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A High Stakes Election

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Thursday 6 July marked 100 days until the most important election of our lifetime.

For many New Zealanders, the return of Labour to government along with the Greens and the Maori Party would be the final straw.

It is no exaggeration to say that if this occurs significant numbers of Kiwis will decide their future is no longer in our country.

Our only hope is a change of government and a new administration determined to not just halt the social and cultural revolution that has divided our society and eroded the fundamental principles of our democracy, but to reverse it.

This is no idle musing. Over the last five and a half years, Labour has put in place the foundations for He Puapua and totalitarian tribal rule.

With three more years at the helm, Labour would introduce a new written constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi, which would embed tribalism and Maori rule into our society forever.

It’s not the original Treaty that Labour is pushing, that established the Queen as our sovereign, protected private property rights, and gave Maori the same rights and privileges of British citizenship as every other New Zealander. Instead, they are forcing a fabricated version onto the country that claims the Treaty is a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown. This is what’s being taught in schools, underpins our racist health system, is being used to justify co-governance and tribal control of Three Waters, and is even being forced onto the private sector.

The NZCPR is currently delivering Sir Apirana Ngata’s 1922 explanation of the ‘original’ meaning of the Treaty into households across the county to counter Treaty ‘partnership’ propaganda. For details of this project, please click HERE.

The drive for a Treaty-based constitution comes from iwi leaders, supported by Maori supremacy advocates in academia and the public sector. Labour ensured the media has also played a crucial role in conditioning the country for constitutional change by requiring all recipients of the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund to promote their Treaty ‘partnership’ fabrication.  

While that Fund has now wound up, the media propaganda continues – as an article by a senior Stuff journalist Andrea Vance promoting “a written constitution” for New Zealand indicates.

What is particularly disturbing in her article is her derogatory condemnation of a key democratic safeguard – the use of binding referenda to determine major constitutional change: “Referendums are also a dreadful way to decide constitutional matters, subjecting them to the vicissitudes of political controversy, stripping out nuance and encouraging dehumanising language and distorted realities. They are a demagogue’s dream.”

Such dictatorial sentiments are dangerous – as constitutional law expert, Professor James Allan, explains when he points out that the only legitimate way to change a country’s constitution is through the approval of voters: “For a country in today’s democratic era to change its constitution without in any real way asking its own citizens would be a disgrace, the sort of thing one might expect after a military coup in Pakistan.”

The reason the public’s approval must be sought for major constitutional change is that the effects can be profound. For New Zealand, a new constitution based on the Treaty would literally signal the end of Parliamentary sovereignty – and democracy as we know it!

Let me explain.

New Zealand’s ‘unwritten’ constitution consists of a collection of statutes, conventions, and common law rights that together set out the basic rules by which our country is governed. With supreme law-making power held by elected Members of Parliament who can be sacked if they lose the confidence of voters, New Zealand has one of the strongest parliamentary democracies in the world.

If a written constitution is introduced, that ultimate law-making power would be transferred to unelected judges who are not accountable to the public. Given the hierarchy of Courts in New Zealand, it would be the five Judges of the Supreme Court, who would hold supreme power. They would in effect, be our rulers – and if we did not like anything they decided, there would be absolutely nothing we could do about it.

Given that the Supreme Court Justice Joe Williams – the former Head of the Waitangi Tribunal – has already stated his preference for “decolonising the law”, and the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Winkelmann and Justice Glazebrook want to see Maori custom or “tikanga” as part of our common law, tribalism instead of democracy would be our future.

As the former Canterbury University Law Lecturer David Round explains: “Once we had the Treaty in our constitution, we would be sunk. No matter how mild the references to the Treaty might be, we can be certain that they would be used, not just by politicians but by politically activist judges in the courts, to impose apartheid on us for ever.”

David also warns against the government practice of inserting the ‘principles’ of the Treaty into legislation. Since there are no principles in the Treaty, they are open to re-interpretation, as he explains: “The principles, of course, are a blank cheque. The latest announcement from the Waitangi Tribunal is that they require ‘co-governance’ ~ in other words, an end to democracy and racial equality. That’s not what they meant even a few years ago ~ and for all we know, we may discover a few years down the track that the ‘principles’ require complete Maori control of our country. That is, after all, what some radicals are saying right now.”

Given how widespread this practice has become under Labour, the situation is concerning – especially as the Panel reviewing New Zealand’s electoral law has recommended inserting Treaty principles deep into the heart of our electoral system: “Upholding the Treaty must be central to the administration of the electoral system. One way to facilitate this is to include an explicit requirement in the Electoral Act for decision-makers to give effect to the Treaty and its principles when exercising functions and powers under the Act… We are also recommending that this obligation is explicitly included in the Electoral Commission’s statutory objectives.”

The Independent Electoral Review Panel proposing this radical course of action consists of six members: Chairman Deborah Hart is also chair of the Consumer Advocacy Council; Professor Maria Bargh is the former head of Maori Studies at Victoria University; Professor Andrew Geddis is a public and electoral law specialist at Otago University; Associate Professor Lara Greaves specialises in Maori and Indigenous politics at Victoria University; Alice Mander is the co-president of the National Disabled Students’ Association; and Robert Peden is a former Electoral Commission chief executive.

Under the guise of better upholding the Treaty, the panel has gone to great lengths to recommend a series of electoral law changes that would advantage Maori.

One is entrenching the Maori seats to make it harder for them to be removed.

Another relates to prisoner voting. Before 2020, anyone committing a crime against society serious enough to result in a prison sentence, forfeited their right to vote.

Labour restored voting rights for prisoners with sentences of less than three years, ahead of the 2020 election.

Now the Panel is recommending all prisoners should have their voting rights restored: “The ongoing disqualification of some prisoners disproportionally impacts Maori who are overrepresented in the prison system as a result of systemic bias and social and economic disadvantage.”

According to the Panel, Maori are over-represented in prison, not because they commit more crime, but because they are victims of oppression!

Altogether the Panel has made 98 recommendations, including lowering the voting age to 16, extending the term of Parliament from three to four years, lowering the party vote threshold to enter Parliament from 5 percent to 3.5 percent, and abolishing the one-seat threshold.

Submissions on the Review – see HERE for details – close on July 17 and will be considered ahead of a final report being delivered to the new government in November 2023.

One of the issues raised in the report is the complexity of the Maori Electoral Option. As a result, Electoral Commission meetings have been held around the country to explain the details and help facilitate change.

Another group that’s been holding meetings to ‘help’ Maori voters with enrolment is the Mongrel Mob. As long-time Mob member Harry Tam explained on his Facebook page: “Another election hui done in Dunedin today. The local Labour MP heard about our hui and gate crashed. She said my name comes up in parliament so they’re a bit hesitant to be associated with me. I told them they will be more concerned when they realise that we are targeting the marginal seats and mobilising our people to get off the Maori roll and go onto the general roll so we can vote in those marginal seats. So best don’t worry about me now just worry about me if we get you in because you will know that we can get you out too.”

He explained their objective is to vote strategically to keep National out: “Electoral vote Labour and party vote Greens so Labour has a coalition partner.”

It should come as no surprise that the Mob is organising its membership to support Labour to keep National out of Office, given they are promising to crack-down on gangs. 

It was Labour’s Ingrid Leary, the MP for Taieri, that “gate crashed” the meeting. She claimed she thought it was an Electoral Commission meeting, and “in no way” condones the actions of the Mongrel Mob – even though in 2021, Labour gave the Mob $2.75 million supposedly for a drug rehabilitation programme.

The rise of criminal gangs and the disastrous impact their drug trade is having on society is a concern of most New Zealanders – including this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy, who reminds us it was not the FBI that brought down the notorious American gangster Al Capone, but the Inland Revenue Service! He suggests that along with strengthening Police powers, the application of the Income Tax Act could prove an effective weapon against gangs:

“The current Income tax legislation was amended in 2007 making it clear that any property arising from the conduct of a business activity carried on with a view to profit is amenable to income tax. The Act is also clear that a criminal enterprise is within that definition. The Act covers not only money but also any property such as motor vehicles necessary to, and used in, the business.

“It is for the person to explain to the Commissioner how the money or property was acquired. There is no onus on the Commissioner to prove anything other than it exists and is found in the possession of the party concerned. In those circumstances the Commissioner then applies an assets accretion exercise and arrives at an amount of undeclared income that would have been necessary to purchase such items. In this way he calculates the amount of income tax evaded, adds penalties, which can amount to three times the tax, and levies the enterprise accordingly. If the ‘taxpayer’ does not have untainted money available from which to pay the tax, then the property is forfeited to the Crown. He is also able to bring criminal proceedings against the defaulter which can result in imprisonment and or a fine.”

The former Judge believes the use of the income tax procedures on a regular basis would not only make it hazardous for the gangs to continue trading but, “It would also make it more difficult for them to survive as a gang and this would stem the flow of new recruits.”

Anthony Willy’s suggestion is another weapon that could be included in the arsenal against criminal organisations that profit from the misery of others.

There are so many burning issues to consider in the lead up to the 2023 election, that the consequences of another three years of Labour don’t bear thinking about.

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*Do you believe there will be a significant exodus from New Zealand if Labour is re-elected?


