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Co-Governing Local Government

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The strange world of Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party is getting more bizarre by the day. Labour has the hallmarks of a poorly rating sitcom. The staged sincerity is no longer working for our PM, and Grant Robertson’s ‘hits’ on National leader Chris Luxon in his speech to the Labour Party’s Annual conference over the weekend had as much punch as a snowflake.

To make matters worse, the glow from the stage-managed conference vapourised a few hours later when the Newshub-Reid Research poll showed support for Labour and the Prime Minister plummeting.

Jacinda Ardern responded by saying, “I don’t govern by polls, I govern by people. I govern by what I see as the needs for our people”.

This comment simply reinforces the view that our selfie-centric Prime Minister lives in a world of make believe. She seems unable to comprehend that her popularity has plummeted because she is not governing according to ‘the needs of the people’. 

‘The people’ don’t want Three Waters, yet Jacinda Ardern and her Maori caucus are persisting with their pretence that it is about something other than introducing tribal control of water.

‘The people’ don’t want to be ruled by the tribal elite, yet the scene is now being set to demolish local government as we know it and replace democratic control with tribal rule.

Without permission of ‘the people’, Prime Minister Ardern is undermining the democratic foundation of our society by elevating a racial minority into a governing elite with rights and privileges over every other New Zealander.

‘The people’ were never asked whether they wanted the unaccountable leaders of multi-million tribal business development corporations to have power over their lives. Instead, this represents yet another case where, in dictatorial fashion, Prime Minister Ardern is forcing her abhorrent He Puapua agenda onto New Zealanders.   

An iwi leaders group meeting in Taupo last week gave a rare glimpse into the identity and nature of the ‘tribal elite’ – that ‘shadowy’ group who are being given control of key New Zealand resources and services by Jacinda Ardern’s Government.

Seventy members of the National Iwi Leaders Chairs Forum gathered to discuss a variety of matters including an alternative to Three Waters being promoted by the Mayors of Auckland, Christchurch, and Waimakariri, which excludes co-governance.

Their water services proposal was met with anger from former New Zealand First MP Tukoroirangi Morgan, who is now the chairman of Waikato-Tainui: “I don’t know which world they belong to, this is 2022 Aotearoa New Zealand, this is about partnership.”

And threats: “We will never be denied, we will never go silently in the night, our voice must be heard at the table and we must take our place, end of story.”

Those are not the words of someone committed to serving the public good, but the arrogant and intimidatory demands of someone who believes they have the ‘right to rule’. Any hopes that water services under the veto control of such representatives would serve anyone other than a tribal minority are naive and misguided.

These tribal rulers will call the shots and they will be accountable to no one. They will not be able to be challenged, nor sacked by ‘the people’ the PM claims she represents.

As a reminder of what iwi control looks like, consider the response of Tuku Morgan and the Chair of the Waikato River Authority, Tipa Mahuta (sister of Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahua and Chair of the new water regulator’s Maori Advisory Committee), to an urgent application by Auckland City to increase its water take from the river, following a prolonged drought in 2020.  

In an initial response, the River Authority demanded a payment of up to 10 cents a litre, or $20 million a day! This was rejected by then Mayor Phil Goff.

Once Watercare had lodged their resource consent application, Tipa Mahuta opposed it, not because the biophysical effects of an increased water take would have created an adverse impact on the river, but because Watercare’s application wasn’t “respectful” enough.

Tuku Morgan also “vehemently” opposed it based on his “inextricable bond” with the river.

In the end, consent was granted, and even though consultation was not required under the Resource Management Act, it included a condition that Watercare develop stronger relationships with local iwi – and pay the Waikato River Authority $2 million a year for river restoration work.

In her submission Tipa Mahuta explained the personal nature of her motivations, “It is a privilege for me to carry on the work of my parents…”. Sir Robert and Lady Raiha Mahuta, with the help of Tuku Morgan, successfully negotiated a co-governance role for Tainui over control of the Waikato River.

Is expanding her parent’s legacy to cover all waterways in New Zealand what is really driving the obsession of Minister Mahuta to impose iwi control of Three Waters? Is that why Tuku Morgan, who is also committed to the Mahuta legacy, has now been appointed chairman of the Region 1 Three Waters iwi representation group – even though he’s based in Region 2? Is he the counter-force to take on Mayor Brown’s public opposition?

And why is our “for the people” Prime Minister tolerating New Zealanders being held hostage to a family legacy and the personal ambition of Minister Mahuta, when ‘the people’ are almost unanimously opposed to the scheme?

With control over water potentially wrapped up, local government is now the new focus for the Maori tribal elite.

That agenda was initiated in April 2021 when Minister Mahuta announced a comprehensive review of local government. The outcome was predetermined by the terms of reference that embodied her fake Treaty “partnership”.

With the outcome of the Local Government Review pre-determined, the reports produced by the Review Panel of Jim Palmer, Penny Hulse, Antoine Coffin, Gael Surgenor, and Brendan Boyle, are merely a façade  to mimic public consultation and an ‘inclusive’ process.

It’s clever politics, made easier by the mainstream media recipients of the $55 million Public Interest Broadcasting Fund being required to promote the fake partnership instead of challenging it.

The Review into the Future for Local Government was released last week, with a call for public submissions by 28 February 2023 – see HERE for details. It is the second of three reports by the Panel – an interim report was released in September 2021, and a third and final report will be delivered to the Government in June 2023.

Should Labour be re-elected in 2023, there is no doubt the reforms would be in place before the next local body election in 2025. That’s why it’s so important that political parties make their views on the proposed reforms explicitly clear.

A recent Q+A interview with a senior member of National’s Caucus, Erica Stanford, raises concerns about National’s commitment to undoing the damage being caused by Labour.

In response to a question by Jack Tame, “What role should iwi play in setting migration settings”, Erica replied, “A huge role. They’re our Treaty partner, right. And so they have a say in that. And I work really closely with the Maori members of my Caucus and also the Maori special interest group that sits within the National Party around this. And certainly, any policy we come up with needs to be consulted on with iwi as well.”

If it is official National Party policy that iwi are Treaty “partners” with the Crown – and if National intends consulting with iwi over every policy decision – then why should we have any confidence that they intend putting things right?

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former District Councillor Frank Newman, has analysed the Panel’s report and outlines some key considerations:

“Reforming local government in the way recommended in the report would be a giant leap forward for the government in achieving its He Puapua strategy.”

Frank explains that three fundamental themes emerge from the report’s 29 recommendations: embedding Maori as a governance ‘partner’, turning local government into an agent of central government, and re-structuring councils.

“There is considerable emphasis on councils adopting the ‘Maori world view’ and changing the Local Government Act to create ‘a genuine partnership’.”

He points out: “The Panel’s recommendations are based on their comments that ‘Councils remain predominantly made up of older European/Pakeha elected members. There needs to be more diverse representation and increased governance capability at the council table. While Maori wards and constituencies are a positive feature, they were not designed to provide for Tiriti-based representation of mana whenua or significant Kaupapa-based groups. Councils need to increase their capability in, and understanding of, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and te ao Maori.’

“Clearly, it is the Panel’s view that ‘older European/Pakeha elected members’ need to be replaced with Maori members.”

Frank also explains that reinventing the role of local government to become an “agency” of central government would require councillors and council employees to be “subject to the same terms and conditions as state employees”.

This is no doubt aimed at gagging them, to ensure they can’t criticise the government.

And when it comes to the final structure of local government, Frank explains the Panel provides a range of options including amalgamation, and a greater reliance on community boards: “In all cases, there would be a ‘statutory requirement on councils to foster Maori capacity to participate in local government’ and develop a ‘partnership framework that complements existing co-governance arrangements. 

“In other words, Maori would have a greater presence around the decision-making table. In the Panel’s view, having Maori wards is not enough to achieve a ‘partnership’.”

Other recommendations in the report include replacing First Past the Post with Single Transferrable Voting, lowering the voting age to 16, and introducing a four-year term.

