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Defending Our Democracy

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We need to face facts. New Zealand’s democracy is being undermined by Jacinda Ardern’s Government.

The Prime Minister’s decision to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as outlined in He Puapua – their Vision 2040 plan of action – signals a deathblow to democracy if fully enacted.

Under the guise of “biculturalism”, He Puapua aims to establish 50:50 tribal rule by 2040.

But any government that deliberately surrenders half of its statutory power to a self-selected tribal elite would bring to an end two centuries of established democratic rule. New Zealand would no longer be a democracy – elected members would no longer be sovereign but would be beholden to the wishes of a dictatorial tribal aristocracy.

To achieve tribal rule, a new Treaty of Waitangi constitution would need to be introduced, with tikanga-based law.

The implications of such changes are profound, as David Round, a constitutional law expert at Canterbury University has warned, “If the Treaty gets into our constitution, then the majority of the people of New Zealand will become second-class citizens in their own country. This must not happen. If it does happen, then our increasingly divided country will be irrevocably stuffed.”

He points out that a Treaty-based constitution would guarantee a privileged status to those of Maori descent forever, since any attempt to undo such an arrangement would be struck down as unconstitutional.

Every new law and regulation introduced under a 50:50 co-governance regime will be vetted to ensure the tribal hierarchy is prioritised and enriched. There would be nothing to stop such a tribal dictatorship from using their regulatory and revenue raising powers to force private property owners off their land or to impose such punitive costs on resources like water, that anyone but tribal members would be priced out of business.

The Prime Minister’s Vision 2040 roadmap to implement the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration identifies such a massive constitutional upheaval that it is unconscionable that a public mandate has not been sought. Instead, this totalitarian agenda is being progressed by stealth, and most New Zealanders have no idea what’s going on.

Government laws that are now being introduced increasingly include special tribal privileges, as well as veto rights over decision-making.

Government employees are not only being forced to undergo cultural “training”, but in some cases are even required to swear their allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The education system has already been captured by separatists and is being transformed into a Treaty indoctrination machine.

State funded institutions – including the so-called “independent” media – are now proactively spreading separatist propaganda and inundating the public with Maori language and culture.

The Ardern Government is deliberately and proactively dividing New Zealanders along racial lines.

It’s not just the “Government”, of course, that’s pushing separatist rule – tribal activists are on the frontline bullying and intimidating anyone who stands in their way. Whether it’s councillors who voted against Maori wards, social media users criticising race-based rights, or members of the public defending democracy, everyone who speaks out against the Maori supremacy agenda risks being targeted and attacked.

So what does the future hold?

A fundamental question for New Zealanders, is whether we do nothing and accept Vision 2040 as our destiny – with separatist rule replacing our democracy and the country torn by tribalism and racial strife – or whether we find the courage to defend our democracy by following the lead of countries like Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, and Belgium, which have understood the dangers and removed references to ‘race’ from their Statute books.

These countries have acknowledged the reality that there is only one race of people – the human race. They recognise that “race” is a dangerous political construct – a key part of the identity politics lexicon that is pivotal to cultural Marxism and the socialist divide and rule paradigm.

In other words, Kiwis have a choice – do we continue down Jacinda Ardern’s path to a future where race is weaponised, democracy is undermined, and tribalism is empowered, or should we take a stand and protect our democracy from those seeking to destroy it.

If we care that our forefathers sacrificed themselves defending New Zealand’s one-person-one-vote democracy, then we too must uphold it. 

In doing so, we should be mindful of the lesson shared with us last month by Dr Arif Ahmed of Cambridge University, who successfully defeated free speech restrictions imposed by the University Council – while the radicals seeking to restrict liberty and democratic rights are extremely vocal, they are very small in number, which means that if the majority of citizens stand together to defend their rights, extremism will be defeated and common sense will prevail.

The first step in defeating the extremism that New Zealand now faces is to ensure that everyone promoting separatism understands the end game.

Do those people calling our country “Aotearoa New Zealand” and inundating us with Maori language and culture realise they are supporting a plan to replace our democracy with separatist rule? When they use “Aotearoa” ask them why they would even consider surrendering democracy to a tribal dictatorship.

The reality is that many people will be using “Aotearoa” because they’ve either been instructed to do so, or they think it’s a kind or trendy thing to do. Most will have no idea they are promoting such a toxic agenda.

If speaking out results in accusations of “racism”, just say “no”. Tell the bullies there’s nothing racist about supporting equal rights and a colour-blind society. Tell them it’s those promoting racial privilege who are the ‘racists’.

And, when they try to twist this by claiming that only members of a majority can be racist, let them know they are talking self-serving nonsense and remind them that anything that divides Kiwis by race is racist!

When activists claim that “colonisation” is to blame for Maori disparity, explain that’s just separatist propaganda, that it’s not skin colour that causes disparity but family breakdown, substance abuse, intergenerational welfare dependency, and educational failure. 

Remind them that through the rule of law, property rights, tools, technology, and the benefits of Western civilization, colonisation transformed New Zealand from a primitive and violent Stone Age society, into the modern nation it is today.

In response to similar attacks on colonisation in the UK, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is recommending a new teaching resource for children – The Making of Modern Britain focuses on the positive influence of the Commonwealth, so that children can feel proud of their British heritage.

A new teaching resource will soon be introduced into our schools – New Zealand history will be the only compulsory subject in our curriculum. But the process has been captured by separatists who are determined to indoctrinate the next generation not with pride, but guilt, to no doubt ensure that Vision 2040 and tribal rule becomes a reality.

The Ministry of Education’s draft curriculum, which has been released for public consultation, reveals that Kiwi children will be taught that Maori signing the Treaty of Waitangi did not cede sovereignty to the Crown: “It is clear that Maori did not cede their mana to the Crown, and that they signed in the belief that it would give them power to govern in partnership with the Governor.”

