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The Final Step to Separatism

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“The United Nations Indigenous Peoples Declaration… is the final step on the road to separatism. This is the road to Zimbabwe.”
– Winston Peters, 2011

A recent report produced by the Ministry for Maori Development outlining a plan for implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, raises important questions: Is Jacinda Ardern governing on behalf of the people of New Zealand, or is she turning this county into an outpost of the UN?

Looking at her track record as Prime Minister, it certainly appears as if she’s being driven by the dictates of the UN. She admitted as much in a 2019 speech to the Bill Gates Foundation, when she described how she was enacting the UN’s Agenda 2030 in New Zealand: “We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions.”

At no time has she informed New Zealanders that Agenda 2030 is the blueprint for domestic policy.

Her Zero Carbon Act, which she boasted is world-leading in its severity, is being imposed to satisfy the UN’s Paris Agreement, even though it will have a disastrous impact on New Zealand’s living standards and way of life.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, we are now finding out that worse is still to come. The Prime Minister intends embedding the objectives of the highly controversial UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into our legal and regulatory framework – a dreadful act of betrayal that will deliver control of New Zealand to the tribal elite in the final step to separatism.

To appreciate why this is regarded as treachery by so many New Zealanders, it is important understand the history.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was adopted by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007, consists of 46 non-binding, aspirational Articles. If implemented into law, they would confer special rights and privileges that would elevate tribal groups above all other citizens, giving them effective control of law-making, land and resources.

The 46 Articles can be viewed HERE.

The Declaration was deemed so radical that Prime Minister Helen Clark refused to sign. The advice from Crown Law was that four provisions in particular, were fundamentally incompatible with New Zealand’s constitutional and legal arrangements.

Rosemary Banks, New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the UN, outlined these concerns to the General Assembly: “Article 26 states that indigenous peoples have a right to own, use, develop or control lands and territories that they have traditionally owned, occupied or used. For New Zealand, the entire country is potentially caught within the scope of the Article. The Article appears to require recognition of rights to lands now lawfully owned by other citizens, both indigenous and non-indigenous, and does not take into account the customs, traditions, and land tenure systems of the indigenous peoples concerned.

“In addition, the provisions on redress and compensation in Article 28, are unworkable in New Zealand. Again, the entire country would appear to fall within the scope of the Article and the text generally takes no account of the fact that land may now be occupied or owned legitimately by others or subject to numerous different, or overlapping, indigenous claims. It is impossible for the State in New Zealand to uphold a right to redress and provide compensation for value for the entire country.

“Finally, the Declaration implies that indigenous peoples have a right of veto over a democratic legislature and national resource management, in particular Articles 19 and 32(2). We strongly support the full and active engagement of indigenous peoples in democratic decision-making processes. We also have some of the most extensive consultation mechanisms in the world, where the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi are enshrined in resource management law. But these Articles imply different classes of citizenship, where indigenous have a right of veto that other groups or individuals do not have.”

At the time, New Zealand was one of four countries with extensive legislative frameworks already in place to deal with historic grievances, that opposed the Declaration. However, all were pressured to sign – Australia in 2009, New Zealand and the US in 2010, and Canada in 2016.

When Prime Minister John Key announced New Zealand had signed the Declaration, he described it as “symbolic and aspirational”.

In the Parliamentary debate that followed, the Minister of Justice Simon Power explained the limitations: “In moving to support the Declaration, New Zealand both affirms those rights and reaffirms the legal and constitutional frameworks that underpin New Zealand’s legal system. Those existing frameworks define the bounds of New Zealand’s engagement with the aspirational elements of the Declaration.”

Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta used her address to reiterate why they had opposed the Declaration: “It was with regret that in 2007 the Labour Government was unable to sign the declaration. In particular, there were inconsistencies between the text and New Zealand’s constitutional and legal framework that would be difficult to overturn while retaining the fabric of what our society is working towards.”

Fast forward to 2018, and Nanaia Mahuta, now the Minister of Maori Development, wants to enact the Declaration, even though she knows it is incompatible with our laws.

A Cabinet paper reveals that she is justifying her actions by claiming the National Government had already ‘authorised’ its implementation: “New Zealand has previously made commitments to take concrete measures to ensure the implementation and promotion of the Declaration [CAB Min (14) 17/5]… This commitment results from New Zealand’s acceptance of a Universal Periodic Review recommendation on the Declaration in 2014”.

Indeed, National had accepted recommendation 90 of the 2014 Universal Periodic Review, which urged the Government to “Take concrete measures to ensure the implementation and promotion of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. However, the accompanying caveat clearly stated that the mechanism to be used was the established Treaty of Waitangi claims process.

Minister Mahuta deliberately ignored the facts, implying instead that National had opened the door to the Declaration becoming law.

By March 2019, a Cabinet minute shows Prime Minister Ardern authorising Minister Mahuta to change the ‘aspirational’ Declaration into a plan for implementation. A technical working group was appointed to develop the plan consisting of five non-government members – Dr Claire Charters (Chair), Waimirirangi Ormsby, Naomi Solomon, Gary Williams and Dr Jacinta Ruru – and four government officials – Emily Owen, Judith Pryor, Kayla Kingdon-Bebb, and Tamati Olsen.

Their report, He Puapua was delivered to the Minister on 1 November 2019. A year later it was ‘partially’ released under the Official Information Act.

So what does the plan reveal?

The full implementation of the UN’s Indigenous Rights Declaration is expected to be completed by 2040 – to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Since New Zealand’s current legal and constitutional frameworks are regarded as barriers to the full implementation of ‘Vision 2040’, there are plans to change them both.

Firstly, to make the legal system compatible with their plan, Maori tikanga – the range of cultural practices that evolved historically within the tribal feudal system – will be introduced into the common law, to ensure the law will mean whatever the separatists want. This is already being advocated by the Chief Justice and other Judges Labour has appointed, along with separatist supporters in academia and the media.

However, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, the former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy, explains why incorporating tikanga will make it impossible to maintain the common law:

“To represent pre-European Maori practices as having a place in the common law of twenty first century New Zealand is absurd. 

“A law which embraces the components of the beliefs of the various peoples who currently make up New Zealand society cannot by definition be a law common to all. The law is not concerned with making people feel better about themselves, or valued, it is the dispensation of impartial justice to an external standard of universal application.

“Judges of our superior courts who tinker with this populist nonsense are playing with fire: they do a grave disservice to the law, and the harmony of the society which it exists to serve.”

In reality, those seeking to introduce tikanga into the law are not motivated by the public good – they are instead committed to progressing Labour’s agenda to enrich the tribal elite.

The second barrier is our constitutional framework, but while New Zealanders overwhelmingly rejected a new constitution during the Maori Party’s 2011 review, it counts for nothing. A Treaty-based constitution is central to Vision 2040, and the path to its introduction is already mapped out.

By 2021, “The government will have initiated a public information campaign about our constitutional arrangements and set up a process for the Crown to determine how it should partner with Maori in a Treaty-based constitution”.

By 2025, a “constitutional convention” will have been held, and the Human Rights Commission will lead the campaign “to build alliances and shape the public conversation about constitutional arrangements”.

By 2035, the campaign will “frame the narrative and process for constitutional change with the wider public”.

And by 2040, a new constitution will be in place that will allow the government “to share power with Maori in our constitutional arrangements”.   

With the goals outlined in Vision 2040 covering all aspects of life in New Zealand – we can only touch on a few of them here.

By 2040, there will be “an enlarged tribal estate” as a result of a significantly increased return of Crown lands, waters, and the foreshore and seabed to Maori ownership, the “acquisition of private land of significance to Maori”, and “customary title and rights in resources including water and minerals.” 

