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Two recent public opinion polls had some good and bad news for National. The bad news is their support has softened.

Monday night’s 1 NEWS Kantar Public Poll showed National sliding two points to 37 percent, and Christopher Luxon falling 3 points to 22 percent in the preferred prime minister ratings.

The good news is that National could form a government with the support of ACT, thanks to their jump of 4 points to 11 percent.

With Labour losing 2 to 35 percent – its lowest level for five years – and the Greens losing 1 to 9 percent, along with the Maori Party, steady on 2 percent, Jacinda Ardern’s potential coalition sits on 44 percent, while National’s moves ahead to 48 percent.

The bad news gets worse for Labour. Jacinda Ardern’s ranking as preferred Prime Minister is continuing to fall, down 3 points to 30 percent – her lowest rating since before becoming PM.  

Apart from ACT, the other big winner in that poll was New Zealand First which increased 2 points to 3 percent.

The 1 News poll is consistent with the Roy Morgan poll published a week earlier. It had National falling 4 points to 35 percent – its lowest rating on that poll since January. This put their chances of winning an election with ACT behind an alliance of Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party.  

The biggest gain in that poll came from the Maori Party, which increased 2.5 points to 4 percent – its highest support since April 2010. The analysis suggests some of Labour’s strong support from younger women has moved across to the Maori Party, lifting their support amongst 18-49-year-old women from 3.5 percent to 9 percent.

Could it be that Jacinda Ardern’s agenda to empower the iwi elite has ended up building support for the Maori Party, instead of Labour? How ironic that would be if her sacrificing of our democracy ended up harming not only New Zealand, but Labour itself?

National also lost support from women, with some of the older women they had won back from Labour after the 2020 election, returning to Labour.

When searching for a reason behind the fall in National’s support the pollsters pointed out that, “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has built her leadership on being the person New Zealanders can trust to deal with challenges as varied as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Christchurch shooting. If Christopher Luxon’s missteps in recent weeks result in people distrusting the National Leader and questioning his honesty, or the honesty of the team around him, he will come under renewed scrutiny as an alternative Prime Minister heading towards next year’s election.”

But there’s a much deeper reason for National’s decline in the polls. The honeymoon of hope and expectation around the new leader has subsided. Some will be disappointed with Christopher Luxon’s impassive stance on a number of issues – but particularly Labour’s attack on democracy through co-governance.

New Zealanders had hoped National’s new leader would take a firm position defending our values and our record of being one of the longest standing and most successful democracies in the world.

Instead, he has tip-toed around the issues, seemingly afraid of creating controversy and negative press.

This is a key reason National is losing voter support to parties not afraid to confront this issue: ACT rose 4 percent and New Zealand First 2 percent in that 1 News poll – their support coming at the expense of Labour, National and the Greens.

This is also the conclusion reached by former ACT leader Richard Prebble in his latest Herald article when he says: “Unlike Luxon, David Seymour used his party’s annual conference to clearly state ACT’s rejection of co-government and support for liberal democracy’s one person, one vote. It is why ACT is rising in the polls.”

He predicts that if National steps up and defends our democracy and values from Labour’s attack, he will win the next election by a “landslide.”

If National does not step up the question is, how much support will they lose?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is strongly opposed to co-governance and is scathing about the self-interest of Labour’s Maori Caucus in promoting this elitist agenda: “The push is coming from the increasingly out of touch Labour Maori Caucus and only serves their own self-interest, trying to compete with the Maori Party in a race to see who can produce the most separatist policies to appease a certain Maori elite. They do not represent the views of Maoridom – the majority of whom are not even on the Maori roll, and for good reason.”

ACT leader David Seymour is also clear on the need to defend democracy: “The idea of co-governance is incompatible with democracy. No society where people have different political rights based on birth has ever succeeded… The Labour Party is obsessed with the Partnership State, putting the Treaty at the heart of everything. We will need to remove the constant references to the Treaty from the law and replace it with a commitment to liberal democracy. One person, one vote, and equality for all in a multi-ethnic nation state.”

Labour’s latest attack on democracy came in the form of the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu) Representation Bill, which allows Ngai Tahu to appoint an additional two members with full voting rights onto a council that already has two existing Ngai Tahu advisors.

In the Third Reading debate on the Bill, Labour not only boasted about trashing ‘one person, one vote’ democracy, but Tamati Coffey signalled the law change could open the floodgates for other tribal groups around the country: “Ngai Tahu have opened the door… all of those iwi out there that are struggling with how representation works for them, I hope that they’re understanding that this is a potential pathway.” 

The bill’s sponsor, Te Tai Tonga MP Rino Tirikatene​, claimed the Treaty entitled Ngai Tahu to the seats: “This bill is about the evolution of our Treaty partnership and representation of iwi at the local government level. Ngai Tahu are entitled to this representation because that is the promise of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and this is a modern-day expression of that promise.”

But he’s wrong.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Gary Judd QC explains how proponents of the Treaty ‘partnership’ deception – that underpins the whole co-governance agenda – are deliberately misconstruing a Court of Appeal decision:

“They put up the smokescreen of Treaty obligation, and distort the Court of Appeal’s 1987 ‘lands’ case where the Court, having been forced by Parliamentarians who would not do it themselves, to determine what was meant by ‘principles of the Treaty’ drew on principles of partnership law to hold that Treaty principles required the Crown and Maori to act toward each other with good faith, fairly, reasonably and honourably when dealing with known or foreseeable Treaty claims.

“Ideas of constitutional partnership or co-governance never featured in the case. Nor could they, for the Treaty is perfectly clear, in both the Maori and English texts. Governance was given to the Crown alone, and in exchange, the tribal leaders and the ordinary people of New Zealand were assured continuing ownership of their property and were guaranteed protection and equal status with the British settlers under British law.

“The Court of Appeal would not suggest an absurd departure from the words of the Treaty, and did not do so.”

Retired Judge and Canterbury University law lecturer Anthony Willy concurs: “In no legal sense does this ‘lands’ case decide that that there is a partnership between Maori and non-Maori and any later case which purports to rely on the dicta of Cook J is to misconstrue the reasoning on which the case is founded.”

He is categorical: “Maori and the Crown are not partners in any sense of the word. It is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects. The true position is that the Crown is sovereign but owes duties of justice and good faith to the Maori descendants of those who signed the Treaty.”

He also reminds us that not only did the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ not qualify as a ‘true’ treaty at international law, but that, like all historic agreements, it has expired.

As former Chief Justice Prendergast found in the case of Wi Parata v Bishop of Wellington, the Treaty was already considered a “constitutional nullity” in 1877.

Isn’t it time all political leaders recognised that truth, so New Zealand can finally move on?

Labour is attacking our democracy using a well-orchestrated public propaganda campaign.

Jacinda Ardern has used taxpayer funding to ‘buy’ media silence. One of the key requirements for those receiving funding from her $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, is that recipients not only acknowledge the partnership lie, but ‘actively’ promote it: “Actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Maori as a Te Tiriti partner.”

When Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz allegedly used public money to buy favourable media coverage for his party’s policies, he was forced to resign. Surely that’s not too different from what’s happening here.

The point is that a fabricated treaty ‘partnership’ is being used to justify the transfer of control of major public resources and services from the Crown to private sector multi-million-dollar business development corporations run by iwi.

The financial rewards for the tribal elite running these organisations are eye watering.

In the case of Three Waters, neither the Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta nor the Prime Minister has ruled out iwi being able to charge royalties for the use of water. That would result in untold millions of dollars pouring into tribal coffers on an on-going basis.

And when it comes to further local government reforms, Labour is considering giving iwi co-governance control of all district and regional planning, along with resource management consenting – no doubt creating lucrative tribal income streams, even though the vested interest conflicts would be significant.

It’s no wonder that Labour has engineered as little media scrutiny as possible over its co-governance deception. But it remains an appalling situation to have New Zealand’s Fourth Estate effectively gagged by the Government over matters of such crucial public importance to our country’s future.

However, even if the media are not digging into the details, to his great credit, the Auditor General is. He pointed out the glaring lack of financial accountability in the model proposed for the Maori Health Authority, and now he has discovered that financial accountability for the proposed new Three Waters structures is virtually non-existent.

In his Bruce Jesson Memorial Lecture in 2000, former Prime Minister David Lange was not only dismissive of partnership claims, but he warned the government to “draw back” from where the Treaty industry was taking the county – or lose the chance ‘to build a more cohesive society and a more productive economy’: “The result will be a fractured society in which political power will be contested in ways beyond the limits of our democratic experience.”

Sadly, this is exactly the situation New Zealand is now facing.

As our main opposition party, National needs to not only step up, but to also consider decisive action along the lines of that taken by leaders in many other countries, including Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Fiji, when faced with similar escalating division within their societies – namely, removing all references to ‘race’ from their Statute books.

The reality is that under the cover of the Covid pandemic, Jacinda Ardern is dismantling our democracy, one law at a time – without any mandate from New Zealand voters.

And the bottom line is this: if National truly believes in democracy, in the principle of democratic representation – one person, one vote – they must take the lead and fight for our future. If they don’t, it will be to their own – and our country’s – detriment.  

