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The Ardern Legacy

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Appointed as New Zealand’s Prime Minister in 2017, Jacinda Ardern has been described as an iron fist in a velvet glove. She wooed the world with talk of kindness and compassion, while at home ruling like a dictator. No friend of free speech, she had  little regard for public opinion and no respect for those with a contrary view.

Using her unmandated ‘Captain’s Calls’, she has destroyed lives, undermined our democracy, and deeply divided our society.  

From the time Jacinda Ardern was first elected leader of Labour, the relentless fawning by the mainstream media became known as “Jacindamania”. As a result, she was rarely held to account for her actions, nor subjected to the critical scrutiny usually applied to Prime Ministers.

This cushioning by the media meant that the public remained largely unaware that our new Prime Minister was such a hard core socialist that not only was she the president of a communist youth movement when she was elected to Parliament in 2008, but she continued to hold that position for a further 15 months.

In an article written just before Jacinda Ardern resigned, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy, assesses just how far down the Marxist path she has taken the country:

“At the time of her election Ms Ardern was the World President of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) which owes its origins to the ‘Young Communist International’ founded in 1907 with Lenin’s blessing. As social circumstances changed so this Communist inspiration bred a plethora of socialist youth groups one of which is the IUSY. The central philosophy of this movement remains the same: to discard the existing social norms and usher in the new all the while paying lip service to promoting a ‘type’ of democracy.

“To become the ‘world President’ of any organisation, particularly one as extensive and revolutionary as this requires absolute belief in its principles and methods. It also requires considerable personal talents in persuading the members that you are the person to lead them to the new Nirvana. This requires eschewing all ‘petty bourgeois feelings’  and the ‘ideologies of a past age.’ In New Zealand in 2008 those feelings embraced Parliamentary democracy, our personal freedoms, and the market economy. Clearly Ms Ardern had all of the necessary qualities of personality and conviction to seek to impose those aims on our society – aptly demonstrated as they are on the video of her Presidential address to a 2009 IUSY meeting in Hungary. It is an impressive performance – none of the simpering kindness which we have become so used to over the past few years in dealing with the Wuhan flu and the Mosque attack. It is a stirring address which brings the members to their feet on a number of occasions, referring to them throughout as ‘Comrades’ – a term routinely in use in Communist dictatorships.”

Supported by an army of spin doctors, Jacinda Ardern used her considerable PR skills to such an effect that without critical analysis by the media, many New Zealanders were oblivious to the authoritarian manner in which she was ruling the country.

Her record speaks for itself.

Just months into her first term of Parliament, without any prior consultation or even Cabinet sign-off, she announced an end to new deep sea oil drilling – so she could boast about her decisiveness over climate change at a meeting of world leaders she was about to attend.

Anyone well informed could have told her that her actions would not only lead to the collapse of the oil and gas industry, but, by threatening the viability of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery, would render New Zealand totally dependent on imported fuels and by-products like bitumen.

Driven by a seemingly insatiable desire for international recognition, she used the tragedy of the Christchurch Mosque attacks to crack down on the rights of law-abiding Kiwi firearm owners, introducing excessive restrictions and a new registration system that is already failing.

As a globalist, she entrenched the United Nation’s radical Agenda 30 into our regulatory and administrative framework – without telling New Zealanders what she was doing.

She championed wide new powers for the World Health Organisation, informing the UN late last year, that New Zealand supports efforts “to develop a new global health legal instrument, strengthened international health regulations and a strong and empowered World Health Organisation.”

As a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, she began implementing their ‘great reset’ ideas, including the introduction of ‘wellbeing’ budgets.

Throughout her time in office, she honed her socialist technique of using fear to gain control of the public and force acceptance of her agenda – from climate change, where the implication was that the planet would be destroyed unless we sacrifice the farming sector and our economy, to Covid, where we were told that hers was the only truth and that unless we followed her instructions, up to 80,000 New Zealanders could die.

The lockdowns she imposed were the harshest in the world and the cruelty she displayed towards fellow New Zealanders – including those trapped overseas who were prevented from coming home – was unprecedented.

She lied about mandates – promising not to make vaccines compulsory before the 2020 election, only to impose them once elected, forcing people out of jobs and turning the unvaccinated into second-class citizens. She then exacerbated her wrongdoing by misleading the public about the reasoning.

But her deception was exposed by the High Court’s Justice Cook, who, in his determination that the mandates on the Police and Armed Forces were illegal, revealed that the Ministry of Health had opposed mandates because they didn’t stop the spread of the virus. Furthermore, he also rejected the Vaccine Order that claimed their introduction was essential to maintain public services, since only a relative handful of employees had refused vaccination.

In effect, the mandates were imposed as a weapon of coercion to force greater uptake of the vaccine – so our “Covid Queen” Prime Minister could boast on the world stage that New Zealand was one of the most vaccinated countries on earth.

It was the lies and deceit that led to the three-week long tent-village protest at Parliament. But instead of meeting with protesters and showing compassion for the fact that many of these nurses, doctors, police, defence workers and hundreds of others had lost their livelihoods, homes, and families, the PM looked down from her 9th floor Beehive office and allowed her Ministers to mock them. 

In choosing that course of action, she set the scene for a conflict with Police that will remain an enduring stain on her legacy.

Throughout her premiership, in the best Marxist tradition, Jacinda Ardern heavily promoted identity politics, establishing appeasement processes for virtually every minority grievance. That, of course, included those pushing for Maori supremacy – a cause she embraced.

Using the excuse of preparing a plan to enact the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a radical blueprint to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040 was developed. Called He Puapua, this ‘subversive’ document was delivered to the Government in late 2019 but kept secret from Labour’s coalition partner New Zealand First and the public until after the 2020 election.

Having gained an absolute majority in Parliament, He Puapua and co-governance were progressed at breath-taking speed, with the 15-strong Maori Caucus seemingly calling the shots. This transfer of democratic power to the tribal elite – who run multi-million-dollar business development corporations – was carried out with the PM’s blessing, and represents the undermining of one of the world’s longest standing and most successful democracies.

New Zealanders’ right to challenge the introduction of race-based wards in local authorities was stripped away under Parliamentary urgency. In the middle of the pandemic, our community-based health system was abolished and centralised, giving a new Maori Health Authority such power that health prioritisation is now no longer based on clinical need but on race.

And, against the will of the public, local authority water infrastructure and services are now being confiscated and centralised into four mega agencies controlled by Maori. 

With the Maori Caucus seemingly in some sort of co-governance arrangement with Jacinda Ardern, the three-waters reforms were expanded to cover all water in New Zealand – including the sea – without the knowledge or authorisation of the Prime Minister or Cabinet.

Such was her obsession with ushering in Maori supremacy, that Jacinda Ardern appears to have passed over her ultimate decision-making power to Labour’s Maori MPs to implement totalitarian tribal rule.

But thanks to New Zealand’s independent media and information channels, the government propaganda being promoted by State funded media began to be challenged and Kiwis started recognising the damage Jacinda Ardern’s toxic agenda was causing the country.

Just before Christmas the Australian Roy Morgan poll painted a devastating picture of a collapsing Labour vote – down from 50 percent at the 2020 election to just 25.5 percent, barely above the 24 percent polling that forced former Labour leader Andrew Little to step aside in 2017.

The polling company’s in-depth breakdown of voter support showed that not only men had deserted Labour, but women were starting to follow suit.

With polls showing her personal popularity also on the decline, Jacinda Ardern had become the most polarising Prime Minister in New Zealand’s history.

For a Labour Party trying to win an election, the so-called hero of the left was turning from a major asset into a liability.

In her resignation speech, she claimed “I have given my absolute all to being Prime Minister but it has also taken a lot out of me. You cannot and should not do the job unless you have a full tank, plus a bit in reserve for those unplanned and unexpected challenges that inevitably come along. Having reflected over summer I know I no longer have that bit extra in the tank to do the job justice.”

It was reminiscent of John Key’s resignation speech in 2016, when he said, “Being leader of both the party and the country has been an incredible experience… Throughout these years I have given everything I could to this job that I cherish, and this country that I love… I gave it everything I had. I have left nothing in the tank.”

The circumstances were very different. John Key was not a career politician, and he stepped down well ahead of election year, with the economy booming and the party riding high in the polls.

Jacinda Ardern is a career politician yet has bailed out with the party polling at historic lows, the country facing a recession, and just months before an election she seemed destined to lose.

Was her decision to resign now aimed at protecting her international reputation from being tarred with losing an election?

Much has been written about Jacinda Ardern having to deal with the Christchurch terror attack, the White Island eruption and the Covid-19 pandemic. It is worth remembering that dealing with crises and disasters is part and parcel of being a Prime Minister. During his time in office, John Key had to deal with the Global Financial Crisis, two Christchurch earthquakes, the Pike River Mine disaster, and the Swine Flu pandemic.

But he could also point to his government’s significant record of achievement in managing the country from recession to a “rock star” economy – by reducing government spending, lowering the debt, freeing up the labour markets, and reforming welfare to support more long-term beneficiaries out of dependency and into work.

And that’s the problem for Jacinda Ardern. When she looks at her legacy, what has she achieved?

She claims to have improved child poverty, but the record shows otherwise. She claims to have built houses, but 1,500 is not the 100,000 promised.

Instead, tens of thousands of families are living in motels, crime is rampant, immigration failure has created a nation-wide shortage of workers, union control has removed flexibility from the labour market, the welfare system has again become a trap for long-term beneficiaries, and the inclusion of employment and house prices in the Reserve Bank’s mandate has taken the focus off inflation, leading to the serious cost of living crisis that is now enveloping the country.

This is the reality that Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, is facing. The MP for Remutaka, who was leader of the House and Minister of the Public Service, Police, and Education – the latter two amongst the worst performing of all portfolio areas – has just a short window of opportunity to make the necessary changes to turn around Labour’s fortunes.

Whether that will lead to him putting a hold on Three Waters and the anti-democratic He Puapua rollout, remains to be seen.

With his more down-to-earth style, Chris Hipkins is likely to attract back Labour supporters who had deserted the party because they couldn’t stomach the ‘Queen of Woke’. As a result, for National and ACT, the election has just become more of a contest.