Maori authority will dominate through “significantly increased transfer of government powers to iwi/hapu across resource management spectrum (RMA, conservation, fisheries etc.)”

The Treaty of Waitangi will be revitalised: “Implement means of strengthening legal recognition of the Treaty – by consistent use of stronger Treaty clauses and/or by putting the Treaty itself into legislation”. Since putting the Treaty into legislation would be highly controversial, an alternative route is suggested “possibly via a Law Commission reference”.  

The Waitangi Tribunal will be empowered by making their decisions binding.

Labour’s plan for the compulsory teaching of Maori history in schools is part of Vision 2040. As is the compulsory teaching of the Maori language in schools, and the enforcement of Maori culture: “All New Zealanders will embrace and respect Maori culture as an integral part of national identity, and this will also be reflected in a bicultural state sector.”

The new Maori Health Agency that is being established is part of Vision 2040, as is the on-going reduction in prison numbers: the objective is that by 2040 “prisons will not exist”.

When it comes to governance, they will “Establish… a joint deliberative forum to consider a range of constitutional matters, including new governance institutions (eg Upper House, Maori parliaments)” and they will “develop partnership/joint governance bodies across government agencies”, so “Maori decide whether and how they want to exercise rangatiratanga and authority to work towards equity – what services they want to take over”. In other words, separate systems designed for Maori, run by Maori, but funded by taxpayers. 

By 2040, “All Maori will enjoy equity in opportunity and outcomes”, and “Maori will be thriving in all aspects of life including across generations”.

In essence, once a Treaty-based constitution is in place and tikanga is embedded in the common law, under Vision 2040 Maori separatists will control the country.

This is not pie in the sky. It is already underway.

There has been no public debate about the Declaration, nor was it mentioned in the Labour Party’s election manifesto.

The only information freely available about this UN plan to replace New Zealand democracy with tribal rule – and enact the biggest overhaul of public affairs this country has ever seen – was a general announcement by Minister Mahuta in 2019, and now, a year and a half later, the partial publication of a document revealing Jacinda Ardern’s dangerous intentions.

With only a third of the Agenda 2040 report being released, it appears that far more controversial recommendations are yet to be disclosed!

