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Climate Saga

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American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz was a pioneer of chaos theory. This is a branch of mathematics that focusses on the behaviour of dynamic systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions and yield such widely diverging outcomes that long-term forecasting is impossible.

Professor Lorenz developed the theory while working on weather prediction, finding extreme differences in outcome, even when the model itself was accurate.

Chaos theory helps explain why weather forecasting is reliable one day out, but by 10 days is essentially just guesswork. That means that climate, which is based on long term weather predictions, is chaotic too.

Yet, unbelievably, the United Nations panel, which was set up in the late 1980s to monitor the impact of humans on the climate, continues to make authoritative declarations about the state of the global climate in 100 years’ time.

As could be expected of any well-resourced bureaucracy, their underlying imperative is longevity, and they quickly found that using alarmism increased their importance and power.  

Dr David Kear, a former Director-General of the DSIR recalls the emergence of the UN climate body and its propagandising in a paper he wrote for the NZCPR in 2013 – see HERE.

He explained that early in his career, he joined an international group that wanted to assess the average rate of sea level rise as the Earth warmed from the “Little Ice Age” – the cool period from about 1500 to 1700 AD. With findings from around the world, they were able to determine the rate averaged 125 millimetres per century. Since it would take 8 centuries for sea levels to rise 1 metre, it was not considered a threat.

Over the years, Dr Kear attended many international science conferences representing New Zealand, including the first-ever “Conference on Global Warming” in Vienna in 1985.

He explains, “Unlike most such meetings, where a communiqué summarising achievements was released on the final day, the full results of this one were delayed for over 2 years. When they did appear on the front page of the NZ Herald two days before Christmas 1987, a world declaration included ‘Overseas scientists have estimated that the seas around New Zealand will rise by up to 1.4 metres in the next 40 years’. That article concentrated on the massive consequent problems, caused by our carbon dioxide emissions, but gave no adequate supporting science. That rate of rise was equivalent to 3,500 mm per century, 28 times faster than our 125 – hence we stupidly ignored it, thinking no-one could possibly believe it. But the World did believe, and the Global Warming mirage was born.”

Dr Kear explains that the predictions were challenged and eventually corrected: “They accepted that ‘1.4 metres in 40 years’ was wrong and re-evaluated it as ‘0.49 metres by 2100’. Thus they dropped 3,500 down to 500 mm per century – to 14% of the original. The cause remained unchanged – our CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. In no other human activity would those involved retain a belief when the most crucial item involved was found to be 86% wrong by themselves.”

Since then, nothing has changed – the UN still produces self-serving apocalyptical predictions of man-made global warming that bear little resemblance to reality but generate the desired political responses.

In fact, to show that mankind is to blame for the changing climate the UN’s operating brief was to focus on “a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the atmosphere, and which is in addition to natural climate variability.”

As a result, the only variable taken into account in UN climate predictions is the tiny amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity. They ignore the sun, oceans, winds, clouds, humidity, pressure, rain, snow, or any of the other myriad of factors that we know influence the weather and hence the climate.

Taken rationally, the atmosphere consists of 385 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Of that 96 percent is natural, while 4 percent or 15 parts per million is produced by human activity. Other man-made greenhouse gas emissions are 1.8 parts per million of methane, and 0.3 parts per million of nitrous oxide.

The contribution that mankind makes to the atmosphere can be visualised by considering a pile of one million grains of rice, representing one million molecules of air – of that pile, 18 grains of rice would represent molecules of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, 15 grains representing carbon dioxide, 2 grains representing methane, and 1 grain representing nitrous oxide.

Essentially, the UN is asking everyone to believe that 18 ordinary molecules of air out of a million could cause catastrophic climatic collapse – and that halving 18 molecules down to 9, could significantly alter climate patterns.

To put New Zealand’s emissions into perspective using the grain of rice analogy, our 0.17 percent contribution to global man-made greenhouse gases is equivalent to a 0.03 portion of a single grain of rice and is too small to see.

Unbelievably, the UN’s extremist predictions are being accepted without question by politicians – and some media, as the following statement on a major New Zealand media website indicates:

Stuff accepts the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activity. We welcome robust debate about the appropriate response to climate change, but do not intend to provide a venue for denialism or hoax advocacy. That applies equally to the stories we will publish in Quick! Save the Planet and to our moderation standards for reader comments.”

It seems incredible that a member of the Fourth Estate could close the door to open debate. One can only hope that their decision will be urgently reviewed.

In fact such approaches are not dissimilar to the attitudes existing during the Inquisition, when Galileo, an Italian scientist, was censored and placed under house arrest for expressing views that were contrary to those of the establishment – namely, that the earth orbits the sun, instead of being at the centre of the universe.

Unpopular though his views were, Galileo was, of course, correct. Surely Stuff and other organisations that are presently suppressing the publication of the alternative view that human emissions are not destroying the planet, would not want their actions to be likened to those of the Inquisition.

This week’s NZCPR guest commentator is New Zealand engineer Emeritus Professor Michael Kelly of Cambridge University. A former Chief Science Advisor to the UK Government, Professor Kelly is a victim of such censorship by the Royal Society of New Zealand, as he explains:

“In April 2016, the Royal Society of New Zealand published a report ‘Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand’ making 46 recommendations.  The report was deeply substandard in my opinion, and I am not alone. 

