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Mana or Money

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When Meridian Energy was seeking resource consents for a West Coast hydro dam proposal in 2010, local Maori “strenuously” objected, claiming their mana was inextricably linked to ‘their’ river and could be damaged.

After receiving a financial payment from the company however, the Ngai Tahu sub-tribe changed its mind and publicly supported the scheme.

Meridian declined to say how much they paid the iwi, but confirmed it was “to offset the impact of the project on the mauri [life force] of the river.”

Fast forward to November 2023, and Meridian, along with Genesis Energy, is reported to have spent “more than $180 million to smooth the path of re-consenting their Waitaki hydro scheme. This includes payments to three Ngai Tahu hapu, the Department of Conservation and others in exchange for supporting the application.”

DOC has confirmed it received $2.3 million, so it appears the lion’s share of $180 million has gone into Ngai Tahu’s coffers to satisfy their ‘concerns’.

But hundreds of millions of dollars in cultural gratuities is clearly not enough for Ngai Tahu. They now want control of the Waitaki River itself.

Running over 200 km from the Southern Alps to the ocean near Oamaru, with the fourth largest flow of all New Zealand rivers, it is a vital resource that supplies three hydro-electric dams and five other power stations, along with a myriad of other water users.

When Ngai Tahu’s proposal to co-govern the River was submitted to the two controlling authorities, the Otago Regional Council voted 8 to 4 in favour of investigating the scheme, while the Canterbury Regional Council supported it by 13 votes to 3, with the two Ngai Tahu-appointed Councillors voting in favour in spite of the clear conflict of interest.

When Labour passed their controversial legislation in 2022 giving Ngai Tahu two permanent seats on the Canterbury Regional Council, opposition centred on concerns that their presence would bias the Council in favour of iwi initiatives. Agreeing to consider a co-governance proposal from a $2-billion private business development corporation that’s making hundreds of millions of dollars in extortionate payoffs from water users and is a major water user itself – without consulting the wider community – confirms those concerns.

The risks associated with iwi controlling a river were clearly on display in 2020 when the Auckland Council attempted to increase its water take from the Waikato River following a prolonged drought.

In response, the co-governed Waikato River Authority – co-chaired by Tipa Mahuta, the sister of former Labour Minister Nanaia Mahuta – demanded 10 cents a litre in payment for the water, or $20 million a day! While the controlling iwi saw this as their right, others saw it as extortion and the offer was rejected by then Mayor Phil Goff.

A Board of Inquiry set up to resolve the stand-off revealed that it wasn’t concerns that increasing the water take would harm the river that caused the iwi-controlled Authority to attempt to block the application, but cultural and metaphysical considerations – namely iwi believed the applicants hadn’t been “respectful” enough.

In the end, consent was granted – in return for a $2 million a year payment to the Authority along with a requirement to develop formal lines of on-going consultation with iwi.

What these cases show is that once iwi manoeuvre themselves into positions of power, their demands are never satisfied.

It’s been a similar story with Lake Taupo. Tuwharetoa gained title to the lakebed under a Treaty settlement, but once they were given the right to charge commercial operators, their demands escalated.

A scientific survey of the bed of the crater lake had to be called off because exorbitant charges were being demanded. And after fifteen years of the Ironman triathlon being hosted at Taupo, the iwi threatened to block the swimming leg of the race unless they received a levy for each competitor using the lake.

Then there was a confidential deal reported to be worth several million dollars a year, whereby the iwi charges Mighty River Power for ‘storing’ their hydro scheme water in the Lake.  

Nowadays all commercial operators using Lake Taupo are required to pay seven percent of their turnover to the iwi. The iwi also expects the organisers of any events planned for the area to pay them a generous cultural ‘koha’.

But it’s not just around lakes and rivers that iwi are muscling in. In the Far North, the flow-on effect of the unlawful actions of local iwi are now threatening the mussel farming industry.

Every year between August and November – the breeding season for green-lipped mussels – seaweed covered in mussel spat is dislodged by rough seas and washed ashore. Once beached, the spat dies, so commercial harvesters scoop up the seaweed from shallow water, load it into refrigerated trucks and transport it to mussel farms all around the country.

The spat is then farmed for up to two more years, before the fully grown mussels are exported to more than 70 countries around the world.

Such is the global demand for green-lipped mussels, that this $350 million industry with 2,500 jobs, has the potential to become a $1 billion enterprise.

Mussel spat has been harvested from 90 Mile Beach since the seventies. The mechanical harvesters that have been used for decades are essentially raised tractors with scoops and wide tyres.

The number of spat harvesters is strictly controlled by the quota management system, and the collection methods follow a long-established code of conduct set by Aquaculture New Zealand that requires the mechanical harvesters to avoid shellfish beds, limit time on the beach, and steer clear of areas of high public and cultural importance.

But in 2019, local iwi decided to disrupt the industry.

Without proof they claimed mechanical harvesting was damaging toheroa beds and leading to a decline in numbers.

This is at odds with NIWA research from 2007 that showed the impact of mechanical harvesting on the toheroa beds was minimal. This was later confirmed by Fisheries New Zealand research in 2020.

In 2015 a Waikato University report on the decline of toheroa identified poaching as the main problem: “Illegal harvesting of toheroa is widespread and frequent. The customary take is probably out of control in some places… Based on our recent observations in Northland, illegal harvesting of ‘protected’ toheroa is widespread, frequent and has in some cases resulted in the reduction and disappearance of adult toheroa beds.”

The iwi, however, pointed their finger at mussel spat collectors. To avoid conflict, the industry agreed to hand harvesting in the area of concern – where most of the spat lands. As a result, collectors with butterfly-style nets are forced to battle heavy surf as they attempt to scoop up the seaweed. It is difficult and dangerous work that is severely limiting their harvest to only a fraction of what’s needed to sustain the domestic mussel industry.

The flow-on effect is that mussel lines are operating at less than capacity and employment numbers are down. The industry is being held to ransom, starved of its major resource because of fabricated claims being made by Far North iwi.

Is this situation a foretaste of what’s in store once iwi control the coast?

There is talk that the disruption is part of a long-term strategy by iwi to gain control of spat supply.

Iwi already control marine mammal watching operations. By choking off the supply of spat, are they angling for control of mussel farming as well?

If they want control of coastal industry, the Marine and Coastal Area Act (MACA) is playing right into their hands.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, freelance journalist Graham Adams, makes the point that most New Zealanders are completely unaware, not only that iwi are being given control of our coastline, but that the implications for the country could be devastating:

“The public has been very poorly informed about MACA’s practical ramifications. Anyone who imagines customary rights and marine title might be confined to gathering shellfish or gathering hangi stones is mistaken.

“The law confers the right for iwi and hapu to be involved in coastal planning and policy development, including vetoing resource consents in an area from the high tide mark to 12 nautical miles out to sea. This could affect applications to set up fish farms, marinas, offshore wind turbines or to build new wharves in their designated areas.

“Financial windfalls will also be available through charging commercial operators a fee. Some fear that could devastate business enterprises such as inshore fisheries as ticket-clipping renders coastal industries uneconomic.”

Back in 2010 when National was working with the Maori Party and iwi leaders on their plan to repeal Crown ownership of the coast to allow Maori claims, the Tainui chairman and former MP Tuku Morgan revealed that iwi had their eye on seabed mining: “Iwi that successfully claim customary title over the foreshore and seabed will own the minerals under them and the right to mine them. The law change will herald big economic opportunities for iwi. Customary title is just as powerful as freehold title, except it can’t be alienated or sold.”

At the time, the Minerals Industry Association warned, “Removing the seabed from Crown ownership will undermine New Zealand’s status as a sovereign nation, and there’s a risk iwi will jeopardise development with demands for excessive royalties or even veto it.”

So what can be done?

While the Government has identified that clause 58 of MACA, setting out the tests for customary ownership, needs to be tightened, the problems run much deeper.

The Courts have already warned the dual pathway for addressing claims – either through the High Court or direct negotiation with the Minister of Treaty Settlements – is unworkable.

And with former Minister Andrew Little estimating that resolving almost 600 claims could drag on for 20 or 30 years, the generous taxpayer funding of hundreds of thousands of dollars per claimant – that’s already created a multi-million-dollar gravy train for Maori lawyers – is unsustainable.

The absurdity of claimant funding becomes even more egregious when considering that those acting in the public interest by challenging the claims are not eligible for any form of financial assistance at all.  

As you will be aware, the NZCPR strongly believes the foreshore and seabed is part of our common heritage and should be owned by the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders.

Accordingly, we campaigned against the introduction of MACA, then opposed the first High Court case, Edwards, in the public interest. But instead of deciding against the claimants, the Judge elevated ‘tikanga’ above stringent property rights tests that had been designed to rule out opportunistic applications. In doing so, he opened the floodgates for most claims to succeed.

We appealed the judgement to the Court of Appeal, asking the Judges to interpret MACA as Parliament intended. They rejected that course of action and instead opted to lower the bar, so virtually the entire New Zealand coastline will end up controlled by competing tribal groups.

As a result, we have now decided to appeal that judgement to the Supreme Court, to challenge not only the Court of Appeal’s interpretation of MACA, but also the judicial activism that is damaging our courts and undermining democracy and the Rule of Law.

