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Governing by Deceit

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Public opinion is turning against Jacinda Ardern and her Government. Recent polls show the trend is now for National to pull ahead of Labour, with the Prime Minister’s popularity continuing to decline.

National will be heartened by their progress. Labour will be looking for answers.

They don’t need to look far. Their unpopular Three Waters policy is back in the news as a result of the publication of a report from the Multi-Party Working Group that was set up by the Government in response to accusations that their consultation with councils was a sham.

While Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta appears resolutely determined to push her water policy through, opposition is growing, as New Zealanders recognise the real purpose of the reform is to gift control of water infrastructure and services to the tribal elite.

Three Waters is an important part of Labour’s radical He Puapua ‘partnership’ agenda to replace New Zealand’s democracy with tribal rule by 2040. This policy blueprint was developed in 2019 but kept hidden from the public until after the 2020 election.

He Puapua is based on the bizarre claim that the Treaty of Waitangi created a 50:50 “partnership” between Maori tribes and Queen Victoria. Not only is it constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects, but even former Prime Minister David Lange is described as ridiculing the notion: “He really didn’t believe that Queen Victoria had signed a treaty of equality and partnership with ‘500 thumbprints’.”

The bottom line is that under Labour’s co-governance agenda for tribal control, 50 percent of democratically elected members representing the wider public interest will be replaced by the unelected representatives of multi-million-dollar iwi business development corporations, to represent their interests only – and not be answerable to the wider community. Once iwi have 50 percent of the decision-making power, even though they represent only a minority of New Zealanders, they will collectively have a voting bloc and an effective right of veto – the public will forever be at their mercy.

Since New Zealand’s constitutional conventions require major changes to democratic representation to only be undertaken through widespread consultation and express public approval, it can be argued that because Jacinda Ardern deliberately avoided seeking a public mandate for He Puapua at the 2020 election, the whole tribal control agenda is unconstitutional and illegitimate.  

That means policies designed to replace democratic rights with tribal vetoes, that are part of He Puapua, such as Three Waters and the Pae Ora health reforms, are “ultra vires” and unlawful, since they represent a major constitutional change without the consent of the public.

And that’s a fundamental problem for Three Waters. Furthermore, the Government’s justification for confiscating almost $100 billion of assets from councils is dishonest and does not stand up to scrutiny. Their promised financial benefits projected over 30 years use bogus claims that are unrealistic and based on an assumption that accumulated debt will never need to be repaid, when the real objective is tribal control.

So, not only were New Zealanders deceived by the Government not informing them at the election of their plan to give control of water to muti-million tribal corporations, the PM has still not told Kiwis whether they will be forced to pay iwi a royalty every time they turn on their tap.

Minister Mahuta needs to take responsibility for much of the suspicion and distrust over Three Waters. Along with the Prime Minister, she assured councils the scheme would be voluntary, only to later announce it would be compulsory. She authorised a $3.5 million propaganda campaign of lies, aimed at discrediting councils and deceiving the public by claiming the country’s water quality was so substandard, that only the government could fix it.  

Compounding the problem was the lack of council representation on the 12-member co-governance boards of the four proposed regional water entities, whereby 6 members were to represent up to 23 councils supplying water infrastructure and services, while the other 6 would represent iwi.  

The Minister’s solution, as set out in her draft Bill, was to expand board membership to have “an equal number of representatives of the territorial authority owners and mana whenua”. This highlights how absurd the whole proposal really is, and how fixated Minister Mahuta is on passing control of water to iwi, since, the South Island’s Entity D, for instance, would have a board of 46 members – 23 representing the 23 councils in the region, with the other 23 members largely representing Ngai Tahu!

So, what did the Three Waters Working Group come up with?  

As could be expected from a group stacked with nine mostly pro-Three Waters Mayors, nine iwi, and terms of reference that prevented any critical examination of the controversial tribal co-governance provisions, many of their 47 recommendations endorsed the Government’s proposal. One suggestion, aimed at giving the appearance that councils still ‘owned’ their water assets, was to issue shares to local authorities based on their populations. Since the shares would carry no voting rights, they would however, be little more than symbolic.

Many of the recommendations were made by iwi, who are clearly determined to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to take over control of the country’s water services and ensure it delivers them the maximum possible benefits. They are calling for the Maori World view of water to be ‘embedded’ in the community and to guide all “decision making, planning, governance, accountability, and service delivery”. They want it all stitched up, so the Maori influence completely dominates the control of water within New Zealand – no doubt setting the scene for a successful claim for the ownership of water itself.

Auckland’s Mayor Phil Goff was the only member of the Working Group to dissent. His minority report states: “Democratic accountability, through elected representatives, to people who funded the water infrastructure in Auckland valued at many billions of dollars, and who continue to pay for its operation, is critical. It is not appropriate to cede control over this infrastructure to other councils and mana whenua and to remove existing accountability to Aucklanders through elected representatives.”

In a statement condemning Three Waters as a “massive asset grab”, former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters accused those making ‘co-governance’ demands of abusing ordinary Maori by pretending they will be the beneficiaries, when it’s the iwi elite who will pocket the gains: “Sadly, the mass majority of ordinary Maori working hard and paying their taxes have been made the stalking horse in these apocalyptic proposals. Like so many other elitist proposals, demands have been made in the name of ordinary Maori whilst the benefits will go straight to a small Maori elite.”

With co-governance set to deliver significant rewards to iwi leaders, they are pushing hard to ensure their ‘partnership’ deceit is embedded in law so the benefits flow in perpetuity. And thanks to the backing of Labour’s fifteen-member Maori Caucus, real progress is being made in elevating iwi rights over the equal rights of all citizens.

This can be seen in Labour’s support for the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Bill that will give Ngai Tahu two permanent seats on the Council – in addition to the two permanent Ngai Tahu representatives who already sit on the Council to advise it.

As the Ngai Tahu spokeswoman admitted during her oral submission to the Maori Affairs Select Committee, these two new seats are just a start – their goal is 50 percent: “Our aspiration is eventually co-governance, we are actually talking co-government into the future too. So, we saw this as the first step. If we get this embedded and working well then, we’ve got a model to take it even further in a few years’ time.”

As the largest landowner in the South Island, Ngai Tahu is justifying the establishment of reserved seats as a means of ensuring the “active protection of the rights and interests of Ngai Tahu”. Clearly, these two iwi Councillors will not be looking out for the public good of over 500,000 Cantabrians, only the self-interest of the 15,000 Ngai Tahu who live in the region.   

According to the 2021 Iwi Investment Report prepared by TDB Advisory, Ngai Tahu is by far the country’s richest iwi, worth $1.9 billion. Auckland’s Ngati Whatua Orakei is next at $1.55 billion, followed closely by Waikato-Tainui at $1.52 billion.

The Urewera-based Tuhoe is worth $420 million, the East Cape’s Ngati Porou $286 million, Raukawa in the South Waikato $208 million, Ngati Awa in the Bay of Plenty $180 million, Ngati Pahauwera in the Hawke’s Bay $103 million, and Northland’s Ngapuhi is worth $71 million.

Together, these iwi hold some 58 percent of all post-settlement Treaty assets, which are estimated to be worth around $10.8 billion.

Interestingly, the report also shows that of those nine iwi, which had a combined income last year of over $100 million, five paid no tax. This is as a result of special privileges introduced into the 2005 Charities Act by Helen Clark’s Labour Government, that allow iwi business development corporations to claim tax-free charitable status.

That Act enables many of the country’s richest tribal business corporations to make little or no contribution to the cost of running of the country.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Barry Brill, a former National Party Minister, who is alarmed at how widespread the concept of co-governance has become under Jacinda Ardern’s administration, reminds us of the serious consequences of transferring democratic power to those who are unelected and unaccountable:

“Governance is all about power – which in turn is defined as the ability to control or direct the behaviour of others. If someone has governance over you, they can run your life. If you don’t obey, a group with governance power can have you fined and imprisoned. If you resist, the governing group can lawfully use violence to subdue you and force you to comply. Governance is not something that can be taken lightly.”

That’s why replacing democratic accountability – a system that protects the rights and interests of all citizens – with one that prioritises the rights and interests of a racial minority with ambitions of supremacy, is so dangerous. Yet Jacinda Ardern is using her Parliamentary majority to force through constitutional law changes that will transfer democratic power to the tribal elite giving them control over our lives.

This is not what New Zealanders want.

The speed with which tribal control is being embedded into New Zealand’s legal and regulatory framework is breath-taking. It is already being prioritised throughout the public service. It dominates education, and it will do so in health once the Pae Ora Bill – which is being rushed through Parliament during the Covid crisis when those who should be opposing the proposed racial segregation of our health system are busy saving lives – becomes law.

The only hope of stopping this tribal coup is through widespread opposition of the sort we are seeing for Three Waters. If the public demand an end to co-governance, Jacinda Ardern may abandon – or at least put on hold – her He Puapua agenda to avoid electoral oblivion in 2023.

We can see Labour is already reacting to their declining poll numbers – they know their hold on power is growing more tenuous by the day.

What we need is for public concern over co-governance to start showing up in Labour’s internal polling. Unfortunately, since one of the conditions of access to the Government’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund effectively prevents any critical evaluation of ‘co-governance’ by the media, the general public remain largely unaware of the danger.

This means it’s up to us to continue to do what we can to spread the message and inform New Zealanders that Jacinda Ardern has no mandate to replace our colour-blind democracy with a tribal system of totalitarian rule that will deliver public power and wealth to an elite group of iwi business leaders to use for their own enrichment.

This agenda needs to be exposed – and condemned by all Kiwis who still believe in democracy.

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*Should all tribal “co-governance” arrangements be abolished?

