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Nothing to Fear

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In a week when Russia invaded the Ukraine, and when the protesters in Wellington scored a major victory with the removal of vaccine mandates for children, the Government has embarked on a charm offensive to quell the growing public opposition to its racist He Puapua agenda.

He Puapua is, of course, Labour’s ‘masterplan’ to replace democracy with co-governance and tribal rule.

The New Zealand Herald’s two-page feature by senior political journalist Audrey Young identified Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson as an influential “power broker”.

What’s clear from the article is that Willie Jackson – and his Maori Caucus colleagues – are elevating the interests of Maori above those of all other New Zealanders.

Five of that fifteen-strong Maori Caucus are Cabinet Ministers: Kelvin Davis, Nanaia Mahuta, Willie Jackson, Kiri Allan, and Peeni Henare.

Two have Ministerial responsibilities outside of Cabinet: Meka Whaitiri and Rino Tirikatene.

And there are eight others: Adrian Rurawhe, Arena Williams, Paul Eagle, Willow-Jean Prime, Jo Luxton, Shanan Halbert, Louisa Wall List, and Tamati Coffey.

While the proportion of Maori of voting age is 12.3 percent, they now make up 23 percent of Labour’s 65-strong Parliamentary team, and 25 percent of Cabinet.

It’s just as the 1986 Royal Commission on the Electoral System warned – if New Zealand adopted MMP without removing the reserved Maori seats, Maori would be over-represented in Parliament and would have a disproportionate and dangerous influence on the running of the country.

Willie Jackson says New Zealanders have nothing to fear from He Puapua and tribal co-governance: “This is a unique partnership and Maori get the extras in terms of Maori seats and management and governance because of their unique position as the Treaty partner. This is Maori standing on their own. It is nothing for New Zealanders to be scared of…”

But when Willie Jackson says we have nothing to fear, we most certainly do have something to fear.

That he’s making such comments now is noteworthy because to date the Prime Minister and Labour have done their best to avoid discussing their tribal rule agenda, concealing He Puapua for 12 months prior to the 2020 general election – including keeping it secret from the Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and from the public.

Jacinda Ardern understood only too well, that revealing her agenda for Maori supremacy before the election would cost votes.  

As a result, she failed to tell New Zealanders that if they voted for her, she would immediately remove the democratic right of communities to prevent the introduction of local body Maori wards.

Nor did she inform them that if they voted for her, she would abolish our long-established and successful District Health Boards and replace them with an apartheid system controlled by the tribal elite that will determine health care on the basis of race instead of clinical urgency.

Jacinda Ardern did not explain to voters, that once elected she would introduce ‘Three Waters’ reforms to confiscate more than $100 billion of water infrastructure and services from the country’s local councils, and pass control to the tribal elite under a co-governance arrangement that gives them the power of veto.

Even now, with the reforms well underway, the Prime Minister has still not told us whether Kiwis will be forced to pay a royalty to iwi every time the tap is turned on.

Jacinda Ardern failed to reveal that if elected, five percent of the Government’s $42 billion annual procurement budget would be allocated to Maori businesses, or that they would receive 20 percent of the new multi-million dollar commercial broadcast spectrum allocation free of charge – along with $75 million in taxpayer funding to establish a new Maori spectrum authority to control future policy decision-making.

Why did she not tell us that she was considering giving the Conservation Estate to Maori business development corporations – or was she concerned that we might find out how Tuhoe’s co-governance of our former world class Urewera National Park has worked out. In short co-governance has proved a disaster – gates locked, cabins ransacked, and walkways in disrepair. Is that what’s being planned for conservation throughout the country?

How can Jacinda Ardern and her Labour colleagues claim to have a legitimate mandate to make these fundamental changes to our democracy when they concealed their intention from voters at the election?

At one time the mainstream media would have investigated these issues, but since Jacinda Ardern set up her $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund with strings attached – namely that recipients must promote the Treaty ‘partnership’ deception that underpins He Puapua – most media have backed away.

Even the Herald article glosses over the Treaty ‘partnership’ issue when it says, “the concept of partnership… was set out in the landmark Lands Case in the Court of Appeal in 1987 and has guided every government since…”

This implies the Court of Appeal endorsed the Treaty as a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown, but that is not the case – as retired Judge and former Canterbury University Law Lecturer Anthony Willy explains:

“On any careful reading of the Maori Council case the Court did not decide as has become commonly supposed that Maori and the Crown were in partnership with each other, a partnership created by the Treaty, merely that the Crown and Maori owe each other duties which are akin to those owed by partners to a commercial transaction. In the result Maori and the Crown are not partners in any sense of the word. Indeed, it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects. The true position is that the Crown is sovereign but owes duties of justice and good faith to the Maori descendants of those who signed the treaty.”

In other words, “There is not, and never has been a constitutional partnership between the Crown and Maori people. The judgment in the Maori Council case has been misinterpreted. The point which all of their Honours were making in that case was that the Crown has ongoing duties to act justly and in good faith towards Maori people…”

In a recent interview with Leighton Smith, discussing his NZCPR Guest CommentaryMarxism It Could Not Happen Here – Could It?”, Anthony Willy went further, calling those extremists pushing for Maori supremacy “greedy rent seekers”. It was a remarkable comment, because it was not so long ago that no one dared to refer to Maori radicals so plainly. Those inhibitions have fallen away dramatically since the He Puapua agenda for Maori supremacy has become plain to see.

David Round, another former Canterbury University Law Lecturer, has also set the record straight about the ‘partnership’ deception:

“The idea of ‘partnership’ only appeared in 1987, when five judges of the Court of Appeal, called upon to interpret the brand-new concept of ‘Treaty principles’, which Parliament had just inserted in the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986, spoke in several places of partners and partnership. It is absolutely clear, however, that the judges did not intend the words to have the weight of the politically-charged and even seditious meaning which is now loaded onto it. A ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown is constitutionally-impossible nonsense. It would have to mean that Maori are not the Queen’s subjects (as the Treaty says they are) but the Queen’s equals, and therefore not subject to her government.”

He warns about the consequences:

“This partnership is a fundamental subversion of democracy. Maori are claiming now that their involvement in decision making should not be on the basis of one person one vote, but instead on 50:50 representation. They all seem to be united in expecting representation well in excess of what their proportion of the population would entitle them to. That is what they are demanding in their new proposals for ‘co-governance’ ~ equal numbers to all other interests combined. That is what they will be seeking everywhere; and once they have got this 50:50 representation, then they will form an unassailable voting bloc. Then we will be forever at their mercy.”

And that is the sinister reality of the situation New Zealand now faces.

The co-governance agenda that Willie Jackson is promoting as ‘nothing to be scared of’, represents totalitarian control by unaccountable private race-based business development corporations.

Labour has no mandate to introduce these extremist measures to undermine our democracy, and we should collectively be demanding a halt to what will inevitably become a race-based disaster.

David Round is also extremely concerned to see the tribal elite pushing for control of local government. As this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, he has provided a withering assessment of the opportunistic attempt by one of the country’s most powerful iwi business development corporations to gain a permanent power base on a Regional Council – where they would no doubt sacrifice the ‘public good’ to protect their widespread investments:

“I daresay that, even if you live in Canterbury, you have never heard of the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Bill, currently before Parliament and just about to be considered by the Maori Affairs Select Committee… This is, after all, a bill which proposes to reduce democratic representation on a regional council by adding unelected members appointed by a large and influential hard-headed business corporation. The value of the votes of ordinary citizens is thereby reduced, and more power is handed over to the corporation.”

David explains that the council promoting the bill – at the behest of Ngai Tahu – decided that consultation with the wider public was unnecessary: “The Council has done the bare minimum of public notification it thought it could get away with, and we all know the reason why. The Council knew perfectly well that if they did ask the public the public would say no. So they did not ask the public. This is nothing but treachery.”

David warns, “This bill does not completely abolish democratic representation on the Council ~ although once the principle is established that Ngai Tahu are entitled to special appointed seats, there is no reason why they should not demand more seats in future. Why stop at two seats? Why not half the total number, if the Treaty is a ‘partnership’? But this bill certainly weakens democratic representation. In future, Canterbury citizens would be paying their rates ~ ‘taxation’ ~ not to a democratically elected council, but to one significantly influenced by a private racially defined business and development corporation. This is an utterly unacceptable situation. Why should we be taxed to serve Ngai Tahu?”

And that’s the reality of the tribal rule agenda that Jacinda Ardern and her Maori Caucus are imposing onto the country. The benefits will flow to an iwi elite that wants to turn its back on mainstream New Zealand – and on our mainstream institutions – but wants mainstream New Zealand to fund it.

Surely, they can’t have it both ways.

Given the gravity of this developing situation and the lack of scrutiny of the Government’s actions, earlier this month we suggested it was time that the MPs behind these racist measures became more accountable to the public. We provided their email addresses HERE and encouraged readers to share their concerns.

We know that a flood of messages were sent – maybe it was those that flushed out Willie Jackson and his nothing to fear comments.  

With the mainstream media unwilling to report in a balanced manner, and – as former National Party Minister Barry Brill explains HERE – National’s new leader failing to grasp the gravity of the situation, choosing to meet with iwi leaders and ask what he can do to help, instead of opposing their separatist agenda, it is now more important than ever for each and every one of us to do whatever we can to spread our concerns.

Collectively, we need warn New Zealanders about the threat He Puapua poses to our society – and demand a halt to all attempts to replace our democracy with tribal rule.

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*Do you agree with Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson that New Zealanders have nothing to fear from Labour’s tribal partnership agenda?