“I contacted the chair of the working party to be told there was no real world data to review. This was nonsense, and I spent four months of a subsequent visit to New Zealand getting the data required to make a serious analysis of the recommendations.

“I wrote up my findings in late 2016 and the resulting paper was rejected by both the Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Journal of New Zealand Studies. Through my career I have understood that papers are rejected because they are wrong, trivial or derivative. Otherwise they are published to stimulate progress. This was not the case this time. Several referees agreed that the approach was a worthwhile one to undertake, and indeed that the original Royal Society Report was substandard, but they did not like the conclusions I came to. They did not dismantle my data or my line of reasoning; nor did they offer an alternative. They chose to cavil on details and on writing style, evidence of the bankruptcy of their position. Both editors curtailed debate. It is my contention that this shows a contempt for scientific integrity.

“I am publishing the original paper and the redacted referees’ reports here to show how serious debate is being suppressed. As a direct result of stifled debate, New Zealand is taking steps of great and certain futility and destruction of capital value.”

Professor Kelly is absolutely correct – what the Labour-led Government is planning will devastate our economy. What’s worse, most Kiwis are completely unaware of what’s coming – escalating fuel taxes and petrol prices, a significant reduction in livestock numbers and a subsequent fall in export returns, sky rocketing power costs, and rising foods prices.

According to former Reserve Bank economist Ian Harrison, the cost of reducing our infinitesimal greenhouse gas contribution is expected to be in the region of $200 billion.

The Government’s economic analysis shows that under their proposed plan, the agriculture sector could face reductions of up to 65 percent. This is in spite of article 2 of the Paris Accord specifically requiring nations to reduce emissions “in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

If Labour ignores that UN directive, farming in New Zealand will become a much smaller and fully regulated industry.  All so New Zealand’s infinitesimal greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced down to zero and the equivalent of a 0.03 portion of a grain of rice, eliminated.

Jacinda Ardern’s plan to cut back farming is no doubt seen as the easiest way to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas inventory, since almost half of our emissions come from livestock.

Yet there’s mounting evidence that livestock should not be targeted by global warming activists. New research from a leading world expert on arable pasture science, Dr. Albrecht Glatzle, a Fellow of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia, confirms, “There is no scientific evidence, whatsoever, that domestic livestock could represent a risk for the Earth’s climate”.

He’s also highly critical of those pressuring people to stop eating meat by accusing them of contributing to global warming: “Everybody is free to choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but there is no scientific basis, for claiming this decision could contribute to save the planet’s climate.”

Dr Glatzle believes that by exaggerating the negative effects of man-made emissions, the United Nations has systematically suppressed the beneficial effects that carbon dioxide has on nature, agriculture, and global food security.

Meanwhile, some 28,000 delegates from around the world have jetted into Katowice in Poland for the 24th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. They are taking part in developing the so called ‘Paris rule book’, to enforce the ‘non-binding’ commitments they made under the UN’s 2015 Paris Accord on Climate Change.

This year’s conference of parties began with an address from the ‘people’s delegate’, Sir David Attenborough, who made a spectacular contribution to the scaremongering generated by these events when he said, “If we don’t take climate action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

The conference goal, of course, is to create alarm so the public are more accepting of the costly regulations and taxes that politicians are planning.

The United States had the wisdom to pull out of the Paris Accord not long after President Trump was elected.

Brazil’s new President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has promised to follow suit. He’s already withdrawn the country from hosting the next climate summit, and he’s appointed a foreign minister who believes climate change is a Marxist tactic designed to stifle economic growth.

It remains to be seen whether New Zealanders will decide the price of the Government’s climate extremism is too high and say enough is enough. The French President has just backed down from raising fuel taxes as a key part of his decarbonisation plan, following extreme protests that had the potential to destabilise the country.

Whether we will do what the French did and protest and demonstrate until the government backs down – or whether we will simply vote against Labor and the Greens at the next election for forcing a radical agenda onto the country that will destroy our economy and way of life – remains to be seen.

Only time will tell what the next steps in this saga will be.


Do you believe the UN’s models are a reliable predictor of the future climate?