A lot has been said about Jacinda Ardern’s wonderfulness in breaking through Parliament’s ‘glass ceiling’. Yet, when I was first an MP back in 1996, the glass ceiling had already gone. Thanks to Members who had come before, changes had been made to ensure women MPs had the same opportunity as men.

And as for the dangers and difficulties of the job, it has always been a tough role with death threats and the like. As the former Labour Minister and ACT leader Richard Prebble wrote in an article very critical of Jacinda Ardern’s decision to bail out: “It is nonsense to blame social media and claim things are different today. I attended some of Muldoon’s meetings. To say they were hostile is to fail to convey the atmosphere. Muldoon gave what he got back with vigour. I have had to walk through picket lines of seamen and wharfies to reach public meetings that were stacked with hostile voters. Yes, I received many threats including death threats. I had a Doberman and a huge German Shepard for a reason.”

The writing was already on the wall for Jacinda Ardern in late 2021.

We wrote, “You are leading a government that is stomping on the basic human rights of New Zealanders. This is not the Kiwi way – and it is not what voters thought they were getting when they gave you the responsibility of leading our country for the benefit of all. You have betrayed us, and we have lost trust in you and your Government. That’s why we don’t love you anymore, Jacinda – and why we want you to resign.”

It took 445 days for her to heed our call! 