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Absolutely not. what is happening here is totally orchestrated takeover of our way of life. I also do not support the use of the name Aotearoa displacing New Zealand to describe our country without some form of democratic process or debate. National did not just decide to change the flag without the approval from the people Jacquie
No. NZ should create it%u2019s own vision not the vision of the UN Marxists. John
No. The devil is in the detail! Peter
A universally accepted definition of INDIGENOUS is “naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place”. The world is boldly told the NZ Maori tribes were extremely skilful sailors and navigators that arrived on these shores from their homelands of East Polynesia around 1250-1300AD. If this is true then they are NOT indigenous people of the islands of New Zealand. Should any Government attempt to implement in New Zealand the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ it is likely to fail in the courts. That is providing our judicial system doesn’t become corrupted by Government pressure. It is time for the World to recognise that there are NO Indigenous people of New Zealand. I am not of Maori descent but I am definitely tangata whenua (person of the land) of New Zealand. Martin
Is it who got here first, and who might that be, against who has contributed to the standard of living in the widest sense, and the significance of Christianity in the western world. Maurice
Too early for maori to rule the country,, they are in warrior mode now and can protest and the government ducks and agrees with them. George
The beginning of the end of democracy, civil rights, freedom of speech, and a single nation concept that Ardern pretends to be attempting to establish. She’s a communist. Paul
It is rampant racism. Maoris are NOT indigenous! We even know the names of the vessels they came in! Bruce
Helen and her UN minions are in the final surge to take NZ. Bruce
NO NO & NO!!! It’s insane!!! Caro
New Zealand will disintegrate into a banana republik with maori ending up eating each other again. John
Why isn’t my National MP, (N. Grigg) voicing concern in the local free papers as well? Tony
None of this rhetoric is going to help unless we are prepared to turn it into action. We Pakeha are on the whole far too passive. We need to be prepared to put our bodies on the line like the demonstrators in Myanmar. Create a movement calling for Ardern’s resignation prepared to march on Parliament and hold other demonstrations. Francis
We are already reversing at a rapid rate Rod
I am an immigrant to NZ only having been here for 27 years. But I ask who are the indigenous people of NZ, in fact, I ask “Are there any?” My understanding is that this Declaration in NZ would apply to Maori as the indigenous people; please correct me if I am wrong. Also my understanding from my very limited historical knowledge of NZ is that the ancestors of Maori were not from NZ either but were also “immigrants” from various Pacific Islands. Certainly it seems they were the first to arrive, but they were not indigenous, they too, like me, were immigrants. If there is any slight item of truth in my thinking, then the United Nations Declaration is totally meaningless in the context of NZ. My ancestry stretches back to Scotland, should I now have claims against the English? The world has gone mad. Graham
Not if we want to become an other Zimbabwe we don’t Elaine
Outrageous.How true it is that the lessons of history are soon forgotten. Returned servicemen would be turning in their graves Bernie
This is divisive and inflammatory Ray
There is absolutely no mandate for this to be happening. Instead, it is being forced on New Zealanders by stealth. Pamela
I see that some Maori ‘commentators’ are NOW promoting and referring to themselves as indigenous people! John
How can we? We are all New Zealanders and are all immigrants. We are all one. Garry
Absolutely NO! Never forget that the U.N. was set up by communists within the Roosevelt administration. Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White were the two main proponents. Don
Absolute INSANITY!! Gary
The Zimbabwe exercise is a dismal failure. Why can’t comrade Adern and her cronies learn from history. Phi
This is a huge deception by the Ardern and needs to be called out. If this continues it will lead to a full on civil war. Jeff
It’s pure apartheid. Rick
Indigenous means belonging to a place naturally. It doesn’t mean having a brown skin. Maori are not indigenous to NZ, they are indigenous to wherever they cam from. Their ancestors came here in boats. They are not First Nation people either, because there were other people living in NZ before them. Trevor
Recent govts have taken NZ down a very dangerous path & this lot have their foot firmly planted on the accelerator. It will end badly for all NZ’s. Derek
No matter which way you look at it, NZ is heading for civil unrest like we have never seen. That may be the only way NZ can be united in the aftermath. God help us. Ray
Socialism has New Zealand by the throat. A curse for the country John Key imposing UNDRIP on us. By low cunning, Nainaia Mahuta shows the ugly face of Maori supremacy, separatism and ultimately that she is a racist. Monica
Most of our indigenous people live on an Island in the Pacific. Mike
We are indeed following down to what happened in Zimbabwe. It’s a one way road with no place to turnaround. Totalitarian despots do not signal what their intentions are, they just do it. Ardern knows this full well. Colin
Apartheid – a system where a minority (in this case those who claim some Maori ancestory) control majority of the population. Henry
Absolutely not and as a New Zealand citizen I expect that my view be noted and factored in to any decision making process not ignored. Where is the democracy here! NZ is going to HELL in a handcart Carol
This goes way beyond appalling, it is a total travesty and amounts to reverse apartheid. Allan
We’re ALL one people. This is just furtherance of the part-Maori agenda for separatism and reverting back to their dreadful tribalism. Tony
We need to stand by the original treaty, it’s english version I believe has been found, that is quite clear that Maori ceded sovereignty to the crown and all of us were treated equally. Darag
No No, it is more racist madness from Jacinda and Co. No prisons by 2040, oh sure. Chris
Just another way of dividing NZ if we do not go forward together then we will have the same old trouble more handouts and Separatism. Ross
Jacinda has made changes to allow |Maori people more rights over the predominant white, Island, & Asian population. We have always been one people & equal together. Jacinda is taking us on a dangerous passage in history. Roydon
How can this happen without NZ’ers having any real knowledge of it. It’s change by stealth. Surely a change of government could stop this, or would it ? Andrew
I didn’t vote for separatism.it’s a disgrace and no govt should go down this rd to destroy our country Marie
under NO circumstances even if it means WAR bill
I am speechless as I will be when it all enacted. Shaun
Never, this is a backward step and very anti democratic every citizen should be made aware of this devious plan. jack
Will Britain agree to incorporate the UN Declaration? I believe I have Saxon ancestry and therefore should be able to claim compensation and return of lands that were taken from my ancestors after the Roman and Norman invasions of Britain! Vic
We are being taken for a bunch of fools. But how to fight back, when free speech is no longer encouraged?! J J
This is hatred for all other races in New Zealand in order to favour to one race who in truth is not indigenous at all. Paul
We are one people one nation. Willy
For New Zealand Implimentation will lock in the devisiveness with which our society is now already plaged. Victor
The political elites will push these divisive agendas until they have their communist state. Thereafter all the people will be without rights, separatists included. Lee
I’m all for equity, more Te Reo .. if translated] on radio etc ;and increased input of Maori re prison reforms etc.. as long as they are accountable for the results .. but I am shocked by what you have revealed [and thank you] .. This not a path I want myself /New Zealand to go down. I will do my best to counter this. Rochelle
NO – NOT EVER!!! What can I do on my own, to stop this happening. How do those of us this forum come together to oppose all these issues? I feel so helpless and worry about my grandchildren’s future if this separatism cannot be stopped. Margaret
The country as we know it now will cease to exist. max
This is NOT DEMOCRACY! There has been NO PUBLICITY of these plans – because our press is controlled by Maori interests. I fear for the future of New Zealand and my grandchildren! Sylvia
I read the other day that Labour have released nearly 2,000 people from Prison already and the prison roster is at its lowest level for 20 years. The media ignore this policy but it is clearly part of the plan as discussed in their Vision 2040 roadmap. Phil
Good grief. How do we get this out to non-Maori New Zealanders?? Dick
This is ridiculous stop it now Mike
Why isn’t your report published on the front page of every newspaper and reported on national television? People of New Zealand need to be made aware of this dangerous legislation Darryl
Would be the final nail in NZ coffin ,the very end if iue country bud
If we did indeed have an indigenous race in New Zealand I might, only might, be persuaded to support the UN. I do believe however that the UN has now become a forum for socialism /marxism and is well past its use-by date. Unfortunately Mr Key did New Zealand no favour when he permitted Mr Sharples to sign the agreement despite his belief that it was cosmetic in nature and no one would implement it. Miss Ardern however has learnt well from her time as president of the international Union of Socialist Youth – create chaos and instability as this makes it easier for communism/socialism to prosper. She and her sycophants such as Mr Shaw and Mr Robertson, have done more to divide the nation into factions than any government in our history. Where are all the people who manned the barricades to protest against apartheid in someone else’s country – they can’t all have died or changed their minds to such an extent that apartheid in New Zealand is A OK. I await the day when Miss Ardern delivers on her promise to govern for all New Zealanders. But of course I forget, she already is governing on behalf of ALL New Zealanders providing you thinks she does and it furthers her “new order”. Becoming PM obviously increases one’s IQ and imparts the ability to read the minds of New Zealanders. This acquired telepathy and awareness clearly imparts the ability to KNOW what all of the country’s citizenry truly desire and meet the need. Heavens forbid if they are allowed to think for themselves – that would really stuff up her visions. If she is going to imbed it – and clearly she believes she can (the course of recent Local Government Amendment Act gives truth to her modus operandi) perhaps New Zealand’s citizenry will be able to force a referendum on the matter! Michael
