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Labour’s Deliberate Deception

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“There is this huge fraction of the population that has been brainwashed into thinking climate change is an existential threat to the planet… They are being deceived.” – Princeton University Emeritus Professor of Physics William Happer, former director at the US Department of Energy, 2023.

Over recent years there’s been a noticeable increase in alarmist climate change news coverage around the time of the United Nations’ annual “Conference of Parties”. This international talkfest attracts tens of thousands of climate activists from all over the world, who jet in to discuss how to reduce human emissions of carbon dioxide.  

We now know that in 2022, Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government contributed to the hype using taxpayer funding to disseminate climate propaganda as news. The Official Information Act has revealed that half a million dollars of advertising was bought during that period from two major news outlets – TVNZ and Stuff.  

The $300,000 worth of advertising purchased from TVNZ generated a wide range of coverage. It bought an hour-long prime-time Sunday climate special on TV1 – along with 12 months of on-demand hosting on TVNZ+ – a dedicated web page, digital banners, logo placement, and pre-roll commercials. In addition, five articles appeared on 1News.co.nz, five social media posts on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, a week’s worth of interviews with Government influencers on Breakfast TV, and a Seven Sharp interview with an “ambassador” for the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority.

The $200,000 worth of advertising published by Stuff also delivered wide coverage. Five articles were posted on the Stuff website, along with display and video advertising across their site. There were five newspaper articles in their Sunday magazine, Your Weekend magazine, and Life magazine, five stories in Neighbourly, and a dedicated “Digital Hub” for all the content.

Given the significant influence the media has on public opinion, the revelation that Labour has been paying media companies to promote their climate agenda in such a way that it appears like news instead of advertising, raises serious questions about the integrity of the media.

In response to queries from journalist Chris Lynch, TVNZ is reported as saying, “it was standard practice for governments to advertise with media companies – but channelling those advertisements inside of programming – on-air time – as news content in television shows was unorthodox.”

NZME’s Editor-at-large, Shayne Currie, revealed that TVNZ admitted sponsorship logos were missing from some of the content they ran, and he outlined the editorial code of conduct put in place for the Herald and their other companies: “Sponsored content will be clearly marked as such, with agreed parameters between senior editors and the commercial team”.

For media companies to publish sponsored material as news, without tagging the content as “sponsored”, is deceptive. It cannot in any way be justified or excused. It undermines everything we expect from an industry that claims to have professional standards.

Equally as bad is the Labour Government’s willingness to manipulate the media – and the public – to advance its alarmist climate agenda.  

Since Kiwis are being deliberately deceived over climate change, let’s examine the truth. 

First of all, it’s important to remember that while the Government maligns carbon dioxide as a dangerous greenhouse gas, it is necessary for life on earth. 

Through photosynthesis, plants convert carbon dioxide, into the food and oxygen needed to sustain life. If carbon dioxide levels were to fall below 150 parts per million, life would eventually die out.

Current levels of CO2 are 420 parts per million. The higher they are, the greener the planet, and the more food that’s produced. When CO2 levels were around 2,000 parts per million, plant growth was so vigorous it could sustain the dinosaurs.

When carbon dioxide increases – as it has many times during the earth’s history – temperature does not increase in proportion.

The reason is that the relationship between carbon dioxide and air temperature is logarithmic, not linear. That means that large increases in CO2 lead to ever-smaller increases in temperature.

As Princeton University’s Emeritus Professor of Physics William Happer explained, “It is important to understand radiation physics… CO2 becomes a less effective greenhouse gas at higher concentrations because of what is often called ‘saturation’. Each additional 100 ppm increase of CO2 in the atmosphere causes a smaller and smaller change in temperature.

“Doubling CO2 concentrations from 400 ppm to 800 ppm, a 100% increase, would only diminish the thermal radiation to space by about 1.1 percent… This means that from now on our emissions from burning fossil fuels could have little impact on global warming. There is no climate emergency. No threat at all. We could emit as much CO2 as we like, with little warming effect. Saturation also explains why temperatures were not catastrophically high over the hundreds of millions of years when CO2 levels were 10-20 times higher than they are today.”

It’s a similar story with methane, New Zealand’s other main greenhouse gas. As British climate researcher Dr Wilson Flood explained more than a decade ago, due to “the fact that absorption of energy diminishes logarithmically as concentration increases”, methane is not dangerous. The quantity in the air so small that even a doubling would not produce any appreciable warming. Furthermore, the rate of increase of the gas in the atmosphere is so slow that it would take almost 360 years to double!

Dr Flood also pointed out that since the warming ability of methane is only seven times that of carbon dioxide, cows and sheep “cannot contribute to global warming in any conceivable way”.

In spite of basic science revealing that human induced greenhouse gas emissions cannot threaten the planet, in 2020 Jacinda Ardern declared a climate emergency. She claimed climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time – that it’s not only a threat to life, but is also responsible for increased droughts, floods, and storms.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, however, has found insufficient evidence to prove any long-term increase in the frequency of extreme weather events – a conclusion also reached by Danish environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, who found the number of such events around the world is falling.

Undeterred, the Labour Government’s claim that every natural disaster – including the January floods and Cyclone Gabrielle – is ‘evidence’ of man-made global warming, has continued.

Sky News Meteorologist Rob Sharpe expressed a different view. Late last year he explained that a key factor driving our region’s wetter weather was the eruption of Tonga’s powerful underwater volcano. In January 2022, it blasted such vast quantities of water into the upper atmosphere, that it increased water vapour in the stratosphere by around 20 percent.

Since water vapour – our most common greenhouse gas – reflects the sun’s radiation back into space, while reflecting the earth’s radiation back to the surface, it cooled the stratosphere ‘strengthening the polar vortex’: “By the time we get to the end of summer I’m expecting this event to go down in the history books as the ‘Flooded Summer’.”

Despite such realities, Labour and the Greens continued to misrepresent science and manipulate media coverage to promote their socialist agenda.

Their false modelling and alarmist narratives are now so deeply embedded in New Zealand’s legislative and regulatory framework, that nothing short of a major overhaul of climate policy will be able to fix it.

Two changes, in particular, must be prioritised.

The first is the continued use, in all of New Zealand’s climate modelling, of an assumption called RCP 8.5, that’s been discredited by the UN. Based on the impossible scenario that coal is used for all energy needs – not only for generating electricity but for transportation as well – it has led to predictions that by 2100 global temperatures could increase by up to five degrees Celsius and sea levels could rise by over a metre.  

Although the UN has now dropped RCP 8.5 from all policy making, Labour has not had it removed from New Zealand’s climate models. This means predictions of impossibly high emissions and massive sea level rise are still impacting on the Emissions Trading Scheme, the Climate Commission, NIWA, the Ministry for the Environment, Local Authorities, and every government agency.

As a result New Zealand’s carbon prices are far higher than they should be, with households paying the price through elevated cost for petrol, food and all other goods and services within our economy.  

For farmers, the situation is even worse. While the UN has finally admitted their prediction that livestock methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide by a factor of twenty-eight is wrong, and now agree it should be seven, this mistake has not been corrected by Labour. That leaves farmers still facing the threat of penalties that are four times greater than they should be.

Labour’s continued use of discredited measures for methane, sea level rise, and temperature increases, within their Zero Carbon agenda, the Emissions Trading Scheme, and the work of the Climate Commission, amounts to a deliberate deception of New Zealanders – and an unaffordable cost to the country. 

