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A Slow-Moving Coup

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A slow-moving coup is underway in New Zealand. Unlike most coups, the transfer of power through non-democratic means that’s taking place is being orchestrated by the Prime Minister.

Under the guise of implementing the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples, Jacinda Ardern is planning to replace democracy with Maori tribal rule by 2040.

This objective is clearly set out in He Puapua, the report that the PM commissioned in 2019 and then deliberately kept hidden from her then coalition partner New Zealand First.

The former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters confirmed this in a speech he gave last Sunday: “This Government is enabling a wave of rights-based activism in-and-outside of government. Everything in 2021 is now rights-based, or indigenous rights demanding co-governance. In 2019 a report called ‘He Puapua‘ came to Government but was never shown to one NZ First Cabinet Minister. This report was deliberately suppressed. In short, this report is a recipe for Maori separatism, they knew it and that’s why they suppressed it till after the election in the full knowledge that NZ First is for one flag, one country, one law. It was a gesture of ingratitude and bad faith.”

It’s not just NZ First that would have opposed the plan. Had the Labour Party revealed its intentions before the election, it may not have gained an absolute majority, and NZ First may have retained its place in Parliament.

The reality is that a majority of New Zealanders do not want to be divided by race. Their opposition to separatism is evident in the polls over the years that have rejected Maori seats on councils.

Widespread opposition to separatism is why He Puapua is being rolled out in secret.

Labour’s ‘official’ justification for the introduction of tribal rule is that a ‘partnership’ exists between ‘Maori’ and the Crown. While democratic power in a representative democracy like New Zealand is proportional – based on one person one vote – separatists claim the existence of a Treaty ‘partnership’ entitles the 15 percent of New Zealanders who declare ‘Maori’ heritage, to 50 percent of the right to govern.

Canterbury University law lecturer David Round has outlined the danger: “The Treaty is now regularly interpreted to mean a partnership of equals. Maori are not to be subject to the Crown, but are to be its partner. This partnership is a fundamental subversion of democracy. Special reserved Maori seats on local bodies, and even in parliament itself, are just the start. Maori are claiming their involvement in decision making should not be on the basis of one person one vote, but instead on 50:50 representation.  Some are already clamouring for a separate Maori house of parliament whose consent would be required for any laws. They seem to be united in expecting representation well in excess of what their proportion of the population would entitle them to. That is what they are demanding in proposals for ‘co-governance’ ~ equal numbers to all other interests combined. That is what they will be seeking everywhere; and once they have this 50:50 representation, then they will form an unassailable voting bloc. Then we will be forever at their mercy.”

As David says, the claim of a Treaty partnership is a fundamental subversion of democracy, since it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. By definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.

Furthermore, if 15 percent of the population are given the right to wield 50 percent of government power – including the right of veto, they would gain a disproportionately greater representation than all other New Zealanders. Since this would result in a significant dilution of the democratic representation of the 85 percent majority, the partnership concept is fundamentally discriminatory and in breach of New Zealand’s Bill of Rights.

To ensure the public don’t find out that the Treaty partnership concept is a fraud, Jacinda Ardern is now using taxpayer funding to ‘buy’ media cooperation. The recently announced $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund requires participants to not only accept the partnership lie, but to ‘actively’ promote it.

To qualify for the Fund three objectives must be met by recipients, the third of which requires them to: “Actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Maori as a Te Tiriti partner.”

Using public money to require New Zealand’s so-called independent Fourth Estate to support a radical political agenda to replace New Zealand democracy with tribal rule – is a scandal.

Attempts to undermine the authority of the Crown can be described as sedition – is this what the media are now being paid to engage in?

To achieve Maori sovereignty by 2040, He Puapua not only requires the recognition of Treaty partnerships, but two other major constitutional changes are needed: the first is to introduce ‘tikanga’, or Maori customary practice, into our law, and the second is to include the Treaty of Waitangi in a new written constitution.

The tikanga question is especially relevant since a High Court Judge has just ruled that tikanga trumps the Common Law in a claim lodged under the Marine and Coastal Area Act. The Edwards judgment is expected to not only set a precedent for the 200 other claims lodged in the High Court, and 350 claims lodged with the Crown for direct negotiation, but it has far wider implication for New Zealand law.

By prioritising tikanga values over the common law test of ‘exclusive’ use and occupation set out in the Act, Justice Churchman has opened the door for tribal control of virtually the entire coastline. 

This is not what Parliament intended when the Marine and Coastal Area Act was introduced 2011. At that time New Zealanders were assured that if customary title existed at all, it would only be in remote areas of the coast.

That’s why the Churchman decision has now been referred to the Court of Appeal – in the hope that the stringent common law tests set out in the Act will, as intended, become requirements that must be satisfied if customary title is to be awarded. If you would like to support our Court of Appeal fundraiser, please click HERE.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Dr John Robinson, a research scientist and historian, who has written extensively about the danger of incorporating tikanga into our legal system, has examined the judgement of Peter Churchman in the Edwards case, and is deeply concerned:

“This is just one of many recent examples of the increasing division of New Zealand society, governance, law, and much more based on ‘tikanga’ and ‘matauranga Maori’ (Maori culture, ‘Maori concepts, knowledge, values and perspectives’), where features of pre-contact Maori society have been written into law. 

“What is this ‘tikanga’?  The meaning today is deliberately confused, with no clarity as to whether traditional Maori ways are implied (which would include inter-tribal warfare, cannibalism, slavery and other primitive customs) or whether it is a modern version, transformed around 1840 by the widespread shift to Christianity and further cultural development since. Further confusion comes from the recent rewriting of history and the invention of new meanings to words. The resulting confusion allows Maori authorities to claim that they alone can interpret and explain New Zealand common law; we are required to sit silently on the side-line and accept whatever they pronounce: the meaning of the law belongs to this minority alone.”

Dr Robinson points out the danger of introducing into our legal system a concept that can mean whatever those promoting it want it to mean, and he outlines five core values identified in the Churchman judgment as underpinning tikanga: whanaungatanga – the obligations of kinship; kaitiakitanga – the obligation to care for one’s own; mana – the obligations of leadership; tapu – social control; and utu – reciprocity.

He then warns of the danger of incorporating tikanga into our law: “The coupled whanaungatanga and kaitiakitanga permit, indeed instruct, priority to members of an extended family. This, the granting of favours to friends, is corruption, henceforth to be sanctioned in central government, local government and in the civil service. The insistence that tikanga is a guide to behaviour in the public sphere is an open invitation to nepotism, practically a directive. 

“Remember, this is law for the governing of society. The centrality of family, whanau, both present and previous, opens the way to inherited position and rights determined by ancestry. We cannot be equal when those in power base their judgements in part on extended family links. Yet this is intended to be a core feature of New Zealand law.”

This raises questions about our expectations of elected representatives – should Members of Parliament and local body councillors, for example, recuse themselves when dealing with laws that would enrich their extended family. Such conflict-of-interest concerns are a key reason local communities oppose the appointment of tribal representatives onto council committees with full voting rights. Not only do they totally undermine the democratic representation of local councils, but unless these nominees recuse themselves from decisions relating to their tribal interests, they will be able to influence the vote in their own favour.

Preventing the “corruption” Dr Robinson warns about is a critical issue that needs to be addressed when considering the control of New Zealand’s fresh water supplies, given that iwi groups are already claiming ‘partnership’ rights to co-govern decision-making in Labour’s planned reforms.

In his judgment, Justice Churchman makes the distinction between the traditional approach to the law, which sets the rules of law on the one hand, and the underlying values on the other – and tikanga: “In tikanga Maori, the real challenge is to understand the values because it is these values which provide the primary guide to behaviour and not necessarily any ‘rules’ which may be derived from them.”  

But as Dr Robinson warns, “The values of traditional Maori society led to widespread killing and a complete collapse before the British were called upon to provide law. The values of the tikanga of today are totally unclear and conflict with those of civilised society. Only a fool would accept these prescriptions.”

If the He Puapua goal of embedding tikanga into the legal system is achieved, the implications – as the Churchman judgement shows – are so destabilising that it is difficult to see how the Common Law can survive.

