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Unity or Division?

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New Zealanders want to be united by the things that we have in common, not divided by our differences.

Next week is the 40th anniversary of the 1981 South African Springbok tour of New Zealand. The anniversary is a poignant reminder of an event that deeply divided our nation – and a sign of what may lie ahead.

On one side were the pro-tour supporters, who fervently believed sport and politics shouldn’t mix, while on the other side were opponents of apartheid, who thought South Africa should be banished from the sporting world until their separatist regime was ended.

In the largest civil disturbance in New Zealand since the 1951 waterfront dispute, more than 150,000 people took to the streets in growing opposition to sporting contact with a country that defined and divided people by race. More than 200 demonstrations took place in 28 centres around the country between 19 July and 13 September 1981.

Looking back, the Kiwi desire for national unity has always manifest itself in sport. Rugby was no exception. Introduced into New Zealand in 1870, it was quickly adopted as a national sport and source of national pride, with international matches beginning in the 1880s.

The first Springboks tour took place in New Zealand in 1921, and the first All Blacks tour of South Africa in 1928.

While a formal system of apartheid was not established in South Africa until 1948, the white minority government’s strict segregationist laws meant that mixed-race players had to be excluded from visiting sports teams.

Over the years opposition to New Zealand having sporting contact with South Africa grew, with demands there should be no more games with them until apartheid was abandoned. “No Maoris, No Tour” became a protest slogan, with CARE (Citizens’ Association for Racial Equality) and HART (Halt All Racist Tours) leading the opposition.

By the 1970s, the South African Government was forced to accept touring All Blacks teams would have Maori players. They were declared ‘honorary whites’.

But a planned visit by the Springboks to New Zealand in 1973 threatened such nationwide disruption – with HART and CARE on one side and the pro-tour group WARD (War Against Recreational Disruption) on the other – that Prime Minister Norman Kirk cancelled the tour.

However, in 1981, with an election looming, Prime Minister Rob Muldoon invited the Springboks back and for two months New Zealand became a nation at war with itself.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Ross Meurant, a former Member of Parliament and Police Inspector, who at that time was seconded to second in command of the Police’s Red Escort Group – an elite squad established by Prime Minister Muldoon to protect the Springboks during the tour.

The 51 members of the Red Squad were trained at the Papakura Military SAS training facility. Along with the Blue Squad – a sister group from Wellington – they were instructed in the latest protest strategies and readied to escort the Springbok team.

Ironically, while Ross stood against the apartheid protestors back then, he is now standing against apartheid in New Zealand:

“Today, in my assessment, the Government is heralding the introduction of Apartheid to New Zealand. In 1981 I was one who literally fought to protect the rights of Kiwis who wanted to exercise their lawful right to attend rugby games and not have their travel disrupted by protestors who disregarded the rights of fellow Kiwis in their quest to fight Apartheid in another country. Today, I find myself in a role not dissimilar to that of John Minto 1981. Difference is: I stand against Apartheid in New Zealand…

“In my assessment, what Labour are doing, is tantamount to imposing a form of Apartheid by elevating Maori above The Rest of New Zealand. That will generate animosity and hostility. At what stage does this become a recipe for civil war.”

It is a valid question.

By deliberately pursuing a separatist agenda with the intent of elevating the tribal elite to the status of a ruling class, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is surely no better than those misguided rulers in South Africa.

Not since the Muldoon era has New Zealand had such a divisive government.

The He Puapua report, which was commissioned by the Ardern Government under the guise of developing a strategy to enact the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, defines the pathway to achieve Maori sovereignty by 2040. Parts of the plan have already been put into effect, making a nonsense of Jacinda Ardern’s spin that the report was simply advisory. He Puapua is already dividing our country by race. Elevating one race above another is racist and will lead to apartheid. 

Not only is this racist co-governance agenda being imposed in secret – without any public mandate – but it is predicated on assumptions that do not stand up to scrutiny.     

For instance, their claim that Maori are ‘indigenous’ to New Zealand is simply not true – Maori are migrants, like everyone else who arrived from another country.

As law lecturer and Treaty expert David Round explains: “The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that someone indigenous is ‘born naturally in a land or region; native to that region’. In that sense, all native-born New Zealanders are indigenous. We may speak a language and have a culture that developed elsewhere; but so did the first Maori when they arrived from the Hawaiki they still remember. On the other hand, if ‘indigenous’ is used to refer to a people whose ancestors have lived in a place from time immemorial, then New Zealand has no indigenous inhabitants.”

In fact, in 2002, the majority view of archaeologists was that humans first settled in New Zealand well over 1,000 years before the main Maori migration is estimated to have arrived around 1200 AD. Based on the forensic examination of historic plant and animal remains, they concluded that the settlement of New Zealand was a continuous process.

This of course raises a key question: why on earth is the Government even trying to enact the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration when no-one in New Zealand is indigenous?

Even claims that the Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s ‘founding document’ are problematic.

When the Treaty was signed on the 6th of February 1840, New Zealand was still part of New South Wales. It was not until a Letters Patent was signed by Queen Victoria on the 16th of November 1840, that New Zealand become a nation in its own right.

If anything is to be called a founding document, surely it should be the one that created New Zealand as an independent British colony – namely Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 1840.

Then we come to the Treaty of Waitangi itself. It was a simple contract between Queen Victoria and 512 Maori chiefs that established the Queen as our sovereign, protected private property rights, and gave Maori the same rights and privileges of British citizenship as every other New Zealander.

The former Government Minister Sir Apirana Ngata described life back then: “the lawlessness… of cannibal times, of illiterate days… when the Maori tribes were fighting fiercely among themselves”. With no unified chiefly authority to sign on behalf of all Maori, the Treaty of Waitangi could not be recognised at international law, since that status only applies to treaties made between two sovereign powers.

That’s why the Treaty was described by the former Attorney General and Chief Justice Sir James Prendergast as a “nullity” in his 1877 judgement of Wi Parata v Bishop of Wellington: “The title of the Crown to the territory of New Zealand was acquired by discovery and priority of occupation, the territory being inhabited only by savages. The Treaty of Waitangi, so far as it purported to cede the sovereignty of these islands, was a nullity.”

Furthermore, in response to activist claims that the Treaty represents a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown, former Judge Anthony Willy clarifies the situation: “It was and is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.”

In spite of claims of a partnership having no legal foundation, it has not stopped those pushing the sovereignty agenda from misrepresenting the situation and continuing to use the partnership fiction to justify their demands for power.

Then there’s the fallacy of ‘Maori’ disadvantage, that underpins calls by tribal leaders for race-based control of social services.

As Department of Labour senior analyst Simon Chapple found in his 2001 report on Maori Socio-Economic Disadvantage, ‘Maori disadvantage’ is a myth: “Generally speaking, being Maori does not cause observed average earnings and employment gaps”. He explains the key factors creating socio-economic disadvantage include age, education, literacy, and local labour market conditions – along with “benefit dependence, sole parenthood, drug and alcohol abuse, physical violence, and illegal cash cropping”.

While Dr Chapple concludes ‘race’ does not explain socio-economic failure, he warns that race-based policies are being used to enrich the Maori elite: “Broad based policies which target the Maori population, which may be thought to close the gaps (such as fisheries settlements, other treaty settlements, cheap access to the radio spectrum etc.), risk being captured by the considerable number of Maori who already have jobs, skills, high incomes and good prospects”.

The question of who is Maori is also problematic. Rapid intermarriage from the time of arrival of the first settlers blurred racial lines to the point where those able to qualify as ‘Maori’ – with 50 percent or more of Maori blood – began dropping to critical levels.

As a result, the Labour Government changed the law: under the 1974 Maori Affairs Amendment Act anyone with a Maori ancestor – no matter how distant – can be “officially” defined as ‘Maori’. This highlights the farce of racial categorisation.

As David Round explains, “Virtually all Maoris are of mixed Maori and European descent. We hear of the alleged ‘browning’ of New Zealand; it would be just as accurate to speak of its whitening, as the races continue to intermarry and become one people. People who are even only one eighth or one sixteenth Maori cannot in any meaningful sense be described as Maori. Genetically they are not. Any injustice suffered by their Maori ancestors may very well be balanced by the benefit accruing to their European ancestors. The mere fact that one of a claimant’s great-great-ancestors suffered a wrong is no proof at all that this claimant has ever suffered in his or her own life. It is actually an injustice to the rest of the community to give special benefits to those who have not suffered injustices.”

If New Zealand continues down the present path set out by Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand will increasingly become an apartheid nation, where race determines our future – and those claiming Maori heritage are given superior rights over everyone else.

On the basis of false assumptions and fabrications, democracy will be sacrificed, and New Zealand will return to tribal rule.

Professor Elizabeth Rata of Auckland University has argued that to stop the slide and restore democracy all references to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi should be removed from legislation.

We believe that all references to race should also be removed from legislation to eliminate the dangerous practice of granting privilege according to skin colour – and to ensure that all New Zealanders are treated equally.

That’s what Europe did after a war which saw race used as a deadly weapon. Its why most European countries have adopted a colour-blind approach and have removed all references to race from their Statute books.

New Zealand should follow their lead.