Since up to 70 percent of Labour’s climate targets will need to be met by purchasing carbon credits through offshore mitigation schemes, Treasury’s Climate Economic and Fiscal Assessment 2023 estimates that by 2030 the cost will be an eye-watering $25 billion, it will consume “28 percent of new operating expenditure through Budgets 2024 to 2030”, and it will be a “significant financial risk” to the country.

If instead, our climate models used realistic scenarios and the correct value for methane, New Zealand would not even need an emissions trading scheme, a carbon tax, or any of the myriad of other climate regulations that have been imposed onto the country.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, power systems engineer Brian Leyland outlines the way forward:

“If New Zealand accepted the latest information from the IPCC technical reports that tells us that RCP 8.5 should be replaced by a more realistic scenario, current predictions of future rapid sea level rise and a rapid rise in temperatures would be replaced by more realistic scenarios that can be managed by adaptation. The IPCC also says that the climate effects of methane have been overestimated by a factor of four. If this was accepted, farm emissions would no longer be a problem. We should also take note that, according to Article 2 of the Paris Agreement we should not be doing anything that reduces agricultural productivity. So why are we doing just that?

“This leads us to a commonsense option: review man-made climate change! All the research that my friends and I have carried out demonstrates quite clearly that there is no scientific evidence based on real world data that supports the belief that man-made greenhouse gases cause dangerous global warming. None! No one has been able to disprove the hypothesis that the climate changes naturally and man-made global warming plays only a small part.

“Which leads to the obvious solution: abandon net zero, abandon the emissions trading scheme, stop subsidising electric cars, forget about agricultural greenhouse gases and rejoice that the increasing levels of carbon dioxide are making our plants grow better and making us all more prosperous. It would also save the billions of dollars we are squandering on a totally futile effort to change the world’s climate.”

The upcoming election provides voters with an opportunity to press candidates for answers regarding climate policies.

They need to be asked firstly, whether they are aware that New Zealand’s climate models are based on alarmist measures that have been discredited by the IPCC; and secondly, whether their party intends ignoring the errors and continuing on with Labour’s climate deception, or whether they will pledge to correct the errors and fix the climate models.   

The media too needs to start asking the hard questions that should have been asked long ago: Why did Labour fail to correct their climate models, once the assumptions on which their projections are based were discredited by the IPCC?