If you share our concerns and would like to help, then please support our Supreme Court fundraiser by clicking HERE.

Since most New Zealanders are unaware of the danger MACA poses, if funds allow, we will initiate an advertising campaign to bring these urgent concerns to the attention of the public – and our politicians.

A cynic, or perhaps a realist, would conclude that the cultural agenda that’s now confronting New Zealand is being driven by money not mana. It’s time for the cancer of cultural appeasement to be removed – it’s been tolerated for far too long and become far too institutionalised in our government departments and the courts.

Christopher Luxon has recently demonstrated decisiveness in changing his Cabinet. It’s time he applied that decisiveness to this issue.

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It’s very obvious!Bruce
U have nailed itGlenn
Its long past time to return the coastline management to crown (people of NZ).John
Greed comes in many forms.Brian
It’s always moneyTony
Greedy bunchAstrid
The Maori will never stop asking for money as they are afraid of WORK.I know as I had a hotel once!!Ian
bribery by self-appointed elites entirely for self-gratification at the expense of a slave class amongst their own which they deliberately created.paul
C’mon, it is money all day.Andrew
Money. The Treaty has to be addressed. I do not see what “obligations” non-Maori have to Maori under the Treaty. Mana is sure as hell not one of them. They must be laughing their heads off at the gullibility.Eileen
Definitely greed over co governance. No intention to share but to own and chargeGaye
National Party’s behavior has been ridiculous in dealing with equal rights for NZ citizens and voters. It has been going on for many decades.Michael
The extortion of Taxpayers money, to fund the IWI FRAUD TREATY RORT, needs To be HALTED!! ALL of this money has been stolen, From the TAXPAYER!David
Absolute GREED without a doubt. These so called maoris have more of other race DNA than Maori……. JUST SO DISHONEST.HELEN
Iwi mana equals low cunning like monkeys, moral bankruptcy, graft and total greed. Nothing to do with culture.Monica
Maori tribes should not have all this money and land rights just given to them. Who will pay for your tamariki’s health, education and safety?Kent
That question does not even need to be asked. It has been obvious for a very long time to those of us who have our eyes open and brain in gear.Murray
I know directly the impact of cultural activism. The Kaitiaki Trust managing the interests of Putauaki have decided that the mountain must be returned to its spiritual owners. As a result, the Whakatane Radio Telephone Users Assoc who have provided land mobile repeater services to the wider Bay of Plenty region have had their Lease Agreement terminated after 60 years. No consideration for the wider benefit the WRTUA provides to all residents in the EBOP.Chris
Actually it’s both. The Maori who are jumping up and down for special recognition of being beyond and above all of us, i.e. every other New Zealand citizen, have been playing us for years. They can’t believe how weak and stupid the white intellectuals are in giving away so easily. When they cracked the first lot, it was like the domino effect. One after the other. Just like the Maori leaders that have let their people down over the last 50yrs in not pushing education and in not assisting the change over for their people to succeed in the modern world, so has the so called intellectual parliamentarians let the rest of New Zealand down due to their passion for gutless capitulation because they simply couldn’t be bothered to research out the true facts of this country’s past history. They were fed a lot of lies and because they were incompetent idiots they have caused the messy and difficult situation that we have today. However this situation must be corrected otherwise we will never have a proper harmonious democratic nation. We have to sell to one and all that it’s very necessary to come together for the rescue of our country.Geoff
This country is going to the “Dogs”Mark
It is tiring that Maori tribes claim things are sacred when it suits them. Claiming the Waitaki River as theirs is s huge hoax. This was a domain on the Waitaha who have received nothing form Ngai Tahu. Meanwhile the government spluges huge sums on Ngai Tahu with no consideration for where the money goes. Further every body in this country benefits from the power of the Waitaki River. How can Ngai Tahu demand money from the power derived – definitely money driven!!!!Peter K
Never knew how far this had gone, nor the implications for the future. Thank you Muriel for enlightening us. The revised view of the Treaty presented at Waitangi this year, compounds the problem, to my mind.Peter
Greedy hua’sGee Pee
That’s all they care about. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Elizabeth
has to STOPPeter
Neal Barclay Meridian Cheif executive. Don’t care. You are Mafia. You are responsible for this. Neal Barclay must get special treatmentDark Night2come
Disgusting theftKeith
They expect the free ride to continue as it was under Labour, What a mess they’ve left us inPaul
Luxon is not going to any great lengths to change the status quo. It needs both Peters and Seymour to act together to push him to come to some sort of common sense arrangement. The activist judges need to be named and exposed as agents of offensive morality and to be ridiculed for attempting to create new laws for which only a freely elected parliament can do.Garry.
Enough Is Enough It’s an insult to all our ancestors who worked so hard to make this country what it is todayJude
Sadly it is glaringly obvious.joanne
Greed = money for nothingBarry
Time and time again It seems iwi want control of things so they can demand payment. It is starting to look like corruption to me. People need to wake up to what is going on but hard with a media that only follow their own agenda and simply won’t report the truth and all view points. I truly fear for NZ. We should all be one people and the resources like water and air does not belong to anyone but are for us all!lone
Money 100%Kim
Lets not lose control of our water assets and coastlineBarry
Of courseMike
Mana is the excuse!Jan
It is quite clear that this has become an industry to enrich the 1% who are leading it.philip
Driven by greed, they are never satisfied. Time to end this BSLaurie
Of course… Now that the funding has stopped , Iwi will have to have a KOHA at the door….. HILARIOUS !! Follow the money…David
It seems obvious, even a kindergarten aged child would recognise this “pay the taniwha” extortion. Governments created this environment that gives some the feeling of entitlement, THEY should foot the bill, not the taxpayer.larry
Always follow the moneyPhilip
Money all the way and the recipients of these windfalls, read blackmails are laughing all the way to the bankFlip
it seems maories never get enough money, we should say NO to all unreasonable demands by maories.gerard
It’s a disgrace – iwi are only acting in their interests Why can we not be one nation and show respect to all Its sickeningPamela
Greed for money and not having to workKate
It’s always about following the corrupt money..well past its’ time for this rort to STOP, hands off our PUBLIC TAXPAYER FUNDED ASSETS !!David
Driven by both I would say knowing full well that a weak, sick and sheep-like society will conform. What a dismal outlook this latest NZCPR letter conveys of a fine country that has lost its way. You cannot blame Ardern and her gang of incompetents for all of this mess because the weak and simple are also prominent from the other side as well. Shame on you bastards ! We seem to be drifting ever closer to a political revolution or civil war and I for one have had enough of listening to this constant despair. Old people just don’t need this stress.John
THIS HAS TO STOP Yesterday!!!! The tail wagging the dog!! The Coalition made big noises about this in the lead up to the Elections!! Luxon Seymour & Peters need to grow some & shut down these racist fanatics!!!Ron
How many billions have been passed on to these rorts?Marty
It’s always about the moneyCath
Its been going on for years. Tipene O,reagan and his 3 deciples stayed in blenhiem resort at $1000 per night each in the 90s. Arriving in the flashist helicoptor I had ever seen. Meanwhile average maori see nothing. With all this loot all maori should be living all living the high life. Sadlly only the self important ones whom elevate themselves to the top roles benefit. Evil radical self centered bunch with no concern for the rest of the maori population. A cancer on society.Kevan
THIS Tribal action will cripple ANY Body using our coastal land and Water Must be Stopped ASPLEO
I now understand why we are paying so much for our power, disgraceful.Gayle
The judges of the Court of Appeal, in upholding the decision on the Dwards case, are guilty of treason against New Zealanders.Allan
Driven by BIG BUCKS’ MEDIA….. but guess what? The commies were booted out, last October.. their Media fluffs are TOAST and they KNOW IT!!!David
This is ridiculous! How long must NZ allow these greedy bludgers to impede NZ’s progress under the guise of ‘mana’ – what a load of rascist stone age crap.Andrew
Mana is a lie. It doesn’t exist!Rosie
It is obvious that iwi is driven by money, It is time to stop all this taxpayer money going to a small minority in NZ, a small amount of iwi want to control our water land sky’s etc, instead of using the money already accept to help there own people, my son is Maori but not one of the self indulgent minorityAron
money and controlw. houghton
Does Money buy them mana?Robert
The real truth is they are driven by the opportunity of taking control of New Zealand. The Maori Party have two dangerous cunning leaders. Added to this we have a news media , I’m mainly talking TVNZ news who are completely left bias , just listen to them going on about this latest so called poll, digging into the coalition government, hardly a word about the cause of the country’s plight due to labour’s mismanagement.Owen
they want to keep robbing the taxpayers for the next thousand years. The socialists give it to them- they demand more. socialism is the root of all evil.bruce
This bunch of bludging part maori can only be after the money via any devious way they can think of. As far as respect goes you have to earn it which is why you do not have any. I want to know how come this govt has not sorted out the foreshore and seabed f/up. This is very important as it will tell these useless bludgers that we the average Kiwi have had a gutsful of all this hori bullshit. Come on Luxon @co get your act together (pun not intended) and do what we voted you in for.Brian
If the Coalition had the guts they could easily put an end to iwi influence. Iwi should be told in no uncertain terms that they have no more rights than anyone else and they need to pull their heads in.Gordon