Maori are a minority in this Country. I support ALL New Zealanders having equal rights Terence
This is outrageous, I’m lost for words …. Do all Maori support this I wonder Marion
This needs to be brought to the attention of the wider public of New Zealand so keep up the great work in helping to expose what’s really going on ‘by stealth’. Helen
How can we get the rest of the country to see what this deceiving government is doing behind closed doors? dianne
Winston Peters assessed it.”It is a sure pathway to Zimbabwe”.Is this what we want?Jacinda is sneaky and not trustworthy.wake up N.Z gale
Definitely NOT. We need to start an online petition with this week’s Newsletter as the basis to give the Government an idea as to how the average Kiwi feels about it! Ted
Because we no longer have an indigenous people: the RACIST CANNIBAL MOARI ATE THEM. Regardless, the MOARI sailed here on the famous seven canoes from Hawaiiki (the Cook Islands / Rarotonga) so they simply cannot be “indigenous” – just another bunch of immigrants like the English, Scots, Germans, Dutch, French, Italians, Malaysians, Taiwanese, Indians, Sri Lankans, Chinese, Japanese etc who all now are New Zealanders. RACIST, MONEY-GRUBBING MOARI have less claim than all of the myriad of other people’s who make up our nation. Mark
surely it’s time for Cindy to go. It is impossible to take her and the rest of her Labour liars seriously. LUKE
It’s very scary for our small democratic country going forward. I’m from a small town, I can already see the change Peter
When do we march? Alan
NO NO NO – equality is the only way forward -definitely NOT supremacy for less than 15% of the population. We need a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this government and make them resign. Anon
The slippery slope to political rights on the basis of ethnicity or race. JJ
Why would I support our wonderful country being reduced to a 3rd world hell hole? Fiona
Hell no. Mark
Racist laws will only break NZ into two societies. This will split NZ and cause massive disruption. Bryan
There seems to be a clear plan to destroy our society and the economy. John
By 2040 how many Maori will actually be left in NZ? Most Maori blood is thoroughly blended with other ethnic groups now, so in 20 years’ time it will be even more diluted! Who then will be these tribal elites I wonder. Rosemary
NZ and it’s people have never faced such evil, ruthless and distorted intents as these. The U.N. declaration and the implementation of the articles, effectively amount to a sweeping wave of new-age, communism;; there is no notable difference, except perhaps more personnel in the elite leadership role. It appears from all angles, so disastrous for this nation, that it is in fact, impossible to comprehend. Perhaps Donna Awatere had some prophetic knowledge of this sick event from the bowels of that political monster, the U.N. This organisation has been essentially evil, since it’s inception and is playing the part well, to lead free nations and people into ultimate bondage to a one world, one government system–total and supreme control. I struggle to imagine, what’s in the minds of Ardern, Mahuta and Armstrong–they have omitted/lied/twisted and over-rode common justice repeatedly; and we’re only 6 months into a new political term. Alan
NO. NO. A thousand times NO. What stupidity. You can’t run a democracy with a racial divided population. ALL New Zealanders have to get to grips with getting rid of all this divisive government policy. If we don’t act very soon New Zealand will become an ungovernable “Zimbabwe.” Graeme
I don’t agree with anything that comes out of the UN, full stop! Monica
And we are allowing Labour to do this! Christina
This whole move is a fake. Maoris are not indigenus Bruce
This is racial separatism at its worst. Peter
Winston was right again. Disaster approaches. Is our P M a real person or a product of Artificial Intelligence?? Somebody will eventually arrive to remove her battery but there will be a trail of destruction left behind like a jet stream. Only another government can change it and the sooner the better. Mike
The United Nations Declaration is incompatible with New Zealand’s situation. Greg
Ardern is treachorus John
I despair of this Government. They wish to destroy New Zealand Bryce
The UN has become so dangerous that it has all the appearance of a Marxist regime. Michael
Since early Maori were migrants, arriving via sea-going vessels (canoes) from other lands, they were never part of the natural landscape. The term ‘Indigenous’ does not, therefore, apply to them, nor to humans of any description living here. The UN Declaration is irrelevant for New Zealand. Barry
NO, I do not support this. I will NOT be FORCED to speak Maori, it is NOT my culture. I have no objection to children, who are of Maori descent, learning their own language; but for any other child, it should be an option, not a demand. I do not see how, in a supposed Democracy, that you can have 15% of the people decide what the other 85% can and cannot do. After all, there are no 100% full blooded Maori, most have a high percentage of white in them. I am not a racist, I support Maori when it comes to certain things, but this is just the thin end of the wedge, a wedge that is going to split this country so deep, it will never heal. Heather
Democracy is paramount John
Just look what happened to Rhodesia-was the “jewel of Africa”,now just another dysfunctional thirdworld shambles!! Henry
This would be dangerous and disastrous for all Kiwis and NZ if this was enacted. Ken
No way can we let this happen. How are we going to stop it??? Ken
There are NO Full Blooded Maori as all have now integrated with Europeans. So why are we creating total Racism in NEW ZEALAND. Is it because we want the Tribal Oligarchs, less than percent of the Population to run our Country according to them or is it just another Trojan Horse for Communism Geoff
It beggars belief that Jacinda our supposedly well loved politician is using her mantra to obtain a UN position by throwing our country to the dogs. This fiasco needs to be made public to show all New Zealanders that do not receive these emails each week just what is going on. Only then , maybe New Zealanders will sit up and make their voices heard. Dennis
Hell no Neil
I’m beginning to get total “Maori Fatigue”!! Richard
If this was only fiction it would be one of the scariest novels ever written. It’s not fiction, it’s real and the indoctrination is well underway. I’m lucky, I can and will move countries next year. My immediate bloodline dies out with my 50-year old son, but my nieces, nephews and their children although 0% Maori, have already been brainwashed to think ‘poor Maori’ and Maori culture is ‘us’. Unfortunately, there is NO effective opposition to this. Farewell NZ, you were world-beating for 130 or so years. Cherry
Maori were at war with each other before the arrival of Europeans and as Sir Aparima Ngata has said ‘Maori would not have survived as we know if it had not been for the arrivall of the Europeans. Ian
Hell NO!! norman
This Govt is set to ruin the culture of NZ and move to a Dictatorial Socialist ideology. They are already manipulating state owned TV and Radio Richard
more ugly apartheid. we need to be one people. eira
Absolutely not. Maori custom is based on a savage and murderous tribal system that considered war to be the answer to all problems. As far as “indigenous” is concerned are we talking about Moriori or even earlier? Certainly Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand…. they just happened to settle earlier than Europeans and killed off the existing people. They have been to the High Court in England to support their claim of being indigenous people and have lost. In fact there are no longer any true Maori in New Zealand … they are all “pakeha paki” … Maori of mixed blood. It is about time they recognised and appreciated both sides of their heritage. Robbie
It is on record that the UN’s rights of indiginous peoples declaration has no place or relevance where historical treaties already exist. For this reason alone the process towards adopting that declaration must cease immediately. Geoff
This is a one-way ticket to taxpayers of all ethnicity being ruled by Maori – an absolute apartheid society. I’m glad I’m in my twilight years because this would drive me to physical revolt if it happened in my lifetime. Wake up New Zealand. Kerry
Let’s get it clear, Maori were not the first indigenous people of this land and as such they have no more rights than any others. To think otherwise is just stupid and remember that the Maori who came here slaughtered the first people of this land and ate many of them. In view of the foregoing those claiming to be Maori are, in too many cases, nothing but a group of bludgers who want something for nothing. These continual claims have to be stopped now and common sense actions implemented for the continued well being of this country Tom
ridiculous situation 10 percent of the population running the country james
we would have apartheid and separatism. NZ would be a terrible place to live. Tim
One of the few occasions that I agree with Winston Peters that this UN edict will enshrine separatism in New Zealand and lead to the destruction of this country. I also think it highlights the fact that Jacinda is not the kind, empathic leader for the New Zealand people that the left wing press portray her as and unfortunately too many people still believe she is, rather than the corrosive socialist she really is, hell bent on enabling the UN to control the any country stupid enough to give up its own sovereignty John
