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Labour Delivers Control of Fresh Water to Maori

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“Hipkins and McAnulty can only hope the mainstream media remains largely dozy, lazy and uninformed on the role of Te Mana o te Wai statements until the election. For if the general public fully grasp that Maori will be given extensive — and exclusive — rights to direct how water is managed at a local level, the public mood will change from sour to downright septic. In short order, Hipkins’ hopes of re-election will be sunk by a wave of revulsion at such blatantly undemocratic and divisive race-based policy.”
–  Journalist Graham Adams, 7 April 2023

Back in February, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins attempted to distance himself from the Ardern administration by announcing he would put a match to unpopular policies. Claiming Labour had tried to do “too much, too fast”, he said he was refocusing priorities to put the cost-of-living front and centre of a new direction.

When asked whether the widely despised Three Waters would get the chop, he ruled out scrapping the scheme, but admitted the “need for reform was unquestionable” and that ‘co-governance’ would be looked at.

By mid-March, when the second policy bonfire was announced, the Prime Minister confirmed the new Minister of Local Government Kieran McAnulty was still discussing the future of Three Waters with councils and Maori.

Last week, we learnt the results of those discussions: While Three Waters has a new name and the number of entities has been increased from 4 to 10 to enable each council to have representation on their Regional Groups, the anti-democratic ‘co-governance’ provisions remain firmly in place.

Former MP Tuku Morgan, the Tainui chair appointed by Nanaia Mahuta to lead the northern Three Waters iwi body, told the Herald that when they met Kieran McAnulty and his delegation of Maori Ministers – Willie Jackson, Kiri Allan and Kelvin Davis – to discuss the future of Three Waters, they had three bottom lines they would not budge on: “There were three issues we wanted the Crown to hold fast on. And they have delivered.”

Their first demand was for ‘co-governance boards’ to be renamed ‘50/50 Partnership Boards’: “The Partnership Board better characterises the direction we want to head to as those boards have their foundation in Te Tiriti o Waitangi… When we get 10 boards, we will have a greater voice, so from that point of view, we are euphoric – we are happy with the result.”

The second demand was for the structure of entity A – which in effect requires Auckland to subsidise the three Northland councils – to remain unchanged: “The basis of our support is that… remote iwi and hapu who have been left off the council priorities will get looked after.”

And their third demand was to retain “Te Mana o te Wai” statements – the mechanism by which Maori will gain control of water – so nothing will “in any way shape or form, overshadow, minimise, or compromise the standing of Te Mana o te Wai being provided by iwi and hapu.”

Tuku Morgan was “over the moon” that the Ministers agreed to their demands: “Those are the three points we debated and we got what we wanted. I am very, very happy.”

It certainly seems that iwi leaders are the ones calling the shots – with Chris Hipkins and his Cabinet well and truly under their thumb.

You only need to look at iwi demands over Entity A to see what the future holds. Auckland has the economies of scale to stand alone and deliver affordable water services to its 1.6 million population. And while that’s what Aucklanders want, it’s not what iwi wants. So, thanks to co-governance Aucklanders will be forced to forever subsidise Northland’s iwi and hapu – along with everyone else who lives in the region.

That’s not democracy. The ‘voice of the people’ no longer seems to matter to Labour. All that now matters to them, is the voice of ‘Maori’.

Let’s not allow Labour’s reassurances over their water reforms to confuse reality.

The co-governance arrangements that were originally proposed in Three Waters have not changed. Renaming them as “50/50 partnerships” alters nothing.

However, the Prime Minister is now clearly so concerned at the growing public backlash to co-governance being retained, that, as the Herald reported, he’s now trying to deny it ever existed in Three Waters: “Prime Minister Chris Hipkins actually denied that this model was co-governance. Saying Three Waters does not and never has included co-governance pointing out that there is no requirement for the entity boards to be co-governed – only the group the boards report to is split 50-50… ‘So let’s be clear about this. It’s not co-governance and it wasn’t co-governance. Let’s be clear about co-governance – co-governance as it’s traditionally understood, was taken off the table in Three Waters reform process some time ago. There was an early discussion around whether a full co-governance model should be adopted here and ultimately, the government decided not to do that,’ Hipkins said.”

The problem for Chippy is that neither his own Ministers nor state-funded media believe his obfuscation.

In June last year Radio NZ reported: “Nanaia Mahuta told RNZ there were two reasons behind the co-governance aspects, which guarantee mana whenua equal representation with councils on an oversight group. ‘Part of it is because the Crown must uphold its Treaty obligations…The other thing is that several treaty settlements that have been reached also have obligations that are carried through in terms of the relationship with their waterways. And so it was important to ensure that Te Mana o te Wai aspirations could be achieved through this reform programme as well.’”

And just last week TVNZ reported: “McAnulty said that the shake-up retained a co-governance component. ‘There’s a good reason for that – we signed a Treaty. The Treaty recognises Maori have special rights in water in particular. That is something that’s been tested in the courts and found to be part of New Zealand law. When I was putting forward alternatives for Cabinet to consider, I wasn’t willing to change that because I think it’s the right thing to do.’”

While Minister McAnulty was correct to call the co-governance arrangements ‘co-governance’, he was well astray on the reasons for having co-governance.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy outlines the legal ‘ownership’ status of freshwater:

“At common law land including the land underneath water was regarded as a commodity like any other that could be owned and transacted. Water was never regarded by the common law as a commodity in that sense. The Courts held that a landowner had no right to the ownership of water which either flows through, or percolates within that land. In this way the courts recognised that water like air is not only vital to the survival of all species on the planet but is something in which humanity has no hand in creating. It therefore, like air, occupies a unique status in the eyes of the common law – it cannot be owned by anybody.”

Further, lawyer and former National MP Graeme Reeves sets the record straight regarding claims the Courts have decided that Maori have legal rights to water: “The first thing to consider is that reports produced by the Waitangi Tribunal are not decisions made by a Court… The most authoritative Court case to have considered the ownership of water is the Supreme Court decision between the New Zealand Maori Council and the Attorney-General delivered on 27 February 2013… The appellants lost the appeal which included their claim that they owned the water in the Waikato River.”

While Minister McAnulty has admitted 50:50 co-governance is undemocratic, he justifies it by claiming, “There are provisions in our laws around the Treaty that aren’t democratic. There are provisions that we have in this country that wouldn’t stand up to a purely academic democratic framework. But that’s not how we work in New Zealand. We recognise that this country was founded on a Treaty that gives Maori particular rights and interests in certain things.”

So, there we have it – Labour’s reinvention of democracy ignores the fundamental principle of one-person, one-vote and instead kowtows to Maori supremacists, who have reinterpreted the Treaty to gain political influence and control of public resources.

As if tribal control of the governance of the water entities is not bad enough, the real power of Labour’s water reforms rests with Te Mana o Te Wai Statements. Found in Part 4 of the Water Services Entities Act, these statements, which can only be issued by iwi and hapu, can force the boards running the ten water entities to do virtually anything they want.

The former Mayor of Kaipara, Dr Jason Smith, appointed to the Three Waters Working Group by Nania Mahuta to help thrash out the detail of the proposed legislation, says it is totally unacceptable what iwi intended when they recommended the inclusion of these statements in the legislation:

“Te Mana o Te Wai Statements are in a league of their own within the Three Waters reforms, far removed from the already controversial co-governance arrangements… Te Mana o Te Wai Statements are legislated to cover every square centimetre of all the land, including under every home, farm or place of business as well as many kilometres out to sea. Simple and powerful, whatever these Statements contain must be put into effect, no questions asked. There is no co-governance in the simple truth Maori only may write Te Mana o Te Wai Statements – there is nothing ‘co’ about this, it’s a different type of constitutional arrangement from anything we’ve seen before.”

