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All Are Equal

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Late last month the United States Supreme Court released a landmark judgement ruling that race cannot be used as a factor in considering college admissions.

If such a judgement applied to New Zealand, it would signal the end of the University sector’s targeted race-based admissions schemes. That would include Auckland University’s School of Medicine, which in 2023 reserved 103 places out of the total intake of 287 for Maori and Pacific Island students.

In his ruling, the US Chief Justice John Roberts said that for too long universities have “concluded, wrongly, that the touchstone of an individual’s identity is not challenges bested, skills built, or lessons learned but the colour of their skin. Our constitutional history does not tolerate that choice.”

The judgement states, “In view of the Constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.”

A colour-blind legislature where race plays no part in national affairs, is a common feature in a range of countries including Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. They consider there is only one race – the human race – and they will not tolerate any attempt to divide citizens by their ancestry. 

It is the Equal Protection Clause in the US Constitution that guarantees Americans “the equal protection of the laws.” The new ruling clarifies that measures that discriminate on the basis of race – including so-called affirmative action programmes that claim to deliver ‘equity’ through positive discrimination – are unconstitutional and unlawful.

New Zealand has a variety of provisions in our unwritten constitution that ensure equality under the law – and protection against discrimination based on race.

From the earliest of times, the Treaty of Waitangi guaranteed equality. As Governor Hobson said at the signing of the Treaty, “He iwi tahi tatou” – we are now one people.

In his 1922 book outlining the original meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi, Sir Apirana Ngata explained Article 3 “states that Maori and Pakeha are equal before the Law, that is, they are to share the rights and privileges of British subjects.”

The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 codified freedom from discrimination through Section 19, which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom from discrimination on the grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Act 1993” – where Section 21 prohibits discrimination on the basis of 13 grounds including “colour”, “race”, or “ethnic or national origins”.

However, the Bill of Rights also has a proviso which states, “Measures taken in good faith for the purpose of assisting or advancing persons or groups of persons disadvantaged because of discrimination that is unlawful… do not constitute discrimination.”

It is this affirmative action exemption based on claimed ‘unlawful discrimination’ that is now being used by the Labour Government to justify a range of new measures to divide New Zealanders by race.

Under the US Supreme Court’s ruling, such race-based affirmative action measures would be considered discriminatory: “To clarify that all forms of discrimination based on race—including so-called affirmative action—are prohibited…”

The Court explains, “Our acceptance of race-based state action has been rare for a reason. ‘Distinctions between citizens solely because of their ancestry are by their very nature odious to a free people whose institutions are founded upon the doctrine of equality.’ That principle cannot be overridden except in the most extraordinary case.”

It was the Herald that broke the news that Labour has introduced a new equity adjuster score into the health system to prioritise patients on hospital waiting lists by race: “Some surgeons said the new scoring tool was medically indefensible. They said patients should be prioritised on how sick they were, how urgently they needed treatment, and how long they had been waiting for it – not on their ethnicity.

“One of the surgeons said he was ‘disgusted’ by the new ranking system. ‘It’s ethically challenging to treat anyone based on race, it’s their medical condition that must establish the urgency of the treatment,’ the surgeon said. ‘There’s no place for elitism in medicine and the medical fraternity in this country is disturbed by these developments’.”

Ranking sick patients by race to determine who gets priority health treatment is not only putting New Zealand lives at risk, it is factually unjustifiable. The Ministry of Health has estimated that only 20 percent of a patient’s health outcome is determined by medical care – around 40 percent is determined by socioeconomic factors such as education and income, 10 percent by their physical environment including the quality of housing, and 30 percent by personal lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and the use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.  

In addition, claims that systemic racism in the health system discriminate against Maori have been found to be self-serving fabrications of the truth – as numerous researchers have shown, including Medical Practitioner Dr Lawrie Knight HERE, Senior Fellow at the New Zealand Institute Dr Bryce Wilkinson HERE, and Social Policy Researcher Lindsay Mitchell HERE.

All of this leads to a simple question that needs to be resolved: Is Labour’s ideological use of racial profiling in health care illegal and in breach of the NZ Bill of Rights?

When the Herald broke the news about an equity adjuster score being used in health, the Prime Minister appeared surprised and told the country that he would ask the Health Minister “to make sure we are not replacing one form of discrimination with another.”

But what we now know is that Chris Hipkins was the Minister of Health in 2020 when the “equity adjuster score” was first introduced by the Auckland DHB to prioritise urology patients on its surgical waiting list.

And while the Prime Minister has assured New Zealanders that plans for a nationwide rollout of the equity adjuster score – which is currently being used in Auckland and Middlemore Hospitals – has now been put on ice, the Herald reports that it has already been introduced into Northland.

Furthermore, despite the Prime Minister’s claims that prioritising patients by race would not become widespread, we now find out that is precisely what is happening.

Anyone phoning the Ministry of Health’s Healthline service is instructed to “Press 1” for a Maori option – or “Press 2”…

The newly announced Community Pharmacy Minor Ailments Service which enables local pharmacies to treat minor ailments is only free for community service card holders – or anyone of Maori or Pacific Island descent.

And a free cervical screening programme, which will be available from September for women who hold a community services card, or who haven’t been screened within the last five years, will also be free for Maori and Pacific Islanders.

But as Social Policy Researcher Lindsay Mitchell points out, not only do Asian women also have lower rates of screening, but European women make up the largest numerical cohort of unscreened women – and she concludes: “The truth is many women put off testing due to discomfort, inconvenience or fear of cancer. The new self-tests will hopefully remove some of these barriers, but they should either be free for all or a cost for all.”

These measures that provide different levels of health care based on race, are undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg.

When Labour took office just over five and a half years ago, New Zealand was egalitarian and united – a country of over 200 nationalities with a long track record of treating people equally and giving everyone a fair go. There were separatists attempting to force their radical views onto society, of course, but they were in a minority.

However, under the abysmal leadership of Jacinda Ardern, Labour adopted the extremist agenda of those radical Maori supremacists, producing He Puapua – their blueprint for tribal control – and sowing the seeds of racial division. 

Chris Hipkins is also culpable for undermining social cohesion in New Zealand – not only for supporting the He Puapua rollout when he was a Cabinet Minister, but for not stopping it when he became PM.

And now that we know he’s lost control of the He Puapua agenda, its surely time New Zealanders took a stand to reject outright the division of our country by race.

It was similar action by the public in the United States, of course, that culminated in their Supreme Court’s ruling.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is former Government Minister Barry Brill, who has been analysing the US ruling, and believes it holds crucial lessons for governments around the world:

“There can be little doubt that this US Supreme Court Judgment will have a major impact in capitals and cabinets throughout the English-speaking world and beyond. Not so much for its legal principles as for its painstaking analysis of across-the-board scattergun privileges that are based on race alone and are unrelated to individual circumstances or needs.”

As Barry explains, “This is the core of the Court’s judgment – every citizen is an individual and cannot be defined by any one physical characteristic. Stereotyping and racial averaging is wrong in all circumstances, regardless of benign intentions.”