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Life in NZ would be chaotic like the Waikaremoana management by Thule is now. Kathy
Are we supposed to see what they believe or believe what we see? Gary
Willie Jackson is a racist. Brian
The govt has been deceitful in pushing the He Puapua agenda without public consultation. It is not a partnership with Maori, it is a takeover. Margaretta 
There is no partnership. Completely dishonest to suggest so. Would expect a supposed educated man to know better. Sean
Nothing to be scared of? Would you trust Maori? David
I want New Zealand to be Democracy, not a country that lives under tribal law courtesy of an unelected group of self appointed iwi representatives. Follow the Wille jackson model and New Zimbabwe here we come Chris
frightening Glenys
Anyone that believes that there is nothing to fear is a total fool. Karl
Absolute rubbish.  Graham
Maori corporations should pay tax,help Maori housing,child poverty, family violence and drug reform. As it is the settlement millions only benefits the corporate heads Winston
One Land one people we are all NZer/Kiwis there is no place in a modern progressive society for any for of separation/segregation Mike
a very slippery slope linda
good bye to our liberal democracy john
New Zealand is becoming a very, very divisive country being lead by the dictatorial attitude of the PM and her MPS. Behaving in a manner where we the population of New Zealand must do as they say intefering in all areas of our lives. All news media in this country New Zealand have become lackies of the government through their being bought with The $55 million doled out to them from the taxes we pay. Where in today’s media do you hear or read any opposing views. Cyril
The lies continue with the Labor Government Ann
At the end of the day both Maori and Pakeha were migrants to NZ. The Maori arrived approx 600-800 years ago. We are all New Zealanders …He Puapua will only divide us Robert
It is an appalling abuse of power. Totally without any public mandate. In effect, treason against the people of NZ. Allan
Why would anyone listen, or take heed of anything Wille Jackson said History tells us what tribal agendas are all about. Only have to look at Te Rauparaha Bruce
Silly Jackson is a dangerous separatist racist of the worst kind, a troublemaker, as well from the Alliance days, responsible for its demise, Racist communist as well !! David
I wouldn’t trust Jackson and his racist cohorts as far a s I could throw them. What’s frustrating is that the National Party are silent on this stuff – they should be rattling the general public’s cages to awaken them to this gross loss of democracy and the dishonest / divisive actions of Ardern and her misguided mob! dave
If they want a separate system, then they can pay. Nic
Separatism Alastair
Another underhand power grab by the Maori. Gordon
Sounds just like all the elitist tits running the world into the ground with their non sensical double speak . Just banish the lot of them . Aidan
Didn’t members of the Jackson family and others spend some time in Libya with the blessing of Gadaffi taking pointers on terrorism. I would sooner trust a black mamba than him and his mates. Terry
When are we going to fight their claim to being indigenous people? Leon
Absolutely not. Just remember what Putin said ( I AM NOT GOING TO INVADE UKRAINE, and we all know what has happened don’t we , so just take what Willie Jackson say’s in the same text. They are both liars for their own gain. COLIN
It is a sham and one can only guess by how much the populace will be scammed. It is not too unlike the myriad of ”green” climate change taxes we are paying to whom? and for what? tony
I find this partnership garbage very disturbing as do all my family and friends – including those with some Maori blood! DB
Trust people who use the treaty of Waitangi? George
Willie and other part maori do not sleep well at night. They are tormented by the fact that their bloodlines include colonists who interbred with maori and they cannot cope with that reality. They are doomed forever living with this curse hanging over them. Steve
The dishonesty of this Govt needs to be exposed vehemently Chris
do rotten eggs smell? stan
In this day and age it should be firmly established that New Zealanders are New Zealanders and each and every New Zealand citizen should be treated equally. This means that all Maori concessions should be abolished and each citizen be subject to the same laws and life opportunities . Those in a social situation requiring assistance should be assisted by government regardless of racial lineage. “I am New Zealand” full stop! Ian
This has to stop grant 
Mr Jackson – a stand over, bad mouthed, racist radical who has never been voted into politics – is an example of how low this government has stooped. Andrew
This race based agenda we are getting guided into must stop. ray
no to he puapua kevin
It is unbelievable that the situation has got to this stage .Comrade Jacinda and a the Labour Government must GO. David
This is the worst policy I have ever seen. Labour should not be allowed to get away with it. Terry
This cannot be allowed to happen Mark
We need to stop this for the sake of all Kiwi’s. We can form a voting Bloc for the 2023 election to oust Labour and empower a reversal of this race based policy to unite NZ as one people. Shane
I wouldn’t trust one word from Willie Jackson or Ardern. I think of all those fine Kiwis who lost their lives in two wars fighting for our freedom. Ask yourselves where are we headed ? What a deplorable mess I see festering in this beautiful land. God defend New Zealand. John
Nobody loves freedom like a man who has lost it. Richard
I wonder how many people that’ve posted here voted for Ardern?. Bart
how can we believe anything promoted by the self centered Maori elite especially one Wilie Jackson keith
ALL New Zealanders are the same, regardless of skin colour or origins and all should be treated the same. We all bleed red blood… Elsie
They want to control NZ- period And you’d better believe it -they are only interested in themselves Carolyn
how on earth can these hypocrites that call themselves the right honorable who not only lie but are so corrupt which is destroying this country by allowing a small but powerful group of mixed race to control the majority of decent NEW ZEALANDERS and force their gobly gook language on us by renaming all govt departments and by the looks and remarks that the new leader of the Nats has made he’s just as bad as our toothy dictator and putin put together. Richard
I think we have everything to fear from this. It must NOT be allowed to proceed. The decisions made by this Government, particularly with Jackson, Mahuta etc., are so divisive, that New Zealand will be forever changed from the wonderful country it is to something completely unrecognizable even for those of us currently living here. It must be stopped! Heather
No conflict of interest, Willie. None at all. If there’s nothing to be scared of then we have no need of more MOARI APARTHEID. Mark
I wouldn’t try Willie as far as I could kick him. Lyn
It is hard to trust people when we have been lied to so often by the Government. Ollie
What do they have to fear living in a democracy? Russ
When someone says you have nothing to fear, run for the hills because they are LYING. This government would lie to their mothers. To date, everything they have promised is a lie. Unless you are of Maori decent then thing are looking pretty sweet. Ray S
No conflict of interest, Willie. None at all. If there’s nothing to be scared of then we have no need of more MOARI APARTHEID. Mark
This labour government are not only racist but also communists. Maybe a JACINDA should go and marry Putin, they would get along just fine! Claire
I trust Willie Jackson about as much as I would trust Vladimir Putin. In both cases they want more than they are rightfully entitled to. But that doesn’t matter as neither have a conscience or moral respect for others. chris
I don’t know where to start. It is so dangerous and nz is being held to ransom by maori radicals. A great majority of NZers are sleep walking and have no idea of what is really happening to our once free and fair country. Nic
I will tell you what I think of most of these politicians and bureaucrats. As individuals, they may be nice enough; but collectively, they are lying, treacherous, arrogant, power-hungry, anti-democratic, environmentally heedless racist scum. Ron
Willie Jackson should have stuck to being a talkback host – at least we got a few laughs out of the clown! Even then, his view was totally one sided & listeners seldom heard any balance. Lindsay Perigo did manage to keep some balance but maybe he became too far right for all our woke radio stations! Rex
It will lead to civil war.  Jason
New Zealanders are being conned! chris
Willi Jackson and his Maori mates are as slippery as a sack full of blind eels ! They wont stop until they get full control. National has to get into gear and state emphatically what they intend to do with all this racist legislation that Labour pushes through before the next election. Richard
Willies racist mob are promoting separation Ihaia
I wouldn’t trust Jackson with my cat Athol
Rubbish john
What this labour govt is doing is unbelievable, they are wrecking our democracy. Rob
Another step to decentralise power Peter
Quite the opposite, this is a clear attempt to subvert the majorities will with made up definitions and interruptions to suit their narrative.. Jason
Him speak with forked tongue Mike
tribalism is a terrible idea that only increases disunity. Partnerships with self appointed tribal elites is nefarious and undemocratic. Paul
Jackson is a consummate liar and deceiver and so is Ardern. Alastair
Ardern corruption of the extreme & highest level. Supported by a bribed media, which is pathetic Denis
He lies,of course we fear him. Terrible consequences for all N Zealanders if this happens Kerin
Willy Jackson – deceptive and dangerous. Robert
Minister Willie Jackson has assured us we have nothing to fear. Yeah, right, Willie! Rob
Maori elite have not so far proved they can be trusted to be fair. Marg
just another way for 12.5% of the voting population trying to gain control Graeme
Why would ‘they’ say that you have nothing to fear, if there is nothing to fear? Might it be because there some things on their agenda that you would otherwise fear??? Pieter
Wake up New Zealand Alan
This has got to stop. clive
there are far to many political changes being done behind closed door that we New Zealanders, both maori and others do not know about. It will turn this country into an apartheid country… So very sad Raewyn
I hate this divisive government, and Luxon better get his mind sorted out quickly or he will be toast as leader of National! Pete
We have every reason to fear. Democracy is being demolished Putin could not have done a better job Norm
Is this the “Transparent Government” our dear leader promised us. Geoff.
It is crystal clear that we have almost been guzzumped by the cunning group of Maori led by the Woke kiwi prime minister and Helen Clark. It is frightening and requires rejection by all 85% of New Zealanders who are not Maori. John Free
Just one more step towards Maori takeover of NZ government and we will all live in Aotearoa and when that happens the Communists will very quickly take over. I’m not joking – read “Shadows over New Zealand” by Geoff McDonald and you will see that it is progressing exactly as he predicted it would. WAKE UP NEW ZEALANDERS Don
This is the most critical issue facing our country – am very concerned that from public perception National are not doing any about it ! Trevor
Absolutely not acceptable . This Labour government is destroying New Zealand’s democracy. They must be stopped peter
Absolutely I do not agree. The whole partnership agenda is racially biased in favour of Maori David
The new national party leader needs to stop his pandering to Maori ,and start fighting for the rest of NZ. Edward
The way these changes are being introduced by stealth says it all Graham
Welcome to Apartheid Islands of NZ. Having fled a country with race-based policies, it is heartbreaking to be subjected to that again. Tjaart
I’d prefer to not use the word “fear” as it has been misused as a political tool for too long now. Fury best describes my response to the malfeasance. Tom 
Jackson is a self-promoter. He will have his snout deep in the trough. Philip
An arrogant tribalist with pretentions of grandeur, a Marxist if you will, a wrecker of Democracy which in essence is the only firewall we have against these Socialists. Russ
I disagree. I think we all have to become fully aware of the likely consequences and share this newsletter with others. with others. We need a clean sweep of all current politicians as they are all agreeing with everything Labour has been doing. We need Responsible caring new people who are concerned about our people and the future of our country. People who are willing to rid us of all the BS and intend to “drain the Swamp” ( to quote President Donald Trump). Now is the time to Bring back “Common Law.” It is already starting to be used in places around the world and getting rid of the corrupt government and legal systems.. It can be used successfully here in New Zealand . My partner, myself and others are now looking into it . Kath
New Zealanders have nothing to fear……. couldn’t be further from the truth! Wayne
I think we should all be very afraid Peter
We have everything to fear, as this is just the tip of the iceberg in their plans to dominate local and national government. Sydney
No I see nothing but avarice in he puapua and the misinterpretation of what Maori consider their rights to be. A strong reinterpretation by honest judges is needed. Democracy requires everyone is treated equally and Labour is abandoning this principle. Our challenge now s to ensure one party is strongly enough supported to remove the talking horse and her disciples from power. Alastair
I don’t want NZ to revert to tribal rule Gregar
if maori control things heaven help us,cos it will be HELL jack
He would say that. He and the other Maori (!) Elite can see the big money slipping through their fingers as the rest of us wake up to what Jacinda Ardern and her merry men are doing to our country. Rosemary
Maori did not advance development of NZ over 800 years They suffered from inbreeding and the result they did not have the skills to make a success of NZ. Now Ardern & Co are handing the benefits of NZ advancement to the Maori on a plate for which they have contributed very little. The Maori have had equal rights but not taken advantage of this. The minority Maori elite will do little for the apathetic Maori masses. I doubt whether many who identify as Maori have any knowledge of the proposed Tribal Partnership. Bruce
I do not trust people to do what is right when money is involved. One person one vote. Shelley
It is form of aparthied!! Kevin
I can NOT comprehend just how far this Maori He Pua Pua agenda has gone, this will destroy NZ probably more so than COVID……!!! Bruza
A dangerous path for NZ and I have Maori heritage Fred