It is dangerous, detrimental, debilitating. It would be interesting to know if there are any Maori opposing this vision. The most terrifying thing is that people do not know and even when they know they seem to be unable to let their voice be heard. Alexandra
god or some one else, help save NEW ZEALAND from this corrupt government phill
This represents an insane lurch towards political suicide for all other races. This policy agenda is one sided lunacy! Paul
Implementing the UN declaration is going against the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi Articles, also there is no mention of (constitutional) “partnership” in the Treaty or the debates prior to signing. The general public need to be educated on the Treaty so they understand we are different cultures but one people under one law for all. Ian
Maori are not indigenous people of NZ Warwick
No, no no, definitely not. Sherrill
This is gross betrayal of citizens, by a government. The UN, needs to be dismantled. As for Bill Gates being instrumental in so called human rights issues, and having our treacherous Prime Minister agree and sign up to issues of the indigenous, without telling her citizens, is absolutely treacherous, she is a traitor to NZ. Terry
They must be stopped Martyn
Separatism at its best Raphael
It looks like all political parties ( not only the Covid princess and her dwarfs) in recent times have fully supported the Un’s agenda . Act as the new kid on the block will not make a bloody difference. They are happy to rake in the perks and that’s it. If and when all these things come to pass and the tribal elite runs the show , I assure you we will see a rapid decline of this country into a scene of social and economical mayhem. The rich will have left the sinking ship by then ( except the Maori warlords) The rest of the population will fall back into a sort of ethnic tribalism themselves to protect their own as far as this is still possible. The Maori gangs , the police and what was once called the NZ Army will be the armed executors of the tribal elite. Dark times— road to perdition !!! Michael
The rights of all people are equal and the same in the country where they were born and live. Max
We are supposed to be one people. Maori are not indigenous . . .they sailed here. Sue
There are no Indigenous people in NZ, we are all float or fly in people. Indigenous – naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place: Tom
This is awful and will lead to apartheid and conflict between Maori and all the other races that comprise the other 85% of the nation. Derek
Never in my 60 plus years have I been so terrified of loosing everything that I have worked so hard for, and that includes my independence. What happens to all the many nationalities that have fled their countries to find a safe haven in N.Z. Sandra
There’s a reason pre-European Maori political practice was superceded: it is ethnocentric and stone-age and definitely inferior to modernism. Do they really mean to return NZ to stone age political systems? Devolution to the max! Mark
Of course not. Why would one endorse racism?. John
The united Nations should have no say in the ruling our Country. Maori came here like the Europeans so we are all indigenous. If you are born in a country you are indigenous. Gayle
Why would anyone vote in apartheid? Neil
One rule for all david
In 1840 Maori were stone age slavers and cannibals. Where is this relevant in todays society and humanity? Maori beliefs and sagas are nothing but lies and deceit. Denis
Civil war will result. Graeme
seems mad! Gerhard
Apartheid has no place in New Zealand Richard
Appalling hypocrisy! This needs to get out in the mainstream media so people know just what this government is doing. Gail
The misuse of the word ‘hate’ is a core issue. It is far too often assigned by the Left when they disagree with a view. If I prefer oranges to apples I don’t ‘hate’ apples. If I support Christian views I do not ‘hate’ Muslims. If I want to see fewer people in our country (for resource/environmental reasons) I do not ‘hate’ immigrants. We must call out this sloppy/emotional/unfair/politically-motivated misuse whenever we face it. Andrew
This would be a highly divisive piece of legislation. We are totally against it. Brian
NO! NO! NO! Gordon
It is a radical socialist attack on citizens rights and democracy Frank
surly they can carry this through to seperation specially when they are not the indigenous people of this country theft by stealth Russell
Unbelievable! But it is happening! Unbelievable! What can we do to stop it? Nothing! Democracy is gone already! I suspect civil war is on the horizon. No wonder there are more gun reforms coming, If you need a disarmed public to govern, you are a dictator. Linc
No! We have a democratic country in which all people are treated equally so forget about the rights of indigenous people. Any way who are the indigenous people? Certainly not Maori as even in their own mythology they talk of other people here when they first arrived. I should add, knowing they were cannibals they probably ate them too. Eric
No need for it Bev
Such foolishness will lead to a ghastly apartheid in this country. JOHN
Agreed – complete betrayal of all the people of NZ. Gill
It is my private Opinion,The UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples in respect to Maori is a Falsehood mischievously perpetrated by misleading disclosure to the Citizens and fueled by a socialist Agenda. In short its a LIE. Maori were never Indigenous, they were seafarers that migrated out of Southeast Asia across Micronesia and Polynesia following sea currents and ended in NZ. early immigrants granted, but plainly only immigrants nevertheless, as their Asian linked DNA confirms. The original, presumed indigenous people, the Moriori, who had a DNA structure not dissimilar to the Australian Aborigine, were reduced in numbers by the onslaught of the cannibal Maori, so that no genuine race of Moriori reside in NZ today. The maori claim is based on pure documented falsehood and no good ever came from nor endured from falsehood. Richard
We are one people in New Zealand. Sue
NO, NEhttp://www.n No way. My God this bloody government is leading us down a very slippery road. Jacinda is starting to show her true colors now,RED. I see massive trouble ahead for NZ. Peter
Donald Trump was right to make the un to pay its way but with the likes of comrade cindy and her bunch of treasonous cohorts this highly corrupt organization will cause more strive and civil wars in countries like NZ in the very near future, so the sooner its closed down the better for the whole world, mind Toyota will feel the pinch as they wont be selling hilux utes unless the taliban buy more in bulk. Richard
Won’t get them re -elected Stewart
A ridiculous measure perpetrated by the resident clown disguised as a conservative, John Keys, committed NZ to this potential apartheid legislation. I have looked in two editions of a dictionary about the word indigenous, both of them describe the word as meaning been at a place since that places inception, in fact for all time. So, Maori floated here the same way as my ancestors did, so therefore the only things indigenous are the native flora and fauna such as the Rimu, Kahikatea, matai, the wood pigeon, and Bellbird. Indigenous my backside. Sam
Damn right I don’t Vaughan
It is unbelievable that this could be considered let alone implemented this country is being destroyed by a bunch of maniacal zealots. Tony
This is the Final step in making New Zealanders governed BY the Maori of New Zealander and the people unable to govern themselves, all laws and acts will have to be approved by Maori. Time LABOUR were PUT on Notice. Carl
used properly there are adequate laws currently in place. Nick
It is of grave concern to me for my adult children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as at 81 years i will not be here in 2040 when all white rights have been taken away. Carol
Maori are not indigenous. They arrived here approx 800 years ago from someplace else. There were others here before them. Andrew
New Zealand will crumble David
As far as I understood indigenous people meant the first or existing people, so how are Maori considered as such? Weren’t there a separate and first people here before? Ken
New Zealanders are sleepwalking their way to servitude and indeed, slavery! Paul
This will cause a civil war in NZ if this goes ahead. Darien
It is all about Labour and the Maori elite having complete control over the people of New Zealand . Steve
That is just like a vote to vote out democracy. Or to put that a little more clearly an intention to start a civil war. And we certainly don’t want that. Mike
Glad I won’t be around to see it Ian
One nation one people. End Apartheid in NEW ZEALAND. and what happened to the original inhabitants that suffered genocide at hands of the Maori invaders? zoran
We are preaching to the converted here. What we need is a clear expression of not only what we stand against, but a clear expression of what we stand for, And a plan of action to go with it. How about a ‘Celebrate NZ, Dump the treaty’ day, say Feb 5 2022? Geoff
That is Apartheid in all but name. It is separatism extraordinaire. Horrifying! Ian
Why would any reasonable person accept that giving total control of a country to a race/or group of people who contribute the least but take the most out of it Geoff
If the New Zealand Labour Party is really serious about implementing the communist enthralled United Nations “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” the party had best prepare for a resounding defeat at the next election and for many years to come. By the way, Maori or part-Maori are no more indigenous in New Zealand than any other present-day inhabitants. Look up the meaning of indigenous. Maori were not even the first people to settle here, although they prefer to push that under the carpet; and those claiming today to be Maori are all part-Maori (and many of them only a small part at that). Once upon a time no one of less than 50 per cent Maori blood could legally claim to be Maori but brown supremacists got that removed from New Zealand law. Nice try guys, but white-skinned people with European-type features (regardless of tatoos and other makeup) do not cut it in the belief system of the majority of real present-day New Zealanders. Rob
Looks like there will need to be other means necessary to oppose this illegal take over. With impending “hate speech “laws, it will become illegal to verbally oppose these racist moves. Neil