He quotes one of the judges in the case, Justice Clarence Thomas:

“The solution to our Nation’s racial problems thus cannot come from policies grounded in affirmative action or some other conception of equity. Racialism simply cannot be undone by different or more racialism. Instead, the solution is incorporated in our Constitution: that we are all equal, and should be treated equally before the law without regard to our race. Only that promise can allow us to look past our differing skin colors and identities and see each other for what we truly are: individuals with unique thoughts, perspectives, and goals, but with equal dignity and equal rights under the law.”

This is an important lesson for New Zealand.

As a society, we’ve been caught unprepared for the racial discrimination Labour is rolling out across our country. What they are doing is unacceptable in a free society founded on the democratic ideal of equality before the law.

The October election provides an opportunity for the public to collectively send a message to the politicians that we reject outright any attempts to divide us by race.

Parties embracing racial division include not only Labour, but the Greens, who are now pledging to open up private land to Treaty claims, and the Maori Party, that wants to take the country back to full tribal control.

Essentially, the only way to remove the widespread racial preferences that Labour has introduced under their He Puapua agenda, will be for Parliament to step in with legislation that ensures New Zealand is a colour-blind society where all citizens are treated equally under the law and all discrimination based on race is illegal.

The US Supreme Court judgement noted that the Constitution’s colour-blind rule – that ‘all men are created equal’ – was founded in the US Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

It goes on to say, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

And it suggests what to do when Governments endanger fundamental rights: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” 

Has the Labour Government now become destructive of our right to be treated equally in our own country? If so, is it time we, the People, instituted a new Government to restore the right for all New Zealanders to be treated as equals before the law?

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*Should all references to race be removed from New Zealand legislation?