Finally, when it comes to the question of whether New Zealand needs a new constitution, the Churchman decision highlights the danger.

Under our present ‘unwritten’ constitution Parliament is supreme – if the government get things wrong, they can be held accountable and voted out. But if New Zealand were to introduce a new ‘written’ constitution – as proposed in He Puapua – the judiciary, not Parliament, would be supreme. And if Judges got things wrong, there would be nothing anyone could do.

In 2011, a $4 million attempt by the Maori Party to introduce a Treaty of Waitangi constitution – which would have delivered a perpetual supply of wealth and power to the tribal elite – failed. The NZCPR led the opposition through our Independent Constitutional Review Panel – you can read our final report A House Divided HERE.

I will leave the last word to David Round, who was the Chairman: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Treaty industry is now the self-perpetuating vehicle by which a small greedy and power-hungry clique practises a gigantic con-job on the people of New Zealand. It is time ~ it is long past time ~ that we shake ourselves free from the baleful spell the Treaty industry has cast upon our nation, and calmly and clearly assess the good and ill it has actually done. Our country stands now at a crossroads. To introduce the Treaty into our constitution, with all its inevitable consequences, would be to commit ourselves irrevocably to the path of racial discrimination and hatred, social disruption, poverty and civil strife.”

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Dreamt up by a conniving bunch of fraudsters.. beware New Zealanders. Alan
New Zealand is for all New Zealanders without preference to one racial group. Equality must be neutral and not favour one group over another alan
This is a primesinistership who wants to take the country backwards to tribalism. As Dr J. Robinson stated this is a religion and I also refuse this set of beliefs. Also as David Round reminds us, it is long past time to free ourselves from the con-job Treaty industry. Monica
Under no part of the Treaty is the word “Partnership” mentioned. 15% of the population have no right to dictate the law in their favour with the connivance of the far left Labour leadership Peter
This country is in dire straights with arderns socialist / racist idealogues at the helm. When is the general populace going to be awoken from their apathetic slumber to arrest this Govt’s destructive intents on all social; and economic fronts – not least of which is racial harmony! Dave
I am usure what to do. If I was younger I would leave for Australia tomorrow but with my advancing years that is not an option. I have advised all my Grand Children to emigrate though. Albyn
One law for all being Crown Law. David
Absoloutely NOT Jack
we have a system in place that covers all New Zealanders ,why do we need another ruling that covers a minority .I thought we were all one people ?Obviously not Francis
No way in hell should this abomination be allowed to proceed. Come on government – get a back bone! Opposition parties – you better start laying in to Aunty Cindy and her stupid fascist policies Steve
Why should it. One Government for all. Susan
It would be disastrous Bruce
Definitely not under any circumstances as it will end in disaster for 75% of New Zealanders. Sidwell
Te Puapua will destroy Democracy in NZ Bob
NO! NO! AND NO! Ruth
It should be one system for all with the majority having the say – just like in elections eh! Derek
Under no circumstances. Our comrade Prime Minister somehow must be stopped from progressing down this path. John
This pernicious BS must be exposed and stopped before it’s too late. No way will I tolerate being governed by a tribal elite and neither should anyone. John
New Zealand cannot afford to play Russian roulette with our constitution and democratic freedoms Donald
This will send the country back even further gordon
It would be outrageous – totally unacceptable. sally
Absolutely not. Now the public can see what the Government’s obsession with outlawing firearms relates to. The Government will be assisted by a weak and compliant media in its quest. This administration will keep pushing for more laws restricting ordinary law-abiding individuals. The next step is to introduce hate speech laws. This will keep the public quiet and persistent objectors will be jailed. All people are supposed to be equal under democracy. Tikanga would impose the customary practices of one race on all. It is as though the country has become part of a bizarre social experiment. Tikanga did not work for maori 200 years ago – hence cannibalism, slavery and almost constant conflict. Tikanga is simply maori terminology which changes meaning on a whim. It applies only to maori and excludes non-maori – or about 85 per cent of the country’s population. Gavin
It’s unbelievable the subject is even being discussed/considered! On the other hand it fits well into Jacinda Arden’s strategy to split this nation apart (divide and conquer). She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal – ie. complete and absolute socialism (the current soft term for communism). Kevin
If this is labour’s plan then it should be stopped immediately …. bring back Winston pete
No,first the broken treaty, and false flag, event of 1835, has to be fixed. Once sovreignity has been returned, then we can have 1Law for all Kiwis! David
Anti-democratic Graham
For goodness sake wake up New Zealand we are fast being turned into a Marxist state Raymond
Cunning & untruthful. The worst government ever. Intent on creating division between Maori & European New Zealanders. Have to have our say now, before it%u2019s against the law! Dell H
Dangerous tribal nonsense. Susan
we need one law that all must honor, it must be applied equally to all without favor or prejudice. Greg
We all have the same coloured blood. Christine
Today I was asked if my business was a Maori business (need a definition) as the labour government wats 5% of Government spending to go to Maori businesses. This is racially unfair and will give a very high proportion of business to a small racial group in many instances getting a significant proportion of business based only upon their race and without any consideration of the products value and quality. There is no fairness in this and it is sick. THe sick PM and her mates only care about staying in power come hell or high water and are relying upon others not playing a so called race card alan
NO NO NO, what is Ardern’s objective in allowing this nonsense to even breathe? it is high time she came clean! joanne
What is tikanga…I am one of the 85% that has no idea what is being presented in the new naming of institutions etc, Roger
It would be sheer madness to do so! Ron
Divide and rule seems to be going full speed ahead. This Labour government has no integrity if it treats one section of the population as more important than everyone else. I believe that all citizens should be treated equally as was the intention of the Treaty and that we should be allowed to say that. Not have our freedom of speech curtailed. Elaine
We are stuffed ! With no credible opposition Jacinda is free to do as she pleases. Richard
When it comes to the law, the boundaries should never be blurry or subjective or apply favour to one group over another. That is not democratic law. Pamela
100 times no peter
The Treaty gave Maori the same rights as all l other citizens – no more, no less. The inclusion of tikanga could lead to legal decisions favouring Maori which no one could refute as the meaning of tikanga is undefined. Doug
Does this government want the maori to be in control or to continue their socialist agenda. kevin
This corrupt Government has gone too far. I was once proud to be a Kiwi. Now I can’t get out of the country quick enough. I fear that after working my whole life to achieve, I am about to loose everything and not have a leg to stand on. Sandra
My answer is enough! Heather
No Never. It is clear that this Govt. is hellbent on destroying democracy and we the people have handed over control to Ardern to do as she wishes. We are well down the path to a divided country run by part Maori who are enriching themselves. Follow the money, corruption and deceit is the name of the game. Sam
This well kept secret of the current Labour regime and it’s Leader is blatant method of destruction of what this nation and most NEW ZEALANDERS believes to be our democratic rights. When a new government is elected, they must, before the election ,declare publicly that any and all reference to these proposals WILL be repealed. Barry
I am steaming, for my grandchildren, and we even have Maori connection through my husband, Tuhoe. Sydney
More apartheid governance and downright Marxism as well Peter
Absolutely not Gary
Ardern is using this “tool” in her Marxist ideals to split the population of this country and cause disharmony. A common Marxist ploy. She is a very dangerous person and it is time we all realised this. Gifford
How can a legal system work when it’s ruled by mumbo jumbo values that can’t be defined? Brent
We have an agreed legal system it is not possible to have two .Has anyone else noticed that the PM and all other mp,s and govt officials no longer look us in the eye when being interviewed, I wonder why ,could it be as my Mother taught me to look her in the eye and not tell lies . Stop LYING it is disrespectful I’m 85 I deserve the truth and respect and yes I have fought for you so that we have freedom .You were elected to represent our wishes not dictate your fanciful ideals . Vivian
Definitely not Ken
The colonials should be thanked for providing such opportunity and prosperity to Maori. Sharron