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Very worried about the ways labour is going to cheat. John
Yes Andrew
Labours desire to transfer control of this country by affording Maori co-governance and ultimate control of New Zealand, would lead to total dictatorship, and strip any hardworking New Zealander of his present living standards. Chris
Am considering such myself. Paul
I’ve just voted NO but would add a comment. I understand that people will want to leave this political nightmare if this coalition of communism does somehow, regain power. Frankly, I can’t see how that could happen, except perhaps by, for those readers with expansive minds/visions, a most devious but highly possible mechanism. You may consider this ‘way out there’, but there could be operating now and for the next weeks up to 14 October, controlled, subliminal Hypnosis/subliminal imaging applied through the domestic TV network. As most know, an image is flashed rapidly on the screen and while identified in the sub conscious mind, it happens too quickly for normal, mental cognition to read. This system does have pervasive capability to ‘sway’ a persons decisions/choices, without them fully understanding why they might be selecting the choices made. As I understand, this practice has been outlawed as a medium for business/product advertising and does have a clear impact. It is of course, most insidious, unethical and outright completely wrong. But this current world system is collapsing and unfortunately, it’s a free-for-all with anything goes. The ‘old fashioned’ standards of personal Honesty, Discipline, Integrity and operating from a clear conscience and other traits of trustworthiness, have been discarded or at least diluted in most dealings these days–Politically and in most spheres of life. Forgive my imaginings, but just wondering if Mr. Hipkins recent visit to China involved any other ‘arrangements” with the 5G network and an entire Armada of satellites up there, the sky’s the limit for possibilities. So fellow patriots, maybe be careful how much TV you watch in the next weeks. Alan
Yes who would want to stay when the country is taken over by savages of low IQ. If we all leave, they will get exactly what they want. Then we will see how 3 waters work when the infrastructure need upgrading, and electricity needs to be increased etc. All the brains have gone offshore and NEW ZEALAND as it used to be and will revert to bush and walking tracks between the cabbage trees. As it was prior to COOK turning up. So justice will be done, and they will get what they deserve, each other Ha Ha Ha. Jeff
The number of people who do not claim to be “Maori” will be fighting to get onto the aeroplanes to get out of this utterly ruined country. A beautiful way of life shattered forever. Valerie
Logical David
I certainly will go to Aussie. JOHN
the young people may bypass australia as they are going down the same dangerous road as we are doing so even if luxton gets in he wont stop this maori rort so the second round of civil war in NEW ZEALAND will be on the cards, especially since the greens have stated that the brown mob want to take over all the land that was legally sold by them and most likely all the reclaimed land that half of Nelson and Wellington is built on and other towns will also be claimed. Richard
I hate to hear people say that – it’s petulant and insincere. Reminds me of the idiots in the US who declared they’d all come to NZ if Trump one – thank goodness they didn’t do that! Mike
Do we want to live in a third World Country. Norm
I certainly believe that exodus will happen and I would not blame them. If Labour returns to power it wont be the harmonious New Zealand of the past. Laraine
The general public still seem unaware of the damage that Jacinda’s govt has done to our country. In my view anyone who votes labour this year should be charged with TREASON. RIchard
I would be gone now if I was not too old! Murray
For those who can leave then they should if Labour and The Greens are re-elected along with the Maori Party. Heaven help the rest of us who have no choice but to stay and watch the country and our democracy sink further into the Marxist mire. . Ginia
It’s already started.. replacing NZers with immigrants bill
Unfortunately a major exodus will occur & the very people who will probably vote Right of Centre to get rid of these tyrannical “pirates” from Parliament for many election cycles to come. NZ does not deserve these “turkeys” who have failed at nearly everything they have tried to implement over the last 6 years almost. It will be a huge task for a new government to correct the damage that Liebour has done & it won’t be easy for us Kiwis to hang in there while the necessary steps are taken to bring back NZ to a stronger position democratically…! Bruce
I cannot believe I have voted yes – because I cannot bring myself to believe it will happen – BUT I AM SCARED THAT IT MIGHT. Maurice
While I believe that people will WANT to go, it’s getting to the stage that there is nowhere TO go that is free from this stupidity! The whole world seems to have gone mad. Gail
Hell yeh, it used to be said “the country is going to the dogs” now it’s “the country has been gifted by the Labour Party to “Maoridum!” The PM and his ministers need to pull their heads out of their arse and start smelling the roses!! John
Possibly even me, and I’m 76 Peter
We cannot and must not allow this current govt to continue, other wise it will be the end of democracy as we know it. Bill
People can’t afford to stay hardly anymore Hilary
The treaty was never a partnership. It was to expand the British Commonwealth. Why would King George want to sign a partnership document at the time when Maori were just out of being cannabilism. They were still savages to the British. Robin 
We will be gone in a flash, and will encourage the rest of our family to do the same. We don’t want to live in an asylum run by lunatics!! Kevin
And I, along with the children will be voting with our feet & leaving the Socialist Utopia of Aotearoa, the country formerly know as New Zealand which was once one of the most egalitarian & prosperous country’s of the world John
The exodus has already started – especially to Australia – for obvious reasons, and easily verified inail.comm public statistics paul
New Zealand has been wrecked by Marxists, Maori & Media. We are subjected daily to an onslaught of leftist & Maori propaganda paid for by our own tax money. Previously held respect for Maori has all but disappeared. The SME’S NEED TO REVOLT. Defund the universities & defund everything Maori. Bruce
Probably will be. However people must stay and fight otherwise what is left of NZ will be just handed to these radicals on a plate! In other words ,”just hand over the KEYS as you leave” This Country is in real mess and this Election is Democrocy”s last chance. How can we ensure the Integrity and Trust the up coming election result. Laurie
Already started Rodger
Most definitely, and it will be the wage-earners (ergo taxpayers) who will depart (and who could blame them?) leaving the elderly and those unwilling to work. Then where will the benefits (and pensions) come from? Sonya
On a recent visit to Australia, for the first time in over 50 years of visits, I was struck by the vibrancy, optimism, prosperity and orderliness in direct contrast to the current situation in NZ. If I were younger I’d be there like a shot. Jen
Those of us who aren’t going need to fight and make sure this travesty does not occur, expose the lies and vote them out. Who wants tribalism ruling us? Monica
What a complete shambles this Labour coalition government has been. John T
I’ll be considering it as a retired ratepayer living in an area with probably the highest rates in New Zealand by property valuation / rates ratio. Peter
There should be a mass exodus, but there is probably a high number of stupid labour supporters still around unfortunately, and also in my case age becomes a problem. john
Yes and we my likely be part of it Justin
I am planning to go unless there is a National /Act government and David Seymour get his referendum through. Malcolm
The “significant exodus” has well begun. This Government have continued to rape this country and its people. They will continue to do so, if re-elected. My concern – no opposition from other parties sitting in Parliament, so who do you trust to trust to stop this communist streak? It is impossible for me to leave … and where would you go anyway? All over this planet the raping of countries is happening. Speak up New Zealanders, before it is too late! Jennifer
A further term will enable them to ensure that Maori control the health system, our water assets, education, and the justice system. The wealth creators, farmers, horticulturists, entrepreneurs, will earth NZ in droves and all that will be left are those who rely on handouts, the pensioners who survive off super and those who can’t escape. Tribalism will prevail and we will see the return of the dark days before the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. NZ economy will be stuffed. Kerry
Absolutely, we will lose our best brains and talent and their money. I hope Labour voters realise this, Who is going to pay the taxes when our best and brightest have gone. Carole
If I wasn’t so old I would be going myself Stanley
This will be the end of New Zealand, and its democracy. Elaine
Of interest may be the recent win by the AUS LNP in the FADDEN electorate. The swing against labour may well be 10%. Frederick
Too much money given to Maori has given them an attitude that they are special. There is little to see for the $$$ billions they have received of taxpayers money. Dianne
Told my family that three more years of this clown show will spell the end of this country as we knew it. The downfall will be swift and bloody. Kris
Educated and skilled to Aussie Will include my family! Donna
Life under tribalism would be intolerable as it was for the Maori slaves pre 1840. There would also be no property rights for non-maori as is the case in all tribal society. So I would expect the wealthier and more talented to leave as their wealth would be a target and it would be easier for them to move. Mike
There already is a significant exodus. It will be a flood if the left gets back in. Kenneth
me for one STAN
It is already happening now. Allan
But there is something seriously wrong with our present arrangements, when a party crony can be appointed to the GG position. Such eliminates the essential protection that a neutral appointment offers. We have certainly seen that failure over the last 3 years RJM Russ
And we will be the first to leave!! Brian 
Anyone who wants to work will be gone and only bludgers left behind Laurie
i’m one Irene
Those who can, anyhow. Christina
An open letter to our Labour Government: Why be so difficult, when with a little more effort, you can be so downright impossible? Kevan
Sadly it has already started and these are the people we can least afford to lose. tony
The problem is that they cheat just like the democrats. Then hide the results. To have a fair and legitimate election will be the challenge. I see a major shift toward the minor parties, so it will be up to the likes of NZ First and NC to control the benches. Neil
My Family has been seriously discussing with one already applying for a job in South Australia. Albyn
we should all be classed as equal stewart
We have already had conversations about where to go. Blair
Moving out if these radicals get back in. Maori cabal already well on the takeover of NZ. And they don’t want to pay for anything. WE WILL PAY. Allan
It has already started. Martin
Definitely. The changes that Labour contemplates will make NZ untenable. I am already struggling with the enforced Maori language everywhere. Very confusing! Evelyn
There already is an exodus — i have already lost my son and daughter in law and my two granddaughters. They were concerned at the path being taken by NEW ZEALAND !!!!!! They didn’t go to Oz however as they appear to be heading down the same path as NZ. When the hell will the majority enforce themselves ?? I don’t think Luxon will do it but it needs some party to help the majority get rid of the Marxists and so called indigenous bullshit we are faced with now and it’s getting worse day by day. Alan