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The whole idea is a lie!Glenn
Those with the control of the narrative will control the ideas. I felt Ardern was a liar from the moment she was unveiled as PM before I knew she was a communist and she certainly kept on lying to invoke fear. The Greens have only one policy, green, and are parasites on society.Monica
All related fines and penalties must be immediately revoked and compensation paid to those affected, particularly farmers. Cows need a positive PR campaign.Trudi
Carbo Zero is a WEF control/money making exercise to enslave people!Sheila
The climate alarmist movement is managed by people who are motivated by extreme left wing globalism. Most alarmist climate scientists are motivated by job security and Gov. funding availability. They were also mostly educated within the Environment curriculum. The protest movement are mostly young ill-informed ignorant ‘useful idiots’. Most engineers, astro-physicists, biologists and geologists have realistic views about CAGW. A pet grieve is that politicians, the media and many citizens bang on about ‘climate change’ ‘carbon’ and ’emissions’ damage. It is clear they haven’t even the most basic knowledge of the subject matter. At a recent US Congressional hearing EPA managers were all asked what the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. They were pushed into answering the question and none got the level even close.James
Its hard to believe that you’re vilified if you think otherwise than that the level of CO2 (ignoring whether it’s influential or not) is dependent upon human activity. We are insignificant in influencing the earths climate.Graham
How do we get honesty back into Government and the media ?Anthony
Definitely! You have to really be thick not to know that everything happening now has happened to earth in the past,guess they will try to say the Tarawera eruption was man made!Chris
It is nothing but a Ponzi scheme to fleece so called polluters and get rich so the Greens and the left wingers can have a big spend up at the tax payers expence and the likes of Shaw and co can have these junket trips to grease each other.ken
CO2 feeds the world It takes no part in climate change or weather patterns these are caused by Solar and luna activityRex
This was always a tax for tax sake..James
All the lies, deceit, made up data by this current govt is beyond belief. It’s great watching the demise of labour down to 26% by their own poller. Their ousting come October can’t come soon enough. Democracy wins October for the people’s of NZ.Kevin M
Anyone who believes humans are significantly changing the planets climate over and above nature, are delusional or decievers.John
It is absolute garbagePhillip
Crazy alarmistsDavid
Absolutely yes immediately and the people who have continued to push this stupid and discredited marxist ideology should be firedFlip
Absolutely NO scientific evidence to support radical CO2 based demonized climate change and its attendant Carbon minimization, carbon taxes, carbon credits and carbon offsets , nor carbon slush funds and taxpayer subsidies. Nothing but marxist ideological vanity aligned with stupidity and a policy of impoverishment by wealth transfer.Richard
The result otherwise is squandering of our resources and assets, greenwashing our kids and totally destroying the future prosperity of our nation NZ.Jacqueline
I’ve been reading the ‘science’ about climate for years and had come to the conclusion that the ‘facts’ the climate activists is a farce several years agoTrevor
Well said We need to be told the truth and get the scientists to start getting Pressure on the Medialeo
It is entirely needless imposition on NZ & virtue signalling at its worst. We’d be wise to use this money on our Health, Infrustructure etc.Frank
Absolutely. It was nothing more than a plan for Government control using a stupid idea for trying to control the weather. A nutty Green party dumb idea.Graeme
The climate hoax lies, are all now becoming clearly apparent, the whole conspiracy against the people is about to collapse, CHANGE IN NZ IS COMING!!David
These are now demonstarted as not required. We, as a nation, have been hoodwinked by badly motivated so called leadership. WE do need to step aside from any so called international obligations that are based on the global scam that has lead us to this economic disaster.Peter
Both a conMartin
Zero carbon impossible and ETS hitting farmers, and country, while ‘helping others’ .. like filling their pockets.!John
I consider that climatic change and associated phenomena, such as ocean acidification are the greatest threats presently facing mankind and these are the only important issues to consider at the upcoming general election.Denbie
It’s the the second biggest con in history – covid was the first.Mark
Just another rortWayne
There is too much conflicting evidence being presented for anyone at this stage to categorically state there is man-made global heating.fred
This whole man made climate change/global warming scenario is a complete farce, as anyone with enough brains to research the subject knowsAndrew
I have always considered the climate change story as a hoax. It should bbe abandoned immediately.Derek
Include all left wing politics,bob
Yes absolutely. It’s all about money as usual. The WEF elites want to bring us to poverty through climate related taxes, then we’ll be thankful for their welfare programmes. Hard to believe that our own Prime Minister, DAME ! Jacinda, made sure that we in NZ would be fed this propaganda and that so many would actually believe her. Wake up people. I learnt in school how important CO2 is ,don’t they teach that today?Rosemary
Another communist con the rate payers and treat them like mushrooms by the reds. How does this work screw NEW ZEALAND (yes that is the country name) when we contribute 1% of global warming if it was true. As such pick on the big boys if you have the balls??????? USA, INDIA & CHINA. This lot have to go and get the country back to the way it was.Jeff
Of course. New Zealand’s population is .06% of the total population of the world. All the virtue signalling in creation by such a small segment of the perceived problem will make not one jot of difference to the outcome. The only climate regulations we need are the bare minimum needed to satisfy our trading partners.David
The lies and deceit this Labour greens Govt feed us with their lap dog media is astounding. They are just crooks and thieves with their own agenda. National Act landslide come October.Allan
This is just a “man made” money/fear driven industry. It creates jobs for beuracrats and wealth for elites. And can be used to manipulate and control.Nigel
Your comment that “The higher CO2 levels are the greener the planet, and the more food that’s produced” is pure William Happer bullshit for the ill informed. You write very sensibly about the really dumb concept of NZ co-governance, but not so on environmental issues – which is why Act may sadly never lead a NZ government.Brian
Have always seen the whole thing as a lieWinton
Little NZ contributes very, very small amount of emissions compared with most other countries. We just don’t need another tax.Darryl
and the LIARS brought to justiceBruce
We have been fed a diet of lies and fear about many things. I do not believe in climate change.Elizabeth
Since the earth was formed the climate has changed dramatically.Ancient civilisation has recorded the same weather patterns that we see today. It is not new.Steve
Net Zero is the boot of globalist fascism, and a scam.Trevor
CO2 should be increased not decreased!Derek
The climate has cooled in my lifetime by my simple observations! The Hawkes Bay show has always been held in October. As children we had new cotton dresses. old photos confirm cotton dresses bare legs sunburnt noses.By the time I was a teenager we wore winter clothes as I am wearing today, in October. I am 77Gail
I have always known this is a scam as those of us that have read on the subject and know the facts, know it is pure BS and driven by those profiting from it. For those wanting to read the truth get Ian Plimer’s book or Alan Moran’s book.Murray
Junk the green nonsense.Real scientists have known the truth for years.John
Yes asap.Rhys
Zero carbon is total bullshitPeter
The climate emergency is a fiction being used as an excuse to tax the population softened by the thought that this will go towards programs to save the planetDavid
It needs to be redirected as the Zero Rubbish Act and throw away non disposible items should be taxed to fund biodegradable products. You can’t grow healthy veges on a rubbish dump and you can’t farm plastic sheep.Mark
The evidence is in this latest newsletter & from the IPCC Report AR6. This Liebour Govt is stuck in the past as if nothing has changed, so it’s convenient to look the other way just as they have done with CV 19 Vax severe adverse reactions & DEATHS.Bruce
Typical labourAllan
Just another unproven rortAndrew
This is one huge scam put in place by a bunch of climate idiots.While I agree, that we should protect our Earth and do the best we can to maintain her. As far as Climate Change, Carbon Credits and Zero Carbon Emissions are just another way to get money out of an already heavily taxed group of people in this country, namely the Taxpayers. We are being hoodwinked by a bunch of supposed scientists. Just one major eruption of a volcano anywhere on earth, will increase more carbon than has ever been released by man since he first walked on the earth. So what is the point? We have all to go back to the Stone Age to do this? The Earth’s climate is constantly changing and it has little or nothing to do with what we do. What we don’t do, is cleaning up our own messes, and that is what is important.Heather
We need honest reliable information not political interference manipulating Incorrect agendas.Brenda
Absolutely. It is a waste of money for NO GOOD.Helen