This would represent not just a tragedy but also a travesty of justice. The Treaty has already been corrupted in both interpretation and intent to vest, as of today, 70 billion in tax free assets to Maori who return little to their people. This would also represent nothing short of apartheid for NZ and firmly set one group of immigrants and another. Lets Remember Maori, killed, enslaved, even eat the first settlers/immigrants. Tony
Apartheid is increasingly visible here in NZ… Calvyn
A ‘slow moving’ coup is still a coup ! Michael
We are going to be forced to become a very racist country. Where is National or any other opposition party. Well thank goodness Winston is standing up he just might pressure other parties to wake up. However financial wows are going to tip the current government up, you only have to recognize their cuts on wage increases and the major roading cuts that are under thier control. Owen
Just once I’d like to hear a Maori leader talk about the future, forgiveness and a united country instead of the distant past, grievance and endless demands. After all, that is what a “settlement” is supposed to bring about. It’s supposed to enable all parties to move on. If we’re never going to get there- and it seems that each time a demand is agreed to we get further away from a final resolution- then what is the point of all this? Alan
Cindy got one over on Winston, that must hurt being that he is supposedly gods gift to New Zealand politics. John
Certainly not. These arrogant pack of mongrels ( Ardern & her lackeys) will have us dominated by radical Maoris sooner than later and the public of NZ should rise up before it’s too late . Don
The Treaty established One Law for all. Thais was confirmed at the1860 Kohi. Convention of Maori. One Governor , One Queen, One Law for All. Don
NO NO NO. NEVER. If theres a person I dislike more than the communist mad woman thats destroying our country its Winston “TREASON” Peters. DO NOT TRUST EITHER. Rid them both from our lives, or your country will be GONE. Brian
Absolutely Not Brian
Agree with your comments indoor article. Enough is enough Diana
Divisive and un-democratic. It reverts to values in place before the English Revolution claimed power for the people from the barons. Michael
No Way. It seems even Maori don’t know what Tikanga is… cath
why are the promoters of these policies so proud of their stupidity? Richard
The Treaty of Waitangi has no place in modern New Zealand. It is a document which has a place in history; nothing more. Peter
because New Zealand would become an unsafe place to live. Karen
The law of the land needs to be certain and treat all citizens equally. Tikanga fails on both counts Terry
treaty issue of partnership attempted and rejected on theoretical, constitutional and written history by Maori and records of the date. treaty was a take or leave offer, not a negotiation dean
Can someone ask Willy if Tikanga means tradition, then can us Pakeha expect to be hit on the head and eaten. Sam
No we need a proper democratic process which is something that this Labour Party and Greens are trying to bypass! Frank
Watch European NZers run for Australia and watch Maori sell all to China, then try to take it back again. Chinese wont be as forgiving as Europeans. Ryan
No no. No! When is this sleazy Govt going to be stopped in their mission of destruction of NZ. If I were 10 years younger I would be moving out of NZ. I am so sick of less than 15% of the population (who have 85% non Maori blood,) being promoted especially by Comrade Ardern and her bunch of misfits with a continual pushing of a partnership, which is NOT mentioned in the Treaty. This So called Govt needs to be recalled and a fresh election date set. And National need to remember that they are working for the voters and the voters expect sanity to be restored into our electoral system. Carolyn
Why should it? Bevan
Parliament is for all kiwis, Not to be split up by different races Tony
Scary. Anxious for my grand children and everyday young Maori David
Absolutely not. Allison
Where are all those level headed educated people who know this is so wrong, will destroy our country, and produce another apartheid country far worse than Sth Africa? Of course, JA is planning to kill free speech so no one can speak against the destruction she is planning for NZ. The woman is so corrupt it is beyond comprehension, but then she believes she has the team of 5million on her side … WRONG…unfortunately the silent majority may be leaving it too late to stop this bulldozer ..wake up people! Robyn
Never, unless we want a complete breakdown of democracy. Barry
Rational established law is the only established, viable and LEGAL way forward for ALL New Zealanders. Godfrey
Where in Hell are we heading Maori have had to good for to long and it is time to expose all those who are the elite in Maori and who have a hold on this weak Government and remove the gravy train and stop bleeding the hard working Kiwi who are paying these bludgers to prison for extorting from all New Zealanders. ken
No way Philip
Irrational, racist mumbo-jumbo that belies the fact that the Maori race was saved by British ‘colonialism’ that introduced modernity over primitive tribalism that included slavery, cannibalism and infanticide among its proven features. Paul
End apartheid in New Zealand now! Igor
One law, one people, New Zealanders all. Kerry
Absolutely not Louise
Hell no Darron
W are all New Zealanders and that is how it should stay. I can not believe that this Government has changed the name of the country without any consultation with the citizens. At least national held a referendum to change the flag however this Government has the arrogance to change the name without any mention of it to the people of this country. Also how does 15% of the Country have the ultimate say over the other 85% of New Zealanders., it is disgraceful. Gayle
What fool even in his right mind wants this racial crap built into law. We already have no say in special Maori seats in our Councils. How the heck did that slip through? Our Democracy is undermined and our politicians traitors! Eric
What are they trying to achieve with this? I don’t understand how they think it would be an improvement. Caro
No way, it will undermine all we hold dear in our country. Dianne
Ardern seems to be a puppet for the Maori radicals…NZ as we know it and love it is in serious trouble. John
Maybe if they looked after their own with all their laws and rules, we might actually have a lower prison population Peter
This is simply an evil concept driven by immature imbeciles who have forgotten the sacrifice of so many of our young warriors who perished for the defense of our open democracy. Garry
Tribal retribution has no place in a 21st century democratic country such as New Zealand, I implore all good Kiwis regardless of which country you are from or when you came here like the Maori to find you voice and push back against our far left Socialist government, before it is to late and Jacinda destroys the very fabric of this country. John
To do so would ensure civil war within our country. Peter
ABSOLUTELY NOT ! This must be stopped at all cost. Wake up NZ and stand up for democracy. Frank
Absolutely NOT. Too much is being given to Maori, without justification, by this useless Government. Gareth
NO! A I am getting very weary of this continual ongoing onslaught, which has been coming in bits and pieces for decades. Why cant we be one people and not continually engage in these endless corrupt power struggles Roy
Enough is Enough Geoff
No, it is such an airy fairy concept and means different things to different people! Jim
For the sake of transparency ALL legal documents need to be in the one language understood by all. Why complicate a system that is already full of legalese which can be difficult for ‘ordinary’ people to understand, without adding a further bulky burden of other language – and the extra costs that would entail. Nola
There will be civil disobedience if our ‘team of five million’ is divided by race. Natalie
The edge of the Maori Wedge is no longer thin. Ian
Unnecessary, one country, one people assist fund the maori development but do not change the system. Phil
So, what are you suggesting we do to stop her?? Barry
Muriel has said it all. June
Separatism by stealth in an attempt to defeat the democracy we are supposed to represent is totally unacceptable. Peter
The future for NZ is frightening Ann
corruption in our laws have already done huge damage to this country called NEW ZEALAND so letting in a system run by ancestors of murderer’s/cannibals wanted by a idiot of a ruling mob called a govt is beyond believe, so NO to this stone age crap, so the sooner we get rid of the treaty as well and ahern and her pollywogs the better this country will be. Richard
We are in Central Otago and are currently battling with the Otago Regional Council over water permits. The National Environment Standards for Fresshwater (NES) and all other proposed water management /resource management that the government is beinging in in 2025 – all refer to tikanga – with no reference to wait this means/will mean. I’, trying to find where the meaning of the the maori cultures etc is written. Be afraid I think of what is happening in this area. Barbara
We need a strong vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this socialist government. We do NOT socialism to rule this nation. This car tax is of no use – the majority DO NOT WANT IT1 CMM
Of course not!!! This country is on the road to destruction. Good old Cindy has made sure of that. Mark my words, she is not the same path that Helen Clark went down so that when her time is over she will be eyeing up a post in whatever leftish PC organisation will take her. Chris
One people, 0ne law. Chris
This is wrong John
