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The End of Democracy

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Please note – the full He Puapua blueprint for tribal control can be viewed on our website HERE.

“Resources include flora; fauna; aquatic life; minerals and petroleum; rivers; water; and air. It also includes associated values such as biodiversity. Across all resources we support Maori having influence. Maori receive royalties for the use of particular resources such as water, petroleum and minerals.”
– He Puapua

In March 2019, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern authorised the development of a plan to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Declaration had been launched twelve years earlier by the UN but at the time Helen Clark’s Labour Government had refused to sign because the demands were too radical.

Taken literally, the Declaration would essentially give control of a nation to those who self-identify as “indigenous” – the ownership of all public and private land, all resources including fresh water, and the power to govern.

In 2008 the Maori Party made supporting the Declaration a condition of their coalition deal with John Key’s National Party. Two years later, the Declaration was secretly signed in New York. National justified their actions and placated opposition by claiming the agreement was not binding on the government, but was instead “symbolic and aspirational”. 

Former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman Sir Edward Durie expressed a more prophetic view saying, “I would rank the day that New Zealand gave support to the Declaration, as the most significant day, in advancing Maori rights, since 6th February 1840.”

Without any mandate from New Zealanders, the Ardern Labour Government has decided to turn this symbolic accord into an action plan for our country. Her ultimate goal is to elevate Maori tribal leaders to the status of a ruling aristocracy. Representing 15 percent of the population, they will exercise 50 percent of the Government’s decision-making power and control the vast economic resources that would accompany such a role.

The technical working group appointed by the Prime Minister to develop the implementation plan delivered their report He Puapua on 1 November 2019. Called Vision 2040, it provides a “roadmap” to fully enact the Declaration by 2040 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

This plan was not made public by Labour for almost a year – only appearing after the 2020 election. Furthermore, Labour made no mention of their proactive support for the UN Declaration in their election manifesto.

Jacinda Ardern, therefore, cannot claim any mandate from the electorate for the implementation of this radical agenda.

The Vision 2040 report that was ‘partially’ released under the Official Information Act by the Ministry of Maori Development – you can see our analysis HERE – contained only 36 pages of the 123-page document. We have now located the remainder of the document and posted it on our NZCPR website HERE. Before we look into the detail, let’s reflect on the bigger picture.

Essentially, since the decision was made in 2019 to enact the Declaration, Jacinda Ardern’s Government has set in motion a process that will lead to tribal control of New Zealand by 2040 and the end of democracy as we know it.

Since the Prime Minister did not seek a mandate for implementing the Declaration at the election, her strategy is clearly to progress what amounts to a radical betrayal of New Zealand democracy by stealth.

But no Prime Minister has the authority to make major fundamental constitutional changes to the way our country is governed without seeking consent from the public.

Jacinda Ardern, however, is behaving as if she believes she is above such conventions.

Governments are complex, and the changes that are being made to progress the Declaration are incremental – so as not to cause alarm. Like the boiling frog fable, the heat is now being turned up but so slowly that by the time New Zealanders wake up and realise that we are no longer a democratic nation, it will be too late.

Vision 2040
alleges that Maori are ‘victims’ of colonisation: “Because of colonisation and a system that has been designed to undermine Maori, Maori are overrepresented in negative statistics in all key socio-economic indicators. This includes unemployment; income; health; housing; education; and criminal justice.”

They claim the ‘solution’ to “Maori” disparity is tribal control of social services – designed by Maori, directed by Maori, delivered by Maori, and funded by taxpayers.

They refer to Whanau Ora as a model, yet over the last decade, in spite of receiving upwards of $1 billion in taxpayer funding to deliver social services to disadvantaged Maori, sovereignty advocates claim Maori disparity is getting worse.

In reality, however, “Maori” disparity is a myth.

As Dr Tony Sewell, Chairman of the UK’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, explained last week, disadvantage is not influenced by ‘race’: “The evidence shows that geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture and religion have more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism.”

His report, which sought to better understanding ethnic disparity in the UK, highlighted the importance of family structure: “In many areas of investigation, including educational failure and crime, we were led upstream to family breakdown as one of the main reasons for poor outcomes. Family is also the foundation stone of success for many ethnic minorities.”      

It is the same in New Zealand – it is not race that causes social deprivation, but factors such as the breakdown of the family, educational failure, and intergenerational welfare dependency.

Vision 2040, however, seeks to perpetrate the racial disparity myth, to justify handing control of key government services to tribal groups. In areas such as child protection and health, the planning for this transformation is well advanced.

‘Biculturalism’ underpins Vision 2040 and, as a result, the whole State Sector – including the Public Service, Nurses, Teachers, and Police, is not only undergoing cultural competency and cultural safety “training” but in a growing number of instances staff are being required to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi.

In the case of teachers, it is specified by the Teaching Council as a requirement for registration: “A declaration that you are committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the learning environment and supporting the aspirations of Maori learners.”

Similar changes are being mandated by the new Public Service Act that Labour passed into law last year. Under Section 14, public service leaders are required to “support the Crown in its relationships with Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi” by “developing and maintaining the capability of the Public Service to engage with Maori and to understand Maori perspectives.”

The new Act also requires employers to prioritise “greater involvement of Maori in the Public Service”. As a result, many of the new government employment opportunities are now being deliberately skewed in favour of Maori – essentially discriminating against everyone else.

Some agencies are more advanced in adopting the Vision 2040 agenda than others, and the report identifies the Children’s Commission as being “Declaration-friendly”. A glimpse at their latest report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child shows why – in fact, it highlights just how radical government organisations are becoming under the Declaration agenda:

“In Aotearoa New Zealand, the Children’s Convention needs to be implemented in the context of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi), New Zealand’s founding document. Te Tiriti, te ao Maori (a Maori world view), the historical adoption of British laws and views of childhood, and the impact of colonisation underpin the setting in which children’s rights can be adopted and implemented in New Zealand law and practices. However, while Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Children’s Convention and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples reinforce the rights of mokopuna Maori as indigenous children, inequality of outcomes persist.”

The Commission promotes the devolution of “power and resources to Maori”: “In order to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and better serve the needs of mokopuna Maori, the government must take drastic measures… and take into account the collective dimension of Maori cultural identity. Reforms should recognise the right of Maori to exercise their own autonomy, as defined by them, and support this to happen.”

When it comes to the ownership and control of public resources, Vision 2040 promotes “the transfer of significant powers to Maori to make bylaws and authorise activities…”

They propose “Delegating government powers across the resource management and conservation spectrum to Maori” – including all Resource Management decision-making.

With Labour planning to overhaul the Resource Management Act, it would appear highly likely that the new legislation will assign control of resource management processes to tribal groups that will be mired in vested interests.

Under Vision 2040, tribal groups want ownership of the Conservation Estate, lakes, rivers, the foreshore and seabed – in addition to what they have already received through Treaty settlements. Securing control of the resource management process will certainly facilitate such outcomes.

Vision 2040 states that when it comes to freshwater, they want “provisions to make co-governance and co-management of freshwater bodies compulsory.”

And they want to “receive royalties for the use of natural resources such as water…”

With all of this in mind, it is extremely important that we now carefully scrutinise all new legislation to ascertain whether Jacinda Ardern is indeed giving away democratic power and public resources to Maori tribal interests – without having gained a mandate from New Zealanders. 

This week’s Guest Commentator is Fiona Mackenzie, an Auckland-based communications and marketing specialist who has examined one of the bills that is currently making its way through Parliament – the Water Services Bill introduced by Local Government Minister Nania Mahuta to reform the management of freshwater, wastewater and stormwater. Fiona is appalled by what she has found:

“The Bill’s application of ‘Te Mana o te Wai’ is apartheid in nature and is very corruptible in that it secures enormous power for self-appointed Maori leaders over other New Zealanders in matters pertaining to this basic necessity. It also suggests that cultural/religious beliefs outweigh any scientific imperatives…

“The Bill even forces Regional Councils to ‘investigate’ divesting their governance authority to ‘tangata whenua’ by joint management and/or a transfer of powers or similar!!! 