Criminal racketeers is an apt description of iwi.Neil
The days of The White Mans (financial) burden are over. Anyone other than Maori are well sick of greedy Maori always putting their hand out – but oddly never distributing the money paid out to those whom they constantly claim are under-privileged. Enough – it must stop NOW!Roger
“Cultural activism” is driven by self interest and greed. Its just another term for racism.Richard
Money – Always has been and always will. Maori have bled this country dry.Phill
Iwi have now become black/brown mailersAllan
A recent political party member in his speech stated that NZ was at a cross roads. Well I reckon that crossroad was from 1975 through to 1989, when all the principals of the treaty were touted and introduced into legislation. From then on we as a country has been on a one way road, heading towards a a major crash with Iwi coming in the opposite direction. Yes it is all about money, power and control. When Iwi have stated that if we don’t get control over the coast, they will have a Hui of 2000 to march to these court houses. So New Zealanders are under threats of intimidation, coercion, name calling. The NZ we see now has been a long time in the making re tribal control. The news media, political parties,, are all perpetuating the lie that some how maori are partners. What distortion and out right lies is that. If Iwi Have 2000 people in a march we have to have 4000 to oppose them. If New Zealanders don’t start to stand up against this coup, then all is lost.steve
always has been about money and power over everyone else.John
mana is a load of woke BSIan
It’s always about money.Peter
Proven time and time again by greedy expectation of extortionate fees for approvals of proposals that very little or no impact to iwi. It’s the ultimate ticket clipping!Sharron
It all comes down to the dollar and how much money they can squeeze out of the government.Murray
A dep feeling of worry and concern pervades my very being.Elizabeth
Once again the brown bros have got a permanent nose in the trough & a for ever ticket on the gravy train….!Bruce
Maori are greedy opportunists, aided and abetted by activist judges. solution is to legislate out special considerations for Maori. they are dishonest actors trading on romantic notions of their ‘spirituality’ to capture resources from which they will extract ‘rent’ to be paid for by the remainder of citizens. Mafia-style blackmail is their weapon against all of us.Baden
Welcome to the south pacific third world.Sven
Its just extortion and will send our country brokeFiona
Greedy Maori iwi leaders such as Tuku.Hohepa
Mana is a useful deceit. Money is the goal.Peter
Money but also control of resources. Maori will never be satisfied until they have killed the golden goose. Talk about racisms, what a joke.Allan
always hasgraham
So disturbingly obviousrobin
Money for the top table only!Mark
This is one of the most shocking articles I have read from NZCPR. I think we all knew that NZ taxpayers were getting ripped off by Iwi but not the scale. I bet any payments made are tax free as well! This government needs to have the fortitude to stand up and disclose to the NZ public what is happening. Imagine what could be achieved in health, education etc if this money was put there instead of bribe money. It is disgraceful.Robert
money makes the world go roundNoel
It’s the size of the payments! with no checks to see where the money goes. In the early years of America they were called mobstersPeter
Iwi greed knows no boundariesBryan
We must stop this Maori cancer invading all of New ZealandClaire
Greedy mongrels.Marie
The European blood in most New Zealand Maori is driving this stupidity and not the Maori interests as such. Even much of Maori, so-called, don’t appreciate the problem tikanga gives us all now.Terry
Nothing but greed. Unearned payments. This has to stop.DAVID
I worked for Maori Affairs 17 years Had to leave with other non Maori blood employees, when a Maori Minister passed legislation in the 1980s that only employees with proved Maori blood could be promoted higher than second level, from basic level. Later I became Regional Accountant based in Rotorua. Best CEO of Maori Affairs was Wira Gardener. Educated and saw correct direction. Shame he has passed recently.Julz
Money for a very small group of so called ‘Tribal Elite’ who feather their own nests at the expense of everyone else lower down the importance chain.John
Money alwaysElizabeth
Apartheid is truly alive and well in New Zealand. Oh those greedy Maori. By the way, what is a Maori? What a scam!Derek
No culture can own the Rain or the rivers or sea or Coastlines. All greed driven I feelLaurel
They’re only interested in moneyTerry
who is a Maori? They are all mixed race just like the rest of usIan
It’s always the money – the Mana is the “myth”.Christopher
All about money and control always has been and always will with this bunch of corrupt hories,that’s the ONLY culture they know, pity that bent treaty minister so and so who started and encouraged this should be tried for treason, and the whole treaty crap put in the rubbish bin for good ASAPRichard
This blackmail has got to be STOPPED!!! This country cannot afford to be paying out zillions of dollars to appease Maori and their claims!Sylvia
No other matter motivates Maori more. Getting money whilst not working for it is their way. God defend New Zealand.Godfrey
Greedy and lazy. That is a bad combination.Bruce
It’s been obvious for years that money is the motivator for these claims. Further the more they get the more they want. Who is funding the claims and who is paying for the judgements?.We the taxpayers and ratepayers that’s who!!! Ask the mainstream Maori who are like the rest of we New Zealanders how much benefit they receive. NONE BYBruce
The Foreshore and seabed must be owned by the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders. The MACA Act needs to be repealed. For too long the judiciary activists have been undermining our democracy.Mary
Give a Maori an inch and he will take a mile. Told to me by a wise old maoriGary
Money rules everything that all iwi and hapu get involved in. It is time this nonsense about water and seabeds and everything else related to the ownership of water is stopped and permanentlyIan
Power = money control :-((tony
It is always and only ever greed and self interest.Rob
TY one. Is openly feeding the Maori activists within their staff. The sickening use of Maori language seems to spur reporters on the show us all how clever they are to use this ugly language. The use of nouns is appalling, splattered throughout English sentences. TAKE ALL OF THIS MAORI ACTIVISM OFF OUR SCREENS, Send all Maori content to the channel where it belongs , the Maori channel. We have had a gutsful of this overbearing culture. So few Maori even speak their own language , so why should we endure this cultural shit in our living rooms every night.Claire
History shows that this is obvious.Laurie
Money, money money…..Rhys
Greed. Bribery.Christopher
The blatant,escalating greed of the Iwi not only paints Maori in an attrocious light. It hardens the resolve to deny Maori any future control of ANYTHING, period!Marshal
We are witnessing a new phenomenon in this country; Blatant racial corruption.Geoff
Most definitely it is driven by money. You can guarantee that if there wasn’t money in it, they wouldn’t be interested. Our Politicians are totally weak but somehow we have to insist they face the fact that they have been taken for an enormous ‘ride’. I can just hear the elite sniggering behind their hands at the stupidity and gullibility of our ridiculous politicians. It MUST stop forthwith. We are all people and the elite who are benefiting from this gigantic lie are no more special than the rest of us. They all have ‘other’ ancestry, most of them with more than their Maori part. Come on National, call a complete halt to this utter nonsense which is costing us billions, money which could be spent on important things.Helen
Money. No question!Caren
Surely Luxflakes can see that if we want any chance of getting ahead as a nation, that ‘gravy train’ has to be stopped.Pamela
follow the money!!tony
A blatant money grab under the disguise of culture. Shameful.Gavin
They iwis are holding the country to ransomJan
No doubt at all it’s all about money.Trevor
It is all about Maori greed and their cunning. This government should end all payments and grants to them until they pay tax at the same rate as most business.Steve
The maori can change their mind if you give them enough money, but then they seem to came back for more.Raewyn
Everything these activists involve themselves in is all about control, money and tribal rule. They are nothing better than bottom feeding pond scum and are akin to terrorists.Terry M
The answer is obvious!Liz
This extortion needs to end now!!Martyn
What is new?Alan
History cannot be deniedJim
Pure, unadulterated greed! Plain and simple.Heather
I’m so @ngry after reading this excellent article. Thank goodness Muriel hasn’t deserted NZ. It’s time our treacherous MPs (and local body councillors) took a firm stand against this blackmail, put a blanket stop to ALL further claims and got off their b@cksides, put these minute part Maori in their place, stop pandering to them, give consideration to those of us who don’t have a smidgeon on brown blood in us, and showed some leadership. You were voted in to do a job, Luxon, now show some backbone and DO YOUR Job!Carolyn
Money corruption and power. Sadly when the country fails, as it will, these people extorting wealth and resources from their fellow citizens will also fail, it’s just a matter of when. Scammers are enabled by our weak politicians.Sam
It has always been about money as far as I can seeGail
no doubt at all Mana is just a ruse to get the moneysteve
It’s been obvious for years that Maori can’t be relied on to maintain the basis of their commitments – they say one thing and do anotherGeoff
Water should remain in the public domain. Not owned or governed by tribes or individuals.Mike
a common perception that democracy rules obviously needs more clout (or tongue in cheek)Daphne
And we white fools give it to them.Don
If it wasn’t profitable the iwi would not bother with the issue.Bev
The greedy tribal part maori mafia are sending our country broke. Make for easier takeover when they have every last dollar extorted from the rest of us. Black mail and extortion were criminal offensives. I guess the maori radicals are exempt?Kevan
Laziness and greed. It’s disgraceful. It’s time for New Zealand to be for all New ZealandersAlan
Time to stop racist clipping of the ticket. We are all one people.Grant
How come the bloody Maoris claiming these rivers and seabeds when they have been developed making money why didn’t they develop things??Gaynor