Absolutely not Valerie
Would be disastrous for New Zealand. max
Our legal system has worked for hundreds of years and is still relevant Bev
This Question Does not need Comment. Just drop it . How can we become one Nation one people with this rubbish hanging about. john
A divisive disaster in the making. Lawrie
If ever there was a case for New Zealand to adopt Swiss Style Direct Democracy this is it. Yes, you can vote the politicians out but in the meantime it seems that they can do as they like and do serious damage to the social and economic structures of the country. If we don’t kick out Labour next election I’d say we’ve had it! Denis
We do not want to go back to Stoneage thinking and interpretation of laws based on Utu Merv
As with the proposed new hate speech legislation, a legal system based on tikanga will rely on the fact that nothing is defined, thereby keeping the general population in a permanent state of fear of breaking the law. Jim
Where is the bloody useless opposition to all this twaddle, are we to assume national is just a sleeping party to it all. The big question should be “how’s it going to be stopped”. Bleating about the inequity and the affront to democracy that it is isn’t useful”. Bart
Absolutely NOT John
It is completely racist – the very opposite of any form of civilised government. doug
Absolutely not. Neville
Revert to the thinking of a stone-age culture? Have we ( or they) learnt nothing? Ced
Racism is bounding ahead Mike
Biased governance is already creating an undercurrent of civil unrest and promoting racism Paul
It is bad judgement to introduce ancient laws that were part of a minority race and never tested through a full parliament debate John
No no no. This is now frightening. I’d happily go out with a placard and protest this bollocks. Who’s in with me? Maddi
Definitely not Graeme
Let’s all have a vote on the New Zealand we love, not dictated too! Ken
Absolutely NOT Geoffrey
Absolutely NOT. Why should the minority have the right to rule over the majority? It would signal the end of democracy in NZ. I am passionate about my country and what we have accomplished as a nation. This preposterous concept would spell the end of a lifestyle that I have enjoyed for nearly 80 years. This coup must be stopped in its tracks. Wake up NZ! Kerry
No because maori were not the first people to reach NZ. Peter
Absolutely not. One Legal System for everyone in New Zealand. Pamela
I am very afraid for our future with the way NZ is going. We now live in a Communist Dictatorship – very scary! Dallas
Very Dangerous, definitely not Graeme
Definitely not!! Matt
Absolutely not cliff
Hell no. Hannah
The definition of tikanga is poorly understood and does not include many pakeha values. Huria
It is so sad the way this country is going. Pleased I won’t be around in 2040, but fear for my children and grandchildren. Chris
Separatism will lead to disruption, and possibly even civil war. Families will become divided, particularly those many families having members of Maori Descent and non maori. John
Not only is it a false religion but it is also a backward step into darkness of thought. Alison
It comes from a conflicting world view to that on which our laws are based. Phil
Absolutely NOT – the sooner Ardern goes the better! david
It’s not democratic. Rodger
never in your life. gerard
No Way!!! David
We are not a Maori nation. Allan
Absolutely not! Christine
Definitely not. Maori welcomed colonisation for the benefits it brought including the rule of law and an end to cannibalism, slavery and tribal warfare David
Never! Jim
One must ask with the introduction of Tikanga that must mean that the same laws must then apply to all NZers then we can all be corrupt! THANK yOU JACINDA. Trevor
This information needs to be made more transparent and communicated to all New Zealanders. Jenny
Absolutely not! Campbell
Never. Phillip
Not democratic Linda
I am in my 80’s and can see what is happening. I am therefore grateful for my kids moving me to Australia recently. Perth will be close enough to watch from. John
Words fail me!!! Philip
The law applicable to NZ is made in NZ Parliament by elected politicians. If the people are dissatisfied with what Parliament forms as legislation they change the politicians in government. The alternative to this system of democracy is a DICTATORIAL system where the citizens have little or NO say in how their homeland has the leadership selected and how law is made. Corruption and division are invited when democracy is rejected. Stan
That He Puapua was kept secret by Adern even from her coalition partners is absolutely scandalous and shows what a coniviving so-and-so she really is. The failure of the Treaty industry to deliver benefits from the billions upon billions of dollars of ‘full and final’ settlements to Maori common people as evidenced by continuing straight-line decline in education, housing, employment, family integrity, and other measures should clearly show that we are heading down the wrong path with all of the Treaty nonsense. Enough is enough – none of us are responsible for sins of our fathers for which we should absolutely refuse to be held to account – financially, morally, or in any other way. Tony
Surely you gotta be joking? Cast ourselves back into the dark ages? We would be the laughing stock of the world. Mark
One nation – one law, you cannot run a country with different concepts of law and it is obvious that the western style law (if you can call our law that) is the prevailing style of law worldwide today. Gerhard
One people, one race. Roy
As well enunciated by Judge Anthony Will, unless a law is clear, unambiguous, and easily understood then it will be marked by its noncompliance rather than its adherence. To try and incorporate tikanga into New Zealand law would be fraught with danger and indeed probably a wasted effort given the myriad of meanings the race who class themselves a Maori afford it, and indeed change or add to it as it suits their argument. Further it boarders on religious beliefs, something that should never be incorporated into law. If one was truly cynical, they would contend that the only reason Miss Ardern and her sycophants believe it should be incorporated into New Zealand law is to strengthen the division between races and make it easier to entrench marxism. If tikanga can be expressed as one precise definition and not open to interpretation, the by all means incorporate it, but given the myriad of things it can mean, the religious connections it carries, and its ability to change its meaning at the whim of maori (the only race it claims as being capable of interpreting the meaning), it should never ever appear as part of New Zealand Law. Michael
Primitive, nasty customs mike
Anyone who supports such ideas must be a bloody idiot! Carl
Read Behind the tattooed face this will give you some idea where New Zealand will end up. Sven
The same New Zealand justice should apply to all in equal proportions, without fear or favour. Pieter
No.. absolutely not, but the current anti-democratic and totally off the wall behaviour by the current bunch of clowns should, we would hope, see them thrown out of office next election.. if only the Nats can stop navel gazing and stand alongside David Seymour to actually present some semblance of meaningful opposition.. or is this just too much to hope for? Rob
Definitely not. Rosemary
HELL NO – not unless we also have tribal wars, casual beheadings and canniballsm (all only for those who claim to be ‘maori’) Dave
no no no Margaret
It would rob us all of our democracy, the we would be living in hell! russell
It is too open to interpretation. A lot of Maori words are now reinterpreted to mean quite a few different things eg Utu – the definition of ‘revenge’ is not used now as it is not a good look. Tebs
Hell no judy
And they called South Africa racist!!! quentin
Absolutely not. Its equal overseas is sharia law and I doubt few people in New Zealand would want that. Miles
No. It will put us in the same league as most other failed states in the world. Willy
I voted for Labour at the last election based upon its excellent response to Covid-19 and the financial support of the population during lockdown. What Jacinda’s ‘government’ has done so far this term guarantees she does not get my vote at the next General Election. One only has to see the maorification of Stuff’s ‘English’ publications and the journalistic pressure on TV newsrooms to convert conversations and place names into Maori. I just can’t follow their stories. Vic
It will change NZ entirely and be impossible to reverse. Alot of New Zealanders would move to Australia. A disastrous change economically and socially. Ruinous. Rosemary
No never. It would be going back to the dark ages that the British tried to drag them out of steven
No need for apartheid in NZ Martin
The smart chiefs of the day signed a treaty to move away from warfare and cannibalism and to move forward to be a more advanced cultural society. To move back to tikanga law would be an insult to their intelligence and foresight Barry
The corruption continues. The Maori elite are like a kid in a candy shop, gorging themselves on their own arrogant self importance. I am convinced now that “they” will be the authors of their own destruction! Neil
Our current government is obviously “AGAINST” Democracy moving to COMMUNISTIC RULE. This must be stopped. DEMOCRACY MUST RULE IN NEW ZEALAND! NOW!!! Warren
Why would we want to go back to the 1800’s. Trible conflicts will re-emerge and we will turn into a truly third world country Wendy
Of course not, it would make a nonsense of the whole body of law developed over the years to ensure the rights of all citizens. Terry
must be some legal way we can get her out of government Brian