Damn obvious is my deduction. Michael
People have had enough what is going on under Labour Mary
Many already departed – it is such a disaster SHERYL
I will be the first one to go John
If I was younger I definitely would be going.What a horrible way our country is heading. Anon
If i was younger we’d go also Anthony
The move is already underway. I spoke to a local estate agent who said all the houses he sold in the last 2 months were for people going to Oz. It will be a hard trend to stop and if we were younger we would have joined them a couple of years ago Mike
Those who leave will be the smart ones that do things and grow nz.. Burt
Yes I think so. I will be one of them. this nation will be doomed if these ideologies and changes are undertaken. Perhaps the wheel has already turned to far and may not easily be reversed, I hope not. This wonderful country is coming apart Leon
I left 2 years ago already realising NZ is past the point of no return. It is now, in 2023, unrecognisable. Sefton
I doubt whether many people will leave the country; however, investment may well be directed elsewhere and there will be widespread and deep discontent Peter
Many Reasons.. Norm
Where will they go too. Aussie is no better, and many people like us cannot afford to live in another country. JUST GET RID OF LABOUR/GREENS> Denis
Democracy is out the door. Ian
Scaremongering rhetoric. Muldoon for his faults tempered the same rhetoric by correctly saying that it would have the effect of increasing the average IQ of the inhabitants of both Australia and NZ if there was an exodus. Gary
Unfortunately, yes I do. I’m one of the thinking New Zealanders who realise that tribalism and all that entails will very quickly turn New Zealand into a third world banana republic, favouring the few at the cosy of the many – think Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe. I’ll be one of those who will be leaving. Trevor
The Labour Party, has now become the NEW RACIST PARTY of NZ. They have handed all sovereignity, to MAORIDOM, so no wonder KIWIS are leaving in droves David
If I was younger so would I Elizabeth
The Communist WEF/NWO/UN/TC, are not going to stop now….they are ALL in this far too deep. They know, what will be coming…. and they are SCARED!!! David
The Planes will be full to Aussie, why not our children will be going, or are already there, We are a divided country, by Race. clint
My husband and I will be 2 Jacky
If the Left continues to keep cutting the pie to give away there will be not pie left. Better to make a bigger pie for all by promoting enterprise. Don
The problem is — where to go? Most “democracies” similar to ours are being governed by flakes of the same school as our cretins. Philip
Already seeing an exodus..it is frightening for those of us who at this stage in our lives could not leave NZ. Shirley
Any thinking person would have to seriously consider leaving NZ. Certainly if such a disaster was to eventuate, I’d be one of them!! Shane
I’ll go John
Who would want to stay if the present incompetents remain along with their Green and Maori idiots? Mike
If people can afford to go then they will.The elderly will have to stick around and such it up and those who are hard up will be taken advantage of. Peter
If they win the election the rate of destruction of NZ society will only increase. Ronmac
Left the country in 2019, could see the writing on the wall then. Don’t plan on returning. Apartheid is coming unless major changes are implemented. Sean
Yes I believe there will be a significant exodus from NZ if Labour are re elected. I for one am very nervous of them getting back in and don’t trust my fellow kiwis to see through what this government has done to our country. There has been a new Party calling themselves New Zealand Loyal who I have been reading about on Rumble, they sound quite interesting and people should check them out. I personally think if Labour , Greens and Maori party get back in NZ will be stuffed for good. Paul
Unfortunately I think a lot will cross the ditch. How sad is it that our great country has come to this point of time on deciding on our future. Ardern and her mates should be put on trial for treason. If this dopey lot get control again we are in for a rugged time and we must stay and fight it for all we are worth and for our future generations. Peter
And I may join them. I don’t want to leave my country but I don’t think I could live under another Labour/ Green/ TPM govt. Elizabeth
My son has already stated just that. mike
Definitely will happen. The only trouble is it will be the people with the skills we definitely need that will cross the Tasman. Keith
YES we could face a radical element causing racial tension leo
Many will leave but the majority will suck it up. Many won’t be able to Paul
Sincerely hope not as it would leave us elderly to cope on our own, too old to move now. meg
Sad sad sad Bruce
Emigration will intensify for those able to and not wanting to suffer the degradation of a society before their very eyes. Ronnie
Not just an exodus of people but those left behind, for whatever reason to be forced to comply with labour’s draconian policies may need to resort to the only method left, that has dealt with past criminal governments. peter
It will become a racist country, ruled by a minority whose only interest is self-enrichment at the expense of those of us who pay the taxes whence comes the source of their plunder. Peter
Its happening now. I would too but I am too old. Pam
And there is nothing surer that if Labour is re-elected then there will be a strong sense of anger which will erupt into violence. If I was the Maori ‘Elite” I would be very afraid and then again they might be the ‘Ones’ that have to leave N Z !! Geoff
I would go also if I was younger. I hate seeing what the Labour Government has done to New Zealanders in so many ways but especially in creating division. Lois
Yes I think people have already started to go! Neil
No Doubt, and I will take my 6-7 million dollar revenue export business with me. mike
Don’t have to wait till the election the exodus is happening now Russell
The exodus has already started, if his government were to be returned, it would be a stampede. Loretta
Mass acceleration of what is already happening Bob
Anthony Willie’s tax law scheme to use as a weapon against the mob, seem spot on. Peter
i will seriously consider going overseas if Labour get in again. noel
I’m just so fed up with all this Maori crap. Liz Gunn has formed a new party and will get one of my votes. Her new party will send future claims straight to England and they can solve them or tell this Maori gravy train to go to hell. I’m losing my kids as they all prepare to move overseas. I’ve had enough. Vote NZLoyal. Carolyn
self evident David
My wife & I are too old to make a change if the current government wins the next election, unfortunately. It is highly likely that a large number of New Zealanders on whom the government depends for income and overseas funds, would move overseas where they would be appreciated. The government cannot continue to bleed NZ’s income earners and waste on the undeserving and lazy members of society, as well as on their fanciful schemes. Ralph & Lauree
If I wasn’t in my 80’s I would be thinking about crossing the Ditch.N ever in all my years seen such division. Raewyn
Most definitely trish B
If they can afford to move to another country and set up a new life there Jacky
I wish I could go now before we become another Zimbabwe chris
Just been to Aust met up with friends My family have been 12yrs Love it Brian
I’ll be one of them Peter
Myself, for one – this is not the New Zealand I came to 30 odd years ago. I loved the country then, but these last 10yrs the country has gone downhill fast. We cannot allow Labour to get it. trouble is, I have no idea who to vote for. National is not being open and transparent about their views and what they will do on crime, health, pensions etc. This is a massive concern Kerin
We have already left! Couldn’t stand it any more. NZ is driven by the politics of envy. Let’s see how the country fares when most of those with get-up-and-go get up and leave! Juliet
I already have moved to Oz and if these tubes somehow manage to scrape in, I will be selling my remaining property in NZ and applying for Oz citizenship. John
As above I have voted yes to the question however I doubt labour will get in. If they don’t get in we will still have a fight on our hands as the damage done by these labour a/holes is quite far reaching and it will need a strong government to cancel all racist rubbish. They will probably need some persuasion to do the job properly and that is where the average decent kiwi of whatever race will come in by protesting long and loud to get what we want which is a country where everyone can move around in safety and are free to do almost anything they want as long as its not illegal or immoral. Where an elderly woman can go to a womans rights meeting in Albert Park and not get beaten up by some transgender thug. We will have a big job ahead of us and while I am to old to go to Australia I would still stay here and fight even if I were capable of going. How about you,ARE YOU GOING TO RUN OR FIGHT? Brian
the brightest and the best and leave the ill informed to continue to side i to poverty graham
Of course, there will be. Trouble is it will be the makers and shakers who will go, and the no hopers will be left here with minimal services as New Zealand becomes bankrupt. Not something to look forward to. Don
hearing it from young and old alike… john
I would go too if I could, but 80 is a bit late in life to start over again, but good luck to those who are planning to go. It is possible the swing against Liebour will come in the next month, it appears to have started already. Robyn
Including us and we are pensioners and will have to live frugally somewhere else but it will be better than staying here. And my family have been here for 200 years Marilyn
great white flight very sad but if Labour gets in unfortunately the country is finished. I will see you all at the airport. ken
New Zealand will become a land of old people and fools if labour/greens/maori party win the next election. Gregor
This government is a giant wrecking ball that is distorting the true history of NZ pre and post Treaty of Waitangi. Patricia
I would be first in the queue to leave if it was not for the fact that I am elderly & my family is all in NZ & likely to remain here. Margaret
Yes, for the simple reason that several people I have spoken to have said that they have had enough of this government and are considering leaving if Labour gets back in. Graeme
And I would be one of them! David
For us it is too late. The destruction that is has given us reason to emigrate. NZ will take decades to fix, if ever, and we don’t have that long to wait. God bless NZ. Roger
Like you say, it doesn’t bear thinking about! Joan
especially the most talented and educated Ian
NZ is currently going downhill fast and will be faster if Labour get in and co-governance is rapidly introduced James
The despicably woke cultural Marxism currently sweeping the western world, particularly New Zealand, is treasonous pure and simple. Those responsible and those facilitating and complying must be sought out and publicly severely punished. Richard
Especially young talented people with aspiration Richard
No point in remaining in New Zimbabwe if democracy has been eradicated and tribal rule by a minority of racist part Maori prevails Peter
Unfortunately the destination is likely to be Australia but there are similar problems looming there with “The Voice”. Accordingly it would be better to sort out our own backyard. Ian
It will be the end of NZ as we have known it for last 150 year up until this corrupt outfit took control 2019 Rod
Sadly I am a retiree and too old to consider leaving New Zealand ,but by staying here I will continue to support NZCPR ,Taxpayers union /Hobsons pledge and any decent Kiwis who demand a return to pre Adern /labour days ,when the greedies ,left wingers and associated parasites including the hairy armpit brigade of female journos . A pox on all of them !!!!!!! Ray
