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Democracy in New Zealand: A Stocktake

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More and more Kiwis are beginning to realise that the campaign to change our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa is part of a wider agenda to replace democracy with tribal rule. The transfer of democratic rights and public resources to the elite of Maoridom – who run billion-dollar business corporations that pay no tax – is being orchestrated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern through her commitment to the Treaty partnership fiction and equal tribal co-governance.

Given this threat, let’s do a quick stocktake of New Zealand’s democratic safeguards.

The building blocks of a representative democracy are the four ‘pillars’ of the Legislature, the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Media. It is the strength of each of those foundations that preserves our freedom and democratic rights.

The first pillar of our democracy, the ‘Legislature’, is our House of Representatives, and its primary responsibility is law-making. Our 120 Members of Parliament are elected under the Mixed Member Proportional voting system that was first recommended by the 1986 Royal Commission into the Electoral System. They warned, that if the Maori seats were not abolished when MMP was introduced, an over-representation of Maori in Parliament would result.

The Maori seats had been introduced as a temporary measure in 1867 to ensure Maori men, who didn’t qualify under the property ownership requirements of the day, could vote. Those seats should have been removed when male suffrage was adopted in 1879 – or when universal suffrage was introduced in 1893.

When the legislation was first tabled in Parliament in the early nineties, to begin the country’s journey to MMP, there were no provisions for Maori seats. But as a result of pressure from Maori leaders, the seats were retained.

As predicted by the Royal Commission,  Maori, who make up 12.3 percent of voters are now disproportionately over-represented in Parliament with 20 percent of the country’s MPs.

If the seven Maori seats were removed, Maori would still be over-represented with 14 percent of MPs.

It is now time to abolish the Maori seats to strengthen democracy and ensure Parliament is more representative of New Zealanders.

The second ‘pillar’ of democracy, the ‘Executive’, consists of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and Government Ministries – the executive arm of the Government that runs the country. The policy agenda they implement is presented to the public in a party manifesto in the lead up to an election, and the public mandate they receive from voters gives the winning parties the constitutional legitimacy to govern.

That’s how it should work, but instead of sticking to their election manifesto, the 2020 Labour Government is rolling out He Puapua. Developed in 2019 as a roadmap for implementing the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, it is a blueprint for tribal rule. Jacinda Ardern not only kept He Puapua hidden from her then coalition partner New Zealand First, she also deliberately concealed it from voters during the 2020 election campaign.

So, while the ‘Executive’ is pressing ahead with a secret separatist agenda that undermines democracy, they are failing to deliver on their manifesto policies, including improvements to their management of Covid-19.

Labour promised to strengthen border security, improve contact testing and tracing, and roll out a strong national immunisation programme. Yet here we are with the worst vaccine rollout in the OECD and another border failure forcing another nation-wide lockdown, with the same devastating consequences as last time – since rules and procedures have not been refined.  

The Government can’t even provide the basics for a country under threat from a world-wide pandemic, with the NZ Herald reporting the number of Intensive Care Unit beds has fallen from 358 in March last year to 284, giving New Zealand – on a per capita basis – less than one-third of the average number of critical care beds amongst 22 OECD countries, and putting us in 21st place, followed only by Mexico.

We are also being denied some of the innovations used overseas: why are Covid home testing kits, like those being sent out to families across the UK, banned in New Zealand, when they could be helping with early detection?

The Executive undermines personal freedom and erodes democracy through the dictatorial manner in which it implements controversial policies.

The shock ban on new deep sea exploration licenses, that is closing down the Taranaki oil and gas industry and is now contributing to New Zealand’s rising cost of living, was undertaken without any democratic involvement.

A similar lack of democratic process dominated the abolition of firearm ownership rights, following the Christchurch mosque attacks, and more recently, the outrageous decision to retrospectively remove the democratic rights of communities to call for a referendum over Maori wards. Some are now warning that this is to clear the way for tribal control of local government.

Now, the Government is even trying to force councils to ignore their legal responsibility to democratically consult with their communities over the Three Waters proposal, that will take billions of dollars’ worth of assets owned by ratepayers and give control to Maori. To email councils to ‘Say “No” to Three Waters”, please visit our campaign page at nzcpr.com/3waters.

The third pillar of a democratic government, the ‘Judiciary’, is responsible for the interpretation and application of the laws passed by Parliament. As such, the independence of the judiciary is a cornerstone of our democratic society and a safeguard of the “rule of law”.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Anthony Willy, a former Judge and Law Lecturer, explains the crucial importance of the independence of the judiciary:

“Judges are ordinary people who know something about the law and court processes but appointed to do an extraordinary job. Ordinary because on appointment they bring with them their personal range of the human prejudices and foibles to which the flesh is heir. Extraordinary because they are the only individuals in society who can determine our civil and criminal rights and obligations, and who stand between our liberties and oppression be it from government or in whatever form it may arise.

“They are the guardians of the common law which ensures that all persons appearing before the courts are treated equally and with respect and to whom the law will be applied impartially irrespective of race, colour, creed, or one of the more fashionable causes currently enjoying a place in the sun.

“All of that is guaranteed by the Judicial oath which should be displayed in every Judicial chamber and Court. It requires the newly appointed judge to discharge the office ‘without fear or favour affection or ill will.’ That being so, it is well established that any criticism of a judge’s decisions should be moderate, factual, and tempered with respect, not only because the critic is rarely in possession of all of the facts, but because intemperate criticism diminishes not only the Judge, but more importantly the standing of the office. The consequences of a loss of public confidence in the office of Judge are incalculable.”

This latter point is especially relevant given recent developments where Sir Wira Gardiner, the acting head of a Government Department, called on the Chief District Court Judge and the Principal Family Court Judge to intervene in the running of a Family Court case. So concerned was the  presiding Judge, that he warned his superiors that interfering in an on-going case was “a breach of appropriate judicial independence and judicial conduct”.

Commenting on the affair, journalist and former newspaper editor Karl du Fresne explains, “Oranga Tamariki and a Hawke’s Bay iwi tried to have a young Maori girl removed from a safe, loving and secure Pakeha foster home because her cultural needs were supposedly not being met. That in turn has led to an even more disturbing development… I can’t recall a New Zealand judge ever rebuking two of his judicial superiors and effectively telling them to pull their heads in. But that’s what Family Court judge Peter Callinicos did when two senior judges appeared to interfere in a case he was hearing that related to the girl.”

Karl concludes, “This is a case where a vulnerable child’s best interests, if they have been considered at all by those with power over her future, have been treated as a far lesser priority than the heartless demands of race politics and the culture wars… The involvement of a heavyweight Wellington influencer like Gardiner (who, coincidentally or otherwise, stood down citing health reasons) does nothing to diminish the impression that the judges’ intervention in a case with political overtones was irregular.”

The NZCPR’s 2019 report New Zealand’s Maori Child Welfare Problem, written by the retired Canadian Judge Brian Giesbrecht following 30 years of experience in dealing with indigenous child abuse in that country, strongly opposes culture over-riding the needs of a child:

“When I became a judge they were just starting to talk about turning the control of child welfare agencies over to Indigenous groups. This changeover took place during the 1980s, and 90s… Children were regarded as the property of Indigenous tribes, and this led to tragedies. Children who had been in stable homes with loving parents since birth were taken from their homes and placed in Indigenous homes, simply because the foster parents were not Indigenous… Among other things, I strongly denounced the system of categorizing children by race and stated that best interests should be the only test for all children.”

Another serious concern relating to the justice pillar of our democracy – and a key objective of He Puapua – is the on-going attempt to introduce Maori tikanga (customs) into the common law.

The danger has been highlighted in the Marine and Coastal Area Act claims process where a Judge in the first High Court case ruled that tikanga trumps common law requirements. If this decision stands, the entire New Zealand coastline is likely to fall into tribal hands. That is definitely not what Parliament intended, and that’s why we are supporting an appeal to the Court of Appeal. 

The fourth pillar of democracy is the ‘Media’. Often referred to as the Fourth Estate, their role is to act as a watchdog, informing the public and holding the government to account.

The problem New Zealand faces is that the Ardern Government is now funding the media through a $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund.  One of the eligibility requirements is promoting the fiction that Maori are in “partnership” with the Crown – a fundamental premise of He Puapua.

Raewyn Rasch (who identifies as Ngai Tahu) is the head of journalism for NZ on Air, the agency which administers the Fund. She has reported that of the 34 applications approved in the first funding round, 40 percent of the money will go to Maori journalism projects.