The main proposals are so radical, you might ask why is Labour planning to ‘deconstruct’ local government in this way?

The reason is simple – it’s all part of their He Puapua rollout. They want to deliver the governance of local authorities to the tribal elite so there will be one set of rules based on race for them, and another set of rules for everyone else.

Most people would call this ‘Apartheid’.

They are going about it by divesting the key functions that underpin the purpose of local authorities, including the provision of water services and resource management functions, and then they are re-shaping what’s left into an agent of central government run by iwi.

If their plan succeeds, a self-interested tribal elite will gain full control of local government. They will be in charge of rates, spending, and regulations. They will have the ultimate right of veto. No changes in local government will be able to take place, without their approval.

So, what happens next?

Local Government New Zealand is urging councils to put in submissions in support of the reforms, saying: “We encourage all councils to make a submission on the draft report by the 28 February deadline. The Government has made it clear the review’s final recommendations will only see action if there’s a real push from local government.”

We suggest it’s time ‘the people’ – those that Jacinda Ardern claims to represent – take action to say this is not what they want.

The first thing to do is to contact local councillors and encourage them to hold a referendum on the proposals so their community can have a proper say. During the local body elections, most new councillors would have pledged to support local democracy and more community involvement – it’s time their promises were put to the test.

The NZCPR Local Government directory of councillor email addresses can be found HERE.

We also encourage everyone to make an individual submission to the panel. Since silence is taken as acceptance, the time to stay silent has long passed. It is only because “the people” are finding their voice that Jacinda Ardern’s stardust is returning to dust and will be blown away come election 2023.