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No – nothing the UN does is a reliable predictor of anything, apart from an equal sharing of misery! Scott
no, never and never will be.how can you disregard most of information and get the result. Barry
SHISHO – Data trends are not what we should be planning the future on Tom
The theory of man-made climate change is a huge con. Climate change happens naturally and one has to question the intelligence of people like James Shaw who believe change is caused entirely by humans. Gifford
The sheer nonsense coming from the so-called experts beggars belief! Are they all barking mad! The power of group think seems unending! Ron
They have no credible means of predicting our future climate! Cyril
Nope! Kel
Its all total bullshit Ken
computer models (programs) produce the results you program them to produce. Alan
Facts first not outputs from computer models. Colin
Intellectual fraud from the neo-Marxist Ardern and her communist friends the Greens and Labour parties, plus the UN. Politicians commanding nature, somewhat like Nero! Monica
The models are designed to attack industrialisation in the nations of the developed world. The UN Third World Members keep referring to the “rich” nations – Where do we find them today? The Free Trade deals have virtually wiped out our ability to produce and have driven most countries into critical deficits. NZ has borrowed $17 billion to last 4 years of which about 50% of it is spent on core public services. Labour and Coalition Ministers are on a spending spree like no other; even the PM is in on the vote buying exercise. The vast majority of it is wasteful expenditure that will exacerbate the emerging rationale that says NZ will run out of money for services. By the time of the next election all of will most likely have been spent. Most of the UN consists of Third World countries trying to rip us off! The real problem that will cause chaos in the world is rising population and the main offenders are the third world countries. An extra billion people require 2 billion extra litres of fresh water every day. A counter thrust at the next UN Climate Change Meeting should be a truckload of CONDOMS “dropped on them from the ceiling above their deceitful heads!” Frederick
They do not consider impacts of either solar activity or the largest greenhouse gas, by far, water vapour. They have a history of never making a correct prediction in their history (although the purists will tell you that they only make projections). No sensible person would invest one dollar in their highly uncertain outcomes, let alone trillions of dollars. Tony
This stupid Labour and Greens government is championing an ideology that has no basis and we ill all pay for their fanaticism. Mike
It is such a hoax and the amazing thing is that there are so many naive and gullible people who believe it. Its another indicator or how stupid the human race is becoming! Peter
NZ citizens are sheep Stu
With this information you have to question what we are being told. What are the facts. Let’s make good decisions based on the meta analysis of all the information. But that will not happen. We are on the way to becoming a 3rd world economy. Robert
The UN and its politicized daughter IPCC have been marxist propaganda fronts since inception and have never let sound examination or indisputable facts detract from the marxist agenda. No UN or IPCC statement can be trusted on face value, ALL must be challenged and proven as in the past all conclusions have been to various degrees deceptive, some even based on straight out lies. No responsible Government should ever rely on IPCC data and never should base confiscatory tax upon such data, nor should any responsible Government support any regime of tax or tariff without transparency and disclosure to the payer of exactly what that tax or tariff pays for. There is NO legal mandate to collect a tax or tariff on behalf of any foreign entity. Richard
The biggest hoax of our life time. Governments have been brainwashed and now we are being fed the same crap. Don’t fall for it. It is a trap to control us and take away our freedoms. Robert
How can you believe in it, nothing has changed, the tides come in & out at the same levels as they have for decades past. I like electric cars and photovoltaic roof panels but they are still too expensive. Watch them come in when they become more economic which is the natural order of things. Eric
Only a deluded person would consider that he/her is able to change nature. The current I’m of these people I refer money collected, excl. commission, is referred by the UN to supposed poor countries from supposed rich countries. The reason New Zealand agriculture is included is because of our ability to produce the product cheaper the Europe farmers. This is a UN rout and our kindergarten educated labour politicians do not have the ability to understand this simple matter. NZ will become a poor nation as a result. You will then notice number of labour coilition politlins attempt to depart NZ for a UN job. Allan
I think the model UN models understate things. Look at the shrinking glaciers, and we hardly ever get a frost now. Also look at the Wellington Regional Council tidal station records and see how the sea is rising. David
While on holidays I have twice sat down beside scientists in crowded coffee houses and both said that the figures they supply are not the figures released to the public. George
I believe we haven’t heard everything and that much is being suppressed. No one can predict that far into the future. I, for one, and my children, do not want to be paying for what could be a massive blunder. Kerin
It is utter bull and I cannot understand how they fool people into believing it. Labour of course will go down this same path and basically bankrupt this country in chasing this foolhardy goal. Fraser
No, and until we get Taxcinder out of our hair who is a one worlder and the Greens who are completely stupid, NZ will quietly co down the tubes, come on NZ do what France did, show these idiots in parliament whose boss Athol
It is merely the tool the UN has chosen to frighten all countries into pulling together , able to be manipulated at will by the New World Order-driven by a Luciferian philosophy.The Club of Rome thought it up in the 1970’s Harvey
Michael Crichton’s book ‘State of Fear’ a good read which includes footnotes, facts and graphs which are authentic. A lighter perspective amongst a hubbub of institutional fear mongering. N.R.Curry
No, the so called models are a farce. The UN is full of brainwashed academic/bureaucrats Mike