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We have to have a new Government Geoffrey
New Zealand was a very different country when Europeans arrived (for both Moari and European). The Treaty was designed with the best of intentions to provide security and protection to Moari from Pakeha and vice versa and also to provide Moari protection from other Moari. Since then New Zealand has changed we are now made up of alot of different races that all call New Zealand home and are proud to do so. Nothing good can come from dividing this Nation by race, our non-Moari children are being taught (indoctrinated) about the shame of Colonisation while our Moari children are being taught (indoctrinated) that they are victims of colonisation. this just breeds anger, ill-feeling and confusion. No doubt injustices were done, but I would say by both sides. We are one of the oldest democracys in the world one person one vote it cannot be any other way. The past belongs in the rear vision mirror we need to look through the windscreen and navigate our way around the obsticles coming toward us. We can only do that if we are all heading in the same direction. Race should be removed from New Zealand legislation. Rob
All references to race should be removed from legislation, as should the maori seats. The separate seats should have gone with the introduction of MMP, but spineless politicians failed to act. If race-based legislation is not removed we no longer have a democracy. Gavin
This goes too far. Legislation saying that discrimination based on race is illegal would be caught. Trevor
We are all equal and there is only one race, the human race Carolyn
Removed and made so it can never be changed by another radical government. Roy
The privilege of being the first people in New Zealand does not go to Maori. That privilege goes to the Patupaiarehe and Waitaha peoples who lived here in peace for a thousand years before the coming of the later arrivals, now collectively known as Maori, some of whom dined on the flesh of those earlier people. Here is a piece of history for the new school history journals: In 1832, just eight years before the Treaty of Waitangi, some 1000 Maori descended on 600 Patupaiarehe who lived in Taumaranui, slaughtered many of them, took their bodies down to the Ongarui River and washed, cooked and ate them. The Ongarui and Wanganui Rivers ran red with their blood. Should the desendents these people have co-governance, he puapua, partnership and privilege? I think not. The time has come to live as one people! Let the government be told. Kevan
I’m sick of this race based ideology , N.Z. is on a path of racial war if this shit doesn’t stop. The majority of New Zealanders know the Maori story is a lie, and we do not agree to the partnership rubbish. One Nation, one people,one vote for all. No more Maori Seat segregatiion. N.Z. suffers from racial apartheid instituted by Maori Leaders and the evil Labour Communists. George
Of course. Bob
YES ! Fortunately Labour and their mad mates couldn’t run a bath. The events of the past few days show them bursting at the seams. Cheats never prosper and we are now witnessing the fall of the treasonous bastards. The legs on their bellies are now working overtime ! What we really need is a damn good clean out; almost a revolution in our politics. By the time this is all over Labour’s reputation will be shattered for years to come.. How I would love to see those responsible ‘swing’ for their crimes against the nation ,including the Dame. John
Is there a parallel to the 1840’s Chiefs, at least the wiser ones, wanting the British to save their tribes from an extinction of their own doing. ? maurice
Yes chucks this nonsense out – a fraction of a “favoured Race” shouldn’t determine anything… I don’t believe in race superiority and performance should be the criteria -up to a standard -not down to a level!! Raymond
Absolutely yes, every little thing to do with race needs to be ditched immediately and permanently and that includes all the twisting of the so called treaty and while we’re at it, ditch that as well. One people, one law, all equal. Flip
Democracy and preferential treatment based on race cannot live together. One person, one vote, end of story. Steve
Disgraceful and unacceptable. All NZ’ers are equal! jOHN
Not much point in having a constitution if the Labor/Marxist Party can change it at will – more wasted taxpayer dollars! Rex
How can a fish and chip wrapper upper opps sorry she only picked up the papers and took them back to the shop. Did not have the ability to work out how to wrap them up. So how come when you are so dumb you can stuff a perfectly community that had all rubbed along together for a long time. I grew up in NEW ZEALAND when we all looked after each other and had a smile on our faces. O there is the answer guys it is no longer NEW ZEALAND some Maori name Aotearoa??????. Time to get rid of all nonsense and work out we are all one and just have a look back as to who was living in NEW ZEALAND prior to Maori arriving, how does that work????? Jeff
We are all one nation, New Zealanders !! The same regulations and laws should apply to all occupants of NZ ! Pierre
New Zealand is becoming a races country, if not already,over the last decade it’s become worse I decide to now live in Europe where people are treated as equal not by race Terry
Any thing but is stupid beyond belief!!! Alan
We are one Pam
equal rights for one and all noel
One country, one people. Entitled to one vote, and an opinion Elizabeth
We are a democracy of equal rights for all citizens tony
Should have been removed half a century ago at the latest. We are still behaving and acting like it’s the 1800s and it’s embarrassing. Pavel
Including the maori election areas Mike
Well said Muriel I have long wanted the removal of the racist Maori seats as they only are concerned about Maoris and get special treatment for themselves only. We say we are a Democracy, if so why are we not all treated equally which is what Democracy means? Eric
YES, YES, YES! Peter
Equality under the Law Gregory
We are all one Pam
It is the only way that individuals in this country will be treated as equals. Allan
Should have been done a long time ago but no one envisaged a destructive government like this labour one. Bruce
All are equal under the sun!! Ray
Time to stop seperatism in NZ Richard
I,like be one of them Astrid
Off course, anything less is Apartheid. Murray
We should be a colour blind society Gail
In a democracy all are equal irrespective of colour, ethnicity, race, or creed. Preference given to any one group based on one or more of the above, means we are no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy. David
If we do not do this we are on a slippery slope to civil disruption and the shrinking and ultimate loss of a reputation for fairness and equality for our citizens. Robert
All people are equal regardless of race or colour Maxwell
Follow the USA’s excellent example or we slide into Apartheid–which are are already doing Maxwell
Absolutely Ruth
YES. Imagine the outcry if European got preferential treatment at our hospitals. Tama iti would be shotgun blasting our NZ flag. Did NZ know around 45 schools land is being sold to Maori corporates in Hutt Valley and Porirua . To collect rent from Govt. Who knows what else they have planned Chris
We are all equal, not some treated by color authenticity. john
South Africa !!!!!! Ron
Definitely Vic
why don’t we have a method of removing government for destructive performance-before election time Robin
NZ is becoming just like South Africa. The only way that all citizens can be accommodated is to have equality. All race-based laws must be repealed. Jenny
Thats all we hear about today, every white person being a racist, when it is the other 15% use it as their go to card. laurie
TOW Littlewood Draft could be mentioned as part of our history Carol
Good intentions have led to division. This is not the NZ way John
It’s obvious they should be removed. James
I’ll bet you a pound to a pinch of goat shit that Luxon is against getting rid of the Maori seats and race based laws (or affirmation laws as they prefer to disguise them). Tell
Stop apartheid in New Zealand now Peter
It stands to reason that is what the whole world should be aiming for. No country divided by race. Doctors need to be reassured that can only treat people according to need, not the colour of their skin. Carol
And yes if the chaos coalition are returned in October we are out of here, two businesses wound up and properties sold, gone to small town America. Unlike this country America actually is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. Disregard the crap you see and hear in nz, realize that newsfeeds in nz without exception stem from left wing democrat friendly stations like CNN etc . The truth can be found but you have to look for it. Flip
All legislation favouring one race over another should be removed. Other than that, references to race might be justified for some other purposes. We should also remove laws favouring one sex over another. There are quite a few and they all favour women or disadvantage men, for example, Infanticide allows women to murder children with minimal consequence, Rape is a crime that can only be applied to people with a penis, Male Assaults Female carries twice the punitive tariff than any law applying to exactly similar assault committed by a woman against either a man or another woman. I don’t think there is any comparable issue in criminal law regarding race. John
Absolutely – a critical step to fix an increasingly divided New Zealand culture. Graham
Also amend the Bill of Rights clause! Bruce
absolutely, and without exception.the words pakeha and maori, should never be used again.likewise maori seats and the waitangi tribunal should also be binned for ever. galem
The sooner, the better! Richard
All legislation should be colour blind Anything else is pure racism Gary
Totally and the original VERSION AND MEANING OF THE divisive treaty should be returned. What schools are teaching is lies !!!! Alan