The reality is, there are only two ways forward for this country: One is the Prime Minister’s path towards apartheid and division, and the other is unity.

I know which one I would choose – what about you?

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Its painfully obvious Warren
Divide and rule. Communist to the back teeth. In her case, that’s really deep. Philip
I’ve already put in my 2 cents worth however I’d like to add that this current disaster of a Gov’t is actually the result of this ridiculous MMP system we suffer under and which apparently majority nz voted for, ,, really not me. MMP is a terrible voting system and hasn’t yet reflected the will of the majority. If it wasn’t for MP Peters this terrible PM and her socialist agenda would never have drawn breath. Flip
When I heard that Ardern was giving $2.75 million in funding methamphetamine addiction treatment in a programme led by the Mongrel Mob it instantly brought to mind a parallel event when Aethelred the Unready paid Viking armies with sacks of gold to leave. It didn’t do him much good either. Terry
Frighteningly so! Anon
Education is the key, at the moment our young people are being brainwashed Geoff
Cindy is taking us down a path that will end in civil unrest and quite possibly civil war. I have been disappointed with the way NZ has progressed for some time, but the current mob holding power are lacking a collective functioning brain cell. Get rid of them, Now! J J
Many”white and other” New Zealanders (75% of the population) )who previously accepted and enjoyed Maori people as equals are getting increasingly angry about this deliberate attempt by the Ardern Govt to put “Maori”(15% – none of whom can claim to be full blooded) in control of our country. This is the most racist action that has ever been promoted here and is creating division and bad feeling towards Maori as a whole.,even though many everyday Maori (as opposed to the entitled wealthy few at the top) are against this action as they can see what the consequences will be, Mary
What a nasty conniving labour government, under the leadership Of Jacinda Adhern has evolved into. Pitting New Zealander against New Zealander. Usurping the English language, for a language that has no teeth in the world of usefulness. Changing names of government departments, towns, cities, Our country New Zealand. This, all without due consultative process from the voters of New Zealand. These actions are deplorable and an insult to the majority of New Zealanders. Then if that was not enough this Labour Government has gone about disassembling the fabric of democracy, all to accommodate a minority of New Zealanders, based on race. This government has, by its actions, created a climate of anger, animosity, bewilderment, frustration, for the majority of the citizens in New Zealand. The news media are complicit in this illegal takeover of New Zealand, by keeping mute and going along with this obnoxious Government. This government should be working for all New Zealanders. When a government is pushing an agenda, which disenfranchises the majority of people in a country, then they are culpable of treasonous actions, not good government, unfit for purpose, and should be taken to task by the Governor General, for not abiding to a mandate of responsible government. National and act need to press these issues as a defence in bringing back to New Zealanders, a respectful, responsible, all encompassing government ,that all New Zealanders have a right to have. cal
Dissent gives the PM more power to control which is the communist/dictator form of governance. When will the masses wake up? Maybe last Fridays Groundswell protest is the beginning of the change required to return New Zealand to democracy and away from this current separatist apartheid agenda? Chris
You have written what we have thought for many years. Thanks for bring it out in the open. colin
Our lovely country is on a slippery downward slope i fear. I would go so far as to say that this Labour government are traitors of NZ , our democracy, freedom and equality. Miriama
The Politics of Obedience – The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude – Etienne de la Boetie 1552 ” In short, the bulk of the people themselves, for whatever reason, acquiesce in their own subjection. If this were not the case, no tyranny, indeed no governmental rule, could long endure. Hence, a government does not have to be popularly elected to enjoy general public support; for general public support is in the very nature of all governments that endure, including the most oppressive of tyrannies. The tyrant is but one person, and could scarcely command the obedience of another person, much less of an entire country, if most of the subjects did not grant their obedience by their own consent” Cut off the revenue stream – STOP PAYING TAXES Coral
Division. It is a Run away train. This must be stopped. Laurie
The slippery slide towards apartheid is fast becoming steeper. Again, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” – her slightly-over-50% Parliamentary majority has gone to her head. She has no mandate for this disruptive agenda. Laurence
Ardern administration is definitely taking New Zealand to division and I think it’s all part of the socialist agenda that’s driving the current Gov’t and most worrying is there doesn’t seem to be any stopping this Gov’t driving nz democracy to destruction except for one bright light, Dave Seymour and ACT. National as I see them now and for many past years is basically ‘ labour light ‘. Even John Key who seemed so good turns out to also have been a bit of a lefty witness signing the nzrip treaty I mean gosh his great buddy was Obama for goodness sake, another useless socialist like ardern. Ardern , worst PM ever in nz history Flip
The division is so rapid that I am confused as to what Country I live in . We have the All Blacks but we also need the Maori All Blacks, what is that about, division. Gayle
After massive Labour Marxist propaganda efforts during the Chinese virus lockdowns and since where obedience and conformity have been contorted as a new unity. Monica
A year ago we were putting teddy bears in our front windows as a symbol of togetherness, a team of 5 million.. With Arden’s secret plans slowly surfacing we are fast becoming a nest of 5 million very divided and angry hornets. How can this be ? Clearly This is not going to end well for any of us . Donald
Strongly agree that the present government is quickly pushing NZ into a very dangerous and divisive situation. Peter
We are very concerned Yvonne
Same mix of Marxism, used by cindy and her crime gang, to sell us out to world Communist NWO, COVID HOAX, grab for world power! David
HOW DARE YOU . EASY IF YOUR NAME IS Ms ARDERN I HAVE A MANDATE. I AM YOUR PM ,Um is that of NEW ZEALND or as you have instructed all government departments to only use the term AOTEAROA isn’t that a decision for the people who elected you to carry out their wishes not carry out your dictates you work for US .Oh who does the GG REPRESENT does the head of state know .Ms ARDERN has declared herself to be a republican but said it would be NZ choice except I will do the choosing .Bending over backwards to placate MAORIDOM is racist ,this country is where it is because of colonization not by the input of Maori the so called inequities by the early settlers is long gone ,there were two peoples at war how many died on either side is in the past get over it , Stop playing the VICTIM . Let’s have a separate health service yes that worked last time Titiwhi beat up the patients her and her family of which had no medical qualifications continued unabated for another 2 years . Wonanga cost millions non recovered Ms ARDERN you do not have a MANDATE to govern our country according to your ideals you were elected to represent our ideals if you cannot do that RESIGN in fact you ain’t going to change you believe you are right it’s called arrogance so RESIGN and let NEW ZEALAND BE GREAT AGAIN . Vivian
She is promoting apartheid and racism and destroying our democracy. Jan
Is there a connection for ardern with communism, mormon and favouring maori.? Ronald
One country, one people, one law. Errol
Can’t believe this is happening. Clive
And the worst part is that segregation is contrary to Jacinda’s socialist ideology George
Yes. Those with education are easy targets. Wilyum
Agree fully with your report. Well researched. Your reports need to be circulated in greater depth and have the ACT leader take it further. Doug
Julius Caesar used it in ancient Rome: Divide and Rule. Kevan
Clearly and stealthy down the path of division otherwise why not make your intentions known prior to last year’s election Kevin
we are fast becoming an apartheid nation under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern ! Cindy
Ardern seems to be determined to introduce APARTHIED into NZ Ian
No doubt what so ever. Rod
Separate health and justice by race – no way! John
in a big way wait and see John
At long last NZ have woken up. The dream is really a nightmare Bill
A country cannot have different laws for sections of its citizens – Jacinda is seemingly crating these disparities within our nation tony
We are a multicultural nation and everyone should be treated equally. Lynne
I hate that we are seeing each other as different colours/races. I thought we were past that. Tebs
So obvious from the political ‘engineering’ taking place. Colin
No question about it. Divide & conquer, family against family, friends against friends – all under the banner of “kindness”. Fiona
It%u2019s too late now. New Zealanders whose great grand parents emigrated to find a new Fair life now are victims of a Maori dominated future. Christina
Comrade Ardern is f–ing the country with a large pineapple. Igor
I believe that a large number of people who never cared one way or the other about race issues are going to become strongly anti maori (intentional lower case m) purely as a result of the current government’s racist policies. The horse is sowing the seeds of division. The harvest she gathers is likely to be open rebellion and civil war. Kerry
We are not a Maori and the “rest”society. To elevate a group to a more important role is insane and with cause a resentment within the “rest”. Arthur
Ardern wants to divide this country racially, demographically and the Rural Urban divide. Bob
I suspect Ardern has racial and communist tendencies. Tony
A vote of no confidence is needed now. Garry
Sadly, and oddly, the dilution of Maori blood today seems not to have achieved equal dilution of the appetite for ‘brown supremacy’ (savagery) that pertained pre-1840. Sadly, and oddly, personal choice election of Maori status by those of predominant Pakeha blood denotes an appetite for brown supremacy, all aboard the gravytrain. How about ‘liberty, fraternity, egality’ instead? Robert
But division is an integral part of her pathway to Socialism. Steve
she is very wrong gerard
Do we want to go down the path of South Africa – civil war waging now? Pauline
NO! Why would you ask the obvious? Bruce
No doubt about it. Colin
