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False Narratives

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Thomas Sowell, the renowned American author, economist, and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, could have been describing New Zealand when he wrote, “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination”.

While he was Education Minister, our new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was responsible for a radical overhaul of the education system to “honour” the Treaty of Waitangi. Introducing New Zealand History into the school curriculum was a key initiative. As the only compulsory subject, Chris Hipkins obviously considers it more important than English, Maths or Science.

What we now know is that the compulsory lessons present doctored accounts of New Zealand history, designed to advance the cause of radical separatists who are attempting to take control of the country’s resources and governance. For the tribal elite driving this coup, indoctrinating children with their false narratives is a key part of their takeover strategy. 

With the new history curriculum being introduced this year, a number of primary schools are already showing their students a taxpayer-funded propaganda video, the Hahana Kids’ “The BIG Problem with the Treaty of Waitangi” by Blackout Media.

Presented by children, the narrative explains there are two versions of the Treaty – the English version and its Maori translation: “In the Maori version we were promised sovereignty of our lands, our people and culture, basically meaning that we would be in charge of everything that’s important to our people and our country. This is the version that our Maori chiefs signed and agreed to. But in the English version it said that the British people would have sovereignty meaning that they would be in charge of everything. And this began many wars because Maori people were promised something but that’s not what the British did – they stole our land, killed a lot of our people, they even banned our language from schools, our medicines, our practices and tried to break our spirit.”

In his 1922 booklet explaining the Maori version of the Treaty, the great Maori leader Sir Apirana Ngata outlines its true meaning: “These are the words of the first article of the Treaty of Waitangi. ‘The Chiefs assembled including Chiefs not present at the assembly hereby cede absolutely to the Queen of England for ever the government of all of their lands.’ These are but a few words but they indicate a complete cession. This was the transfer by the Maori Chiefs to the Queen of England for ever of the Government of all their lands. During the time when the Maori chiefs had authority and there was no authority of British law, the word of the chief was law to his tribe… These were the powers they surrendered to the Queen. This was the understanding of each tribe. The main purport was the transferring of the authority of the Maori chiefs for making laws for their respective tribes and sub tribes under the Treaty of Waitangi to the Queen of England for ever.”

The comparison between the original meaning of the Treaty, as described by Sir Apirana Ngata in the days before activists began reinterpreting it, and what is now being taught to our children, is stark. It represents a shocking indictment of Chris Hipkins for allowing blatant Treaty propaganda and lies to be taught to our children.

This development highlights the crucial importance of our project to print and distribute Sir Apirana Ngata’s Treaty booklet to as many New Zealand households as possible. Furthermore, to counter the distorted and dangerous version of the Treaty that is now being taught to our children, we will send copies to every school and early childhood centre in the country, as well as every library. If you would like to support our Treaty Book Project, please click HERE.

In his book, Sir Apirana Ngata describes the state of the country at the time the Treaty was signed. “The Treaty found us in the throes of cannibalism… These were lawless times… illiterate days… The Maori did not have authority or a government which could make laws to govern the whole of the Maori Race”.

Because there was no Maori ‘government’ to sign the Treaty of Waitangi on behalf of all Maori, the document was never recognised at international law as a “treaty” in the full legal sense – as former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy explains: “Calling the compact entered into in 1840 a ‘Treaty’ is a courtesy title only and not something recognised at international law. This for the simple reason that to qualify as a ‘Treaty’ it must arise from agreements made between sovereign states. There was in fact no sovereign ruler in New Zealand in 1840 but merely a collection of tribal families.”

These views were echoed by New Zealand’s former Chief Justice Sir James Prendergast in 1877, when he explained, “The title of the Crown to the territory of New Zealand was acquired by discovery and priority of occupation… The Treaty of Waitangi, so far as it purported to cede the sovereignty of these islands, was a nullity.”

Anthony Willy also notes that the Treaty of Waitangi expired long ago: “Like all such documents it has a natural life span which expires when the circumstances become so changed by the passage of time and events make it irrelevant. It would have been no different if the document were a legally recognised treaty. International Law in relation to treaties is clear and summed up in the well understood principle rebus sic stantibus (‘as things now stand’). History is littered with examples of expired treaties as a result of changed circumstances. For example, nobody in their right mind would think that the promises made in the Treaty of Versailles following the defeat of Germany in the first world war any longer govern the European territorial claims of the French, the Germans and the British. So it is with the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’.”

Even though the Treaty of Waitangi was never a true treaty and has expired, it has nevertheless been re-interpreted by tribal leaders as a partnership between Maori and the Crown, to justify their attempted take-over of our country.

Their aim is to establish a ruling aristocracy of tribal elite, relegating all other New Zealanders to second class status. Even though it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership to exist between the sovereign and the governed, under Jacinda Ardern and now Chris Hipkins, Labour is colluding with iwi leaders to use this ‘lie’ to impose a divisive race-based tribal apartheid regime onto New Zealand.

It is with deep concern that we now look towards the 2023 election, where Labour is attempting to secure a third term in government. To succeed they will need the support of partners – the fanatical Green Party and the racist Maori Party. Any combination of these parties would create the most extreme coalition government in New Zealand’s history.

It is arguable that the radicalism of the Maori Party already exists within Labour through Nanaia Mahuta and Willie Jackson in particular, who lead a powerful Maori Caucus that exerts considerable influence within the Party.

Their plan for Maori governance was evident in the He Puapua report which was developed in 2019 as a blueprint for tribal rule by 2040. While He Puapua was kept secret from the public and from their coalition partner New Zealand First prior to the 2020 election, it was implemented at pace once Labour gained the right to govern alone.  

As a result, the New Zealand we live in today is radically different to what we knew it to be just a few years ago. Many New Zealanders are treated like overstayers and no longer feel they belong to our country. We are told that equity requires the domination of the Maori culture, and the subservience of all others. Those who dare question that logic are labelled racists and ostracised.

New Zealand is now a deeply divided society, levered apart by Orwellian doublespeak where ‘equity’ means superiority and ‘fairness’ means preferential treatment.

And let’s not be so naïve as to think that the driving motivation is anything other than self-interest by a relatively small elite with mixed ancestry, who prosper by propagating racial privilege.

These sentiments reflect the concerns raised by research scientist and author Dr John Robinson in his NZCPR Guest Commentary, “Our choice for the future: Equality or tribal rule” – a narrative written out of his love for our country and a profound concern over where Labour’s apartheid policies are taking us:

“Sadly, New Zealand is racist.  A belief in race is recognised in law; whenever information is collected this includes race; the two identified racial groups are treated separately, with vastly different rights.  The last few years have seen a considerable increase in special powers to the Maori minority, as an apartheid system is being constructed…

“A language that the great majority do not understand is being spoken on radio and television, written in the media and in government documents. A tribal culture has been introduced into law without consideration by parliament or the people. The name of the country is being changed, without the consent of the people…

“What is being taken from us – the sense of that each of us belongs in our country, on our lands and seas – is precious, yet elected governments, local and national, allow that theft to happen.” 

Dr Robinson warns ‘our country’ is being dismantled before our eyes: “Sovereignty is denied the nation and claimed for tribal units, as is loyalty and feelings of fellowship. A fragmented society is being constructed, destroying democracy and re-introducing the conditions for inequality and conflict. It is as if the government is itself initiating civil war, by setting down the conditions for tribal conflict, among Maori tribes and against the remainder of New Zealanders, in a repeat of the many nineteenth century wars.

“What the future will bring if we continue down the path of separation toward tribal dominance is described in the He Puapua report, buttressed by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with its insistence that ‘indigenous’ people must hold effective sovereignty over all lands that their forefathers once held.