No Brainer really.While at it,all references to the Treaty and so called partnership as well. Peter
Definitely yes. The Treaty Tribunal needs to be wound up. And the Treaty put into a museum. I am a New Zealander as are the majority of the population in New Zealand. We do not new or want to be split into race. Jackie
Can we trust that Labour has not already put their ideology into legislation in such a way as it cannot be changed Loretta
How can we be one country, if we keep seeing divisions? Bob
Only YES is the only logical and obvious answer! Chris L
most certainly this bullshit must stop before it is to late & race wars begin NIGEL
There is no place for inequity in our health system. The majority of Kiwis have made their feelings known that availability should be based on need not race. What on earth are some of our politicians thinking. What concerns me further is that those more modern day Maori are not speaking out in opposing these reforms. chris
The country is one. One people united for a common good. Tony
Yesterday I spent 3 hours in a tent, in the cold and rain, in Picton, listening to Julian Batchelor who is touring NZ with his anti covernance speech. What an impressive man, and what a trial by militant threatening Maori he has been thru in the last decade. His efforts to obtain a venue in Picton were all met with refusals and the one place he was booked was cancelled because of threats from a militant group of troublemakers. However, one strong woman allowed him to pitch a marquee on her lawn, there were a large number of visitors there and no problems. Top marks to Julian. Unless the public of NZ stand up to the bullying and underhandedness of the present slime running this country, we will be in big trouble, and living under a communist dictatorship, headed by either the snake Hipkins or the gutless Luxon. And those Maori seats must be abolished – c’mon Winston. As for race based legislation, it must be removed immediately after mid October as the militant elite Maori are well on the way to taking over NZ, a frightening prospect. Wake up NZ. Carolyn
It is they, that are the racists; and they know it! Glyn
All reference to race should be removed from our society. I am a New Zealander! Andrew
And sooner the better. Mark
Absolutely YES – to do otherwise is to slide rapidly towards apartheid in NZ – an abomination that must have no place in NZ society. Labour introducing all this race based legislation into NZ is a gross dereliction of duty to ALL citizens of NZ and they should be punished severely for it by all thinking NZ’ers – at the polls. Carolyn
The sooner the better John
this should be a benchmark for any incoming govt hopefully National and Act Stanley
Any race-based laws are totally abhorrent and I will only vote for a political party that promises to do this! rayward
we are ONE people Graham
We should not be thinking as individual groups regarding political decisions managing New Zealand infrastructure, laws and the economy. However we need to have a level of respect for ALL cultures whether Irish, Indian, Samoan, Maori, Croatian or whatever and not legislated law for any one ethnic group. Mise le meas  Owen
Except where race is mentioned as being part of the collective of New Zealand, having the same privileges and responsibilities as all other New Zealanders, and that they are all considered equal. Brenton
We have said many times that all people in NZ should be treated equally, but the present government has denied the principle of equality and promoted racial inequality for far too long. Paloma
We are all one people, contrary to what certain members of our country would have us believe. Fraser
Anything else can only lead to divisions in our society. paul
Absolutely Brian
Absolutely and without delay! Rosemary
Totally abolished in all shape and form. Caroline
Our very existence as a nation of mixed races, with a wish to live in harmony, dictates that there can be no reference to any one particular race, in any legislation. Roger
100% Alan
Same criteria should apply to all. Ian
absolutely anthony
But until Labour goes, nothing to change this will happen!! Maurice
An almighty yes to ridding the nation of the racist Labour regime and all it has done. Let’s see what National/Act can undo in the first few months. CChris
Does a percentage of racial breeding define our status, or pecking order. In other words a drop of Maori gives the individual preference. Jeff
We need to get this sorted out and remove this secrecy Racism has no p[lace in nz leo
There are multiple reasons against giving preference to any race. Those stated by NZCPR, but at least two verses from the Bible Alastair
Race is being used as a Marxist tool to destroy society and shore up the privilege of corrupt Maori elites and their activist shock troops. John
As soon as possible ,we are all New Zealanders ,it’s time for all the wet woke nonsense to be dispensed with Phil
We have become one of the most race based societies in the world. Everyone else gets it and NZ goes backward toward racism daily. NZ for ALL New Zealanders “equally” is our only hope. Unfortunately I do not see a light here. stewart
Ja I da deserves to be in the toughest circle of hell for what she did to NZ Alister
certainly Colin
I am a Maori Roll voter. Denis
Do not want separate development in New Zealand. We are one people. June
ABSOLUTELY! I have always said that ALL racist legislation should be repealed, the Waitangi Tribunal abolished and the maori electoral seats eliminated. Any political party or independent who does not agree with the removal of the legislation is not worth even considering. There should also be introduced a recall system for incompetence, corruption, or dishonesty of any kind (including nepotism). A ninety day hold on legislation to allow for Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda and the position of Governor General should be given more teeth to enable the dismissal of a government for any action prejudicial to sovereignty, democracy, or equality. If we had these conditions now this labour cult would be done and dusted at least five times. Terry M
We are one people irrespective of race, religion Lois
Of course, we are ALL equal, no matter the colour. What’s happening in NZ now is a disgrace and a big concern Kerin
we are one people Andrew
We are all human beings, race has nothing to do with it, used only by people who want to hate and divide for their own evil agendas. Alan
One country; one People. Henry
Totally over all this Maori tribal We want, We want, We want. If we don’t get National/ACT in at the next elections I’m picking civil unrest or a mass exodus from New Zealand Wayne
no racism in law bud
The real meaning of equality. Hugh
We are simply one people and all New Zealanders richard
Top priority for a new government. We desperately need people voted in that will accomplish this. Judy
The whinging radical small group are doing every thing possible to keep this country divided which is so sad as we have a country where 90% can live in harmony Russell
Absolutely John
I can’t see how government introducing law and policy based of the South African apartheid system is helpful or healthy. larry
Some of this race based legislation goes back to the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act which was set up to hear historical grievances of Maori only! Never mind that the rest of New Zealander’s might have had a grievance!! Helen
Well overdue and let us hope we have a new Govt come October. Unbelievable and disgusting for a once great country New Zealand (NOT Aotearoa) Russ
TOTALLY all people are born equal!!! Shaun
It is the ONLY way to become assimilated nationally as one people, in a speedy and peaceful manner. Anything else produces conflict and we see this daily already. Vic
To “divide and conquer” is a tactic as old as the hills. What is their agenda – is it for tribal governance followed by an easy Socialist takeover? Maree
The US supreme courts decision proved that there are still some sanity in parts of a world which seems to have lost all manner of equality and fairness across all aspects of life, through political polices that fly in the face of democracy and freedom for all. Nigel
Race based healthcare breaches the Hippocratic Oath. Any discrimination on any matter breaches Article 7 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights not that this Government cares. Grant
It’s way overtime for BOTH National & ACT to say they’ll MAKE the LEGISLATION VERY CLEAR NZ is equal to ALL citizens & REMOVE ALL RACE from our statue books.So everyone contact them & TELL THEM Cindy
Of course, it should, racism has no place in any country that calls itself a democracy. Don
Equality not Equity Laurine
This must happen or our democratic future is doomed Bryan
one nation one people noel
Absolutely, identity politics is the enemy of democracy and cannot co/exist with it. Geoff
All references to race and all references to the Treaty of Waitangi should be removed from NZ legislation. Our laws should be colourblind. Rick
Absolutely the sooner the better Neil
Equality for all Lindsay
Definitely. We are one people and this country will not survive if race becomes the main part of legislation. Helen
Now Wiremu
we should be recognized as all one people Harold
All references to race should be be removed from NZ legislation WITHIN 100 DAYS OF THE ELECTION and the political parties we are voting for should be told this. NZ has many races living here and we must all be treated equally as the Treaty of Waitangi (the Littlewood Version) stated in 1840 when it was signed. Marga
Definitely, but I am worried that the genie is out of the bottle and will be difficult to reverse if New Zealanders don’t step up now. Rick
one country one people Dennis
We are all people, none worth more than others. Lucy
One People, one law. Don
Definitely ! Where are the “United Nations” office dwellers hiding now?? & letting this happen in our country Leon