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I understand Luxon has visited Klaus Schwab at Davos. Surely this is a warning bell as to his intentions. Are his plans just to follow Comrade Arderns dictates to destroy NZ? I just cannot bring myself to trust this man who shoved Simon Bridges to take National leadership. It was too slick and suggests to me that he was actually, as with Ardern, placed in the leadership position. Has he been brainwashed, hypnotised or threatened or enriched financially by the evil Schwab. I’m a long time National supporter but will not give Luxon my or my family’s vote. We are disgusted at Luxon lack of action and frustrated with him. Carolyn
Luxton is another form of Jacinda, formed by the WEF. Sadly unless Luxton starts saying the right things like, one law for everyone, no 3 waters, no 2 lists for the hospitals, etc, my vote will be going elsewhere. anita
No they are not, and wonder why not??? anita
National need to step up to the plate and defend true democracy for the people, or Act may be the big winner at the next election Noel
Sadly, Luxton is not fronting these issues effectively at all. ACT is, and even good old Winston is speaking out! Hugh
It’s never to early in an election cycle to confront these issues of democracy Rod
National is coming across as incredibly weak. Luxon and other MP’s need to make some really strong statements and destroy the ridiculous claims that any particular race has any more ‘say’ than another. Any New Zealander,also, should be able to state their views on positive and negative aspects on any culture without being called a racist. Jacquetta
A long call, for National to stand -up for Democracy. National have always been a “hive-mind.’ party, They always go ‘with the money’ They need to represent the voters that put them into parliament and get priorities right !. David
Ardern and Labour total anarchy. Bring back capital punishment to treasonist filth. Dave
Act is the only political party with the guts to stand up for Democracy. Lupton is not prepared to stand up against Maori-activists Ian
Absolutely not and I’m extremely concerned that Luxon and National are just going to be Labour lite going on to wrecking this country. The damage already done is almost incalculable. It has to stop immediately and Luxon and co need to stand up and nail their colours to the mast win or lose, stay true to their right wing heritage or get out of the way. Today. Flip
National have never defended NZ peoples free democracy! John key was a wall street inside man, now it looks like luxon is WEF, National have to start standing up for NZ sovereignity, not the International parasite gang! ! David
Urgent action is required. John
Luxon isn’t up to the job Ken
I have said before in this column, that Chris Luxon HAS to stand up and tell ALL New Zealanders what he is going to do to repel all the damage that the other party has done to our country. He needs to stand up and ask all the labor party politicians to have a very hard look at what they are creating for their own children, and remind them that someone has to pay the final bill. And it will not be our moari elite. William
No, needs to be way more vocal and forceful. Levonne
Wake up, you should be defending our rights, not giving them away Chris
I think Christopher National Party Leader is no where near strong enough in this area. He needs to clearly articulate what co-governance really means in law. Then explain what it means financially. I have Emailed the National party on a number of occasions over this issue, but have not had any response. What I have asked them to do, is this. To explain to the NZ public that it is joint .sovereignty that is being gradually established. I dealt with the leader of the sovereignty group through the courts during 2002-2009. He was a an ex rugby associate of mine. He clearly told me their aim was all their own Government Departments, including police and courts. To pay for all this they have to have 50% of the tax take. That is true treaty partnership. That’s for 15% of the population. If the average Kiwi knew this they surely would not have a bar of it. But no one, not any political part has ever articulated this. I find it extremely frustrating that NZ Democracy is being changed by a Neo Marxist type ideology and no opposition party sees it. Dene
Like many others , I have been very disappointed by the lack of any policy disputing what is , if it continues , to destroy N.Z in the future , sooner rather than later . If I was not so old , I would be heading for Australia NOW !! and have suggested this to my grandchildren who I am afraid listen to Jacinda and her obsequios media ! BARRIE
Luxon is a wimp so far and seems reluctant to make any serious decisions. Garry
I’d like to see National with more grunt. They and Act need to ‘lead’ us. They have the support of the majority of NZ’s… let go for it and put an end to Labours madness! Angela
Definitely not! They have been going along with them as seen during the parliament protest, Labour lapdogs!! Donna
National made an egregious mistake by stupid Jim Bolger including Maori seats in the original lineup for MMP. So why do NZers put up with this obvious racism right from the start and what do you think the tribal elite were going to do? John Key(Nat.) followed on with UNDRIP and now we have rampant ‘woke communism’ under Ardern! Monica
They don’t seem to have any guts Geoffrey
Bitterly Disappointed that Luxon is not taking the fight to Labour on this vital issue confronting us. He needs to show his hand now to ensure that this inept and devious government is throne off the Treasury benches Michael
National can’t receive media coverage at any level through the $55 million dollars gifted to all news media and paid by unwilling taxpayers of New Zealand. Any mistakes made by oppositions MP,s is extensively highlighted but their own indiscretions minimized. National must show increased awareness to the citizens of New Zealand where this country is heading under the current government. Cyril
Grow some balls and stand up for our rights. Sure haven%u2019t got any as long as Labour rules Kath
I believe Luxton is too soft and lacks charisma . I believe Nicola Willis would be a better choice for the leader of the National party. A strong leader is required. Allan
I lost my faith in Christopher Luxon very early on. Sarah
National needs to send a clear message to the population where it stands on this issue asap Bradley
I prefer Luxton to arderne and sincerely expect his leadership will blossom in the right direction once out National is out of petty backstabbing and in power Robin
Very disappointed in the lack of strong statesmanship. Not 100% support for Act, but unless I see something more from National, then I’ll vote Act. Richard
I fear many people have lost faith in the current crop of political parties and I regularly hear people say they don’t know who to vote for. Many would vote for a minor party, (such as the New Conservative), but fear wasting their vote thereby allowing Taxinder to get back in power. Should that come to pass I see no future whatsoever for NZ & will seriously consider leaving.. clive
Sadly, Luxon is just another’ inside guy’ for the interloper, crime syndicate UN/WEF IMF. He will reveal, their real agenda, when they become the govt.!!! AS ALWAYS! David
National needs to stand up and be heard before it loses all its voters to ACT… not that that would be a bad thing but it needs to draw more votes from the left to succeed. Robbie
National really does seem to be the other cheek of the same bottom. Dot
Having voted National all my life, the lack of action from the National party and their new leader has lost my support for the party and I will not be voting for them at this election. Phil
When was the Referendum to change 1person, 1 vote? Where is the word Partnership in the Treaty of Waitangi? John
National have become disappointing Ray
Luxon needs to front up strongly against co-governance and do it now. Full marks to ACT for stating what they will do,they get our votes. Been a blue voter for nearly 70yrs, I don’t think they have the guts to change much of what Cindy has done. Peter
one person one vote, and commit to not pushing Aotearoa name change. I go into the Kapiti Coast District Council and look down the hallway and ell the meeting rooms are signposted in Maori, no English at all What the Hell is going on here Paul
Hopeless George
come on National start singing from the same song sheet. Chris needs to harden up. Stuff the press. gavin
I have voted in 21 elections in my country NZ and never have I seen a more blatant attack on our our democratic rights and a National party lacking focus, commitment and recognition of opportunity. Murray
They need to start putting much more pressure on these traitors before they get to carried away being led by the Smiling assassin Barry
puzzles me how luxon became boss of airnz the way he is pussy footing around and not saying he will get rid of the maori seats, treaty crap, 3waters and many other bent things that our commie dictator has delivered. we need Ron Mark and a few more plus ACT to be the majority party to save this country from the total collapse thats ahead of us if the tooth fairy gets back in. Richard
Not yet,they must denounce co governance loudly and clearly Stephen
Absolutely not enough, they need to come out and say what they their intentions are before the elections. I will not vote for them if they do not. Peter
unless there is major change in luxons attitude there is no he will get my vote barry
There is so much Nation should be shouting out to the four corners of N Z on a daily basis, but are not. Is it the media not allowing this or are National weak. It some balls National ! ken
Absolute rejection of this Labour governments planned co governance is essential. Peter
They need to step up to the mark, grow some goolies, get rid of Goodfellow ASAP and give head girl a once over that she will not like. Once the red queen realises how hated she by the working sector of this country who are paying the taxes to keep our esteemed unemployed in grog and smokes. She may wake up and resign ASAP. How can so few communist’s ruin NZ in such a short time with out a revolt is eye watering. Our fate is sealed we will have a civil revolt and then stave to death. Or will the idiots work out that global warming is so simple to solve they should look at Singapore we need to stop breading lower the population and the world will return to the way it was in the olden days???? rod
They’re all gutless wonders paul
We don’t know what Luxon stands for ?? He could easily stand for Labour & get in. They to firstly have a conviction, & secondly & more importantly, stand by it.  Michael
NO not at all ! Pussy cat responses so far. How could we vote for that softness. We need some mongrel ,backbone, strength of character, and aggression. Right now I have no faith in National; none at all for Labour and very little for any politicians . The world is a total shambles and I have watched this steady decline since the 1970s and I pine for my early years of the 40s, 50s and 60s.. But a worse fate is in store for us that will obliterate our current political shambles. The fury of a momentous financial crash seems imminent. This has been due for years ! Who knows what the outcome will be– very very ugly I would expect but in the process our current situation could be sorted once and for all, John
What is Mr Luxon so scared of? Labour have a huge target on their back but NO ONE in National is taking aim. Where are you Mr Luxon? You are the leader of the opposition – start opposing. Disgruntled
National have to stop, wanting to be neo-libtards, like their partner Liebour, no difference… maybe a name change would be a better option, like NATIONALIST? David
National should state openly that they will repeal all co-governance legislation ,re visit education and the health system so that everyone is treated equally. Warren
They are weak and pathetic Trevor
Absolutely not. I thought Luxon was going to be our knight in shining armour and kick this Labour government to touch. But he’s seriously lacking and needs to step up his game including fighting for our democracy and allowing New Zealanders to get back to work by dropping the mandates. So much is wrong with this country right now it’s embarrassing. Teresa
National must start to state clearly there is no mandate for the radical changes happening destroying our democratic principles leo
Christopher Luxon needs to come out strongly like David Seymour in defence of democracy and he should oppose the way it is rapidly being undermined. He is proving to be a major disappointment as a leader. Virginia
Vote for Act or NZ first. National asleep at the wheel. WAKE UP NOW. Stop this decent to destruction. Kevin
Wake up national. The majority of NZ has and you need our votes. Act has my families votes. NZ first also need to be congratulated. Rest go to hell…… . Allan
Definitely not when compared to David Seymour. National seem to have been side tracked by Labour over Sam Uffindell. Ash
National need to commit to One Law for All and do what many countries have done when racist rulers and supremacists have tried to overthrow democracies. National and Act must remove any reference and preference to RACE from all legislation and constitutions. The Trough of Waitangi must be abolished and labour charged with treason. Brenda
the Nats are being too cautious not to “scare the horses”. Andrew
They need to disclose what is going on by this Labour outfit. Tony
They need to make a stand against the push from the elite Maori iwi on co-governance. Jacqueline
Luxon needs to acqaint himself with original docs of the Treaty and the history of Last century Gov Greys legacy. No good relying on todays fake twisted distortions of actual events. Then with proper knowledge he can turn back the tide margaret
They are lacking in political nous or common sense. For example, if you are going to introduce policy on social welfare that removes benefits – you had better do it – after the election!!! No policy emerging addresses the need for stable economic development of new companies to replace the SME’s that are closing down. The political system is simply reporting the closures and not analising the reasons for those closures. Pointless bashing beneficiaries if there are no shoe factories for them to work at – Proverb. Pointless expecting beneficiaries in Auckland to travel to the south island to pick fruit – they need travel and accommodation assistance. Bringing in more overseas immigrants does not address the issues!!! etc., etc. Frederick
not definite enough brian
National and Luxon seem reluctant to confront co-governance and anything maori and the silence makes them appear complicit in Labour’s racist campaign. Luxon has declared National has ‘treaty obligations’ (whatever that means; he has not elaborated). Instead of confronting the major issues and stating clearly where the party stands, Luxon ducks and weaves, trying to be all things to all people. There seems to be no plan to stand up to this socialist madness – He Puapua, three waters, the revisionist history in schools among other things – from Labour, the Maori Party and the Green Party which is destroying the country. Act’s David Seymour is a lone voice in the wilderness. Gavin
Why is National dragging their heels. Peter
Very disappointed with National and I have written a number of times to express my feelings. Seems I must be alone! Grant
Not yet. Problem -if they release policy Labour will grab it as theirs. Dick
They are being soft on the changes to democracy that are being pushed thru the present political system – they need to show some backbone and effect some strong opposition to what is happening – the time is now – tomorrow will be too late Rob
They must chase the elephant out of the room Jan
Luxon has to make a stand on what the National party will fight the coming election on Brian
They need a lot more backbone and stop pussy footing around our colored decendents. Peter
NO !! But timing is every thing. National, Act and NZ First without Winston, need to win this upcoming election. Even the greens would be better off in a coalition with national And a change will be a given,if they campaign on removing all legislation referring to race from the law across the board And declare void, the treaty of Waitangi in to days evolved society. Given that opportunity was available, and is available and there is plenty of testimony to that. Legislation that provides favour for a particular race is discriminatory. Opportunity favours all regardless of race in reality its all about the choices. And that applies across the board to all regardless of race The Maori elite don%u2019t care about Maori. It has become clear it is about power. We have co governance now by way of all the currently present democratic processes. Co governance that is legislated for in favour of a particular race, infringes the rights of all other citizens Labour must be obliterated (at the polls) Bruce
National needs to highlight and promote public debate on the racist and anti-democratic policies and actions of the current government Bruce
They are almost as weak and woke as Labour. Luxon really needs to read the room and step up. Phillip
Both National and Labour have done immense damage to race relations to this country. What must be told is the true history or New Zealand will have no future. The Treaty of Waitangi stated that we would live as one people. It is pure fiction after 180 plus years. I was told many years ago by an elderly Maori man that Aotearoa simply meant “The Long White Cloud”, with no firm foundation. Our true history must be told or we will have no future. How can we have a future based on a pack of lies? It is time to sort out the malcontemptuous pakeha among the tribalistics, some of whom seem to be in Parliament! Kevan