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The Treaty of Waitangi, is not a partnership. The Crown represents the sovereign authority of His Majesty the King, through the Parliament of NZ. The later is and institution, not a people. The authority is exercised over all New Zealanders, not just one ethnic group. Viona
Democracy means one person, one vote, equal say, equal rights and responsibilities. Anything else is irrelevant. Barry
I’m sick of all this BS Laurie
Maori are not the indigenous people of NZ , they themselves say they sailed from Hawaii! Kevin
If maori elites believe they have the right to dictate the terms & conditions of my life, they are sadly mistaken. I will take up arms before I abdicate responsibility over ANY aspect of my life to a pampered minority. David Seymour will clean house after the next election… Hazel
they are supposing Everyone is so intimidated by all this entitled maori crap it will all just happen as they dream….it bloody won’t!! michael
Absolutely NO ! I am sick to the back teeth of liars,cheats and bastards trying to ruin this fair land. But this now softer-than-butter country, only has its self to blame. Sadly there is a civil war brewing– nothing surer ! Several years back I read an old adage regarding The End Time where it was stated that this would be ‘marked by chaos’ -could anything be more chaotic than these times that we face. ? What would our pioneer forebears think of today’s weaklings ? What would our departed relations, who fought overseas think of this current gutless display where no one is game enough to oppose this rot ? This is the only time in my life when when I would say, “I wish I were young again !” John
The nonsense just keeps on coming with this out of control tyrannical commo Govt, when will all these radical changes stop, because it is altering the fabric of NZ society in a very serious radical way which will NOT serve a good purpose & their whole plan eventually IMPODE….due to greedy part-maori elite wanting $$$ & control….something the other 85% of Kiwis will definitely NOT be happy about…! Bruza
Co governance seems to be mis understood by many people as it has a polite reasonable name. But three waters deliver co governance, and firm control to one group through “Te Mana o Te Wai statements”. You just need to read the material beyond the headlines and spin, just like the Public Journalism Fund” Te Tiriti Framework for News Media” document. Sad that so many are promoting apartheid in NZ. Andrew
The catch-cry of Co-governance is really about so-called Maori taking complete political control and not about shared decision making at all. It is anti democratic in principle. As Dr Muriel Newman rights says, the plan to establish Maori sovereignty by a Maori elite by 2040 is moving at breathtaking speed in all areas of life. Virginia
It is not needed of wanted in New Zealand John
I saw on Wikipedia recently Jacinda described as “The Right Honourable Prime Minister”. Surely “The Downright Dishonourable PM” would be more appropriate?? Alan
As co-governance is apartheid, it has no place in local government or anywhere else as a matter of fact. Monica
Co-Governance with the inclusion of a race based veto held by only one of the parties is nothing more than a dictatorship! There is nothing ‘Co’ about it! Roger
At the time The treaty was writtenThe Governor of the day did not have a clue what the future would look like with regard to modern development of not only New Zealand but the rest of the world and has left the treaty open to abuse of interprition, hence the problems it is causing today. The only way to fix it is to stand up and scrap it as an obsolete document and take the consequences on the chin once and for all. We all know how that would unfold unless the body of the good could bring The Treaty back to common sense. The old socialist policy is being carried out at he moment divide and conquer . It is vital next year we have a change of government, if not it’s all over boys and girls. Owen
It appears to me that the government under the radical Ministers and MPs is trying to create a set up where Tribal groups have control. I consider that this is a very dangerous step and must be stopped. Brian
Pretty simple really, NO. Chris
god forbid Robin
Only in maori law Geoffrey
Tribal rule has never worked Geoffrey
I fear the democratic substance of NZ is being eroded by stealth and I am concerned by your item that the National party perhaps is going along the same line. Is there no mainstream media organization prepared to openly question the direction?? Ian
we are being subjected to a dictatorship Arthur
I can’t see how they are getting away with destroying our country before our very eyes Pamela
Co governance with a Maori veto is Not co governance, its Maori rule. Paul
NO not part of the NEW ZEALAND way and has never been so. All races are equal in NEW ZEALAND so one person one vote. Why should some one get a seat when they have no ability and can not be removed from that seat. This communistic government has to go and take the red queen with them they will go down in NEW ZEALAND history as being the worst government the country has ever had. Divide and conquer by stelth seems to be the direction of the fish and chip wrapper upper rod
Never ever. NZ needs democracy not this artificially created partner rubbish. Dave
Absolutely and definitely NO! Ron
One people, one vote Ross
ABSOLUTELY NOT, and the sooner all this rubbish is done away with the better, what happened to we are all one people ???? or was that another bullshit lie by our PM ???? after all she’s very good at the bullshit there’s more emissions from her mouth than what cows give off. It’s well passed time her and her whole entire bunch of I WANT IT TRIBE (IWI) get gone and the sooner the better off we will all be as ONE PEOPLE. COLIN
we all love this country and should have a say in how it is cared for. Rachel
Equal votes for every New Zealander Wietske
madness of the worst kind michael
Communism Michael
Communist Rubbish john
Would be interesting to know how many Labour supporters actually do? Sam
No No No Stan
This anti-democratic, corruptible, unaccountable and unchallengeable form of governing has no place in a first world country. If you want New Zealand – sorry, “Aotearoa” to be a tinpot, corrupt, third world hellhole, then bro-governance is definitely the way to go. Fiona
I am one person who is not going to support National at the next election. I have sent emails to them and had no reply with regards to where they stand on co-governance. Now is the time to put a stop to this nonsense and say “No more” Chris
Co governance hasn’t a place , fullstop!! In her reply last week it was all I. I. I. Not a we or Labour to be heard. She is evil, really really EVIL. Elizabeth
All NZ citizens are EQUAL under the law. “Co-governance” will lead directly to the famous Animal Farm pronouncement “all animals are equal, but some (Maori) are more equal than others” Sandy
Is this the beginning of the end fr democracy. John
Because there never was or has been a partnership its all fake Ian
Democracy is one person one vote Peter
A big resounding NO! Josie
NO! NO! NO! Gillian
undemocratic. Appointed people as opposed to elected officials is just not on. Charles
NO. Politicians have brought New Zealand to it’s knees. Luxon and National will change nothing. To keep democracy, one person, one vote, NO co-governance we will have to demand it. Democracy only exist if the people demand it. Remove race/TOW from our laws and legislation. Fair minded, No, it is being used against us all. We are done. No Apartheid ever. It’s 2022! Sam
Not in the way that it is being rammed down our throats by the present government and Maori. Lets face it until they have total control they will keep chipping away and ramming through legislation to make it happen. Fraser
I and my family are against any move like this as are friends I have spoken to on this matter. If accepted it would create a disaster in our country, in society in general, Brian
It is racist and undemocratic and is only for a minority which fails ALL rules of NZ’s parliament and decision making processes. mark
co-governance is a nice way of asking a majority of citizens to cede control to a vocal elitist minority who do not even properly represent maori interests. boud
There already exits a template for governance it is called one person, one vote. Maori who are not Treaty Partners, not Indigenous (just early settlers, who killed, ate or enslaved those who were here before them) continue to scrap amongst themselves divided by tribal hatred. Their only common point of unity is this focus on what is perceived as the common enemy/distraction, every thing and everyone non Maori. Let’s become a Republic and scrap the Treaty completely Murray
Co governance has no place in any democratic country. Denis
NO. Politicians have brought New Zealand to it’s knees. Luxon and National will change nothing. To keep democracy, one person, one vote, no co-governance we will have to demand it. Democracy only exist if the people demand it. Remove race/TOW from our laws and legislation. Fair minded, No, it is being used against us all. Sam
Definitely NOT! Lauree & Ralph
Co-Governance based on race is an abhorrent idea. Local government should consist of only democratically elected members, irrespective of race. The idea of a “partnership” conferred by the Treaty is false and illegal. Doug
About 4% (Maori iwi) of NZ’s population ‘versus’ 96% of ‘others (including the 8% of part-Maori who are not on the Maori voting roll) does not equal 50-50 co-governance, does it? Paul
Government must be democratically independent and not held hostage by iwi. Craig
If you want to destroy our Democracy where all people are treated equally, then give Maori co-government and have the opposite!. Eric
maori are not treaty partners brian
None of the co-governance push has anything to do with the Treaty of Waitangi. It is long past the time for Maori to begin honouring what they agreed by signing the treaty. In a nutshell, everyone treated equally, everyone equal under the law. The ToW said nothing about separate development so why is this Labour government introducing apartheid into the country. Graeme
Co governance has no place in our democracy…its a lie ..its not equal..as a kamatua stated its a ‘bus stop’ Petet
Government for the people by the people. Democracy. Equal say for all New Zealanders irrespective of race. Rae
Im too disgusted with the situation to comment. It’s currently pouring down with beautiful bounty from water laden clouds, totally tainted by the fact when that rain hits the ground, we will have to pay Maori to have access to it. Unless we have a water tank maybe? Sharron
It doesn’t have a place in a democratic country at all. Chris