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No. This is a set up. Still the same old commie faces responsible for all the balls ups running the show. They have all been up to their elbows in all Arderns decisions. The reshuffle looks like they have trotted out a bucket of turds and picked the shiniest ones they can for the benches. Terry
What has changed- and look at what a mess he’s made of his portfolios. Jane
one only has to look at his lack of success with the portfolios he has not managed very well- to realize his approach to governing NZ will be much the same Jenny
We need to get rid of all these Labour communists. Monica
The lingering memory of his communist despot predecessor will be the death knell for them bill
Currently he may have an upward swing, however once the honeymoon period has past the country will come back to realise what dire situation that the country has been lead into, and give the correct vote to free NZ from communism. Roy
He will reduce the losses but it won’t be enough. Barry
This country is buggered if he does win. Russell
Not much talent in Labor when only one person wanted the position. Always interesting how a change in Labor leadership seems to renew the faithful into believing more of the same, only different will lead them back to the promised land again alan
I say this with all the hope in my heart that people will gradually become aware that his agenda is no different from that of Ardern, despite his blase and approachable way of presenting himself and that he was also part of the Youth Communist movement that Ardern presided over. Mary
He is too close to Jacinda and will do as he is told. I don’t think he has the strength, intelligence and will to do the job. He is a bit pathetic, not a good strongPrime Minister. Anon
sadly he has time to dangle fresh carrots to the country thus bolster his own hidden agenda. Labour has to go! Step up National and supportive parties. Sharron
NZ elections generally close and democracic with MMP electoral system John
I sincerely hope National will win the next election. What a terrible legacy we are left with Ross
If the lies and the spin he can call on change just a little from that of his predecessor the voters may give him the benefit of the doubt. If that happens and labour are re-elected it will be catastrophic for New Zealand. T
He was one of the main instigators of Labours polices. Les
Hipkins is a follower of Ardern. He will prove to be unable to control the Maori Caucus Robert
There has been too much damage and the Maori Elite are ruling, not the government. Glenda
No, but National’s leader is no better. They are ALL communists bent on destroying democracy and killing off billions of Earth’s people in their Global Cleansing agenda. New Zealanders and the whole World need to wake up and take back their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Joyce
Idiot like adern Malcolm
I most certainly hope he doesn’t get a look in! Shane
He possibly can depending on what he bribes those at the bottom with but also I do wonder if National would be any different after Luxon stating beneficiaries would lose their benefits if they didn’t take the jab Sue
Hipkins, Luxon or that act cranker. Same horse different rider. The whole system is screwed. The only hope on the horizon would be that all the minor parties could agree to contest an election, ALL UNDER THE COVER OF A SINGLE UMBRELLA PARTY TO CONSOLIDATE THE PARTY VOTE. Will this happen? seems not because the EGOS of the minor parties is getting in the way. Brian Tamaki needs to bow out of the limelight and place all his resources behind a single umbrella party, Not his one. Great Guy Brian, but the stigna he attaches to a party will cause it to fail. Also, all the minor parties need to get together for a summit on a ONE election strategy that all New Zealanders will relate to and support. Neil
As long as he supports race based agendas and politics he will not stand a chance of winning Glen
Same clowns different costumes Paul
More of the same. But Luxon needs to step up and perform Prue
He can win if he lies and lies as much as his predecessor lied and the unsuspecting believe him. Otherwise Liebour is toast. Sylvia
However, if the corrupt voting machines are in play and activist election officials then yes it is possible Jenni
Changing the puppet out front won’t stop a rampant racist moari caucus from work as usual. Speed on November. Darren
Not a chance James
He would be at best – an appeasement Prime Minister. We need a perform or you are out P.M. If Hipkins took on that style he would have to fire most of his MP’s. Rob
No. He’s tarred with same brush as Adern. Ann
Whilst no visions are available to offer, the next election is not yet won by the Opposition. The date has been set for the next election but – Where are the Opposition Parties? The Voter needs to know that they are there NOW! Admittedly, Comrade Adern has been moved on due to her Tank being empty (Would that be her Fossil Fuel Tank?) but, the media bias still continues. This could be one reason why the electorate does not see enough of the Opposition Parties? At worst, the outgoing Prime Minister was a Socialist, Marxist individual aligned to an international movement set in place to pull down democracy and to create a power base developed alongside of poverty and an increased voter dependence on the state. To do this she needed to attack, democratic freedom and destroy the private sector. Her tank went dry because of the realisation that full total control over the voter was not possible because of the ongoing resistance of over 50% of the electorate. At best she was, in the words of Australia’s longest serving (former) Foreign Minister, A Celebrity without Substance. In other words, an actress leading in politics without sufficient intelligence between to rationalise in a real world. The importance of this Era – or was it ERROR – is that she was voted into the position by the Labour Party and not by the people. This identifies the utter failing of the MMP electoral system as it carried a divisive, destructive international Marxist into power without a single vote being cast by the New Zealand Electorate. She gained a door into political power as a LIST MP. Whilst Comrade Adern has virtually escaped the power of the Electorate by resigning, the current Prime Minister will not be able to hide from an Electorate that has been abused by his government through lockdown and manipulation for a considerable period of time. The Electorate is now wide – awake and in a voting countdown mode and mood! Real world analysis identifies PM Hipkins as a past senior minister in a government which introduced policy within its term of office that has created or is responsible for the following crises:-  Cost of living crisis – Cost of food crisis – Goods supply crisis – Public Transport provision crisis – Accommodation crisis – Housing crisis – Mortgage cost crisis – Medical & Hospital cost and services crisis – Staff shortage crisis – Rental cost crisis – Construction crisis – Debt crisis – Child poverty crisis – Homelessness crisis – The crisis of Recession (without intervention) The Electorate is currently in a position to cast judgement at the ballot box in October as to whether the words of crisis recognition by the PM have any meaningful ‘substance’ or are cast in the same light as Comrade Adern’s crisis management. It does not look good for the PM as his public declaration to ‘fix’ the above crisis list is going to be followed by the removal of a transport subsidy that will deepen adversity in a country in crisis. Frederick
Nooooo Beck
I definitely hope not, as far as the socialist labor govt is concerned it’s the same bus with a different driver and the same predetermined route. Don’t ever forget that hipkins and all the rest were right behind ardern in the destruction of democracy in New Zealand and sadly it seems the rest of the parliament weren’t saying much particularly around the socialist party response to the china flu. Even with national and act at the Helmand I fear for the future, especially luxon seems very woke and left Flip
NO his will be just a rearrangement of the “Titanic” deck chairs. That was a disaster too and a re-election of Labour would cause a civil war. This is not tiddlywinks, this is a whole new era, a turning point in our history. Treason has been committed on a huge scale. Heads must roll ! This absolute mess is going to take years’ to reclaim lost democracy. Just one question– of all the people you know how many would feel happy about paying Mahuta water rates for rainfall ? We are on the road to failure. John
I definitely hope not Natasha
He is dog tucker Thomas
His may be a different approach but he is no less a Marxist than her. Peter
Not a chance. I will remember Hipkins for one thing: the persecution of the unvaccinated, and his threat to track them down and “persuade” them to comply. The Labour government has burnt it’s bridges with the New Zealand public, and is continuing to do so with the attempt to seize regulatory control of all natural health remedies on behalf of big pharma. Granted, it doesn’t matter who is elected, as all Western governments are now in the hands of supranational Globalist institutions, the titular head being the increasingly farcical WEF. But the people need a change and so National will return. I doubt that Labour will be in government anytime within the next 20 years, such is the damage their inhumane and destructive policies have done to their brand. As for Hipkins? He’s a non-entity, an obscure little fellow hanging onto the torn train of his hated mistress Jacinda. He is not unlike Renfield in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the fate of whom doesn’t bode well for Hipkins. At least politically. Jasmine
The wolf pack leader has gone, temporarily, I will come back to that. There is new leader. However, there is a very nasty group in the pack of wolves under the new leader and they had their teeth dug well into Ardern. It remains to be seen how much this wolf pack will influence Hipkins. Also if we think Ardern has gone away, think again. She will appear on a regular basis on our wonderful news media in sought after interviews. This will escalate approaching the election. A parting arrogance was to resign but also announce the election date. Surely that should have been the call of the new Prime Minister Leon
Too early to tell. It will depend on the policies he announces Diana
Landslide for National John
He would have to scrap some major laws they are trying to push through and I don’t see that happening. Will he stand up against the bullying Maori caucus? I don’t think so. Jackie
Baby Face won’t make it through to the election with the failed portfolio’s he has been responsible for under Ardern’s term. once He campaigns on what makes him successful to lead the country… he won’t have any examples. Aaron
The problem is that Chris Luxon is so useless that Chris Hipkins might just win.  Jane
Not a hope in hell Daryl
It’s too early to say, but he needs to rapidly scrap 3 Waters to get some breathing space to deal with the rest of their plans. Vic
He can, but I hope he doesn’t Esme
I certainly hope not. Labour under Ardhern is corrupt and appears to be racist. She herself is ……. Colin
There is too much damage for him to fix.Glad she is gone.So over rated. lorraine
If National and ACT can convince the public that what Labour promises before the election will be changed back again if Labour wins. Murray
He has not enough experience to turn around the thinking of the labor party mind set , put in place by Ardern . He will become a scapegoat for the existing governments mess. Robert
I hope NOT he was with the deputy in jacinda,s govt. & they BOTH remained QUIET so they are tarnished even if he discontinues or lessens some of her things a reset of things will NOT be truelly done as ALL he will want is to ONCE again FOOL voters.He CANNOT be TRUSTED as he was SILENT when jacinda was removing our DEMORATIC RIGHTS so DONT be fooled by resets. Cindy
It’s very early days to say what effect Hipkins will have. No I don’t think he will win the election however, he will lure back dissatisfied Labour voters who watched the Ardern government run the country into the ground. Chris
I have never voted Labour in my life and that will certainly never change. I will never forget Hipkins saying he was going to chase the unvaccinated so feel he is just as evil as Ardern. I hope more New Zealanders wake up and see everyone in parliament currently can’t be trusted. Kirsten
He was part of the team that did what Jacinda wanted. Nothing will change. Jillian
he was in the previous cabinet which decided these decisions. Ian
Labour and Act have lost credibility Angelica
He will be little different to Ardern – a little communist who was closely aligned with all her political actions. Paul
He’s a gutless twat like the rest of them, as demonstrated by them ALL refusing to speak to the parliament protestor. I don’t trust any of them. Donna
Unfortunately so, as with the change in PM many non thinking Labour voters will think that co governance has ‘gone away’. Of course that won’t be so; it will be waiting in the wings, mandate-free, for the ruling Maori caucus to run with if/when Labour is re voted in. Sarah
I HOPE NOT! Sylvia
Too little too late!! COLIN
I think he has been too close and too indoctrinated by Jacinda and her policies to be a free thinker. Stuart
National Act needs complement each other and start addressing critical issues! John
he will be seen as an offshoot of J A and even though he may change some priorities and discard some projects that isn’t the main reason people are up in arms. It’s because we are losing our democratic rights and those who suffered from the mandates will never forget. Luxon and Seymour will be in charge after the next election Mike
He was part of Ardern.s government so tarred with the same brush Elizabeth
He’s as weak and woke like the rest of them! Labour’s destroyed NZ. Neil
They have been stuffed by Jacinda. Fraser