Karl du Fresne is extremely critical of the Fund: “I predict most of our money will end up being spent on advocacy journalism. As with the $3.5 million Three Waters propaganda campaign, taxpayers will be paying for their own indoctrination.

“The line that once separated journalism from activism is being erased, and it’s happening with the eager co-operation of the mainstream journalism organisations that are lining up to take the state’s tainted money. We are witnessing the slow death of neutral, independent and credible journalism.”

This brief analysis exposes the extent to which the He Puapua agenda is undermining all of the four pillars of our democracy.

With Maori now over-represented in Parliament, and Labour’s Maori Caucus gaining control of its Executive wing, their radical influence in Cabinet is permeating throughout the government service, the judiciary, and even the media.  

Fortunately, there is a growing public awareness of the radical agenda that is being put into effect. The groundswell is shifting, and people are finding their voice and courage. The accusation of “racist” are now blunt weapons against common sense, and those who were once cheerleaders for the Prime Minister are beginning to realise that Jacinda Ardern is the problem.

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As the US presidency of the Democrat incompetent fool, Joe Biden, reaches its Waterloo in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, what will be Ardern’s Waterloo – water reforms, tribal rule, vaccine incompetence? The most serious threat to NZ democracy is Labour’s incompetent, Jacinda Ardern. When will we ask for her resignation? Monica
History & our fore fathers learnings should be embraced. Jacinda & co have their own agenda, they have no intentions of seeking guidance from past learnings. Our future is in the balance, we need to vote smart otherwise our country will become a very unpleasant place to live. Geoff
A series of events since the last election leads me to believe this is so. Jamie
It is creating a tribal dialectic. If you’re not in our tribe you’re our enemy. Susan
Why would you allow 15% of population dictate life for other 75%? If we do not have equality for all we are lost! Chris
Tribal co-governance is a very real threat to the future well being of all New Zealanders. To have all water resources and waterways subject to ancient undocumented tribal oversight by non-democratically appointed New Zealand Maori activists is effectively surrendering our ability to develop our country into the hands of a few who will charge us for the privilege of their knowledge. We cannot allow this back door control of our development capital and resources . There is no place for a Mafia type of control over the future development of our country. We have a duty to preserve democracy and democratic processes for the well-being of future New Zealanders as originally agreed in the Treaty of Waitangi. We cannot afford to allow the deception of a partnership making some more equal than others to prevail. Donald
Thank you Muriel. We are under a very serious attack by Labour and Maori interests to take a dominant position in parts of our democracy. The Treaty was never a partnership and remains an agreement where Maori tribes agreed to stop fighting each other, have their property rights respected and live in a democracy with all other people in NZ. Some property rights of Maori have not been respected and the ongoing Treaty settlements are a genuine effort to rectify these. Maori have special needs and these have not been addressed successfully. We must treat the special needs of all NZ residents with expedition and keep working on the problems until justice is done. Peter
All of us are human beings and the sooner the Maori elite and the government realise that the better it will be for NZ. Rosemary
Any contrived sway of power, ignoring the wish of the populace should be illegal. Glenda
Why change to suit a minority group of people Graham 
HItler: Deutschland uber alles Mahuta (ably assisted by Jacinda): Maori uber alles Scott
It’s absolutely frightening what is happening. New Zealand will reverse to 150 years ago. Woe betide us all. valerie
A very serious threat far too many people are not aware of what is going on!! Frank
We need independent media desperately. Alan
Possibly the largest threat our once great democracy has faced in my lifetime. Igor
100% a threat. Unite against racist separatism. One people, one law, one nation. Kerry
More than serious…devastating might be closer to an appropriate outcome Mark
this runs in the face of democracy as new zealand knows it . what a disaster it would be, clifford
This is primarily race based AND a backward step for our multi cultural nation ! James
already too late brian
No apartheid in New Zealand please. Robert
One person, one vote – not 15% having 50% say over the other 86% is what New Zealanders should insist on. Margaret
New Zealand is rapidly going from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. This is bad even for the average Maori. Glen
they are theives and criminals Robin
We all have seen how Maori look after the property the already have Robin
IT provides for a disproportionate amount a decision making power in the hands of a few. jason
Why doesn’t everybody against this post on Jacinda’s Facebook pace as then her cult followers will see what is really happening? Julir
It is probably the most serious and far reaching threat that this country has ever faced. It appears in relation to this three waters debacle that mantua is pushing to set a law that Councils will not have the option to opt out regardless of whatever any referendums if they take place. Cinderella is sucking up to the maoris so forcefully that it wouldn’t be surprising if she turned up to Parliament next week in a grass skirt sporting a mono on her chin. Ralph
MMP is also tribal and a threat to the sound, healthy and functionality of democratic government. Frederick
Time to defund everything Maori. Never in the history of human welfareism has so much been done for so few by so many with such little gratitude on the part of the recipients. Bruce
Everyone should be equal no matter what your colour might be. Kevin
THe published article says it all. Adrian
Racism. Racism cannot win. Aaron
This is an exceedingly dangerous direction for NZ to ‘sleepwalk’ into, via a compliant media feeding the population with untruths. Susan
Thank you ,we all need the wake up you have given. I knew some of these facts about which I am horrified, but gosh!! Sally
12.5% of the NZ population (Maori) will rule the majority of it’s people, with no mandate to do so. The radical He PuaPua proposal gives Maori 50% interest in our resources with veto power over every decision made to implement their own agenda. The 3 waters proposal is a prime example of this agenda already under way. All 4 pillars of our democracy are being undermined with Labour”s Maori Caucus already having influence over the govt service, the judiciary and also the media whose bias in reporting has been bought by this govt. Mary
There is no close second Keith
No Country in the world has co-governance where 16% of the population have 50% of the vote. Democracy is one person one vote anything else is stupid and very divisive Greg
It is either that or democracy – the 2 are mutually exclusive. Laurie
Maoris I know DONT want it as they know it will be unequal representation and is RACIST ! Their words not mine! Bev
I am increasingly concerned with the direction this Government isn taking us. Brian
Adern is determined to put her own agenda (socialist) before the rights,wishes and needs of the NZ people. It now seems that we are second rate people who have no say or rights on democracy in our own country. This is a very secretive govt which should be exposed. Robina
It’s not just serious, there will be NO democracy under the final result of He Puapua Peter
Very worrying Kath
I definitely cannot believe the British Empire entered into a partnership with a group of waring tribes who never originated in New Zealand but arrived in boats like everyone else. Mick
This is South African apartheid in reverse. It was disgusting then & even more so now. What happened to one person; one vote? We should have the right to vote on every single one of the changes this government is proposing, especially as it is so detrimental to our lives. FloJo
In communism, control is vested in a small group of self elected officials. Here in NZ that self elected group is Maori and the Government is hell-bent on granting them absolute power. May New Zealand Rest in Peace! Roger
Anything that is separatist in nature is fundamentally confrontational and will always carry inherent difficulties and would be administerially difficult to manage and add cost to the system bruce
We cannot have democracy and something else simultaneously Tom
This is a serious threat on many levels. The resort to cure this slide is the ballot box and New Zealanders should exercise their democratic right with full knowledge of the consequences of the present trend. I submit that we cannot rely on the 4th estate to report the facts impartially because many 4th estate workers can be viewed as puppets of the present government. Wake up New Zealanders! Disclosure: I am a multi ethnic European New Zealander whose family has lived in New Zealand for many generations. I am married to an Asian. Peter
NZers need to wake up and realise that unless we get together and protest, our outright communist PM and her Finance Minister are leading NZ to the NWO. I recall reading that NZ and Australia will be the first countries to fall for this. Comrade Ardern has a sinister plan for NZ and she is carrying it out, under our noses. The plan includes dividing the country (Maori v the rest) running up unsustainable debt (done) lying to our children about sanitised history, breaking small businesses (almost done with lockdowns) run down services (health) make more people welfare dependent (it%u2019s happening) obstructing farmers and putting unnecessary costs on landlord and causing resentment between tenants and landlords, and asking people to pimp on one another..the list goes on. As for he puapua, that’s sneakily happening, and our paid for water services are now under attack. (Lack of referendums) For Gods sake, wake up NZ. Carolyn
Democracy only exists when every individual all have 1 equal vote Lena
The word must get out to all! Carol
