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Defend Your Beach

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As you and your family head off to the coast this summer, you might want to consider how long it will be before Maori tribal groups are dictating access rights to your favourite beach.

Few holidaymakers will realise that ownership of the beach they are visiting is under claim. It doesn’t matter where it is in the country, or how many generations of family and friends have been holidaying there, multiple claimants are trying to convince the High Court and the Minister of Treaty Negotiations, that they have exclusively used the area since 1840.

But before you dismiss the possibility of such claims succeeding – because the area has always been so popular with the public – consider this. The former Minister, Chris Finlayson has offered a Customary Marine Title to a tribal group that claimed exclusive use of an area of coastline that was used as a public road for almost 100 years!

Under Section 58 of the Marine and Coastal Area Act, claimants must furnish evidence that not only have they used and occupied the area from 1840 to the present day without any substantial interruption, but that their use has been exclusive.

Unbelievably, Ngati Pahauwera in the northern Hawke’s Bay claimed these conditions were fulfilled, for an area of coast from the Waikare River to the Waihua River, even though in 1840 they were living 100 km away in Mahia. Not only that, but the area they claimed to have used exclusively, was the main route for travel and trade between the Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne right up until the inland road was built in the 1930’s.

The Minister’s letter to the iwi explains his reasoning, “The submissions received do not demonstrate intensive third party use of the application area, and Ngati Pahauwera evidence asserts that third parties are not excluded provided they abide by Ngati Pahauwera tikanga. Contemporary third party activities that take place in the CMCA (common marine and coastal area) in the Ngati Pahauwera application area include surfcasting, surfing and offshore fishing and recreational boating using boats launched outside of the application area. Historically, the CMCA has been used for commercial navigation including the landing of goods and people, travel along the foreshore between Napier and Wairoa and small scale gravel and shingle extraction.”

He continues, “I am satisfied that the combined historical and contemporary third party activities are not of sufficient intensity and scale to amount to a substantial interruption of any exclusive use and occupation that Ngati Pahauwera are able to establish. These activities often take place in small, confined parts of the CMCA and do not, of themselves, interrupt use and occupation by the applicant group.”

What’s clear from the Minister’s decision is that ‘exclusive’ use – which would normally mean that visitors would have to seek permission to go into an area – really means ‘communal’ use, as long as the claimants’ use is not interrupted.

CORANZ, the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand, which represents tens of thousands of people involved in outdoor recreation, is opposed to the privatisation of New Zealand’s coastline through Customary Marine Titles. In this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentary, Hugh Barr and John McLean explain how they have looked into the history of the area and believe the Minister’s offer did not factor in the extent of public use:

“Because of the steep papa cliffs the only way by land for drovers and travellers to get from Napier to Wairoa and beyond was along the coast of the area that is now being claimed by Ngati Pahauwera. That is exactly what all people did – from the early days of settlement from 1840 and before, until the inland road was built between Napier and Gisborne via Wairoa in the 1930s, wheeled traffic and drovers continued to travel over this coastal route. And, as Denis McLean and other trampers along the coast have shown, the public continue to walk along the coast as of right and unhindered by Ngati Pahauwera, thus showing the futility of any claim to ‘exclusive and continuing use and occupation since 1840 without substantial interruption’… 

“There is no reason to believe that they have had ‘exclusive occupation and use’ since then, as by law, the coast has been publicly owned since 1840… This recommendation for a Customary Marine Title to Ngati Pahauwera is a violation of the Act… It will now be over to the new Minister of Treaty Settlements, Labour’s Andrew Little, to deal with this shambles, and turn it down, as it clearly does not qualify.”

In effect, gaining customary title is a grant of ownership. Claimants would own all the non-nationalised minerals in the area such as sand, gravel, iron ore, and rare earths, and could extract them for commercial gain. They would have the right of veto over all resource consent applications relating to their area, and they could seek to establish wahi tapu, to restrict public access.

Many applicants – including Ngati Pahauwera – want wahi tapu across their entire claimed area, right out to the 12 nautical mile edge of the Territorial Sea. Under the law, ‘wardens’ could be appointed to patrol the area and fine ‘trespassers’ up to $5,000.

The new ‘owners’ of your beach could also impose ‘rahui’ – another customary mechanism to keep the public out.

