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Covid Accountability

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Last week, a press release issued by the new Covid-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall about the Government’s preparedness for more dangerous Covid variants stated “lockdowns and other strict measures would be a last resort”.

Her comments raise an important question. Does New Zealand want future governments to have the unrestricted ability to impose nationwide blanket lockdowns or should there be thresholds of scrutiny to prevent an abuse of that authority?

Former British Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption, an outspoken critic of the excessive use of force by democratic governments, questioned the use of lockdowns for Covid at the start of the pandemic: “Is this serious enough to warrant putting most of our population into house imprisonment, wrecking our economy, destroying businesses that honest and hardworking people have taken years to build up, saddling future generations with debt, depression, stress, heart attacks, suicides and unbelievable distress inflicted on millions of people who are not especially vulnerable and will suffer only mild symptoms or none at all?”

And that’s the problem. Contrary to the political narrative, Covid for the vast majority of people is no worse than a bad flu. That’s not to diminish the danger to some, but those most at risk of more serious complications could have been targeted for extra precautions, since they are, in the main, readily identifiable – including the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

Lord Sumption strongly believes that whenever democratic safeguards are suspended, it is the public’s duty to hold their government to account. 

So, let’s cast our minds back to the beginning.

During most winters, influenza can affect over a million New Zealanders, with upwards of 500 deaths. Although our hospitals can be overwhelmed, for most Kiwis life continues on without too much disruption.

It was a different story, of course, in 1918 when the ‘Spanish’ flu hit New Zealand – over 9,000 people died. So when the Ministry of Health developed New Zealand’s Influenza Pandemic Plan in 2002, they had that degree of emergency in mind.

The Pandemic Plan has three main goals. The first is to minimise the impact of the disease and mitigate its effects. The second is to keep society functioning as normally as possible during and after a pandemic. The third is to  minimise the economic consequences.

John Key’s National Government used the Pandemic Plan in 2009, when faced with the swine flu. The H1N1 influenza virus which originated in Mexico infected 1.4 billion people world-wide, resulting in over 600,000 deaths.

Under the Pandemic Plan, the outbreak was managed in such a way as to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, whilst reducing the impact on society and the economy. While border controls were introduced, and some schools and businesses were temporarily closed to reduce the spread of the disease, there was minimum economic and social disruption. This in spite of an estimated 430,000 symptomatic cases, around 116,000 GP visits, some 1,100 hospitalisations, and 119 intensive care admissions. Of the forty-nine deaths attributed to the disease, 86 percent had underlying health complications, most notably, respiratory illnesses, obesity, and substance abuse.

So, when the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus emerged in January 2020, as a highly contagious respiratory disease with little natural immunity and no effective vaccination, New Zealand’s Pandemic Plan was enacted.

Border controls, testing and tracing, and an Alert Level system were all introduced and by mid-March, with fewer than 50 reported cases and no deaths, but more New Zealanders arriving home from infected areas, the Ministry of Health recommended moving the country to Alert Level 2 for a month. They wanted stricter border controls, increased testing and tracing, a restriction on gatherings to 100 people, with those at the greatest risk urged to take extra precautions.

For Labour, the arrival of Covid in election year not only represented a grave risk to the country, but it also provided a great political opportunity to turn around the Party’s waning electoral fortunes. 

In mid-March the PM took over control. A ‘team’ of PR advisors was appointed, and models were prepared that predicted tens of thousands of deaths. Without any official regulatory impact statement or cost-benefit analysis to inform decision-making, the tried and tested Pandemic Plan, was ditched and the country was ordered into the world’s harshest lockdown.

Jacinda Ardern won the election in a landslide.

But fast forward 18 months and we now know the authoritarian measures imposed by the Ardern Government have had extremely serious consequences.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Waikato University’s Economics Professor John Gibson has been investigating the Government’s Covid response, not only finding that lockdowns resulted in a surge of excess deaths in New Zealand, but that the recent Covid booster vaccine rollout is already associated with hundreds of excess deaths:

“The boosters in New Zealand are just the original Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 recipe, so this repeated use may fixate people’s immune system to respond to the original Wuhan strain of SARS CoV-2 that is no longer circulating. Accumulated dosage also rises with booster use. In the initial randomized trials for mRNA vaccines, the Moderna shots that use a higher dose (100mg versus 30mg for Pfizer) had higher rates of serious adverse side-effects. So using the Pfizer boosters may cause this same dose-dependent vaccine adverse events process.

“Thus, compared to the rollout of the original protocol doses, the booster rollout is likely to have fewer benefits and greater harms. It would therefore be expected that stronger evidence underpins mass use of boosters compared to the evidence used for the initial vaccine rollout. Yet perversely the evidence for using boosters is weaker, with large randomized trials either not being done or having various biases that inflate apparent vaccine efficacy.

“Thus, overseas health professionals have called for booster vaccinations to be discontinued for safety reasons, and have suggested that coercive vaccine policies are doing more harm than good.”

What we can take from this and other research, is that sufficient scientific evidence now exists to raise serious concerns about the public safety of the Covid-19 vaccine booster programme.

Furthermore, since Justice Cooke, in his High Court finding that vaccine mandates imposed on some State sector workers were unlawful, revealed that the Ministry of Health did not recommend their use, and, contrary to what the public has been led to believe, neither were they introduced to prevent the spread of the virus, all remaining vaccine mandates should now be withdrawn.

Without a doubt, Jacinda Ardern’s Covid response has significantly damaged economic and social wellbeing. The actions of her Government needs to be scrutinised.

Let’s start by asking on exactly whose authority the Ministry of Health’s Pandemic Plan was abandoned? Why was Jacinda Ardern able to lock down the entire country – for the first time in our history – without any official advice, nor even the legal powers to do so?

Why was medical treatment to patients with cancer and other serious health conditions suspended during lockdowns – didn’t their lives matter to Jacinda Ardern and her team of advisors?

And what was subsequently done by the Government to ensure a proper waiting list catch-up – or have they been so obsessed with pushing through Maori control of the health system that they have turned their back on the critical problems their lockdowns created.

Why were medical experts like former New Zealander of the Year Sir Ray Avery ignored? He warned against trying to eliminate a flu-type virus – “In the history of all humankind, we have only ever eliminated one major infectious disease: smallpox” – and he warned that if the Government continued down this path, “this virus will have caused more economic damage, loss of livelihoods, increased suicides, disruption to our education system, inhuman treatment of our elderly and irreversible social changes than actual deaths.”

Who reviewed the alarmist mathematical models Jacinda Ardern used to justify her authoritarian approach? And when such models were discredited overseas, why were they still accepted here?

When Jacinda Ardern made the absurd claim that her Government was the ‘single source of truth’, why did the media allow her to get away with it? Not only that, but why did the media then begin to demonise experts with alternative views?

What hold did the Government have over the media to prevent them from acting as an unbiased Fourth Estate? We all know that like many other businesses, the media received funding during the lockdown, but were strings attached?

And why weren’t alternative Covid treatments and preventatives discussed in New Zealand? People could see off-label medications were proving beneficial overseas, so why were our doctors banned from prescribing similar options? Since New Zealand doctors have never been prevented from making their own decisions about what’s right for their patients before, why were restrictions introduced? Who authorised the undermining of the medical independence of GPs?

Then there’s the whole issue of the vaccine. Why was an experimental mRNA genetic vaccine forced onto the population without proper informed consent and a full disclosure of possible side effects? Why hasn’t the Pfizer purchase agreement been released? Does it prevent the promotion of alternative remedies? Does it absolve the company of legal liability for vaccine injury? Does it force the Government to continue promoting boosters even though there are now serious concerns about their safety and efficacy?

And why on earth are the mandates still being enforced if they don’t prevent the spread of the virus – and if safety concerns exist over vaccine dose accumulation? Why are some doctors and nurses still mandated out of a job when our health care system is in crisis?

And we haven’t even mentioned the impact that the Government’s Covid strategy has had on children and their education. Nor the serious concerns being raised by the Auditor General over Labour’s ‘splashing the cash’ on Covid, and their appalling lack of accountability for the spending of vast amounts of taxpayers’ money.

The Ardern Government’s response to the Covid pandemic has been unprecedented in the history of our country and the harm inflicted is of unparalleled proportions. It’s simply not good enough that those who have been negatively impacted are just ignored and forgotten. They are victims of Government action, and their concerns should be heard. 

If the Prime Minister and her Government are to be held to account for their actions, nothing less than a Royal Commission of Inquiry is needed.

The fundamental question is, in whose best interest was Jacinda Ardern’s Government acting when they implemented their Covid response – Labour’s interest or the public interest?

We have just scratched the surface with the questions that require answers, but since this administration is unlikely to consider an inquiry, surely it should be regarded as a top priority for the new government following the 2023 election.

What is particularly galling for many New Zealanders is our Prime Minister’s steadfast refusal to acknowledge genuine concerns and indeed her continuing smear campaign against those who challenge her ‘truth’.

Just last week, she used her overseas platform to yet again attempt to discredit those involved in the anti-mandate protest on Parliament grounds – this time accusing them of being influenced by Russian activists!

According to Stuff: “Ardern said misinformation, often originated as propaganda from foreign actors such as Russia, was harming New Zealand’s social cohesion and was proven to fuel terrorism… She said this misinformation appeared to be well-organised and was often part of a concerted information war. ‘Recent research by Microsoft found a sudden and pronounced spike in the consumption of Russian disinformation by New Zealanders, which increased by 30% relative to our neighbours in Australia, or the United States, in the period after December 2021. I cannot yet tell you why this is happening. But I can tell you that it matters that it is’.”

Such comments which appear to be increasingly obsessive and irrational, are now raising questions about the fitness of Jacinda Ardern to remain as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. 