New Zealand is based on Democracy NOT on a racial society VOTE LABOUR OUT David
Absolutley NOT trish B
Has no place. As with democracy, lets have a referendum on the subject huh? Neil
What a disgrace this Government is, manipulative! Dianne
Certainly not in democracy. Glenn
There is no partnership intended here. It is all one sided. And not on the side of true New Zealanders. Andy
No, a total waste of time and money. Andrew
Not the way to make NZ go forward. mel
It has NO place in local government. .Especially with having veto rights over all decisions.. Gregor
What a sick joke. No way should it ever be implemented Sidwell
How can we have “co-governance” if we are one people? How can you have a “partnership” if we are one people? The “principles” of the TOW are a myth also. My cousin, a Rangatira, owned several hundred acres on which he was running beef cattle, sheep and pigs. He told me that “if those educated idiots in town got off their fat backsides (not the word he used), they could have what I have got”! That, no doubt, includes many in parliament! Kevan
Co-governance as outlined in nearly all reports is NOT welcomed. Co-governance whereby one person gets one vote on the one Electoral Roll IS. If Maori have the numbers and the popularity to stand candidates for Local Council or Central Government, so be it. Let the population decide on who takes the reins of power. This racist grandstanding must stop! Vic
We are over-governed as it is H ow can we have co-governance under a Sovereignty? It is time we all had a look at the original treaty I am positive there is no mention of co-Governance. Gayle
the way this bent and corrupt govt are up the chocolate money hungry backsides just shows how adern is hell bent on destroying this once wonderful country called NEW ZEALAND with her bent idea of co-governance which has never been in the so called treaty, so lets get rid of this idea for good complete with the greens,mathutas mob and labour for evermore, but with that smug national so called leader too afraid to reverse these dangerous ideas of our toothy dictator this country is doomed forever,most of the so called politicians should all be tried for treason of what they have and still are doing to this country just by interfering with local government alone. Richard
it is simply not acceptable to give 16% of the population such authoritative control. Doug
We cannot allow our country to move into an apartheid system! Hugh
Absolutely not. It is the beginning of the end of democracy when that happens. Just read Tuku Morgan’s views and you get a real impression of his sense of entitlement to be in charge over those bloody pakeha Kerry
All references to co governance and partnership with iwi should cease in any future future discussions, as it is in breach of the fundamental principles of the treaty. David
First the government needs to tell maori that they don’t have a partnership with the crown,that they are equal with all the rest of us. If maori have a role, its not control. What about all the other ethnicities in NEW ZEALAND.? Simply put , they can’t be trusted,at least the elite ones who are trying to get control. Democracy must prevail. Get rid of this Woke lot asap. Peter
“Co-governance” is maori tribal governance Peter
In has no place in New Zealand period. Stephen
Absolutely not. Apartheid by any other name. Graeme
Absolutely not Eleanor
These special Maori’s have exactly the same opportunities as you and I to make themselves available for any Govt or Council position. If they have not grasped the education that is provided by all WORKING people then hard bloody luck and that goes for all NZers. john
We need to hold tight to democracy. No way should any person or /wi have the right to take over. Voted in only get to have a place in local or any NZ Government Heather
This co-governance rubbish is out of control. Unless we do something radical to stop these crazy iwis, we are headed down the path to an apartheid. No way! Rob
Of course not Sarah
just ask white south africans how it goes with the rule of the our brothers. It wont be a partnership? Peter
No, people should be voted in on their own merits.  Jane
Apartheid through and through!!!! Alan
One person, one vote. Period! Rodger
Never Chris
No, it shouldn’t be race based Neil
but what can we as just pakeha colonists do about it. mike
We are a multi-cultural democratic society. There is no place for this. Teresa
Muriel says it all. June
No. Not ever. Addrianne
Never Bob
Local government must be based on democratic principles. Co-government would fundamentally undermine this. Lindsay
It has no place in our society at all stanley
Never has and never will. Are we not one People !! This is blatant apartheid created as part of the Great Reset. Trouble for this Government is, that it’s never going to work because they have grossly under estimated the will of the People. Geoff
It is absurd that 15% maori should have 50 % control or more of assets they hardly contributed to johannes
Of the people. by the people, for the people – does not mean – of the people, for the iwi, by the iwi. Murray
Co-governance has no place in New Zealand at ALL Anthony
The only way to resolve this ‘constitutional’ impasse is for National to commit to a referendum within 6 months of taking office, asking, “Do you agree or disagree that the Maori people of New Zealand should have separate legal rights and privileges from the legal rights and privileges of the rest of New Zealand’s population?” Tick Box, “Agree” or “Disagree”. The Three Waters issue is but part of the Maori elite’s all-encompassing reform agenda supposedly anchored in the Treaty of Waitangi and He Puapua. Ralph
Erica Stanford has just lost my vote! Carole
Everyone who stands for any position in local or national government, must be voted in by the people, not get free rides a certain part of the community want. One person one vote, that is Democracy. mel
Co-governance is a recipe for civil war that will destroy the fabric of New Zealand Society with Maori ultimately being much worse off. It’s a lose-lose scenario Mark
Absolutely not. Murray
The basic rights enjoyed by all citizens are in peril. Free speech, informed consent, democratic processes, unbiased media are being dismantled. Lee
Worse than feudalism or straight dictatorship. Pavel
A defined obligation to seek and to take into account the views of Maori advisors may be justified, but only elected councils should make decisions, allowing democratic accountability for those decisions. John
Maori, Indian, or any other nationality that has NZ citizenship can elected into local Govt. Not by race. Wayne
NO. NO. NO Gail
Disaster Dave
What happened to democracy in this once great country. iwi are better left trying to manage their Maree and their own people! Brent
Never. Only one person one vote John
Equal rights for all people in NZ. Neil
1 person 1vote.Elected not appointed. Alan
Allowing Maori greater rights and influence in local government has no justification whatsoever and is against democracy our ancestors fought two world wars to maintain. We similarly should fight and protest against this absurdity. Bruce
Co-governance is undemocratic. Josie
No more than anyone else. One man One vote. Heather
The only place for co-governance is in the bin. Mark
This is not DEMOCRACY! Bill
Never, it’s bad enough Labour is implementing behind our backs all over NZ. Brainless bunch of thugs. Kevin M
Absolutely, definitely NOT. One person, one vote and NO ethnicity/race should ever be more equal than others. Rob
It beggers belief that a group of Maori radicals can screw so much authority from the majority who are paying for it. Just when is enough is enough. maurice
Not at all because it is not democratic. Ray
We are all NZ citizens, we are all New Zealanders, regardless of gender or race. Stop polarising our country with these sad attempts to put the few of the few minority above everything else we have achieved. Paula
Absolutely not. Elect our representitives with one vote per person of voting age in New Zealand Anon
Most definitely not, governance is based on the votes of all of the people equally, not taking into account race, colour, or creed. What they are demanding is racism. Clive
This is blatant autocracy and a referendum should be called on this! raymond
definately not. Graeme
Our once fabulous country is going down the drain so fast. Please everyone lets stop the rot. Alan
That’s apartheid Robert
One person one vote end of story Dave
So-called “co-governmence” clearly indicates partial (and that could ultimately become total governance) not by democratically elected representatives of all citizens of voting age, but by an unelected Maori tribal elite. Anyone stupid enough to subject themselves to that would certainly get what they deserve. Robin
Co Governance has no role full stop! Lynne
Just more Labour morons pushing its anti European /Pro maori agenda .They have to go ,but damage control is scary to whosoever takes over the treasury once the Tooth Fairy and cohorts vacate parliament via being voted out of power . I seriously believe Labour will happily hand over power knowing that huge issues confront taxpayers in the coming years . My only hope is National do tqke steps to repair our belovid New Zealqnd after Labours attempt at derailing democracy . Ray
Definitely not. Everyone is entitled to their vote. Apartheid is hideous and and is totally unacceptable in New Zealand. William
one person, one vote jeff
Governance must always be totally democratic%u2026all races having equality in voting power. Peter
Many folk came to this country to escape racial discrimination. Apartheid should not be forced onto us by a delusional socialist totalitarian administration following the demands of the tribal elite. Co-governance is an abomination and has no place at all in this country at local or central government.. Gavin
Absolutely NOT Deb
Co-governance does not have a place in New Zealand Nev
Absolutely NOT racism and apartheid have no place in NZ Ihaia
There is no place in any democratic country for people to be appointed to any position based on their ancestry. Steve
All special maori positions in councils , maori wards co governess, consulting maori on everything , getting maori consent on building or farm work has to be trown out Colin
Not at all Rob
Absolute apatheid!!! Phil
Just another part of the agenda of the tribal elite to dismantle democracy. Pauline
No way! One person one vote and no extra rights for any one ethnicity within New Zealand. Pam
One person = one vote, no apartheid Gareth
NO! NO! NO! NEVER! Murray
Democracy, not apartheid is what is needed in local government. Mark
I hate apartheid Andy
Co-governance implies and equal balance of partner interest. in decision-making. How that could possibly work between minority and majority groupings is inexplicable. It just can’t, not in a democracy anyhow. Alan