the sooner the better but with luxin being just as bad as labour/greens/greenpeace/horis and believing that idiot swedish bimbo and that corrupt septic yank it will never be shut down, too much money behind it. unfortunately even some of ACT’s members have fallen for all the lies and crap about climate change being man made, so frankly this country will be stuffed for the next generations to come.Richard
Again Jacinda dudded all NZ in her dis and mis information about climate and calling it an EmergencyGeoff
Climate change is a cyclical matter that humans and what they do on the planet have little and probably no effect on climate.Stan
Just another far-Left wing smokescreen!!Henry
Hysteria created by Adern and the government waning to change the world climate immediately was nonsenseSidwell
There is no scientific evidence that CO2 causes global warmingSelwyn
Just more nonsense from the “tooth fairy” and more lies from the greens. This is all just a huge fraud and of course our government funded media have no intention of telling us the truth. How did NZ end up in such a ridiculous situation? I have much stronger language I should use but I will leave it as it is!.Don
It’s only fat cats on the gravy chain that will benefit from Zero Carbon. What a stupid name! As if it is possible!Sue
Evidence would indicate we are being misled. It’s BS so let’s move on.Chris
The money just gets waffled away. If the Greens and Labour were genuine in climate change they need to be working overseas instead of worrying about our issues and trying to upset our bread earning farmers.Owen
It is not sustainableJohn
It’s just another cult to enrich those who want to control our livesFrank
communist ploy, tell a lie often enough and it will become the truth. Labour/greens are very good at lying in my opinion, as soon as they open their mouths, it’s to tell another lie.Merryl
Removing all carbon will kill us all. Its necessary for life, like Oxygen & water.Nick
noone with 1/2 a brain cld not see thru the fraud govts un wef et al call “science”- did the fake “c-v-d” & killer vax teach us nothing?mark
There are many Scientists that disagree with the narrativeGregor
Luxon’s commitment to net carbon zero is disastrous for NZ and he must be forced to change his stance on this issue.Rod
The sooner the better.Mick
Too bloody rightLeon
A huge waste of money based on faulty, emotion driven pseudoscience.Chris
The ETS is a conDave
We’ve all had enough of this B/SWill
Both the Zero Carbon Act and the Emissions Trading Scheme should be scrapped immediately. It is disgraceful that this man-made climate change scaremongering has done immense damage to industry and the economy. However, little is likely to change under a National-led government, given the way Te Reo Luckless and Nicola Witless treated Maureen Pugh when she questioned this rubbish. Only Act seems to offer a glimmer of hope in these Dark Ages.Gavin
When China scraps 1000 coal fired plants I’ll believe in global warmingRichard
So important that you are exposing this nonsense – well done and please keep going with your excellent work.John
Drop the so called target 8.5Norm
A new approach is needed to deal with Industrial pollution.John
Is it possible to undo the brainwashing?Elizabeth
Zero carbon is a fraud and a political strategy that holds no validity in science or fact. The biggest fraud that mankind has been subjected to in recorded historyDuncan
There is now so much scientific evidence that natural climate change is the norm. I have Aerial photos of the Kapiti Coast going back to the 1950’s & the coastline is static. There are 85,000 molecules in the atmosphere,33 of these are Co2 just 0.04% of the earths atmosphere,with 32 being produced by nature alone & those 32 essential for all life on earth & 1 produced by humans, and this is causing catastrophic global warming,NO IT IS NOT! Temperature increase alone sets Co2 levels not the other way around. In real time humans have only been on planet earth for a mere 5 mins. If Co2 Levels drop lower than they are there will be no photosynthesis which means NO OXYGEN the end of life.Allen
Yes – along with all the other fancy schemes that they have lied to us about.Scott
How come the likes of politicians like James Shaw know more about climate change than world renown weather scientists, who have studied the weather for years and years and have the statistics to back them up. Throw all this climate crap out and the corrupt polices with it.Peter
Find ‘Labour’s Deliberate Deception’ piece very disturbing. Accurate, and very distressing. Who do we vote for that will abandon Net Zero?Jan
Yesterday! …and fat before the evil corruption to make quick bucks for the Kerry, Schwab cronies, the Rocker fellas and Buffets, The evil Clinton’s, The even worse Bush family!GeeBee
Neither Zero Carbon nor emissions trading can change the climate which is the work of the sea and the sun wake up NZers!!Karen
It is bullshit.Alastair
The climate change scam is just another tool of the evil elites plan to control the world. No Really!!alan
its all bull shit the weather just go’s in cycles like it always has done. its just another way of sucking more tax money out of everyoneAlan
Yes. Both schemes are ruining the country. Pie in the sky, both. I have never trusted “modelling” as too often models are found to be flawed.Sheila
The Planet will do what it wants to do. Man made carbon will not play a part in this as it never has done.,Colin
It is all one big con. All part of the globalist agenda to kill us all and steal our stuff. They are all corrupt and neednto go, now! Also, send this Blackrock criminal to jail.Neil
Its a load of bollocks and nothing more than another way to collect tax.Justin
The only logical thing for the future of our countryBryan
It’s all a total scam.Trevor
ETS is a deliberate scam! It has created an entirely false market that is threatening or primary sector economy!Paul
Because they are working on old withdrawn IPPC documents that even the IPPC agree were incorrect and overestimates of risk.layor
It is not rocket science to see that the world is not ending any time soon’. I would like to know whats in it for Labour.Dennis
Its beond ridiculous that we cannot have some meaningful debate around this topic. It seems that we are being guided into some sort of reset using climate change as the reason for doing so. Read Professor Ian Plimers book Green Murder if you want an explanation into the madness, doom and gloom that surrounds CC.Rob
Urgently abandoned Why do these Govt characters not keep up with the findings The basics of CO2 and O2 in the cycle of life learnt in school seems to be abandoned. It is very criminal- the actions of this Govt and theft of Taxpayers money- what is the agendaMaree
It is all HOAX. Politicised by UN and swallowed hook line and sinker by James Shaw and co.Ian
Absolutely yes !!!!!! I see where an expert climate scientist is now calling it ” Scientific Fraud”. Why do we believe these people when there are plenty of expert climate scientists and geologists who state there is no climate emergency and in fact the planet is greening up due to an increase in CO2 which is of course the lifeblood of the planet. As well as many scientists check out the letter sent to the UN by 500 expert scientists who state THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY but of course they got no response from the UN despite a request for a debate.Alan
I’m sick of this hysterical nonsenseMichael
Totally abandoned! But it won’t happen while we have corrupt labour and greens in parliament. They are following instructions from Uncle Schwab to destroy our economy. Labour and the greens are nothing short of Traitors to Citizens of NZ! Punishment for Treason is still hanging! I would pay to see them hang!peter
It’s just political shenanigans by this current Marxist/Socialist/tribalist group of deceitful government ministers and their hangers on that want the public to be fearful so they can be seen to be the white knights who will save everybody’s backside.Garry.
All horrendous villainy!!John
the truth is obvious, why is the government acting Dumb . Jacinders vanity ?. And stupidity.Brian
So sick of the lies! It’s disgusting that Labour continue on recklessly and with scant regard to most of us Kiwis.Cath
And cancel all related agreements until there is no doubt they are true. Why do we have to put up with deliberate lies and deceptions from the usual left wing liers? Why aren’t these liers punished? What would it take to enact a law?Rex
Any policy that includes the word “zero” needs to be abandoned. Unless it’s a policy that promotes ZERO interference by WEF, UN, WHO, etc, etc, etc in the politics and affairs of New Zealand of coursejenny
Only the ACT party understands this. But at this very moment politicians in the European Union are beginning to see sense. For New Zealand it is much more difficult to change our policies – because we have actually legislated for Net Zero.Andy
The Key government should have put a stop to this climate rubbish, but instead embraced it. What party is prepared to start removing the ETS from New Zealand?Hugh
Totally out of touch and verging on outright lying to stay in powerJohn
Yes sick to death of the BS this government continually promotes. Even the UN admits their mistakes. Can’t stand watching TVNZ news or reading the Herald. This deliberate deceit of the Kiwi is appalling.dennis
Always knew it was manufactured by the rich socialistsSteve
Absolutely, long overdue, only stupid people think otherwiseTom
I have been of the opinion that climate change is a gravy train for unscrupulous people taking advantage of those too lazy to do any scientific research.Alastair
Biggest propergander con in the history of the world.Gordon
Labour has failed us ‘Big Time’ in many departments and now is the time for them to ‘walk away’ . Wealth destruction from the very top is a crime against Humanity…..Chris
Its a load of left wing hypeTony
Zero Carbon Act is based on pure Junk Politicised Theories and it defys basic level one Science whereby as if Carbon Dioxide stops, the Plants die, closely followed by us. That sounds like a complely insane project to most People.Geoff
