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Dr Muriel Newman

Declaration of Equality Confirmation


Thank you for signing our Declaration of Equality.  

We launched the NZCPR’s Declaration of Equality calling for equal rights and a colour-blind society, to counter the Government’s plan to enact the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by stealth. Their aim is to replace New Zealand democracy with tribal rule by 2040.

Our objective is to create a strong movement committed to defending our democracy and opposing this separatist plan. Please help us build build awareness by encouraging others to sign the Declaration.

*The direct Declaration link is here:

Our article explaining the background to this Declaration is HERE.  

To keep informed, we suggest you register for the mailing list of the free weekly newsletter from the NZCPR public policy think tank HERE – we will be updating progress in the weeks to come.


Please Note: We are also building a fighting fund to raise awareness of the growing threat to our democracy – if you would like to support our campaign, please visit our fundraising page HERE.


Thank you once again for your support – we will be in touch soon.