrous election we need to have at least 2 parties working together.annabelle
Really hard to chose. But we will go for the party that stands up for women’s rights and freedom of speech. National is not very good. Maybe we move to Australia!Chaq
Choice is plural which is not poss.I wish to tick NZ First,National and GreensRae
ACT party as well but I have to say it appears they come across as the right wing of the same bird! They both align with WEF. which is a red flag. Their lack of acknowledgment of vaccine injured and the deaths alongside the science and numerous evidenced that has come to light about the concerns and lack of efficacy of Vax and the recuperations in the future of public health is of enormous concern. Luxon seems to fawn and pander over Bill Gates- I feel whim should be charged with crimes against humanity and Seymour who refuses to answer any questions of mandates and vac and refers many times to people going down the rabbit hole or conspiracy which is just so tiring listening to that old chestnut. It was all illegal. Now WHO has released info that winter seasons will affect the over 90 % of vaxxed people and it perhaps the vaxxed need to be in the quarantine to protect others. If the WEF UN and WHO agenda could be talked about more with transparency and clarity on the impacts it will make the decision to whom I vote will be easier.Angela
Urgent damage control with a massive instant start to rebuild our lost Democracy is demanded….”National/ACT you will be in command of this mission ” Do you copy that ?Chris
Only a substantial ACT contribution can keep National from erring toward the chaos that Labour has imposed. The choice is actually ACT wih National.charles
I’d like to see National leading a new Government with ACT and NZF both there to give them a spine!Jim
National, NZF and ACT, with NZF and ACT forcing the Nats to tackle the big issues that they don’t really want to address such as a climate change policy review and getting rid of everything to do with co-governance. Karl
What a disaster of a government Labour has been. They deserve a ‘wipeout’ election result. And the worst of all is Jacinda Ardern. It makes me sick to see how she’s treated as a hero in other countries, when she’s left her own in such a mess.Judith
National and ACT will hopefully have the numbers to form a government – with Winston Peters on the cross benches to keep them honest!Paul
Your article has hit the nail on the head. This Labour Government is the worst ever. And to think some people want a four year Parliamentary term instead of three – imagine how disastrous it would be to have them in power for another year.Donald