These people are the lowest of of the low not only do they steal of the tax paying New Zealander with the help of The courts but they have no desire to contribute financially to the many problems there race has I feel they should go back to the mythological land of Hawaiki and leave us New Zealanders to progress forward into a better existenceWarren david
All cultural activism has racism as its main driver. All of New Zealand belongs to all the people, no matter what race or culture or country they are from. We are being robbed blind by racist parasites with a very evil agenda. Please wake up!Alan
Cash is king with Iwi.Russ
A few Maori will genuinely feel that mana is the driving factor, but not many. In any case, mana is not a viable legal issue. It is mystical vitalism inspired nonsense and should have nothing to do with New Zealand lawMark
Absolutely MONEY. This weeks report makes scary reading.Graham
Will the demands for more money ever end. The radical maori will ruin this great countryRoss
Always MoneyAnthony
And they don’t pay tax?Tony
Maori Elite would rather financially rape the NZ public than work for a living. I dont know why the public are not up in arms over thisPeter
And controlalan
We do not believe Maori have lost their Mana.Jacqueline
This needs to be stamped on and stamped out asap.Dennis
Blackmail and extortion is much easier than working for an incomeBob
Mana because once they get that,the money will follow more easily. The likes of Morgan and Waititi, are far too cunning to let later immigrants have any say in anything.Peter
Same old …….JUDITH
Take take takeDave
Greed !!!June
It’s always been “Show me the money”. Mana is irrelevant.Brenton
I had no idea of the issues raised – where were any of these covered for ordinary NZrs to learn about them? Of course they weren’t.Anon
I’m mad as hell at the Unelected cultural activists who appear to be pulling the strings unbeknown to the rest of the population. Oh for a strong person to stand up and slap them down with reason and a reality check. Get real! Nobody owns the water etc, it’s a natural resource to be enjoyed by everybody, not one particular sector of society.Rob
You are doing great work to inform us but we need more public and politicians to be made aware. I start doing my part.Graeme
Cultural Activism is part of the ‘Destabilizing’ Agenda of our Country by the Globalist Puppets directed by the WEF for a One World Government.Geoff
A small number of greedy buggers taking the piss out of the average kiwi. This government was elected with a mandate to stop this sort of grifiting. I hope they live up to that committment.Brent
One law for all. There’s no maori any more only part maori and most of these gravy train greedy Iwi choose to forget their lineage because it’s not profitableTrevor
It’s always moneyCarl
It’s time these money grabbing so called maoris are put in there place and are taught that they are no better than the ordinary citizenLes
Money money money!!!! Money that does NOT filter down to the lower levels of the moldie community. BASICALLY: BLACKMAIL!!!!Honest Dave
The issue of ‘mana’ seems to always be up for sale and what exactly is ‘mana’ as this changes too. The whole thing is a big con!Glenda
They have sold their mana (for more than it was worth.)Steve
1 vote one person. No group should have additional rights in a supposed democracyCyril
Whilst the underlying Agenda is Marxist deriving from UN/WEF accommodation, the local effect is most certainly the use of the weaponized TOW to extract by Veto and intimidation from the nations community resources. The first priority of Govt must be to restore the Doctrine of ALL persons under the Law treated as Equal and the second priority to be the elimination of false religious and cultural Charities having any standing or tax advantage. and the third being the elimination of TOW recommendations being treated as obligations.Richard
if it was Mana the cost is respect not moneyBruce
Appeasement doesn’t work.Mark
Money, greed and power. No wonder the country is broke. End all the Maori handouts including the Waitangi Tribunal, and Maybe we can balance the books.Carole
It’s why the Maori activists are so incensed by the words of Seymour and Jones. Yheuy can see that the gravy train is coming to an end of they get legislation through to put iwi in their rightful place – amongst all other NZers with the same rights as them.Kerry
Its mana first and then money will solve the problem until the next time they can get a chance to get more. I really worry what the country will be like for the next generation, unless the Govt steps in and stops all this nonsense.Frank
It is pretty obvious that money is the driver as it seems there is no way forward without substantial payments to iwi.Anne
Maori always want money for nothing. Luxon was voted as PM to stop this blackmail, and to rid NZ of apartheid. As many suspected, Luxon has turned out to be a wet, woke, wimp and a fraud. Seymour and Peters need to tell Luxon to get of his backside and do what he was voyed PM to do or they will withdraw from the Coalition and force another General Election in which National would be the biggest loser with ACT and NZ 1st the big winners.Fred H.
Clearly driven by GREEDSheree
The whole thing is just bloody bullshitAllan
Of course it is money. Mana and all the other trite euphuisms that are trotted out endlessly are just a mask when it is really all about the “Filthy lucre.”Gary
Its a rortPeter
This has ALWAYS been the case!!!Jens
Money, of course. Maori have found a way to launch a tribal raid on NZ, getting as much cash and assets as they possibly can – for free!Julian
Time to get rid of the Waitangi TribunalLawrence
There is no ‘mana’ if money solves the issue so easily.Francis
Money Grubbing IWI needs to be stopped….Carl
Money, all day long. These people have long ago realised that the only value their so-called “cultural heritage” has, is a monetary one. So many of ‘their’ people are engaged in gang activities, or living on white man’s welfare that their traditional way of life is dead and largely forgotten. It’s high time to put a complete stop to this tribal based nonsense!TOBY
This will further create a huge division in this country. It is beyond ridiculous and also totally undemocraticRuss
MONEY,MONEY,MONEY. That’s all they ever won’t TAKE,TAKE,TAKE,GIVE ME,GIVE ME, GIVE ME. It’s about time for the Government to put a stop to all claims on land and water, sea bed, every thing concerning IWI, THE I WANT IT TRIBE. For GOD sake they DON’T have any more right’s than the rest of the people that live in this country, and you DON’T here any other people going on about I WANT THIS AND THAT. We just shut up carry on with life work hard and live life to the fullest and if we want something we save up and buy it. NOT CRY AND COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME ABOUT WHAT THEY THINK IS THEIR BLOODY RIGHT TO HAVE EVERYTHING ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE, WE THE REST OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS HAVE HAD A TOTAL GUTS FULL OF ALL THIS BULLSHIT.COLIN
The bloody Maoris are after all the handouts they can get at our expense.Graham
It has always been about MONEY and POWER and the Maori elite. I am sick of al the bull shit from some Maori quarters and the likes of Willy Jackson and his mates. At this current rate with al the Maori propaganda and their demands we as a nation are on a slippery slope and are being left behind as the rest of the Western world gathers pace..ken
It’s always been about the money.Trevor
Stop the gravy trian ASAPBrenda
every cultural claim is mon ey drivenIan
The evidence is cleardoug
and money is power – be warned.Keith
It always has been moneyGary
Councils and governments who give in to Maori claims are nothing but ignorant stupid fools and we, the others, are paying the priceTom
It is totally driven by money, iw, was, & always will be.Murray
This has come about due to gutless politicians not opposing iwi demands. A simple NO would have done years ago to some of the exorbitant demands made. These politicians simply appeased iwi but as every student knows once you give into a bully they will come back to you and demand more each time.Wayne
Maoris do not understand what mana is.Warren
it’s obvious unfortunately…Eddie
he fact that money can reverse so many Maori “claimed mana problems” is ample evidence that they are fabricate things so as to put their hand out. – Like when the Waikato expressway was being constructed, the local Iwi waited until it was well under the way before they claimed it was going to disturb a “Taniwha” in one swamp. $5m solved the problem!Ted
It’s always been about money. The trough If ur was about mana we wouldn’t be observing the implosion of their credibility. If it was mana then all iwi would work together as one but they don’t as tribal conflicts and being at odds with each other makes it impossible for them to truly unite and see themselves as one. Maori elites care less about Maori and more about lining their own pockets and fact is we see this everyday in their hands out for treaty settlements, government funding etc and everyday Maori going without help from them.Angela
Mana or ego go hand in hand with moneySimon
More mumbo-jumbo from the elite Maori. Its all about money, control and power and it is destroying the country. Councils, government and the judiciary need to reject this nonsence.chris
To the detriment of other New Zealanders.Ian
And lots of it!Murray
This has always been the case. So many Taniwha have miraculously disappeared on the payment of money.Steve
We also need to keep an eye on Green Party and Forest & Bird tactics – are they in the ‘buy-off’ business? Also, Greenpeace and cunning private citizens. It could be that developers are factoring in ‘buy-off’ contingencies in their costings. We could be looking at potentially rampant corruption.martin
There is no question what so ever. It is all about the money, always was and always will be with Maori until this nonsense is finally stopped.Greg
Maori have been saying for many years that all the water that falls from the sky belongs to them. The main idea of Mahuta’s Three Waters was for the rest of us to pay for the use of “their” water.Peter
Typical tribal maoriShaun
It is past time to recify the damage that has been done by tribal self interests.they did not bring all this to NZ it was already here so they do not own any of it.Tom
It’s always been about moneyJonathan
Obvious to all it is driven by money we are now living in a country run by a benign dark dictatorship. The answer is we all move to Australia and leave them to steal from each other. That then leaves another problem who will maintain the existing infrastructure???rod
No doubt about it. It is not right.Neil
Of course it is, the more they get the more they want.Fraser
Definitely driven by money. New Zealand is supposed to be a Democracy & that is what it needs to be. Abolish all of this pro Maori, partnership & Mana bullshit immediately.david