Yes… Everyone knows that the climate hoax, was dreamed up, by the CFR/TC/UN as a Global cash cow, as a part of AGENDA 21/50 for the global elite NWO!David
All total,bollocksBeverley
Both should be abolished now!Ken
There is no climate emergency. In fact it has been colder over the last 20 or so years than when I was a teenager in the 1960’s.Kathleen
Climate change is a scam. Anybody who believes we can change the climate by reducing carbon is deceived. Anybody who believes we can reduce carbon by paying somebody for “carbon credits” is insane. Carbon dioxide is essential for life on this planetEvan
Just an excuse to rack in more money for the coffers. We all have yet to see anything done with the money to conapt the problem, that may be because there is no problem.Gillian
THe whole thing is a fallacy aimed at corporations gaining more control over the masses with fear tactics. Just like the Covid 19 lockdowns there’s no hard evidence to defend Climate change in fact all the scientific evidence says the opposite. We are living in a media /corporation woke generation who wish to increase their personal wealth the the expense of the masses. People need to WAKE UP b4 its too late. You can read all about it in the “The Great Reset” by Beck, what’s happening now is close to what happened the the Germans under Nazi rule. Claus Swabb is head of WEF and he’s a dangerous manChris
Dozens of scientist throughout the world have been saying just thatStanley
A load of cods wollop .beryl
Very ineffective and based on flawed dataKirke
Man made climate change is a huge hoax, if this year is ‘the hottest in 100 years’ then per se it was this hot a 100 years ago > Astoundingly simple!!!Stephen
It’s a big lieClaire
Yes, but it is just too much like common sense for most politicians. And the media won’t let it die because they love false narratives about emergencies more than they love the truth.PAMELA
The world is being lied to re carbon dioxide. The expression ‘Climate change’ is used to put fear into people and so allow the elite to control the population.Robina
We have been hoodwinked by this 25 year old scam. Finally we are getting voices of reason.John
A complete lie from start to finishHarvey
Yes and by the sounds of it not before time. This relentless hammering of our farmers and the imposition of the ETS on our cost of living needs to be gone before this country is on its knees.Lawrie
They can’t show us the empirical varifiable evidence to support their hypothesisBrian
It’s just total BS pedalled by the Elites and Green zealotsLaurie
Immediately!! I firmly believe that man is not the problem. Adverse weather conditions are caused by the solar system. Oh that man could be so clever as to be able to change the weather.Helen
Hell yes, I have always believed that there is no climate emergency. It is just natural cycles that the earth goes through. Labour’s deliberate deception. We need to get rid of these idiots.Fraser
The climatologists must give a balanced science based complete for and against climate change issues. The likes of Ardern and Shaw have NO expertise on the physics of the complexity of Climate and must give reference to the experts they have chosen to communicate to the publicStan
Successive NZ Govts have encouraged kiwis to be lazy & unquestioning despite our pioneering spirit and origins. Climate Change nonsense propaganda allows us to feel less guilty about that. All aboard the new & improved religion to save ourselves & the planet.Franke
Information presented by these NZCPR authorities claim Climate Change is a huge farce. so why have we not seen these experts debating the issues on TV and in the Press?Denys
It’s all woke political hype, get rid of it.Clive
I see Climate Change as just another political push to confuse and deceive people. Recent (Hoover Institute) articles and others explain world climate and weather changes have historically always existed and continue to change because of many natural events – storms, earthquakes meteorites, stratosphere changes etc. etc just as it did millions of years ago – and still does!Stuart
Definitely. Along with the promoters – they have to go.Neville
Hypocritical politicians!!Clive
There is no climate emergency none whatsoever.dominique
One of the biggest hoax’s that the UN and the so-called World Globalists have tried to push on us all. Carbon taxes are a rout.Wayne
What a bunch of dithering idiots we have running the show now so make it 2 ticks for National and send these bunch to the Boondockseric
It’s a real con job instigated by Al Gore. He and others have made a fortune out of the emissions trading scam. There is no way we are going to control the climate which is happening naturately.Bruce
added cost contributing to inflationPoul-Erik
We are all NZrs. I am certain my “culture” would not be considered. The victims of crime should have a say in the sentencing. with a multiplying factor instead of a reduction.Leon
It is another hoax created by the ‘lovely’Jacinda for reasons only known to hertony
The climate hoax is green-washing of the evil geo-engineering technologies that disrupt our weather and cause unnatural ‘forest fires’, such as Lahaina and Hawkes Bay in pursuit of globalist objectives.Robert
It is just another tax scam. Abolish it immediately.Stevo
Futile political nonsense for surePeter K
This climate fanaticism from the left has always been about ideology, never about science. Stuff’s claim that “the science is settled” is all about paid for propaganda – shame on our compliant media.Rodger
Future generations will view the Climate Change Hoax like we view the Flat Earth Hoax.Grant
Yes,indeed. Common sense.Gillian
Along with many others, I have shared Bryan Leyland’s viewpoint for many years. The opposition to the scaremongering re so-called “climate change” needs to have committed media coverage. It is so very frustrating that it simply doesn’t get it!! Thank you again, for doing your part to address this.Heather
we are definitely having climate issues and reducing green house gases is not harming the planet so we must try and do our bit to helpAlan
definitely, along with the alarmistsGiles
Get a job on a oil drilling rig, sit your backside out on the shakers when the geologist is taking samples of the earth from 1- 2000 metres into the crust of the earth. Maybe then these climate change zealots may just have a different point of view.Sam
Bad science worse politicsBruce
Both utter illogical nonsensechris
Neither Act are doing anything but offering some people an opportunity to disrupt our production line.Denis
The climate change narrative is being used as a control mechanism worldwide. It is being used increasingly as an excuse to control people’s behaviour and movementsNorm
The cost is totally prohibative for absolutely nothingRobin
Why can’t the government be open, honest and transparent like they should beJim
Its all bullshitJonathan
have always stated this. Labour needs to get rid of the 100’s of overpaid Scientists they employ to push their propaganda-warming & covid!!!!!JULZ
Its propagandaAnon
Waste of time.Ann
Over time humans have been successful in proving or disproving most situations using the obvious and proven available truth . The truth always emerges on one side of the other. I am aware of only two occasions where public discussions were held to discuss the actual existence of climate issues being an issue. As of today there is still no definitive evidence of the Labor governments push of climate actually being an issue for anyone to take it seriously. Sadly , the people of New Zealand are too slow to see the scam of the labour party being woven around them , just like the covid scam, so I fear that once again common sense will again be avoided .fred
We need to adopt systems that are backed by proven science, not alarmist and popular commentaries.Gavin
Facts suuport my yes answerRonald
Yes but the IPCC data needs much more publicity.Grant
These measures are designed to make NZ poor. Scrape all climate nonsense.Sam
Yes waste of time. When there was an ice age the world thaws. Put a piece of ice on the bench and watch it melt, but slow it down by 10,000 yearsLionel
Waste of time – who ever proposed all this bull shit should be removed also!!Matt
Yes, we are paying too much externally for incorrect calculations on climate change.Neil
Do noy vote for Labour.Arthur
We do NOT make a viable contribution to GLOBAL climate change; why not spend more time/energy in persuading India/China ??Michael
The Act and the scheme are nothing but deceit and theft. It disgusts me that New Zealanders are so timid and put up with this lunacy.Mick
Yes because the whole thing is the biggest crock of shit ever foisted on New Zealanders.Zoltan
ASAP but Govt is not interested. To busy lining their pockets. Hopefully Act and National will commit to backing IPCC findings and abolish disproved ETS and carbon zero. Labour should be tried as traitors to our country and farmers.Brenda
it’s a conrobin
Agree wth Brian Leylands coments as an engineer I know we hare being hood winked by the current Goverment. for power -control and taxes. There is no scintific reason that this claimate change indocrination and propaganda is being promotedBruce
typical Labourgraeme
Should never been commenced!Michael
All based on lies and inaccuraciesBarbara
The sooner the better for this scam.Alane
This is the most despicable act of denial and deception in my 80 year lifetime.Jim
I cannot understand why the retreat by IPCC is not front page news? The irresponsible politicians are frightening the children and causing significant mental health impacts.Terry
Because it is largely promoted by the extreme left for the purpose (they hope) of destroying the oil and gas industry that has raise billions out if extreme poverty during the past century.John
Obviously. Climate change/global warming whatever this snake oil is labeled is without doubt the biggest hoax of all time. The brainwashing begins in kindergarten and never ends, with a slavishly compliant media spruicking the narrative relentlessly.John