The irony is that many Maori would not want this country to be divided because they see themselves first and foremost as being New Zealanders in a successful unified nation. Garry
Segregation is racist pure and simple John
It is based on racial prejudice Wietske
I just hope there is a party next election to put us back on the democratic path Francis
The public of New Zealand was never informed about PM Adern’s plans for New Zealand prior to the election as people would never have voted for her. HELEN
Come on NewZealanders — stop the rot and destruction to our Democracy! Donald
Apartheid – no other word for it. fred
Co-governance is racism against the majority of NZ citizens Dave
Shout from the rooftops Andrew
It is the hidden agenda which concerns me with this current buch… Kenn
Everywhere in the world where there is serious conflict, the people belong to TRIBES! The first thing Julius Nyere did when he became President of Tanzania was to stop tribalism by ensuring that EVERYONE learned and spoke Swahili and English. Tanzania is, and has remained, one of the few African nations that have remained stable and co-existed peacefully Sylvia
What is Jacinda’s agenda? It is not Democracy. It is PC – Political Corruption! Kevan
I cannot believe this is all happening tony
It must be stopped now. There is no place for racism in this country. Steve
The beginning of the end. Peter
Our lovely Democracy is being undermined. James
It’s very suggestion is a racist abomination. One person one vote. Richard
It takes away our pillar of everyone is equal and we should all (and I repeat all) work for the good of the country, not this undermining of democracy being peddled by the Labour /Green/Maori parties. A sad day for New Zealand. Fraser
very bad for our democratic society,we should be “one country,one people, we are all New Zealanders Paula
Really?! J J
Apathy prevails Unless common sense and pushback occurs people will wonder how it all happened Jules
A very, very serious threat. This idea of He Puapua must be stopped. we must all stand up and scream so on every street corner, as well as massive public demonstrations in every city and town in this beautiful country of ours “New Zealand” Ken
If we were a serious society this question would no need to be asked. dave
A disgrace being pushed thru under the radar, by the bitter, bigoted, revengeful elite maori and their sycophants being a small albeit vocal group both in and out of parliament. Whether I am of maori or pakeha decent is immaterial — we are “one people”. I speak to the elder generation of maori and they don’t want a bar of it, whereas the younger generation have no idea that this proposed change in our democracy is all about. I am proud to have been part of the demonstrations in 1981 against apartheid …. I never ever thought for one moment that i would again be having to consider demonstrating again against apartheid being introduced by a political party in New Zealand. The Prime Minister should give away her daily “cameo” appearances, and start listening to the people and discontinue governing for the minorities. National under Key has a lot to answer for in getting into bed with maori. Why did he sign the United Nations declaration and then happily depart the scene. It could be likened to lobbing a grenade Timothy
This is a massive worry. I am very concerned about it Kerin
The Labour Govt has no mandate to pursue and facilitate such undemocratic and racially based agenda dave
This separatist policy is a recipe for civil disobedience and worse Allan
Maori in general terms have been regarded as the handbrake on development in this country and that’s not being racist. Graeme
Democracy in NZ is under serious threat. This Government has a divide and Conquer agenda. Little by little we are losing our rights. The mass population are not taking any notice of this. Suzan
The real threat is that this Labour Government is scurrilously introducing unmandated ‘equity’ (i.e. restoring perceived balance) everywhere. There is nothing wrong with Maori celebrating their ethnicity and culture but in a first world country separatist tribalism should be actively discouraged. Phil
A socialist agenda using the separatist narrative Geoff
Any issue that is defined by race is racist. This is a huge step away from democracy with equal rights for all New Zealanders. Calvin
We all have equal opportunities and those with vision use their education to gain better jobs etc no matter what their race. Its got to be a level playing field and not race based Alan
Co-governance between approx 90% and 10% of the population is the opposite of a democracy. jaedra
Our Prime minister is extremely racist giving Maoris extra rights and laws only applying to them whilst ignoring the fact we pride ourselves on being a Democracy in which all people are treated equally. How! does she get away with this? Eric the Red
It will lead to serious conflict between Maori and non Maori Wayne
There can be no value in co-governance. This only paves the way for them-us separation. To truly make a difference, there should be a sitting down, listening to the other, ‘seeing’ the others side of the story and then growing through all of the insecurities. Then real power will emerge. Kelvin
The brainwashing taking place at the moment reminds me of how Hitler took power. I see nothing different in Comrade Arderns approach! John
Stick to the treaty Jasper
A major threat. Time to vote this Government out paul
a maori man once told me the best thing for this country was white man law and if was reversed the country would revert back to the bad old days of tribal in fighting brian
It’s apartheid, nothing less despite the supposed co-governance label. Less than 15% of the population having 50% of power, outrageous. Russ
The biggest threat in our country’s history. Graeme
The Public Interest Journalism Fund is nothing more than a bribe fund for favourable propaganda from NZ’s media and as such I am sure it will affect our ranking on the World Corruption Index and this action should be reported as a signal event in their report. Ardern also has another propaganda fund for the three waters implementation. I agree with Steve below and think that a case of sedition brought against Ardern and her commie government would have a more than even chance of success. They were ELECTED ON FALSE PRETENCES. The world press is starting to wake up her and her false smile so things are going to get very rocky indeed for her and her band of misfits. Terry
Words fail me … This communist rabble of so called government it totally out of control God help New Zealand if this lot get re elected Mind you The way they are going They will destroy the country this term Murray
People need to wake up to danger Ardern poses. Jane
Tribal equal co-governance will be resisted by most thinking people and will likely bring in a form of apartheid and foment physical opposition – a very dangerous situation for everyone. Derek
Tribal governance would not provide equality to all & would likely create racialism & hatred. Our economy would also seriously suffer. Alan
One Nation with two peoples has the same result as one bottle containing TNT and Ammonium Nitrate. Don’t try it! Trumpit
A select few Maoris shout “RACISM’ the minute any attempt is made to give them equal rights to everyone else. It is time they appreciated they are not rulers of the land. They opted out of that over 180 years ago. Time for these few to push off and leave the nation to its elected leaders. Just as their ancestors way back then. Peter
The irony is that this so called co-governance is controlled by a very small tribal elite. What is being effectively set up is a House of Lords. The Labour Party is bent on taking us back to a class based society, with an inherited aristocracy. David
leading us down the path of tribal rule. Helen
Total influencing threat Jeff
Maori Chiefs of the time signed the treaty partly to end the intertribal warfare that was decimating their people. Now we have Activists & Idiots trying to return us to that era. Derek
One people one nation Kerry
Apartheid is evil. Warren
We are becoming a Socialist state as in Nazi Germany. People arise lift up your voices in loud protest while we can! Denis
There is no democracy when a minority rules. Kevin
Simply wrong Ray
I can, sometime in the future see our country heading for civil war as the rights of most New Zealanders are being eroded away so fast under this administration. Changes are being pushed through with little or no consultation. I think Ardern will be happy when she has destroyed New Zealand John
This is totally unacceptable that a minority group in New Zealand can have 50% control over the majority Derek
To borrow from MLK, “I have a dream, that one day my four little children will be judged, not by their tribal affiliation but by the quality of their character. I have a dream” peter
Minorities will takeover Barbara
The downfall of New Zealand stop it will you have time Mike
I thought all Maori were New Zealanders like the rest of us Kiwi’s. About time they joined us instead of separation by race. Ian
Race based decision making is clearly undemocratic. One nation / one people / all are equal is democratic. N
What happened to the team of 5 million. It appears we now have 2 teams and they will end up in opposition. Phil
A serious serious threat. Wake up New Zealand Gail
This whole idea of ‘partnership’ and ‘co-governance’ needs to be stopped in it’s tracks before we become another Rhodesia. Alan
This continual creepage of maori imbalances will inevitably end in civil unrest. Roger
My understanding of the word democracy is that it encompasses the whole population as a single group not a divisive group of people who look for a way to change the constitution or the governance of the country. Am I wrong or just confused. I see a future that will be racist and divisive. Does this agenda stem from the United Nations with there indigenous policies and do they understand what they are doing to democracy. Andrew
It gets worse day by day. I have had discussions with people at work about maoridom permitting society and have been told I am racist. Even though the accusers are 10% or less of maori ancestry. Best to shut up or it will get out of hand. Chris
It is hard to believe New Zealand is doing what appears to be nothing to stop her separatism agenda. The media are promoting it, as you state they are being paid off. God help us. Alan
All about greed and power. Mike