New Zealand cannot continue down the path of Co-governance with just 16% of the population being given a 50% stake , it is ridiculous. peter
I hope not. It will be more of the same. Cyril
same colour lipstick same animal peter
Very happy to see the end of the Jacinda rule!! Janet
He is too tied by the Maori Caucus to change enough. Lee
But could Green support make him Prime minister? Colleen
He’s just as bad as Ardern Claire
The damage is done Grant
Same old same old!!! All tarred with the same RED brush!!!! Ron
Labour is a spent force JOHN
This is a major wish, hopefully fulfilled. Andrew
At least I hope not. If he does NZ is going to hell in a handcart as they say. Brian
Labour could only win if they get rid of the WHO, International Health Regulations, Three Waters, Co-Governance and more. Chris
Hope not he will still be a maori puppet and does not have the balls to stand up to them. Could win over a few people who will say “he is a nice man on TV”. The only way to get “NEW ZEALND” back on track weather you like it or not is the vote National – Act and that takes all the looney’s and the maori take over out of play. This is NEW ZEALAND and everyone should be equal with equal rights. How cindy the red destroyed NEW ZEALAND would be a brilliant fiction book if it was not so serious. rod
I hope not postponing 3water and co governess will all cum back if they win John
Not a chance…Labour have caused too much intentional damage, to our Nation!! Kiwis are fed up, with the NWO/UN/CFR, getting their stooges,in, on our affairs. David
There is far too much work to be done by labour before a vote for them could be contemplated by me. Dennis
Hipkins does not have a chance because the Maori caucus have control and three waters has been rubber stamped plus co governance has gained to much traction. AS for dealing with the cost of living Adrian Orr plus Grunt Robertson have destroyed any chance of pulling back inflation. Hipkins is likeable but has no economic skills and having a meeting with the business sector will be a test . ken
The danger is though, that the media has been bribed to support Labour and their influence has proven in the past to be strong Harvey
Have no doubt that this change of leadership was essential as Labour was slipping in the polls under Jacinda Ardern’s Marxist, iron fist leadership with many voters alienated by far reaching social and political changes such as Three Waters and the alarming issue of co-governance. She had become a major liability. Chris Hipkins comes across as down to earth, personable and with measured, no nonsense responses. His shift in emphasis to day to day, ‘bread and butter’ issues that are adversely impacting on New Zealanders’ daily lives is an essential move for Labour’s political survival at the polls. This change of emphasis could help Labour win in October but certainly don’t want to see any more Marxist influence which is wrecking this country and is extremely divisive. However, I’m not enamoured or convinced by the rhetoric of the National Party under Chris Luxon’s leadership. He is also going down a woke, potentially racially divisive path of indulging Maori demands at the expense of the rest of us especially if he has an alliance with the Maori party. I don’t have confidence in the National Party to undo the major social and political damage done by Labour under Ardern. NZ is at a crucial crossroad now over our future as a nation that represents us all and not merely vested interest groups. Virginia
he is as crooked as them all Rod
Not a chance. I will remember Hipkins for one thing: the persecution of the unvaccinated, and his threat to track them down and “persuade” them to comply. The Labour government has burnt it’s bridges with the New Zealand public, and is continuing to do so with the attempt to seize regulatory control of all natural health remedies on behalf of big pharma. Granted, it doesn’t matter who is elected, as all Western governments are now in the hands of supranational Globalist institutions, the titular head being the increasingly farcical WEF. But the people need a change and so National will return. I doubt that Labour will be in government anytime within the next 20 years, such is the damage their inhumane and destructive policies have done to their brand. As for Hipkins? He’s a non-entity, an obscure little fellow hanging onto the torn train of his hated mistress Jacinda. He is not unlike Renfield in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the fate of whom doesn’t bode well for Hipkins. At least politically. Jasmine
He was an accolade of Jacinda and deeply embedded in her policies – he mumbles about it now as though he were never there. Strange man and not a leader tony
– – – – BUT National can lose it, if they are not careful!! michael
I really don’t think Hipkins will make any difference, after he is cut from the same clothe as Jacinda. I liken it to substituting one player for another in a sports game, the game remains the same it’s just the player who’s different. Brent
? ? a toss up STAN
Not a chance. Same horse different rider. This lying little git hasn’t the cojones to face down Mahuta and the rest of the tribal caucus. He is also another WEF graduate, so just another communist infiltrator intent on global governance. He has not yet been a minister of a successful ministry. Although appointed to fix ailing ministries, his influence has proved to be more negative. No doubt now that he wont be living at Premier House Sepuloni will turn that into emergency housing for the unemployable. As long as labour continue with their cult focus they will be toast. Terry M
New Zealanders have been badly burnt by this Labour Govt . They may well tune back a number of their rushed policies however its the same leopard with the same spots remember Hipkins was part of the decisions. Phil
Unfortunately people will forget just how bad she was/is all too quickly David
Hope not anyway jojo
He’s still labour Barbara
because national are hopeless they didn’t even campaign in our area last election. terry
I hope not. This is a man who once implied he%u2019d hunt down the unvaccinated to get the job done. Fryingpan / fire perhaps? Diana
New Zealand needs change now from the Adhern Communist Dictatorship back to the values and trust we once had in our Nation’s governing bodies. John
He’s pushing shit uphill and I don’t think the stink is going to go away. John
He’s so pathetic, can he do anything except start primary school?? Kate
Too much damage has been done and people no longer trust those who have been associated with Adern. It will take more than a few months to even begin to undo the damage that has been done to our country Heather
A you turn that proffers a blue collar guise, along with turn back on Maori Caucus policies could see a snap election….will say anything to dismantle democracy. Ann
We as a democratic country hope not leo
All the same players, all the same agenda. More taxes. More wasteful spending. More regulation. No improvement to our lives Valerie
Not unless he can remove 3 Waters, put our Health system back to being available for every NZer regardless of race, and getting our Education back to teaching basics . Doreen
Hipkins is a wee rat. He’ll sink the Labour Party. Kate
Not a chance Sheena
He follows the same beliefs as Jacinda as do all the Labour MPs, as they have not stepping out earlier to oppose any of the policies dividing us. He speaks all very nice claiming changes but it’s too late they have all deceived us. Linda
I think this government went too far and alot of Kiwis have at last been waking up to them. Paul
Labour is seriously tarnished now. It will probably take 2 or 3 more elections before they are noticed again. Denis
He comes across as a wimp, a boy in mans clothing. Was just Jabcindas puppet Alethea
Caretaker prime minister Ken
Hope not!! Pam
I hope not .& get ridd of MMP it’s like having a church committee run the country william
Too far away David
Well, I hope labour can’t win no matter who’s who’s leading them… they are all dangerous Lyndle
It will be hard but National and ACT will have too focus really hard to make sure Labor don’t get any headway. Tim
He is only slightly less useless than the commie cow Hugh
I certainly hope not! David
Whatever Hipkins says hes still part of the destructive government of the past 5 years. So No he wont win. Unless their are more idiots crome Pauline
Not unless someone has their thumb on the scale… With all the cheating and “fortification” of elections that has gone on in elections around the world in the past few years, who knows what will happen? With National and ACT’s lacklustre political performance as opposition in the last couple of cycles, a huge number of voters are currently undecided. I like the look of Democracy NZ atm, but like others, I am extremely cynical about the whole system. Unfortunately, that plays directly into the globalists’ Hegelian Dialectic. We owe it to each other and future generations to take a deep breath, take notice and engage. Jenny
But he might….. mary
Certainly hope not Lesley
Not without sorting the cost of living and reversing direction on all of the co-governance legislation. Shaun
Not without radical reversals in cogovernence, 3 waters and TV mergers Norm
Too far down the track with He Puapua, 3 waters, disaster after disaster. Kiwis have had enough Hilary
He agreed to the agenda!! Jeremy
He remains part of the same party,so will not change. Ann
He would have to rescind too many of the current actions of this Labour Government before he could turn the vote in his favour. Mark
He’s proved he can organise the Nats into a viable party again. Comes across as a straight talker but I look forward to hearing more about their policies. Carol
Very much HOPE NOT meg
not a chance I believe he is a drug addict like Ardern you can see it in there faces there needs to be a free election no more career polititans mike
His past Portfolios were real failures Clint
I sense the Labour Caucus apparent unity is an illusion & will soon explode & Chippy wont be able to control it. Ralph
he is not renouncing any of the decision of the Labour party (that he supported 100%) saying that we are starting fresh not looking back. Sheila
sure hope not barry
Very little too late. Murray
not as he has been outed as such a good friend of his predecessor and with the same policy goals. is he the pale male sacrificial lamb? Janya
No, but no confidence that fellow New Zealanders fully understand the destruction of our democracy by Labour and will give them another go in Oct23!!. National and Act need to step up and relentlessly broadcast how close we are to tribal rule. Repeal 3 waters in it’s entirety, (No Appeasements to maori) remove race based seats. People who identify as maori are just “other” New Zealanders seeking power and control for themselves at the expense of everyone else. it must be stopped. Sam
Jacinda has damaged the NZ way of life, she has promised so much and delivered nothing she claim has lifted the standards of Kiwi’s so the Labour Party is finished if Kiwi’s know to wake up and listen to people or speak the truth about what has gone on Ross
In saying yes, it all depends on whether he is brave enough to scrap all the contentious policies that include co-governence Graeme
Don’t let your guard down! John
Ardern has destroyed the faith of all but the most hardened Labour supporters. Brian
He is JA in trousers. Ronma
“Chipkins” has been handed the wheel of a ship heading straight for the “bricks”…! He maybe able to divert for a short time, but the eventual crunching noises of steel on rocks will be deafening…! Chipkins will basically have to shelve ALL of the contentious Liebour Govt Policies/Bills in order to regain the publics confidence in the Labour Party….but, I don’t trust them as far as I can kick them. I would dearly like to see the Red Queen of CVD get her comeupance being totally accountable for all the damage she has done to NZ & all Kiwis….! Bruce
No, not a dogs show. He still stands for Labour & Jacinda’s policies. If he scrubbed 3 Waters he may have a chance, but I doubt it. Mind you if we only got rid of the Maori seats this problem would not have been there in the first place. They are racist seats and they are wrong. Eric
I definitely hop not! Murray
the only difference between chippy and the toothy red dictator is he has a penis other wise labours policies are still the same which will/have destroyed NEW ZEALAND Richard
Problem is Luxon/National are not much better. I’m voting Act and hope they have huge support in the election. Carole
Too late unless he manages to reverse the rewriting of NZ history and false claims of co-governance. I do not believe he can achieve many of the changes required on his own, he would require those Labour members who backed Jacindas wishes to reverse their allegence. Ian
Leader of National party makes too many stupid comments and is not yet a true politican Tony
I hope not but he could if National don’t show a strong, credible and united team with well thought through policies Alastair
they are all the same Sue
It’s the same party, the same mess , the same policies , the same Maori caucus..you can’t trust the labour party as long as the Maori party are in their camp. Andrea
If he wants the best for NZ and not just his own ego he should call an early election now! Trevor
overshadowed by Jacindas failures Maxwell
will be close now eric
I Hope not though. We must not forget. Brett
Hipkins has no capacity or experience in leading a team from a position of massive failure…to anywhere needed for a win. mark
I don’t think he will change any of her policies. Keith
I suspect he will also be controlled by the maori elite morgan
I sincerely hope not! David
He can only win if he takes the Three Waters Bill off the agenda and re-instates a democratic process vs a race based decision making power. Nicole
but i sincerely hope not Graeme
He’s just a different face same government Sam
Only if it’s rigged Darag
But it’s a very long shot Wayne
He is a member of the caucus and the dis honest regime Who doesn’t give a stuff about the majority of NZ . Pity labour and Greens couldn’t be dismissed from offices much sooner than the election. dare. Gwenda