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PM Ardern needs to have ALL the questions raised in your latest issue along with many others, however, I very much doubt if you will get a straight truthful answer, because I have now come to the conclusion that SHE is mentally insane, suffering from “Megalomania” & probably using some of HER partners recreational ‘meds’. The main question is “Why was the modelling prediction of 80,000 people would die from this ‘deadly virus’ without any scientific analysis to confirm or deny that figure? Because, that’s where this whole fiasco/debacle started without any rational questions as to the accuracy of “80K would die”….the reason for a lack of accuracy questions is because it suited the narrative already put to HER by HER ‘Masters’….UN/WEF….! Bruza
Absolutely! It’s the only way that everything can be viewed with transparency ‘under the microscope’ ! Alan
Freedom to speak out Anne
Absolutely and must be one of the next governments key priorities Neville
Yes I do support a Royal Commission but would prefer something quick. Action is required now ! This is bad and getting worse. Imagine future pandemics with the criminal maniacs Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates in charge of N.Z. ! Sadly there is chaos everywhere and no one can sort it. John
ardern should also be held accountable arrested and jailed for her crimes like any other citizen would if the boot was on the other foot Robin
Like Boris Johnson, why cannot we get Jacinda Ardern to resign? She has been lying and not been transparent with the N.Z. public since the day she was appointed in Oct. 2017. Maori myths,mumbo-jumbo and Covid 19 have been her biggest deceptions. Monica
i would like a commission into labours irresponsible spending and the debt they have laden nz with. wouldn’t be great if charges could be laid! greg
Yes, and everything this no hopper Government has done to us and our country there was a time when people used to worry about reds under the bed, now we have them in bed,, wake up New Zealand Athol
Why were alternative remedies such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine totally rubbished in NZ and many countries, when they gave positive results elsewhere. Carole
Long overdue Rhys
We certainly do support the holding of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Ardern Governments Covid Response. ASAP. Ross
Ardern not fit to run our country. She and her radical Maori members must go now. Can NZ get her out on a vote of no confidence? Come on Act and National. . Christine
Why a proven safe and effective treatment – Ivermectin – was banned Tony
Why did they get rid of vaccines early on, leaving not enough for NZers? Kathryn
Most definitely I want a commission, and while we are about it, ask them what are the principles and partnership of the Treaty of Waitangi! I put those questions to our “experts” years ago. Just as well I did not hold my breath for a reply because I have received none. What I don’t know about mathematics would fill many books, but I do know that you cannot have a partnership if we are one people. Get our experts to answer that! Kevan
The consequences of Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and her Labour Governments response and handling of the Covid pandemic will be felt for a long time and will be far reaching; they must be held accountable! Margaret
We need to check the legal rights of Arderns actions thomas
Being far too late, it will be a waste of time Peter
No small wonder that I am looking forward to going home (Manila) this coming October., this for a welcome break from NZ now in its death throes. The Philippines are not to be demeaned. Indeed it is a country with a future and standards to be admired. VANGIE
Most definitely. A Royal Commission would use a product that the socialist government has tried to bury the Truth. But this was not a medical pandemic it was a political pandemic and socialist politicians seized upon the opportunity to hold sway over the population, rather than the humbleness of serving them. Some analysts believe that the ultimate actions against the political system will be like a pendulum that will swing violently and demolish all politicians in its path. This could be the reason that the moronic socialist Prime Minister is on a global junket of multiple talk fests pretending to be what she is not! A leopard never changes its spots. She remains a deceitful, clueless politician with no understanding of democratic economics. She is all smoke and mirrors! Would it not be in the national interest to address the cost of living issues in her own country rather than enjoying a world diplomatic trip? Perhaps she is moving to open up a trade market for refined New Zealand Fuel in a time of abusive fuel costs? Wait a minute the only refinery in the country was recently SHUT DOWN at the cost of hundreds of jobs and reducing fuel production for the market. Since the socialist forced Lockdown the country has descended into economic dysfunction and is being held together by continuing government expenditure to add to the ballooning $165 Billion Debt achieved by the leadership of a Marxist prime minister and a homosexual finance minister %u2013 the pendulum will need to swing soon to avoid a man-made depression. The concept of an immediate impending recession in New Zealand is real. Driven by the implications of shutting down economic activity through the socialist lockdown and resultant abuse against business and employment. Including the removal of the individual control of personal health. This will be just a bump in the road to the BIG ONE unless voters take responsibility and vote on the realities as opposed to the fantasies of socialism. Thus opening the way for economic development and the ability to take on relentless bureaucracy that is shackling business. Frederick
The individual politicians/advisers responsible should be held to account…but they wont. Russ
It has to be investigated Mary
The most urgent question is why did she mandate when it was not requested by MOH. Just treasonous. Anita
This would just be another expensive quango and its 1000 page findings would be dumped in the rubbish without being read. Better to spend the money on some effective way to rid the country of Enid (any UN jobs vacant?) and her motley crew of incompetents Philip
A no brainer, needs to be done to prevent it happening again with another Socialist Government. Graeme
Many lives and livelihoods have been seriously damaged through this government’s authoritarian response to covid. This people of this country must be protected from ever there being a repeat of such an abuse of power. Judith
The PM is grasping at straws! Meaning trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work. More and more people are waking up! Her theories do not support reality. Dianne
To what degree has cardiovascular related deaths increased in relation to covid vaccinations / boosters to NZ citizens? Leon
Maybe repeat this weeks letter, it is so good! Deb
Ardern has to win the prize, as the biggest liar, of any NZ PM ! Just got back from her trip. She got the orders, for the next part of the covid genocide depop, program. David
we are being kept in the dark Raewyn
Why was the pandemic plan shelved in favour of experimental CCP-style lockdowns when government were specifically advised not to go down that route? Why were cancer screenings/treatments suspended when Dr Lamb (senior oncologist) told the MoH in June 2020 that 400 preventable cancer deaths would result from the first lockdown in Wellington alone? Why were Auckland children kept out of school for months, condemning the already disadvantaged among them to further loss of opportunity in adulthood when they were not at any risk of serious illness from Covid-19 and a plethora of studies were available to government on the irreparable harm even short periods of lost education would have on such children? Why did the government agencies responsible for child wellbeing support school closures and locking at-risk children up at home for weeks and months on end with violent family members, cutting them off from extended family and other safety nets and increasing the probability of serious harm and death to these children? Why were NZers abroad prevented from returning for a full five months in Nov 2021 when government were told that there was no health benefit to the country in doing so? Helen
I think it is time we just moved on.  Jane
Remove Ardern from power and incarcerate her indefinitely pending trial for treason is required here. Sheila
But I can find nothing to add,as the result will do little good.However removing this Government is essential. David
1. Why was the original model that predicted 100,000 deaths not peer reviewed and the assumptions challenged. It was pure scare-mongering for political purposes. 2. Why hasn’t the Pfizer contract been released for scrutiny? 3. Why weren’t lockdowns challenged, particularly when the then current Pandemic Plan was thrown out the window? 4. Why didn’t the Fourth Estate hold the government to account, particularly when they came out with the “podium of truth” lie? 5. Why did NZers passively accept the social controls unlawfully imposed? 6. Why didn’t the health profession oppose the cancellation of treatment of all other diseases or illnesses, giving Covid19 total priority? Kerry
Will those on the enquiry be neutral and ask the HARD questions? Helen
Everything the govt has done has felt off. Anyone who questions it is quickly labeled and dismissed. Feeling nervous about NZ’s future after the past few years.. so many questions Anita
The current government needs to be held to account for the damage and destruction to NZer’s lives and economy. Their actions were to benefit themselves. It is an outrage and abuse of power. Maria 
1) Where did the specialist advice originate for the government’s response? Was it a panel of experts or a single group that exercised total control of the information? 2) Was the advice of experts followed or was it only followed when it suited the governments agenda? 3) Why was the response applied to the entire population when it would have been much simpler to isolate and safeguard the vulnerable? 4) Why wasn’t there additional funding provided to improve medical facilities instead of throwing money at the electorate? Martin
The Labour’s government needs to be held accountable for their pandemic actions. Laura
There are many aspects of the NZ government’s covid-19 response which need to be independently reviewed to ensure that future policy responses are effective without repeating the mistakes made in the last two and a half years. Alister
And a Royal Commission into the 2,000 extra deaths during the 1st & 2nd jabs… https://youtu.be/ARbrKnnPVJM Murray
It is imperative that a Royal Commission is held into Adern’s conduct. She is unbelievable – neverending lies. Does she believe what she says? What’s wrong with her brain? Valerie
Many thinking people,must be dismayed at this obviously arrogant government’s behaviour. A bit too close to the behaviour of the notorious dictators. Paul
trouble is finding honest people who will not bend to the wishes of our corrupt pm and her bent govt to say she and her brown nosing mates did the right thing by shutting down this country and mandating that you have to be vaccinated or lose your job etc. interesting to read that the booster shot has many questions regarding whether its safe, as I got a scary and sever reaction to it so no more phizer crap is going to be put in this old body Richard
What is going to be done for the principals of small businesses that have “gone to the wall” as a result of the sustained Covid restrictions? Ted
Something needs to stop this maniac before she totally destroys the country we all love. I served my country and now it is being sold down the river by clowns – wake up fellow Kiwis, be heard, throw them out Michael Charles John
Why did our government choose to do what had clearly failed in other countries. Alla
Jacinda Ardern is a very dangerous, as she is a walking propaganda machine, with the hidden agenda of destroying New Zealand in preparation for implementing the flawed ideology of socialism.. John
Absolutely Vic
Absolutely. IN my case vaccination promised for May delayed until August. Cyril
At least a Royal Commission before she is formally charged with Culpable Manslaughter and sentenced. This will only happen if we can get passed the Globalists corruptive Influence. It is Warfare now and now would be a very good time to Pray. Geoff
She is a psychopathic despot Russell
So much doubt exists throughout this Govt & subsequent decisions made!! They are proven liars & I am in considerable doubt as to whether or not to receive an additional booster! Ron
Certainly it resulted in massive amounts of Tax Payer money being spent, to help keep businesses going etc. Needed because of the lockdown of course. Hugh