the Maori people are a Tribal People. They cannot organise themselves let alone try to help out by being in the Government of New Zealand. William
A very very serious threat – the end of democracy and the rule of the tribal elite over the rest of us as slaves to our Maori masters russell
Muriel, well done for representing the real problem in front of us is not the smoke and mirrors of covid – its the hidden agenda of state sponsored separatism Peter
Dr. Newman’s report this week is the most serious listing of the removal of democracy from NZ ever seen. It should make the general public recoil in horror at the extent to which Ardern has moved to ensure the end of democracy in such a short space of months and to realize that she has more than half of the parliamentary term left to cause further corruption and despair. Everything she touches turns not to gold but to disaster. Nothing positive can be said of any change she has made. It is all self presentation, promoting herself as a world leader and inviting praise from the World Press. One shocking piece of information is that the head of journalism for NZ on Air is a Maori. This finally explains the shocking change to broadcasting in the last 6 months where English language is now only a part of the huge increase in Maori language which predominates every programme on the National Radio. We don’t understand a word of it and don’t want to be forced to listen to it. Chris
We won’t have a democracy. We will have all this BS forced onto us by chairman Adern and her comrades Laurie
Maori do not have a clue what they are getting into, or doing. Roger
17% of the population should not be able to have 5o% or more, representation in government. It’s like South Africa but in reverse. Just terrible. Jens
The control of our rivers, Lakes and water infrastructure would give immense power to the holder. Hugh
Tribalism usually leads to war. Refer USA warfare eliminates cooperation John
I think it is totally scary and dangerous. I don’t think most New Zealanders are aware what is going on, if they did there would be more action. Wayne
Only the Maori elite will benefit. Like the old days the rest of us will be just plain slaves. Zimbabwe in the making . Wayne
Co- governance is the antithesis of democracy in NZ, especially if what is meant is 50-50 co-governance Trevor
Serious enough but what is equally as is Wira Gardiner trying to influence Family Court Judges. Interference in the judicial system!!! Ron
One person, one vote whatever colour you are. Bob
I can imagine the high-pitched giggling on the marae as the Maori elite cannot believe their luck that a silly grinning pakeha woman is doing all the power play for them. What a mess Kiwis have made by voting for brand Jacinda and not policies ( at least policies admitted to) Creed
Iwi control is taking us back to the dark ages. A tiny % of New Zealanders having half the ‘say’ overall with ‘co-governance’ and even the right of veto! 1840 Treaty ‘Partnership’ is a croc – it never was, never is and never will be, even if New Zealand should live for 1000 years. Down with all Aotea-rorters. Paul
we don’t want to go backwards by 200 years. Grant
Thank you for the courage to help fight this racist, communist style agenda. norman
The people who Govern New Zealand should be elected on Expertise , Individual attainments and an education that views New Zealand as one people made up of different races which gives good balance in Governance.. Philip
Tribal is going back to the past. We will become tribe v tribe. The end of democracy as we know it. Brian
One country – one set of rules for all Den
It really is a threat. During the Doug Graham (The Minister of Treaty Negotiations) we were all made into fools. I am sure now that we are threatened with destruction via civil unrest. RAY
If it comes in as the tribalists have spelled out in the He Paupau document it is an effective end to democracy. Really concerned at how far they have progressed and as Muriel points out over all four pillars of democracy. Mike
Maoridom want to rule!! That is what is happening if all these things happen. Sandra
One step closer to civil war Geoffrey
New Zealand needs a written constitution and a Constitutional Court NOT the Cheshire Cat and her kittens. John
Somehow the public needs to be made aware of what is going on…our current news media has been bribed into only presenting what this divisive and deceitful government wants presented Bill
Tribal co-governance would be an ABSOLUTE threat to democracy. Indeed any form of “co-governance” is totally improper and illegal. When we citizens in a democracy elect a government we should be quite rightly horrified were our elected government permitted to share some of its responsibilities with anyone or any organisation which we had not elected. ROB
Agree, one rule for all citizens Diana
Removing the rights of all New Zealanders to have an equitable say in the democratic process is an anathema. I am surprised opposition political parties have not jumped on the band wagon and violently opposed this stupidity. Dennis
It spells the end of democracy in NZ. After so many NZers protested about how a minority ruled the majority in South Africa, it is unbelievable that many of these protesters would now support Ardern’s agenda to turn over government to a minority here. Kerry
This will be the demise of our country if it’s not stopped. We will end up in civil war if the regime keeps control. Stuart
It’s part of this governments plans to take control of everything, reducing democracy, in essence communism, which is the base for our current leaders, yes they refer to it as socialism, it’s the same thing! Brian
How can a country that despised South Africa for Apartheid be so accepting of Apartheid in NZ? Geoff
An extremely serious threat. It is beyond belief that Maori could control NZ Government. Michael
Even David Lange said the 2 are incompatible. john
The aggressive thrust of this proposition of co-governance carries a relatively low profiling but is promoted across wide-ranging platforms. It requires proper exposure through public referendum. Peter
Probably ranks 2nd behind those that are trying to impose it – that is our communist government. Rex
Maori activists are openly seeking to destroy our democracy. John
It will promote a volatile them and us culture. Something that should be avoided at all cost. Frank
A minority seeks to over-rule the interests of the vast majority, claiming to be indigenous, a word which is being subverted from its original meaning – born in a place. We are ALL immigrants or descended from immigrants & no-one has the right to claim sovereignty over others, no matter what the Labour government may seek to impose on us when they didn’t have their intentions in their policy planks at the last election. Peter
Total threat. It is not representative of and for all New Zealanders. Labour has lost the plot. Who are the biggest “racists”? It’s more than time the Maori seats were abolished, for a start. Sheila
There must be a stronger word than serious that describes this threat to democracy in NZ. The thought of tribal co-governance conjures up scenes of widespread turmoil in every aspect of life in NZ. we need to go back to basics, equality and opportunity for all. Steve
one man one vote Phil
I am supportive of Maori overall, but this is a step far too far. Russell
Apartheid in our time. I can’t live with that Ray
Tribal co-governance is a lie, a cynical lie and a very serious threat to our way of life. For anyone to imagine that the maoris will be satisfied with co-governance once they have achieved it, is the height of folly, their aim is supremacy under the law with its obvious corollary, abandonment of the law. For any maoris to imagine that they will be the ‘top dogs’ once it achieved is also folly. The aim is not maori supremacy – it is maori ELITE supremacy. There is a wide range of literature to study covering the ways tribal rule has operated throughout recorded history, which relates long-term, or sometimes constant, inter-tribal warfare; slavery, torture and mass murder. The ordinary tribesman (think ‘Me’ in this dystopian version of our future) has no property rights, no guarantee of fair treatment, in fact, no protection from any wrong doing by his ‘masters’. Do not imagine for one moment that this would be impossible in today’s world. It is the direction New Zealand is being led in right now – Rule by Tribal Elites. TOBY
It is dividing a nation and they are not showing any reason why this is good and how it will benefit all NZers. Lindsay
Such a lot of effort on this website for such insane and misleading content. It could be good, but its just racist uninformed nonsense bouncing around an echo chamber. Shame really. Glen
Where is this country heading? Can’t the average person see what’s happening? To a curtain extent I blame National and ACT for not getting stuck into this government and making a real issue of this. No they are more concerned about vaccine rollouts. Pathetic. Chris
Democracy will be overrun by 12% of the population Graham
Will the next election be soon enough to stop this rot setting in it has got out of hand and the Govt continue to keep it rolling a total disgrace Russell
No No No!! Bill
Almost by definition ‘tribal’ is non-representative (see Afghanistan?) so WHY are we following this route? Michael
It is extremely difficult to believe that any government or politician in their right mind would wish to turn the governance of this once free country to a gaggle of tribal elite. However this is happening right before our eyes. Time that NZ returned to its true democratic principles. Joseph
It’s incredible to even consider co-governance, throw out all Maori partnership talk! Graeme
this should NOT happen gerard
We are now entering an Apartheid society. Errol
NZ is now a multi race society lets be one nation and scrape tribalism and the Maori seats as we move forward Barry
New Zealand is being captured by a minority Maori radical Caucus. The sooner this Labour Govt is out of office the better. No country can operate properly with such division. Graeme
tribalism is totally incompatible with democracy. Despite the best efforts of MMP and Ardern we still have a few shreds of democracy left which we need to protect John
The co-governance is to remove democracy. It is dictatorship. Donald
Racism at its worst Dave
It’s called apartheid. We will end up a very divided nation and it will foster hate. We should not be putting up with this bullshit. The Aussies would not let this happen. Bruce