No mandate to justify it is dictatorship nola
We are doomed if this action succeeds and will be controlled by minority leo
No New Zealand is becoming a Dictatorship, I believe there should be a referendum on matters affecting ALL NZers-thought we were one people Colleen
It is illogical and undemocratic that 16%,if that,should expect 50% of governance. gale
Thank you for the enlightening report.It raises real concerns over the weak position of National, and indicates the current only real opposition is ACT, David Seymour and possibly NZ First if W Peters ? A time of extreme concern for NZ Roger
absolutely not, you dont need a big brain to work it out graeme
None whatsoever Peter
Not in local Government, – nor anywhere else. Proportionate representation of different ethnicities, yes, but co-governance with a minority who aren’t indigenous NO! Ted
Simply on 6th February 1840 the Treat made all New Zealanders “one people with equal rights and privileges-end of story. David
maorisation of NZ must be stoped. This is a country of many ethnic peoples, Maori are one of them among Asian Indian Scots British Iranian American. Ian
Maybe these half wits need to read the Treaty and just with a bit of luck understand it, I won’t be holding my breath Hugh
Iwi want so much and have no real moral justification for their execrable demands John
There will likely be blood if the actions of Iwi elites cannot be peacefully unwound. Otherwise this destroys our democracy. John
New Zealand is part of the World’s Anglo western society which so far has delivered a top class and very high living standard to those who have made good decisions and wisely used the equal opportunities that are available to all New Zealanders. You will find that it’s the hard working toilers in their private choice of endeavors that have actually created the wonderful first class nation that we have today. However, In these current times we see that it is those who tend to sit indoors that espouse a scenario of creating racial divide who actually do not contribute to the Nation’s advancement in economic and ordinary social terms. They in fact have morphed into parasites who now want to grab power and wealth acting more like common street gang members. There is no partnership or special principles in the ToW. This document is now so misrepresented that it has no value and must be withdrawn from NZ Parliamentary law ASAP. The LGNZ are made up of very scared indoor people and are no longer capable of representing the local territory authorities and as such as a body need to be disbanded. But there is only one political party that if elected, seems to be up to the task of correcting all that is going wrong and that is the ACT party. National are Labour with a blue colour. They have lost their courage and will be useless to us New Zealanders who want democracy under good quality Secular Law. Come on New Zealand. Garry
Not a hope of succeeding. We should all read the Treaty – one people under one law. william
What happened to equal votes, equal rights and equal treatment of everyone? This government is wrecking our country with a giant sledgehammer!! Enough already !!!! Glenda
I have never heard of anything so preposterouus ann
This has to stop!! Ernie
Apartheid is an appalling idea Mike
One man ( woman ) one vote. No free ride for any race or creed . Pat
It’s madness what this government is doing to the country – just look at what is being said about our loss of democracy outside New Zealand. Rob
Bad enough with the so called Maori wards in local councils – makes one think that they are not capable of standing on their own two feet – that they need to be helped into a council position Logan
I just couldn’t print what I really think of ardern, She has got to go. Merryl
Disgusting Apartheid!!!! Keith
No apartheid. errol
We are one people no matter the colour of our skins. Helen
BUT only if it is based on democratic principles and representatives can be voted for or against. That rules out the present proposals. Donna
More crap Alan
One person, one vote, one government. No co-governance. It is not compatible with a democratic state. Paloma
No John
There is no place for “co-governance” in a democracy based on universal and equal suffrage, which are the international benchmarks. Trevor
No! A large body of dishonest, self-serving people is distorting history to try and force on us the belief that ‘co-governance’ is a guaranteed right under the ‘treaty’ of Waitangi. The ‘treaty’ was never more than a list of articles and conditions, a simple agreement. It makes no mention of ‘partnership’ or anything resembling it, and, if it ever was a treaty, it became null and void on 22 January 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria for the simple reason that it confers no obligation on her Heirs and Successors. Please, let us see an end to this farce before it becomes serious. Too many people are falling for the lies. Josef Goebbels would have been proud of this bunch of chancers who are running the country now. TOBY
Apartheid has no place anywhere Frank
co-governance does does not have a place anywhere in NZ John
it’s for ALL people, not just the selected few. Liz
Under no circumstances – it is out & out apartheid & racist to boot! There is no recognition of the benefits brought here by European & other immigrants. Peter
If Maori want a place governing this country, let them earn it, like everybody else does. We want the best people for the job to represent council and government. NO FREE PASSES. Dianne
No because its racist Sharne
absolutely not Alan
No it has not. Council members should be voted on on merit, not race Theo
Democracy must stay. No special seats or votes. Kevin
One person, one vote. Final Kylie
this is getting serious that a pack of uneducated rebels are taking over the water which they do no own amy how it is a natural resourse they are just a pack of mongerals that want every body suff for nothing so omce they have wasted all of that what do we do rrussell
Co-governance will not work. It is a fiction. It is elected government going into partnership with a Business Corporation and giving them the right of Veto. Iwi are private Maori organisations and do not represent Maori . Any one born in NZ is indigenous to NZ. Are Iwi trying to make Part Maori choose whether they align with Iwi or with everyone else. John
It”s unbelievable how far the Maori Mafia have infiltrated into ALL forms of government Alan
It has to be a democracy Linda
NO place anywhere in a democracy Moyra
No – one nation, one government, democratically elected on the basis of “one person, one vote” with no reference to race, colour or creed whatsoever. Do not be deceived – ultimately the tribal elitists want it all – we cannot allow this to happen! “Co-governance” is merely a smokescreen to conceal their efforts to bring this about. Scott
It is outright theft Roger
One person, one vote. One law for ALL, including tax laws. One name for our country — NEW ZEALAND. Frank
Apartheid!!!!!!! Wayne
Since when does 15% equal the same as 85%. These clowns want to smash our democracy. Ronmac
Co-governance is apartheid Eileen
Absolutely NOT. By adding unelected Maori councillors to the Councils, giving them a majority, 85% of New Zealanders would have no say over the outcomes. Mary
it’s not broke it doesn’t need fixing Neville
Absolutely not. Unfortunately this has been forced onto several councils in recent years under the excuse of Treaty Settlements. Total BS but has happened non the less. This all must be reversed. Chris
Most definitely not. Maori are NOT indigenous and should be having this special treatment because of part of their ancestry. There was never a Partnership created by the Treaty. We are all New Zealanders and it’s time a line was ruled under everything and all mention of race should be deleted in our legislation and also in dealings with anything in the country. This country will never ever prosper until we stop pandering to fraudulent Treatyists. We are starting to resemble Zimbabwe. Helen
We should be one person one vote There should be no race in local or national politics Chris
Absolutely NOT. In fact co-governance has not place at all in NZ. Michele
How come in a democratic country (well we thought it was democratic) can be unilaterally instigated and imposed of the free ?? people of New Zealand. How come this massive change of political and social direction can be ‘slipped in’ at the whim of a One World socialist team – or is it being slipped in’ under the table’ by an ideologue individual? Stuart
It’s racist and needs to be thrown out Andrew
It doesn’t have a place in any government without an appropriate referendum. It could turn into a nightmare for many Neil
Only proportional representation is fair and honest. Neil
All this planned go-governance scheme is simply treason by another name. Sly say of making a coup without showing the real nature of what is planned. BEWARE NEW ZEALAND this sly scheme needs to fail, or we will be controlled by myth and legend. Graeme
No bloody way Pete
Democracy and equality are the criteria that matters Bernard
totally undemocratic Mark
We have fought world wars to preserve our democracy – looks like we’ll have to fight another!! WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND Don
No more racism Greg
Everybody in a position of managing my best interests in a political sense should be elected to that position by the people Maxine
If NZ continues in this way I will be packing my bags. My grandparents emigrated to NZ from Ireland and worked hard all their lives, my father fought in WW2 for this country, my children have worked hard, never broken the law nor asked for handout, and now I’m expected to embrace all things maori including tribal rule. Never!! margaret
No, definitely not! Trevor
As usual it is undemocratic!! Enough said tony
Absolutely not. Tony
We are all one people. Alan
1 person 1 vote Ian
Co-governance = Separatism Mick
How the hell is 14.8% of the New Zealand population allowed to get away with this. In any democratic country co governance by race does not exist. We Roger
No apartheid in NZ. Eliminate race from all laws. Look forward as a multi-cultural nation not back to tribalism & ethnic preferences. Doug
A despicable destruction of our free and democratic NZ society based on the lies and false narrative of Iwi Elite who wrongly believe Maori did not cede sovereignty. greg
We are doomed ! Why do the left want co governance , they will be the first to be spat at and ist in the hangi pot ! Iain
of course NOT 16pct of population able to veto anything david
Not now and not ever! Jacky
Absolutely no! We are heading down the He puapua Apartheid route, for sure. There will be no winners there. Peter
NO no no no a thousand times!!!!!!! Roy
One person – one one. Bob