there is no way in hell we are going down any path of unity in new Zealand, quite the opposite,im hoping that all those people who voted this government in are starting to wonder what the hell have they done,im glad to see Winston is having another go, and as i have always done over the last few elections will vote for him, other wise i don’t think there is any opposition party that will rock her boat, I hope it sinksi think the majority of kiwis are to worried about there rugby racing and beer, and just to complacent to give a damn,pretty sad really, rodger
I am sure you haven’t got enough time to read or space for me to write ALL my gripes about this tyrannical out of control Govt, SO many people are COMPLETELY fed up with these arrogant morons with ALL their deceitfulness, deception as they defiantly barge ahead with their Agenda as they completely ignore any democratic processes just like Communist China would do…!!! Bruza
All roads lead to POWER & GREED for a few elite at the expense of civilized humanity. Divide and Conquer is a tool by which Communism sweeps forth their agenda. New Zealand MUST unite, oppose and stand up for our freedoms NOW! Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE from all sectors of society needs to put whatever differences aside and gather as one on MASS to send a “clear as day” message to those oppressing the majority with their abhorrent regime. Consistently with courage and conviction to cement the future of NZ for ALL KIWIS. A regime that is born out of and motivated by “UTU” (hatred & revenge) has no place in our Society, Country or World. Shelley
The list of race based legislation will only grow under this Labour Govt. The next 2.5 years are going very long indeed !! Richard
and its going to get worse Francis
To enhance her image as kind and calm and loved she is using an age old tactic of divide and rule. Ronnie
Compare NZ to the rest of the world. We have a charismatic leader and should be proud of her government’s efforts on our behalf. The comparison to what our relatives in the UK are going through under Boris Johnson’s inept government should make this self evident. Kit
Most definitely and can only lead to racial discrimination and its consequences Lawrie
We are all New Zealanders and all immigrants if we do not go forward together we will have for ever the problems of today. Ross
We are one people Jacinda and that tells me you are RACIEST. Angus
Division for sure and I can’t believe She cannot see that it’s as plain as the nose on her face or is it that she has allowed her radical maori caucas take control of the country Jeffrey
Past Labour Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s opinion piece reminded us “that Australia’s PM Morrison comes from a public relations background which tends to mean a greater emphasis on illusion rather than reality”. What he did not say is that Ardern with a similar background is clearly following the same path with her imposing division and commumistic restrictions on our population. alan
A dangerous path. If our politicians cant or wont see this, we are in deep, deep excrement.. Interesting how those with the smallest drop of Maori blood as a result of intermarriage or whatever. completely ignore their other heritage. No point in being Scottish or Polish with a hint of Maori blood if nothing can be gained by being either of those. Ray s
Marxism is her wish will never unity the country n Horrie
Adern’s misgiided socialist ideology needs to be challenged by every sensible New Zealander. None of this is mandated policy but is a sinister and dangerous attempt to subvert our democratic norms. NZ needs to wake up and nullify these merchants of deceit at the ballot box. Forget about the United Nations – they produce more flatulant rhetoric than all of NZ’s sheep and cattle put together. They are nothing more than an impotent band of bureaucrats masquerading as saviours of the world, while at the same time meddling in countries democratic processes under the guise of trying to make the world a socialist utopia. What a joke they are. Pete
Yes we are heading down a pathway to division very quickly and this can only lead to serious trouble in the future and probably civil war!! Why can’t Maori acknowledge and appreciate what Europeans have given to them financially over many many years? Janet
There is much trouble ahead if the Labour Party keep on the path they are on. Big Trouble for NZ. Clive
Stupidity by a PM promoted way above her intelligence and ability. She is destroying this country with her ineptitude. Bill
She is creating a separatist regime where Maori will have special privileges’ over the rest of the country Jocelyn
The Ardern Government policies must be stopped, one way or another. Preferably through the power of the people. We must all make our views heard and demand a stop to Ardern ‘s attempts to undermined Our country. Wayne
The reason that I cannot vote for National is their race relations policies. Signing up to UNDIP was only one example of politics in order to stay in power. Appointing Finlayson to Treaty Minister was another as he appointed the judge who granted the Foreshore claim on the basis of ToW partnership nonsense. Neither Labour nor National are fit to govern. Collins needs to know the feelings of the public toward officially sanctioned racism. Richard
We now call people racist who have a different view from a small loud minority. The Govt is sanctioning this with the road they are trying to go down. Kevin
I am very concerned with direction this Government is taking NZ it is totally divisive and that old saying ‘divide and conquer’ comes to mind. Vivienne
Disgusting arrogant government Jeremy
nz is for us all,if born here we are clearly kiwis ,maori or pakeha there is no difference I have maori ancestors I have anaitahu wife,and part maori kids ,our whanau is kiwi ,,a referendum should be held to nzers to absolutely scrap the treaty ,,which is a failed fable of a document with no relivence today I belive if this is not done then we are going down the path of civil war ,that nobody will win this will bathe our wonderfull country in horror and blood ,,we need a referendum urgently ,,I ask the hopless govt to goto the people asap ,,please support this message make some noise,cheers tony
More racist propaganda Gareth
Only Adern will know exactly where she is headed. I think she hides a lot behind the smile and facade of appearing to be kind. She has read the situation well and used that to her advantage. My fear is how far does it get before a change of Govt. I have written to many MP’s without any acknowledgment or reply. They are running rough shod over the people of this Country. Hone
Never since the settling of New Zealand has a their been such a stance from anyone. Liz
We are New Zealanders first and foremost Laurel
The sooner it ends the better for nz Graham
…this path of division is already well established but most New Zealanders are just to ‘weak’ to shout out and say ‘Enough is Enough…!” Unity is the only way forward. Christopher
Wake up, New Zealanders, before it’s too late and this country is turned into a racist 3rd world socialist disaster zone. Patrick
Adern’s policies or ideology is the most divisive ever experienced in this nation. It has to be stopped, Apathy in the population is her friend, many kiwis seem to have their heads in the sand. Civil war material, not a remark I make lightly colin
I could see it happening before I read about it. Faith
Blatantly obvious. The post-modern agenda is corrupt and needs to be thrown in the rubbish bin. Mark
She is purposely bringing about changes that will create civil unrest throughout the country. Rob
Definite and damaging division where people will hate, fight, destroy, oh wait, it will be like South Africa.! Who knew? Ray
We condemned other countries for apartheid practices and now they want to bring it here. Is it only wrong when Whites are in charge is it ok when it is Maori or Negros in charge. I think is wrong always. It should be one Nation with united peoples. cheryl
Ardern and her Communist/Socialist Govt are traitors to the NZ way of life and citizens. The sooner they are removed and this disgraceful agenda halted the better off we all will be. I despise Ardern and her Cabal of Student Politicians, they certainly do not represent what the majority of New Zealander’s stand for and how they wish the country to move forward. Allan
God save New Zealand (from the Adern Government and how it is hell bent on sending us to destruction and ending life as we know it and our concept of equal New Zealanders). I despair. Valerie
It’s so blatantly obvious what she and her Party are doing! But she is doing it to buy votes, and when she get’s what she wants, it won’t matter what anyone wants. Heather
Comrade Ardern says it all. Appalling! Robert
It is all so obvious!! However, we often talk about the Maori Elite, who may they be? and perhaps time should be spent on looking at their objectives. I can guess? Ray
The Treaty of Waitangi offered British citizenship to ALL NZers and British law. It was NOT a partnership. Ian
Very divisive Karen
She is dividing us for some reason I can’t for the life of me understand. We still have Maori members of Parliament which should have gone back in 1897 when all men got the vote and now Jacinda is introducing ‘Special Maori Council Seats’ when we all voted against them. Surely at the next elections we can throw this disastrous Prime Minister out, and the incoming government cull out all her racist laws so we can move forward again as one people. Eric
I fear that we could be following a dangerous path for our country’s future if the path being promoted by Adern and her co-horts is followed. With 2 of our 4 sons now working overseas I consider that they will take a close look as to where our country is headed in the future before they consider returning. Brian
Divide and conquer is the goal of this current communist regime. Julian
Socialist totalitarian strategy – divide and conquer. Peter
we consider that the Ardern government is setting the country on a dangerous path with regard to race relations. This is not what the people of our country ask for or want. I hope that the next election will prove to be a vital one for the future with the prospect of serious division and that unity prevails. Brian
She and her Maori cohorts seem hellbent on ramming it down our throats come hell or high water and they don’t seem to care. She has to go. Fraser
apartheid Trevor
All labours proposed changes are leading to racial division. If you try and debate it you are called a racist Brian
Unquestionably! Alan
We must stop the slide toward explicit bi-cultural apartheid and tribal rule else we will end up like South Africa is today where where tribal rule has led to chaos and violence. Richard
Of course Adern is promoting DIVISION – but why is she doing so? It can only be for self glorification – but in whose eyes? Can someone please enlighten me?? Heather
Division eventually means chaos, blood in the streets, civil war and the end of everything built so far in our history. We know our direction in the future so lets stick to it as one people. The Labour Party has already started to cut its own throat. John
Disastrously so! Hugh
We are all mongrels as are all Maoris a mix of different races. One thing that most of us are in New Zealand are New Zealanders Shaun
current attempts to divide us are being made by a few people who have much to gain Stanley