They need to repeal almost everything that Labour has done. Are they up for that? Kenneth
Absolutely not and my family agree. We will be voting ACT after 50 years of National Donald
It is clear that National is steering clear from controversy and is weary of offending the maori vote. I certainly will NOT vote for a party that is not prepared to take a clear, if not aggressive stand against any and all policies that threaten to take this country down the road of racially based tribalism, where rights, privileges and status are assigned based on ethnicity. NZ voters are deeply concerned and will not vote for anyone looking like they will pacify or shy away from conflict in defending democracy. Johan
If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing. Christopher Luxon needs to reassure his voters that he stands for a democratic New Zealand – one person one vote. Stop sitting on the fence and come out and stand for what most New Zealanders believe National stands for. Sylvia
They need to stand up and be counted as a party for all nzders and not just Maori Gary
Disappointed in National and Christopher Luxon’s lack of defending our democracy. We need a strong leader in National to make NZ, once again a country to be proud and one for all people of all races. Robina
As an opposition Party the National Party have never had such a great opportunity to take Labour to task on any number of issues, however sadly it is not happening. Alister
Concentrate on what is most important. Stop trying to fix Labour errors but improve on their own values. Sharron
they are weak, they also support mandates Neil
They are a pack of cowardly useless no-hopers. David
They tend to agree with and follow too much of Labours policy. They are the new Labour but with a slight twist. Frank 
National have never defended NZ democracy, since the days of Kieth Holyoake.. Key. and Luxon are the same breed, WALL ST… AND WEF/NWO/UN !! David
No it isn’t! Luxton needs to cystalise his policies, grow a spine, and begin to express the beliefs of the right. At the moment he appears to be unconvinced of which side he is on – just another pinko-politician. groping for direction. Ron
” A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” and there are way too many weak links in the National opposition. If Luxon is the “anchor” he is not even holding the ship steady in the relative calm of the time. As far as selection of candidates goes they have a shocking record. They couldn’t even pick their noses. What a sorry record it has been for them with half baked show ponies. They have had my vote at almost every election because I am a slow learner. Act or the mickey mouse party this time. The country is stuffed! Bruce
National need to be much more vocal against this Maori supremacy. The minority trying to control the majority always ends in tears Sharyn
We need a party that will reinforce education law, look at the rights of the community, one drug dealer destroys more lives than a murderer,we need to establish we are all new zealanders we all belong to families,we all have ancestors that came here orwe are recent arrivals all should have the same rights and opportunities Philippe
The Nats need real backbone and courageous leadership. Michael
Hurray for ACT Rodney
Wake up, Harold
Hey don’t panic, as mentioned Nats keeping their powder dry, stay with them even if just to get rid of the current lot. Act will need them because of their lack of experience. Owen
Christopher Luxon needs to step up the anti against these race based policies which are being pushed through by Labour. Don’t worry about the racist rhetoric being pushed by the likes of Willie Jackson and his cohorts. Lawrie
They have lost my vote Deb
There can be no room for fence sitters which is where national is at present over these issues. Peter
Useless Opposition Sheena
Grow a set Mr LUXON .You could be Priminister but your making hard work of it. Pretty simple,shout from the roof tops,”No Co governance on any level,all legislation associated with it will be repealed.” Alan
I would like to see National and Act making a joint statement showing a common understanding off democracy and the need to remove race from all law. Alastair
I’ve been waiting for National to step up and clarify their position on THE most important issue facing NZ today…DEMOCRACY. If they don’t my vote will go to ACT Keith
Sadly, National have failed to confront Labour’s racist policies and as a long time National voter I am disappointed that they have not had the courage to openly state their opposition to what is being forced upon us and radically changing NZ society. Act will be getting my vote unless National pull finger and come up with some strong policies that will put NZ back on the right track . John
They definitely need to do more and be more vocal Al 
Christopher Luxon and the National Party MUST start making the point that they will STAND for DEMOCRACY and ALL that goes with it ! It’s no good waiting until a matter of weeks out from the General Election to tell people that he is going to do this and do that. He MUST DO IT NOW! I have been a National Supporter for many years, and now I feel less secure with this guy in charge. This country cannot afford to have Jacinda Ardern or Labour, for that matter in Government ever again, so it is very important that he makes his policies known now; and end all this current bullying of the people of this country by the Labour Government. He HAS to let us know where he stands as regards Democracy, He Puapua, 3 Waters, Tribalism, Treaty, Health v Maori Health Authority, Apartheid and a multitude of other stupid decisions by the current Government. Or we are lost. But he must also remember, that any promises made, we, the people will hold him to account, because after what we are going through at the moment, the people will not stand for anything less that his promises being kept. Heather
Luxon is a jacinda clone thru and thru alan
Very little comment from National. Should be a leading matter. Trevor
Labour Lite Robin
The Nats seem to be compliant with Ardern’s agenda & the public can see this by their lack of action which may be detrimental at the 2023 Elections playing right into Labour’s hands…! Bruza
Useless opposition Sheena
National is being swamped by ACT’s attention to this. Allan
The National party at present seem very reluctant to attack the Government over this issue and as a National Party member I am upset over this reluctance to do so. It is time for them to start making Telling the voters what they truly feel about this issue. David
the problem is the controlling banks mike
I am worried that the opposition is not taking a stand and rejecting any form of co governance. The opposition needs to decide which side of the fence it stands on otherwise the voters will reject them at the ballet box Terry
Luxson needs to front up or quit Bill
It seems National are playing the same old tired political game we have seen for decades. Where is the party that will promote clear economic and social policy, that will champion true democracy , and stop following the world elites’ dreadful totalitarian policies that threaten our way of life. Bryan
Luxon needs to grow a pair and come out and state emphatically that a National/Act Government will rescind any race based legislation that Ardern and her Cabal have introduced. In fact I would prefer it if he stated that they would rescind any of the legislation that has been passed during Ardern’s time in Government. We should get rid of the stain of this evil regime for ever. Allan
They need to “pull finger” Pam
I’ve yet to hear or read the policies that ALL NZers are concerned about. National need to get out amongst the masses and read the public mood as ACT have so clearly articulated. That’s why my vote is with David Seymour. Tony
No no no. I think Luxon is too busy trying to be a John Key clone and not stand up against anything. Needs to grow som b__lls and make a stand on issues and not be poll driven like Cindy Laurie
The meaning and wording of the treaty, plus the various legal interpretations must now be clearly stated, and stressed that it in no way means what this scurrilous mob is interpreting. T.o.W settlements have been made, it is up to Maori to make those settlements ( billions of $) work for them, and to accept responsibility for the citizenship given under the T o W. , in the same way that the majority of NEW ZEALANDERS do. Peter
So stupid! Alan
Can only hope that National can see the crime that comrade J is up to. David
All political party’s suck! Get rid of the lot. Russ
Look at Luxtons record with air nz. the guy is totally woke.e.g he is learning Maori George
Luxon is weak. John
The Three Waters piece of Legislation is the worst anti democratic action I have observed in my 78 years living in New Zealand. Brian
Mr Luzon needs to standup and forcefully oppose this co government crazy idea or he no longer has our vote. Heather
Their two worried about upsetting our brown brothers Harold
We need strong democratic leadership for all New Zealanders, not dictatorship and tribal law. Andrina
I feel national is pussy footing about, too afraid of rocking the racists boat. Need to come out and be very clear about democracy as it has been, 1 person 1 vote. Heather
We need change to a strong government not a bunch of whimps. The next election is National’s to win or lose depending on leadership. Gay
National needs to be clear and state our democracy MUST be defended and strengthened. Labour and Ardern are taking us down a dark path. Robert
They could do a lot more to reign this bunch of arsehole in eric
National are more interested in the Treasury benches than a democratic New Zealand. Their leadership and MPs lack a grand and noble purpose and presently lack the capability and capacity to do right by NZ citizens. Michael
Agree with you 100%, it is their ticket to success in the next election if they follow your advice. Louise
The article says it all. The Nat leader is a disappointing whimp and needs to get the guts to come off the fence and tackle the issues. Since Brash, no Nat vote for me. Graeme
I am growingly angry at Luxon’s lack of political nous. Time to grow a backbone and stand for something, or stand aside and let David Seymour take the high ground Jeremy
Not at all. It is trying to keep on safe ground when we need a more aggressive attack on all fronts. Come on National, lead the charge!!!!! Marilyn
It has to step up on this issue rapidly before the next election David
National should be far more aggressive in opposing this Maori takeover Gareth
They need to get very assertive on all fronts and take the majority with them over the next 12 months Richard
National must stop waiting until they see what way the wind is blowing. They must instead, show true leadership. Peter
Thank goodness for ACT. Luxon needs to be as strong as Seymour!! Work together!! Sandra
National needs to get it’s s…t together and grow a backbone. Otherwise we’ll soon be like Zimbabwe . . . . God help us! Alan
National needs to be more vocal in support of true democracy in New Zealand before it is too late and we lose our democracy. Gifford
Looks like ACT will get my vote in the next election unless National steps up. Brian
Nats are just ted fressed in blue..luxon is spineless. Barbara
I have felt for some time that National has been avoiding the question of co-governance. It is time they made their stance clear on this. I have heard some committed National supporters say that they are considering voting for ACT for this very reason. At least David Seymour is very clear about ACT’s intentions. Where do National and Mr Luxon stand on this issue? They say they will repeal 3 Waters, but there are so many other co-governance issues that this govt has put in place, to be repealed. Please National, tell us! Mary
It’s time to drop all of these non hacker Parties that only pretend to advocate anything and certainly do not challenge the Ardern Government’s Narrative. Unite the Groups, let’s do this !! geoff
Only Act has enough guts to fight for us re co government labour rubbish and 3 waters garbage. Thank you ACT. Ian
The nation is being attacked from within. National must stand up and fight it. Firstly – ALL racist laws and regulations must go. Doug
Luxon has to stop sitting on the fence and reject co-government policies and the intended implementation of He Puapua. Laurence
Still to many members of the Key government in the national cacuss Hugh
National are pussy-footing around the issue instead of firmly rejecting and they have at this stage lost my party vote because of it! Ron
Luxon is very wishy washy & no moral fibre to stand up & fight for what is happening to our democracy. The NZ media need to be held to account also for there collusion with Labour & suppression of any dissent as to what is happening. Warren
No, National needs to take a stand against Labour’s co-governance madness. How are you going to feel when you get your first big water bill from the `reformed’ 3 Iwi Waters? Equality should be the message. We are one – hard to call that racist but of course they will. Chris
The National Party will loose my vote if they don’t step up and defend New Zealand’s democracy and values. Act is then my choice. Ken
A declaration of one vote for one person, eradication of race based legislation is required by National, NOW Stan
National need to ramp it up. Mark
They need to go so far as to challenge Jacinda legally for not telling NZ of her co governance plans before last election. JC
I cannot believe the wimpish behaviour displayed by Luxon and his cohorts in not decrying the outrageous dismantling of our democracy but also not speaking out at every opportunity. We need a new stronger leader for National and until that happens we must place our faith in David Seymour who is the bravest and honest politician in N Z today. David you will have my total support going forward and I’m a 45 year Nat party member and supporter WTF Luxon this is not AirNZ this is our country and our children’s future. Get a life and resign and let a stronger leader take the reins. Please God let ACT get the majority of the votes so the changes that have occurred can be overturned and the country can once again be a shining light in the democratic world. Lindsay
Luxon is weak on everything Labour stands for. He is a disappointment and under his leadership National will lose unless he develops some backbone and stands up and speaks out for democracy. Murray
It’s about time the tired old hasbeen parties moved on and let some new life and ideas run the government, after many years listening to parliament, David Seymour has been the only one talking any sense, GO well ACT Athol
National needs to take a firmer stance. Tip toeing is not gaining any favour with anyone. The left continue to deny and the right are not impressed. Grow up National and show some difference from Labour!!! Peter
In fact they have been disappointingly silent on the issue when it’s probably the most serious and urgent issue NZ has faced, ever! Brenda
Very disappointed in Luxon. When will he begin to be & act as an effective opposition?? He gives me no confidence that he is able to take the reins & lead NZ. . Evelyn
not as obviously as needed Janya
Before I vote for any party, I will need to see an ambition to distance NZ from the United Nations. That terrible, awful organisation is the biggest threat to our way of life. Martyn
National need to step up immediately and act for NZ citizens of all walks of life to live in a democratic country not the racially divided state. If National miss this election, all will be Lost Lorraine
They need to be more vocal and challenge Labour regarding the destruction of democracy James
I am disappointed with Nationals stance. I have sent emails to all National Mps asking them to take a stronger line. Everyone needs to inundate their email boxes telling them this Bev
National should speak out, loud and clear, that there is no partnership between Maori and the crown. Three waters should NOT happen, and all people on any council, should have to be voted on. One electoral role. One person, one vote. Doesn’t matter what ethnicity you happen to be. Back to democracy as we used to know it. Josephine
They are speaking up about the anti-democratic moves taking place at the moment Dorothy
No they need to be stronger Ann
National has commented from time to time on these issues BUT now is the time to take the gloves off. Whether this is deliberate ploy in case of a hung parliament, and the possibility of needing support from a minor party – who knows. Chris
National seem to frightened to stand up and say it how it is! ACT are more direct and not afraid to take Labour to task. David
It is unbelievable how our present opposition party are just letting Labour get away with absolute mayhem in these most important national interests! Come on National for gods sake represent us!!! Ron
National are missing in action! Such a flip flop leader to boot! Gwenda
National are weak-kneed and gutless by not promoting a free and fair New Zealand. It is obvious that they do not want to make a stand or take a position so as not to lose votes. Leslie
The Nats must declare that they won%u2019t allow this Drift to go on. William
Medical freedom is essential for democracy, along with freedom of speech, both of which National have not defended against labours forced mandates, massive censorship of doctors & scientists who question the govt narrative, & a bought out media who spin the story to labours narrative. National needs to look at real world data & the adverse effects from covid-19 vaccines including deaths & defend New Zealanders health & freedoms Caroline