It would enable nepotism to advantage 15% of the population,. Aaron
Definitely NOT. Please people wake up to what the PM and Govt are doing to our country. NO to socialism and the dangerous road we are being led to.  
NO to race based privelege of any kind !!!! Brian
One for all and all for one. Ian
We need common law as it stands to promote a civilized society. To introduce tikanga into common law as being promoted under the guise of He Puapua will set New Zealand on the path to civil war, 85% beats 15% in any ones language. Steve
Introducing tikanga into New Zealand law would take New Zealand back to the same situation that existed before the Treaty was signed and British law and order introduced to our country. Do we New Zealanders wish a return to savagery, wars, cannibalism and no property rights. One thing Winston was correct about, New Zealand is currently heading towards a slippery slope that will ensure we end up like Zimbabwe of the South Pacific, or worse! I cannot understand how this silent revolution in New Zealand is being allowed to happen with revolt from the 85% who support democracy. VChris
Never Roger
Under no circumstances! Kevan
absolutely not – it would be a prescription for unbridled Maori control of Govt and society to the detriment of 85% of the nation’s peoples russell
We are moving a speed towards a divided country. That will have tragic consequences. Maurice
Absolute nonsense! Michael
Absolutely no. This is more racist propaganda Gareth
To be effective, our laws should provide certainty, not be vulnerable to regional changes or interpretation by activist judges. Fiona
For all the reasons given by Dr John Robinson in his latest article Warren
Never Ronny
this is unthinkable ! tony
this system is an affront to our democracy harry
too much wanted by too few to disadvantage the many Bryan
If Maori are genuinely treaty “partners”, does that mean noone with Maori in their ancestry will be voting in our general elections and all Maori seats will be abolished? Ian
Absolutely not. This is crazy stuff and must be stopped. Ken
No – Tikanga was replaced in 1840 as not being fit for purpose, by English Common Law principles which had stood the test of time for centuries and still serve us well. The only reason that this “coup” is taking place IMHO, is to sow dissension and discord in true Marxist fashion, ultimately depriving us of the rights and freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard to secure. Scott
All New Zealanders are equal. Judith
Absolutely not. This was not envisaged when the Maori invited the English on three occasions to come into New Zealand to sort out tribal conflict. Shaun
One people – one law – one country – New Zealand Ross
We are a Multi Culture Country and NOT a Maori country. Time Jacinda and this Labour Communist leaning Government WENT. Carl
That would be a disaster and commit NZ to a long term racist based battle Robbie
definitely not mike
there is no case for separatism in any shape or form. Bryan
one person one vote and every one EQUAL-none of the preference suggested because of the colour of one,s skin les w
The ‘Cheshire Cat’ paints apartheid as democracy. Article Three of the treaty grants maori all the rights and privileges of British subjects, no more and no less. johnj
Hell No! John
Total nonsense & will push us further into 3rd world status than what Ardern has already achieved down that road! Zimbabwe has shown the world what happens when tribalism is allowed to rule. Rex
Will lead to racism, extremism on both sides of the fence, law as we know it to upended, and significant disharmony with government and the judiciary. Paddi
No to racism. James
Absolutely NOT!!!!!!! Derek
Too much control by a minority group David
This is the law of a dictator. What the dictator says is law but what the dictator says may change without notice. Is this really how New Zealand wants to live? Paloma
The laws of our country have done us well up until now. I see no reason for change for the benefit of a small proportion of the population. This tikanga does not appear to enhance or compliment what we already have. I do not support the adoption. Dennis
I wonder how they would have fared under a Spanish or French governance. ‘No Treaty’ ! Frank
So Maori make up 15% of New Zealand’s population and they believe they are entitled to receive 50% of government power%u2013 including the right of veto, giving them a disproportionately greater representation than all other New Zealanders? No way. Come on New Zealand this is madness. We must all pushback against this power grab. Rob
Definitely not! Anti democratic! Dale
Absolutely NO Mike
Over my dead body – Selwyn
My understanding is that the noun Tikanga translates into NZ English as: correct procedure, custom, habit, lore, method, manner, rule, way, code, meaning, plan, practice, convention, protocol. If Parliament introduces Tikanga into our legal system then be prepared for New Zealand’s multi-cultural society to claim Tikanga when they are adhering to their customary system of values and practices that have developed over time and are deeply embedded in their social context. What Law will the Judges impose? Will New Zealand revert back to a lawless society where the people take matters into their own hands to reclaim their Mana? Mark my words, UTU (revenge, vengeance, retaliation, payback, retribution) in its many forms will prevail. Martin
It’s the path to apartheid inNZ Peter
It is just plain nonsense Garry
Absolutely NOT. Idealism is nice but simply cannot replace REALISM. One simply cannot wish evil away. Gary
This proposal is beyond absurd. Alan
Emphatically NO. Why is the opposition not saying this, INSISTING THIS, in Parliament? Have we no voice any longer? Harvey
Watching a Marae program where they were discussing tikanga, one of the panelists said she would now have to go back to her tribe to discuss what kanga meant to them. So, it would be whatever they decided it would be, as far as they were concerned. If it was introduced, it would work both ways Allan
Never – we have a legal system. Rob
No because it cannot be defined well enough and means different things to different people. This would not work in our legal system. Kim
Definitely not, it is madness. Michael
Never never never Michael
No. Never. The day you introduce tikanga or tiktok or any other mumbo jumbo of the stone age you are running a noose around your neck that some stupid cluck can pull tight whenever their childish fancy takes them. Let us for once and forever sort out this “partnership” nonsense, which verges on treason. Let us look realistically also at who is pulling the strings here. For a start there are no full-blooded Maori. Secondly the rule that anyone can be Maori “if they feel Maori” is an outrageous nonsense. Let us get back to the legal definition we had before this treasonous rubbish started: Let us be reasonable and fair about this. Since so much of importance hangs on it no one should be able to claim to be Maori unless they can prove 50 per cent or more Maori blood. That brings the number of those who can realistically claim to be Maori down somewhat. Now, who are those who are really behind these “partnership,” claims of being “indigenous” (do they really understand what the word means?), and claims for Maori to have 50 per cent of the power in running this country instead of our democratic one-person-one-vote proportion? This is totally unfair and improper. Under the misrule of our present government we in face already have this imposition upon us in local government where unelected Maori, who may not even be ratepayers, can take their place on local councils, and be paid by the ratepayers like legitimate councillors and have a vote like legitimate councillors. Here is the tail wagging the dog with a vengeance! If these ratbags want a say in the decisions of the council let them get themselves elected like anyone else. Who the heck do they think they are? If they want “Maori rule” that would be okay provided they went off somewhere else, paid for and build their own housing and paid for all they want to do. It is totally unacceptable that they should expect the rest of the country to contribute to it in any way. Finally, if our Beloved Leader Commisar Ardern insists on running the country like some sort of communist dictatorship and sneakily bring in United Nations and Maori supremacist dreams of how the country should be run she will certainly not survive another election, if she lasts that long. It is interesting to note that although the other newspapers like the Stuff group kowtow to the undemocratic behaviour of this prime minister and her government, the Herald in Auckland runs a page of letters to the editor, all of them highly critical of how Dear Leader and her Government are behaving. Has she failed to buy the Herald’s subservance like she did the other so-called “news” papers? Rob
No law change sheila
Absolutely not! Jan
absolutely no Mike
1000 times no ….but why do so few people seem concerned about this? Shirley
Typical Allan
None of us, including Maori, are indigenous to this country, Maori have no more right to claim Tangata whenua than any other of us who have been here for close to 200 years….time to put a stop to Jacinda;s nonsense Bill
it is the end of democracy. tribal law phil
NO! NO! What this Govt is trying to hide with Iwi help is pure TREASON. Mussolini and Hitler both controlled the media to help gain them power. This communistic Labour lot must be stopped. The $55 mil to the media stinks of the same tactics as the above two dictators used. Graeme
We are all one people. No to separatism here in NZ. William
Most definitely not! David
had gutsf ull of maori domination graeme
I would leave New Zealand for good if this rot happens! Carl