In areas not covered by wahi tapu or rahui, the public would still retain the right to visit. Not so lucky would be those locals who use the area for business purposes – such as surfing schools, hire companies (boats, kayaks, paddle boards), fishing charters, and the like – as the ‘owners’ could charge them for ‘access’ to the beach.

That’s what’s been going on in Taupo – the ‘owners’ of the lake are now imposing such exorbitant fees on tourism operators – some whom have been providing their services for decades – that they are being driven out of business.

So, what can New Zealanders who are concerned about these developments do?

The short answer is, defend your beach!

The process for doing this differs according to which of the two pathways claimants have chosen.

For the 200 claims in front of the High Court, those concerned can register as interested parties. This involves lodging a Notice of Appearance with the Court and paying a $110 fee for each claim – before the 26th of February 2018 close off date.

As an interested party, they would then have an opportunity to present their evidence opposing the claim to the Judge.

For the 380 claims that have been lodged with the Minister for direct Crown negotiations, the process is quite different. Each claim will be assessed as to whether it meets the tests in the Act, and those that don’t will be rejected.

Crown Engagement is essentially a deal-making process, which enables claimants to avoid having their so-called evidence tested in the High Court. The former Minister advised that public submissions will be called for these claims through advertisements in local newspapers at the appropriate time. 

It’s fair to say, that while the process that’s been set up for claimants to register their claims and apply for up to $412,000 in taxpayer funding to help prepare their cases, is relatively user-friendly – the opposite is true for objectors.

Even finding out exactly who has claimed your beach is an obstacle.

While Crown Law has produced indicative maps showing the location of all of the High Court claims, these have not been published on an official websites for public use.

Nor are the applications to the High Court listed on an official website – anyone who wants to find out the details of a claim has to phone the High Court or contact their local council.

The NZCPR has tried to rectify the situation by publishing the Crown Law maps showing the locations of the High Court claims HERE. We have obtained the claimant applications from the High Court and have uploaded all 200 of them onto our website HERE. And we’ve put together a spreadsheet that matches up the reference numbers on the maps to the actual High Court applications – it can be downloaded HERE.

The NZCPR has committed significant time, energy and resources to do what the government should have done – provide a clear direction on how objectors can participate in this process. It is surely the Government’s role to encourage the public to get involved. We certainly hope that the new Minister Andrew Little will do this.

What is very clear from our research is that the less public opposition there is to a claim, the greater the chance of success. That means that the more people who engage in the process and remind the Judge and the Minister that overlapping claims should be ruling out customary titles – since no one group can claim to have used the area exclusively since 1840 – the more likely they are to follow the letter of the law and reject such claims.

There is a further important point. The ‘evidence’ presented in the Ngati Pahauwera case was largely made up of hundreds of affidavits from tribal members quoting oral history. But as CORANZ has shown, a review of published historical records, including local newspapers, shows their accounts cannot be relied upon and should be treated as hearsay, not fact.

It’s clear that the public needs to be at the hearings to forcefully make this point.

So, if you want to help ensure your beach stays open and freely available to all future generations, please encourage as many people as you can to engage in the claims process.

The NZCPR is helping CORANZ to register Notices of Appearance in all of the mainland applications. While this will provide an opportunity for locals to become involved in claims in their area, the number of separate objectors matters. The more public opposition there is to claims, the more chance there is that the High Court Judges – and the Minister – will determine that they are opportunistic.

Please don’t think something as ridiculous as granting Maori title to public beaches will not happen. It is happening. And if you think that none of this will make a difference to the way you and your family use your beach, you might want to consider what it will be like in five, 10, or 20 years. With many claimant groups already saying they ‘own’ the coast, if they gain title and the power to flex their muscles, it could become difficult for the public to exercise their right of free access.

So my advice is, get involved. Defend your beach. Don’t let the opportunists win because not enough people made the effort to stand up and tell the truth about the strong attachment that generations of coast-loving Kiwis have had to New Zealand’s coastline – and how each year we return to the same beach and enjoy it as part of our tradition and culture.

Now is the time to stand up and refute claims that the area has been used exclusively since 1840. Let’s tell them it’s not true, and retell our stories of culture and family.   

It was National’s misguided decision to put the rights of the tribal elite – who wanted the resources of the foreshore and seabed for themselves – ahead of the public good, that got us into this mess. And while National has paid the ultimate political price for their policies of appeasement, its beach-loving Kiwis who are paying the real price, by having to defend the public’s right to our beaches – doing, in fact, what our politicians should be doing for us.