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You cannot keep promulgating tribal identity stuff and it not lead to problems down the road. 3 of Wokeism’s ‘parasitic idea pathogens’ are Cultural relativism, Biophobia, Identity politics – from ‘The parasitic mind’ by Gad Saad. Monica
He iwi Tahi tatou. we are ONE people. democracy is not divided by race everyone has an equal voice Malcolm
This dangerous nonsense MUST be stopped! Labour must be forced out of power. Iwi elites must be controlled! David
Co-governance with unelected officials is undemocratic and a farce Mark
We need to stop this and we need to do it now. New Zealand is in peril . The red peril is behind this and I’m very concerned about what Jacinda Ardern has done to New Zealand. John
Democracy must prevail.. Robin
Absolutely along with an end to the farce of treaty settlements that have created an elitist brown round table while negative statistics applicable to Maori continue to languish in the doldrums. David
New Zealand needs to adopt a total ethnicity free system of government. Bill
Absolutely; while some consultation may remain in place all racial privilege should cease. Murray
Retention of democracy in NZ is paramount. Ray
It is undemocratic and lunacy. Grahame
not only tribal co-governance, but Maori seats in councils who weren’t voted for by the public, separate health systems being passed and a new history of the development of NEW ZEALAND pushed down the throats of the next generation of school children by this corrupt and treasonable govt and the list goes on. unfortunately the opposition party’s will not rescind any of the arrangements that the polwogs and our lying so called pm are planning as they don’t want to upset the polywogs but want to get back to line their pockets just like the one’s dong it now. Civil war looming in this once proud and decent county. Richard
Co government would need the approval of all the democratic electors and any attempt to formalise such an arrangement is illegal without such approval. and a breach of the constitutional structure of this country. Any promoter of such arrangements is acting illegally terrence
We don’t want a tribal system replacing democracy in New Zealand. Deception is Ardern’s way of running New Zealand. All happening behind Covid. Helen
True equality is only possible through one man one vote. True equity is impossible. Geoff
Institutionalised racism is the road to hell. Mark
Labour wants to move us back to the stone age where that world was about tribal affiliations rather than what we progressed to today which is democracy Dave
Nothing but representative democracy should be considered for any changes in governance. Mark
Never be introduced as minority would rule majority of New Zealanders on a racial agenda Sidwell
Absolutely!! I am sick of the deceit and corruption by the Government and all their followers.I have no faith in National anymore. Laurie
Absolutely. He Puapua is the antithesis of of a society with at its core shared values, traditions, and laws. Susan
I donot support outright RACISM!! Alan
Absolutely, there is no place in our democracy to allow these sort of arrangements to take place. Lawrie
Maori taonga has become the legislated religion of NZ. Everyone thinks it is just culture. If you are in any Government remunerated job, you have to honor it. Meanwhile this Government continues changing the laws which founded this Nation. The same thing is happen in America and other Western Democracies around the world. Unfortunately it is often spear headed by youth. Because they do not know history, therefore they are bound to repeat it. If they knew the Government which looms at the end of this Governments ideology, they would run a mile. Dene
No race based governance . john
Zimbabwean? John
Shame on Ardern & her cabinet… Kenn
Absolute rubbish. John
NZ is spiraling down into a socialist country run by corrupt officials. John
most definitely. Elevating maori folk as proposed it to cement NZ as an apartheid nation. Furthermore it would be in full contradiction to the intent of the Treaty (which should be abolished any way.And the proposal also should have a specific and verifiable definition of a maori person. Paul
New Zealand is not a partnership between Maori & the Crown. It is a singular polity with individually citizens have equal rights and responsibilities. Power exercises without being contingent on the consent of the people will lead inevitably to civil war. These policies are leading in that direction Mark
co-governance forced upon the majority is not democracy, this is typical of this government bowing to minority groups and forcing the rest to suck it up. Don
And all other perverted “new Treaty” based legislation embedded in New Zealand Law. As far as I know, a Treaty is a Treaty, it is not adjustable according to the variable mood of minority interest groups. Dianna
Creation of a politically privileged class on the basis of race and the bribing of an avaricious media not to criticise it seems to be an attempt to replace democracy with fascism. nicholas
This is apartheid. Giving privilege to a part-Maori minority, none of whom are more than quarter-cast , many of whom are much less. DAVID
Abolished forthwith Rhys
Absolutely ! The situation gets worse by the week. This is so frustrating for older people. Where the hell are we heading ? The total buffoonery of politicians though is world-wide as witnessed these past couple of weeks. Everywhere we look there is utter stupidity. When I was a boy common sense was the norm– where has it gone to ? It could well be used here in New Zealand and internationally right now ! Nearly every problem we face right now is man-made. John
Absolutely YES, it’s time for all this Maori bull shit to STOP. there just far too much of it. COLIN
yes, no reason needed for my vote to all unbiased kiwis who can see through this fraud Stu
No room for apartheid in NZ Jock
All separatist ideas should be dumped as being total evil david
One man one vote Robert
One people–One Country colin
My first vote was a mistake to write no read incorrectly Sue
New Zealand should remain a democracy where all are equal no matter what race or creed. Ross
Absolutely yes and immediately. We should all be treated the same and all mention of race should be deleted from everything. This is a great big con and I’m worried Luxon won’t be able to see it. Why isn’t he coming down hard on all of this and vowing to get rid of it? We are all New Zealanders with no-one group being any more important than the rest. This Government is totally corrupt and treason comes to mind. Helen
No need for comment. It’s so very clearly ridiculous. This shouldn’t be about who controls what and can clip the ticket. We are all in this together as a democracy the rules of which are clearly established. We are being sucked in and need strong resistance. Mike
Of course. alan
One people One nation Equal rights for everyone Maurice
Why do we need co-governance? We are all one people, not two different species! Kate
there is no lawful basis for it. Its a fanciful dream based on a personal interpretation of the Un Declaration. To have any validity it would require a public referendum on every item in the attempted coup. There needs to be a national circulation of what is being attempted to introduce by stealth. In writing delivered to every household. The electors of this land need to be fully informed of the implications of this undemocratic attempt to take control. Only then will the people galvanize into a nationwide protest to overthrow the perpetrators of this appalling injustice. As an informed group of the legal implications involved in this outrageous coup we should have the ability to inform every person in this country of what is happening and the outcome if it is rammed through terrence
I do not support the “Co-governance” model, where Iwi will be granted 50% control (unelected!) of almost anything, being sneakily imposed on us by this Labour Government. We live in a Democratic Country, and there should be democratic processes adhered to, allowing ALL NEW ZEANLANDERS a vote on how each and everyone of these entities are to be managed. It is high time that the “creaming of the Waitangi Treaty” by some of the radical Maori be brought to an end, and The Maori Tribunal, the Maori seats, separate electoral roles etc. should be scrapped. Let’s forget the past and provide a non racist social environment for all New Zealanders (regardless of their ethnicity) to have equal opportunities and progress this country into a better future; working together as one Nation. In saying this, I am certainly not a ‘Racist’. I simply believe in fairness, where everyone is treated equally. John
And the term ‘mana whenua’ needs to be challenged. It implies some kind of special status over land that one doesn’t own and whose ancestors may have had at most insecure control of for a period of time. John
Speed is essential at this time. We must wake up and act before it is too late. Rise up, you Real Kiwis! Janet
Someone has to stop this madness. Juliette
Absolutely! jack
Nobody asked for this racist bollocks. Are we expected to tow the line of a red necked Cindy anarchist? NB 4 2 is the correct answer. 4 2=6 would be the computation if this was the question. Ron
I like the description of NZ democracy as”colour-blind.” And so it should stay. Mike
Co governance should never happen it is totally racist. It is obviously not even understood by the majority of the current government members or by the lack of noise or little of it from the opposition parties . Owen
A condition of my vote will be a loud and clear message prior to the election the repeal of all all laws with reference to co-governance and racial discrimination in our health, education, national parks etc.The PM and Labour have no mandate to racially divide our country. New Zealand society is changed forever and not in a good way. Now is the time to stand up for Democracy, if we don’t before 2023 it will be too late Sam
Co governance will not be equal! Colin
So obvious. Institutionalised racism is just plain wrong. Mark
This goes all the way back to the Treaty, which if interpreted as intended, gave the signatories full protection of the Sovereign in exchange for their allegiance to the Crown. That has NEVER changed, we have to stop this theft of our country and return it to all of us Michael Charles John
We in New Zealand must never stray from being a true democracy, and a colour blind one at that. Stephen
Jacinda Ardern is destroying New Zealand . There must be some agenda or puppet master somewhere because surely no one can be this incompetent. We are heading down a road to mass unrest suffering and poverty. Socialism does not work Jacinda Ardern may one undersatnd that but by that time New Zealand will be destroyed and democracy in tatters ready for communism to reign. Ardern will soon be conning the public into thinking a republic is a good thing but without any consideration of how vulnerable that will make New Zealand to the loss of democracy and the loss of basic human rights that will follow. Jacinda Ardern needs to be stopped. Please help is my plea to anyone who will listen and at least take the time to think beyond the propaganda machine that calls itself NZ main stream new media. This is a form of corruption and abuse of power. John
This was never agreed to by the people of NZ. Wendy
Paying no tax??????? Just another division. This “charity” needs investigating OPENLY Martyn
Absolutely!!!! This is outrageous Derek
Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand and all Maori racist sports teams and Maori health schemes Etc should all be abolished as soon as possible. Concerned NZ tax payer. Wayne
Co-Governance was never a part of the Treaty of waitangi, and is not democratic. Glyn
by all means Ray
It is a despicable act that Labour is promoting this evil in the girst place. Richard
Definitely. We are ONE country. Gene
Just a fiction and lie Thomas
Co-governance is one of the reasons our once fine and fair country is stuffed. Maori is “flourishing’ using traditional Maori methods and medicines… that joker must write comics. They had to be bribed to get them vaccinated. Why aren’t figures given for all the other Kiwis and their health status, the Indians, South Africans, Chinese, Dutch etc.etc. all fine contributors to our nation. Boy, are we headed for disaster with co-governance. A not particularly industrious tail wagging the dog Bruce