It always was about money. And it all stays with the top tier Maori and not shared around the peopleRoy
Always money!Ann
Both Mana and MoneyDavid
the activists are utilizing the “mana” as a reality for the benefit of money, which is the absolute end goal.bob matthews
100% endemic greed!Michael
We are one people so we need to be equal in our values and rights as a KiwiDave
When the Government has agreed on a settlement or agreement the EWIs want more . This will never end regardless of what is done .If this continues New Zealanders of Colonial Heritage will be running out of money trying to satisfy the greedy EWI.This is why Many Productive & Brightest are already leaving a sinking ship.Michael Andrew
Bill Gates might think he owns the coastline too so there might be a bit of biffo in the future. Utter greedLYN
Of course it is driven by money, We had a friend who lost his farm due to supposed cultural sensitivity. ALLEDGED burial site. Forty years later there is a huge BP service centre right on top of the alleged burial site.Phil
It’s always been about the money!Brenda
Treacherous Maori leaders sold out quickly enough for muskets two hundred years ago. Their level of corrupt self interest still drives them with Maori lower on the power tree getting nothing. They are going to make NZ a corrupt Third World financial basket case and the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.John
Maori have done an outstanding job of grooming this country for take over. Assisted by a muzzled media who also love money and power.Glyn
This concept must be stopped!Yvonne
Follow the moneyTeresa
Money, without a doubt!Alan
It is a viral disease of the mind named – GREEDtane
Mana is simply term adopted to deflect the exposure of the unsatiable greed of our darker brethrenBob
Definitely all about the money – all iwi are corrupt – none of the poor maoris ever see this money otherwise their poverty woes would be over by now – iwi have been given more than enough money to help”their” people but they have done nothing but line their own pocketsRaewyn
Money always seems to appease a taniwha or make problems go away.Mark
Rudyard Kipling defined it perfectly in his poem “Dane-Geld”.. So True!Brian
The answer is clearly money!!Ernie
no convincing argument ever put up that supports the mana.david
The more these groups are given the more they want to take. All New Zealanders are paying through the nose for them to get richer and greedier. It has to stop.Angela
Most likely money, otherwise the various objections would not have been resolvedPeter
Has to stop!!!!John
All iWi must be thrown into jail for THEFT of hard working Kiwis taxesmike
Disgusting – the government need to wake up before its too late!Roy
It was always about money, power and control and we fools have been suckered into this cultural straw man argument for way too long.Geoff
Pure greed.Steph
Money, money money …The great gravy train. If Maori spent more time on developing genuine enterprises as they do in thinking up new ways to get more payouts from the Government they would be far better off overall. This gravy train money does not get any further than the pockets of the so called “elite” shitstirrers.Robbie
The bottom line is ALWAYS about the money. Have they seriously no shame? Standing there and parroting it’s their cultural rights…when we all know a)no one should own this natural resource and b) you’re all about what you want and how you want to get it…by hook or by crook despicableCath
No bloody doubt. In plain english It is blackmail.Ted
Always moneyChristopher
Clearly, it’s money. But where does that money end up? I suspect in someone’s Back Pocket.Bruce
What we are facing is Gang land behaviour. No different from what the Italian Mafia did in the old days to force shop owners to pay ‘protection money’ every week . If not , they ‘shut ‘them down. That this is allowed to happen is a sign that the Governments of the present and the past are part and parcel of this cultural blackmail. This has to stop !!!!!!!!!!Michael
Money means powerDavid
Always has and always will be. Greed created by brain dead virtual signalling politicians of all persuasions!Glen
The Evidence is very clear. It is also based on the False premise that maori are indigenous they are not. Neither are grandfather rights !. Mythology is just what it is and will be.Maurice
It has to stop, it is already OUT OF CONTROL and as our interest bill is in the order of 8.5 billion a year who is going to keep paying these peopleMorrin
There should be no ‘ownership’ of the foreshore and seabed. Coming from an island on the other side of the world, it is a bizarre notion and wide open to abuse.Alice
Is it time to ask who made phones, cars, planes, etc etc that maori take for granted.Deb
Clearly obvious money and greed is the driving factorPhillip
This HUGE REVERSE RACISM must be stopped. The TRUE Treaty of Waitangi MUST be abided by by maori themselves.They are hugely milking the false/new wrong interpretation of that Treaty. Total hippocrites. Brian
National must be held to account for not living its key principal- 1 person 1 vote of equal value.John
Money has become the new Maori God.Selwyn
Dump iwi now!Norman
It has always been about money. Example, where We live in Omaha, when the developer uncovered vast quantities of seahells running along the sand dunes, local Maori Ngati Manuhuri claimed that this was their sacred middens. However with a certain payment and the essential placement of a few large rocks, the development was allowed to proceed. Once payment was made, Maori have never been seen here since, to maintain their sacred sites. I say no more!Peter
100% money motivated in every case and none of that money finds its way to Maori families throughout NZ, many of whom are struggling financially. Instead it remains in the hands of the ultra wealthy and greedy Maori radicals.Ross
No doubt at allTed
Its a grave train for Iwi and must be stopped.Michael
Money 100% They own the water then make them pat for all the flood damage their water caused lol not a chance in hell. All about money grabbing.K
We are more and more exposed to the costs of this unchecked greed fueled by governmental agencies reinforcing a scenario of maori authority over all matters – in other countries this would be seen as monopolistic blackmail.Mike
Money for sureDavid
This extortional behaviour is a disgrace. We have very weak governments in this country. It is not surprising that non-maori have had enough.John
It’s actually BOTH – all based on GREED & CONTROL..!!Tony
Greed by so called First Nations throughout the world enriches the few whilst the majority stay in poverty. It’s about time racism is removed from NZ we are one nation one peopleDavid
Money, always money! Greed and corruption abound. They don’t care about anyone, or anything else, let alone their peoples who are at the bottom of their ladder….Naine
So incensed by actions of Maori that my comments would be censored.Ross
Of course it’s money and it’s about time the government stepped up and stopped all this nonsense the Maori are out of control and nead to understand they are ruining to countryPeter
Nothing less than a form of cultural extortion, the expansion of which under Labour was breathtaking, but not in a good way. So yes its purely about the money & the sooner this largesse is stopped the better for all Kiwi’s, rather than the ones that arrived here about a thousand years ago.John
always about the money…..vivian
All left leaning people should be against this. It’s taking land and assets away from the public and giving them to private corporations. That is what Iwi are now, large family corporations with millions and sometimes billions of dollars worth of assets.Brent
Interesting to hear the truth especially the mussel spat, we live down the Marlborough Sounds and can see the little village of Havelock having factories close down, Havelock is Mussel Capital of the World.Sal
As always! What a pity that NEWSHUB did not report the extent of these issues. If they had we may have found a tear for them. Perhaps the ACT PARTY is on to it?Frederick
Always has – money and power.John
This is terrible. Worse still that so many New Zealanders are unaware of what’s going on. So much for our “balanced” mainstream media!Jackie
I have contempt for the way coucils and government departments allow paid radical stirrers unelected places of power. Bull baffles brains.Ken
It is time to put maori in their place.paul
already get to many handouts.paul
There will never be enough money for these people, they will always keep on taking , it’s in their bloodfred
The greed of the Iwi elite knows no bounds.Richard
Money equals power.Ronmac
All those counterfeit hories want is more money in their coffers to the detriment of ALL other New Zealanders, for god sakes someone grow some balls and stop this before it goes over top of of anyone that can do a thing about their continual WANT! WANT! WANT !Laurie
Self evidentFrank
Definately moneyBarbara
The cancer of Maori conquest will make many more kiwis flee across the ditch.Perce
Selfish bastardsJohn
Always the same outcome NO ACTIONAnthony
they are scumchris
Only thinly disguised schemes to exhort money from the New Zealand publicGeoff
It is time we started charging Maori for white mans magic such as using air travel, Health and Hospitals, radio etc. etc.Stan
Greed, nepotism, corruption, graft, all synonymous with so-called mana. What a load of BS.John
When is it going to end . WANT WANT WANTRob
No doubt about it it had been provedBeverley
You’d have to be an idiot to think money overrides Maori cultureSue
Greed. Pure (well, not so ‘pure’) and simple.Jacky
The power of Iwi is so strong that it is undeniably disproportionate and out of control and must be replaced with a balanced representation of New Zealand citizensTrevor
Its always been about money, hidden behind the cloak of Taonga and Tikianga.Peter
Greed is at the root of all that iwi are attempting to do, today. We have bred a culture of entitlement, indolence and racism. If this open chequebook style of appeasement continues, good industries will close and more people, those with skills and who can think for themselves, will simply vote with their feet and leave the country.Those of us who are left, will be that much the poorer for itTrevor
Definitely by money. It is shocking to see just how weak our politicians really are and have been for a long time now. Maori can see this to and are grabbing all they can and as fast as they can.Paul
This is so depressingKelley
See it at work in the schools, money paid out for every powhiri – it’s a rort.Chris
I am totally opposed to cultural activism claims of any seabed or foreshore. They belong to us all.Penelope
Tribal leaders waffle on about mana, being guardians and other rot, but they are driven by money and power. National needs to get its act together and roll back this nonsense. A former National minister, Christopher Finlayson, was one of the creators of this chaos. Time for Luxon to stand up to these radical maoris rather than just sacking his own ministers.Gavin