Totalitarian tribal control of water is, of course, a key goal of He Puapua, which clearly continues to be rolled out under Chis Hipkins. 

So, what are the other changes the Prime Minister has made to Three Waters?

The policy will now be called “Affordable Water Reform”, despite the fact that it is less affordable than its predecessor. The PM however, is no doubt hoping to imprint in the mind of voters that the only thing that matters is that their policy will deliver cheaper water in the future – conveniently downplaying the tribal rule aspects.

But the fact is, the modelling purporting to produce affordable water, has been roundly discredited. Quite simply, the projected savings in thirty years’ time are imaginary.

No sane analysts would claim any degree of certainty when projecting 30 years into the future, and few would be bold enough to suggest the projections justify a major upheaval of New Zealand’s entire water management system.

What has also been conveniently supressed by Labour – and indeed by the mainstream media – is the fact that instead of carrying the financial risk of its own dodgy scheme, the Labour Government, through legislation that is now in front of Parliament, is forcing ratepayers to underwrite the massive borrowing that the water entities will undertake, even though they will have no control over them.

When Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta launched their revamped Three Waters scheme after winning a majority in the 2020 election, they claimed the reforms were necessary to save lives. They alleged the country had such poor quality water that 34,000 New Zealanders a year were getting sick.

And even though the Ministry of Health’s annual water quality audits showed excellent results – as did the regular surveillance reports from the ESR – no journalists held the Prime Minister and Local Government Minister to account for their misleading claims.

Back then, the lies were about water quality. Now they are about affordability.

In reality, Three Waters was always a trojan horse used by Jacinda Ardern to hide the fact that Labour was passing control of water to Maori.

Since Chris Hipkins’ Affordable Water Reform does not change that, Maori control of freshwater is set to become a major election issue.

And the choice is now clear: if you don’t support Maori being given the power to control water in New Zealand – through what will become the greatest transfer of wealth to iwi ever – don’t vote for Labour, the Greens, or the Maori Party in October!

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*Do you believe the Prime Minister is accurate when he says there is no co-governance in the Affordable Water Reforms?