Tribal co-governance is the thinking of the dumb led by the greedy tainted Maori leaders who have to realize that this is one country where all have equal rights Tom
This is a very serious threat ,but, who or what is anybody doing about it. Zilch. Get off your big fat arses new Zealand and DO something about it. If it happens, you will never change it back. Graham
So serious there is no simply way to describe just how serious.Every time I see the the advertisement on TV regarding the three waters I cringe. Bryan
Excellent article thanks Muriel. Question now is how do we stop this danger to our democratic process of Government in New Zealand. Failure to do so quickly will see New Zealand attain the status of Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. The He PuaPua template is basically a copy of the PLO template delivered in Cuba in 1992. Donna Awatere Huata, convicted fraudster was an attendee at that Cuba conference. That says enough about the dangers this agenda presents to New Zealand and the 84% of the population who do not identify as part maori. Chris
This threat must be stopped in its tracks ! Terry
should be one new zealand David 
It is a frightening situation to have happen. Pam
The words tribe and race should b abolished from vocabulary Bev
One country , one rule. This current bunch are just plain dangerous. Elizabeth
We are one people not 2 different people with different laws for each as it seems at the moment liz
To start with there is only one government in New Zealand and that is the one we elect every three years. Not the one Jacinda Adern wishes to force onto us. If everyone in New Zealand that believes in the wonderful democratic nation we used to have does not get in behind the Farmers Protest movement and force this Dictatorial Government to listen then we deserve the total destruction of Democracy which will follow. The end result will be that huge numbers of people will desert New Zealand for more attractive countries resulting in the current Labour parties wishes to have Maori Govern NZ. Albyn
Couldn’t be more serious and the flock need to wake up before it is too late Alan
Very likely unrest will occur here in NEW ZEALAND, probably during the next election campaign period. Unless labour are smart enough to suppress their agenda until after the elections. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have much of an opposition at this point. Surely there must be some labour members of parliament that are unhappy with whats going on also. Owen
We are witnessing the demise of democracy, a pre planned demise by corrupt politicians and their ever faithful paid off media. We need to wake up and wake up fast before this insidious agenda over powers common sense and democracy. Stevo
There is specific wording within He Puapua that needs to be highlighted and I will write a separate document on this. If this all goes ahead, will it result in harmony? No, it will only create a deeper division than ever as the human rights of the majority will be ignored. Darrel
Another nail in NZ’s coffin of democracy if this is introduced Lawrie
I think it is serious because the bulk of the population are blissfully unaware of what is going on and if they do, think that St Jacinda knows what she is doing. Judy
God help us! Faye
The majority should rule. One person one vote claire
This will turn New Zealand into the biggest third world shithole in the Pacific. Maori did not initially build the cities, or set up the great farming communities. They must be stopped. Murray
It is self evident. The tail wagging the dog! Harvey
Absolutely Anthony
Time for this Labour government to GO (Vote of No Confidence). Carl
Another example of this democratically elected communistic’s government’s totally misguided attempts at running this country Shaun
A pity Muriel that you did not have an ‘Existential Threat’ option. Having read He Puapua it seems that NZ is to be divided up along tribal lines where the writ of National Law will not run, or will be subsumed into tribal law. How this will affect Maori inside and outside their Iwi areas, not to mention the huge impact it will have on non-Maori is not spelt out in He Puapua but I suggest that the implications for either are not good unless you are in either the Labour elite or Rangatiratunga. Brenton
Say goodbye to democracy if tribal co governance is allowed, welcome back to the stone age Merv
New Zealanders need to proactively back a colour-blind future Di
The threat to our democracy and to our society and freedom of speech and a just and fair rule of Government. Maori co Government and Partnership to Tribal rule would destroy our Country. Don
It is a huge threat , especially in view of the secret document He Paupau. David
The two are totally incompatible! gary
it has to stop zelda
There can be no democracy under tribal co governances, where 50% control is held by 16% of the population. The imbalance of power is effectively a voting power of 3 votes to 1 vote, that is an affront to freedom and rights in a free world. My children and grandchildren have to live with what we decide over this issue and many others, my family have got past all this being a multi ethnic and well balanced unit now held to ransom by greedy radicals Alex
It won’t be co-governance by the time they finish it will be Maori communistic rule Rita
Changes by stealth are always dangerous. The sum of the parts create a huge total change for NZ. Ian
To repair the immense damage done already to democracy in NEW ZEALAND, we need a resolute and outspoken opposition. I am afraid that we do not have that anymore. I suspect that , even if it comes to a change of Government after the next election, National and Act have been tainted already and are only to happy to keep the status quo and feather their nests. Time will tell but we are looking forward to very difficult times indeed. Besides , look at what happened in the US , elections have been rigged shamelessly and why would this Ardern junta not want to do the same. They are sitting on all the means to do so and, being of a highly unethical and immoral mindset anyway, they will not hesitate to cling to power by any means. Michael
Nothing will get done as NZ rapidly slips back into tribal infighting and endless talking. The word “Race” should be expunged from any and all legislation. The treaty should be withdrawn from from influencing our lives and deemed an historic but outdated document. Darryl 
This country is heading towards apartheid a flavour of which differs from the South African “variety” by discrimination against non “indigenous” New Zealanders. David 
I don’t trust the racist Maori supremists to do the right thing for NZ and they can’t be voted out. -End of democracy Casey
Tribal is tribal only ! In no way will ‘co-governance’ be seen. Tribalism never works, we need only look at Afghanistan Penina
It is no longer a democracy when one minority racial group representing about 17% of the population gets a 50% share of power. Derek
Never have we been in more danger of compulsory apartheid being inflicted on the country.Clearly Maoris are not indigenous and the treaty process should never had been started.Maoris colonised NZ just as we who followed did the same. Peter
Take Nga Puhi as an example, one tribe many voices, millions waiting for them, AND NO DECISIONS. HEAVEN HELP NEW ZEALAND! DICK
To bring about awareness we need to get the publics attention. Large protests are not possible now, but lots of small ones are. Yet no one seems to want to organise them. Paul
Ardern is a socialist dictator and doesn’t care what happens to NZ. In fact she wants to take us down to third world status. Maoris are not indidgenous, by their own admission they paddled here from somewhere else? via Antarctic evidently!!!!!!! Lesley
Really we Kiwis should be boycotting any/all companies that promote maori over European interests . Stuff is one of the worst, Please stop supporting this blatantly pro maori crap .I have unsubscibed any e-mails that use maori greeting terms .Let our voices hit them where it hurts ,in the pocket. .Lets begin the fightback against this divisive bunch of arrogant idiots . Ray
Already gone too far, and will be difficult for even a strong Govt. to turn around Graham
Apartheid in the making! Graham
What happened to WE ARE ONE! One Nation of multi-cultural people with one and the same LAW for ALL NO RACIAL TAX PREFERENCES Douglas
The majority of New Zealanders still have no knowledge and no grasp of the democracy rug being pulled from under their feet and if they do, are too frightened of being ‘cancelled’ to be seen to ‘step out of line’. Ron
As the NZ population is made up from many different ethnicities no one ethnicity should be given preferential treatment or authority. Barrington
Tribal co-governance = apartheid. Apartheid was stupid in Southern Africa and will be equally as stupid in New Zealand. Phil
The idiots are slowly taking what used to be a prosperous western democracy back to the stone age – give me strength!! Roy
A very serious threat that needs urgent attention Linley
We are supposed to be a democratic society/country. Democracy and fairness are embedded in our DNA. Already the adoption of Maori names taking precedence in our public services is creating anger and disillusion. Just the beginning of apartheid and the end of democracy in our once beautiful country. I have Maori blood. Don
Just look at the chaos in Afghanistan and you will see what Tribal governance will do to Democracy David
If implemented , NZ would be no more of a democracy than is China or Cuba with only bogus ” elections” . Our next election may be our last genuine one . Ken
A dangerous path we are going down I do not like the look of New Zealands future Kerry
What is going on in government shortly most of the things that are happening are illegal or has the law been changed Why are the opposition sitting on there hands It’s way passed time the population of New Zealand rose up Peter
The beautiful New Zealand I knew as a child has gone thanks to political activists (on both sides) and greedy Wii. Maori seats need to be outlawed and Maori activists need to talk about all New Zealanders not just “our people co Kay
This is a non negotiable in any democracy. It is time to remove race based politics. Murray
Arden is dangerous and treacherous, they have no mandate to be doing what they are! Tony