Our taniwha and spiritual mana has always been assuaged with the appropriate amount of cashDominic
It’s pretty obvious – money!Maddi
Follow the money trailHarvey
“Follow the money”Rex
We all need to work hard to ring this to the public’s attentionMurray
How much will he Port of Tauranga have to pay local iwi to lift their objections to Port extensions that are critical infrastructure not just for Tauranga but the whole country?Colin
With iwi it’s always about money and control. A very dangerous precedent.Chris
the cycnic in me knows thisphil
Your examples are important for showing the overwhelming greed. Long ago, Ngai Tahu wanted a road through the National Park through to the east from the West Coast, and a gondala into the forest for tourism.Whereb was the concern for the mana of the natural forest?!Rochelle
If in doubt, follow the money. Bastards, the lot of themZoltan
We are being taken for a ride, and have been for over 50 years. It has to be stopped!Alastair
Mana is the cover and the useful idiots that support that view, but the reality it’s money all the way to the marae.willy
they have no scruples the thieving sods.Robert
Blatant extortion that should somehow be exposed, so the working taxpayers of this country clearly understand just how much they really do not care about this country, only money, and it’s continuing supply.Robert
Money & control in perpetuity- or until our poor country is destitute.Fiona
So very sad! Heaven help this poor beautiful country.Jan
Only a complete fool would believe the mana nonesense. More money for “maori” elites at the expense of the rest of the people.Charloie
Its always money.Greg
Always follow the money!!!Stuart
Maori iwiput their heads in the trough at every opportunity but only a small percentage of the money filters down to the commoners.Peter
Very obviousTeresa
If it was mana money wouldn’t change handsIhaia
And control of resources owned by all NZ peopleKay
When it comes to arguing with Maori all our Political parties have always given in to them to try to get their backing to remain or get into power..It has been going on since the early 1950″s.Our politicians have always been gutless and put amaori arguments in the TOO HARD BASCKET. I cannot see the current leaders suddenly developing INTESTINAL FORTITUDE ; GUTS.Bill
Definitely money.If Iwi get control they will mine seabed minerals and goodbye to precious corals and fish breeding grounds.NZ will be destroyed by their relentless greed. Our legislation must become colourblind before Iwi greed destroys democracy and NZ. Coalition govt please get rid of all mention of Iwi or race and acknowledge that these people are NOT INDIGENOUS. We voted you in to stop this racism.Brenda
Definitely the money first! Although they pretend it is the mana.Kate
It’s all about moneyVaughan
Unquestionably . The BIG question is what action is this Government/ Prime Minister (Luxon) taking to ensure MACA does not and cannot go ahead. WHY are they doing NOTHING? Answers please PM Luxon . You are welshing on ALL non-Maori New Zealand citizens over a SHARED BIRTHRIGHT. WHY ?Start showing som leadership and STOP IT HAPPENING NOW !! Hugh
show some spine and cosign this to the nonsense to the rubbish binalan
Repeal any transfer of ownership and return to the Crown.Evan
having/gaining money enhances “mana” and Power. The two options to this poll are not exclusively opposite. The drive of cultural activism is fed by both.Murray
How has the current government not intervend, and why isn’t the media all over this. NO ONE owns the water, it’s a human resource for all New Zealanders.Rita
Every time local authority councillors meet with local Maori on the marae, ‘koha’ – cash – is given to the maori as is ‘customary’. Time for this rort to cease. Fat cat Maori elite have had more than enough to settle outstanding claims and still their people hold all the negative statistics which they have not addressed with the bounty received from the taxpayer.David
My selection here is due to being evidence based. There is no shortage of examples unfortunately that this is the case.Stephen
Definitely Money as appeasement payouts clearly indicate . Take the Dome valley landfill . Maori originally opposed it then hey presto money changes hands between the applicant ( waste management) and iwi and now iwi support it .!!! All the so called cultural and environmental objects iwi raise suddenly disappear.William
They have consistently proven this to be trueRoy
Time to STOP this extortion which has been allowed to get way out of hand.Alf
It’s time to stop any race based favouritismMichael
I think it is driven with both!Sally
As an outsider one sees no hope for NZ’s economic growth & high cost of living prices until the pandering to the ever more entitled minority stops. ‘They’ are already rich enough from all the payments and just want more & more. WAKE UP NEW ZEALANDERS ! It is probably already too late for NZ.Dane
And they cannot work together so they will ruin New Zealand. But then WEF will step in and take over.Jackie
Pure greed, and racial Apartheid. Demonstrated by the Maori Partys manifesto of own it all and control it all by 2040.Laurine
I’m fed up with thee greed that those at the top of the food chain in iwi business display. There is NO consideration for the average Maori on the street, and it’s patently unfair and evil.Margaret
Mana suddenly disappears when the money appears but it is unbelievable how quickly the mana disappears but the amount of money is just unbelievable and in many cases the payments are ongoingBryan
“Koha” has always been the driving force for the so called “settlements” with Iwi in respect of treaty claims and other “settlements” . It’s long overdue for any state funding for such claims was removed, and that Iwi hierachy were held to account for appropriate dispersal of any such settlement monies, rather than just feathering their own nests.Rob
Follow the money!Jenny
It is also not being driven by mainstream Maori. It is pressed by people who consider themselves as elite and privileged, above other New Zealanders, by virtue of their Maori – not the European side – ancestors.DAVID
The facts speak for themselvesTerry
This nonsense needs to be stop! Get your act together Christopher!!Derek
As reported in NZCPR It’s time for the cancer of cultural appeasement to be removed.Jay
Only money. Nothing else – only money. Maori are the mongrels of the Pacific.Simon
Not a shadow of doubt it is about money. It’s bribery and corruption.Dianne
But…… Mana is a factorGill
It’s all about greedRowena
New Zealand has to be an egalitarian society open for all to enjoy included ding our visitors. It’s current path is towards de minority exclusivity and the exploitation of the majority Kiwis and tourists.Nick
Money, obviously. Iwi are extortionistsRose
Totally by money !!!! This has got to stop and we were all looking for a strong Government who had the guts to saY “no” and repeal many of the Acts — starting with the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 which is wrongly and fraudulently based on the Freeman version of the Treaty plus get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal and all it’s hangers on. It appears we haven’t got that Government — all we did was get rid of the leftist Labour , the looney Greens and the treacherous Maori parties which is a start in the right direction.Alan
They are using the ruse of ‘mana’ to create money. They have no scruples! Every day that this is allowed to continue makes it more ‘normal’ and provides another crack for the wedge of eternal blackmail of every taxpayer in New Zealand.Grant
“Iwi” = “I want it”. The law needs to be altered as a matter of urgency by Parliament to bring it in line with the original intention of the legislation.Laurence
Both I think, but money by far the greaterTony
They are getting more & more greedy and it has to be stoppedcolin
Extremely obvious money is the driving force.Roseanne
With all that money they continually rip off New Zealanders, Why are so many Maori reliant on the Dole?Douglas
Wouldn’t be quite so bad if ALL Maori got a share of the spoils, but it seems to me that it is only the so called hierarchy that are creaming it!Graham
The greed is absurdly obvious.Mark
Money, They complain and lie about the loss of “mana”. Receive money then bless the supposed loss of itDavid
It’s ALWAYS about the money! That’s the nature of the well-oiled “Treaty Industry”Patricia
And we bleeding well encourage this!murrzy
as alwatys follw the moneyDave
The tribes now have become nothing but extortionists, aided and abetted by activist judges. The system needs a complete clean out and rebuilding.Rod
The highter Maori are only interested in money but seems as though none of their people on the lowere levels ever get any of, they are still getting sick and breaking the law, they constantly say our People but dont help much with all the money they have been given over the year.Barbara
Maori Milking the systemPam
One vote one people!Wayne
Always Money, first and last MONEYLyn
There’s only one word needed to describe this nonsense, and the sooner it is used to describe this carry on to the general public the better and that word is corruption.Jim
money , greed , and power. absolute corruptionjohn
Of course it is for money. You do not have to work when you own a money tree. However, this money doesn’t trickle down to those who live at the bottom of the pond. You don’t see thousands of houses available for iwi or hapu, no freely available financial assistance for continuing education. No you don’t hear where the money is spent.Dennis
I believe the average New Zealander is sick and tired of this Maori Gravy Train which has to STOP !!. Need to have a referendum on the Treaty ASAP..Sherin and Jim
Why does not democracy have control against these greedy Bas—–The judiciary is corrupt in its decisionsArthur
we as a nation are in a tinder box of racial tension, the once harmonious relations of the 70’s have been eroded by the continuous treaty claims, now we are faced with the Maori sovernty movement gaining a strangle hold on primery industries, have no doubt the greedy elite will push & push until the country erupts in civil war. then it will be winner takes all the losers will be all New Zealanders no matter their ancestry. The time has come for all of the claims to stop activist’s to be put in their place.Nigel
winston,we helped you,time you helped us!Mussel farming is now at extreme risk,because of some week politicians,and some unreasonable eletist maoris Luxon,get some GUTS!norman
Iwi pretend mana but everything with them is to extract as much money as possible by this pretence. Haven’t NZ paid enough? Also, with all their money, why are the ordinary Maori so disadvantaged. Answer, it never filters down. It’s all kept by the iwi elite.Laura
