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He Puapua Accelerates

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“The catch cry ‘democracy does not work for Maori’ has become the mantra for the destruction of democracy. Lenin would recognise what is being attempted in New Zealand in 2022, as would any self-respecting South American dictator. Quite simply we are witnessing a coup designed to dismantle our democracy and the Rule of Law and replace it with the worst form of tribalism coupled with the greed of those who want what they have not earned.”
– Anthony Willy, former Judge and Law Lecturer, June 2022

The rollout of the Government’s He Puapua plan to establish Maori sovereignty by 2040 is proceeding at breath taking speed. We are living in revolutionary times. It is a coup, by a small number of iwi elite who have their hands on the levers of power thanks to our Prime Minister’s willingness to sacrifice New Zealand democracy for totalitarian tribal rule.

Virtually every facet of our society is now subjected to their influence with their latest ‘conquest’, the legal system.

Before looking into the implications, let’s do a quick recap to put it all into perspective.

He Puapua
was developed in 2019 by the Ardern Government under the guise of enacting the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

While Labour’s Prime Minister Helen Clark had refused to sign the Declaration, because it didn’t fit with our Treaty settlement framework, National’s Prime Minister John Key – under pressure from his Maori Party coalition partner – signed in 2010. At the time he assured New Zealanders that the agreement was largely symbolic and not binding.

In fact, Article 46 of the Declaration confirms as much: “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any state, people, group or person… any action which would dismember or impair totally or in part the territorial integrity or political unity of sovereign and independent states.”

After a careful examination of the Declaration, Anthony Willy concluded, “It is clear beyond doubt that in terms of the declaration no indigenous person can enjoy a right which damages the existence of a democratically elected government. That immediately rules out any notion of the governance of the state or territorial local authorities being shared between indigenous peoples and those who came after.”

This inconvenient fact has not stopped the Ardern Government and the self-serving Maori separatists within it from transferring democratic power from New Zealanders to the elite leaders of multi-million-dollar tribal business development corporations.

Replacing democracy with tribal rule is so extreme, that Jacinda Ardern knew she would lose the 2020 General Election if her plan became known. As a result, she kept He Puapua hidden from her New Zealand First coalition partner – and from the public – until after she had secured the power to govern alone.

None of the significant changes undermining democracy and our Kiwi way of life, that are being introduced through He Puapua have received a mandate from the public. The restructuring of health, polytechnics, and water services are all illegitimate policy changes designed to pass control to the tribal elite. None have public approval, and all should be repealed by the next government.

In this climate of division created by Jacinda Ardern, key institutions are being corrupted from their original purpose of serving all New Zealanders as equals, to prioritising and privileging those of Maori descent. Under her leadership, democracy is being replaced by apartheid.

Jacinda Ardern is not doing this alone. Supporting her are three powerful members of Labour’s 15-strong Maori Caucus – the Minister of Maori Development Willie Jackson, the Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta, and the Minister of Maori-Crown Relations Kelvin Davis. Other influential fellow travellers, including in academia, the media, and the Judiciary, are also supporting her separatist cause.

One of the key constitutional changes identified as being necessary to achieve Maori sovereignty by 2040 is the inclusion of ‘tikanga’ – or Maori custom – in our common law. And last month’s Supreme Court decision in the Ellis case has essentially secured that goal. 

Peter Ellis was convicted in 1993 of molesting children at a Christchurch crèche. He served a seven-year sentence but claimed his innocence throughout.

His ongoing attempts to quash the charges and clear his name led to two appeals to the Court of Appeal, two enquires by retired Judges, and in 2019, an application for special leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The leave was granted, but he died of cancer before the hearing could take place. His family and legal team wanted the case to clear his name to proceed.

The decision over whether a deceased person’s case should be allowed to continue centres on whether reputation survives death. Common sense tells us it does, and while such cases are unusual, they can nevertheless be argued under existing common law principles.

To digress for a moment – there are two main sources of law: statute laws passed by Parliament and ‘the common law’, which has been developed by judges over the centuries.

While the courts must apply statutes, they first need to interpret what they mean. If Parliament disagrees with their interpretation, the legislation may be amended to bring the courts’ interpretation back in line with Parliament’s intentions.

An important legal principle applied by the courts is that everyone is equal before the law, so the law can be applied ‘without fear or favour’. As stated on the Courts of New Zealand website, “Independent, fair and efficient courts are a cornerstone in our democracy. Courts underpin social stability. They give confidence that our rights as citizens can be upheld; that our differences and conflicts can be resolved through law; that those who interfere with our rights can be held to account; that our society can be protected from law breakers; and that the State can be required always to act lawfully.”

Independence is also required of members of the judiciary: ensuring no undue influence from other judges or politicians, and confining decisions to the facts of the case and matters of law, not opinion. Their independence prevents our judicial system from being corrupted – and helps maintain a high level of confidence in our legal system.

When the Supreme Court was asked to continue with the Peter Ellis case, instead of applying existing common law principles to the decision, three of the five judges –  Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann, former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman Joe Williams, and Susan Glazebrook – invited the legal teams arguing the case to consider whether ‘tikanga’ could be applied.

It was a bizarre request. Given Peter Ellis was not Maori, the use of ‘tikanga’ in the case would have been ruled out had the standard 1908 test for recognising custom been applied: “whether the custom exists as a general custom of Maori, whether it is contrary to statute law, and whether it is reasonable.”

Instead, in a split 3-2 decision, the case resulted in tikanga being extended to include non-Maori and the test dismissed as a “colonial relic” – leaving the door wide open for any court to apply tikanga in any case, in any way.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Anthony Willy has examined the Supreme Court’s ruling and shares his grave concerns:

“This excursion into Maori customs raises a number of questions: What is ‘Tikanga?’ A search of the meaning of the word in the Maori dictionary yields fifteen possible definitions all of which amount to doing the right thing in the circumstances. None of the meanings have anything thing to do with the law as it has been understood and  practiced in New Zealand since 1840. 

“Then there is the question of which maori custom to apply in a given case. The majority of the judges accepted that the pre 1840 maori customs to be applied in any case will be decided by experts called to assist the Court. This is quite a different exercise from the ordinary calling of experts to assist the court in deciding matters such as science, engineering, medicine and the like. These experts will it seems tell the court how it should decide the case – and the judge will be in no position to decide differently. Where then is the independence of the judiciary?

“One wonders if the three judges who have initiated these seismic changes considered the importance of the separation of powers between Parliament and the Courts which is crucial to the health of our democracy. And why go to the trouble of producing a judgment which can have no binding effect on the substantive determination of the appeal. Nothing said about ‘Tikanga’ is binding on any later Court. It is what the law refers to as ‘obiter dicta’ and we thank the judgments of O’Regan and Arnold JJ for pointing that out. The reason being because no part of this excursion into pre 1840 Maori cultural practices was relied on by the Court in deciding whether or not the evidence given against Peter Ellis at his trial was sufficient to allow the Jury to convict him.

