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The Corruption of Democracy

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The expression “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” was coined by the British historian and politician, Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887.

Many New Zealanders are now realising just how true it is.

On election night, our Prime Minister declared she would govern for all New Zealanders. Last week Jacinda Ardern presided over the passing of a law that for the first time in our history, removed important democratic rights in a dictatorial manner. Her action clearly demonstrated that she was not governing for all New Zealanders but instead, for supporters of Maori Sovereignty.   

Jacinda Ardern did not campaign on her plan to remove the right of ratepayers to veto council decisions to establish Maori Wards. Instead, by using her “absolute” power to order Parliament into urgency, she denied New Zealanders their democratic right to genuine consultation.

The passing of the Local Electoral (Maori Wards and Maori Constituencies) Amendment Bill in this arrogant manner is absolute proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Even the reasons given for the law change were based on misrepresentations and lies – propaganda that was deliberately perpetuated by many media outlets.

Local Government petition rights were never racist nor discriminatory – Helen Clark’s Labour Government had introduced them to protect the voting system from manipulation by councils.

With that protection now removed, if the next tranche of law changes eliminates the constraints that restrict the number of Maori wards to the proportion of Maori in the local authority area – as is likely – there will be nothing to stop the number of Maori wards being increased to 50:50, giving the Maori Sovereignty Movement total control of local councils. Furthermore, there’s no indication that the many councils that have already established committees of appointed iwi representatives with full voting rights, will abolish them.

Frank Newman has outlined what the future might hold: “Under a 50:50 ‘partnership’ model Maori will have effective control over billions of dollars’ worth of public assets, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual rating revenue, and all of the decision making powers of their local authority. That includes the power to set differential rating, write planning rules, and allocate grants. A person would have to very naive or myopic not to be concerned that this is not going to end well for anyone other than Maori.”

Is enabling the effective takeover of local government by the Maori Sovereignty movement the Prime Minister’s ultimate objective? Is this why she didn’t campaign on abolishing petition rights – because she knew just how unpopular such a corruption of democracy would be?

What else hasn’t she told us?

We already know she is taking New Zealand down the United Nations Agenda 2030 path, not because she told us so, but because she informed a foreign audience at a Bill Gates’ function in New York.

If she intends implementing the Maori Sovereignty agenda, New Zealanders have a right to know.

Let’s examine the origins of this radical movement to better understand their aims.

In his 1985 book “Shadows Over New Zealand”, Union organiser and former Communist Party member, the late Geoff McDonald, described the Marxist roots of disruption being utlilised by Maori Sovereignty activists: “Marxists understand that the key to destabilising New Zealand is to show how badly the Maori is treated by the whites. The big lie must be built up, until enough people believe it to enable the damage to be done… there is no Maori oppression at all. But that would not stop them from going ahead with their propaganda. Facts or truth have no relevance to Marxism. Anything can be said to help create the conditions amenable to the collapse of society. However absurd or grotesque the charges being made against white New Zealanders, if they are not answered then they will be believed.”

This is exactly what is happening today: New Zealanders across the board are being falsely accused by radical separatists of racism and discrimination against Maori.

Geoff McDonald traces the modern origins of the Maori Sovereignty Movement to a series of influential articles published in 1982 in the feminist magazine “Broadsheet”. They were written by the Maori rights activist Donna Awatere, who later became an ACT MP. The first of the series, Maori Sovereignty, clearly outlines their objectives:

“Maori sovereignty is the Maori ability to determine our own destiny… In essence, Maori sovereignty seeks nothing less than the acknowledgement that New Zealand is Maori land, and further seeks the return of that land… The aim of Maori sovereignty is… to redesign this country’s institutions from a Maori point of view. The aim is to reclaim all land and work it from a Maori point of view. This country belongs to Maori.

“At its most conservative it could be interpreted as the desire for a bicultural society… biculturalism meant acknowledgement of Maori sovereignty, of Maoritanga, of our land and language… an all up return of all our land and the setting up of institutions to ensure Maoritanga as the culture of this country and the Maori language as the official language… A new identity based on Maoritanga must be forged.”

In other words, they want to reclaim control of New Zealand through biculturalism, return all land to Maori, impose Maori culture onto the country, ensure the Maori language dominates, and redesign the country’s institutions to prioritise Maori.

In 2010, Laura Kamau, now a Learning Advisor at Victoria University, investigated the origins of Donna Awatere’s political theory: “The militancy of the language employed in Maori Sovereignty stemmed from a pamphlet entitled ‘Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine’ published in 1969 which discussed the aims of the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF).”