Just another publicly unsanctioned step towards racial tribal rule of our country. The irony is that if ( God forbid ) Maori did ever take over N.Z – they would be back into tribal warfare inside of a year. Colin
Alarmed at the speed with which this is progressing. Everyone should be worried about Willie Jackson and Co. Their agenda and the fact that Cindy is facilitating it’s rapid and unchallenged progress. It will soon be entrenched and the consequences to Joe Public be belatedly realized and regretted. We think the country is divided now…just wait a little longer and we will see our country ruined irrevocably and then Jacinda will move on! Carol
Race Marxism here and now John
Why are Maori discarding their Colonial genes who make up 100% of Maori people? Mum or Dad, we grew up as “we are all one people united who bleed red blood”. We are a Maori/Pakeha family and we live in New Zealand, let’s unite for the benefit of all Kiwis. My parents were Pakeha but had a Maori burial/Tangi because we are all ONE PEOPLE. Maoris and Pakeha all have the same opportunities as far as Education is concerned, it’s when you leave school that the S–t sets in. Unite and be one people with our own spiritual heritage, no one can take that away from us. Peace, not Agression is the winner. Sue
Willie is conning us all…again! Glyn
There is very good reason for NZ’ ers to be afraid of He Puapua .Read the facts. PAT
We should all be absolutely living in fear of this move – the country are in ignorance of the situation Sheryl
Jackson has no respect for democracy…. his idea of democracy is him being in charge …. not our right of 1 vote per person and counting them all. I wonder how long its been since he had employment from a real employer and not the Government. Phil
Where the hell is our ostensible Governor General? Mark
We have every reason to fear the results of this push for undemocratic and false partnership. Willie and his cohorts are trying to take over the country. Vote ’em all OUT. Graeme
Even if it wasn’t Willie Jackson spouting this, I would fight this partnership but with him behind it we have to stop it now!!! Glenda
we have everything to fear. Look at the waikarimoana experience David
This is apartheid Ann
willie jackson is a self serving divisive racist who needs to have his wings clipped before he causes irreparable harm to racial relations in this country Bill
this will be a disaster for NZ – its a power grab in the making Sam
Who is this willy jackson ?,is he the slimely little toad that could not remember how many houses he owned when asked. He is just as big a liar as cinderella. What is amazing is the fact that the PM can tell so many barface lies and get away with it. The way she has treated this country she should be treated in the highest court for treason or sent to join putin as evil personified. I would like to suggest that Muriel, Don Brash and the tax payers union join forces as they are all doing a wonderful job to try and restore democracy to the country. If they were to join together it would promote a much stronger platform to fight this take over by the maori elite, Ralph
How can you trust anything that Willie Jackson says with a history of bias that he has towards anything other than Maori rights Brenda
This increasingly insidious movement must be stopped at whatever cost. Forget Covid. This separatist movement is a far greater concern Colin
In this day and age it’s a bit backward and arrogant when it is felt that one needs to be secretive and scheming – ie Willie Jackson & co – to be able to make changes, and even worse when this happens at a government level Jill
Communist doctrine Divide and control I am 76 years old just retired not really. I am absolutely,like all my friends,horrified with this totally incompetent government is doing to destroy our democracy Richard
David Round has given the best description that I have heard in a long time about the legal crims that can NOT run this country. Jim
The maori want total control without having to make any contribution. Non-maori can see that they will not be getting any benefits from Mr. Jackson and his mob. It is time to eradicate any racial refernces from our laws and governance. Let’s make sure that the population is all singing to the same tune. Tony
Scrap to lot. Dave
Democracy requires it should be one vote only for each eligible voter. NZ citizens each have the right to stand for elections both nationally and in council elections. Kay
Willie Jackson couldn’t lie straight in a bed but he sure can lie, as we have seen in the past. He is not for Maori as a race. He is for Willie Jackson only. Garry
One would have to be extremely naive to believe that would be the case. Alan
Luxon needs to nail his colours to the mast on several issues including this, if he is to gain traction. Ian
Thanks a bunch Winston Peters, your vanity and arrogance have set us on a path to destruction, all because you couldn’t have your own way. As for Ardern and her mate Willie, best place for them is in jail as traitors. The members of parliament at present infuriate me they’re a thoroughly bad lot, self before service come to mind. Merryl
Wake up everyone, we are being abused, badly Tim
Quite the contrary, there is everything to fear by removing true democratic control of our institutions Brian
This is the most untrustworthy NZ Gov’t that i have known. Unfortunately we have everything to fear where Democracy is concerned. Norm
We must find a way of ensuring that the actions of our Government , Local Government and Government Agencies are openly, honestly and comprehensively informative about their intentions before they are implement in a way that is appropriately influenced by the electorate. Arthur
Based on my experience of 88 years born & bred in New Zealand, there is no way on earth I could agree with Jackson Peter
Biggest con in political history of NZ gary
By contrast, it seems that we have everything to fear. Peter
There is no way we can allow this to happen Norm
Iwi have far more say than their percentage in the population as it is. Too much. I%u2019m fed up with the continual use of Maori in the media. I and the majority of New Zealanders speak English. Laura
You would have to be out of your mind to agree with anything Willie Jackson said. Gavin
The more that Maori use the word “partnership” in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi the more acceptance it will gain until everyone thinks that was the case from 6th February 1840. If you repeat a lie often enough it somehow becomes truth. This whole myth about “partnership” needs to be removed from every discussion and document including reportage from the bought and paid for NZ media. Ardern, whilst she still retains power as leader of the Labour Government needs to stamp this myth out. If she doesn’t the new party name should be “The Labour & Maori Coalition Party of NZ” because that’s where this is all headed. In fact these woke people will probably want to drop all reference to “NZ” and use “Aotearoa” instead. Anyway, Ardern and her radicals will face the full wrath of New Zealand voters at the next General Election. Good riddance to this deceptive and lying pack of politicians. Colin
“A say that they (Maori) have never had before.” Maori are already over represented in our parliament so how could they possibly have never had a say.? Peter
Who would trust the Maori Caucus to be fair to all New Zealanders. David
at what point does the percentage of maori blood in a person reach a level where you cannot be genuinely called maori.Is it 5%/10%/20%etc? at some point all this maori bitterness from the likes of jackson with his english surname has to be stopped -but by who? greg
NZ is in serious danger from the current administration. John
No substitute for democracy. Larry
The mandates have nothing to do with dealing with the pandemic, in fact they are being used as an integral part of an agenda to undermine democracy across the western world Peter
I agree with David Round’s assessment of politicians and bureaucrats. Trevor
The mere fact he is talking about a so-called ‘partnership’ means he’s already skewed in his thinking and where will that take us Martin
No, of course not. Julia 
We have EVERYTHING to fear David
I am fearful. It is all part of Labours Marxist Great Reset. leslie
It totally ignores the rights of all New Zealanders. Need to get back to true democracy run by a properly elected parliament that represents all citizens. Time for Maori party to stand in the general seats and the removal of the now very racist seats. We need true MMP more than ever now. There’s no difference in a Maori party versus religious parties, or values party or outdoor partie or workers party or the National party. They all should have equal ability to represent on the citizens support, not any preferential position perceived or otherwise. PUTIN would disagree, he’d just rule it his way, because he can. Steve
We have much to fear!! carol
Be afraid, be very afraid! The country is stuffed. Churchill was right that it is better to jaw jaw than war war but Seymour didn’t do himself or his party any favours by talking to the motley mob at PB. Bruce
Promotion of separatism is treason Stephen
One person – one vote. That is democracy. Race based voting and division has no place in NZ. Tim
“the Crown has ongoing duties to act justly and in good faith towards Maori people… the same as ALL OTHER NEW ZEALANDERS. Lionel
I wouldn’t trust that man ( or his colleagues) as far as I could kick them.. Kevin
Probably even more to fear than we already know. What other aspects of tribal partnership have we not been informed about? Elaine
It seems to be very much a case of “nothing to see here”. Don’t believe it. Jacky
No No No a thousand times NO Graham
Willie Jackson is as cunning as the rest of his caucus, diverting the unsuspecting from the truth. The avalanche of bills and laws being proposed to promote this seditious agenda of the Ardern Govt is horrendous and terrifying to those decent citizens who are informed. Mary
Words fail me to what this government is doing to our democracy – or lack of it! Chris
Be scared folks very very scared. Richard
Ardern, Robertson, Little and the rest of them must be arrested at once and removed from Government. How is a Government legal when they lie through their teeth to gain power? How do all the state workers like being collaborationists to a bunch of Commies against all their fellow citizens? Terry
You’ve got to be joking. Richard
If we had nothing to fear why would he need to even comment? We have everything to fear Trevor
These guys are out of their minds, if they have minds. We have plenty to fear from Labour’s tribal partnership agenda. Paloma
None of them could lie straight in bed! William
Dark days for Democracy world wide.We cant do a lot about Putin,but we can do something about the cogovernment crap. Gordon GORDON
Definitely if Willie Jackson is saying it Nigel
Like a lot of maori leaders we cannot trust what they say ,as in the past they change their views to suite there agender! just like the said GOVT David
This is part of the globalist agenda that the Russians of all people are opposing. James
Racism is repugnant wherever it is found! Colin
Willie Jackson is a snake oil salesman, nothing but treachery ever comes from his mouth. I wouldn’t trust him or his Labour Party colleagues as far as I could throw them. They are all blatant liars. Graeme
We most certainly do have everything to fear from this agenda. Democracy will be out the door and probably forever if this goes ahead. Margaret
Willie Jackson’s mother lived off the Manukau Urban Maori Authority, and took parolees to work at Radio Watea, that was set up under the above Authority and run by son Willie. Willie Jackson then went onto being chairman of the Mauankau Urban Maori Authority, Chairman of 21 Iwi Maori Radio Stations and Chairman of Maori TV. Since election as a list MP he has stood down from these roles…all public knowledge, however the Jackson’s were well groomed to live out of the public by June Jackson. They are dishonest and feeding their own pockets.. Tipare Nga a cousin of Willie Jackson has walked into jobs through Radio Watea, and the Manakau Urban Trust. Nepitism is rife. Ann
Tribalism Albert
We have everything to fear! John
Willie Jackson is a serial bludger who has zero credibility with me. Barry
How do we get the rest of the country, who rely on the msm to inform their opinions, to realise what is going on? Brenda
I believe this partnership is not democratic and will not benefit all New Zealanders, we should be one nation not divided, this partnership is trying to divide us. It is not even representative for all Maori, just for the few elite among them. It was never the intention of the Treaty settlement! I believe it is being deliberately misinterpreted for others agendas. Jenny
You can’t trust these part Maori leaders one bit. They have proved to be nothing but greedy individuals who only care about themselves. They have to be removed along with the P.M Tom
Why would we want to be subservient to a Maori minority caucus. Martin
This would be the ruination of New Zealand. Keith
there is a real risk of an unelected Maori elite pushing an agenda representing the interests of only 12% of the population to the detriment of the remaining 88%. Mark
This is fundamental breach of all NZ citizens’ rights. Tony
We have everything to fear.  Larry
It,s a woory Luxon is,nt supporting the 85% NZealanders jacinda & her racist mp,s have ignored for 6 years,PEOPLE NEED TO EMAIL HIM & OTHER NATIONAL MP,s NOW before more iwi & unelected maori get MORE of OUR TAX MONEY.The waitang tribunral NEEDS TO GO its run by iwi & unelected maori that gives them whatever they want & has caused SO MUCH TROUBLE OVER & OVER.People NEED to tell LUXON we are DEMOCRATIC & EQUAL ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE & NO MORE RACIST POLOCIES & ALOT OF THE RACIST LAWS NEED TO GO.We are ALL NZealanders & the colour of anyones skin should NOT be taken notice of & VETO,s jacinda has given WITHOUT THE PUBLIC KNOWING NEEDS TO BE REMOVED.We,ve been LIED to by labour so is Luxon also going to lie to us? Cindy
Where is democracy in this? Bill
Weasel words from the Grand Weasel himself. Murray
We need as revolution NOW! Albyn
Even a blind man can see they are compulsive liars, from the top all the way down. We can’t trust a single word they say. Jan
Jackson is a loose cannon. Dangerous. He and his ilk are driving a wedge into our country and our diminishing egalitarian society. The wedge has already been driven in well past its thin end. Gary
I fear for the future of our country if a racial group is given such powers over the whole country. Brian
We have everything to fear once NZ has been divided illegally and undue privileges given to a minority culture who want more than their share but who have been highly funded for decades over any other race in this country who contribute to running the country. It%u2019s time we were all one NZ and individually stand on our own feet and contribute to our great country. Andrina