“Did any of us vote for that constitutional change? There is no citizen agreement or authorisation, no requirements for responsible or fair administration, nor any safeguards against conflicts of interest or abuse of power being conferred. 

“This anti-democratic, elitist and racist Bill creates opportunities (without redress) for human rights abuses. The power given to those with some Maori ancestry appears to be unchallengeable, unaccountable, and very corruptible.”

Through this Water Services Bill and last year’s update of the National Policy Statement on Freshwater that significantly strengthened the provisions for Maori involvement in management and decision-making, Labour is well on the way to passing control of New Zealand’s freshwater to tribal leaders – a key goal of Jacinda Ardern’s Vision 2040.

Yet enabling tribal groups to manage freshwater, not only represents a serious security risk, in that an essential national resource will effectively be privatised to unaccountable Maori corporations, but it is a licence to print money – in perpetuity.

In fact, granting Maori a royalty every time the tap is turned on is recommended in Vision 2040: “If Maori are to exercise governance power, there needs to be support for this. The Crown’s main contribution will be resourcing. There are multiple streams from which financial contributions might be sourced, including, for example, levies on resource use where Maori have a strong claim to ownership, such as water.”

Vision 2040 is a prescription for our country to be controlled by a small group claiming to represent the 15 percent of the population with Maori heritage. What is now blindingly obvious is that the Ardern government is administering that prescription in rapid doses – and bolstering the arrogance of Maori sovereignty activists who clearly believe they are now unstoppable.

They know that each day Jacinda Ardern remains in power, New Zealand moves closer to becoming the Maori nation of Aotearoa with the Treaty of Waitangi embedded into a new constitution sitting at the very top of a tikanga-based legal system and permeating every facet of our lives.

The only thing that can prevent this outcome is democracy. Despite the ‘nationalisation’ of large tracts of our media, and the increase in tribal control, New Zealanders still have the democratic power to stop politicians and reverse a slide that is now undoing nearly 200 years of nation building.