nZ way of life will be changed forever thanks to the brainwashing being inflicted now by our inept govt. Sidwell
Only Maori can go fishing and white baiting at level 4 this country in serious trouble Maori have to much say now Jimmy
Scary stuff Lindsey
The way they run their own life’s is a indicator of the reasons they shouldn’t run ours. John
Any Tribal behaviour is divisive by definition, Afghanistan is a good example. only those very mentally challenged could think otherwise. gale
This is NOT democracy. Brian
It makes a complete mockery of our Democracy, especially as large numbers of tribal representatives will not be elected by the public. John
It became serious when by emergency legislation councils lost the right to hold referendums on Maori wards,.. then the He Puapua document was revealed and an agenda was revealed…and people still do not see the deceit! Pamela
All New Zealanders are equal, but some are more equal than others Philip
An absolutely enormous threat Laurel
The people put this government in the question is will the people remove them along with all their dead end ideas. Sven
WE the people of NEW ZEALAND have had a guts full of all this Maori BULL SHIT and it needs to STOP, if Maori can not learn to live along side all other ethnic groups then its about time THEY pack up and ship out so that rest of us can just move on and live in harmony as they are only about 15% of the population so why should 15% of the people be wagging the tail at the rest of us telling us what we can and can’t do.Its time to stop it and time to stop now. COLIN
Very serious indeed Ray
Because of tribalism Warren
Tribalism is destructive- fact. Majority of Maori (never mind the rest) would be wayworse off. “A nation divided is a nation that falls” – Winston Churchill. John
This is becoming more of a threat as each day passes and will continue to get worse unless it can be stopped ,people need to wake up to what is happening in this country. Digby
I know heaps of people who are know disgusted with race base rights and policy. But no one says or do any thing in public. everyone is afraid of being called the R word. The media has a great role on this. Who is going to bite the hand that feeds? Look what happens in other countries, where the government fund (i.e. control) the media? Once I had a staff member who used to live in East Germany before the wall came down. She said all she saw on TV was propaganda of how poor America society was, everyone were starving, no one had a home and people lived in the streets. Crime was horrendous. Not saying that this does not happens in America, but this is only a part of what America is. I can quote many other countries where media is supported directly by government. Luciane
It is potentially the last straw in breaking NZ into two. Andrew
Clear and present threat to our democracy. To be honest it could be classified as treasonous against our sovereign state. Bryce
If they get the power, then NZ will end like any other country run by Tribal groups.Third World. Tony
Muriel says it all Wah
Bring back Winston and NZFirst. One law fore all. Huria
we are supposed to be ONE nation – if tribal control is achieved non maori will become SLAVES Les W
I base this on my observations of many other countries currently ruled by tyranny of one sort or another, and for how many years. Karen
Our democracy is under severe threat by this Labour Govt installing He Pua Pua policies. Main stream New Zealanders must be informed and encouraged to push back against these separatist moves. Kevin 
There should never be any consideration of so called co-governance of New Zealand. ALL New Zealanders need to stand up and tell our so called government to start running our country for everyone instead of a minority. This column needs to help us do this by any suggestions they can offer. William
It is a massive threat to democracy in nz and the tentacles of such have been woven very deeply into nz society like a cancer, so deeply in fact I fear the cancer might be inoperable without killing the patient however we must try and try very hard to arrest the growth before it’s to late Flip
If tribal rule was enforced on NewZealanders What democracy we have left under this Government would completely disappear, There would be no fair judicial system, as we have already witnessed, those of Maori descent would not have to pay for crimes committed. Why should 15% of thee population rule the remaining 85%. New Zealand as we knew it prior to this current Government would never ever be the same under tribal rule. Also as already witnessed it would be jobs for the boys whether they were the right person for the job at hand, Nepotism would well and truly be alive. Land once owned by individuals non Maori would be not be allowed to be handed down as currently is Maori would take it.There is plenty more, suffice to say tribal rule would be an absolute disaster for non Maori Gwenda
Its what is known as Apartheid. We don’t need further division. amongst our people. Kevin
It will cause greater division in our great country Joanne
I say again that this government is not interested in democracy only it’s marxist agenda Tony
100% Tony
Its a huge danger to NZ way of life being introduced by stealth by Ardern – she needs to go before NZ is irreparably damaged Tony
New Zealand will become a Socialist, neo Communist state with most of the population unaware of what is happening if we allow the current government to continue to hold power. Alison
God help our once great country if maori get co governance. How could anyone in their right mind think that could work. We need to get race out of our system. We need to get rid of this useless government. Peter
NZ is heading down a scary path. It gets worse by the day. As always ,well written articles , Muriel! Laurie
The only way forward is, and especially for Maori, is a one people policy, under God though a democratically elected government, by the people FOR the people. maurice
The Crown is NOT a Treaty partner with Maori. IT is constitutionally impossible Arthur
Democracy started to disappear when cindy,the loopy greens,and the pollywogs all got into parliament the first time and was only held on by its toes by Winston untill he got thrown out. but when cindy won again democracy has now dissapeared completely due to her being the top dictator, but controlled by mahuta her brown nosing dictator and her tribe then their dangerous australian half wit mate’s mob and history shows that the pollywog tribes never got on so how on earth can a so called intelligent group called MP’s even think they can trust a bunch of misfit tribes/gangs ever honor the word democracy. Richard
We have already started He Puapua’s implementation with the removal of the ratepayer’s binding referendum, the implementation of the maori Health Authority and now the proposed “Three Waters” scheme. He Puapua legitimises the lie of a partnership between maori and the Crown and their claim for co-governance. Some much for the 1840 slogan “we are one people” and the 2019 (and continuing) slogan “the Team of 5 million” . The threat of a tribal led co-governance based upon a 50/50 share outdoes nothing to unite our Nation but rather it splits the Nation. (Look to Afghanistan for an example of a tribal governed nation). Michael
nip it in the bud before too late lauiie
The whole lot should be sacked. peter
It’s a constitutional impossibility and therefore an end to democracy in NZ. Margaret
Absolute anarchy on way to a communist Zimbabwe chaotic state. Civil unrest is on the horizon… near horizon Thomas
A giant leap backwards. Tribalism is a disaster waiting for NZ. This will ultimately lead to massive civil unrest when the implications bite and the populace wake up. Willy
frightening Moyra
I am really frightened for the future of our country under the leadership of J. Adern David
Tribalism and democracy are totally incompatible. It’s very evident that the Maori Labour MPs are running the caucus, and are getting what they want – a separatist Maori agenda. 40 years ago New Zealanders protested about apartheid in South Africa. Now we’re fast heading in the same direction. The sooner this government is thrown out the better for all of us New Zealanders. Laurence
A major threat and all New Zealanders must act now to prevent this happening. Jenny
Maori are not indigenous. They migrated here the same as the rest of us. therefore, they should not be treated any different than anybody else, should not be given control over anything. Andrew
it is a a fundamental threat !!! ( nothing else needs to be said !!) david
Adern appears to be a political Trogan Horse, masquerading as a sensitive political being, working for the betterment of all New Zealanders. Pete
Jacinda is the worst NZ prime minister in living memory Ken
One man, one vote. No preferences be it race or religion. Maori seats to be abolished along with unelected Maori representation of local authority committees. The provision of cash donations from councils to local maraes when formally meeting to cease forthwith. David
We should not have co-governance we have one government voted in democratically and that is it! Lynne
Read the writing on the wall Garth
A foot in the door, is a wide open door for more!!! Raewyn
We should all be one ted
Time it was STOPPED Gill
All New Zealanders should be aware that Adern’s policies are racially based.This will result in a reverse apartheid. Ian
Very concerned about the Huge Maori Take Over of New Zealand. The re- Writing of New Zealand history and unelected representatives taking back the country and instilling Maori culture while ignoring the contributions of other cultures that have molded the New Zealand I grew up in. The Arden Government has a lot to explain, I am and always have been a Labour supporter but I cannot vote for a party who has been so deceitful, I am really upset about their Agenda and as such will not vote for them, I am not alone in my stance. Colleen
Apartheid in action and prompted by komrade Ardern without any democratic mandate to do so Rob
New Zealand appreciates good people from a wide variety of ethnicities who have become Kiwis; not Aotearoans. Ian
Professor Rata warned of the dangers of tribalism taking over NZ years ago. Its past time to get rid of MMP, the most undemocratic way of electing a govt having party hacks appointed to list seats Allan
NZ has got huge problems ahead with this Govt giving control to maori who are only 4 % of the population ,the other 12 % being more other nationaltys than maori we have got major problems , wake up NZers graeme