“That said they have opened the door to future activist judges to rely on the obiter pronouncements in these judgments and to apply them in later cases. It is of the deepest concern to contemplate that two of the Judges on our highest Court: Winkelmann CJ and Glazebrook J. appear to have become swept up in the drive by the Maori caucus of the present government to implement their He Puapua policies before it is too late and they are ejected from office.”

By embracing tikanga, our highest court has now significantly altered the foundations of law in New Zealand – and consciously so. What’s more, in light of the disastrous outcome of introducing tikanga into National’s Marine and Coastal Area Act, their ruling will be to the detriment of the Rule of Law and society as a whole.

In fact, the inclusion of tikanga in that foreshore and seabed legislation has led the Courts to deliver an outcome that is the exact opposite of what Parliament intended.

Let me explain: When National – at the behest of the Maori Party – introduced the Marine and Coastal Area Act to repeal Crown ownership of the coast and allow tribal claims, they specified two tests in the law. Firstly, claimants had to have held their claimed area according to ‘tikanga’, and, secondly, they had to have held it ‘exclusively’ and ‘continuously’ since 1840.

In a landmark decision in the Edwards case, the High Court awarded customary title and rights based only on the first leg of the test – whether the area had been held according to ‘tikanga’. The second leg of the test – whether claimants had held the area exclusively and continuously since 1840 – was not even considered.

Justice Churchman ruled that holding the area according to tikanga was sufficient to justify awarding title to the coast – notwithstanding that the law specified the property rights test should also apply.

The Edwards case, the first of almost 600 overlapping claims for the coast, will have a significant precedent effect.

When National introduced the law, they assured the public that customary title would cover no more than 10 percent of the coastline, leaving 90 percent unclaimed. If left unchallenged, the Churchman ruling is likely to deliver the exact opposite: 90 percent of the coast will be held in tribal hands with only 10 percent left unclaimed.

The NZCPR is raising funds to appeal the Churchman decision to the Court of Appeal – if you would like to support our fight against this miscarriage of justice, please click HERE to help.

Tikanga is a vague hotchpotch of Maori rituals and culture, defined and redefined to suit any particular argument by so-called cultural advisors – whose word cannot be challenged by the courts.  As a result, including tikanga in our legal system is not justice, it is apartheid.

National has a growing list of things it will repeal should it become the government next year. Restoring the integrity of our legal system needs to be added to its list.