Maori is gaining control daily Ian
We do not wish to revert to the rule of tooth and claw! Errol
Is it not just apartheid by stealth? Bryan
I believe in Democracy. In the Treaty both settlers and Maori were granted equal rights under the Crown. Annette
Non of this blatant RACIST theft should be tolerated clive
Better still, abolish the tribes!! Peter
Yes We need a colourblind society Robin
They are totally unjustified, reprehenensible and racist. An all references to partnership or T of W principles should be expunged from all legislation in New Zealand law. Frank
Up until the election of the Adhern Govt. I was quite accepting of Maori customs and protocols. I agreed that they had a right to preserve all their heritage and good on them for doing so. NOW having watched the antics of the Maori elite when given a sniff of power by Jacinda I have become so anti-Maori I even surprise myself. I see the same sentiments happening in all my friends and acquaintances. I am in my 80″s and have never before seen this country so racially divided as it is at this point in time. Well done Jacinda !! Richard
No because there has never been a partnership. Neil
Total Rubbish to allow a minority rule. We are all New Zealanders regardless of colour or creed. NZ’s at her best when we are all treated as equals. william
Were ordinary kiwis given any voice, in this communist grab, for resources, NO.. THEY WERE NOT!!! Further proof that our Peoples Democracy has been HI-JACKED !! David
Long Live Democracy !! Pierre
Long overdue, must be the first item for the new government on its agenda. Henk
One word – DEMOCRACY Robin
Easy to see who’s running this government. Shameful! Robert
We are ONE PEOPLE. Stop this nonsense. Robert
One vote per citizen being one LAW for all. Democracy must be followed . WE ARE ONE. JOHN
This is not democracy. Ruth and David
Yes yes yes. Margaret
The way it is structured at present, yes. It is causing separatism in this country and is crippling the country financially. I hope we are going to see some accountability for all these millions this Govt is currently spending on the Maori Health Reform! Rose
Of course! No justification for those awful arrangements! Hugh
Why is the PM hell bent on destroying our country by dividing us, them and us. Denise
1 Country 1 people, 1 Government Rod
Governance should be by proper democratic process Bev
New Zealand people need to stand up and fight back on this undemocratic take over Margaret
Absolutely.Tribal aspect in recent years must be abolished. We are all one people. David
Yes of course they should otherwise we become another South Africa or worse Zimbabwe Jeffrey
While I am appalled at Ardern and her Labour student union friends, I remember the following promise from National in 2004. “National wants all New Zealanders treated equally before the law. It will end iwi consultation rorts and remove divisive race-based clauses from legislation. National is being honest and upfront in its intentions and is telling the public that there is one party that can be trusted on Treaty issues. National will ensure the beaches and lakes remain in Crown ownership…..treat all people on the basis of need rather than race… wind up separate Maori electorates” GERRY BROWNLEE 2004. We believed you but 3 parliamentary terms and it didn’t happen did it Gerry! Had you the balls to carry out your promise, we wouldn’t be in this bloody mess. While Mark Mitchell on ZB this morning advised Mike Hosking that National would repeal any co-governed health system and 3 Waters shams, how can we really believe they have the backbone or ability to do so. Luxon called us a “society divided” in his column in our local newspaper last week, detailing a number of divisions (as he saw them). Glaringly and deliberately absent was any mention of Maori dividing itself from the rest of our society. Luxon is a ‘modern’ man and won’t have the balls to take National down the path that so, so many New Zealanders are desperate for. National still cannot read the room on this issue of its base support. NZ is buggered. Creed
This is NOT democracy Peter
Totally abolished Elizabeth
I have rarely, until reading this document seen reference made to the tax status of Iwi holdings. A point never noted is that ,due to their tax status, should an Iwi wish to acquire a business they are always holding a financial advantage over competition. This also means they have a trading advantage over competition in the market place. This is not democracy as I believe it should be and should be abolished. Three waters proposals will further undermine democracy and must become a major election plank for all parties. This should be starting right now in every media that supports democracy and one person, one vote. Alastair
Definitely, no room for that type of minority control! Michael
Total racism and lack of democracy Jan
No question!! Matt
This valid form of apartheid needs to be dismissed forthwith. Pete
We should never entertain “race” based politics. Gavin
Definitely, as should the maori health authority. $22 million is only the start. Neville
Of course, it’s racist by nature Rick
Absolutely vital unless we deliberately want to throw away hundreds of years of hard won democratic principles and subsequent advancement Bernie
The 3 waters proposed structure should be abandoned and started again Doug
We need a colourblind democracy or we will end in a civil war. Duane
How about cancelling Waitangi Day and Matariki Day. What use is another holiday in the middle of winter? Let us celebrate the Royal Charter/Letters Patent of November 18, 1840, the day New Zealand became a self-governing country. Let us celebrate the nationality of everybody who who has come to make New Zealand their home with food, song and dance on the closest four-day weekend to that date. We could also use it to celebrate the fact that we are one people, and the coming of summer. If that makes me a racist, I will wear that label with pride! Kevan
Power and economic grab by illegal and nefarious means Mark
Jacinda Ardern has deceived New Zealander’s of her true intent with this co-governance racket. She has allowed her Maori Caucus to dominate the Parliament and very soon before we realise it, control will be in the hands of elitist Maori who are interested in serving their own interests. Maori owned business corporations need to be stripped of the charitable status and pay taxes like all other New Zealand corporations and businesses. Lastly, Minister Mahuta has to go. Her deceptive ruse with “He Puapua” and more pointedly, her lying about what Three Waters is really about is shocking. She has been “outed” and needs to fall on her own sword. New Zealand voters wont be deceived come the next General Election. Colin
Not just go-governance but all legislation conferring benefits or privileges on any section of society on the basis of race or ethnicity. MMP and the Maori seats should go. Alan
Tribal Co-governance is totally wrong and cannot be allowed to take place in New Zealand James
Completely undemocratic Dorothy
Absolutely. Those promoting such ideas should be arrested and jailed for treason. bruce
Shocking and shameful the deceit of this Government! Dianne
The winner are Maori and that is a nonsense when they are a bunch of no hopers Ken
Yes, We need to be working toward a one colour people here in New Zealand. Government should not be supporting a them and us situation. For what reason are they doing this, have they become to proud to want to understand what they are doing to NEW ZEALANd. Owen
Come on National and Act. Show the same backbone Shane Jones did on 15March. Tell it like it is. Don’t be afraid. Alan
We are well down the “slippery slope”. Unless we get rid of the the present government we can kiss democracy goodbye. Philip
The Treaty aimed for us all to be one people loyal to one constitution. Co-governance demands their be at least 2 parties and that is against the treaty intention. john
It is crucial that we maintain our political governance strictly on a fully democratic basis – one vote for each qualifying voter. It is also crucial that current Opposition parties unequivocally commit to overturn / reverse co-governance legislation passed by Labour led Government in this present term. Peter
If this bullshit co-governance comes in thats it. I’m selling up our company and moving to Australia. They wont have any more of my hard earned tax. Olivia 
I thought the PM said we are one John
ASAP! this should be a priority for the National Party, and this agenda made clear to all NZ voters. Paul
Racist policy like this would not be tolerated in any democratic country in the world.If Labour try to push it through it will destroy them and New Zealand. Steve
This is a grave situation, Labour government policies are divisive and undemocratic. What is happening will undermine and destroy the best aspects of NZ society. Gerald
mates who claim Maoriness cannot believe this and do not like it. Who the heck could?Duplicitous, devious unlawful unconscionable murray
co-governance is NOT part of the Treaty of Waitangi. Its deception. Ian
Definitely – we certainly do have government by deceit. Lets get back to true democracy. Jenny
Of course Ted
should NEVER be allowed Norm
One country one rule for all. John
And Jacinda and her cohorts should go jump. bruce
This government is a danger to democracy. They have their own agenda, it is not for the good of the people of this country. They must go. Paloma
The sooner this is abolished the better & lets try to get rid of this useless racially biased ‘government’ as soon as possible. Perhaps the sheeple of NZ need to start mass demonstrations like walking over the Auckland harbour bridge! david
Will National be a party to it?. I have my doubts!!!!! Raewyn
Without a doubt, very angry  Ian
Racist in the extreme and anti democratic Ihaia
Along with the treaty and waitangi tribunal Ian
Good luck on stopping this PC rubbish! Chris
for all of the reasons that you have outlined plus a lot more that aren%u2019t discussed here Phillip
Equal rights not racial rights Des
NZ is a democracy. They do not have a mandate from the NZ people to make these changes to our governance. Sarah
This “co-governance” or “co-partnership” nonsense MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY…NO IFs or BUTS, mind you there are definitely some BUTTS that need severely kicking in Wellington, esp the bureaucrats & Ardern for being SO deceitful by hiding the He Pua Pua Document from public scrutiny….a very MUCH THE WICKED EVIL WITCH….!!! Bruza
The shocking undercover plot for Iwi totalitarianism must be exposed on a wider stage. Shame on the media for allowing themselves to be bribed into mute dominance when NZers need journalists to challenge the idea of co-governance beginning with the change in the health service, unelected Maori council representatives plus He Puapua, to name a few of the most dangerous proposals, put through without public consent. Labour and Jacinda Ardern have to go. Aren’t these plots treasonous?? Marilyn
Most definitely, and if this government had any balls it would come out and state why it is denying democracy in New Zealand Gwenda
Every New Zealander should have equal rights irrespective of their gender, race, religion and where they were born – if you hold a Kiwi passport you should have FULL and EQUAL rights. Terry
Colour blind is the only way forward Brian
Absolute. NZ used to be a very good, but struggling country in my early years, (1940 – 1975) but ever since the “successful” Maori protest march from Raglan to Parliament, arrogance has grown to the stage we are at right now. David
one man/woman = one vote universal franchise, full accountability of the elected representatives to the voters = the people , is the ONLY way acceptable to an egalaterian population in NZ Janya
This has to stop, and now! Corruption is on the rampant move! Neil
See other operating co-governance examples demonstrate the failure of this concept. Bruce
we are one people mike
They should never have been set up in the first place, and should be abolished This includes Maori seats in Parliament. Richard
Absolute undemocratic filth in an attempt to grab to grab power. Alan
Tribal co Governance is “brutally unfair”. It violates the principles of natural justice and when the majority wake up it will be too late. Aaron