“Full accomplishment of the project is nothing less than the takeover of the country, a rebellion against our one universal government, following the pattern of previous calls for tribal control.  Actions once recognised as treason are now assisted by a compliant government in a dwindling, and soon to disappear, democracy.”

This is just a taste of Dr Robinson’s comprehensive analysis of the dangerous state of play that now exists in New Zealand. Doing nothing will see us become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. But the radicals are still a minority and they can be brought to heel if the majority have the fortitude to stand up against their tyranny.

As free citizens, we have a choice.

If Labour is re-elected for a third term, in coalition with the Greens and or the Maori Party, they will escalate their drive for totalitarian tribal control of New Zealand.

Or we can opt for equality and democracy.

To achieve that, all references to the Treaty will need to be taken out of legislation, along with all references to race. Doing so reflects two important facts: the Treaty has expired and is no longer relevant, and, as far as ‘race’ is concerned, there is only one race, the human race!

In reality, this would mean removing all He Puapua policies and practices from legislation and regulation – including from our schools – along with eliminating all questions of race from official records, including the Census.

These changes would set New Zealanders free to go forward as one people under one law and one flag – unified in our love of our country!

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*Would you like to see political parties promising to remove the Treaty and race from our Statute books as part of their election manifesto?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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This is essential if racism is to be erradicated from our society. jd
IF New Zealand is to have a friendly future going forward, we need to remove race from every statute. anita
And write it all out in English Warren
The sooner the better Sidwell
This is straight common sense and I have been proposing this for a long time. Put the Treaty in the annuls history where it belongs. Mike
Ardern took us to the brink of systematic state violence against those resisting the dubious Pfizer injections. Her apartheid system is just as menacing! Paul
I would like to see NZ as a unified country and non race based. This is contrary to the goals of the small elite iwi group currently destroying our magnificent country. John
It’s become ridiculous and not pertinent to the laws of New Zealand today. It is just a money grabbing exercise by Maori tribes today. Carol
This is the answer to our current racial division Terry
Enough already! N. Royce
I struggle to comprehend how quickly our country called New Zealand has been “Hi-Jacked” by an extreme minority of part-maori, mixed race activists, who refuse to acknowledge the majority of their ancestory being of European descent because there is NO MONEY in pursuing the “whitey” side of themselves. All reference to the ToW so called “Principles” which has now been grossly misinterpreted to gain financial advantage while ignoring the other 85% of NZers. Bruza
Yes absolutely that is the minimum I would like to see, I would expect government to mandate the narrative that all New Zealanders are one people New Zealander first above race race Jeffrey
one person one vote – equal opportunity for all Leeanne
Unbelievable we have got to this stage when equality for all should be what we are aiming for. Lynne
Absolutely yes Trevor
We are at a very dangerous point in our history. If the Treaty is not removed, then at least Labour must go.  David
Race had no part in determining the status of citizens. In fact the law prohibits race being used as a factor. He Puapua is illegal under our current laws. Grant
Absolutely Ann
Otherwise we are heading for at the very lest civil unrest and or disobedience. Allan
This Treaty is being used to get anything and everything Greg
We are well down the rabbit hole already and must stop. Cliff
It’s about time the gravy train stops. Anthony
This change long overdue. Treaty settlements are being turned back on NZers at large to fund an ongoing and relentless attack on our democracy. Tony
It is obvious to anyone with a smidgeon of intelligence that there is a coup underway by the tribal elite. The apathetic amongst us are allowing this to happen without a fight. Fight we must or we those NZers who have no maori heritage become subservient to the tribal elite. If we can’t fight through open dialogue and strongly challenge getting cancelled, we must fight physically through public protests. Kerry
References to the Treat have no place in our law and any party that will pledge to remove these references will get my Vote Bobbie
Most definitely and please bring back our English place names I have no idea where the Maori place names are Barbara
We are all one John
absolutely. Maori is not my culture- not my taxes. bruce
In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “A nation divided by itself cannot stand”. Kevan
New Zealand needs to move forwards not backwards Frankie
“, by setting down the conditions for tribal conflict, among Maori tribes and against the remainder of New Zealanders, in a repeat of the many nineteenth century wars.” Dare I suggest that that is where we are headed. Perhaps that is exactly what is needed. Ray
This absolutely has to happen. Jane
Yes absolutely The treaty is as Sir Apirana Ngata has explained To days activist have turned it into a work of fiction degrading it to the category of arse wipe Which is very regrettable Todays activist’s interpretations are equal to the works of fiction that come out of the Disney empire It’s time for NZers to take a stand. All Legislation relating to race should be removed from the statute books The treaty declared no longer applicable into days world The bull shit has to stop Bruce
Treaty past its use by date. Being manipulated by greedy Maori whom many have not been voted in to govern. Dianne
No further comment needed. Either we answer yes or we’re the new Zimbabwe of the Pacific. Rex
Except perhaps for a small number of very specific matters that could only apply to race, Same for gender. The Treaty was an arrangement appropriate to the time, deserves to be celebrated as an historic event, and otherwise should not be treated as an active matter beyond the idea of equality under government and the law. Incidentally, why isn’t that defined as a ‘principle’ of the Treaty; unlike the others, it’s actually implied in the wording. A.E. Thompson
It is a must. NZ has changed for the worse under the former prime minister and this Labour govt. meg
and, defund universities / courses and organisations that promote Critical Race Theory and race divisiveness and put money into STEM based, training education. Norman
We need to remove any divisive discussion especially in the school curriculum Lois
Removing references to the Treaty and race may be insufficient. You could consider including in a referendum (at the time of the next election): Do you agree or disagree that the Maori people of New Zealand should have separate legal rights and privileges from the legal rights and privileges of the rest of New Zealand’s population? Tick Box, “Agree” or “Disagree”. Ralph
I am extremely concerned about the direction this Labour government is taking our country. Kel
This would absolutely be the only way to restore Democracy to our country Mary
Sooner rather than later Lucienne
we are one people Stanley
The Treaty is a historical document about historical matters that have no relevance now. These matters were all set out in the preamble to the Treaty, none of which mentioned co-governance or partnership. Brenton
National won’t do it anyway, Act, I hope, will. Marion
It’s a must, so that all New Zealanders can join together to make the “cake” bigger, and we can then all get a bigger slice. Kevin
We should be colour blind in all our legislation Rick
What a massive response in this poll archive…at last the true feelings of New Zealanders have come to the surface… demolish the ‘tow’ in the name of a Free Future NEW ZEALAND asap. Chris
Definitely. Lets join a world blind to racial preference. Doug
Unfortunately I am a bit of a pessimist, successive Governments, both Labour and National have been pushing NZ to a separatist state for decades. When MMP was introduced it was promised Maori seats would be abolished, yet as per usual both Labour and National did nothing. We have seen little or no backbone from National, Luxon has no desire to change the direction of NZ, like Key before him, he will likely do a deal with Maori if it helps him becomes PM. Unless a major political party gets a backbone (I can%u2019t see that happening), NZ is already lost. Fred
It is a must because if we do not the country will descend towards civil unrest and war Noel
The Treaty is an anachronism. It served a useful purpose at the time – but that time is long gone. Mark
Absolutely must be taken out from all Staute books James
most definitely. its time all citizens were treated equally john
This Maorification has to stop!!! Ron