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Maori Maori Maaori thats all we hear on the street at home and in our very own Parliament. As far as I am concerned I have treated maori the same as I treat anyone else, we are all Kiwis except the Elite. Barbara
Tikanga hijacks us to the whims of individual opinion regarding any one situation. There is no stability, security, or confidence in in such a nebulous ‘foundation’ regarding law. Jan
No minority should ever rule over the majority of people in any country. That is just looking for unrest and pushbacks from the general . Elsie
These primitive savages could not even spell the word until we taught a few of them how to read and write. Mike
It is incredibly disturbing to witness the blatant decline of our Democracy at the hands of Ardern’s Government. Linda
Definitely NOT. Maori are NOT the indigenous race here. It is well known they arrived after Mori Ori and some Greek and British settlers. But their treatment of the people who were here BEFORE Maori came was despicable – killing and cannabalising whoever they came across. Maori have to stop demanding supremacy and settle into being citizens with equality in all spheres of life here. Cec
Not if no one knows what it is in the first place. 15 different meanings ? Sounds like trouble, and it has already started. Greg
There is a madness sweeping this country for which an enormous price will be paid ! I have no faith in politicians at all. I cannot believe how utterly useless this country has become. You reap what you sow. God help N.Z. ! John
No place!! Neil
Anything as airy Fairy as this Rubbish has no place in any country’s law Eric
No, No and NO. Sam
Certain ally not, too much say from a few radicals who want total control. Ross
11 months and it’s haere ra to this carcinogenic tumour of repulsive reprobates. Campbell
No way,. No No No Stan
Yet more nonsense coming from the halls of tyranny & injustice. Bruza
No, no, no!!! Enough of this garbage! Neville
Absolutely not, in exactly the same way that any ancient European customs do not! Allan
Definitely not Mike
Certainly Not! Maria P
not ever.they could never manage their own affairs. ken&sybil 
It has no place in an established Democracy, otherwise the term Democracy itself is defunct. It is possible that the majority of Maori chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi understood the concept of British democracy and universal adult suffrage very well, and saw in British sovereign protection the promise of peaceful existence and protection from a minority of Iwi elite – that same Iwi that are once again flexing their bellicose nature with approval from extremist PM Ardern and her Labour Coalition Cabinet. Phil
Tikanga in practice is in direct contravention of the Treaty as it goes directly against the principle of we are one people. Richard
Tikanga is not law. It is straight-up violent coercion. It leads to utu and to war. Mark
we do not want apartheid in NZ John
This is based on a cultural aspect and NOT general law. Carl
Absolutely not. And which customs should be applied? Utu as applied by Maori pre 1840? Howard
Definitely NOT. The tikanga concept should not be expanded into NZ’s laws. Peter
Tikanga is Maori lore,this nation was founded on Common Law principles, if we bring back Tikanga, then this nation will be split between two laws both separately enforced depending on if you identify as Maori or European. Aaron
Tikatinga overrules our common law Errol
If this sort of rubbish is placed into Law.We may all go to Hell in a basket John
Comment isn’t really even needed on this one Ken
Another step down the path to division. Can anyone imagine what it will be like in this country in 199 years. Absolute disaster Martyn
Law is created in Parliament, not by common people even judges. Denis
The racism on this site is extremely destructive. I am sure that it only attracts maybe 5% of Kiwis but if only a small percentage of those take it seriously we could have repeat of very destructive events in NZ. I was banned from this site for posting the truth, Negative disinformation is hard to believe how someone can be deluded to try to destroy NZ John
Jacinda & her colleagues must go John
Perhaps the Govt should do what it does with all policies where it’s looking for someone else to blame if it goes wrong, commission a report. How about asking that paragon of forecasting, the University of Otago, to investigate the benefits of going from a democracy to tribal government. Hope they don’t use the same model they used for forecasting Covid deaths. Geoff.
Is New Zealand becoming an apartheid country? Peter
This is just another racist sham being perpetuated by Maori elite and sycophantic politicians like the Red Queen. Mike
Mythological terms create indeterminate states of mind in the law courts so, No! Drop it out. Ray
Yes, but only in the section labeled Maori history. Can anyone imagine having a house built under a contract governed by Tikanga? Allan
It is all bs and no place in NZ law. He Papua should be booted outs it has no place in New Zealand and the name for all of us I s New Zealand!,!! Daryl
New Zealand law for New Zealanders – Not vague custom for New Zealanders. Do what you like in a long cloud wherever that is. Murray
Not unless it is defined legally and permanently, and not unless that definition does not conflict with principles of democracy and our justice system such as ‘equal before the law’. John
The implementation of this just adds to the Apartheid system being thrust upon NZer’s Chris
He Puapua should prove to be the end of this labour government and quite possibly the end of labour as a party, people will never trust them again. He Puapua will affect not only European New Zealanders but also every other ethnic group of New Zealanders. He Puapua is part of Aderns Socialist policy to divide and conquer, control the peoples needs. Owen
these so called maoris are totally out of control I would suggest that there are too many sympathisers with their heads buried in the sand and are in for one hell of a shock edward
Definitely not! Brian
stop this erosion of democracy and legal standards now.. Peter
No, No, No, Never David
Far too vague to be used in a Court of Law. Michael
We have had Ketteridge and her SIS keystone cops running around in ever decreasing circles till they disappear up their own fundies, looking for Right White bogeymen. All the while they have had Stalinesque lefties running the country and openly destroying democracy under their very noses. Also “you know who” have been running around supermarkets wielding knives. What a burlesque. Not a word has been uttered. Quite simply Ketteridge & NZSIS should all be arrested for dereliction of duty. Tell
Never paul
‘Tikanga’…is unlawful and designed to separate peoples with NO legal basis. mark
Maori bias. There rules change with their wants, Haka were once exclusively male. It was considered tapu for females to perform haka. As hakas gained international recognitont this tapu suddenly disappeared. There seems to be nothing sacred to Maori just a desire for unjustified recognition. Peter K
We don’t need a group of people representing a minority racial portion of the population,to have the ability to use a loosely defined term ,to influence our legal system.Its just wrong. Michael
not indigenous, just another immigrant Ian.
It might in Maori law, if there is such a thing Philip
Imprecise terminology leads to bad law. Phil
Tikanga (aka custom law) was tried in the New Hebrides in the 1970’s and was a complete disaster. Different islands and often villages on the same island had different customs which led to total confusion as which custom law was to applied to a case. I can see the same thing happening here in NZ. Which tikanga shall we apply as different tribes have different tikanga for certain situations (no examples spring to mind). I am non- Maori so no tikanga should apply to me. But maybe because of my ancestry Viking law should be appiled. It just gets so messy. It is total stupidity again from this government. As Judge Willy points out there would be no such thing as common law many of the foundations of which were laid down in the Magna Carta in the 1500’s if my memory serves me right. But then again the Biblical law of God was laid down long before that so maybe we should take that as common law. Now I’ve opened a pandora’s box for some there as that will challenge there doctrinal stance. LOL Kevin
Tikanga appears to be no more than a passport to apartheid. Resist such an intrusion into our democracy at all costs Phil
Absolutely not. What we are being fed in the guise of Maori customs are in fact myths from the 1800s. No relevance to todays law Neville
Sick of all this divisive nonsense, I feel like we are becoming a new south africa Marie
Ardern has totally lost touch with reality and is thus incapable of exercising her proper role as prime minister. She should be removed on the grounds of severe mental illness. Paloma