Absolutely! Let Jacinda’s Mob stitch “co-governance” into law and this country’s democracy is history. This whole nonsense needs to be challenged and overturned, preferably immediately rather than waiting like polite little Kiwis for the next election. These idiots will do incredible harm without a voice being raised against them, especially now when they have taken our “incorruptible Press” under their control. ROB
because they keep repeating the claim too many New Zealanders think the treaty offers them co-Governence. Jim
Co-governance is undemocratic and has nothing to do with the Treaty of Waitangi. Ken
All elected MPs, whether in Govt. or Opp. who have not spoken out about the proposed co-governance should not stand at any further elections. We don’t want spineless creatures running our country! Catherine
Without delay bryce
Absolutely. Never seen anything so racist and undemocratic in my life, and I am 82 Gail
It is as we understand, illegal as well as robbing the citizens of NZ. As well, Scripture clearly states that the water belongs to Almighty God, Creator of the World. It is not the present governments to mandate or give away! Brian & Margaret
0f course they should Lee
It is the most terrifying and heinous thing being insidiously moved through all labour decisions. As an older New Zealander I am frightened and very confronted by this belief that they – the iwi- have this right over us. yeverley
Who do we vote for at the Polls? Maori IWI or Government Ministers? David
Absolutely! If the venal Iwi Elite were to gain co-governance status, i.e. the ability to control the lives of the great majority of the population (including most Maori!), democracy in New Zealand would be dead. Are we being used (yet again) as a pilot study on how to subvert an entire country in readiness for the Great Reset? Dennis
Of course it should. If the claim of partnership is wrong,why can’t that bought before a court of law to decide whether Queen Vic signed a document giving maoris a 50/50split. We know that’s not the case so let’s bring out once and for all. Just imagine how the treaty would get twisted to mean something beneficial to maoridom. We’ve seen it in the past. Peter
We are 1 people Leo
I would go further, abolish the source of divisive racism by abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal and work through all regulations and racist laws and abolish those. If there’s a problem with a piece of machinery you don’t live with it until it breaks, you fix it! Same with the politicians unwilling to fix the problems, you fix them by booting them out of their cosy enclaves and into the real world! Rex
Its stupidity Leo
Maintaining co-governance is establishing apartheid. i thought this was considered wrong. With all these Maori assets worth so much why do we need a special Maori Health Fund. Surely additional health funding should come out of these settlements? Peter
Taumata Arowai has already been established and is the dedicated water services regulator for NZ Dreena
Mind you I see that the Taumata Arowai website is up and running .. and they are the dedicated water services regulator for NZ Dreena
Any governance by any political party that threatens NZ’s Democracy must be carefully examined and either stopped or put out to all NZ’ers in the form of a binding referendum. Ian
This must never be allowed to happen in NZ Evelyn
We are one nation with one vote for each and the Maori seats in parliament should be deleted whilst the next parliament is installed tony
Absolutely appalled with what this Labour government is doing. I am so tired of Maori This &That, I cannot understand that today in 2022 with are having to adhere to a Treaty that was written in the 1840’s. Question, ‘Where has all the Treaty Settlement monies gone ??? I don’t think in my 78 years I have ever been so disappointed with a party whom I voted for, they have abused my vote and as such as a believer in Democracy don’t want to participate in this rubbish. Angry doesn’t even come close to how people are feeling. Colleen
If this proposal is not abolished or even allowed to get off the ground all hope of an impartial democracy as is New Zealand will be destroyed for all for ever!! Karen R
Co-governance by only 15% of the population who are all PART-Maori is to be condemned. andrew
A small minority should never be permitted to dominate the majority in any democracy without causing major problems. Janet
They are pure racist favoritism for Maori who Jacinda Ardern our prime minister wants to elevate above every other race in New Zealand! It is so wrong how can she legally be allowed to get away with it??? Eric
Neel to have all previous policies / agreement etc reversed and all future abolished. Karen
Without delay. Colin
The Treaty all (not quiet 2 pages) has been conjured up to mean anything that suits the Maori agenda, which is controlled by Iwi elite, and other tea spoon Maori white academic’s. It has divided this country that is now unsure of what to call it Ie NZ or some mytihical Maori name, and won’t stop until we become a Banna republic. Thank God for the NZCPR who supply us with factual but uncomferible truth. Geoff
Wrong all of it!!!! Alan
Anarchy Claire
They are no better than the WEF, of which our traitor of a PM is one, hopefully they all go down together. We certainly don’t need anymore of them. Let this be a lesson to NZers just what labour today stands for. Merryl
The “co-governance” arrangements are anti-democracy and being forced on the majority without proper consultation(except to Maori) they should only be considered after a full referendum where all voters can decide. Carol
This is pure Apartheid, surrendering control to the Tribal Elite. This is also right up there with Totalitarianism that’s happening in our World today. Geoff
How on earth are NZers meant to know about the threat to democracy if the MSM won’t report it? People I speak to think the correct thing to do is be kind to Maori, It is so disturbing that it is criminal! Deceptive at the very least. Pammie
It must happen if NZ is to remain a democracy Graham
Tribalism outlived it’s governance value with the advent of industrialised communication.It is now only possible by massive propaganda wielding Authoritarian regimes. We do not want to be like Russia ! Alain
Yes. so-called Co-Governance is clearly a ploy to further enrich the iwi elite. Labour are acting in defiance of the majority’s will – with the help of the paid-off mainstream media. The opposition should be screaming about this but no. Plenty of votes here for someone! Chris
There should only be democratic rule in New Zealand.. All the undemocratic rules that this mob have promulgated to date and those that they may manage to be enabled up to the next election should simply be reversed by the new Government that surely must be certain to be elected. Also it’s about time that ALL business concerns operating in New Zealand must pay the same taxes as is normal in the commercial world. They are now in the big boys world and should NOT have the privilege’s of having an edge over those business’s that have to pay their Taxes. I just hope that this current mob are completely cleared out. If they do manage to stay in power then New Zealand will be an unlivable society for the majority of its citizens. Garry
Racist communist scum Tony
system corrupt Ian
And we are concerned about the Russian Ukrainian conflict when there is the making of one right here in New Zealand Warren
All part of ‘THE GREAT RESET’ agenda that National & Labour have been working in tandem to achieve for more than three decades now. Without corporate elites to finance it, the EVIL plan simply cannot work. A.G.R.
The Maori people cannot even run their own Marae, so how could we let them run our Country or anything else? William
Absolutely David
This co governance ruse was conjured up by a bunch of radical , power hungry money grabbing individuals . No surprise there. these radicals have been pampered and encouraged by numerous Governments and their behaviour has become impertinent and arrogant. They will not let go what they have gained without a fight ( and it will be a dirty fight for that matter) Michael
retain a colour blind democratic governance system noel
“All bods are equal. Some bods (think they) are more equal than others.” Murray
Democracy is the most important facet of New Zealand life but is being eroded by this Labour government. The aim of this government seems to be to transform New Zealand into a dictatorship of the tribal elite. Fred
If I had wanted to live in a communist country I would not have picked this country. Our wonderful country is being destroyed by this government. Sonia
Of course it should a complete nonsense Alan
Of course all co government arrangements should be abolished immediately. They are based on lies and deceit and being led by a very incompetent group of greedy stupid fools, primarily the prime minister. National, who must be aware of this co governance nonsense, must use it to help them win the next election Tom
Absolutely. Now way should 16% of the population be in control of the counties assets, of any kind. In fact the whole system they are trying to set up sounds like Create You Own Oligarch System 101. it is high time all Iwi Tribes were fully taxed. Plus there should be very careful watch on just where all the Billions they control are actually used, and who benefits from them . Roseanne
The “Treaty” was NOT our founding document. It had NO reference to go governance so all reference to that term now should be removed from ALL arrangements. Tribalism has no place in a democracy. A short visit to many African countries will show the faults in such a system. of governance. We must get rid of this present racist administration before it destroys what little democracy we have left. Graeme
Reverse racism Murray
ABSOLUTELY YES. I have read the Treaty and would urge everyone in NZ to do so. There is no mention of partnership, in fact, Maori cede authority to the crown in the Treaty. In addition, so should the Maori electoral roll be abolished and Maori seats in Parliament. Both of these are examples of apartheid in NZ. Glenn 
as soon as possible.Wake up and speak up NZers Ngaere
15 to 18% of the population of New Zealand should have that same percentage in any decision making. Carl
Totally! Peter
Co-governance is simply a surrendering of assets by the liberal left, and a power grab by the maori elite. This means 15% of the population, none of whom are full-blooded maori, will control 50% of the nation’s assets. It is ridiculous and shameful. Worse, that 15% will run down those assets and expect the 85% to stump up the cash to rebuild them. Gavin
his should also be done urgently. The government is giving New Zealanders a scrap by giving a petrol rebate whilst pushing ahead with the big issues like three waters. Ann
She has to go. Ian
Absolutely. We are one people. Tony
Iwis are private organisations and should not be allowed to have any Governance over the people of N.Z. including Maori. Iwi elite are not democratically elected representatives of their people. John
Co governance is a myth. We have a democracy in NZ and everyone has exactly the same rights, well, we used to but now Maori are being given one helluva lot more than anyone else. Elizabeth
Not ever up for discussion again. Wendy
NOW !!! James
Totally agree John
We should all remember that our dear dear leader doesn’t tell lies. How do we know this, because she said she doesn’t, in the 2017 election leaders debate with Bill English and Paddy Gower as moderator. It’s easy to find on the net but make sure you’ sitting down when you watch it, falls can be fatal. Geoff.
Yes, absolutely should. No question.. valerie
Of course it should. Do we want to be governed by a minority with an agenda? Di
Definitely this is absolutely disgusting. Lynette
Absolutely. moyra
Co-governance will be the death of democracy in New Zealand Alister
I imagine co-governance is illegal. Any legislation based on an illegal concept has to go. Jenny
Just another way for Maori gang mentality to take tribal control and destroy NZ Mike
Of course they should be abolished, along with all other special privileges given to Maori, who don’t deserve anything more than all other New Zealanders. Des
In my view the concept of “co-governance” flies in the face of democracy and I thought we were a democratic country Gerhard
This plan is NOT the thin edge of the sword but the very big edge of a very large mallet! John