No — not at all! In my view the UN has lost all it’s credibility some time ago.This questionable outfit is nothing but an instrument to force Marxist/ socialist driven policies onto independent nations in order to influence and finally control national policies. There is not a single day where this term ‘climate change’ does not pop up in the MSM. On a local level this unholy word has already permiated council policies in their long term planning and has begun to seriously influence decision making . Most disturbing is that people in general have taken this nonsense on board and do not even bother to think about the consequences of what is in store for them when these radical UN measures are coming into force. Same with this Global Compact migration bullshit. Only when the proverbial shit hits the fan and our society on a whole will suffer the sinister side effects of these policies mindlessly underwritten and supported by politicians who have been voted by mindless voters. Michael
We and our children are led to believe by the likes of David A. I do like his programmes but I dislike the misinformation he spreads about the age of the earth and evolution. Who said again the bigger the lie the more people will believe it. Seems the majority of people do not question but rather feed themselves on whatever is offered to them. The media is a powerful weapon in changing how people think and what their opinion should be on certain issues. Ido
NZ is already carbon positive because of all the native bush. The IPCC deemed that native bush does not count,, so we are deemed to be carbon negative. What a joke. Tim
Ian Plimer has written books – ” Heaven & Earth ” & ” A short history of planet earth ” & ” How to get expelled from school ” , the latter has 101 questions to ask re Climate Change & the correct answers ( it would be interesting to ask our Prime Minister & Media etc some of these questions as the scientific answers debunk the false information & claims now prevalent , I doubt they could answer any of them ! He is easy to read , you will wonder how the rubbish that is believed, re CO2 etc had not been recognise as the scam it is. Ian Plimer Geologist , Emeritis Professor of EarthSciences , has published 8 books & published 120 Scientific papers etc. He is well worth reading . Colleen
The sooner the UN is dissolved, the better. They are a bunch of incompetent corrupt Self serving bureaucrats with zero results to show for the billions of dollars they fritter. Carole
No No No – I cannot believe that people can be influenced by these non proven claims Marie
Climate predictions have been consistently wrong up to now and are not likely to be any better in the future. Trying to model an essentially chaotic system such as climate is a fool’s errand. If anything beyond a 10 day weather forecast is unreliable, how do they expect to have any certainty about 20 to 100 year climate predictions? How come the gap between temperature projections and measured temperatures is constantly widening. Allan
We can’t afford not to take action. Taking action is insurance and we can’t afford to be wrong or we will probably be extinct during my grand children’s lives. Tony
They have always had a political agenda. They use climate change as one of the many, to scare the population into accepting their social agenda. Wayne
Hell no, it is all BS for control and a new means to tax us more. Larry
Too many known and unknown variables. Tim
If New Zealand by some miracle was completely free of all carbon breathing animals, humans, dog’s, cat’s cow’s etc etc. and every square metre was covered in forest. I imagine that the impact on planet earth in terms of so called “man made climate change” would be virtually non existent. In summary it is my belief that Ardern is virtual signalling to the UN with the biggest toothy smile that she can muster is a “look over here look at me am I or am I not going to be the first female heading up the UN organisation” Danny
It’s all Helen’s fault!!!!! Charles
Do not believe they have been accurate to date so why believe them for the future. Keith
Read a book called ” The Chilling Stars ” By Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder John
Menagerie rules prevail! Jim
They are not based on irrefutable evidence. Dennis
No the united nations is full of despot ex leaders with warlike ambitions, definitely not promoting peace on our planet James
we are at the mercy of what we are told and how accurate it is.So in answer to your question. I have no idea Bud
NZ’ers will pay dearly for the stand taken by Jacinda Ardern, with no prior approval from parliament or the people. Richard
U.N. are not to be trusted in any form. The U.N. exists because naive and lazy governments fail to listen to their citizens. Western countries are being stripped of their wealth by the climate and now migration (non-binding) Scam. Sam
The whole purpose of the Paris conference was to make it politically and socially almost impossible to question the science. It succeeded in this goal. A masterpiece of propaganda only made possible thanks to a compliant mainstream media which has utterly failed in its duty to ask awkward questions. Brian
It is hubris to think that mankind can actually affect the weather. In comparison to the size of the planet, we’re of little importance. mike
The propaganda coming from the UN is at the extreme to change peoples knowledge of this b/s cc. .A normal climate doing its natural everyday routine is all it is..Taxes upon people will eventually wake up to whats going on ..Farmers really need to do the same as the greens & labour will destroy your income to such extreme that your farms will no longer be financially viable unless you fight back.. The French ,Brazil & US have said No to this B/S & so .should NZ.. Rex
Stupid. Claark
Climate change is a continuing phenomenon and will continue to occur . We can exacerbate change but NOT prevent it. Peter
Another load of concrete Bruce
Evert prediction made by UN has failed. Remember the 50 million climate change refugees by 2015? Doug
I have some real life experience of computer modelling. Howard
In my view they are extremist Laurel
Unvalidated, break all the rules of modelling, use ECS variable 3 times the actual value. So far of the actual data outturn that they are useless for policy . Kevin
I have always been against this idea of man made contributions to climate change.Do we think we are so superior and of such important significance to planet earth’s functioning. Furthermore a little “burp” of volcanic activity in a few minutes will probably produce more effect on climate than us puny human beings. Paul