I moved to Aust where I have citizenship almost 5 years ago. Can not see any future for NZ unless the people wake up, apartheid is coming! Sean
So Ardern has gone and the sheeple think Hipkins is their new friend. Most people are astonished when I point out that English isn’t even an official language. Pauline
Treaty should have been torn up years ago Anthony
Now, TODAY… NO LATER! Graham
Immediately, is it not plain to see the horrors and vindictive regimes from the past, like South Africa… NO Truly “Democratic” nation should be subject for ANY of its Citizens to be the subjugated Race… Whether by colour, religion, fervour or dissention…NEVER!. EVER! This Country was not, and should never be founded on such proposterous BIGOTRY. When some of the “Tribal Elite” (and their are many scraping the coffers of good fortune, REALISE, that Before them as demo and archeo recognized… Were NOT the goddamned “charmed race” that were “first here” far from it! The Cannibalistic, tribal infighting… CONTINUES TO THIS DAY. MONGRELS as many patch and Associate with… ALL of them. Go the Moriories! At least you held a TRUE Legacy unlike the filth that pervades these islands nowadays! SCUM of the Earth. Oh! “Racist” FOR SURE… BUT FOR EVIDENTIAL REASONS. It is time WOKE was Destroyed for fair and genuinely EQUAL Living in New Zealand… Not Arse-e-Tee-a-Corruptoa Graham
We must move forward united as New Zealand a nation and people Basil
Including the imagined Treaty Principles. I have been denied employment because I questioned their existence. Murray
One nation .. one people kabe
I’m sick of having the ‘Treaty’ inserted into all conversations and especially the nonsense now being invented in the name of The Treaty. Time to get rid of it., and any reference to race. Elizabeth
The Treaty of Waitangi does not exist. David
Of course it must be remaved, because already the elite Maori are rewriting the true history, which they have no moral right to do without a majority of New Zealanders having a say, regardless of race or colour. Ian
End all the divisive stuff before it destroys us. There is a website called Stop Co-Governance. It is worth a look and they need all the help and support they can get. Carole
One People one Nation, for real Democracy that choice is a no brainer to think that ‘Co Governance’ would not lead to Apartheid is totally delusional. Want to start civil unrest, that’s a good start. Can’t help but thing this is all connected with the WEF 2030 Agenda of a One World Government !! Geoff
YES, most definitely! Trevor
The sooner the better. Sick of all the White Maori Elite and all their Bull shit. dona
Absolutely! Richard
The human race is the only race in New Zealand. Cindy, along with Mahuta, has inflicted much damage on New Zealand, creating apartheid where it has never been before. National must join with Act to prevent another Labour victory. Can you just imagine what it would be like in New Zealand if Labour won again…..I shudder at that thought. James
Yes most definitely as its dividing New Zealand like I have never seen eric
The treaty is n ow null and void due to the activities of radical activists and weak government Mark
definitely! Giles
only way to go muzza
Absolute requirement if New Zealand as a democracy is to continue to exist Bryan
Apartheid has never worked. Heather
It needs to go now. Des
Most definitely. Any race or colour should be removed from priority as we are one people, one New Zealand. Robyn
Absolutely yes! Gail
It is the only way forward for the country. John
It’s one thing for a political party to make promises … its an entirely different kettle of fish when it comes to implementing such promises as policy. Barry
There is only one party leader with the guts to stand up for democracy, free speech and equality, and that is David Seymour. Who else is there that we can trust to stand firm in the face of endless cries of “racist” when part-Maori demands are not met. There is no place in a democracy for the granting of special rights to any NZ citizen because of his/her/it’s racial heritage. The signing of the Treaty was concluded with the words, “We are now one people” – and that is what was agreed upon by Maori and Pakeha in 1840. The current lot of part-Maori activists are betraying the wishes of their own ancestors. Mitch
Yes definitely. The future of our nation as a democratic and free dominion depends on it. Ray
The Nats will not do anything apart from sitting on their hands. I have voted Nats for over 50 years, but never again while NWO, WEF card carrying Luxon is at the helm. The endless ToW will continue as sub tribes are now putting in nonsensical claims which the present mongrels will support if it gives them votes. Scary thought of another 3 years of this treasonous, treacherous lot will be the end of the NZ we grew up in. Th@NZs Ardern and Hipkins and others. Carolyn
It’s a no brainer, but it wont make any friends among the woke and Maori. Ray
A house divided will not stand. Racism was finally abolished in South Africa and rightly so. However, a very similar thing is being implemented in New Zealand. It is being arrogantly undertaken by Labour, along with weasel Jackson and his wicked cohorts. Shame on you. You perpetrators are disgusting and obnoxious. You are the true meaning in New Zealand of the word that you choose to spit out regularly Rascist. Leon
Most definitely!! Sue
AND a copy of Sir Apirana’s “Treaty of Waitangi – an Explanation” delivered to every household in NEW ZEALAND and a compulsory teaching aid in ALL schools! David
Absolutely. A must for the future of this country. Murray
This is the only way to go David
a very weak piece of legislation, well past it’s useby date. Drawn up by one man, no parliament debate, no select committee debate Nev
We have no other choice Wayne
That would be a lot better than a civil war. Mike
Absolutely, it is not the wishes of the majority but the will of the minority. It was the cunning plan of the country’s PM to seek grandiosement at the altar of the United Nations. The opportunity arose through the blind ignorance of the majority voters to grant the minority the opportunity to create ultimate domination of this country through their purging of statutes that had been enacted through the generations of New Zealand settlers. It must be achieved and soon. I understand that an opinion was expressed that rescinding all new laws and amendments to laws that were created under the Prime Ministership of Jacinda Ardern and the ruling labour party can be achieved in one single motion thus expunging all amendments and new legislation from the statutes immediately. I am unaware of the legitimacy of such an action but it would be interesting to hear from a legal expert if that were achievable. If not then the legislation passed would need to be adhered to until such time as it is rescinded one piece at a time. Three waters would be operational along with many other treacherous changes. terrence
Only way to democracy . Jacqueline
Yes. Every resident should be equal. Moari are not indigenous, the Maoriori were here first Garth
Democracy demands one” man” one vote. We must do away with race based representation in National and local body elections. Racial equality is the way ! Paul
Yes ,a thousand times yes.it is the only way forward. Good sense must prevail in this country.Roll on October. galem
Absolutely !!!!! Get rid of all racist and divisive legislation and any separate agendas. Toss the He PUAPUA document into the rubbish bin where it belongs. Everyone I speak to has had a gutsful of where this once great country called NEW ZEALAND is heading. In some parts of the world now we are becoming a laughing stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan
It should have been done years ago. Dennis
nothing to say really it is so obvious dumping the treaty & removing all references to race is the only way forward, it’s well & truelly time National had the guts to stand up for all New Zealanders & put a stop to all this rubbish if not the inevitable civil war will begin. NIGEL
Absolutely . Unfortunately there’s no one to stand up and do it . National is hopeless , Chris Hipkins was in the Communist youth group that Jacinta was President of for 15 months after her election ( he is from the same mold) and cannot be trusted . Colleen
Absolutely one people one country Ddrek
What a Sham. It is not right right how they have twisted the Treaty. William Clive
Until this so called Treaty is torn-up and the country stands together as equal persons the future will continue upon its current inexplicable downward trend. Roy
Too much stone age stuff. Lets move forward. If we do not go forward together we will have to put up this rubbish forever. Ross
Yes! Olwyn 
This needs to be done for the good of all people in New Zealand, including Maori Warren
A thousand times – YES! The current government is extremely racist.& I can’t wait to see them booted out, along with their support parties Peter
There will be a war of some magnitude amongst all KIWIS if the ToW is not removed and the Maori Party disbanded. JOHN
About time as been abused Jill
Yes absolutely Joseph
BUT will they take notice of this poll! RICHard
Absolutely, we are all human race Barbara
IF this does not get removed we will be heading down a dangerous position of racism leo
We do not want aparthied. 1 vote for each under democracy. Rob