It would mean the total destruction of the country! how can anyone be so moronic! Allann
Absolutely not, only a fool would think so. This Maori nonsense has gone on for too long, it is time to stop it. If this means a march on parliament and the greedy grabbing senior Maori’s put in place then so be it. By force if necessary. It has to stop for the benefit of the country. Act now !!! Tom
Absolutely not. When did our parliament decide that racist separatism was a good thing? Robbie
We cannot have a divided society. One rule of law that applies to all. Otherwise we will have segregation. That is not what NZ is about. We cannot let a very small minority ruin the best country to live in, in the world. Steve
It would be double standard apartheid. People who opposed South Africa’s apartheid regime are either lying low or supporting apartheid here. Jack
This garbage needs too be stopped Jon
We live in a nation built on the back of legal tenets from the 1215 Magna Carta, the 1689 bill of rights….and its provision establishing Parliamentary Sovereignty….. These changes need to be put to the PEOPLE. Lionel
this all being driven by our Government, so wrong on so many levels. Doesn’t seem to be much coming from the opposition parties, and of course as we now expect none from the media. Shere
Over the years Maori have intensely disliked racism to the point of abusing the term racism/racist seeing fire when there isn’t even smoke to get what they want like spoilt children. Now Maori elite are happy to bask in racist ways when it suits. Ross
Are we living in Absurdistan? If it were not so tragic, it could be a script for a good farce. Mind you, it should be staged quickly to avoid ending up in a jail according to the new hate speech law. 1. Maori were living in Prehistory till 1642 and had not developed written language and did not have any law applicable to all of them. Tikanga as being spoken about now is a contemporary artificial concept to somehow hide the truth. 2. Even now Maori openly confess that the basis for Tikanga is their mythology and religion which should not have any place in secular New Zealand society and can be offensive to people of other religions. 3. They openly say that their proper understanding of Tikanga varies from tribe to tribe. And as the argument about AUT values showed very clearly, singular values of Tikanga can be understood in such wide range of meaning that it makes them not applicable in any legal system. Alexandra
What! A socialist government lying to the people, and cheating them out of their democratic rights? And you are SURPRISED? Please wake up New Zealand. If you are of European or Asian stock, you are about to become second-class citizens in a nation led by stone-age tribesmen. The maoris will not recognise a ‘team of five million’, to quote Jacinda’s deceitful rallying cry TOBY
Racial diversity is no way to Govern a country. John
There is not a single element of pre-European Maori culture that serves any useful purpose to New Zealander’s today Anne
Stop the coup Ken
United we Stand Divided we Fall Henry
I am not coloured, and have always believed that we are ALL NEW ZEALANDERS and live under ONE rule. William
It is time this government was held to account for election under false pretences. judith
Why should one caveman race hold power over people that brought civilisation and health benefits to them Colin
New Zealanders are One Nation. If Maori were indigenous to NZ it might be another matter but they are not. Myself and my family who have all have part Maori children do not want to be ruled by an archaic tribal rule that only benefits the Maori hierarchy. Wayne
We are supposed to be one Nation one People Barry
Which of the 50 plus tribes primitive customs (Tikanga) would be used? A complete return to a stone aged society! Gary
the actions by the Labour government under Ardern are leading to a dictatorship (like Nazu Germany) which will result in NZ becoming a poor undemocratic country with all that goes with it. We will effectively have Apartide. The result will be an unstable and failing society Gordon
what madness David
No No No. Omg,this is unbelievable. What a recipe for civil war. Let’s get rid of this despicable government. The PMs aim is to cause mayhem in this country so she can then invoke emergency legislation to keep up her communistic goals. Its decide and the n conquer, a typical communistic tactic. What a crafty bitch she is. Peter
No Mike
Absolutely NOT! I have said several times and say it again “this country is stuffed!” The Parliamentary opposition is weaker than water. They all have laryngitis and have not fired a shot. No united front against this coup. National is fast becoming a laughing stock and there is no humour in that. ACT, whom I had hoped would have been have been a glimmer of hope, have not fronted and Winston, if he stands again will only split the vote and back come the clowns. Bruce
NO NO NO Not ever Vaughan
More horror to be inflicted on new zealand citizens Bev
Being ruled over by another culture, especially a minority one, has never been right and never will be, no matter which culture it is! Jane
all so called maori are at least 50% to 95% European or some other ethnicity ,,are they stupid,,do they think that all the goods and services they enjoy would have evolved under tribal regimes ,,no hospitals ,electricity,fuel,roads,cars supermarkets ,reliable food production and distribution.,export income,incom benefits,,trains airports planes,law and legal systems,decent homes,tv ,refridgeration,,brewerys,,cigarettes,clothing manufacturers,,medicins,tradesmen of all types bridges,etc etc they would have killed each other and starved ,disese would have bowled the few survivors ,,good luck to all us part maoris,,get real,,cheers tony
Very frightening. Dave
It would set a dangerous precedent Shirley
The country is quick marching to a social disaster, led by the tooth fairy Richard
We are one nation, we don’t want the Gove tell the people what they should have. Barry
No partnership and one law for all New Zealanders. This racism from the government and Maori has to be stomped out immediately. Richard
You cannot base a system of law upon concepts which are at best fluid and ambiguous and which can only be ‘interpreted’ by one ethnic group. That path leads to rule by a racially selected elite with their own self-serving agenda’s paramount to the detriment to the rest of the country. David
We are one nation. Don’t let this government brake us down. They are putting a wedge between us .Not needed. Barry
No. What our Prime Minister is proposing is deceitful and wrong. She knowingly and wilfully misled the voting public of this country at the last election. She does not have a mandate for her agenda and should resign, out of respect for the majority of New Zealanders chris
Common law would disappear and civil war would be inevitable. Mark
Our legal system as it is protects all in our multicultural society. We don’t want a minority groups cultural view imposed on all of us. Lynne
No bloody way Garry
No- Never, A change such as this would be the end of Democracy in New Zealand. One country into a racially divided one. We must fight against this sinister proposal to disrupt our country and society in general Brian
Absolutely NOT. Democracy is being attacked by a minority of mislead powerful New Zealanders with brown faces David
Why aren’t the other parties, apart from Winston, publicly decrying this scheme? Funds or not, how can the Press not give this publicity? sheila
I fear for the future of New Zealand with what is being proposed for the governing of this country. It will not be a good place to live. Betty
A definite no from me! The old saying give an inch take a mile, it’s happened on every thing else . Their is no end to Maori wants (not needs) This Government is corrupt ! Karen
This Government will be the ruination of New Zealand Denise
Absolutely absurd Paul
WAKE UP SHEEP & EMAIL YOUR OPPOSITION TO jacinda,grant robertson, & ALL LABOUR mp,s,also ACT & NATIONAL to OPPOSE this DEMOCRATIC right jacinda is SECRETLY with iwi doing,also ask about the tax payers money ($55 MILLION) she,s paying the media/tv to deny NZ people their DEMOCRATIC rights to OPPOSE her lies. Cindy
Unbelievable that this is even being considered Phillip
To subvert the accepted common law is sedition. John
No, no and no. Dyan
NO WAY !!!! Gillian
New Zealand is already in seriously deep trouble. The Ardern government have put us in a very dangerous place that it will take many years to recover from (if ever) and its impossible to conceive her reasons for doing so, other than her wish to create civil warfare throughout New Zealand, which she is well on her way to doing. “Utu” is alive and well in New Zealand as we speak! Hardly a week goes by, when we don’t hear about another gang shooting or killing ( Maori against Maori). How long before these savages take their prey home and eat them…. and she wants to put them into power over civilized New Zealanders. This has gone too far and MUST stop. Yes, we are in the Des
What happened to democracy & one person; one vote?? This is apartheid & can’t be condoned. I think the question is: What does Labour hope to get out of this? & why aren’t they putting it to the people to vote on it? Fiona
I am the direct descendent of several notable Maori Chiefs. My grandfather was a full blood Maori, the grandson of Treaty signatory, Te Morenga, who had no European blood what so ever. He bought up 17 children as New Zealanders, pakeha and Maori as one. These people refused to stick to the blood thirsty tribal culture of the previous centuries ,preferring advancement over nihilism and cannibalism . Ron