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We are a democratic country -majority rules tony
Not on your life!!!! Helen
Appalling anti democracy & theft of the commons by a minority ! Mark
water belongs to all new zealanders richard
This will be the end of New Zealand as we know it if this is not stopped. The covid scam has given Ardern a following that needs to be exposed for the massive con that it is to destroy this government and get rid of the entire communist take over that is going on right before our eyes. Exposing the scam will also get rid of the very dangerous Greens and will make Winston responsible for being the original enabler of the entire mess. This situation also exposes the reasons why we must have Direct Democracy/Binding Referenda in any government that follows to prevent this type of situation from ever arising again. Ronmac
Maori already control way too much of our every day lives – why don’t they supply their own for a change instead of demanding endless handouts. christopher
Maori are 15% of the population. Their influence should be no more than this and there are no full blooded Maori in the population. This is a disgraceful and undemocratic This is a disgraceful and undemocratic move by this socialist government to curry favour with elitist Maori.. Many ordinary Maori are also against this undemocratic move towards aparteid. Mary
Not at all, ridiculous! Should be proportional. Len
So undemocratic to have 15% of one race controlling what we all do. Colin
Aparthied it is not Democracy. Norm
I certainly do NOT support the undemocratic proposal to elevate the status of those claiming to be “maori” to 50/50 co-governance of this country, New Zealand. Really the time has come to totally halt this secretive drift from democracy to a state where those falsely claiming to be indigenous (those claiming to be maori are no more truly indigenous than any other New Zealander) are given some kind of royal command over the rest of us. Just bear in mind that the country these would-be racial supremacists are seeking to take over was in fact made what it is today by those they call “pakeha.’ It was those brave pioneers of mainly British-European origin who built the roads, the communications, the houses and the industry that New Zealand has today; not the tribal earlier settlers so intent on warfare with each other and eating the warfare loosers. This final move of Adern’s Labour government is an outrage and probably criminal. We should look not into whether she and her cohort of racist plotters should be charged with what seems to me to be a secretive but quite serious criminal act. Rob
If you want to go back to the law of the spear that would be the way to do it. Time to get rid of the Drama Queen and her dolalley associates. Terry
The speed with which this country’s resources and our personal freedoms are being misappropriated and controlled begins to look like a supermarket trolley grab competition. Why are we so powerless to put the handbrake on and stop this rort? Carol
15% of the population and to be given 50% of crucial decisions is ridiculous. Where has all the money doled out over they years and especially with this government gone.it certainly hasn’t got to the people it was meant for. wendy
Absolutely no, Ardern is betraying NZ with her actions. The exposure of this betrayal should be shouted out from the roof tops to let all of NZ know of these treacherous actions by an evil Government who by their actions will ensure that NZ will end up like Zimbabwe which no one in their right mind would like to see happen. Allan
Bugger that for a proposal!! Jim
The current acceptence of myth and lies about NZ history, Treaty of Waitangi, and a “special place in NZ for all who claim to feel maori” can only lead to seperatism and the demise of our democratic nature. NZ citizens must take action to encourage a change in the political will, returning to One Law, One Nation and Equality for all citizens under the Crown… As it was in 1840 Les
We must repeal all race based legislation. Wayne
A thousand times NO! Peter
Has someone looked up the word indigenous Maori are not indigenous they say they came here by waka indigenous means not coming from anywhere else Lyn
We should all identify as indigenous rob
Absolutely not! Anne
Frustratingly stupid Maurice
What right has any organisation, but especially the Government, to pass a law that entrenches apartheid. Such an action is certainly changing the law in respect of governance of our Country and no change to our system of governance should be possible without the agreement of a majority of New Zealanders (not just those that claim their allegiance to the Maori DNA portion of their being surpasses all other antecedents). This country was established on a basis of equality of residents, equal rights and protection afforded to all British citizens. It certainly did not contemplate or provide for a partnership between the Crown and those who had immigrated to these islands some 300-400 years earlier, but who never united as one nation but whom continued to live in warring tribes, all having allegiance to only their tribal chiefs. No person in public service and charged with governance of the nation or local authority, should be appointed to the position and not be subject to their removal from office by those who elected them to the position. For it to be otherwise means living in a dictatorship not a democracy. I for one am not prepared to countenance a 50-50 co-governance and would actively fight to avoid it.. Michael
Why would any democratic Government grant a minority of 15% of the population the power to control 100% of the population. Fred
The country, as a whole, has never shown any appetite for the types of constitutional changes that have been quietly taking place in New Zealand over the last 2-3 years, and continuing, most people being unaware of these changes, and their potentially significant negative impacts on our society. John
The return to tribal control that Maori aspire to is the antithesis of democracy. Bryan
Unbelievable and very frightening Liz
NZer have got to wake up to what this Government is doing by Stealth. Can we not present the GG with a n confidence in the PM and her government Gwenda
NO!!!! Anne
No! The deceitful,,dictator, self agrandisement leader of New Zealand has again moved to gift to Maoris, power, money, and anything they want without following the democratic steps and consultation of the people of New Zealand. Perhaps she feels that having renamed the country, she no longer is duty bound to consider anyone else but herself and what she wants. Then she has the cheek to spout about a ‘team of five million. Thank goodness I won’t be around in 2040 but what happens and the speed with which it is foisted onto us is very upsetting and I do feel sorrow with what my children and grandchildren will be subjected to. Our only hope is to work towards the next election and gather enough voters to ensure she doesn’t given another term in Government. Surely there will be enough to see through her plotting and keep a list of the way she has damaged New Zealand. Chris
It would be different if maori were full blood and lived in tribal situations. However as maori mostly have as much non maori blood in their veins this whole situation is a tort. Willy
cant believe this is happening. why isn’t main stream media bring this to everyone’s attention David
Anyway, early all so-called Maori individuals are of mixed ancestry and should, in my view, be called Polyeuronesians. Perhaps NZ is a Polyeurasian nation??? Colin
Proportionate government policy influence remains essential, respecting our historical initiatives and financial contributions. Peter
Absolutely not Dean
Totally unacceptable, a slap in the face for democratic principles and the stunning temerity of a mere handful of half-cast folk (15%) claiming equal status. John
This is a Marxist take over by the Labour and Green parties Tony
Absolutely not! What arrogance these people have.. And as for Ms Ardern she is an imposter, masquerading as the leader of our country. If the bleating part maoris ever do get what they’re bleating for ,she’ll probably ben the first person they’ll dump! Rosemary
Jacinda Adern is floundering around not knowing what she is doing. She campaigned on being the most open and transparent government New Zealand has ever had and was going to govern in the interests of all NewZealanders. What has eventuated is the most deceitful, dishonest, and opaque government ever. Legislation being passed under urgency John
our forefathers will be turning in their graves, at the devious underhand actions of the PM from hell, and the short memories of the cannibals she is backing.wake up NZ clarrie
So where is the National Party? They are so terrified of being cancelled or deplatformed by the Social Justice Warriors they are quivering with fear at the back of a very deep cave. No Opposition means no democracy and the Nats offer absolutely no hope. They are a party of cowards, a total waste of space. Brian
Absolutely not Barbara
No Way! Ted
This is the end to democracy as we know it and certainly nothing at all to do with the treaty of Waitangi…. and as for the media, they have been bought. Mike
time for nzers to get out and protest and dump this labour government. dona
This is Jacindas version of communism Ian
No , it’s not a democratic result . It is creating division and an apartheid /racist environment . Craig 
This is getting out of hand. Only the government elected in by the new Zealand people should have control. If this isn’t stopped I fear anarchy Pauline
No EFEN way david
maori do have issues due mainly to their own lack of abilities and consequence dependance on the Welfare State.. Giving poorly educated maori (or anyone else) such power is a recipe for disaster for our country both economically and culturally. Apartheid does not solve any problems!!!! Gordon
of course not, it is getting ridiculous gerard
Absolutely NOT Basil
You have got to be joking. Tim
They are only 15% of the population Mike
Maori who signed the Treaty ceded sovereignty to the Crown. Full Stop. There is no Partnership in the Treaty. This is absurd political bulldust being used by various governments to hang onto power at the cost of all New Zealanders. Mike
certainly NO Ian
For Biculturalism read Apartheid Ross
The Maori population is only 15%. David
Bit of a mad question. Why would any rational person support this?.. John