Definitely remove any/all distinction upon race ,ie apartheid as introduced via Adern and band of dipshits . They are at odds not only with Kiwis but seemingly with most civilised counties ,excluding New Zealand which is currently run by morons . We will become the laughing stock the world with these apartheid based Labour initiatives and when Mahuta travel overseas and is photographed with the Bar Code on her face ,people will regard New Zealand as a bunch of savages and cannibals ,funny eh how lite imitates art ??? Get rid of them in October PLEASE ,dont leave our once wonderful country ,Vote the rubbish out . Ray
It should be equality for all Ann
This is the most disgusting govt ever. They make Rob Muldoon look like a saint. Imagine if Europeans got 1st preference at hospitals. Radical Maori would bring out the shotguns and blast our NZ flag. Most racist govt EVER. Kevin
All men (& women) are created equal & as such deserve equal rights Mary
Race , the race to the government handouts is the only race Maori will win. Claire
One country One people Judy
By far this and the previous labour gov have been the most destructive governments in our history! Their deliberate program of raced based policies will and is destroying this country (as is their plan)! It will take a generation at least to overcome the damage being done to race relations. If labour are allowed to continue with their WEF and UN plans the consequences will be dire for New Zealand. peter
Remember Apartheid? Peter
If a new government has the guts to do so! Carl
Absolutely YES Simon
Absolutely Valda
Of course no preferential treatment based on race. Stephen
We are all equal. Mike
My wife and I have a large multicultural family, everyone spends as much time enjoying and having fun together as they can. There is never any talk of race and inequality among them and our belief is that results from the way they have been bought up. We are very concerned with the constant attack on our very settled, stable family unit by these woke, elite malcontents that permeate our politics, news media and halls of education. While we are concerned for our family unit, I’m afraid the attack is wider and deeper than we all imagine. These woke ideas and self flagellation we see being pushed from the moment we sit down at the breakfast shows to watching the extremely poisonous Shortland street in the evening. Alex
This is the epitome of racism. Period. It’s a dangerous road to go down. Creates disharmony and bitterness and unrest. There has to be a point where self responsibility accountability and self care is encouraged as a preventive and that means life style choices are that – choices. Angela
YES, because we are all one people in this country and NOT BLACK AND WHITE, it’s time to stop all this crap, it never used to be like this and everything was fine. COLIN
All people should be treated the same – whatever their race. John
Any legislation which gives one race an advantage over others is racist , and leads to apartheid Peter
New Zealand should not need to ask this question. We have clearly lost our way. I need to see a radical course correction in order to regain my passion for New Zealand. Too many ideological virtue signalers. Peter
I fully endorse this statement and am aghast that this question should even need to be raised Chris
One people one nation. Phil
Absolutely. Also the Treaty has done it’s job and is now being used as a weapon to cause division & discrimination, so time to put it in the past also. An instrument of equality, and the pages should be firmly closed right there. christine
There is no justification for race references in any legislation. Racial preferences are abhorrent. Particular preferences for Maori are entrenching them as an underclass that is incapable of making it in the world without special support Frank
yes – there is no hope for the future of this country unless we are seen to be equals regardless of colour. Roy
Certainly! But is this not an issue people should have in general ( common sense?!) . So — I wonder– why is this happening at a relentless speed? Michael
When will govts wake up? Stop with these toerags in power holding New Zealanders ransom through racism. Sharron
Of course and is an unacceptable present situation Alan
as should all references to biculturalism Robert
And as soon as possible. Also the dominance of Maori titles in government signage should be reversed. English is the dominant language of NZ, not Maori. David
Definitely yes! Lee
I have never felt so pessimistic about our future in NZ because of all this race based inequality. Maree
absolutely and the time to do this is 14 October! Giles
That includes those with green spots!!! Raewyn
Democracy MUST be one rule for all. All legislation must be colourblind. We are one race – the human race. Rod
DemocracyNZ has as a firm principal to “take race out of everything” Danny
So should the Labour party and the Green party be removed. peter
Disgusting what is happening in NZ Keith
Absolutely! Along with that, all Manglish which has been insidiously inserted into legislation should be expunged. John
Most definitely Mick
Most definitely YES and for all the reasons mentioned in the article All Are Equal. National, Act, Nz First need to set aside their differences and go to the polls with one point they all agree on.That all race based references will be removed from legislation. Luxon has made a statement at the Ratana Church gathering earlier this year which touched on the issue ‘we are all equal’. He did so in a no confrontational manner. It’s time for National to scoop the cause up and run with it. The wisdom of the US Supreme Court echo’s the wisdom other governments When you boil it down the American constitution was mostly drawn from British common law. If back then 1789 ‘all are equal’ how is it now that a treaty drawn up in 1840 by the British is being misinterpreted to the contrary of all are equal In reality a minority are reinventing history too reintroduce tribalism, which departed most of the developing world as it came out of the Stone Age. The treaty has been usurped to the point were it has become all of that which it was generally trying to avoid. A law change removing race based references from legislation must be seen as a priority. Bruce
Yes, every New Zealander should be equal. Glenys
Aren’t we all NZers , This government is a poor reflection of what a democracy should look like Tom
There are no “Maori” they are all mixed race chris
And all legal contracts must be written entirely in English unless all the parties agree on a different language. Perce
——— ABSOLUTELY YES ——- !!! Barbara
One nation – New Zealand. One people – New Zealanders. But get that through to the woke!?!?! Ron
We should have equal rights regardless of race. Government should act on behalf of all without favoring certain races. Dorothy
One person one vote ! Democracy must be protected. Say no to Co -Governance. The treaty NEVER agreed to a partnership with the Crown. This idea is preposterous. Andrew
Unashamedly yes. Fred
we need to fight to keep freedom for all carl
We are all equal and should be so before the law. The disgrace that is our current government needs to be rejected in October. There are no redeeming features. PM Hipkins is not an improvement on the previous incumbent., Pete
Apartheid is here steve
Soon as possible … if possible after what these scum have introduced john
It’s about time we instituted a constitution similar to the United States, where everyone is seen to be equal in the eyes of the law and everywhere else – let merit decide, not apartheid. Trevor
YES, If not we will become a divided country maori and the rest of us. There is a lot of bitter NZrs out there hopefully this lot of radicals are gone October. Allan
Yes – and proper statutory safeguards should be put in place to ensure that this deplorable state of affairs we now find ourselves in, should never be allowed to re-occur at any time, in the future. Scott
Please refer to my last week’s commentary. It was very positive in regards to the full removal of all special race based legislation that benefited any specific ethnic race at the expense of any other peoples. Garry.
I also have voted NO. But I have read all the comments, and I wish that ALL the comments could be published for all New Zealanders to read. It looks bloody awful. William
God has made us ALL equal in His sight. He has no favourites. Dianne
We are one people independent of race, skin colour, education etc. Nina
I hate racism Andy
YES! One race New Zealanders kabe
Our nation has become divided under Ardern and Hipkins, aided and abetted (shoved?) by the Maori members of the Labour caucus. Will a new government have the courage to put a stop to the racialism which is dividing us and ruining our country? ACT has made statements in the right direction. All references in legislation to the Treaty should be removed ASAP, and the racist Waitangi Tribunal needs to be given a use-by date. Laurence
Consistent with the Declaration of Independence, we need not ‘a new government’ but ‘new government’. In other words, our existing form of government is in adequate, and a new form of government is needed. There are many existing forms of democracy, some more effective than others. The fact is,the New Zealand system of government is well past its use by date and must be replaced with one truly brings democracy to the people! Colin
Absolutely Claire
And return the name of our country NEW ZEALAND back on all signage that it was removed from. New Zealanders are so over the arrogance of the labour parties Maori caucus attitude. willie Jackson get gone!!. . You have sullied the whole of Maoridom with your stupidity and greed. Thankfully they know and can see through your treacherous scheming. Dianne
absolutely should lyn
This is an absolute no brainer, otherwise this country will become a Zimbabwe. Chris
YES, YES, YES. Otherwise our wonderful country NEW ZEALAND is f..cked and already heading that way fast thanks to jacinda and SOME Maori.  Brian
Absolutely. Peter
Way past time. Ian
All must have equal votes. Democracy must prevail Raleigh