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I fear for our future if Maori get all control of all water. What is happening with our country? Theo
A complete load of effluent! J J
He is lying. Patricia 
He has been a liar all thru covid and he has not changed his spots.He is still a bloody lying A– HOLE Ross
Blatent lies same as adern Stephen
It will be like New Zealanders being offered a second cruise on the ‘Titanic’ if we vote in the corrupt marxist-racist govt. of the Ardern-Mahuta-Jackson-Davis-Hipkins lot for another term. Monica
Utter tripe ! Labour and its horrible friends sink ever lower into the green slime. What kind of deluded world do they live in !? These wet behind the ears fools surely must realize all of this arrant nonsense is leading to social unrest and total chaos with the demise of New Zealand as we know it. This is going to have a very unhappy ending. John
Hipkins is now the No.1 useful idiot for the Maori Mafia Bruce
He only knows LIES LIES AND MORE LIES – and he can’t lie straight in his bed !!! SHERYL
Ludicrous to suggest there is no co-governance. What planet is the PM on? Max
He does not know how to tell the truth. Appears to have been brainwashed by his tutor, Ardern. Paloma
Why would he start telling the truth now? Accuracy is certainly not one of his, or his cult’ strong points. Terry M
He trained under Bliar as Ardern did ? Frank
The PM is very naive.Very inexperienced.Get rid of Labour.They are ruining NZ. lorraine
Absolute BS. Unfortunately many people aren’t taking notice and do not seem concerned about what is happening here. Let’s hope they wake up soon. David
It’s always been about Maori control. Iain
Labour couldn’t lie straight in bed. There’s nothing that they have been open, honest, or transparent about since 2017. Kris
Hipkins is simply not telling the truth when he denies any co-governance in water reforms. No-one owns water; if maoris want to claim it, then claim the responsibility which goes with ownership. Pay reparation for the recent storm damage. This is simply a continuation of the tribal takeover which is driving this once-proud nation backwards. Gavin
Labour’s agenda is Maori control of water. Margaret
Accurate lies continue. Ann
Labour–Cheeters, Blatirert liers Never r Trust Them. Rick
Lies by omission. Deceit and deception is standard practice! John
Kieran McAnulty put the record straight. The Prime Minister lied. Mary
1) The Treaty is NOT a partnership 2) Maori DID cede sovereignty 3) NOBODY owns water 4) Labour will LOSE the election. Juliet
of course there is Mark
Totally undemocratic. If we don’t insist on one person one vote on such a major issue then frankly there is no hope for the majority of New Zealanders. Australia is looking more attractive than ever for me and extended family Don
All water on this planet is free for everyone. We should each have an individual choice as to how we use it. NOT evil elites!! Alan
I don’t believe anything that this man (PM) tells me. He’s just the same as the last one. You can dress it up all you like, but this is still co-governance, that I do not go along with. Water is everyone’s right, nothing can live without it, therefore NO ONE OWNS IT! Heather
Believe what a NZ Politician Says ?? What a Joke !! Pierre
He is full of b/s Ian
With approx 60% NZ electricity coming from hydro, will control of water also give some control of hydro generation. Allan
He’s lying and those with a brain all know it! Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are still brainwashed from the smiling assassin Ardern! Sheila
just read carefully his statements Graham
This Government trots out the bare-faced lies without blinking an eyelid!!! Sylvia
passing control under false terms to Maori .not acceptable in any form . peter
It is a lie, aimed at the thousands of ignoramuses out there. Hopefully sufficient numbers of them will wake up before election time to the dangerous path Labour are hell-bent on taking this country down. Laurie
The whole of the Labor party are dishonest liar’s and the most evil deceptive government that has ever held power in New Zealand. The damage that has been undertaken by Ardern and her underlings may be very difficult to undo. I feel very sad for our once lovely country Leon
NO ONE OWNS WATER. THE SAME AS AIR. We do not trust the lying Labour Government. No one trusts Labour. They say one thing and then behind our backs and secretly carry on what they intended to do in any case. Robinson is still hellbent on making New Zealand bankrupt. Look at the way they spend taxpayer’s money. The latest fraud is millions spent on killing 18 wallabies in Otago. Get rid of the Treaty. It is meaningless in this day and age. Maoris have altered the whole meaning of the words used and ridiculous to have the Treaty referring to Maori rights over modern advances that did not exist 180 years ago. Our country is torn apart by the disagreements this Labour Government has threatened us with. CHRIS
I believe the Prime Minister is lying when he makes this claim. Gavin
Maori have the final say in whatever is done with water and we the rate payer are paying for it!!! Tony
No he is a lying arsehole! Jeffrey
This is blatant dishonesty by Labour, by both Adern formally and now Hipkins. Paula
Like all Marxists & socialists, Hipkins is a liar Peter
just a lie, we need to go back to democratic, no matter what Maories want. Paula
Don’t believe any of them. NZ’ers need to wake up to what is going on. Janine
Like all labour politicians he lies lies lies. These people need to be tried for their crimes against 85 percent of the New Zealand population. Barry
Brown Supremacists are controlling the PM and the White members of the Labour Government. NZ is a racist aparthied country no different to South Africa Grant
Just another lie by a useless politician! Murray
Lies! Lies! Lies! All lies! Jacky
When unelected maori seats are standard practise at the decision table – thats co-governance already at work Ross
Same thing, different name. There is definitely no change to this Govts racial policies Jon
There is no “co” in it. Why is that? because I am the part owner of the water resources of my council area, and that is being taken from us. Were we asked if we agreed? well no we weren’t. I still do not consent to this corrupt action by a corrupt government and the totally corrupt supposed reps of maori. neil
Obfuscation again! Gay
Ho, Ho, Bloody Ho! Tuku is so pleased that the 3 Maori ministers have agreed to Tuku and his cohorts demands that are absolutely RACIST. Richard
It’s a massive smoke screen to pull the wool over our eyes. It’s also totally un-democratic. Ross
Prime minister is a key player in the Tainui Takeover led by MHooter etc Ronald
An orchestrated litany of lies! Ross
It’s becoming more difficult to trust anything these politicians say especially when we have a media that is not holding this government to account. Ray
misleading as ever Giles
He is a liar like Jacinda. Don’t believe a word he says or anyone else says in Labour. Nothing but a bunch of rogues. Allowing the destruction of democracy in this country, they should all be ashamed of themselves. Sharon
that chippy is just another wofler he wouldnt know what the truth was,there is no way that 50 50 cogovernance with maori is right and people need to wake up in New Zealand and vote this government out,maori are not indigenous that is a proven fact,and they should have no more rights than anyone else in New Zealand rodger
He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t really know how he lye’s strait in bed at night Roger
more bullshit STAN
This racial environment is frightening. Joan
More and more I see maori trying to claim ownership of virtually everything in this country, just because they were the first to arrive here does not entitle them to be the owners of the country, we are all equal, there are no separate races, we are all human beings, the only difference is a slight difference of colour and most maoris have a strong background of european ancestry, so how can their ownership be counted as being more important? Carolyn
Not that stupid. Tony
He is a bloody lier!! Greg
It is all evil lunancy produced by a gang of moral thugs but due to the stupity of our ill educated populace they seem to get away with the plundering of our, once fair and lovely nation. Leonard
He is clearly passing control to Maori. Catherine
More obfuscation! Diana
The most deceitful Government ever -of course it co-governance but it’s even worse than that when one adds in the layer of te wai whatever – what a disaster If Hipkins thinks a woman may be a man, its no wonder he’s divorced but how the hell did he ever father two kids, is beyond me. How then can he ever tell right from wrong or yes there is co-governance or No there isn’t. What a lying fruitcake, not fit for Office. What they are doing to NZ is treasonous Carolyn
Chippy can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything!!! He was the main driver of the ‘refreshed’ education curriculum, including lies about the history of New Zealand ; he lied about covid ; he can’t be trusted. Dennis
We are all sick of this simple minded mob and their concocted fictions and lies Murray
LIARS About this and how much more LIARS Jen
Hipkins is lying!!! Valerie
Of course not. He has lied to us all and confusion about all this has to be cleared up on TVNZ1 before the election. I won’t hold my breath! Ray
Chippy is lying, lying, lying. He’s as bad as Psycho Cindy. Kate
No No No — do not trust this Labour outfit and it’s minions. McAnulty’s idea of what is a democracy is warped in the extreme. Do not trust any of them — it’s all co governance by stealth. No wonder people are leaving NEW ZEALAND !!!!!!!! Alan
How does he find it so easy to lie to the New Zealand public? Helen
More lies from the left. Dave
all crap muzza
New Zealand is on course for the Death of Democracy ….Labour must be removed once and for all in a October 2023. Chris H
No I dont be leave him. Ronald
Your article this week says it all. max