UNscientific , political claptrap Catherine
No. And I find it quite scary that newspapers and other media have become so degraded by the politically correct that all discussion by anyone expressing an opposing view is refused. Rob
WAKE up every-one & email Jacinda & other MP,s.We pay their wages so THEY NEED to listen to us(after all they OWE us for electing them) TELL THEM. Cindy
I have been following this for a number of years – and only keep coming up with evidence from more sensible evidence against. Trump is a breath of fresh air -When are our politicians going to get real ? Maurice
Of course they are wrong any sensible person that has a basic knowledge of school boy science know that the climate has been changing since the earth was created and nothing man does will change it. Complete Dickheads !! Mike
Planet warming deniers are the real nutters….let them buy all the beach front properties, that way when they disappear into the ocean, the twits won’t want compensation….come on, we owe it to our grandchildren to act now before it’s too late Murray
They have their own world order as their driver. See Agenda 21 – it’s terrifying but you can see the results unfolding worldwide! The climate has always changed – human occupation makes very little difference. To think otherwise is to believe we’re in control of this planet – we’re not. A small volcanic eruption produces more climate changing effects than the human race has done since we’ve been here. The planet does recover. It would expediate the recovery if we stopped destroying our forests – like the Amazon. It seems the West / Greenpeace has little effect on the people destroying that! Simon
The human-caused climate change hoax makes the flat earth belief seem a article of faith. It is a massive con by the one-world-government club and the dopey media (NZCPR an obvious exception) are assisting in spooking the gullible. It is the only true reason for the Green movement and even they, by becoming social engineers, have given up on it. Stupidity breeds stupidity. Philip
Seems to have some holes in it. Andrew
Not at all. Too many faulty sets of data floating around right from the start! Of far greater risk to the worlds future, is over population. But no one talks about this! Why is that? Humans spreading like a disease! Hugh
I consider that the whole issue on climate change is blown up to cause people to become over-concerned. Climate change has been going on for millennia so it is not a “New” discovery. I consider the subject has become full of distortions – with little truth, Brian
it has been shown time and time again that these are at worst guessimates! Bill
The un has a history which does not engender credibility. Gary
The UN is a joke.Sadly an expensive one.Just a bunch of loser Countries trying to bludge whatever they can from the achiever Countries.A real worry for Nz is that our so called PM is one of the UN s stageactors.No real people just forget about the Un but beware of Ardern committing us to whatever Don
The biggest single effect on the climate is the sun and this doesn’t feature in thw UN model. Peter
There is ample proof to the contrary. Ian
will my remarks make any difference? Bill
The figures are wrong,overstated and alarmist for all the wrong reasons. NZ politicians should take note. We do not contribute enough emissions to worry about. Closing down oil research etc is plain stupid. Graeme
The UN climate models are designed to give the answers required by the climate scaremongers. They have nothing to do with reality, & that is why the goal posts keep shifting. So desperate are the GLOBALISTS to gain total world governance, they are now in panic mode, as the world quite rapidly cools, {record snow in many parts of the Northern hemisphere already this year} so the propaganda is being intensified with celebrities like Attenborough, who tried to tell us that warm water kills coral, when of course the opposite is the case, & at 90yrs he knows he won’t be around for much longer to be proved wrong, are employed. Another example of manipulation, was the government appointment, a few years back of a medical Dr to head Federated Farmers, just to convince the farmers that they must take responsibility for the ‘warming planet’. Now the indoctrinated producers of our food are slowly but surely being forced out of business because of regulations and compliance costs. Globalist agenda dictates that we are to be a nation of forestry & tourism, South America is designated as the area for agriculture. Hence the signing of the TPP. The most successful exercise undertaken has been the indoctrination of a whole generation through the education system. That is why it is so hard to convince a majority of the population that they are being lied to, & led down a path that will eventually remove all of our freedoms. Note how the main-stream-media never report the record snow falls, & show instead historical pictures of people on the beach in the one hot spot they can find. Also note how Donald Trump is always the BAD guy, even though America has never done better, & their emissions have actually declined without paying a cent to the CORUPT UN. Never forget, it was NATIONAL who signed THE PARIS ACORD, so next election, don’t waste your vote on a ‘Party’ who have, by stealth, got us in the predicament that we find ourselves in to-day. A.G.R.
The miniscule amount of human generated carbon emissions worldwide have no deleterious upon global warming /climate change. There is only natural very slow sea level rise occurring. Unfortunately the scientific evidence reported by the UN is also faulty. Neil
There’s too much contradictory evidence to be certain about the claims being made. BILL
I see the change on a daily basis and witness our Pacific neighbors slowly but surely being inundated. Do I really need any further proof of climate change. Phil
No, they have been shown to be manifestly inaccurate from the beginning. Jock
Just more rubbish produced by an organisation that employs thousands of people with political aspirations way beyond their ability particularly in the area of common sense. Watch for Jacinda’s next political move. Barry
Nor do I disbelieve it but don’t trust the self serving UN! There was a great documentary screened by UK’s TV channel 4 in 2007. Very articulate and factual (if you believe the facts stated). It totally contradicted common belief in the causes of climate change. It was subsequently debunked and the ‘facts’ were criticised. But it’s well worth viewing. It’s called ‘The Great Climate warming swindle’ and can be viewed on YouTube. Try it and decide for yourself who is lying… Carole
