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Labour’s Climate Scandal

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New Zealand is officially in a recession. The Stats NZ figures released last week confirmed two quarters of negative growth – a fall of 0.1 percent in the three months ended March, following a fall of 0.7 percent in the December quarter.

This contraction is at odds with the Reserve Bank’s forecast of 0.3 percent growth – leading to the question of whether their interest rate increase, which started in October 2021 and has led to the present 14-year high, has been too aggressive.

In 2017 Labour inherited a “rock star” economy. It deteriorated sharply in 2020 as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “world leading” harsh lockdowns and strict border closures took effect. The post-lockdown borrowing and spending that flooded the economy with easy money and created runaway inflation was unprecedented.  

The latest May 2023 food price index shows significant annual increases: fruit and vegetables up 18.4 percent; meat, poultry, and fish 11.7 percent; and grocery items 12.7 percent.

The Stats NZ data shows the biggest deterioration in output over the last twelve months was primary industries, which fell 3.7 percent. This trend is consistent with a 2022 analysis by Infometrics, which found sheep, beef and dairy farming were all in decline.

An insight into what’s going on, can be seen in a Farmers Weekly article from March, which featured a former regional head of Federated Farmers, who had just sold his 440 hectare sheep and cattle farm. The overseas company, that bought the farm had offered $2 million more for it to be turned into forestry, than the closest offer that would have kept it as farmland.

It was clearly an agonising decision to sell a farm that had been in the family for generations, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was the increase in government regulation:

“An ongoing stream of legislative and regulation changes have added fuel to the family’s decision to sell out sooner than later. With impending national environmental standards coming out, the general cost of operating this type of property was not sustainable. This included having to fence about 12km of stream length on a highly floodable area where they had already lost 6km of fence in an earlier flood. The gully laden property includes plentiful native bush, something that he said did not seem to count for much under government emissions policy. ‘We were at the top end of gas emissions charges at about $40,000, which we could not recoup’.”

With growing debt and escalating expenses, employing staff was out of the question, so there was never any prospect of taking a break from the farm.

The forestry company has given the family an opportunity to start a new life free from what was fast becoming a millstone around their neck.

Thanks to Labour and the Greens there will be farmers all over New Zealand who, facing the massive regulatory cost burden that’s being forced onto them by this government will also be considering calling it quits.

And while the newly announced consultation on the use of forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, may have an impact on future farmland sales, any potential changes to the scheme will not be introduced until after the election and then only at the behest of the new government.

At the heart of the problems faced by farmers are the harsh methane penalties being planned by Labour and the Greens. According to the farm lobby group Groundswell, which has presented a 100,000-signature petition to Parliament to stop the introduction of farm-level emissions pricing, New Zealand farmers already have the lowest carbon footprint in the world: “Any reduction in New Zealand’s emissions would just be replaced by less-efficient nations like Brazil entering the market. We’re just going to send it offshore and achieve absolutely nothing.”

National has now said they will delay pricing methane until at least 2030. They say this is to give science and technology a chance to provide mitigation alternatives. But National needs to take a much longer and harder look at what is really going on.

Back in 2011, the British climate researcher Dr Wilson Flood wrote an article for the academic journal “Energy & Environment”, to counter the growing hysteria over methane and set the record straight over the misconception that it’s a “dangerous greenhouse gas”.

He explained that not only is the quantity of methane in the air so small that even a doubling would not produce any appreciable warming, but that the rate of increase of the gas in the atmosphere is so slow that it would take 360 years to double!

Dr Flood also pointed out that since the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, livestock presents “no conceivable threat of any kind” – and cows and sheep “cannot contribute to global warming in any conceivable way”. He concluded that “research into altering the diet of farm animals to reduce dietary methane is hugely wasteful of resources.”

Here in New Zealand, an eye-watering amount of money has been poured into the black hole of methane research as attempts are made to change the outcome of livestock digestion, instead of accepting that such emissions are part of a long-established natural cycle that is harmless.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Barry Brill, the President of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, and a former Government Minister. His comprehensive review of methane points out that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change now admits that “methane is 7 times (not 28) more effective at being a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide” – with their Sixth Assessment Report stating at page 1016 of Chapter 7, “…expressing methane emissions as CO2 equivalent of 28, overstates the effect on global surface temperature by a factor of 3-4.”

Barry then goes on to say, “No doubt this took the legs out from under Minister Shaw. He had been personally briefed on the flaws in 2019, but in a later answer to a Parliamentary Question said he was not a climate scientist himself and would be guided by the IPCC. That hasn’t happened yet.”

Barry Brill believes this revelation that the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, instead of 28, “changes everything. All the scenarios and budgets are now clearly wrong… If methane will cause only 25 percent as much warming as previously expected, then we won’t need those huge reductions, that appear in the now-outdated scenarios. With this new understanding, the 1.5°C aspirational goal comes back within our collective grasp – and with much less pain and anxiety than used to be expected. It’s wonderful news, and a win-win all around. Let’s celebrate!”

However, far from celebrating, the Government appears to have its head in the sand as it continues to use the discredited data to impose penalties on methane producers are four times higher than they should be.

The waste sector, which entered the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2013, is already a victim for what looks likely to become an over-charging scandal. The Ministry for the Environment’s website explains that in 2019, “94 percent of waste emissions were biogenic methane – largely generated by the decomposition of organic waste. While waste contributes a small percentage of our total emissions, biogenic methane has a warming effect 28 times greater than carbon dioxide.” It notes: “This statement is based on information in the Fifth Assessment Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, completed in 2014.”

The mainstream media should be challenging this: the Government should be held to account for knowingly overpricing methane.

But the problem New Zealand faces is that for the last five years or so, much of our mainstream media has adopted a pro-climate emergency advocacy stance – as the following statement indicates: “Stuff accepts the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activity. We welcome robust debate about the appropriate response to climate change, but do not intend to provide a venue for denialism or hoax advocacy.”

If the mainstream media had been acting as our democracy’s Fourth Estate, instead of promoting climate alarmism, it’s likely that New Zealand would not be in the position where our farmers are being driven off their land and Kiwis are paying more for food than they should.

Furthermore, the public would be far more alarmed about the extortionate costs that Labour and the Greens are attempting to force onto the country through their Zero Carbon agenda.

According to the Climate Economic and Fiscal Assessment 2023 report, released by Treasury in April, the cost of meeting Labour’s climate commitments by 2030 are a “significant fiscal risk”. With offshore carbon mitigation likely to be needed to meet up to 70 percent of our climate targets, the cost could be in the region of $25 billion – or “28 percent of the new operating expenditure that will be made available through Budgets 2024 to 2030.”

Thanks to the extremism of former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Green Party’s Climate Minister James Shaw, New Zealand is the only country in the world crazy enough to attempt to regulate livestock emissions.

As New Zealand’s climate research Professor Dave Frame, and senior climate diplomat Dr Adrian Macey have explained, “Delivering good outcomes in climate policy is not just about giving negotiators and ministers free reign to make ever-grander promises. It is at least as much about ensuring policy can deliver on the promises already made.”

In a series of five articles for Business Desk, published in 2022, they critically examine the state of climate policy in New Zealand, pointing out that when the Kyoto Protocol was being developed in the nineties, exemptions for methane were sought: “A few countries, including NZ, argued special circumstances to get a lesser target. Our reasons were twofold. First, our hydro and geothermal electricity made up so much of our total that we didn’t have the potential to make large reductions in CO2. Other industrialised countries could retire their old coal-fired power stations. Second, half our emissions were from agriculture, and there were simply no technologies to reduce methane in particular. No other developed country had anything like this proportion of agriculture emissions in their total.”