Failure to do this will ensure two things. Firstly, that a large proportion of Maori, will never grow into responsible, self-sufficient members of society. Secondly, NZ as a nation state will die. I really don’t think that National has the ‘minerals’ to sort this out and while I detest the abortion and end-of-life policies of ACT, I must hold my nose for this election. If only National could grow a spine. anthony
People of NZ should be of one, we are not going to stand for this race stuff so I intend to vote accordingly. Barbara
God sees no difference in race or creed. Is the Labour Government greater than the almighty God? Dave
Does Labour not realise that if Maori ever got the chance to rule by race that Labour would suffer like every other New Zealander including the Greens. Lets get back to the colour blind society we had pre 2017. Dale
we are now a divided country racially. Very wrong. June
Of course, immediately Erin
All legislation should indeed be colour blind. Furthermore all legislation and ministry/public documents should be written in English so the largest possible number of New Zealanders can understand them. Wendy
Race based laws just divides people that will lead to civil war in the long term. In the short term definitely a brain drain coming soon if Labour stays in power. Pavithra
Yes, and those who are responsible for promoting and implementing these policies should be named and shamed or prosecuted Russell
Absolutely no place for race-based decision making and control Dennis
labour must go and also the maori party they are becoming to dangerous Barry and Val
yes yes ,a thousand times yes, without any hesitation. galem
We are one people Sue
Its a no brainer, ABSOLUTELY. We’ve seen counties overseas torn in half by racial policies , ending up in civil wars etc. Oh how I fear for my grand children if this lot get back in control. Peter
every New Zealand citizen is equal and no one is more equal than another fred
Absolutely. Legislation which varies depending upon race is the very definition of racism. Gail
Now. Iain
There is no place for this form of control in NZ Don
We are all the same under our skin. Andrew
Absolutely, this should have been as the royal commission stated with the MMP result Gareth
We are the same Bob
It’s racist and unnecessary. We don’t need apartheid in this country called NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
Of course. They should never have been allowed to begin. Terry
Current system is despicable. Shame on Labour Anita
Definitely !!! Logan
Equal rights for the human race P M
every one equal no differentiation by race. Chris
Of course. Patsy
Yes. Abolish all Maori seats. Common Law or one-law-for-all to be reinstated. Make an effort to see a Julian Batchelor ‘Stop Co-Governance’ meeting as he tours the country. It’s a great history lesson, meticulously researched to the finest detail. For some, the truth will hurt after we have been told so many lies based on a twisted treaty. Tribal rule (not co-governance) will deliver disastrous and bloody consequences for New Zealand. We know what Zimbabwe was like. Donald
Let New Zealanders clean the slate, once and for all time, with a new govt. It is now or never…. Chris
Absolutely! Mark
If Nw Zealand is to remain a democracy this must be so. Karen
Right away Margaret
We are going down the path of apartheid on a very slippery slope Beverley
Appalling legislation Adele
It is unnecessary to differentiate between citizens in any way. Also given that most people speak English and follow a lifestyle that closely resemble each other then the rules, laws and all expectations of all should be embodied in the laws of the land and they should apply equally to everybody and in equal amounts. That just means no favouritism to any specific group of people. Deek
hopefully this will happen in October and as long as the leader of national has the balls to rescind all the corrupt laws that labour and the greens and the brown mob have forced through and that David stands up to luxon and stops this race crap that is fastly destroying NEW ZEALAND and giving a lot of very decent maori a bad name. Richard
It will be a sad day in October if this is not done….by NatAct ASAP Robbie
do it to- day gerard
YES. Labour has lost their marbles. Say no more! RICHard
All racial references must go. Donald
All humans are created equal. James
we are all equal – sheryl
WE are all supposed to be treated equally Arthur
Definitely within the first month of a new Government . Basil 
Blood is red, always. Jill
Labour didn’t believe in racial discrimination .. until it suited their purpose. Now they are all over it 🙁 FloJo
we are a free democratic country & race issues are the way to destroy democracy as shown already in New Zealand it has started working against our freedom of speech and the health system & democratic rights.. Jim
When I came to New Zealand in 1974, I believed that all people were equal and that if you wanted to work you could achieve anything. Race was never an issue, it was what you did that counted. What happened to that simple ideology. John
Especially in the health system where need and urgency should surpass considerations of race. Janet
Absolutely YES – only one nationality = New Zealander; and only one race = human race Francis
ASAP. Unfortunately Maori have been given preferential treatment for so long that when they are treated the same as everybody else it feels like discrimination. Brenda
And the sooner the better. We are One…! Grahame
Of course it should this nonsense has been going on for far to long and we have a chance to change it in a few weeks time so let’s do it Peter
I find it all for so very very distressing – our beautiful New Zealand sinking into civil law. Dreadful prognosis. Elizabeth
time for a change, New Zealand needs to grow bob 
It is an appalling thing dividing our country and needs to stop immediately Laurel
Of course there should be no reference to race or ethnicity in any New Zealand law. All citizens must be treated equally before the law, absolutely nobody should be given any special rights or privilege based on race or ethnicity. All special Maori privileges must be removed from our laws, all Maori seats removed from government and councils, the extremely race biased and corrupt Waitangi Tribunal must also be got rid of, NOW is good, a decade ago would have been better. Steve
Definitely we are all New Zealander’s Richard
All race based polices should be stopped immediately. Rod
There is no objective evidence that actual discrimination exists denying Maori access to any Health Service. As such the Bill of Rights should stand – discrimination should not be allowed based only on subjective evidence by this Labour Government. Robert
In my 78 years living in NZ, and having many close friends of Maori and Asian heritage, I have never experienced or seen any race based discrimination anywhere. If anything I have seen the contrary with many appreciating the different talents that all have to offer. Brian 
It is the worst thing that has happened in this country for many many years Robert
All humans are equal under the laws of our country. Let us settle our greavances and move forward as one nation regardless of race. Stephen
It is causing a lot of resentment in NZ. noela
Absolutely Vivienne
the quicker the better !!! Rob
we all should be equal so no race needed Rina
otherwise we are just creating more racism – just from a different front michael
One people one vote and one coffin Alan
There is no room for race based legislation, tribal rule or any other form of woke virtue signalling. Jogn
EVERYONE should be EQUAL in New Zealand… This country should be COLOURBLIND! All reference to different ethnicity’s should be removed from every part of our Laws and Legislation. Heather
Yes. It’s divided the nation and is unnecessary. We are multicultural and need to reflect that. Teresa
ABSOLUTELY!!! Long overdue so that we’re ALL EQUAL. Tony
We are one country populated by many races, all of which are human beings. Identifying any one race for preferential benefits risks anarchy and the destruction of society as we know it. Wayne
Otherwise we’re racist aren’t we ? Andrew
most definitely mary
United we stand. Divided we fall. Darag
Not only must these divisive evil laws be repelled but all government MP’s who presided over all these racist abominations must face crimes against humanity charges and be held to account by the courts (once all the woke judges have been turfed out of course). Richard
Along with the Waitangi Tribunal, and any other racially based government agency, racially based local and central government representative seats. Neil
Yes the whole thing is racist and takes no account for all the other nationalities that make up New Zealand. The sooner the better so we can be all treated as equals as per english law and the treat of waitangi Chris
It’s plain and simple Apartheid to have race privileges. Trevor
Absolutely. Isn’t this apartheid? Trouble is – YOUNG People with NO Experience or life-skills are now in charge – making all the mistakes we learnt to correct last generation….. We’re skewed! Simon
Racist So should all racist electoral seats , unelected part Maori to councils, and all ethic and Sex recruitment quotas in all government departments Greg
Yes, immediately before all our families and country is torn apart with strife that will take a generation to repair. If the Politicians, LACK the spine then we the people must make them. Do not elect those who have not addressed the elephant in the room. Sam
Yes ALL Geoffrey
Absolute racism Maori electoral roll and unelected council members should be abolished Greg
All citizens of NZ should be treated equally. Any form of racial discrimination should be penalised. With the variety of ethnicities and people of mixed ethnicity we as a country have to move forward as one people. Willy
And urgently. This current hijacking of the principles of equality must stop and be replaced as appropriate David
In the USA this race based Labourgreen maori party policy is UNLAWFUL & ILLEGAL. Other European Countries have also outlawed it. mrk