Donna Awatere had become fully aware of the aims and strategies of the PLF during a conference she attended in Cuba in 1979: “She was invited to collaborate with the feminist branches of the PLF where she thought it would be a great opportunity to develop New Zealand’s independent political theories. However she was not prepared to overthrow New Zealand’s nation state as the PLF were doing through guerrilla warfare and the hijacking of planes. She instead utilised only the theoretical aims of the PLF.

“These aims were remoulded by Awatere to fit Maori aims for the re-establishment of their sovereignty over New Zealand and the return of their ancestral lands… Much of Maori Sovereignty’s structure is based upon the structure used in this PLF pamphlet. This is done through Awatere replacing Israel with Pakeha New Zealand, Zionism with Christianity, world imperialism with Britain and Arab reaction with colonial Maori. By doing this she could effectively argue what forces obstructed the possibility of establishing New Zealand as a Maori Nation State.

“The PLF believe that when political theory mobilised the masses, the masses became the theory’s most effective weapon instead of warfare. This common goal for Awatere was the establishment of a Maori Nation State which would consolidate tino rangatiratanga forever over New Zealand.”

Donna Awatere’s plan became a blueprint for new generations of activists. Her goal “to redesign this country’s institutions from a Maori point of view” is now well advanced, as various limbs of Government “partner” with the tribal elite.

Although New Zealanders have not been consulted, health services are now being re-prioritised on the basis of race instead of clinical need, with a separate – and no doubt better resourced – Maori health scheme in the pipeline.

The Human Rights Commission has become so radicalised that it is now calling for a new constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi – even though a $4 million 3-year review in 2011 found New Zealanders were overwhelmingly opposed to a Treaty-based constitution. The Commission also wants to empower the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a declaration that was deemed so radical that Helen Clark’s Labour Government would not support it. To their shame, National signed up to appease their Maori Party coalition partner, claiming it was only “symbolic”. Now the Human Rights Commission wants to give it teeth. 

In spite of parents not being consulted over whether they want ‘bicultural’ schools, a transformation of education is already underway: “The national curriculum for schooling will be refreshed over the next five years to ensure it is bicultural, clearer and more relevant for teachers and kaiako.”

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Ross Meurant, a businessman and former MP of Maori descent, expresses his deep concern at these developments through his thought-provoking analysis, “A Step Too Far: Bi-Cultural Partnership”. He explains:

”Biculturalism, predicated as it is and as promulgated by its exponents on the concept of ‘Partnership’, means Maori should rule New Zealand as an equal partner with, The Rest – of us Kiwis.

“By its very description bi-cultural partnership looms in New Zealand today as: DIVISIVE…

“This misguide belief that the Treaty did create a partnership of governance, has been weaponised. It is no longer just a tool of convenience for self-proclaimed ‘influencers’ but a dangerous weapon in the hands of ‘wannabe’ politicians who seek to chart our future.

“In some cases, Maori and others who promulgate this false legal pretext to promote equal partnership between Maori and the Sovereign State of New Zealand, may not understand the legal reality, but in other cases there is in my view, a strategy to brainwash as many as possible and /or intimidate those who stand to defend the legal reality, that the Crown never ceded any sovereignty to Maori.”

Ross is right. Moves underway to impose Maori culture and language onto New Zealanders – to satisfy so-called Treaty partners and achieve more of their Maori Sovereignty objectives – are again being undertaken by the Ardern Government without revealing the agenda, nor asking for a public mandate.

This is why “Aotearoa” is now being used instead of “New Zealand” by all public servants and government agencies.

It’s why Maori language and propaganda are now flooding from government-funded media – RadioNZ, TVNZ, Stuff, and others, causing many New Zealanders to simply tune out.

It’s why our early history is now being re-written to remove all references to the violent and primitive roots of Maori culture.

It’s why Maori place names are replacing traditional English versions, and why Government agencies and community facilities such as libraries are being given Maori names that most Kiwis do not understand and cannot pronounce.

As a result, many New Zealanders are feeling increasingly alienated in their own country. Our rich Kiwi culture that once-upon-a-time encouraged personal responsibility, educational success, and financial independence, is being replaced with a culture of feel-good collectivism that has over the years resulted in social and economic decline.

Even the Rule of Law is now being undermined through the introduction of Maori “tikanga”, and, as a result of the Ihumatao debacle which resulted in private land being used to settle a Treaty grievance, private property rights are no longer secure.     

It’s hard to believe that radical concepts formulated through discussions with Palestinian terrorists at a conference in Cuba over forty years ago, are now advancing at pace in New Zealand. While successive governments have paved the way for these developments, it is Jacinda Ardern’s Government that is now making it happen.