Well it is a NO from me. The key to any “laws” and “statutes” for me is that they treat all equally. You would need to be “simple” to believe that there was a law form in New Zealand before the colonisation. The law back then was the Chief of the tribe, and those he selected to be in his close “ruling” group. All others were slaves. Much the same as what they are working on right now, where the power is weilded by the few, supported but a few thugs to keep the slaves in check. This also fits very nicely with what the unelected WEF/UN/WHO have planned for the whole of the world. Neither will work because every man and woman posseses “sovereign free will” which is their birthright. Neil
Absolutely not it cannot be defined and is open to abuse- as has already been demonstrated. Anon
Maori can’t agree amongst them selves exactly what this is, So it will be make it up as they go along to suit the agenda of the day. philip
I know this crap needs to be exposed but goddam, it’s depressing! Grant
We have all been hoodwinked, many different cunning plans slowly creating the final picture, come end game. Sven
Absolutely not ! The law is for all peoples resident in this country. The introduction of ‘their’ law by a minority over existing established law for all peoples of the NZ society is extreme racism and increases the division of ‘them’ & us. NZ needs another island which ‘they” can live & govern in ‘their’ way and set up ‘their’ laws. Naturally ‘they’ can build & pay for all the infrastructure & services they need. In that way ‘they’ will not be able to blame colonialism & what it has given them. No more handouts needed ! Dane
What is going on with what was “OUR” country. This is absolute rubbish and is fairy land thinking by cindy the red communist witch licking up to the minority to look good on the world stage. Time we stood up and be counted to force an early election to get rid of the cretins NOW. rod
It lives in some ones mind at the time it is thought – how can than be justice? Dream on if we want a common justice system for all equallt tony
Its time to purchase lots more ammunition before the final confrontation begins. Steve
Absolutley not – the integrity of our justice system must be restored and maintained bob
Maori folk law has no place in common law. Rob
Law must surely be knowable, fair and all parties should be able to have a reasonable understanding of what it requires. Tikanga is none of these. Alan
Yes, If you want to be suppressed in every possible way Tony
Greed knows no shame… Scott
Definitely not Rob
Under no circumstances should the minority trump the majority. Parliament should over-rule this breach of democracy. Peter
It’s as repugnant as cannilbalism. Allen
Sadly the generations of people who developed this country have passed away. They are not here to answer the present day agitators. It is going to take some leadership to turn this around. Robert
When will this woman & her Govt be overthrown?? We read excellent factual pieces by Tony Willie for example but the dictatorship continues unabated!!! It is quite obvious Ardern is shovelling thru all this ‘cultural’ legislation pushed by her Maori caucus knowing full well she would never survive a snap election & therefore hasn’t the guts to call one!!! Ron
It is hocus pocus, and provides no certainty of evidence to make the right decision. Colin
“Tikanga”is an iwi elite vehicle to enhance their interests; a precursor for apartheid. It’s use is being twisted to suit an iwi agenda not in the interests of all of New Zealand’s population. Ralph & Lauree
Bloody stupid Labour again. How can we get rid of them now? Roger
Absolutely no tikanga in our laws thank you. We have moved past the Stone Age! Lynne
We dont live in the stone age, we have to live in the NOW. Tikanga is not part of traditional law, and it can only create greater racial tension in the country! Hugh
The Maoris don’t realize how lucky they are that the Brits and not the French were the successful colonists The Maori would be unknown now, but instead they are a bunch of whinging Hybrids at war with Pakeha NZ’ ers and all other nationalities who live her in peace, IT IS A WAR THAT THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN. JOHN
Excellent explanation Graeme
Discrimination against all other ethnicities. Kerry
One wonders why Jacinda Ardern is hell bent on passing over control and financial benefit to a group of Maori elite that only represent a small percentage of our population. If she and her Maori caucus succeed It will be the end of democracy in New Zealand. Graeme
One LAW for ALL New Zealanders Glenn
Not as such. The Court has equitable principles from the common law which it can apply in addition to statute law . tikanga is a whole new system in itself Bill
None whatsoever. Ray
The question itself is a further push by pseudo Maori to promote tribalism Bob
No. It has nothing to do with law. Dennis
A nebulous and ill defined concept. Gilbert
none at all Colin
Utter nonsense Stephen
Archaic BS Gavin
Any acceleration of an illegitimate agenda such as he puapua (or even Agenda 2030 or the SDG for that matter) speaks of desperation on the part of the proponents to get their lame laundry lists of ill-advised legislations over the finish line before too many people wake up and wise up to what’s really going on. The greediness and corruption of those currently in power seems to know no bounds and this is only serving to wake up ever more people to what’s going on… we can only hope they wake up quickly enough and ready to act Jenny
Definitely NO. Why isn’t opposition National and Act not petitioning England Sovereignty about the blatant contravening of the equality in the Treaty of Waitangi and of Queen Victoria’s letter patent constitution. Corruption and apartheid must be stopped somehow WAKE UP NZ. Nobody is doing anything just ineffective lip service. We all know tribal rule and apartheid are winning. Peter
The justice needs a jolly good shake-up to get rid of all the judges and any other people who have corrupted our democracy. Helen
certainly not Evan
I suppose if the cost of living goes up even higher Cannabalism will be introduced? linda
NO WAY! Allowing that opens the door for every person to appear before a court to claim a defence through “tikanga” , and since it is based on the opinion of those who are known for not telling the truth, how could evidence be given under oath. Why not allow witchcraft? Terry M
Definitely NOT. Tony
definately no David
Cracked pots comes to mind. Bruce
It is difficult not to feel depressed by this ever increasing madness. We need leadership like never before. Alan
It has no place in a true democracy. chris
Definitly not. It would be a very dangerous move if this was done it would be the end of racial integrity in our country Brian
The Judges supporting any He Puapua related decisions, should be removed. Tikanga has no place in our legal system. Peter
Doesn’t have a passport or visa! Michael
There is absolutely no place for racism in any law. Richard
It is obvious that the current government realise they will probably not be around after next year’s elections. Hence they are rushing through every piece of legislation the can before then. Lawrie
Absolutely not. This is just more racist propaganda. The judges should also be held to account Gvprice
Of course not! And most ordinary Maori, who are working for a living, and going through the same every day difficulties and problems that many Kiwis are facing, trying to make ends meet while the government has run everything into total shambles, are not very interested in such stupid ideas. Rosemary
Definitely NOT. One country one people, one set of rules. If these Maori minority want to have their own laws etc let them move to somewhere like Pitt Island & live in huts with no power, running water & sewage system etc. david
Tikanga which it does not appear to be able to be effectively described in English is a relic of Maori tribal rule. It would then seem to be applicable to Maori only in any part of this land where Maori Tribal principals are still recognised by Maori. That is Maori who claim to be Maori would be subject to Tikanga amongst themselves only. The question then is what is a Maori ? Who identifies as a Maori when crossbreeding has “watered down ” Maori bloodlines” in many cases to be less than 50% original full blooded Maori. Tikanga could only be what is recognised between Maori who identify as Maori. It could not be upheld under European law nor apply to any party other than Maori and it appears Maori could appear to be able to opt out themselves in any case against then based on their bloodlines. They have consciously chosen their bloodlines to be impure resulting in no full blooded Maori remaining. They effectively bred their Maori exclusivity out of existence. They now claim to have a foot in both camps subject to Tikanga and European Statutes when it suits them terrence
No to Tikanga and all other elements of Maori influence over our lives. We are modern people, we have left the stone age far behind, along with cannibalism, slavery and human sacrifice. And to hell with unwanted Maori words all over the place. Chris
Why should anything connected to Maori culture have a place in our justice system when they as a race had no structure when it came to handing out justice to their own ken
Law changing by stealth … just the usual ! John
Tikanga is alien to democratic law Peter
I despair. Albyn