It seems to me and my friends I have spoken to on this subject that the hidden agends is to give a racial based group control over the rest of the country. This would cause grave disunity and be a cause for future grievences. Brian
Interesting that we have a Maori Development Ministry – why not also a Development Ministry for each other Nationality resident in New Zealand? Obviously the extremists promoting this agenda are radical rascists trying to cloak their true intentions. We have everything to fear from this group and only the naive would think otherwise. Martin
This needs to be put out in the public area and not hidden behind closed doors. The treaty needs to be told as it is and not a partnership. Kathy 
First tell a big lie, then develop it into clever deception and finally betray those to whom you lied. That’s always been the way of cunning Maori to win their battles. Check out what they did to the Morioris on the Chathams. JOHN
one law for all New Zealanders Nev
It is dangerous Graham
Jackson and Ardern need to be tried for treason. Mark
Can the lot get rid of the treaty and let nz become one country and one people john
I am totally fearful that, unless Ardern’s government is stopped, we will have apartheid in this country and the end of democracy. In don’t trust the Maori elite one little bit because the evidence is there in Lake Waikaremoana. Wake up NZ Kerry
Be fearful when people who stand to benefit say there is nothing to fear Mark
Would and could not believe anything Jackson said Neil
Its a farce we are being hoodwinked and sold down the river – Sth Africa had this system in reverse look what happened there. Must be stopped Tony
dangerous and untrustworthy man kath
Trust Willie Jackson??? Pffftt Dave
An excessively overpaid MP, formerly a radio jock Appears to have a lack of intelligence in not understanding what the word “Partnership “legally means. John
Maybe question for them is why are they reluctant to share their view of the controversial HePuaPua paper. Mike
Definitely not why should 17% get to have side by side government Since this government has been in power Maori have become more prominent in1974 none of this was pertinent it all changed when the first Maori school was opened l think 1984 in Glen Eden Rita
A man with a conflict of interests, duplicitous and insulting to anyone with half a brain. Gavin
utter bull shit!! it’s “not by stealth” but a blatant take over of New Zealand, and all we own!. Phill
Nooo we will rue the day if this takeover of tax and ratepayers assets happens when we have to pay Iwi and Maori elite to use our OWN water. If the Maori elite Iwi grab is not stopped NZ will be bankrupted into a third world corrupt country ruled by Maori elite Iwi and the gangs that they cannot control TERRIFYING Peter
how could people agree with this, the maori activists wont be happy till they are ruling every aspect of new Zealand life, I don’t watch the television news any more you cant turn it on without being spoken to in Maori, schools are brain washing our children they will be teaching a version of history that is not about the true people that where here before the war like maori came, when is the fact that they are not indigenous to this country,and should have no special privilege’s over and above other new Zealanders, where are the opposition partys,how come we never here much opposition to this corrupt and dangerous agenda going on in new Zealand,for goodness sake wake up NZ rodger
Jackson along with the rest this government has hidden agender, I do not trust any. We all share this our Country, non of it is subject to want, creed and lies. Ken
absolutely not Jackson has been a shit stirrer ever since I can remember Robin
To get an idea what “tribal partnership” or “co-governance” will look like – check out the Urewera shambles. Doug
NZers have much to fear apartheid is rearing it head in NZ and nothing is being heard about it. Susanne
Never trusted politicians before and this current crop are the epitome of lying thieving politicians including opposition parties! When a politician says “you have nothing to fear” you better believe, you have EVERYTHING to fear! Peter
Too many freedoms are being taken away from us. Janet
Willie Jackson and maori tribes are hell bent on ruling New Zealand . Continuing in this deceitful way will lead to a civil war. Darryl
We cannot lock the country down forever and must learn to live with the virus carolyn
willie jackson must think that we are all stupid -time we got rid of him and his cronies LesW
Powerful iwi interests will dominate and non aligned maori and new zealanders alike will be subjugated by this development. Anyone in positions of authority allowing and encouraging this betrayal of nz are either naive woke ignorant or terrified of being labelled racist. It is imperative that our constitutional issues are depated openly by all people, not behind closed doors by iwi only. Willy
Wouldn’t believe a word of of the stupid person’s mouth. Frank 
Iwi? ‘I want it’!! Neville
Can’t trust the guy! Dominique 
Willie Jackson and fear are synonyms and Willie Jackson and honesty are antonyms. Another trough feeding parasite. roger
I am part Maori but unfortunately I am no longer happy or proud to admit it. I cannot understand how such a small group of troublemakers are able to force what they want, onto the rest of us. It is so very sad and will cause more unrest. Davina
Racism at its worst. Jackson is a bully. It appears he is using his bullying tactics to browbeat insipid Ardern to fold to his outrageous demands. He Puapua must be stopped! Don
It is becoming very obvious that control by Maori bigwigs will be of detriment to non-Maori and no help for the vast majority of the Maori population Rochelle
NO. Clark
Jackson and his mates are a bunch of opportunist racists. Kevin
Divisive and race based rule Kylie 
Wake up NZ before it is too late. This needs to be stopped. Alan
I put no trust in this person! John
I have never accepted anything Willie Jackson has said and probably never will on basis that he is an inveterate liar. Tony
We have democracy to lose with this race based power grab! Calvin 
Co-Government and Tribal Rule is as undemocratic as you can get. Ramming policies of this nature down the throats of New Zealanders will lead to serious problems for this Country. Wake Up New Zealand – this madness has to stop. Grahame
Very dangerous person Jeff
Willie Jackson is a radical nutcase Allan
racism in all its forms must be got rid of murray
Jackson has never been trusted Ranald
Big worry is Chris Luxon seems to be on board with some of this rubbish. John
Willie Jackson as a list MP is accountable to no one, so is free to press his iwi agenda david
This partnership agenda is a very, very, dangerous proposal for mainstream NZ Andrew
The thin end of a very wide wedge to create a sepratist society. NO WAY should we allow thus Race baced Rule. Mario
David Round uses the word “treachery”. This is almost not strong enough a word. If only the majority of New Zealanders would wake up to the grave dangers this callous government poses to democracy and societal harmony. The consequences of another Labour term of government would be catastrophic. Johan
I have been ripped off by experts. I wont be ripped off by a lying amatuer. Mike
No! Because Willie Jackson is perhaps the greatest Maori radical in Parliament. Not only that but the radical Maori mantra, ‘By Maori, For Maori’ shows, they selfishly only care about themselves, whereas non-Maori in a democracy naturally care and support all our citizens including Maori regardless of race. Surely their approach is racist, the very epithet they accuse us of, it also denotes arrested development in caring only for themselves, so why would we wish co-government as this gives them unjustified privilege. Unjustified because they are not even the tangata whenua, since it is common knowledge that they emigrated here from Tahiti. Bruce
It’s a really BIG nail getting pounded into our Democracy, one that will never be gotten out. Learn to live in slavery, folks, or learn to fight back. Joyce
There is no tribal partnership and as proposed never should be Phil
Under democracy, Maoris have always had the chance to be ELECTED to positions they desire – the same right as every NZer used to have to achieve goals. Individuals have always been encouraged to WORK for positions and goals they want to achieve, and come and go from leadership positions according to their strengths, and usefulness to society as a whole. Never before has there been appointment by right of Race, not ability. That’s called apartheid. Susan
Maori caucus version of Putin Rodney
Racism ? Apartheid? Murray
Absolutely not it’s totally wrong and this tribal rule and everything associated with it should be binned along with jacinder and her government immediately Dianne
Be very afraid moari intend to take over this country Clive
Reminds me of the promise the scorpion made to the rabbit when it came to crossing the river. Adrian
Democracy is ending in NZ Graham
Of course slimy Willie would say that, The Treaty is a Merger, not a partnership and only a corrupt Government like Jacinda’s could read it Willie’s way. Eric
We must stop this race based He Puapua as soon possible. Derek
This is definitely NOT us! So many lies and so much deceit. I have lived in NZ all of my life – 68 years. What we are seeing revealed in the last 2-3 years is appalling. And don’t overlook Mahuta removing the democratically elected City Council in my home city, Tauranga, now being manipulated by a 4 person Commission. And Stage 2 of a local city road upgrade just went up by $54M! Unbelievable. David
The guy’s completely racist, self interested and has no concern for the non-maori New Zealander. Graham
Why aren’t National standing up to this. At least Judith Collins had the guts to do so. Is Luxon just a whimp?? Henry
Jackson is a Plonker kenn
He obviously thinks we are fools. Roseanne
We in NZ are on a very slippery slope backwards towards becoming a crudely tribal society, benefiting ONLY Maori interests. That has to be opposed with the utmost vigour. John
Absolutely do not agree. I think ordinary new zealanders will rue the day they ever thought the ardern administration and it’s socialist agenda was allowed to take hold as New Zealand sleep walked towards totalitarian rule Flip
A Maori Putin! Denis
trust Jackson and co never Morris
We have much to fear… this is getting out of control and if we don’t put a stop to this dangerous nonsense our democracy will become subject to tribal rule. Then, God help us!!! Ray
Has a very Racist record Julz
even on the most basic level, returning to historical tribal co-governance is a return to primitive governance with an array of consequences no one has listed yet. Do so and it will expose NZ reverting back to a decade of development and progress. Iwi have legal privilege and priority already, so handing over tribal governance will not be democratic but a disaster. Bob
This is a completely underhanded way of taking over a democratically elected board by submersive means and should be stopped. Digby
New Zealand for New Zealanders and No to separatism. Jason
I fear that political changes are accelerating at an alarming rate and Jackson knows he is on to a good thing. He stands to gain financially so he needs folk to trust and believe him. He needs to be publicly challenged. Tony
Under the Treaty Maori are subjects of the Queen, not partners Michael
I think the complete set up is shameful and it’s time National got its act together Panl
Young’s article in the Herald is deliberately skewed to give Willie Jackson credibility he certainly doesn’t deserve. He is a Labour List mp for one reason only. Finlayson, might have hastened Treaty settlements, but including co-governance of things like the Waikato River, and the Wanganui River being an entity are scandalous! Frank
I am very fearful of the tyranny that Jacinda and her regime are forcing upon the whole of New Zealand. Time to demonstrate about this topic on the lawns of parliament? Make every NZ’er aware of the treachery afoot with a big campaign. Derek
NZ had riots when the 1981 Springboks came to play rugby here. Now we are embracing apartheid ourselves. Bruce
Strongly and where is NZ’s democracy heading under this Government. He Puapua and Three Waters … truly frightening and I believe a lot of New Zealanders feel the same way. Rose
The word ‘fear’ ,as a verb and in the context of an uneasy expectation, is probably the correct word but what puzzles me is the overall notion that co-governance seems to be promoted by Maori as an ‘improvement’ or ‘advancement’, whereas it is palpably evident Maori governance of any degree tends to be shaky and unproductive … there is plenty of evidence. Michael
New Zealanders have been hypnotised by the marxist leader of pack, assisted by the disasters of Christchurch and covid, and it will take a huge effort to wake enough New Zealanders in time to save this country. Thank you, NZCPR, for your efforts. Patrick
We have our entire future to fear – the future of our children and their children! Rob
I would not trust Willie Jackson any further than I could kick him John
It all boils down to greed and the power game. That is not who we, NZ, are. I’d be interested to know how many Maori would agree with this whole fiasco. Lauren
It’s the old saying isn’t it – give them an inch and they’ll take a yard. Fair representation means proportional representation, not the 15% tail of New Zealand wagging the rest of the dog. Every non-maori New Zealander will pay dearly for labours treachery. Actually, so will a lot of decent, ordinary, working class maori, they just don’t know it, yet Trevor
Too many people are now afraid to say anything against the Maori takeover for fear of being called racist – but racism is what the Maori are inflicting on the majority of the NZ public. What a typical diversion tactic – accuse the other party of what you are actually doing! val
They lie and can’t be trusted!!! Andrew
This is just another step of Maori chipping away towards their own sovereignty ambitions, an elite minority. No consideration is given to the mixed blood lines of which thousands of us Kiwis have. We think we have problems with mandate practices wait and see when the co governance issues really come to light when New Zealanders wake up to what’s going on. Owen
Anything that blabber-mouth, numbskull says has to be taken with a Truckload of salt! Just look at Urawera Park for how items under Maori protectorate function…. they have gone to rack and ruin, as does anything they (don’t )touch…. Robyn
We have everything to fear an Iwi dictatorship.. I do not trust Willie Jackson. John
National and Act must step up and clearly explain to the electorate that He Puapua is THE most devisive issue facing the country and ensure that the next election is fought opposing it. Labour was not given a mandate for its introduction at the last election yet the opposition parties seem to be asleep at the wheel. Keith
In a democratic country how could 15% of the population have a right to have 50% control of the rest of N.Z. Chris
Look at all the racial things happening to date wake up nz Carl