Definitely not. Forget the UN and their various agendas — if we could get away from them we should !!!!! Alan
NO NO NO !!! Separatism does NOT WORK. As Ian Wishart in his two books – The Great Divide and One Nation, One Treaty talks about!! One law, one system, equality for all. NOT on COLOUR of SKIN, GENDER ETC. tony
Emphatically NO!! However, Maori are not indigenous so we should be raising this in no uncertain terms. Also the Treaty is not our founding document. We were ruled from NSW when it was signed. Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent is our true founding document. The Treaty should be filed away where it should have long gone. Chief Justice Prendergast declared it a ‘simple nullity) in the 1880’s. Without the reinvented Treaty deciding everything, we can get back to normal and all be treated the same. We need to tell everyone about this as so many have no idea. Helen
Bloody ridiculous…. this cannot happen… already we are exposed to far too much Moari creep… we need to make a stand and stop it… Clive
Maori are not indigenous please look up the meaning in the dictionary, they got to NZ a few hundred years before the rest of us Lyn
Definitely Not. No right thinking decent Kiwi would. Ardern & her mob continually prove that they speak with forked tongue and act by stealth & cannot be trusted. We all must stand up strongly against this BS Mark
SHE is like a virus gone rogue. Joyce
I am maori Tony
Under the original treaty we are one people. Gerry
Any policy framework that does not create a unified populace of all creeds and races must be rejected. Favouring Maori, which means some of my grandchildren but not all, over others is not justice. We must fight Labours efforts to create hatred and inequality. Alastair
The proper English definition of indigenous is basically having been there forever, i.e. not relatively recent immigrants. Maori by their own recent history are clearly immigrants and therefore NOT indigenous to this country. They may be indigenous to somewhere like the rest of us but it clearly ain’t here! Alan
Maori are no more indigenous than the rest of New Zealanders. They didn’t originate here, they just arrived before Europeans Kevin
How much longer do we have to put up with lying hypocrite commo called Cindy and her bunch of useless coons who call themselves MPs none of them have bloody clue on how to run a lolly stall on the side of the street let alone govern the country eric
Decent back into tribalism will be a disaster for all New Zealanders. The upcoming compulsory necessity to learn maori ( a dead language in world affairs) will simply alienate us from the rest of the world, which mostly learn English as well as their native language, as that is the language of communication, Trevor
The time has come for Civil War to stop this.. Deb
This is absolute garbage. Even if Maori were indigenous (which they obviously aren’t) it would still be totally wrong to introduce separatism to NZ Dave
Absolutely NOT David
It will lead to civil war. It i totally unrealistic to cowtow to the UN the largest corrupt organisation in the world John
I don’t want to become a slave of a socialist nz govt and part of a one world govt !!! russell
There will be civil war Bryan
APARTHEID ended badly in South Africa. It will end badly in NZ. I fear a violent backlash sooner or later. Geoff
NZ was dead against apartheid in the 19080’s so why are some people wanting create it in NZ now? Stupidity on steroids! Peter
No bloody way. Separatist Maori have always been the same – do nothing to help any one but make you pay for their “poor” way of life so they can buy more guns (or steal them ” while the rest of us work. Anyway, who is maori these days. They rate at around 14 % of the population only but they are all under 50% Maori and most are well below that so in reality maybe 5% of total Maori blood want to rule NZ. The JacAss’s “team of 5 million is now a joke because she is NOT one of the team in any way at all and neither is any one in her parliament. They are all academic spongers that have never made a dollar in work but always have their handout for more money. Garrt
Like the Cheshire Cat our pm shows she has no spine when it comes to China’s Human Rights abuses yet she acts as if her team of five million are her adoring kittens. john
Please we have to do ALL possible to rid our system of this Socialist tyrant. Sheryl
How long will it be before New Zealand rises from it’s slumber to insist on a unequivocal stop to this racist movement? This racist Government seems to have one goal: Usurp responsibility to govern for the people of New Zealand in favor of the One World Governance of the United Nations. I see this as one massive push to totalitarianism. Stuart
It will be giving power to people that rely on the taxpayer to get a living, and is also a very racist move Colin
Hell no! I lived in apartheid South Africa and see it all happening again right here. The end result in South Africa was first resentment and anger and then it turn violent. Make sure we have our guns and rifles. We’re gong to need them Jenny
Maori are not indigenous. Kevin
NO definitely not ! This is a total racist policy and must be given the utmost URGENCY to stop at all costs !! Andrew
This is how revolutions happen. Labour must be voted out in the next election. The whole country must be informed of labour’s treacherous plans. Koreen
Those who signed this incredibly dangerous document should be tried for treason. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed to make us ONE people under ONE law. To interpret the ‘Treaty’ to mean two separate ruling bodies, is an atrocity of the worst kind. Yet the mixed race descendants of Maori are encouraged to do exactly that. Will the Marxist / Globalists stop at nothing so long as Western civilisation is destroyed? A.G.R.
Over my dead body!! Wink
I have likened Ardern as the new modern version of Hitler- radical and dangerous. The 1st step is to deny democracy and that has been done! martin
This is bloody madness and at my age i will not be around to see this put in place unless we have a cival war which is highly likely if this type of behaviour continues .My generation have had the best years and those coming forward have not got a clue what is install. God help them. ken
Definitely not Gareth
Two hundred years ago…..Maori are not indigenous people….enough is enough and I have had it. Bill
God help New Zealand. If there is a God. reg
In fact Maori’s own history tells us that they were not first occupiers of NZ and therefore their claims under an act for ‘indigenous’ people is based on a false premise. Maori are no more indigenous to NZ than anyone else. Kathryn
I thought apartheid had been abolished. john
Never in 100 years, and I won’t be here then either… What is this Govt trying to achieve ? Apartheid. They are going the right way about it. Robyn
This will divide the country and create conflict on an unimaginable scale. John
A more undemocratic slide into Separatism is hard to imagine. So much for Ardern’s claim to be governing for all Nzer’s. What Piffle! Alan
Totally wrong. RICHard
Should this come to pass, I see a white flight to Australia if they let us in.. Non moldy do not have the courage to stop it. A Nation of sheep due to meet the wolves. Russell
This is confirmation of how stupid the average New Zealand voter is who voted blindly in the COVID election. Terry
she has got to go and FAST the commi phil
Why are Maori even considered to be indigenous to NZ when their Ancestors also arrived on boats? Richard
We have come to learn that jacinda is anything but honest and transparent. gale
It is probably already too late to stop Labour’s Vision 2040 plan. Apart from the fact that the whole thing is an absurdity since Maori, through their own oral history, are not indigenous although possibly they are the earliest immigrants of New Zealand. John
No way – never! The parasitic descendants of the original indigenous people fail to realise that they only comprise 15% of the NZ population – even that figure is probably exaggerated (along with most of their grievance B-S). Do they seriously think that the other 85% of the population, many of whom are of Scots-Irish descent (and who fought for hundreds of years to preserve their freedoms and way of life) are simply going to roll over and acquiesce to a directive from the United Nothings without a fight? If Jacinda Ardern wants to work for the UN, then she needs to be given every encouragement to do so – she is certainly not serving the best interests of NZ and the majority of its’ people! Scott
This would be a disaster for racial equality in NZ. We are already on the slippery slope towards racial division, bitterness, and subsequent hatred through actions of this Government. This massive set of changes would push us way to far down that slope! Hugh
The document relating to this is vague in the extreme allowing for future (mis)interpretation and separation. Also much of what is involved is religious in nature and has no place in the laws of a secular society. Jack
How can we have a Partnership when we are one people? Te hiwi tahi tahou. Both Labour and National are both past their use-by date, and the Greens should have been choked at birth! Kevan
This is all going to end in tears and some pretty nasty civil disobedience found be on the cards if this lot don’t wake up to the consequences of their actions Phil
Keep to one country one people Myles
Labours Vision 2040 plan is not right. Barry
ludicrous ideas will tear this country apart Brianb
This will be the final step on the road to separatism, the final step against democracy. Errol
A terrifying thought being controlled by racist Maori and this cannot be allowed to continue in NZ Sidwell
Why is this not public knowledge, if it were I’m sure there would be an uprising. We are heading downhill fast. Alan
NO! I can only repeat myself “God Defend NZ because the politicians won’t!” Apartheid by request here we come! Bruce
Jacinder Adern, Nania Mahuta, Andrew Little, Grant Robinson, Are proving They are TRAITORS to New Zealand and our society. They all took an oath to represent all of the people of New Zealand. That oath means Nothing to them. United Nations do not make NZ Law And we have no legal Responsibility to implement their Recommendations. We are after all a sovereign Are we not? Henry
Crazy JOHN