Given that Tikanga has no human rights or property quotient unlike Common Law, that it is not codified, that it is not standardized and has varying regional and Iwi interpretations, then this is not law. The question should be asked: What version of Tikanga are the judges accepting? Brenton
Please no more Maori to be a law just had enough of this crap. Warren
absolutely not – just another step on the way to becoming another Zimbabwe – WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND. Don
WE want democracy, at least I think we do, although there are some, including our present Government, who are seeking to break down the freedom which democracy affords us. freedom Harvey
In 2022 we are being lumbered with a stone-age culture with a racist and sepratist agenda for the advantage of a few. Bill
I ,because of my ancestry,are Ariki . I see 180 years of close cooperation being torn down to enrich the greedy marxists who will in fact destroy any notion of civil society in New Zealand. Ron
I have had an absolute gutsful of all this Maori crap! Brent
Absolutely bloody not. This is apartheid at it’s best showing yet. The evil of this totally corrupt Government is now beyond imagination. Now it really is time to stand up, be counted and say NO. Geoff
Need equality of all before the law and each according to their need – not the intrusion of race based custom or policy which will cause great division Bruce
Maori were living in the primitive stone age some 150 odd years ago and Tribal brutalism law has NO place in today’s New Zealand democratic society. To boot Maori are NOT indigenous to New Zealand. Wayne
Has anyone noted that Maori are NOT the NZ indigenous people ?? (Moriori etc ?? Michael
All tiikangan need to pass the test for common law, only then can we have a reasonable justice system. Murray
we are one nation. we are going deep into apartied bev
Absolutely No! No! Bryan
Not in our judicial system. Too much is left open to interpretation that simply can’t (or won’t be allowed to be) challenged. Jan
This country should have sovereignty by the majority of the population not a minority Diana
No never. It represents corruption and apartheid and its true meaning has been polluted to the destruction of democracy. Why are National not challenging via our sovereignty with England this deliberate destruction of democracy? Brenda
No it does not. Roll along elections 2023. Chris
More racism Greg
We have to keep fighting all this. It is ruining this once great country. We need to push for an election now and be very clear to contenders that they are our servants and need to listen to what all New Zealanders want for the future. Helen
As discussed in the newsletter, clearly tikanga is a divisive dangerous tribal call to flout current legal standards and requirements leading New Zealand further down the path of racial divide and apartheid Chris
If individuals want to invoke tikanga, they are able to but most definitely should not be part of government or compulsory Shelley
It is Stone Age mumbo jumbo and has no place in the 19th century let alone the 21st century. These judges need to be fired as the cretins they are and then prosecuted as traitors. John
Absolutely not Mike
Of course not, it’s an invention not real law which has been developed over many years by legislators Terry
Absolutely NOT Roy
absolutely not ! mike
Certianly not, its disgraceful and as you said “every one should be equal before the law”. But it’s looking more like “Welcome to Aeotaroa Apartheid Ethnostate. Brian
Most definitely not Mick
To use the Aussie saying “Yer dreaming mate”. Adrian
one people under the law. Treaty of Waitangi. New Zealand is the name. linda
New Zimbabwe Boris
NO!!! These racist idiots are heading NZ toward civil war. What next, customary cannibalism? We need equal justice and rights for all members of our society. Andrew
NZ law is exclusively based on British law. And this is the law which was accepted by Maori with the Treaty of Waitangi. That was the whole point of the Treaty. Andy
Custom can be interpreted in any way that they see fit for that instance. It will vary for every tribe. That makes it a wishy washy mess. Law is solid reasoned fact. It can be dealt with rationally. Tikanga cannot be rational. It can be anything at any time by anyone, and it can be made up. Who really knows what it was 180 years ago.its irrational and therefore destructive. Laurine
Absolutely and most definitely not!!! Mike & Jillian
One law for all New Zealanders. Peter
It goes against democracy – it cannot co-exist. Ross
Myths and fables have no place in law Charles
definitely not Lorraine
Laws must be well defined, and not subject to interpretation on the whims of a few to suit their agenda. Mark
There was no law and order in NZ until after 1840. Charles
We must stop the rot NOW !!!! Alan
Tikanga does not have a place in New Zealand law. A senior member of my family has just completed a reading of John Robinson’s latest book: REGAINING A NATION- Equality and Democracy. His final comment after many throughout the reading was, “I’ve never read such a frightening book about New Zealand in all my life.” It was a Tross Publishing October 2022 edition. Donald
It shows an appalling bias to a small part of the population Laurel
We need to go back to visit how the TREATY is INTERPRETED and re-introduce the Westminster way of legislation with equal rights for all KIWIS. NEIL
Of course not. By introducing Tikanga is leaving the laws wide open to be altered to suit a maori perspective. Imagine what the radicals could come up with under that. Get rid of it asap. Peter
It is more Maori myth and has no place in the law of NZ Dianne
What’s in this for Jacinda. Or should the question be what does the Maori elite have over tribe Jacinda Keith
Add those 3 judges to the list Harvey
Send it packing, maybe it can join Sharia Law in the neververse. Allan
It is all simply tragic Rosalie
we are seeing the country reverting back to be run by tribes. . Helped by the labour government who are trying to turn our democracy to socialism. chris
Tikanga has no place in New Zealand law and all reference to it should be removed. If it remains then apartheid will be fostered and that is not what we want. Derek
Too me is just pushing the country further into apartheid. As a New Zealand citizen I find what is going is dangerous and I fear there will be a back lash and it could end up violent. Jackie
The No vote is qualified in that Maori may believe whatever they wish as individuals or groups but it has no place when being forced on others who do not subscribe to tikanga. Alastair
Absolutely definitely not. Eileen
Hell NO – neither does the Waitangi Tribunal….. john
All human decision should be based on whats best for the greater good rather than what good for the local iwi. Anon
Apartheid Racism call it what you will Murray
Absolutely not! Brenda
Absolutely not.! Errol
Aparthied. We fought against. We protested against. We divided our nation against it. And yet now, embrace it. I am disgusted. Will the next lot of politicians have the Balls to dismantle? I think not ! We despair for NZ future. Sad but true.  stewart
Stone Age mumbojumbo Ihaia
Absolutely not!This is taking us back to the Stone Age.Interesting how the proponents of all this nonsense still love all the benefits of Western civilisation which has evolved to bring the huge benefits we all share today. The development of the nation state has taken centuries.These greedy, self interested idiots will drag us back to the wonderful era of tribalism and the sycophantic, pseudo intellectuals who embrace all this will be the first to squeal when reality bites. Foreign investment will disappear and we’ll become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. Bernie
Racist Marxist unacceptable rubbish Hylton
Only idiots and stupid people would say yes Tom
I thought we were all New Zealanders but obviously it is now a case of Maori and the ” others ” . – Too, in the late 1800’s there was Pidgeon English but fast forward to the 2020’s we seem to now have Pidgeon Maori !! Logan
common and statute law should be unaffected by tikanga, whatever that is interpreted as fred
No to ‘tikanga’ having a place in any New Zealand Law. We do not even need to have a clear meaning of the word because it should only mean what it meant prior to the 1840 ToW. We need to understand that we are all New Zealand citizens trying to live in these lands co-operating with each other with the aim to achieve decent, clean, happy lives. That we All need to be treated equally and in the same manner under our legitimate Westminster type parliamentarian laws. The whole nation will only go forward with success if All our nation’s children are able to reach a good level in learning both the English language and becoming proficient in Numeracy. Just to achieve this would be a big advancement in the nation’s future abilities and personal maturity levels that could be the spores to evolve a more harmonious and an agreeable co-operative population. Come on New Zealand. Garry
Another racist law being brought in under the guise of The Treaty Rod
One law for all please. Tim
No – absolutely not! Having said that, the Peter Ellis case is a shameful blot on New Zealand’s legal history. An ailing judge, a police detective having an affair with one of the parents, man hating expert witnesses that broke every rule in the book for interviewing children – the list goes on and on. Disgraceful! David