It appears to me, that NZ’s Democracy has been high-jacked. There are Bills going through parliament, that should be totally chucked out :- Three Waters, Heathly Futures … It is high time that all things ‘Treaty’ be brought to a close and ALL New Zealanders have the same equal rights. This racism needs to be STOPPED!! Perhaps a ‘Vote of no confidence’ in Jacinda’s government, forcing an early election is needed. John
Labour Tribal partnership agenda is not only legally and morally wrong, it sets up New Zealand and New Zealanders for appalling race based conflict as a result. Stephen
I cannot think of anything more threatening to this democratic experiment in the last 150 years than this. It is monumental betrayal. Alan
You got to be joking……Really; “Nothing to Fear” *&^%$#@! Mike
Maori have the Govt on a roll and nothing will stop them now so sad to take our country down the gurgler Russell
There is everything to fear…. This plan will destroy NZ as a free society. Kathryn
pull the other one! leo
NZ is going down a dangerous apartheid road Peter
Anyone concerned about preserving democracy must be concerned with this government’s initiative and the way it is being pushed through the House. Tim
Willie Jackson is no more than a Maori supremacist, blind to common sense and without the slightest understanding of where his racist agenda will lead. If our politicians fail to reverse the current drive to introduce race based separatism and apartheid within New Zealand, the people will ultimately do so and sadly (those who identify as) Maori will lose much more than just the privileges they currently enjoy. Kevin
Willie Jackson and his ilk couldn’t lie straight in bed ! Fred
This is state sponsored racism on a scale worse than Zimbabwe. Mike
We had better fear this will wreck our country Richard
A bit like Little Red Riding Hood, New Zealanders are walking blindly into an abyss of horrendous danger. Wake up before it’s too late. Carol
This will be apartheid! Already DHB,s are deciding health needs on racial bias! Neville
As a certain character in Dad’s Army said,”we’re doomed” mike
Co-governance is anti democratic. We must preserve one person one vote at all costs Brian
A sneaky communist and power grabber Putin style Thomas
Tribal co-governance is anti New Zealand. Grant
There is absolutely NO doubt that our present PM will be responsible for instigating the worst social unrest this country has ever seen. Huge damage to our society has already been done by this bunch of incompetents Bryan
Willie Jackson and his racist mates quite simply represents the biggest threat to democracy that New Zealand has ever seen Rob
Sounds like a Tui ad. Geoff
Everything to fear. Iain
Willie has Zero integrity, and I am being generous here. Pat
be very very afraid Neil
We need to stop this nonsense immediately. Jane
This is what also happened in Zimbabwe – sneaky, treacherous & backwards thinking. A classic I Want It Des
Total crap, who would believe anything that crook Jackson says Erin
We have everything to fear Keith
We have everything to fear – the not so hidden agenda is complete control. Jack
Just the fact that Willie said it should raise alarm bells. Hu Puapua is nothing short of apartheid just like the current covid scenario. Kevin
Madness Maureen
History will show, that anyone given totalitarian control revert to form. With Maori reverting to form will be taking complete control of the running of this nation, with ancient tribal ways taking over. The genetic leanings cannot be removed in less than 200 years of change, brought about “colonisation”. Sam
No,No, peter
The Maori Caucus can’t be trusted Mandy
BS neville
This is apartheid! And how disgraceful it is happening in the halls of Parliament. It is racist and assuming people are ignorant. Wille Jackson will be remembered as one of the most racist, divisive politicians NZ has ever had. KK
Jacinda Ardern is a liar and can not be trusted. Ken
I am a senior person and fear for my Grand children if this Maori situation goes too far. Co Governance is dangerous and must be stopped asap Barbara
We have a lot to fear from this present government. helen
Cunning as a Maori dog Sarah
It doesn’t take much imagination that this will be a disaster for Maori and non Maori. So much of our Maori history has been misrepresented and so many of us had no idea! This is not about Maori, it’s about a small and greedy group parading as Maori who care about their fellow man. Shelley
The silent majority has yet to be mobilised. When they next vote Willie and his corrupt partners will be no more. Mike
Why are we contesting rubbish proposals! Brian
It is time JarSINdar and idiotic racist, do nothing for the country but everything for themselves cronies jumped back into the long drop from where they escaped. Rod
A typical bit of Maori self-promotion which surely will not work in their favour. Edgar W.
Explains why Willie Jackson is such a fervent Jacinta Ardern defender. A regular white knight. Vonne
that he feels the need to say it is proof of the frightening directions being taken! murray
The prime minister mislead the country prior to the last election Wendy
The stink of entitlement, Mr Jackson means you are intentionally working against society and democracy for your own power and greed. The Hypocrisy of your own statement is enlightening. Shame on National and Labour Politicians for enabling power, corruption and self interest before the social cohesion of New Zealand. Co-governance will be viciously opposed. Mr Luxton you will never get our vote. Sam
This is Willy Jackson we are talking about… He cannot be believed… His track record speaks for itself… Leslie
We are looking at legalized apartheid and preferential treatment of Maori. We are equal and should be treated as such. Vanessa
The maori elites driving this with the help of the current brainless labour regime are nothing but a bunch of opportunists wanting something for nothing again – this will backfire in a big way, I wouldn’t be suprised to see civil war in NZ if this mess gets pushed through by Ardern’s nincompoops. Roy
This is arrant race-based nonsense. Why does Jackson think 50:50 is far and just, when Maori (who are not full Maori anyway) – constitute 17% of the population at best? Jackson is a well known racist and his opinion counts for little. The action of Ardern & Labour/Greens is an egregious use of deception and simply a means to implement their Socialist Agenda. Christopher
No way Jen
This is a race-based mission by Labour and the Maori MP’s to take control little by little and demolish democracy as we know it in New Zealand Lesley
Moari cannot organise anything – take Ihaumatu and Waikeria for exmaple. Ihaumatu in the hands of wee willie himself, Michelke
If you value equal rights, democracy and accountability, then you have plenty to fear. David
The BS imposed on us all is relentless and creating anger,that may lead to a civil war Northern Ireland situation. Miles
Trust Willie Jackson!!!! Your’e joking. He has always been just a mouth piece spouting rubbish. Galls me to think we are paying his wages. Can we not take this to court and get it decided once and for all whether there is a pa partnership or not. Sort this crap out once and for all. Peter
We have every thing that we hold dear, from basis democracy through every other aspect of HePuapua, to greatly fear! Rita
Willie Jackson is a profound idiot . Who in their right mind would even consider this half caste maori shirkers words . Im assuming his surname comes from that famous Tribe Ngati Bagpipe . Just another low life on thw Tooth Faries gravy train . God help us . Ray
of course NOT Jens
This nation has much to be fearful of as this racist takeover rolls on. The corruption and incompetence will be on a scale not seen before. The worst feature seems to be that no political party save Act seems to be interested in even commenting on it, let alone pledging to reverse it. Gavin
To make socialism work you need a socialist PM and the NZ voter elected Comrade Adern. Then you need a finance minister with no values and the NZ voter elected Mr Robinson. The current government’s continual massive borrowing programs to hold power are unsustainable and the growing issues of rising living costs are only the beginning. Hopefully, the voter will accept the responsibility for the path of self-destruction the country is on and vote to decimate the current government by voting Socialism into oblivion. Only then can the country be reset and painstakingly rebuilt using policies that create wealth not spend wealth that has not yet been created. As pointed out, the inadequacies of the National Party Leader are showing through the Glass! His and the party’s emerging failing is its reluctance to OPPOSE which is the basic function of the democratic system. In Mr Luxton’s defence his background has effective leadership skills but no understanding of the need to openly distrust a section of the culture you are working alongside in the workplace – in this case the Parliament. One does not help the government. One party states are not democratic! The opposition must accept the stress of existence within distrust of the other side of the House to immediately take opportunities that rise and culminate into attacks on the sitting government. With the corruption and destructive path of socialism there are plenty of these opportunities ie. Before NZ collapses into the heap of a gut-wrenching depression. First-hand experience of delivering formal advice to the National Party indicates that the party is not prepared to open a closed mind, reset the direction of the party and move onto new policies which includes practical assessment of issues and the development of a will to OPPOSE! Mr Luxton must leave the Good-Fellow Image back at Air New Zealand and accept that Parliament is basically a hostile place!!! Much, much worse than your average PUB!!! Frederick
anything that erodes democracy in this country must be vehemently opposed william
What a slippery slope we are standing on with this type of future “governing” type of “bodies”. Where is the PM’s team of 5m in all of this? Division over race is a step to major, major problems to come. Divided we fall ! Graeme
This is not New Zealand. The division being created is not what the majority want and it needs to stop. Vivienne
to me democracy means each person has one vote and only those votes count Gerhard
“Nothing to fear” – we have everything to fear if earlier examples of “co-management” are anything to go by, let alone “co-governance”! The Urewera debacle is a case in point. This institutionalised parasitism needs to be halted – and fast, for all our sakes! Scott
I do not agree with anything Willie Jackson says. Erin
comrades in arms. so sick of Labour Maori lies. Let’s not wait and see .. we need to act now. geoffrey
Nothing short of a disaster looming!! Matt
Another rort, this has to stop. Any government wether it be Councils or Govt should be voted in by the people, not imposed on us. Doug
darkness is descending upon our fair? land chris
Terrified where NZ is heading. Adele
Blackmail by a minority Ken
Just another typical red herring from another racist who is pushing Maori supremacy ahead of democracy. He is hoping for HIS apartheid utopia where maori control everything. peter
Cannot agree with Willie or any part of there Agenda! Frank
Not to be trusted Suzanne
I prefer not to comment because in this B/S ‘PC’ soft cock world, one would be considered racist. This country has taken so many backward steps since Norm Kirk and David Lange became MP’s. Gary
apatite is where we will be, all non maori will have everything to fear especially white people, we are a multi cultural country & only the elected can run our country. the new treaty is barstardized to suit the IWI Elite One People one nation we are all immergrants Maori are not native to New Zealand, & they can stick Te Reo when the sun dose not shine Nigel
No,No,No. ERIC
Willie Jackson is dangerous Susie
This position has been reached only because Labour did not put its agenda to the electorate before the last election. Its implementation would be the end of democracy in NZ as we know it. Everything to be scared of. Donald
Believe it or not? Maori law is in fact a kind of Communism. The Elitists Chiefs and hierarchy get to feed from the gravy train first and we all get the chicken bones. Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand ! They are voyagers just like the rest of us and I would not believe a word Willy Jackson says Wayne
Muriel has said it all. June
The “good news “,if you like, is that there has been no attempt by Ardern or tribal greedys to conceal the intentionsMake no mistake maoris are going to take the country over, one way or “another”. They have not threatened but have come strait out with it. Hand it over or we take it!!! bud
we are supposed to live in a democratic society!! It’s time for some intervention this is getting out of hand Ewan
You are kidding. I would not trust any of the Labour MP’s as far as I could throw them.Where are the legal challenges from those who know their way around the court system? Peter
Ardern Should be charged with TREASON. she is destroying our country and 95.% of us sit back and accept her underhand politics. Tony
Maori take over of nz by tribal elites Jeff
If it were all above board it would be out in the public and in all the News Media. As it isn’t we have a lot to be worried about. Andrew
I say be very afraid. Maori cannot even run their own affairs let alone a country. William
It is just entrentching maori ideas on everyone Colin
that is bullshit ! norman
New Zealand needs to return to having the same rules for all. Fi
What is it that Maori do not understand when told they are NOT partners in the T of W? Greed and yet more greed and subversion. All engineered by JA. Martyn
Absolutely, don’t trust Willy Jackson. He’s a racist mongrel !!!! Mike
Most unnerving aspect is Nationals attitude . Grant
We have EVERYTHING to fear ..we are heading towards apartheid. How did that go for South Africa? Jenna
We have everything to fear if the example of history is anything to go by. When will the public awake from its slumber? John
get rid of this racist government we want democracy murray
It is time that this government be honest with the majority of New Zealanders instead of giving everything to the selected Maori few Bob
i am 5th generation in nz ,please do not feed me racial bu8llshit ! norman
Both Labour and National are past their use-by dates. Until they are replaced with a party that treats all New Zealanders as one with equality for all, our future will be aotearoa – up in the clouds. It is physically impossible to have a partnership when we are only one people. William Hobson put an end to cannibalism, slavery, and daughter slaughter with his statement “Te Hiwi Tahi Tatou – We Are Now One People”. Let it remain that way. Kevan
Would not trust him 1 mm. He needs to look in mirror at his heritage and be honest with himself Richard
Willie Jackson is an extremely dangerous man and any party that contains him is also dangerous and should not be anywhere near the halls of power. Time to get rid of Labour for ever! Roger