The way the general public of New Zealand has reacted to the Government measures to turn New Zealand from a Democracy into a Socialist country co-governed by Maori leads me to doubt that they care what happens to our country so they would be unlikely to emigrate. Terry
I have already left.Moved to Brisbane.Over 1100 kiwis living here have applied for citizenship since the first of July. John
It has already started , young people moving there get twice the pay for same jobs here. Their government super scheme puts in 9% of your wage and you don’t have to be a Australian Citizen. If I was younger it would be definite option Chris
It’s already happening! Barry
Including me Murray
Having done it once and considering my age, I’ll probably stay. But I am certainly encouraging my two adult (well qualified in their respective fields) children to look to moving if this is the case. Graham
This has already started with numerous families moving to Australia and further afield. peter
There has already been a significant exodus given the state of medical staffing! Gray
It is certainly something that I would consider but age and health reasons might prevent that. If I were younger, I would definitely go. What has happened in the past six years has been incredibly disappointing and this is not the New Zealand that I grew up in. Paul
I lived in NZ for 17 years and have now left as the country I loved has been overtaken by corruption, fear and apartheid. I know others who like me have left already and others who are planning to leave! How NZ has changed… and not in a good way! Helen
If my family was financially able to go we would leave. Rod
We will be gone along with three other families.. Don
I have already left Dave
The only ones who cannot leave are those on a pension and I wish I could. So when all the others leave who will pay that? Margaret
Many aren’t even waiting for the election! I will certainly be booking my seat out of here Linda
Labour is messing up this country. David
I have 8 adult grandchildren and families already so many of their friends have left N.Z.not just for gap years but permanently because of the absolute racism and envy towards anyone who works their guts out and buys their house and contributes to society and are now told it’s white privileged! Ghris
After listening to the most racist interview with MerePeka Tait on radio tonight I realised how much trouble this country really is in. Catherine
Labour has nearly destroyed this country called New Zealand by sneakly changing the name and undermining every thing they touch with socialist and Maori beliefs . Ken
who wants to live in an apartheid society ??? warwick
One of my children has already gone and another is make it plans as are their children. Bob
Definitely, why would we want to stay in this lovely country when democracy is not taken into consideration. Heather
NZ will no longer be a place for any other race but Maori. Kenneth 
I am sure there will be, But the there is something for more insidious likely to happen. Most NZS have no idea what co-governance is. They think it is just consulting with Maori. When it is actually separate sovereignty. All their own Government Departments including courts and Police. I dealt with the head of this group during the 2002-2007 period. When I asked him how this was all going to be paid for he said. The treaty is the founding document of NZ. It is a living document a partnership and it must be put into a NZ constitution As Maori are partners they get 50% of the tax take to run their own Nation. In other words a Nation within a Nation, a separate society run according to Tekanga law. They are already well on the way to achieving this. When the average Kiwi wakes up and realizes what has happened we will end up with cultural wars. Lift up your eyes and look around the world. Do you not think it could happen here? Dene
I’ll be one to leave NZ Anthony
Based on the dismal track record of this Marxist Muppet Show since 2017, I would have to say “yes” although it pains me to do so. Scott
Why would you want to stay here. Labour have done enough damage as it is. goodness knows what will happen if thee clowns and their policies get in again . ROB
I left NZ 18 months ago.; I love Queensland and better access to health care John
I left 2.5 years ago and cannot see me returning Anthony
Not printable Russ
Another term of the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ and New Zealand will become a kumera republic – the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific! David
If I was younger I would join them Marlene
why would we stay Margaret
Absolutely, many families are already planning their exit including us if this happens. Raewyn
Place will be a shithole Grant
Why would you stay here if they were in and keep on with all the Maori nonsense Barbara
If Labour and its racist, extremist sidekick green and maori parties get back in it will be a catastrophe for New Zealand. This incompetent and destructive administration has already done immense damage. It has divided and brought ruination upon what was a great, albeit small, nation. While leaving would be a very pleasant thought, as a superannuitant it would be almost impossible. The departure of a younger, thinking generation will be inevitable. The coalition of chaos cannot be allowed to continue, but doubt still clouds te reo Luxon and the Tories. Act remains a dim light in a long, dark tunnel. Gavin
Completely fed up with this marxist government Tony
The exodus is already starting as it takes another decade to recover at least. Bob
The Exodus of the ’70s and 80s will be surpassed, New Zealand will become a 3rd world country, the damage done to our society, will result in civil war. Bob
It is already well underway, not only exiting but people choosing not to return. Donald
I’ll be one of the first to go ! Pete
Already happened Evans
Its already happening Mary
Half our family have gone already. We would need to seriously consider following theme Alan
NZ is already now another failed state, joining so many in Africa. Dane
Quite possibly. From utter frustration as much as anything Phil
I will be one of the ones leaving. I couldn’t put up with another 3 years of this bullshit. Alastair
Australia is the obvious next choice for New Zealanders to move to but a closer look needs to be had there as they are also going through the same issues we are with UNDRIP and the Voice. The knee jerk reaction is to flee but if we want to save our country from total ruin we need to stay and fight. Vivienne
Some will stay and fight but many of the those young and able enough will leave – putting the country into a downward spiral from which it may never recover. Roger
People have just had enough of being bullied and coerced. Those wanting a free lunch all the way can figure out how they will pay for it. Jan
I may be one of them. Son in Brisbane thomas
Unfortunately yes. And the people we’ll lose are the ones we can’t afford to lose. The bottom feeders will be left behind draining an ever- diminishing tax pool Dave
I would leave if I was younger vaughan
Who would want to continue to live in a country controlled by unelected distance mode forces. We need to take our country back from the brink. Janet
End of democracy and life as we know it. Laura
Also likely is the real possibility of Kiwis waking up and realising their country has been stolen whilst they slept. Geoffrey
Yes I for one is seriously considering it – if labour get back in this country will end up worse than zimbabwe LesW
Aussie is paying for skills in excess of what can be obtained here and people are leaving now Arthur
I have already lost one son to Australia & two more will be going if Labour get back in, I can’t blame them the future will not be here for them & their families, I may follow as well, I would like to stay & fight but how long will it be before our property is taken by a change in land classification with the stroke of a pen. Nigel
SADLY I think this is the case. Sylvia
People need to realise that the issues we are going through here are actually happening in other countries as well. The best coarse of action is to stay and fight. I believe that come October there will be a change of Government even the previous Primeminister Ms Adhern believed this, why else would she have run away and not remained to defend her incompetent leadership and Government. Rob
People are pissed off, well only those that can think for themselves…………. Norm
There would be increased emigration, but, maybe not particularly significant as it is no easy thing for many families, especially with the increasing return trend to the ‘extended family’, to up sticks and move. But, NZ would be on a declining slope towards the transformation of our once world standard ‘western’ nation to a glorified Pacific (Aotearoa) Island. Our only ally Australia will appear very attractive to people who seek reasonable levels of independence, opportunity and self-determination. Francis
And it will be people NZ would benefit by keeping here. I would go myself but am in a retirement village and can’t afford to move Gail
I’m one and my wife is too, am I still allowed to call her that? Russell
and I could well be one of them ! Laurie
We are moving in November to Europe, home is bought, shipping sorted etc etc. Logistics manager and project manager here, highly skilled, hard working. No thanks NZ! kate
If I was younger, I’d definitely leave NZ. It’s no longer the beautiful country I grew up in. Lois
# Me Too! Mark
I’ve already left Sarah
I feel like this no longer is my country, even though I am a 5th generation New Zealander, if I was in my 20s or 30s I would be making plans to leave. Maybe another country wouldn’t be any better but I’m disillusioned in this one and concerned for the future for my grandchildren, though they could have the option of leaving if they so wish, for me it no longer is an option. Bryan
Assets won’t be worth anything, unfortunately. It will be gifted to get out! Aj
NZ has had enough of this Maori coup!! It is being promoted by this socialist Labour govt & certainly NOT being disputed by ‘contenders’ for Govt in Oct!!!! Ron
If I was younger I would go too. I’m sick of this reverse racist country. Clive
If we were newish married and this bloody lot got back in again we would definitely go to Australia taking our 2 kids with us. No question – but at 77 we are tied to NZ and fearful of what little future we will have. John
I will be one of them. Already have contingency plans. New Zealand will have no future if this lot are returned in October. It will become another corrupt tribal race driven state like many in Africa. Not for me. Frank
Yes, that’s quite a likely outcome of those who can afford to.. Frank
I bought a house in Australia years ago because I feared the rise of pseudo-Maori activism. Our highly-qualified adult children and grandchildren are considering doing the same, and some have already departed and obtained British citizenship. Charles
We would go also if it wasn’t for our Children and Grandchildren. Gavin
We do not need tribal law but I suspect if Maori have any power, they won’t be able to agree on anything because of tribalism Warren
My family and I will be anyway!! Campbell
Who in their right mind would want to live in a country under apartheid law if Labour were to be re-elected Graeme
Returning to tribalism wouldn’t be acceptable in the European way. Eurico
Labour is ruining my country. If they get back in (Heaven forbid) I would like to leave – but I’m too old to move and have too many family here, so all I can do is vote to keep them out. I suspect some other people would be in the same boat too. Sheila
I and my family will go and leave these beautiful shores and leave it to the maori elite and their stupid brainwashed slaves. Leonard
Not only qualified people but a massive exodus of capital & companies relocating overseas. Derek
If I wasn’t a farmer and was 30 years younger, I would be getting prepared to go. If I was a wealthy business man that had a “transportable” business, I would be moving some of my money overseas now.. We will be back in 1780 before we know it. Russell
Unfortunately YES, although I have to say that Australia seems to be heading in a similar direction with the VOICE Kevin