Ridiculous! Also the Maori Seats in Parliament MUST go or we should have Indian seats and Chinese seats. Heaven forbid. Separatism is VERY dangerous. Also let%u2019s STOP the funding of Maori Television as again this is race based. Why we have to put up with all this Maori content on mainstream Television is beyond me. Get real this Government is going down a very dangerous racist path. Andrew
Absolutely not !!!!!! The stealthy introduction of Maori words for example is an agenda and we are too weak to oppose it. Aotearoa has become normalised and nobody is sure if it actually means NZ as no tribes were ver in harmony anyway. Sice colonisation they have never had it so good !!!!!!! Alan
We must have one law for all New Zealanders. jill
Hell no Joe
No,No,No..It is Tribalism in Disguise,separatism and race based and fueled by those mentally challenged ,seeking power and conrtol. The Treaty industry and all its appendages should be eliminated along with maori seats and any other race/based ethnicity deived device from our land, One people .One vote,One law.What is so difficult about that? gale
Absolutely not, this agenda by Arden and her fellow socialists will take New Zealand down a deadly path. It’s hard to see how the runaway train nz has become being turned around. Phillip
It would herald the end of democracy in New Zealand. Ian
It’s past time we were one people, one law and tell the greedy Maori to go to he’ll and take damn Ardern with them. Barbara
Definitely bloody not. John
It is pure racism Claire
NO! NO! NO!===============NO!! anthony
absolutely not chris
Do turkeys vote for an early Christmas? I quote Humpty Dumpty speaking to Alice.- “When I use a word” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” ‘The question is ‘ said Alice,’ whether you can make words mean so many different things’. Dick
Not at all ,That would be a bad move. Leo
Most definitely not. A coup is underway and it is time the sheeple got up off their couches and opposed all the divisive racism that is going courtesy this dreadful Government. The media needs to wake up and stop allowing themselves to be bribed. I’m sure if they gained more respect by delving into what’s going on and publishing the truth their readership would climb. Helen
I am part Maori 6.25%. Ngati Porou John
It would lead to a total breakdown in our law as we know it. Andrew
Ardern’s separatist movement is pushing into every aspect of our lives.Time to say no more and remove this dictator by any means possible. bud
It is a frightening trend: re “cancel culture” re any alternative view .. whether re the Treaty/Partnership nonsense, or increasing Maori in the media, in the arts, but also re dissenting views re the Government’s [most of the world] re our response to Covid; any dissent towards the “expert” advice from Nick Wilson, Michael Baker, Ashley Bloomfield. inter alia Rochelle
Absolutely not. We must be one country, one law, one people Dorothy
N.Z citizens should demand a referendum to have the English version of the Treaty made law. Martin
No bloody way. This is total bullshit and Labour knows it. Wake up New Zealand. Fraser
No, democracy does not give equal power to minorities in parliament. Besides the Asian community is nearly the same size. Democracy is about winning your seat in parliament. By voting. Laura
I see if New Zealand is behooved to Jacinda’s 50:50 co-governance, all will be lost. Maori want to own all the water – lakes, seabed and foreshores, as sustained from the sky, and they want to own (and thus control) all food producing lands within NZ. All part of Jacinda’s broad government push to socialize, divide and rule. DEMOCRACY WILL BE GONE! Has it gone already? None of this has been discussed and agreed to in proper public debate!! Stuart
People I know are already talking about moving to Australia if this Maori partnership was to be fully introduced into NZ. It would be absolutely disastrous for this country. Tony
All the worst aspects of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malaysia, et al Max
Thanks Muriel for taking a look! My parents came here in 1958 to give us a better life. If we keep going down this new path in NZ, they should not have bothered! Mariaane
No this bullshit has gone far enough time the treaty of waitangi is seen for what it was a document that gave moari the same rights as everyone else there never was a partnership mentioned in it. nigel
We must fight again for 1 person, 1 vote, and democracy. Colin
Absolutely not. This government must be stopped. Darryl
Not democratic Ray
Nothing of that should be even considered. We do not even know exactly what these words really mean. My impression is that they make things up as they go along. Not to mention this new language which we have now rolling about everywhere in NZ: I somebody called it ‘Manglish’ which is really a horrible bastardisation of English. This Pua Pua scheme is on the roll and if the radicals have their way , things will look bleak indeed in twenty years time. Things do not look good now either. These Maori clans will never be willing to form a Maori ‘nation’ . They will be a bickering bunch of greedy tribal leaders hammering out deals amongst each other as they go along. Exactly as they always did. Only the means they will be using will be slightly more ‘high tech. The Maori gangs will by then have become more sophisticated ( sorry to use that word in this context) and will form the official strong arm to cow non Maoris . Michael
Totally sick of having Te reo rammed down my throat, where has our democracy been buried. Alan
Totally racially biased it will destroy this country Andrew
Very un Democratic RICHard
The maorification of New Zealand is becoming a big concern . pdm
Winston enabled this when he handed Jacinda a win in the 2017 election. I hope he is proud of his legacy to all New Zealanders geoff
Stop the madness now Allister
It’s time to oust this traitorous Prime Minister and rabid cohorts who promised to represent all New Zealander’s equally! Pauline
Oh hell no!! Brenda
NO, NO, NO. Insanity and tribal thinking to the extreme. More UN divide & conquer technology Darag
and bring back cannibilism?? Erin
It is irrelevant in modern 21 century country. It is a step backwards. Zygmun
Tikanga in law creates uncertain law which fosters corruption Murray
It would destroy all our country fought for and dishonour our servicemen and women. Wayne
one law for all Kevin
Emphatically no. Gordon
I have more faith in a fully democratic driven legal system that fairly represents all New Zealanders Frank
As a New Zealand born citizen I demand that my heritage is preserved and respected. My heritage has nothing to do with the Maori culture but is of no less value. Carol
It is not promoting New Zealanders best interest which is one New Zealand where colour and race is not relavent but being a New Zealander is . Look forward NOT backward and make New Zealand the best it can be for all New Zealanders ! Sue
Maori leadership of their own people, has demonstrated very clearly that the present state of the Maori mind does not indicate a capability to democratically govern NZ. The biggest losers following the implication of Maori supremacy over Parliament..ie a Second overruling chamber.. would be Maori, in the long term bob
Not democratic Peter
We need more publicity and information to the public so that they are fully aware of what a tragedy our future holds. We will be the most racist country in the world. Just like what we opposed so strongly in South Africa. Get the information out and get the National party into gear on this. Charlse
So many are feeling powerless over what they can do Joan
those pushing this c..p should be executed for treason chris
absolutely not! norman
This government is a disgrace as they go about secretly forcing their socialist race based ideals on New Zealanders. Adhern is the worst PM his country has ever had as is her Labour Government. Our country is slowly being destroyed. Steve
Absolutely not! Tikanga is vague and capable of being interpreted for dubious advantage. Jack
It would destroy the country we all love. Glenn
Good grief! The last thing this country needs is a reversion to the primitivism of Maori superstition. This is the 21st century, for goodness’ sake. This ‘great march backwards’ must be resisted at every turn, or New Zealand is done for. Graham
1/ The law is meant to apply equally to everyone. 2/ The law is meant to be a clear set of rules and standards which are the same for everyone. Tikanga meets neither condition. Tikanga is riddled with a host of Maori terminology which changes meaning on a whim. No wonder Maori couldn’t agree between themselves and were constantly seeking retribution. Tikanga, by its very definition, only applies to Maori and excludes non-Maori. I cannot believe that a senior judge could reach a decision to adopt tikanga based on the facts above. He should be sacked or retired early. He is clearly not fit to hold his office. We’ll find out when the appeal judgement comes in whether that applies to other judges in NZ. Derek
Maoris have no law now…and what they do have is of a VERY low standard. Helen
This article should be printed in all daily bulletins Steve
More Maori bullshit Wendy
This would turn New Zealand into a Racist Country. A road to Hell. Geoff
Unfortunately a large number of New Zealanders will blindly follow the path into SEPARATISM and chaos. However some will rise up from the fog and fight for their FREEDOM. This is what our present Prime Minister’s legacy will be. The question is: What are we going to do about it ? Bryan
absolutely not tony
NO WAY IN HELL DO WE NEED THIS CRAP! As Dr John Robinson states this is a religion. Not too damned far from Sharia Law. Also seems to run fairly parallel to the way gangs operate . This inept bunch of indeterminate gendered halfwits governing need to take a good long look at what they are turning this once beautiful country into with all their WOKE attitudes. With the new hate speech laws being introduced I would probably be jailed for these views Terry