George Orwell’s warning in his iconic novel 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past” is coming to fruition in New Zealand, with our Prime Minister now seemingly planning to indoctrinate children with fake history, to no doubt ensure on-going support for her dangerous agenda for tribal rule.

Like many other New Zealanders, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, educationalist Tony Sayers, is dismayed by the separatist attacks on our democracy and shares his views on how we should respond:

“Democracy and true equality for all New Zealand citizens needs protection, and the majority of the population must apply equal and opposite action against any form of imposition of Maori power over them. This can take the form of simple actions like showing contempt for Maori attempts at domination: slow-clapping, foot-stamping, whistling or coughing for Maori mihis and karakias… or at council meetings that are opened with waiatas.

“Standing and turning your back towards those who are foisting their culture upon you is another option. Some courageous councillors have spoken out, or called for ‘points of order’ when the council business is set aside to accommodate Tikanga. These actions are disrespectful to any culture, but then the imposition of Maori culture over your culture is equally disrespectful.”

Tony commends retired teacher John Bell, who, in a recent Breaking Views article, provided practical suggestions to counter anti-democratic separatist propaganda – such as cancelling subscriptions and donations to charities if they persist in promoting separatist culture and language in spite of requests to desist.

Many New Zealanders are now ‘switching off’ – refusing to watch television programmes or listen to radio stations that are proactively promoting separatism. They are cancelling newspaper subscriptions for the same reason.

Those who are writing letters of complaint to the bosses of organisations promoting separatist propaganda – explaining they will not support anyone endorsing an agenda to undermine New Zealand democracy – are finding their concerns are taken much more seriously when they contact the Board of Directors as well.

Ideally, to combat New Zealand’s headlong rush into separatism, we not only need Parliamentary parties to step up and take a lead, but we also need widespread public awareness as well.

Our collective objective should therefore be to build a strong movement of New Zealanders committed to defending our democracy against separatism.

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Make a submission opposing the draft New Zealand History curriculum – the details can be found HERE.
  2. Take a stand against separatist propaganda whenever you have an opportunity to do so. 
  3. Support the NZCPR’s Declaration of Equality.

We first launched the Declaration of Equality in 2012, when the Maori Party was attempting to force a Treaty of Waitangi constitution onto our country. We countered their plan for tribal control with our vision of a strong democracy – a colour-blind society based on equal rights for all citizens.

Thousands of patriotic New Zealanders supported our Declaration at that time and the separatists’ plan for a new constitution was defeated.

We have now relaunched our Declaration of Equality. It states:

We, New Zealanders of all backgrounds, having founded and developed our democratic society in equality, fairness, and comradeship, oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division.

We pledge to oppose those who are attempting to undermine our democracy by imposing the fetters of racial inequality onto the free citizens of New Zealand.

There shall be one law for all:

– We reject all references to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
– Such references must be removed from all existing legislation.
– The race-based Parliamentary seats must be abolished.
– Race-based representation on local bodies must be abolished.
– The Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness, must be abolished.

Help us create a strong movement to defend our democracy by signing the Declaration of Equality and calling on others to do the same.

Let’s join together and fight for a colour-blind society where all New Zealanders are equal in the eyes of the law, with all race-based preferment abolished.

Our plan is to establish a dialogue with those who sign the Declaration to create an ideas bank where supporters can share their experiences and suggestions of ways to defend New Zealand democracy from those seeking to undermine it.

You can sign the Declaration of Equality HERE.

We must never forget that a democracy is ‘owned’ by the people not the politicians. If we stand together, our team of 5 million does not have to accept the loss of our democratic rights. But we have to ensure other Kiwis are aware of what’s going on so that they too can take a patriotic stand.