The damage is done. Maria
Labour is done. They should rename themselves Communists because thats all they are. Hazel
The NZ populace is relatively naiive and will probably believe he is a fresh face despite the fact that he has been complicit in all the problems we currently face as Minister of Covid, Police and Education. That will be the challenge for the National Party as he signals a move right without actually going there as he is a Socialist at heart. Mark
I hope not but there are still people out there who have a very naive view of our future prospects under racial division and economic destruction. Fiona
Hope he can’t win an election!!!! Marianne
He has a far better chance than JA, however it is likely too much damage has already been done to fully turn the voters back in favour of Labour. Graham
Hipkins and Ardern are joined at the hip. Colin
Let’s hope not,for all our sakes… Henry
it will be acloser election but labour is behind in the polls and alot depends on which unpopular policiesz they ditch.NO I DO NOT THINK THEY WILL WIN THE ELECTION Barry
He will unashamedly take some policies from the opposition.. BUT we need a new team with ACT pushing important issues like education. doug
No more Cindy And no more Liebour. David
Sadly labour has gone to far down the track of doom Hipkins will have to carry the wrath that Jacinda has built up Russell
Surely there are not enough idiots out there that would even consider voting Labour given all the destruction it has done to NZ. It will only get votes from the losers that are on the take. Hipkins has been and still is a big part of the problem. Des
he’s captain of a sinking ship .. he was & remains a full member of the same labour team mike
Labour have made great in roads to destroying democracy in New Zealand. There is racial divide like never before due to Labour/Adern lack of wisdom in relation to running the country. Controlling the education system and adding their ideals and changing history of our country to that of a race that has no written account and no evidence to prove what they say is correct. This needs to change. The previous NZ version of our history of our country regarding our history is correct and evidenced, trash the new Maori agenda and bring back common sense to this country and stop involving our children in their hideous agenda’s. K
This whole Hornet’s Nest Cabinet needs to be replaced, Captain Hipkins is now in charge of the Titanic and it’s set course for the Iceberg. Geoff
He is a dead man walking Rita
New Zealand has woken up and Labour has so far failed to detect the underlying reason for their decline. Martin
Perhaps too early to say. He would have to do a complete u-turn from present gvt policies which I think is unlikely! Kevin
Can, but probably won’t. could be he will simply try to limit the damage and preserve as many MP’s as he can. Ted
Labour is currently ruled by the Maori caucus and their objectives are what most NZers want gone. Jane
No! He’s cut from the same cloth – RED! Heather
Totalitarian Government is not for New Zealand. David
Labour is still a government of incompetents with or without evil Ardern. A quick look at Hipkins track record shows he has been a disaster in everything he has touched. Richard
Unless he can repeal virtually all the tings that Ardern did, then no chance! John
If he continues to push Aderns agenda including bowing to the corrupt maori mafia he is doomed . Her legacy makes very sad reading and seriously when i heard she had finally resigned I have had to get my grin surgically removed . Oh happy day. Lets ensure such a disgusting bunch of individuals never gain the treasury benches again . Good riddance . Ray
Too much to deal with! Sue
History is not on his side especially when it comes to still being PM in October Peter
he hasn’t got the clout to stop the maori caucus as he will be bullied to their way. Barry
The damage is done John
Lets hope not anyway! The problem is Luxton, just cannot seem to feel the measure of what the public wants and expects. Hugh
Typical useless labour Allan
Too far behind the goal posts to take a kick just out of form Warren
He haas more chance than the marxist but I think that there has been too much damage caused to our way of life , economy and with the increase in divisiveness,, a mountain to climb. keith
Same same same. Useless govt David
I quite like Chris and I believe he is more centralist! However the damage has been done and unless he can get rid of practically all the contentious reforms then he will have his work cut out! Dominic
There is too much hate and disillusionment within the public — Who despite all the political manipulations still retain a memory John
god forbid, he is still advocating 3 waters and god knows what else Robin
No But if Chris Luxon Does not lift his game with some further plain talking National will lose the election Tom
Certainly “HOPE” not, !!!!! but who else can one “TRUST” !!! Richard
As long as people don’t forget Gay
No. Too many muppets in Labour. Neville
Hipkins is shallow and useless. A woke wimp. Certainly the antithesis of a Mr. FIX-IT. For the next 9 months, whatever the spin, REMEMBER THE LIES AND DECEIT! Tony
Let’s hope not. We’ve had a gutsful of Labour. I cant think of any of their MPs who I respect. Rosemary
Hopefully the damage inflicted by the most divisive and anti democratic PM in our nations history can be turned around starting with the removal of this incompetent bunch from power. Hipkins now has the responsibility of leading a party full of media hyped up nobodies. The labour party after losing this election will implode on itself with all the various agendas its individuals will attempt to promote. Good riddance to it. Ken
More in hope Anon
I certainly hope not Valda
Another communist in disguise As guilty as Jac in destruction of our democracy and economy Boud
A sheep in wolfs clothing Charles
No, It is to fractured and lacks positive direction Who are the experienced people within A leader leads, and the sheep within were easily lead buying Ardern’s Marxist doctrine Going down a road which they had no mandate for Party Gone!! is the Labour Party It no longer has the interest of the people and the country collectively embraced If there was a declaration from the Labour Party were members stood up and said we rolled Ardern, then some credibility could be restored perhaps Bruce
But that is not what I want. Mike
Not a chance. hes out of the same mould as the Woke Queen dictator and was at her side amongst the global young Socialist /Marxist extremists. He will try a different spin or approach, but in the end it will be “same S**T different bucket” You have to hope Kiwi’s see through it. Brian
Labour has damaged our country and become the party of racist divide He also is one of the comrades of Ardern’s ilk Kevin
If he tells enough lies – yes, Labour will win because most New Zealanders are gullible and have the concentration span of a goldfish David
i say no but who realy knows,he will have to drop all this maori co governance,and a lot of there other crazy Policys,to make much of a differance,i certainly wont be voting for him or labour,i think they are a dangerous government, the maori activsts and there agenda are a big concern in new zealand,the fact that they are not indigenous,never gets mentioned,the fact that they commited huge atrocities,to the people that where here before them never gets mentioned,luxon is going to need to pull his socks up, I will always vote for Winston, Hes the best of a bad bunch, god bless new Zealand and the people that live here. rodger
No Kiwis have seen enough of this government bruce
I would like to think that labour will never recover, you could never trust them again. Graeme
I absolutely hope not. However, one can never underestimate the Sheople who seem to vote for personalities rather than for policies. which is why we have had almost two terms of Jacindarella. In my view, we do not have a Labour government , rather a socilaist government with strong Marxist-Leninist leanings. The present National Party now occupies the space traditionally occupied by Labour. Without doubt, the National Party are left of centre.. Thankfully we have ACT. Peter
Same ship, different deck chairs Grant
o Way Labour has created too much division and I want them GONE.. Carl
He cannot fix what is irrevocably broken. Hopefully the Labour government will just slink away and hide. marie
Labour is a dead party and will be anialated at voting day! JOHN
Labour has gone too far Erwin
No, the communist Ardern “government” has been such a disaster, even though hidden by her takeover of “news” that this government can never recover. If it did then we would be really doomed. Rob
He is the same as Jacinda … just less manly! Andy
With Kiwis starting to wake up to what has been done to New Zealand I doubt that while it maybe closer than when Ardern was in charge he is pushing water uphill with a pointed stick! Ian
Luxon’s statement at Ratana [if it gets publicised] should be the defining “nail” in Labour’s coffin. Dave
I think/hope that too much damage has been done and don’t trust Chipper to turn off enough programs to feel comfortable. Steve
Not unless h is strong enough to scrap many of the policies that been made by Jacinda Adern. Ann
too many policies remain unacceptable jean
Who is annointed leader is of no consequence. We’re done with all of them. There needs to be a referendum for a NO confidence vote in the entire parliamentry system. Otherwise nothing is going to change. Let local government administer their regions, and appoint a highly paid board of directors to coordinate policy etc. With 6 monthly performance reviews and immediate termination and no parachute if caught at the trough or not delivering. Official secure App tied to IRD number for instantly polling the population on critical issues. Rescind all agreements with all globalist organizations dictating policy, until we have learned to be as self sufficient as we can. We need to start now. Peter 
Hopefully not, thats for sure Lyn
Too late. Ernie
He is just another no nothing brat with a superiority complex Charles
Hipkins is just another weak WEF puppet. Geoff
My decision in saying “no” may be based mainly on extreme desire rather than accurate knowledge of the polls Mike
He is just as dangerous as Ardern was. He will do a quick Shoe Shuffle and try to make it look like he has a clear view of where he wants to take New Zealand. But beware he is another sheep in wolves clothing. He%u2019s a light weight. Rob
YES …..IF GOOD MEN (OR WOMAN) DO NOTHING HE CAN! Luxon needs leading carefully during the election campaign…. he is not a natural and could blow interviews. Rally the troops you lot and get them out for the Nats or Act or as I have oft said THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED! Bruce
He’s never had a real job and is just another student-politician lightweight unfit to govern and easily bullied by Mahutas. Another loser lefty. At least he speaks well and unless Luxon lifts his game Chippie will run rings around him in the house and the media. In that regard, he’s a better prospect for the lefties to win the next election despite their racist woke incompetency. John
As Chris Luzon said – new leader same policies. William
I think it is too late for him to reverse the trend. Co-governance and 5-waters would have to be ruled out first. Mark
We will not forget the mess he has inherited Keith
Unfortunately!! People have very short memories and no common sense anne
Hipkins is another globalist. The country has had enough of this thinking and rhetoric. Hipkins has not been able to achieve anything, despite all his portfolios and I sincerely doubt he will be able to bring the moari caucus into line enough to win the election. They have had a taste of power and now want total control of NZ. Michele
Can’t believe how destructive this Labour Government has been – and Hipkins involvement in that destruction. John
Unfortunately, he and the Liebour Party are tarnished with Ardern’s legacy. Unless he distances his party from co-governance he is doomed and good riddance. Most NZ folk I have talked to are virtually rejoicing and are glad to see the dictator gone. Wayne
Because he quickly has refused to cancel 3-5Waters, regardless of the fact that it is intended to hand over all water rights owned by rate payers to four Maori business entities who unlike existing Councils who use local experts of consultant professional civil enginneers, these Maori entities have nil knowledge of water management and control. The whole thing is therefore nonsensical, bound to fail and all about handing over power to Maori. Since Maori are to be given veto rights this is not even Co-governance for Maori, but sovereignty, Given this, the four Maori entities could even charge ratepayers a levy for drinking water to line their own pockets. Bruce
If he changes many policies. Graham
Just because the queen of cockroaches has fled the beehive doesn’t mean the rest of the nest of cockroaches will be any better John
6 years of Labour has brought our wonderful country to its knees. They have to go. Mel
Labour is doomed and will loose the 2023 elections regardless of who will be their PM between now and then. Gerard
Apart from the labour party faithful I’m unaware of anybody that has a good thing to say about that man. John
Kiwis can see the poison is in the Labour Party itself, not just Jacinda Vanessa
no, the damage has been done mike
The trust is gone. One party – one person? – just look what that has brought us in the last five years. Are the marxists behind the scenes on a tight leash now???. Tony
However National & ACT will have to up their game to counter this perceived ‘new’ Labour leader Kevin
Surely not terry
I believe Labour will cheat to win the election Eleni
He was handed the poison chalice and will be the fall guy,so the country votes National to usher in the next NWO puppet Luxon!! Just as they want it! WAKE UP NZ!! lisa