YES ! Let us hope that with the recent poll showing a decrease in support for Ardern and Labour, and the rise in knowledge of and appreciation of Chris Luxon and his clear thinking of what is needed to save democracy in NZ we can start the long path to defeating this dishonest Government. NELSON voters. We have got a golden opportunity to push for the halt to the Three Waters theft and misappropriation of our water supply now, this year at the Local Body Elections. Do not vote for the sitting Mayor Reese. She is a delegate of the Three Waters Government Committee and strongly biased in favour of giving away millions of dollars of Nelson assets to the Maoris. We can do this, this year in 6 months time, giving us a start to the eventual disbanding of this bunch of crooks. CHRIS
Ban Tribal council for5 ever now N
This is completely undemocratic and we should all get back to being one people, new zealanders! We are starting to sound like South Africa and that scares the begeeses out of me, and should any informed New Zealander. We all have the ability to put ourselves up for election! Why don’t they step up and see what happens and be accountable! Steph
New Zealanders need to be made aware with a lot more publicity to stop this radical movement before it gets too late leo
In a democracy there is no them and us.It is time that people realise that we are one. Squabbling over water and who is going to have control should not be the New Zealand way. Dennis
A lot more needs to be abolished – meaning all race based legislation should be repealed. There is no place for any such legislation in a Democracy. Politicians have let us down for decades! It will come down to people power and the signs of which are now obvious. They will invite revolution if they continue to ignore. O, did they ever learn history? Folkert
This is a democratic country and I want it to stay that way! Sue
we are one country robin
Definitely Jill
To paraphrase the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’ – ‘White supremacy bad, brown supremacy good’ Ted
Race has no place in any country’s constitutional framework. Tony
Maori are quite capable of standing on their own two feet. It is patronizing to give them special rights Bev
It is not legal. Shaun
a step towards the diminishing the power of democracy Colin
get back to 1835 for legicamy with Maori, everything else is wind and feathers wayne
Absolutely Bruce
It’s certainly apartheid plain and simple, or outrageous nepotism, race based failure that will bankrupt this country in ten years time. Boris
The tribal nobles of NZ accepted the sovereignty of Her Majesty when they signed the “Treaty” by accepting Article 1 of the “Treaty”.. In doing so they accepted that should they not abide by her commands they would forfeit their lands and subjects to her as happened to the the Duke of Lancaster in 1266. Those who are not tribal maori can ever be the subjects of the tribal nobles. john
MOST DEFINiTELY. This is purely racism in reverse again. Keep New Zealand (not ayatiarower) for ALL of us EVENLY.  Brian
sooner the better nevkath
Any move to promote racial separation in governance matters is a form of political apartheid . We have seen what racially biased government policy can do in third world despotic nations . Unless we have democratic process as a corner stone to our system of government , this country will decline into the third world . greg
Co-governance is bollocks! This govt is crap crap crap! I’m sure that by now they know that yet they still front the cameras all smiles and endless BS. Great actors if nothing else!! Grant
All my life NZhas been a democracy and I would never vote to end – one person one vote. ALISTER
Also,the nebulous “Treaty”should be axed at the same time!! Henry
NZ is a democratic nation, NOT AN AUTOCRACY Bryden
Deceit and theft by Tribal Elite jeff
All governance should be on a democratically voted basis. If the Maori tribes want to benefit Maori, how about using some of their tribal settlement moneys to build more houses for their less fortunate members. They have plenty of tribal land to do this. Keith
This Govn’t was Elected by Deceit, not making it known to the Nation what was their intention, for people to Vote on as an individual requirement, which would have made a complete difference to the Result – thus Election was a Planned Fraud!! Roy
Divisive Labour government with an over representative Maori caucus sitting alone. Nonsense. Steve
This government has been lying every day they have been the government. They have NO MANDATE to introduce co governance. Vonne
NZ belongs to ALL NZers not maori graeme
most definitely – wow, this is getting so much like Yellowstone Lorraine
Absolutely YES. This process must be stopped before it gains a foothold. Graeme
most defiantly stan
This needs to be made more public for our democracy is being eroded before our very eyes. Brian
Co-governance reeks of apartheid and people non elected in their roles, thereby no accountability Michele
Either NZ is a democratic country or it is not. Co governance is undemocratic and must go if we are to call ourselves democratic. Graham
This situation is totally out of hand, what is happening needs to be published in Newspapers on our airways and TV before its to late. Who is prepared to start this with a Fund we can donate to? Frank
Cogovernence is so unconstitutional for any sane thinking person Bruce
Absolutely demolished. As soon as possible before Labour can pass any more underhand legislation in this regard. Mary
Democracy and open governance are now desperately missing at every level in NZ. jeff
I say no to Tribal Governance. Greg
Immediately. Let%u2019s have a public uprising to unseat the traitors Peter
Let us stay with Democracy, it seems to work for most countries which have tried it!!!! Len
One elected government to represent all peoples of New Zealand, where all have the same rights & privileges & opportunities. David
There is only one elected Government in NZ. So share with whom???? Hape
Yes, of course, most definitely! Trevor
Demand true democracy for all New Zealanders Anthony
definitely Colin
we are a team of 555,000,000. NOT a divided country.!!!!! natalie
another outrage to our failing democracy, let’s hope 4 2 still make 6 in a years turning ! alan
The big problem here is the blockade on the mainstream Media placed by Jacinda and her maori mates,and using our money (what a cheek) Is there somebody out there who has the knowledge and contacts to set up our own free to air TV station to get the truth to the masses as it seems to me too many people are unaware of what is actually happening under there very noses. I am sure we could raise finance to fund this. Is there an existing station out there willing to take up the cause. Lets scrap all this maori nonsense and install “One country one people” Brian
A huge effort is needed to educate the misled and uninformed general public regarding the awful racist cancer that is destroying our ‘democracy’. Patrick
Co-Governance is present now, we call it Democracy. Priority/Elitist partners are Socialist ideals that degrade our Common Law to the point of subservience to a Sate that would be dominated by an Elite. So stop the ROT now before it is too late. National will have to PROMISE this for 2023 and they will come back with a landslide. Stand up and be counted National Stewart
time for NZ to vote become a republic and ditch the treaty or put up with more of the same noel
Not what queen Victoria Signed up to. Phillip
yes most certainly it should as this just another sly move by our commo govt to take over NZ and stuff this once great country up so wake up and see what she is doing and get rid of her before its too late eric
Lets hope any future non Labour Government has the courage to wind back the non democratic legislation foisted on us. Peter
NZ cannot argue that APARTHEID does not exist here until ALL citzenry is treated 100% equally. Geoff
I despair where this country is going. One Country, One Law Where is the media on this – Deafening silence. Addrianne
In my 80 years I have never seen such division between Maori and “us”.Most hardworking Maori are not part of this. Jacinda has a lot to answer to. Rae
Councils should continue with water management Paul
A concise summation of what we all know is happening. I’ve always said watch the gangs, ‘a new police force’ if a minority gain ascendency. The tax payer is currently struggling what of the future, tax debt? I doubt Iwi will contribute to Health and Welfare of their people? About time Iwi appropriations were taxed and the Treaty Tribunal scrapped. Key promised that under his leadership the Tribunal would be removed by 2014,. Political gobbledygook, for sit on my/your hands. What of plants and animals and the land that supports them,. A mass grab? God help NZ. bryan
Democracy in NZ is the only pathway to fairness and decency. There is no room for separatism or Apartheid here. Marg
What a scam. Why we must all wake up. Time for our media to realize they are nothing but puppets of Jacina and are blind to what she is up to. Tim
Absolutely John
Immediately Bruce
I don’t see why Tribal co-governance should even be a consideration when there are only about 575,000 Maori in the country compared to another 4.5 Million others with mixed ethnicities! This arrangement that Labour and so-called ToW Elite seem to want, smacks of racism and separatism. We should be a country that is blind to colour, ethnicity and creed. In otherwords, ONE PEOPLE! People have to take responsibility for their wins and their failures, it is not the responsibility of others to pay for your mistakes. If this co-governance goes through, Democracy will be lost forever. Heather
It is totally wrong and doesn’t not reflect the needs/desires of true kiwis who are a mix of many ethnicities Cecilie
Once again Muriel is writing real sense. June
without delay, get rid of Maori input. gerard
Skin colour NEVER was a problem until jacinda made it one.Ordinary maori will NOT benefit in any way ONLY elete iwi but jacinda only does what her maori iwi & lefties want & us 85% are ignored & there are MANY more races in NZ that outnumber elete maori but they NEVER WANT,WANT,WANT, they are happy to be NZealanders,maori are imigrants like alot of NZealanders they came to NZ in canoes.ASK LUXON if he,s going to remove jacindas racist laws,he,s already said he will talk to elete Iwi so is he going to continue racist laws or govern EQUALLY FOR EVERY-ONE,I,dlike it set in croncrete as Boris in the UK made promises also & his greenie wife changed EVERYTHING he had promised.So LUXON needs to be asked & signs a statement he,ll governer for ALL & get rid of ALOT of jacindas racist laws,If National have too many maoris mp,s they are going to be in charge of our government AGAIN just as they control labour.It,s good to talk & lissten to otherss but REMEMBER its NOT THE ELETE IWI WHO PAY TAXES THAT LET THE GOVERMENT DO THINGS ITS US 85% OF PEOPLE. Cindy
Definitely. Alan
Yes and we should all only vote for a political party that guarantees to repeal all this divisive legislation. We need to have an absolute commitment to this before the next election. I cannot emphasize how important this is. It might be that the two main parties are no longer an option if we desire a truly democratic society. Janine
We are mean’t to be one country, one people and “ALL” equal and have the same rights. There is no “FULL BLOODED” Maori left in this country now, just like myself, I have mixed blood in me and in saying that !!! where is there mention of the “MORIORI”, as they were here before the Maori and therefore they must have the same rights as the Maori’s, if not more. Richard
Maori seats in Parliament and those in Councils unelected too It`s an insult to other NZers that Maori have more rights than the rest of us. They clearly do not. Spin -doctors = Liars ! Bev
“Co-governance” is quite simply apartheid. Racist. Did not work in South Africa. Will cause the destruction of our nation. Doug
As soon as possible Murray
All apartheid reigimes are abhorant NZ does not need to follow this path to division Tom
One NZ. One nation for all kiwis. Chrysta
Apartheid not wanted here. Graham
Such a proposal needs to be put to referendum Wendy
To remain a democracy, kiwis must know what crimes are being perpetrated upon our democracy. Helen
Democracy should be for all. The only racists in NZ are the Maori. Where is the race relations concilliator? Mark