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*Should all race-based preferment be abolished from New Zealand Statutes?  
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Now we are to have a Maori Heath Authority, do I see a MTV 2.0 Another money black hole, great for sellers of overpriced underwear and BMW/ AUDI AND Tesla dealers. Awake ot Woke
Are we not all New Zealanders, Why is this government seemingly supporting segregation. Our Prime Minister said after the last election her party was going to govern for all New Zealanders. It does not look like we can trust Ardern. Owen
We are heading for a civil war between left and right. I can’t wait. Dave
Dividing people by race creates disunity and a them and us attitude that is destructive. jd
We are a single multicultural race with a short history but where we are all of equal importance and supposedly have an equal voice tony
We are all New Zealanders and democracy is for ALL of us. Those who want to divide surely cannot see ahead as to the dangers which would unfold. We are all of the human race. We must remain as one peoples for the sake of all in New Zealand. Robina
Maori should be thankful for having other nationalities here. The japs would have wiped them out long ago. Maori now live better than they ever have thanks to the many races we have here that call themselves kiwis. Mark
absolutely gary
I lived in the communistic country and don’t want to live it again Peter
Brown supremicists are getting their way by distorting intent of the Treaty, falsely playing the race card against lilly-livered and cowardly government, university, media and corporate administrators. Steve
Incredible what this woman, Comrade Ardern, is getting away with right under our noses. Does she have part Maori heritage herself? I and my friends are fed up with the separatism that she is foisting on us horrible, guilt ridden White NZers who have worked all our lives (over 60 years) to build this country, and are now being indoctrinated into feeling guilty, while are percentage of these 15% part brown people just take take take because they have been told they are deprived and therefore entitled. Carolyn
One country one people Dianne
There should be no special treatment for different races. New Zealand should be one people Dianne
Yes, definitely and the sooner the better, the longer it is left the harder it will be to get the country back on track again! john
Yes we are all New Zealanders together . One people one Law for all. Do not need Race based seats in Parliament. Margaret
The Maori activists, racists and intellectuals are practising apartheid. All my friends and associates are absolutely sick of it. It’s absolute racism and the present Labour government are sucking up to it. The news and TV channels are also promoting it too. If you speak out as a European that is classed as racist. The whole scenario is dangerous and it is creating a massive divide within the country. Bruce
N Z is in a sad state due to the policies of this Current Government and the situation is going to get a lot worse but the young generation seem to be oblivious as to what is happening .At some stage they will wake up and hopefully take action to reverse the current crisese that is taken effect. ken
True democracy is what our country needs going forward as one people…not division by race. NEED is what is assistance is based on, not RACE Craig
It should never been allowed to get this far in the first place. I do not see many opposition MP,s commenting on these issues. Maybe we need another Bob Jones to step up and speak out. william
Race based preferment equals blatant anti white racism…surely racism in all its forms should be abolished? And someone tell me why WHY it is assumed that ‘only whites can be racist’…? Naine
So simple as there is only one human race left, Homo Sapiens. All maori have a large majority of other genes or ancestry anyway so let them honour them instead of the violent hunter gatherer tribes. Leonard
Yes it should be. Its wrong in every way paul
now brian
And the sooner the better! We need to be colour blind when it comes to race! Walnetta
Yes, we must become one people. That is the only way forward. Andrew
There is no justification for it. We all have equal opportunity in this country if we care to play our part . Colin
Why should one race receive preferment over any other – if that was to be introduced, the Asian population would be entitled to greater preference than Maori Geoff
No question, yes. Andrew
Yes, A first world country , should treat all people the same . Andrea
Of course it should, however this government and its cohorts wont allow this. What has happened to the opposition parties? Where are their voices speaking out against this? Do we even have any opposition now? Fraser
If equality of life as at 1840, does that mean the colonists will remove roads, water reticulation, pubs, TAB, Social Welfare and all those other things that the white man has added to NZ Blue
The country is stuffed under labour or will be soon Jenny
Yes. We are horrified but feel powerless against the overwhelming crush of activity supporting the changes that are being forced on us. To give just one example. Our National Radio broadcast announcers and news readers have been forced by their management to insert Maori language into all news broadcasts and weather forecasting. This change cannot have been introduced in any other way it is so obvious and rapid over the last 6 months. This must have been instituted by top Government officials. To make matters worse, the Broadcasting Standards Authority will not read, accept, or take any action to follow up complaints about this huge change in policy. How can we fight against that take over? There are numerous other examples of a similar experience. Chris
We want democracy not race based privilege Stanley
got to get all the facts out there for people to read for themselves Neville
There is only one race-the human race. All should be treated equally. Rosemary
A true democracy looks after the total population not just a race based privileged few who don’t even look after their own race as we have seen from various Waitangi Tribunal moves that for some strange reason never seem to show any benefit to the working class Maori other than the heiracy Garry
Race is not acceptable criteria to determine anything. Suggesting a whakapapa connection determines an alternative or extra consultation in regard to consultation on an issue or a consent matter is very wrong. Peter
We need democracy for all, in NZ. Kathy
Absolutely YES Pam
I was the only white kid in my final year at primary school. Just because they look Samoan or Maori… half were half European. We should be one country John
This present state of our nation is not what my father fought for in WW.2 or why I served 16 years in the Territorial Army. I thought I was preparing to repel an outside force. Bruce
a big YES and get some politicians with balls to stand up and say enough of our toothy dictator’s games to destroy this country with her lies and corrupt lackys, the first line of our national anthem is so true in many respects. Just as well we have Dr Muriel Newman to keep us informed of the dangers NEW ZEALAND is heading as the paid off tv and newspapers wont. Richard
we are supposed to be one people Nev
Make a stand. Had enough of corrupt govt and its devious leader. Adern is a sly manipulator abusing the democracy for which ancestors fought for. She needs to go she has no interest in NZ only getting herself seen and pushing her comrades beliefs. No way get rid. Dianne