A Cabinet Minute from the Bolger Government in 1992 confirms a similar approach – standing aside from methane targets until a technical fix was available: “In the absence of significant scientific and technological advances we do not expect to be able to make significant progress on methane… As the convention specifically recognises the need for technology to be available to enable countries to deal with emissions and also recognises the differences in economic circumstances, we believe New Zealand’s inability to reduce emissions in these areas can be adequately justified in our reporting.”

A technical fix is still not available. Yet in spite of the Paris Agreement allowing the specific circumstances of countries to be taken into account, instead of emulating the Bolger Government and taking methane out of the equation, Labour and the Greens have saddled New Zealand with unachievable targets at unaffordable costs.  

Not only is Labour using the UN’s discredited data to over-charge for methane, Treasury’s Climate report includes references to the IPCC’s now abandoned RCP8.5 scenario, which predicts sea-levels will rise by over a metre. This measure has been discredited because it was based on the impossible situation of the whole world using only coal for fuel!

The fact that Labour is still using such extremist sea level predictions in their official guidance – including to Local Authorities for developing their long-term plans – is yet another scandal. In that case, it is ratepayers who will bear the cost.

What is now needed are wise heads to undertake a comprehensive review of Government climate policy – including the Emissions Trading Scheme which, thanks to on-going political meddling, is now also on the verge of collapse.