completely false Donal
Don’t believe in all this. Tom
We are already about 20 years into the predictions of calamity – how come it is ‘situation normal’ with every so called “climate change disaster” also having to be referred to as “… the biggest since the flood of 1906” or “..winds not experience since 1958” or “..the worst drought in living memory, almost rivalling the devastating 5 year drought in the 1920s” Francis
Its the best of three guesses with UN have no belief in them. Warren
Most definitely not. Politicians are playing a very dangerous game with people who are so busy looking after their own little plot in NZ that they may not see the forest for the trees. Marilyn
The whole “Climate Change” debarcle is a massive politically engineered Marxist move by the UN (a raging cesspit of Socialism!), to destablise the world economy and there needs to be some healthy, robust debate to wake people up about the suppression of the TRUTH! Bruza
The “Climate change movement” isn’t science: it’s a religion. So rational debate is impossible, and all objections will be swept aside. We’re like lemmings, about to go over the edge of the precipice. Graham
Bloody radical marxists…they will not be happy till they have us out of our cars and merrily riding around on scooters and bicycles…they should all be transported back in time to the Stalinist time… Jeff
Climate Change/Global Warming or call it what you will ! is a big hoax. How then do they explain that Northern states of the USA are experiencing their coldest winters in decades. One volcano erupting spews more poisonous gases into the atmosphere that mankind has in its entirety here on earth. Wayne
It remains difficult to say the least, to establish any worldwide benefit promoted by the scaremongering taxpayer funded bureaucrats at the UN. Climate change is but one of their many policies to protect and preserve their importance and income. Fred
The biggest scam the world has ever known. Peter
The climate model projections have been deviating away from reality for 30 years – they are not fit for purpose and yet Governments continue to base onerous economic decisions on propaganda flawed data Rex
It’s all about the UN’s ‘Dark Green Agenda”, a total crock which has resulted in a new mental condition called “Climate Change Anxiety Disorder” Brian
Certainly not. The science is not and never will be settled on this matter – you cannot predict anything when the multiple variables and causes are either unknown or subject to random variations. Alan
What can I say? the UN is a body of extreme lefties wanting to become the world’s government by a process of radical lies and deceit. Their claims on the rights of indigenous people, refugees and the IPCC are completely ridiculous, and to stifle opposition by Professors Bob Carter & Michael Kelly, to name a few, is preposterous. The blind stupidity of the NZ government to stifle its own economy for this futile ambition is to be expected. Bruce
Never have been. Just a Socialist agenda to spread money around the world. Graeme
It’s a load of BS by a group of bludgers living the high life at the expense of ordinary people Laurie
Garbage in Garbage out Vaughan
I do not believe all evidence both pro and anti climate change has been available for scrutiny and as such pieces of ‘evidence’ are taken out of context and illuminated by politics and press John
What a load of codswallop. The distructors and Quran Cultists of Hate. IAN
If we removed all humans and animals natural forest fires and volcanic activity will still occur. What the world is going through is sadly for us the natural course of events. Mark
It is impossible for anthropogenic greenhouse gases to lead climate change and absolutely not co2. Cam
When are people going to start to wake up. The UN is a front for the New World Order. Climate Change is part of the plan to wreck the economies of the Western World to make it easies for the New World Order to take over. It is a Marxist plan and comrade cindy and her bunch of wackos are very much a part of it. Ronmac
The UN would have no interest what so ever were money not involved. Chris
The UN could not predict that Tuesday follows Monday. It cannot solve anything but continues to pontificate on everything and spends monies supplied by active sensible countries on hopeless cases and corrupt governments. Colin
The earth is much more powerful than us – we can’t change the climate. Jane
I cannot understand why livestock methane emissions are counted. It is part of a cycle. The size of the cycle and therefore the amount of methane in the atmosphere may be determined by the number of livestock but it is not accumulating. The only increase is from the initial number of stock increase. If livestock emissions were accumulative what happened to all the past emissions? In simple terms NZ agriculture is asked to make a a economically destructive one off capital reduction in greenhouse gasses in order that the rest of the world can continue to keep spending on environmentally destructive greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Mervyn
CO2 is not a poison. Models should adapt to the data not the other way around Graeme
No they are not. Larry
The U N alarmists are conning our gullible politicians and they in turn a conning the public as my brother has become a victim by articles published the O T D all statements made by the U N and the washington Post who are so anti Trump.and pro climate change .If us Kiwis are not careful we will all be conned by this Bull shit. and this current coalition government. Ken
Reliable weather forecasts are still beyond weather scientists so why are climate scientists so much better? Richard
Based on the evidence, I agree with the view that AGW is a clear fraud and Marxist propaganda designed to impoverish the OECD. John
This is all ridiculous! Alan
These models are intended to provide a “scientific” basis for implementing a UN controlled tax while not calling it a tax Maurice
UN models are underestimating the looming crisis. Nigel
The weather will do as it’s always done.It’s a b…y scam. How can people be so stupid to believe in global warming.Wake up N.Zers. dona
28,000 at a conference. Think of the ‘greenhouse effect’ of all the travel. Are they nuts? DICK