Apartheid in NZ gill
And that includes the already ‘established’ Maori seats on local councils. Brenton
this is the worst government I have ever known claire
The biggest threat to democracy New Zealand has ever faced Jim
Madness! What the hell is wrong with this govt? If left unchecked, they will divide this country along racial lines, cripple us economically and potentially cause civil war. This govt needs to go, NOW Andrew
This country is becoming more racist than South Africa used to be Gareth
“Co-governance” is a smokescreen for Maori sovereignty, which this government is hell-bent on effecting – to the detriment of our nation. Mahuta should have pulled the plug (pun intended) on her “Three Waters” (= co-government) Bill after her abject apology for not realising there was so much opposition to it. It was just words, as she fully intends to continue with it, “come hell or high water”. Her apology was simply denial and deceit. Laurence
Co Governance MUST be stopped Michael
This whole Te Paupau agenda by this Labour Govt is a nonsence. Where would Maori be if the European people had not come to the shores of New Zealand. Still living in the bush. We need to be one people not divided by race, Robert
Of course David
Government by deceit is never for the people, only the priveleged few Trevor
All Race based decision making recently made and those planned are an abomination.Any incoming change of government in2023 or before,should have the fortitude to draw a line in the sand,without reservation,that it will delete all previously passed Race based legislation with the stroke of the pen upon succession gale
Cindy and the moari caucus are dangerously out Out of control Darren
Abolish all laws which give any sector of society more than “the rest”. There is no place for any law to favour religion, race, skin colour or nationality prior to becoming an NZ citizen. One law for all; any legislation passed to help one sector more than others MUST be for NEED and apply to all qualify regardless of race or prior nationality. peter
A total lot of rot, all it’s doing is splitting the country racially (i thought we were all New Zealander’s) of the 15% Maori population how many are full blooded? I think you will find 99.9% are at least half European, Laurie
democracy, not tribalism John
Time for Jacinda and Labour to GO… Carl
defies comment Bruce
Does National have the guts to do it. Barry
One Rule for all. DAVID
This whole saga is a vile road that should never have been allowed to start. We are ONE country and ONE people, and ALL NEW ZEALANDERS should be living with the same rules. William
The sooner the better ! Geoffrey
It is time a NZ government had the guts to stand up and say “stop”. NZ is supposed to be a democracy and as such, it is wrong for anyone to be handed the right to govern, just because they claim to be of Maori descent. Christine
Again just another greed inspired grab from hardworking Kiwis who own the infrastructure through years of ratepaying .Surely there must be a legal challenge to this obscene piece of Aderns gross mismanagement/agenda. Ray
Absolutely should be abolished. To be otherwise is untenable. Gregor
Absolutely yes. Joseph
Absolutely and totally !!!!! This is nonsense but will continue to be promoted by this treacherous and extreme leftist Government whom we MUST get rid of. Alan
where is democracy in all this? nowhere. donald
The ‘treaty partnership’ is BS, how can the crown have a partnership. The people are either subjects of the crown or they’re not, there is no halfway house such as a partnership! Martin
The word treason comes to mind Neville
Definitely. Janine
All…are created equal.” – Thomas Jefferson “Some are more equal than others.” – George Orwell James
The treaty fiction needs to be understood and discredited Graham
Absolutely!!!!! Ian
They are not intending “co-governance” jens
Absolutely!!! One country, everyone equal, one law for all! Murray
Let us be Kiwi in Kiwiland under a Kiwi flag before an unimpeachable Kiwi Constitution. John
Absolutely Robyn
Even tribes can disagree and argue amongst themselves and have developed immensely during the last 175 years – and remember they originally had no written language. So they have made up Te Reo Maori since then – which is fine. Plus I understand many, or is it most Maori, don’t want Maori separatism. Jacinda wants separatism causing more division within New Zealand – so let Maori have a referendum amongst Maori. Could be interesting watching that discussion. I ask, now with so much Maori social interaction and inter–marriage everywhere, – how many Maori still ‘desire’ tribal life? I would wonder who will determine and quantify who is a tribal Maori? Would this by choice? Where are the records? Or may be it could all be by hearsay? That’s a good solid base!! Stuart
This should never have been allowed to get this far. We are tired of the elite ruling over the hard working Kiwis. Helen
As with all those who agree with this return to Tribalism. Henry
It is racist and creating division. It will only be a matter of time before it boils over with some serious consequences for the public in general. What an appalling state of affairs and deceit by this government. chris
Co-governance has no place in a democratic society. It must be stopped. Steve
For all the reasons Muriel has written here. Rochelle
New Zealanders must unite and remove this racist government before they destroy all semblance of democracy in New Zealand.. A total reset is required and all racially based legislation passed over the past 35 years be rescinded by the elected government after election 2023. Act are stating this will be policy. We now need National to formulate similar policy. There is simply no legal justification for the current Labour agenda which is leading New Zealand towards apartheid as the driver of future policy. Another term of Labour greens and we will be New Zimbabwe. Chris
Most definitely YES. How can a small percentage of the population dictate to the overwhelming majority? Ludicrous. Not democratic. Sheila
It will lead to civil war. And many New Zealanders will flee the country John
if not it will be like Sth.Africa 15yrs ago Ian
By lunch time Tim
That is just silly, we are all New Zealanders.  Katherine
One Country, One set of rules for us all. A minority should never and will not ever govern this country. Vote Labour out at next years election and sanity will return. Graham
We are already co governing in the standing systems that are not race driven. Charlotte
This is undemocratic and will cause division and chaos throughout nz Paula
You can not have one selected race having more rights and privileges over every other race. That is simply RACISM. Rex
yesss and the sooner the better these radicals are only 10% of the population why would they want 50%, boiled down they are only about 1%??? abolish the lot james
The Death of New Zealand’s Democracy is pending…the Labour Govt. should be thrown out into the dustbin of history…. Urgent damage control . Chris
It is like these iwi leaders are attempting to become NZ – Oligarchs courtesy of Ardern and the NZ Labour party. Walter
Also time to end the Waitangi Tribunal Peter
Water from sea rivers lakes belong to all NZers no mater what their race colour ethnicity. Christine
One country, one vote, for all, no unelected representation in any form. What is the Socialist’s Ardens real agenda. How has a funding condition muzzeled the press. It like a Putin ruke of order. Alan
There is no mandate that I can see for altering the present processes. Ian
We must stop 3 Waters & He Puapua but as you say so many laws have already been passed and the co-governance elite tribal rule is becoming entrenched. I’m not sure what these votes are achieving. Most people who are aware, now know about 3 Waters and the He Puapua Agenda, but there are others who are just not interested and they don’t want to be worried about it. There’s a younger population some of whom are more interested in getting on with their life right now. The huge demonstration of public dissatisfaction about these issues along with the mandate, in Wellington was vilified & hijacked and seems not to have had a positive result. The election seems so far away and many of us are feeling so powerless Margo
Such moves will destroy democracy and ruin NZ by having total power and wealth in the hands of an unelected few. Disastrous Kay
Jacinda Ardern has no mandate to replace our colour-blind democracy with a tribal system of totalitarian rule that will deliver public power and wealth to an elite group of iwi business leaders to use for their own enrichment. This agenda needs to be exposed – and condemned by all Kiwis who still believe in democracy. katrina
Ordinary working Maori are being lied to by their own leaders. they are the pawns who will see little to no gain in proposed changes to all NZ”s rights William
Race-based “co governance” is a new form of fascism. Trevor
All it is, is government supported theft. Nic
Definitely. The whole thing is a lie perpetuated by a greedy Maori elite and made possible by a neo-Marxist, woke PM Derek
We have got to get rid of this racist government. tony
No one has ever owed ‘ ‘ Maori ‘ anything !The word is just a general overall description at best. Equal but not better than.. Rodney
It’s a sneaky form of apartheid, no democracy here and no going back. Gordon
Public consultation is a sham. All Kiwis are being deceived. Raymond
Wake up nz We are one country of many nationalities who either were born here or who have citizenship There is no place for a Maori Governorship that this bunch of radical losers propose and a comrade Labour Party trolls support One nz for all races Kevin
The Maori idea of co-governance is highly undemocratic and should never be countenanced Donald
Co governance by a minority elite is NOT democracy! Allan
Under God we are all created equal, with God-endowed freedoms, from conception. It’s time that we start acting like it. Chris
It’s a recipe for disaster. History shows, even recently, that many Maori who received government funded grants, have ripped off not only the government, but the people as well. I have no trust in their business abilities. Annie
Power corrupts completely. Unbelievable that taxpayers are keeping non taxpaying Maori Iwi and Elite worth billions of dollars. Our Anzacs will be turning in their graves at this Maori elite/Iwi utter contempt for democracy. Peter
It’s nothing more than another step toward the socialists goal of divide & conquer. Dave
I’m sick & tired of the constant Maorification of NZ Why should the majority of our population made to value a culture foreign to most of us. Maori language week has been foisted on the NZ public for the last 40 years & this useless language is still not widely spoken or understood. Peter
Without a shadow of a doubt! David
Plus all Gov. departments should revert to the names they had four years ago eddie
We have a Queen and an elected Government and Local Councils who we pay to look after the needs of all New Zealanders, we are all New Zealand people and must remain a democratic County, not divided by a small minority of Tribal Elite Peter
We are one nation, a democracy. Carol
Very frightening. It is going to drive so many people away from New Zealand if this continues Lindsay
The concept is fraudulent Rex
become a republic and the treaty can be dumped Charlie
We need to have a democratically elected arrangement. Consider what the position would be should our asian immigrants become the dominant population. Would we have a civil war to ascertain our government? peter
I’d like to think NZ will always be a democracy. Jasmine
There is no such thing as Tribal co-governance. The treaty creaty created One law One people. Lets stick to that. Don
Impeach Ardern Winston
There is no question that giving 50% of the control to 16% of the population is a deliberate assault on our country’s democracy as is Labour’s efforts to control the media to ensure their political spin (pack of lies) goes largely unchallenged by a highly biased media. Every person responsible for promoting He PuaPua, Three Waters, and the re-writing of NZ history to fit the agenda should be arrested and charged with treason. I want to hear a clear statement from National that if elected in 2023 they will reverse ALL of Labour’s racist legislation that is deliberately designed to divide NZ on race based grounds. We must insist that NZ law is colour blind so every person is equal before the law and has equal access to government services. It is untenable to give special privileges to any minority group based on race. Steve