We all should consider what we stand to lose if labour is re-elected…New Zealand’s future is at stake. Chris
Yes, I believe there will be a significant movement of disgruntled New Zealanders to other countries, particularly Australia. if parties on the left win the election in October. Members of my family intend to do just that, depending on the results. Older people who can’t afford to leave, will have to stay in a country where democracy is no longer applied. Where are the people crying out about apartheid in South Africa years ago? Not a word is being spoken by them Why? Lorraine S
Hasn’t it already commenced? Speaking personally. I would leave too if I could receive the NZ pension in Australia. It is an abomination the way the majority of citizens have been treated by this government. chris
A few friends of mine are serious about leaving if we don’t get a change of government. Mike
Absolutely and my family will be leaving. mike
Yes, people especially young qualified people. It will start a brain drain and discourage other people wanting to even live here also bare in mind it is much easier now to become an Australian citizen,people do not wish to become second class citizens. I feel for the older generation who really have no option but to stay here. So the Maori win the country back. So vote anyone except Labour. Owen
As retirees my wife and I have discussed leaving New Zealand. Michael
If I was a bit younger now I would be heading off shore as if Labour gets in I worry for my NZ family as well as my OZ family. These people couldn’t run a Sunday School picnic Barbara
It is obvious that the decline of our democratic history by enhancing Maori rights to the detriment of all other kiwis must inevitably lead to departures of the descendants of those who have developed our country from third to first world status. Robert
Yes, I will be one of them. Gayle
in fact many have left and apparently many Maori. Tony
I There will be a huge exodus in all ages and employment if Labour re-elected.. National will stop the exodus. Ann
I know there will be a significant Exodus from NZ… I will be leading it, and that is significant for me. Quote “…we may discover a few years down the track that the principles require complete Maori control of our country.” There is no possible room for doubt that this is what the maoris are after. They lost the country through force of arms, and are trying to regain it by subterfuge and manipulation of facts. That last is a polite euphemism for ‘outright lies’. Don’t let it happen, New Zealanders! TOBY
Not significant in terms of numbers of people, but very significant in terms of business owners, entrepreneurs, employers, ie the people who create wealth for the country. Vic
Definitely and quite frankly the way this country is name changing Govt. entities ( health, land transport,, child youth and family, etc. ) who I would suggest are performing even worse for the exercise , I would be leaving too if I was a lot younger than my current years !! Logan
I may be among them John 
Don’t think that voting for National, is a good idea, as it was the Key government and the Supreme Court which helped get this Treaty lie to this point. Hugh
We would be gone. Ronald
Question, Does NZCPR believe the upcoming Election is secure, from vote tampering ?? BRUCE
NZ’s future would be very bleak if the Coalition of Chaos is in control – voters MUST ensure that this does not happen. Peter
There is only one snag: Where do we go? Aussie? Paloma
Maori living in Australia are in most cases there to escape the tribalism that besets New Zealand. Here, Maori not part of the elite, dare not speak out against the radical narrative for fear of consequences. So yes, many more citizens, regardless of colour, will flee the country. Sadly, I’m too old to do so. Allan
there is no future in NZ for non Maori Jenny
Any more of this current direction and we are leaving. Kirke
you don’t have to be very smart to know what NZ would be like graeme
It’s about time the people of NZ stopped gazing at their mobiles, and started to take a bit of notice of the calamity happening around them, if they don’t start thinking and talking about this situation they’ll be looking for a new country because NZ won’t be worth living in. Unfortunately too many people vote on appearances not policies, for goodness sake, grow up! Merryl
I would be gone too if it wasn’t for my age. Labor, greens and Maori have killed a beautiful country John
Those that are young enough, those that are working would look for much greener pastures and a brighter future. Those in the retirement group that could afford to exit New Zealand if Labour gets re-elected would leave. Dianne
last out turn the lights off robin
Yes! And if I could afford it,, I would be gone too. Labour are poison as far as I’m concerned. Heather
Yep. Me too! David
They are ruining the country Roger
And my family will be amongst them !! Maurice
Only among the awake of which there seems only a few Siobain
There are few people out there who are capable of analyzing trends in a sober and rational manner. The majority of Nzlanders are not bothered with thinking rationally about what is going on around them. They are not even bothered asking the right questions anymore. That is why our very neighbours ( in many cases) have become our worst enemies. Michael
destruction of our democratic principles if this happens!!! David
All talent, ambitious people and people with any wealth and sense of freedom will consider moving. NZ will be a no hope 3rd World country. John
Of course. More of New Zealand’s most productive and top performing public service personnel that will become Australian citizens. They will join those who are already there. Note: there are also a very significant population of people who identify as Maori who are also very pleased to be well away from the oppressive forces of tribal expectations to be beholding to the self styled tribal chiefs and their extended families. And who would blame them. All they want is a fair go. New Zealand’s first coloniser’s (Maori) don’t care for democracy and it appears this also is the mantra for the current ruling of the no nothing. do nothing, spend up large, (on nepotism) amateur Government. The original 1840 TOW is the only legal treaty document. There is no partnership nor are there any principles. It is a plain simple document that means what it says. Nothing more and nothing less. The current prognostications from the intellect radicals, being Maori, non-Maori and especially the activist judges in regards to the revolution toward separatism is the regressive pathway to the infantile behaviour of the hierarchical pyramid arrangement that is feudal tribalism. This of course would lead to just a plain evil horror show. The new post modern false treaty is based upon wishful fairy tales and of course is illegal if it is not subject to a national plebiscite. It is essential that we the people of this country desperately need to obtain from the politicians that we intend to vote for their absolute promise that our country will be fully democratic and that all references to special racial arrangements be rescinded and removed in total from all law and statutes. The law making must remain with parliament. There is no way that we can have law being decided by any organised body or individual persons outside of a properly elected government. It is possible that a new lot will still be somewhat a bit woke. But they must be 100,000 times better that what we have now. So I plead with you to vote with common sense and much wisdom. You all know what to do. Garry.
Common sense John 
Quite possibly me for one. mike
absolutely,I think of returning to Holland if Labour comes back, I dislike the thinking of Maories. gerard
South Africans continue to exodus their country since blacks took total control of that country. The same will happen here if Maori gaining control. Carl
the first break in the “straw” was Helen Clarke. It has nearly broken since Jacinda and the current Maori lap dog took office. Enough is enough,, our society has been raped enough. It is time to rise up and take back what is ours. David
Sadly YES but oldies will stay and lose their close contact families Basil
They are stuffing this beautiful country of ours and will not stop. There are so many more radical lefty policies yet to come. One is the CBDC – you will own N O T H I N G and you will be happy. Then there’s the complete hand-over of NZ lock stock and land to Maori – we will be paying them rent for every square cm of land and buildings. This totalitarian Govt has to be made to answer for what they have done to NZ and NZers. Beware everyone – we, NZ just cannot afford Labour for another term The writing is on the wall now and people are leaving, I am staying to fight with all of my being. This is MY home. We all need to support each other through this. Carolyn
There are already a lot of people who have gone to Australia because of our political system. May
There will also be a significant influx of east and south asian people to replace them. The whole tower of Babel. Say farewell to old NZ. Mick
Book now and avoid the rush ! kabe
If Labour gets in again I will seriously look at leaving. When I moved here 15 years ago I never thought it would get this bad. I have started businesses and built up a sustainable property but I will leave it all. Larry
Yes but where to? Aus is no better with the ‘voice’ being currently promoted. At least they have a referendum. Don
I always stated that if Labor got back in I would sell up and go Rob
My wife and I have an apartment in China we can escape to if Labour gets in again. We will become a third world tribal nightmare. Alan
My biggest issue is the erosion of democracy and the introduction of co-governance which is creating and apartheid state. Steve
It’s already happening and will only get worse if this lot get another Three years. Tom
Unfortunately Garry
It’s not just labour but the left parties it brings with it which will continue to ruin, degrade and divide our beautiful country to the point of no return. All our bright stars including our children will want to leave. it’s so very sad. Megan
My family has been seriously moving assets to Australia for 12 months because of the overt racism now intrenched in NZ, Labour has broken my heart. colin
I will be the first Lyn
yes and not the right people craig
I’ll be one of them Michael
It has already started Lindsay
This Labour Government is and has been the most DIVISIVE in history and MUST go… Carl
And it already includes me! Ive had enough of the crap we are suffering already. My house is on the market then I will be gone! Andy
I am hopeful that people will stay to make the difference needed rather than seek greener grasses elsewhere. david
Without a doubt. Mark
Amazing how gullible people are. To claim that Maori (only?) have been colonised is total nonsense. After Rome ‘colonised’ Britain in 43 AD changes began that are still rippling though that country today. I am also sick of seeing Maori being subjected to different laws to everyone else and put in prison when they break them. One people – one law – one consequence. Simple John
Me included. Russia is looking an attractive alternative Sharen
Labour are bloody wankers Allan
Has already started Jon & Carolyn
There will be no reason for non-maori to stay and every reason for them to leave. It is possible that this is what the Maori elite actually want, so they can have the country to only have Maori in it. ken
god yes, the country will be doomed Graeme
Those who can will, and with them, their capital, financial and intellectual. Lionel
Yes, it will be a huge exodus. Aussie might change its mind about the new citizenship rules they just brought in, or they might welcome all the good people and their money. Andrew
N/A Colin
They will fight harder at next elections. Murph
I’ll be one of them. Australia Beckons John 
Absolutely, if I was younger than my present age (82) I would be in Australia right now. This country will be stuffed if the present mob get back in after the election Errol
Get fid of them Harvey
Yes, no doubt we will lose our best and brightest people. Has happened before. William