The Treaty of Waitangi Document is already being used in a skewed fashion to beat the rest of New Zealanders over the head in an effort from the usual small group to herd us into compliance with maori ways. I actually have no problem with maori custom and culture, but to be forced into it is simply ridiculous. Trevor
It’s racist! Blair
Absolutely Ange
Absolutely. Brian
Who will inform the general NEW ZEALAND public of this because the mainstream media certainly will not? The only way will be street marches but this will not happen as New Zealanders are too polite. Monica
All New Zealanders should be treated equally. It follows’ therefore, that you can only ‘give’ rights to someone by taking it away from someone else. We are creating an elitist group and heading down the road to communism! Hello Jacinda!! Wasn’t that the plan from the get-go? I suspect our ‘mother’ has another agenda! Martin
ABSOLUTELY “yes” ! We are all one people called New Zealanders and should all be treated as equals ! Why can’t our Government see this and STOP all their race based policies. Andrew
If this continues it is PLAINLY racist ! I am tired of all this PC b…..t where the media are now openly using Maori words and phrases which 90% of our population do NOT understand. It would be marginally acceptable IF these words had English sub-title translations underneath . Only 17% of our total population are Maori. Why don’t the media use Asian languages as there are now more Asians living here than Maori. In any case if they are trying to promote the language then put it on one of the 2 Maori speaking stations, which all ratepayers/taxpayers pay for rather than mainstream media. Andrew
Yes definitely should be abolished if we are to ever move forward as one nation and one set of laws. Perhaps they are trying to drive us out. Vision 40 is just crazy stuff! Paul
I was always was brought up that we were all New Zealanders all with the same rights!!! Peter
colour blind only, NO race based priveleges !!! Brian
The treaty had no clause in it , saying that maori would govern with the English in a 50/50 partnership. Absolute nonsense. Can you imagine Queen Victoria and the English cabinet granting anything like this. There is also debate on what the final treaty paper stated, and the treaty that the government is following is a draft copy. When the treaty was presented to the English government at that time. G.W hope, under secretary of state at the colonial office in london, declared that if the treaty had been read and understood, on its arrival in London, it would of been disavowed. The Treaty Of Waitangi, because of the misunderstanding of what was intended by both parties, is flawed. In any contract if there is not a meeting of the minds, or consensus ad idem ,then that contract is null and void. With some of the maori uprising against the English, that too would be a breach of agreement. As Ruth Ross {research historian} stated in regards to the treaty “However good intensions may have been, a close study of events, shows that the Treaty of Waitangi was hastily and inexpertly drawn up. Ambiguous and contradictory in content, chaotic in execution. To persist in postulating that this was a sacred compact, is sheer hypocrisy”. So why have governments enshrined this flawed document in the majority of legislation? Beggers belief. steve
Apartheid is NO way to run a country. Laws determined by Race are Apartheid. Lionel
YES!!! Self explanatory. No comment needed. richard
Ardern does only the UN bidding – her lack of intellect is being used against her by the global socialist machine to hand over power to them. LUKE
we are all nz,ers barry
Definitely Tony
we are all nzers barry
NO PLACE FOR RACE BASED ANYTHING IN OUR COUNTRY. The thin edge of the wedge which will lead to evermore gimmees to moari. for nothing in return Jojo
Yes, without a doubt. Peter
Race based legislation has no place in our country. ALL laws should be colour blind. Roger
A backward step Mary
One Vote for each person no special favours. NZ europeans are becoming the minority in governance Adrienne
concerned citizen of new zealand brian
All racist propaganda should be banned Gareth
we are all one people. New Zealanders do not want to be divided by race. Maureen
One law for all, equally. Sheila
For equity we need to treat everyone as an equal. That does not mean we can not celebrate the multicultural country that we are. Barbara
We must unite to protect our rights and place in our country New Zealand. Carol
New Zealand is One Nation. Wayne
We now have reverse apartheid…expect all those who protested against springbok tour out on the streets again Bill
to bloody right, to many PC racists Rob D
I have observed these unholy trends for a long time . NZ MSM I have stopped paying attention too for years now. Total waste of time as far as I am concerned. Still– the big problem lies in the general apathy of the NZ public to draw the appropriate conclusions and — as you said — turn their backs on all this nonsense. Michael
We now have a fourth language in NZ being MENGLISH. This the mingling of Maori and English. This is formally confirmed by the need for a Glossary of Maori terms/words in the recent Climate Change Commission consultation report. We are reaching the point where an educated English speaker needs a Maori/English dictionary to read a Statute, government/local body report and to fully understand news reports on TV, radio and in the press. Arguably PLAIN ENGLISH is dead in New Zealand! Rod
Learned a new word today. Tom
In the words of the PM, we are one and a team of 5 million John
Equality for all and same rules for all should apply Laurel
We are all NZ’ers regardless of Race Kaye
Heaven forbid, but National parliamentarians built the base upon which the Labour/Green coalition Government have now built their vision 2040. Ex-PM Bolger’s appeasement of the growing Maori Supremacy Movement of the 1990’s including agreeing to consider the renaming of New Zealand to Aotearoa; the special treatment and privileges granted in the RMA rewrite by Dr Nick Smith; Mr Finlayson’s endeavours in making of the Wanganui River and the Ureweras forrests into a person and kin to the local Maori; Mr Finlayson’s acceptance of the supposed rape of women at Parihaka and an associated payout of $9 million without any corroborating legitimised evidence; Mr Finlayson’s acceptance of the British wrongdoing in the confiscation of Waikato and Taraanki land confiscation despite such confiscations being as a direct result of rebellion by the kingite movement in the area; Sir John Key’s authorisation that permitted Dr Sharples to sign up to the UN Accord on the rights and protection of “indigenous” people despite the Maori also being immigrants to New Zealand, albeit they arrived 300-400 years before European immigrants. We now have the ridiculous situation of the Governments 2040 Vision providing for 15% of the nation’s people (those claiming their Maori heritage is paramount to all other DNA they have derived from their non-Maori antecedents they may have) being established in a 50/50 co-governance situation with the Government. Further the Government is using its significant majority to further divide the nation into two classes, Maori and others. We are now also faced with Maori being in a position to gain control over the Nation’s freshwater resources. The latest proof on the manner the Government will pursue governance is the manner in which it handled the The Local Electoral (Maori Wards and Maori Constituencies) Amendment Bill. The majority of bills introduced by Government over the last three years now include a myriad of Maori words and phrases, which by last statistics, can only be understood by approximately 6% of the Nation without reference to a Maori to English dictionary. Given, in their wisdom, in 1987 Parliament designated Maori as one of the official Languages, one could possibly accept two versions of all bills and acts to be issued in English and Maori versions without trying to mix the languages in either. But certainly all sections of all Bills and Acts that give race-based preference need to be urgently amended, removing all reference to such preferrence. This would then accord to the three Articles that make up the “Treaty” of Waitangi which require all persons of the Nation (New Zealand) to be accorded the same treatment and protection under British Law. Michael