NZ needs to do this to continue as a country we can ALL live in together. Bill
It is creating division in the society. John
You hit the nail on the head, this crowd of criminals we call government is trying to provoke civil unrest and probably war. The UN and WEF puppet masters desire this as another form of population reduction and then control of the remainder! The treaty and references to it must go! Peter
This newsletter is well explained Bruce
It is essential a divisive document that the tribal cabal are using to gain control. Shaun
Absolutely. Get rid of all this treaty bullshit and get back to all being equal. Peter
Dr Newman has set out the agenda of the supporters of apartheid in a clear and concise fashion. There is no hyperbole or hysteria in it and no suggestion of deceit or error. It is a meaningful, and indeed, a magnificent piece of prose, and deserves to be widely read. If a large proportion of NZ citizens remain apathetic and unconcerned about their future, they will soon discover how reckless they have been, and how careless of their children’s futures, of whatever racial origin they may be. This treason, for such it is, must be resisted by whatever means are necessary, to preserve what remains of democracy in this country, and restore it to its former status as the one system of governance for a nation of one people. TOBY
New Zealand was known as a democracy but sadly this is becoming a lie. There is no place for race, colour, or creed to appear in any legislation. We are – or should be – all equal under the law. David
Very much so. However I don’t think that Luxon and the National party has the balls to introduce this into their manifesto. If they did they would sweep into power even if it could create a civil war. Darryl
Absolutely David
weren’t we meant to be all one people? David
It has got to be gone Allan
Definitely Steve
I don’t believe so, as the maori’s will then try and change things around. Keep the Treaty but in the “FULL” meaning and interpretation that it was given, “NO more and NO less”. Richard
Definitely Colleen
An absolute YES! Martin
I have advocated for this since it became obvious the Treaty settlements was not the end of demands. Brett
I have a terrible feeling that a lot of people will be killed through civil strife, before some form of common sense takes over, and that is still not a sure thing, maybe a 30 year war. Sven
We need to be standing as one people, one race. Division of colour and race needs to go. Anne
Now we are all one people. That is the essence of the Treaty. Peter
Plus remove all race based legislation. It has no place in any democracy. If not, Iwi elite will face dire consequences in the future. Scott
I believe that all government law should be free of any special separatist racial clauses and conditions. New Zealand’s small population is made up of many ethnicities. All of us need to be engaged in harmonious co-operation based upon the mature premise that those of us who are able bodied (without severe psychological problems), have an equal opportunity to participate in a just society to the level of each individual’s capabilities. The current struggle by immature radical Maori activists along with their misguided sycophantic elitist support mob is nothing more than an opportunistic move to have minority rule and control of the Nation’s critical natural resources with the aim to monitories them and to apply a charging system akin to a usage tax covering the total citizenship’s consumption no matter where they are, throughout our country. They have no right to make this happen. So vote as you want and accept the outcome but remember this. Socialism may start off with good intent but they cannot help themselves but to govern through impersonal centralised monoliths where incompetent bureaucracy eventually causes the house of cards to come tumbling down. This is when most of us will be much worse off than what we have today. So be very careful as to who you vote for. Garry.
Absolutely, get rid of the new political version of the treaty,,this would destroy our bloody good country,,and many of us would go to civil war if one person one vote ever got tossed out ,the pollys that instigated this bullshit would do so at their own peril ,they would need to watch their backs, a very brave call indeed to divide us all,cheers hone Tony
NZ is on the brink of losing our Democracy. This cannot be allowed .No third term for this corrupt govt. Peter
dont wait! Mark
Muriel says it all June
Any party that will go some way to removing all this rot that we have to put up with will be good the present system has to go russell
And at the same time strengthen the Bill of Rights Sylvienne
This is an absolute necessity if this country is to move forward as a democratic state Dennis
Definitely YES. The party that does that, gets my vote for sure. Bruce
Yes please ! David
The treaty is separatist, racist and out of date. I’m tired of seeing everything that is done in this country must be “treaty filtered”. Enough is enough. Mark
NZ’s need to take on board that we are now a multicultural society and cannot base any laws on ethnicity. Jacqueline
Doing so would provide a peaceful and harmonious way to move forward as a nation united, not divided J J
I consider that this move would be a major step for the benefit of all residents of our country. Brian
Time we moved on, were all New Zealanders. Our history goes back thousands of years, Maori were not the first to reside here. See documentary’s, Under the carpet Etc Richard
This is a no-brainer in 2023. Now 183 years since this document was signed by the various parties. John
So much anger in our country. We must stop this deliberate attempt to make us separate. We are ONE. Robert
Yes any party promising to reverse Maorification and throw out the Treaty would get my vote and countless thousands more. Down with Labour and the Maori elite.. Chris
Totally corrupted by National and further distorted by Labour chris
Within a few years my country has changed so much to the point I don’t understand anything written, said, altered place names, altered building names, altered govt department names, why I’ve lost my culture, why this country New Zealand is now divided and under apartheid rule, with a minority wanting to go back 100’s of years with their false ideas and lies and expect to take over even more of the country. They would not be here any longer if it wasn’t through old others stopping their wars and eating each other, let alone thinking that most of the blood in their veins is European. laurie
This is a no brainer for real New Zealanders. Thanks Muriel Roger
with in 100 days of change of Government also correct what is being taught in the school system. Eddie
Definitely get rid of the Treaty. It has past its use by date and change the name of government departments to the English version so we can understand who they are. Frank
But which party would have the courage to do it. Maybe Act but forget National. They don’t have the spine Peter
YES & YES. Agree with Muriel 100%. Removal of race and TOW from laws and legislation must be done if New Zealand is to survive. David Seymour from ACT party are listening but we need them to ACT and swiftly, our country and way of life depends on it, Sam
Maori are not indigenous anyway. They are first peoples perhaps. And nowadays, what degree of ancestry determines one to be deemed Maori? EFTIGIA
We must stop division Each according to their need does not need to be race based Bruce
Absolutely. The Treaty is no longer valid. We are one country New Zealand (not Aotearoa) with one rule for all. Frank
One country, one people – all with the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities. Anything else is a racist society and apartheid state. Natalie
Doctoring the Treaty as this Labour/Greens/ Maori outfit are doing makes the document irrelevant. John
Maori’s have a higher breeding rate than Pakia. The result : Political advantage and take over of NZ Politically !! Pierre
Yes, as it is simply a historical document that should not form part of the ongoing decision making by those is a position of governance. Jason
certainly. but promising and actually doing are different matters. Lets hope someone will be brave and stand up to this minority. After all they are migrants to this land the same us many of us. Colin
also people claiming to be Maori must get a DNA test to prove they are 100% to be genuine linda
All areas relating to race need to be removed. Including treaty of Waitangi. Totally obsolete. Too many radicals using it for their own individual benefit. Kevin
There are great inequities of health and education outcomes across our great nation. BUT none of those can be solved by creating division by race. Only by working together as one people can we improve life for all people Lisa
I am sticking with the Treaty and will go against any political party who try to change what our Nation is built on. Ken
Also have a new version of the Treaty published in schools as being a compulsory part of their education. John
The Treaty is irrelevant and has morphed into a tool for tribal Marxists to crush our lives and enrich themselves at our expense and even our lives. This Maori elite power grab is cultural Marxism at its worst. John