Initially I saw Luxon as a breath of fresh air and the long awaited defender of our democracy – sadly he is proving to be no more than a puff of hot air. I try to convince myself that he is keeping his powder dry for the election battle next year however this is undoubtedly wishful thinking on my part. Sadly he is fast becoming a woke joke and seems oblivious to what is happening to New Zealand and how New Zealanders actually feel. Worse still, his total lack of response in defence of our democracy and our way of life suggests he must actually condone and support the policies being implemented by the Ardern regime. If so, shame on him and the National party. Kevin
Try HARDER !!! Keith
National Are simps and gutless, they are scared alan
Luxon is very weak as opposition, don%u2019t even think he really understands NZers aspirations for our democracy..He has links to the WEF which is not good, and he thinks highly of Bill Gates  Linda
Come on National why are you not being stronger like David Seymour? Or do you have a hidden agenda? We’ll forgive you All past discretions if you act NOW before it’s too late!!!! Cath
Mr Luxon needs to sharpen his act and draw a further line in the sand.Not to do so will only see a further decline in support for him. There is no place for race based decision making now or ever. The press should also grow up and accept they too have a major responsibility in this matter.What a pathetic bunch they have become. gale
Goodfellow has made it his mission to stuff the party full of mediocrities. Intellectually bankrupt, scared of their own shadows. Brian
As a stalwart National voter, I am continuously frustrated at Luxon’s dithering and wishy washy responses to events and how he sabotages a lot of what he says by backtracking or recinding what he has said. Yet behind the scenes there is some really solid policy work in preparation. But public perception is crucial and unless Luxon can up his game and get the party’s message across with clear confidence, National will never be seen to be trusted -and I will vote for a different party for the first time in my life. Mary
The alternative to democracy is an apartheid state based on race. This is what we have already rejected. We must therefore continue to do so. Alain
National’s gutless response to this Apartheid agenda being pursued in broad daylight is as you correctly state the reason for the pathetic poll results. All other major problems NZ faces are insignificant by comparison to this co- governance Treaty nonsense. It has to be stopped right now. National and ACT must mount a joint effort to attack this travesty being forced on us which will destroy our country as we know it. Ian
I think National needs to be addressing the co-governance issue as loudly as Act does. pam
Nowhere near enough. They need to make categoric statements on all the major issues affecting democracy with promises to reverse what labour have done & are doing. Philip
National although saying they oppose 3 waters are not bold enough on other co governance stances and this was a missed opportunity by Christopher at the recent National Conference. I only hope Luxon gets tough on what National really stands for otherwise I suspect it will be a close election glenn
National must speak up and spell it out. One person one vote. No exceptions Norm
They’re skirting around it and not even using the word Maori at all. People have been waiting for something and it hasn’t happened yet. Andrew
National is not making a stand for democracy at all Anon
Luxon may be a business wizz – but needs to be more forceful in defending our democracy. Aub
Seems that David Seymour is the only one to make firm comment on the issue of voting equality Mike
Come on Luxon Step up. You can do much better Robert
they need to do more, its time Ron
pussies Ian
No the red/blue nats the other wing of the UN socialist agenda, they have capitulated in the last few years, say from Muldooms time, and just another socialist party. Forget National forget ACT forget the Maori party, and def forget the greens and the reds, we need to storm the bastille… wayne
ACT Party is pursuing a much more effective opposition to the Labour Govt unlawful initiatives. Peter
Luxon is lacking in the leadership qualities needed for his position in the National Party. He lacks decisiveness. Sincerity. And the ability. To control the situation during an interview. Sadly there appears to be no one in the National party that has the charisma magnetism or forthrightness required of a national/international leader. Rod
Any comments from this article should be sent to Luxon so he can start to understand the strength of feeling about his indecisive attitude to may subjects that this Labour Party has forced onto us. He must speak out. Laura
LUXON is being too soft and too PC. For goodness sake show some GUTS Mate and show us that you do have some balls. Lead us OUT of all this crap.  Brian
They really need to pull their heads out of their arses and start like an opposition party, not a bunch of over paid school boys Tom
Is National doing ANYTHING worthwhile to defend our democracy & values against Labour’s attacks?! Elizabeth
Spineless Patrick
They appear to be supporting the Labour attempt to break us and the economy. Certainly Luxon has done and said nothing to inspire confidence. Krissy
No. they are too gutless and brainless. Ian
Grow some Luxon Ed
They are just another labour Colin
Sick and tired of them sitting on the fence . They have no backbone and aren’t acting in the best interest of New Zealanders who believe in defending our democracy. Step up National Raewyn
Luxon is too woke David
National is a centrist party without fundamental principles underpinning its policy development. It will sit in the middle of any debate and if the political shifts to a fascist / racist agenda, so will it be tolerant of that. It is up to ACT and NZ First to bend national away from those dangerous principles and state clearly the fundamental principles of liberalism Mark
Key started the separatist campaign, Ardern’s gone ballistic with it and Luxon looks like he’s quite happy to keep it going. Fiona
Labour and National are one and the same. Get rid of them all. nancy
Much more attack needed from National to defend our democracy David
They need to come out and state their opposition clearly. William
They are an absolute disgrace. What cowards they are! I think Luxon is in league with the WEF. He is known to be friendly with the likes of Bill Gates and Obama, and how do we know what his motives really are. He is one of the elite himself, it’s pretty clear he does not care one iota about the ordinary Kiwi. Rosemary
Definitely not !!! I thought John Luxon would issue strong words stating exactly what National would do to rectify the current leftist and other agendas as proposed by this dreadful Government. He must be strong and state we ARE going to rid NZ of three waters, co Governance and all the other crap being proposed. If he doesn’t he will have trouble getting rid of this Government and taking over as leader. Alan
Luxon needs to take a stand and state some tough intentions.Too passive Act like a leader and get some Balls. Take a leaf out of the Act book.I’m beginning to despair at his wokeness! Ross
It seems to me that National MPs are our only hope of halting this slide away from democracy – how can I make them start acting like an Opposition? Robin
Like tits on a bull. Useless Bill
National are a failed political party. It is clear their values of one person one vote are not front and centre as it should be. We have waited and waited for National/Luxon to stand up for Democracy each time he has a microphone from of him. This coup is the single most important issue in New Zealands history. Luxon clearly does not understand that we kiwis are feeling the affect of this racist Govt. daily. Bravo David Seymour. The economy cannot be fixed unless we are united under one person, one vote, with removal of race/TOW. The BS of partnership must be strenuously rebuked at every opportunity until the public understands they have been lied to by omission by most politician’s. over the last 30 years. New Zealand is a corrupt country, it will take a strong principled leader to lead us out of this without conflict. Make it short and sharp and get it done. Future social cohesion depends on it. Sam
not at all – was hoping for a positive direction from Luxton but sadly he has not taken a stance !! tony
I have been constantly emailing Luxon asking him to categorically state that there is no such thing as a “partnership” between Maori and the Crown. But he has remained silent and hasn’t answered any of my emails. It is a vote issue for me. National will only get my vote of they commit to removing all references to the treaty and treaty principals from all NZ legislation. They must come out and state that democracy is one vote per person. Kerry
National are a huge let down. I will vote ACT party to force National change to this attack on democracy. Stephen
useless Rex
Christopher Luxon needs to step up and make a stand against the Labour’s attack on democracy through co-governance, sharon
I fear for the future of New Zealand if National don’t stand up to these Maori elitist coup leaders. Laurie
Luxon definitely needs to get some guts and stop pussy footing around the subject clive
I’m starting to lose faith in National and more particularly Christopher Luxon. He has not shown much leadership when it comes to getting NZ back to a democratic country, and the National Party has not shown what it’s policies and procedures are going to be. reg
National need to pull up their socks and stand up against this divisive racist rubbish – grow some balls and I may consider voting for you again. Else I’m out. Clive
Time for our ‘boy’ Christopher to get his big boy pants on and step up to the mark. He wants to be ‘leader’ -well sonshine, Chris, it’s time to start acting one in
We need strong leadership. Someone not afraid of being principled and willing to enforce freedom of speech, freedom of choice and basic human rights Dianna
Not nearly enough. Get off your high horses and govern to the will of the people. Ray
National will collapse if the don’t speak up for the majority of people in N.Z We don’t want apartheid in any form, we don’t separatism in health, education or anything else,we do want equality and democracy! Chrid
No. I believe Luxon is largely sympathetic with Labour in its positioning of the so-called treaty at the centre of all its policies and legislation and particularly elevating Maori led by self serving activists above all other races. Labour’s policies are blatantly racist but will Luxon without Act and/or NZ First snapping at his heals change anything? I doubt it. We need a party with balls to front the election with the promise to real or negate all race-based legislation and commit the treaty back to its place in history where it belongs! Alan
Christopher Luxon appears politically weak. Tim
They haven’t got the balls Stan
They are weak in defence of our democracy for fear of not pleasing voters. Pathetic I say. Our country is falling apart and on the way rapidly to segregation. Noeline
Democracy can only be returned to NZ if National and Act can team up and present to the citizens a comprehensive agenda that will make this country reject all racial discrimination. All New Zealanders one person , one vote. Steve
National doesn’t appear to even have a stance on these issues. They appear to be supporting Labour’s direction and off no alternative! Craig
Too wishy washy max
I fear that NZ might be past the point of no return and it could end in 3rd world status Adrian
Act leader Seymour is the only voice raising the issue consistently. Terry
If the National Government get in they are likely to slash our Superannuation again. William
They need to shut down this racist power grab Ihaia
The reason this government is rushing so fast down the track towards separatism is so that it will be irreversible when a new government is installed. Can anyone see a Luxon/Willis led National party having the guts required to reverse all the co-governance legislation and re-install true democracy in New Zealand? John
Really disappointed in leader. So much pussy-footing around Clare
ACT seem to be doing the heavy lifting – it sadly lacking from national tony
If National wishes to govern after the next election it needs to speak loudly of its abhorrence of Labour’s attack on Democracy in New Zealand and Labour’s co governance stand Gregor
Get back to root principles and keep our nation as one people Doris
I wonder what would happen if everybody changed their name to something “Maori” and gave themselves an iwi of their own making. rod
the media is the issue $55M paid by govt do do snow job on opposition robin
go for the throat and stay there graeme
They are pussy footing around. Shaun
Definitely NOT Barbara
NO, National are not doing enough to defend our rapidly disappearing democracy. they have proven over many years now, that they are absolute supporters of N.W.O. / Agenda 2030. & so their desire to oppose the current administration has to be shaded at best, to fool the ignorant voting population into believing they are still the main opposition Party. Will the voters wake up in time to save us from our nations current path to destruction? Sadly I don’t think so. Most still believe Jacinda handled the Christchurch Massacre, then the Covid scam well. Both have been a disaster, with Tarrant able to purchase multiple fire-arms unchallenged, & then the Covid lock-downs having destroyed 1000’s of family businesses & the mandate ‘vaccination’ programme having given no choice to at least 15% of our Doctors & Surgeons who refused the jab to leave the industry or transfer to other countries over-seas. This is the MAIN reason for our health system to be in crises at the present time. And yet the misguided public, still believe the propaganda that our M.S.M dishes out 24hrs a day. Our only hope is that ACT stick to their guns & gain an even larger share of the vote, & even hopefully be joined by another Minor Party, which would then force National back to its founding principles. With the indoctrinated portion of the population that we have now, still clinging to the dream that National are different, then our chances of change are not great !!! A.G.R.
The need to get off the fence and come out strongly against race-based co governance and any change to the democratic principal of one man one vote Kevin
National look like a watered down version of Labour and will follow United Nations dictates and Agenda 31 policies . We need to disengage from the U.N and regain our sovereignty with our Government governing for the people of NZ, instead of purposely destroying small business and creating huge debt for Big Corporates ownership and One World Government Dictatorship . That won’ happen ! They will not dismantle Three Waters because of backlash from Maori Elite . National needs to halt all Treaty claims on the grounds of an expired Treaty. The tax free Maori Corporate elites should be investing a portion of their wealth in Maori development for their people’s needs and welfare and development . Otherwise they should be paying Tax . Colleen
We must be firm and forthright on this issue of our democracy. Chris Luxan needs to step up and spell it out, loud and clear, defend N Zs democracy, take the people with him and make our voices be heard!!! Ken
I am afraid that Luxon IS a follower and not a leader with the necessary man parts. He appears to be guarding his butt all the time with his weak answers,= WOKE. JOHN
Insufficient distinction from Labour in the democracy and values area. Also need to see more leadership on moving on from Covid. Ray
Not yet but perhaps they only need a little more time to wind up and challenge the madness. Rob
The National party has been just hipless opposition, and their leader is a weak spineless bugger, does not even protect his own opposition members. Don
They could be more forthright, as David Seymour and Winston Peters are doing, in exposing Labour’s duplicity and their attack on our democracy. Somewhat unfortunately for National, but rather fortunately for Labour, the Uffindell saga has seen both parties’ focusing on this rather than the important and pressing issues of poverty, children absent from school, inflation, etc. Laurence
In trying to appease the same dopey sheople who gave Liebour its 2020 landslide, National is attempting not to “scare the horse” when the horses need a good kick up the arse. National is Liebour-lite Philip
No, they really need to step up and come out with statements against all that Labour and the Maori party are up to. Be bold, be brave and we will be right behind you. Fraser
NO! Sadly nothing of any significance will change from National or ACT or any other party. The UN is fast driving AGENDA 2030 through LGNZ. This is where the evil is happening. They are taking over the control of the country at the local level. They are our dictators now. Search this unconventional ‘horror movie’ on the Odyssey platform: “THE UN & YOU – LOCAL ELECTIONS ENROLMENT WEEK ” where Jaspreet & Gill will walk you through it with screen grabs and commentary. Duration 1:26:56. Strap yourselves in for a big shock. Don
I’m disappointed in National’s opposition performance.I might vote for ACT instead. Douwe
It is time that National made a list of ALL the ridiculous changes that Labour has instilled into Law in this Country and state that they will nullify them ALL as soon as they are in Government!! Robbie
Absolutely not. National is trying to steal the middle ground from Labour, but is so obvious that Labour is leading us over the cliff. I can’t believe that a few maori elite actually support what is currently going on under Labour. Jan
Check out New NATION Party NZ Di