I am not an expert on this issue, but the lack of sensible debate given or consideration of the opposing view, sets off alarm bells. It’s the UN way or no way adopted by authorities which is alarming. Could someone please listen and come to the right conclusion. chris
The development, training and validation of complex mathematical models is indeed a fraught process. Such models do need to face the test of critical skepticism… Colin
The fact that contrary reports are not even considered by the UN leads one to suppose that they are hiding something. I treat their reports as suspicious at least. Denis
Wild guess at best !! Self serving hypothesis. Peter
A cynical view is that politicians want to focus the attention of the world onto a massive diversion to divert attention from what they should be doing; providing good governance. Peter
I am not climbing on a band wagon of deniers of climate change. It is happening – just look around you! Martin
Why is it that such a huge majority of people are aware that the UN is manipulating the World into believing there is a crisis, when there is none? Are people too tied up in their lives that they believe that all will be OK and that none of this will effect them? I believe that people have become “brain numbed” even though they know that they are being lied to. New Zealand seems to be on a path to certain collapse unless the truth is spoken to stop the traitorish movement in progress now. Neil
To many variables are not included Tony
The models are not based on inputs derived from scientific method. Bernard
Absolute rubbish Gerald
Having worked for many years in and around the power industry I have been able to see how privatisation is enabling generators screw prices and make totally unjustifiable profits. Anyone looking for a long term investment should buy into power companies. Geoff.
This charade will result in the transfer of wealth from the poor people in rich countries to the rich people in poor countries. Follow the money!! Lee
No, computer models are often suspect and unreliable. Climate change occurred many times before man came on board with industrial usage. Graham
The UN’s climate policies, as with their immigration policies, are all about removing power from individual nations and giving it to the undemocratic UN. John
Even the weather forecasts four or five days ahead are unreliable. Peter
What “expert” has considered all the subterranean nuclear bomb testing causing earthquake problems and shaking up the axis of the earth? What” expert” has considered all the space junk interfering with climate? Nah …. when it is all about cash, we sit back and get brainwashed. Do you know where all the money accumulated from the carbon taxes go? When we were kids, the daily temps in Hawkes Bay were consistently 105 degrees all summer Anne
Really difficult to Know David
The predictions they made 30 years ago were wrong and now they expect that their current predictions to be believed. Roger
Any cursory look at the evidence shows how ridiculous the whole climate change scare really is! Chris
The rice grain example says it all. Bruce
The IPCC is a vehicle created by the club of Rome to steer the planet to single world government, driven by left wing academics and politicians. CO2 is their scare tactic. Our media is complicit in this hoax and as a nation we are walking blindly to the abyss of civilisation! Willy
Too many theories and not enough facts. Digby
The only thing about the U Ns Computer predictions regarding Climate change, is that their Computers themselves are giving off too much Carbon Emission. Geoff
That ocean acidification from carbon dioxide and subsequent dying – for instance – of Australia’s Coral Reef is scarcely contested. As an efficient agricultural exporter, NZ should continue raising livestock (increasing carbon dioxide and methane) AND cropping (which uses carbon dioxide). As an affluent country blessed with hydro and potential sun power – yes, I have voltaic roof panels – we can painlessly follow Norway’s lead., With government incentives we can soon convert half our cars to pure electric or hybrid. This decreases carbon dioxide and poisonous gasses AND lessens demand for oil (which causes so much of the world’s unrest). And yes, I am a proud right-wind “greenie”. Jonathan
This is purely a political ploy – like so many other UN models and directives – like ‘non binding’ illegal immigration directive. Our climate is influenced by nature’s earthquakes, volcanoes above and below our oceans, sun flares dry lightening strikes causing massive fires – and there is nothing humans can do about that! Al Gore flits around the world in his flash private jet leaving massive vapor trails in the sky – just as most other jets do. – and who is going to stop them? OH! United Nations members fly everywhere too! How hypocritical can they be? Stuart
None of us can see the terrible warming which would be nice. Its all nonsense as my paper of 5 years ago outlined. Michael
There has been no discernable sign of any major shift Gerry
Climate change is the latest populace control. Plastics are way more of an issue… pollution is the problem. Raphael
They are all dreamers you don’t see any of them riding to these conferences on a bike.NO they all fly in. John
This is just another scare mongering scandel, the polar caps have melted every summer for thousands of years and have no bearing on sea levels, the islands that are under threat are actually sinking by the earths crust movement. If all the ice melted it can’t make the sea levels rise to the extent they say as most is already in the sea and ice takes up more space than water, also the world is covered in water by 2/3 so the slight polar caps are not going to raise the sea levels ! Simon
Crystal ball theory James
Their models have been proved time and time again to be totally unreliable. No, I certainly do not believe their models are a reliable predictor of the future climate. They are just scaremongering and obviously have another agenda. I wouldn’t trust them one iota. Helen
Climate change is not man caused Mac
It is just another scare tactic to get the sheeple of the world to fork out billions of dollars in extra taxes which most of it will end up with the Worlds rich bankers as planned. Volcanoes are the biggest polluters on Earth, how come over millions of years we have all survived as has the planet. Any smart cookie should realize it is utter BS What makes me laugh is that after all these global meetings that all the experts (definition- a drip under pressure ) have, they all fly home in a huge energy consuming polluting multi engine jets. Allen