Why does the Arden Government rely so heavily on exaggerated crises to fast track legislation for a bewildered and anxious population. Why are we still at orange for COVID and being advised that everyone is still at risk Elsa
one nagging thought who is going to stack the bench with commissioners !!!! who gets to choose the team!!!!!?? Wayne
There are no doubt more questions to be answered but the questions in this post should keep them busy for a while already. Pieter
If there is nothing to hide there will be nothing to find. Fred
Yes, this should be done, S.A.P. I am concerned that the govt. are conveniently side stepping, the vax deaths, and injuries, probably from these poison BIO-WEAPONS ! David
Why were other medications banned when they were seen to work overseas? Are victims of harm from the Covid vaccine going to be compensated? Will the Labour government be held responsible for the harm done fro their Covid response? Why are they still trying to push for children to be vaccinated when they are at so little risk from Covid? Elaine
In particular the closing of the border to NZ residents wanting to return to NZ should be a special reference. Mark
the role of the media should also be investigated bruce
Get rid of her!! Peter
Can’t happen soon enough! Ditto getting rid of the worst government I’ve ever had the misfortune to live under. clive
Ardern should be held to account. She must be made to realize that the public are questioning her draconian control of our population. Graeme
Definitely and the sooner the better. Pam
Why were known treatments for Covid 19 suppressed? Phil
Govt needs to be held to account. Jane
Ardern’s control, shut downs, mandatory vaccinations, loss of jobs, her lies etc. She needs to be held to account!! Gillian
The PM playing to a fawning media both daily then on a wider control of the media, nationwide certainly does require scrutiny by a Royal Commission john
Surely we are well past the threshold to trigger a vote of no confidence in PM Jacinda Ardern and this Labour Government? Where’s the People Power? Anne
WE need a royal commission of inquiry but those appointed need to be totally independent but i fear that will not happen under this Government. Like all the other policies that are thrust upon us nothing will change.The lockdowns through Covid were extreme and did more damage and when you look the death toll to day we have achieved nothing and the cost will never be recovered. ken
Why would the government not allow overseas agricultural person to work here. Why did they not allow nurses in? Glenice
A royal commission is the very least that should be held if only to establish what was done correctly and what wasn’t so that a proper Govt can learn from its mistakes. David
what a good article, and the questions raised are so true, a royal commission of inquiry is the way to go, when are act and national going to get on to this, and our news reporters are are just payed out puppets don’t even watch the news any more, in such a short time this government have ruined this country of new Zealand, i so hope they are voted out in the next election, just not sure if the opposition has the guts to change things back rodger
Definitely Jeannette
Her whole period in office needs to be inquired into, not just re Covid. Paddy
This should also hold the Ardern Government to account for all the harm their illegal actions and mandates have caused. Don
Why is ACC not looking after the vac injured? Barbara
Definitely support this. Rita
Very much needed. Lets hope the inquiry happens. Evelyn
Waste of Tax Payers Money. The damage is done NOW. Ewen
Prime Minister Ardern is undermining our democracy without any mandate from New Zealand voters. We must stand up against this. Caren
A Royal Commission so we can understand how we can be better prepared for any future pandemic and to dissect what happened and the legitamacy of the decisions taken during the COVID19 government response(s). The enquiry must be chaired by a someone with NO political affiliations – the British retired Supreme Court Justice would be a good start. Francis
Can the Ardern Government response to the Covid pandemic with propaganda and the breaking of laws and protocols be treated as treason Noel
Get through the misinformation this Government has spread and find out the real facts. A Royal Commission is the way to go, provided it has the proper terms of reference ! David
Since the vaccines were experimental… why was it not treated like an experiment? With thorough record keeping of batch numbers and side effects? I E M
Make sure the terms of said inquiry are not limited as a means to coverup parliament & “experts” actions Terry
It’s a MUST! Olwyn 
Only if the Royal Commission is not controlled by the Marxist rules and doctrine. Graham
Why did jacinda ardern ignore the original recommendation from ashley bloomfield to wait 2 weeks before imposing house arrest. Bev
We all know it will never happen. Sven
Oh yes indeed. She has used covid to further her aim of over turning NZ society as we knew it. Just look at how open and transparent its been,hah. She is pure evil and we have never had a more incompetent government. I can’t stand the sight of her. Snap election PLEASE. Peter
Who decided the pandemic response plan should be abandoned and why? Terry
Ask her why nzers are suffering for her socialist / communist activities and unlawful acts, mandates an outright criminal infringement of our freedoms against just about every law in existsance !!!! Wayne
The Government should be called to account Annette
She needs to go. Where is the Governor General!! John
Why were both the risks of COVID and the benefits of the vaccine exaggerated and yet the risks of unknown technology used in the vaccine were minimised and ignored. Why were health professionals muzzled for advising common sense protocols or asking pertinent questions? Why have unvaccinated health professionals not been allowed to return to the workforce? Why were mandates ever used when there was no such thing as informed consent as patients were not informed of the risks despite there being well documented external evidence of serious adverse events before the vaccine was even available in NZ. Given this was available how on earth did it even get passed Medsafe!!! Robin
Ardern needs to held accountable for the deaths and injuries due to the vaccine. Also loss of jobs and lack of medical attention for those that need and deserve it janet
Trouble is it wont happen. All political parties and bueracracies are captured by the dark elites and their agendas. So what is the answer, unfortunately for us the dark ones know they are being exposed more everyday, they are engineering WW3. keep NZ safe people. Alan
Far too many serious questions need factual answers from this Govt. A Royal Commission will help tell NZ people what really happened. Brian
It should be clear to most people that the majority of Labour Party MPs have low IQ but are cunning and deceitful . In their minds they think that they are doing a great job and because of this they refuse to listen to any criticism. Steve
Why are those nurses, midwives etc who were not vaccinated, still being banned from working, and suffering the consequences. We are so short of these people in our communities and hospitals. Barbara
The Damage has been done…as a retiree the twilight days of my life have been forever tarnished. New Zealand will never shine bright again for many decades. Chris
Specific questions I would like asked. Contents of Pfizer contract Arderns involvement/dealings with Blackrock and Vangard Ardern and all other ministers ties to the WEF Thank you for all your valuable work NZCPR Craig
We also need to know why our opposition (and other) parties and MPs didn’t take a strong stance against the Arden administration’s approach. I doubt National will push for a royal commission since they also bear a huge amount of blame for their lack of significant opposition. There is something seriously wrong with our government and peripheral systems of accountability. An official inquiry is desperately needed! Samuel
There should definitely be a Royal Commission held into this whole episode and those found guilty of withholding evidence and still enforcing mandates should be tried in a Criminal Court for their actions. More so should evidence be produced that shows that a persons death was caused by the vaccine they should be charged with the manslaughter of that or those persons. IMHO the Nuremburg Code has definitely been broken by a number of Politicians and Bureaucrats and they need to be brought to justice for their henious actions. Allan
Why can an independent enquiry of our top independent minds do this if funding can be found. Surely we have the talent to put something together every bit as educated and robust as a Royal Enquiry? Bruce
Moreover, many people need to go to prison for what they have done to the country. Andrew
I would prefer Regional/Community Commissions of Inquiry. Kaipo
Absolutely I do. There has to be. And if the Ardern government is found to be guilty of crimes against humanity,what then? There must be some retribution paid by this evil administration, and if it’s not prison sentences, and I believe it should be, then they need to be stripped of all and any honours they have received and any money they have made from their decisions made knowing full well what harm they would , and have , caused many NZers. Rosemary
All governments should be under scrutiny – a commission of inquiry will tell us right and wrong. Clive
Why is there no acknowledgement of the people that have had an adverse reaction to the Jab. Also, why could these people not get an exemption from having a further Jab. Lucina
Should be happening now! Sandra
All the questions you’ve asked in your article. Why were proven treatments banned? Why are alternative voices shut down? Why are unjabbed medical staff still not allowed to work when sick jabbed staff are? Why is there no mention at all of jab injuries? And so much more that needs to be asked. Hilary
Why are the mandates for doctors, nurses and midwives not being dropped when we desperately need them back in the workforce? Why are Drs Malone, McCullough, Coleman, Vanden Bossche etc not being listened to? Why is New Zealand still in the Orange traffic light? Vivienne
Were all our MP’S & families vaccinated? Judith
The South Island had NO cases but locked down. The amusing thing is Jacinda had us locked down for months and then when covid really did arrive she opened up the country. Business over Nz have gone broke in big no’s, I wonder how many beauracrats had even a pay cut, even for a day. Keep Jacinda and her govt in and Nz is stuffed. She keeps saying so few on unemployment but what about the 49000 extra on benefits. David
A proper commission will require oaths. The Eichelbaum Travesty quietly dispensed with this requirement, allowing numerous lies without penalty. Robert
Require the details and conditions of the contract between the NZ Government and Pfizer, on the supply and mass application of the mRNA medication/injection, to be made available to the public of NZ. John
BUT will it do any good – just another enquiry, another committee another `we’re looking into it situation. I don’t know sheryl
There are too many unanswered questions and we, the public deserve to know the truth behind its implementation and what lies were told to the public to ensure that the vaccine was taken by most New Zealanders, to their detriment. Leslie
ASAP Russell
Essential to find out the truth. Sylvia
With such a shortage of Drs and nurses why aren’t unvaccinated medical staff back at work since the current booster shots aren’t effective against developing Covid strains. Mark
Why was MOH advice so often ignored? Why will the PM “use diplomacy” to talk to the Maori who illegally sat on the privately owned land at Ihumatao and she would not “use diplomacy” and talk to the anti-mandate protesters in parliament? How does the Government account for the excess mortality rate? Why is SAD (sudden adult death) now a “thing” and why isn’t it ever assessed as vaccine related? Sara
Why was it necessary to lock down healthy citizens for months on end? Why was it necessary to Mandate the vaccines? Valerie
As a 84 year old I have tested positive for covid and the reason why was because it was picked up in a routine hospital check otherwise I would not have known Arthur
why were the vaccine injuries never reported in the news even when victims of the vaccine were easy to find? Susanna
Definitely Jan
I support an RCI but it will not undo the harm already done. I would like to see some accountability for the money thrown at, for example, the vaccine rollout to certain sectors of the population, Dave
It won’t happen, and if it does it will be watered down and no one will swing for promoting WEF/WHO planned genocide with a bioweapon. neil