Absolutely, both should have been abandoned long ago!Robin
We should have never had it in the first place. I have never and will never believe in any form of climate change. Have since the beginning told people this is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on mankind. People are so gullible though.Barry
For sure. We have been fooled long enough.” Won’t Get Fooled Again” The Who.Ray
They are both attempts to terrorise New Zealand’s populationPeter
Absolutely without question.David
and soon.Pam
For all the reasons given in your article, and many more.Doug
My views are unchanged, climate change, though real, is not hugely related to manmade emissions. It is time to scrap the existing schemes and put the politcal future earth shakers to do their research.Ian
The Act was based on suspect calculations, Current CO2 is 0.04% if we go any lower everything will eventually starve and die. CO2 is natures fertiliser. We need it.Sarah
It is all a gross exageration caused be propagandaDavid
Its all a hoax. We need to get rid of this government and put a climate friendly government in its place. Even National has committed to net zero but there is a chance with their coalition partner.John
Scarmongering at bestPeter
There is no crisis. Carbon is not the danger nor enemy. Covid was the Trojan horse to implement what we are witnessing and experiencing now. It was all pre mediated and a plan orchestrated thru Club of Rome. About time people woke up. However, I do feel that pollution – as in rubbish and toxins in the oceans roadsides and rivers are the real problem. Carbon -not.Angela
A impartial thorough review is neededTony
A big need to go, also farmers should have their emissions costs reduced nowMaurice
Calculation of sequestration is all wrong.kent
We must use proper Science & results from other than Green Party drawer mathsPeter
Ideological rubbishRoger
Perfect time to grill politicians on their attitude to ‘net zero’ and their commitment to abolish this propaganda of disinformation..Rob
I have read the book by Bjorn Titled “False Alarm” and it is very interesting. Dispels all the rhetoric about the whole farceRuss
Most definitely !! Im tired of hearing the false assertions from lying media, politicians and those red, socialists who only want power at all costs.!! Labour has given our money to Pacific Island nations to help them because we have apparently caused their sea level rises …..utter BS, yet no one protests from media or the Opposition parties. !!Bev
Oh dear – this Labour government continues to believe in themselves and are so arrogant to just admit a mistake was made and realign climate measures that are honest. But Jacinda again has pushed her perceived self belief – the whole world is wrong. TreasonMike
Just been a MOney maker for some with no rewards to the enviroment and abiut ontrol over People’s rights!Steve
Labour and the Greens have been scaremongering for years, just like they did with Covid, and need to be ex[osed for the deception of not modifying their claims when the IPCC changed their modelling assumptions. Just more lies from those devious bastardsKerry
Makes sense.Mark
Not should be but must be if we are to survive economically etc.Leonard
The whole man made climate change narrative should be discarded and rationality prevail.Ronnie
There is no Climate Emergency, and of there were virtue signaling and destroying New Zealanders standard of living wont fix it.Jason
The sooner these schemes are scrapped the better. We have been fed bullshit for far too long already.Bruce
with hasteMike
Our efforts should be directed to improving NZ resilience to climatic events. Not trying to save the world.George
It is a complete con.Ian
I believe NZ needs to watch how it operates with ruining this lovely planet we should be better informed. Climate change has always been with us and will continue to be so our Govt should be honest with people not frighten our young people which I find is happening.Barbara
I have long held the view that climate change is nonsense. Climate has been changing ever since earth orbited the sun.John
This whole scheme is solely for the enrichment of the oligarch fat cats and nothing to do with climate. These schemes need to be trashed.Lee
I personally have never believed in global warming!Graeme
No doubt about it! It is all about politicsDavid
A great summary of the Climate Change scam. We need more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less.John
Very like the emperor’s new clothes, a falsehood multiplied many times.DICK
Exactly What I believe. We were supposed to be drowning in sea level rise in the first decade of this century. I despair for future generations if this climate activism is not corrected by future generations.Albyn
It’s the “same old same old” run out by idiots looking for attention. The likes of Nuclear armaggedon in the 50’s; computers collapsing the world order in 2000 and Nostrodamus’ world end in 2012. – drongos rule.Rob
The scientific evidence is not there to support either requirement. Plus from reading i am aware of the major changes coming through from the IPCC and the fact that no scientific body has adjusted their modelling to reflect the new output. if they did then the scentists in this country would have little to do and funding would be hard to come by!Paul
It was always a hoax from when Al Gore marketed it. It is a delusional misconception that somehow we can change the climate. Put that money into growing the economy, putting food on the table.Jacquetta
Flying causes the most global emissions but funny no one seems to want to reduce these especially the politicianslinda
Just another example of this disgustingly corrupt Government.Peter
The Zero Carbon Act is an elaborate scam that unthinking people have been duped by.Walter
its got to gonoel
This idiot government is more concerned with its pet ideology like 3(10) waters under urgencyGareth
To paraphrase a British Politician, ” If New Zealand was to sink beneath the waves tomorrow, it would not make one iota of difference to the worlds so-called climate issues” – we are being told what to do by people who are constructing one new coal fired power station a week and importing Australian coal to run them. Enough saidTrevor
All BSGraeme
I think it is a rip offRay
I note that Chris Luxon supports ‘ climate change’ policy, which is worrying . He even silenced a National colleague when she spoke against climate change. He caused her to retract her statement and lie about it the next day. Is he simply wanting to stay onside with the media? Will he change his spots when (if ) he gets into power ? Which lies are we supposed to believe ?Labour has been lying about it for years, since Helen Clarks day and the infamous ‘debate’. What game is Luxon up to ? I did not think he was stupid. To continue with present climate change proposals would be disastrous. What is he up to?Harvey
These have been designed as a means of controlling the populace by using false and outdated science.Hugh
We shall cool down when the next Ice Age begins.Ernest
A big task to reverse public opinion! How?Howard
Yes the Emissions trading Scheme should be scrapped. I have been saying since its inception that this scheme will eventually collapse and have a larger effect on businesses, the share market and economies than the GFC because companies have Carbon Credits showing as assets in their Statements of Financial Position that are worthless. The Carbon Credit scheme has basically been a scam from the beginning leading to uninformed and easily swayed people to believe the rhetoric of this government that regularly use fear and propaganda to sway peoples opinions. This is what totalitarian societies do!Robert
ALL nz should read these articles and this Labour propaganda must be called out for what it is. TV networks are funded by this government and their message to NZ is deceptive , dishonest, radical and WRONG.Claire
I have always believed planet warming was propaganda instigated by the Labour GovernmentWarren
Along with covid, the CO2 blah is hype all New Zealanders were forced to endure under the guise of ‘kindness’. NZ needs a selection of fuel supplies where the choice is made by the consumer, not by the government. There can be a blend so just let it happen naturally.Sharron
The ETS needs revision .. to reward good farming practice [not done at present]: -regenerastive farming, riparian planting, having native bush groves in gullies etc. all included in the ETS. Intensive dairy is an utter disgrace .. cruel to the animals,involving anti-biotics, imprted oil palm supplements, huge quatities of water; and fertiliser use going into waterways including aquifers. Dairy is fine when the land can genuinely sustain numbers. Regerative farming includes animals. It is so lovely to see these farms on Country Calendar, or in Documentary Film festivals , “Rachel’s Farm” for example. Then we would have better food for us, and premium foods for export. Continuing as now is disastrous. Tne zero-carbon act gives an aspirational target .. but get-to-able if along with carbon capture, windfarms, wave energy capture, EVs, solar panels on the roofs of all new build and subsidies for installation on existing suitable houses .. even just for water heating. Wider thinking is needed by Paries on the Right and Left. This is so very important.Rochelle
It should never have been accepted in the first place.Robbie
A communist inspired scheme facilitated by the UN and its toadies to transfer wealth from the rich Nations (the West) to the poor nations. I am surprised that America would even entertain it.Terry
Manipulation of the truth on climate change has been a gravy train for governments and would be scientists for years . History shows that the earth warms and cools in regular cycles since time beganPeter
Climate alarmism = social engineering, not fact. Stop it !!!Peter
Hell Yes!!Brenda
Cannot stop nature. Better to manage building to avoid flooding, landslides and risks of natural disasters.James