I think that the damage has been done , and cannot be remedied in a short space of time , unless the NZ public are totally blind . Roy
Labour are a cunning bunch of zealots who will stop at nothing to bring their evil plans to fruition. Watch them hide their true ambitions behind lies only to repeat what we say in 2020. Yes they can buy the election and if they do God help us please. Andrew
I hope not, but I am worried by Luxon’s performance to date. Hipkins will make it harder. Gerry
He Is just another Jacinda Clone BRUCE
Same government, same policies. Maxine
I have said no, but in the light of the ‘couldn’t care less’ apathy that seems to grip New Zealanders as far as politics are concerned. I wouldn’t bet on it Terry
There is far too much anti Labour feeling at present so unless he is totally radical and resets all the damaging Ardern legislation you mention in your article I cannot see Labour returning to power. Even then I hope it is unlikely. John
National needs to start rolling out more Policys Paul
Time to change. Mark
He has already proven himself to be a failure Gareth
He’ s just Ardern Light, driven by the same false narrative and watered down socialist ideology. Im one of the unfortunates locked out of NZ during the Covid/MIQ madness and I blame Hipkins equally for my stress and difficulties, and that of my family. Alwyn
A Jacinda “yes man” ! Charles
Chris has always followed the destructive leader without question. The relationship was more of a mother / son type where being submissive was the norm. Chris was also very keen to find those who didn’t comply with the outrageous mandates for compulsory injections of untested experimental injections to the point where stated that he would track them down in 2023. fred
i doubt he could lead a starving man to a mcdonalds outlet. brian
Chris Hipkins is politically astute and has read the room. He will do his best to be seen as a safe pair of hands. He has read Chris Luxon’s mail and has pulled the rug out from his chair. I don’t like him or trust him, however I think his election to the position could persuade enough of the core ground support to return to the safety of that great, caring machine, the NZ Labour Party. Stephen
The parties of the left are more cunning, underhand, deceitful, lying and media driven than those of the middle ground and can often gather just enough support to get into government. Ray
The voting public seem not to take into account that Hipkins has been party to all decisions the Labour Government have made during their term in power to date. Dennis
I hope not though I’m not too sure, it seems to me that he has a far better chance than Ardern but I really hope not and that Labour looses the next election. For my money not only does Ardern have to go but also all of her decision makers in the present Government Adrian
A perfect summation of Jacinda Ardern’s extreme leftist, globalist and elitist ideology that has no place in New Zealand. Her highway will lead her to a senior role in the WEF based in Geneva. Goodbye Comrade Jacinda, your mission is done here. You’ve wreaked enough havoc. Colin
Absolutely not. S
hope not Lorraine
While I have clicked no, there is still a major that labour just might slip the nose and make it into power, if so would they carrier on with their plans, maybe watered down to meet some of the maori desires. sven
Comes from the same Marxist stew as Jacinda – and he has said he wants to hunt down the unvaxed Kevin
Jacinda’s legacy of damage is too great. A change of PM will not change Labours (lack of). values. Shirley
only if the opposition parties have the “steel” to defend democracy Alan
I certainly hope not, because I can see it being more of the same. Martin
Ardern was just one dictator in Labour New Zealand will be in a lot of trouble if they get back in & the voters know it Nigel
If Luxton does not improve. Hans
Some say Christopher Hipkins will be worse than Jacinda but can he afford to be? If he knows he is going to win the next election in advance (by you know how) he could afford to be more ruthless than Jacinda. Remember that THE GREAT RESET doesn’t respect borders and nation-state sovereignty. It’s the only self apponted UN and banker-driven government for the WHOLE world – no nation-state challengers allowed. How evil is that? That means, if National is elected honestly they will carry on with the same agenda with a few minor tweaks here and there. Just a thought from down one of the many rabbit holes. Donald
Probably, people are dumb with short memories! Campbell
Ardern’s labour has taken NZ too far down a dark economic tunnel that is impossible to turn around due to additional head winds from the massive offshore cyclones that will come to our shores. NZ wealth and productivity is available but MMP and the system will prevent that ever happening as more and more depart for Australia – the scene has been set and it is too late ! Bob
Sadly I believe Labour has a better chance now than with Ardern. Especially with National asleep at the wheel. Although I also have little hope that National would govern for all either. NZ needs massive constitutional reform to make all paid by the public purse accountable, effective and efficient. We are currently bloated, unproductive and the public sector at large is an out of control monolith. The Ardern government has compounded what has been going on for years. Not 1 of the 120 sitting MPs deserve to be there. Concerned Kiwi
He’s been Jacinda’s #2 chief cheerleader behind Grant Robertson, having dragged educational achievement lower in the time he’s been in charge. A proven non-performer backed up by a bunch of drongos. Surely Labour are toast. Graham
Hipkins is a male version of JA. Note how he throws ” I absolutely …. ” into a statement, just like his former leader. His boyish innocent looks may fool a few old ladies, but he too is a master bullsh….r like JA and I believe the NZ voter will see through him for what he is Kevin
Hope not but we have to work hard so as not to lose the election Martin
Badly tarnished by covid and other policy failures. a
Regardless of leader, Labour is out Martin
He’s lightweight and has almost zero experience outside politics. He will be forced to push on with Maori co-governance of everything by the elders in the Maori Caucus, particularly Princess Nanaia. Phil
Same same John
No and I hope not. Hipkins is part of Arderns circle of deceit. My faith in my fellow countrymen will be crushed if he wins. Willy
As a strong supporter of Ardern he seems unlikely to differ from her approach. Graham
He will restore Labour for working people [ not the liberal WOKES] but this will take time /years Gill
He will only be in the running if he backs out of all Jacinda Ardern’s ‘co-governance’ policies and gets back to a democratic NZ. Sue
No. He’s unlikely to be a strong enough leader to stand up to the corrupt Maori caucus and put them in their place. Labour has forgotten that they were elected to govern for ALL NZer’s not to hand over control of NZ Maori tribal elite and slam anyone who attempts to raise any sort of discussion on the topic as a racist. Steve
It will depend on the media spin/propaganda between now and the election. Stuart
He is a walking disaster he works hard but achieves nothing. Geoff
Hipkins is a clone of Jacinda’s- Confuses intentions with outcomes. Roger
He will be overpowered by the Maori caucus Martin
No, with reservations, if he can halt three waters, blunt the influence of the Maori caucus and bring a stop to their co-government aspirations, maybe. Earle
If he does it will be because the Nats handed it to them. maurice
He’s been in the thick of what’s been going on. dave
Labour has screwed this country and divided it, big time. Keith
If he can reverse the insane policies of his predecessor and put the Brown Parasites making up the Maori Caucus in their place, he may have a slim chance – otherwise he’s toast! Scott
He might have a chance if he removed all the unacceptable partial laws like 3 Waters! RNZ Merger, co-Governance, fixed the Health cockup, and pulled the Maori Party and Mahuta into line…. Robyn
Out with Labour Maree
Chris Hipkins is another WEF puppet Beverley
pray to God not anthony
Slim chance J
Some voters may return to Labour but I believe most have realized they can’t be trusted regardless of who is their leader Frank
He is as bad as the last one Mike
surely al those sheeple will not be fooled twice? Hans
Labour’s chances of winning the next election at this point have improved as they have been very astute regarding picking Hipkins and his deputy leader managing to keep The Maori issue they have at bay. Owen
Same pig, different lipstick Cam
I don’t think he can because I do believe alot more kiwis have slowly awakened to alot of what this government has done. Paul
Under no circumstances > we have got to sure of that ROB
Just more of the same Labour b___ sh__. John
Need to stop mandates and a lot more. A govt should always talk to a peaceful protest Leigh
There is no reason to expect that he will put a stop to Co Governance, Five Waters, or any of the other apartheid initiatives. David
N ot any more impressed with Chris than I was with J A Michael
Hipkins ideologies are in lockstep with Arderns…nothing will change unless he is forced to pause his strong socialist agenda due to falling polls. Rhonda
He is Jacinda’s lapdog. He will do exactly what she has done. I wonder how long it will take FOR voters to realise that. Kate
Baggage gone – a new slate to promote the same philosophy John
I hope the woke public are not that stupid. bruce
He was part of Jacindas cabals and didn’t ask for any pause in Identity politics or publicly express any criticism Patricia
I hope not. Jackie
Look at his record. Bill
Labour NZ is Slip sliding Away…farewell … you have had your day….. Chris
birds of a feather blight the lot of them as in concert demolishion of the country bud j
Hopeless Jeff
Not a chance – same bus different driver. Clive
No not unless he can sack the corrupt Mahuta the Looter and the traitorous Willie Jackson who is openly laughing at hard working taxpaying kiwis by saying at a Marae of 5000 once we control the water we will control Ahh-terror-Rower. He will never be elected while these traitors and despots along with the Maori elite caucus are running parliament. Brenda
She left a sinking ship Lynn
Labour has 2 chances: Zero and None. Hipkins would have to put the shackles on the maori caucus, and he is way too weak to do that. Jan
Not after what communist Ardern has done. steven
The trust in labour AND Hipkiss is just gone too far. He also agreed with the way Ardern has been ruling. I do hope, that he NEVER makes it that far. I have never trusted the guy. Peter
Hope not they are all evil communists Greg
Surely the average kiwi is awake to the damage Labour has done to our democracy. EdgarW. Smith
They have shown that the adhere to WEF and UN authoritarian thinking and could not give a toss for the people who they were put in power to lead and protect Derek
Not a chance unless Winston “elects” him and what a disaster that was last time. A new face but the same ideology remains. Removing unpopular policies does not mean they won’t be on the table again if re-elected. Frank
NZ voters will send labour into the political wilderness Darryl
Too much damage has been done kate
Is he a communists like Ahern and Robertson How many more of the Labour members of the same elk? Colin
as long as the voting public is continually informed and reminded Poul-Erik
Possibly so Luxon has to hammer home his message. Catherine
For the sake of my grandchildren and the country in general, I bloody hope NOT! Graham
The damage has been done and co-governance will destroy this country Bill
For all the reasons mentioned in your critique of his predecessor, Enid. Labour has been an absolute disaster on all fronts. In giving this shower absolute control in 2020, Kiwis showed they could out-stupid anyone. Could they move to being lunatics? Surely not . . . Philip
most people vote for themselves not thinking of the country as a whole lobour will give at lollies theresa
same leadership, different face Linda
No way, look at his record as a minister. He was in charge of covid19 lockdown and kept Kiwis out. Stuffed the education system. Why would anything change James
One loser following another. Janet
Same old same old.Nothing will change under Hipkins, he’s sugar coating his interviews too. Valerie
He has to carry the can of government that was not for all kiwis . Is he as deceptive as Ardern. I hope not for his sake. John
We still remember his roll thru Covid.!!!! Wayne
Muriel has said it all. june
It is possible. IF voter forget his performance in Education, Policing etc… If voters forget that “Dumping 3 waters” will only be Deferring…. Remember 2020, Labour promised to build the roads of national importance. When voted in they scrapped the deal… Lionel
Labour has to totally re-think and that will not happen under a communist inclined PM Robbie
neither the philosophy or charisma needed murray
And will be bitterly disappointed if NZers forget where Labour has got us. Claire
Hope not Pete
Nothing has changed Labour is still Labour. Jim
Same anti democratic communists new (old) face Ihaia
Same policies, same capabilities tom deliver?? john
You use of the word can is something of an oxymoron – of course he can win Paul
Yes given a compliant blinkered press but I hope not Phil
Not a bloody chance, apart from being an idiot he is far too weak, we all know the Labour Maori caucus will run rough shod over him and it will be a joke govt. Mark
hell no!! norman
hope not god forbid we will only hear another load of red fed lies and deceitful junk . the present load of comrades dont seem to understand they have done their dash,hopefully 3 waters and co governance will sink with them. james
More of the same antidemocratic governance – but with a slow down to entice Labour voters back . Hylton
He hasn’t handled his last 2 portfolios , how can he handle a bigger one ?? Roger
Too much damage to mend gordon
If he does Kiwis are even more stupid than I thought. He’s a hardliners Marxist as well. Trevor