we need to help people see past the Govt/Ardern BS to the alarming reality. The lockdown was illegal! We should have a class action against Govt/Ardern for damages for unlawful detention! This would be as effective as a Royal Commission,! Murray
The NZ goverment did not take into account many overseas expert opinions which were contrary to her idealogical beliefs. JA was acting on her own agenda as to world depopulation by the WEF.. Criminal. Michele
Why are health professionals still being denied jobs because they did not want to risk having an experimental jab? Why can’t unjabbed midwives work, or even attend a birth as a support person, when we are and have always had a midwife shortage????? Three of my past midwives (that I know of) lost their jobs. My daughter lost her midwife right in the middle of her pregnancy – this is disgusting treatment of patients and the midwives who have made a life dedication to midwifery. Joanne
of course,this obnocious behavior has to be rectified. norman
Why did Aderns government gain in terms of health benefits from spending hundreds of millions of dollars on race based health solutions Ihaia
My specific question is why did the Ardern government think it necessary to commit tens of millions to bribing Maori into accepting vaccination. Buying votes?saw fit to pump millions Barry
I fully support an inquiry, however I suspect the people involved in any such inquiry will be hand picked, and the questions framed, in order to find answers that will validate the governments actions entirely. Brenda
I find RT (Russia Today) the most concise and objective source of International news. Can Ardern comprehensively prove her misinformation claim, when compared to TVNZ The Herald. BBC. The Guardian. CNN. MSNBC. Washington Post. New York Times? She will be proved a fraud. Peter
It needs to delve into the legality of the whole programme. Phillip
Why mandate masks? What research chosen and why? What was the data used for the safety and efficacy claims? How was the government so certain the vaccines were safe and effective in pregnancy? That they were safe for everyone? Why deny exemptions for people who suffered an injury from the first or second shot? Why was reporting of adverse reactions not made mandatory? Why was the public not made aware earlier of all potential risks of the vaccine? Monica
I would also like a question as to how a continued advertising campaign is claiming that boosters are a great idea 3 months after contracting Covid so save your “Whanau / family” from serious disease. This is simply false information according to British medical journal etc Craig
My partner is charge nurse of a covid ward at a city hospital. What has been noted with the deaths in the ward is that virtually zero deaths have been from respiratory issue. Each patient had other comorbidities that were more prevalent, and death was expected for each patient from those other medical issues. There were no reasons to have medical personal believe that covid was a main cause, or was even relevant in the deaths within the ward. And yet these deaths are added to the covid death totals each day. The medical teams are shaking their heads at the inaccuracies and cannot understand why the figures are being grossly exaggerated. These questions need to be asked, but sadly no one seems interested to uncover this very huge lie. Mark
We must if we want to learn from this. It’s one of the biggest events in NZ history. We need to know the truth. Andrew
The PMs actions introducing the mandates and ridiculous comments thereafter are divisive & expensive. Worthless leadership In all areas by this government has done huge damage to those who will come after us. How do we take stronger action? Felix
What right did the government, District and Regional Councils have to place mandates on the unvaccinated and suggest they were unworthy. Donald
The most incompetent Government NZ has ever had. The whole country is going to the dogs! Garry
This must happen due to too many unanswered questions! John
I also want media to be held to account for not questioning the Government’s decisions. This is their job & they have not done it. It it was a National Government they would have been all over them.. FloJo
It is the democratic way . Daryl
I have one word for the whole Covid debacle. Especially the vaccines and banning of early treatments such as Ivermectin. The word is travesty.  Tony
Definitely.why is the jab still being promoted when it is obvious that it’s not working to control the virus David
When will the vaccine purchase “deal” with Pfizer be made public? Why did the PM choose the worst-case modelling, i.e. that tens of thousands of people will die, when that modelling was based on the status quo with no action being taken e.g. no contact tracing, preventive measures, border closures etc? Why are Covid treatments not promoted, such as anti-virals? Why was the NZ Pandemic Plan not followed? Why is the govt promoting a vaccine that doesn’t work in the way we expect vaccines to, i.e. they usually prevent a disease and prevent transmission? Why is the govt allowing clubs and other groups to impose mandates on members who are not vaccinated or boosted – or at least why is it not advising organisations that is not necessary/pointless? Why are statistics comparing hospitalisations and deaths from Covid for vaccinated and unvaccinated people not readily available? Jenifer
So many questions & so few answers from this despicable bunch of clowns in Wellington. One specific question I would like to see answered was why there was such a concerted effort to push the “Vaccine” as the only treatment option. I’m sure the answer to that is corruption at the highest level but getting Ardern to ever admit wrongdoing – well good luck with that. She is definitely unfit to be PM – never was & never will be! Rex
as soon as possible ERIC 
I would like some searching questions on how it was possible to ride rough-shod over Habeas Corpus laws, to trample on the basic right to enter your own country any time, to ignore basic, individual human rights such as deciding whether to be vaccinated or not, et cetera. Should not our Solicitor General together with the Attorney General ( opposition shadows) have stepped in to advise against the illegal, viciously strict lock-down legislation in early 2020?? Andy
This should definitely happen. Lynette
Absolutely I do- this is vital. Fist and most important question is : why was the pandemic plan thrown away? We need to see the complete Pfizer contract. Roger
how much are they paying her? wef members decided to lower the worlds population by 50% albert bourla from phizer is boasting about it why are they not being arrested?? mike
Everything that Jacinda and her government have done can be seen ( by anyone with a brain) as over the top and irrational to boot. This lot needs to go now , before any more devastation occurs. But who do we replace them with? another mob with the same agenda, most likely Trevor
Why was the NZ legislated Pandemic plan ignored by Ardern ? Terry
This Inquiry is a MUST DO Robbie
Question 1: When I, as a European, need to visit hospital because of a medical issue how do I know which door to enter by – one with “Maori only” on it and will there be a door with “Everyone except Maori ” on it? Question 2: Can Maori raise enough ready cash to fund their new separate Maori Hospital arrangement and structure? Question 3: What tax rate do Maori incorporation’s pay on their investment income? Is their tax rate on income a standard rate similar to New Zealanders? Stuart
I would like to know where they got all the false information from on covid , all those i know who got covid had a headache , temperature or muscular ache for a day, no where near as bad as the flu colin
The whole Covid 19 alarm was a scam. Joe Biden said Jacinda jump and she did. William
The Government needs to be held to account for what has happened. The opposition also needs to do their job, which unfortunately they have not been doing. Why are they not addressing these issues in question time ? Brett
How much advertising spend on covid vaccines has been spent in NZ media organisations and is the spend in line with normal advertising costs? Matt
The truth needs to come out. John
It is absolutely imperative that an enquiry be held. Who cannot remember Adern night after night on TV exhorting viewers that it was safe! Ron
The most horrific thing was preventing Kiwis from coming home. Cruel and bullying and no apology or compensation forthcoming. Laura
For all the reasons noted in this week’s leader. The whole operation has been political grandstanding of the worst kind Tony
Questions need to be raised about government involvement/liaisons with the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 30, and the real role that the push for vaccinations has played in it. Susan
Absolutely support the formation of a Royal Commission with wide terms of reference lou.
Hundreds of years of experience of Pandemics, Epidemics … thrown out the window. A draconian lock down implemented, a “dob in your neighbours” mentality established, NZ changed for ever …. for What. Lionel
of course an inquiry is essential altho Adern and her Merry Band of half breeds and half wits ie the disgusting bribed media parasites will just get their taxpayer funded spin doctors to :tweak the truth yet again . shame on the maori governor general for not stopping Labours treasonous behavior on so many levels . Ray
The health of a Nation is of paramount importance and demands highest priority and quality management. It is clear that misleading and deceitful statements and inadequate decision-making have been made by the PM and Government representatives and accordingly a Royal Commission of Inquiry is essential to ensure improved outcomes in the future. Peter
it is imperative that an independent body review the events without government intervention. Time being of the essence with findings being made public prior to the next election. chris
And right now. We can not and must not wait for an election. And the opposition need a royal commission inquiry too. WEF is running our Parliament Karen
absolutely !!! tony
This Government is so transparent, you can see right through them. Barry
As long as the results are available to the public and not buried like so many adverse reports have been in the last 4 years. It is time that the media was unmuzzlrd and admitted any bias forced upon it by government peter
I called it the covid panic which should never have resulted in lockdowns. Peter
Absolutely 100% Valda
It should be fully looked into but if this government gets in again nothing will be done. However unless Luzon pulls his finger out it will not happen with his party either. Andrew
She has unlawfully abused her power, stopped democracy, lied to the people of NZ and caused mental health issues, huge economic issues, squandered billions unnecessairly. Jan
I”ve had enough of this B/S stu
The atrocious handling of the Covid Pandemic by Ardern and her government must be investigated as rigorously as the Erebus enquiry to break through the “Litany of Lies” that has been sold to us on the pretense it was enacted for our safety. Brian
There absolutely MUST be a Royal Commission into this Government’s Covid pandemic response. Right from the outset it was clear that Covid posed no real problem to most NZ citizens, and yet we endured draconian and paranoid measures imposed by an Adern dominated Cabinet who refused to listen to international health experts and applied totalitarian tactics and ruinous economic policies, with no public debate. Graham
Also on this Government in general, not just Covid. She is killing democracy. Sonia
Also why is there this headlong rush to entrench Apartheid in NZ? Geoff
A full enquiry into the handling of the Pandemic is essential if we are to learn from our mistakes AND NOT REPEAT THEM. Ardern will not call for one unless the terms of reference are so narrow that she will be vindicated for all her actions (Typical Communist) Accordingly it must be called for by the Nats/Act and have as wide as possible terms of reference. Questions such as treatments rather than vax’s Spending on Hospitals rather than wage subsidies, and where did all the dire predictions come from and how much were they WRONG Cookie
AS we have lost our right to question the actions of government and the media is bribed to not report the TRUTH as per 3 waters Barry
Is there no way this Arden Government can be removed before the election next year? Goodness knows what more damage they can do to our much loved country called New Zealand. Heather
Led by Dame Patsy Chris
Ardern must be held accountable for overiding democratic processess and taking an autocratic stance on the ‘Pandemic Crisis’ that has left this country in a critical state. Christine