Just more racial propaganda but it’s ok as long as white cis men don’t do it Gareth
The Labour Party is under the control of the WEF as are many countries . IE Canada and France. They will keep pushing ahead regardless. One wonders if we are going to face election fraud so they can maintain power. Phil
Disgraceful position to put this into. What happened to NZ for NZers! Tom
Hipkins has no veracity, just like Ardern. Mark
why do Maori imagine they hold water much more dearly and with so much more esteem than the rest of the planet, inclusive of animals, plants, bugs and birds? Considering their % of NZ population is minimal in comparison to the rest, I would say Ardern’s arrogance has rubbed off very strongly. Sharron
I find that these maori renegades who are prepared to ruin NZ so they can get what they want without any public mandate is despicably appalling & I only hope like hell that the sleepy sheeple do finally wake up to the greed these trough dwelling swamp rats who want the gravy train forever, must be gone by mid October. I reckon the only people who will vote for these parasites will be themselves for themselves…..as they don’t deserve any more votes than that & I can’t imagine anyone would in any sane mind vote for the “Lefties”….but maybe their minds have been twisted by the JAB…..! Bruce
perhaps the rest of us should claim the rain? Linda
You can tell when the PM is lying – his mouth is open Terry
We believe that one vote one person is complete democracy. Jacqueline
In a childlike way he is asking us to believe that black is white. He insults the intelligence of the average Kiwi. Rick
Still cow towering to a minority Ken
Lies, as usual Gail
no no no Wayne
6 years and a country gone down the plughole. It is all very sad and an indication of how stupid so much of our society is in still polling Labour and the Greens so highly. Well done Maori elite. You have been very successful in moving us all back to tribalism and an UTU outlook on life. Creed
Another shambolic matter by this so called government(communistic) their so called vast improvement of 3 waters is another policy headed for disaster. Our currant PM is following Arden’s history in making New Zealand a more divisive country to live. October election can’t come quick enough. Cyril
The sooner these liars and snake oil merchants are gone, the better off all New Zealanders will be. There was never any so called “partnership with Maori” they ceded sovereignty when their ancesters signed the Treaty, period! Greg
Come on – what is National doing to stop this. They are bloody useless. God help us – I feel like we are screwed! Glenda
Absolute nonsense. david
Bending over backwards to maori is a shame and a crime. Peter
If this nonsense carries on we will next be asked to pay for the air that we breathe! anne
Hipkins head is firmly up an Iwi arse. Clearly showing what he has for brains! john
It is apartheit in another name Shaun
They all lie Kevin
Total coverup of Maori intentions sanctioned by labour lies to hoodwink voters wake up NZ Sidwell
Trying to hood wink us as normal,The divison is disgusting, Paul
Australia here we come!!!! Joe
He lies John
He doesn’t want to know what his cabinet members are doing Jimmy
No nobody owns the water – this is not democracy..this dishonest govt has to go they have tried to interfere with nearly every aspect of our lives Denise
More smoke & mirrors Lawrence
When does the civil war start? paul
Plan should be scrapped! N. Royce
He is giving complete control to Maori! Murray
Hipkins is an outright liar who cannot be trusted. He is not in control of his caucus, the severely racist Maoris in caucus are taking him for the fool he is while they dictate the handing over of NZ to the tribal elite. The real tragedy is it seams that at least half of NZ voters are too stupid to realise it. Steve
Was there fresh water prior to conlinsation? Not theu drank out-of rivers let them do that and the rest of us can enjoy the British system seriously nuts and yes apartheid we I came from to go to an equal country lol what a wasted effort. Maori votes are low percent, hipkien has got rid of the women’s vote by not knowing what a woman is cannot be haggling for votes. Chaquila
Utter rubbish the maoris want everything so god help us all Barbara
It’s clearly an IWI take over. Hipkins has lost control so he and his party must go. Together with the Maori party and the Greens vote em all out. Graeme
It seems that a simple denial by Hipkins that what is obviously true, isn’t, is taken as gospel, with no follow up questioning. He’s talking nonsense and needs his assertions challenged. Graham
More lies and political crap. Bloody dreamer Lynn
Maori want control but that will only happen over my that body and you can take that literally or figuerty. Johm
It is obvious to any thinking person. Kevin
I think it is way past co governance given Te Mana o te Wai statements give Iwi control in a manner they never dreamed of. The whole thing is a massive try on and needs to be tossed out. Chippy needs to go as well. Peter
Chris Hipkins is grasping at straws if he things we are a naive lot. His track record shows he is not qualified for the position he holds. Peter
Just don’t trust this “new” labour leader. The whole 3 waters mess will still be coming back in Oct if they win the election MichaEL
When a government says it’s not going to do something, it means the opposite. When it’s going to do something good it means bad and vice versa. Every western government is controlled by WHO and WEF, they are all puppet governments and must go! peter
He’s cast in the same mould as Jacinda, saying what sounds like nice things, but at the same time misleading us. It’s clear that there is no agreement within the Labour caucus and Maoridom, about what “co-governance” actually is and how it works. Laurence
Ardern Replacement Hipkins is just a clone of Ardern on telling lies ,lots of lies . TONY
It is a bare faced lie by “the boy next door” forked tongue Hipkins, Bob
Another bare faced lie by the so-called leader of our beautiful country. Pete
As usual, maori,iwi , the tribes have bullied and threatened their way to get what they want. CONTROL OF NEW ZEALAND. Labour continue to lie and appease their maori caucus. Darryl
National and Act sit on their hands and do basically nothing. If they aren’t pushing back, they are in on it. NZ, North Korea with a smile. Matthew
I wonder if Co Governnance is actually legal as we didnt vote for this. Poeple not me voted Labour on its own. So how can we have Co governance without us voting on it ? Barbara
Clearly fresh water does not belong to the Maori or any other group. It belongs to the State as a whole. Claims that fresh water belongs to the Maori could have interesting implications. If this claim is true the recent flood waters that have devastated parts of the Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Northland would be the responsibility of the various tribes – and they should be forced to pay reparations. This could amount to hundreds of millions which would no doubt bankrupt all affected tribes. Should this aspect of ownership be tested in the Courts? Tony
There is co governance in three four, five, six waters or whatever they might change the name to. Graham
Bunch of deceitful lies, as is everything they say Chris
This labour Government simply cannot be trusted. John
What a load of nonsense. ,If the Maoris want a say in water reform then they need to be elected . That is fair representation. Can Maoris provide suited candidates to be duly elected? That is the only way to provide fair representation. Peter K
lying bastard Peter
Like his predecessor what is said at face value vs what is being shuffled through in the shadows behind closed door seem to be very different things Ady
I do not believe anything that escapes the lips of any Labour or Greens politicians.From the first day of Jacindas leadership they have not fulfilled any of the promises that they made pre election.They have done nothing but lie and mislead.Why do the High Court Judges sit on their backsides and do nothing? The Labour Party and the radical Maori “leaders” must be outed at the next election to avoid a civil war. Steve
No it’s about giving Maori rights for our water systems. Didn’t know there were pipes or any system in place prior to 1840. I don’t want to pay my water to unelected Iwi it will not flow to the community rather line the elite pockets. Chaq
Chippie is proving to his Marxist Mates that he is just as capable as his tutor, the EVIL Jacinda. Lying being their specialty. And the gullible voters will vote National at the next election, when it was National who set this whole process in motion. Sorry folks, but the “You will own nothing & you will be happy” statement becomes closer to reality every day. A.G.R.
Only if you think 4 2 is 7 John
Does Chris Hipkins and his party believe that we are all stupid. Co-governence must be removed or it will be the end of democracy in New Zealand. Graeme
no he and the other goof must think kiwis are stupid,of course co government is the real ploy to give maori not only control of water but of every other necessity of life even today maori are not able to get past the stone age thinking after 6oo years of no progress james
Chippie was born dishonest RICHard
Scumbag liar Mike
Just read what is there to understand the outcome Keith
I do not believe anything our government says or any main stream media reports. Ann
Like all woke socialist labour ministers he’s lying because they have to do so for the support if the Maori caucus. Trevor
Because it will be totally governed by Maori. Jane
More lies, controlled by bully Maori Elite Clint
He is lying through his teeth. Rhys
If his lips are moving, he’s lying. Alan
It’s a blatant lie. Steve