Enough is enough Bev
In 1981 Springbok tour became one of the most divisive events in New Zealand history. Its impact went far beyond the rugby field. Communities and families were divided and tensions spilled out onto the streets and into the living rooms of the nation. What motivated ordinary Kiwis to take such extraordinary action against one another? The fact that they were against separatism. Have we all forgotten this? Chris
All people should be treated as equals along with one law for all john
Water is far too important for anything less than democratic accountable management for all. Frances
There is no place for race based decision making or preferment in our country,it is divisivependency but in poor family conectedness,drug and alcohol abuse,generational dependency and educational failure. Until these issues are seriously dealt with Maori will lag in most metrics. gale
Race-based is, by definition, RACIST Ron
Its inconceivable to think that any New Zealander could possibly support racism and apartheid. Kevin
Absolutely. Let’s learn from other countries that went down that path and see the disaster and misery it caused. Wake up New Zealand before it’s too late. Peter
As far as is known, Ardern is of ‘European’ Heritage and breeding; logic alone states that she must know what she’s actually doing to this nation and the people. What in her mind, could convince her that she and perhaps a group of selective and very ‘pliable’ M.P.s/Officials, would be exempt from the effects of such Maori-based autonomy? Ardern and her associate puppets, are akin to a group of subversive bomb-makers, involved —clearly, in an act of intentional Terrorism. It’s that stark and insane! Muriel is right—we need widescale mobilisation from here on and as much cohesion as possible. To confront head-on, is the best way to deal with bullying. If we–all of us, millions of us, don’t deal a death blow to this reckless action, then sadly, the final scenes will play out in violence, bloodshed and much suffering. I just can’t see the average Kiwi citizen, passively lying down and allowing this obscene, evil regime, to simply walk right over them in complete subjugation. Alan
i have written to the wellington city council the education ministry the ombudsmans office and asked to not address me in there emails unless its in english ,i do not speak nor do i understand maori ,i am sick of our media and im sick of my country being called by a different name chris
Legislation directed against or for the benefit of one race over another is racist. Actions based on race are racist – it makes no difference whether those actions are “beneficial” or not. Race-based action is racist – end of story. Gary
All citizens should have equal rights Wah
I find the whole idea of a ‘special status’ for Maori repugnant. They were not the indigenous race the purport to be. They massacred the Moriori for one, and there is available research to show that a talented race were in NZ a 1000 years ago. My Great Grandmother was Maori but I don’t feel special. Barry
True democracy is government by the people for the people with every vote equal. Ken
Muriel has said it all. June
We all know that racism is wrong and that both parties have given special treatment to Maoris in the past. But this Labour Government of Jacinda’s is by far the worst we have ever had and she is just getting into gear, When we throw her out at the next elections and her Maori seats on our councils then the Maori seats in Parliament plus any race advantages our governments have given them in the past, we can get back to being a democratic, just & fair country again for everybody. Eric
The sooner the better Ian
Everyone needs to be treated as equal. People need to take person responsibility for their own actions and decisions. To use race as an excuse is racist. Henry
Absolutely! Unless you want a New Zealand riven by racism Derek
Racism is a cancer in our society – we are all one race. Patrick
New Zealand is meant to be a Country of equality. That is what the Treaty of Waitangi wanted and what we all believe happened after 1840. We are being dragged down the path of bi-cultural rather than multi-cultural. It has to stop. Leslie
Absolutely it should be abolished, White kiwis are being discriminated by Jacinda giving maoris preference in hospitals, education. etc National should be protesting about the carnage labour is doing to our Democracy but they are no where to be heard. Come on Judith Collins do your Job. David
Sad this is the break up of five million, our PM is not being truthful on many issues. Seems we don%u2019t matter Do as your told NZ Ken
this moari thing is getting beyond a joke what do they want to turn us in to a third world country Russell
Absolutely they must be abolished. We are supposed to be equal aren’t we? Kristene
I can guarantee the HUGE majority of NEW ZEALANDERS agree with ALL race based preferments be abolished. This will be difficult while we have Mahuta at any helm and we should get rid of her and all race based seats etc. Alan
I have voted yes for this before, and it is a yes vote again. Now the whole country must be made aware that it is imperitive that there is a country wide yes to this declaration. Neil
It has never worked elsewhere Mark
The racist are in the minority – come on NZ make us one again sheryl
Time has come to stand together on apposing the tribalism take over of New Zealand Gary
Of Course it should!!!!! Maori over the years have fully embraced the european ways, they have not at any stage wanted to reverted back the living conditions before the arrival of the european. communal living back in 17 century stockaids or any other Les
The sole allegiance of all New Zealander’s is owed to our monarch in accordance with the first article of the “Treaty”. john
The sole allegiance of all New Zealander’s is owed to our monarch in accordance with the first article of the “Treaty”. john
An interesting book “The Spirit Level – why equality is better for everyone” shows how current Govt policy will bring division and disaster. Malcolm
I did an MBA degree at Massey a few years ago. On day one we were told we would be treated to instruction from a Maori expert. We were also told that if we questioned him too closely we would not be able to complete the degree. Ian
one Law for all Dennis
Absolutely ! Democracy is being sidelined with the present government’s proposed policies ! We need to stand up to this abrogation of the rights of the majority of citizens ! Rob
All Kiwis are equal [but some think they are more equal than others.] Murray