I have said yes but don’t believe anything will come of it. Our poppies would likely see it as a dangerous precedent. Better that Jacinda and her cohort are arrested, locked up and tried for treason. Alan
It has to happen. Ian
Jacinda Ardern should be made accountable. She has much to answer for. Peter
The Government has done as well as cOils be expected. K
A Royal Commission of Inquiry is a must, after all how can a person who is a trained communist become Prime Minister of this country Tom
My partner was unable to enter New Zealand for 14 months yet people were coming into the country for a holiday .The MIQ was disgraceful, who ever dreamed it up should never hold a decision making position in Government again. Gayle
What groups/organisations are all cabinet members (including the PM) affiliated with/to both in NZ & overseas? Margaret
We must have this. if the Ardern Government is sure that they were correct in their response, this should present no threat. Bryce
No Point. Will not solve a thing. Would be a further waste of Taxpayers Money. Too much has been wasted already. Let the voters decide at the next election. John
Why were Medical professional threated with deregistration if they spoke against the establishments policy. Why weren’t doctors allowed to use early treatment remedies. Why was family refused access to their dying loved one. Why were people with serious health conditions refused vaccination exemptions. Why were parents coerced into getting there young children vaccinated when there were obvious negative outcomes and no verifiable positive results. Were there any benefits, financial or otherwise that the promotors of the vaccines received. What organisations outside NZ had a strong influence on the NZ Govts Covid strategy. barry
What has happened to the modellers such as Shaun Hendy and Siouxsie Wiles or do they just get away with their over the top predictions. Dianne
I couldn’t believe that a leader of a country would not realise the impact on mental health a lockdown would bring, let alone the impact on the economy. At the time, I did not believe the country would be brought to its knees by a self-centred government. Chris
Ardern’s Government has a lot of explaining to do. Why the Lock Down and why did it go on for so long Peter
this govt must be held accountable Noel
The Taxpayer’s Union has a list of wasteful Covid spending – especially a lot on supporting art and culture of ‘indigenous’ and minority applicants – one such was for an exhibition in Sydney, Australia! While in lockdown! Pammie
The whole Covid pandemic response needs scrutiny. Money was handed out with no accountability or advantageous effect. Poorly executed,minister’s disobeying rules ,lack of communication. Accountability needed,the whole process was an enforced authoritarian illegal act. Alan
Hold the, to account Allan
100% YES for a Royal Commission enquiry! Our country’s economy has been ruined, businesses have gone to the wall, children’s education severely compromised (especially in low-decile areas), and because of profligate government spending (often without any accountability for the funding) inflation is rampant with cost of living going through the roof. We still have a possibility that lockdowns could be used again. P.S.: When will the government enquiry about the Parliament protests be done? Waiting for the Police report (which is not due until next year) is just trying to buy time, by allowing people to forget about it. There should be no cover-up over Mallard’s and the Police’s actions against protestors. Laurence
Bring it on! Marcus
I would like to know if any corruption was involved between Pfizer and government Ministers, MPs, and government officials. Frank
Get the truth of this deceitful government. Frank
Whether it needs to be a Royal Commission inquiry or not is debatable. However a full debrief is called for so an action plan for similar events can be formulated. I do believe the Prime minister had the health of all New Zealanders in mind when she activated her governments plan, albiet whether right or wrong. Dennis
Yes Royal Commission should be held. Also enquiry as to why Media were and still not doing their job of holding Govt to account. Addrianne
This Government has a lot to answer fore. Ron
The Royal Commission might just be more honest than the Government Warren
All of the questions you have raised in your covid accountability article need to be answered so this can never happen again. LC
A Royal Commission of enquiry is not necessary. It’s all happened now so that’s a waste of taxpayer money Hudson
I would also like to see an inquiry why the Labour led Coalition Govt is hell bent on pushing through the Maori Co-Government policy when Maori are not even indigenous to New Zealand and also having the Maori language consistently pushed down our throats ?? Wayne
Our country is now suffering from the rules and regulations of this Ardern led government over Covid. The whole health system is broken. It takes a week to get to see your doctor to begin with. If your go to the emergency department in a hospital it an 8hour wait. How do you get on going a vomiting child with a wait that long. Our future is looking grim health. Laraine
people have been hoodwinked by fear – would be great to have the tooth fairy’s bunch of merry men held accountable. Erin
The people of New Zealand deserve to know the truth. Those who were deemed ‘the river of filth’ deserve an explanation and compensation. As do we all! Chris
far too much power has been used/taken under the pandemic response act and so may untruths either directly or by ommission that nz public need the truth john
I would like to know the specific influence of the” Maori Caucus” in all aspects of the Covid response. I would also like an audit of where and upon what the $300 odd million spent specifically on the Maori vacination effort, and the cost per vaccination delivered. Davidf
Was the Adern Government and Bloomfield aware of the content of side effects and deaths in Pfizer’s initial collection of data. Lee
So many wrongs done against nz best interest. A duty of care was trodden over Dont forget the miq saga John
Her actions are nothing more than criminal and need to be investigated. Ardern and her government need to be held to account and pay for their crimes. Richard
The harm inflicted is of unpresidented proportion by the ARDERN Government to the response to COVID pandemic causing severe suffering when there was clear messages coming from overseas around the efficacy, side affects and the ineffective lockdown approach. When Jacinda Ardern claimed that her government was the Single source of truth, while the media remained silent only reporting negatively anyone with alternate views to the government. A royalCommission of Inquiry into Jacinda Ardern and her government is urgently needed as questions are arising regarding her irrational and obsessive behaviour and her fitness to remain as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. Linda
Why were the jabs promoted as having been fully tested when Medsafe had over 50 provisos in their approval? And why was the law changed so that a provisional approval meant that the jabs could be rolled out to all and sundry without detailed monitoring and follow-up? Gail
This and many other contexts around the Ardern govt.’s actions most certainly require unbiased, uninhibited and penetrating investigation. If a Royal Commission will do that, BRING IT ON!! Jim
Can we hold the Fourth Estate accountable for not reporting independently obtained information which would give New Zealanders a clear view of the situation instead of political propaganda which destroys so called democracies? Leonard
TOO bloody right, This whole article should be sent to all Australian newspapers for them to publish. They would love it. bill
Absolutely essential for the future safety of New Zealanders. Peter
Why does Jacinda Ardern stay in power? David
Also this government’s reasons for introducing race as a basis for dividing this country by using the outdated treaty of waitangi to make rulings on how New Zealanders work and live. Darryl
Has Jacinda signed (or is preparing to sign) the proposed World Health Organisation “Treaty” that would effectively give the WHO the authority to dictate so-called “emergency measures” overriding NZ’s sovereignty regarding lockdowns, boundary closures, etc.? Mitch
I doubt our present government would let this happen because the result could be too disastrous for them. I would certainly support an inquiry by a Royal Commission into the government’s covid response. Does Ardern have the courage of her convictions? Is she up for such a challenge? I think she’d chicken out. Rob
Chris Bishop has said that it is National’s policy to hold a Royal Commission once in Government in 2023. Of course Labour will call such a commission as a ‘witch hunt’ and political but hopefully it will impact fully on some of the Labour Party hierarchy and stop them being elected back into Government for a generation. Brenton
Did the mainstream news media adequately report the facts of the so-called pandemic, especially the fact that there have been experts who thought the policy response was completely wrongheaded? Ted
this covid flu has outbreak has been the most irresponsibly mismanaged health event to happen in NZ in my lifetime – 80 plus years. Bob
Thorough research into the efficacy and safety and long term effects of the Pfizer Vaccine especially the proposed 4th Dose Bob
Was it legal Claire
Yep the whole thing was put in place without regard to legal implications and caused great harm. Michael
Jacinda and Labour have alot to answer regarding their handling of New Zealand during this Covid response. They also need to answer to the people of New Zealand regarding their RACIST laws and actions also. Carl
Accountability is essential Jared
Most definitely. I was forced to take the jab last year or lose my job. This was so wrong. Myra
Absolutely. And we would also like to know what agreement Bill Gates and Jacinda Ardern came to with regards to the vaccine. How much money passed hands privately and why there was such a push to vaccinate everyone against a virus that was 99% harmless, with an experimental vaccine that there were already warnings about, and that it was becoming increasingly obvious that the vax was more harmful than helpful, by the number of serious adverse reactions recorded on Medsafe, when Jacinda had already promised this would not happen. We would also like to know whether the judges that ruled in favour of the experimental vaccine, were bribed or blackmailed to do so, how many people that are now dying WITH covid, are vaxxed and how many of these useless eggspurts, who continue to spout their lies and fears, were or are being paid by the government to do so. Jacinda has pushed and is still pushing a vax that has cost us billions and that has done more harm than ANY vax in the history of the world – and yet she refuses to acknowledge the harm. There must be consequences for this type of purposeful ignorance, for pushing deceitful propaganda and for being a party to the harm and death of so many. Christine
Why was pfizer handed a govt monopoly? Why is natural immunity discounted? Natural immunity targets 12 viral markers whilst the covid “vaccines” target just 1, the spike protein. The targeted spike protein has mutated rendering the vaccine ineffective. Why then are boosters of an ineffective remedy still being promoted? N95 rated masks filter 95% of molecules greater than 400 nm however the average size of a Covid-19 virus is 40 nm. Why are masks in general still being promoted despite the overwhelming science that they are totally ineffectual? Richard
How many deaths are attributed to lack of early intervention during the covid response Sue
I want acknowledgement of the side effects of the vaccine. The government appears unwilling to recognise the long term harm caused by an incompetent administration and a vaccine which really does not protect against Covid. Paloma
No. Nothing to be gained by it. It has been all uncharted territory and not a great deal is to be gained by rehashing it.Don’t make it political but go with the science, I agree boosters of the same “dope” my well be of limited benefit as the virus has mutated. Thrashing the issue like second guessing Luxon and National on abortion when they have made a definite statement that they will not change the law are examples of of political grandstanding rather than sorting out home rule for the Maoris!!! The country is stuffed! Bruce
Absolutely. Put her in jail as she do to us in lockdown. evans
Need to have a wide mandate to cover suicide figures , other health issue which were put on the backburner and the outcomes which followed Lindsay
Absolutely, and immediately. Megan
This government has treated New Zealanders no better than Hitler treated the Jews as far as their pandemic response. David