No I don”t. Mr Hipkins was a major part of all the policy disasters announced under Ms Ardern. Now that he is PM and put some of these disasterous policys to one side for now he expects to be believed. So when he says there is no co-governance in the rebranded, but just as deceitfull Affordable Water Reforms there is no way this is accurate. Water is transparent unlike Mr Hipkins. Just off the topic, when asked to explain what a woman was he couldn’t answer the question… he didn’t know, but was happy to announce that his cabinet was now the first in NZ to have 50% of its members as women…wow thats confusing. Rob
Simply lies John
It’s a crock and always has been. Terry
What an insult to everyday ordinary New Zealanders intelligence. Roger
The constant enormous and persistent pressure from the Maori radical’s war machine since the late 1960’s that has been relentlessly applied to successive Governments, and to national and territorial Bureaucracies as well as to many of the intellectual class has just about won them a great victory. The Maori radicals and their allies are almost there where they want to be. The useful idiots, (mentioned above) have relented and are thoroughly defeated. However could it be that the Maori radicals themselves have been used as useful idiots by their Marxist handlers. New Zealand is (was) a modern western free market civilisation. Part of what is known as the Anglosphere. It is well known that the Marxist states will do whatever they can to destroy the free western world and thus their little experiment right here in New Zealand is working out incredulously well. They will soon be celebrating to their hearts content. No doubt quickly reducing their supplies of free vodka. It all has to be a pretentious but a sinister joke of delusion and trickery that has worn down the current ruling class. All they had to do was to come clean (be transparent) to the public and obtain their consensus. And they would have been off the hook. How dumb can they be??? Gregory
Lies, lies, and more lies. Chippy Hipkins speak with forked tongue. Believe him and we are all forked! Glyn
Three waters or any of its imbred faimly, is and ALWAYS be racist, and where non maori will be the lesser n\New Zealanders Laurie
Change of name only but with 10 entities created involves more cost re iwi etc with meetings which will delay decisions to make progress. carolyn
Mistruths in abundance from this Govt. Chippy should be put through the tree chipper with all of his lying cabinet. john
Liar Gordon
Ardern was the worst PM that NZ has had in its history because she chose to share governance with Maori tribes Michael
The people of NZ own the water. Michael
He is lying. Minister McAnulty admitted to Jack Tame that he personally is committed to equity and the handing over of co-governance to Maori with Mahuta’s original 50/50 split between elected repsresentatives and unelected Maori. Hipkins and McAnulty are partners in this crime, and giving Minister Mahuta the (soft) boot has not changed the intent of this enforced, unmandated legislation. “Half a truth is often a great lie”. Benjamin Franklin. Phil
No! However we must not presume that a significant number of New Zealand’s citizens won’t disagree with what this Government is enforcing upon us. If Mr. Hipkins is so sure that he has the backing of the country then all he has to do is to publish the scheme in full in msm so that we all can understand it. Then the public can vote for or against the scheme by voting for those candidates who in turn, are for or against. Simple really. I think that’s called democracy. Garry.
No person or race owns Water, Air or Mineral worth. It belongs to all. Gary
He’s just Adhern in a suit . Just as dangerous and hell bent on destroying NZ Dianne
I am not voting Labour,Greens, or Maori on October 14,2023. David
He’s a bigger liar than Cindy Stuart
Of course not Geoff
Of course there will be – like everything else in NZ nowadays! Kim
F*** 3 Waters Graham
Just more lies from a liar thomas
He is lying through his teeth Colin
New Zealand has never had such a complete moronic government. Sorry about the superlative, but “a spade- is- a -spade. “ Charles
Hes a liar. rod
It seems as if the maori caucus members have bamboozled him. After reading the Waitangi Treaty I found it does not say that maori owns water. Dennis
he might think it but not in reality Colin
This is all about passing control to Maori elite Morgan
Although he may be right as Maori have complete control throughTe Mana o Te Wai statements so no co governance Rob
How can these people sleep at night, or look in a mirror without revulsion? They have sold their souls. Despicable authority! murray
Come on New Zealanders, surely we are not that gullible that we can’t see through the lies and deceit! Hugh
Obfusication! Michael
PM Hopkins and his cabinet ministers are being 100% untruthful – he is leading NZ into a dictatorship of Maori elite. The main stream media should be questioning the Government plans intently and bringing the truth to the whole population of New Zealand, and in easily understood plain English. Pam
He/They have lied about everything so far this past 6 years, why start with the truth now. Rob
His pants must be on fire. Scott
Just ask Muriel June
Must think we’re all daft richard
Complete pack of lies from Hipkins, as usual, and as per his predecessor (what’s her name?). Tony
No. If you believe that you believe the earth is flat. (mind you with Maori Science perhaps it is?) If Labour is re-elected the COUNTRY IS STUFFED!!!! God defend NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
Tuku underpants Morgan is truly sinister. Are most New Zealanders too busy or too lazy to see what’s coming with He Puapua? And where’s Mahuta hiding and letting foolish MacAnulty take the inevitable blame for this mess? Air and water are free;’co-governance’ is a sick undemoratic invitation to tribal rule Pauline
absolute rubbish Mark
A racist liar would be a goo way to describe some people Bruce
Problem is a good percentage of the population does believe him Lawrie
He is factually correct as the te mana o te wai statements give Maori total control, rather than co governance Andrew
Labour and chippy are lying bastards. This proves maori caucus are running NZ If they are not gone in October NZ is doomed. To everyone leaving NZ I beg you to help us vote them out along with greens and Maori Party. THANK YOU. Christine
They are not telling us the truth. Jane
He is a LIAR and NOT fit for Office. Call an election NOW and let the voters decide….. Carl
It is nothing more than a blatant lie. If anything it has further cemented Maori control. The man is a disgrace to his office and has betrayed the vast majority of kiwis. chris
This is the most disgusting rip-off I have ever seen in my 82 years!!! Janet
Liar! Mark
he lies n knows he lies greg
Total rubbish, they are just trying to sugar coat something that is getting mare and more toxic by the day. Lauree
what is happening with our democratic, we are all “hood winked”. gerard
Once again this communist man is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Mr Hipkins you can fool some of the people all of the time ,and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. I hope you and your lot are voted out. Allan
In my opinion the PM is nothing but an unmitigated liar. Unfortunately like the rest of the party. Hopefully there will be enough signage (that’s if the Mahuta gang leave them alone, which I doubt they will) advising the public of this sneaky behavior, deviants the lot of them. Merryl
Of course there is No co-governance Te Mana o te wai statements give TOTAL control to the few Maori Elites Robin
More Labour govt spin. Very dangerous direction they are trying to take us!! Bradley
Hipkins is lying when his mouth moves. Richard
One doesn’t need to be a complete idiot, not to see into such subterfuge in The Prime Minister’s rewording. Ian
There are non-elected representatives of tribes that have a non-negotiable Veto & 50% vote in all 10 ‘departments. Peter
Liars, liars, liars. When will it stop.! Jenny
These days whatever the Government says, you believe the opposite. Peter
Hipkins is just a snake oil salesperson. Colin
It would appear that the PM was schooled by Ardern in the honesty Stakes.If 50%of boards is appointed by maori what does that give you. Peter
This P.M is just like a little boy who is completely out of his depth in the position he is in, resulting in the need for his removal at the earliest. Tom
Load of rubbish Peter
This Labour Govt has continued to lie to the public about its true intentions to destroy NZ democracy. We will be living in a Fascist country, dictated by a minority. Wayne
About time the combined political parties came out more strongly against the reds and greens and further exposed co-governance for what it really is. Otherwise it will further slip through the cracks. David
Naked, brazen liar. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Except Emperor Chippy has no clothes. Even his pants are a lie. Mark
He is deluded! John
Come on, stop the bull shit. Ken
An absolute lie on his part. Does he take the public for fools? Allan
It’s all about the Maori vote-obviously Labour will lie and B/s to stay in power. Peter
Hell NO! Hipkins is scum and no different to Ardern who is clearly the most hated Prime Minster in Nz history. Maori should NOT have any special rights over the water, the land, the ocean or the skys! They are showing themselves to be nothing more than a greedy bunch of savages. Des
NO, this government from start to finish just talks a whole lot of SHIT NO ONE OWNS THE WATER, whats going to happen next are this lot (iwi) going to go world wide and claim that they own the water in all other country’s, good luck with that. What the hell is going on here? the people of this country need to wake up big time vote these clowns out and never bring them back, the (iwi) or in other words THE I WANT IT TRIBE have found a bunch of SUCKERS and brainless lot to black male and have keep crying and throwing there hands in the air and acting like little children until they get what they want. The question is why is 16% of the population aloud to wag the tail and rule the government into what they want and to hell with the other 84% of us, you don’t here other ethic groups carry on like this lot and there population in this country are far greater than iwi , no because all other ethic groups all live in harmony with each other, it’s only the I WANT IT TRIBE that stir the shit and get away with it, it’s time to STOP THE SHIT AND GET RID OF THIS GOVERNMENT and the I WANT IT TRIBE. COLIN