NEVER. Would be an absolute disaster as with everything else the Maori tribal elite are in charge of. Ardern and Labour must go. DO NOT ENTERTAIN BRIBES COMING OUT ALREADY. DISGRACEFUL GOVT. Allan M.
Give any sort of governance to the Maori and as sure as hell they will Stuff it up Graham
No! The Maori separatists are traitors hiding in plain sight behind the Treaty when they are clearly cut from the same cloth as the Maori King movement who rebuked the Treaty. Can’t have it both ways, and that the public swallows this “Treaty principles” nonsense hook line and sinker shows a general complacency as regards the extreme fragility of our current moment in history. On another note, it might be worth looking into whether the Maori caucus is ALSO driving Labour’s closed-door immigration policy (guessing on purely racist grounds) and as such is contributing to reduced productively AND escalating wage-costs and thus general inflation. Otherwise referred to as Stagflation. Tony
It not co-governance. The truth is it is separate sovereignty. Ultimate aim Maori have their own government departments, including courts and police. To pay for all this they get 50% of the tax take. I have dealt with the head of this movement through the courts and he has told me this is there ultimate aim. For this is true treaty partnership. dene
The treaty was never a partnership!!!! Derek
What has become of democracy in NZ whereby the voice of the people is being denied at every turn, with the government dictating it’s will, upon the people. Roy
Only the best and experience should be there. No government influence Samuel
It is racist from every point, 17 percent of our country Maori population is not eligible to have any major input, we are all equal as a race. we are New Zealanders.. James
Co-governance is not democratic. Phil
Co governance means control by Maori. Undemocratic. Margaret
Muriel’s piece sent shivers done my spine, especially that National believe Maori are partners with the crown. Is there no way that all this information can get into the public arena. Please forward this article to the National party. Laura
totally unacceptable Gordon
Labour has proved that it doesn’t. We’re all immigrants here; just arriving at different times from others FloJo
Who do these people think they are in my opinion they are a disgrace to this nation of NEW ZEALAND Warren david
There is no place for cogovernance in this or any other country. Ostensibley we are, and should always be, one people one nation. A Maori aquaintance, a cab driver in Sydney at the time, picked up a notable American entertainer to drive him to the airport. the gentleman asked where the driver originated from. When he was informed New Zealand the passanger commented that New Zealand was the most racist country he’d every worked in; and it was Maori against european unlike any other country in the world. By the way the entatiner came from America’s South! Things have only got worse, as a European of New Zealand linage it is really saddening to see the disintergration of any form of blending of cultures within this country. The racism card is being ramped up by the Maori elite, it as if they want anarchy! Michael
By the way, Jacinda, polls ARE the people. How myopic and self centred. Gary
Co-governance does NOT have a place in any way Cookie
It is the equivalent of a tribal Nazi Germany where the people are bludgeoned and coerced into acceptance of dictatorship. john
Co-governance flies in the face of democracy by elevating non-elected officials on the basis of race. Jacqueline
More of the present Government’s shameful attempts to set up a socialist apartheid state! Colin
Absolutely not this is apartheid and totalitarian Maree
Get the conniving bastards out Laurie
No way any way more than apartheid has a place in local government or any where in a democratic New Zealand. To hell with this tribal communistic government. Shaun
New Zealand is multi-racial but in keeping with the spirit of democracy we cannot allow any one ethnic group to be elevated above the others. The Treaty should be archived. It has no relevance today. Harvey
National has already given in without a shot been fired, they are so desperate to get into power they will sell our country out. Sven
No No No,Nor does it have a place anywhere else in this country. I think its about time we rounded up all these Maori elite put them on a boat and sent them back to where they came from as they are not indigenous and do not seem to want to work in and along with Kiwis to make this country as good as it can be. brian
Absolutely not under any circumstance!! This proposed Co governance proposal that an elitist minority group is promoting only represents a minority and therefor does not represent true one person one vote democracy, its dictatorship Phil
Co-governance has no place in LOCAL or New ZEALAND government. warwick
The selection of councilors must be by democratic voting. If Iwi wish to take part put in a candidate. Non voted for inclusion surely is condescending and assuming that they do not have the skills to achieve a place at the council table by normal democratic process. Jim
No, absolutely not. Rosemary
Never Ian
When will all this crap stop and we can get on with life in the real world. Tim
This is just cloaked apartheid Stuart
nevernevernevernever. Owen
no one wants aparthied in our country jasper
It is apathied cedric
Absolutely Alan
It is just another devious plot by this racist government to gain further control – nothing less. It is tantamount to evolving a dictatorship. chris
Colour blind is the only way forward in every respect Brian
It is time to stop this racist behaviour and return to building New Zealand for all New Zealanders Ann
NO WAY! One person one vote, one law that treats everyone the same. It’s high time we repealed every law that gives Maori special priviledges and rights that are not available equally to every NZer. Every politician that uses the “Our People” is disgustingly racist and must be removed for government and prevented from being on any council or public body. If Maori want to have a say it must be one that does not promote a racist agenda and they must be properly elected to the role, never appointed by woke councils, etc. Steve
This is undemocratic Anton
No way, Maori are not the indigenous people of NZ. Ron
Co Governance has no place at all both in central and local government. The Maori elite are making in roads due to the support given by this corrupt Government headed by a deceitful and corrupt prime minister .The sooner we get rid of self promoting bunch of bastards the better. ken
Ask the Maori in the street who are struggling manfully to be a contributing part of New Zealand society what the Maori elite have done to help them. Bruce
I smell cheifly rule which tolerates no disagreement. What have the offered Ardern & Co to allow such subversion? Kevin
One people .. One race > New Zealanders kabe
No way — co-governance in any form is totally wrong. This is a one country democracy — or so I thought. We have to get rid of this leftist woke government and separate development in any form. Alan
Its rubbish David
I’m horrified to hear your revelations regarding the National Party views on co-governance Peter
most definitely NOT anna
Not until we KNOW what is envisaged Cliff
If you want co-governance in local as well as central politics, put up candidates with clear policies to which they must adhere and get the people of New Zealand to vote for them, so the voice of the country is represented properly, than the people get what they deserve if there is accountability. Simply really. Leonard
It only services to weaken the democratic rights of others based on a very loose modern interpretation that is not aligned with its original intent. Jason
We do not need a further complication to something simple Murray
Does not have place anywhere Thomas
Through the Treaty of Waitangi sovereignty passed to the Crown. co-governance was not implicite in the Treaty. Phil
Discussion, OK but not co-governance Gordon
Absolutely not! It would certainly not be fair.They are on the whole not interested in the well being of Europeans or any non Maori! Colin
There is no logical basis to entertain the idea of co-governance in any aspect of NZ life. We are one people – maori and european both did exactly the same thing; they arrived on these shores and took over, albeit at different times. Maori are indigenous to Hawaiki, not New Zealand. logan
Co-governance is outrageous BS full stop Richard
Only if we want a copy of South African apartheid to rule here. Ross
Maori Europeans betraying Europeans as well as as all other races and generations of hard working New Zealanders. Folkert
no way alan
NO way what a shame this would be CHris
Absolutely not, there would be no point in voting any more, it would be a Dictatorship. Brian
Local Government is, and always should be, derived from independent democratic elections amongst the ratepayers in a region. Central Government political parties should not be involved, including providing endorsements to candidates to endeavour to influence the vote. DAVID
The New Zealand people, especially those from many generations ago, are ALL New Zealanders equally. Our families have ALL contributed to building this country from the ‘stone age’ civilisation it was. Why the emphasis on Maori wisdom when they are the majority race in prisons and family violence?? Lyn
It is time the ‘treaty’ was interpreted according to its original and practical meaning and purpose. Gay
local body governance should mirror the ethic balance of that area you wont the smartest people not the brownest noel
Absolutely NOT, its ridiculous Liz
NO NO NO Another con on New Zealanders ! gary
NEVER !! Maurice
No place anywhere in New Zealand. One vote per person and one rule for all New Zealanders. Jane
Maori never had co-governance before the T of W. Tribes were ether scared of other tribes or aggressive towards them. Catherine
Only democratically voted councillors voted in at recent elections should be eligible to vote Derek
Every day this J A and cohorts keep sending our country further down the tubes, N.Z. must stay as one for all. Ann
I want my representatives to be elected and accountable. I’m firmly against a few unchosen passengers hopping off the gravy train with an entitled view that they know what is best for me and my community Roger
Absolutely not. This is apartheid no more no less Gvprice
Absolutely not. The Maori seats must go too. I’m getting pretty sick of this country’s slide into an apartheid system. Dave
This action by govt is a declaration of war. Terry
Local governance should be by locally elected people, not by racially appointed people. LGNZ has failed the sector, and seems to be under the control and influence of the Labour Government. Colin