HELL YES!!! We need a Royal Commission into the way Ardern handled the Covid Response and that should be just the start. This would also serve as a warning to other parties that have offered little opposition to the Ardern Government & may think its ok to carry on down the same path once elected. Debby
Pfizer is known for bribery and corruption. I would like to know how much was paid as a bribe to the PM to motivate her to do this to innocent Kiwis. Street talk mentions $23m. An inquiry into this is essential, to clear her name. Jenny
expose every aspect of the monstrous lying propaganda scam Owen
1. Why were they so slow to roll out the vaccine? So fast to lock down but so slow to roll out Vaccination 2. Why were they so severe on travel lockdown? Business people and other frequent fliers should have been able to still travel. 3. Why the MIQ? Experienced travellers should have been able to travel and self isolate 4. Why continue with booster program? It seems unlikely that any further generalised advantage will be gained as the family tree expands further away from the root on which the pFizer Vax is based. 5. Why are they not considering the more recent Multi Strain and Multi disease Vaccines? 6. Why have they not put up a truthful Lay explanation of basic Immunology and how Vaccines work 7. Why did they never consider the dilemma that eradication was creating. I.E. That it would be nearly impossible to reopen the boarders without a very serious flood of other diseases – as we are seeing. 8. Why was the wellington protest over run by radicals and criminals? It should have been a peaceful protest about freedom and democracy. The Anti Vaxers and criminal element destroyed the message. Comment. I agree with PM. All of the misinformation is emanating from either the Trump Camp or Russia. I have personally traced and investigated some of the more radical conspiracy sites. Comment. I personally researched the various Doctors that were anti Vax. Without exception they all have thriving business in alternative therapies. IE Conflict of interest. As an experienced medical scientist I want to point out that Vaccination remains the most humane and cost effective approach to viral pandemics. Comment. There is nothing experimental about mRNA. The technology has been around since the 1970’s. tane
I want a return to democracy Garry
Why is the Government failing to support proven alternative measures to cure Covid? What are the so called benefits of co-governance? Have they been properly analysed? Ian
Essential to expose the truth and the harm that has been done to many NZ’ers by the lies told by the Prime Minister. Peter
How did Ardern ever get the authority to do what she did from what I have seen she did these things of her own batt and not one news media stood up to her Russell
Although I believe that a Royal Commission might justify the criticism of the Ardern Government’s over-reach in handling the pandemic, this is all really down to our lack of a constitution, dumb voting by a large proportion of the population, and the demise of the fourth estate as a pillar of democracy, about which a Royal Commission can do or achieve almost nothing. We cannot legislate against the people of New Zealand being dumb in who they elect, which is a downside of democracy. ron
With the help of a paid up media team Jacinda has walked all over a population that seems so stuck in her pocket they get away with anything. Subsequent events seem to just reinforce this view, . Tim
Why were the terms for ‘Informed consent’ under the Health & Disability Commissioner’s Act not met by full disclosure of Covid vaccines alleged benefits and risks of harms already known o’seas by time of vax rollout in N.Z. Why were mandates issued and continue to ensure our Bill of Rights has been dismissed in law and in effect? How are Covid harms separated from vaccine harms, what forensic tool is used to measure and confirm a distinction? Christina
Why was $8m given to Shaun Hendy and his bunch of academics to provide a model that gave the govt rationale for its actions when alternative models provided for free gave a vastly different prognosis Mark
The scamdemic could have been dealt with efficiently if access was allowed to existing off-label medicaiations, and early intervention was supported. Peter
At the very least but I keep asking why can not the Governor General, as the Queens representative, remove the govt from power and call for a general election. It has been done before in Australia. mike
we definitely need a royal commission to cut through the mis information Bruce
Yes. The whole issue of the Covid response was badly handled. The borders were shut far too late. Then the vaccinations were poorly controlled and racially divided. Greame
a must Rex
Absolutely….Every day this country sinks deeper into the mire with little or no prospect of ever recouping the wasted Covid funds purported to ‘fix the woes’. They did not, have not, and will not while Ardern continues to be PM. A Royal Commission is definitely required. Robyn
There has never been any doubt that Ardern’s response to the outbreak was based on her political needs, not the nation’s medical needs. Her ‘government’ now owns the press, the tourist industry and, indeed, the entire economy. She has been able to introduce all the measures her maori masters have set before her, and is about to bring in a system of apartheid that the world condemned in South Africa and elsewhere it has been employed. I have made my voice heard wherever I can. What are YOU doing? TOBY
she is a total disaster for the whole country graeme
needs a full enquiry into the whole aspect of the slow processes this govt and delayed action to move forward leo
What Ardern has done to this Country makes me very angry. People are still believing her lies. What can be done to get sanity back? Betty
Yes, hold a Royal Commission and question the integrity of those conducting it. Quacksines or Quaxxines? They weaken the immune system and do not stop Covid. Remember what our P.M. Jacsinister represents. So ve haf penetrated ze cabinets of governments around the world. – Klaus Schwab (initiator of the Fourth Reich World Government.) Don
toke one of the many points being raised. Computer Modeling ? Just study how many Computer Models to do with the Climate Change have been wrong – ALL OF THEM. – real sad results. maurie
This is required as much to hold our Government accountable as it is to properly inform any future pandemic outbreaks. Wilf
Is it legal to implement 3 Waters and new Health Authority ? Chris
Why did the mandates go ahead dispute Min of Health advising against them? What is the true number of deaths from Covid and what underlying health conditions did those people have? Could the commission do a review of all deaths and causes of these in NZ since the beginning of the Covid vaccination programme. Could the commission investigate the situation with the rapid rise in the number of admissions/cases related to heart disease since the beginning of the vaccination. Joan
This is of paramount importance and must be conducted now. If not now then by National when they fly into power next year. Louise
Most definitely a Royal Commission of Inquiry must be carried out on the Govt’s Covid response. This is a serious matter and can not be ignored! Also the implementation of the 3 Waters Bill must be seriously questioned. Colin
The response by Ardern, a WEF young leader graduate, was designed to cause maximum disruption in order to facilitate the goals of WEF to introduce the New World Order in which a small number of so-called elite eugenists impose their ideas and regime onto the world population. It was never about reducing the death or injury toll – in fact the ‘vaccines’ were specifically designed to increase the death toll in line with WEF policies. Alan
Definitely, this Government should be held responsible Graeme
Why does this government keep supporting those who choose to be on the dole yet refuse to work? Ken
This covid thing is being treated like a big show for Adern for all NEW ZEALANDers who she regards and speaks to as if we’re all in primer 3. Don
Why Why the mandates??? that’s what has ruined peoples lives and stuffed the hospitals etc because they sacked those that wouldn’t get the jab, but can you blame the people because look what’s happening now many people dying after having the jab than not, i for one came very very close to death because of the jab and that was without the booster, i have two grand children that have been very ill from all the jabs, it should have been the peoples choice NOT mandated. The country is now in deep shit and will be paying for years and years to come our grand kids and their kids will be paying for this for the rest of their lives.Just another Labour chock of shit as per. COLIN
Why does NZ have a PM that is a graduate of the WEF Young Global Leaders program, whose purpose is to subvert democracy worldwide. Why is Jacinda Ardern best mates with another WEF-YGL grad, Bill Gates? Why did Pfizer seek 75 year secrecy of their Jab research? Why have they lied about the serious adverse effects? Why has fraudulent PCR testing been weaponised against the NZ public ? Why were mask mandates imposed when it was known from 1918 that they are useless and only cause bacterial pneumonia, according to Anthony Fauci? Is Jacinda Ardern complicit with the globalist’ genocide program against humanity? Robert
Was there monies paid to her for to act like she has and still is, how much and who was the gift-giver. jo
Why did our director of health resign? Why has he made no comment? George
Why Pandemic plan not used ? Ardern exceeded her legal authority Thoma
I support an enquiry in principal – an honest one for sure but I doubt a labor or national govt would ensure it was independent and robust covering all aspects of this travesty paul
Full disclosure of the Pfizer contract is needed, also what Labour knew about the side effects from Pfizers trials. After that, compensation is needed for the vaccine injured. Mark
What the Government forced upon the NZ public against the recommendations of advisers has to be exposed so the general public gets to know the true facts.Surely even our left supporting press must then be forced to cover the findings Bryan
I support the execution of Ardern for treason chris
The key thing I would like to see is accounting of the enormous sums borrowed and spent. It seems that the accountability required for government handouts varies in inverse proportion to the amount. Compare the hoops what a non-Maori sickness beneficiary needs to go through to get $100 with what a Maori gang needs to do for $2 million, or the accounting the government shows us for $20 billion. Tony
I had an adverse event and ended up in Hospital with some heart damage after my second vaccine and will not have a booster. i have just had quite a severe attack of covid. so the vaccine damaged my heart and did not stop me getting covid. Lee
I agree with everything you have said but I want to know why govt is still pushing jabs for kids when everyone knows they do more harm than good? Here is a quote I saw somewhere. “If they can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities” Louise
What made the PM believe she had the right to dictate. KEVIN
On what scientific basis were the decision to lockdown,mask wearing,and mandatory vaccinations made ? Mick
I would vote for the political party that promises to hold a commission of enquiry. Peter
Absolutely — this leftist treacherous Government needs to be held account for all it’s “doings” and watch for future agendas. WE MUST GET RID OF THEM AND THE LOONY GREENS !!!!! Alan
Very definitely. There has been far too manipulative propaganda by this government. Get rid of them Gareth
About time you saw the problem. But I’m impressed as usual with the clarity of an action. now. Neville
How about “Recent research by Microsoft found a sudden and pronounced spike in the consumption of Russian disinformation by New Zealanders..” quote by the PM. Disinformation indeed coming from former leader of International Union of Socialist Youth itself funded by Russia/Soviet Union. Tony
On what advice were mandates imposed? Why were RATs tests banned until so late? Why was Auckland locked down for 3 months? Trevor
MIQ situation should also be in this inquiry. Colin
When tyranny becomes law – resistance becomes duty! Chrysta
It needs to be fully independent with no limits on what it can investigate. Including the money trails and any kickbacks. antoni
Absolutely support maximum top level investigation! Total Bio Weapon power play in action! Rodney
The Govt’s outright refusal to accept, debate or allow MSM to report on, the overwhelming other side to our COVID 19 response in my opinion makes an RCA a must! John