I do not believe anything he says. Warren
There are as usual too many lies being spread by the labour government . They said we are one country one people, All they have done is cause a major division in this country, and it certainly is not the country anyone I know grew up in !!!This 3 waters , as they call it has been shuffled around and around for so long and trying to cover up everything so they can pass it before anyone realizes they have done it. Where is our democracy gone ??? When we have this going on. Nancye
It’s all lies and totally undemocratic. It’s just an asset grab by the radical and racist maori minority. Bruce
He is just as big a lier as the rest of them can’t be trusted as far as you could kick him when are they going to get rid of the man made treaty that is taking us into a third world country at a 100 mile per hour Tussell
The PM is lying. Pamela
Probably can’t even lie straight in bed!! Helen
Ultimate control of this country and all its waters was the intention of Nanaia Mahutu and the Maori Caucus and remains so even though Mahuta has retired to a back seat position as foreign minister. He Pua pua is the guiding document and the plan even though Willy Jackson said ” He Puapua is not the plan” It needs to be front and centre in the coming political debate. He puapua needs to seen as the Maori Blueprint to taking control of this country and its waters. It is a terrifying piece of writ and needs to be publicly identified as a major piece of anti democratic and anti peoples government directional control. Of course Hipkins is wrong he is led by the nose and under the hypnotic control of the “maori elite” terrence
Hipkins has proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that he lies as blatantly as Ardern! Rex
The lies continue. Nothing has changed under his leadership. Mark
He lies, we all know that Kerin
Does labour not know where the hand brake is and do they all lie and misinterpret things conveniently, sounds like it. I think they have to many career MPs. Owen
Labour must be voted OUT! Lois
Haha .. yeah right! Bryan
He’s a wolf in sheep clothing. Get rid of three waters and labour. Laura
The management of the proposed water “reforms” are undemocratic in every sense. Dougal
vote anything but Labour ! David
Lobor Govt cant get anything correct.They are too directed at people pleasing to see the detail. Flick the treay its more trouble than its worth. The maori party can go to. Their goals only satisfy a few top cats. They are criminals out of jail. 1for all is the base line. Too many sinners amongst that lot. mike
He is lying. Reynold
Looks like there will be a change of government next October so goodbye 10 waters. Goodbye to co-governance. Margaret
More lies and deception. Janet
One of his senior MPs refuted that. Has he not caught up with that? Charles
Hipkins , like his mum Ardern, has become part of the cancer of out of control government people who have decided that once in office the concerns ,desires, and opinions of the masses are no longer of any concern. I believe it is already past the time when the rights of the people actually are being ignored by these sell out officials and that people like Hipkins have failed in their obligations to the people . What we need in NZ is the right to remove and replace those officials who lose sight of their obligations to the people through a simple recall system. Our world is being infested by these implants who are clearly trying to install someone else’s agenda at every opportunity and so we now see these blatant ideas being installed with no input from the masses….It is time to end these flights of fancy from those who have no intent to meet the real obligations of their positions. My only real concern there is that the masses are still asleep and therefore will most likely prefer to do nothing . This situation is of course exactly what these pretend officials rely upon . fred
Useless labour barstard Allan
Very adept at distorting the truth this Labour gaggle of incompetents. Ross
Lying and conniving bastards Dennis
these water reforms have been a lie from the outset. They are a smoke screen to divert attention from the fact that Te Mana O Wai is designed to give TOTAL control of water to 16% of our population. Ian
no obviously as per his evil predecessor he is a lying little twerp, who believes kiwis are stupid , sadly a huge number are and will vote labour regardless and then moan about whats happened in NZ . concerned about Luxon though , I get the fact he only with ACT can stop these scumbuckets from retaining power but rubbishing his own colleagues isnt very wise . Ray
We really need to get this sorted…quickly…honestly and truthfully. peter 
I would not believe a thing that any Liebour, Maori or Green party member said anymore. They have all continually lied or covered up since they came into power. Wayne
totally out of touch. he’s been the rarified atmosphere of parliament too long. Cannot think for himself. Chris
It is a Tainui takeover with Manuta and Morgan holding all the cards. I cant believe Nga Puhi and other tribes are prepared to stand aside and let Waikato take over. Gerry
No, of course not. Not Key either, or Ardern or Clark. Politicians are mostly pathological liars. It’s a given! Matt
Hes a lying dog-faced pony soldier! Same as the rest of including national. I wont vote for either! Im not infavour of MMP. Andrew
I do not believe anything said now by this corrupt Government least of all so called water reform. They have and are destroying democracy in NZ and showing their arrogance to anyone who opposes them. June
say it often enough and people will finally believe it Nev
How stupid does he think we are? Logan
100% lie, three/five waters, 50/50%, affordable water, what ever you call it, is and has always been about co-governance and if this gets done it will just be the start. If National want to gain support from NZer’s they need to come out with exactly what they will do about it and where they stand. Rita
Get the whole scheme dumped ! Mike
It is simply CRAZY how this Labour government brazenly claims one thing when exactly the opposite is true. Their continued entrenchment of APARTHEID is treasonous. Geoff
Different messenger same message. Don’t be fooled by this man. Angela
Lies continue. Ann
More Labour lies, like the rest of their policies Peter
He is liar, just like the one before and the rest of the corrupt Govt. Rod
Liars, how anybody with even half a brain could vote Labour or Green is unbelievable. Destroyers of our once beautiful multicultural country Claire
Eerything Mahooter, Adhern and now Hipkins and McAulty say is pure BS Michele
The guys a turnip brain Kevin
More liebour / Maori crap Prue
He is telling lies … AGAIN. Robbie
This is just a continuation of the lying scum parties evil, apartheid schemes Andrew
Codswallop is the language of Labour Terry
Not a chance – Hipkins and his Maori cohorts are simply(and I quote the Wairarapa Times Age in 2020) “A DECEITFUL LYING PACK OF BASTARDS” John
absolutely not ! mike
he is lying Anna
He’s a consumate LIAR! Paul
Another big untruth. labour cannot be trusted. Heather
Yes there is no co-governance. All control has been given to Maori. Make sure you vote Labour and Maori out in October is the ANSWER FRANK
This Labour Party are ALL liars & the sooner this is brought to the attention of everyday New Zealanders the better. Unfortunately we can’t trust mainstream media to reveal this FloJo
The Prime Minister either has been kept out of the loop or is blatantly lying. I will go with lying. pdm
This issue HAS to be scrapped in its entirety. Peter
Te Mana O Te Wai directives give Maori exclusive control of all water. Trevor
The Wanganui River was given a ” voice ” no doubt by Maori so who is going to ask said river to clean up its act from the dirty brown water being seen from the city bridges and will the said river respond personally – another con and same with the 3 waters fiasco that is being pushed onto ” John Public ” by certain people in power. Logan
One people one nation no room for divisiveness Phil
Same pig. different coloured lipstick! Andrew
We all knew politicians lie but Labour go beyond the pale its unbelievable they will never get back in after this – hurray Jane
To quote “They are a deceitful, lying pack of bastards” Marion
He speak with forked tongue John
Vote ACT or National. Bill
A Big No! Dennis
He’s full of shit Alan
Chippy. Same pudding, different sauce. Gary
he has lied to the people of New Zealand, the entire government must be removed, they removed the treason law for a reason because they knew what they are doing is treasonous NIGEL
If Hipkins knowingly allowed it, it’s treasonable, otherwise it’s fraud carelessly failing a duty of care to protect democracy. Kevin
I Don’t Believe Anything this Government has ever Said about 3 Water’s or Anything Else . They Cannot be TRUSTED . Michael 
They are continuing with their PR spin. Let’s just hope more New Zealanders see through it. Tina
It is a DELIBERATE untruth Bob
The statement is fraud rob
If we do not go forward together as all New Zealanders we will never achieve what is necessary for this country. At this point of time we are going backwards FAST !! Ross
Semantics and re-branding don’t hide the fact of theft. Vic
Just another deceptive answer, he is no different than Jacinder with his lies David
outrageous daylight robbery how can the people be so dumb>> mark
He is clearly lying. David
He is lying through his teeth yet again, and has been a puppet for Maori all along. My husband and I have now permanently left NZ as we see the vultures encircle those that can’t see what is happening to them right now!! It’s almost too late for them to wake up. Helen