Of courseJenny
Money = powerDonald
Nothing is driving this other than agreed plain and simple.Terry
Always has been. The gravy train must be derailed. Also, past time that the tribes should pay taxes just like everybody else.Neville
Money without a shadow of doubt.Jim
When is somebody going to be brave enough to say NO to this cultural rubbish?Barbara
Undoubtedly money is the prime mover here. The only iwi mana present is from pride in screwing the rest of New Zealand for as much as possible and for doing as little as possible for as long as possible!Martin
It is always about the money. Oh to have A government who works for all NZers. Repealing the Foreshore and seabed is urgent or it will be too late.Gail
Greed by and for tribal leadersAnn
The Government has created a serious issue for the future of new Zealand through overly generous Treaty settlements which include Joint Management Agreements between Regional Councils and local hapu . In my view this is just a mechanism designed by iwi to learn first hand what is happening in their area which in turn allows them to ensure a reward payment is made to ensure smooth transition of consenting. This is nothing short of corruption and bribery as identified by Muriel in the lead article. Parliament is the only law maker which can reverse this process, but just imagine the protests and screams when already settled treaty arrangements are required to be reversed. The Tainui demands for payments for water take from the Waikato River is a classic example of this type of extortion. The Waikato River Autority has the mandated authority to control what happens in the river catchment. Plan Change 1 is just the first of many future such rent gathering mechanisms that will be enforced onto the Waikato communities for the benefit of the iwi elite associated with Tainui. Their greed is endless.Chris
Money, always money. It’s so easy for the elite Maori to fill their pockets and the govt just stand by and allow it to happen. I am very disappointed in the coalitions performance to date.Steve
This makes me so angry. As a european married to a Maori, we see these ‘iwi, as greedy, power hungry, frauds, who only have ONE interest, and that is in lining their own pockets. As hubby says – these ‘tribal’ ownership scenario’s will once again lead to tribal wars – and then we’ll need a new treaty. I think we already need a new treaty. The old one has served its purpose and is now being used to sow division & hatred and line the pockets of tyrants. Time for a new one that defines the rights of ALL NZers and the right of ALL NZers to prosper from what NZ has to offer. We also need one that stops our government from selling off our natural assets – where we are forced to buy them back at a much higher rate. Of course this is exactly what these greedy iwi will do. Sell off the assets to line their own pockets – because we don’t know ONE normal, everyday, Maori that has actually prospered from all these millions that iwi have managed to con out of companies and the government. Shame on National for allowing themselves to be conned by greedy, selfish people, and from allowing them to steal from ALL NZers. National need to make this right and remove these racist privileges that they happily dolled out. at the cost of those that must work hard for EVERYTHING they have – and even then they don’t have much.Christine
Everything they do has a $ value. Once a sum, usually exorbitant, is agreed mana flies out the door. It is time Maori land and businesses were fully taxed.Carol
Every time you turn around IWI has its hand out for more money.Ken
This is called asking for Danegeld and the people who pay it explain that once you’ve paid them the Danegeld you never get rid of the Dane. Just change the words slightly.Paloma
The gravy train has to stopGavin
No one race has the right to be able to control our marine environment and foreshore and Seabed. Our future generations will suffer if this is allowed to continue. The Coastal Marine Act should go back to the Crown not left in the control of radicals..JUNE
No doubt about it It’s a rortGreg
Pakeha are starting to stand up to this so called “ownership of water” argument by iwi. As far as I an concerned I own the water just as much as iwi and I am getting sick of hearing their constant whining about it! Roll on Act’s discussion on the treaty meaning……I for one will be making lots of noise in favour of equal ownership by all NZ’ers.Mike
Money, and it’s a wrought bought about by a series of feckless politicians who are probably in on the deal somehow otherwise where is New Zealand as one country for one people? Just think of the next generations within New Zealand at the beck and call of ruthless tribes. They could end up with enormous wealth (minimal taxes), the coast around (once) New Zealand, council control etc,etc. and worst !!!Stuart
Your report proves it!John
Definitely money and it has to stop.Trevor
Maori greed needs to be stamped out now by the National lead coalition Govt once and for all.Wayne
Absolutely about money.Daphne
The quetion is “Where did Maori learn this tactic?”Andrew
Govt must put a moratorium on these greedy coastal claims NOW. I understand the coast from Wellington Harbour entrance to halfway up the Wairarapa has already been given to tribes?Greg
This country where I was born in 1947 has become, beyond my belief, just a ‘iwi’ gravy train destroying any wealth creation for hard working New Zealanders…it’s now time for me to leave the place of my birth and never return.Chris
And Greed!Carol
Undeniable evidence now, it’s that old ‘honeypot’, and the various iwi can virtue signal as they rort the taxpayers.Barry
IWI – I want it – it says it all – it is always about money.Scott
Mana is given or earned by a community or individual, not claimed by them as a perceived right. The actions and claims by Maori activism is definitely greed driven, and we the taxpayers are expected to fund their racist agenda.Vic
Absolutely. Wake up NZ we are being sold down the creek.Terry
It seems Money maketh Mana!stephen
it’s corruption and rank extortion that shoud be illegal.Gordon
The big concern to me is the apathy the general public displays toward this blatant power grab, greed and APARTHEID that exists in NZ. We should all be marching in the streets.Geoffrey
Really ??? It is so obvious of so many years the Greed has driven maori . Funny though how they spend their hard stolen cash from taxpayers ,in Christchurch the new maori job is begging for money from people entering supermarkets . Where the hell is the theory of providing maori with huge amount of funds to sustain the not so fortunate tribe members . Just when we think the worst is over with Labours historic Election failure , the money grabbing barstards raise even more false mana claims . OMG stop this rort of our country by half breed parasites . I do have faith in the coalition hope they maintain their present course of leveling the field . Nationals Finlayson needs to be dumped or made a Dame as per the last recipient ,The Tooth Fairy .Ray
Its all about money. We are all one People here in NZ. Why is our Prime Minister still going along with separatism that the Maori are still on about?William
It seems to me that any issue that Maori have is being solved by money. With all the billions that have been paid to various IWI how can it be that many of their people are still in need of government benefitsRoger
Time for THIS GOVERNMENT TO MAKE A FINAL DECISION FOR New Zealand coastlines Nothing to do with iwi Maori ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ROBERRIES Are NOT ACCEPTABLE !Dominique
The mistake was made ions ago by even contemplating their money grabbing BSHugh
Of course it’s money – stupid white people are falling for the BS that iwi are dishing out. Stop this madness NOW.David
The Koha payments an organisation I belong to have had to make to local Maori have been outrageous, and no one in local government or national government seems the slightest bit concerned.Alison
Of course – new inventions each month by an activist group that is only nominaly MaoriGerry
Even a blind man can see that. They are now so entitled that it will be difficut to change, especially with hte way councils etc are supporting this.Jan
I totally agree , accepting money proves how false claims of mana claims are.Terry
All part of the distinct maorification of NZ. Absolutely appalling that our High Court Judges have been caught up in this ruse.Chris
What mana?Rosie
always has been, just look at the history!Giles
The Iwi involvement is a drag on this country moving positively ahead for the benefit of the wider community. Be it “mana” or money, the drag effect is the same and needs to be turned off.Peter
Millions of dollars paid secretly to Iwi and then they just want more and more. It has got to STOP. They are not indigenous to New Zealand anymore than anyone else, bring back democracy.Diana
Haha, what a no brainer question. Its without doubt the maoris around New Zealand are eyeing up any opportunity to receive money from the taxpayers to swell their coffer even more without having to raise a finger . Make no mistake, greed is behind their aim for the future of this country. The woke judges have to be reigned in and the politicians have to grow a spine and stop kowtowing and caving in to the insatiable demands of iwi. As the missionaries warned in 1840 that the maoris are easily insulted and never to be trusted. Well we can see they were dead right. I will control of this country will be our downfall. I bet China is watching with growing interest.Peter
Mana…a SUPERNATURAL POWER ! ! Surely the “power” in a democracy must rest in the majority of the people in that democracy, not a tiny minority, witches and wizards.charles
Its pretty obvious that money is the main driver for these elite Maori. With help from activist judges it is only a matter of time before the entire coastline is under Maori control. Maybe time to the 122,000 that have left the country in the past year.Lawrie
ITS DISGUSTING WHAT IWI Claim to have rights too and are Fleccing allOF New ZealandIan
It’s always about money. I don’t think there are words for full and final in Te Rep.Grant
Money! – “mana” is merely the Maori version of Grand Larceny – this is one of the devious methods they use to acquire their ill-gotten gains at the expense of us all. Their greed and avarice blinds them to the fact that they are being used to promote animosity and division by the same hidden, destabilising forces that are driving a similar agenda world wide. When these ends are achieved, the cultural activists will be cast aside along with others of their ilk and receive the recompense of their reward. This downhill slide needs to be halted for the sake of all concerned before it is too late.Scott
Doesn’t take much to figure it out, if there’s no money value in something then the cultural activists are not interested.Trevor