Why was the EPA not required to analyze the vaccine ingredients under the HSNO Act? How was it possible that a task force was able able to classify GMO status without scientific analysis? Why was such crucial policy such as the Traffic Light Framework based on no quantitative and qualitative data, but rather waning social license and compliance? Nadine
No it would be just a waste of time.The Government did the best they could under the circumstances.It probably saved many lives. john
Waste of time and money. Patrick
The vaccine needs to be explained clearly. What we have received is gene therapy. It is not effective against covid. Elizabeth
Key members of this government quite frankly, need to be publicly flogged and hung out to dry. Selwyn
Did Pfizer answer the 58 questions asked of it by Medsafe prior to granting provisional approval? Did they disclose their trial data to NZG prior to contract signing – or since? Allan
What proactive measures should be put in place in advance to address future pandemics John
Absolutely. If we don’t then we are no longer a democracy John
Power has got to the head of the government, where are the opposition? Florence
Why are we still being impersonalised by having to wear masks? Jen
Shouldn’t need this but our opinions will again be ignored by this seditious “Government” who are on course to ruin our democracy Edgar W.
Accountability is required russell
With all those consultants at least get something correct: mike
On what evidence is the Ministry of Health promoting Cominarty vaccination for children, considering low covid infection rates and death (less than 0.1% of all infections and death) globally? Piet
The sooner the better and don’t stop at that for the sake, of what’s left of our democracy. Alan
This Govt should be held to account on a lot of things Education and Health are crumbling badly. Barbara
This government needs to be made accountable for the damage that they have caused to New Zealanders as a whole. None of what those government implemented due to covid was necessary. Allan 
Where does the Darwinian theory of evolution with its belief in natural selection, together with the process of building natural immunity, fit in with the current political blanket coverage control techniques that seem to be overwhelming us. Ross
Ridiculous suggestion, why waste more taxpayers’ money and Government officials’ time. Get real. Barrie
The problem is can an enquiry be trusted? Any enquiry set up by this gov would be a total lie! The same applies to a national gov. Luxon, if still leader is a lier and also a Schwab protege like Ardern! Any politicians involved with Schwab cannot be trusted! Peter
This government and its erratic leader have clearly shown that they are not mentally endowed with sufficient grey matter to be in control of the country. They are driven mainly by ideology rather than what is good for New Zealand, and are reactive in their approach to all things rather than being proactive. God help NZ and roll on Oct. 2023 Roy
Was the Ministry of Health under instructions from Ardern? Derek
Lets move on with life and repair this beautiful country of ours . Catherine
Overdue especially as the implementation of these ludicrous practices are ongoing putting more lives at risk Richard
So much of the decision making has been irrational and punishing of democratic freedom of choice! Andy
We’re told we, older people, have to have a 2nd booster – is that wise, after what I have just read? I agree with mask wearing but no one does these days. Keron
May have been hard to reconcile the medical opinions against commercial interests. Bryan
We need to avoid this breach of our rights happening again. Tony
how about a survey on the return of capitol punishment !! Bruce
Criminals need to be held to account at all levels richard
Absolutely want a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield and many others are culpable of murder and deserve nothing less then prison. Of course a Commission of Inquiry must be their greatest threat. Bryce
Absolutely vital to hold those who actually made the decision to lock the country down to account and the light of public scrutiny. Bernie
A waste of time and money Evan
Especially to investigate the response of Sweden to the pandemic compared to other countries ,particularly our own.This issue has been so significant for NZ a Royal Commission is absolutely necessary to guide the country for a possible future event. Richard
Absolutely Evil lies which sucked the Sheeple KIWIS in !!! Greg
However, a Royal Commission is only as good as those leading it. This government would certainly try to influence the outcome by stacking it with Maori who know which side their bread is buttered. Qu. – Why did the government initially adhere to the NZ Bill of Rights and make vaccination optional, then rapidly shift to vaccine mandates which clearly contravene our Bill of Rights? Qu. – Why did the government NOT publish and announce Covid hospitalisation and death stats showing that the unvaccinated rank far lower in both categories compared to the fully vaccinated, and worse still, boosted individuals. Qu – Related to the previous question, is it not right that leading officials, including the Director General of Health and the Prime Minister should be held accountable for misleading the NZ public and causing increased deaths due to their Covid vaccination policy? Should this be referred as a criminal negligence matter to the NZ Police? Derek
Regardless of how reckless the government’s covid response was an enquiry should be held, with as wide as possible terms of reference. The results of such an enquiry will help inform further pandemic responses. Willy
It is truly alarming and shocking what this government has done to the people of New Zealand Bronwyn 
Absolutely Trevor
There is no doubt that the Ardern Govt took advantage of the Covid situation to advance their Communistic plan to suppress the citizens of New Zealand. John
How can we learn otherwise from our mistakes , if we don’t its not only corrupt of the part of Arden’s government, but also undemocratic John
How ever this would take years to happen.The people should make this enquiry. Can’t trust any part of the system anymore. Carl
Whereas I absolutely support an inquiry, or better, a criminal investigation and prosecutions, I am opposed to a Royal Commission. They almost never find the truth or make meaningful recommendations, because they are invariably judge/lawyer dominated. Also, who would sit on it? Those from the powers that be that were all complicit? The only way to have a meaningful inquiry would be to have the likes of Muriel Newman, Sue Grey and foreign medical experts like Dr Peter McCullough running it. But of course that would be struck down by the court system that failed us. Putting the blame solely on Labour and saying that National and Act should inquire defies logic – National and Act were worse than Labour! Their stance was “Labour isn’t going hard enough.” They complained that Labour wasn’t ‘vaccinating’ fast enough. Judith Collins was quite happy for supermarkets to ban the unvaccinated (in modern society, close to a death sentence), and David Seymour was worse, until confronted with the strong protests. We were betrayed by every single MP, and they should all be held to account. John
The terns of reference cannot be set by government as they usually are for Royal Commissions. Why was the existing pandemic plan thrown out in March 2020? Who is accountable for this and what mechanisms are in place to make them accountable? How many lives have been lost from Covid policy? How many lives destroyed? How many businesses destroyed? Why is the government able to procure saturation level advertising at exorbitant cost to the taxpayer to damage the taxpayers health and the economy and push non scientific policy? Why is the media so corrupt and biased? Why do our media watchdogs not work for the people – they only work to cover up the corrupt media companies. How is it the government can pay to make up “science” via Te Punaha Matatini? Why can the government block people from debate including on their social media channels? Government works for the people so surely ALL people can take part in debate. Why do we not have a constitution that protects NZer’s rights that cannot be overriden by government legislation? Where are the checks and balances in our constitutional environment? Why are all mainstream parties pro Covid policy even though it was never supported by actual science. How can govt be allowed to print billions in money creating economic chaos and asset bubbles? Why were safe effective early treatments scapegoated? Why do our medical watchdogs which are supposed to protect the public push government policy instead of protecting the health and interests of the public? How was government practically and legally able to mandate an experimental medical intervention? Undoubtedly so many more questions to be answered. Alex
bring to light all the untruths being sold to nz as truth Trevor
responsibility needs to be taken for the deaths and disability and distress caused when all the evidence is /was available…… mary
The Government and all associated organisations including media should be held to account through an enquiry to establish the REAL truth. Lazza
Provided that Commission has the authority to hold wrongdoers to account Geoffrey
We need to demand the Truth from facts and figures from around the world and NZ, regarding i)actual covid symptoms and incidence of death from covid, not with covid. Also the breakdown of comorbities and actual cause of death. ii) figures of vaccine deaths and injuries, and type, NZ and other countries. This is hard to confirm, but countries are all showing excess mortalities. All SADS and other unexpected deaths should be required autopsy. We know of 5 female teenagers dying suddenly, 4 supposedly from ‘sudden asthma attack’, 2 definitely after vax. Pfizer data should be published, especially re pregnancy. iii) The criminal aspect of NZ Govt actions should be addressed. a. UK decided not to introduce mandates for health workers, or anyone else, when they saw the nature of Omicron. A pointless action. b. Govt continuing to promote the vax as safe and effective, even now, and for children, (with rewards still offered) when it is KNOWN not to be. c. the effect of Auto-immune-deficiency syndrome developing more with each additional dose has been proven. This reduces natural immunity to all disease, including covid. For how long, nobody knows. It would be an easy matter for all current hospitalisations to record whether vaxed, how many, etc. Such research should be demanded. Heather
This is a cover up by Labour supported by MSM geoff
I would like to know who Ardern is working for. Certainly not for the five million she stated from the beginning of the covid out break. Rod
But it will be a white wash. Some people in the government and health department should be held criminally accountable. David
This government is a dictatorship Steve
There are so many instances of bad management and corruption within the Labour Government that if a royal commission was to be held to look into it I doubt we would ever see the end of it. Murray
The problem will be stopping the government from setting the format/ control of the enquiry Kevin
This is all about everyone being accountable where independent scrutiny is essential. Gavin
Hell yes Peter
Who were the original creators and pushers of the outrageous lies around the efficacy, safety and human usage of alternative treatments such as Ivermectin, which were known to be effective in all stages of Covid, long before the injection rollout. Paul
long overdue Hans
The whole Pandemic is a sham. Considering: India develops COVID treatment kit for less than $3 per person https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/india-develops-covid-treatment-kit-for-less-than-3-per-person-with-miraculous-ivermectin/ Its cost New Zealand millions for the purchase of the experimental vaccines that provide no better protection than natural Immunity and have caused serious life threatening side effects to many people regards Carl Carl
It is absolutely necessary to hold an investigation by the RC. The question is : who is or will be appointed to this commission and how independent are these people. And therein lies the problem. I strongly suspect that the entire political landscape has been corrupted to such an extend that the result of such an enquiry would be predetermined in favour of Ardern and her criminal associates. My specific question is , however, : How could Ardern amass 25 plus million Dollars of personal wealth in such a short period of time in office coinciding with this ‘ PLANDEMIC’. And why is it that all these devastating measures forced upon our people happened in timely unison with other nations . There has to be disclosure about the teamwork between Pfizer etc and these so called health experts . Michael