No brainer. Do you really believe that 5 million people are responsible for the change of the climate. ? Yeah/NA. Nature is winning !Andrew
Shaw and the Stuff collaborators should be put on treadmills for the rest of their lives.Kevin
Obvious choice – October 14th roll on!thomas
should of been done years agobarry
It’s an absolute con job and we’ve had enough of them over the last six years to last a lifetime.Christine
I totally agreeMary
This has been the biggest SCAM of the 21sr Century. It has to stop. NZ cannot afford the cost along with all the other expenses that have been thrust upon us. It is a complete waste of funds and NOT Necessary or warranted.Robyn
Lock-up the leftist loons for spreading malinformation. For how is the dissemination of known falsities for the dual purposes of spreading fear, and extortion of monies from the populous not utterly malevolent?Tony
Honestly any Labour initiatives are suspect and not worthy of any attention apart from the bribed media ,whose integrity is non existant . Whats going to happen when National/Act storm home and win the election .Omg Stuff will be running in circles saying they relie on Labours 13 peices of silver , cannot wait till all the msm are struggling and cannot get any additional funding due to Labour being shown the door .Talk about Karma OMG finally these corrupt news agencies are no longer being bankrolled by Adern/Hipkins and all the WHOLE labour morons . Happy Day!!Ray
A sinister money grab by some.Piet
On what I’ve just read in your article,”Labour’s Deliberate Deception” I say definitely yesGrant
It is utter nonsense promoted by this inept government. What they are trying to achieve will not make a scrap of difference to the planet and the cost to our country will be unsustainable.chris
Absolutely shame full that none of the opposition parties are not prepared to date to make this a bottom line of their parties election manifesto.Paul
Not only does Labour need to be held to account for all the misleading propaganda, but also so does the media for being so compliant!Ted
It’s another tax grabGreg
I have always regarded climate change as a serious hoax and a scam. Most of my friends have been brainwashed. If the media and politicians repeat something day after day people start to believe it. Point in mind. weapons of mass destruction. That was repeated day after day. It destroyed a whole country. Think about it.Franko
Yes. This nonsense is ruining our country!sonia
Im not convinced that global warming if indeed true is totally man made.Colleen
YES YES and YES. After tge election thiscwill bevthe number one topic to get resolved. Just think of all the money that will be saved for the important projects.RICHard
It’s all bullshitBill
Yes – It has nothing to do with climate control – it is all about political control and ideologyRoy
Always was a stupid idea and now it looks increasingly stupid each and every day. People like James Shaw need treatment.Roger
The facts are obvious to anyone who looks into the climate change agenda .It becomes very clear that this is not about the climate but about control.Climate change is the vehicle being used to facilitate the various control mechanisms that are near and dear to Marxist progressives internationally.Bernie
about timeJoan
As a forest owner, everything about the Emissions Trading Scheme is dishonest.Brett
I have long thought that man’s ability to influence the climate was absolutely miniscule as evidenced that one single volcanic eruption (Mt Pinaturbo for instance)puts more so-called greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than man’s entire existance on earthWilliam
And the electric cars and the five minute gulags.Mark
The whole carbon zero thing is absolute crap. If humans want to make a difference then stop producing plastics and non biodegradable items and get back to basics, paper bags etc and stop waste and pollution entering our oceans like lithium and cobalt runoff.Tony
I agree with the synopsis put by Bryan Leywoodgraeme
Labour will never admit they are wrong, this piece on co2 etc needs sending out to all farmers and agriculture. workers should read, Everyone in NZ should be reading thisColin
We are being hoodwinked by greeny ideology, and scaremonger tactics. The ETS is only making the wealthy..wealthier.Rod
I have never understood how paying for carbon credits can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. Another scam instigated by Al Gore?Roger
The sun & earth’s elliptical orbit combined with volcanoes are the biggest drivers of climate change by far. On top of that the world’s biggest emitters are not going to change.Geoff
Ardern was nothing but an immoral opportunist. This rort should have been cancelled ears agoGeoffrey
Pollution is and always will be a problem we should continue to address. Global warming is a natural occurrence which has virtually nothing to do with human activity. People need to wake up to the total BS being spread.Bruce
Definitely, it’s an international scam !Mike
This has been ridiculous propaganda from the outsetJohn
How can we trust the Greens (and Labour) when they knowingly lie to us regarding “facts”FloJo
Some are making big money from the hoax of looming climate change disaster while the rest of the world pays.Catherine
It is all a lie . We are being conned!Rosie
From the get go its all been based on deception and liesColin
Absolutely yes. The science of global warming being man made just doesn’t stack upJohn M
Yes Yes Yes. It’s a scam always has been.dona
Excellent article, summaries of the factsPeter
Yes. That said, it makes no sense to pollute water, are and soil through slack practices.Peter
The sooner the better! Labour under JA and now Chippie have deliberately deceived NZers. Will the incoming government have the courage to scrap all the emissions policies that are bankrupting our country? Only ACT has the courage to speak out against the climate policies which have been foisted upon us by a government that wants to control us all (= communism).Laurence
Another Fraud perpetrated by the Ardern government.Douglas
Climate change is a scam. Earth warms/cools in cycles over the centuries. ITS BEEN TABULATED by geologists.Gill
Zero Carbon Act and Emissions Trading Scheme are not good for all New Zealanders.Chun
I am so sick of our media staying silent on alternative views regarding the climate change narrative. Instead we are just given one sided brainwashing to uninformed. Time to inform people of the climate alarmists smoke screens. And how much it is causing our economy for virtually no gain whatsoever except to line the pockets of the deceivers.Peter
Ridiculous. Unrealistic.Gavin
Its virtual signalling nonsense a leftover of the Ardern regime.Phil
Very strange that a Leftist Government would allow this kind of nonsense to continue making the cost of living more expensive & Difficult for the Poor !!!Michael Andrew
Of course, and government use of refuted data should be revealed to the public urgently.Terry
Depressing how our politicians slavishly follow the fads of over populated other countries as though they have any relevance to our situation.Charles
It’s nothing more than Climate Socialism. The ignorance and inability to recognise propaganda by many is staggering, as is the deliberate deceit by Govt. and mediaAndrew
The global warming emperor has no clothes.Brett
They should have been abandoned at the time of their conception and never have seen the light of day. They were introduced as a means of terrifying the population and of extracting money. The climate does not change just because a group of people make a declaration .Fletcher
It is all BS!Tony
Climate change is a complete scaremongering tactic of weak governments.Graham
Yes, abandon the Paris Climate Dictatorship. It is not an accord. It has become compulsory and COMPULSION IS AN ACT OF CIVIL WAR. Compulsion is the tool of all would-be tyrants and they love WAR.Donald
Yes we are scammed again. The deception and lies from this government and its corrupt media lapdogs is mind blowing. The true scientific evidence has been proven time and again if one looks for it but – why are our politicians ignoring it??John
Natural variations will continue infanitim.Richard
totally up the wahzooErin
Carbon credits trading is a scheme devised by the wealthy to enhance their riches, and does nothing to reduce the so called dangerous carbon dioxide levels. A scam, no lelessKeith
Total nonsense,a tool for scaremongering and financial rape of the masses sadly.Terry
The zero carbon act is fraudNeil
Because they are both based on false premises and to suggest that mankind can change the climate is arrogant in the extremeKevin
Farmers should be exempt as are leaders in the world in this area.Derek
Yes and remove ourselves from WEF AND WHO !John
The notion that trading schemes and taxes can have any effect at all on climate is the biggest scam ever inflicted on us.Rod
The whole co2 con was created as a money maker, and is a gigantic fraud.Jeremy
Have also maintained that climate change has alswys happened regardless of population growth or human activityRon
Always been crazyzmike
Absolutely.. this whole deal was a looney left driven scam from the outset with many reputable scientists who opposed their idiotic mantra being marginalised or berated if their views didn’t fit the narraratives of the ignorant. Instead of reasoned scientific debate, and informed assessment, we wound up with mass hysteria.Rob
the govt has it head in the sand. not keeping up with latest infochris
Absolutely, zero carbon will never happen and the goal is based upon false scienceDavid
Shaw and climate extremists are adopting an ostrich like posture and haven%u2019t the courage to admit they are wrong. No intelligent voter should for that reason alone be supporting the Breen Party at the upcoming election.Nev
It has always been a manipulative scam, created to control people.Roseanne
Climate change as attributable to humans use of fossil fuels is the largest political hoax ever perpetuated on the populations of the world. It is the midern day equivalent of nany historic religious persecutions used by thise in powerful positions to subjugate those who may seek to reduce their power.Mike