The Labour Party has no moral compass they are guilty of playing with words & misleading the public of their intentions they are so confusing they’ve confused themselves! They simply want power & are selling us down the road to elite Maori who do not invest in their own people with all their increasing wealth given to them by successive governments. Politicians have a duty to offer understandable messages this current bunch are frauds and will not be in power in November. Geoff
A twister… John
The message is loud & clear!! DO NOT vote for Labour, Greens or Maori in October. Tony
Reforms would be contrary to common law. Stuart
Democracy is dead in NZ! and the sooner kiwi’s wake up to this, the sooner we can sort our country lisa
Call it what you like, as long as it looks like co-governance, walks like co-governance and sounds like co-governance, then it is co-governance. Hipkins is gas lighting New Zealand. Brenton
It’s another labour party,greens party,Maori party lie.If we want true democracy have a referendum on the the case for water, it won’t happen because this government knows the result.The silent 75% will vote against this Maori take o er of NZ fresh water.To date there has been no revolt by the Maori ministers for one reason,Hipkins has promised them the nz water maurice
What a load of shite! The whole damn thing. Affordable Water Reforms my foot! Unaffordable Water Reforms is more like it. jan
The first part of this question “Do you believe the Prime Minister when he says ……” is enough for a “No” vote. Alan
Absolutely dishonest Jeff
Words actually fail me this time but surfice to say the whole thing is the same pig with different lipstick on. I pray that the nz voter dumps this inept bunch of socialist fools at the next election. Unfortunately the nz voter has a very short memory and are easily bribed. Unfortunately even if national wins I don’t see much change, they seem to be as woke and socialist as labor, certainly luxon seems to be very woke socialist and his unwavering belief in the ridiculous cult of climate change which is of course the religion of the left, well that’s a huge worry and doesn’t bode well for this poor little country whomever takes power I’d say we’re stuffed either way and we at least are looking to leave this country and not to Australia either. Most of our grown up children have already gone to Republican states in the USA. Looking like we’ll be following after winding up our two businesses, sad and disillusioned. Flip
He’s a liar. McAnulty is another white renegade working against whites that have retained the principal of democracy. They are now trotting out lies & propaganda and misinformation at every turn to try to support their specious arguments. There is only one thing this grasping greedy filth understand and that is watching their fat paypackets disappear. If the polls start to reflect public abhorence of this blatant breach and trampling of their democratic rights watch these greasy pigs do a backflip like you have never seen before. I notice that some of the mayors have turned white renegade on us also. Remember them all, remember their names. Payback will come. If their offspring try to marry into your families, spurn them. In this I am only repeating, and in agreement with, what Hone Harawira had to say about any prospective whites joining his family, which was that they would not be welcome. I hope no white nurses are working for the Maori health system and in particular giving Maori preference to services over and above their kith & kin. Terry
Accurate!!?? He and that slime slug McAnulty are straight out liars., and have no control over the Maori caucus. Elizabeth
Blatantly obvious. The Maori Elite run the Labour Party and Chippy is too weak to stand up against them. Robyn
Total BS. Michael
Just another bloody lie. Anthony
If they Want the Water then they have to own it as it comes out of the sky, This will save millions in Insurance, as the Owners will be responsible for all the damage that water causes in floods etc. Barbara
Trying to pull the Wool over our Eyes And Ears. Richard
Get rid of the racist pricks now! Chris
Pure unadulterated Lies Noel
Another blatant lie or totally misguided. No better than his predecessor. At the start I held some hope for him but that has gone completely out the window. He needs to go with Jacinda to Canada to be with their mad insane mate Justin. Hipkins could not even define what a woman is when he was asked. There must have been total confusion in his household. One could write a book on all this stuff but that would be a waste of my time and yours if you were to read it cos you know it all already. Kevin
All smoke and mirror bullshit, Why aren’t the media exposing this this mainstream ????? Roy
Male version of ardern Ray
No. That is just another political porky! Our politicians seldom tell the truth. Alan
Another blatant unrepentant liar just like Commie Ardern Tane
When have they ever been accurate in anything they say to the general public? Lies from their mouths and lies spread through the bought of media. Jackie
Just like there is no b in b.s. Ministry
The PM is a moron Russell
They are a bunch of lying toads Kay
This liebour govt is a pack of 2 faced bastards. Criminals and need to be taken to court for treason. Ardern, chippy and the Maori caucus all should be in jail to stop further corruption in this country. As Willie Jackson stated when we own the water we own NZ. DO NOT vote Labour, Greens or maori party or maori will own NZ come October Allan
Plain and simple, the PM is lying. Trevor
He’s hoodwinking the people of NZ Andrew
It’s Lies Lies n more Lies but where is the opposition Peter
Labour needs to stand up to the maori caucus & start to work for all New Zealanders. judith
How many people have voted for co-governance (or been allowed to?)? michael
learned how to lie from WEF Chris
Calling a bird by another name doesn’t solve anything, however in one sense he could be right – sole governance is to be given to Maori who will have all the power. Graham
White Man speaks with forked tongue! Dave
Maori will have total control of water – that is not co-governance. It’s tribal governance Terry
When did politicians begin lying through their teeth? They’ve certainly developed into a constant streaming art. Darag
Seems they don’t know what it’s about – Hipkins says one thing and McAnulty says the opposite. They really don’t know, as it’s the Maori powers that are driving it. Labour just say “YES”, how much do you want ? Andrew
He’s all B/S wake up NZ this HAS to stop Gil
All part of the He Puapua roll-out, aided and abetted by the bought and paid for media. Peter
Lying through his teeth. Adele
The detail does not stand scrutiny. NEIL
More lies Trevor
Blatant lie no in trust him or Labour do they really think the citizens , newzealanders are just stupid Richard
Hipkins is plain dishonest Liz
Absolutely, wrong. No change at all . Smoke screen! Philip
Top of the confused class Chippy. Obfuscation at its best! Undemocratic… Underhand… Unbelievable manipulation of facts. Liz
No, outright lie. Te Mana O te Wai statements can only be issued by Iwi and Hapu with ratepayers forced to underwrite their massive borrowing with no control (co-governance) or accountability by Iwi/Hapu. Complete tribal rule of all New Zealanders THIS IS TREASON! Brenda
Government advisors must have never been in business before ! Bob
Of course not, he is lying through his teeth -as he always is! Colin
He must think we are all complete idiots and unable to think for ourselves. He does not deserve to be in the position he is in Les W
No. Hipkins lies as often and repeatedly as Trump. If he were confident that Co-Governance with Maori was acceptable to everyone, he would proceed with a referendum. Government is supposed to fulfil the wishes of the people, not those of the Government itself. Labour are probably determined to meet any demands by their powerful Maori caucus to remain in power, as the caucus are no doubt threatening to resign en mass if they don’t get their way. So much for the democracy our forefathers fought two World Wars for. Bruce
the public need to wake up soon and start asking Questions Before the election to stop this water takeover leo
When a Government is confused and we need to understand that, “they are” – then they are no longer representing the people who are paying them. maurice
Hipkins and his cronies have lied to us from the very beginning. We have to throw them out in October. Rob
Another blatant lie by a person elected to a responsible position of trust. Democracy is down the drain with this seditious lot. Edgar W.
truth is beyond him david
LIES all Lies Peter
Another lying toad Gill
Of course he is not accurate. When will the people of this country wake up to what is going on. John
It is progression towards total control. Tim
Lies mary
the beige maori trash like jackson davis etc all need the guillotine donald
In a twisted way he might be correct as one small group will control, but the majority will be there only to pay and pay but with no governance at all. Donald
I can’t believe the lying devious statements being made by the Labour leadership concerning this matter.Can’t they see that the general population simply won’t allow this to happen! Ron
In fact i would not believe Labour on anything. Frank
Of course not! Also, they have never shown any factual reasons why that scheme will reduce the costs of doing all this upgrading. Hugh J
No no no no no never Erin
He has lost any concept of the truth Bryan
He’s a lying little toad Alister
Do they think we are stupid? Claire
Hipkins, like Ardern is a liar Garry
Chippy is as full of Bull**** as that Ardern *itch. david
Words fail me. Wake up sleepy NZers. Wake up and understand where our country is heading if we get another three years of this government. Rosemary
Hopkins must be illiterate or stupid if he thinks that there is no cogovernance in this legislation. Mark
Control IS ownership it is that simple! John
Apartheid Boris