totally at odds to the team of 5 million John
Divide and conquer part of the essential pathway to evolving into a communist state. Very sinister indeed Brian
It is a sorry state of affairs, most people seem to be blind to the fact and the young more so. Sven
Ardern’s Labour “Govt” is hell-bent to destroy NZ’s domestic structure and rewrite our society. Unconstitutional statutes and the waste of billions of our sparse dollars to buy votes from minority groups who are largely living unlawfully and without earnings, just benefits, causing Police and citizens who pay their way and taxes to live in constant fear of their lawless ways are threatening our traditional lifestyles. Our “govt” seem to think themselves immune from criticism which ruins any hope of improvement from them. Edgar W.
apartheid incarnate (ex South African) Neville
Absolutely and so deviously Alan
Unity, Janet
I never thought I would see such a dangerous political party in power. Claire
The vast majority didn’t know what they were voting for. Maybe they do now. Heather
What’s happened to equality? The most devious government ever! Great to see Farmers Protest bringing us all together. Dell H
Anything race based is dangerous stephanie
It is happening so fast it is frightening. Helen
It is happening so fast but at last people are waking up and realizing that this Govt is the most divisive we have ever had Margaret
Ardern is about as divisive as she could possibly be. Her race based policies are about as idiotic as they can get! Allan
That is her main objective…to divide. Joanna
Madness Richard
This commie b—ch with her buck tooth greasy smile is only interested in furthering her own career.Get out of our lovely country before you ruin it forever.I’m sure China would welcome you with open arms. Ross
Absolute division, Ardern is weak against a minority of Maori whom are manipulating those that think they are more Maori than European or whatever. Be wary of Aderns PR machine it’s just starting up again due to her decline in polls. Owen
The question to be answered is, Why? Divide and conquer is the most relevant answer as its the preferred method all Marxist dictatorships use. Rex
s A decision which eventually leads to civil war John
Reading comments, totally agree, but very concerned as to how we ordinarily citizens make our voices heard. Ralph
Comrade arderns marxist playook is not going to let commonsnse interfere with ideology.Overt racist policies are part of the divide and rule.Role on 2023 so we can get rid of her and the other incompetents. Sidney
If the Governments’ actions are so correct – why the secrecy?? Michael
Division would bring about the type of problems that South Africa are currently suffering. If you agree with this ,you really need help! john
Unity is about being “one”, and they are certainly going the opposite way to that. Andrew
Without doubt. Bob
Ardern is leading the country down a very dangerous path. Actively dividing a country only spells difficulty ahead. I grew up in Apartheid South Africa and the circumstances were the same as Ardern is working toward – the minority ruling the majority. Never in history is there an example of success when the majority rules. Ursula
In fact, in 2002, the majority view of archaeologists was that humans first settled in New Zealand well over 1,000 years before the main Maori migration is estimated to have arrived around 1200 AD Mike
Blame lies with blindly following UN agenda. Elizabeth
What are we letting ourselves in for when this so called photogenic princess is conning us into believing she will lead us out of the pandemic before it is to late and into a bright socialistic future,Wake up and lets stop before it is too late eric
Our P.M. is hell-bent on creating a divided country. If this continues New Zealand will end up with a civil war. John
This is racism john
It’s very clear what path Jacinda Adern is taking New Zealand down and the sad fact is that so many people in our country cannot see beyond the superficial hugs, be kind (so called message) and smiling assassin that is currently running New Zealand Heather
Disgustingly destructive Kevin
If nz determines democratically to seperate its citizens by race, it has to come up with a genetic measurement and means of identification, that will be Interesting. Mark
It is wrong to say NZ is “going down a path TOWARD apartheid.” NZ ALREADY has apartheid. The fact that there are separate Maori seats in parliament is evidence of this. Until these seats are abolished, NZ will by definition have apartheid. Geoff
It is harder now not to look at all Maori with a feeling that they will one day take over my house by government rule. My whiteness will then see me on the street looking for a home. Or is that too far fetched? Murray
What is happening in New Zealand is very similar to what happened in Europe in the 12930’s. The Human race appears to have learnt noting. why is it that there is a need by some people to dominate other people, for what purpose, where in History has this been a good thing. If we want a future for New Zealand then we have to act now to abolish all Apartheid, separatist, and division rules and work toward building a unified country that works together to all our benefit. Our present direction of Government will lead to civil unrest, civil war, apathy’s and chaos, New Zealand will spiral out of control. Action to preserve our hard fought for Democracy is essential and urgent, we owe it to our forefathers to uphold our way of life. War is NOT the answer, it never was and never will be. Stop this Apartheid nonsense now Bryan
One New Zealand for all of us together regardless of Race. Cath
Definitely being divided by race Erica
Divide and conquer, Marxism 101. Alan
Ardern is untrustworthy, underhand, deceitful, and is destroying democracy. Her colleagues in the Bee Hive must get rid of her and her ilk now, not wait for the next election. Frank
It’s already happened because of the faulty ill thought through policies made by this communist [ so called govt ]….however it will now descend deeper into apartheid if they go ahead with these , country destroying policies . Roy
Undoubtedly division and at an increasing rate with objectors labelled ‘racists’. The biggest racists in this country are the part-Maori types like Willie Jackson, Hone Harawira, Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. Tony
Totally agree with Ross Meurant. There is already division out in the community. I have heard people say “this is a NM shop”. Asked what NM stood for and was told Non maori, This has to stop, but unless a policy is bought in classify simply “that we are one people on many cultures are are all treated EQUALLY, then this sort of attitude will grow Alan
It’s sad and not good for future New Zealand Mark
separatism and elitism of the Maori is increasing at an alarming rate Linda
It is as plain as the nose on your face. Brenton
Ardern is motivated by her inherent socialist tendencies and sees the 25% content of her cabinet as Maori as an opportunity to force her agenda on an unsuspecting public. These are dangerous times if you are white because when you say you’re against race-based policies you are automatically accused of being racist. Kerry
Very clearly divisive. It is simply impossible to have a racially based system anything other than divisive. Check out South Africa, Sri Lanka. Doug
We are in a very sad state of affairs Robert
There are no indigenous people in New Zealand. We are all guilty of desecrating these islands, but maoris started a few hundred years before the rest of us. Charles
They are elevating Maori above everyone else doing their best to instil apartheid in NZ Laurie
This is a dangerous path that could well lead to major civil unrest Mark
Unity can never be achieved without equal rights for every ethnic group. Keith
There can be no doubt that down the road of assigning privilege and rights based on race and ethnic heritage, lie division, strife and polarisation. The consequences should be a concern to all New Zealanders. Fernguy
I believe her ultimate goal is a totally apartheid, communist state with herself at the helm, and high up in the new One World Order. She’s a disaster for Democracy. she spouts it but her policies go directly against One People, One Nation. As you said, she is creating an apartheid state. It’s disgusting. And her course of action around Covid, with the fear-mongering and forcing of an un-tried chemical jab is criminal. It is beggaring our country, making us poor and dependent. Joyce
A lot of people have had enough of this half witted prime minister and her commie mates taxing every thing that moves , and ramming this Maori bull shit down our throats There will be a back lash ….. Murray
Cindy has no bloody idea what the hell she’s doing and the damage this crap will do to our great nation! Matt
There is nothing progressive about dividing a nation by race. Helen
Racial separatism is of the greatest threats to democracy this country is facing. What the Ardern government is doing is sowing the seeds of division and rancour. Simon
The country I love is being destroyed by the Ardern government. Carl
the worst govt in our history they have to go quick morris
Jacinda Ardern is an avowed Communist and as such is using the “Divide and Conquer” strategy which has worked so well for totalitarian states and ideologies for hundreds of years. If we do not actively reverse this process, we are ruined. I would like to think that todays’ “Groundswell” protest will prove to be the beginning of a gathering momentum to bring about the change of direction we so desperately need. What is happening in South Africa right now should serve as a salutary lesson as to the possible fate that awaits us if we fail to halt the present downward trend! Scott
Congratulations to Ross Meraunt for his most welcome informative message this is brilliant. Ian
Labour and Greens are imposing apartheid on the country. National has no moral authority to challenge this because of its former dealings with the racists of the Maori Party and its secret signing of UNDRIP. Only ACT can lead the country out of this morass. David
We are already experiencing apartheid politics and policies and the trend is getting worse. How can New Zealanders accept this yet were so opposed to racial privilege and separate development (apartheid) in South Africa? Frank
Where is Minto now,Ardern is doing the same to NZ as he protested about South Africa doing forty years ago. malcolm
With all the clangor for special treatment for those too lazy to look after themselves; those who pull their weight are feed up. Petar
The commie Adern Govt has lost any legitimacy by attacking the New Zealand People, the very people the Govt is there to serve. The Adren Govt is being “handled” by outside global influence and as such, no longer represents us. I will no longer stand under this government. Neil
We do not need or want an apartheid regime in New Zealand Alister
Ardern is wholly responsible for deliberate racial division of the citizens of New Zealand. We must demand political parties remove the TOW and so called invented principals/partnership from all law and legislation within 100 days. clearly explained Muriel and Ross so how come the politicians are incapable of leading. Appeasing a small minority of mixed race individuals will be the death of New Zealand. we are already on life support. Sam