The Maori are con artists. Evans
If there is nothing to fear, why is being done by stealth and secrecy? Mel
Biggest con job ever. Jackson is an egh Pete
Absolutely not !!! This is incredibly dangerous if not treasonous. The public MUST stand up to this divisive and racist path being taken by our disgusting leftist Government. Nobody I peak to in person, online or in any computer sites or media agree with He Puapua proposals. They and this Government must be stopped and it may need a revolution to do it. It is incredible that many naive people, especially the elderly, still think Jacinda is “Lovely” — what the hell is wrong with them. Jacinda and her cronies plus Willie Jackson and other traitors must be removed. Amazing how similar we are to those treacherous Democrats in the USA and like our Labour it appears their time is limited. Alan
One would have to be blind to agree with that comment Gail
This nonsense has to be stopped Ray
One person one vote. Graeme
Willie Jackson has never spoken a word of truth in his life! Murray
And as for Luxon having a wee chat to see how he can help WTF !!?? What sort of an idiot is he?? Elizabeth
We have everything to fear. We require full public disclosure on the merits of He Puapua and all NZ’s to be treated equally in a democratic Lecter procedure. Linda
It is high time Jacinda Ardern was impeached and thrown out of office before she completely destroys this country. Roger
The only people with” nothing to fear” are maoris Henry
God no. Sheena
We have a lot to fear. The very future of New Zealand as a democracy with equal rights for all is at stake. Frank
Willie Jackson owns funeral homes. Inga da winger went broke cause he hated chasing people for debt. Obviously capitalism driven Jackson has nooo problem with that. He’s a c-word and always will be. The worst of them all and the most conceited. I wouldn’t trust him with my kids bicycle, Max
Willie Jackson is a dirty rotten mongrel Marc
I’ve called on Arden to call a snap election if she is so confident in what she and her racist govt are doing. A backlash can only come of this racist BS Paul
Would you buy a used car from Willie? Tony
stating the bleeding obvious phil
No, don’t trust him. Jan
Willie jackson can never be trusted.Nor can Ngai Tahu and I live in canterbury. They have decimated Eyrewell Forest for dairying . No one blinked an eye. stephanie 
Moari lost the wars and to the victors go the spoil, well with the treaty that is a load of horse manure, If the moari want payment, get it off the Queen as she sent the govoner to deal as her consort, Us Kiwi’s are not responsible for your loss, if we are give us back our original blankets, muskets, powder, shot, beads food,and everything else we traded for the land, I am moari and I am ashamed to be associated with them. I grew up with both pakeha and moari and we had a ball it wasn’t untill the activists got in control and it all went to shit. Norm
We have to stop this!!! Eddie
he’s a liar. Graeme
It is another step towards this move to take control without any mandate from the public WAKE up N Z BEFORE TOO LATE LEO
He has the credibility of Putin. We’re not going to invade. Yeah right. Steve
Trust Willie Jackson – not a chance! Even less transparent and honest than Comrade Jacinda. Mark
ABSOLUTELY NO!!!!!!! Jacoba
Jackson & his cohorts are not only dumb but treacherous with it!! If i hear that work Aotearoa again it will be too soon!! COME ON NEW ZEALAND DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!! GOVERNANCE BY EVIL STEALTH…. ARDERN & THE REST OF THEM NEED TO GO….NOW Ron
Takeover by stealth Peter
One Land one people Charlotte
Be fearful, very very fearful of these comments. Kristene
Yes, we should greatly fear Willie Jackson and the whole Labour government. Diane
This must be opposed Richard
An absolutely flagrant use of power and deception. Unprecedented! Paul
All becoming very tiresome Bruce
What a time to try to bring this in Marlene
I don’t agree with the radical new Interpetation of the treaty. Karen
Total LIES!!!!! Derek
a recipe for disaster. Garry
We have a great deal to fear. and there is multi layered influence. When it comes to water for example, we have 3 waters, then at regional council level Te mana o te wai and then when considering the freshwater changes iwi are consulting with the public as partners of council I am not sure where the consultation comes in really. How can I make a decison when I am told my action disturbs the mana of the river when there is no clarity aboout this, yet someone elses action may not disturb that same mana? Anon
He says with that grin which we all know means exactly the opposite is true. Lesley
As with all minority groups, given an inch they take a mile. A return to pre stone age tribalism, or a radical “socialist” divide and rule policy? Charles
Who would believe anything Willy Jackson said. Warren
New Zealanders from MANY parts of the world – prticularly Europe – have developed this country and made it the wonderful country that it is – wherein Maori enjoy all its benefits equally. Suzanne
Typical political cynicism then hit below the belt later Poul-Erik
The division by race on any subject has no place in NZ society. We are one ‘colour blind’ people. Bernadette
We have everything to fear, our main problem now however is , it appears time is against us as they are quietly working at bringing this all together under the cover of Ardern’s drawnout Covid restrictions. She has to be asked publicly, ‘what is her end game’. Loretta
Anyone saying this should not be trusted . On a worldly scale: isn’t this what Putin said? Ido
Absolutely not!!! New Zealanders have a lot to fear – Tuhoe Waikeremoana shambles, tribal infighting and blackmail a good example of what is ahead even with all the millions of pay outs!!! David
unbelievable corruption of our democracy Stu
It wasn’t very long ago that men and women of the New Zealand Defence Forces made the ultimate sacrifice to defend God’s Own Country against Fascism and Communism. Our country paid a huge price, but Freedom and Democracy were preserved. The new war is not fought with bullets and bombs however – the new weapon is mind control. The present administration is so adept at propaganda it seems as if we now face an uncertain future where our beloved country is divided by racism, and ruled by tribalism. Craig
Part Maori should treated no different to people without Maori ancestry. No more, no less. Murray
absolute power corrupts absolutely john
Can’t trust any form of separatist agenda especially from a minority interest. Peter
Tail wanting to wag the dog John
The government’s entire racist and sepretists agenda is seriously out of control. It must be stopped and clearly the National Party are NOT going to address it with the priority it deserves along with many other important issue remaining unanswered. John
Willy Jackson will create an apartheid country out of our democracy if we dont stand up and stop him. Where are the objectors to our all blacks playing rugby against South Africa?? David
Willie Jackson must be kidding! If you are afraid of covid, you should be bloody terrified of this! Mark
Tui Ad here…. Andi
Willie’s a bully and a rascist Donald
Chris Luxon needs to start thinking about ALL New Zealanders. Murray
This is Maori apartheid by stealth – only it’s not very stealthy. Ian
There is no partnership possible and that should be an end to the matter, but don’t hold your breathe that it will be. Ian
jackson is a liar russell
He is the very worst kind of racist Russ
1 person 1 vote. Warwick
This man is a frightening example of why we should NEVER give co-governance any chance to exist. Ann
nothing to fear !, if I were younger I would be out of this country so fast, another year under this govt is going to be torture. mike
Look what they have done already to what they were given , ruined all Roger
He is certainly not to be believed or trusted and National need to tell this to all of New Zealand and the consequences down the track. Noeline
We must reinstate democracy in NewZealand on the basis of one person one vote! John
Hell no I do NOT agree. Accepting this tribal partnership agenda will mean the destruction of our once democratic and fair country. It is such a shame, but I’m beginning to look at alternative nations from which to raise my family. I fear another Rhodesia coming. Bryce
How do we stop this ,easy. Just do not vote for Labour at next years General Election Maori domimation must be stopped, they are only16 percent of the population, so come on New Zealand do the Maths and vote accordingly. Graham
He is an idiot. Roger
We are in grave danger of losing so much of what has been built in the last 150 years plus. Watch for the huge drain to Aus now the borders are open for the present Lindsay
Have we been hoodwinked, what a sad state our lovely country is in. Florence
This is what is going on being going on behind the cloak of Covid Dennis
Maori have benefitted hugely from the colonisation of NZ, look at Health, Education and Welfare. 16% of the population are entitled to 16% of the vote. What constitues Maori in 2022, is it an 8th, 16th, 32th, 64th or 128th? Joanne
Part of Adern’s ” Trojan Horse ” agenda. Very dangerous hidden agenda. Pete
He feels so empowered by being in Jacinda government Margaret
No, no., no. No-one in NZ has voted for government by Maori for Maori. Joanne
We are all equal under the sun – supposedly . Work towards unity not separatism Jenny
Their previous actions and promotions have demonstrated to me that they cannot be trusted. Walter
Not Bloody interested with Willie Jacksons opinion. Maori are New Zealanders yes, we live in a Democracy. and you reap what you are entitled to by hard work not the Colour of your skin. Throw this Partnership crap out the windon. Frank
The comment is just another part of the plan to brainwash New Zealand to accept that maori elite should have co-governance and power of veto. Les
He is quite a laugh Tony
I am a naturalised Kiwi from South Africa, was borne into Aprtheid and I recognise it when I see it. The separate deal for Mouri regarding health and all the other bits and pieces in He Puapua is nothing less that the introduction of apartheid into the Kiwi fabric gerhard
The He Puapua agenda must be exposed and removed. It is introducing apartheid. Jason
Labour has to GO. Ian
He speaks with ‘forked Tongue’ all in the purpose of creating a separatist New Zealand Governed by Maori Tribal Elites. In other words a mini Totalitarian regime for New Zealand. Geoff
Deceitful narcissistic ‘pirau’ parasite. Alan
Having been trained by Gaddafi and other dictators Jackson and his mates are treacherous, undemocratic and disloyal to the Crown and treaty, which they think owes them as so called partners. They are Putin Hitler and many other dictators rolled in to one and should be charging them with sedition. What about his English heritage !!!! He obviously hasn’t looked in the mirror of late !!!! All of humanity bleed red blood , what makes him and his cohorts so special !! Bev
The average part maori gets nothing from it, only the elite milking it Niall
Willie Jackson? I think we should be very afraid. Pete
I would like to know what percentage of our part Maori population support apartheid? Do I need to rethink my present support for businesses owned by part Maori who no longer call themselves New Zealanders? Richard
Willie Jackson and his maori caucas mates are power grabbing racists. Steve
Luxton needs to pull his ‘socks up’ and head off this racial divide and show some guts to stem this low-life scum’s control of our democracy. Now! Chris
All labor politicians are like crabs. who walk sideways while speaking front on.abismayly poor performance all around. Adern is a failure why she was a list only M.P. Mike
He Puapua is a nightmare! Cherie
We need to uphold the Treaty of Waitangi that NZ was founded on and get rid of He Pauli’s immediately. Shirley
This is appalling and issues should be in mainstream media EVERY day, so people are informed and the issues being discussed in a balanced manner!!! I am continually amazed at the people i know and meet that have no idea what te Puapua is about, and where issues like 3waters have originated from. This is policy by stealth, and in my view far more dangerous for pour country than ANYTHING Covid throws at us!!! Shirley
Why are we going to an apartheid system without a vote Ian
I don’t trust any Maori politicians. And I’m starting to wonder if Chris Luxton is going to be another Maori supporter. And, has any party come out and publicly stated, that the will oppose and scrape the He Puapua document and stop all future Maori agends. reg
Muriel, you’ve said it all! Thanks!! Marianne
I am sick of central govt politicians giving away our democracy to Maori separatism. Margaret
He cannot be trusted richard
NO NO NO Cheryl
Definitely do not agree especially coming from the likes of Willie Jackson. We all know or let’s put it some of us know where this is all heading and I fear for our children’s future. Lawrie
Absolute rubbish, all New Zealanders have a great deal to fear from this, including the ordinary everyday Maori who will get nothing from this partnership if it is allowed to proceed. Kate
No, it is a load of b…. We are all humans and should all be treated equally. Kate
More BS ian
Hell no! Piet
It is brown apartheid. NZ the way it has been through my school days & work career was open for all. Doug
Under tribal rule the economy will shrivel and die Graham
No.Absolutely not.Where is Luxon and his team?This is treasonable behaviour,and should never had progressed to this point gale
Absolutely unbelievable what perilous pathways we are on – look at the history of tribal control !! – no wonder they want to hide it.- Maurice
Willies only ever been about himself. End of. James
Willy Jackson is in my view being deliberately misleading and seeking (deliberately) to lull the rest of us (ie non-activists ) into a false sense of security and then looking to use the foot in the door principle – from whence you steadily and ruthlessly pursue your objective of governance-control followed by Rule. I don’t believe him and would not trust him EVER. Hugh
We have everything to fear Wah
Just more spin Anon
Coming from Willie Jackson we certainly have something to fear. Ann
Unlawful. Randall
At a meeting hosted by Belinda Gates some time back our PM said to an audience of UN and influential people that she had embedded the Agenda30 in NZ. This Agenda gives indigenous people the rights to take over. and control. Robina
NUTS!!! Roger
Another attempted rip-off. Jim
He is a greedy person and that is being polite Ray
What ever happened to the TV debates where these could be questioned? This govt needs to front up! Bob
Willie Jackson is at best a faux maori and at worst a complete shyster Chris
We absolutely have everything to fear. Lee
It’s time that this Prime Mnister apeared in public on TVNZ 1 and addmitted to the fact she is not telling us the truth about her intentions to bring the Puapua plans into fruition. David