NZ has been misled.Tony
Yes! Why don’t they listen to Barry brill!!Marianne
It’s the worlds greatest scam how anyone could believe it is beyond me the so called evidence is really flawedPeter
At 0.17% of global emissions, we should simply fall in line wiht our trading partners. Simple!Jan
Absolutely!! These schemes ( and that is what they are) are a gigantic Ponzi ‘scheme’ to extract vast amounts of money from a misinformed population worldwide. And this is accompanied by a fear and doom propaganda which is unprecedented. This malignant and devious propaganda is also disseminated in schools to brainwash children ( the next generation) into fear and paranoia. This is well and truly driven by the devil himself and he has a lot of helpers.Michael
as soon as possibleeric
It has the power to destroy NZ stabilityJill
Biggest fraud ever!John
It’s a no brainer, this rort short be ended together with the careers of its supportersPhil
It was produced by a corrupt government and never corrected.Des
Global climate change happens naturally. Even the Sahara desert was once a jungle.Des
Finally the people admitted the emperor didn’t have any clothes. Hopefully the people will also have the courage to speak out against the fantasy that humans are causing climate change.Anne
As National has already announced its commitment to Carbon Zero, it is clear that the party intends to continue with Labour’s deception.Ron
Labours current policy are out of line and incorrect and deceitful ,and causing undue costs imposed on goods and essential servicespeter
Yes it should all be thrown out along with the erroneous push for EV’s over ICE’s, and wind & solar farms too. Climate Change is a hoax. Just like the Y2K Bug was a hoax.Simon
As Lord Monckton pointed out the feedback mechanism used by the UN’s climate model is invalid, once adjusted to the correct model the climate emergency disappears… So why do Labour & their cronies continue to push this agenda, maybe the same reason as their Covid response !John
TOTALLY Abandoned!! Our effect is miniscule. But more importantly, there is NO climate change…just a natuturally recurring of cyclical eventsTony
YES, YES, YES. Stop all this TOTAL Bullshit right NOW. Unfortunately so many people have been sucked in by all the lies of the Greens and Labour. Brian W.Brian
The planet will go on merrily with or without usEvans
Climate change is a natural phenomena that has seen constant alteration at varying rates throughout millions of years. Humans cannot stop climate change and it is arrogant to believe we have this ability – we cannot even prevent a simple rainfall! Huge resources have been ploughed into misguided efforts at ‘preventing’ climate change. These resources would better serve humanity if it was used to prepare for the inevitable climate change. Both scenes should be abolished with immediate effect!Martin
False information being banded aboutDAN
Climate Change is an existensial threat to our planet. Please refrain from spreading disinformation.John
unless the whole world [ which is an impossibility ] is on board with this it wont happen , and actually is not achievable any way .Roy
Rubbish from the start. Dishonesty from Ardern and Shaw.Jeff
Clearly it should be abandoned but not much hope when it forms part of National’s pledges to NZ. Is is lack of intelligent rational thought or lack of balls to state the truth? Who knows but it’s crippling our country and brainwashing the sheeple. Sad.Alan
Yes but it would be even better if Labour and the Greens were totally abandoned, National halved and ACT in charge.Scott
They penalise the food producers, based on discredited information.DAVID
It is a big conRichard
Anyone, with or without a “Degree” who has looked seriously at CLIMATE knows that it is not significantly influenced by humans. In fact humans have been living on the edge of extinction due to lack of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.Charles
Very good analysisJohn
absolutely, this is utter garbage and the only thing it will achieve is to drive our country even closer to bankruptcy than the incompetent labour green goons have already taken us.Alastair
Thank you Muriel. Will Happer is an outstanding scientist in this field. The nonsense needs to stop but National also wants net zero by 2050. The UN is dangerous and harmful and needs to excluded in all its interference in domestic politics of NZ. We do not need IPCC or UNDRIP to ruin this country. We have our own politicians who will happily do that for us. The Green Party, Te Parti Maori, Labour, National, …Peter
The facts speak for themselves they got it wrong.Murray
Abandon Zero Carbon consider Dr. Walter b Russell prediction that Nuclear waist and Radioactivity is the danger. Atomic Suicide book WBRNorman
Any example of the Labour/Greens propagandaGeoff
Climate change is a hoax.Astrid
There is no climate emergency. Except the debatable reality that coordinated massive deforestation by fire is occurring. Carbon is the gas of life. We need moreDominic
Also, the Minister for the Environment and the current Ministry, the Environment Commission and the Commissioner and related bodies and the ETS should be ‘gone by lunch-time’. Nothing wrong with concern and action about our environment, but, these Ministries and agencies have been captured by a false God and need to be torn down and the whole approach to environment/conservation re-built with rational scientific based fundamentals that do not require the destruction of our primary produce based economy.Francis
It is based on incorrect assumptions and Pseudoscience .Merv
Zero carbon act a total CON, put forward to get Jacinda a job in the UNGeorge
An even bigger scam than the plandemicSharen
The climate change cult is an invasive tool of the insidious cultural Marxism agenda that is sweeping the western world. WE all need to wake up soon to its inevitable crushing of civilisation as we know it.Richard
It’s a boondoggleGavin
Enough scare mongering.Ian
Common Sense – ain’t so common.Neville
Like Covid we face a propaganda process to frighten us to compliance. Financial services see it as a way to make more money so are willing advocates.John
Redistribution of wealth, tyranny by stealth. Get rid of zero carbon swindle now.Max
Canad has the same fraud being perpetrated on it by the Trudeau Government .Alwyn
There is no climate crisis.Allan
Yes, they should focus more on managing all the rubbish and plastic etc that is going into our environment. Kate
This is the biggest scam in our history. I can’t understand why science has not been used as it should. The left wish to transfer wealth mainly to themselves at the expense of our great country. This is not only deceitful but I believe criminalBarras
Time to stop panicking and to start planning adaptation and to start discussing nuclear power research and development. Changing the public opinion based on facts, not scaremongering, will take time.Geert
Pollution from plastics etc is the problem. Climate change is inevitable as it has being going on since the earth was formed.John
It should have been abandoned long ago.bruce
I am an expat who follow NZ politics and the economy closely. New Zealand is at a tipping point. Common sense needs to prevail. Not the radical policies pushed by the left and political elites.John
The many excellent articles by Bryan Leyland and Barry Brill on this website as well as a huge amount of information available on numerous sites worldwide show that actual measured data debunks the climate models and their alarmist narratives every time. The dishonest politicians and our complicit media have are pushing an agenda based on fear. It must be stopped, the huge sums of money already wasted with massive amounts still to come is destroying any chance of a normal future for all New Zealanders and all for nothing. Keep up your vital work NZCPR with your excellent articles from such well informed writers.Ian
And abandon the corporate global cabal who is behind this depopulation agenda.neil
There is no such thing as ZERO Carbon or Emission’s Trading scheme as it is only another Tax for the government.Gary
Yes most definitely It’s a bit like the road to zero Best to set something up to with realistic goals Not the goals of bloody idealistic dreamers who frankly are self serving woke and have no connection to realityBruce
A worry is that if a National led coalition take over government at the election – they are just as ignorant as the current bunch, and will continue down this idiotic climate change track.Graham
they are another scam to redistribute the money and power from developed nations to under developed How ludicrous is it that we, NZ, PAY India and China. Thought, is that why Labour have devastated the NZ economy – to become a 3rd world country and then receive money from others????Such would be Labour’s feeble thinking.Carolyn
Yes, definitely. The present coalition of chaos members would be struggling to assemble half a brain between them. However, their cunning and deceit know no bounds. Unfortunately, Luxon and his inner cohort appear to be no better when it comes to CO2 and climate change. Clearly they haven%u2019t yet found or read the right books!Alan
Absolutely – the whole zero carbon agenda is just a socialist construct and it is disgraceful that it has been allowed to do such damage to industry and our economy. Paul
The ETS has been a disaster – a huge cost on the country and for no purpose at all. The whole thing is just a massive scam. Roger
When will political parties give us some real choice and base their policies on the ideas in this newsletter: scrap the ETS and all the zero carbon stuff. They would gain a huge number of votes because we are all sick to death of the scaremongering rubbish!Dan
It is disgraceful that Labour has lied to the public about global warming being worse than it really is. They should be held to account.Barbara
We need some honesty into climate policy – scrap the exaggerations and lies.Michael