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This government is ruling by fear . Before embarking on their erroneous ideas they should properly check their information. Gay
The Left will do anything to get their green agenda across which includes lying covering up, smearing, then hypocritically, take two planes to China. Monica
Whilst the government may counter they are using alternative facts, they are in fact just lying to hoodwink the general public John
hell no this govt is construing the general public with fictional data that is being believed by their followers. National I hope under Chris Luxton who is a firm believer of man made so called “climate change “will be just as bad mark my words if he gets in & yes I want change badly but Act will get most of my voting. Rex
Absolutely agree its disgusting, all about politics not the environment! Sue
The arrogance of the current government knows no bounds. They’re hell bent on following their own agenda! (well, maybe that which is dictated to them by WEF) Rex
No not ever. Someone in Labour should come out and expose all the lies and deceit from this outrageous Labour, Greens and Maori Party thinking its okay to destroy N Z. Leave the farmers alone. Disgraceful conduct from these mutants. Kevin
This Government has no sense at all. Denis
This LOT get their orders from Schwabb, and Goetz, at the WEF,WHO,TC,CFR. The NWO fully in control world wide, waiting for the next SCAMDEMIC! David
Its all driven by dick heads & Big Money makers. Use common sense & get our facts correct! John
Of course it is. We have a Govt of irresponsible ideologists with no appreciation how agriculture is the backbone of NZ’s economy. Anon
They are basing their response on a what the UN says is flawed and not going to happen. andrew
Prove that the cow’s methane does not have the same heating power as oil based methane George
Corruption comes to mind. (Intentional) Sam
The hype that the world will not buy our products because we don’t conform is just that. Propaganda!! Having lived overseas for many years, fellow workers were proud to show NZ products in shops. They were NEVER considered anything more than first class. Peter K
The idea that methane is a greenhouse gas is totally absurd and is not supported by any science. No scientist has ever proved that methane or CO2 are greenhouse gases! Peter
No absolutely no. ! Madness grips the land. Insanity rules supreme. I scratch my head and wonder just what those heroic men who would relate their hair raising tales when I was a boy and teenager ,of bombing Berlin night after night and lived to tell the tale ,would think of these totally inadequate morons leading us today . They appear to be as thick as mud.. And now even the young people want to kill all the sheep to stop the methane gas. We live and survive by food. Stop the attack on farming right now ! John
Trust informed scientists, not politicians. Chris
Climate hysteria has induced a world wide mass psychosis which has no relationship with science. Ross
Just more fear mongering, propaganda and lies from the worst government in the history of NZ Christine
Humans have altered the mix of atmospheric gases by just 0.013% with CO2. Of that N is responsible for just 0.17% Both insignificant as climate drivers. This Govt insane. Chris
They are so sure of themselves that none, or actual facts will not stop their stupidity from being forced on NZ.The only way is to change the governing party. Bill
Absolutely NOT ! Gregor
NO, its a complete load of crap. COLIN
Absolute ignorance and stupidity on the part of the NZ government. Pam
Definitely not. caren
I’m not a believer of the climate modelling. Elizabeth
After all the failures this Government has bestowed upon New Zealand Inc I am not surprised that they continue to ignore new developments that could reduce the burden on not only farmers but also all New Zealanders. Why would this Government follow advise that could improve NZ when their whole Modus operandi appears to be what can we do to make NZ a more challenging country to live in. New Zealand is very fortunate to have a strong, innovative agricultural industry where science has played a major role in some massive gains in efficiency and can continue to do so if this Government would support the industry and let it get on with it. Difficult to follow a Government when it spends so much time mimicking a train wreck. Rob
They’re driving the bus in the wrong direction, however remember the IPCC were castigated for manipulating data some years ago. Graham
The ‘climate change’ agenda is built upon a LIE….science proves it. We have double the amount of trees on this ‘planet’ and Earth is already at ZERO . The ‘govts’ pushing this agenda have to be challenged severely. mark
The climate assumptions and models have never made sense. I can’t believe how many people fell for it. Sylvienne
Totally unacceptable. Bordering on blatant fraud Keith
Instead of killing NZ farming,these ravers should be in China,India,and all the other countries making no effort to reduce greenhouse gases.Go stand on their street corners and sound off. Sid
Carbon has no effect on the climate PETER
The GWP100 overstates methanes effect by 400% but they are still using those numbers Lea
Farming is critical and labour greens approach will be a disaster for NZ. David
Doesn’t the Government keep up with the times? Then again, why should they when they can charge more for the old flawed data. It’s criminal that farmers are so burdened with charges that they are not economically viable. Sheila
Absolute rubbish and so harmful that our primary industry is treated such Alan
This “man made” climate change rubbish is all about ideology, and has nothing to do with climate – and this bunch of morons in control of our country know it. We are all aware that the climate is changing, however I do not believe we can do anything about changes due to natural occurences, and the amount humanity contributes to the changes is insignificant. Roy
Absolutely no, the whole climate change cult hoax needs to be dumped in its entirety . The whole thing has it’s roots in marxism and is designed to begger and destabilise free western democracies. You won’t see countries like china, russia, korea, Pakistan, india etc, etc, paying any heed to climate change B’S at all, go figure eh and don’t forget that over all the year’s of doom saying by C’C zealots, well not even one prediction has come close to occurring and don’t say “yeah but what about the storms” well if you look backwards more than a decade or two it’ll show storm’s floor’s drought’s etc are actually less prevalent now. Climate change, weather is driven by natural event’s, always has been, always will be, Flip
Pushing their barrow on discredited information. Is a deceit only a political party would push. And only a political party would be stupid enough to do.  Bob
It’s delightful that you, and many other well meaning researchers continue to produce good data to discredit government policies on climate change and many other pseudoscience they use to make those policies, but continuing to put all your fingers and toes into the holes in the dyke is a fools errand. What is happening here is one group of idiots in parliament is using these UN and WHO hysterias to push for aggressive socialism and totalitarianism and the other group is using them to push for their preferred oligarchy and globalist totalitarianism. Who knows what we’ll get in the end because our Wellington leaders are so very very incompetent from every party, but it’s guaranteed to reduce future generations quality of life and both groups totalitarian goals will get ever nearer. Matt
The Green Party are strait up dishonest and NZ does not deserve their deception. They are working against NZers – they are no longer required. Maurie
I have just been to kazakistan and surrounds and methane gas is used in about 80% of cars there. It is time our government took their heads out of the sand and looked around them. MARGARET
Do not expect honesty from this government. Disappointment will surely follow if you do. TOBY
I consider that global warming is the greatest existential threat to humanity on this planet. The winter of 2020 was NZ”s warmest winter on record. That record was broken in 2021 with an even warmer winter, which was in turn was broken last year by a warmer winter still. This data is scientifically verifiable. Furthermore, earlier this month, June, 2023, the critical 1.5 degree threshold was broken briefly for the first time. I consider that the Labour Government is using too CONSERVATIVE assumptions in their climatic modelling. I would like to see planning for a total NZ population of no more than three million by 2100. Financial incentives to minimise family size should be implemented. Robotic technology could provide the necessary workforce and, with fewer children, the resources would become available to ensure that these children could achieve their maximum potential. Regarding such items as the 18.4% increase in vegetable prices in the year to May, 2023, much of that could be attributed to extreme climatic conditions: I rest my case! You cite the case of a farmer selling his 440 hectare sheep and cattle farm to a forestry company and you admit that the property is flood-prone. It seems to me that such a property, with its steep gullies should never have been broken in for farming anyway and should be returned to forest. Finally, I ask you the question: what is the random probability that NZ should have three consecutive winters of record-breaking warmth? WATCH THIS WINTER CLOSELY!!!! Denbie
If we are a “carbon sink” & our grasslands & forests are calculated to have NZ well below what was originally thought, then this Govt, especially Shaw need to pull their heads out of the sand & admit that it’s ALL WRONG & make the necessary changes, because the wheels are falling off this so called “Climate Emergency. Bruce
The IPCC latest report indicated that rises of 1-5deg in world temp is well within the ups and downs of climate. variations James Shaw needs replacing with the real God. Ian
It was/is never about the climate, only control. Aaron
It is preposterous that any government should continue using rejected assumptions for policy implementation; especially when that rejection is by the original data source. Allan
The bulk of methane is emitted from the Beehive Neville
No denying that there is climate change, but our ability to change it by the means of so called measures won’t wash. Cedric