It would mean the end of democracy. Graeme
NO! Doug
We live in a democracy, not maorocracy. Rona
Aussie is looking more attractive by the day if Labour pushes this sort of separatism through. Let’s put a stop to it at the next elections. Lawrie
Never. Lets encourage Winston Peters along. He did a great job last term stopping the minyan of the CCP (J A), from our fait, lets vote him in again… Noel
If that happens then prepare for corruption, gang rule, civil unrest, economic collapse, and mass emigration of productive citizens Frank
What is wrong with the population of NZ and the other political parties how can we let a small minority dictate our future Peter
I am of Maori descendant and I feel this is unconstitutional to allow a minority to take over a country Sky
Maori have the same “equal” rights of all Crown subjects! Cameron
Time for a revolution? Elizabeth
How can we stop this woman taking us down a road where our country will never recover? She’s bought the media with all the propaganda that is being rolled out by them. Can you fool all the people all the time? Heather
Keep your powder dry. Mark
We will be at war soon David
Separatist nonsense we don’t need in NZ tony
NO NO NO It is so biased to just a small percentage of the population that any consideration of progressing tikanga must be stopped Law must be colour blind and until we are all Kiwis we will not achieve the prosperity we know is possible Robin
one Nation RAY
i am sick of this racist government@ and their racist policies murray
Just a real pity we have no opposition Gerry
Utterly wrong! Cecilie
Absolutely NO! The Treaty NEVER mentioned Partnership. The Treaty (Feemans) is false and should be thrown out. Pete
Has anyone asked why the Prime Minister and her colleagues are pursuing these policies? Graham
Hell No …. I have a copy of the original treaty of waitangi One paragraph on a sheet of A4 paper Amazing how it has been twisted around into a multi million dollar industry This useless government is creating a massive racial divide, and there will be a back lash I may not live long enough to see it, but , there are a hell of a lot of young people that have had an absolute guts full of this useless communists government thrusting all this Maori bull shit on the majority of the population I can see a massive brain drain to the likes of Australia when the borders are fully open.. And Why wouldn’t you … Murray
One person, one vote. Help those who can’t help themselves in order of need not ethnicity. This is the only way to avoid chaos and lead us to live in harmony Barrington
it appears to me , that this approach is reintroducing a society based on inherited class, with an elite tribal aristocracy, and a proposed “House of Lords”. The majority will become serfs, subject to laws rooted in a culture of a very small elite. We are turning our backs on egalitarianism. David
Another racial biased farce. Richard
a proper investigation into whether Maxwell Hills book’s claims that Maori are not Tangata whenua should be carried out and if he is correct then Maori are just the penultimate invadershave no better claim to this land than the europeans and should share it with them . For once I agree with winston Peters stance on this issue. Wiliam
Oh Hell no! Reuben
Democracy Rules ERIC
Great article explaining all Elaine
This country, regardless of past occupancy, is now a mix of races, racial blends and religious beliefs. How one group of mixed blood individuals can expect and be given, power as a minority within our populace defies belief. I have 8 grandchildren of whom 6 have a portion of Maori blood and many families will be similar. Should one part of my family be treated differently from the other part is a question I ask myself and it is the reason I totally reject Jacinda Adern’s idiotic political direction. She has to go. Alastair
Just more Maori bullshit Anon
Our legal system has taken hundreds of years to develop. why go backwards. Murray
Willy Jackson is already warming his seat in anticipation of being the leader of the upper house Mike
Though to be fair, our legal system is so bloated, slow, ponderous and antiquated, Tikanga might not be a lot worse. Geoff
All New Zealanders are equal under the law. We cannot have a minority making laws for the majority. Janine
We need to stop promoting Maori into everything Kevin
Greed and complacency will destroy our once beautiful country.. Doug
NO a thousand times No Claire
Absolutely NOT!! Our dear country does not need to be ruled by tribalist zealots. Tony
a resounding, NO debbie
Never Ronny
Why are the majority of New Zealanders sitting back and soaking this crap up? Old horse face and her team of minion muppets are “running a muck” with our country and for some reason people are praising her and think she is wonderful???? Matt
Time for a new Election to put together once and for all the Treaty of Waitangi Industry frank
I feel as though New Zealand has become part of some gigantic social experiment initiated by unbelievable stupidity. Tikanga didn’t work for the Maori 200 hundred years ago why would it work now in a mixed race country ? Jill
Corruption and nepotism Jeff
Remember Uganda chris
Stop the rot. NZ needs a constitution that incompetency or failure to exercise the duty of care entrusted to an executive government or sedition are visited on the MP’s personally by an external agency. Kevin
Racism Greg
We are supposed to all be equal under democracy. Tikanga would impose the customary practices of one race on all races. The very concept is so discriminatory that it can only be classed as evil. Rod
This Labor govt is taking us down the path to hell. We are so far away now from being in the OECD top 10 quality measures it defies belief and every day we are sliding further into the abyss. Mike
A path to disaster Gary
Absolutely not! It would be the end of democracy in NZ . Ardern has to be stopped Lorraine
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt
Over my dead body. Terry
There should be one rule of law for the entire country. There is too much insidious maorisation hidden by ridiculous Political Correctness.. Tony
The end of Democracy is near. It is far advanced – too much race based legislation already passed which is against any democratic principle. We are all supposed to be equal. Maori think that they are are a super race, above all other. They ignore their own European ancestry simply to reserve themselves a place of power and influence they should never have. If this happens, the end will be a certain revolution. The power has been and always is with the people. I wish we could throw the Ardern Government out now, it is just so anti democratic, secret, and destructive to New Zealand. Folkert
This is the deliberate sabotage of democracy in NZ by Ardern and must be stopped. Carol
A branch of Jacinda’s Grandfather ‘[Joe, the troubled Biden’s ] mandate Barry
No way. Wake up NZ. Power is being taken from you and given to a group acting in their own best interest. JD
Absolutely abominable Ray
Now you know what the Government obsession is with guns. The Government will be assisted by ordinary NZers in their quest if they want to keep their jobs. I wonder if any arms dumps will be unearthed? or they just keep pinging away at ordinary law abiding individuals. Of course now they want to introduce hate speech laws. This is to keep you quiet and the most persistent objectors and agitators will be locked up. To think that I have over a dozen men dead in my wider family fighting for NZ and of course the Crown. Terry
This is a ridiculous idea.. bordering on treason – Racial separatism and apartheid will result with major unrest to follow – mark my words. Clive
Absolutely not Bryan
One law for all New Zealander’s, period. Peter
Equal rights for all New Zealanders. Neil
It allows for corruption to occur and is undemocratic going back to the Stoneage Margaret
Another load of Maori BS. Chris
Separation between church and state is a thing for a reason. Thought we got over this bullshit in the 1900s Pavel
Last thing we want is a separatist system introduced to our country. Disturbing news for us all. Thank you for standing up to this government. Bless you. Eric
It would create a race war Reg
This is a nonsense Johm
It embraces white slavery and possible future genocide. David
Hell No Darren
Time to stop the continued repression by conceited people. Peter
Can’t believe that this is happening under our noses whilst we do virtually nothing to stop it. Lies, impossible claims, fabrications and their sense of rightfulness gets overlooked by white guilt. Shame on Iwi self-interest while Shame on whites for inaction. Carol
Apartheid . 15% of mixed blood – usually mostly “other” ruling the 85% – – especially with the powers of veto proposed for bodies such as the Waitangi Tribunal and the maori courts. Ross
No, no, no! Keep the mumbo jumbo out of our law. Stuart
This whole takeover must be shut down. National should get over themselves and act as a real opposition. Winston Peters should keep speaking up. If he does enough job, voters might forgive him and he might get back in to help stop the separatism before it destroys the country. Russell
We have already seen what a disaster tikanga is if used on the law in the Churchman decision. It should be ruled out, otherwise the law as we know it will be destroyed. Paula
Absolutely rule out tikanga. But where are the voices in opposition? Are the legal fraternity afraid to speak out?  Thomas
Yes, this is a coup and the activists driving it – including the Prime Minister – seem determined to destroy our institutions and our country. Unbelievable! Graham