Self EvidentRaymond
Our Government needs a good kick up the jaxy and move at a pace never seen, and stop this nonsense NOW or blood will run in the gutters of our Nation unfortunately.john
Mana is Hori Dreamtime claims as like a lot of Hori claims regarding spirituality connection with land seaways and rivers. It is driven purely by laziness of absolute greed and racial division. hands out govt begging for dual [1 nz for all.] owned assets. They have exampled their greed with various price rises exceeding the original claim. They are cannabals, from the stone age now experts in theft of the space age. They lost Maori wars which they participated in, By reneging of truces for their own ends for hori elite alone. Grief is approaching, already smoke is on the horizon. due their greed. 1N.Z. for all the only way.;mike
Always has beenChris
If it was Mana there wouldn’t be the demands for colossal amounts to be paid out to pacify the elite Maori. Very little of their financial gains trickle down to those who need it, nor are used for the betterment of their own people.Instead the Taxpayer of NZ is expected to continue to “cough up” for any support as well.Carol
We should all have a vote by way of referendumPeter
Of course!Bruce
Money and powerTerry
ALWAYS the moneyPrue
The “DAM” gates are open. The beginning of the end was the start of the Treaty (read piece of toilet paper) settlements. The filthy greedy non indigenous immigrants and Mori Ori eaters knew they were on a winner. The down hill path has just begun. Question: Where does all this Maori money go and when will they start paying taxes.TC
Is this situation a foretaste of what’s in store once iwi control the coast? You aint seen anything yet !! This is just the beginningMaurice
Out of control greed creating a separatism we’ve never had here in New Zealandsharon
Money clearly obvious, but it never be enoughLindsay
Nuff saidJill
Obviously that’s what the greedy iwi leaders re afterGraeme
No doubt about it, it’s got to only be money.Mike
Tribal Maori activism is entirely political. So-called cultural activism is not about money, its about Elder Power and Co-Government by blackmail. This National/ ACT/ NZ First Coalition Government was democratically voted into power by the non-tribal majority of New Zealanders to reverse ALL the duplicitous, racially-biased legislation enforced by Maori minority Ministers who dominated and blackmailed the Ardern Cabinet into horse-trading away valuable NZ assets simply to stay in power. ALL of this illegally obtained anti-Democratic legislation MUST be reversed as soon as possible.Phil
Like ,pigs with their noses buried deep in the trough they Chog everything that they can without regard to anyone other than themselves to feed their greed. Tribal rule is New Zealand downfall. What a weak gutless government we have voted in. We need to stop the rot now or forever be subjected to the tail wagging the dog.Lindsay
Money of course. These people (Maori) are not interested in “culture” or conservation. They ride both in order to money grab at every opportunity. How stupid are our legislators to allow this blatant money grab by a people more interested in grabbing unimaginably grand bribes at every opportunity. Naive and stupid legislators who are conned by the cunning.Dianna
For goodness sake, just say noGeoffrey
They will use the Mana just to confuse you Money & power are the main driver of all their cliems.John
Of course it is money..greed and bankrupting New Zealand.Shirley
An unacceptable Maori gravy train from beginning to the end – the Highest Judicial Court process must return the Foreshore & Seabed to ALL NZers equallyHylton
Both really with each iwi consortium vying for top dog status. Tribal conflict of days of old, but really money is the driving factor.David
Iwi elite are just riding the gravy train that is the NZ taxpayer.Cathy
Tribes are blatantly greedy with no concern for future cohesiveness and peace.. Its all about grovelling for another free hand-out.Peter
Its always about the money and if iwi were not so two faced they would admit itPeter
All part of the gravy train that Maori Elite have been riding on for many decades now. Because of this FREE RIDE, Maori have become so monetary powerful that they can actually dictate to councils and indeed governments. With a spineless Globalist Puppet in charge of the current government, New Zealand is screwed.A.G.R.
Money – no possible question! Tuwharetoa also get from Lake Taupo a large slice of the trout fishing income. Most people in Taupo are not aware of this .The lake was given to the local tribe by Jim Bolger in 1992 quite separate from and TOW settlement as far as I am aware.Roger
pure greeddonald
Wicked devious MaoriHeather
Money money money all the way – always has been. Maori have always been trying it on and our government is silly for bowing down before this. New Zealand is a joke country. The rest of the world must be laughing up their sleeves. Things should be nationalised – equal shares for the common good, not bribes for a few. And no, I’m not a cynic but a realist.Sheila
words. escape me. Stop all these gravy trains. This is extortion and should be stopped.Rod
Same with the Whanganui River. Extortion by fairy tales that IDIOT gutless governments accept instead of rejecting out of hand. Precedent has been set and MUST be broken firmly, but Luxon will not do it as he is FOR the maori.Ross
Mana is the convenient cover. NZers must get real – very fast. Pressure on National – the stumbling block – is urgentmary
Keeping dipping their greedy noses in the troughBarry
Is The National Party getting a cut from this money mess? Time for Luxon to ‘cut’ more throats I suggestRICHard
Why can’t Maori just be satisfied with living in a beautiful country that is available for all of us to enjoy and have equal rights over?Jane
Everything is driven by moneyJanet
There is no mana it is b. s. They don’t care about the land, the forests, the rivers, mountains or see. They just want taxpayers luka. Enough is enough I say.roger
There seems to be something selfish about the whole thing!!Murray
Time to stop this nonsenseYvonne
That includes power.Terry
This is scary and we are letting this happen with our eyes wide open. Wake up NZ. Score it’s too late to keep some of our coast line for nz people.Jacky
It’s always money. Mana is bullshit .Koreen
When is it not about money!Rick
60-40, both–and the mana is to cover for the lie of indigeniety. Their claim to both is based on fraud.Bill
Money of course plus power and control, as it has been all along. Greed and power is what drives them no matter what fancy reasons they give! Am still surprised at how many people and organisations give in to their demands. Time it all stopped.Lee
Greed is never satisfied.Graham
Of course it is money why else would iwi contest anything but. We will see a future that controls all beaches in NZ and only Maori will be allowed to use them without paying. The Waitemata and surrounding sea will soon be in the hands of local iwi with the result that customary rights will hold sway over any other race of people fishing or benefiting from this area. Good luck to all you people in the Auckland area your beaches and fishing will be gone soon.Andrew
Tired of everything in this country being Maori based nonsenseSteve
All their claims are money drivenDavid
It’s no wonder that the country is in the state that it’s in! This madness has to be called out. It is pure greed motivating these iwi leaders. Why are they not looking after their own people?Jane
Money and POWER. All references to moari in legislation MUST be removedGareth
All iwi leaders making financial demands should try volunteering for a change instead of their usual hands out attitude. Remember, they are not indigenous so have as much ‘right’ to demand recompense as any settler.Sharron
Looking at recent history re Iwi power grabbing and money grasping it is extremely unlikely to be mana. Mana has been taking a poor second place. Almost to the point of being cast aside. My observation.Fletcher
This whole exercise of cultural matters can always be satisfied by KohaCookie
Just need to look at the gravy train.Graham
It’s always about money the mana is bs always has been. The proof is given enough money there is no mana problem it disappears. Time to stop paying these greed tribes.Barry
Maori hypocrisy caused by lack of Government ruling!!!!!Les
With Maori it is always money! Mana is just another excuse too get more!Neil
It’s only mana until there’s a cash paymentRoss
Plane as dayEdward
It must be stopped.John
Our politician are greasy gutless nest feathering scumDoug
It’s the gravy train in all its tainted glory. Wake up Luxon!Rodge
It’s blatant corruption on a grand scale. This endless rent-seeking opportunism is what the Treaty settlements have achieved. Bolger opened Pandora’s box. Successive governments continue to facilitate the Tribunal and iwi demands. Shame on them all.Wendy
Money, money, money! Billions!Alan
Mostly money but also arrogance and control.Grant
So the 1975 TOW Act not only introduced APARTHEID into NZ, it also introduced the MAORI MAFIA into NZ. And silly me thought we had a DEMOCRACY?FRANCIS
poor taxpayers, they have to fund all this bribes money!!Marianne
Once you have paid the Dane-geld you never get rid of the dane.Robert
and get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal. Finish with the whole claims industry altogether which is being funded without the taxpayers permission with money taken from people who had no responsibility for the Maori grievances. Take a vote from the taxpayers an d see if they are happy for this robbery to continue. Pakeha landowners in this country have already had a taste of what they are in for by the example of the stand over tactics and destruction of property that was inflicted on Allan Titford in Northland, which still sits uncomfortably with a lot of people.Terry
Our successive governments have facilitated the establishment of this ‘Maori Mafia’. Our government is solely responsible for this erosion of our property rights and freedom. The ‘buck’ stops with GOVERNMENT.neil
Iwi like to claim they are driven by mana and guardianship and caring and all that stuff, but that’s just a smokescreen – it’s about power and money. David
Money – money – money!Neil
Our politicians are weak. They have given far too much to tribal activists who simply come back for more. They will not be satisfied until they control the country. It needs to be stopped.Pauline
Can’t you just see tribal owners of the coast putting a blanket levy on all businesses, like the 7% in Lake Taupo – unless National pick up their game and repeal their disastrous law before it causes untold damage to the country. Chris Finlayson is largely responsible for this mess.Hugh
They are driven by greed and money and it is awful to see politicians bent on appeasement. Simon