Stop this slide into oblivion – boot Labour out at the next election !! Pete
like a runnaway train Geva
When you divide something into two you have a division. That is exactly what our so called PM is intending. It is division by race and it is abhorrent. At the present time New Zealanders are now angry and shocked at what is happening to their country. Hopefully the recent street protests is just the beginning. However I would like those Maori who also oppose these changes to stand up and be counted. We are in effect now fighting for our democracy. chris
race based policy does not bode well for the future of NZ Bryan
We were brought up as 1 equal race & Maori tribes have unnecessarily been given Millions of dollars in compensation over the years. Roydon
It is a Marxist MO barry
He Poopoo will divide us all John
Let the problems in South Africa be a stark lesson Raymond
How can anyone think otherwise. It is blatantly obvious Gail
“God help” new zealand if we continue down the present path. Phill phill
This Labour Government is most certainly taking us into an era of apartheid and civil unrest. I am of English/Scottish/Shetland Island heritage with a father born in Canada to N.Z. parents. I am a New Zealander, not an Aotearoaian! My husband and I are now superannuitants and would emigrate to the Sunshine Coast of Australia if not for Covid. This Labour Government seems to think we are all gullible and stupid but more and more people are either glad they didn’t vote Labour, (us) or regretting that they did. This is all part of a United Nations agenda. We are realists and not conspiracy theorists. The farmers protest, today, which we supported, shows our country is heading into serious and troubling times. My father fought in WW2 and I do not want to see our beautiful ‘Godzone’ country heading into civil war. Continue to education the public Muriel and your team. We need to be kept informed. about the truth. Gaynor
Racist communist scum Greg
Its a communist way of dividing the nation to conquer the nation. Create havoc so you can impose more control. Fait accompli. At long last people are starting to see the scheming tart for what she is. Bring on a snap election. Peter
She is a Socialist with marxist ideology and educated in marketing – when marketing takes over the first casualty is the Truth! The tide is turning – it must before the socialist mess gets any larger! Frederick
The sooner the Socialist lot are out the better Sheryl
Open and transperant government was her promise lies and deceit is her game plan in effect she has lied her way into government…she has to go Warren
She is creating apartide. Peter
Let’s do this Dennis
This is simple racism on a scale that will know no bounds if Ardern and Mahutu are left to illegally breach our constitution. Michael
Let’s revolt. Dennis
She is too young to actually remember Apartheid , and she hasn’t a clue about unity. If she did she would not be promoting the so called Maori ideals when they have white ancestors so when do they start to acknowledge that heritage and accept there was a unity or unison !!!!!! Beverley
Totally depressing that this useless government is promoting apartheid and brainwashing with Maori language being forced on us by communist goals aided by the radical Maori in parliament Sidwell
These are worrying times, once the Genie is out of the bottle he rarely goes back in, and why would he? Brian
She needs to go. She’s destroying the very fabric that makes NZ a great country. Trevor
Many Marxist style governments are using race to divide their populations so that they war amongst themselves and this government has I believe deliberately decided to go down that path. We must not let them do so. Roger
More predictable idiocy… Richard
Total division which is the lefties method of creating disharmony. Ardern will not reject the He Puapua report outright as she should and the use of Te Reo becoming far too intrusive and particularly as 90% do not understand it and neither should they. What is the cost even of the additional signage ??? John Key sent Pita Sharples to the UN to have Maori declared as the indigenous peoples of NZ — what a stupid damn thing to do and we are paying for it now. WHEN WILL ANY GOVERNMENT HAVE THE GUTS TO START SAYING “NO” !!!!!!!!!! This country is doomed if we keep heading down the current path and I hear now some wanting to get out. Some of the proposals were never mentioned prior to this Marxist outfit’s selection. Take the Three Waters for example — another bureaucratic outfit controlling us and with Iwi involved once again when their noses should be kept out of it. Alan
While Ardern is in power, New Zealand will never be united. reg
Sad! Have we left it too late? A beautiful country going!going! ? Ken
Racism is becoming compulsory under this govt Alan
Stir up crap,then bugger off to a UN job with Helen Peter
Shocking development for a democratic country, history has shown apartheid and racial division does not bode well for any society. Ken
Get rid of any reference to maori-based issues,including the idea of a separate health system. that’s just going to drag us all down the path to racist division and resentment from everyone else Trevor
and Jacinda (Mugabe) Ardern has to be stopped Ken
Blindly we are being driven into a situation that is completely at odds with our democracy. Television radio and newspaper control, not listening to our farmers and trades people. We are going down a very steep slope toward separatism. A sad day for our country. Carol
Rubbish government decisions hodden pre election Steve
Divide and rule-I am afraid where this socialist Labour Government is taking us! Colleen
She has to go and it shroud be right now, but how do we go about this. Ron
It has been obvious for at least 4 years and is abhorant. Richard
Apartheid for New Zealand is securely in the sights of this woke government. I believe they have a hidden agenda, divide & conquer being the first step Pieter
The ‘natural’ citizens of New Zealand, that is those born here, are likely to have the most diverse genetic makeup of any country. Any move to identify and promote Maori as a separate group is akin to the Nuremburg Race Laws of 1934 (Nazi Germany) or the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 (Virginia, USA). It is worth considering the 1934 ‘Classification System’ to see where we might be heading. Keith
There is no other way forward other than adopting a color blind approach. DNA profiles should be undertaken for all those wishing to be classified as Maori. gale
I think Ardern has her heart in the right place but her head is totally blind to the invetibale ramifications and consequences. Bruce
It is frightening how underhand and quickly it is happening. Heather
I fear for our future Douwe
Divisive no question. It’s been coming for some time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see civil war. Who is a “Maori”? Some who claim so are as white as the next person. I believe they mostly claim this to get the benefits. Sheila
what can be done to stop this madness.Perhaps a vote should be tabled inParliament of “No confidence in this Labour Govt”. Also a petition could be set up to demand the Govt stop this march to separatism. Peter
These are very sad times we as a nation are enduring. A wayward totalitarian Prime minister hell bent on destroying democracy here in New Zealand as we know it. I dread to think what our forbearers are thinking who fought numerous wars so we could have freedom of speech and live in a democratic society. Wayne
I am apoplectic and unable to comment further than confirming the issues raised in this weeks article Tony
It is also regressive in nature, taking us back towards a class system. How is it that a Labour Party, can be actively working towards an end that it was founded to eradicate? They are betraying their founding Principle DavidF
We were one, Jacinda is making us two Brian
Well and truly down the plughole Ted
It has been obvious for a very long time, that politicians have been determined to treat Maori as inferior citizens, needing special treatment, unavailable to any other ethnic group. At last count, descendants of Maori had 197 benefits, or privileges that were available to them if requested. So already, separatism is firmly entrenched. Separate governance is PURE APARTHEID. It is all about the Marxist/Globalist Agenda; divide & conquer.. A.G.R.
SPretty obvious he wants to give the whole Country back to Maori Control Tony
Come on Cindy it’s time to get real. NZ for all citizens is the only way forward. John T
That woman should be removed from her function and return to be her former glory: being the highest placed communist in NZ Peter
The word partnership was in the Treaty of Waitangi. Hobson said we are now ONE. This is apartheid what this Labour government is doing. Sheila
Labour’s proposal amounts to apartheid, pure and simple. If this is not stopped there is no question that the result will be bloodshed. Rod
I am constantly appalled by Ardern%u2019s conferring prior rights on people who for the most part have more European blood than Maori. The whole thing is an absolute farce Wah
Govt is racist ,divisive, and disfunctional. Peter
Divison is about to happen unless like minded New Zealanders dont stand up and say no,no,no John
This government is socialist and dangerous for the future of this country Trishas
Very sad Alec
Fairly plain to see. David
The separatist nonsense must be stopped before it gains any more traction. ron
Just look at todays tractor and Ute protest folks ,the silent majority is now starting to wake up to all the bullshit-this could all end in tears Phil
Do you want to go down the same path as South Africa as it was, and as it still is today after all that has gone before???? Roy
NZ has never had a Prime Minister with such loopy ideas – send he roff to Russia or North Korea! eric
The Treaty of Waitangi has been distorted into a Whiners’ Charter. It seems that race now gives you a claim for special treatment and the ownership of common resources. It’s all going to get very much worse if New Zealanders of any skin colour don’t wake up and vote this government out. Sleepers awake! Denis
It is difficult not to questions Miss Ardern’s motives when she has shown her propensity to lie, distort and exaggerate the facts in order to support her position.. She shows herself in the same light as Herr Hitler ably supported by Herr Goebbels and whilst representing a different political motivation Comrade Stalin. She clearly is a believer of Mr Xi Jinping and control of the MSM [including using taxpayer money to buy that control]. What right does she have to promote 16% of our population as being superior to the other 84% of the population and worthy of special considerations. if it is NOT to divide the nation [a true communist tactic of creating instability in order to ease Marxism into becoming the prevailing political dogma] it is difficult to determine why she and her sycophants seek to destroy democracy and garner full political control unto themselves. Miss Ardern is driven to divide this nation and “govern for ALL New Zealanders” [or perhaps she would now be claiming to act for Aotearoaens] is but another lie she is using to in her attempt to subjugate OUR Nation. Not one of her actions has been motivated by the desire to unify our Nation, including the wearing of a Hijab. Michael