no nz is just fine with the laws we already have, the un outfit is full of x despots who engage in creating discord amongst any country they invade, all kiwi must band together and fight like hell to free ourselves from this evil domination.and the Dr WHO as well.get rid of hitler and gobbles, before we all sink into a hell james
Is it any wonder the pm was so quick to take away peoples guns Hugh
Evil treachery. Ardern hell bent on turning country into a Zimbabwe Tom
No need. William
No No No!! David
This is ludicrous! Albert
I have been saying for the last 20 years, that the current political trend will result in the establishment of an Aristocracy in this country. This is just another step along the road back to class privilege David
100% NO Eddie
Most decidedly not! David
That will be war if this bill Goes through Mike
Firstly, could someone please tell me when Maori became indigenous to these lands? Secondly, what happened to our democratic society? And thirdly, would the opposition (whom ever that may be – hopefully the other 85% of the population) renounce this stupidity. chris
Time for politicians, Central and Local government, to stop pandering to the Maori separatists and their movement.. Peter
Firstly look at the definition of indigenous, Maori also arrived by boat onto NZ shores.Secondly it is a path to law decided by race which is called apartheid in most civilised democratic countries. Claire
Outrageous Stu
NZ has got major problems coming up with maori controlling the whole country, we have got to stop it some how or other graeme
Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand. They are immigrants just like the rest of us and should be treated as such. Doug
In pursuing this policy, NZ will become the laughing stock of the world. We will be the only developed country ever, to hand over a fully functioning, modern democracy to a failed race of stone-age people who are intellectually incapable of understanding the 21st century, let alone running a nation state in it. Who, in their right minds, would want to establish diplomatic or trading relationships with such an entity? The inevitable outcome is that a maori-led NZ will wither on the vine, it will become a pariah state, similar to North Korea and Somalia, and all so that our Prime Sinister can signal to the world what a wonderful, caring person she is. the majority of NZers who voted for this abomination of a government should look to their consciences. TOBY
Yet again socialist Cindy and her team of pathological liars were caught out with lies to cover lies around the housing bright-line test. We really cant believe anything they say Cindy’s smile is in itself just another blatant lie. LUKE
Who in their right mind ever thought to vote for Labour. … NOT ME! Under this government, crime certainly does pay, especially if you are Maori. Already, decent hard working New Zealanders are being made to pay Millions of dollars a week, to keep lowlife losers in fancy motels, give free food to them as they prefer not to work or feed their kids, and don’t arrest those that are committing most of the crime. Its hard to conceive the pace at which this government is destroying what should be one of the best countries in the world. We need a group … any group with the balls to start a movement against them. The future is terrifying and MUST be stopped. Des
We are getting what we blindly voted for!! Safe in the arms of loving mother Jacinda! Martin
If Adern has her way, Agenda 2030 will be implemented before the end of the current term of parliament is over. Maurice
When are we going to be one people Graeme
just another Uganda in the making john
It’s apartheid….UN agenda 2030! John
Maori were guaranteed full rights as British subjects in the Treaty of Waitangi and all emigrants are afforded similar rights. We don’t need UN running NZ. They are a money grabbing organisation that kicked Taiwan out as a condition imposed by China as they entered the UN Tony
I am opposed to Apartheid and the teaching of aggressive and intimidating acts and gestures as a cultural norm. Terry
New Zealand does not have any indigenous people – a fact that should separate it from countries like Africa, Australia, USA and a few others that do have indigenous populations. By trying to make a truth out of a totally fake assumption the NZ government is simply showing its ignorance. It also shows the desperation of our leader to appease the UN and comply with its every wish, Liz
This is total insanity. What the dictator wants the dictator takes and what the dictator wants may change without warning. Paloma
Dear God what is this dreadful Government doing to our country. We have never had division in New Zealand such as Jacinda ADERN is creating. She should resign and hang her head in shame. Claire
The word Indigenous is a name (noun) it does not describe a tangible single entity. E.G. New Zealand. The original inhabitants were the Moriori, the original indigenous people. Then the Maori arrived, eat the Moriori and became a second indigenous people of New Zealand. Then the Europeans arrived, made peace with the Maori and became a third indigenous people of New Zealand. Why would we sign up to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, when it represents little more ‘meaningless word’ just more unnecessary cost to the New Zealand tax payer. George
God help is Keith
We need this UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples like another gunshot in the head. We already have the Treaty of Waitangi and look at the misuse and abuse that is now causing. Comrade Ardern is simply trying to line up her job at the UN once she has finished screwing up New Zealand – at least Helen Clark had more sense than this mad cow. And for the record I am of Maori descent. Mike
…the demolition of New Zealand’s Democracy is on a very, very ‘short finals…’ To the Citizens of New Zealand We have a Problem… !!! Chris
It will destroy this wonderful country Jack
a major crazy step backwards. william
This must be brought into the public sphere and RESISTED, There is a longer version of the He Puapua document here https://iwichairs.maori.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/He-Puapua-for-OIA-release.pdf There is no option for a referendum so those who don’t agree with it will be ‘educated’. The new history curriculum is clearly described as ‘groundwork’. Thanks for writing this Muriel Marianne
Race has no place in a society based on equality. Tony
Democracy is being illtreated and forgotten….yet , this is how strength by ethnicities is being given . Peter
Maori want divide and rule. There should be 1 rule for all NZ Kevin
Unless the current government’s covert drive toward separatism and a return to tribalism is reported in an unbiased manner prompting New Zealander’s to finally awaken from their complacent slumber and realise Jacinda Adern is NOT a reincarnation of Mother Theresa but is in fact a Marxist hellbent on destroying Democracy, New Zealand will at best become a third world country and at worst adopt racism (as promoted by Adern in & co) such that the Maori minority will pay the price. Kevin
HELL NO!!!! sherrin
Definitely Not. Tony
Absolutely not, not included in their manifesto and being introduced by stealth Mike
This is overwhelming and scary! how to ensure this doesn’t happen? Steve
No! No! 1000 times “No”! Why should a people of mixed-race and who claim even a fraction of Maori ancestry (conveniently forgetting the rest of their ancestry), and who represent about 15% of the population, get precedence over the other 85% of people of many different backgrounds who call this country home? Aided and abetted by JA and her “comrades” we are being dragged down the separatism track. NZers stood out clearly against apartheid in 1981, but now we’re being dragged into it. Laurence
What a betrayal. Ardern will face hostile pushback when or if she tries to impose this on New Zealanders. Already we see the seeds of Maori separatism being sowed through the continual use of the lie ‘We are Treaty Partners, not subjects.’ This government and its agenda is dangerous Robert
Hell no it’s about time people stood up for there rights where is the national party are they going to lie down and just let labour do whatever they want come on NZ lets get some opposition going Peter
It would be the death knell of democracy Bryan
Comrade Cindy is obviously a UN plant coached by Helen Clarke. She therefore puts the UN agenda ahead of any concerns for governing for the people of NZ. Alan
and for many reasons too numerous to list here . In short , this learn by default / practice as we go …. govt is sending us down a UN type set up in line with Clark , her mentor…at the risk of being seen to be negative…we are being led down to a sub – third world status by this dictatorial communist regime. Its happening all over the world , and leaders need to stop buying votes , and tell and rule as it really is , before it’s too late .[ already is in numerous countries , mainly in the western world . Roy
Absolutely not. I don’t want to go back to the 1840s. Learn from history – although at this point, we seem to be doomed to repeat it regardless. Pavel
We do not have any indigenous people in New Zealand. Maori arrived just like the Europeans. Colin
Why is there no “Hell, no!” option? 🙂 Owen
Definitely not Terry
divide and rule is the motto of this government. This government is the most undemocratic, devisive government i ever known in my lifetime – people aren’t happy, they are whispering in the shadows, fearful. When is someone going to organise a protest march against this Govt-i’ll be there! People need to stand up together & unite against this nonsense. Suzanne
No! No! No! No1 NO! Ron
All very well for non tribal elite and the non woke citizens of New Zealand to sya “No”here, but that means nothing to this mob in charge. So what can we do to ensure this gross injustice of constitutional change is not inflicted on our once peaceful country. We need decisive actions and soon before this steamroller runs us all over. Maybe this should be the subject of a new demand for a referendum on the issue? Chris
Definitely not, what a terrible proposal. Graeme
Another dangerous step on the road to Maori rule. Ian