Definitely not.. Maori are a minority and should be only represented in proportion to the numbers they represent within the New Zealand population. Anything different is institutionalised racism. Sadly our National opposition (if you can call it that) seems to have totally lost its way in this area.. Message to National and Judith Collins.. for the sake of the country get your s*&t together or face similar consequences next election! Rob
Maori are at most 15% of New Zealand’s population although in reality there are no full blooded Maori any more. All Maori have interbred to create part Maori part Pakeha or some other combination. I think part Maori are entitled to represent New Zealand in all ways and on all governments,boards, councils, committees etc to the extent of 15%. After that they are over represented. I am very distressed that all the effort and all the lives given in two world wars to develop New Zealand as a fair democracy in which the Maori people have been more than fairly helped and represented is disappearing so fast while more people seem to be unaware. We haven’t voted for the stealthy laws that are happening it seem powerless to do anything in protest. Angela
This proposal is totally undemocratic but appears to be in line with whats happening in this world. Get rid of the lefties and the Greens and get back to free speech and proper democratic ways. Alan
We need a coop to dispose of this bunch of commos. Graeme
Under no circumstances at all Shaun
Dr.Muriel, I applaud you attention to detail in getting presenting details of the abhorrent and despicable manner in which Ms Arden is pushing New Zealand into the hands of Maori Elite with absolutely NO mandate to do so. To publicly stand against any part of her outrageous plan is tantamount to certain incarceration and heavy-handed treatment as already shown to several of our leading senior public statesmen. Yet unless something is done to stop this ‘march’ New Zealand will be placed in the same World category of those Sth African States where their people are ruled by lawless thugs, stand-over tactics., and even greater poverty than some of our more unfortunate citizens are experiencing today. It would be an absolute travesty, and one NZ would never recover from. Robyn
First there are no full blooded Maori in NZ and I would like to know what percentage of their ancestory is being denied. If there were they would still not be indigenous as they just happened to arrive in these lands just a few hundred years ahead of the Europeans. We are supposed to be a democracy with a colour blind electoral system. With this agenda implimented NZ will become another aparthied country and it will very unfortunately lead to civil disobedience and possibly much more. We need a Government that will govern for ALL new Zealanders Robin
15% of the population think they can take over any thing time some one put them in there place Russell
The current government and its leader are the worst in New Zealand’s history. We have been betrayed! This Maori nonsense must STOP. Peter
The sooner EVERYONE in New Zealand is declared AS HAVING EQUAL RIGHTS the sooner this elite IWI nonsense should end. Jacinda agenda is fast becoming very like Robert Mugabe’s. And we saw where that all went….Down the toilet. If we keep on this racist path we will end up with outright revolt. Similar to that at the end of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Graeme
What are the Principles and Partnership in the Treaty of Waitangi? We are one people. Jacinda Ardern herself said that! Kevan
Under the Treaty we are all one people Gerry
Not fair to the rest of the population June
Who are the raciest in NZ now Neil
Where are the opposition parties and/or the media? Bruce
Not on your life. Complete codswhollop. Typical Saul Alinsky plan, drive a wedge between two cultres and then turn it into racisim. MMP at it’s worst. waynet
The Government is out of control and have been for awhile. brian
The question should not need to even be asked and if so only in a binding referendum. Stan
Just another reminder of the marxist agenda of comrade adern Terry
Who can save us…ACT ?? Geoff
Marxist, racist communism. What happened to freedom? Bruce
I don’t believe in Apartheid priority being vested with a racist and biassed minority who furthermore do not have the skills to govern the country fairly. Equally. It is also unconstitutional . Peter
Absolutely Not. Undemocratic and Separatist. Shame on you Jacinda. Alan
Maori as being 15% of the population have no right to expect a 50 / 50 governance. There are more aisians in the country than maori Warren
Its all becoming absurd. Corgi
Mate, you’re dreaming. What a disaster this commie government is. This country better wake up fast or I can see a civil war looming. Its happened in other countries so it will happen here. Imagine being governed by radical maoris. We would be the laughing stock of the free world watching our paradise unravel. Peter
This takeover by a minority must stop. Betty
Treasonous without a mandate. They had to cede sovereignty or be killed by utu. We provided, perhaps we should look for compensation too? I note Waikato’s strong hand, what about the other tribes? They are not a cohesive unit so the fight will continue among them too. Get our PM out NOW. She has no royal authority. Kevin
Absolutely not. Val
New Zealand is on course of self destruction unless the population wakes up from the delusions promoted by the current government. Brian
Absolutely not!!! Susan
This is outrageous and has no legitimacy in fact or fiction. Open push back is needed immediately. The treacherous government must be held to account. The mass of the population are unaware of these machinations. Continuation will lead to only one thing%u2026 Graham
no i do not support this i find it hard to believe we are going down this road,where 15% can rule what is happening in new zealand this last election has been a travesty she has full control they where voted in they got rid of winston he was a hand break on this crazy government she brought in the greens and the maori party she didnt need to,and i do believe this is the end of democrasy in new zealand all i can say is wake up the people in new zealand rodger
There can not be two laws. Just look at the confusion with a Maori translation of the only Treaty. Paul
Not likely, on merritt only like everyone else john
No one race should be in control of our fresh water and governance should be one people! June
It doesn’t matter how much control Maori have they will still have their poor and destitute whilst the aristocrats of the race make hay. For goodness sake, David Seymour, Judith Collins, whoever can publicise this development, please get out there and inform the electorates. I’ll just be ashes in a box by 2040 but having devoted my life to helping everyone in this country somebody somewhere needs to apply the handbrake Mike
The biggest con yet. owen
nz has got huge problems coming unless we get rid of labour govt graeme
Divided We Fall….. and the landing will be something we have not seen before….”Paradise Lost ” Forever, Farewell…Fare Well….Fare We…… ChrisH
The arrogance is unbeleiveable, but we have to take it seriously to put the brakes on,better still stop the nonsense.If you MP has a reasonable brain, lobby the daylights out of them,and do so until they reply to you. DICK
We are all New Zealanders Ted
Minorities do not rot rule in a democracy except under MMP as we are witnessing. Ken
I am utterly appalled!! Carolyn
NZ has an effective democracy. Let’s not destroy it. Greg
Is there any way of challenging the legality of what the present government is doing? They appear to have lost their collective mind. Paloma
When is this racist based legislation going to stop. Oh when this labour government is told that, what they are doing is not good government, and they are in contrarvention of democratic processes. Where is the national party and act, surely they can intervene in some way to correct this nonsense. Labor is not fit to govern for the majority. Note that all this conniving is done behind closed doors, Maori wards legislated under urgency, Flouridation of our water supplies {poison} legislated without due process. This government has to be the most reckless and undemocratic in all of New Zealand history. Enough is enough. New Zealanders stand up and be counted. Go to the queen tell her what is happening in her realm ,as being sovereign leader, all what this government is doing is illegal, not constiutional, and priming the country for conflict. How dense are they. steve
What a disgrace. They are not 50% of the Population. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Maureen
God no ! Overbearing bullies as they are – the radicals – not the solid decent part Maori. Gillian
Want happened to 1 person 1 vote? The PM stated she would govern for ALL NZers. She clearly lied! She is handing control of our country to a minority of 15% and to the UN, which is run by and for big business interests / control only. Where is the so called kindness / fairness / ethical governing for ALL New Zealanders, including the 85% majority? Why is the PM dividing our nation??? Desiree
One person, one vote, race must have nothing to do with it. Its Labours way of ensuring it keeps the Racial vote of aaa percentage of Maoris and this power. Labour is a corrupts group who need to be removed asap Alan
No. This is corrupt, immoral and dangerously close to this nation becoming controlled by Apartheid. PM Ardern does not have the mandate to act this way and measures need be taken to stop the progress of socialist and like policies becoming the norm. Grahame
Maori should have nothing to do with water rights. Gregar
This is pure racism by Maori and Jacinta Adern Jonathan
Under no circumstances would I support such a racist agenda, whereby a minority take precedence over the majority. Ardern has absolutely no mandate for this radical move Peter
No WAY!!!!! Derek
We have one very dangerous woman now ruling this country – she must be stopped!! Janet
With 15% of the population being part Maori, there should be no handing control of anything to them. As far as governance is concerned, it should only be ELECTED members of Parliament and local councils that have any say. Andrew
This is simply another tool being used by the Ardern Government to destroy Democracy in this country. I believe that the majority of Maori voters would not be in favour of New Zealand’s democracy being destroyed. This Government is willing to use every underhanded method to dismantle our Democratic way of life. Gifford
Maori are not indigenous there were bones in kaitaia museum now removed that were carbon dated 120/200 years pre maori these bones were of european origin as the jaw bone was of a totally different shape to maori maori. Graham