Division is the very intent of Marxists – specifically to divide and conquer. Make no mistake – Adern holds equal contempt for white and brown alike and deliberately forments unrest and invents ’emergencies’ to further her sick communist political agenda. Seems like Cuba might need a new leader soon, perhaps she should apply? Tony
It seems that the “Maori” party has insinuated itself into the Labour camp thereby getting its access to changing the rights of all our citizens. Dave
I believe in reality and truth there is only one race to consider, and for which to govern and that is the Human Race. Paul
She is well down that path and I suspect does not want to change because she might loose votes. Malcolm
We are heading into a dark place and this Government will if their not careful start a civil war and drag us back to 1981 and earlier so we need to be very careful and due our uttermost to remove this Government and the Green Party who are hell bent on diving the country into ruin. ken
Determination of rights or privileges by race or skin colour is divisive. No question about it. Alain
You only have to talk to the people in the street to find the answer to this question. Jacinda and her commie mates are either running scared of the Maori Sovereignty Party or are in cahoots with them. The turnout for the Groundswell protest is just a sign of things to come. At least the farmers are standing up and being counted. Urban
This movement of separatism is not one we should be pursuing. This is not democracy and very dangerous. It must be stopped. Paloma
Aden is falling over backwards to preserve the Maori seats, , asking non Maori to pay fior seperate Maori health and prisons! . I think Maori are taking over the prisons by occupancy!!! Claire
She is destroying what was a really nice country to live in for all…turning us all against each other….disgusting!!! mark
New Zealanders need to stop this in its tracks. We do not want or need this and it is not up to one woman to forge the future of our country. Vote her out New Zealand she can go to Aotearoa wherever that is. . Janine
The worst I have known it, Kevin
The end result of such division must inevitably be civil war and many deaths. It is VITAL that this rush towards apartheid be stopped NOW. John
I don’t see any evidence of unity. Chris
They are wrong. So wrong. Be it race or carbon causing CC. Populism will have its price. The sooner the better. Doug
The Labour Party politicians might have educated people but between them all they have no common sense. Dennis
Adern is a Socialist/Communist and is taking us down the Sth African pathway of apartheid.She is also a racist who acts against Brierly (rightly so) but fails to follow suit against Love & Latimer who both were guilty of theft. John
This is the most dangerous government we have had in my living memory. Mike
The obvious agenda is to divide to rule based on the politics of envy. Max
They need to be stopped but it seems the population is being ignored.Might wake up when tractors get driven into Parliament. Keith
She is tearing us apart. steve
This idiotic woke government is pushing this beloved land (New Zealand) closer and closer to the point of civil uprising and potentially war with these ridiculous apartheid policies. I pray it doesn’t come to the point where we see what a pathetic failure the ‘gun buy back’ scheme was. Andrew
We are ALL New Zealanders and race does NOT come into it. Robina
I have never seen New Zealand so divided in my 70 plus years… and all due to the sick Ardern government. Our country is totally screwed. We have no effective police force, no law and order and out of control unemployment at a time when almost every industry are desparate for workers. .. all this damage and so much more created by mongrel Jacinda. Des
It just keeps on coming. Heaven help us Bev
Unquestionable. Graham
Strongly so Julian
Marxists thrive on division and Jacinda is no exception. Division diverts attention from this government’s agenda of central control and authoritarianism. We face a very difficult future if the people do not make a firm stand against the imposition of an Orwellian state. Lee
Obviously, but no NZ’er,not Maori,will do anything as we are to stupid and too lazy.We can’t comment publically,because we are racist,and can’t comment in the papers because we are censored. Peter
Ardern’s Maori caucus is leading her down a very dangerous racist future, where civil unrest and probably violence will determine the outcome. Graeme
This actual occurrence is Hidden to public open scrutiny and complaint to Adhern Govt journalistic jingoism john
Maori have no right to demand control of government. They ARE NOT, NEVER WERE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE TO LAND HERE. AND STILL ONLY LESS THAN 20% of the total population. They have to accept this and the truth that none would still have full maori heritage, genetically. Maori thankfully are not all in favour with the demands being made. No one small race has the right to demand superior rights based on lies. CMM
Its totally decisive and an insane path to pursue Bruce
Divide and rule. Right out of the communist playbook. As a means to an end, our P.M is taking us down the path of division where the few will rule over the many with no middle class – the middle class being those who generate the most wealth when free. Please do not miss this. New Zealander Trevor Loudon exposes the Real Jacinda Ardern: https://rumble.com/vhqgeh-exposing-the-real-jacinda-ardern.html 16:33 Don
Sadly sailing into a political and racial storm with very dark horizons ahead ! John
Ardern and her co horts will fail and go down in history as communists with this seperate path of a 15% of the population being elevated above all others. this isnt needed,or , wanted, but will end in tears if not stopped yesterday clint
I hate it!!!! Evelyn
Obviously Jacinda wants us to be either Maori or “other”. In other words apartheid is coming to NZ, just like South Africa had in the past. Mark
very much……. The question was: “Is Marxism as bad as history suggests?” Let’s find out. wayne
get rid of Jacinda, we have enough problems under her Govt graeme
Absolutely Linda
we are all New Zealanders living in New Zealand where no racial preference should be tolerated. This is not the path we are currently being forced down, without any consultation. Ian
Certainly not living up to her promise to govern for all New Zealanders Dell
It has to stop! Roger
Very devious and dangerous. Neville
Divide and rule. Right out of the communist playbook. As a means to an end, our P.M is taking us down the path of division where the few will rule over the many with no middle class – the middle class being those who generate the most wealth when free. Please do not miss this. New Zealander Trevor Loudon exposes the Real Jacinda Ardern: https://rumble.com/vhqgeh-exposing-the-real-jacinda-ardern.html 16;33 Don
Unfortunately, we are headed for Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya. It will come if this mob lasts. New Zealanders need to wake up before its too late. One of the first we need to get rid of is most of the media, tv seems ridden with these types and is intent on brainwashing the population so that we can’t think for ourselves. I am very worried where NZ is headed. Don
Favouring one ethnic group over another is the very definition of apartheid Ray
Sadly we are along way down the path to apartheid in New Zealand. Get rid of the treaty and all race based legislation, even though it will probably start a civil war with maori taking up arms. Darryl
New Zealand is already divided. John
It’s terrible. I never voted for our country to be renamed Aotearoa!! David
she is an evil woman sue
Is she keeping her UN Masters happy? richard
Quite definitely division Arthur
She and her moari cronies must be stopped, or we will end up like Zimbabwe Clive
“We are one”, are we not? That was preached a year or so ago! Brian
One race one people Patrick
We, NZers, used to be proud of the fact that we were united despite being a nation composed of various races. The current regime is dismantling this unity at a fast pace and giving people of part-Maori ancestry a greater opportunity based on race; in other words an apartheid nation. This slow change must be reversed before it’s too late. Warren
Our country is heading down the path to division very fast, things are not discussed in the open anymore, we just read that something has been given to Maori, or the Maori language is now pushed all the time, the name of our country, street names, buildings are changed with no public in put at all, millions being spent on Maori, they have had the same education system, health system, and many other things as long as we have had them. I cannot remember any division at all growing up, we had maori friends, work mates without any worry about what race they were, what colour their skin was, it has all changed since Jacinda Ardern has been running the country Nancye
Current events in south africa show the folly of this course. Terry
She is a very foolish communist looking for votes. Robbie
This is a blatant abuse of Power by a government which has already proven that they cannot govern New Zealand. They are a bunch of shadows chasing anything and everything in an effort to make unproven/failed fixes to WORK. As for Jacinda she is only highlighting those things that make her look/feel good. FAILURE Jacinda and Labour…. Carl
Well her ideas if they come to pass could easily cause a huge revolt anyway I believe all New Zealanders should now stand up and unite to oppose the path they are trying to force on us Peter
I hope Ms Ardern realises that she is is not Maori and should her evil laws cone to bearing, she will be the first to be discharged as ‘superfluous to requirement’ by the so-called Maori Elite…… Robyn
dividing the country. financially rewarding a few who call themselves maori. jeff
As your article states that if this Marxist government enacts all it will lead to civil war & we will end up like South Africa is today. Labour is pandering to its Maori members to ensure its win in the next election. Abolition of the Maori health authority should be a priority . Warren
All of my friends agree that division is happening right now. They’re not happy! Pat
We are heading down the path towards anarchy at speed Kevin
it’s obvious. the left wants to divide. Graeme
Perhaps Ardern needs to come clean on her heritage. (DNA) is she looking at being part of the no tax Maori elite Alan
Disgusting Q
Her policy is breeding hatred and will lead to a divided nation meg
So scary! Why can’t this .gov see the danger of causing separatism, Was ?Gods own country but not now. Chris
Without Question. Max
It is happening with increasing speed and momentum every day. Race is at the forefront and centre of everything in NZ. Adele
communism by stealth Gill
Socialists have control of her party. Wayne
Reminds me of the 1930’s in Germany! Warren
We have been a united country with every one having equal opportunities. That is going to be a thing of the past under this Labour Government. Tony