Of course the answer is no . It is obvious that our current (Stalinist) Government is just as uncaring for most of the peoples of New Zealand as Stalin was for the peoples of the Soviet Union. They play the power games for their own amusement. For them it is fun to put the thumb screws on those who dare to think that hard work and high risk factors are to be utilised to become fiscally free from the eternal struggle to accomplish economic freedom. How dare those who think that they have a right to gain such a status of fiscal freedom while those who fritted away their opportunities during the learning stage of their existence now have to wallow about at the bottom of the heap. This Government is driving more of this bottom feeding ilk to intergenerational poverty due to giving without the expectation of any contribution toward their self improvement programming. It simply is communistic socialism by armatures who have created so much damage to our country to the point of a pending nation wide implosion. The shame is that this commentary column will have practically no ability of influencing the bulk of this Nation’s populace as it should. So the worry is of course that the coalition of chaos could sneak back into power. This could happen if Mr. Luxon continues to pander and giveaway to the false treaty and to current government sponsored racial mismanagement. New Zealand was fine before this current lot of socialist armatures was presented the opportunity of playing power games. They all should be stripped of their out of office entitlements for ever. The whole thing makes me weep. Garry.
Lies lies and more f the same.. Jeremy
This Government is HELL bent on destroying our Country and the young are completely ignorant of what is happening. The climate situation is just many of the false information that is being used to further their agenda. Wake up young people. ken
They are only using it because it fits their agenda. Brian
climate is controlled by our maker, not by some idiot freaks like we all should know. james
No this is the perfect corrupt way of getting farmers to sell to forestry which is 1/3 owned by Iwi so Iwi tribal control of NZ is further strengthened. We will never get rid of Slash now Iwi own one-third of forestry as Iwi means Income Without Input so Iwi won’t put a cent towards the slash problem they have caused. Brenda
It’s all part of the plan for full control and destruction of our beloved country and way of life. tony
Not only has the Govt failed to incorporate the new methane science but has also failed to note the new IPCC assessment where they have dropped their worst case scenario on the effects of CO2 from six degrees C to three degrees by 2100. This means the sea level rise will be negligible. All those Councils planning strategic withdrawals need to redo their sums. Peter
Ideology trumps common sense once more. The muppet show carries on to the impoverishment of the people. Lee
Nothing this government does is even vaguely acceptable. Just want them gone and hopefully decimated so they never return. Richard
This regime we are suffering under is paid by shady characters in the UN. It is not about reality or facts anymore ,it is rather about re distribution of wealth into the hands of a few. This devilish scheme will not end anytime soon. Michael
No But then again what more can we expect from the leftist control freaks in Wellington. Please can any one out there let me know when any of the domsayers climate predictions have come true. NOT ONE. Robin
Two generations of children being lied to at school about our impending doom. No wonder there is little sign of national outrage at this globalist agenda being imposed on our country by our tyrannical leaders. Don’t believe Luxon will in any significant way oppose this lunacy either! peter
It is a criminal impost on the country Bruce
Time to come clean and be upfront on the scientific data that is available. Murray
The Greens have fooled the people that really matter on this and so the Lab/Maori Govt. have made huge mistakes. We are looking at a farming and cultural disaster. Ray
The continued denial is an admission that the nations leadership is corrupt. Jim
You couldn’t find a better comparison of The Emperor’s New Clothes James
I would ‘kindly’ ask “what government?” Sharron
This and past labour Gvt’s are totally devoid of clear thinking people, and there seems to be a preponderance to either bypass or ignore the select committee process on many matters, this one included. Dairy and meat have always been the back-bone of NZ’s export earnings, we should be looking after them, not using them for clay birds. Ray
Until Labour and the Greens are put to bed there will be no end to this extremist climate policy. Keith
b/s barry
All findings should be based on Scientific evidence. Not alarmist climate change activists. Elaine
just shows how much adhern, shaw and the other lying corrupt govt members belief themself and don’t give a dam about destroying farmers and their family’s life’s or this country, as long as they have control over the media the public will still be told bullshit and pure lies that septic gore and the swedish tart spew out and get printed that what they say is the truth, this will never end with these sort of people are given media coverage. Richard
Is there nobody in MSM who has the guts and integrity to act for democracy in New Zealand? If they stood up and did their job, the government’s incompetence could be made plain to the populace of this country! I note that Jacinda Ardern’s reputation has recently been totally trashed in an article on the Guardian (UK) website. Dennis
But that is typical of this government. They have never listened to the people and instead pursue their socialist, communistic ideologies. Kerry
Typical left using what suits their narrative and calling it “science” Giles
Government climate modelling is just a whole lot of political hog wash – swallowed by a whole lot of zero thinking sheeples! Stuart
This is and has always been a Trojan horse to destroy farming as per the WEF and UN Agenda 2030 dictates. The WEF has a goal of 1% or less of present farming by 2030. The attacks on farming in the Netherlands with the Govt. mandating a buyout of 30-50% of farms and Ireland’s announcement of a cull of cow herds by at least 200,000 is part of this lunacy. This is all climate cult ideological nonsense and socialist stupidity at its worst. It’ll make the famines of Mao’s and Stalin’s attacks on farming look like chicken feed. John
Nor should they rely on the IPCC Summary for Policymakers which is ideological rather than scientific. Peter
Read Ian Plimer’s GREEN MURDER. It’s fraudulent government bumph. Bruce
yet again the Govt is using poor data to stoke the fear propaganda and the public is too lazy to check for themselves so they suck it up like puppets and gaslight, censor and label anyone who dares argue. Marxism at it’s finest… Alastair
Yes because they are ideology driven Robert
This is a strange question. Who in their right mind would see this a acceptable. Murray
There is no man made climate problem rob
Of course not. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but the government is deliberately withholding information that negates the need for hysterical calls for New Zealand to drastically cut emissions far more than necessary and inform the public that global warming is a natural cyclical phenomenon that has been around for millenia. Terry
It is not acceptable and it is not responsible as they are sinking huge amounts of money into this instead of improving hospitals and roads. Ken
The climate myth. In the 1990’s it was the coming ice age. In the 2000’s its the heat that melts all. What myth are they going to produce next. the USA Geoscience group has been seed the clouds for the last 13-yrs destroying the earths natural algorithms and creating climate mayhem. Myths all from Geo scientists. David
Unintended consequences, such as making farming unaffordable, with all its flow-on effects? Or are these the outcomes Labour are seeking? Crazy is a very mild word to use. Barry
This whole anthropogenically caused effect on climate is a croc. A scam designed by Green fanatics to attract funding and to scare children, the gullible and the stupid. We need political leadership to tell the IPCC and its lackeys to stick it up their methane emitters. Philip
No their foolish climate emergency is utter hogwash. There’s no scientific doubt that the earth is in a warming cycle, there’s been several warming and cooling cycles during Earths history, but the fettish-like obsession with human causation is unproven and its not even proven if or how much humans might be exacerbating the natural warming. We more good science, not scientists on government payrolls who have to toe the government line to stay employed. We should focus on and invest in climate change mitigation and sustainability not trying to reverse what may well prove to irreversible natural climate change. Steve
As any self-respecting journalist knows, assumption is the mother of all stuff-ups. These discredited claims, backed by Hipkins and Shaw, are costing this country billions of dollars and are destroying the farming sector. Agriculture is the backbone of this nation’s economy and sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost. Two other significant failures are the National Party not standing against this extremist rubbish, although Act seems to be supporting the farmers; and the total dereliction of the media to analyse and expose these falsehoods. Gavin
labour & the greens are hysterical deluded lunatics aided & abetted by the mainstream media. bruce
It’s not only the ‘extremist’ assumptions involved. It’s an assumption that carbon and other ‘greenhouse gases’ are the only or even the main human activity driving global warming. John
Just another balls up by our commie government. The sooner we get rid of the political numbskulls the sooner we get back on track. Hurry up October! Derek
The opposition parties need to start overriding them in the house by questioning and harassing them on every subject William
Not acceptable by any means – the country is now being driven by overzealous but mis-informed people who obviously have their own agenda, which will heavily impact on all of the people of New Zealand if they get their way. All I can say here is bring on the ACT party, the only ones who seem to have at least a modicum of common sense Trevor
Those of us who follow real science have known that we have been mislead for many years. It is a scandal that this continues and the IPCC is ignored. John
Why has old fashion ‘common sense’ disappeared ? Chris
What are the clowns up to they would struggle to get a bonk in a brothel and that would be with the lights on. Climate change was not on any agenda in 1965 in NEW ZEALAND. What was the population of the world then. So very simple stop breeding reduce the population in the world and all will revert to the way it was. Pity is they do not understand this or do not have the b…. to admit it and are trying to bamboozle us and themselves with all this bull dust. They have to be the worst government in NZ history and to make it worse the fish and chip wrapper upper is now a dame for stuffing NZ. Not a bad exit payout for what she has done to NEW ZEALAND. ????????????????? jeff