No, No, a thousand times no. Vernon
It is racist if it not opposed. David
MMP is the source of most of the problems here in New Zealand, Along political parties to pick members of parliament’s with no scrutiny from the public is wrong, It is the most undemocratic way of electing politicians Allan
we should be a “one nation”, all people equal and called NEW ZEALANDERS gerard
JA and her comrades have no mandate to take us down the separatist path. Power has absolutely gone to her head. The Opposition parties should focus on her communistic agenda and call her to account at every opportunity. Laurence
Without a shadow of doubt!! David
New Zealand and its government should be colour blind in every way. This is the only effective way we can govern ourselves. Highly unlikely under that government and unlikely it seems under a national government . When does the fightback begin!! Roger
It is separation of the population Colin
We’re one nation. One person one vote. It gets racist if you bring colour into the equation. Ted
we are all suppose to be one David
An appalling government who are creating division, elitism and an apartheid system. I worry for future generations. Adele
For God sake stand up to this attack n our fair and just lives Phil
Race based preferment is in direct opposition to the concept of democracy and could be an infringement of freedom of speech, and freedom generally in our country. Brian
We are one Den
The mantra “We are one” seems to have been forgotten by our Prime Minister and her very obvious slant to separatism in New Zealand is disgusting. She is moving the goal posts bit by bit in the hope we are not noticing and sadly many New Zealanders are too complacent to take notice. Race should not be used to divide our country and its time we stood up and reacted to this appalling situation. Vivienne
Of course. Peter
Absolutely John
It is taking NZ to disaster – absolutely no future benefit for the Maori people. Maurie
ABSOLBLOODYLUTELY !! Try doing it in Singapore. Creed
The N The Nations laws should be the same for everyone. Not on the grounds of ethnicity, colour, creed, religion. Police are being divided into sections. Now we have a Maori department in the police. Soon you will be able to have a choice. Do you want a Muslim police officer? or a Sikh? or a Maori ? or may be it’s a Lesbian relationship so we want a Lesbian officer. Don’t laugh, in the court cells, those waiting in custody to be called into court, are divided into those groups now. I mean gender groups. As for joint sovereignty that has been going for years, under the guise of joint management. I dealt with the leader of the South Auckland group from 2002 to 2009. He said it meant a separate Government Departments for Maori. This included Police. When I said who is going to pay for this. The answer “You are. ” Joint sovereignty means we get 50% of the tax take. Follow the money and you will see the motive!! dene
AT LAST!!! Something constructive towards getting back to “one law for all!” Thank you NZCPR. Janet
No question! Colin
He iwi tahi tatou — we are now two people. Kevan
Absolutely, should have happened decades ago. But never under Ardern rod
Absolutely. Richard
Let’s move on. Stronger together! Doug
Most definitely – a colour-blind society is a must Graham
Let us all go forward together: each one of us with equal rights. Racially based privilege should never exist in New Zealand. Rob
We are all one !! RICHARD
Should NEVER have been there in any form. I wonder what our Asian, Indian and other immigrants think , when they obviously don’t exist in the minds of people who should (and do) know better. Dick
Yes, that is the only way a One New Zealand will and can work – and retain it’s democracy – for the betterment of all within this country. Otherwise this country could end up like Zimbabwe! Stuart
Yes absolutely, but already it may be too late as the process of preferment is well under way. Graham
If the 50/50 method of governance, that is to say that half of the sitting members are voted in to power by the people and the other 50% are appointed, will creating a huge opportunity for corruption within the system. Will this lead to the country having a single president who will have the final casting vote on all laws and expenditure? Agenda 2040 and it’s effects if implemented will have dire consequences for NZ. We need to have all ELECTED MP’s state their position now so it is recorded for future reference. Barry
Most definitely and the sooner the better. J J
Democracy must prevail Tony
I hope it’s not too late as this mob have 2 1/2 more years to do the damage! Bob
Absolutely Ken
Our country is New Zealand, not Aoteoroa, we are a combined mulitcultural nation, not a sepratist or aparthied one. The communist agitators must be stopped now Wayne
There is unfortunately a bias in each of us which is hard to define. Christianity is not race -based but it is sometimes said to be a white-mans religion. Statutes should be based on reason, fairness to all and justice but we do not all think the same way or want the same things. Therefore my vote on this issue may be misconstrued. Harvey
I fear that if our country continues along this path of 50-50 governance, we are in danger of becoming a dictatorship in place of a democracy! William
Yes, it just separates us even more. Jen
If I never hear the words Maori or te reo again that would be great! chris
As a Maori descendant it disgusts me what is happening with race based privilege and sycophantic appeasement in this country. Mike
Absolutely, there is no place for racism in this country particularly when those outspoken Maoris are only in it for what they can get out of it, and this so called leader we have is to thick to understand what is happening under her nose. Of course it just could be that she is aiming for a higher position when she looses her current position. Tom
It would be very divisive. John
Hate is being displayed by our own Government… How could they be so stupid! Charlotte
Expected John Key to do this. John
Winston once stood on such a platform. I guess that was one of the rats that he had to swallow. Max
yes Yes Yes … Maori preferment is outrightly not acceptable and will destroy democracy in NZ russell
If my ancestors had been stupid enough to sign a treaty they didn’t, and indeed couldn’t, understand, I would keep quiet about it, not shout it from the rooftops. Every demand for preferment that the maoris make indicates not only that they are inferior, but that they freely acknowledge that inferiority, and require our assistance to overcome it. Why should we abandon the society we have built here simply so that Jacinda can receive the Nobel Peace Prize for, be assured, that is her goal. TOBY
We are all NEW ZEALANDERS first & foremost Rex
There are no Maori only descendants of Maori and other races mixed through intermarriage Arthur
The word “Race” has nothing to do with politics. People or citizens should be the only words used when speaking of matters of democracy. Dennis
NZ has got major problems coming with maori domination graeme
Stop race based preferment immediately in all spheres Kevin
We are one people one country. STOP race braced laws…. Carl
APARTHEID in NZ MUST stop. Geoff
Those among us who are old enough to remember the 1981 Springbok tour debacle must be wondering where all the anti-apartheid protesters are now. I suspect that many of them have changed sides and are now actively promoting the establishment of an apartheid regime in our own country. Igor