Unfortunately Mr Luxon does not appear to be onboard!! He’s only worried about tax cuts, which could be better for those on better incomes. Marianne
All positions of power and governance should be awarded on merit not race! If they want to push this through perhaps some of the old laws need to be lifted so we can have a real in depth look into who was the first here and who should be called indigenous. Most tribes say that there were people here when they arrived but they either mated with them or had them fro dinner so they became Maori. Could the same not be said about the Maori and European? Are there any true bloo0ded Maori left? Perhaps the laws that hide the information on our history be lifted so we can have a scientific look into who was here first! Paul
Repeal all of Labours undemocratic policies. Glen
One law and equal rights for all the citizens of NZ. Norm
It is undemocratic and this initiative is creating resentment and separatism on a race basis. Graham
YES I go cold at the thought of my precious family subjected to violence and possibly murder at the hands of the tribal elite and iwi. This will happen to your family if the co-governance lie is not stopped forever ONE LAW for ALL Brenda
maori arent and never have been indigenous and were travellers that found a land that was inhabited on arrival.their own folk lore tells them that.Now they are citizens of this country, nothing more john
another CON RAY
Yes! Tribal ‘co-governance’ is just another form of collectivism and collectivism is the base for totalitarianism which is communism or fascism. Uphold common law (one law for all) and secure the individual’s right to private property. The opposite is property theft via government power and control. Don
There was no mandate given to Labour so this co-governance agenda is deceitful and seeks to destroy our democracy. Tina
Its a disgrace just like Jacinda Ardern Tony
Of course they should be abolished along with Maori seats. I note that National keep sidestepping this issue so there will be no help from that quarter. Ardern should face the law courts as a traitor to the NZ public. Terry
What are they able to contribute? Gary
People need to see how dangerous this proposal is for our future generations ! Barbara
a democracy can’t flourish unless all citizens have equal rights john
Do you mean abolished Mike
Co-governance only results in the Maori elite getting rich, whilst the rest get nothing. Bring back democracy! Mark
It is outlandishly undemocratic! Jim
YES. Along with the treaty of waitangi, maori seats in parliament, non voted maori seats on local councils. All iwi owned businesses must pay tax. Darryl
most definitely in such a short time this government has changed new Zealand, how could a minority of people suddenly have such sway over our lives, I think a lot of the people in this country are sleep walkers, and don’t see the danger in this government, ill never understand how these people who are not indigenous to new Zealand have suddenly got so much power, Winston peters would have been a good prime minister he knows what the bloody maori elite are like and and what they want,im to old to leave this country now but that’s what i would do if i could have seen this coming years ago rodger
They are based on lies and deceit. Keren
Absolutely and right NOW. Also the New Zealand statue book should be cleared of ALL references to race or ethnicity. Roger
Absolute corruption in my eyes. Wendy
god yes get rid of it & the nutcases who are pushing it, it is treason! All race based laws, political parties & the treaty of waitangi, waitangi tribunal all need to be scrapped, the maori seats need to be scrapped. until all this is done New Zealand will always be under continual unrest. one country one people! Nigel
Of course, yes.Who in their right mind would trust the Labour govt or the Maori elite.No to co-governance,no to partnership. Peter
The aim of Ardern explicitly on record is to leave office with 50/50 power share with iwi. She is the greatest enemy in history of NZ bud
Democracy is precious and we cannot allow the majority of the country to be governed by a few non elected people who only want to feather their own nests Chrid
Absolutely-Maori have every right to run for office as any other NZr.We are becoming apartheid.When the treaty was signed it meant Maori had equal rights not 50-50 split JC
We will never one when split into two! Glenda
One Nation of people born and raised here, those who wish to divide go find a small paddock in the country Ken
Russia here we come. This socialist BS is divisive. Evans
Absolutely Bev
YES! And let the wealthy iwi pay taxes like the rest of us… Deb
I would be happier with an elected, proporsional basis for maori involvement. Ken
“Co-governance” subverts our democratic constitution and so amounts to sedition or worse. Tim
Wake up Kiwis before it is too late Donald
Co-governance would have the tail wagging the dog. Brett
Including the ‘charity’ status which allows the iwi corporations to avoid paying tax. Don
Too bloody right it should It is just not OK for any one sector of our society to have such power Robert
This is a no brainer question . If it goes ahead we will have an apartheid state and who wants that. Well maybe we should remember South Africa had the reverse of our population. We are predominantly white and would finish up with most of the racist bollcks. Andrew
This is apartheid. Brent
I am totally against this draconian, unconstitutional and misguided move to give power and control to an elite fee, regardless of their race, or creed. Peter
Division will be the end of NZ, we will become another South Africa a disaster in waiting Stuart
No one group has a right to claim anything over a majority in a democratic system. It may not be perfect but that is what it is. Charles
Absolutely, it erodes democracy and is totally racist, giving a minority group of elite radicals the power to control many aspects of life in New Zealand. This would only end up in a bitter confrontation as has happened throughout history. New Zealand would decline into a third world country under this modal. Our prime minister is a liar with a hidden agenda that has been exposed and will lead to her downfall. Steve
Absolutely -as Ms Ardern says John
This poll will most certainly declare huge majority in favour. Sad thing is Luxon,Brownlee and Bishop have declared Muriel’s Platform as representing a very small proportion of the Nz vote.Only 6 to 16 %.This we have to change .Only Act are with us on this one so far Don
I left South Africa to getaway from apartheid. I didn’t think I would find it in NZ. John
We need to fight against what this government is doing to the rights of all New Zealanders. Jacqui
This is totally un-democratic and just plain stupid. Murray
Yes to democracy, equality and the Public Interest. No to Co-Governance with Tribalism. Tom
they should be concentrating on saving the refinery at marsden point and back flping on oil and gas ,,there is some big hits coming they have no foresight and electric transport is an unatainable pipe dream by dickhead politicians if they carry on this rhetoric there will be no food production or transport of any consequence very soon no machinery of any kind without lubrication,,these arseholes need to get real hone
Most definitely !! It is based on mis-interpretation & is directly aimed at mis-leading the public. Leon
Completely inappropriate Ronald
Immediately – and forever mary
Just apply logic and common sense. Create an independent media so we, the sheeple get the facts within easy reach. Leonard
And with immediacy. The local body elections in October are about to become another stalking horse for the iwi mob. Maori can and should stand. They should express their beliefs and philosophy as do all others. And then we need to vote for New Zealand, and those of us who live here. Dave
We are a democracy with equal rights for everyone Merv
That is utterly un-democratic. Brian
Boot the bastards out the door. Sven
Just an excuse for a power grab Ray 
One country one people, end of story. Phil
Absolutely, the co-governance farce must be scrapped, get back to genuine democratic governance and the sooner the better. Warren
the treaty is a sham. why does no-one challenge it’s validity. there is no one native or indigenous to NZ Rick
……before its too late. John
Democracy not deceit. Tony
This is the most significant issue facing NZ. Should co governance become in-bedded there will be an exodus of talent from NZ. graeme
Yes – there is no basis for it, constitutionally, legally, lawfully, or otherwise. It is simply a blatant power grab by bloated brown parasites who, like Hell, are never satisfied – they want it all, at the expense and to the detriment of all other NZers! This needs to be stopped in its’ tracks immediately, if we wish to retain any semblance of democracy in this country. Scott
right here, right now…. Erin
One people and one nation. Not a whole lot of people plus Maori making up two nations in our country New Zealand. John
They must also:- repeal race-based co-governance arrangements that have been built into legislation, recognising that New Zealand has one sovereign government and democratic process which includes the involvement of citizens of any ethnicity. – repeal any requirement for race-based consultation from the Resource Management Act on the basis that consultation with all affected parties already exists. – disestablish Maori electorates acknowledging that the separate Maori roll is dividing New Zealanders by ethnicity at the same time as dividing Maori. The original purpose for the separate Maori roll has long passed. MMP provides greater opportunity for minor party and special interest representation and negates the need for segregation based on ethnicity. – disestablish the Waitangi Tribunal by repealing Sections 4-8 of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. The final historic settlements still in progress to be negotiated directly with the Crown. – set a deadline to end Treaty settlements. The deadline for historical claims was September 2008 yet new claims are being added continually. An end date to be set within the first 100 days of a new government. – remove reference to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi from legislation. Any reference to the Treaty should be to the actual Treaty which has no mention of principles. – repeal the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 to return ownership of the coastal and marine area to everyone, held in trust by the government. – review all race-based funding to ensure that funding is based on need not ethnicity, and that there is consistent transparent accountability for public funding. Focus on delivering a future that provides opportunity to succeed, protection from harm, and recourse for any breaches to individual human rights. – Pull out of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris 2015 Agreement which is costing us billions of dollars. If not why not. Terry M
But I doubt if National will ever abolish them, If they get into power. Same old story, governments don’t keep promises. Reg
We can’t have this separatism in NZ. We must look after all communities. Labour are creating an apartheid system which will end very badly setting different sectors against each other. We have to stop this as it is setting NZer against NZer. Steve
It must be Abolished! Olwyn 
Maori should own their culture as do all people, but as a nation we are one people in a Liberal democracy. This makes us among some of the most privileged in the world. In our complacent comfort, coupled with a gagged media this is being swept away by the Co governance separatists, while we sleepwalk to hell. Willy
are not communtist, we are democract, and iwi participation at any level is not suitable bob 
One word – apartheid!! Look at South Africa to see how NZ will end up Tim
Absolutely and treason should again be a crime. Ardern is pure evil destroying our once beautiful country! Brenda
We are one nation, iwi are 15% of it Warren
The damage done to our country by this incompetent , totalitarian Labour Government is incredible. New Zealand is NOT the same country that I grew up in. Look at what’s happening in Europe an d ask yourself …Is this the future we want ? We are better than that, we need to work together, not against each other. STOP APARTIED…NOW ! B ryan