National need to get real and tell it even more forceably than David Seymour. Do they think it’s racist to tell it as it is? Carl
Mr Luxton seems to be following the leader on many things including Climate change, education both Primary and Tertiary, the proposed changes and reorganisation of the medical structure. Foor a party that had as one of its mandates – the removal of maori based seats in parliament; and seemingly support for Local Government which gives two votes to those claiming Maori as their heritage . line. The Party needs to pledge the removal of all racial considerations from all regulations and statutes. There seems to be little difference between Labour and National policies Michael
Luxon needs to step up. He will be surprised when he does. I think this is gathering momentum, but National needs to be clear because they have a habit of not doing anything when they come to power. Martyn
National is weak time that they stepped up other wise this country will continue to be ruled with no democracy. Ann
National will receive greater support if they are more definitive regarding repealing any of Labours policies that create racist division when they become the government Graeme
Yes and no. National it seems are keeping their powder dry. Labour would not be trying to push this co governance reform through parliament before the next election, it would be political suicide for labour, however National I%u2019m sure will start making noise election year. Owen
Remember it was National who passed the Foreshore and Seabed legislation and signed up to the Declaration about rights of indigenous people. Trevor
The treaty was, in effect, a one trick pony. It was set up to bring Maori, under British Law…. To do that Maori had to become British Subjects….Subject to the rule of a Parliamentary Government…. This government (in the UK) has evolved into the Government we have in NZ. For this labour government to attempt this massive change with out putting it to the People is tantamount to abandoning our forms of Government, our law and order. Lionel
National is as weak as water. Voted for them in the several times in the past as a swing voter, but not again. May have to be Act. barry
National must more strongly state their objection to and intent to reverse all Labour race based legislation and policies. Colin
National is shooting itself in the foot AGAIN. They have to stand up for democracy or roll over and let Act do the job. John
Save new zeal and from apartheid John
Very disappointed with National on a number of issues needed to fight Labour/Greens. NEIL
National has gone from a Centre Right Party to an almost Centre Left. Luxon had better get his place on the spectrum decided upon and then acted out really quickly if he wants to be in Government next year. Rosie
They need to front up and take the govt to task and ask the hard questions. The media also need to stop taking govt bribes Allan
I have said ‘Yes’ but it is a tentative Yes. I was at their conference last weekend and they said that they would repeal the Maori Health Authority and 3 Waters – which they have stated publicly. They reject co-governance, however they need to state this more forcefully and explicitly and i fear that they are not doing this – perhaps because they also want to contest the Maori Seats. Brenton
National are no opposition they are the compliant party. Act at least is making some effort. Denis
National needs to get back to its roots by brushing the dust off the Party Founding Principles, laid out by Sid Holland, Party Founder, back in 1936 and putting them into action. Until they do, they will continue to be about as much use as an extra blowfly in terms of bringing about any worthwhile change to the parlous state we now find ourselves in, as a nation. Scott
National have to grow some balls when it comes to the Treaty, Waitangi Tribunal to be disbanded within 12 months. Notice to voters that any actions forced on them that are not in the countrys interest93 waters etc) will be repealed, tell us how much this would cost the country if Labour got this through before the next election. In other words be firm but upfront. The voters that wouldn’t vote for them because of this won’t be voting for them anyway, they would almost certainly gain on this. Jeff
No.. I have heard they are against co governance with government departments, however co governance needs to be removed from local politics as well. I am afraid National are talking themselves into losing many supporters with their antics. The ACT party are on the right track to enlist many voters as people are now realizing that David Seymour is not a flake but has got his head screwed on and is talking very good sense. Dennis
We need a political party to actually do what the majority of voters (i.e. mature adults) want for New Zealand…abolish the Treaty (it has no place in modern New Zealand) and all race based politics, spending and education> Gerard
National needs quickly to get it’s Act together, otherwise more of the population will be voting for Act Party. The country needs to get back to DEMOCRACY not Racial discrimination!!! Roy
Piss poor opposition Neil
For goodness sake Luxon get on with it we are hemorrhaging our democratic rights for all NZers Take a leaf from Act he’s commenting on the things you should be clearly without getting himself in a muddle of racism etc Lorraine
Their silence is deafening Andrew
They are not putting out a strong voice. John
Words like “weak-kneed” and “lily-livered” come to mind. Jacky
As per the newsletter, unless National takes a stand one way or the other so voters know there position nothing will change. Luxon might be afraid to ruffle feathers but it would be better to be open about his position and upset some than to tip toe around on egg shells and lose even more support. Gary
Luxon and the nats are to scared to take on either labour or its hangers on, they are a shameful lot. Sven
On his performance so far, Luxon is too weak for the job. Peter
Get on with ‘Opposition’ and also plan to repeal most of what this ‘Corrupt’ Govt. has pushed through. get tough on this and get NZ back where it was. Rod
Absolutely not. They need to man up and lay out which side they are on. With labours policies or totally against. Pussy footing around is not good enough. Act at least has clearly stated where they stand and good on therm! Errol
Definitely not – this co governance and climate change policies are both bs Peter
I find Luxon weak on issues. He appears to fence sit and is getting held up with contradictions all too often. i am now definitely in ACT’s camp. Anon
National needs to be proactive in defending our democracy Brian
Come on National Step up and take a stance!! Anon
This is why I, and many of my family and friends are now voting Act. Andrew
Luxon needs an iron bar inserted up alongside his backbone. When he was first elected I thought that, with his working background, we had a leader who would stand up strongly against all this dismantalling of democracy that Labour is blatantly engaging in. However his responses have been insipid to say the least. Never before has an opposition been handed so much ammunition by a governing party as what he has. Get a bloody backbone Simon.!! As a long time National voter I am now seriously considering voting ACT Richard
Do more. Get more non radical Maoris to speak up martin
They could do so much such as bring back all the doctors and nurses that are still not allowed to work because of stupid mandates and until they do things like that.  They won’t get my vote. Diane
The leader of the National party and their M P s are risking their future support as they sit on the fence regarding co governance and that is why A C T have increased their voter support. If Luxon is not careful they will lose more voters back to N Z First and come election time both A C T and N Z First will be the king makers so you will have a three way coalition. So a word to Luxon and National show some GUTS and state your position. The public at large want a clear direction regarding N Z and its future. ken
NO ! ..Not with Luxon at the helm. Useless woke effeminate ring-in. Alan
We need a Government for all people of all races and beliefs , not one working to undermine our rights as New Zealander’s by favouring one group over the rest . Wake up and represent ALL people equally. We cannot right the wrongs of 180 years ago. Stop playing the blame game to benefit one group over the rest. ell have the opportunity to be educated and to improve ourselves Alan
The real problem here is National are NO better than any one in Parliament. They have for Decades sat back and watched Labour bring Laws etc into force they they had not the balls to do. Then never actually rescinded completely that law. We need the whole Party system dumped and get Government back to Government for the people of NEW ZEALAND Kevin
We don’t want ‘Labour-lite’, we want an opposition with backbone and values that respect personal freedom and choice within a true democratic framework. Philip
National is weak, Luxon is weak! Murray
Nero fiddled while the rest slept and rome burned. same situation here. Move dont let themHoris get established: mike
Not even trying max
The National Party hierarchy seems to be asleep at the wheel, which is very concerning when one considers the appalling way the Labour Govt is currently running the country. John
Well done Muriel for calling out National’s complete lack of leadership on this issue. There is only one party doing so and deserving our vote – ACT Donald
No they are not. Exactly as you say we were hoping for more from Luxon. He will need to stop pussy footing around and stand up for our democracy. ACT have my vote at this stage David
I think David Seymour would make a better PM than Luxon. Luxon is only concerned with how he ‘looks’ not rocking the boat, perhaps PM is just one of the things to tick off his wish list. He doesn’t seem to have much substance. Julia
The Nats aren’t doing enough to defend our democracy and values, simply because the money that Labour handed out to the media as a ‘gift” has resulted in the media criticising the Nats every single day of the week, while never, ever criticising the increasing ineptitude of the Laour/Greens/Maori parties. I believe that the Governor General should be brought into the argument about the handouts of taxpayer money to the media, and those who did it, should be required to resign from parliament. John
Luxon needs to be clear and concise – New Zealanders are waiting as we need Luxon and the National party to step up and stop this rot. If National don’t come through then New Zealand as very know it will be gone and the day after the elections we will be Aotearoa!! Glenda
ACT will be the “King Maker” at the next election if National do not step up to the mark. They need to start representing the majority and not the entitled. Gary
National has been disappointing in its lack of addressing the serious questions. One wonders if it will simply be more of the same under a National banner. It does not seem to recognise the serious implications of a Socialist Prime minister and the classic pattern which we are following. Harvey
National is a clone of labour! Luxon is another lier like Ardern! Luxon has been indoctrinated by Klauss Schwab, he’s a pretender. Labour has to go! But National needs to get rid of Luxon he can’t be trusted either. Peter
They seem to intent on doing Nothing about Three Waters, Health and other devisive (racist) policies. Wake up National or you will lose another election… Carl
My vote will not be going to the National Party for this reason. ACT is where I am headed. Audrey
The members of the labour government … “must stand condemned not just for putting the future of our country in jeopardy but also for hypocrisy, duplicity, and dishonesty…%u201D So says Gary Jud QC. They will take this in their stride and continue to show nothing but contempt for the citizens of New Zealand. It will not matter one little bit to them when their pockets are heavily lined with NZ’s treasure for eternity. Vote! Vote thoughtfully! You may not have many, or even any, more opportunities to do so. TOBY
Hopefully they are waiting with ammunition till closer to the election. Ian
I don’t know where National stands on these curly issues. The National hierarchy seem obsessed with defending themselves from the “tooth Fairy’s” paid reporters, and do not get on with the job of being an opposition. I have switched my allegiance to Act who seems to have their ducks in a row. Don
To much of the tip toe around all the points Peter
No I think that Luxon is sitting on the fence too much, afraid to make a definitive statement, especially about co-governance. Because of this we don’t really know where he stands. Shape up Luxor. Laura
National WILL NOT stand up and clearly state their committed and active opposition to the “co-governance” rort, which in and of itself is a tacitly clear admission that they have NO intention to oppose it. This duplicity will cost them dearly in the polls. Expect a flood of voters to abandon National and support ACT, whom have made CLEAR their categorical opposition to co-governance – the single most important issue of our time. All National had to do was stand up and be counted, but they are terrified of being called names. Cowards don’t make good leaders. Jasmine
THEY ARE SITTING ON THE POLITICAL FENCE. They need to ‘Act” soon or the damage will have become unrepairable. Graeme
As our PM John Keys once said “Get some Guts” Bryan
They must defend our democracy (or what is left of it) more vigorously and insist on ‘one person one vote’. Graham
Luxon’s hesitancy is a problem which he seems unable grasp. Or maybe he agrees with the tribes being able to takeover. Who actually knows what he is thinking. Murray
At least ACT and NZ First have made a stand on the issue! So disappointed! Dominic
While I voted no, it is crucial that Nat does not start in on Labour to soon timing is every thing in holding Labour accountable for the looming disaster that is building before us but they do now need to start in on where Jacinda Ardern is taking NZ with the Treaty and Maori co governance, it is time to take a stance to finish the treaty process and consign it to history for good and in the first two years of a new Nat government kevin
I consider that National could do better and I hope they do Brian
High time National pushed back hard before it is too late. Ray
Simeon Brown is getting an earful on 10.00am 5th September in Howick Library. His latest “Have your say” postal questionnaire asks “what are the 3 most important areas Parliament should be focusing on right now?” There are 8 options. NOT ONE MENTION OF OUR RACIAL DIVISION. At the clubs and social outings I go to, there is talk and real concern of little else. Luxon NEVER mentions it in his weekly local newspaper column. How far removed from their electorate support do they think they can go? Seymour and Peters are the only ones with the gonades to face reality and so NO! The NZ family of 5 million has got itself a very spoiled, pampered and divisive child called Maori. Have the balls to give it some tough love to get back into the real world. Creed
National needs a swift wake up call. Audrey
John Key got us deep into this mess when he signed up to the United Nations Accord for Indigenous People and also the Foreshore and seabed. Luxon is his protegee! Laurence
One citizen, one vote. James
Luxton needs to stand up and speak about racism steve
When you don’t even get a reply from the National co leader Nicola Willis as to what their policies are regarding what Labour are ruining our country with it doesn’t leave you open to much else but vote for ACT Laurie
National under woke wet Luxon is nothing more than a hope eliminating disaster. Richard
We just cannot have a Labour Govt next time. National now needs to be vocal against Labour at every step at the moment they still appear to be weak in their approach. John
Abolish all race based policies. Establish a MERITOCRACY! Tjaart
can Luxton be trusted??? Greenslade
National some guidance from David Seymour and get courageous or you will loose my vote and others. Aaron
Very disappointed National will not take a strong unequivicol stand. Luxon needs to show some spine not sit on the fence. Gail
National needs to stand up for democracy fast. Things are going too quickly and needs to be stopped asap Christine
National needs to start kicking some ass about this problem and standing up strong to defend New Zealand and put the country back to how we were and make sure this NO GOOD Labour government and its I WANT IT tribe ( iwi ) ever get the chance to ever get back into power again, this so called government HAS NOT done anything right in its term in power, so come on National get cracking there is no time to waste, there are 85% people of this country counting on you, ,so for god sake wake up and start firing the bullets before the real bullets start and blood gets spilt. COLIN
I joined National after Luxon was appointed leader but sadly he is not defending our democracy to the extent required and unless he fronts up in the coming months Act will get my votes. Murray
the leadership needs to grow some balls. Fritz
They must come out and and very clearly state Maori do NOT have sovereignity and as a democracy New Zealand will always be one person one vote. Elizabeth
National needs to end the funding of the fourth estate, repeal all Labours legislation that refers to co governance and the treaty penny
So disappointed in Mr Luxon though he might stand up to Jacinda but hard to distinguish between the two of them both appear on the same wave link national has got to have some one to squash this Maori carry on or we are sunk russell