Maori are only 13 % of the population Grahame
No! No! No! Wake up New Zealand. This must never be allowed to happen. Robert
The way the Maori are heading we should all be greatly concerned. Maori are extremely cunning in that they all want us to accept the arterial name and will steadily apply continued pressure until they think it’s time to hit and if we do not do something now we are all in trouble.You only have to view the tv and news readers etc to know what they are trying to achieve.I personally turn off if I can the worst of this rubbish.Wake up NZ and lets have a binding referendum on a name change NOW. Dennis
This should have never been actioned without a mandate this has to be exposed to the general public warts an all… Jack
Never. I am heartily sick of the way labour is pandering to the maori. Dennis
This is a terrifying further step down the path of Apartheid in NZ. Gives totally unjustified rights and powers to one section of the community. Will create more anger and bitterness between races here. On a secondary level too, will create some very wealthy Maori individuals who will be put in control of services like water, and will personally profit from that position. Hugh
Racism/apartheid being introduced under the table by labour, mostly by stealth. These idiots must have had their brains removed at the time they signed up to the labour party. Glad I’m old enough so it is unlikely to effect me. Roy
No. Let’s move on. We are a multi-cultural nation. Same law for all. No apartheid in New Zealand. Doug
we are being deliberately hoodwinked to behind a deceiving smile, so convincing to so many God help us when it is too late to change these actions anthony
They dare not take their agenda to the vote because they know they would be stopped. New Zealand is being taken over by stealth. Catherine
Sepratisim is the road to racism Dennis
15% of the population does not equate to 50% of the governing!! Jan
One country, one people and one law for all. No seperatism. No apartheid. Jens
Will the last person to leave New Zealand please put the lights out. The maoris won’t need them because they won’t have the know how to run the generators, or indeed anything else that constitutes a modern country. Now that the socialists are giving it away, New Zealand is becoming nothing more than a place to come from. If you stay, sit back and wait for the maoris to treat you as well as they have been treated by us, Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen though! TOBY
Racist based governance is entirely wrong. Stuart
There is NO justification for “partnership” or “co-governance”. Democracy is dead! Vic
Having Maori ancestry does not make you Maori and it does make you indigenous it just means you have Maori ancestry, nothing more nothing less but under no circumstances should it give you access to funding, services and preferential treatment over others who do not have that ancestry. That is called apartheid. Richard
Good God no! Ron
Racism, apartheid, entitlement, dictatorship, social injustice, CIVIL WAR……… Bryan
Most definitely not – welcome to Apartheid NZ Graham
Will they ever be satisfied?? Raewyn
One people , one law. Get elected if you want to influence or change it Peter
I think that all New Zealanders should be given equal status not any one minority and each eligible voter has his/her/vote NOT a minority having 50/50 governance Barry
What’s happened to ‘one person one vote?’ Yes, I believe it would be the end of our democracy at the whim of racial activism. The propaganda behind all this is truly scary especially if true Kiwis can’t see the creeping breakdown of our hither to fought for democracy. This would quickly lead to “Good bye New Zealand, hello Aotearoa” and good bye New Zealand history! This obliteration of New Zealand history has already been floated via the media. Massive warning signs for our democracy! Thank you Muriel for raising this. Stuart
expletives deleted chris
The sad thing for us all is that there were so many head in the sand voters who voted for a smile and a hug and refused to see beyond the face of the smiling assassin. These same people along with those who saw beyond the fake will pay the price for voting in someone whose agenda is to destroy our country Heather
Absolutely and positively NO ! I will not vote to destroy the magnificent & progressive country established and maintained by our european descendants particularly when the other 50% referred to represents only approx 14% of the NZ population. Donald
This is most alarming. We must be more vocal and outspoken. Where is National on all this? Mark
No bloody way,Hose!!!! Henry
Hell no,we must get rid of these commos . A nation wide petition and marches in the main centers would be a start. With the lack of a free balanced press in NZ communication will not be easy! norman
Absolutely NOT. Get elected to Government and/or Local Govt, or a job on your skill and knowledge NOT on the colour of your skin. 50/50 co-governance is racial discrimination. Maureen
No way. Iain
Disaster approaches – beware! Graham
no way Colin
This proposal is a disgrace Wah
They are only 15% of the people here and not fully Maori Why should they choose This is supposed to be the team of 5million (what a joke) Sorry but definitely No Rita
We need to remain a democratic nation for the sake and benefit of all New Zealanders Lynne
Ardern has to go I have zero respect for her, she is arrogant, ignorant, lazy and a traitor to the citizens of this country in my opinion. Treason come to mind. Merryl
we need skilled people involved in governance, independant of race. arnie
Well done Fiona for bringing this to our attention. This is atrocious and must be stopped!  John
This country will become totally racial, if such a vile UN requirement ever comes to fruition! Roy
Over my dead body! J J
A PM & country going stark raving mad Bud
Maori, or rather part Maori, make up barely 12% -15% of the population. The idea of giving them 50% co-governance is an obscene joke. Doug
Governance by the people is not based on race – it reflects the will of the majority. Even in South Africa it is the will of the majority. Mark
The final nail in the coffin of democracy Les
Absolutely no support for TRibal rule by the Elite Jeff
All part-Maori have the same voting (and citizenship) rights as the rest of us. That’s what the Treaty did – gave them citizenship in return for ceding sovereignty. Nothing else is necessary, including redress for imagined wrongs or prior claims. All those went out the door when they were granted citizenship. It is so blindingly obvious I can’t fathom how the entire team of 5 million can’t see it. Cherry
no no no Alan
Enough is enough. It’s time to bring to an end once and for all these extreme socialist policies. Roger
Absolutely not. Radical Maori pretending to represent 15% of New Zealanders with Maori heritage! 15% who are ignoring the rest of their heritage as there are no full blooded Maori anymore. Rita
The most dangerous and subversive proposal ever to eminate from a NZ government. Anthony
This agenda will result in civil war! Comrade Jacinda is a traitor to the vast majority of NewZealand citizens and should be removed IMMEDIATELY! Allan
There needs to be more transparency regarding exactly what this government is really up to. Bruce
Government policy should not on any level use race – any race – as a metric for electorates or governance. I don’t want to go back to 1850. pavel
It simply is just a lot of plain nonsense and needs to be resisted with the utmost urgency. It needs a political party to stand-up publicly to campaign on reversing all this nonsense and in reclaiming our Govt Dept’s to work for the benefit of ALL New Zealanders what ever ethnic base they belong to. Garry
Muriel has got it right June
Maori have never been indigenous to NZ. As they had no written language their History was mythical & handed down verbally. Their ancient culture was barbaric, cruel and vengeful. They were cannibals, kept slaves, fought between themselves continually & completely destroyed another Gentler Race which had arrived before them. It wasn’t until settlers from other more enlightened countries & cultures arrived and helped Maori achieve much. peter
If they were the Indigenous people of New Zealand, yes. But, they are not. David
This is apartheid in reverse to what happened in South Africa Jim
What kind of criminally Insane actions are these perpetrated by a Minority Government. Most part Maori I know are actually appalled by the actions of the Tribal Elite, who have Money and now want Power !! Geoff
frightening moyra
There is no no need to have co governance when we are all supposed to be one people, what is happening it is now becoming reverse racism and this will continue to get worse. Digby
Most definitely not! The biggest lie which keeps on being perpetuated is that Maori are indigenous… which they are definitely not! They are indigenous to where they came from. Trevor
Any government that promotes such an anti-democratic agenda as this is not fit to govern. It is blatantly racist and discriminates against the vast majority. Basic resources like water, which are essential to human life, should not be “owned” by a particular ethnic group. The centre-right really need to get their act together and start telling the public what’s going on. The fact they are not, makes me suspicious that they actually agree with some of this shit or care only about getting back into power, whatever it takes. NZ politics is in a sad state, whatever way you lean. The system is broken. Derek
And will anybody see anything in the media about all this? Unlikely. It’s amazing what a government can buy with $150 million. I’m still shocked that the Governor General on behalf of the Queen didn’t oppose the vote-buying handout to the media. I’m also shocked that a number of councils (including my own council) without any discussion with ratepayers, announced that they had appointed Maori wardens, but we’d be allowed to contest the decision with a referendum, and then Jacinda decided to cancel the referendums. What on earth is happening to our once beautiful and democratic country? John
Because it will not end there Greg