So it was the new saviour of Labour (Chippy) that is responsible for that childish piece of propaganda. I just hope enough people realise that Chippy is a wolf in sheeps clothing before the election John
This would take guts & have any of them got the guts to stick up for tax paying N.Zealanders & N.Z. its self. I,m doubtful if National will do anything but I think Act would & NZFirst.Ask Luxon & give him a copy of the Treaty booklet I,m sure alot of your readers would like to know if he will stick up for N,Z. as he seems to side on maori side calling N.Z aotearoa. Cindy
Treaty expired just a tool for radicals Thomas
Definitely. The true original “treaty” should be taught in schools, not the modern altered version. And finally get rid of the Maori seats in parliament. Sheila
Definitely, it’s handed out settlement monies hand over fist. Time to end it ! Mike
We can do this, or wait 359 years to find out if we were right! Hugh
If we do not remove this racist dribble, NZ is headed for civil war Andrew
removing all He Puapua policies and practices from legislation and regulation – including from our schools – along with eliminating all questions of race from official records, including the Census. Maurice
The Maori’s will simply out breed the Pakia in NZ , and take over political control. Pierre
To me, the Treaty as an historical document, is of no relevance whatsoever in today’s world. Barrie
The Treaty is part of our history. But it should be administered in the frame of the original intent. Not as modern activists see as a gravy train. Denis
Yes – the fact that we are even having to discuss this is a travesty in this alleged democracy Graham
Yes remove any/all parts of a redundant document . AS stated only the maori mafia and their fellow greed based ilk will gain any benefits . Lets see which political party has the decency and fortitude to abolish all this obvious rort of our wonderful country . We must be the laughing stock of other democratic countries . I fear we will end up in a civil war if things continue as at present .Surely sanity and not the maori greed machine will prevail . Ray
One people, one law and one flag Shirley
All New Zealanders are equal. Janet
The proliferation of Maori in Government and Local Body communications together with the fictitious “Aotearoa” is nauseating. Doug
There is no question that apartheid is alive and well Keith
Perfect, NZ desperately needs this. Shane
100 % yes Geoff
The treaty has never been made equal with the declaration of independence, which is still the founding document of New Zealand, as well as the flag. David
This must happen Bryan
I’m sick & tired of the continuing Maorification of New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi was declared a legal nullity in the 19th.Century. it’s resurrection & continued incorrect translation is a nonsense.So far no Govt.has had the stomach to to stand up to this minority- Peter
Equal rights for all NEW ZEALANDERS.No special treatment or privileges for anyone. Sidney
We’ve become too divisive Diana
definitely remove should have been removed years ago john
The Treaty is past its use by date. It is now being deliberately used as a tool by the so called elite iwi to reinterpret the true meaning and function of the document. It is history, it is time to move on TOGETHER. chris
Its time we were all treated equally Laurie
It has become only relevant to those “part” maori who wants to take power away from the general populace. Most Maori do not want it. Ian
As soon as possible Robert
and not before time! David
This is totally necessary if NZ is to be unified, after all as you say there is only one race – the human race! John
Wake up National and grow a spine. This could be our last chance to stop this racist/reverse racist nonsense before we end up like a certain country in Africa. Can’t believe kiwis are so stupid. Tim
Removing the “Treaty” is the appropriate course of action to save New Zealand from self destruction. Peter
Absolutely. Murray
Together with bringing the Treaty to heel, they also need to once and for all, proclaim that Maori were only earlier settlers than others, NOT indigenous. If any people group was indigenous, it was the Morori that the Maori chased from their lands. Ted
Absolutely, we must become one nation, one vote one person. Maori are mixed blood and diluting year by year. So one nation is the obvious binding choice, not tribalism, racism and civil war. Laurine
Its the only way forward that is truly non-racial and one-sided Murray
Is it too late — and has this horse bolted !!! John
This country is doomed if Treaty and race are not deleted from the statute books Bruce
An absolute must. William
absolutely John
This country will make no further progress until the TOW is completely removed from our Statutes. End of story! David
it is about time this happened David
I believe we are all New Zealanders, and we should all be treated the same. Peter
History is there to learn from and not make the same mistakes if any from happening again. In the case of our Maori friends, they are trying to hide their primitive past of slavery, Cannibalism, nihilation of bird species and the list goes on. They were not the peace-loving culture they try to convince us they once were. Wayne
Definitely- it’s creating division never seen at this level. Its original meaning is lost thru numerous interpretations designed to suit at the time. Angela
yes i believe this is now required , as forces within NZ and outside have choosen the waitangi treaty as a vehicle for our particular totalitarian model Robert
If something constructive is not done soon, to address this divisive direction NZ is taking. Then as sure as night and day, there will be a nation divided. Sam
Keep up with the times – – – – ! Michael
Absolutely one race should not have special treatments over other races. We are multi cultural all kiwi’s Denise
The treaty and Maori separation is the most destructive issue in New Zealand and is growing worse Luke
why follow an outdated document barry
Absolutely and in fact I am amazed that in the recent census they didn’t field a question to whites on how many of them plan to leave the country permanently as they find circumstances enable them to. Terry
maori raped, murdered, en-salved or ate their own people. New Zealand was at war internally and the treaty calmed this down. no one is native or indigenous to NZ which are 2 words the treaty is based on . chuck it out Rick
Yes. This corrupt madness has to stop Neil
Absolutely!!! Barry
Muppets. Roy
Radicalism versus democracy the choice is still ours but for how much longer. Ken
but I fear that the major opposition party is at best, sitting on the fence when it comes to this question Dave
This is an absolute necessity if we are to avoid the escalation of apartheid in this country which is currently being promoted by Labour, Maori and Greens parties. David
Many advanced countries are doing this. We must if we are to survive as a decent and unified state. kelvin
This problem has got way out of hand. We need to look forward not backwards, we are all New Zealanders who need to be treated as equals regardless of race or creed. Leave the treaty where it should be, part of our history Pauline
NZ needs to be governed for all people equally instead of allowing a few wannabe elitists to insidiously take control. Bruce
Definitely. The Maorification of NZ must be stopped. Neville
This is an absolute must if civil peace is to be maintained. Stephen
Definitely, eliminate the Treaty. Graeme
If this was to happen, we would then move together as one people. The treaty is now a tool to divide our country. Glenda
Absolutely. The Treaty is now obsolete and it entirely inappropriate for 21st century Western Society. We are all equal in New Zealand. Doug
Absolutely!! Sue
Should never have been there Ranald.
if it’s not done then NZ faces racial revolution in the future bill
The only way forward Jane
Oh yes please Sheena
We are all Kiwi’s, lets stop racialism at all levels and in all government policy. Tony
Humanity benefits not at all from the privileging of one race over another, that is any and all others. We do not bring down the Master’s house by reframing and renaming it with equally flawed construction. Christina
This MUST happen! Gail
That needs to happen or New Zealand as it was will disappear. Ian
Such a move would in itself be racist. Barry
While supporting the removal of the Treaty and the return of our countries true history into schools as a “must” I would like to see Kiwi understanding that the depth of distrust of Maori elite and the political bias towards Maori is actually strengthening racism and this may lead to a point where some form of violent insurrection happens. I hope I am wrong. Alastair
It has to happen if we are to go forward together. Mark
Yes, yes, yes. Evans
………….. Bruce
Absolutely, it’s a MUST !!…..and 30 years overdue . Roy
It would be a weight lifted from our collective shoulders Willy
Of course, the country will never be united and move forward as one people until this archaic and divisive piece of drivel is canned once and for all. How much more evidence for its place is required before demands are made for it to be gone. The TOW is tearing the country apart, is this what we want?. Bart
That would be a dream come true Michael
now is the time to draw a line in the sand John