And if I was younger would be among them for sure Alan
I hope not. To jump ship when in distress is not what should be expected of a good kiwi family. RICHard
The high earning taxpayers will leave reducing tax collected. Daveil.
Why would you stay here? Maori believe they should have special rights in almost everything and everybody else will be their tax paying flunkies and now the Pacific Islanders believe that overstayers should also be special and not be subject to dawn raids which is the norm in most countries. Just because the idiot Ardern sat under a blanket does not change that. The economy is lining up to be a basket case under the ministrations of Robertson and taxes here will unendingly rise. The hospitals are in a mess as are the roads and education is laughable. New Zealand is a major disappointment to the Western alliance with its dithering and failure to firmly commit. No wonder the Chinese are clapping this lots backs as they believe they are successfully driving a wedge in. It borders on treason but with Robertson smashing the economy we certainly now cannot afford new arms or munitions. Terry
The exodus has already began. Bonnie
I just hope like hell they do not get in. Heaven help us if they do Rod
I am very concerned re the prospect of the possible “coalition of chaos” being elected. One would certainly consider moving to another country. It is hard enough being subjected to the current efforts to destroy our democracy. However, I have faith that common sense will prevail and most voters will vote for a change of government. Graeme
Those who can go, will go! NECIA 
Absolutely.. and I would probably be one of then. A Liebour re-election would represent the end of democracy in New Zealand Robert
Labour and their elite Maori Caucus are working to destroy New Zealand and its democracy, If they are allowed to succeed NZ will become a racist Maori controlled aparthied country. NZrs need to wake up and end this madness. Greg
Mainly of Pakeha Ray
People are too poor to leave after nearly a century of socialism…… john
As a pensioner I am alone and would be disadvantaged if labour returns to power with its divisive thoughts. Sharron
This has to be the most dangerous party to rule our country. The easier access into Australia will tempt emigration of our most talented. Labour is racially dividing the country and will only encourage this. Richard
Yes, I for one will look at this more extensively and I know of another family who are also exploring their options Lawrie
I will be one of many to do so, why are the Sheeple so short sighted and ignorant, you can bet compulsory vaccination will soon follow if labour gets another term Paul
Please do not try and cheer us up this is a terrible thought but it will be an easy decision warrren
We are making preparations to leave Ian
Probably. But where is there to go? The police in Australia are even worse than the police here. The globalist cabal that wants to destroy national sovereignty so that they can implement a Marxist-fascist Global Government controlled by them is active all over the world. And much of the National Party here is populated by the same people. NONE of the current MPs — from any party — came out of the Beehive to talk to the people who elected them. They’re all part of the Uniparty. And the mainstream media are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Uniparty. The medical and legal professions are a lost cause. So basically, we’re already run by anti-democratic totalitarians. Which is why so many people have already left the country. Sue
Sadly we are too old to leave but we will lose our children and grandchildren to overseas. Val
Even pensioners will go Colin
2 sons already o seas one not returning because of labours divisive racial policies. Of the other 2 one not leaving other probably will go to UK or OZ if labour get in Michael
I for one, will be OUT OF NZ if these idiots get elected again, along with a huge number of law abiding, tax paying citizens. Andrew
Apartheid will be even more apparent than it is at present. Anne
You would be mad not to go. fred
No question ! Hylton
It has already stared and will only faster if they are returned to office. Stephen
Absolutely. There will be 9 from our family. I regret ever coming home to NZ. Peter
If I was younger, I would seriously consider moving overseas if things were to get much worse. Greg
Because “Aotearoa” will become a third world, failed state Peter
I will not live under governance. My ten million of investments will leave with me before its value is drastically reduced under Maori rule. ken
I’d want to go if I wasn’t in my 70’s and had the means to go – if Labour was re-elected Cec
I immigrated here 1n 1970. If I had realised then what I know now I would have moved to Canada or Australia – certainly not this misguided country. Ron
Who in their right mind wants to live under a primitive Maori tribal Rule. We are one people, One Nation. Wayne
If I was much younger, I would have left the country by now. I expect that my grandchildren will have to get a Visa to come to my funeral one day. Bob
Either an exodus or a civil war Laurie
Who would want to live in a communist orientated country Graham
I ask instead – even in my late 70’s … WHY would I want to live here in my beloved country the way it has become under labour .. why? it is racist beyond belief, I call it reverse racism. Indeed, it is now hate pure and simple towards anyone who is not of maori persuasion or belief … We were, no matter what ‘they’ say like this ! Never ! Plus, I am so sick and tired of being told to go home to England. I am not of english stock and MY people were vilified and persecuted for hundreds of years – I have no wish to live in a country where this is happening. Naine
Anyone with common sense should and will leave. Shaun
No body will want to stay here. ronald
Significant being the operative word. I don’t really know but what I do know is that I will seriously consider leaving. Kath
Yes it’s happening already Ihaia
We have a lot of commitments here in NZ but would seriously consider moving – probably Australia.  Kate
A sad situation, but there will be no future for those wanting an enjoyable life style Tom
yes, but only the hard workers, those with initiative, those that don’t see bludging off the govt as a life option. Ann
We know of many highly skilled & needed people that have already left us, and state they are not going to return! Peter
Define significant. Other countries have the same agenda – stay and fight should be the watchword. Alan
No one wants to live under apartheid. Mark
People have had a total gutsful of this Maori-centric / ultra partisan to Maori , Maori caucus and Maori-tribal-elite driven Government – with their Maorification agenda and obvious ultimate objective of effective Maori tribal-elite/tribal-Rule of NZ and Maori ownership / control of ALL our key resources. All resulting in the destruction of our democratic system, equality of citizenship and voting entitlement. What would there be to stay for ? Fortunately it ain’t going to happen !  Hugh
me included!! tony
Absolutely correct, and I know many who have already voted to leave. Sheila
Hell yes, and I will be one of them. Ian
We would consider moving elsewhere too. Peter
The coalition of chaos would ensure the continued devaluation of any New Zealand based assets. Therefore imperative we leave while our properties still have some diminished value. Chris
if i was younger i would exit anthony
It is already happening in increasing numbers. My father went away to fight for a safe NEW ZEALAND, not for a disgusting savage run place where the lowlife scum are taking over all due to this Labour government who have shown themselves to be the lowest of the low. I know many who are currently making the move and who can blame them. Des
Last one turn off the lights……. Scott
My wife and I will be two of them. Bruce
Yes for sure. Henk
We planned for over 2 years now to leave this July but unfortunately plans changed due to health issues and it would be unwise now that am on the pension. Also rentals are very scarce as well where we planned to retire. But any younger person if labour get in which I highly doubt should make plans for OZ . I have Australian citizenship and now Kiwis again can apply, the climate and entertainment alone is worthwhile, although the woke Voice could become a problem but certainly not as bad as here where I don’t understand the meaning, name and who they actually are of many of the Govt Depts that supposedly are to support all NZers not just Maori Mark
It has already started. Bill
Half of my family have already left forever because of the Maorification of NEW ZEALAND and I will also if this current racist lot are returned. Rod
Labour Party with Cindy, have systematically destroyed NZ’s previous democracy for a communist style socialist decrepit State, whereby, heaven forbid they should be re-elected, will lead to numerous persons of NZ, leaving for other shores, showing their utter disgust into the continual situation. I am now aged 90, but would also be one on my way, if that was possible! Roy
I can’t believe what has happened over the last six years to this country. Rose
With the Management of Otago University decreeing that the University will be run under a Treaty Based philosophy in spite of a 70% public opposition vote is a scary exemplar of a National via Labour Green direction Stan
already started 5 family members off to Australia and UK Keith
Definitely Graeme
I’m going over soon to look at properties while I believe national and act will prevail I will leave nothing to chance Warren david
When this type of situation arises without consultation of the people it motivates the most ambitious younger members of society to rethink their future in a country where the opinions of the masses become irrelevant in the eyes of any government who seek dictatorship rule instead of a government who rules by consent. The current labor government, rule more by deception ,false innuendo’s and hidden agendas that rarely meet with the peoples approval and also with no right of discussion because the plan has already been decided . The world is tired of all these fools who rule by deception and it is about time that all kiwis have the right to recall any government employee who ignores the platform upon which they conned the masses to vote for them in the first place fred
Unfortunately though all the wrong people will be leaving – those that are educated, ambitious and entrepreneurial. We will be left with the dregs, the unemployable, the lazy, the bludgers and the poor old people on a pension who have worked all their life and seen their country ruined within 6 years by these nutcase politicians. Mike
Too dangerous to stay – and pay Mary
The main worry is finding somewhere with reciprocal pension facilities, otherwise I may find myself unable to leave NEW ZEALAND for more than 180 days without the pension being stopped (as happened to some unfortunate NEW ZEALAND pensioners trapped overseas during Covid). LiNZey
If you are a successful person there’s not going to be a lot left time all the no hopers and Maoris have a free cut. LGF
We are already making plans. Warwick
Without a shadow of doubt John
No….Not until the Native Wars start. God Defend NZ if that happens. Think before you vote. Bruce
We are retired and if Labour gets back in we are selling up and getting out while we still have something worth selling. As Landlords it would be the final straw. Muzza
Sorry folks, but I will be the old bloke ahead of you in the queue! J J
Family members have already put a business up for sale and gone to Aus. They are over retirement age and have forfeited their super rather than stay here. They won’t be the only ones. Natalie
As a result of the Govt lying to us so consistently a number of my friends are contemplating drastic changes. Australia beckons. Edgar W.
I’d be one Andi
I am past my Best Before date, so will have to suffer out what is happening. One son is in Sydney and his family are staying there. They have dual citizenship. Dick
yes, we will be 4 of them!!! jens
Labour do NOT govern for the citizens of NZ. Period.!!!! Must be voted out. Noel
For sure Gerry