Will some-one FINALLY get the guts to take jacinda to court & STOP 15 per cent ruling N.Z. For the sake of your CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN STOP her race based policies.EMAIL ALL mp,s your OPPISISION for race based policies for 15 per cent-what about the other 75 per cent living in N.Z. WHY arent they getting EQUAL treatment.jacinda NEEDS TO BE TAKEN TO COURT the media will do nothing nor will any TV station so its upto any-one withe the money to PROTECT N.Z. from this communist/nazis person who is called jacinda.If any-one has the guts they,ll recieve donations from ALOT of NZealanders so PLEASE do it & people I cannot say it enough EMAIL ALL mp,s from BOTH parties your OPPOSITION & here is a TRUE SAYING:RAIN COMES FROM THE SKY SO FRESH WATER BELONGS TO EVERY-ONE AS NO-ONE OWNS THE SKY.SO STOP BEING LAZY IT COSTS NOTHING & MP,S ADDRESS ARE ON THIS WEBSITE SO DO IT.EMAIL,EMAIL,EMAIL EVERY-ONE. Cindy
Let’s hope enough people wake up in time! Peter
As a thinking New Zealander in my 70’s I am appalled at the successive abuse of democracy and deliberate escalation of misinterpretation of a simple document, “The Treaty of Waitangi” into a partnership/bicultural concept. I can read and interpret that a non governed country with no unity of prior or current colonists (remember none of us sprung out of the soil, we all came here from elsewhere at different stages of time). Despite our multiculturalism and intermarriage this is 2021 people!!) I am appalled to see extremists get oxygen for forcing a one culture perspective that promotes a growing apartheid and separatism among us. Tony
Comrade Jacinda – don’t be so stupid! Graeme
I don’t support Maori being separate in any form. We ar all New Zealanders and need to be treated the same. This weeks newsletter is particularly depressing. The end of democracy is here and moist people don’t know it. 1% control the world. 4% are sellout puppets, 90% are asleep. 5% know and are trying to wake up the 90%. The 1% don’t want the 5% waking the 90%. Jenny
It’s as though the whole country has now been conditioned to cowering under the noisy threat of racism accusations to offer any mainstream push back on this developing process which is at the acme of Newspeak irony. All of this is as race based as it is possible to imagine. Dick
No – never! Nobody voted for this. I want my country back! Scott
Absolutely NOT. Just read James Cowan’s ” The Adventures of Kimble Bent “. Hmmm .. Maybe we’ll have to deal to them again. One way or the other. Alan
This Government in-particular is moving our country toward a divided Nation based on race. Maori are 15 percent of the population of which none a full bloodied. The tax payer continually gives handouts. One country for everyone with equal rights. Steve
Whatever happened to ‘We are now one people’. How on earth can a co-governance system work .. this government of course will head us toward this, but it won’t end well. The problem is, if and when National finally get back into power, will they reverse this? Probably not. Maybe ACT will though. Maddi
Definitely not.. The Maori population in NZ is minimal to the total NZ population so why should they be granted 50/50 status Arthur
As NZCPR has been highlighting for years the political support of a minority racist elitist group of NZrs is closer to giving power to a Marxist group, we are closer to a Rhodesia/Zimbabwe solution of destroying democracy and the economy. The only winners will be the new ruling class. Rex
Surely it would be to REDUCE their status , as they already posses greater power that “the rest”. Ross
To put it in a nut shell, it is down right racist and undemocratic. chris
Absolute rubbish Graeme
The 1840 Treaty made us ALL one people with special privileges to any one group. i.e. We are a democracy with equal laws & rights!!!! Anyway, moldies were NOT the first settlers of NZ !!!!! Honest Dave
How do we make a binding nationwide vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this government? We need them to resign, get out of parliament and have a new election based on TRUTH,WITHOUT HIDDEN AGENDAS.. To hand over to maori control of all legislation is outrageous when they WERE NOT THE INDIGENOUS people here in NZ.This is a well known fact. No group can legally claim sovereignty when they make up no more than 16% of the total population. with no full blooded maori here. Make them see EQUALITY is the best they can ever be given and this is already beyond the limit of what they’re receiving and scheme for. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND !!!. CMM
Race has no place in any aspect of the lives of individual, positive or negative. tony
15 rule the rest? Bye bye democracy. Mark
Obviously M/s Ardern’s earlier political leanings towards Communism are flowering in Labour’s political garden. The NZ PUBLIC must take notice Bob
Maori have every right to be heard and to be involved in decision/making, but in proportion to their numbers.please show me where the word ‘governance’ appears in the treaty of Waitangi ,in either the maori or theEuropean versions. galem
We are New Zealanders both Maori and Pakeha Graham
Pandora’s box Rowena
DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY NO, NO, NO, NOTTTTTTT. Again, this is more and more REVERSE racism. Do NOT allow this to happen and stuff our country even further. Brian W. Brian
It seems we are heading for a revolt, sooner or later, no good for anyone. With a bit of luck it might be at the next elections. Owen
This move towards 50/50 co-governance is insidious in the extreme. That will end New Zealand as we know it. John
I wish we had a stronger opposition in Government and a party with a backbone that will challenge this lot and restore some decency back . At this stage there is a fat chance of that happening and when it does it .will be to late ken
I think we are heading for a revolt people, not good for anyone. Owen
I despair of this Governments insidious and unscrupulous actions. Despicable. Bryce
No one group or race of people should have control over another Beau
Legally morally wrong and threatens every NZer except the 15% of the team of 5 million. Extremely undemocratic. Cecilie
no if they do we are doomed Nigel
race should not determine anything political Nev
A partnership does not imply a 50/50 share of control – any business model would confirm that. A 15/85 partnership would be more realistic in this case, which is evidently quite achievable in an election where Maori are elected by popular vote – on merit., not on the basis of a PC hand-out! Kris
I don’t support anything that uses race, creed or politics as a basis – everyone is equal and should be treated as such. No Maori seats in Parliament or on local Councils – you get what you have, or where you are, on your own merit. Race, creed and political viewpoint are all part of the enhancement of the vision of the person in question. Sue
Any position of authority or judgement should be based upon the skill of the applicant and not of race, regardless of what race. Peter
Maori have too many lawyers in warrior mode fighting kiwis and paying no tax .Maoris childres should learn how to claim GST and accounting instead of maori in school George
Racist madness This govt has to go and soon whilst there is still something left Richard
This is not democracy Rex
Absolutely not!! William
This is getting really scary and the message isn’t getting out to the public. Its done in secrecy Judy
This is out of control, when are Kiwis going to wake up! George
NO! She has gone from the Hero of Covoid to the smiling assassin. It is going to get worse. “God Defend New Zealand” (The English version please) Bruce
non democratic. Maori already and have always had a democratic choice. Charlotte
I have seen no indication from any of the current, and recent past Maori leadership which indicates that they even begin to understand democratic governance; nor any indication of the necessary cognitive competence to comprehend the issues of a nation relating to the passage of legislation affecting all the citizens. bob
Not democratic as they are not 50% of the population Andrew
This is anti democratic and apartheid in nature. John
That would be our passport to slavery under Maori/marxist dictatorship russell
Impossible to see how this will not cause injustice and hatred Brianb
13% of the population does not equal 50% of the governance without consent from the remaining 87%. Labour know this and realize that they have a small window of 3 years to get this enacted before they lose their supra-majority in Parliament. Brenton
the minister should be held as irresponsible and racist – water for the people of N>Z Beth
Hell NO! Maori are not ‘indigenous’ to NZ, their own stories tell how they came here by boat. And we all know that there were other people already here and what they did to those people. That they got here before english settlers is immaterial. This Bill is pure BS! Sherrin
Beyond belief that we could let this happen.How can it be stopped. Graham
NZ is going to the dogs. Australia is looking quite attractive. David
Absolutely not. They should only have a same rights as all other NZers. When will this stop? Graeme
Utterly stupid!!! Alan
Without a doubt NO David
Referencing Ewen McQueens book One Sun in the Sky, the Treaty of Waitangi does not suggest dual sovereignty and there is no mention of partnership in the Treaty or the debates that preceded the signing apart from Hokianga where Hobson quashed the idea. The Northern War, the King movement and Land Wars occurred due to the Colonial Govt of the day doing a poor job for Maori, not because of (a lack of) partnership. Ian
Absolutely no, and when are we going to wake up to these nonsensical claims when there are no Maoris or half Maoris left in New Zealand. In addition just also remember that Maori were not the first inhabitants of this land and accordingly they have no indigenous rights at all. So why are we continuing to have discussion. Why? because we have a communist Prime Minister who is also so stupid that she gives in to a small minority of greedy people who have recognized the weaknesses that she displays. The whole continuing saga is a sad reflection on this and past governments which must be stopped now if all the hard work of those who civilized the then Maori is not to be lost in the future. Tom
Why should they. We are all kiwis. English, chinese, indian, pacific etc etc. Bev
Never! The idea of a “Treaty Partnership” is the most outrageous confidence trick ever perpetrated against the people of New Zealand. I’m lucky, as I have the option of moving offshore; I’ve strongly advised my children to consider doing the same. Then the Maoris, their sympathisers, and the apathetic general public can have this South Pacific banana republic to themselves: they’ll deserve it. Graham