No, tikanga is a vague concept that can’t be defined, which is not how the law works. James
Why have some so called intelligent people believe these maori myths and superstitions should be used in the 21st centery is beyond me so the sooner we can get rid of them and adern and her chocalate mates to get NEW ZEALAND back on the road to recovery and a safe and decent country to live in the better we will all be. Richard
We are one nation not two. Apartheid should have place here. But unfortunately the Justices have been hoodwinked by powerful Maori who have no ethics nor conscience. Ann
Tikanga is a custom of a stone age race which has not been tested for clarity or fairness to everyone equally . The laws of our country have been tested by learned participants and refined to the quality they are today and under our present judicial system will be continued in refinement well into the future . Tikangi does not even come close to that high standard. William
We need law based on written facts not myths and methology or customary rights as pointed out in Muriel’s column as the NZ Police will tell you an eye witness is the least reliable evidence you can obtain and of those whom tell ones history by word of mouth with no written accompaniment is not based on fact but of a history littered with inaccuracies and embellishments with their being no written history to reflect or compare these stories against. Is this why our education system has been systematically disemboweled to prevent the average Kiwi from having the required critical thinking ability to challenge or see threw these fabrications. Larry
No. Common law is what is fair for all. Tikanga is confused and vague and divisive. It has no place in New Zealand as we know it. Noone has agreed to this. Rosemary
Nor does tribalism Phillip
Whatever it is??? Another myth/legend. Sheena
RACISM sheryl
TIKANGA May have relevance to the 15% of the population who are Maori but absolutely no relevance to the rest of the population,should we change the laws to fit in with other beliefs!! Let’s stick to common sense for goodness sake! Chris
As I understand it, ‘tikanga’ is a concept, not a legal entity Charles
Total BS. Maddi
Its too arbitrary Margie
No it doesn’t Roger
NO tony
Definitely not. Mary
It is imprecise and its meaning vague and can be molded to suit the purposes of Iwi Dictators. John
Absolute rubbish! Mike
No way. I see it’s also being snicker into the new rules of Incorporated Societies..you can have your say at the moment but times running out Cat
Absolutely not!!!! Campbell
One law for all kabe
celebs pay heaps to protect their image chris
A disgraceful affair Maureen
Absolutely NOT Peter
Next: Allow Maoris to carryout cannibalism but not everyone else. Ian
Absolutely note, no tikanga in our law. Its a delusional impression that has no precise meaning and instead rely’s on the vague opinions of those enforcing their ideologies onto our society Phil
Absolutely NOT. All the mythical Maori type thinking has NO place in our modern democratic country The public of NZ must force an injunction on this Govt to prevent such tribal myth taking hold in our law. Graeme
Lets move on. We are a multi-cultural nation. One and the same law for all, please. Doug
This Law is supposedly to benefit the indigenous peoples. Maori are not the indigenous peoples. they have a Treaty but that does not make them indigenous. Dave
Tikanga One groups opinion This is no basis for consistent legal outcomes for every citizen Rex
Absolutely NOT. It became null and void when the parties to the Treaty of Waitangi ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria and therefore became subject to British law and citizenship rights and privileges. Neil
Its all out of control just got silly Noel
I’m sick of all this BS Laurie
Nope Nope Nope it’s totally racist and defames New Zealander’s rights of Democracy David
Tikanga cannot be challenged and has no place in law. Robert and Louise
this is just absurd that the we are changing the whole of our Country to satisfy a few entitled. We are all ONE Helen
Unbelievable! Why?? Tikanga Maori rule didn’t work too well before 1840 did it? John
I always thought “Law” was based on well defined statutes and words, so there is NO place for vague, make it up as you go words such as “tikanga” or any other equally vague word regardless of origin Michael
Absolutely NOT. Lloyd
we cant keep living in the dark ages john
No! – absolutely not! We must be dumb unto death as a nation to have allowed this Stone Age tripe to proceed as far as it has! Our complacency will be our undoing and we will suffer the penalty of taking our hard won rights and freedoms for granted. We need to wake up and realise that our so-called “leaders” do not serve us and the sooner we can replace them with those who will, the better. Scott
Absolutely not !!!!! We have had enough of the pandering to what is a minority and the extreme warping of the Treaty to suit any agenda. Get rid of the Labour party and their radical leftist and globalist agendas and whilst about it get rid of the loony Greens and the Maori party. Nobody I know of anywhere verbally, online or in any social media agrees with Jacinda and her minions and agendas but NZ’rs are far too naive and apathetic to do anything about her. With what is happening in the US and globally perhaps the wheels are finally turning. Alan
Have no idea what tikanga is Collin
When judges of the highest court of the land embark on such adventurism, what hope is there for respect for the rule of law. The decision merely reinforces the concerns of all of those who at the time it was proposed to shed the rich judicial tradition and wisdom of the Privy Council’s role as our highest court of appeal, worried about this very potential in a small country with a unicameral parliament and a single law society for our legal system to be undermined. roger
No no no. No one can even define tikanga Bev
If it is then the next step will be witchcraft! The Tanisha is a mystic creature just like the Greek Gods. No relevance in today’s World of Law and Order. Robyn
One law for all. Janet
Absolutely not. Heresay and witchcraft have no place in a legitimate legal system. Chris
We are a democratic country, everything has been fine until all this MORE TO MAORI to rule with started . Our country has always been rules that apply to EVERYONE, now we are a divided country and it is getting worse. Nan
Never Bruce
Absolutely not. Tikanga is vague and capable of interpretation to suit. The law must be definite to avoid misinterpretations. Jack
NO! 85% of the population are not Maori or even part-Maori, so why should this ‘thing’ be imposed on the rest of us. The Rule of Law, as it stands and has stood for nearly 200 years, should be the Laws that we ALL adhere to. Heather
Should be nipped in the bud and buried Colin
Absolutely not. David
Any system which values people needs the same consistent law for everyone. Ian
Emphatically NO. Pam
It’s a form of apartheid bill
Hardly let’s get this nonsense stopped for good Peter
Hey, poo poos on the floor have to be cleaned up. Ardern needs to be arrested for her unmandated rule. Kevin
How can an unprovable set of mythical concepts be included in law of a modern first world counrty? Brent
Not NZ Law tony
Absolutely not V
this must be shouted out loud to no place in nz leo
I voted no as there is no real understanding what tikanga means. Until something can be VERY clearly defined it has no place in Law Cookie
Apartheid, myth, legend and hearsay can only lead to chaos. charles
Absolutely, unconditionally not. John
thats the last thing we want graeme
we cant live in the past warwick
Absolute corrupt and despotic madness Siobain
Absolutely NO in New Zealand law. Peter
Never, it connot be clearly defined in meaning. Ian.
No – If for no other reason, that the “Tribal law” of one tribal area is bound to differ from some or all of the others. The Ellis case has accordingly heralded the descent of common law into a rather loose “if the cap fits wear it” rationale. Jacqueline
Maori language has meaning rooted in context. Taken out of context it is open to interpretation in very strange ways. A waka is a canoe not a motor vehicle. Tikanga exists in the maori world not the world most of us live in. I suppose this will gain momentum like the misinterpretation of the use of the word partnership in judicial reference to the treaty. Peter
this country and government is out of control. It needs to stop now. Tracet
This hocus pocus rubbish doesn’t belong in a modern court of law – get rid of this government and all their troughers. Clive
never,never,never,never owen
And the High Court Judges who have bought it in meed sacking. Ronmac
No stone age tribal mumbo jumbo belongs in New Zealand law Hugh
Tikanga is based only on generations of hearsay Unreliable and irrelevant Nigel
Apartheid is entrenched in NZ and will continue to strengthen until the separate Maori seats in parliament are abolished. For that is the essence which defines APARTHEID. Geoff
Because is it indefinable in law – therefore it cannot be included without contradiction Skarlett
Absolutely no way in our democracy Shaun
Only on Marae , not in legislation or the judiciary John