Instead of political leadership, the policy presented at the recent National Party conference at best revealed pathetic followership! At least the Labour Party has principles, as wrong and as obsfucated as they may be. Colin
They are a disgrace. The rot set in under John Key. They need to get out of “center” and back over to the “right” ASAP. neil
National must take a strong stand and defend what our brave soldiers fought in to wars to defend yrue democracy not co governance with tribal elite who will line their pockets at the disadvantage to everyone who are not their own Iwi. Bryan
HELL NOOOOOOOOOO, in my opinion National is equally as farked up at Labour Anon
National lack the fortitude — and are showing to be ‘subject to polls’ rather than make a stance and direction — Just ‘Drifting in the political Winds’ john
Luxon is showing his lack of experience in politics. He ran Air NZ in New Zealand where it has no or little opposition. He is no used to standing up to strong opposition. It shows. peter
Not getting out there like Act Gordon
national need to show much more steel other wise they may struggle in 2023 Stewart
Luxon is a disaster. The number one political issue in NZ right now is the destruction of democracy by the government. If Luxon hasn’t recognised this, and he shows no evidence of having done so, then he becomes an ally of Jacinda. And yet another nail in the coffin for NZ. Mike
weak kneed and often show no difference to Aderns government kingsley
I can’t say that I’ve heard much about it either way in the “news”. National needs a strong policy to combat Labour’s attack on democracy. And a vocal forceful leader. Sorry, Chris Luxon, you’re not it. Sheilaa
A party that does not want to offend anyone so they take the non committal approach. IDO
Luxon is a wet bus ticket. Remember his hiding behind a curtain peering out at the protestors instead of engaging with them? Chris Bishop seems too be the only one in National with balls. Jenny
National have actively supported draconian mandates and “woke” ideology alongside embracing the UN and WEF agendas. They are simply the other side of the coin. Andrew
They are looking weak and just an extension of Labour. This must change. Kevin
National needs to totally remove all legislation that refers to race and accept that the Treaty of Waitangi is not relevant document in our modern complex era. lou
Very timely reminder to National to get rid of the 7 Maori sets as has been promised to us under MMP. John
A disturbing number of National MPs, including their leader, appear to have joined the wrong political party. They belong in Labour, while Labour has become the Maori Party. National under Luxon and Willis is utterly spineless, wet and woke. Fat chance of them taking a stand for democracy. Wouldn’t waste my vote on them. Wendy
Where is there a party that is “for the people ——- by the people . That is ALL people together in NEW ZEALAND. WARWICK
Luxon needs to grow some balls and tell New Zealand that ALL this co-governance bullshit will not be happening under a National led Government. If he wants to learn to speak Maori (which he does), that his problem, but don’t ram any of it down my throat. He also needs to BAN all gangs, turn our prisons into “prisons” not motels, and work in the interests of all law abiding decent citizens. Des
National needs to front up! Kevin
National appear to be sleep walking to what is going around in this country. Unless National wake up soon the future of this country, going forward, will be in the hands of this communist/racial group currently in charge this country. Tom
Sadly the Labour Party and particularly Jacinda Ardern is proving to be a complete disaster for New Zealand. Lets also drop the Aotearoa nonsense. Ernest
Luxon is trying the mr.nice guy line.Nice guys get washed away in the rain bill
It’s time they spoke out strongly or they will lose countless votes Janne
They need to get off their ass any make a commitment to the people of NZ.about democracy and one person one vote. William
Luxon a woke idiot and must go Norm
So disappointed in Mr. Luxon. He should be having a field day with all the terrible things the PM is doing to our once wonderful country. Held up as a great democracy and multi cultural nation to the World and she is dismantling all of it. Stand up and be counted National Claire
National need to be more outspoken about how they intend to deal with the treaty ‘partnership’ issue. Will they repeal all the race based laws implemented while Labour has had the floor? Or is NZ going to be continually hamstrung by race based law making? National need to say so that the voters can vote accordingly. Alice
I have to sale I’m losing hope for Chris Luxon. He may not be the leader we had all hoped for. I know it’s early days but he needs to step up now DAVID
If national don’t step up to the plate and protect the democracy they were elected under my vote goes to act. I have voted national for 50 plus years.they owe it us as a nation Warren 
Get a new leader National. Investigate Christopher Luxon and his ties to Klaus Schwaab and Wef. Just like Jacinda? Kath
Most definitely not they nead to buck there ideas up & take their heads out of the sand Geoff
The Nats lack spine and Luxon appears to embrace all things maori hence the soft approach. Standing National candidates in the maori electorates I would guess came from him. Martin
No, traditionally National has even played along instead of listening to the public. This is why many years ago I stopped voting for National and changed to ACT, The only way to get change is to vote ACT. Scott
A major issue in which party gets into government. Peter
We need to see some real leadership Kevin
National must come out against the racist. Chuck
National needs to toughen up and start acting like the ‘opposition’ instead of giving Labour such a free ride to run rampant over the country. Faye
National are too weak to make a strong stand on this issue and it will cost them dearly if they don’t Alastair
No = they are being pathetic !! judith
Luxon, get some balls!! Steve
Absolutely not, it’s time National fronted up and showed NZ the way forward to defend our democracy Ann
Labour is walking all over National who are like deer stuck in the headlights waiting to be run over. National is a disappointment under Luxon. He needs to be decisive and climb all over Ardern’s deception and lying to the NZ public. We don’t want co-governance. We don’t want Maori privilege based on race. Get the ridiculous outdated Treaty out of politics and stop referring to it as being a “partnership.” It isn’t, never was and never will be. Ardern has led NZ down a down a dark road and she needs to be voted out before she completely destroys NZ. Colin
Christopher Luxon is weak and needs to give the voters a reason to vote for National.. Disappointing. Nicola Willis needs to take the party forward. Margaretta
We need some strong leadership, get off the fence! John
They are bowing to the wrong part of the party influencers. NIck
Luxon must state clearly whether or not he will support co-governance. He must also clearly state his intention if elected PM to get rid of the Treaty of Waitangi references in all laws and regulations John
Mahuta and Co-owner Ardern can swallow Luxon whole. Kevin
National are ‘pussyfooting’ around and need to state decisively that we are one nation, one people and those people should have one vote as has been the case for decades. Parties need to be honest about what they stand for and not have hidden agendas, announced after they win an election. Maybe we should get rid of our top heavy government numbers and ditch MMP and go back to FPP, with every member being accountable to voters. Cecilie
National leader has ruled out co-governance for ‘services’ but what is needed is a rejection of the ‘partnership’ under the Treaty which is entirely constructed and false. Also the renaming of almost everything with te Reo which is not understood. June
Luxon is the problem. A s a former CEO his mentality would have been trained and groomed to appeal to everybody so as to not upset anyone. Unfortunately that doesn’t work in politics. Hopefully National should win the election to remove the evil tyranny planned by Ardern but Luxon needs to grow a set and fast. Ken
Luxton worse than adern Donald
Luxon must stand up show back bone and oppose the Labour policies on co-governance. Terry
Lack Lustre Luxon is Nationals handbrake and their zero emissions policy is as unfavourable as the co-governance debacle. Luxon is arrogant enough to believe he can slide into power. Helen
Not doing nearly enough. Iain
Talk about a Wet Blanket !! Neville
National need to stand up and promote 1 vote for all and remove co governance and the Treaty. Please keep hassling National, Maori and Labour. I am Maori, hard working and want all Kiwis to have the same opportunities and equal rights. Thanks for your hard work Muriel. Dave
It is not too late to sack Luxon – but who? Eileen
National needs to show that it seriously defends NZ’s democracy, instead of weak manoevering to improve their electoral prospects. Bruce
National have to strengthen their seslve Keith
Not even close. They have left it to ACT. Tony
National needs to openly oppose these Labour/Greens/Maori Party intentions and continually be talking about “one person, one vote” with no exceptions. It’s called DEMOCRACY for all. The Treaty is outdated and co-governance was never the original intention as many Maori believe. Marg
Luxon is gaining ground slowly and is starting to show a statesman like image but has a long way to go!! David
National lacks any principles apart from the desire to be the govt and collect all the money that they can get by being so. They will not rock the boat at all. james
Hopefully National is keeping its gunpowder dry,but if it keeps trying to sidestep the issue it will continue to lose support. Geoff
Not anywhere near, the reverse in fact. We can have no confidence that they would be any different from labour if they were in government danny
No not at all. I dont feel that Luxon is the man to take NZ forward, he appears far too soft for my taste and he buys into small time issues and ignores the big picture. We only have one chance to stop Cindy and her bunch from taking us down a path of no return. So in saying this next years election is our last chance, Please Luxon dont blow this. Joseph
They appear too afraid to put their head up in case it gets blown off. Not a way to prove you can govern, Luxon.. 🙁 FloJo
One might respect some caution re wading into such a political quagmire but Luxon has now had enough time to understand the matter and to take a principled stand. John
plus it’s getting too late to take a stance. mike
Cant win the fight if you don’t come out of your corner. Fred
Totally disappointed in Nationals performance. Act is performing much more strongly as an opposition. Muldoon must be rolling his eyes in distress. He was great in opposition. Ron
Being an effective opposition to Labour’s myriad madcap policies should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. National and Luxon’s failure to present as an effective alternative to Labour is revealing a staggering lack of competence and/or ability to read public opinion. Oh dear! Tony
Chistopher Luxon is sitting on the fence over the co governance issue. He has stated National will honour the Treaty. Does that mean as it is written or as it has been misinterpreted. That is the burning question and this is what people want to know. The trouble is people mistrust politicians who are not open with their replies and this is a classic case of just that. If Luxon would state his position the polls will give a fair indication as to what the people think. Robert
As a long-time National voter I’m disgusted by their lack of action against the ongoing attacks on our democracy. I had to vote Act last time and can’t really see that changing in a hurry. Dave
New Zealanders are crying out for a real LEADER, a leader to give new Zealand a common sense direction utilizing natural energy – abundant water hydro electricity, clean natural gas, ‘clean coal – massively utilized by progressive India, China etc. natural natures recyclable hydrocarbons – oil – and ‘clean’ and ‘free’ geothermal energy. Climate change been happening for millions of years – naturally !!!!!!! Where is our LEADER? Stuart
If a Labour Government enact ten horrible pieces of legislation, National will argue vigorously against eight of them, however after they gain power, they only ever repeal one or two. The difference between National and Labour is purely cosmetic. Peter
They need to come out and pledge to repeal ,this, and every other sneaky law that has been changed under stealth Don
They are Labour in blue suits Peter
But you would never know this from only reading the MSM and the Union newsletters. We have, as a country, long lost the journalistic capacity for accurate reporting. Bob
Nats are on the right side – need to be far more ‘positive’ and less wary !! Michael
if national don’t harden up,and stand up against this co governance, this country of new Zealand is in dire straights,i think Luxon is a pussy,and needs to stand his ground,im glad winston is moving up in the polls again, and seymour,hes not afraid to speak his mind,though all comes down to voting day and if people don’t wake up to the brain washing that’s going on I’m not feeling very hopeful rodger
If only luxon took notice of the vast number of people who want this racist stuff gone. But I hold little hope. antoni
It is early days yet. It is a little way yet to the elections and one would hope National will be working towards solving these disrupting issues. Robert
not even 10% enough, tweedle dee or tweedle dum Owen
The National partys leader is not the golden ticket they needed, they will have to get right to the guts of keeping NZ as we need it to be. As an ex Army SNCO I know the difference a strong leader makes. Barbara
At this time the National Party – and its Leader – is certainly failing to vehemently oppose the Labour Party’s dismantling of democracy in NZ – but also failing to oppose the very sad and catastrophic introduction of ‘racism’ and racist laws in this once peaceful country Hylton
Under Luxon they seem too scared to actually tell us what their policies are. I worry that all we will get if they are elected is a watered down version of Labour. Roger
Luxon absolutely needs to step up and support the democratic rights of New Zealanders and rally against the creeping apartheid lanour has set in motion , he should also never sing and boggie on TV again if he ever hopes to be thought of a leader of the nation John
I’m very sick at the moment so please forgive my mistakes. You only have to read my last week’s contribution which deals to the National party being too weak. Let’s get it straight. It’s just a gross blatant lie for anybody to say that the treaty allows for a partnership specifically between Maori signatories and the Crown and even a greater lie that it has any up front principles. We know about the Maori mythologies and it would look to be that this treaty nonsense is a continuation of these fanciful stories. If Maori really want to move out from from being at the wrong end of NZ’s demographic statistics then they might look at how our Chinese community functions and at least try to emulate a lot of the positive things that they do with the same work efforts. Garry
pitiful fence straddling Anne
grow some courage and the votes will come brett
National must go on the attack against this Labour rubbish Graeme
They are sitting on the fence. If they don’t act shortly we can kiss democracy goodbye Derek
I am more aligned with David Seymour’s way of doing things. I want leaders of parties in opposition to talk of the areas whereby NZ is experiencing a loss of democracy and equality of all people, race and creed. Sue
Only ACT is – National need to ante up and really fight against it too! John
Muzzled silence seems to be the response while the general public are clamouring for clear and definitive leadership.There is a widespread feeling of disquiet and unease over the direction the country is being taken and Act is the only party clearly articulating their response. Bernie
National and Labour – 2 cheeks of the same arse. Anyone who thinks national is going to save us is wrong. Its time for real change. Jes
Apartheid is alive and flourishing in a once democratic country brought about by the inepititude of our current leaders of the ruling party peter
The Hole Bloody lot need to grow a pair and start really standing up for Democracy Neil
National are pussyfooting around the issue Dorothy
see more of Seymour Remind National they are in opposition and NZ’s Democracy is at stake. A lot of Nat. support is heading to Act. Robin
Weak….. Labour lite Gill
Leave it to ACT David
We need to wait until National unscramble themselves and are seen fit to Govern before there will be any change. Warren
No, definitely not. Not a single word has been spoken by Luxon opposing the “Kia Ora Aotearoa” nonsensical piece of blatant social engineering, the media’s uptake of the government’s 30 pieces of silver or the sanitising of Maori history while demonizing colonial history in the school curriculum. David
National’s leader is not coming across as a strong person who will stand up for what is right. He has to start defending democracy and state that he will take the country back to one person, one vote, regardless of who you are. If he doesn’t tell the voter this soon, National will not be our next government. Chris
Extremely disappointed in National that they have not come out, all guns blazing, to protect all New Zealanders on this disgraceful attack on our democracy Adele