Labour is becoming more desperate by the day and increasingly lying to the people. fred
The most deceitful Government we have ever had with absolutely no transparency. They speak with a fork tongue. I hope they are pulverised at the elections. Otherwise God help us! Dianne
Make no mistake, there is a tribalist coup under way in our country. Successive governments have brought us to this current situation under the guise of democracy. When did democracy become Marxist/communist/tribalist? Neil
He is lying Fiona
He is either naive, stupid or both alternatively he thinks we are! Sara
LIES David
It depends on how you look at it If Maori have the veto rights then there would be no co governance as they have all the say and the PM would be correct but deceitful.. Vaughan
Hipkins & his Labour party have no idea. What the hell do Maori know about water control hell ,they couldn’t even boil the stuff until Capt Cook came here & gave them pots And as for co-governance it is not in the TOW & Queen Victoria did not make partnerships with stone age savages. Allen
There are liars , dammed Liars and outright liars Which one is Chippy ? Arthur
Not in 1000 years would I beleive him or any other politician in the labour party. The co-governance is already so entrenched and is already the downfall of a democratic equitable society. Welcome to Racism & Apartheid NZ. There is no hope for this country. Dane
How can anyone trust a married man with kids who cannot define what a woman is!! No wonder she gave up on him. Shows how terrified he is of the Maori tribal elite and the drag queens in the Green Party! David
The PM is misinforming all NZ about “Affordable Water” and I cannot understand why this is not being challenged by the opposition. Nigel
He lies almost as well as Cindy did Kate
He is a liar. John
All the weasel words in the world used by Hipkins cannot disguise the fact he is being very economical with the truth regarding Co Governance which is clearly a power grab that his government is aiding and abetting. David
Stage one to full communism Michael
He is lying through his teeth with this statement. Even the name Affordable Waters is a sick joke. John
Whole lot of bull dust. Tim
Whatever comes out of that dork’s mouth is being read from a script he is told to read off. It seems that this 3 or more waters scheme is a done deal now and we will be exposed to massive extortion and re-distribution of wealth in a form which matches say Zimbabwe . I wonder how long it will take for ordinary NZlanders to wake up and refuse to pay these criminals for water. But I reckon that is when the armed thugs will come in to demand their pound of flesh ( ie the gangs will be happy to do that job provided they will be paid accordingly.) Michael
It is not correct, and he knows it. It is quite simply, another lie from our unelected ‘leader’. More evidence that he dare not cross swords with the maoris that Ardern treasonously gave positions of power to, despite them having no discernable skills or abilities to fulfill the duties of their offices. I rather regret that Anthony Willy said… “It (water) therefore, like air, occupies a unique status in the eyes of the common law – it cannot be owned by anybody. How long do you think it will be before the maoris lay claim to the ownership of the air as well? Vote wisely in October, or it may be the last time you are permitted to vote. TOBY
Lies, lies and more lies. vic
More total BULLSH.T as Hipkins is prone to pedal. Huge imbalance against the rest of us. We are ALL NEW ZEALANDERS. Brian W. Brian
Thank you for bringing te Mana o te Wai into the light. Are you aware it is enshrined in regional council decision making- see for example Otago regional Council  
Bloody traitor should be hung and quartered Earle
This Co Governance must never come to pass. Kevin
He obviously thinks we are all stupid. pam
Chris Hipkins is just a lying scumbag. He and his inadequate labour party need to be consigned to the dustbin of history before any further damage is done to New Zealand Trevor
The PM is just as much a meek puppet of the non-indigenous savages as Ardern was. New Zealand is doomed as soon as a bunch of superstitious black morons is handed to keys to our vital, free, universal resources as is happening with water.. Intelligent
Chipkins is a habitual liar. Graeme
The sooner some media get to bring what is happening to the public the better. The continued silence by MSM is unbelievable Rod
No, it’s a blatant lie and he should do the decent thing and offer his immediate resignation. Jim
Because he and McAnulty were clearly lying throughout concerning a partnership requirement under the ToW and the Te Mana o Te Wai Statements – not mentioned deliberately – clearly give the final say and control of water resources matters to Maori .  Hugh
lies, pure lies chris
Nothing from him and his pathetic colleagues makes any sense. We are in trouble. Steve
I don’t believe anything he says. Yanna
I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Mel
That this undemocratic bullshit continues to survive without a mass uprising is unbelievable Mike
It’s racist dumbassery Larry
An orchestrated litany of lies David
Three/Five Waters is despicable. Co-governance is but one of many abhorrent features. Tina Nixon was so very right to call Labour a deceitful lying pack of bastards. Muriel has done a great job here of outlining the numerous body blows this atrocious, underhand piece of shamelessly undemocratic legislation delivers. It’s just so ugly. Wendy
You can fool some the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time John
No. The future for New Zealand is very dark and frightening. Sam
This has been going on for too long, people need to wake up, read the truth from NZCPR. Murray
Haha, what a lame duck he is. He must think we are all stupid to believe that crap. Oh how I worry about the future of this country. If the .eat bloc retain control of parliament NZ will become banana state under maori control and then watch them fighting among themselves for the most power. History repeating itself. Boot them right out the door. Peter
The Maori Caucus now controls the country and the PM doesn’t have the balls to stand up to him Anthony
He thinks we’re stupid. This lot so corrupt. Sharon
I am Maori, Ariki in fact.I see nothing but civl disruption in the future as age old animosity (between tribal groups) is used to gain further control of the nation. A return to tribal warfare is very possible after almost 200 years of peace. Ron
Total dishonesty Shirley
He knows damn well he’s talking shite. He’s taking us all for chumps. LiNZey
Labour must go Steve
What the Prime Minister says in this case would suggest he has not read, nor been informed on, the proposed legislation. He actually looks more intelligent than his comments. Michael
No. He is a liar Geoffrey
Is this a waste of time??? The crap never stops. Richard
He is all Bullshit. reg
Politician. Liar. Treason. Mark
STOP , the whole 3 water thing , Water for ALL NZers Roger
Sadly I do not trust the PM nor any of the Labour Ministers. It would seem that the Labour Party, Greens and Maori Partys are all determined to force Co Governance and an Apartheid system upon us all. I predict when the fast asleep masses finally wake up to all this undemocratic wrangling it will be far too late for this country. We will probably see people leaving New Zealand on mass. It’s a disaster for this country. Paul
The PM needs to read the legislation Ken
Because they are honest Aristotle 
Excellent article Muriel. The comments from Dr. Jason Smith, former Mayor of Kaipara, are the most disturbing. The ” Statements” can only be made by Maori and cannot to disputed giving them total control. Carole
Hipkins is a just another woke puppet, fooled by stupidity, fear and greed to continue the WEFAdern agenda. Follow his bank account balance like hers. Wayne
more lies from the incompetant fools brian
Of course I don’t believe Flippy. One only has to watch Mcnulty’s blatant attempt to re-define the universally understood concept of “democracy” to realize Labour is still trying to shaft the majority of New Zealanders. They have NO mandate to do this. Rodger
Lies, lies and more damned lies. Phillip
He`s obviously being told what to do by the maiori caucus as is McAnulty and no doubt JA previously. “Playball or there will be consequences” The problem is the “hairy masses” are still in the dark as to what is actually happening to their country. They may have heard of co governance but they don’t want to talk about it. A breath of fresh air is the new Reality Check Radio site online.If we can only get the same but on Free to Air TV. Unfortunately too late I fear to get something up and running at least 3 months before the election. So remember do not vote for Labour,Green or maori partys. brian
Liars and theives. Brian 
Te Mana o te Wai is legislated Apartheid! Graham
Hipkins must realise that 3/10 Waters is now the big election issue. He couldn’t put Co-Governance on the bonfire without a Maori caucus revolt so he is betting on voters’ stupidity and the bribed media to get them across the line. But McAnulty has spilled the beans and revealed their racist plans. Sorry Chippy, you had your chance, now enjoy oblivion. Chris
No – our PM has exposed himself as having no regard for the truth, just like his predecessor. Nor does he have any regard for democracy. The sooner he and his cronies are voted out, the better off NZ will be. Vince
Chippy is making things up to try to downplay that he is giving control of water to Maori. He has shown he cannot be trusted. Dave
These water reforms are a bugger’s muddle. The whole thing must be repealed and co-governance buried once and for all. Murray
Three Waters is a shocker and Hipkins has shown that just like Ardern all he cares about is the Maori vote. In other words he too is keen to impose Apartheid onto NZ and he will fabricate the truth to achieve that goal. Joan
What a disaster these water reforms have become. I hope it sinks the Labour Government. Roger