Yes please! The health system discrimination should be considered as the pus at the head of a long developing entitlement boil, and that boil needs to be lanced for the health of us all. Let’s hope outrage is demonstrated on polling day . Pamela
This is a basic premise of democracy!! Colin
They should never have been introduced in the first place John
lets get back to the 50′-90s when we were all on nation ( all Kiwis ) irrespective of race or creed bruce
Unnecessary and divisional Hone
There is nothing to say. Just vote for the Party that guarantees to remove reference to race from all legislation. Simple. dianna
if the references to RACE are not removed we will end with APPARTAID LesW
We are all New Zealanders. We are all equal. Peter
first rule murray
Perhaps not ALL legislation. Brian
Hell yes by lunch time. Evan
Absolutely. People of mixed Maori and other blood should not be made to make a choice of whether they want Maori Health care or be in with everybody else. John
Race should have nothing to do with our society, one that has methodically worked through racial division since the early days of the arrival of the British Lindsay
The sooner the better – but I suspect both major parties are too woke for this…. Gerry
It is imperative that race be removed from our society. The alternative is streets of blood. Steve
Racism is racism no matter which “colour” benefits over another. Never thought I would see the day that a NZ government would introduce a race card system, and over such a thing as medical health needs. If this was done in reverse, there would be all hell break loose and it would be all over the news both here and the rest of the world. Disgusting absolutely disgusting! Kevin
Such inclusion is taking this country backwards. Anon
Asap Peter
Keep up the good work…so important in this election year. Alastair 
We are multi cultural and everyone should be treated as equal Stewart
Its hard to believe this question in even needed to be asked in New Zealand kevin
Nobody wants APARTHEID in NZ Nick
Absolutely.. The insidious behaviour of both Liebour and the Greens must be stopped at all costs Rob
Of course it should. It should never have been there at all. david
Absolutely. There should only be one race in NZ – the human race! John
Born right here and proud to be a Kiwi who has survived into the elderly group of New Zealanders. We never discriminated and I am sick and tired of those later generations who foster discrimination for their own selfish political reason. Ken
We are one people!!! Bruce
The only exception should be those relating to the sports, and the thoroughbred and standardbred industries.. Races are integral to their existence. Philip
Absolutely. Some Maori who seem to think they represent the majority of their race have shown time and time again they are incapable of controlling themselves. How can they expect the rest of New Zealand to support them having control over every aspect of central and local government. Unelected! Bruce
The sooner the better, and Labour/Greens removed from the treasury benches. Neville
Not needed. We are all one people here in New Zealand. William Clive
WE should never have allowed this race based situation to have happened in the first place and as for this shitty Government and that WHIMP Chippie who proceeded Jack Boots Jacinda they and all their hangers on are responsible for the current situation and the sooner they are replaced the better. ken
To include racial references shows that we are a country where the colour of one’s skin will always be a determining factor. Roger
Like USA constitution we have h or that all men are equal. Let’s keep it that way! Robin
Democracy is colour blind John
That is the only definitive action that will settle the 180 odd years of simmering now close to boiling point division tribalism continues to deliver Richard
We are one people despite our ethnicity Roy
most definitely Patricie
Absolutely, it should be removed from everything. The changes this government has made have reduced the equity that prevailed before the totally misguided Ardern spouted her communist and racist dogma. Democracy and equality must prevail. Laura
Why are we in NZ sooo slow making good decisions. Henk
Maori cannot claim partnership under the treaty. They sought Crown help to prevent them wiping each other out by utu when muskets became available. Kevin
Remove race and also any appointed positions to councils and committees colin
Definitely! This so called positive discrimination is racist, apatheid rubbish Andrew
It will destroy our country if it goes ahead and create a reason for Civil war Brianb
Absolute no-brainer. Maori seats need to go too Dave
It has to go.N.Z.is on a very, very slippery slope. This whole woke garbage is absolute danger. A quote from Thomas Sowell an African American & a fellow of the Hoover institute “Ours may be the first civilization destroyed,not by the power of our enemies but by the ignorance of our Teachers & the dangerous NONSENSE they are teaching our children”. Allen
My sons have partners with Maori “Blood”and many family members who just want to get on with life,against all this division in kiwi land. Rae
All NZ people are equal under our laws. Discrimination by race is totally unacceptable. Godfrey
We should all be treated equally Jan
Which political parties or candidates (if any) support removal of racial discrimination? keith
yes yes yes. Ian
People need to stand up for this. Chaquilq
Think about the fact stats herein this paper, They get a lot free now but are their own worst enemy: mike
NZ people need to stand up and not allow government’s to control them. It’s madness. Chaq
We are one people. Graham
without doubt steve
Yes they are unnecessary in every way and an incoming government MUST make such major changes to our laws. Roger
Act will make it happen Harvey
All legislation should be reviewed and all racial discrimination removed. Including references to the now defunct treaty of Waitangi Clive
Lets go back to what we used to be colour blind! Warren
Absolutely Felicity
Absolutely Lesley
Only tribal based system running now Bryan
The damage that has been done by this Labour Govt with its tribal agenda will not cease until we remove all the legislation with race based content John
YES Brian
Absolutely Fundamental to remove race based references!! Peter
yes yes yes. a 10 million times YES Dave
Not only should reference to race be removed, buy also so should reference to the Treaty of Waitangi Peter
But will National remove all such legislation as appear to be wary of raising this topic. Sadly if Labour etc again govern NZ demise will be swift. Derek
One land, one people, one legislation for all. Peter
now is the time Chris
We are heading for apartheid by giving Maori special privileges Kevi
Absolutely Peter
It is no longer insidious – it is blatant and divisive. Dick
The truly enlightened countries have or are now moving towards this goal. Of course the racist Labour party would not tolerate this and embed more racist law in its statutes. Every man stands on his own merits. Terry
I know of bright young non Maori/ Pacifica New Zealanders going to Australia to do Medicine because they can’t get in to Med School in NZ Shirley
I don’t see any of the main political parties having the guts to institute the necessary legislation to achieve this nor the fortitude to withstand the howls of destructive protest from the deprived tribal elite. Alan
It just is incredible that the Labour Government has been able to lie, cheat and spin their way thru the last two elections and get away with it. My god imagine if they manage to form a Government with the Maori Party. Then all they need to implement is giving16 year old children the ability to vote and the end of NEW ZEALAND is completed. I will look at the former NZ and think thank goodness my family and I managed to get out in time. Ken
It is so obviously wrong it is ridiculous. the question even has to be asked Owen
One law applies to every New Zealander Barry
We are one people regardless of the Colour of our skin. We are KIWIS Frank
Since the NZ Supreme Court has led the way with the current racist policies, I think we must seriously consider closing the court down Hugh
One person one vote!! We are all equal. Ronald
All people are equal regardless of race and on race should not receive preferential treatment for any reason. June
Labour govt Despots should be removed too Don
One Nation One people. Colleen
The only race is the human race. We are one people. One person 1 vote Warren
Can’t come soon enough. Mike
This labor party are the worst party to ever be elected, their ignorance, arrogance, and utter stupidity is breath taking. The sooner they are voted out and gone for ever the better for everyone. Never seen such a dumb lot. Merryl
As a people, NZ never segregated its citizens on the basis of racial origins. We all stood together. In the past 5 years, this Labour coalition government has destroyed that heritage. The only way to stop them is at the election in October. DAVID
We are all human John
we are one people gavin
All New Zealanders – one rule for all in being equal Jon
All equal Carolyn
Let’s follow the example of many other enlightened countries that have removed ALL references to race from their national legislation. Glenn