Weak leadership from Luxon. He needs to step up and give clarity about what he is going to do with He puapua and co governance – NOW. Discontent in the country is growing but many are leaning towards the smaller parties that won’t even figure in the final count. He is in great danger of losing an election he could so easily win if he only gave clear indications of intent. Elizabeth
Wake up Mr Luxton, we want our country back. You have the mandate to do just that. Stand up and fight, stop pussy footing! David
Absolutely not!!! National is proving to be wishy washy on just about everything. No strength in leadership so disappointing sharon
“enough”? Are they doing anything? Jack
An apparent reluctance to challenge and discredit labour’s raft of racist, anti democratic policies means National is effectively complicit in the destruction of New Zealand democracy. Kevin
Too afraid to be labelled Racist- when in fact, Luxon should send a clear message that he and the Party will strongly oppose the co-governance nonsense! Graeme
National need to grow a spine and all sing from the same song sheet. Tim
I want to hear more about the repeals National will institute when they become the Government Peter
National is just pretending these issues aren’t an issue. After all Luxon is a globalist – just like JA, so he certainly will not be repealing any of Labour’s divisive law changes. Michele
Sorry, I just can’t see Luxon being Prime Minister. They are not doing enough. Jen
Time they stood up if they want my vote Graeme
National facilitated the UNDRIP signing when they sent Pita Sharples off to sign up. National wont stand up and speak against the separatist maori seats and Apartheid in NZ. Even Winston was more clear in this. Geoff
National must become more assertive in their defense of our democracy. They owe this to their supporters who are becoming disillusioned with their lackluster performance. Ken
Nats lack leadership and direction. Frank
Its time we got New Zealand back to NZ citizens get rid of this money pit Maori have and give nothing back. K
The National needs to be indicating to New Zealand in a much stronger fashion what their goals will be when in power. Chris Luxon needs to toughen his his stance on day to day happenings in NZ under Labour. We are now living in a country where respectable Kiwi’s are living in fear of violence and harm and criminals are free to run rampant. South Africa is starting to look like a better place to live!! Tony
By not condemning the notion of partnership National is giving it tacit support. My vote is going to Act Gavin
And the glaring example is in Local Government. The notion of mana whenua has no place as a basis for seats around any Council or Council Committee table. Peter
Luxton is pathetically weak he is frightened of “losing” maori support and so won’t speak up. Anyone with a small brain can see that that is the issue to determine the outcome of the next election. Ardern’s pandering to Iwi and implementing law changes to reinforce it will destroy democracy in this country. This is political treachery with no consideration for the majority of the “shareholders” who have developed this country into a modern society. Without the efforts of European settlers maori would still be waring and canabalising each other. NZ must press on with the progress it has made. The treaty was back in 1840 and maori were given the opportunity to cease their aggression with each other and join a civilised society which has brought this country into the 20th century. They should be grateful that democracy has been their saviour else their warring lifestyle might have seen their demise. They have retained their native ” beliefs and sciences” but have not been accepting of “western democracy” believing only that the crown is their governance according to the treaty. New Zealand is balancing precariously on the issue of co-governance and Luxton won’t speak up. It is clear that National would face defeat if they don’t take a strong stance against He PuaPua. Reinforcing and promoting their stance strongly against co-governance is the key to winning the election and the voters of this country need to be advised that the National party’s manifesto is to defeat the co-governance issue soundly and ensure the democratic principals of this society. It is a strong election issue even stronger than economics and National needs to exploit it and make every voter in this country know they intend to defeat it. terrence
National need to get off the fence on co governance and everything that is linked to it. They must have a publicly announced clear strategy in relation to it Mike
They have been useless. I class them as collaborators. Luxton must go. Eric
I think most New Zealanders are totally unaware of what Jacinda is actually doing, wake up National, wake up New Zealand and smell the coffee, otherwise we will be under tribal rule Carolyn
National need to stop being Mr Nice Guy and start being a true opposition party and to loudly and visibly attack,attack,attack this current subversive lot at every opportunity so that the people of New Zealand know that there is someone fighting FOR them before all that we know to be fair and good is destroyed. Fletcher
Be a positive opposition to Labours continued destruction of our democracy. Speak out like David Seymour. Stop the rot Lloyd
Definitely NOT….. john
We don’t know what they stand for! They have made no clear statements and I fear could turn out to be “Labour light” Gordon
They have to step up and get there act together and start working a little closer with a Act Ken
They need to get on top of controversys this give the opposition advantages to push through negative legislation. Warren
Luxon has lost a lot of credibility by being too coy that he might upset the Maori vote. I personally do not trust him to lead New Zealand into the future. He seems to be a UN puppet as well. Wayne
democracy is the cornerstone governance principle of any multicultural society in todays evolving world David
Still far too soft and “touchy feely” Graham
Stand Up National against this co-governence bullshit & the Nation will back you, If not the future is very bleak non Maori & Maori alike will be enslaved until a bloody revolotion is the result. STAND UP LUXYON Nigel
As a mandated nurse, I will NEVER support a single current member of parliament. David Seymour talked about going door to door, jabbing people, Luxon has said he will refuse the DPB to mothers who do not Vax their children. Where is the right to personal bodily autonomy in those statements? Luxon is on record as supporting the WEF. I don’t trust any of them. Not one. They are puppets of the globalist agenda. Mary
They need to be more aggressive in the way that Act is. Alan
They are wet, weak and effete on this and other issues. Instead they are relying on tired old tropes around law and order and taxation. While good, these are mere peripheral issues to the destructive of New Zealand society and democracy. John
There has to be a balance. At least the Treaty gives us a chance to retain access to natural medicines Phillippa
No leadership, nor intestinal fortitude shown by Luxon, on anything. He has nothing to offer a desperate NZ Giles
Chris Luxton does not appear to be expressing any opinions whatsoever. Where is the opposition voice? Jana
Luxon needs to state what his policies will be clearly and concisely. The next election is his to lose otherwise. Mark
Luxon is just pussyfooting around the edges and saying nothing.. increasingly I see my strategy next election as being a candidate vote for National but a party vote for Act Rob
Get out there and say it like ACT. Mik
Definitely not, Luxon needs to find some mongrel in his character before it is too late or the minor parties will romp home in 2023 Jeffrey
Way too soft and not speaking up. ACT are the only ones saying it like it is. Phil
Typical national party after change of leader, bolt out the gate then slip back to the same old same old, no new ideas. Now Brownlee wants the Speakers job, Spare me., Dump him, his electorate didn’t want him neither do the public. Democracy, I don’t think Luxon knows what the word means. Steve
National has reduced itself to being only the lesser of two evils these days. Just look at these characters in charge and you know it all. People easily forget as it is demonstrated by NZ First rising in the polls again, We know only too well that is was W. Peters, who delivered us into the hands of the Marxists and Maori radicals , But at this point in time people seem to be so desperate that they consider him to be our saviour in politics. And as far as this fish and chips wrapper is concerned: This one will be shunted upstairs into cushy UN post because she has done what she was told by Klausi Schwab and friends. She was appointed to destroy New Zealand .Transferring power to Maori radicals and robbing us blind on the way is all part of the Agenda 2030 plan. It is not about empowering Maori people or such airy fairy nonsense. it is a smokescreen that’s all it is. A side show on the path to to destroy our nation , out independence, our culture , out language, our economy and our moral and ethic values. michael
Luxon stop sitting on the fence and have the guts to stand for getting rid of this devious co governance situation this country is heading into by a bunch of incompetent politicians One person one vote end of story Kevin
Almost non existent debating done by Luxon and his MPs on this matter, very disappointing. Beau
Not even close, Mr Luxton needs to get a backbone and speak his mind. maybe he is and that’s the problem. Jason
Luxon is NOT a political leader. National’s performance under him has been a travesty of what that party is supposed to stand for. Jim
Nope. Nothing but platitudes and waffle from Luxon. Mark
Need to be far more proactive and back David Seymour Tony
Luxon must stop being impassive and start speakIng out about Labour’s constant attack on our democracy if he’s going to get my vote and many others. Jacqui
Go David Seymour!! Yes, I do feel a sense of disappointment in Chris Luxon! People want to hear a resounding “NO”. on co-governance!!! Marianne
Luxon needs to start defending NZ and NOT Aoeteroa. We are one country with many cultures but all Kiwis. Jan
Luxon needs to take his lead from Seymour and Peters and stop leaning left. Mike
The Who is one of my favorite pop groups, whenever I here “Won’t Get Fooled Again” I think of Winston. Geoff.
It’s too softly, softly, seen as weak Tony
I would personally like to see some strong leadership on such issues as co govermentship and youth crime, much of which i believe is being organized by gang. lindsay
National needs to get out and immediately let New Zealanders that the treaty is no longer relevant. Also no ” co- governance. National must realise that maori are not special. Maori and people of Pacific heritage need to improve their education, get jobs and look after their health, just as most kiwi’s do. National get a backbone, strong leadership and stop the waffle. Darryl
national needs to go back to its founding principals and the ideal of Democracy Roger
Maori elite are intent on securing disproportionate political power without regard to the future of New Zealand in the real world. David
The National Party has become an ineffectual bunch of fence-sitters, trying to appease the “woke” mob by abandoning the basic principles of democracy. The only thing you can achieve by sitting on the fence is a pain in the butt. At least the ACT Party is making an attempt to fight the radicals without too much appeasement, so that appears to be the only way to go at election time for anyone who can remember what equal rights used to be. Mitch
National don’t even give the impression that they WANT to lead the country. Maybe they’re content to just sit in Oppositon and take the money. They need to come out fighting for New Zealand before our democracy is just something we used to have. Mel
National. Stop pussy-footing around and address this co governance issue NOW Dave
Ardern’s every move smack’s of her communist affiliations Bob
Turns out the National leader is a wuss and doesn’t have the balls to tackle any of this stuff Alan
They are sadly almost complicit in their silence. Never did a party have so much explosive ammunition to shoot down a party like Labour. Act is the only voice now.. Peter
we need to have a clear statement of his policy Warwick
Luxon is like all politicians.Protecting his arse and looking after his and Keys mates.Ardern never was prime minister material.Systematically destroying our country with her bloated socialist ego. Doug
But I believe that Luxon does not want to show his cards too early Rod
Luxon lost his opportunity when he turned his back on the Parliament demonstrations earlier this year. While he occupies the hotseat, National won’t be going anywhere and won’t be standing for anything. Bryce
Absolutely not!! They are afraid and pathetic at a time when so much should be being questioned by a healthy opposition – it has turned me right off National Skarlett
They tippie toe around anything to do with race and are focusing on the cost of living crises, definitely need to step up and NOW! Dave
Luxton is a spineless jellyfish who will suck up to Maori. The only party that has the balls to really challenge the Nazis is ACT. Allen
National/Luxton has best step up and start representing their voters and democracy against these racist apartheid policies. or they are headed for defeat and the political wilderness. Andrew
Luxon and National have already declared that they have “Treaty obligations” to Maori. It’s hard to come back from that. I think the National Party could be dying a slow death, as more people come to realise that they DO support special treatment for Maori, in whatever form, instead of looking at need, regardless of race. NZ is fixated by ethnicity. Every form you have to fill in asks you for yours. It’s unhealthy and breeds entitlement, as the last 5 years have demonstrated. Derek
Definitely not. C Flood
National is Labour Lite. Has been since John Key. They are terrified of undoing anything that Labour does. Look at working for families for example Mark
Politicians must be more incisive and point out what is really happening. Jacquetta
Eliminate race & Eliminate the Treaty from all our laws. Move forward as ONE of many cultures doug
Too scaredI think Sheryl
No where near enough.. wake up Guys Don
National seems to be asleep to the undemocraatic setup being imposed by Labour and they need to wake up, and show they are awake by condemning he undemocratic and racist rule of the present Labour government. ROB
It is beyond belief that National doesn’t realise that Labours maorification policy is the number one issue of concern to the great majority of New Zealanders. They are badly letting us down. Nev
Luxton and the bed wetters! mike
Hopeless. Kate
Despite saying they do not support co-governance, National seem strangely unable or unwilling to strongly oppose this. Rod
Need to be clearer on Maori health and co governance Lyn
Christopher Luxon must state very clearly the position National intends to take if elected in 2023 on the protection of Democracy in New Zealand. No if, buts or prevarication. Just a clear message to voters so we can decide the future direction of Democracy in New Zealand. Chris
Your summary sets out the issue of passive approach and its folly. We need firm commitment and agenda to stop two governance model Duncan
It is the media that’s the problem here. They are consistently misrepresenting the National party and Luxon in an attempt to remove the threat to Labour. Jaedra
Step up National. Act is leading the way Jeff
National need to stop sitting on the fence and tell New Zealand what their stance on co-governance is. Gay
Weak and lost the plot RICHard
They should follow ACT’s lead. Vic
National need a good kick up the arse to start with followed with new strong leadership that love New Zealand John
When they commit to a roll-back I’ll change my vote. Nick
If National are keeping their powder dry, I hope they don’t keep it that way till after the election. Treaty partnership and Co governance are the biggest threat to nz since the second world war. Labour’s ideology at present is betraying our country. Willy
Luxon appears to be another stooge for the New World Order, and not prepared to challenge democracy and apartheid Neil
They are tip toeing ! they need to work with ACT to be on the same counterattack page. Thomas
Fence sitters too scared to say anything Boris
Timing is important, of course, but National must nail its colours to the mast about how it will address (and reverse) the racist policies being introduced by this Labour government – and make this a consistent theme in the lead up to the 2023 general election. Graeme
I can not understand why anyone would think it is a good idea to create division between the peoples of this country based on ethnicity, unless you are one of the few thousand so called “elite” who stand to gain from such a division. If not stopped, in my opinion co-governance and all it entails will either end in civil war or more likely “white flight” and a subsequent massive reduction in the living standards of those left here. Roy
National are seemingly acquiescent to the bulk of what Labour propose. Harden up Luxon and co. Christina
They need to grow a back bone. and vow to remove all references to the treaty from all laws and legislation Miles
I cant believe that kiwis do not see what is happening and its consequences. Brian
They are weak, woke, just pathetic. Lost my vote. Bronwyn