Of course not. If it were to come about, there would then be nothing to stop the country becoming what South Africa was. As for Maori wanting control of everything as it is now, we have to assume that Maori would progress to where they are now without colonisation. Most unlikely. Disaster for New Zealand is just around the corner. Major civil unrest is not too far away. Just needs someone not afraid to light the fuse. Ray
this is crazy and dangerous stuff. william
NO NO NO NO NO NO When will the media broadcast what is happening to our One People our One Nation Rod
Only in New Zealand. A blatant and shameless campaign to wrest power from a bunch of nice people brought up to assume the best of everyone. Richard
Certainly not. On 6th Feb 1840 we all became one people and all have equal rites..Maori are over represented in Parliament. David
A country divided against itself shall surely fall. It’s been a long time since we had a democracy. It became a parliamentary dictatorship under Key and is now a socialist dictatorship under Comrade Cindy. Alan
This is pure fascism. I have no idea when people will wake up but its becoming increasingly obvious that time is running out to do something to reverse the whole process. Roger
Seriously! Not one inch more! Rodney
First .. This country is NEW ZEALAND, not Aotearower! This very sick government has now caused so much division in New Zealand that its hard to see us ever returning to the place it used to be prior to Arderns destructive pathway to total racism. Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand.. they came from only God knows where, as they are not sure themselves, and set upon destroying all the Moa birds who had roamed the land for more than 10 million years, and their savage plan of stealth and destruction continues today. Nothing in the treaty ever suggested they be given any special treatment other than that of all other subjects of the crown. Now, the Government allows open slather for all Maori who go about committing crime and anything illegal. It seems that even involvement in murder is rewarded with a get out of jail free card. All problems that Maori are facing are created by Maori … they have been given SOOO much special treatment and assistance over and above all other hard working New Zealanders and its time to to stop. How long before civil unrest and an uprise will occur … is this really what this sick Labour Party are trying to achieve? Des
I thought we lived in a country where everyone was equal. Brian
You think the radical maori are a problem now just wait till this happens and there will be blood in the streets black lives matter times a thousand Jeffrey
To do so would be a con-man’s charter. David
This is another step along the road to separatism. As a recent commentator wrote “part-maori and others” Colin
our beautiful country with e a caring for all people will go and become very dictatorial and one race orientated anthony
This has to be stopped. National do not seem to even have a voice on this . Are they willing to reverse all this nonsense if elected ever again. I cannot see it as Collins has been very weak on anything Labour is doing. Murray
What Adern is doing is worse than apartheid was in South Africa. On just about any metric you care to name, this Adern government has failed on every one of them. Clive
If Maori control all the water of the country, when there is a flood [or tsunami] will they pay for all the resulting damages? rod
NO, and if “Maori” wanted to participate democratically “they” have had ample opportunity to contest electorally. Their track record proves that Maori do not have unilateral Maori support. It end s there! Geoff
We should stop calling them Maori and just say “second party”. It is obvious they are not Maori People, do not represent Maori interests and are not elected, but chosen, for the roles that they are GIVEN. Using this term would remove the emotive side of the discussion and tell it for what it is – separatism by political ambition. Bruce C
Even apartheid would be better than this. Maybe its time to move to Australia. Brian
This above what a Govt can mandate and should only be consider after a national vote by the people of NZ. That will not happen Reg
Firstly they are not indigenous, Secondly part moari now only represent 15% population – therefore 50/50 not ethical. Thirdly, moari will be wanting some remuneration from rain that falls from the sky. They will not be contributing to infrastructure costs. We have seen from tribunal settlements that the elite keep the money for themselves and do not trickle it down to those who are in need. They are immensly greedy for their own bank accounts to fill . Michele
I am so tired of watching the Tooth-Fairy blatantly screwing us to secure her future position in the U.N. What is wrong with Kiwis? Where are the strident voices decrying this crap. I refuse to be a second-class citizen in some tribal state. My ancestors worked too hard to bring NZ up to the best in the world. It started with Keys surreptitiously and falsely – allowing Maori to claim they are indigenous at the U.N. Just another self-serving politician. Now we have the ultimate sell-out ‘leader’ in control. Appalling. Mike
Minority control is not acceptable particularly when the minority are no longer a pure race and are denying their contributing blood lines. Ian
No f—ing way. This Government is crucifying all Kiwis by cow towing to Maoris who will revert to their own tribal ways – They are well down that track already – and we will be living in New Zimbabwe – not New Zealand. – Where are the apartheid demonstrators when we need them ? Suddenly very quiet. Garry
I. Feel powerless. Who will listen to me? Brian
Hate to see this happen.they cannot handle their own affairs,tax payers will suffer. Arderns government is taking us down a slippery slope. totally agree worst government we have ever had. Feel sorry for our youngsters for what they will have to put up with. Peter
From your article it makes me feel as though I want to leave here. What is Jacinda doing? And without informing the people and asking them to vote. If this happens it will cause so much trouble in this country Kerin
Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Maoridom was a stone age society. Life was centred on the tribe and there was constant conflict with neighbouring tribes (and within tribes) in which slavery and cannibalism was rife. Gavin
New Zealand is being replaced with Aotearoaism every day and unless the general population wake up and speak out it will soon be a completely different and alien country compared to the country all citizens have helped to create. David
APARTHEID plain and simple. Geoff
And yet having voted in the negative we must also understand that in the 2020 election 49% of voting New Zealanders believed that this current Government and it’s leader would be as stated by her on election night be “working for ALL New Zealanders”. How simple it must be to be able to gain such control of the citizens by telling them what they want to hear and the having gained that power embark on the true agenda that promotes your beliefs and ambitions above anything else. The political system that is being established, where some citizens, who by chance have a little Maori blood in their heritage, will be given special status over all others is pure racism in itself. Barry
Despite any political claims to the contra, that was not what the original intent of the Treaty. Michael
WT holy F? Adern is a traitor. Mark
As Hobson said we are ONE PEOPLE so we should all be treated the same. No preferential treatment for a different coloured skin. Do we want another South Africa situation in NZ sheila
Democracy is going!where is this Government pursuing equality for all. Ew Zealanders Why should we be held to ransom by 15% of the population!the ditch is becoming for our grandchildren and no wonder Chris
To uphold the principles of the treaty, means Maori cede sovereignty to the Crown. Alternately, I am indigenous, therefore claim my right to NZ’s resources (i.e. exercise democracy). Paul
This wealth will be controlled by a handful of Iwi leaders. As happens now, the ordinary Maori will see very little of this wealth. Alan
Would be a disaster for NZ – 15% of population but how much in DNA %? jim
God help us!!! Eddie
How many times would the word NO need to be written to properly reflect my abhorrence of this 2040 scenario – Thousands – Tens of Thousands! Carl
Maori are not indigenous to NZ and are already over represented at most levels of government Russ
Being 14% why should they have 50% say Colin
Evidence proves they cant work together on their own issues letalone contribute to the correct direction of the country for all. They are far too selfish as an imperfect race mike
No No No ! Not ever. David
This is the stuff that causes revolutions. If only kiwis knew. But then, would they get off their arses. Peter
There is NO mandate for Jacinda to undertake this most radical and racist change to the fabric of New Zealand, she and her cronies must be stopped. John
Absolutely not … the Maori are not even the indigenous people … just early settlers and have no more claim to the land than New Zealanders who have no Maori blood. It is time that this ridiculous takeover by part maori activists is seen for what it is…. another money grab by a small number of ‘Maori” elite. Robbie
How do we describe this country now that it is not democratic? Graham
Whatever our origins if it is good for one of us it should be good for all of us to share equally. Patsy
No.No,NO. Mark
When did we officially cease being “One People”? William
Never would I support such a concept. Why are Maori over represented in the following statistics: crime, poor health, poverty, unemployment, general under-achievement? Maori have the same opportunities as non-Maori. The answer partly lies in an unwillingness by many school aged Maori to be seen to be achievers. If anyone thinks that this is prejudiced and racist, then conduct a poll of teachers and let the results speak. The way forward is not more handouts and concessions; it is to encourage Maori and other under achievers to achieve their potential in the school system which will lead to better jobs opportunities and incomes. Get real New Zealand! Peter
These people should not even be considered, What i want to see is the OPPOSITION PARTIES doing something to combat these atrocious changes being considered bill
If New Zealand continues on this path allowing maori to take control, there will be a civil war. Some Maori are spoiling for this fight and with high numbers of maori in the army, they would probably succeed. This is the threat that maori hold over each government. Who will have the balls to say enough is enough and put a stop to this continuing maori lies and evil intentions. Darryl