No racist laws bud jones
Absolutely not, never. Laura
Myths and madness have no place in a court of law! Roger
Another nail in the coffin richard
In my view Ardern is as dangerous as Putin . She should be jailed along with her colleagues who do not believe in one man/women one vote principles’and Peters too for puting her in that position alan
It is absurd ! Christopher
Racism at its worse David
Tikanga should not be included into our Laws as it is not a properly defined entity and has not been established in Law by democratic means Shame on the Judges who hold high office in NZ and believe they can rewrite our Laws according to popular political beliefs. Bev
Absolutely, no! Under this Labour government the country is very quickly unravelling. The sooner we all wake up and turf the lot out the better we will be. They must be thrown out next year. Rob
Never moyra
You have to admire a culture that changes the rules to suit to occasion, and gets away with it. The Hybrids have no shame Allan
This must not happen. Julianne
The question is too broad however. cliff
Absolutely not Simonne
Muriel says it all. June
It’s absolute Maori mythical ROT!! This is another aspect of the untouchable Maori wonderfulness of falsehoods destroying our civil society. Daily our newspapers report maori violence, assaults and criminality. What if one kills and eats his victim, a customary pre-European Maori practise? Then he goes through the appeals system and claims tikanga, namely that maori custom legitimises his action. What hypocrisy will they produce to twist their way out of that scenario? Tony
There are no Maoris in New Zealand they are all mixed race Mike
It’s aparthied Lyn
Folks If we go back in time to early Maori life, ways, culture….ways of doing things (their laws) it was all about UTU and theft and trickery over other tribes..I am so sick of the PC labour Government pandering to this, the above, ways of the Maori….really, are we opening ourselves to UTU and the treachery that was the ‘norm’ for their culture…the needed the Laws that us white fellows brought for them and us to live under. There is nothing redeeming about their historic ‘culture’ sorry, if it is a return to their ways of doing life! karl
more far ken snatch and grab from these bloody brown face wankers, Anon
I do not like pidgin mixing of languages. I do not accept “tikanga” has a place in our legal system. The use of hate speech is an issue for the PM. I think a more serious issue is the undermining of democracy by the Ardern government along with this unacceptable dilution of long established law. These issues are dangerous nonsense being facilitated by an ineffective and poorly lead government manipulated by activists. Peter
Lets keep it simple, NZ law is for everyone. Brian
Its putting into law a vauge law based on a races cultural beliefs, based on a whim….. Carl
I am not Maori and such vague ‘laws’ as tikanga, will never relate to me. Carl
Definitely not as the law stands at present. Frank
stupidity! Wiremu
The existing laws and common law are sufficient. This case was just more gerrymandering by some top judges. Shame on them and their so-called “profession”. sally
Definitely not. Let’s get rid of this divisive Labour Party and restore democracy to all people Warren
Hocus pocus should never be permitted to trump legal precedent Geoffrey
No, He Puapua and all that stuff is nonsense. We are all one people as the Treaty says. william
Definitely not a real backwards and racist step Carl
The cancer spreads Brian
It’s such a vague concept. Like playing pin the tail on the cloud. Our laws need clear concise guide lines laid out by parliament that apply to all the people of New Zealand Kirke
Noone fought against apartheid harder than NZ Now extremists are trying to introduce it here. Brian
Definitely not Labour is pandering to a minority of NewZealanders utterly disgusting dividing us by their stupid nonsense. Barbara
We are being taken down a rat hole Evans
It is aparthied by stealth and a planned assault on democracy. The applucarion to appeal tikanga in our common law must be appealed. Terry
NO not ever Peter
Idiot NAtional again Thomas
Already provided for in current legal provisions alan
Might have been possible, had the “elite”not abused the kindness ofEuropeans. Gill
Absolutely NOT! Our law system and democracy owe nothing whatever to tribalism and we have developed it over the last 800 years and need to defend it. Roger
Of course not, absolutely ridiculous. The use of the word “coup” and its application is interesting, Ray
Absolutely Not Peter
NO!!!! Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales have no place in New Zealand Law so why should Maori Fairy Tales have any place in New Zealand Law. C’mon Luxon and co PULL FINGA. Talking about Law why are the opposition not kicking the opposition over the state of affairs we now have in that there are NO consequences for criminal actions The country is stuffed! Bruce
British Law is the primary method in New Zealand from the beginning David
It bypasses our laws John
No !!! we are “ALL” one people, “ALL” one nation. Richard
Already foreign newspapers are starting to speculate about New Zealand being the next failed state. This is being driven by the most hated treacherous prime minister and government NZ has ever had. There is hardly a section of industry that Ardern has not destroyed. With the dairy/beef industry to take a big hit they will be generating less in the way of taxes from the farmers who have been funding hospitals and pharmac and in future your family members will not be getting the care and relief from pain that is the norm for a western country. Time to choose if this mob is the best for your families. I cannot believe this is what NZ wants. You have had ample demonstration that this a Government that does not practice democracy and I do not believe we can give them another year to practice their evil. The Australians should also be aware of the threat that a marxist NZ poses to their Eastern border. It almost beggars belief what this Government has wrought. Terry
We already have a democratic system so no need to change it. And why is there a 75 year clamp down on findings from Waipouli forest stone house findings and DNA tests Ken
Another nail in the coffin of democracy Bryan
NO NEVER. Labour and their racist maori caucus need to be removed from office now. Come on Nats, Act and N.Z 1st a no confidence vote immediately and put this trash out with the rubbish. … Kevin
Absolutely not !! Racist in the extreme Maurice
It should have no connection whatsoever. James
Race is not a characteristic that has any rational place in the law. tony
Stop this Maori stealth takeover immediately Kevin
No – it should have no place within our legal system. Maori should have equal political power to every other group (i.e. in proportion to population numbers) and equality under the laws of New Zealand. If Tikanga finds a place in law, what about people like me – of Irish background? What about Pasifika and our growing Middle-Eastern and North African populations? We have many eastern Europeans and immigrants from the US, Canada and Europe. Each of these, and other groups, has an indigenous background and traditions that have no place in New Zealand law either. So – one law for New Zealanders and equality for all citizens. David David
Thanks Key/Finlayson. neil
For all the reasons outlined in this edition Mel
Absolutely not. We are in 2022 not 1840 where maori raped and pilaged each other and practised canabalism, removing babies from slave mothers wombs and cooking them On a stake over a fire. Labour he pua pua in action again. LABOUR MOST GO NOW Come on other parties initiate a NO CONFORDENCE VOTE IMMEDIATELY . THIS SCUM LABOUR GOVT MUST BE REMOVED. Allan
“The law is an ass” someone once famously wrote. However, Tikitanga makes the law completely irrelevant and leaves it to the whim of the woke feelings of any specific day. Pieter
NO!!! What other mumbo-jumbo Tanisha type of rubbish has also already been added to laws we NO nothing of. Peter
Pre treaty customs have no place in democracy. Peter
Law needs to be based on absolutes, tikanga is at best a social construct and subject to vast interpretation with no useful precedent. Gerrard
Tikanga, taniwhas, animism, should never be imposed on anyone and definitely not be any part of the ‘Law’. We are all human beings. We all have our different beliefs and we all have affinity with our natural resources. No one person or belief system should have precedence over anyone else. Jacquetta
This is appalling!!! I can’t believe all of this horrible stuff is happening in our country. I feel very sad n angry Deb
We already had sufficient law in place for this case, to step across into a world of unclear meaning of “tikanga” can only cause confusion to legal processes. Paula
Tikanga law has no basis in a liberal democracy There are no codified or precedent guides Geoffrey
This may result in an insurrection. Terry
Now we will have tohunga with more status than law? Sally
It%u2019s all a bit late now to introduce such a law. This country is now a well established democracy to which the great majority of citizens have signed up to. To introduce radical change without consultation Is a national crime Lindsay