Long overdue David
Promise and DELIVER cherie
The Treaty is being misused by greedy Maori, and they will not stop claiming Kevin
Good opportunity to abolish Maori seats forever so this nonsense never happens again Barras
The Queen thought the Treaty should be honored,. However, what would the Privy Council say today? If it is brought before this court, the indigenous aspect of Maori should also be raised considering that they were the fourth peoples to inhabit New Zealand. David
I would also like anyone over 50% non-maori ethnicity to not be able to register with iwi or call themselves/register as Maori. Margaret
But which parties will agree to that Andrew
regardless of race or colour we are supposed to be all equal Les W
Equal rights for all demands that we do this Peter
we’ve been slow to catch on that the triti is not relevant to this century but what political party is brave enough to take this on. rosa
But let’s use the correct Treaty, not the version the government and the separatist Maori like to use. They are deceiving us all. Bryan
It has to happen. We hopefully are one people. And as such, there is no room for this co-governance crap. Kevin
Any party or group of political candidates with balls to make this their bottom line would hopefully be elected in a landslide. I say ‘hopefully’ because I’m not sure of the effect of the brainwashing and the constant stream of political propaganda from this Labour Government. For example, Luxon appears to have bought the lie! Alan
National must make a commitment and be absolutely definitive in support of a binding referendum advocating for abolishing the ” treaty” and implementing a democratic process of equal citizenship and equality before the law, regardless of race. If not , I vote for Act as the gatekeeper of true democracy. Patrick 
1 Vote, 1 Law, 1 Government, 1 People, 1 New Zealand John
I am strongly against apartheid. ron
A return to one state of Citizenship, one equal law and one administration for all Citizens is not just a priority it is a fundamental prerequisite of claiming Political integrity and securing responsible honest voting. Richard
The removal of all references to the treaty and race-based policies would be a major step forward for this nation, but there seems to be very few politicians with the courage to raise the issue. The brainwashing of children is appalling but, again, no politician seems prepared to tackle that matter. Gavin
The present trend can only lead to separatism, ie apartheid. Graham
The treaty is obsolete and We should all be regarded as New Zealanders regardless of race! Margaret
It only stands to reason we Kiwis want to know what each party stands for. No more pussy footing around and being vague. We need strong commitments and even stronger actions. Carol
It’s long overdue! Gerard
To wake up the sleeping majority Doug
Absolutely, One Country, One People, One Law for all. Ian
We are all NZers John
The obsession with Treaty and race is dogging up people’s minds and making us become more backward as a nation, & become more limited in our potential for individual & nation-wide wellbeing. Murray
The sooner the better before the ” minority ” take over the country Logan
It has become a divisive Document in the wrong hands. Caren
My bloody oath! Michael
There is no difference between Maori and any other race in NZ. Maori are not less than or more than any other citizen in NZ. Everything they have is through colonization. One Government one law one vote it’ is called democracy. dene
It is well passed its ‘use by’ date and needs to be removed from all aspects of life in New Zealand Kevin
The treaty of Waitangi does not need to be written into the law books and by doing so it is being misinterpreted and abused . No person in NZ should be advantaged over another by virture of their race william
Definitely. The COUNTRY New Zealand has had enough of this devizif diatribe. frank
If the voters of this country treat this issue with the seriousness that it warrants, then the Party that makes this promise and carries it through should garner enough votes to form a Government. If, on the other hand, we allow ourselves to be sidetracked and do nothing about this, we will wind up with more of the same (but probably worse!) and it will serve us jolly well right! The only Party that I see coming closest to implementing the above, at this point in time, would seem to be Act – if this turns out to be the case, then in my opinion, they should be given as much support as possible. Scott
Removing the privileged Maori parliamentary represention is a promise already made, then broken, by National and by NZ First. I believe the suggested changes will only happen when NZ’s weak version of democracy is replaced by a genuine participative democracy, perhaps modelled on the Swiss example. Colin
The sooner the better. Bruce
Too Bloody Right! William
It’s vital for our country that race be removed. Clive
The Treaty is a founding document and should be respected by all parties. Martin
Brown leg’s good, white leg’s bad. Roger
The Treaty is dead. Only underground activism operates. Kevin
The “treaty” as referred to by the Labour/Maori/Greens is their own shiny new interpretation and is both a lie and has no place in a democracy – it only serves a few Maori elite and those who get the kickbacks from them, not the people of New Zealand of any race. Trevor
I am really sick of all this Maori stuff, why cant we just all be treated the same. I don’t treat Maori people any different to anyone else so why does this stupid Govt. I hate the language being mixed together. Barbara
If we don’t do this (remove the Treaty etc) we will slide into a deeply divided society and eventually civil war. John
Absolutely yes. maurice
One New Zealand for all Shirley
This present government full of Muppets has caused New Zealanders to become polarised. Murray have taken control of the whole agenda and are causing widespread fear for the next generation. maori expectations will cause upheaval resentment and a divided country. The Communist Mrs adjourn is entirely responsible, she should be banished from our Democratic country and sent to Siberia ! Claire
IF voters are not provided with this option then any hope for a truly democratic New Zealand is lost. Roger
This is an absolute must for the future of our nation and needs to be a bottom line for the next govt. Without this happening we will never be one nation. Rod
Best question every asked yea yes yes a million times Richard
We need to be proud of our country. unfortunately, everything is in a shocking disarray. Judith
I have come to understand how people are driven to rebellion- we will have to fight to keep our DEMOCRACY>.  warwick
Should never have been included in the first place – NZ is (was?) a Democracy) fred
Yes, Yes, Yes. I don’t want to live in an Orwellian Animal Farm Peter
…as an election promise. I will vote for them. Graham
YES YES YES.only way to go. Ron
We need to move forward as a united country, of multiple races, mixed genders, various beliefs but overall as one person is one vote Paula
We need to be united as 1.No Favouritism 4 the Bro. John
Most definitely. I would like to see all political parties manifesto include this. John
The treaty is outdated and now being re-invented to promote a very minor percentage of the population. And this minor percentage have a vary large degree of european in their DNA. However, this doesn’t suite them as there are so many handouts those claiming to be moari can apply for. michele
Remove all racism. Richard
the sooner the better jack
But who will have the guts to do it? Anon
Lets stop the rot now, we are one race all Kiwi’s. We have racism running wild. Maori Rugby team, Maori Health and there is much more Alan
Treaty of Waitangi was superseded by Queen Victoria%u2019s Royal Charter. The Treaty of Waitangi was not a constitutional document and had nothing to do with forming a Government in New Zealand. In fact, it has done more to destroy New Zealand than any other document on record through the outrageous and unfounded translations and interpretations by Maori, the Government, and the Waitangi Tribunal. On 16 November 1840 a Royal Charter/Letters Patent was issued by Victoria by the Grace of God under The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which superseded the Treaty of Waitangi. The Royal Charter separated New Zealand from New South Wales on 3 May 1841 and made New Zealand into a British Colony with a Governor and Constitution that set up New Zealand’s political, legal and justice systems under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed. Tony
We are heading towards the same situation in South Afica Peter
I believe that unless this is done our country New Zealand will end up like nazi germany where canabilism is normal tea time choice Stephen
And don’t forget that Mahuta dismissed the Councillors in Tauranga and imposed her own choice of 4 Commissioners, led by ex-National MP Ann Tolley, not only for a transition period, but beyond the countrywide LG elections last October, until 2024! And NZ rolls over and does nothing!! This should be a criminal act, removing a citizen ratepayer%u2019s democratic vote. DAVID
It’s not really whether we would like to see this, it is what we should be demanding of our political parties. Rod