Norway has increased it’s wealth tax rate to very high levels. Those affected are leaving in droves. Ni u Kelvin
Who in their right mind would stay? Ed
Now that New Zealanders have an easier pathway to live in Australia, it is a strong possibility that some of those that are able to move there, or elsewhere, will exit NZ rather than live under a government that is systematically destroying democracy in this country. Hugh
Already is. Margaret
Yes. The smart ones will go east. The west is as insane as NZ. Neil
Without a doubt everyone in my family n friends will definitely leave some have already it’s unbelievable what this government has done to the country what is everyone thinking? How was this allowed to happen who voted them in Peter
Unfortunately…… Martin
They have destroyed new Zealand as we know it and Maorified this nation disproportionally. Steve
I would be going myself if I/we was in a financial position to do so. $8million from Lotto tonight will give me/us that option pdm
I know there will be a rapid exodus as my son and family say they will leave immediately for Australia. They like myself have had enough of the maorification of New Zealand.. This is no longer the country of our birth. Alastair
I would rather live in Ukraine and put up with missiles and black outs than having to dance to a maori tune. Dennis
Our family will leave NZ if Labour is re-elected. frank
This country is going to the dogs. If I was younger I probably would have already gone Gareth
yes labour will put the final nail in the coffin of the destruction of a great country. My concern is I really don’t think Luxon is much better, sure he’ll stop the worst of their policies and spending addiction but he’s soft, wet and woke, not an inspirational leader. He’s bought the climate sham hook line and sinker and rules the party line on that in a manner akin to the podium of truth, see Maureen Pugh saga. Alastair
Isn’t it already happening ? Bill
It has already started. Doug
My fifth generation grandchildren are already considering moving to another country..not necessarily Australia either. Rowena
And I’ll be the first person on the plane Jock
The cream will emigrate taking their ideas, projects and energy with them. fred
Not only will there be a mass exodus of young and middle age people. Those who cannot leave will be placed in danger from the tribal fanatics and will have to defend themselves by any means they can. Steve
hell yes if I can talk the wife into going I’m off noel
Unfortunately, the young generation’s best option for the future, now, is to get the best possible education that they can find in NZ with a plan to move overseas, likely to Australia, when they are ready to work. It simply offers more opportunities and advantages in a much greater population where conscientious work reaps rewards. DAVID
Another 3 years for the chippy’s numpty party would be disastrous for the country – for goodness sake people wake up!!! Roy
If I was 30 years younger, on the Sunday after the election, I’d be on the first plane available to the UAE! Geoff
It’s Really Sad . I can remember in the Early 1960 Australians where moving to New Zealand .For my Family the Forcing of the Native Language by the MSM has convinced most people this is turning into a Separatist Apartheid Country . Michael 
If I was 20 years younger I would give thought to moving if the left stay in power. Brian
If the Toxic Trio are elected the best and the brightest will exit the country. If I was younger I would join them. NZ will be left with the old the unemployable and the Gangs. Grant
The 1986 New Zealand constitution: Its main features The New Zealand constitution is to be found in formal legal documents, in decisions of the courts, and in practices (some of which are described as conventions). It reflects and establishes that New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy, that it has a parliamentary system of government, and that it is a democracy. It increasingly reflects the fact that the Treaty of Waitangi is regarded as a founding document of government in New Zealand (see appendix A). The constitution must also be seen in its international context, because New Zealand governmental institutions must increasingly have regard to international obligations and standards. The Treaty of Waitangi, which may indicate limits in our polity on majority decision-making. The law sometimes accords a special recognition to Maori rights and interests, particularly those covered by Article 2 of the Treaty. And in many other cases the law and its processes should be determined by the general recognition in Article 3 of the Treaty that Maori belong, as citizens, to the whole community. In some situations, autonomous Maori institutions have a role within the wider constitutional and political system. In other circumstances, the model provided by the Treaty of Waitangi, of two parties negotiating and agreeing with one another, is appropriate. Policy and procedure in this area continues to evolve. Neil
Definitely, especially in the 30’s to 50’s age group of wage earners/ taxpayers and specialized people. Jacqueline
Yes absolutely. It has become my line in the sand. I also will be taking my family and relocating. I love New Zealand, Not this Aotearoa, they are pushing. BRYCEJ
YES there certainly will no question about it and the disturbing thing is that those leaving will be the young and bright leaving N Z with less tax payers and that will lead to a reduction in services and the country will go BROKE. So bring on Election day. ken
My wife and I have discussed and have decided to leave if Labour/Greens are re-elected. This would not be the New Zealand we came to 46 years ago. Trevor
But many like me who consider myself an indigenous kiwi without Maori ancestry but with several descendants who do have, I would like to leave now but cannot afford to. Trapped. A cousin’s son recently told me he, as a one sixty-fourth Maori is on the Maori roll! I guess that makes sense for him. Catherine
I will be one of them Sean
It will be the wealthier taxpayers who leave NZ, therefore reducing the total tax take significantly. Norway taxed assets and lost its wealthiest residents as a result. Mark
Hell YES, YES and YES again Anon
The racist programs instigated by the Labour government will drive many of our best people to leave this country Michael
And our family (x4) will be part of that exodus. Maddi
Yes there could be a exodus of good skilled and valuable people leave the country. Where is John Minto now? Chris
Sadly, it would become almost impossible to fight to retain democratic values if this coalition got back in. Ian
Customs would be the biggest recruiter going, if this happened to cope with the departures! Craig
The country will be ruined beyond repair Richard
To Aussie that’s where my Children are Already . I’m hopeful that the Voice Vote goes to NO !!! That will keep Australia the Luckiest Nation . Michael Andrew
If it were to happen. BUT I think Kiwis have had enough of this incompetent bunch of LOSERS. NO WAY HOESA frank
it appears to be already happening Warwick
We will go too Jane
I do not want to live in a country where where everyone does not have equal rights. Nancy
Yes one of my children has said they will definitely leave if labour gets in. I don’t know about the other child but they are very close. No way will they tolerate living in an apartheid country under looting tribal rule. We could lose 5 precious grandchildren as we are too old to go. Brenda
I’ll be one of them Doug
It is certainly possible. When I was in Australia about 10 days ago for just over a week, I thought how peaceful it is. Busy in Sydney but peaceful co existence between the races and cultures. If they follow us with a YES vote to the VOICE, Australia will not be my preferred go to place. Ray
Absolutely yes. My grandsons friends and partners already gone. He will too eventually. We would to but would loose our pensions so we are trapped. If Labour, Greens and Maori Party get in I will tell everyone to go. The shocking state of this country will only get worse. Once govt unable to pay pensioners we will be gone. Allan
can not happen mark
In the past I’ve thought half-heartedly about leaving NZ but have always decided other matters were more important. I am now thinking seriously about where I can go and the steps needed to get there as NZ is heading full speed towards being a racist, tribal, socialist society where the mainstream media can no longer be relied upon to act as the 4th estate, democracy is being undermined, and non-Maori are 2nd-class citizens. Even if National/ACT win power then I will still look to move if they do not change NZ’s direction significantly and quickly. It will not be an easy move for me but at some point I have to put my values and principles ahead of taking the lazy/easy path in life. Gary
As a former Income Tax Inspector investigating Gangs would be a very difficult and dangerous task. Kevin
national is not the solution either. they plan to have warrantless house searches (police state), mandatory vaccines or no pension, GMO foods signed off. and they have been very quiet about co-governance which indicates they support this to. its a back-and-forth system. jan
Sadly, yes! Plus the result is less people with s balanced view of life living here. More who are pro creating racial division in our society! hugh
They will be the lucky ones David
Yes and we will be gone within 12 months. Roger
for sure Wiremu
Apparently there is as no one trusts Cluxon as is just another globalist WEF puppet Believing in Man Made climate change and supporting agenda 2030 Greg
Why would abled bodied kiwis who want to get on in life, want to stay here and be screwed by another Labour government Peter
people are sick of Labour and Green agendas especially environmental and co governance ! The cost of living is taking a toll and people will seriously look at a better pay place. Nabil
Welfarism, wokeism and racism are steadily killing off the aspiration of our most productive. NZ will have become a lost cause. Time to exit. Geoff
I would leave also except I am 75, so not really an option, but I will resist as much as I can Peter
Problem is the ones leaving are mostly the people we will need to get the country back on an even Kowal. Tim
i am 80 but if I was younger and employed I would certainly be off if labour gets in again. god help New Zealand. I heard the national Anthem sung recently and have never heard it sung with such gusto!!!! Bev
Nothing left Lindsay
Absolutely. And at 82 years of age, I will be one of them. Vic
Large number of people already scouting out Australia , in case of that eventuality Jeremy
Undoubtedly. In my circle of friends, I know what a number who will be packing up if labour get back in again. Rob
Most definitely a lot of valuable Kiwis will leave NZ. I have said for over 12 months that NZ is doomed if Labour get another term. WE MUST UNITE NOW. Bruce
you could argue that there may be a number of Maori also on the first flights out because they may be as adversally affected as the rest of us john
People are already expressing that intention if the current government is retained. they are fearful for their future if the direction of government policy empowers Maori control to proceed. It is disturbing to consider the future outcomes if the “Treaty” was entrenched throughout our legislation. The Treaty of Waitangi was a simple document granting sovereignty of this country to the Queen which is the function of parliament, and guaranteeing Maori ownership of their lands. There was no power granted to Maori to govern or indeed assist in governing this country. They were recognised as the land owners and have transacted sales of their land to the crown and others. Full Stop. Tino rangatirotanga involved self determination through their tribal rule that is the chief ruled the tribe and there were hundreds of tribes. It could not mean anything else. The nonsense of any partnership with the crown is a fictional creation by tribal interests as they realise that the European way creates wealth which is not available in the tribal way. So the creation of a fictional partnership with the crown is the workings of academic associates of Maori to achieve wealth that was previously attainable. It is an atrocious falsehood. If it was enshrined in law it would give Maori the opportunity to make “cultural demands” in every area of our government control, clipping the ticket at every turn. terrence