Very little this Govt has done has been acceptable or helpful. This is no exception! Frank
They have never let the facts get in the way of ideology Frank
Labour – different ringmaster, same old pack of clowns ! Pete
Why does JA and J Shaw want to ruin our country????? for self-gratification and a dame/knight hood? They should both be criminally charged/liable, for both ruining so many livelihoods in so many different ways but seem to get away with it. When will all Kiwis wake up!!!! anita
Unacceptable! This criminal government is following orders from the criminal bosses like Gates and Schwab and co. Luxon and co are no better! peter
If James Shaw is not a climate scientist then why is he Climate Minister? He says he will be guided by the IPCC – well he is very slow off the mark – time to get someone up with the play. Has he got any scientific qualifications at all? If not then what is he doing in charge of a “scientific” portfolio? This is mental midgetry at it best. Kevin
Absolute bloody DICK HEADS.  Brian
since when has the truth mattered to politicians? mike
Utter craziness and deceit from our leaders and the media. Alan
Ditto the television and daily newspaper media Basil 
Are these people so think they cant even see the research themselves. We have a government that has large numbers of members have never lived a real life. They don’t know a lot instead being led and them leading all the bull **** too the detriment of our country. Jackie
They do not want you to survive by any means that they can devise. Only one word best describes what is happening, no two words, pure evil. Alan
RNZ was hardly “all over this” as one would expect, as it does not fit the “sky is falling” narrative.. Kim Hill’s Sat Morning programme commendably brought this to my own attention. Jacqueline
Certainly not just another form of labour meddling in something they are totally ignorant about the science proven sidwell
Absolutely not, Methane is a minute trace gas that makes no difference to so called Global warming and in fact neither does CO2. Modelling is not science and the IPCC knows this. The small amount of warming is due to natural variability and not man made. James
They are dangerous and need to go. Bring on the election Justin
Ideology trumps fact at every turn with this government. They couldn’t care less about the livelihoods of the primary sector. I guess Shaw and his cronies will enjoy eating imported primary produce, without considering the carbon footprint of the source or the transportation to New Zealand. Ted
Honesty, it’s such a lonely word (with apologies to Billy Joel) Bazza
No different to their approach to Covid. They are hell bent to ruin this country Rod
Just unbelievably crazy to be using data that has been proved wrong Bryan
of course not.it does not make sense gerard
This is a leftover from Jacinda’s plans. As 500 world scientists have stated ‘THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY. The UN, IPCC and the CRU at East Anglia University are all liars. Not one climate disaster prediction has come true. This is perhaps the greatest fraud ever to be pulled on the World. Alan
another money making scam, praying on the very people who fear an unreal prospect.. HOW is it the world can have 4 seasons annually, but not over millenia . explain the accuracy of the Piri Reis map, explain why Snow in the UK was 3/4 year in London . or the world was 4* warmer only a few centuries ago, al
The current government is so incapable of intelligent thought that they have to keep us constantly distracted by their fraudulent and non-existent “climate emergency” so that we don’t realise we have the dumbest and most incompetent government in history. Also, who gets the billions that we send overseas to pay for someone else’s pollution. Hipkins, Shaw etc should be in jail. Russell
They should at least pretend they are using actual logic. Richard
the dishonesty from the incumbent Government has plumbed new depths to the extent that democracy itself is at risk. Brian
More lies from our so-called elected govt. Edgar W.
It is criminal – and they should be prosecuted for doing so. Andy
It is equally well established that cloud cover factors dwarf CO2 contributions. Delete all climate alarmism and relax the rhetoric please!!! Peter
It is all a total scam Lyn
Useless Liebour Ronny
what a stupid govt graeme
Communist evil Gret
its all been bullshit from the start, I sincerely hope the common sense required will come through to the voting public. bob 
The government has not dome anything right in the past decade. NZ is no longer the place we grew up in. Ruining it’s only large successful international export is completely mad. Chaquila
The current idiots are unable to read a spreadsheet or a scientific report. They cannot comprehend that their decisions have real world consequences. Mark
Only the people who promote this nonsense are the ones making money from it Dennis
More of the same old same old and where are any opposition partys silence is complicity Wayne
What else can you expect from these two useless parties. Non productive members of society, never done a days work in their lives, never added to the prosperity or income of NZ, just drones. only qualified to sweep streets, even then they wouldn’t do a good job, utterly useless. Merryl
It’s a monumental travesty aided and abetted by a gaggle of duplicitous nincompoops. But is it really any wonder when Shaw and co have no usable neurons floating around in their brains. It’s about power , control and money. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing . Think carefully how you vote in October because if this lot retain power we as a country are totally screwed. Carolyn
the labour govt needs an IDEOLOGY RESET–centralised govt has failed in many countries so I do not know why they think they can make it work –Roll on October COTE THEM OUT Les W
They’re all stupid idiots with James Shaw the biggest idiot. There are no climate scientists in NZ – they’re all frauds. Mike
Why do politicians charge ahead on absurd agendas when scientists who have studied the climate for decades and have the proof to show that this climate crisis is bullshit is beyond belief. At last James Shaw has admitted he knows stuff all about the climate. Peter
Completely dishonest but then again have they ever told the truth? Morrin
Same old same old twisting of facts to confuse the electorate. Talk about fake news. Carol
it’s all BS Graeme
Disgraceful Rhys
NO, NO, NO. Robin
Only continuing to do it because any change would no longer suit their extremist narrative. Laurie
We have much more important things to worry about than a so-called climate emergency! Jane
No brainer than Helen, but what does one expect after all these years of stupidity. Raewyn
Absolutely not. Mind you by doing that, it would go against everything they believe in. Graeme
This is stupidity. The Blind leading the blinded by cunningly twisting reality ian
This climate bit has become a cult. john
Of course not. It is madness to. John
It is utterly unacceptable and downright criminal what they are doing to our country in the name of climate change! Brenda
It’s reprehensible and so very stupid, not to mention totally immoral. Sharon
no tony
Sending the Greenies to protest in China against their emissions there would be a more cost-effective application of our tax payers money. Ken
Its all bull shit its only climate cycles A M
Absolutely not. It’s disgusting the way the prosperity of our country has been sacrificed in the name of Cindy’s “nuclear free moment”. Or, just to stoke her enormous ego. The whole ETS / climate response plan needs to be overhauled before we become even more of a 3rd world country. Dave
Clearly the Labour and Green parties are being led by a bunch of illiterates who are too impressed by themselves to bother with self evaluation. Debbie
Currently the government is ruining NZ with poor climate regulations based on inaccurate data. Neil
It is OUTRAGEOUS! If we had a decent ‘ fourth estate’ instead of the bribed one we are suffering, all these lies would be widely publicised! Sylvia
Talk about heads in the sand. They are blind to all the current science. Allan
If this is from the greenness I Would not trust anything they do or print. Brian
They think farmers are the problem. Any excuse to discredit them is enthusiastically taken William
If anyone wishes to check, the UN has already said that the climate scare is only there so they can carry out wealth redistribution Hugh
Appalling, but not unexpected….. clive
On the one hand NZ has the distinct advantage of being able to observe any mistakes made by other countries but, on the other hand, NZ seems to be perversely reluctant to adjust policies to make the most of that advantage. Jenifer
This is not about the environment, it is about a radical government’s bizarre ideology. linton
Clearly not, though we have come to accept distorted statements from the present collection of greens and other nutters Peter
As usual virtue signalling that Labour is doing something marvellous Frank
This Labour led government needs to be gone from 15-10-2023. Ronald
If you know the calculations are incorrect why can the government not see they are wrong, or is it a case of wrong information being fed to the government by their coalition partner. Peter
Nobody really knows what the outcome of climate change will be so a government needs to manage and prepare infrastructure against any extreme weather events James
It’s alarmist bs Peter
Those involved should be locked up for knowingly and fraudulently deceiving all New Zealanders. Mark
What is mainstream media doing? Nothing that is likely to help anyone and it is damaging the farming industry. I understood that farming would not be penalized in any way that would threaten food production. This government is insane. Paloma
Absolute hypocrisy. Their lies and spin will come home to haunt them John
There is a clear rejection by IPCC Dennis
I’m not surprised this bunch of muppets who form our government are ignoring the facts presented here as its not their idea ,so it can’t be right. They don’t have the decency or the balls to admit they are wrong. DO NOT VOTE FOR LABOUR GREEN OR MAORI IN OCTOBER> Brian
They think they are the law unto themselves, get rid of them Rod
They are an extremist Government; one I have no faith in and one I will vote out. Ken
Why are they hell bent on ruining New Zealand economically to pursue their fervor for racist policies and green-washing?? Mike