Jackson’s statement is akin to Putin’s assertions prior to the invasion of Ukraine. Both use weasel words to conceal their true nefarious objectives. David
Here we go again . Plus Luton has lost my long time National vote. he made another big mistake not meeting the protesters ,to late now. Gilbert
Of course we have everything to fear from this Maori Caucus and anything Willie Jackson proposes Bruce
I am a part Maori business man. I pay my taxes like most hard working New Zealanders. In my region we have Taunia with Te Awa with their huge assets and cash flow. Yet they pay not taxes like every other non tribal business in New Zealand. To keep this going is neither fair or just especially now their asset base is growing to significant proportions of the economy. In Samoa to encourage tourist growth their Government worked with groups to expand their tourist industry to world class standards and those groups were given a tax free status for 10 years and not thye NEVER ENDING TAX FREE status given to a raced based select group working behind closed doors to gain huge wealth at the expense to all New Zealanders including most every day Maoris . It is sickening to see how all New Zealanders are being so complacent to what is happening and our wobbly goop Prime minisiter who loves the limelight when it suits her and goes missing the rest of the time needs to be removed from office now. Alan
Why is he and his mates not locked up for treason against his own people,or is it that he is not a nz ,er and sees himself as a superior race or dare i say it a obvious Racist and a Fraudster Paul
Full of shit. Alan
I am sure Jackson went to the same school as Putin. They are both needing to earn what freedom and democracy mean. Dennis
We have everything to fear! dave
I would not trust Willie Jackson as far as I could throw the bugger. don
I would not trust Willie Jackson in any way whatsoever. These facts should be put into the news media Russell
Non voted selection onto a council is undemocratic Arthur
The present government policies and proposals imperil the very existence of the World’s finest young democracy, and must be defeated. Kenneth
I struggle to believe anything Willie Jackson says. Addrianne
Everything to fear..no trust in Willie Jacksons words Shirley
We have everything to fear with this lying circus of a Govt. What on earth is happening to NZ David
I simply don’t trust them. There are plenty of historic cases where Maori hierarchy just can’t keep their fingers out of the till. Chris
This should not be happening, there isn’t and never will be a partnership, every nationality in NZ is a subject of the Crown, there are no equals. Gavin
One country-ONE people.. Donald
Absolutely Not!! Ian
I totally reject any stupid racist proposals, one country one people Peter
It is a terribly fearful step towards a racist NZ. Coral
The loss of democracy is something to very fearful of. Absolutely no where in treaty documents does the word partnership appear. The word for cede does, in both English and Maori versions. Mike
I’m struggling to believe this is happening in our country Margaret
We have every thing to be afraid of. We were a few years ago all Kiwis In our country. Tom
I don’t even know how such nefarious situations come about. But if the socialist left are to keep on heading down the path of separatism then surely they will be out on their ear at the next election. However Mr. Luxon needs to grow a pair and sooner or later he needs to address the false rhetoric (and outright lies) in regards to the 1840 meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi and the ramifications of entitlement for ALL New Zealanders. After all, the so called Treaty made us all ONE people. All free New Zealand citizens. All under the same Common rule of Law. Where there are to be controversial laws to be enacted then there should always be a citizens binding referenda. This should be at both the national level and at the local territory level. Where such controversial rules are pushed through without a proper public mandate then these rules should be considered reversible if defeated by a public enforced referenda. Tribal rule was a disaster for Maori and for most of other peoples under this type of totalitarian regime. We all need to get behind our Western styled rule of law and open market system due to the fact that this country needs to create a lot of export revenue to meet the current financial “trouble-hole” that we are going down. We don’t want to see the high interest rates of the mid to late 1980’s again. But if we put this mob back in again then just see it happen. It will be just an unmitigated disaster all over again. We all must learn from our history from about 1800 to these contemporary times. Let’s hope that we will have some decent candidates to chose from even if they stand as independents. We need to be wise with our next vote as with all of our future votes. Garry
We sure have something to fear. And keeping the country in FEAR is the part purpose of the whole “partnership corruption” agenda. There are other things that are more pressing at present, this just being one of them. Beware the smoke screens!!!! Neil
Absolutely not but when are we going to see National call the government out? If they do not its tribalism governed by animism here we come! David
Everything to Fear Mark
This is the biggest challenge to our democracy ever. Forget the covid smokescreen, this is what matters. antoni
Willie Jackson is a racist liar as is Adern. I can’t and don’t want to live in New Zealand ever again. It’s not the country I grew up in where everyone was treated equally. Trevor
I do not accept the supposed soothing words of Minister Willie Jackson. I reject the duplicitous Labour government and its erroneous version of the Treaty suggesting Maori are in partnership with the Crown. it is radical opportunism and it is not accepted. Peter
These people who are pushing this agenda are corrupt and venal. The whole Maori Caucuc of Labour are Rangatira and therefore have a share in the assets of these Iwi Corporations, such as no ordinary Maori have. Hence the policies that they are advocating are a conflict of interest in which they and their families will materially benefit, but which the average New Zealander – both Maori and non-Maori will suffer. This can only lead to civil strife and anarchy. Brenton
Part of the Maorimix elite/Iwi grab of taxpayer assets which tax and ratepayers will never see the benefit of. Sedition and treason and not even disguised. Just blatant apartheid. Brenda
Putting a noose around our necks!! Ruth
Just like a fly has nothing to fear from a spider after flying into its web. Derek
I do not trust a word that he utters Peter
Having been caught out, nothing to see here has become nothing to be scared of. Thanks but, no thanks. Martin
Clearly Labour is trying to introduce co-governance by stealth. It does nor reflect well on the party. Colin
Where are the opposition? I don’t see them doing anything will they be any better at looking after our interests or are we just going to have to suck it up what is wrong with the media how can they live with themselves is there no one interested in reporting the facts Peter
This is bloody outrageous Robert
We have everything to fear. Such action will create a race war. Terry
Willie Jackson is a biased privileged hypocritical part Maori whose agenda is nothing less than undemocratic governance of NZ. by a group that make up about 16% of our population – perhaps 13% with the anathema of voting rights on either the General or Maori roll – and have less than 50% Maori genes. The whole matter is a constitutional outrage Hylton
Jackson and his close mates need less exposure on TV news channels. These can be controlled to a degree unlike the cancerous social media channels. Please start a campaign that all people born in NZ are officially registered as “KIWI” They can tack on their ethnic heritage if they wish to – but first and for most everyone are Kiwis – Some might say it could look to be a knic name – but everyone knows – even the maori how proud we are to be called a KIWI john 
How ironic it is that Cabinet Minister Willie Jackson makes his claim we have nothing to be scared of from co-governance in New Zealand, when at the same time Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed he had no intention of invading Ukraine but Russian military are rapidly moving across that country on the pretext of being a peace keeping force. Our current New Zealand political system demonstrates that we have a lot to fear from how all elected representatives are mishandling governance of our lives. I am now entering my twilight years and have reluctantly started adopting Civil Disobedience in many aspects of my daily life to question what so called officials tell me is in my best interest. It’s amazing what you can achieve as these officials back-off to consult their rule books! They often find that their ideology and claims are unfounded. Martin
The tax payers union is supporting a group of councils to challenge the partnership and three waters in the high court. Everyone needs to get behind this Keith
The entire Maori caucus and their extremist mates are not trust worthy. Graeme
Tribal co governance is not democracy Richard
We are being deceived Sue
This nonsense has gone far enough. Time for commonsense, balance and democracy to be restored. The present divisive agenda will only lead to disaster for our once proud Country. Also we must change direction and the reinstatement of the priority of the english language in Schools, Government Departments, and the Media. Skill in written & spoken English language is essential for success in learning and engaging in all facets of work, science, technology and the global community. Bob
We have EVERYTHING to fear! WE are heading down a path of deep racial division, and giving more and more power and money to Maori has to be a disaster of the first order. The more you give, the more is wanted, that is basic human nature, We have to stop this urgently, and sadly, lacking the leadership to make that happen! Hugh
While we all believe that this country has an open, democratic form of governance, behind the closed doors of our current Government that belief is being sold out to a minority group with, it would appear, the full backing of our PM who this week states that the Three Waters agenda has been delayed a few months and the goes ahead and announces the, Three Waters The National Transition Unit, appointed by the Elite Iwi group set up by Mahuta. May explain why Mahuta is ot of the country. But understand, that you can trust us. Yeah Right. Barry
To use Wille Jackson as a front face for this propaganda is tantamount to having the big bad wolf front a Love a Granny Programme. Helen
this has to be stopped, coming from a part Maori. Paul
‘Fear’ is the wrong word, ‘anger’ would be closer. ron
I remember “Be afraid,be very afraid”. Often hearing W.J. on radio he is the consmate racist. Dick
The more we read and understand the sadder our countries future looks. Sven
of course we fear, I do not want to give Maories any control, do not trust them. gerard
If anything is other than one person one vote then it is not democracy, if any additional rights, funding or special privilege is ring fenced by race then it is racist. Willie Jackson and co are leading the destruction of democracy and road to apartheid in this country %u2013 that will be their legacy. Alex
Wake up NZ. We opposed apartheid 50 years ago and web MUST NOW Bob
We must stop this. Helen
My fear is extreme Bob
Roll on NewZimbabwe Ross
No it is newspeak from Mr. Jackson who appears to want to promote separatism within NZ. The idea that we live in a partnership with one particular race treated differently to the rest of us is obviously undemocratic, steals the political power of each of us and ushers in a new state of chaos and injustice which we have never seen before. RAYMOND
What a load of B/S from the tribal elite master who stands to gain financially. Co-governance and democracy are just NOT compatible!!! Tony
New Zealand for all Linda
We require the return of democracy and not the racially selective autocracy of The present government Bryan
Te Arawa tribe want most structures removed from Lake Tarawera. This is after the treaty settlement signed twenty years ago states existing structures will not be effected. Sorry I have no trust in our legal system let alone our Government. Paul
It beggars belief, this agregious attack on our democracy has been allowed to reach this stage. We have everything to be scared of. Everything to lose. Peter
Willie Jackson is full of it! Alan
Do not want a bar of this racist nonsense. Nothing Willie Jackson says inspires any confidence whatsoever. Richard
If someone such as Jackson makes that statement, we may safely assume the opposite. Neil
more one sided legislation rammed thru Collin
Absolute disaster if control is handed over to the arrival Elite. The capital outflows and brain drain from NZ will be catastrophic Peter
Jackson is an outright RACIST. The Herald article written by Audrey Young is an absolute disgrace referring as it does to the Treaty partnership as a fact when we should all know that it is a downright lie. Of course, that’s what the government has paid her bosses to do!! Alan
That’s a joke, I wouldn’t believe that. It is almost like this Government is being run by Maori disguised as Labour. Arthur
Get real! Patricia
I believe racism is destructive Judy
From one of the most racist people in Parliament – Yes we certainly do. It will be once we were a democracy They are perpetuating a blatant lie Carolyn
Willie Jackson is a racist to the extreme & not trustworthy. Terry
Jackson’s the Putin of NZ politics ! John
He’s a liar, we have everything to fear. Graeme
The Vatican/communist agenda is well under way! rossco
when is Luxon and the Cats going to wake up paul
I do NOT agree with this divisive proposal Angela
W.J. is is a crook as are the rest of them,they want to siphon tax payer’s money without return benefits to anyone but them selves. They are lazy & greedy & have never contributed to society, just stolen. Allen
Subterfuge is being apportioned to a veiled electorate and similar to that being experienced in Canada. Norman
This is reverse aparthied and will end up being totally unfair on the rest of non maori. She must go now! Shaun
Just listen to his published comments on what he believes, and if you have no fear then you believe in segregation, that is not the NZ i believe in Ross
If Maori Corporations pay no Tax they shouldn’t have any input as to how Taxes and/or Rates are spent Ian
Nothing to fear? To be under the control of that shambolic, antagonistic tribally controlled mish mash of humanity that calls itself Maori would be an absolute shambolls.! Ron
We have everything to fear Ronny
When is this country going to wake up?? Soothing platitudes from the likes of Jackson make me want to puke – people with half a brain need to start speaking up.. Mike
An uninformed public is being conned John
He is making a simple play for power. Over time this will be a disaster for future generations with whole time consequences Graham
I STRONGLY disagree Jacque