All a big con another money grabbing thing for the ideal rich Al Gore has done very well out of it how he was able to get away with such a con is unbelievable and this thing in Poland at the moment great holiday for all that are there we probably have sent a large Maori contingent as all ways no show with out punch. Russell
No where close to what will occur Kevin
A politicized money transfer scam Ingrid
No, I don’t think so. Peter
As an agricultural consultant it frustrates me beyond belief when computer models such as the much vaunted Overseer, fail to recognise carbon sequistration (to the extent that they should), when pasture and especially C4 crops are entered into the model. Geoff
The UN is ripping off the various countries , it is a SCAM. Germany and the USA have both withdrawn from it. Only dumb politicians , with no education or experience will fall for this scam. NZ Greens are one of them. Pierre
The inaccurate predictions are conjured up for political propaganda Robbie
Every 300 years approx going back to 1200 years ago the earth had a very warm cycle and so to blame the present changing period on the current generation is unreliable Robert
Grossly incorrect and do not reflect the correct situation as it is radiation and the Sun, not C02. Warwick
I don’t really believe in it. Jan
It’s amazing how so many people have come to equate man-made global warming with greenhouse gas theory even though no convincing evidence has been provided beyond ‘x number of experts agree’. The current direction is almost certain to result in some people making a lot of money for little good purpose. I would bring the ozone layer back to traditional levels to reduce the amount of solar energy coming into the atmosphere, before major steps to reduce so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ (of which ozone apparently is one…). Nevertheless, there are plenty of good reasons to reduce air pollution, which can be done in a sensible and measured way. Hans
There are too many conflicting views as to what is happening to our long-term climate. Ross
The Russian and Chinese models and their infrastructure planning are the most accurate; conceding and recognising REAL scientific analysis of the profound solar minima and the descent into the next Glacial (already started). The govt are merely the puppets of the shadow govt globalists. Free Range slaves are we; pop out the kiddies to keep the slavery system going and take your fluoride to dumb you down and sedate you in your water and toothpaste; 1080, vaccines etc. Iphone hooked up Bhorg are we. Adern is an absolute (very richly rewarded) puppet and idiot leading a band of disparate fools. Zoran
Climate models have long since shown to give false predictions. It is illogical to expect correct modelling predictions when the data inputs are either incorrect, overtly biased or on the whole too narrow to cover the innumerable factors which influence climate behaviour. Ron
Agenda 21-30 Mike
There has never been a balance viewpoint Provided by the mass media that has been totally convincing. Nev
Yet another attempt at brainwashing by zealots. Andrew
Just a big Rort Gary
Watch the SUN SUN spots have an effect that seem to be overlooked by many. WHY? RICHard
To even consider that mankind can control nature is arrogance beyond belief. Nature is nature, the climate is constantly changing and we can do nothing to control it. Sure we make the environment cleaner by controlling what we dispose after using however as far as the weather is concerned, what will be will be and we just have to learn to live with it. Allan
it is impossible to trust people who do not know what they are talking about. Johan
There are so many point of view that it is hard to understand what is true Richard
The IPCC models are consistently wrong. All the doomsday predictions have failed to eventuate. CO2 is the basis of all life on earth, we need 600- 800 ppm of CO2 for the most efficient plant growth. The UN agenda is political control of the world, not ‘saving the planet’. John
The UN are just jumping on the money trail and scaremongering Colin
No. It’s just an excuse for world bureaucrats, brain dead politicians and pseudoscientists to attend giant junkets being held evermore frequently in various locations throughout the world. Alan
The great global con job led by the UN. Also fostered by a sick mainstream media. Norm
The UN is manipulated by the left for further world one government. Graeme
Also I believe that we should cease all contributions to this body of self serving troughers as a real demonstration of ‘Virtue Signaling’. Phil
Planet Earth is only a minute rock in this vast Universe influenced by forces beyond our present comprehension….a few atoms of Carbon and oxygen flowing around this tiny rock is of no consequence in the Big Picture…. CHowes
UN is the ultimate oxymoron – doubt me? ask those left in Libya! Collin
Total hogwash akin to a Nigerian scam, and a lot of otherwise intelligent people are prone to just “sucking it up”. Ross
No, I don’t believe in it. Kelly
Another way for socialist governments like labour and national to tax us Cutty
Man made global warming is the biggest hoax of all time Alan
There is a very articulate documentary produced by the UK’s channel 4 in 2007 called ‘The great global warming swindle’. It has since been debunked. But is well worth a look. It is on YouTube. Richard
I don’t believe anything the UN has to,say and it is disturbing our politicians don,t back away from the UN nonsense and interference. All they want is our money. Gail
The UN models are based on popular, unproven and Political hypothesis. Our climate is produced by a complex series of high, low deep, shallow cycles within cycles and are impossible to predict. However when certain cycles like sea temp and wind (which changes every 78 years) etc, align, then unforeseen conditions arise. When these influence the weather as we see today, it does not maintain that so called imbalance for long before climate returns to what we consider normal. it will settle down. David
Of course not. It’s all a racket. John
Everything the UN does is a sham designed to promote its one-world agenda. So no, their predictions are just propaganda. Brian
The UN’s climate predictions have proved to be spectacularly unreliable over the years. Their whole purpose seems to be scaremongering. Andrew
The UNIPCC has been a disgrace from the beginning. I wouldn’t trust a thing they said. Matthew
The UN is only there to promote an extremist position on global warming to scare Government and people into compliance with their agenda.  Pauline
No – they can’t be trusted. Laurel