of course not. it is dishonest in the extreme and harmful to our country. Gordon
This Govt has its head in the sands. They will go down in history as the worst in our countries history. And we give a Knight hood to our worst PM ever. What a joke. Robert
This government is following a flawed agenda which is responsible for most of the country%u2019s current woes. The sooner these extremist assumptions are corrected the better for all. Lynne
The whole issue of emissions has been overstated since this crazy idea first started. William
Why is this NOT being highlighted by the opposition??????? Are National just a different name for Labour? Martin
The fear factors being used by this pack of no hopers are scandalous!!! FOR GODS SAKE NZ. WAKE UP!!!! RON
The whole global warming predictions have been overblown just as the computer models for CV-19 were. It’s the smokescreen for global control. Janet
You have to wonder why this government is hellbent on destroying this country. Surely they aren’t going to this length just to keep themselves in a job?? Anne
The whole thing is a globalist scam. Trevor
Facts about methane. Grass grows by the process called photosynthesis, where it takes CO2 out of the atmosphere which releases oxygen for us to breathe and to produce sugars so the plant can grow. The cow eats the grass and produces methane, which degrades naturally over ten years. On a stock unit basis there is currently 4.2% less livestock in NZ than there was ten years ago, so methane is degrading naturally faster than we are putting it into the atmosphere. So where is the problem not forgetting that the grass took the carbon out of the atmosphere in the first place, and methane is only 25% as bad a we have been told for years. I think it is time for some realism from the climate activists!! Tim
Labour is consistently cheery picking data to defend their agenda Gavin
Climate mania, scandalous Tom
Time for some civil disobedience.. Andrew
We would do real good if we stopped buying from big polluting countries. Murray
Nonsense Ruth
Crazy data that is being used to reinforce the dumb targets being promoted by the greenies Mike
Crazy as we are killing our economy for no valid reason. Correct the data. Paula
As the media wont report anything I TRULY THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE THESE TRUE FIGURES TO ACT THEY CARE MORE FOR NZ & NZealanders than LUXON & go on Mike,s NEWSTALK show & anywhere public as people need to know how labour/greens are using OLD information & fooling us when alot of us are forced to pay more for everything thanks to labour/greens Cindy
Labour doesn’t like farmers because Labour wants to eat bugs. I like proper non GMO foods and I will not eat bugs. Keren
Really though you are expecting a bit much from Shaw ,,his record of being an idiot is unchallenged . To ask a person of his calibre to understand common sense reminds me of him supporting a private school ,,totally incorrect behaviour ,because he didn’t understand the question .OMG what a dropkick . Ray
Fairly typical of this government: lazy and dishonest John
This is just more Treasonist Action by the Globalist Puppets posing as our Government that are following the New World Order Agenda to destroy our Economy. What they are doing now with the Climate Change Hoax Policies is a true indication of just how ‘Constipated’ they are !! Geoff
Totally unacceptable but this government and indeed all political parties are not climate scientist. They just don’t understand. Shaun
In my opinion, it is criminal Diana
Future generations will look back and laugh as we do at those who believed the Earth was flat and burnt to death anyone who didn’t agree. Grant
The projected 1.5 degree increase by 2100 is 88 years at 0.017 degrees per year! Who will notice that, in their life time? RICHard
certainly not Colin
Totally unacceptable. James Shaw is a fool, time an time again he is more interested in his profile all talk nothing done e.g screwed $12 million out of labour (thanks to Jacinda)to give to a two roomed greens school in the back of beyond, unknown to the rest of NZ , and never heard of since. Transparency???? Dianne
The IPCC and un admit they got it wrong, but what else have they got wrong? John
I suggest you read the book “False Alarm” by Bjorn Lomborg. It is very well researched and mentions Jacinda Arderns comments and the costs to NZ for literally nothing !! Russ
Climate change is a huge scam. Time it was totally rubbished and certainly banished from our schools. Roger
This whole “Climate Crisis” scam has gone on for far too long. James Shaw should be forced to reveal his evidence that either carbon dioxide OR methane contribute to any “Climate Crisis”. And by the way, why is any foreign entity being ALLOWED to buy NZ land — wasn’t that practice stamped out long ago? Sue
the climate has been changing since the beginning of creation! Jess
This Government is unable to to give us the truth on matters that are VERY important to all NZers. We are fed up with their lies etc. Robina
The greens and Labour should be ashamed of themselves. They know full well that they are using false information and wrecking our main source of income. We have to remove them from power. This is a continuation of the legacy of Jacinda Ardern,Has to be the first in the world Dianne
Big No Neil
absolutely not, any modelling is only as good as the information supplied. Rubbish in ,rubbish out john
They just can’t help themselves to scare the s%^&*t out of people. It started with Covid, and is now in full swing with climate change. Fear is a good compliance tool. Jan
Dishonest Behavior by Govt. Noel
I don’t know why this government is hell bent on paying more than other countries just to appease The Greens. Heather
As usual Labour and the Greens have their heads buried in their own agendas to hell with the rest of us. They just don’t care about the harm they are causing. Fraser
The old info fits Labours agenda Gary
Thanks to you Muriel, and thanks also to Barry Brill, for doing all you can to get this problem sorted. Marianne
Definitely not John M
But what else do you expect from the Labour/Greens> Maurice
This government is stuck with the extremist thinking of Jacinda , about time they woke up Gareth
This scam has gone on too long Peter
This govt doesn’t care what New Zealanders want, they have their own agenda. laurie
No, it is not acceptable, in my opinion! This Government has pushed every negative agenda onto the New Zealand Public ever since they came in to power, and it is time that it stopped. We have had enough of their lies and their BS. The Earth will do what She has always done, and that is She will be in control of the climate! This constant feeding of misinformation and disinformation, from the Government itself, MUST STOP! Heather
But what will happen?? The government has been informed of the latest IPCC findings only to say it would be to embarrassing to back down!! Martyn
the Labour government is overtaken with left wing influence with no reason applied. NZ is in a terrible fix. rosalie
ideology over true facts and common sense become a nonsense. Barry
They are not interested in scientific fact, only the marxist Agenda Ross
Never forget, on top of these costs the Govt imposes GST, so the suffering taxpayers gets hammered from all angles! Tim
We know much of “climate change ideology” is politically motivated Bryan
The greens will use anything that will discredit common sense Colin
What really needs to happen is that these looney climate cultists in government and positions of power need to be sacked and replaced with competent science educated rational people who are not radicals. The future of New Zealand is being severely threatened by the current climate cultists. Colin
Total BS Michael
Certainly not. David
No, but on the other hand it may be a Maori assumption and that will take precedence! God Defend New Zealand. Bruce
as usual, lazy incompetence & not willing to do own research to get the correct facts. Chris
when will NZ scientists stand up and be counted noel
The whole climate fiasco is a scam Mike
The governments fixation on the scam of Climate Change, has to stop, it has been proved at what you are taking as acceptable has in fact been totally rejected by the IPCC. Roy
The Government and Media adoption of massively discredited Climate Science data to manipulate NZ’s commitments to Climate Activist demands must stop! Peter
Self-inflicted climate change hysteria economic wounds. Nobody is raising the reality of the one thing that has the greatest effect on Earth’s climate, ie the Sun….which is entering a grand solar minimum. So we should be worrying about the effects of global cooling…not hypothetical global warming Barry
But they will continue to use any means they can to keep the climate cult on the cusp of insanity. Terry M
They need to be ousted from the treasury benches asap Neville
The Government is hell bent on crucifying farmers for not voting for them its as silly as this statement Warren
But its all about power and narrative rather than science. National, when it is in Government, should commit to follow the IPCC guidelines of RCP 2.6 and arrange and amend legislation accordingly. Brenton
Where is reality Leigh
I expect nothing less from Labour and Greens to continue with this disinformation. Trevor
They are all mad and out of control don’t seem interested in science that proves climate change is not linked to human or animal behaviour I’m 80 and I’ve seen a lot of extreme weather so I’m not worried the sea is not rising the sun shines every now and then and it’s winter Peter
The term Climate Change has certainly scared the government into introducing poorly thought out policies that are damaging our country.. It has got to stop before many citizens are financially ruined and our farming industry. destroyed. Dennis
The climate hoax is right up there with the covid scam!! get all the 120 fat cat politicians out!! they have been getting rich off the hard working tax payers for decades! WE ARE DONE WITH THIS BS!! lisa
I never had any faith in this coalition Govt and they have lost any credibility they might have had. Time for Shaw and co to leave. Wayne
James Shaw is nothing but a political charlatan! John
To me it is a lot worse than that. There is no acceptance of what the real percentage that ‘man made’ as against natural climate changes are that we can do nothing about. As far as the media and politicians are concerned , man and animal made gasses are the only thing responsible for climate change. Mike
No. They are ideologically driven. Their ideology is based on a lie, i.e. not grounded in reality. They don’t care and the consequences on New Zealanders will be catastrophic. Donald