We should have let them eat themselves out of existence, I am so angry with the two faced PM, in my opinion all she is good at is telling lies, aided and abetted by the useless press. This information should be shouted from the roof tops and each and every member of the teaching fraternity in the schools and Uni should be sacked, let them fend for themselves in the real world, the same goes for the PM who in my opinion is a petty spiteful, ignorant tyrant, who’s only ambition in life is to play with the big people well above her station, I think they used to call it social climbing, it certainly can’t be for her intelligent conversation. Merryl
Instead of integrating the various races which make up NZ society Labour’s Vision 2040 will be totally divisive. It could even lead to civil war. John
No flaming way. They are NOT Indigenous. The are colonists no different to Europeans or anyone else in New Zealand. I have been saying for years this needs to be taken back to the U.N..World Court whatever – and have this outrageous suggestion over-turned. Thus the tap gets turned off in what is rapidly becoming a Kumara Republic replete with some elitist greedy 6% Maoris and their equally nasty sycophants sadly of all ilks. Mike
The U.N has an abysmal past record of effective resolution of badly treated countries in race, religion and other issues. To now turn around over rule the laws of Nations with ‘do good zeal” mike
outrageous Peter
This is down right lunatic behavior. How on earth do we get rid of this crap nonsensical stuff from a floundering bunch of idiots that we have in power. Where are our opposition when they are needed. Oh I forgot that the media are mostly in the pocket of this pack that are running things. Tim
NO! Kerin
They are idiots aiming to enforce apartheid in New Zealand. The lunatics are running the asylum Laurie
WTF….. apologies for the language. But seriously … they cannot be real. Well, I guess it is the Woke Labourites in power. Of course they are real. God Help NZ!! Maddi
Any vote other than No would just be handing the control of NZ over to the UN. The basic premise here is the PART MAORI ELITE trying to get control of all of New Zealand and New Zealanders. This is all about money and the control of it and has absolutely nothing to do with equality under the law or any other such concept. We in New Zealand need a political party that will stand up for equality and not the domination of all New Zealanders by 15% of the population Until we achieve that equality we will fail as a nation. I would vote for such a party As an aside who is directing all this Maori language BS on the MSM Less than 5% of the population I suspect understand the language and this is just another indoctrination tool Robin
Where is our country heading? Towards disaster methinks. Shirley
Cindy and her troops have totally opposed detrimental ideas of what governance is required by the majority of the New Zealand population. Roy
NO , Never Ever !! Jacinda is using her position as Prime minister to promote a pathway for herself for future UN Employment. This includes the diabolical Climate Control issue and now the Separatism issue, both of which will end up with NZ having to pay Millions of Tax Payers money to her mentor in the UN !! Pierre
I cannot believe how New Zealand, the country that I love, can be bending over backwards to return to a tribal rule as was here when the first English settlers arrived John
Frightening unravelling of the country & democracy as we know it! Emma
Do you want 15% of the population having a 50% share of power and a veto over every single issue in NZ? How do you think that will work out for the other 85%? Very badly I suggest, going by the radical, entitled and self-pitying language used by the vocal Maori activists who have clearly captured the hearts and minds of our current woeful government. This needs to be stopped at all costs!! Derek
To start with, Maori are NOT indigenous. They are migrants, who arrived here by canoes, just as the Europeans arrived by boats. This is classic ‘SOCIALISM’.( COMMUNISM) give one race of people preferential treatment to ‘Stir The Divide’, then label those who oppose this as ‘Racist. John
We are well on the way towards this disaster- a decent into tribalism that will turn us into a third world country. The methods are all in place with a separate education system that is producing brainwashed citizens who think as they have been told to think. A news media that does as it is told to do and paid from by the State. A justice system that favors a racially selected few and health system being altered to favor the same few. Time to speak up locally and nationally folks! Past time actually. Roger
Law and order will disappear! John
This frightening and the matter must be debated in the open by the wider NZ public. John
Complete nonsense each country has its own issues that must be seen to seperately one size does not fit all Les
Absolutely no no no Caroline
No-one is ‘indigenous’ to New Zealand; Maori merely arrived a few hundred years before the Europeans. The whole idea of ‘indigenous lore’, ‘Maori science’, and so on, is absurd. Graham
Of course not!! If this proposal proceeds Kiwis will finally be motivated to speak out and if not allowed to vote on the issue the possibility of militancy will be a likely result. mark
Maori are not indigenous Rona
I am NOT Maori, not even 1% of my blood is tribal based. I fully and totally disagree with Labour’s plans for this implementation. The only good thing about the 2040 timeline is, that by then I will be dead and no longer worried about things. BUT I fear for the New Zealand that my grand-children will grow up into. Carl
We are moving closer to Maori in control of everything. The race commissioner getting involved, saying the police are racist. Look at the gangs, most of which are Maori or pasifica, look at the prison population makeup. Maybe the government needs to give Maori a higher crime tolerance criteria, to help reduce the numbers. Peter
Not if it will impinge on others that live in NZ. Surely there is a way to consider the needs of all that live in NZ rather than having a minority become dominant. As someone wrote. It appears to be trampling backwards from steps gained and worked hard for Carolyn
Dangerous, separatist piffle driven by sickly white liberals to put total power in the hands of a tribal minority. Maoridom had not advanced beyond the stone age and lived in a society beset by tribal conflict, cannibalism and slavery. Gavin
If something is not done or strong action is not taken then New Zealand as we know it is f**ked Chris
Coming apartheid. Helen
All N Z ers should have equal rights under the law with no law favouring one party over another Michael
definitely not needed Colin
Scariest thing yet. Wendy
No. The U.N. should mind their own business, we don’t need them. Sheila
We do not need any more foreign interference. We are rapidly losing so many freedoms. Next will be the thought police.who needs global go al to emerge Russ
Maori are not the indigenous people of NZ Paul
What complete and utter bloody stupidity. It’s time that crazy drama queen and her equally crazy cohorts were kicked out. Terry
how are we going to be a harmonious society when we will be overlorded by people who hate all non maori what a ridiculous notion this will bring on a civil war the govt are stirring up the nation the quiet moaners will come forward & all hell will break loose nigel
Appalling David
Maori were not Indigenous. The Indigenous People were all eaten by Maori. David
No, Labour need to be dumped along with the ‘Red Glove Puppet’ Adern. Collin
No no no Bev
We won’t be here, but what a legacy for our children – a race based feudal system! Marianne
Actually it shouldn’t be a problem because Maori are not indigenous, but just in case the present government decides to ignore the law again, I’m voting no. Terry
Maori are not the Indigenous Peoples of New Zealand. Sure they have a Treaty, but that does not entitle them to declare themselves as indigenous. It seems then that this is all about Jacinda. Dave
Absolutely not. This is very scary stuff that will impact New Zealand forever, and make the country a third world one, where anyone who does not have tribal heritage will suffer greatly. Murray
Not at all. The implementation would in very short order of a few years lead us to the same state that Zimbabwe is in. You will not read about the implications of this proposal in the newspapers. Raymond
We are an independent country. I do not want to be ruled via UN – and this is just another attempt along that pathway. I do not consider Maori to be NZ’s indigenous people: they were not the first people living here. Nola
Putting moratorium on all information or historic sites that existed pre-“The Great Migration” 1350 AD in order to exclude it from reference does not make Maori Indigenous! They are all immigrants. They just ate or assimilated, rather than displaced the earlier peoples. Bruce C
start a give a little fund to impeach Ardern. Maori are NOT indigenous end of story. chris
This is the madness that unfortunately the majority of NZrs fail to hear and or understand because of the current media and education system Ross
It,s REALLY IMPORTANT to EMAIL ALL mp,s from BOTH parties to end this as if your white or brown but not a maori YOUR RIGHTS WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOU (and maybe where you live maori will have the right to evict you as they can claim 200 years ago it was maori land) so let ALL mp,s from BOTH parties know your AGAINST jacinda,s power to alter our laws without the TAX PAYERS (who pay their saleries) having a say.And we NEVER VOTED on alot of things she,s now doing.NZ makes it,s own laws NOT the U.N. and she,s gone TOO FAR giving NZ away to the U.N. to make NZ laws which she has NO RIGHT too.IT,s VERY IMPORTANT so DONT WAIT start EMAILING Cindy
idiots once again John
No way should this UN declaration be implemented in our laws. John Key should never have signed it and Jacinda Ardern should not be treating it seriously.  Paul
Is Jacinda Ardern completely mad? Pursuing this declaration signals the end of democracy as we know it. Robbie
Jacinda Ardern is a puppet for the UN. It is UN laws that control New Zealand. It is time a political party stood for national sovereignty and campaigned on cutting all ties with the UN.  Brenda
The declaration is awful, but the politicians who have allowed it to get to this stage are worse. They are betraying NZ as a modern democracy. Tribal rule is just around the corner unless they wake up and realise what they are doing.  Fergus
Under Ardern, things are going from bad to worse. This declaration has to be stopped. Brian