She is a SOCIALIST/MAXIST and needs booting out.She is not DEMOCRATIC in her actions ref MAORI. Pete
Absolutely Pam
Those who pretend to govern us should he required to read history and then be test on it frequently. Dogma and crackpots turn up regularly and once gone are mostly forgotten to the detriment of later generations. This current NZ government is a prime example of a total lack of what went wrong before, the troubles created, how difficult and how much pain was experience to bring back basic humanity. Absolutely hopeless with more incompetence displayed every day.. No wonder the bolsheviks eliminated the intellectuals , mumbo jumbo and religious advocates. Colin
Its as plain as a pikestaff – Ardern is taking us directly, without a shred of doubt, into separatism. It is a recipe for civil war. Ron
The PM has somehow become ‘radicalised’ into progressing an undemocratic agenda of Maorification that will in the end benefit nobody. It is difficult to comprehend how instrumental a bought and paid for MSM is proving to be in hiding this reality from an otherwise sleepwalking public. Ron
Absolute Division. Richard
Without doubt, the present government’s policies in this field are divisive Peter
This is her socialist agenda, along with zero consensus Boris
GOD ( Winston Peters ) has a lot to answer for.. putting ‘Comrade Ardern’ in charge !!! Donald
Unbelievable what this Government is enforcing on our democratic nation by stealth. The end result will be segregation and civil unrest. Gary
Most definitely and I find that very disturbing. I wont be voting for her next time. I can’t live in a country that’s divided. And you are right, it is called apartheid. Kerin
0ther Media (TV and newspapers) are also responsible for strengthening Arden’s devisive policies through biased reporting that is not impartial or independent of opinions and ideologies. Jacqui
I cannot figure out how Arderns’ mind functions, surely she can see this will only lead to more division and probably violence in the long run. No way is 83% of the people going to accept effective rule by the 17% of the population who claim to be “Maori”, particularly in view of the fact that all Maori today are 50% or less “Maori”, due to interbreeding with whitey over the years. Roy
Things are getting worse by the day. lindsay
Definitely division! If they don’t see it or understand it then they shouldn’t be in power because of lack of intelligence! Ron
Fantastic, clearly thought out articles thank you. I wish they could be much more widely read. Debbie
Its very clear that Jacinda is currently creating an apartheid state, based on a corrupted interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi John
With the policies that Labour are putting into place, there cannot be any other outcome, but division. The Maori first in every bit of legislation they enact, there can only be one end result. Peter
It has to be division with all this Maori shit that is going on. It’s absolute crap and it MUST stop. Graham
Not only is the government trying to divide us, but also there is much lack of transparency, contradicting their election goal. There is an arrogance in this govt that I dislike: eg.”We are the sole source of truth” but a few days ago, both Chris Hipkins Dr. Michael Baker, who advises the govt on Covid, told ‘porkies’ on News Hub breakfast show regarding adverse events with the ‘vaccine’ and regarding deaths, which we never hear about on the MSM. A lot of censorship going on.. Theodora
I believe it is a deliberate agenda leading to Ardern’s desire for a socialist/communist society, in NZ. Henry
When will people see what is happening Christine
When there is a rule for one and another rule for another there is no unity. Slowly New Zealanders are waking up to the fact that the current Government are leading us down a dangerous path. Dennis
There is no doubt that she is taking the path to division. Obviously she is not capable of seeing the road ahead and as such has to be removed from her position long before the next election Tom
Jacinski’s left-wing policies are turning our nation into racists. John
Ardern has already taken us a good way down the slope of division and if all our citizens do not wake up and make their voices heard, then we will have civil war in NZ in the next 25 years…. SO WAKE UP EVERYONE AND BE HEARD. Bruce
All to please the support the Labour party requires, i.e the Maori vote Warren
I believe reading into the treaty material that is not there. !Therefore, writing material to suit their position of argument .They should read the book Late Singapore Leader Lee Kuan Yee Opinions on everything. There lies your answer. Brian
Is Ardern just a puppet to her racially based collogues. I cannot understand why she believes this is the way forward. Seems her best qualification is wrapping fish and chips. Go back to it or does she want to follow Helen to the United nations? Most of us are not racially inclined so have backed off when Arderns mates play the race card. There is nothing to be ashamed or feel guilt about. These people are playing the “long” game. The more you say something the more likely we will all believe it. Hence any history of NZ needs to be written not by a New Zealander but a neutral overseas historian Alan
Unbelievable that most are passively allowing this to happen. Come the election we will see if it is what New Zealanders want. Adrian
got it wrong chris
It is a very scary direction to take Gerhard
Divide and Rule is the agenda of this Government and they have no intention of listening to the general populace about their Very dangerous policies that will totally change NZ for ever. Carol
look at the problems caused in Africa chris
Apartheid, civil war in South Africa this week Mark
Definitely division, it is scary! Jack
Deep division, but much more than that. She is leading New Zealand to the ruin of Democracy, pandering to a racist agenda of a few Maori who think that they are a superior race, ignoring their own European ancestry. Folkert
Absolute division Siobain
This Govt. and all its racial, divisive agendas must be stopped …and soon. Peter
The real problem is that statistically 50% of the population have no more than an average IQ and the majority of those will always vote, without thinking about the consequences, for the increasing welfare bribes, extra holidays/time off, and ever more pandering to Maori provided primarily by Labour, how do we change the present obscenely corrupt government that is using these tactics to ensure it gets the votes? Steve
Somehow this must be stopped Bryan
Don’t have to wait for it to happen. Day one when labour became the government it started to happen and well down the path of division already happening Mary-Ann
not long now before there is a serious backlash most are fed up andrew
Common sense. History & current affairs illustrate this. Geoffrey
You only have to look at her in gang gear Jimmy
I wish it was unity 🙁 Kim
The Ardern moves toward effective apartheid are either grossly stupid or evil. Regardless of which way her intentions lie anything that divides our nation so cruelly and foolishly must be stopped or our country and citizens will be down the same road as South Africa. Rob
apartheid…… Lionel
never in my 75 years of understanding leadership have I seen such seemingly intentional division caused by a New Zealand government. Seems to me the lady is taking us down a path of civil war. Why can’t we take the meaning of a document for its intent by the writers and signatories of the time rather than extending it to meanings and attitudes now. That is deceit to me. Denis
Arden is a communist & a despot. When did the c ountry become aoteroa-who polled us all? The news is off nuightly as we black & white have no idea what they are on about & we have no need for it. Learn maori if you want, use it if you want but the majority don’t so stop dishing it up. Get rid of cindy. Go the farmers – its not just about the ute , its the whole crap deal from Labour & this re erse raCIST COUNTRY. Ronnie
It is obvious that non maoris should resist this forthcoming division of the nation as they will become second class citizens. What is equally obvious, at least to students of history, is that maoris who are not maori ‘elites’ should resist it with the same passion, and for exactly the same reasons. Study pre-European NZ history to find constant inter-tribal warfare, mass killings, enslavement of the vanquished, murder of those of no value as slaves; all enacted by the tribal leaders – now to be known as the ‘elite’, to their own benefit, and not necessarily that of their tribesmen. Study further the early history of Africa, Asia, The Middle East, South America, and even Europe to find the same things happening. It represents human nature when it is not constrained by inclusive political policies such as democracy. We currently have democracy here, but it appears that it does not meet with Miss Ardern’s approval. We must remove her and her sycophants from office before they do irreparable harm to the nation of New Zealand and replace it with Aotearoa. TOBY
Absolutely no doubt about it !! Henry
The moves of this PM to divide the country are positively criminal bud
Division most definitely Steve
The current situation is creating so much divisiveness by race, and is only getting worse by the day. We live in such a P C world now, yet it seems the govt think it’s ok make so much of our lives race based. We need every NZer to see themselves as 1 country, one nation, 1 people, regardless of your ancestry.(with all due respect to all culture) Antony
Purposely imposed socialism on a ‘democratic’ nation that Labour intends to racially divide. Ms Ardern might eventually find herself on the wrong side as she is very ‘white’ to look at !!! russell
words fail me. enough is enough martyn
Your article says it all David
This is the most divisive, dishonest government ever. Mel
The more i see, confirms that it is deliberate Don
Having lived in SA during the apartheid regime I can see the similarities. Ordinary maoris must surely see they are also being scammed. There will be no lollies for them, just as in SA there are no benefits for the ordinary black person. The only people who will benefit are the maori elite. Just like in SA today. Ardern’s way will lead to civil war. Already we can see maori gangs armed to the hilt and white settlers being de-weaponised. If we want freedom for all we’re going to have to fight for it. Jenny
Maori must not get any more separate rights. They have too much already Kevin
Its called Divide an rule Les
Division do you need to ask we couldn’t have voted in the worst Prime Minister. We have to get rid of her sooner than later Mike
Communism by stealth FloJo
I just hope that when some decisive action does happen, it will not be too late. William
What worries me more is what else are they up to. They have proven beyond doubt that they can’t be trusted. Barras
Classic war strategy is to divide and then conquer. As a Marxist, Arden and her Marxist cohorts plus Maori elites certainly know this and are using it relentlessly. Colin
It’s all part of a drive to break down western society. This isn’t going to stop unless enough people stand up and put their foot down and demand a stop to this. Brent