If we do nothing, and the new Minister and the High Court Judges follow the lead established by the former Minister – in accepting oral tribal history as the truth that over-rides published historical records – then the opportunists will win.

If you care about your beach, please tell everyone you can this summer about what’s going on and encourage as many people as possible to take a stand and help to defend our coast.


Do you believe there needs to be a public information campaign to inform people about how to become engaged in the marine and coastal area claims process?


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Absolutely. I could not believe what Chris Finlayson was doing in not looking after the rights of the majority of NZ’ers. Also as you say, very strange that the media just close their eyes to it and don’t report on the Iwi routs going on.  Graeme
Our new gutless polys will not want it as it will show that they are so far up the half caste backsides just like finlinson was/still is so unless someone is strong enough in parliment to stand up and tell the truth we are doomed and will end up as a new Southern Rhodesia as coruption is already alive and well in NZ and if this crap goes ahead heaven help us with a half cast nz mugarby and their cronies in charge. Richard
We live in a democracy where ALL New Zealanders should have the same rights. It is becoming more an apartheid country where one race has more rights then ALL others. Including any person now living here with an ancestry from Europe, Asia, Pacific Island nations and of course countries of the old Eastern Block and elsewhere who now call New Zealand home! New Zealand is a nation of immigrants. Even the original Maori where immigrants to New Zealand and NOT true indigenous people as the Aborigines are to Australia. Alan
Make all these Maori claims very much more publicly known about.  Sarah
Who’s going to stop Little ? National wont because they made the first bad error in this matter. Ms Ardern has been very quick to cuddle up to Maori and offer all sorts of concessions in Rotorua this week so she will be all for it ! Robyn
There isn’t another country in the world that would let this happen – incredible, terrifying and coming to a beach near you! Paul
The main battle is against apathy of NZDs Roy
Anything else is an outrage – and racism , which is ruining our country, at its worst Hylton
It is little wonder why National are out but what a mess they have left for others to sort out. Barry
We are all NZ citizens and should have the right to be informed and to have a say about what happens to our country. Brian
More racial and political corruptness Ian
They have the radio waves now they want the waves on the beach Bruce
Actually Finlayson should be tried for Treason. It’s a shame Helen Clark modified the laws that offered the crime of treason and took them off the books. She obviously had some evil agenda in mind when she did that. If people don’t object to these spurious Foreshore and Seabed claims by the claimants then we will become slaves in our own land. The whole Maori claims industry is an absolute disgrace. Dianna
Chris Findlayson needs to be shot. Just when we are nearing the end of the long protracted Treety Negotiations, the gravy train starts up again Tony
Absolutely .. AND the nations media needs to step up and at least give the entire country the truth about what is happening. How come we don’t hear ANY of this on our news channels. It is a DISGRACE!!! Maddi
We all need to get together to stop these claims Ian
Facebook would be a good way to spread the word .. I just need to find out how to a do it  Elizabeth
We are too complacent. Norm
Definitely!! It will be sneaked through before most people even know about it. Bryan
I must admit that I feel somewhat overwhelmed at the enormity of the task of gaining publicity to prevent this land grab and gimme, gimme, gimme. It should be Government leading the publicity for what is happening. Can we not involve a TV programme like 20/20 or similar or the Press Association? Chris
If this battle is lost, fighting may have to happen in some other theatre. Lets pray that common sense will prevail. Ray
This has all come about because of John Key’s stupidity in allowing the maoris to gain too much influence with their 1% of the vote just so National could govern like they were in charge. All this has happened, essentially in the background, and huge dollars have been thrown the maoris way so they can carry on their crooked ways. Neil
Yes, and this will be very difficult to resist as I believe there will be a massive political push by our new political liberal left to ‘give it’ to the foreshore marine & coastal area claimants. Plus I believe this is backed by the United Nations (now) 2030 agenda.  Stuart
The Government (whether National or Labour) needs to rule against this land grab…..forthwith. Otherwqise it means if the minority squeal they get what they want, and to hell with the majority. This is not democratic. Peter
It is plainly obvious that the previous National government kept this process very quiet, so the consequences of doing nothing need to be made very public now. Donald