The gravy train needs to be very quickly derailed It has run its course Phil
Democracy is all inclusive i.e. government by the people for the people. What is currently unravelling is government by a minority for the benefit of that minority. It is unlawful in this country and completely unacceptable. The arrogance of our current government is beyond belief and is tearing our country apart. II fear that if it continues it will lead to civil unrest, something I could never have envisaged previously. Shame on those that support these proposals. chris
I watch with alarm the clarifying of the preschool my great grandson attends . I have told the staff there of my feelings on this indoctrination of under fives. Jill
Totally against what democracy stands for – it must be stopped. Clive
Iwis & Tribes are not democratic bodies with elected representatives and therefore cannot take part in any co governance without threatening N Z Democracy. John
You guys are doing a great job. This is the biggest threat we face John
With this Socialist Government rapidly handing over control to Maori they are in fact ceding sovereignty that the Maori ceded 6 February 1841. This surely is undermining the Monarchy and Democracy therefore must damned near be an act of treason. Since opposition parties are pretty much toothless at this stage someone with a bit of influence should approach the Governor General with a petition to invoke The Reserve Powers and dismiss the Prime Minister as this is an extreme situation. I see down the track this country becoming another Zimbabwe or even an Afghanistan if somebody doesn’t get a grip. Terrt
We will end up like Afghanistan,; numerous village tribal elders wanting to control the immediate area around their fiefdom Bob
We are south Africa 20 years ago Unbelievable that the parliament of the people is being used as a weapon against us. hugh
It is a 100% a threat. They would be the same as the Labour Government. They would rule by degree and behind closed doors. Democracy is dead in this Socialist led country. The country is STUFFED. Bruce
Colour blind must be the only way forward. Racial discrimination is illegal and abhorent in all respects Bian
It will lead to a divided country along racial lines: those of part maori ancestry vs the rest Warren
Racism is taking precedence in this country Ihaia
Erode free speech. Pay newspapers to push any agenda is quite out of order. Tim
Democracy is so important and not bases on racist opinions Norm
No democracy ! Andrew
MORE MOARI RACISM! Never mind, because as soon as they assume MOARI SOVEREIGNTY they are in breach of the contract they rely so heavily on (The titty-ritty o why-tangy) and, as soon as they do, we can properly finish the job the British started. WooHoo! Bring it on… Mark
Wake up, citizens, to what is going on behind closed doors. Expand your reading beyond the NZ Herald, listen to radio stations which expose the truth, heed what the National Party and ACT Party are going to lengths to inform us about, and stand up for our democratic rights! This country is being hood-winked by the smiling assassin. Claire
We are bleating our objections to this devastating threat, and the public only hears the constant loud, funded roars of the Racist Government and their co-conspirators. We need much more public debate about the dangers posed by this awful uncontrolled government. What has happened to Democracy? Patrick
Proper maori tikanga involves slavery and canabalism. It is a history imbedded with murder, theft and rape. Is this what we want in co governance? The mongrel mob have more in common with the labour party than just a red shirt. Mark
I thought when I settled here, there would be no racism. I feel that this partnership is a farce and a ruse to transfer hard earned wealth to a sector unconstitutionally. Dale
It would be on the same threat level as being governed by the Chinese Communist Party! Totalitarianism is the same regardless of the guise that it comes in. We have been feeding this tribal cuckoo for far too long – this bloated monstrosity has expanded to the point, where the other inhabitants in the nest are in danger of being forced over the side, into oblivion. Jacinda Ardern is as much a danger to this country as Joe Biden is to the US – she needs to go at the earliest possible opportunity! Scott
with the aid of veto tribal maori will have total control of new zealand murray
With tribal co-governance there is no democracy Linda
really concerned because its going to be very hard to reverse some of the programs once instigated anthony
Surely in a multi cultural country which we are we cannot allow one small percentage to dictate law of their particular culture Chris
We are one nation made up of many peoples! John
This is the worst move yet from this non-democratic communist Labour Government. Mike
No one group should have control over the majority need say no to the three waters power grab Paul
Extreme threat. Without out exception a government prepared to commit to a colourblind society and remove race from legislation, within the first 100 days post election cannot be over stated. National Must commit publicly Now that they are committed to removing race from our laws, it is the only way for a NZ society to become a society of equals.The longer society marinates in this racial sewage the bigger the stink that may be impossible to ever clean-up. And yes it does matter that our country is called New Zealand. Sam
Democracy is be severely eroded by this Government. Their actions are bordering on treason. Gary
It has taken us 800 years to move away from what was effectively a tribal system were the leader (in our case a king) had supreme authority. Now we are in great danger of losing all of that developed democracy and going back to a system this potential brutal and totally undemocratic and unelected. Why are we allowing this?? Time to fight back. Roger
This has to be stopped Roy
Racist communist scum Greg
Like Nazi Germany in the 1930s a slow process by government to divide its citizens. Warren
He Puapua and any other such Maori proposals should be totally discarded by our gutless left wing Government. Tribalism which is ancient and an out of date means of Governing should also be totally rejected. What worse is that under Colonisation Maoris and all of us have never had it so good. Any personal problems with it are just that and it’s up to individuals to make the best by what’s in front of them instead of trying to change what works based on human failure, self pity and chips on shoulders. Alan
I think its been adequately covered in Dr. Muriel Newman’s covering article’ I fully support all that has been said Colin
It’s a disgrace what is happening and all New Zealanders need to wake up before it’s too late Beau
There is no democracy in appointing people to positions of decision making, when the rest of the members of the board have to be elected Peter
I am appalled at the way in which this Government is applying itself to the agendas highlighted in this report. It is sickening right to the depths of my soul. I detest the word pakeha as it does not denote a race. Would far prefer Caucasian, if an alternative is needed at all. Man this evil government and all it stands for, sycophantic b…….! Martyn
What are these Labour idiots – especially the major idiot Ardern thinking? The sooner they go the better! david
Extremely concerning & causing division. Liz
Howard Cross Howard
The evidence is already in front of us. Frank
it will totally undermine the meaning of being a democratic government and will cause anger and much division Brenda
It is getting more threatening each Week as more info leeks come out of the secret Agenda Leo
MMP is a very bad system of Governance It puts the power too much in the hands of the Parties and removes the people from the decision making. What we need here in New Zealand is a review (and hopefully replacement) of our voting system. Presently there is far too much power in the hands of Party Machine and not enough in the hands of the people. Yes we do need strong Governments but the people must have the ultimate say. I would promote 75% of the seats being electorate and voted o the Aussie system to get a clear majority and 25% being Party seats to ensure minor party representation in the House. Also a four year term BUT WITH A RECALL OPTION TO STOP ROGUE GOVERNMENTS AS WE APPEAR TO HAVE NOW Parliament must be the supreme authority but having to satisfy the people who need to retain the ultimate say Government of the people by the people ROBIN
This is a continuing part of this “Govt’s” obvious campaign to totally change our society by initially destabilising our orderly set-up. This will be disastrous for all sections of our community. Edgar W.
If something doesn’t change soon there will be a revolution chris
Absolutely without doubt Brian
Our democracy is seriously at risk. We have no political party to represent us. Where are the judiciary speaking up except of course Anthony Willy. Thank – you Anthony, I wish there were more like you in New Zealand at this time. Janine
Devision never works Colin
Muriel, everyone should read the book just released by John Robinson called He Pua Pua, The Breaking up of NZ John
I think the general Labour MPs are too dumb to see the issues Malcolm
This He Pua Pua agenda is creating Apartheid in NEW ZEALAND and will ultimately descend into total Social Kaos, where there are NO winners. This Prime Minster will go down in History as the worst one ever for all her extreme Agendas she had going, which were against the majority of New Zealanders and her GROSS mishandling of the our Country’s Finances. Good riddance !! Geoff
14% of the population should never have control or veto rights over 96% of populace Ken
We should live under one democratically elected government with race, creed or religious beliefs not taken given a higher rating. It should be who the people in the electorate feel represent their interests and the countries interest as a whole who win the vote. We are in danger of giving away our democratic freedom of one nation who pull together as one voice, who speak a common language that all understand both here and across the world. We are not a tribe we are a nation made up of individuals whose voices are all equal not based on past religious, race or belief systems but a democracy where everyone has the exact same rights. Lynne 