I don’t even agree with the power we give to this government through our current electoral process! But this … would be so divisive it would create a lot of problems in society. Bryan
Absolute patronising (to Maori) nonsense. Ardern is out of control! John
Why should they? Lets move forward not backwards Anon
Now might be the time to sell up my assets and make a move across the Tasman Lawrie
Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand. They are colonist’s like the rest of NZ citizens. Through deception and misled history they are taking over the country by stealth. Wayne
Maori get elected on their own merit to guven. We are one people John
Maori have no claim as they are NOT indigenous. Maori arrived in New Zealand the same way early Europeans did. BY SEA! Reg
Racist. Geoff
Not at all. But— folks– let’s face it !! This whole thing is a humongous set up. Bi – culturalism ( one of the many ‘ists’ and ‘isms’ wokes have invented to bent and distort normal language ) means nothing else but ‘ them and us’. Them is all the bloody whites to be blamed for everything and us is the untouchable elite , the crown of creation . This is a run away train . Successive governments have laid down the rails decades ago and now we start to suffer the consequences. Michael
Definitely not. clark
One race only, being Homo Sapiens and therefore only one government elected by the citizens of New Zealand with one set of culturally unbiased rules, not this rubbish of empowering a group who have minority maori genes, why don’t they honour their majority ” other” ancestral genes. Just logic and fairness has left our shores and our arrogant majority government does what it wants, celebrating the socialist view of a communist world. They will be kicked out later when the bullies have total control, just look at the socialist 3rd world countries of the world. How did we get to this? Dumbing down and media control of the sheeple, I mean population who will vote for a toothy spin doctored smile. Leonard
Apartheid is penetrating all aspects of government and life in New Zealand. I fear it will be too late to stop or to reverse the damage by the time most citizens wake up to what is happening Frank
But how do we stop it. The possibility of another Labour govt is huge and the people only see the money being handed out as what is good, be kind, but don%u2019t think of the consequences Andrew
Why are we as a nation so hell bent on CREATING apartheid!!!! Andy
To quote Dr Newman – “Her ultimate goal is to elevate Maori tribal leaders to the status of a ruling aristocracy. Representing 15 percent of the population, they will exercise 50 percent of the Government’s decision-making power and control the vast economic resources that would accompany such a role.” This would mean the end of New Zealand as a free liberal nation, and put us on the track to Zimbabwe . Doug
I have sent this newsletter to the Taupo District Councillors who seem to be acting as ”puppets” for Central Government. Without any mandate from their electorate. RICHard
Remember it’s only a proposal and common sense should tell you it won’t get off the ground. Having said that there are loads of people out there don’t know the time of day. A lot of what you read is scare mongering to push a political view or direction. I’ve seen a lot of this lately and nothing comes of it. Chris
Elevation of status is something worked for and deserved. Maoris are in general , lousy managers in all respects . I don’t want my future reliant upon their supposed culture . Pete
Never! Jan
Well looks like the majority of voters got what they wanted I wonder how many would now revise there vote given a chance By the time the elections come around again I believe the laws being put in place will be almost impossible to reverse Peter
Not bloody likely! This anti-New Zealand movement has been allowed to continue far too long already, gathering power, money, and resources – in other words control of our country! It must be stopped by whatever means it takes, short of violence. Ordinary kiwis of all races (the majority) who are non-Maori, must have their status not only restored., but elevated to one of pre-eminence. Frank
This Govt hasn’t lost the plot! they never had one. We are being dictated to by a complete bunch of liberal retards.This proposal of co – government is nothing but pure bull S–t. & destructive to N.Z. We need to find a way to get rid of this immature, sitting socialist dictator. Allen
Because I believe in democracy, as rule by the majority. Katherine
NZ is heading down a very dangerous and devisive path we need to spread the message! Gregor
Shocking state of affairs Trevor
For such a fundamental change from what NZ what NZ has now in the control of natural resources and other factors of local and national governance must be voted on by a national plebiscite and not pushed through by government decree. John
Apartheid and I am from South Africa Mark
This blatant racist pandering to the self proclaimed indigenous people that is creating separatism. That will lead to civil war. It needs to stop. Vaughan
Time to depose this government. norman
I’m glad my children have dual citizenship Penina
OUT, damn Jacinda !! Coral
This must be stopped. Maori are holding the country to ransom over Treaty claims, and it won’t stop there Kevin
So NZ’s future is civil war by 2040 then? David
Long live democracy Merv
Undemocratic and disproportionate. How do you define Maori anyway? Tane
Voted wrongly first time so resubmitted. Totally against 50/50 Julie
So what would be a good country to move to before 2040 then? David
This is absurd. 15% of the population having 50% control. Welcome to reverse South Africa Steve
Maori ceded sovereignty in 1840. Graeme
When will New Zealanders get some recognition from Maori that a huge debt of gratitude is due to the early European settlers who ultimately saved the natives from themselves and stopped the country becoming another Easter Island? Allan
This power play needs to stop. Why should 15% of this multi cultural population of whom a large majority would be less than 50% Maori have 50% of the say. Corruption would be rife!@ Gillian
The funds produced would end up in tribal elite pockets, the cost of water skyrocket, and maintenance become non existent John
We are all new Zealanders therefore no one should pay for water unless it’s in a bottle for export Ken
Like ALL Communists and liberals lies are the staple diet of this Government. NZ cannot engage in this UN nonsense as by definition alone Maori are NOT INDEGINOUS. They are no more indeginous than me. They are more indeginous than they Chinese who came hunting goal or the Scot Whalers. They immigrated via sailing canoes from polynesia. To say they are indeginous is ignoring the facts and they truth. ie. it would be a LIE! Communists never let they fact get in they way of their narrative however. Anything passed under this lie must be challenged not just in NZ but in the highest courts. Tony
Aboriginals were in Aussie for it is now thought, 50,000years. That makes them indigenous. Our lot fetched up around 1000 years ago. This hardly makes them any more original than any other races. I think the rest of NZ are sock to death of the lies and hypocrisy of this minor group, largely defiantly ignorant, anti social and aggressive, dismissive of their own and deeply racist. Adern is either an extraordinary fool or a cunning manipulator with a hidden agenda. I know which opinion I favour.This nonsense has to stop, but how? Charles
I think Maori are getting more than that now with with this labour government Jimmy
16% of the population and we are a multi cultural society. Maori have to understand that they will never lord it over 84% of the population. Graeme
Merit will lead to success not affirmative action. John
I cant see how apathetic woke New Zealanders will stop this. I’m glad I’m in the older generation and will be gone from this. I feel very sad for our country Elizabeth
It’s absolutely ruinous and totally undemocratic. Jackie
I am sick of being manipulated by this government. Chris
Where are one people – all Nzer’s so Maori should not be given any more status or privileges than the rest of the population . Bill
Over my dead body! Carl
And why are the media and opposition parties so quiet on the matter? David
No No No This current Prime Minister is a brainless idiot We are getting this made up Maori bull shit thrust upon us more and more each day , with this communist, undemocratic government What are these so called natives going to do when they end up with everything, and then the Chinese take it all off them Fortunately, I probably won’t be here in 2040 Murray
Elevating Maori is racism. Sue
It’s an outrageously unworkable, egregious nonsense. jim
Racist politicians with no mandate Greg
No way we are equal and have the same rights as the other. They are not indigenous people as they too are colonizers of this country. We all need a say in what happens in this country. We’re supposed to be a democracy! Kristene
It is a very scary slippery slope that we are now on which will destroy New Zealand forever. This Government must be stopped progressing these separatist ideals. Vivienne
Why does the government obey the UN? Elizabeth
NZ is a democracy and any race can be elected. Stephen
This should be a democratic nation James
this is getting worse by the day.MMP is the cause of this.Maori seats need to be abolished as recommended by those who introduced it Michael
Maori are neither indigenous nor anywhere near 50% of the population , any more than any other groups. We are a MULTI- cultural society , not a BI- cultural one . End of story . Simon Moulson
No, no, and no! A very sad day when the rights of all NZers are usurped by the Maori ruling class at with the government’s support. So much for equal rights for all the citizens of NZ whatever their ethnicity. Walnetta
Quite literally, over my dead body. Greg
NO, No, No, we are all one Nation. New Zealander’s. Richard
Absolutely not! It is an insane proposal. What planet is this government on!  Phillip
Labour was elected to govern, whether we like it or not. Giving away power to tribal groups represents a betrayal of trust. If they wanted to do that, they should have campaigned on it. Sam
What a stupid idea! Nigel
 Jacinda Ardern has no mandate for this radical plan. She is betraying the public and should resign. Carol
The fact that all of these changes are being carried out by stealth shows just how deceitful this government really is. Jeffrey