Sorry but one vote one person Nothing else….. Carl
Never Iain
Co-governance – apartheid – has no place in any democratic society. It is very disappointing to see that the National Party has bought into the whole ‘Kia Ora Aotearoa’ nonsensical piece of social engineering. They berate 3 Waters without a word spoken against the co-governance aspect yet it is precisely that that has got the electorate up in arms not the better management and delivery of water services. David
1 person…1 vote Steve
Fascism now lives on the left, it goes where evil dwells. Alan
Councillors should be elected on merit. Ewen
Oh my god we are doomed if this happens we definitely cant let these things happen. We are going backwards. Barbara
Hell NO. This country would end up in a similar situation as has happened in the Ureweras…trashed, and still being blamed on ‘colonialism’. peter
No to apartheid sharon
co govt. never was and nor should it be as the Treaty makes clear. That has never changed regardless of the rewriting in recent times by those seeing it as a fulcrume point to lever their political asperations. Ian
This is idiotic policy written/being pushed by a socialist, totalitarian, racist bunch of imbeciles. National & other opposition parties had better stand up and make some very load noises against this SH#T or the people of NZ will take matters into their own hands and rebel. Personally, I’m voting Act Andrew
Positively definitely NOT. One person, one vote. No vote,no position on any council. Not elected,no pay. Peter
Co-government is incompatible with democracy regardless of the government type Gerhard
What’s wrong with voting for all. Mark
We need to accurately define “Maori”. Is it 50% or 75%? pam
More division Janne
This “co-governance” twaddle is nothing more than a heavily made up pig with inch thick lipstick named apartheid. Bob
Look at what is happening in Te Urewera with majority Maori and minority DoC on the board. Public owned huts being demolished and no consultation. All rushed and a hush on alternatives .. if any. Murph
It has no place in NZ – full stop. Racist unacceptable apartheid – but the National Party needs to be forceful about all this – at the moment seems quiet on the sideline! Hylton
It is blatantly undemocratic and APARTHEID. Geoff
NEVER NEVER Just pandering to a few majority do not want co-governance john
No, No never. Maori were never indigenous. You cannot rewrite history. Derek
Co-governance has to be completely stamped on with no negotiation at all. Treaty tribunal disbanded completely. All members dismissed. Wayne
Absolutely not. This is apartheid and totally undemocratic. Heading towards Communism. Elaine
It is rampant racism Bruce
Councils and Government should be democratic and everyone should have an equal vote, we absolutely do not want any form of tribal rule Peter
This would be an absolute pissaster Bryan
According to James Carroll and Apirana Ngata, Te tiriti was finished in 1898. It was then their job to bring Maori to a level where they could compete economically with colonials. Clearly there was no co-governance and there should never be. We were started on this road by John Key who in secret sent Peter Sharples to the UN to sign the indigenous people act. John Key has done this without the support of the people – this is treason – he should be stripped of his knighthood. As for this Govt nothing of what they are doing has the support of the people – they never put any of their policies to the vote at election time – this is also treason against our demoncracy. But do we have the political leaders to put things right – I think not. National are gutless bed wetters. mike
If 17% of the population make 50% of decisions in this country. Where is the fairness. Dennis
This is a democracy where every New Zealander has an equal vote. What is being proposed is racist and biased and the thin edge of apartheid. Bruce
Absolutely no, This co-governance nonsense has no place in this country and this Prime Minister, her followers and this part Maori elite should again be reminded that all people in this country are equal with no one being superior. They all should be reminded of this in no uncertain terms We do not want apartheid in this country at any cost Tom
I believe in Democracy, one person, one vote Brian
Never – one vote for one person. It’s called Democracy. Democracy whilst not perfect it is better than having a PM who changes her vision without any mandate or referendum. Time for her removal and the ‘tribal elite’ forever. Forget the treaty as it is going to cause our great nation much grief and lower living standards. Mike
We do not support Co-Governance in any form. Andrea
Why should it? What a shambles. Wouldn’t work. One parliament for EVERYBODY. Sheila
Democracy for ALL New Zealander’s “NOT for a SELECTED GROUP” WIRAMU -Bill
It’s a plot to aim for full tribal rule of NZ accompanied by disaster for NZ. Jim
It is divisive caren
The treaty g intended one Rule, for all, One people one law. Don
No. Simply it is apartheid Usurping the principals of the democratic process It is socialist over ride, driven by Ardern, a sworn socialist by her own admission Socialist over ride displaying nepotism at its best. Bruce
i cant believe this country is sleep walking in to this co governance, the maori are not indigenous to this country,they have no right for these special privileges’we need referendums so the people can have there say on these major reforms this government is bringing in,luxon is week and is just another jacinda,if this government can not be kicked out in the next election this country of new zealand is doomed rodger
No – it should be representative of the population, and people should be voted in on their own merits. Kate
I wonder if there is even a place for local government as it presently exists bill
NO WAY. It makes me so angry what Jacinda has succeeded in doing – dividing the country over this. She doesn’t care about her people at all. She is a communist Kerin
One New Zealand for all that reside here Jill
Not any – none whatsever! Roger
There is no need for co-governance as New Zealanders of any race can stand for and be elected to councils. Andrew
It should be towed out to sea and sunk!!! Raewyn
The presentations to date are shadow racism and totally undemocratic John
Absolutely not, South Africa of past decades beckons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neville
17% of the population don’t deserve that type of power. What about the billions we have paid them in treaty settlements. Mike
We are all New Zealanders whatever our ancestry. Is well past time for one people and stop apartheid becoming an unstoppable and most definitely unwanted part of this beautiful land. One people, all kiwis, landers whatever our ancestry. It is well past time for the voice of the people to be heard. and stop apartheid becoming an unstoppable and most definitely unwanted part of this beautiful land. One people, all kiwis, whate We are all New Zealanders whatever our ancestry. Is well past time for one people and stop apartheid becoming an unstoppable and most definitely unwanted part of this beautiful land. One people, all kiwis, one voice. Cec
If implemented NZ will become a 3rd world country Audrey
NO NO and No again David
No, but is it too late as it looks very much like the die has been cast and this country is heading down the slippery slope of co-governance at an incredible rate. Lawrie
First we need to define exactly what makes a New Zealander a Maori. This will show this up for what it is- a farce,as there are only mixed race Maoris here who decide to follow one side of their genetic lines. That’s a no from me for apartheid reasons Gregg
Co-governance has no place in anything in New Zealand. One person one vote. Murray
A small percentage is trying to run over a majority Trish
Excellent article. Thoroughly agree. Sandra
NO NO NO -co-governance has no place anywhere in a democratic country. What is wrong with this Government who are hell bent on destroying any semblance of unity in New Zealand. Her mantra – I am going to govern for ALL New Zealanders” what a two faced lie. Elevating one race over and above any other is abhorrent and is simply apartheid. I really despair for my country Carolyn
Definitely not – we do not want Maori dictatorial control over our lives – they can keep that for the marae russell
Absolutely none Ian
Absolutely not. This is explicit in Article 1 in the Treaty of Waitangi, which cedes full sovereignty to her majesty the “Queen of England” forever. Ian
Absolutely not miles
A end of democracy as we know it bryan
Hori- look heres a sacred cow lets milk it!! yeah bro. mike
Never, Never, Never! Robin
Not there or anywhere else Colin
I would expect though that local government would respectfully consider all realistic 21st century submissions but not be leg roped by them. Rob
This replaces democracy. mary
We are all new Zealanders, One person one Vote Richard
We should be one people with the same rules for all. Dave
No no no! David
New Zealand does not need people to assist in running our country at all levels based on their colour,tribal affiliations. The part maori people should have no special rights or privileges over anyone else in New Zealand They represent about 15% of our population and were never granted ” partnership or co- governance” . Any person wanting to assist in local government or entering our parliament must be elected by the people. Get rid of the maori seats and list MP’s in our parliament. Darryl
No, and many reasons why: 1. Co-governance = Apartheid 2. We are a democracy where everyone has an equal vote. Gavin
The Treaty has no relevance in any form of government Bryan
No!!!!! But it is too late. The country has been conned by the Red Queen. The Parliamentary opposition is inept. Luxon can’t fire a decent shot, the Micky Mouse parties will split the vote so standby for a complete takeover by the countries minority. THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED. Bruce
One nation one people end of story Phil
No place ! Only democratically voted people in should be able to run councils, government ,boards or anything else Chris
Never Peter
This is my country. Utu belongs in the past with our common ancestors. I want my children and grandchildren, halfcastes, to enjoy the best the world can offer. Cogovernance is a move toward racism and apartheid and oppression. There are many people who could learn from history but but seem determined to repeat it. In the interim the history of New Zealand and its inhabitants is being rewritten and reinterpreted by tribal loudmouths with self imposed chips on their shoulders wreaking misdirected vengeance on all and sundry for the sins of long dead ancestors. Otherwise it’s ok I suppose. Peter
No race based interties richard
Democracy is not racially divided! Andy