The aim is not co-governance (which is not workable) but ultimately complete take over. Jack
Yes it is racist Hamilton
This is NZ’s worst prime minister ever. She has / is trying on purpose to divide a nation. jonathan
I have never seen our country divided as it is today, we must put a stop to it as soon as possible. Brien
I’m no racist but the HePuapua agenda goes ahead New Zealand is heading for oblivion. NO QUESTION! John
The whole idea of tribal co- governance is despicable and undermines democracy which protects the lives of ALL New Zealanders. Joan
Of course, they should never have been granted Graeme
The sooner we stop toadying to the few privilaged Maori the better. Th treaty is a non event now and should be religated to the history archives. Barbara
Abolish the PM and all her MP’s fast! the country is becoming totally ruined. Ann
freedom for all murray
We are New Zealand, a democratic country filled with Kiwi’s. What we didn’t vote for and nobody but the small percentage of radical Maori & socialist Labour is a country called Aotearoa, divide buy race, lead by the lying weasel Jacinda John
A complete nonsense everybody in New Zealand lives as one as far as I am concerned Les
Equality and democracy are most important to me. NEIL
How can 7% (iwi elite) versus 93% (the rest of us) ‘equal’ this 50-50 co-governance situation that is so rapidly being inserted into our former democracy? Paul
The treaty emplaced equal considerations for all New Zealand citizens. including equal protection and personal/civic rights as under one nation. Greed has wrecked that treaty. Hori superiors grab wealth and benefits for themselves and tribal underlings are not included within that lolly scramble. They distribute unequal rights to their own. E.g housing and health. Their own lack of industry causes their racial situation. There is no need to occupy most of the prisons. Only requirement is to be a citizen is by living within the law. One people one law. mike
Definitely. The whole Treaty of Waitangi should be re visited. and interoperated as it was envisage in 1842. No how a Political Elitev want to take over NEW ZEALAND frank
One people one country all equal lindsay
should be tried for treason & sedition chris
Our fore fathers fought to keep NZ a democracy. Did they die in vain??!!? Joan
This deceitful lying Government lead by an equally big beaded control-freak who will not listen or talk to those who oppose her communistic rules which are leading this country into destruction needs to be removed along with the self-seeking Maori Caucus who appear to have a hold over the PM. Minority Tribal Control of our water, health and any other entity would not work. Already there is dissension among the Maori Tribes as to who should be on the Boards – an indication of how little agreement there is already, and a forbear of chaos to come if allowed to progress. Robyn
Absolutely – constitutionally illegitimate in every way.. but no resounding rebuttals by Luxon I note so are we heading down a path of similar democratic deceit by National who in fact prepared the groundwork for this to happen in the first place by signing up to the UN declaration on indigenous peoples ( which Maori most certainly are not!) Rob
One vote per citizen. Graeme
We, New Zealand citizens regardless of original ethnicity, with our ancestors have contributed to the country AS IT IS. WE are the owners of our country. The Maori Battalion was a part of NZ war effort with Allies, fought for our NZ freedom and won their battle sector for our freedom . Lyndall
Anti democratic Kevin
No more slight of hand tricks please, this country is currently a democracy – we should keep it that way. Roy
That any portion of a democracy could consider such a thing is beyond belief Laurie
Governance should not be selected on race but ability or democratic popularity . cogovernance by race would give a disproportionate influence to a minority group. william
Ridiculous idea that Queen Victoria would agree to co govern. Clive
If they are not abolished they will inevitably lead to violence. Co governance is simply unacceptable mostly because it just does not work. I should know. I have had to work with it for over 30 years it has proven totally hopeless. Mike
For no other reason than it goes against the concept of democracy. Eileen
Unbelievable corruption on the part of Labour/Maori Adrian
Absolutely abolish the co-governance arrangements, when did the the general public get a say in this ?? mike
Absolutely, definitely YES!!!! Joe
One nation. One people. One law John
We are ONE or should be. Equal rights, same taxes for ALL Doug
Maui is embedded in Maori. Deceit is how they operate. Their ancients spirits own the land and water so anything goes. We are their useful idiots. Resistance is not sufficient. Kevin
There is absolutely no mandate from the people to push through with this. If we allow this to happen, look out! There are way more shenanigans being incubated where this is coming from. Jan
Those are all Racist agendas and should be abolished Colin
Government by the people for the people. Democracy for all New Zealanders. R
All race-based policies should be rescinded – not just co-governance. We need to make this country truly ‘colour blind’. Graham
Definitely. The government seems hell bent on installing a form of apartheidt into New Zealand. pdm
This issue represents the greatest threat to democracy so far in our country’s history, and must be resisted at all costs, and called out for the racism that it is. Rod
Totally undemocratic nonsense that will destroy our country as a peaceful have , forever. Hylton
Our PM and her communist comrades are slowly but surely destroying our lovely little country Kay
I am Ngati Wai and I do not support cogovernance. I only support an eqality based elected representatives govermental democracy, not this racist movement of Maori elite who do not speak for me. Mike
The proposals should be revealed by the legacy media, publicly. Then voted on by a binding referendum putting this underhand attempt, to bed. Giles
they dont belong Graeme
It’s deceitful and corrupt Christine
Abolish tribal co-governance? ABSOLUTELY! I simply cannot believe that New Zealanders, whose ancestors put their lives on the line in past wars to ensure our democratic freedoms, could entertain such nonsense! Gary
Govt is power mad Paul
True Democracy must be be upheld. One person one vote! John
Ridiculous idea in the first place. This government must go. Someone wake up the complacent masses and tell them what’s going on ! Logan
Racist communist scum Greg
Legalised theft Totally undemocratic Geoff
It’s theft by stealth Jane
As well as Waitangi tribunal, pending treaty settlements and tax free charitable status. neil
100% Ian
Yes absolutely. Democracy is essential to our way of life. Michael
Totally dumped, there is zero need for co anything with “one people” Collin
Absolutely. We’re going to end up with civil war in this country if it’s not stopped Dave
Ethnonationalism is racism Iain
Most definitely, there is no place in NZ for such an arrangement. This Government has a very sneaky agenda in this matter, it is a power grab by stealth. David
Totally unacceptable Brian
We are all equal settlers in NZ as per Treaty of Waitangi. We are all New Zealand Citizens Julz
Yes absolutely abolished immediately and furthermore the tribal businesses not paying taxes should have charitable status removed immediately and be forced into paying taxes and even further to that how about spending more or even all of their huge wealth to help their people. Looking at the amounts of money they’re sitting on there should be no so called poverty in the Maori population and community. Flip
We do not want a segregated state john
Soon New Zealand will not exist and co-governance will not mean by two, but by one group Donald
I warned NZers on FB that this was happening in 2018 already and that the consequence would be a worse “apartheid” than South Africa had in the early years. I was told that could never happen in NZ, but it IS happening and the consequences for NZ will be worse than for SA. Elsie
Democratic principles are not followed when 15% of the population controls 50% of any of the public assets or services. As Winston Peters has said very little of the wealth of the iwi flows down to the maori on the street. The iwi elite make sure of that. tony
Most definitely. Mark
No longer a team of 5 million now dived to two teams based on face.Let us settled our greavances and move ahead as one great multi cultured N.Z.Hand in hand like our feletives were with no mention of race all Kiwis. Stephen
A total asset grab paul
Should not be a question in the first place. John
Absolutely! We must wake the nation up as to what is happening .. Lorraine
I don’t trust Maori about future dealings. Kevin
As described by Apirana Ngata in 1912, Maori cultural rule is Communism mike
Co governance is not the colour blind democracy we require to ensure equal rights for all Kiwis so eliminate all Iwi and Maori preferential legislation. Also phase out the Maori seats and charity tax status for trusts etc set up for W settlement funds, another sort. Stan
It must be stopped now, do not wait until it is too late. Tony
Tribal co-governance has no place in a democratic society. If it is wanted, it would be at the will of the majority, not a minority. James
The current governments deceit will be the main standout point of its legacy. Co governance is not compatible with democracy and is thus rejected. Peter
Its s fallacy. There was no mention of co governance in the treaty. It states they shall have the same rights as a British subject. End of. Kristene
You cannot have both parliamentary democracy and partnership at the same time Andy
Not only is this government a dictatorship it is racist. This needs to be halted for good. This is New Zealand. Vaughan
Co governance is completely contrary to democracy which is equal rights for all citizens Wah
Why isn’t this information making headlines in newspapers and on news programmes? The government are no longer held to account by the media – are we becoming a dictatorship? Mel
Equality for all no imbalance between races. New Zealanders have the opportunity now to remain one nation and not be divided and segregated. Janet
It is not part of the Treaty of Waitangi and is a mad up term. Lee
The silence of MSM is traitorously deafening! Pauline
The claimed right to co-govern NZ is based on a belated false interpretation of the treaty of Waitangi Terry
Any race based policy is dangerous. nic
The next party to gain power needs a mandate from the people to also abolish the Maori seats in parliament as recommended at the commencement of MMP. Barras
This so called co-governance is a sham and cannot exist in a democracy. Michael
As soon as possible Derek
The public of NZ have never been asked to vote on co-governance which is doomed to fail next election. Roydon
One New Zealand for all Dearwyn 
All race-based policy should be abolished Ray
Reverse apartheid by stealth Joe
Didn’t Churchill say Democracy is far from perfect but it is a lot better than any of the alternatives. Peter
No more racism, no new apartheid. Stop the separatism of the last 5 years and revoke the fake treaty claims immediately. Francis
No question, it is undemocratic and gives a minority ruling over the majority. This is not New Zealand Laura
Absolutely co-governance needs to be abolished. Why should public benefits go to mega-wealthy business corporations? Is Jacinda Ardern privatising New Zealand to iwi by stealth. What a dangerous woman she has become. Ian
Democracy should not be undermined by anyone, let alone a Prime Minister. She needs to be removed. New Zealanders can’t trust her anymore.  Dennis
Co-governance is so dangerous to everyone. Fancy giving away our democracy. What planet do these Labour MPs live on??? Fiona
What New Zealander in their right mind would swap democracy for tribal totalitarianism? None. Co-governance needs to be abandoned and all such arrangements disbanded. Brian
Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. These are matters the media used to interrogate. But not any more – since they were bought off by Labour. So we rely on the NZCPR and others to expose what is really going on and how dangerous this government has become. Graham