Yes, more information needs to be provided; however, it would be wise to differentiate between the legitimate dissemination of valid information and Maori bashing, the former being valuable and the latter serving no good purpose at all. Peter
Its all getting so stupid it’s beyond belief! Apartheid is the new normal. Which lunatic politician set this up? Paul
The NATSies cowardly actions over decades have undermined New Zealanders’ rights. Finlayson should never have been involved because he represented some Iwi claimants as their lawyer. His escret pacts show that his actions would not stand up to public scrutiny. National’s irresponsible actions go right back (at the very least) to Doug Graham’s time as minister. Hugh
Definitely – just because some Maoris used these beaches doesn’t make it their property. Mori-Ori wer here long before any of them arrived, but do they allow ownership to them for their USE of certian areas? NO! If Litle lets this go through and proceeds with this, he will be responsible for civil wars starting up within this nation AGAIN! Maori are a small portion of the population now and other ethnic groups way outnumnber them. We will win the wars against teir outragious claims through sheer wight of numberfs. But ow many lives will be lost in the process? Andrew Little, face up to what is right and just and throw out the claims to all foreshore – forever!!! Cecelia
Absolutely. Most people are totally unaware of these developments  Barbara
Maori will not stop until they have the whole of New Zealand in their control, this must not happen because that would be fatal for NZ Edward
There should not be any private beaches David
Absolutely!. Why is the mainstream media not involved?? Bill
This is another racist land grab Gareth
We are all one people and a few tribal elete must not be allowed to make the rules for and rip off our free beaches. Robert
It’s like voting for parliamentarians without knowing their names. Of course a full disclosure should be made in all facets of the media. Dennis
I hope the new government will take a different approach to national but i have my doubts Winston peters referendum on the Maori seats went out the door before he decided who was going government .  John
They grabbed the foreshore and seabed now its the beaches. This must be stopped once and for all. JOHN
It’s time the silent majority in this country stood up and took some action over this problem. Terry
I have heard little up to now. Ross
I guess we are all too apathetic and in relation to the proposed law for beach and inshore ownership there needs to be a sharp wake up call. John
Separatist bullshit with no shred of justification. Dave
Absolutely there does. And in not providing one themselves, our government has been grossly negligent in it’s duty to 85% of the people living in this country. Absolutely shamefull. Brenda
Lets hope Labour and Co will help put some effort tto sort the mess RICHard
Marine and coastal areas have always been here long before Maori or Pakeha arrived. No one should have the right to exclud others. Don
Given the ex-ministers decision in the northern HB claim and the labour party’s need to appease Maori it is hard to see how any claims will be defeated. Les
Yes because there is very little if anything in the mainstream media. William
To much already happens behind closed doors and when decided upon and important issue the public gets a consumer friendly sanitized version. Ido
full page adds plus Barry
I suspect that if the fundamentalist part-Maori claimants go ahead and attempt to take the beaches there will be such a public upheaval that this nonsense will be quickly sorted out. Jenny
All persons need to be informed on all matters that will potentially reduce their present rights accorded as citizens. The fact that because of racial heritage, one group is able to claim customary rights ahead of all other citizens, is a crime in itself. Michael
yes but knowing the ratbags who organise these false treaty of waitangiwai claims ,the dirty deed will have been already done James
Unquetionably. Chris
A public information campaign is desperately needed. LETS SEE HOW MANY NZCPR Newsletter READERS ARE PREPARED TO PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS, & contribute to the cost of running an advertising campaign..  A.G.R.
The general public must somehow get motivated. Bryan
No, what a waste of time and resources. Let’s go and enjoy the beach with all our friends and whanau! Nolan
Desperately needed Jim
The people should know that we could lose our right to visit a beach here in NZ. William
YES YES YES. Very little is being reported about what is happening regarding these claims. My members of the public do not even know about it. Peter
EVERYONE NEEDS to email Andrew Little & STOP this disgrace NATIONAL has landed us in. Cindy
Nah – they’re just ignorant sheeple who couldn’t care less if Maori take over NZ lock, stock and barrel. Christ-riri Finlaycuz knows whats best … Ron
This is an act of robbery and has to be stopped. Tony
The government’s refusal to defend the rights of private citizens who have no other defender, especially in abrogating their rights to access public spaces, exacerbated by an official attitude of appeasement towards tribal factions, sows the seeds of civil war. Richard