That single act would bring most of the racist nonsense to an end. John
Absolutely.. what difference is there from what the Labour Party is doing now to the South African regime of not so many years ago? Rob
To base preferential treatment, seats in parliament or laws on race, is racist. No if buts or maybe’s. Either we live in a society who’s government is race blind, or we live under apartheid. It cannot be both. Stewart
Of course it should. There is no place for such racism in a democratic society. Kerry
Blood will flow in the streets if Jacinda and Corporate Iwi are not brought into alignment with common sense and fairness DJ
I am part Maori. All people are equal. I oppose separatism tony
National and/or ACT should declare that, when next in government, they will introduce, and pass, a “Racial Equality Act” which will remove all and any statutes, regulations, and sundry other official designations,, referring to ethno-racial identity, for all time. It would be revealing to see what specious arguments might be advanced against it, by Maori and others with a vested interest in racial separatism and privilege. Graham
Lots of white blood in Maori they are being disrespectful and racist to their white blood. Scotland sounds good right now very worrying scenario going on here. Kay
Such a policy is long overdue. Ardern’s separatist policies must GO. Her agenda has been sneaky and most decidedly undemocratic. Graeme
The damage that Ardern is causing to New Zealanders is unspeakable and the ignorance of so many is unbelievable that they cant or wont see whats happening. I will support any movement in any way i am able, to fight this sick government and halt the destruction that is destroying New Zealand. Des
Most definitely and this treacherous labour government must be removed as soon as possible. Talk about deception by stealth. Ralph
There’s only one race. Cultural differences are no reason to set up tyranny. Mark
Apartheid must end in NZ. Mark
I,v ASKED & ASKED NZealanders to email ALL mp,s from ALL parties & said to email is FREE & mp,s email address are in this newsletter I hope you all have HAD THE GUTS to protech yourselves,grandchildren,your own children & done so if you want to live peacefully in NZ & FINALLY our mp,s ACT for 1005 of us NOT jacindas 15% Cindy
From the pulpit of the PM ‘we are one!’ Wake up New Zealand. Janette
ONE LAW FOR ALL. Get rid of Jacinda Mugabee and her loopy collegues. Terry
PM Ardern is not doing this in the interests of our nation. She is self serving and only interested in pushing her socialistic agenda. One more step towards communism if we continue to allow this government to continue with this race based rubbish. Bryce
Absolutely. It strikes at the very heart of our democratic rights and relatively peaceful coexistence from which Maori has also benefited from. It is an affront of this government. chris
Will destroy the country and create racism Lindsay
We are all ‘people’ . Promoting priviledge on the basis of race will promote entitlement , dependency and is a recipe for polerisation and splitting of NZ society. john
There is only one race, the human race. Pieter
Those who claim maori decent need to remember that most of them have more european ancestry than maori. If that wasnt so many would not be here because their paternal relatives would have eaten their maternal ancestors Joan
I have some respect and agreement with the UN’s declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples but on looking up the meaning of indigenous in the Oxford dictionary the meaning is originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. The Maori ARE NOT INDIGENOUS they just happened to arrive here a few hundred years before the Europeans Accordingly the UN Charter on this matter does NOT apply The actions of the very vocal minority of part Maori will lead to civil disobedience and possibly much worse if it is not stomped on now Just look at history appeasement has never worked Hitler is a prime example. All race based legislation and practise must be removed from our society immediately A country divided will fall Robin
How could it be otherwise? Clive
It destroys democracy Graham
This really is a no brainer. Race based laws of any persuasion should not exist. They can only ever be devisive. The Nazis had race based laws and look how that ended. Please do not let the same outcome determine the future for New Zealand. Chros
It would also be helpful if unemployment beneficiaries who had had the opportunity to work and chose not to were precluded from submitting on public issues Edgar W.
The existing situation is without rational foundation and already threatens our democracy.. peter
We are all NZ’s Preference must not be give to opportunist part Maoris. NZ is adopting apartheid Peter
Maoris are now part of the rest of us human beings and do not warrant any special treatment. We do not need a Maori Republic. Shaun
The minority Maori population of NZ are fast hoisting their racist agenda upon us through getting at our children in schools. The media likewise should be held to account Chris
We had a well integrated society – now its becoming more divided as the Labour Government accedes to the Maori aspirations of partnership. Maurice
Yes – this should have been done long ago. The similarities between Hitlers’ rise to power in 1930’s Germany and events in NZ today are quite disturbing. Scott
For the greater good it should happen. Norm
Yes. Also English should be made the First Official language of New Zealand, and English should always be first before any other language in all usage, especially by any government or local body entity. David
How can we get the risks mentioned in mainstream media? Keith
There are few if any full blooded Maoris left 9in New Zealand so effectively they a sub tribe of society. Shaun
New Zealand was once seen as an egalatarian country free of the class system of the old world. Now we are rushing headlong back to the old ways of privilege george
There is only ONE race – The HUMAN RACE. Nothing should be determined by the colour of your skin. Michele
Democratic governance should be the same entitlements for all the people of NZ, not siloed as has been happening since the mid 1980’s and has ben accelerating since the anointment of ADERN by Winston Peters. Bob
NZ must remain a ONE nation for all. NOT a divided nation. RICHard
There are many examples around the world where race based preferment or privilege have resulted in massive corruption, inequality, civil unrest, and capital flight. The exact opposite is true in the examples of countries that have removed all reference to race from their laws and society. Will NZ learn before it’s too late? Frank
We are all New Zealanders, race based preferment does not unite us as being equal in all respects and only encourages race based separatism. Thomas
Hell yes, other wise New Zealand is stuffed. Jacinda and the maori beauty queen Mahuta are leading us down the path of civil unrest norman
One Law for All, All People are equal Don
YES. The treaty of Waitangi made all citizens equal under the law. The proposals by this government seek to undo this. People of all races and backgrounds can and do seek and get elected representative positions in all levels of government. We have to continue to strive for one law for all New Zealanders regardless of race and creed. Willy
One for all and all for one Ian 