Muriel’s article this week is interesting in that it references the Declaration of Independence. That was a declaration against Mad King Georges ursupations and to form a new self governance. If it applies here then only as an inspiration to us. During the first lockdown we should’ve marched on parliament, all 5 million of us am instituted new government throwing out the ridiculous and incompetent 120 members, one and all. There is no requirement to wait until election day, and also, our conundrum which is manufactured by the awful MMP and the equally awful 2 party choice we inevitably are faced with. It’s patently obvious that there are no proper conservative parties here, and even the ACT leader has awful globalist tendencies. If I was instituting new government there would most certainly be term limits. Certainly have an inprisonable penalty for lobbying. And most importantly, no political parties or affiliations whatsoever. Every vote would be a conscience vote and members would be expected to campaign without public funding, door to door with self photocopied mail outs and volunteer unpaid campaign workers. It’s obvious after covid and several other cases lately that our high court and supreme court has little respect for the rights of the individual and are mostly filled with activist judges. It’s worth remembering that the US Supreme Court is filled with presidential nominees so it’s painfully fickle over the decades with Judges like Bader-Ginsberg making some truly awful rulings. Sotermayer and Jackson are terrible justices and Chief Justice Roberts is lousy too and hopelessly afraid to follow the constitution lest some of his Washington friends stop inviting him to dinner parties. America is not a nation of laws and it never was, it’s a nation of political will, and it always has been. Matt
For the reasons well summarised in the newsletter including the intentions incorporated in the Treaty of Waitangi which were intended to guarantee equality. Les
The preciousness of the part-maori iwi elite has gone on for far too long & Liebour have done nothing at all to win over voters as they have failed at everything they have touched, especially Race based Healthcare. Bruza
Absolutely! We are ALL New Zealanders and should be treated equally. Especially in the Health system – those in greatest need should be treated first without ANY reference to their colour or creed. Lauree
Apartheid Bruce
No question, I believe this is not only unconstitutional but totally abhorrent. Neville
Before others leave. Lindy
Affirmative action offering race preference should be illegal and urgent law change is required to give effect to this. A ministry needs to be formed to identify and repeal all legislation with any sniff of racial preference. Make racial based political parties and representation anywhere in NZ illegal, retire the The Waitangi Tribunal and any other entity claiming any angle of racial preference. We need a new base and to cease the divisive direction of he puapua and the like. Stan
We are supposed to be all one under the sun. Murph
There is none for kit Geoffrey
Failure to remove race based references from New Zealands legislation will ensure NZ will become Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. This simply cannot be allowed to happen but do we have the leaders with the required quality of thought and leadership to make these changes before it is too late? Lee Quan Yew did it and now look at Singapore, a model country. Chris
It is stated in the Waitangi Treaty that we were all given British citizenship. Why is this so hard to understand? Dennis
Naturally David
As a principle the US has just reminded us of what equality means. We should not need reminding. Bazza
This should have been dealt with years ago, but now would be a good time! J J
The introduction of racial separatism by stealth by the Labour Government in New Zealand will go down as the most socially destructive action by any government in the history of this country. Peter
The stealth with which this is being forced upon us is morally, ethically and democratically UNACCEPTABLE Robyn
Absolutely Peter
We are all people no matter what colour. For Example “How can A Maoris liver be any different to a Europeans Liver.” Jakz Roll
not needed Kev
Yes, not only should all references to race be removed from our legislation but we absolutely must now go through all legislation and ensure that all such preferences inserted by our Labout-Greens-Maori government are excised, hopefully forever. And while we are about that it is high time, and appropriate, to remove the now most improper Maori seats from our Parliament. Otherwise New Zealand will remain the country where all citizes are equal but some are more equal than others! ROB
It is against the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi – and as far as health services are concerned totally against the principles of Hippocrates concerning medical treatment that have stood before the birth of Christ (BC) Hylton
Absolutely. No other option can be considered EVER. Noel
Typical labour Allan
Definitely Dianne
Yes, of course. All are equal under god and under the ground. That’s the New Zealand I grew up in, the NZ I was educated in and the NZ I worked in until the age of 70 and now it is all being threatened by the new “Master Race” seeking apartheid by choice. Go wonder…. Bruce
All people in New Zealand, regardless of sex, colour, race or religion, deserve the right to be treated as equal under the laws of the country. Dougal
Better late than never Robert
Everyone is equal Janet
Everyone should be treated equally Diana
ABSOLUTELY without question David
equal rights and responsibilities for all citizens: that is true democracy John
back to what it should be barry
As Governor Hobson said: ‘We are now one people”. Labour’s divisive policies must be removed or else NZ will become a 4th rate country (it’s already a third rate one!) Mark
The sooner the better, and it should never have been written in without the consent of we the people. Another thing to be removed is the apartheid treaty of waitangi tribunal. neil
Yes, yes, yes! Pete
No brainer Charles
allowing decisions based on race is clearly racist!! jason
One nation, one people is the only option, otherwise we create even more racial inequality John
The recent decision of the US Supreme Court is, at last, a step in the right direction Mark
Stop apartheid Peter
Yes, I have been saying this for decades – race based legislation has no place in any society. Look at history and you will out why it is so destructive. Scott
We are all equal and need to be responsible for ourselves Fiona
We are al equally members of the human race and must unite together internationally for our very survival Cliff
the law of NZ is colour blind and no race is dominant donald
We are all part of the human race – end of story. Glenda
Maori seats should also be abolished from NZ parliament. It’s APARTHEID. Geoff
Absolutely – the law must be colourblind to treat all people as equal Ihaia
One people regardless of race Lindsay
We’re one people one nation, we are all human. After the shooting in Christchurch Cindy stated we are one people. Since then they have divided us to enable them to smoke screen the under handed passing of division Kenneth George
Absolutely ! Craig
Most definitely – Must be removed Noel
Race is not a useful classification in determining needs. tony
As soon as Possible . The Country is turning into another South Africa .A Basket Case . Michael 
All are equal Brenda
definitely Graeme
Absolutely, we are one race but many different cultures. Chris
The sooner the better. NZ can’t go one like this. Bill
We should all be ONE under the LAW for the county to move forward. Peter 
All for one. One for all. Edgar 
Our country is a democracy. We all belong to the human race – culture & colour should NOT be an issue because we are all HUMAN, & equal ! Ronald
There is no other way to explain this aside from calling it out as racism. More racism will not repair any other form of historical racism. Daniel
This is a no-brainer. All humans are equal before God and should be equal before the law. It’s that simple. Jenny
Goes without saying Richard
of course Andy
Yes, there could surely be an all encompassing Act which would render current references to race in existing legislation null and void. A party promising to pass such an Act within the first 100 days of forming a government would get my vote on that issue alone. Rod
Most definitely as per the Treaty of Waitangi, ‘We are now ONE PEOPLE’. We notice also the some Maori refer to New Zealand as a Bi-cultural Country. Then what about all the other Cultures that have made New Zealand Home. If you have a New Zealand Passport then you are surely all one people for that Nation. If you want a seperate Passport for Aotearoa, where ever that is, then please go there. !! Geoff
Need, not race should be the criteria fo health services, and condescending racism demeans the people to whom it is directed. Kelvin
of course mark
Equal rights for all people in NZ must happen. NEIL
Whatever country, colour, religion or whatever, should be removed from NZ legislation. It should be just one country, one society without discrimanation whatsoever. Roy
well overdue as is the scrapping of Maori seats Collin
Most definitely. Race is the cause of a great deal of trouble and ill feeling in NZ. John
From everything – not just health and education Raewyn
Yes. Very important. Murray
Spent many years in South Africa where the colour of your skin was the basis of what you could or could not do. Everybody should be equal in all aspects regardless of race, colour, creed etc Ian
To ensure democracy and equality mary
There is no excuse for racial discrimination at any level, it is evil. Trevor
Definitely Graeme
Need and merit are far more relevant than the colour of your skin Barbara
Each person one and only ONE vote – we were all born equal!! david
Absolutely! Removing all references to race from the Statutes will be the only way to prevent a tribal takeover in the future. Jason
The situation NZ is in is dire. Unless National commits to doing what is right and removing race altogether from legislation, New Zealand will slide into Apartheid.  Andy
Jacinda Ardern did more to divide New Zealand than anyone else, yet she is heralded as a hero. How unjust is that! Carol
Race-based discrimination in every form must be banned in NZ – end of story!!! Phillip
It’s time we heard from the politicians what they plan to do about the elite tribal parihas who are attempting to take control of our country. What exactly does National plan to do? What about ACT? And what would Winston do? One way or another this matter must be addressed and the opportunity for private groups to seize control of power and resources must be removed. Bruce