The personable Arden is leading the team of five million down a pathway to becoming a Maori Nation State. This is happening without the wider public being made aware of what is going on – or being given any chance to object. The one opportunity that they had to oppose separatism, namely the local government veto rights, has just been removed. Are Kiwis now trapped on the path to racial serfdom?

In the final of her Broadsheet series on Maori Sovereignty, Donna Awatere discussed the obstacles that could lie ahead. But she dismissed public opposition. She stated her reason for doing so: “The strength of white opposition will be allayed by the fact that Maori sovereignty will not be taken seriously. Absolute conviction in the superiority of white culture will not allow most white people to even consider the possibility.”

Was she right?

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Sporting events will be the the last time we we hear the words New Zealand. Left wing media control will indoctrinate and misguide the masses. Wake up National ! aubrey
Maori sovereignty pre-dates 1840 when they ceded it to Britain. Barend
When the process of giving the country to the maoris is completed, and it will be, believe me, NZ will be a bona fide 3rd world country. We will be an international laughing stock for being the only country where settlers have dragged the natives from the stone age and built a prosperous modern nation, then given it, lock, stock and barrel to the failed race that failed to hold on to it in the first place. This is for certain – I’m off out of here before this happens. I’ll take a NZ flag with me to put in a museum, as its certain you won’t be allowed to fly one here! TOBY
As a non-Maori I feel that we are being overwhelmed by the maori activists who are now putting their separatist policies inplace, piece by piece, starting with the removal of citizen referenda. The media (RNZ and TVNZ) are delivering messages that English speakers don’t understand, os that our heritage is now under siege. Kerry
Maori Sovereignty would be the worse thing ever, leading to a similar situation that has left Rhodesia in today! Roy
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Glen
For sure. Then we’d become an insignificant native country somewhere near Australia, like Bali or Fiji. Nice to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. Or, perish the thought, Zimbabwe, where those who could were forced to flee leaving farms to become unproductive wildernesses. What do decent Maori think about all this? Juliet
Can we find another place to all move to and leave all the PART maoris to wreck the total country and economy. God help us. Valerie
There are many examples of cultural transformation by stealth, but most pressing is my right to vote lost regarding Maori seats as it was bulldozed through parliament with urgency. Why is New Zealand sleeping through these changes. I deeply regret I voted for Ardern/Labour. I find she is most deceitful. Jamie
They have no sovereign rights in NZ. Queen Victoria was the sovereign they signed the Treaty with. It is getting ridiculous Sue
I’ve dropped National Radio, can’t stand the insidious creep of maori infecting the narration. Wally
I am very anxious about this and although I am part Maori I consider that a pakeha NZ must be retained Ron
Of course – it represents a return to a tribalism that will see NZ become just another Pacific Island nation, relying on international aid and remittances from Kiwis working offshore to prop up the economy. David
Why is it, that even well educated people have been duped into thinking that Maori are “indigenous” when they were simply early immigrant settlers of NZ and not even the first ones? The Google meaning of indigenous is “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native” which clearly Maori are not, because they came here in their canoes roughly around 1350AD? Isn’t it time someone called the bluff, as so much of the “claiming of NZ” is on the pretext of being “indigenous”? Ted
Absolutely. Greg
It is our part of the great reset. Wayne
Racism is plain evil Richard
We are well and truly more than have way down the slippery slope to Maori Sovereignty – time for non-Maori to take a stand or forget about being a democracy. Margaret
What can we do about reversing this cultural communism John
As a nation we need to wake up before it’s too late. Roy
“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes, the propogation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful & tyranical” Thomas Jefferson Brian
Getting greater Ted
This idea should be squashed as soon as possible… The TOW was signed in good faith ceding sovereignty to the Queen… all being subjects equal under the law… Radicals should not be given any support in this idea. Clive
If Muriel Newman is fooled by Ardern;s idiot smile, I am not. In fact, I see an ugly, dangerous ,entity destroying our country, ,NEW ZEALAND;s democracy and our freedoms weekly and have done since the moment she was appointed on that terrible day in 2017. Monica
It’s well on the way. There will be no holding it back now. Fiona
Undoubtedly. A classic indication is that the Maori language is one of two official languages of this country (the other is the Deaf language) ENGLISH is NOT an official language here. Bob
It is time to look forward instead of dwelling on the past and I believe in a united New Zealand where we are all equal Colleen
NZ Europeans are fast becoming second rate citizens in their own country. I agree with the tuning out in reference to the renaming of departments, roads and geographical places but we must not be complacent. I was born in Wanganui, I live in Auckland, New Zealand Carol
We are galloping at an accelerating rate down the path to third world status riven with the inevitable tribalism nepotism and corruption. Successive Govts. (current one is the worst) have been selling our first world principles for a handful of Maori seats in Parliament Ken