Unless we can achieve this and soon, New Zealand is doomed. It’s hard to believe just how quickly this despicable apartheid has happened, all thanks to the execrable Winston Peters anointing saint Jacinda in 2016. Thanks Winnie, you traitorous little poison toad. John
get rid of this outdated document and let our country return to a country of happy people. Graham
Equality is critical. James
And forcing Maori language down our throats. Charles
Who in their right mind would not like to see a removal of this perverted version of the original TOW. This whole affair will come crashing down on us and will take its toll.. Michael
The need for all of us to stand against these dividing our country for personal gain has to stop Rod
…..the sooner, the better. Get rid of the Treaty. John
Would love to see it but somehow think Act would be the only party to take this up. Labour would never entertain it. Lawrie
Needs it Hugh
O God YESSSSS. Its just WOKE stupidity Gill
Yes, before we reach the point of no return Chris
Absolutely essential Hylton
This must happen if we want all New Zealanders, along with all who’ve chosen to live here, to be one people under a properly elected democratic government. Tribal rule and democracy are totally incompatilble – “ne’er the twain shall meet”. Laurence
At the time of the treaty maori had a small m for ordinary person. In the 1850%u2019s it gained a capital M and a new meaning. I am a New Zealander, my country is New Zealand. The Treaty is now racist, divisive and undemocratic and needs to be relegated to history. Peter
The Treaty has over recent times provided fuel to the ‘grievance industry’ Andrew
Starting with the apartheid 1975 TOW act and everything post as well as the the 1986 NZ constitution act and UNDRIP. Neil
Absolutely, many of us might just remain in NZ if that occurs. Neville
They want the treaty…..drum into them what was said upon the treaty being signed. “We are now one”” Tony
Yes of course I would. The fact of the matter is most of our spineless politicians simply do not have the nerve to do it. Winston Peters may be the only one with the nerve to do it, but can you trust him – that’s another story. It seems there is no one to trust in our current political landscape. I have said this before and will say it again, many thousands of New Zealanders will leave this country if nothing is done to stop it. Probably mostly the skilled whom we simply can’t afford to lose. What a total mess we’re in. Paul
Absolutely. But isn’t too risky to wait till the elections in the hope that Labour doesn’t win a 4rd term . Surely people must act now to save our democracy and indeed New Zealand. Those opposing what is happening must surely be a majority,. It would take one person to stand up and start a movement, it would certainly soon have many many followers. Loretta
An agreement of over 180 years ago is no longer relevant in this day and age.. Alan
New Zealand has turned into the most racist of any country and we need to reverse this! What political party has the willpower to do this? Rayward
Not just”like’. It is IMPERATIVE if NZ is to remain a democratic governed, non-racist and economically viable SOVIETY Dane
democracy must rule fred
That would allow us to become free, and one nation together. Andrew
We are one country with one law governing all who live here David
100% yes. This should have been done years ago Gareth
yes Graeme
and not before time the maori have reinterpreted it to suit there racist agenda and certainly don’t ahere to the original 1840 version brian
Absolutely we have just been cond by the Elite dare I say it ! Well I’ve solved the problem I’m of to Australia next mth I can live so much cheaper and no problem with Elete Groups Peter
We are one country and nOT where one race has superiorty over others. Carl
NZ is multicultural and as such all races have other nationalities in their DNA which should be acknowledged. Maori are using their small amount of Maori heritage to demand funding on top of Treaty negation funding to extract more money on race based policies. The radicals should not hold our country to Ransome which is what is happening. June
How does National get this message. We need to hear that party speak against what is happening Heather
Absolutely! Anything that fails to treat every one of us as equal before the law and on the basis of one vote per person is unethical and must never have any place in a democracy. The extremely racist Maori elite MUST be told by government that their racist effort to implement tribal control of our shared country will not be tolerated. What we need is a government with the nous and the spine to actually do it. Steve
It’s the only fair way forward. Thanks. Phillip
They wood get my vote Ted
This document is irrelevant, outdated, and misinterpreted as a justification for NZ control by a non democratic tribal elite that are totally focussed on their own personal interests Rob
A small coterie of mixed race individuals should in no way have dominion over the majority Kevin
Can’t happen quick enough, but will National have the gusts to do so? I don’t think so. Act might though. Max
It would remove the racist ideology, put forward by labour,and the Maori radicals. Mike
I’m tired of needing to turn to the BBC for a weather report that doesn’t include the distraction of Maori language. I don’t know any Maori who agree with me current Maori radicalism, but then I don’t know any Maori activists either. Suppose that makes me lucky really. Ian
Definitely – it is now a blight on New Zealand society. pdm
The Treaty has no relevance to an advanced democracy. Jim
Democracy and equality must be paramount… Neil
That it should come to the point where this question needs to be asked is unfortunate indeed. Mark
Heartily sick of all this maori garbage!! Henry
Long overdue in the 21st century,stop the gravy train,handout mentality from 5% of the population,who expect it as their right of passage.Time,to grow up & realize there’s no free rides, anymore. Rick
The Treaty has been exploited by brown elitists. It must go. Jenny
It is the only way to save democracy. We must follow Swedish and European countries and establish one law for all and no mention of race in our legislation. If we don’t and labour get back in we will become an apartheid country like Zimbabwe with gangs throwing kiwis out of their homes as Iwi charge us for their certain financial failures and we can’t pay. All Maori will be housed in our homes and we will be beggars on the streets with our children and pets. Wake up before it is too late. Brenda
At last, we are calling it what it is: APARTHEID. Geoffrey
It’s had its day and is now thoroughly misinterpreted and misunderstood. Time to move forward, get into the real world and start making some progress instead of fart arsing around as we have been for the last couple of decades. Grahame
It can be of no importance whatsoever for a government to know what an individual citizen’s race is. It should also be illegal to ask that question in census papers. Andy
The once simple document that was appropriate for people at the time has been taken by activists and turned against the people of this land. Ethnonationalism and tribalism are rejected as options for the future. There is no future for pidgin either. Peter
Oh Yes! It is well past its usefulness and should be consigned to a small corner of our history. Too many people have had far too much to say in trying to reinvent the damned thing. Roger
Our household will not vote for any of them unless they do. Sounds like a limited choice then eh… Debs
This initiative would be long overdue. Bring it on and soon. David
Nothing less will do. Valerie
We are all NZers we just came by different boats. Keep democracy flourishing. Ian
One land, one people. Kiwi. Gary
Certainly. it is past time those who have Maori ancestry looked at what they have gained from colonisation, as those in my family have done. I cannot see why all New Zealanders should not be treated equally under the law, after all many of us, like me, have no country of origin which would allow us to reside anywhere but here. I have no Maori in me but have long considered myself an indigenous New Zealander as all of my grandchildren and great grandchildren are, including those who have no Maori ancestry. Some of my family have part ownership of land owned by the iwi they belong to. That is good. It shows their leaders care. I recall tone of greed a number of years ago when, in conversation with a man who was part Maoribut whose European heritage was obvious, I was told “We’ll get one power station and we’ll have the lot!”. I loathe that attitude. How many generations does it take to be one people under the law? Catherine
one people Rachel
of course, maori immigrated from the pacific and couldn’t find their way back. SO, they stayed, killed and ate the existing people and also waged war like no other race ever has done. Stuff the Greens, Labour, maori party and get back to a democracy. peter
It would be be heartwarming to see certain political parties remove themselves from the election to boot ! John
The ACT party advocates this. David Seymour gets called a useless Maori for being pro equality and democracy. Pamela
YES. This should have happened 20 years ago. reg
This is an absolute MUST Kate
Cant come soon enough Bev