Aparthied by stealth I agree that if Willi Jackson ‘s mouth is moving then a lie is being presented.If Maori want representation in Parliament then they should stand for seats.The so called Maori seats must be abandoned which was the original idea when they were first set up. If this pitiful government gets its way then New Zealnd will become another Zimbabwe. Murray
Any dilution of the democratic principles and processes underpinning the very foundations of our societal and individual rights is an utterly reckless move. I seriously doubt Willie Jackson and his Labour Party colleagues have the faintest idea of the friction, division, and ultimately misery their actions will bring to future generations of Maori, nearly Maori, and non Maori. It would seem Willie Jackson doesn’t understand how inter- tribal division worked out for 19th century Maori. Why does he think inter-racial division will work for this great little nation in the future? We all know democracy isn’t perfect but any student of history knows it is vastly better than whatever comes second. Given the deceit and lies put forward by the Labour Party to date regarding He Puapua New Zealanders can take no comfort in Willie Jackson’s assurances. Absoludley Not !,, Donald
There was never a partnership! We are all NZers. Stop the division in this country. Liz
We as New Zealand citizens are being ruled and invaded by 15% of the population of which none are full blooded Maori, so I’m not sure how the percentage of European blood fights over the percentage of Maori blood in these people to get everything they demand, it must be like Siamese twins tearing themselves apart through utter greed. It seems these 15% of part Maori want everything I’m sick to death of everything being renamed Maori even the name of our country, it’s tearing us apart there is just no end to everything they want to claim as theirs, whatever happened to one nation one people???, all we are now is a racially divided country constantly giving into demands from this divided small percentage of mixed blood people. Laurie
Everybody in their right mind has to realize that lies and deception are the primary weapons employed in the arsenal of political radicals. They have learned from the communists that in order to establish one’s agenda you have to infiltrate and destroy the system from within. And precisely that is what they are doing. Over time , the more ground they gained, the more reckless and openly brazen they have become. Luxon has revealed himself as being instrumental and helpful from the moment when he declared his party’s new strategy for the coming elections. Three points he made: Covid, Maori, Economy. Says it all ,NOT !!!! Seymour has shown his real face and he turns out not to be a true libertarian but rather a political turn coat– in short- not to be trusted!!! No comment re the Greens, good riddance is what is needed urgently. We have arrived at a point where the old parties have clearly demonstrated that they are no longer useful or fit for purpose to serve the interests of all New Zealanders. They need to be thoroughly replaced by people possessing high moral end ethical standards and professional experience enabling them to run a country efficiently. Not a bunch of appointed non achievers and morons who destroy everything they touch. Michael
Racist and separatist nonsense john
We are already seeing the effects of one nation, two peoples, in far too many ways. This is apartheid and must stop. John
Scares the daylights out of me. I am 79 and probably wont be around when a lot of this acton comes to fruition but i am conscious of my family. It is a real worry when my 15yr old granddaughter says but maori were first here it is their country and this is what they are being taught and believe. Bev
iwi have to get the bums rush, as I see it He Whakaputanga Jurisdiction is the only way out of this corporate Govt mess wayne
NZ as a democracy is on the brink mary
Deception is great in this one – Rex
Concerned for a long time about this co governance thing and also the “partnership “debate”. Michael
Build back better bullshit! Weak politicians are allowing this nonsense to continue. Barras
The Tuhoi Treaty/development settlement result is frightening as are the other plant etc tribal control preparations. The Government is certainly hiding this disproportional Maori control. Rochelle
its plain outright reverse racism!!!! Chris 
I wouldn’t trust Willie Jackson or anything he says as far as I could kick him. Neil
This is very scary stuff and with a media not able nor willing to report honestly on it we are in dire straits. Louise
No Comment, I have too much to fear. Don
I saw this throughout Africa, when “colonisers” handed over power to indigenous people, morality went out the window and corruption and greed marched in. This is a total no-no for New Zealand. Jenny
We are pathing the way to destruction if we follow this path. David
The radical maori element in Parliament are well on their way to turning New Zealand into a socialist, then communist country. At present only a combination of Act and National winning majority power at the next election give us any hope of returning to democracy instead of racist lies and power. Pauline
How can we turn back the clock to 1987 when the idea of partnership with Govt was first spoken of? Can we get a legal challenge to this? Steph
Well, he would say that, would he not? Vic
Of course domination by a very small minority will never be a need for concern. And yes I do mean VERY SMALL. Possibly as low as 2% of the overall population. This made from not all Maori want it possibly as low as 10% of the 17% OR LESS THAN 2% overall NOT SCARY AT ALL Cookie
Dark clouds on the horizon for our democracy John
How does NZ develop as NZ? A country of New Zealanders, if it’s divided?? Europeans have embraced its residents to develop their individual countries after settlement by Romans, Goths, Arabs, Indians etc but now. German, French, Italian, Spanish etc. NZ should develop the same way as a mix of cultures creating our OWN culture with input from our settlers. Lyn
What a load of bollocks . Of course we need to be concerned. He has an agenda that goes against all that most of us believe in.  Ted
However not a question of ‘fear’ but of what is just. This is discriminatory. bruce
NZCPR should band together with the NZ Taxpayer Union to support the legal proceedings they’re bringing to challenge the concept of co-governance. Bern
Recent History shows what happens with Maori Governance. kent
co governance in any situation ( even in a marriage) rarely works – this will end in civil war. anna
Certainly I’m afraid of their power Lynn
The opinion of those who stand to gain from any policy should never be taken as fact Kenton
They cant be trusted. Ron
Nothing to fear is what the fox said to the gingerbread man and we all know what happened to the gingerbread man . Hamilton
Willie must think we are stupid Lorraine
Willie Jackson is nothing but a ****! He and all the rest of the Labour Ministers who are conspiring to push New Zealand under “Savage” rule should all be hung in public! Maoris have No right to have any control over New Zealand, and all the co-governance crap needs to end right now. How can Ardern and her troop of idiots not see the total anger of true New Zealanders at a time when there are tens of thousands, protesting against her and the damage they are doing to OUR country. Des
Putin told the west it had nothing to fear from its troop build up also. Murray
Nz is for all Nzers and no one should be above anyone else. Lyn
Would you buy a used car from Willie? I’m certainly not buying his line of racist b/s. Trevor
There should be no partnership as it was never intended to be. Elaine
Obviously apartheid Isa
This is an absolute disgrace these people in Government have no mandate to do this. They are deceitful and totally dishonest and would have to be the worst Government we have had . They are hiding behind covid putting things through while having most of the country in fear . Wiily J ackson a white boy who thinks he is a Maori they forget their heritage. My family go back to the 1850 in this country we have worked very hard over the years and still do like many others . We are not going to accept this rubbish Martin
Willie and his team of elitist power grabbers are way off the mark. Most of NZ are happy with a democratic system and it’s people happy to work/play side by side in equality. Nigel
This is rascist rubbish. I know many that have fled south africa and Zimbabwai, only to find the same happening here. They are apalled, as am I. This govnt needs to go-NOW Andrew
There is no need to have a partnership. We are one country and people. Get voted in onto the table by your merit, not race. Karen
This ramming maori bill shit down our throats needs to stop Won’t be long and the whole of tv one news will be in Stone Age Te lingo Don’t have a problem if they want to preserve this useless Stone Age language.. How about they do it in their time at their expense on their Maori pa’s See how many turn up Murray
The entire claim is based on fraud. Furthermore, on every occasion when money is given to maori organisations it disappears without acountancy. John
Jacinda is trying to divide and conquer for her evil agenda. She is Klaus Schwabs pawn for the World Economic Forum for the Great Reset as us Trudeau and Macron. Pure evil! She must stopped. Mike
Democracy is the heart of NZ. Barb
This must not go ahead Kevin
It is effectively a coup de tat & it will end in tears or worse Tracy
What a load of rubbish Jackson, and such a Maori name!!! stop trying to divide our beautiful country of NEW ZEALAND, so racist and typical elitist trying to grab as much as you can.. Laurie
He is a racist despot only interested in promoting Maori interests ABOVE everyone else. He must be defeated. Peter
I would not trust anything Willie Jackson has said at the best of times. Gifford
I have met Maori with the ‘greed’ in their voices. catherine
Trust Willie Jackson and Co – I doubt it. Andrew
I don’t trust. the governing. It is self interest all the way. Keren
Absolutely not!!! Pam
Willie Jackson is 50% Maori and 50% European, So what day is he Maori and what day is he European. of course he is neither and never can be! Perhaps he could try being a New Zealander!!!! Les
The man is a complete racist Larry
The general population should be trembling in their boots. Democracy is nearly dead. Alan
This is racist to the nth degree the sooner this government is out the better Gareth
What could go wrong ? mike
Racist nonsense. Cam
Sorry, proved time and time again that statements coming from ministers of this Labour Government just cannot be believed !! Pierre
Assume whatever Willie says to be true is actually untrue……….. Arnold
You could no longer believe Willy Jackson’s promise, just as you could believe anything from ‘Russia’!!! Roy
The thin edge of the wedge- once started where would this stop?? Colin
Its definately just more under handed political treachery Ken
It’s not democratic peter
To paraphrase George Orwell, He Puapua all men are equal but some are more equal than others. This Government agenda is wholly undemocratic and must be stopped. Steve
Racism at its highest and not something that I wish upon NZ Andrew
Truely scary. How can this information be shared with out being labeled as racist? Steven
Anytime Maori get rights above the rest of NZ is a worry..do suck of the Maori elite racism and greed. Barbara
Politicians lie? Putin lies? Hon. Willie Jackson must also lie? RICHard
I most certainly do not agree. We have EVERY reason to fear Graeme
Hell no! It is more trickery. Chrysta
Civil war anyone? neil
We are all immigrants to this land. We are all New Zealanders and we are all equal under the law. Labour’s apartheid policies are a duplicitous, deceitful travesty. We have everything to fear from this breathtakingly unprincipled government. Wendy
No, I do not agree with Willie Jackson that we have nothing to fear from labour’s tribal partnership agenda. If willie Jackson’s lips are moving, he is lying. I also consider him one of the more dangerous of government and maori caucus MPs. I do however agree with David Round when he says, Perhaps, in the case of some of our dimmer elected representatives, we could charitably explain their political position by concluding that they are braindead. They have to be if they cant see the direction that the present cult leader is taking the country. After seeing the performances of ALL MPs, in relation to the Freedom Protesters, I have a suspicion that they are all braindead. The MSM, since they have been bought, appear to be in that state as well. I also agree with David Round when he says, I will tell you what I think of most of these politicians and bureaucrats. As individuals, they may be nice enough; but collectively, they are lying, treacherous, arrogant, power-hungry, anti-democratic, environmentally heedless racist scum. We most definitely need a swamp drainer. Terry M
Jackson has been lying to the New Zealand public via radio etc for 30-plus years, hasn’t he? Paul
Every New Zealanders is equal to every other New Zealander. Willie Jackson is just another Kiwi, nothing more, nothing less. There is no treaty partnership. National seem to be going down the same partnership route so we need to be very careful here and scrutinize all parties policies before we vote. People have to realise Labour and National are no longer the traditional parties they were in the past. Could you imagine a Labour politician calling workers” a river of filth”? Could you envisage a National leader so spell- bound by a Labour leader to forego a voter base of around 1,000,000 protesters and supporters? ?New leader , new party and new direction required for our beautiful country. Janine
My study of the original interpretations/intentions of both the english and the maori version of the treaty are that their was never to be a racially devided us and them situation. We are all New Zealander`s, whatever canoe or ship you came in, either last week, or many hundred years ago bob 
Absolutely not. Willie Jackson is a racist who just wants to divert taxpayer funds to his iwi mates. The whole co-governance/partnership thing is just another great big con! Murray
Who in their right mind would trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Where are the opposition parties prepared to stand up to this nonsense? If National doesn’t sort itself out there is no other option but for another party prepared to repeal this He Puapua agenda. Chris
As David Round says, co-governance is a recipe for disaster.  Loren
It is interesting that Labour has gone on a charm offensive over co-governance. They must be feeling rattled. I wrote to all Labour MPs to complain about what they are doing when Muriel asked us to earlier this month and I now intend to do it again. If we all did it, it would put the wind up them and they might start pulling back. Let’s hope so anyway! Bryan
Jacinda Ardern’s government is an absolute disaster. Everything they touch is turning to s#*t. The sooner we can get rid of them the better! Colin