A full enquiry is necessary as is the removal of of the blanket rights of the government of the movement of its population in the event of another panademic situation. Phil
The PM should also be the subject of a mental assessment as she is obviously irrational and unfit for office. For her commitment to corruption and the introduction of apartheid there must be a criminal offence for which she should be held to account. Terry M
too many important issues need it Douig
I fully support having a Royal commission inquiry this Arden regime has wrecked so many peoples livelihood and torn people apart. So upsetting for a lot of people what a mess Denise
Has there a big uptick in herpes family viruses, especially herpes EBV4, which is Epstein-Barr virus [aka] mononucleosis,” ?? I had a herpes like rash after the first dose and a friend had a bad does of herpes like reaction!! John
Why was the existing Pandemic Plan set aside to instead place the onerous and damaging conditions on New Zealanders thus impacting the unaffected and burdening subsequent generations? Peter
We most emphatically require an investigation with wide powers and the ability to ask questions that if refused, will see those those obdurates prosecuted- no matter who they are. This whole business has been an utter debacle and yet it continues. Ardern and her lackies need to be held to account over their absurd reaction and complete adherence to the ludicrous demands being enacted throughout Europe and the US. Charles
List and quantify the proven side effects of multiple vaccine doses. Raymond
The justification for the banning of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine In order to get emergency authorization for the vaccine, Pfizer had to show that no other medicine was effective in treating it. There then started a campaign by pfizer paid laboratories to denounce these drugs but on the other hand there were many academics and medics who pointed to trials and events (Uttar Pradesh, Indonesia and others) where its use had been very beneficial. Peter
Absolutely, so it will surly show further how incompetent this lot are Paul
She is a pathological liar. Mike
There is so much data online if you look showing how dangerous the so called vaxx is. & that the wearing of masks is also useless & dangerous to your health. Jacinda is a total hippocrat tripping around Europe not wearing a mask & being her usual lying self spurting out tons of Co2 emissions from her plane & her mouth. We need to hold her & her cronies to account.Yes we need a royal commission inquiry & a large jail cell. Allen
New Zealanders deserve the REAL truth Clive
Definitely fed up with them and their so called looking after us and making us have jabs that many of us don’t want. Barbara
The response from day one when Covid it was first indicated that Covid could be a threat to NZ right through until now because: 1 The government was slow several times. 2. Money allocated to Covid has been scattered into other areas, maybe even buying an election. 3. So many business’ and the economy have been destroyed to the extent we are heading into recession and I for one would not be surprised if that became a depression. pdm
So many questions. So few answers to date Richard
It is essential. Doug
Too many questions and ZERO answers so far. Showing us the Pfizer contract unredacted would in itself explain a lot. Ardern isn’t and hasn’t ever been fit to govern. Right now she is begging tourists to come back, yet her MOH threatens more lockdowns! How bloody stupid. Jan
The Covid response was a total overreach by the govt in many aspects. An independent review is well warranted. Albert
The Government needs to be held to account Ray
Forked tongue this woman John T
Why is she not telling the truth. Even the comment ‘one source of truth ‘ is a lie. Where is the apology for calling NZer’s a river of filth? just because they wanted their stolen freedom back. charlotte
Far more damage done by the Government response to covid than covid itself. The harm is ongoing and an Inquiry might go some way towards healing. Diana
How do we punish incompetent MP’s? This present govt are criminal in their fraud as capable to govern. Kevin
Human rights and our bill of rights have been trampled. Heads should roll. John
Why are we still seeing advertising for the vaccine, which is known to be misleading based on current scientific knowledge? Rod
It’s a no brained the government and the media should be ashamed of themselves this country is on the brink of bankruptcy and here is our so called prime minister telling the world what a wonderful job she is doing we are a notion of sheep Peter
Jacinda Ardern lied from the beginning when she said that we had not been here before and there was no plan. In 2009 we had the Swine Flu – 3,179 cases and 19 deaths in 6 months. National followed the Health Departments 2006 Pandemic/Epidemic plan, which was updated in 2017. They strengthened the borders, closed schools, as it was brought into NZ by students from Rangitoto College returning from a trip to Mexico, and they isolated areas where the pandemic was, they did not close down the whole country. Lynn
I would like to know why, when she could see what was happening overseas Ardern did not accept that the covid vaccine was not preventing covid and the masks were not working. I would also like to know why she had so little concern for small businesses being quite happy for many of them to fail. Regarding the Russian searches on the internet, I suspect that is merely people interested in the background to the war in Ukraine. She is using disinformation of her own to shut down free speech. Janine
Given all the facts already available, why has the Govt (Ardern) failed to protect the wellbeing of New Zealanders? Ardern should be put on trial for what she has done to this country. Steve
why she did not heed matt kings advice & at least look at his concerns, she could of saved lives.. lynda
Pfizer is an experimental vaccine which should not have been mandatory. Heads must roll. Chris
I support a Royal Commission of Enquiry, but not if it is established by this Labour government which will skew the terms of reference to minimise impact on them. National/ACT should commit NOW to setting it up. Graeme
The only issue is that there seem to be a lot of politically biased senior people in NZ so finding the right people for the inquiry would be difficult. Most,I fear, would have the result in mind before beginning. George
Government response was irresponsible, reckless, a cover up for their agendas. Jule
NZ citizens should be free to choose and not be dictated to by Government. Government should provide sound true information for all people to then judge what is best for them to do. Our freedoms need to be respected, not controlled RICHard
Needs to happen!!! Stu
Answers to the questions you have raised are essential for future pandemics. john
This Govt is acting way beyond its legal mandate!!! Kathleen
An inquiry must be done. NEIL
Sheer hyprocracy Michael
Why did the 50 odd requirements for the vaccines continued use originally stated on their website be removed and were they met? Particularly the the disclosure of all! Ingredients in the vaccine? Alex
The decisions being made seem to be more political than evidence based. Are the decisions being made to hide our ailing health system and hide government inaction more than the virus itself. Only an appropriately scoped inquiry can answer that. Also the mandates on employment are unfair and not compensated for the loss of human rights for the individuals concerned. The inquiry should look at this also. Pete
A fair, real inquiry, not one biased or rigged with government yes-men. All government documents on covid and all advice needs to be put out there for the public to investigate such as Chantelle Baker, Leighton Smith or Ian Wishart Laura
What influence did Klaus Schwab and the WEF have on Jacinda Ardern, since the day she graduated from the WEF Young Leaders internationalist school. Other graduates are behaving the the same ‘lock-step’ eg Macron, Turdeau, etc Coral
Because it has been so corrupt and secret that they need to be held accountable David
I have written repeatedly to Government and Opposition politicians asking the former to explain and the latter to question the ditching of the pandemic plan. I included journalists in my emails. I have had not one response. Not one. It is time an independent inquiry was made a top priority. This government needs to be held accountable for the covid “measures” . The Opposition are clearly not holding the government to account – the people must. Trish
Yes, it should happen but likely won’t! Jane
Yes, but we all know it will not happen, she would not allow that. Demonizing us who dare to question her, using her state owned media (Pravda) and the new Ministry of Truth & Disinformation, what a bunch of radicals and Marxists this government is, the quicker they are gone the better. Brian
Yes but good luck! No chance of anything meaningful. Max
We are still being fed questionable messages by the Govt about the Covid 19 pandemic and it’s effects on New Zealanders. Proper questions and answers needed. John
So important to resolve this & get NEW ZEALAND back David & Janice
Why is this Government not held accountable ? Debbie
Should also include the actions of the Health Department and the way it handled exemptions or attending close whanau tangi Wade
It was obvious from very early in the first wave. That this illness was relatively harmless unless the victim had serious life ending co morbidity.. the supposed miracle cure also immediately proved to be useless at best and more harmful that the illness. Dominic
Better yet a call-back to be added to legislation before the next election. I heard that a lot of farmers voted for Labour at the last election. If so they must be feeling sick today. Ardern and O’Connor have just pulled off the biggest coup yet against meat & dairy farmers with the signing of the EU free trade agreement. They have always hated that sector of our economy even though it pays most of the bills. They have always dreamed of a NZ of market gardens, vinyards, orchards and woodlots. Hence the signing of a propagandised”: first rate” agreement never included meat or dairy and was a sneaky betrayal of that sector behind closed doors as is Arderns practice. I have heard Labour supporters bragging that now that sector “will have to change”. Why? It is best in the world. Do we expect our children to be raised on milk products sourced from China in the future? Terry
I support getting rid of the Ardern Government right now before this country falls apart. Folkert
definitely these experimental shots have killed and maimed. They should never have been mandated and early intervention measures should have been instituted from the outset i.e.as per Dr Damian Wojchik’s Plan B. Janet
Like most Governments, they live to be re-elected. Their motives certainly need to be scrutinised independently and not by a Left leaning Judge as most were appointed by Labour. Adrian
Why is there still necessity for the country to be in Orange? The mask mandate still continues unnecessarily. There will be future health issues going forward, so why does this continue? Natural immunity will be crushed. Annie
We need to move on with life now with appropriate precautions in place.  Jen
Every single law-change rushed through parliament during the current govts tenure should be thoroughly scrutinised and reversed. Sharen
A royal commission will resolve none of the injustices and deceit that we have endured. We have to bite the bullet and vote this lot into oblivion. Robert
Absolutely a Royal Commission needs to be held. NZ would have been so much better off if the Pandemic PLan had been followed. What a disaster Jacinda Ardern has been – and yes, she is unfit to govern.  Bruce
Yes to an inquiry and I would like to understand exactly how the media could have allowed themselves to be muzzled so quickly. At the beginning journalists were reporting the facts – a lack of PPE for front line staff, even though Ardern said there was plenty to go around, but the hard questions quickly disappeared. Why was that? Were there threats? What happened to all of those good journalists who wanted to publish the truth about what was going on??  Murray
National and ACT need to commit to an inquiry. I believe the government should be interrogated over the fearmongering campaign it ran to scare people into compliance and distract them from recognising the separatist agenda that was being rolled out.   Graeme
What a mess Labour has created. And yes, they must be held to account. Especially for locking NZers out of the country for so long.  Jenny
Our Prime Minister is on an obsessive witch-hunt against those who stood up to her over the mandates. It is pathetic to watch and shows she is not fit to govern.  Daniel