It is a redundant treaty. Many countrie had these but have got rid of them. So should we. Rex
Absolutely, it terrifies me to think that if Labour gets elected again they will cause civil war. Laura
Yes yes yes, now is the time for courage and fortitude because the violent backlash from the Maori activists will be unprecedented when He Puapua et al are demolished. Helen
Absolutely. The Treaty has long achieved its original intent and must no longer be in any of our legislation. I really fear Labour is going to get back in and this would be a disaster but National are languishing in the polls with Labour slightly ahead in the latest one. Even Chris Hipkins is increasing his vote so it’s not sounding at all good for the country. Luxon needs to either resign or harden up and do what’s right for the country with nothing specific for Maori. They need to join the rest of NZ and not continue to have special treatment. Helen
The Treaty is long past its ‘use by’ date. The continued rorts are only benefiting a small elite. Mark
There is far to much of the bloody Treaty BS its that bloody old it should be ripped up and thrown in the bin Alan
This outdated document has run its course. The radicalisation we are seeing under the guise of the Treaty is disgusting and abhorrent to most New Zealanders. Mike
The ‘treaty’ is not a lawful document. It expired and treason is being committed by a so called ‘elite’ minority group who falsely hold a position of ‘indigenous’. Any male of female born in a country are indiginous to that country. mark
ABSOLUTELY! and the sooner the better! Brenda
Absolutely well past its use by date Peter
The Treaty is part of New Zealand%u2019s history. It served its purpose in the mid 1800s, but is no longer a living part of today’s life, nearly two centuries on. Cecilie
Agree entirely, we are one people, one country, no matter the colour of our skin. Benjamin
There is absolutely no need for racially based legislation or government agencies in a well functioning liberal democracy. Neil
One country, one people ,one law. Principles of democracy to remain sacrosanct Paul
The only democratic option. Peter
Wouldn’t that be something, one for all and all for one. One law for all. Peter
And also stop using Te Reo in announcements. Dianne
All people treated as equal; with one law for all. Don
We can only truly survive as a country if we are united as one people, without the divisive reverse racism which is now occurring. There’s plenty of evidence, if one looks, to the fact that maori chiefs, on behalf of all maori, signed a treaty with England to try and save themselves from total annihilation by themselves. It seems that they were wiser then than the maori elitists are now. There are only 2 countries which have changed their name in our recent history, Zimbabwe and Myanmar, both of which are now basket cases. So by all means, remove the treaty and race stuff from the statute books but we’d better have something better to replace them first, or we are just inviting more trouble Trevor
That would in theory stop the division of people in New Zealand. But a political promise is easy to say, but doubt if any of the parties would be brave enough to actually DO it. Ian
1 people no matter what race, we are all equal John
Wipe it out. iain
The Treaty is no longer relevant. Peter
Pigs will fly before this happens as the greens, choc drops and nutters are so far up chippy’s tunnel where the sun dont shine, and luxon being a whimp and not to be trusted what ever he says leaves the Act party who are the only party that see this country called NEW ZEALAND ending up just like Southern and Northern Rhodesia when the blacks took over, bankrupt, corruption, murder and mayhem ruled and still does, the treaty crap should have been closed down last century but that traitor adern had to bend over for the hories so she could get to destroy the truth about the treaty and feed this country with stone age grunts heard on tv and radio which is p*****g people off Richard
the treat is well passed its use-by date and should be replaced or simply, be retired. John
Totally over the Treaty being brought into every area of our lives..it is destroying our country. Shirley
We are one. Or are we?  Ray
I would also like to hear from the radicals some appreciation of what the colonists bought to this country ! I have never seen or heard this question Lindsay
Essential for New Zealand if we want a country of peoples contributing and living with equal rights. Sandra
We don’t want apartheid. Maori were a ‘conquered race’ that was treated extremely well on the whole. They’ve [the elite Maori only] have already been over-compensated. The Maori race was historically known as the ‘Mongrels of the Pacific’. Consider, if one tribe went ahead and started building something apart from a Pa – the surrounding tribes would destroy and enslave them. So they couldn’t get ahead. Simon
We should all be New Zealanders under one rule and one flag Gordon
Why should 15% of the population being of Maori decent, be given 50% of the power over the remaining 85% of the population. Wake up New Zealand get out and vote against this from happening, We are all New Zealanders ie 1 person 1 vote Grev 
The Treaty is NOT the founding document of NZ. Barbara
It’s well overdue. Casey
National is far too woke to commit to this. In fact, National are a rudderless ship which is lost at sea and doesn’t know what it stands for anymore. A large number of NZders need to face up to what’s happening and vote for parties who openly oppose it. That’s NOT National! Derek
The only way to achieve equality Peter
YES, YES, YES. It’s time to STOP all this BULLSHIT and learn to get on a live as ONE PEOPLE, there is only one race the human race. COLIN
Yes absolutely, and the sooner he better. Rosemary
It is well and truly outdated and is being twisted and misinterpreted to suit radical Maori. We are one people. Robbie
The treaty is way past its “use by” date. Peter
I got two ribs broken by a Red Squad thug while protesting against apartheid IN SOUTH AFRICA in 1981. There is no way I’m going to put up with the introduction of apartheid in my own country. Sue
YES YES YES!!!! Louise
abso…bl….lutely it has become more and more abhorent in its reinterpretation. All references to race must be removed, including the Maori seats in Parliament The latest census an an example was an absolute disgrace. Carolyn
Get rid of the T of W. Its causing division and concern to people who want equality not racial disharmony Michael
Yes. Once the Treaty Settlement process has been completed New Zealand needs to look forward and treat all of its citizens with fairness under the same umbrella. Gary
Imperative John
The “treaty” is a being used by fraudsters mke
absolutely Barry
It is high time we stood up and made a definite declaration in this direction on behalf of all New Zealanders! Ron
Let’s do it! Bill
Along with ceasing to impose Maori “language” on all aspects of our 99% English speaking country. Don
New Zealand has been ruined by racist radicals empowering themselves under the previous leader of the govt. Using the alleged treaty they think New Zealanders owe the chosen few a continued living at New Zealanders expense. Sharron
Yes Please remove the Treaty’s from all of New Zealand’s Laws Health &Everything that only applies to The Maori Race . Michael 
It’s the ONLY avenue left open to correct the unrealistic imbalance of Maori demands and ever-developing expectations Jim
However they wont because not a single politician in this country has a back bone or serves the people skarlett
I like many others served my country in the Armed Forces, but that was not the country we have today, we are being sold down ta racial river that like all rivers, gains pace as the rocks and rapids approach. If you are really a New Zealander, as I consider myself, you cannot allow this to happen. A third term will be a disaster, pure and simple Michael
If this doesn’t happen I think the future of the country is doomed. Jan
Yes, but not just promising to do so: doing it. Geoffrey 
FTM. Peter
If Labour , greens and maori party get in there will be a mass exodus to Australia and other countries. NZ will be no longer. Who will then do all the work for the Maori elite? Certainly not them. News headline Aeoteroa bankrupt. Allan M
treason & sedition from labour cultists chris
Yes – removing the Treaty and race from statutes would change this country forever in such a positive way. But are there any politicians with the courage to do it? Brian
Turning NZ into a colourblind society has to be the way forward. Otherwise we will become an apartheid country. How the heck have we allowed it to get to this stage. Labour should be punished at the election for dividing the country in this way. Lesley
I’m worried Hipkins is doing well and Luxon is doing poorly so we may be on track for an extremist Labour, Green, Maori Party coalition government. If that happens, we are off to Australia! Eric
It is appalling what Labour has done to the country, but with the media backing them, and National being ineffective, I really am worried that they might win another term. God help us if that happens! Daniel
The brianwashing of children that is now going on in schools is shocking. Parents need to see for themselves and complain.   Bruce