Why should such small percentage of the population get to bring in their cultural superstitions and the like taking us back years Colleen
This is so awful we must all stand together and fight against that dreadful woman and her cronies and remove them from power before NZ as we know it is destroyed forever. Shame on them. Erin
Maori do not own this country, we all do so they can get stuffed. Graham
No brainer Barras
Absolutely not!!! Margaret
Laws for the people need to be based on substance, not ethereal fluff. Almost daily, now, somebody with a personal agenda is attempting to re-write history and precedent for their own personal gain. Wiser heads must prevail, for the benefit and survival of all generations, everywhere, irrespective of race. David
No it cannot. Laws are being changed to suit the Maori elite. The members of their tribes will not benefit, but Kaumatua will as they in the tribal sense are the owners of property and rights and the elders are not required to share with the actual tribe the benefits received. Brian
One country, one law for all Chris
Emphatically NO NO !! russell
Including tikanga changes the basic NZ law and should be decided by binding referendum not by Jacinda having another lightbulb moment. gay
One country, one law for all, one people. No race based anything! Murray
It%u2019s part of co-governance and that will never work! Look at the model unfolding before us with Te Urewhera! Rose
Of course it doesn’t. If this Maori crap continues in New Zealand, there is likely to be a civil uprising. Des
Given the definition of tikanga is “Maori customary practices or behaviours” doesn’t, as such it doesn’t reach the bar to enact as law. john
Of course not. Robbie
No, it doesn’t. Kate
This ***** and her Maori hangers-on must be removed ASAP. NZ cannot afford to let these treacherous MPs carry on for another year. Where are the opposition parties on this manipulated law (?). Oh yes, the bought and paid for Media won’t report any of this. They are, like Ardern, crooked as. Carolyn
does tikanga include cannibalism, rape, slavery, murder etc clive
I had to look up the meaning of the word. Steve
Time to end this nonsense. But we can’t rely on National to do it, John Key s government is responsible for the current mess Rod
Its just corruption! David
Absolutely not!!! Most of this maori mumbo jumbo is only appearing in recent times. Made up by maori activists who want to rule New Zealand. Look at the rot that is destroying African countries with all their tribal nonsense. Darryl
More Maori crap forced down our thriats. At the moment I don’t even know the English name of any government department. It appears that English is no longer an acceptable language. What a load of crap this government is Peter
NO NO NO NO and NO again.!! Separatism, divisive laws, apartheid, and this disgusting govt. all need to go NOW! Elizabeth
Again…. a slippery slope… Gary
This ***** and her government are selling us out for votes laurie
Definitely not, it is a term that should only be applied to societal issues and never applied to law or government policies Jeffrey
I fail to see how tikanga can apply to the Ellis case as he was not Maori nor of Maori decent and tikanga is not part of our legal system. I do however, agree that the family of Peter Ellis, and any other person, should always have the right to clear the name of their deceased relative of any miscarriage of justice which Peter Ellis definitely incurred. I do not think this is tikanga but simple natural justice. Keith
This is a method for the iwi (I want its) to achieve their aim of getting control by stealth Tony
Tikanga should have no status in law. It has the same status, logically, as the term aotearoa. Grant
However, Believe that Ellis was innocent. Am pleased his name has been cleared. Sandra
NO, and it never should be. COLIN
According to the Holy Bible, man (and women) were created equal by God. Our politicians and judges need to start acting like it…without fear or favour. Christopher
End of discussion. NO. Nothing of Maori origin has any place giving their bleached descendants rights and privileges over other New Zealanders Mike
next govt MUST get rid of this along with the activist judges who slipped this into our legal system Mike
Definitely not Graeme
Absolutely not. No other western democracy would contemplate such a primitavist, animistic and stone-age maneouvre by an iwi elite that numbers just 4% of New Zealand’s 2022 total population of perhaps 160 different cultures. Paul
For Maori obviously.Not for all of NZ. Graham.
The thought of it appals me! Ron
it’s very vague and open to abuse by a fraction of NZ’s population, giving them ownership far beyond their rights. Maureen
Cultural mumbo-jumbo, that has no specific definition, relies on an “expert” who must be Maori instructing the judge, and can be claimed by only people of Maori descent, clearly breaks every rule in NZ common law. It’s a joke – just like our racist government and our Minister of Justice, who also happens to be Maori – no surprise there! Derek
Return New Zealand to the people Nev
No law based on race has any part in our country. It is bringing in apartheid. Andrew
This is State- and judicial-sponsored corruption. Given that the term “tikanga” can be twisted in any direction it must be removed from law.. Maori separatists will be elated with the ruling. There is now free rein to manipulate issues in their favour even if Labour is ousted. National will need to reverse this but, so far, has shown no inclination to do so. Gavin
No, and no again. We are going backwards to a pre-Christian area, to tribal rule and all that entails. Tell Willie Jackson and you get called a moron and an idiot. Florence
Absolutely no Peter
What has happened to this country, ever since this Jacinda woman and her communist ways has taken control, the place has gone to the dogs, unless we can get rid of her, the sooner the better, then there will be so much for the next gov’t to put right that they will not be able to right everything before next election. Come on NZ, now is the time to rise up and show we do not want this crap to ruin the country!! Roy
Definitely not Jim
no way, never ever Henk
We could be a world leader in an harmonious multicultural model..however we are on the path to divisive laws underpinned by tikanga, societal disharmony fueled by racial hatred and ultimately a nation ruled by tribal elites…ie nepotism. Ken
What does i’tikanga’ mean? Tony
This is an utter disgrace. Cherry
As has been mentioned many times in the past Maori are no more indigenous than anyone else in New Zealand having, by their own admission, traveled here not too long prior to europeans, I expect that inconvenient little fact will be forgotten in one of the many rewrites of New Zealand history yet to come. John
It is the foundation of apartheid Bruce
Maori rule!!!!Out Donald
Bordering on Humpty Dumpty in Alice, insanity. Dick
This is utter nonsense. There is no DEFINITION of “tikanga” — it can mean anything unspecified “advisors” want it to. We appear to be regressing to the dark ages. The govt behind this lunacy must go. Sue
Having a word with no clear definition, just provides and excuse for not following the law. Steve
Absolutely Not! Trish
We need to apply to the King to have this gvmt disbanded, NOW. Norm
Most definitely NO. This new interpretation is going to be a disaster for our country. If only the Judges could be sacked. They are an utter disgrace to their positions. Helen
Absolute crap Barry
HAHA repealing these law changes by the next Government. What a joke!! Maybe Act might be uttering a word or two in criticism but National is paying lip service only and they will not dare to do anything. I do not understand at all how all this could come that far, There seems to be no way to get off this run away train anymore. Not without applying radical measures anyway. (( OOPS hat speech again)) Michael
Customs using chinese whispers to relate them have no place in law. Hone
I believe we have a government hell bent on destroying democracy for socialist gain. Bring on an early election with urgency and make the pm answer questions Ken
No tribal, which doctor laws in nz paul
Never. Our present laws should protects everyone and rights and responsibilities should be the same for all Michael
Myth Graeme
Jabinda Ardgerm and her Maori backers are taking NZ from the 21st century back to the dark ages. Ron
No, no, no! The meaning of tikanga can be twisted in any direction. It has NO place in the law.   Paul
Absolutely not. And those Supreme Court judges wanting to introduce tikanga into the law should be sacked. Oh – I forgot. Judges can’t be sacked – we are stuck with them. What a debacle! Gordon
Things are going from bad to worse under this Ardern Labour Government. The sooner they are removed from office, the better! Roger
Maori supremacists will be delighted with the “gift” the Supreme Court has delivered them. They now have an almost free run to manipulate things in their favour even after Labour is ousted. National will need to fix this otherwise tribal activists will increase their power. Tikanga must be removed from the law. Henry
Nothing surprises me anymore. This corruption of the law is just another step towards the death of our democracy. Laura