But I think he may give it a bit more of a nudge than Jacinda Ardern could have. pdm
The Maori Caucus is still running the country, and they own Hipkins… Grant
Same horse different jockey Murray
I bloody hope not. Another imcompetant ass tony
Not a chance! Carl
He was thrown under the bus. So much for having a kind leader!! Donna
He is still too left wing for me. Allan
He’s another proven fraud. Jim
If we underestimate Hipkins and his ability to attract traditional supporters back we are making a big mistake. Stay on the ball, the game is changing. Ken
No – I certainly hope not, it would be disaster for New Zealand. Vote ACT for truly good policies. Roger
Labour has totally betrayed public trust, it doesn’t matter who is leading them down the sh*t slide, it will be a long time before they govern again, (provided they don’t print more money for bribes to buy votes and slide the country into even deeper financial ruin) It’s good to see Luxton finally come out and say something of policy at Ratana, Perhaps he was keeping the powder dry? Personally, I regard what Adern has done as treasonous. Andrew
he is not such an obvious liar as Ardern but he is still a liar. Vonne
Not a snowballs chance in hell. We do not trust the remaining Labour muppets. Really – what can they say that they successfully achieved ? Greig
He is another WEF and socialist trained politician, and will be worse than Jacinda, just wait and see!!!!!!!!!!! Alan
He’s only one person. There’s far too many useless Labour Mps in parliament that also need to change their attitudes. First
Mahuta will have him for lunch John
We need to remember that Hipkins wanted a door-to-door hunt for unvaccinated people Charles
Labour is no good for NZ. Also too late to change the course set by JA. Neil
The damage is done so will take a lot to get our Country back on track. Everyday New Zealanders are left in the dark too much. He can start by getting rid of all the Maori nonsence and keep us altogether as one nation. Barbara
I certainly hope not. If national can get out their policies very quickly and we can have an early election it will be better national. Bev
Not a chance Eleanor
Voters have short memories.. Alan
Not if he keeps with the WEF agenda and doesn’t fix the co governance issues, 3 waters etc. Anon
No Way and i hope Luxon doesnt either Colin
I hope NOT! Rodney
I will not vote for Labour nor the polices they try to subvert this nation to. Ken
Only @ new pillion rider Bill
Labour cannot be trusted! Bernard
If use have inflation in double digits and unemployment high single digits come October he’s dog tucker John
I sincerely hope not. We have to get rid of Labour, Greens and restrict Maori party’s plans. If we continue down this path of separatism and any form of Iwi control — including cancel culture name replacements we are doomed as a “one peoples country”. Alan
He may do better than Jabcina but he referred to as the Lockdown Lunatic on Info Wars Barry
He’s more nuts than his predecessor. Erin
OUT!!! ralph
I certainly hope not – the country is in enough trouble already!!! John
No chance, unless we have dumbed down beyond repair. Scott
Maori caucus will still interfere with the running of parliament. Voters have seen the Labour party as an absolute failure on the governing of our country. judith
Chippy is tarred with the same wokey brush.no change here. Caroline
Hope not Elaine
Apart from a new face, very little will change with Labour policy. He is tarred with the same brush as Ardern. He may pull back on a few of the more contentious policies but the major ones will stay. Hipkins has presided over some of the worst performing ministries to date and if he is the best they have in stock then his replacements will put further nails in the Labour coffin. Rod
Fed up with Labour and the sneaky way they have done things behind our backs Barbara
Although a new voice the writing is on the wall Rod
Luton needs to replace his PR machine anthony
Totally and absolutely! Chris
even if some of the more damaging ideas are modified, it may be too little. too late. His ideology will remain the same just reworded a bit john
Unfortunately you can fool some of the people all of the time especially with the backing of corrupted media. Christopher Luxon does not have the mana to face down the Maori Mafia. Jacinda resigned because of the Maori Mafia Bruce
He is so weak and Jacinda has left a sinking ship for him to deal with. Chris
With some backing away from unpopular policies, some bribes and otherwise making the kind of noises that resonate, Labour is in with a very good chance of being returned, particularly as National with Luxon still come across as weak and with no clear purpose. Ron
Absolutely not, and I voted for Labour the last two times. Never again! I will never ever trust a Labour politician again, and possibly may not ever vote again either. Claire
Hipkins is just as guilty as Jacinda Matt
Unfortunately Chris took up lying to New Zealanders in which to backup the worst PM (ARDERN) that had EVER governed NZ Simply Chris and Hipkins can never be trusted again VOTE LABOUR OUT David
Not gonna happen. Rob
If he can fool the sheep he may have a chance Jude
I don’t think he can manage Mahuta either. That’s why she really left Tony
His track record over the past few years is not one littered with numerous successes. Peter
Same horse just another jockey.. Stephen
It%u2019s time for a real government, not a plastic spoon Peter
Nobody trusts Labour & they really don’t have many competent MP’s capable of undoing the damage to the economy, its people ir the vountry that Jacinda has done Think Hipkins will continue much of Jacinda’s work tweaked to make it appear less sinister. Ann
I bloody well hope not: Hipkins has done nothing as a minister of many things. He won’t do anything useful as a PM! Peter
At least I hope so, because for all Muriels excellent comments, Jacinda et al are not socialist or communist … I don’t know how to categorize them . unpleasantly woke perhaps? But I hope so, as National has always been a disaster for the majority of the NZ population. They would have been just as bad re Covid… they said, as alweays, they would have done the same, but sooner, harsher, They would not have given business support to keep workers in jobs [which is why our economy is actually not too bad]. So I dread a National Government which would cut tax for the highest incone bracket, and put tax-payer funding back into housing purchase of rental market by accepting allowing interest payments against rents. Hence less money for the government to spend on education, housing, trains, roads etc etc. Although Labour’s treatment of armers has been extremely bad – stick, no carrots, National cares not a fig re Climate Change mitigation etc, using the pretext that as we have a small population, our influence on the warming is miniscule. This even though per capita our contribution is high. They also suck up to the USA more, along with all the war-mongering and “Defense” spending. Our future will be difficult [except for the very wealthy] whoever wins the next election. Rochelle
More if the same Prue
We certainly hope not. Surly New Zealanders cannot be that stupid. Wayne
But, from his early announcements he is probably regaining Labourites. Could be a very close occasion. David
I bloody hope he gets smashed. He the same all part of their game, fresh face few changes for the people it’s all lip service. Kick them out!!!!! John
He’s an idiot Russell
But who gives a damn anyway? Mark
Another Socialist brick looking for a wall. Dave
Labour is on the way out for the benefit of all NZers graeme
If he can then I am no longer willing to live in my beautiful homeland as I no longer align with the majority of people here. Skarlett
I bloody well hope not – 3 more years of this mob and NZ will be gone for the foreseable future if not for ever. Roy
He will attract some die hard labourites back but not enough. He’s on a hiding to nothing. I don’t put much faith in National changing much so we need a strong Act bloc to make national tow the line. Jabcinda has done a huge amount of damage to NZ. Peter
Possibly – it’s too soon to say. Depends on what of Ardern’s divisive policies he stops. And whether he stops the power of the Maori caucus Peter
He has an identical history to Ardern with the same socialist communist ideology Neil
I sincerely hope not, though unfortunately I think it possible. National must present a much stronger manifesto to turn back the rot of this Labour’s govt. Lorraine
I really hope labour do not win the next election. The country is currently in a terrible state and if re-elected Labour will continue the downward spiral with increased velocitity. Gerald
Not a chance Megan
Hipkins and the Labour Cabinet have achieved nothing in 5 years except destruction; they are deluded if they think they can win an election in 2023. Pete
We should not be complacent about the outcome of October’s general election. Labour with the Green’s and the Maori party could still sneak in over National and ACT. The latter two parties will have to resort to the smarts in selling the methods and actions that they will bring to the forefront of the nation to enable much correction and rebuilding our democratic ways. They will need to generate an advanced cooperative spirit of the necessities required to reset the country as it was as a democratic rock star economy. There is a need to gradually dissolve the decisive and false expectations that have risen from the incredulous lies that have emanated from the dark radical minds of the those who live in their little world full of the fantasies that never was part of the old ways in any case. There is much work to be done from the right to be a shoe in yet. I just hope that they have the maturity and the overall competence to win through. If not then????? Garry\’
Same ilk ! Jane
He only has to dish out a cash handout to the low income/beneficiary sector 6-8 weeks before the election and they will forget the kicks in the guts of the previous 2-3 years. I always think of the Pied Piper story when dealing with humans. Robert
A disaster if he does though! Bruce
Shelving polices does not mean stopping. They must not get back in as Labour will Take them off the shelf and continue on With them Ed
Was ineffective in Education & Police portfolios, still has Maori caucus to deal with, he is on a hising to nothing Donald
Labour, always hopeless Murray
No way Fritz
No – but it may not be a romp home for National/Act anymore if he did stand up to the Maori Caucus and squashed those race-based policies – let’s see. I did waver over the yes button because National are being a bit wishy washy. Pamela
Too much damage already done. Graeme
Much too late. The damage has already been done. I wouldn’t vote for Labour anyway. Sheila
Well he COULD — if he exited the WHO, ditched Three Waters and Co-Governance, repealed the Covid-19 Amendment Act, and all the other things he won’t do. So although he CAN win the election, he won’t do it. Sue
He won’t change change a thing just duck shove around and not change any thing Alan
We need change Vote ACT. Ron
Too late Iain
I certainly hope not Anon
He’s just a puppet for the ensconced mob feeding at the trough and promoting Maori elitism. Mike
From past performances, I doubt he has the mojo to achieve the change in direction needed. Then again, I didn’t think Labour would attain a sole majority at the last election. Let’s hope that those who voted for Labour previously have been dealt a lesson. chris
He might if he tanks 5 waters and co-governance Alan
It’s just more of the same – he has been complicit in fulfilling the Ardern agenda. If he couldn’t see the socialist intent then he doesn’t deserve to be PM Kerry
Get rid of this woke govt Warren
Because NZers really are that stupid. Remember they collectively gave their vote to Labour’s “to stop the Green Party” . How F’ing stupid is that. Brain dead. The dumbing down of the population, a political system failure called MMP (which NZers voted back in) show how easily Dipkins can win. Tony
He has the same silly policies. Andrew
he will get more votes than Jacinda would have, but unless he dumps Three Waters and the media merger, he has no chance to come close. Tracey
ACT is the only party effectively opposing Labour. National is just sleepwalking to the election. If Labour wins National will have a lot to answer for Alastair
Chris Hipkins is a professional politician he has never worked in his life Graeme
Too little and too late. The public will see him as a clone of Jacinda and vote accordingly. Gavin
He would have to scrap too many unpopular policies and I doubt if he will be able to effect that. John
No I don’t think Chris Hipkins can win the election for Labour. He will give it a good go but Kiwi’s are still angry and hurt. Chris Hipkins was complicit with all these failed policies as well. He has a very big mountain to climb if he thinks he can take Labour to victory in October. Taunaha
I’m trying to be positive when I say “no”, but the gullible are the gullible and those who have had money thrown their way are not likely to see it starting to vanish. But I live in hope! Sally
No Labour is gone Labour do not have the qualifications or qualified people to govern Richard
Adjustment to our present taxation system is already in play and he will need all the funds he can squeeze out of businesses. This direction will see his downfall. John
I sincerely hope people can see that they are still the same people/party who have run beautiful NZ into the ground whatever money they begin throwing around to win votes. Lynne
He has failed miserably in all the cabinet postings he has had. Murray
there are too many people hurting, financially and those jabbed have the prospect of major health problems down the track. Hipkins and Ardern are equally responsible for this. Lies upon lies have become the norm for this party, I cant look at any of the labour party members now without wondering just how many lies will they tell you. A totally dishonest leader running a totally dishonest party. Merryl