Lets join the countries of the EU who have already taken these steps. Fostering a “single nation” concept. No racial divisions. If you have such division, you can never have peace and tranquility. All you get is increased anger, bitterness and division. Hugh
Should never have been considered from the beginning. We are all one people. David
If we live or die during this outrageous takeover, it saddens me to feel that our country, New Zealand, will become another downtrodden, aparthied ridden communist state. If we cannot get a good party to stand up against this and change everything back to where the majority rules, then I feel we will see a great migration to Australia in the near future. Murray
REVERSE racism MUST be stopped immediately before this great Country is totally stuffed. We are presently and rapidly on a downhill slide. PLEASE. Brian W. (74). Brian
I see much hand-wringing& moaning about D. Trump& loss of democracy in America, Yet they could never have done a downgrade to democracy that we have, because the U*S Constitution says we haven’t the guts to say: “Congress shall make no law reapecting preference for any race, religion, or ethnicity. Bud
In NZ there is no need to set aside designated privileges that are based on ethnicity in legislation. The only need is maybe some rules for foreign participation in New Zealand’s economy. John
Where is self accountability in all this. The previous system worked, was fair to all. Get rid of mmp and freeloading ineffectual politicians. mike
Having seen what happens when a country (i.e. South Africa comes to mind) tries to establish separate values for people based on their colour, do we really want to go down the path of racist separatism? I think not!! Roy
one nation one people all equal Peter
Would somebody compose a short prayer demanded to be read at meetings, to counter and nullify a Karakia promoting love, equality, integrity, denial of privilege, democracy for all, and the fellowship of man guiding the meeting. Rit
Yes, it is the only sensible way to move on.The alternatives will only end in strife. gale
Absolutely. After signing the Treaty of Waitangi Maori declared “we are one people” Racism of any sort must be abolished and all reference to race must be removed from the statutes. Robbie
More predictable idiocy. Richard
How can a multi ethnic country grow if we go along race based lines,we are not just Maori and pakeha!we are so much more Chris
The ‘Treaty’ is outdated and is being twisted for tribal benefit. It has little relationship with it’s initial intent. Gerry
Absolutely. One country – one People regardless of race. Democracy NOT Apartheid Robyn
“We are now one people”! HectorusRex
I have said so on many occasions that the separation agendas will not end well for anybody. I venture to suggest that blood will flow before sanity prevails. Unfortunately Joe citizen is completely unaware of what is going on and possibly doesn’t care because the government continues to buy their loyalty. It wont be until things start to hurt will they realise. Probably too late. Ray S
Maybe its either time to start planning a permanent move over the Tasman or stay and defend our democracy rights. Lawrie
I’m a child of the early settlers. I am aware of blood kin ties with the those currently stating they are Moari they appear to be in denial of these ties and their European roots Therese
New Zealand is supposed to be a democracy let’s return it to one. All sections of the community are equal under law. There is no 50/50 partnership never has been and never should be. Murray
We must ensure that ANY race based preferment is erased from all matters concerning our New Zealand way of life Get rid of this evil labour government led by the socialist jacinda ardern. Darryl
Of course Patsy
Yes. Firstly unelected members of local and Central Govt should be dumped frank
We are all New Zealanders. Period. kevin
If this race based preferment goes through we are stuffed we will be second class citizens in our own country forced out of our jobs homes in fact there will be mass exodus from New Zealand of course it won%u2019t be called that will it Where is the opposition ? Has no one in parliament got any brains or is that not a requirement Peter
Democracy demands it and race has no part to play Bernie
One country- one people. Donald
Equality over equity. Coral
Talk about racism, If I read right a few years ago, Maori were complaining about the number of “white” Sth Africans coming to this country, I say lets bring in a half a million of them with full voting rights. Sam
Why are we the only country on the planet creating apartheid! Grow a backbone and say … NO MORE!!! Andy
Of course! It is going to get worse too and we all know that. Imagine trying to get such nonsense removed. The country is stuffed. Bruce
What are we, Zimbabwe???? Sheila
It is racist Graham
Racism is evil Richard
One people New Zealanders not Aotearoeans Andrew
Race based preference is divisive and undemocratic. Energy should instead be spent on delivering equality for NZ citizens across key elements health, education, productivity, diversity and individual responsibility for family wellbeing. Stan
This is self evident. Racism at its very worst when people can excuse their sloth and ignorance by claiming racist elitism. Charles
she’s following the American way of piting people against people. Graeme
We have to get rid of this socialist government and it%u2019s communist leader Murray
No comment needed … it’s obvious. Bryan
The division of New Zealanders can only be the outcome of this foolish plan Reg
We should always be one people. chris
Racism in its worst form Richard
It has started already with the proposed 3 Water reforms hugh
We are One People Bruce
Yes, Yes, Yes, but it will not happen as these actions are seen by our politicians, national and local, as a means of staying in power.. The democratic future of our country is immaterial as they, and the maori elite, wish to stay on the gravy train – do nothing, make a loud noise and get well paid for doing so. If we were a truly democratically run country all racially biased laws and government departments would be abolished but we are not and, gradually we are having an apartheid system imposed .upon us. We need, desperately, a group of politicians who will put the country ahead of their personal greed. Tony
long overdue, getting rid of any form of apartheid Collin
The best skilled candidate for any position should always be the deciding factor. To do otherwise diminishes the validity of the selected choice. Max
Absolutely it’s racist Greg
We are slipping into a divided nation Liz
A true democracy considers and treats all people as EQUAL. No culture or race should be treated as preferred over another…. ordinary kiwis are sick of racism in New Zealand… Clive
Thank you for your great work. We need this for our children and their children’s children. Tony
Yes, race should definitely be removed from all laws – it has become a massive con on New Zealand! This is a multi-cultural colour-blind society and the sooner the laws and politicians catch up that reality the better. Thomas
It is appalling what is going. Isn’t trying to destroy democracy called treason! Harry
Race need to be removed from our Statutes while it is still possible. With all the indoctrination that is presently going on, we will soon run out of time.   Mary
What planet is the Prime Minister on to approve a plan to replace democracy with tribal rule. It is unbelievable.  Ray
Yes, yes, yes – remove race, Maori seats and the Waitangi Tribunal. They are all relics of the past. It is time to look forward, not backwards.  Darryl