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Our choice for the future: Equality or tribal rule

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The following is a summary of the thinking guiding the articles on which this document is based.

New Zealand is in big trouble, a divided country.

Many arguments have been put forward to divide us, based on documents from the past, with the meaning of each hotly debated. We need not be directed by any of that. Rather we should be guided by basic principles that we can all agree on when we meet to debate our choice for our society, no longer held hostage to the shackles of the past. The question for today, as always, is what sort of society and what sort of country do we want? In answering that question, we must be free to think for ourselves, and consider what is best Our choice for the future: equality or tribal rule for us, now, in today’s world. What guides us in a search for a decent and prosperous nation?

This core principle is for equality. We must be one, with government by us all, working together as equal citizens – equal before the law, with equal rights, each with an equal vote in a true democracy.

That basic condition is not met today. Co-governance, shared rule by two separate peoples, is only possible when we are divided into two race-based groups, Maori and the other, where one’s position in society is defined by ancestry, determined by accident of birth.

When the choice is for equality, co-governance and all the considerable apparatus of separation must be decisively rejected.

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