Who would want to stay here with a PART maori racist dictatorship. Australia or any other western nation looks much better to work and live in. A huge amount of professionals will definitely be leaving a once great place called NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
14 from my family. So sad what they have done to this country Claire
Yes and I wish I was one if them. The future is too scary to think about, especially when no politician can be trusted Noeline
We have already seen a mass exodus, because of the erosion of law and order, the corruption within the beehive with no more consultation with those that trusted them to represent them and treat all equally David
Most voters ‘party vote’ out of habit, in many cases following their parents voting preferences. If this is considered true, then that habit overrides ‘due diligence’, that process of examining a candidate’s political leanings and Party politics. In other words, they just don’t care! So no, there won’t be a significant exodus (unless the country gets invaded). Vic
My son and his partner both own businesses that employ folk and they are both currently on the east coast of Oz looking at where they will move to if Labour/Greens get in again. Quite frankly we will likely join them!! Mark
If 3 waters & co-governance go ahead then there would be a tsunami of people leaving NZ Ray
Who would want to live in an undemocratic country Peter
I am making plans to leave if we end up with a Labour, Greens, Maori Party coalition. Anon
Absolutely I’m one of them Elaine
They are winps and should stay and Fight to get labour any way possible Colin
YES YES YES Green Labour Apartheid is the destruction of our country. Lance
Again this current Govt has divided this country like no other Russ
Somebody will need to turn the light off Graham
yes I think kiwi attitudes are to bail on the country instead of fighting to restore peace and balance for the next generation! the rest of the western world is facing the same globalist takeover so you cannot escape! kiwis need to wake up,grow some balls and fight for their country!! Full digital slavery is imminent! last week saw the installation of AI biometric surveillance smartscreens installed in supermarkets,train stations,malls etc in auckland and christchurch! get noisy NZ before we become China 2.0!!!!! lisa
I believe we will be able to stem this push by self serving radicals for control of our government system.. we have a press that is going with the Lobour rabails agenda so most New Zealanders of all races are totally unaware of the long term aims of a few. You mentioned controlling gangs by inland revenue yes we have tribal elite who control assets and pay no taxes for ever!!! we have a very tolerent passive population overall but that could change. Looking at the caliber of the members of parliament currently it is easy to see how tribalism has been able to written into law. We need to ensure that the laws of the land are for all not just for some tribal groups I am part Maori but believe we have so much potential working within the system not opposing it. We are all New Zealanders . alan
Absolutely. We will be joining them. Already checked out real estate in Oz John
From what I have seen of Act/ National since they have been a part of this govt, I see no reason to be particularly optimistic for the future when they get in. I don’t know that I can recall an instance of them standing up for the vast majority of NZers in the face of L/G/M’s total collapse of every aspect of NZ life. In fact, there were many times when Nat/Act screamed “Harder! Faster!” One might argue that there will be a big exodus to Aussie either way… the only question is, other than warmer weather and higher wages (admittedly, tempting), in the long run – in this one global order, how much longer will you be better off?Might I suggest we stay here, stand our ground and fight the good fight? Jenny
Recent events have given rise to me thinking for the first time, what other place would I prefer to spend the rest of my life. So yes, there will be many other people who will be having the same thoughts. David
I am 83, would go myself if I was younger!! My twin brother did when he was 18 and never regretted . it 2 of my kids did the same. Theyhe aussie press is heaps better than ours. I They have some GUTS!! norman
and I’ll be one of them! John
Without a doubt. Grahame
People I know are certainly muttering about it! Pamela
As in 2008 when NZers were over Helen Clarke, so much so that I stood for ACT in that year’s election my husband and I would have gone back to Canada if Labour was re-elected then. The same will happen if Labour get back in in 2023. Beryl
If this exodus happens, unfortunately I won’t be one of them, as I’m passed the stage of starting a new life in a new country, but I will do my best to create a coup to rid labour of power if they get another term on office. reg
Yes me included . We have spent several months in Australia recently and find the attitudes and freedom refreshing . The only countries l have recently visited that are so micro managed are Russia , China and Myanmar and freedom there is wishful thinking Peter
This is the most important election in our history John
If I wasn’t 69yrs of age, I’d be gone already. Anon
We left 14 years ago. The writing’s been on the wall all that time. Graeme
It’s happened before and will again. We need stability in this country, not a heap of racist radicals supported by the current government. Ken
The only people who would be better off with tribal control are the racist group of maori elitists who are running the current govt. Every one else will suffer. Peter
We will be among them Jonathan
I would leave if it was possible Carolyn
I do believe that would unfortunately be the case which makes it more important to cut the cancer out now Jeffrey
Without a doubt! People with any brains have had enough! Mark
There has already been enough damage to the fabric of NZ society by a Marxist government and this must be immediately halted and reversed if we are to retain the very folk our country needs to thrive. Bruce
Already happening., including the more intelligent part maori Hone
Already happening now. Noel
Maori will breed Pakea into political non existence Pierre
I live in a small settlement in the far north.I know of 3 families who have either gone to Aussie or are planning too by the end of the year. The reason more opportunities and also one Maori family stated they didn’t like the direction this country is going! Lex
Me for one! Bryan
Yes, If I was younger I’d be well gone Richard
I’ll be one of them. Non Maori nz citizens have invested their lives in this country . If this kind of activity within the electoral system and changing the constitution is happening, the public need to know. Leigh
I would if I could but to old now. Wendy
Is the Pope Catholic..? Zoltan
Basically get out before the collapse of the economy and violence, while still getting something for your property Fiona
I for one plus the rest of our family that can divvy up AST HERE we come Stan
The best New Zealanders, the intelligent, the workers and entrepeneurs will be gone. New Zealand will become a third world nation, riddled with crime and full of unemployed and feckless racists. Francis
Why would you stay with maori rule on the horizon? Peter
HELL YES, come on kiwi’s lets vote this lot out and forever keep them out because this very nice country of ours will stuffed for ever, my wife and i are already looking to were we will go and it won’t be long after the election and we won’t be the only ones. COLIN
We will be two of them.,my mate did it a year ago & says it the best think he ever did Gil
We will tragically have a brain drain and be left with a society denuded of wealth and the loss of its most productive citizens. Many will be young and will never return. Who will pay the benefit bill then? Lynne
Nothing surer Geoff
Many are very fed up with lack of democracy. Neil
I will likely be part of it…………. clive
What does significant mean in this context? Paul
Hell yes! Brenda
Definitely, why would anyone want to stay and continue to have undemocratic Government in our lives. Peter
Cant live in the environment it would create Murray
Inevitable! Michael
If Labour is re-elected it will mean the end of a free and democratic New Zealand, the country will deteriorate significantly further into corruption and anarchy, crime will become even more rampant. Robin
We used to be the envy of the world people wanted to come here now they cannot attract people to well paid prime positions. Phil
Rather, a significant increase, in the exodus rate has been ongoing for some years, of skilled and motivated workers, Australia has thousands of them. vic
Most people have expressed if labour gets in they will leave NZ including part Maori who do not want to live under old traditional Maori concepts or a racial divided country. Chaquila
Its’ already happening, skilled people, leaving NZ, in Droves, and no wonder! The lying communist racist tyrants, that are elected, every 3 years. DON’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM!! USE YOUR POWER!!! David
Not with another 3 years under these clowns ! Mike
I’ll be one leaving NZ. April 2024 I’m going. This country is stuffed now and for the future. Barbara
It is already happening with young professionals, it will be become a huge exodus if the election does not see Labour removed. Paula
There are already people shifting funds offshore in preparation for this eventuality. Rod
Labour being re-elected is that disturbing it is frightening to even think about it. kevin
Particularly professionals and highly skilled workers. It’s just a short hop to Oz and America and UK would be attractive especially for, White folk. Goodbye MZ forever. Phil
when freedom & equal rights go out the so do people. Chris
Yes and this will happen under National if under their woke leader they don’t repeal most if not all the race based legislation in force including the Maori electoral roll and seats. Alan
We have so much tied up here in NZ. Business, investments, kids schools, parents etc but we would go through the pain of unwinding it all and taking a mega financial hit over staying in this country any longer if the left block remain in power this election. It will be a place with no future and we can’t tolerate that for our children. Mark
I would go too if I was able. Our loved country is being destroyed by the present government. Florence
Yes, we well be out of here. Keith
We will be 2 of them Marianne
I would be seriously considering getting out of NZ, as would my 2 sons and their families. If this continues there is no future here. Would prefer to fight hard to stop it Elizabeth
I no longer feel safe in my country of birth. I dislike the policies of co governance being forced on us with my tax paid money and I will leave sharon
Kiwis are flocking to the Gold Coast already. One young family going to Spain soon I know of. Noelene
The problem is where to go. Even the usual place Australia is heading down the woke lines with the Albanese Government in place. However I believe that there is a swing to the more right of center. Just look at the Dutch Hungary and probably Canada and the US. COOKIE
We are a banana repulbic now let alone what will happen if Labour are returned to power wayne
They are destroying the country from within Willy
If Labour wins it would be catastrophic for the country. The exodus of good Kiwis would be massive. George
Our family will be one of the first to go if Labour wins. Our older kids have already gone to Australia and the rest of us will follow. Brian
Another term of Labour supported by those extremist and racist parties – the Greens and the Maori Party would be an absolute disaster for NZ.  Judith
Who would have thought an incompetent government could do so much damage. Labour has literally divided and almost destroyed a great little country. Thomas
The coalition of chaos must not be allowed anywhere near the Treasury benches! Adrian