Once themonrning talkback show ” Brian Edwards show” started with the caption “communication is the beggining of understanding” so yes let the public be fully informed of the intention of the claimants. Frank
It’s an issue that doesn’t attach much public concern – until it is too late. Ron
YES. We must have as much public information made available in every possible form to make members of the public aware of what will happen to their access of beaches. We can not allow a small Maori group of tribal elite to get away with this claim. If they do, it will hurt all of us. Ernest
Definitely there is far too much secrecy these days over many Government and other High ranking organisations to fob off our rights….When is someone going to have the guts to say enough is enough we are all one people this Country will be a better place to live –there should never of been a difference between us after all we are ALL NEW ZEALANDERS let’s keep this country so  Marylin
NZers have had a gutsfull maori claiming to own the country coastal beaches , this has to be stopped  Graeme
But I doubt the value of a campaign by Government as it will be watered down and near ineffective Kevin
Too late. The Tribal Elite are being used as pawns by the multinational mining empires to gain access to resources in marine areas.  Michael
Of Course. The Marine and Coastal area belongs to all New Zealanders not just MAORI. Ian
Frightening! Maggie
The beaches must remain open to use by all New Zealanders. Pam
I strongly believe that the coastal foreshore should be free and accessible to all NZers but do not know how and where I can learn about specific claims which may affect me personally and how I can respond. I believe that I and all NZers have a right to be informed about such matters by the Govt. Peter
ABSOLUTELY. Think most people are totally unaware this happening and the media is very quiet Sue
Most definitely. How else will the public know? Our media is extremely poor in passing on controversial information particularly concerning Maori demands. Graeme
the new minister needs to repeal all the legislation that contravenes the NZ constitution and nZ law that Finlayson so decietfully flouted in his corrupt term as Treaty Minister and Attorney General, his crimes against all NZers need to be reviewed and exposed.  Wayne
Absolutely with extensive coverage in all media with simplified processes for submissions Dick
I hope that NZCPR has sent Dr. Barr’s commentary to Minister Andrew Little. It is a marvelous illustration of the nonsensical claims we are up against. alan
Most definitely – this whole thing is corrupt. Janet
We have always had access to the coastline we do not want to loose to a few greedy opportunist  Arhur 
Of course the public should be informed. AND there should be a change to the rules that allow Iwi legal aid to put their cases but deny that right to those opposing their applications, and worse, actually have to pay for it themselves. That’s nothing short of outrageous! colin
Everyone, I am so sorry I have such a bunch of apathetic friends and family who’s heads are firmly buried in sand they will shortly not have a right to be in. I NEARLY believed Winston regarding removing racial seats and the treaty from legislation but trusted my gut and not him when voting. David
Yes Mark
the coast and the beaches belong to all New Zelanders Richard
The government should be funding an information claim! Penina
No group should have exclusive rights to access to coastal areas. To give away the rights is simply going to cause a rift between everyone and I believe we would end up being a ‘split’ country rife with racism. We have to avoid that under all circumstances. We are ONE PEOPLE not us and them. New Zealanders! Diana
95% of people don’t even know it’s happening. Andrew
It is disgusting this has been done “behind closed doors” and the public are unaware – decisions like these are being more and more devisive between maori and pakeha and it is scary that any government lets this happen. This would be disastrous to New Zealand if this goes ahead. Gaqil
I don’t think many Kiwis actually know of the coastal claims or the extent of them. For such a far reaching inssue our govt should have an information campaign akin to the flag change. Gary
I am surprised at the local media not picking this up, they seem to be running away. Let’s see it does not go ahead. Geoff
The whole thing should be scrapped. Chris
The whole Maori claims business, whatever it might concern (and not just the coast and seashore) runs on the basis of silence. Much is done behind closed doors, because governments – both National and Labour – know that if the public got to know about the rorts and secret dealings, there would be volcanic civil unrest. So they keep us all in the dark, whilst the iwi elite laugh up their sleeves: they increase their undemocratic power, and they pocket the cash. It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s constantly happening; the politicians treat the rest of us like mushrooms. Graham
There is very little being said at present so a campaign should make us all aware Warren
Where are the media on this and other similar issues? John
It natural justice  Mike