When did he oppose the stuff NZers are upset about. When did he cross the floor? When did he let us know he was opposed to anything his leader introduced? He followed like a sheep in the mob. Catherine
He would have to make some major changes which I don’t think he can Bill
Perhaps could is a better question to ask. National and ACT have a harder job ahead of them now and must be perfectly clear in their agendas going forward to regain confidence in their voters Errol
I certainly hope not! Ian
Cinta stuffed the country and proved Labour untrustworthy: He has been given a dead donkey to race. The party lies: has hidden agendas. Too much in ya face hori crap. mike
Not a chance Anon
He will have a jolly good try, with as much scaldugerery that the Labour Party can muster, this will not turn around the NZ population from seeing how this government has ruined Democracy of New Zealand. Roy
Well let’s hope not! John
you are joking another inexperienced idiot running our country and economy yeah right,,good luck with those two wankers but thell get the 300,000 pacific votes and 16 year olds educated well to the left of every thing,more ill considered votes not to mention the huge influence of the maori caucus gravy train hone the unhappy maori
No, the damage is too great! Bill
he could if Luxon doesn’t dramatically lift his game. Sitting on the fence as he does will lose him the election David
I hope not, but I do not have the faith in the intelligence or memories of some of my fellow New Zealanders to vote Labour back in, supported by the radical Greens and the Maori Party. If that is the case then the Declaration Plan will come roaring back and be implemented. This election is the last chance we have to to stop them or we are really screwed. Brenton
He’s a childish failure! Gail
He has accepted a poisoned chalice. DICK
Thank God John
He is just another Spin Doctor to smooth the raging waters. Just a continuation of the same – watch the next three months – then we will all know that Labour has taken us all for a ride Bruce
He is as big a liar as her. Michael
I sincerely hope not as they have destroyed NZ . The country can’t take another 3 years of this rubbish divisive nonsense. Steve
He is at the heart of all the terrible laws Ardren brought in Failed in health and police Will bring it all back if he wins and huge tax increases on the wealthy Alan
God forbid. Graeme
He might be more personable, but he hasn’t been able to fix anything in his portfolios. The Maori caucus will still call the shots Anne
Unless Kiwi’s have very short memories and the economy gets better quickly… Don
It would take a little more than a leadership change. Different head, same heart. Shaun
He would need to abolish Labour’s endeavours of the last 5 years. Cancel 3 waters (5) etc… listen to the less well off and return to a democratic process. Abolish the Treaty and set the Nation on a path of one person one vote. Tribalism is caveman mentality. mike
Just possibly, by pulling the very unpopular policies – Unfortunately. I have never voted Labour and am unlikely to but National and ACT will have to provide a stronger opposition than they currently are to attract the disenchanted. Sylvienne
NO. And if he does it will be very very slim, and only if he wipes everything and i mean everything not just some of what that other bitch was going to do and gets real tough on crime before the election, and get rid of that Maori caucus all together or just give them totally shit jobs. if he can do all of this in a very short time he might have a very slim chance, if not he could be the shortest serving PM we could of had. COLIN
He’ll get NO support from the nursing or hospital profession. .What happened to their back dated to 2019 rise??? Forgotten… Donald
Future policies will be important but the damage may have been already done Gareth
He can’t even handle a few portfolio’s well, let alone a country, and he agreed with EVERYTHING jacinda did, even to the point where he wanted to hunt out the unjabbed. His time started with deception, (he knew she was quitting, and the Labour Caucus had already chosen him), and he end with deception. The sooner Labour is gone – the better. Christine
He is Jacboot 2, having been WEF trained. Luxon is no better, being also WEF trained. WHO TO VOTE FOR is the question. Coral
Too much damage has been done and trust broken, people will not forget Peter
The country needs change. Right minded NZers know that. A bright eyed blonde is not the person to change. He is backed by too many racists. Peter K
I sincerely hope that people aren’t fooled by his boyish charm. He is a long time friend of Ardern since their London days, while she was still blonde. He is still there for a reason. Pamela
I think he will putty in the hands of Mahuta and co. Denis
Even Labour supporters MUST realise that Chris Hipkins is merely a chip off the same block that Jacinda came from. Terry
His track record is one of failure, just wait until he has to contend with Willie Jackson and his motly bunch of misfits then then internal fights will really start. morrie
Of course it is possible. Luxon is so tight lipped on the thing that matters, the protection of Democracy, that there is very little obvious difference. Mike
A carbon copy of the PM with nothing new to contribute david
Too early to say, but he will still have the Maori on his back. I don’t think he’s strong enough to remove the most controversial elements put forward by JA. Laura
Nothing changed David
NAtional MUST step up and clearly elucidate its policies – especially about cogovernance. If Peters wins several seats it will be a repeat of 2017. john
I hope not Stewart
National need to be clear that they will repeal all the woke labour bills. David
Better than the former PM but he still was part of the team that have made such a mess of NZ Dianne
Hipkins is another communist betraying the NZ public Terry
Labour has gone too far to the left,and destroyed our basic rights of freedom and democracy. Don
If he was to scrap all labour policies & get enough votes to rule with the Greens & possibly Winston Peters more than half NZ people would migrate overseas because of Jacindas policies gained through lies and deception Roydon
More woke leftist ideas will not get my vote RICHard
He looks like an innocent schoolboy but do not get sucked in he has been filmed saying that if had his way non vaccinated people will be hunted down and forcibly vaccinated. Just another evil lefty but unfortunately Luxon is nearly as bad. Chris
I don’t think, I KNOW he can’t win the election for labour. He’s just a little Hitler who has already been in charge of 2 portfolio failures and I doubt that he has the stomach to overturn the 3 waters and other maori-related fiascoes that were introduced by the red princess. We will still continue to go down the gurgler with him in so-called “charge”, unfortunately. He must surely realise by now, that the people of New Zealand have had a gutsfull of Labour’s antics and want them OUT! Trevor
Too many people who do not earn their own income rather happy to take taxpayers money for no work. Rick
It’s too late Janne
Irrespective of the leader, Labour cannot be trusted not to continue with their racist and divisive policies. Hipkins May rein them back over the next 9 months but, if Labour are re-elected, they will be back on the agenda. Steve
It is still the same team of no-hopers, and with the block of maori pushing the position they want, i cant see much change. Hipkins will do better than ardern would have done but I believe it just might be too big a mountain to climb. Peter
Same party different face!! Bradley
Well it’s just going to be the same old same old nothing has really changed the Maori are going to fight harder than ever they felt they should have been 2ic amongst other things Peter
The deck chairs have been shuffled a bit but nothing has changed, or will. Te Pati Maori and the Maori caucus are already bitching so the in fighting will start. Let the games begin!! Elizabeth
There are many Strong labour supporters still.not to mention the people getting huge amounts of financial support who can not and will never think for themselves darelle
A comrade of Ardern since the days of Tony Blair’s administration and the Socialist Youth movement Ray
Hipkins has led most of the worst performing portfolios into their current parlous state. Can he fix them ? yeah, nah ! Bryan
He has been part of the team which has proved such a disaster for New Zealand. Labour is dead and buried. That doesn’t mean that National/ACT will perform much better though, we need to ensure that they don’t continue along the globalist path. We need more minor parties in Parliament. Rod
The Labour Party has off-sided too many people across society to make any come-back this sided of the October 2023 election. Mark
I hope not anyway Ken
NZ will vote against Labour. the leader will make no difference. NEIL
They have gone too far down too many routes that no one gave them a mandate for, and it’s hurt nearly everyone. Yvonne
NO Ron 
Not unless he brings in some ridiculous nonsense like a Universal Wage. He may shelve some legislation like 3 waters, but all that would be brought straight back if he gets in. Pray God we won’t be subjected to another 3 years of Marxism, because after that it’s set in stone. Jenny
But only because people have very short memories Richard
He has always been hanging off Ardern’s coat tails – the smile hides the committed socialist!!! David
I answered No but to be honest , I am not entirely sure about that. We know by now that this one is as bad as the other one which has just left and my suspicion is that all these promises made by the new one are made out of desperation to win the next election. And my other suspicion is that common folk will be hoodwinked again and vote for their own henchman. And sensible and alert folk will be caught out in the middle and has to suffer the consequences. More of that and we as a country will be a basket case. Michael
This lot couldn’t run a bath Mark
No or at least I hope so. First the economy will be well into a recession by the time of the election and that always controls the vote. Robin
No chance David
Absolutely, National have nothing to offer for 98% of New Zealanders. We need the path of improvement that Labour has embarked upon to continue. A National government would be, as they always have been, an unmitigated disaster for the majority of New Zealanders. Mike
A boy from the Hutt and a boy from the Hutt in the hands of Hoota! Not a chance at winning. Jennifer
Same ideology as Jucinta and we want that gone Fiona
Same song sheet Maureen
For the sake of New Zealand’s future, I most certainly hope not. Yet another woke career politician in a so called government very heavy on rhetoric & even lighter on talent & real world experience. Hopefully people will not forget that, he too, stood at “the podium of truth” & spouted lies about the vaccine. Rex
Even if Chris Hipkins reversed all of the contentious policy making and laws, he can never under the damage that has been done. Do they not realise that NZers have lost their lives and loved ones to their inane posturing and glib ideology. Shame on you Labour. Jacquetta
I despise the excuses of misogyny perpertrated against Jacinda. Most males do not despise women, they love and cherish their mother, sister, wife , daughters grand daughters and extended female family. We males hated the desecration of New Zealand and the co governance and racism that is dividing New Zealand which is absolutely NOT misogyny. Basil 
I hope not. There are plenty of low information voters out there that only look at the headlines and don’t dig in to the facts. I was talking with a friend who voted that way in 2020 and he still cannot accept that any vote for the left is a vote to remove our way of life, this is despite him agreeing that our country is circling the drain. Kris
I’ve said ‘yes’ but in reality it’s more likely now that uber woke ex CEO Luxon will lose the election for the Right. National needs to get back to its roots and stand up for the people and businesses generating the wealth of this country and forget about the city academics and other whinging wokes. Alan
i hope not for sure. My NZ is turning into a “3rd world country,” & must be stopped. natalie
Maybe Rodney
The “new” nice labour. Will tone down the moves and buy off the electorate. Iain
Reptilian installed tyrant, is flushed…. replaced, by a far worse forked tongue communist liar! The guy that forced the poison vax on our kids!! GOD HELP US ALL!! David
No- Labour have just changed the sex of the Leader but not their ideals. They are sooo far away from what a lot still think Labour stands for (the working man and woman) that they are totally unrecognisable. It will take a H U G E turnaround for Chippy to change Labour’s fortunes now and really he was just handed a poisoned challis by Ardern. Remember he was Mallard’s protege, the nastiness will still be there. Carolyn
What has really changed? Wayne
No way can Labour win – they have done too much damage. Karl
Now Jacinda Ardern has gone, perhaps the media will be more balanced in their reporting. If they are, the rest of the country will learn about the damage they are doing to the country and Labour will be toast. Gordon
I heard today that the new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins intends to crack down on crime. Hmmm – who has been the Minister of Police with the responsibility of cracking down on crime? Oh, look, its Chris Hipkins! Give me a break – those clowns are useless! Don
Hipkins will attract back some voters, but not enough to win the election I hope! But I also hope that National picks up its game and pledges to repeal ALL of the co-governance and other race-based changes that Ardern has introduced. Dianna
Good riddance, I say. Hopefully Hipkins will not be as dangerous as Ardern was. The only way he could win back decent support is if he was prepared to stand up to the Maori caucus and reverse three waters, the Maori health authority, and stop the public service pushing the partnership agenda – and I don’t think there’s much chance of that! Bob