National are not confronting the big issue of our time. Although they are overhauling He Puapua and Three Waters they seem loathe to use the word “abolish”. They don’t seem to grasp the fact thatmost of the mainstream media are not their friend and have basically become spokespeople for Labour and promoters of all things Maori. “Birds of a feather” are now flocking together” We are all starting to participate in groups we feel the most comfortable in. I see this everywhere in social media. New Zealand has become the most divided I can remember. There appears to be two groups now. Those who seek informed, independent knowledge and those who believe our so called “experts”who in turn are not carrying out their own research. National appear happy to go along with the crowd. Janine
The National Party must do more Valerie
It’s time for Luxon to get off the fence and start working as opposition. Gavin
Act is the only party doing anything in this space. David
One nation. One people. One vote. ELIEVE IT. KNOW IT. SAY IT. WRITE IT. We are all of one human race. That’s the way God created us! john
Absolutely not! Evans
Sadly I think National is on the same page as labour following the UN manifesto David
In a lot of ways Luxon comes across as a clone of Jacinda Ardern. He needs to harden up and respond assertively on matters such as the Uffindell bullying. Especially the second case which has all of the indications of being a Labour stitch up. pdm
Luxon needs to “grow a pair” and stand up for what is right, and he needs to do it NOW. Kathryn
Definitely not. The silence is deafening. John
National needs a LEADER not a wet appeasement officer Phil
The label for Luxon says it all, Te Reo Greenie. A clear direction of his and Nationals intent on democracy and co-governance needs to be stated now else he will lose any chance in the polls. Robyn
Luxon needs to go and be replaced with someone aggressive for our democracy. Simon
Luxon is exposed as being a weak leader. He is reluctant to take a position on anything until he sees which way the wind is blowing. His silence on co – governance is deafening. It is soul destroying every day to see his missed opportunities to gain leverage against Labour.. Currently my vote goes to Act unless he shows some backbone Neville
LUXON is far too soft PETER
I think National could do more, however having said that I believe people have short memories. I think that if National were to show all their cards now lots of voters will have forgotten what they said 12 months previously. In other words it’s all to do with timing. National will need to consider ramping things up and hopefully they have a plan to do so. One thing is for sure, if there is not a change of government 2023 it’s all over. Personally I think Christopher Luxon has got a huge task ahead but I do think he is the man for the job. Chris
They are weak and need to get their act together. Next years election is theirs to lose graeme
National’s old boys club has always been simply the custodian of the previous Labour government policies. Why would we expect that to change? Frank
far too wishy washy Graeme
Chris Luxon and his team have been a major disappointment. Where is their pushback? I%u2019m heading to ACT John
Needs a coordinated team attack on the Government with a leader who will lead the charge without so much ambiguity. Greg
National and Labour are two teams playing the same game, just wearing different colour shirts. Cheering for either team is cheering for that game. Greg
They are a weak and ineffectual opposition. Marion
No party in government will help us. They are all tied with the same brush, WEF agenda. Eleni
National must take a strong stand against the ‘maorification ‘ of NZ as it is becoming very divisive and will ultimately lead to an aparthied regime in this land if not nipped in the bud NOW! William
Luxon up trying to be all things to all people….he’s not running an airline now! Ken
National have to pick the ball up big time to get my vote. Matt king is speaking my language. Leonie
luxon commited feminist & te reo speaker weak limp wristed woke pathetic excuse for a leader. chris
Luxon is far too soft and is sitting on the fence. PETER
ACT will continue to be my party of choice unless there is considerable firming up of National’s published policy in this area. John
The party of the “Wet Bus Ticket” Dave
They need to be more decisive and out-spoken on all current issues. Phil
Unless National speaks up against this destructive government as David Seymour is The won’t have my vote Jan
Perhaps National is holding back until closer to the election. One can only hope. Otherwise its ACT for me! Tony
Time to get stuck in. michael
I keep looking in vain for National to front up and take a strong stand on co-governance, the obsession with co-mingling two of our official languages into a pidgin english, and the fruitless efforts to beat the world in reducing CO2 emissions. But alas, virtually nothing. I would like to vote for National and always have in the past, but I just can’t – until they step up. Alan
stop the internal bickering & get on with the jobs you’re paid for. Mike
They need to be clear and firm. This is not a time to be soft in handling such a huge issue as co-governance and the racial division it encourages. Jilleen
not even close don
Step up Luxon, all our parliamentarians should be ashamed for standing by and doing nothing Lindy
They need to state their positions strongly where they stand about Co-Governance. Joan
To be a successful politician you must be prepared to clearly state your principals. If the electorate agree with them you do well, vacillation simply demonstrates how weak your character is. Charles
I cannot believe the National Party are being so meek in their approach to out national democracy Rod
National need to lift their game if they want my vote. Peter
Their response could be described as beige. Stop listening to the marketing team and start listening to the people you claim you to represent. You should be talking up every single failure that Labour has made, and there have been plenty. You need to dig up the dirt on every single Labour MP and minister that you can. It’s no coincidence that the Uffindell story dropped 3 hours before the poll results on Monday afternoon. Kris
They should be clearer in their opposition to the various attempts at co-governance. colin
The WEF theocrats rule them and Labour, The Nats under Luxon are now co-conspirators against democracy here. Bryan
Its lack of action is…..absurd! Sharen
Hardly strong opposition. Ranald
National is frustratingly silent on these issues and what their position is. They need to expose what is happening in language that is understood by the person on the street on every media platform available to them. Paul
Labour Lite John
With such biased media it is rather hard to hear any message from National unless it’s negative. Chris
Unfortunately National is pondering to the whims of the electorate by trying to remain more central. The result is that Labour antics are less highlighted to the less informed general public who remain ignorant of the impending doom. As a major party, National has an obligation to publicly take any opposition party to task if that party is challenging our democracy or our rights. The people have a right to know so that they can make informed decisions about our future. Good on David and the ACT Party for leading the way! Winston predictably sees an opportunity and is also starting to blow hot air but cannot be trusted. The publicity will will contribute, however, where National is failing. Martin
No they are not they need to step up and make it clear why we should vote for them I don’t believe The National leader has what it takes he needs to take a page out of Acts book Peter
National is looking increasingly like the do nothing party that it had become when it was last in power, well characterised by a woke dud of a leader. ron
Can’t believe that National has no policy on co-governance etc. Graham
I say yes with some trepidation. National cannot make any firm statement of policy yet as Labour will either take any announcement as theirs or ridicule it in an effort to nullify its effect. I believe that National should announce a single major policy – the removal of any racially biased legislation from the statutes and then let the Labour people attempt to nullify the success that such an announcement will have. Ton
The consequence of co-governance is total loss of democracy forever. john
Same old rhetoric and lies from National Kevin
Labour lite weak pussyfoot leader Cluxon Greg
I emailed Christopher Luxon and David Seymour several months ago imploring them to unite in defeating what is the most corrupt Cabinet I have ever seen. David has stepped up, but Chris has been far too reticent on what is the most important issue by far. This radical Cabinet is determined to destroy New Zealand’s system of Parliamentary Democracy and has NO mandate to do so, and continues to arrogantly ignore the opinions of the majority of New Zealanders who disagree with their hard left, pro-Maori agenda. Philip
Sadly, all politicians seem to be spineless, with none willing to question Jacinda on her allegiances to Communist or globalist ideology. New Zealanders don’t know who Ardern really is. They’ve been tricked, and would be horrified to learn the truth. Aj
he can start with looking at the Neurenberg declaration and honouring this. No forced medical experiments allowed Hans
I vote for National but at the moment it is a bit like the frog in the pot of water over a burner and soon it will be too late. Adrian
Luxon is not the man for the job Allan
National need to be more decisive and stop sitting on the fence. Ted
I have been extremely disappointed by Luxon’s aversion to to take a solid stand on these issues. He is playing the vote game and keeping a foot in both camps. It will NOT do NZ any good. Steve
Can’t believe National isn’t speaking up on the issue which such a high proportion of NZers are so concerned about. One realises Chris Luxton is in a position of trying not to offend anyone at this time in a campaign, but he must come out with a definite position sooner rather than later. As a lifetime supporter of National I must confess I am becoming a little worried!! Peter
not yet ; but hopefully they will , soon . and before the next elections Roy
Allowing a racially based medical authority to be set up for one group of patients, excluding all others. Weak defence of Three Waters…. the theft of the country’s water Linda
They failed at the protest at parliament to support Matt King and N.Z. first.. they supported the bully Mallard. Stephen 
If they can’t categorically state they are for democracy and one person one vote and promise to rescind all this ethno tribilism rule, they will absolutely not have my vote Trudy
Luxton will fail in supporting our basic rights, ie one vote one person all as one in NZ clint
Come ON Luxon, show some strong leadership, don’t leave it till the last moment??!! David Seymour is looking great. I know EXACTLY where he stands. Jacque
The National Party need to stop all this Maori nonsense that’s going on slowly our English language is being eroded by everything now in Maori . They need to be firm and definitely stop this 3 waters crap otherwise the Maoris will charge us all for everything to do with water. Fed up with with all of this crap Barbara
Luxton couldn’t even defend Goldsmith’s statement that on balance having european’s bring civilisation with them to NZ was a good thing for tribalists. Wokester in Chief at the top – what else can be expected? Dick
They seem afraid or reluctant to challenge Maori race laws and advantages and have trotted out the old “go to” of having a go at beneficiaries, job seekers. This is a distraction or red herring to show Luxon as a hard man. As a red herring, its starting to get a trifle smelly and too obvious. And what about the surreptitious Red Rob & Marxist puppet Ardern. Actually surreptitious sounds a bit anti-septic for these two. I think I prefer sneaky or furtive. Up to 30% of Defence workers looking to leave public service. Must not want to be under direct command of the commies? Is there anything that this mob hasn’t broken or disaffected? Same number of good Kiwi nurses & doctors looking to leave for Aussie, not to mention firefighters as well. And Robertson, What a guy. Looking to throw Adrian Orr under the bus for letting inflation grow after his constant hectoring & badgering of the Reserve Bank, looking to compromise their raison d’etre. Who needs a Finance Minister like him in charge? See https://www.newsroom.co.nz/reserve-bank-fights-war-of-independence Terry
National under Luxton is going down the politically correct line and losing our respect and I am a National party member Geoff
Luxon has already stated he supports UNDRIP and Maori governance ! Bob
Luxton does not believe in democracy, he also wants to stop alternative perspectives to his own james
Absolutely not. National must clearly propose that they will reverse all such legislation. John
Luzon is a weak individual and is not prepared to stand up and be counted. My vote will go to ACT where the issues have been confronted and will be hopefully rescinded at the next parliament Andrew
Humpty Dumpty is scrambled. Coral
Stand up to Jacinda Stewart
It’s time National as a party and its leader took a principled stand on the fictitious treaty partnership issue Terry
National needs to be much more assertive in calling out JA’s government for all their failures, irresponsible spending and especially for riding roughshod over the democratic process with the co-governance agenda that will destroy this country politically and economically, if it allowed to be realised Heather
Stand up and shout it from the roofs!! Merv
This is a time of maximum danger for democracy as Ardern and her cohorts seek to impose an apartheid-style system on the country. It is evil and must be defeated. Given national’s record of timidity in confronting these issues when in office – and its disgraceful kowtowing to the racists of the Maori Party – it is absolutely essential that ACT achieve as strong a representation as possible in Parliament. Only then will this tyranny be truly defeated. David
Luxton is a coward. Charles
They need to harden up And stop being so woke about everything, Murray
Not even close. They have no principles and no guts to carry anything of real value to the people through parliament. Ray
National have the same agenda as Labour which is the ideology of the WEF, AGENDA 21, AGENDA 2030. The worst is yet to come if we remain complacent and compliant. A massive change of government is required now. Annie
National is a shambles. Local MPs are scared to say anything, scared to engage in any meaningful way with constitutents in case a mis-speak should get out. Tony
Not at all, they could be doing a lot better as there is a lot of material they could be attacking, they need to listen to what the people are talking about in the streets. Gayle
This county is poorly served by politicians across the boards, at central, regional and to a certain extent local government. At central level until we change MMP to remove the election of screwball list MPs to positions of power, and establish a process whereby a potential coalition government is being proposed, that coalition government and its polices are ratified by the electorate. This Labour coalition is a classic case of misused power through lies and deceit.  Robert
National have done NOTHING to defend democracy & values in NZ. They have basically clung to Cindy’s coat tails, and played in her shadow. Most useless opposition party we have ever had. It they continue as they are going, they will lose to ACT, and Matt King’s Democracy NZ, will become King Maker. Here’s hoping & praying. Christine
This is the end of NZ as a democracy. mary
Even having a “Maori Party” (clearly race based) is a clear sign that APARTHEID is strong and thriving in New Zealand! The “FACT” that this along with “Maorification” is tolerated and promoted by all political parties, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the media and the education system does not auger well for the long term future of New Zealand. Welcome to disintegration in your “5th” world delusion. charles
No way are they doing enough. In fact they are doing nothing as far as I can see. Christine
Luton is acting like a CEO, not an opposition politician anthony
Nothing changes with National%u2019s politics. Absolutely not voting for them again. ROB
We need a strong, committed party to defend us against this take over!! Glenda
National need to follow ACT in loudly and persistently opposing co governance and everything associated with Maori apartheid. Lynne
Our first priority must be to kick out Labour,Greens,and Maori partys.This is the first step to stopping the rot. Hopefully this will leave us with a co-alition of some normal decent Kiwis who believe in Democracy.This will be a nice change from the bunch of lying treacherous fizzwhistlers currently in power. Hopefully the new lot will at least start to reverse some of these racist policys being pushed through currently. Maybe Brian Tamaki has got it right,a whole new party firmly pro democratic and anti-racist. Thank God for Muriel, NZCPR Sean Plunket THE PLATFORM and the guys from the TAX PAYERS UNION for showing the way. Brian
Definitely not! National is only paying lip service to the need to stop the rampage towards totalitarian tribal rule. God help NZ if they don’t come to their senses. Vern
National needs to come clean – are they against co-governance or for it. So far, they are sitting on the fence, and that’s not acceptable. Roger
Defending democracy and Kiwi values and culture, should be National’s battle cry between now and the election! Murray
I can’t work out whether National has its head in the sand over this whole tribal rule agenda and don’t want to know, or whether they are planning to strongly oppose it when the time is right. I suspect it’s the former but desperately hope it’s the latter! Maryanne
National will be decimated with their votes flocking to ACT if they don’t find the guts to take a stand.   Phillip