Maori made huge gains under the previous National Government because of their coalition agreement and a biased Minister in Finlayson.They will continue their attempts at more control unless they are stopped.Making the general public more aware of their stealth and claims will hopefully lead to greater opposition to this apartheid.Maori represents the dominant sectors of Crime,child and welfare abuse and gangs so god help this Country if they gain even more controls Don
Reasonable and essential Ken
More importantly there needs to be a public information campaign to inform NZ and the world how APARTHEID is practiced in NZ. Geoff
The foreshore and seabed belongs to ALL New Zealanders. Full-stop !! Andrew
Belongs to everybody Anon
All New Zealanders should have the right to know what is going on and have their say. Lacey
Yes, definitely an information campaign. Never tribal ownership of anything. Don
I cannot understand why the governments are destroying our society, are they getting paid, if so they should be exposed and jailed. Rex
How Leon
Idiots will not act until after the event. Chris
No one and I mean no one ‘owns’ beaches and coastline areas. It is there for EVERYONE to enjoy without hindrance, or god forbid pay to access it. That is ridiculous.  Kerin
The whole Maori situation is farcical.If their energies were directed towards their own social problems NZ would be a better more productive place and perhaps this naked greed would subside. Peter
I agree with Chris, where is the so called journalists, and the Hoskins show, why are they not airing these incredibly disastrous claims, after all they are supposed to be reporting for the people of New Zealand, not dicky licking to the maori minority Bill
I certainly believe the public deserves much better information. An advertisement in the back page of the Herald is not a Public Notice. Maureen
Most definitely, the behind closed doors by Minister Findlayson must be exposed and reversed as necessary. Transparency is essential  Kevin
..the corruption of the treaty traitor Finlayson has divided all New Zealand…in some nations this would have caused a civil war”. One more freedom removed….. Chris
Maori are trying to claim everything – it must stop Kevin
People will take up arms on this issue. We will have civil war if it it is not resolved. Maori oral history is fake and cannot be trusted. They are serial liars. John
Better still the act needs to be repealed David
This is usurping the rights of all non Maori New Zealanders. The National party and Finlayson have hung us out to dry. Pete
The entire shambles should be dumped and done correctly in a process that bears scrutiny, now and in the future. Collin
This is so important. Sheena
And the NZ Government should not contribute towards iwi claimants’ court costs Garry
Why is any of this allowed to happen  Peter 
Madness. Why do decent Kiwi’s put up with this?. This shouldn’t even be on anybody’s agenda. One of the reasons I no longer live in NZ. John
It is unbelievable how the government and Maori have the audacity to keep the citizens of NZ in the dark over these coastal claims. The same goes for the water ownership claims . All politicians and Maori claimants should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves over these two matters Mike 
The whole thing should be in the rubbish bin Colin
It’s a very grey and uniformed area of contention for the average New Zealander. Graeme
The current process is weighted against objectors. This is wrong so if you do NOT want to PAY to visit the beach or go fishing then support the movement against Maori ownership of the coast. (coastal claims) Nick
The Govt must make known information about the claims in each area, so the public can get involved. Frank
Yes very much needed. Most people I talk to about these claims are totally unaware of them. Rex
It’s owned by all new Zealanders not just maori Jimmy
Absolutely YES! Most people have no idea what’s happening. Let’s hope that Andrew Little has the intestinal fortitude to make a stand against the nonsense of the past Minister. Alan
And in the same way that it was easy for them to claim an area, it needs to be easy for us to work out what to do to reclaim it. Obviously if multiple groups have claimed our beaches we each might have to fork out multiple lots of $110 and spend hours trying to trail through the process.  Hilary
Ignorance is the biggest threat to equql rights with bigotry coming next.  Dene
Another appaling action by Findlayson, resulting in increased racial division in our country.  Hugh
WE need a referendum!!!!!!!! Dave
The whole claims process is a shambles. It was disgraceful that National did this. What a stuff up! Francis
Most people have absolutely no idea what’s going on, so yes, a public information campaign is long overdue. Andrew
When you tell people about the claims process, they don’t believe you. Where is the media in all of this – why aren’t they reporting what’s going on. and the politicians. Or is everyone all colluding with the sovereignty movement now? Chris
Yes, a campaign is desperately needed and before the cut-off date for High Court objections. Peter
Congratulations on the great work you have done Muriel with the NZCPR website resource on the claims. And yes, you should run a public information campaign in the New Year so that more people will register their objection to the High Court claims before the February cut-off date. William