We have a defunct Govt. ! Donald
And Apartheid, with no factual support – ideologically driven peter
We definitely have racism in reverse here.The maori/pacifica people get as much covid vaccine as they want and the 80 year old white people still have to wait. The Labour government uses the excuses that the maori population are more susceptible to covid than a 80 year old white person. Racism William
This course of action by Adern is straight out of the Apartheid Play book. One has to ask, “is this part of a bigger Agenda”, meaning Communism. Geoff
She is pushing an agenda of maori Sovereignty which is separateism Colin
As I usually say, Muriel has got it right. June
As a nation we are united in that we are all being deceived and lied to. As a people we are being divided with a separatist, racist agenda due to socialist and communist ideals. Martin
Yes and I think it will kill the Labour/Green hold on political power. Neil
Ardern is a very dangerous politician. Her policies will lead to aparheid and consequent social discord and perhaps strife. Gordon
The separatist program beggars belief. Maurice
Adern, Shaw, David Parker & Genter are all suffering from Messianic Complex and are a group that are causing deep divisions in this country that may never be healed. They are driving the country deeper into the mire with thriftless, mindless borrowing and spending on stupid projects that will take generations to repay and as an older New Zealander I have been there & done that from Muldoon to Roger Douglas. Have already told my son don’t ever bother coming back to this country, it’s finished. A complete bunch of hypocrites that should all be made to sleep in their houses with their electric vehicles in the in-house garage and see how many of the lithium batteries burst into flames. Terry
Pre-European tikanga Maori, culture and tribal practices is of no benefit to New Zealand Anders today Bryan
Sure is dividing us…. for a purpose. She’s a sly dog. Watch this link….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1EA2ohrt5Q simon
Tis Government has done zero for the population, the only legislation they are interested in are Marxist ideology following Agenda 2030 all divisive and destructive they should be held liable. Max
Straight out of the Marxist playbook…divide and conquer. Division creating chaos then ‘order ‘(as in, totalitarian control). Anon
Aided by the mass media unfortunately. Pam
It is a travesty. I am still not sure whether she is doing it on purpose or is so out of depth Bruce
In light of the current events in South Africa, including Soweto, the trigger for what is now known as the “Soweto Riots” was the demonstration by Soweto school students being required to learn afrikaans. Seem familiar with prominent media giving prominence to maori language. john
Divide and rule a basic communist tactic. My real fear is that this will lead this beautiful little country to violence. What we need here is the ability to recall governments if they stray too far off the line that was promoted at election time Strong governments yes but accountable Robin
This racism must stop Roy
The adoption,of the recommendations of the He Puapua Report, about which New Zealanders are NOT being consulted, will lead to the country being dominated by a minority selected on ethnicity. This happened in South Africa and it would be disastrous to have it adopted here. David
She definitely is Graeme
Divisive agenda is in some significant measure analogous to a killer destroying the victims face. matt
We are one people. Iain
This government in it’s infinite stupidity under a leader who I would not describe as the brightest candle on the cake, are nothing but puppets on a string attached to an unholy UN agenda .The UN is nothing but a guise to a global communist regime. All this gender/ race /identity politics waffle is but a propaganda tool in the arsenal of these deranged characters. And ‘ as the article mentioned, the chance of we ending up in the same situation like what South Africa resembles today is becoming a gruesome reality. Michael
Jacinda has certainly got the slides under us so sad that what she is doing to this country we have never had such a walking disaster leading our lovely country just shows what on block head can do Russell
Agree we are heading for racism. This is a Govt that has done nothing that it has promised, however it is going hard on issues such as He Puapua. They took guns away from law abiding citizens and giving money to gangs. Maybe she is not as naive as we all thought and she has a well planned out end goal that she is slowly implementing Neil
Jasinister is of no help to Kiwis and should be removed from office. Collin
Absolutely!!!! Murray
even a blind man can see how this bent dictator and her lackeys are destroying NEW ZEALAND with controlling laws given to a small mob of polywogs to control the whole population of this country, be interesting to see if she has some brown blood so she can be crowned queen in 2040 unless she can be toppled in the next few years or sooner which would be better. Richard
No doubt about it, adern and her commie followers will destroy our democratic country. David
This is the most corrupting government NZ has ever seen. It is intent on entitling 10% of the population to have advantage and control over the rest of New Zealand. Tony
She is a criminal chris
The ethically bereft Ardern government is working for votes rather than New Zealand. I do not support or agree with their enthusiasm for “partnership” and reject any suggestion that co governance or Maori wards are appropriate for any aspect of Local Government. Peter
communisim Lenise
get rid of COMMISAR ADERN and her cohorts at the next election before we slide into an aparthied state les w
If not stopped soon will lead to disaster. Graham
Absolute Communist strategy. Norm
Without the shadow of a doubt. What is driving this woman to destroy our current way of life, is it her Socialist philosophy? Terry
You overlooked the inconvenient truth that John Key signed the UN Treaty on Indigenous People turning a trickle to an avalanche Cherry
Jacinda’s plan is surely Divide and Rule. Divide and Rule has been used by Communistic societies to impose their socialist doctrine. New Zealand – beware! Stuart
Absolutely. Arderns way will turn NZ into the Zimbabwe of the pacific. Bryce
we are all one!!! ( NEW ZEALAND KIWIS ) and not called anything else, some people should accept this and get over them selves and move on, we don’t hear other ethnic groups bashing on all the time about what they want, want want all the time they just accept that they are all new zealand kiwis. The government should learn to accept this and listen to the majority and not the few or mark our words the will pay the price. COLIN
obviously so. paul
You have overlooked the Maori All Blacks and the fact they were barred from SA due to being a race based team. John
The farcical notion that the Ardern govt is ‘open’ is continually being exposed as rubbish. The sooner she is tipped out of power the better Mike
The RED MARE is reading direct from Karl Marx book. She & her socialist socialites need to be dissolved. Allen
Having lived through the Muldoon era, I actually think this government is even more divisive than Muldoon’s. I have never felt that our basic freedoms were more as threatened as they are now. Andrew
It’s glaringly obvious….. Martin
It is very clear that the Ardern government is creating division as a means to promote their ongoing control of the electorate in future elections. alex
It is plainly obvious that this is the path to apartheid and will, more than likely, result in civil war. Like all of the currents gov’ts policies like housing , health and education this direction wil end up a total disaster. In essence where we are headed is race based socialism at its best and tribalism of 600 years ago. It is time to cut the crap and get rid of this government. Kevin
Planned Jill
Bring on a civil war if that’s what it will take for equality to prevail. One rule for ALL kiwi’s. Barbara
Sad, sad sad. Louise
Stop this nonsense!! Jenny
this is the worst government in history …. we are going to end up like South Africa. Cuba/Venezuela./china. brenda
Racial division is what the Ardern government is wanting to achieve. However, full marks to Muriel for finally telling it how it really is. The Treaty is not our founding document. What did it found especially as we were being administered from NSW when it was signed. Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent is so obviously our founding document and first Constitution. It annexed us from NSW on 16 November 1840 and was enacted on 3 May 1841, giving us our first Governor, legal and justice system, one law, our flag etc. Amazingly so many people have no idea of these facts. We need to push back loudly and clearly if we are ever to get our once beautiful country back. Helen
It’s the very nature and outcome of Marxism John
They are following their ideology, which is not based on economic or commercial realities. This is the most dangerous Government NZ has ever had. Gavin
They need to go back to the original Tiritiri not the one found in 1985 (english). Guy
There can be no question of the direction this government is pushing NZ, simply one of “Why?”. For mine I doubt it is a serious intent by all but a few racists, more simple stupidity by a group of unintelligent incompetents put in place by an electorate too lazy to think beyond what they see and hear from the group of university-trained socialists who currently pollute New Zealand media. Phil
This is absurd, who would have thought this radical policy could be possibly contemplated by any Government in this day and age. It would seem a middle of the road white male is now the villain of society, condemned to take blame for every slight that has ever happened to anyone else. Further silenced or branded racist for defending ourselves against such nonsensical claims. George
I find it quite difficult to believe that there is not one of the Labour MPs that cannot see the destructive path down which their caucus is leading the country. I can however believe that there is not one of them with the balls to front up and do something about it. If they cant stand the heat go find a real job. I would be interested to see honest accurately translated transcriptions of any consultations with iwi(I want it) about He Puapua. Terry
Absolutely division – no two ways about it. Ardern is using the communist “divide and rule” tactic and most Kiwis can’t even see it.  Mike
We are going down a destructive totalitarian path. This is the worst and most dangerous government NZ has ever had.  Thomas
The whole racist agenda is extremely dangerous. Just look what happened with Hitler. And if Ardern supporters say we are scaremongering, so are they will all their false claims about the need for divisive separatist policies. We must fight back otherwise they will destroy the country. Cathy
Well said, Ross – I agree the country is becoming an apartheid state.  Paul
I totally agree that this government is planning to divide NZ and turn us into an apartheid state where race and skin colour are used to define us. It is shocking and sickening and cannot be allowed to continue. Nigel