We each have just one vote, let us use it wisely and not give way to the wants of radical minorities Ken
It has no place in NZ. Dave
We must maintain democracy Margaret
Its racist james
I believe in full democracy for all, nothing race based. Michael
We are a democracy not a tribe. Robbie
1 person 1 vote only. Warwick
Absolutely not!! It would be undemocratic. Democracy is one vote for each person where all are equal. A race based system has another name as has been well commented on; it is called APARTHEID margaret
We are one people that that don’t need to be dominated by one race over the rest. JA is trying very hard to cause division in our country so we start fighting amongst ourselves to course chaos and unruly behavior. The gravy train has to stop for the elite maori’s who want to take all the control and power for the 15% that live in this country Lorraine 
It doesn’t have a place in any government!! David
Money & Control for an Iwi minority. That is what the whole HePuapua thing is about. TREASON ? John
No it does not have a place. If Maori want a say they should get organised and vote representative(s) in, not expect to be given a free ride. David
There is NO treaty partnership!!! Joan
In a modern democracy EVERYONE should have the same rights, privileges and opportunity. Race should not come into it. Maori co-governance is the exact opposite of that. A minority has the controlling vote on everything and will use it for their own vested interests. Derek
Co-governance does not have a place anywhere. N.Z. is a democracy. john
NO, and that is the only answer. William
One country one people, one person one vote David
NO! NO! & NO! Peter
Unfortunately many of  “Our people ” are already voting with air tickets to anywhere but here Shirley
Enough racism in NZ already Bryan
Maori have no additional ‘rights’ than any other minority group in NZ. We are heading down a treacherous, destabilising path will further divide our population. Ken
one person=one vote end off. chris
Democracy for the pakeha, some kind of autocratic third world appointments for people with an inkling of Maori blood in their veins Sam
New Zealand was a great place to grow up that aoteroa is a rascist haters apartheid place dont like that Donald
I didn’t think I would see the day that we had apartheid in New Zealand. Rod
Absolutely not . Valerie
Just a haven for thieves Chris
Not worthy of comments Richard
Never based on a separate racially agenda. NEVER Norm
This proposed form of .co-governance’ highlights the Labour Party’s agenda of promoting apartheid. Control by an elite minority group with veto rights is not co-governance at all – it is in keeping with Jacinda’s idealogical introduction of a communist dictatorship! Unfortunately our direction as a country has been thrust to the extreme left and would require an extreme right government to bring us back to centre. The same applies to local government. Council and government members are elected to serve the people – not to take ownership! Only publicly elected members should be on the board – no free loaders. That is a democracy! Martin
Absolutely not. Central Government cannot be trusted. Lying thieving bastards. tane
Wish I was young enough to leave this country – not a feeling I have come even close to feeling at any time in my life before. Louise
Never. NZ is already an apartheid country. Unless we can get rid of labour ASAP NZ democracy is completely dead. Our war veterans gave and risked their lives for democracy are turning in their graves. The tribal elite and Jacinda are traitors and should be tried for treason. Blatant Corruption and the world respected Kiwis are taking it lying down to be trampled by tribal elite and their gang henchmen. Brenda
This so called co-governance is nothing but extreme racism in favour of a small minority of New Zealanders with some moari ancestry. Apartheid is the inevitable result. An abhorrent situation in what was one of the best countries and democracies in the world. Francis
Don’t want Apartheid ron
No . They call it ‘co governance’ but what they really mean is this: It is time to take over this joint and squeeze out all the dough until the pips squeek. This is only the beginning of a situation where anarchy starts under the cover of so called ‘tribal rule’. The general population will be under the thumb of gang style local war lords . This country will go to hell if ordinary people continue to be ignorant and apathetic. Michael
Co-governance has no place in New Zealand at all. There is, and never was any partnership offered in the treaty and maori are now totally out of control and Ardern and her mpnkeys are turning our country into a place no one wants. Co-governance equals savage rule! Des
Absolutely not Neil
NOT in accordance with the TRUE TREATY Pete
No for too many obvious reasons , too many to mention here . Roy
Definitely not no way at all it’s disgusting what she is doing to NZ we are supposed to be one people not 2 especially as the other lot are a minority Barbara
No. Not now, not ever! John
One person one vote, no racial preference for Maori and no discrimination of non Maori Kiwis. Stan
Position and responsibilities are given because they are earned. Not because of ethnicity. When to we insist on looking back (ie the Treaty) and not on moving forward. Andrea
Maybe?..??. When will the public get to discuss? RICHard
The people have stop co governance with iwi David
Whilst New Zealand is still a Democracy this corrupt, apartheid policy being enacted by Liebour, the extremist Maori party and the Looney Greens has no place in our society and the sooner the majority of people are given an opportunity to vote on this decisive policy the better and I for one would call on the Prime Sinister to go to the public early and put their policy front and centre for people to vote on, rather than the current government by Fiat. John
NZ is supposed to be a democratic country, co governance is unacceptable. NZ needs the best person for the job and not decided on blood lines Dianne
Drown the Maori elite Evans
Co-governance is apartheid Grant
Co-governance simply cannot be allowed to happen, it’s not what the people want and we don’t have a voice. Why aren’t our media all over this? They should be shamed. Mel
It’s just another step in giving a small group of apartheid supporters power over the vast majority of people who support all New Zealanders being treated equally Terry
It has no place in local or central government. The country has to wake up to the disaster treaty reinvention is having on NZ. All citizens have the ability and do get representing in governance now without the need for co governance with iwi. Willy
One person one vote. No unelected governance in New Zealand. Mike
When will we stop pandering to Maori ? Kevin
Co-governance has no place in any government. Rick
Our P M is not interested in anybody other than herself and is allowing Moari to run her . Paul
Governace is no longer democratic when a manority tells a majority what to do Brian
No way Les
I strongly believe in the democratic principal of one person, one vote. Each vote being equal in value. There is no legal partnership and here never was such within the treaty. Alastair
Supposed co governance seems to morph into Iwi Control very quickly. I do not accept any co governance or any form of Iwi control. I reject the notion of mana whenua or Te Ao Maori having any place in local governance by TLA in New Zealand. I do not want to see those things having any place in any governance in New Zealand. I want the democracy the current government has removed restored promptly. Peter
Are we so complacent that we just roll over and let this Maori loving government do whatever they want without any mandate from the majority of the population. It goes without saying if nothing is done we will get what we deserve wake up people and hit back Peter
It’s divisive and racist Mike
Especially given the underhanded and divisive way that it is being forced into our system Mike
Not at all Richard
NO, NO, NOOOOOO. It would F..K this wonderful country that I have always known as NEW ZEALAND. Please, please, PLEASE DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN. BRIAN
If Erica Stanford is taken to represent the Nats position on ‘Partnership’, this question is better expanded to co-governance of every aspect of this country. What sort of wokester ‘opposition’ are we living with here? Good grief! Dick
“We the people” can start by joining stopcogovernance.kiwi and support Julian Batchelor’s action plan against this dangerous con job. neil
No, their greed is endless. It is a shame on humankind to even consider this madness. Scott
absolutely not ! mike
We -are not-them Rosa
We are all New Zealanders together with equal say, supporting each other for a common good. Kevin
Didn’t we oppose apartheid in around 1981 and now appear to be condoning it. Once Maori gained access to muskets they set about slaughtering each other and sought the protection of the Crown. There never was a united kingdom of Maori Iwi. They eventually wanted a Maori King as the UK had a Queen – therefore a new invented role. adrian
This idiocy is so far down the rabbit hole, we’re not getting out Boris
We simply do not want apartheid in this country. This is a flagrant disregard for the Human Rights Charter. Darrel
No no no …not now not never Kris
One Nation, One People, One Democratic Government Only. There is no room at the table for racist based, non elected seats. John
My skin crawls at the thought of resource allocation & control based on ancestry Richard
Racist nonesens stewart
Definitely not. Mark
This will be another nail in the coffin that is New Zealand. Rhodesia, South Africa – New Zealand. Join the dots people. Krauss
Does not have any place at any level of any government Barras
Whilst I support having many parties at the table I do not support unelected representatives of elite groups have right of veto or proportionally high influence. Jonathan
Our society is a democracy where every race is of significance. Harry
Absolutely not! Maori should be subject to the same rules as everyone else – for goodness sake, we are all Kiwis!  Brent
It is only a minority of arrogant iwi leaders who want the power to rule over everyone else. Most Maori just want to be New Zealanders.  Jason
No special rights should apply to any group of New Zealanders.  Eddie
Many New Zealanders came to this country to escape from racial privilege. We should not have to put up with it being forced onto us by a deluded Labour Government that is cow-towing to the tribal elite. Co-governance is an anathema to democracy and has no place at all in this country. Mary
Pushing Apartheid onto the country through co-governance is a sure fire way for Jacinda Ardern to crash out at the next election with Labour’s lowest poll rating ever. Bring it on! Larry