This Labour/Greens government is living in delusion. It’s morally wrong to use outdated and therefore incorrect data about methane emissions.to set ever-increasing targets for farmers to meet. It also makes no sense globally to force NZ farmers off their land as they can’t meet the increasing costs forced on them, and so shift food production offshore where emissions are far higher than ours. Labour/Greens have got their heads in the sand. Laurence
Typical greens methods using proven false information to get voters to vote their way. Peter
Methane should be removed from any form of taxation in NZ. Food producing major exporting countries should be omitted from any green house gas form of taxation. What’s Chinas methane tax & cost to supposed global warming as it builds 2 new coal fired power stations every fortnight ! Derek
Definitely not – but if it helps to advance their Climate Change policies I don’t see why they would be overly concerned. The sooner they are gone the better! Scott
And wasting our money RAY
Might as well call it theft from our farmers because that is what it is. James Shaw being in denial of the IPCC is the instigator! John
All these terrorist agreements (Kyoto protocol, Paris Agreement, ETS ect) that OUR government has signed us up to with terrorist organizations (UN, IPCC. WEF, WHO, IMF ect) need to be ripped up and thrown away. These terrorist organizations (crime syndicates) are the bloody problem. They can go stick their NWO One World Communist Government agenda where the bloody sun don’t shine. Francis
It’s just part of the marxist plan to wreck our economy and make everyone dependant on govt support. Ronmac
Why do they seem to think they can change NATURE?? Denise
Consider also that those Climate Models have for the last 30 years predicted warming levels 3 times more than have actually been observed. True science would consider that the hypothesis those models represent has been disproved, and a new model that explained the actual observed warming should be proposed. There is no Climate Crisis!! davidf
It is criminal – destroying livelihoods for their ideological power grab! Calvin
83 yrs. never seen the country in such a mess.Fear the future under Labour,Green ,Maori continuing to govern. Raewyn
I watched a video of an address by Dr. Tom Sheehan of America last night and it looks to me that this Govt. and Greens are trying to ” brainwash ” everyone with false ” science ” of their making Logan
But it is not unexpected given this government’s agenda. Murray
It’s pure dictatorship.the good people of NEW ZEALAND voted her in without having any knowledge of her real Agenda which seems to be to convert NZ into a communist state. Alan
But using ridiculous/discredited assumptions to declare emergency and use emergency powers is just par for the course with this government! gail
It is way past time for Shaw to come clean and with the ministry of the environment admit they have got it wrong. David
Crazy crazy crazy Beverley
Green Party extremist nonsense Steve
Labour and the greens probably inflict as much pollution as do our moo Cows mike
Govt needs to release the honest & real figures. Judith
The experiment continues. Sven
ridiculous money making scheme Chris
Scaremongering is criminal Kay
Once again government misinformation which they have the misinformation department to deal with these cases. Or not? Andrina
This government is totally inept and is falsely leading New Zealand and its people down a dark hole to disaster. This radical approach on climate “change?” urgently needs to be brought into prospective. chris
How do we show these traitors up Harvey
liebour are crashing the country with their climate lies they must go NIGEL
This makes me so angry and desperate that dogma is driving policy, not science jeremy
ridiculous Gerhard
Definitely not acceptable Murray
When is someone of standing going to call out that Net Zero has nothing to do with climate and is the trojan horse for implementing Agenda 21 / 30 one world government and their depopulation agenda. Gary
Unbelievably stupid and to proud/dumb to back down. Fritz
The climate agenda is a scam. There us no crisis. It’s more about shareholders, investm it’s nore than it is about the environment Angela
One day we will wake up to this climate change rort as being the biggest hoax known to mankind Andrew
Labour & the Greens are hellbent on destroying the farming economy Colleen
They don’t want to lose the power of fear. Tony
Labour’s dogged pursuit of the UN Agenda 2030 Green New Scam is yet more proof of their traitorous disregard for the sovereign men and women of NZ. whom they were elected to serve. Robert
Most definitely not. They call it climate change. Well, the climate has always changed and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it apart from being prepared for whatever it dishes up to us. It’s not caused by man – that we could be so clever!! Helen
NZ is a minor contributer to emissions word wide, and should not be penalised in this way Paul
It is extremely concerning that this government still has not revised their climate change policies after the IPCC updated their climate model. Peter
IgnorANCE is bliss John
It appears that the Labour Government is not making an informed decision; look at ALL the data [both for and against] before making a decision. When a decision is made, then justify your decision to the pubic. Mike
Dr Tom Sheahan currently touring NZ clai.s methane is virtually irrelevant as a greenhouse gas given it’s extremely short half life and recycling in the ecosystem. Also ruminant numbers have stayed approximately constant in the world since records began. Geoff
It’s all a scam.. Govt should stick to the basics.. fix crime and education etc. Clive
Absolutely no! Joe
This Government is HELL bent in destroying the rural sector and bringing the wage earners to their knees and for the economy of New Zealand will collapse which we are feeling the effects of now. Wake up Kiwi and vote this lot out. ken
When are the Government going to wake up and acknowledge this is the biggest SCAM of THE 21St CENTURY. Using incorrect, now rescinded world data is criminal. Robyn
Of cause it should be stopped, but all the parties seem to be in this climate & emissions BS together. Most of the countries pollution comes out the politician.s mouths. No party seems to have the balls to speak the truth. Allen
Perhaps we should try force-feeding James with the IPCC AR6? Helen
The latest IPCC Methane Report and the IPCC Report of 27 October 2022 both show how overstated the current temperature predictions, on which our climate control measures are based, are. Kevin
Theirs is an inflexible ideology based on marxist principles! Roger
Typical Labour/Greens Andrew
Of course its not, they should update the modelling to reflect the current known metrics. but i guess that goes against the alarmist narrative. Jason
These bunch of morons Labour, Greens Couldn’t see the wood for the trees. They must be running out of ministers by now and an early election can get rid of these Muppets and Maori Party. Allan
It is criminally irresponsible Bruce
We’re being run by a bunch of scientifically illiterate morons! And no, that is not hate speech, it is a fair and balanced assessment. Alan
They socialists can never admit they are wrong. Marion
They carefully6 choose which science supports their ideology john
Just a another part of the destructive tools this current government uses to destroy the economy and social structure of a once better country. Norm
Follow the science, not the hysteria! Dave
We should always be looking at the science not the politics of fear. Darag
IPCC is discredited ….full stop bill
the science says otherwise. Jens
Same old, same old!! Doris
I have a agricultural science background and have been fighting this misconception for 4 years now. So frustrating not to be able to get anything in the media to counter what the government is claiming. Stuff is happy enough to publish untrue and un proofed ideologies from climate alarmist but not the facts! It is shocking. Thank you so much for your article. I am going to forward it to the CEO of Fonterra and Dairy NZ. lone
Definitely NOT. Ian
Just another rort by the socialists and communists in charge as these economic vandals continue to destroy New Zealand’s economy. Chris
NZ is falling in line with climate alarmists (and others?) who’s goal is to reset western democracy as subservient to aggressive power concentrating socialized models. Andrew
Definitely NOT Ted
It seems clear that Jacinda Ardern became stressed at the realisation that all her assumptions of the causes of potential climate change were false so she hightailed it before the balloon really went up. She couldn’t stay and face up to her own falsehood. It’s time that Shaw was bundled out too. He is just a very expensive piece of over imaginative rational. terrence
Enough of this nonsense. Time for Labour & Greens to remove themselves from their pathetic Government of this proud Country of NZ. Andrew
RCP 8.5 and its more extreme formulation RCP 8.5 should be used only for academic evaluation, not for policy. sean
The entire political network is dumb and a threat to NZs future. There is currently no party I%u2019d want to vote for. Jeffery
No surprises from this govt. Biggest group of thugs, liars, underhanded conniving criminals ever to get their hands on governmental power Mike
The propaganda machine of climate change has brain washed the young people of our country. A whole generation can not logically discuss the topic Lachlan
The only reason this Government is continuing with the discredited rhetoric around methane is because they have put this country in so much debt they need every means possible to raise income. Also contributing is the bought off mainstream media who won’t report anti government sentiment. Bruce
Absolutely Not! These crazies will go to any length to continue their intention of buggering up what was once a very, very good Country. Grahame
Should the UN be advising the Govt to change the information to the correct details? John
Buts that Labour like all their policies all have ar are failing…. This for and e election NOW…. Carl
Just another lie they have been caught out on Jane
The atmosphere of planet earth regardless of its composition is one of cooling via an inviolate system of negative feedbacks that has functioned for millions of years, otherwise our climate would be like that of the moon. Those advocating otherwise should be laughed out of any venue they attempt to argue their absurd theories to further fraudulent and corrupt political agendas. Kevin
Whatever New Zealand does to reduce its emissions will not make a scrap of difference when countries like China, USA , India etc don’t give a damn. New Zealand should scrap all emissions regulations & should be helping our farmers as much as possible. The sooner these Labour & Green idiots go the better! david