I will keep saying this that there are no full blooded Maori left in New Zealand so why is this happening? Maori are completely immersed in European culture now!!!.They do not still live like they were in 1350AD Les
FEAR is what Jacinda is promoting. So it helps make people do what SHE wants. Watch her control the media, radio and other public announcements. STOP her nonsense. RICHard
Ardern’s Secret Agendas are rapidly being exposed after being SO deceitful and secretive during the last elections, especially to her previous political partners in coalition, Winston Peters would surely have NOT been supportive of these major democratic fundamental changes deliberately being sneaked in and slowly being implemented without any public mandate as would normally be in a Democratic country. There are serious issues that need to be addressed if NZ is to continue to be a Democracy as Comrade Ardern defiantly barges on trying to change afr too much far too quickly, she has to be STOPPED NOW, not in October 2023…!!! Bruza
immediately priority is granted to any single group, be it race, religion, ethnicity or any other description, then there is no democracy left. This IS very serious! Nick
What needs to be understood is going on in back ground is comrade Stalinda the Kind has the same agenda as Helen Clark belatedly had – to lead the UN. What other justification for this behavior meets any logical analysis and being the ‘First and Best’ in entrenching aspects of he pauapua and the Declaration of the RIght’s of ‘Indigenous’ People on her CV – what a coup. Shes on her way. Dick
This is the most serious tragedy about to unleash a ‘virtual civil war’ between s citizens that up to recently has been an integrated society. It is dangerous because it is an urban academic Maori activist voice, using false yet compelling rhetoric on an unsuspecting uneducated naive vulnerable youth – slowly but surely! Unless there is a concerted and equally academic research with counterfactual, irrefutable and probative evidence produced, then we are going to remain vulnerable, as an entire nation, to a path and destiny that will destroy 200 years of progress. the situation will ‘end in tears’ if not ‘clipped in the bud’ urgently! Dennis
We are a divided country, Adhern and her ilk are destroying New Zealand as we know and want it. Steve
If the “third pillar” of democratic government is the Judiciary, why the hell aren’t we using it to challenge the level of influence that Ardern has given the Maori over our so-called democracy? Steve
This is turning NZ’er against NZ’er. What amazes me is that all Maori now have a mix of Pakeha blood and most have European surnames, so whats the difference. We are all New Zealanders. Steve
It is running roughshod over the whole concept of democracy that is the main distinctive of western civilization. Ken
It is HUGE! It undermines the social structure, and good culture we have had in NZ for decades. It is creating racial division, and that leads to anger, bitterness and then hatred! Hugh
democracy is totally lost when a minority can dictate and control the majority john
If all had an equal vote in how NZ should be governed, would a tribal based co-governance system be the winner. I believe that even “first past the post” would beat it out by miles. I also suspect that most Maori would not vote for any race based co-governance in a secret ballot. Ian
We are all New Zealander’s regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, etc. One people and one law for all. Gavin
Muriel has explained it. June
More of the same Bev
Scarily huge! Jeanette
VERY SERIOUS – because they want total control and ownership of everything. The best they should be wanting and hoping for is equality as citizens of NEW ZEALAND – part of the British Commonwealth of Nations with Queen Elizabeth as our Sovereign. Their claims and schemes are illegal and based on the lie they are the indigenous people of this nation. Cmm
Tribal co governance is apartheid Democracy is predicated on one person one vote but this fundamental aspect of democracy is being ignored.are we a land owning democracy or dictatorship? Geoff
Where are Minto and friends now? Murray
In no way should any group gain dominance or excerpt control over society aside via our democratic (and especially under MMP) system of representation. Any other form of viewpoint is one of racial segregation and pandering to a group for benefit – considered as corruption. Alex
Wake up and take action New Zealand ! Pete
Co-governance with a minority tribal elite is the absolute antithesis of democracy…..absolutely NO!! Tony
The problem needs to have greater exposure so all the population become aware. Only then will there be a graet clamour about where things are headed. But how to do this sufficiently? Peter
We need to push back now before it is too late. John
100% threat to NZ democracy. Coral
One people one nation one democratic government with people who get fairly elected by people choice regardless of race Angela
Climate change” pales into non- existence compared with a tribal co-governance showing up in democratic New Zealand ! Chris
sneaky leader a.! john t
Apart from divide & conquer, could someone please explain to me, why a MIXED RACE MINORITY should take any part in representing Maori, who have moved from a stone age tribal culture, to be given the chance to partake in a civilised society. UH _ OH, the penny just dropped. This current government wants to take us ALL, back to a, primitive, stone age society. That is why veganism is being promoted. So we don’t start eating each other, as was the case. A.G.R.
secretive government actions with maori. Phillip
Just look at Afghanistan, a country dominated by tribalism. No need for name change to Aotearoa, we can simply jump to ‘Adernistan’. Iwi are already squabbling over the lolly scramble of ‘rightful claims’ and we’ll be back to the Musket Wars before you know it. Tony
we must stop this now Rex
How can Ardern and her monkeys not see the damage that they are causing to New Zealand, and the division that is getting worse by the minute between Maori and non Maori. Tribal co-governance … what a joke! There will be no Democracy, in fact its already becoming a distant memory. Des
I would support a peoples revolution to absolutely ensure that non of this disgraceful crap takes place, in our country that we’ve built and fought hard for over the last 180 years by a 40 year old cretin with no knowledge of how difficult its been for a lot of patriotic kiwis we will never accept her vision ,,hone tony
How can this be STOPPED Heather
The present course to implement the He Puapua agenda, will guarantee Democracy breakdown in New Zealand, Civil unrest, Apathy, and chaos. New Zealand as we knew it will evolve into the Afghanistan of the Pacific. Take a close look at how South Africa is today, think about it ! We need to stop this in its tracks….NOW Bryan
Under tribalism , there is no democracy . Australia will bear the brunt of Kiwis dissatisfaction by emigrating there . Pete
Unbelievable animal farm Evan
So far we are at the bottom of the OECD countries in many areas. If this maorification continues we will finish at the bottom of the third world list of failed nations. Ron
There will be civil war if tribal co-governance is allowed. Carl
Absolute disaster. Where is the opposition voice to warn the nation of New Zealand of the perils of this move (backwards)? David
A big threat, it is scary. Kim
This is undermining our democracy, and dividing NZ It needs to stop Gordon GORDON
A lie repeated over and over will soon be accepted as truth. We are being brainwashed by the Ardern Govt. Time to go Jacinda! Robert
This is the biggest threat to our democracy that I have seen in my lifetime. However the current action by the PM to unilaterally suspend Parliament is right up there, too. Rod
All reference to race and ‘partnership with indigenous people” needs to be wiped from NZ Law. There is no partnership and Maori are not indigenous. Most are not even half Maori. Robbie
When 86% of the population are deprived of their democratic rights and have no legal means of changing that, then the only solution left is civil war. Peter
There is a plot afoot to empower a minority against the wishes and needs of the vast majority It is time to stop this. John
na clive
It’s racist! It is not democratic. cat
This must be stopped. 1 rule for everyone, and that includes Maori. Maori are not the only “race” in NZ Kevin
The rights to be a Maori should require 50% DNA. This would eliminate the greedy ferals pretending to be Maori and causing all the problems for real Maoris. Chris
Tribal elite will get rich from this, everyone else will pay dearly. Mark
If these legislative processes are enacted we will end up like south africa and zimbabwe. Terry
it must not be allowed to happen. It will be the negative downfall of our society jenny
Simply frightening. Robbie
Equal rights for all NZ people is the only way for Democracy. Neil
The result = White Slavery and higher taxes for White owned businesses. Possible race war. David
Absolutely the most threatening issue facing New Zealand at the moment. COVID is but a blip in history compared to the separatist trend if allowed to run to its natural conclusion . David
100% Threat Richard
Unlike other democracies in the world, the NZ Judiciary is not independant, but controlled by the Government. Tribal co-governance would then also have control over the legal system. Pierre
One nation. One people. Serious tragedy if this happens John
Co – governance ends democracy. David
Totalitarian tribal control is a huge threat to democracy. The sooner we have a government prepared to commit to a colourblind society and remove race from the legislation, the sooner NZ can become a society of equals. Charles
What’s going on in NZ right now is appalling. On election night Jacinda Ardern promised to govern for all New Zealanders. What a joke! Andrew
This is a very serious threat to democracy. But is any government prepared to do anything about it. Murray
What a dreadful disappointment this government has turned out to be. They are completely captured by their radical Maori Caucus. What worse is the concern that these politicians are acting in self-interest as the riches from He Puapua will be considerable and will flow to tribal leaders. The whole thing needs to be stopped NOW! Dianna
Tribalism is totalitarianism. No-one in their right mind would inflict it onto a democratic society. Paul