It will never happen, as it is all only computer modelling. Warwick
this is the worst NZ Government ever, in so many ways. Surely the majority of NZ citizens must be able to see this? We must get rid of them convincingly in October. Mary
I have read a number of books written by very clever scientists, geologist, miners etc who present a far better argument against transitioning to alternative energy sources, and believe the whole green house gases issue is not going to cause serious climate changes. Our use of fossil fuels has improved human development and our planet a far better place to live. David
I fail to understand why the concept of carbon-trading is debated by anyone at all, apart from those who push the climate-change lie. After all, the so-called scheme was pulled out of the backsides of corrupt and fraudulent Enron managers, wasn’t it? Sharen
From the beginning the whole global warming/climate change has been a scam and is entirely false. Follow those promoting it and the money and you would realize that it is a scam. True scientists in that field who know that it is false are not allowed to voice the truth because the media are complicit in the scam. Murray
This is a “government” that legislated unhindered child abortion. Why be surprised when they lie and steal? Mick
Big Brother controlling the narrative as usual. Labour Party do one thing exceedingly well and that is bullshit the nation. ken
The whole climate change scam is unacceptable. Climate change is natural, not man made, and we need to be looking at adaptation measures rather than anything else. Rod
Socialist BS David
The lies being forced on the public are criminal. James Shaw should be forced to resign! At very minimum this data should be plastered everywhere possible for the public to see what destruction is happening by design to our NZ. Rowena
There is and always been enough really compelling evidence by real experts to refute the figures being used in labour and the Greens modelling. An old adage with modellling is : ‘Feed shit In will result in getting shit out.’ Ian
The government are a pack of dogs peddling a crock of shite. Mark
Ardern and Shaw BULLSHIT Mark
To base government planning and policy on the data being used by Labour is to just simply lie about causes and incorrectly target activities Stewart
Ridiculous – listen to Barry Brill please Hylton
Labour will do “whatever” they deem necessary to push Maori to the top (and keep them there) which means Labour gets their vote and they stay in POWER ! it’s the old story, Follow the $$$$$. Tony
It’s just a case of arrogance and the refusal to look at the raw data. They are afraid that the general population will see through their B’S, mind you the younger generation are being brainwashed as we speak. Ross
The weather and climate change is real, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has been happening for millennia, mankind has not caused what is being “reported” and thus it is highly unlikely that any of what is being forced upon us will have the slightest effect on the weather. The minority know this to be the case, and unfortunately the whole thing has become so political now that the politicians are too scared to admit the truth in case they lose votes from the increasing number of younger voters who have been indoctrinated with a totally invalid narrative. Greg
Time to listen to the facts John
Labour are devoid of any original thought, This is why they are puppets that follow the UN on everything. Rex
If we entirely turned NZ Off for 12 months! it would NOT have any effect on Global pollution levels, Yet the greens continue to demand destruction of Farms Peter
The IPCC has already admitted it was wrong. How this bunch can still go on claiming a “climate crisis” is beyond me. Jenny
Climate change (Global warming) will be proven to be the greatest hoax in human history. It is a Marxist agenda to destroy Western economies. Rob
Anyone who has done even a modest amount of research has figured out it’s all BS Andy
If Labour and Greens were serious about methane they would immediately introduce HiIntensity Incinerators and burn all and every waste material instead of putting it in landfill. Singapore and Venice can do it – why not New Zealand? Robert
Of course. not. Tony
The sooner this idiotic, extremest, coalition of loonies/ govt is gone, the better. Hopefully they will not destroy NZ totally before being turfed out, never to return (I pray) Why can they not consider known facts as presented? Andrew
Our Government and others are merely following the Globalists plan for overall control. Harvey
No I most definitely they are just using this to frighten us into believing they are doing the right thing when all they want is to gain more control over us in there communistic way eric
I have known this for years. Climate change is and will be found to be a fraud. CO2 is life. Methane and CO2 added together is .0417% of gasses. figure that out. Steve
I reject ANY assumptions. AGW is propaganda. Vic
They are lying through the Labour’s media. Arthur
Labour has been grandstanding on false premises for a long time and our media has been bought Lindsay
The labour government would think it’s acceptable as they are so corrupt, incompetent and arrogant. Ordinary peasants like us need to be told how to think and act by our masters Laurie
Juvenile govt deserves a prison sentence for fraud holding themselves out carelessly as capable while seeking high Office. Kevin
Unfortunately, the use of scare tactics is the major focus of Labour and Greens to gain uninformed/don’t want to know voter support. John
Just keeping the climate activists feeding at the trough. Layor
This has all been down to Ardern%u2019s massive ego. Wanting everyone at the UN to pat her on the back for being the first to introduce anything, to hell with the people of New Zealand. When no other country is penalising farmers over emissions, why are we the only country doing it? It is disgusting that Shaw already had the corrected methane facts as early as 2019, yet chose to ignore them. We must vote them out. Laura
This government just does whatever it likes. The opposition are asleep at the wheel. Alastair
What is Labour’s real agenda ? Kevin
What’s the real agenda Alan
The link between human emissions and climate change is unsettled so stop the fear campaign the end is not nigh. John
Another Deception by Green zealots who are hell bent on destroying our proud farming tradition of being the most environmentally responsible farmers in the world. Lindsay
when will they listen? Louis
Country continues on the decline. Ann
Roll on October John
Completely unacceptable Sandra
Absolutely not – another example of Govt incompetence – or fraud. Gerry
But it is the right solution if you are trying to ruin NZ Peter
Agree Agree Roy
Classic cutting off our noses… Hamish
The whole exercise is related to generating what is effectively tax revenue from carbon credits, not actually addressing a real problem. John
This idiot Government has their own agenda .. that is to destroy New Zealand. Des
Of course not! Hugh
Lies lies lies DAVID
When will we have common sense and honesty from the so called Government. Don
But then, this Labour/Greens government specialises in disinformation. It’s their stock-in-trade and the only thing they are any good at. Derek
Labour government lying again Peter
They are policy deficient. Evans
Climate change is not happening. Changes are cyclical over hundreds of year’s alternating between cooling and warming Philip
Absolute first rate lunacy. They are like little children playing with an atom bomb. I have said it before, these fools love the environment but hate humanity. Plant a tree but reduce food for people. Leon
The bloody IPCC are the problem. This UN NGO fear mongering unelected group of control freaks are following an agenda put in place by the Club of Rome in the 60’s. It’s all bullshit. neil
So, Labour and the Greens are still using old IPCC data (that has since been abandoned by the IPCC because it lacks validity) to justify their on-going global warming extremism. Why continue to do that? Stupidity? Socialism? Power hungry? To destroy the western, capitalist society? All of the above? Rodger
this has always been a lot of horse shit bob 
This really should be made public before the election – if MSM are compromised then take it to other independent platforms Pam
Unacceptable as is anything introduced by the filthy commies running the Labour Party, who used to represent all working class NZ’ers but now only Maori & Pasifika which is all you hear when you turn on a radio or TV. They are buying the brown vote and stuff the rest of the country. Maori now have preference for surgery. We should all be aware of who the whites are aiding and abetting this travesty called apartheid , along with race preference laws for Maori in teaching, health and University acceptances, which is being being eased through by white traitors, who incidentally are shafting their own families as well. There is a lot more to come here. Luxon has not uttered a word against these race laws or indeed getting rid of the Maori seats. His only effort was a half hearted attempt against the Maori preference for surgery. Maori pay no tax on huge financial holdings, that is apparently an honour to be shared by everyone else. Terry
They have been caught out well and truly. NZ should be focused on cleaning up waterways and recycling or processing rubbish instead of just burying it. Clean up our own backyard before we seek to clean up the world. Davi
Absolutely not! These extremist measure are costing the country millions, if not billions of dollars, and it’s a scandal if they aren’t removed and the models re-done ASAP.   Murray
When will the media start holding Labour and the Greens to account for wrecking our economy – and future! Stuart
The whole climate change policy is like a massive house of cards that is now coming tumbling down, It’s just that Hipkins and Shaw don’t want to admit it before the election. But where are the media, acting as the Fourth Estate and interrogating them on this now? This needs to be exposed before voting starts. Karl
Opposition parties should be calling the Government out for using discredited data. It’s not only stressing out farmers through the threat of exaggerated methane pricing but it’s forcing councils all over the country to put in no-go zones in coastal areas where there is in fact no risk. Where is the Commerce Commission when we need them! Brian
What a mess Jacinda Ardern has created. And to think she’s become a Dame for wrecking the country beggars belief!  Rose