it would be a minority ruling a majority! Dorothy
It is time to stop this madness. John
There are so many race based laws and policies being introduced in New Zealand that we will soon have apartheid here Alister
Absolutely, now more than ever. What’s that expression ‘There’s none so blind etc? I feel so sorry for the younger generation. Fiona
I can not find any reference in the Treaty of Waitangi that provides for joint governance and Sovereignty of the Maori Race over other citizens. So far the only contributors to the supremacy sanctioned by government is the taxpayer despite the billions od dollars awarded to Maori in recompense for their perceived grievances. New Zealanders keep hearing of the need by Maori for additional educational resources, additional health benefits and special support because of their “Poverty”. Where is the equality that was supposed to emanate from the Treaty? This would seem to be forgotten and considered as unwarranted by the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori Council! To permit the establishment of Maori Sovereignty would entrench apartheid [Something the Maori opposed during the 1981 South African Rugby Tour of NZ] and entrench a most divisive management system. To permit its establishment would also show racism for what it is. Michael
always has just worse now barry
Good on you D Good on you DJ meg
Maori Sovereignty and the current Govt.. are hell bent on taking out democracy. The toxic media and tax paid Green MPs, shout hate at anyone who is not maori.. Radio and TV news is intolerable. Opposition needs to be Loud, it needs to be Repeated over and over against this move against maori wards and our democracy. New Zelanders must know now that oppositions leaders have our back.; if they dont start now reassuring the majority what hope is there in three years time.. Judith and David, where the hell are you. we dont hear you? Sam
apartheid in disguise John
It is a very dangerous thing as Maori in parts of N.Z are already very aggressive Valerie
Not just a threat – by far the biggest concern I have for our future Keith
Without a doubt. Whats happening in NZ at the moment, has happened in other Countries before. It is just a matter of time ! Pierre
This is so important because there are factions within Maori who will benefit greatly and it is unlikely to be any benefit to non-aligned especially urban Maori Ian
A Real threat once this is established Bill
No doubt about it Problem is Ardern the Comunist.With her handouts she is tying up the Maori vote,the Muslim vote,the benefit bludgers vote and sadly that section of citizens who simply need to be held by the hand to get through life.SO I WOULD LIKE TODEE A POLL INVITING IDEAS OF HOW TO RID OURSELVES OF THIS DISASTER WE CALL A PM Don
Wear one nation not two – apartheid is not our culture and ant thoughts of it in practice should be expunged tony
we will cease to be a democracy! Jonathan
There is no successful future for NZ under separatism . Dennis
Divide and rule Bill
So many trying to make this country racial instead of WE ARE ALL PEOPLE OF NEW ZEALAND. Roy
dangerous and divisive Yvonne
This is just another step by this Government to destroy democracy and give more power to Maori and destroy the will for New Zealanders to go out and achieve and grow the economy so that we all have a better lifestyle and a strong economy. All what is taking place is lowering moral . ken
Valuing Maori Culture will strengthen all New Zealanders. I am a 74 year old Pakeha learning Te Reo Maori and appreciate the recognition Maori culture is being given on radio and TV just as I appreciate my culture being represented on radio and TV. to Te Maori  
And to the overall stability of the nation. Lionel
I like a lot of New Zealanders was born overseas and made a decision to live the then New Zealand values way of life I found there was no race problems indeed all New Zealanders lived and worked in a harmonious way, sadly of recent years years politicians have allowed Maori activists and the Looney left to create a level of racism and anti European attitude into the politics, anyone of European ancestry who makes a comment against the actions of this group is called a white racist sadly this scares people of putting forward a differing view Hargen
In a country where it has been reported that only 2.7% of all NZer’s can speak or understand the Maori language I wonder who will actually understand what is being communicated on the world stage should this ideology be able to spread. Will it end up with just the few at the front of the waka talking to each other regarding their desire to control a separate nation and the separation of the citizens? Has happened before and in most cases the world reacted. Barry
Who wants to go backwards into a primitive stone age culture of grass skirts, living in a jungle and cannibalism especially as it was never our culture. Eric
Then Maori are just walking all over us an very few care time some one reined them i russell
The irony is we are heading down the path of apartheid with a minority group being the dominant power. Wolf
Maori had no written language until the Brits came. They released their sovereignty to the Queen is exchange for being British subjects and all those advantages ian
Without doubt this government will destroy the New Zealand we and the world all love and admire Brianb
we will never be one people ,there will always be them and us Francis
Absolutely!!! Dennis
Yes. It is very clear and obvious to anyone with a brain and eyes wide open. Sad to day, that is not very many. Not enough to defend New Zealand from people like Awatere. Her father was a murderer and she comes from that type of background, so she cares nothing for civilized society although she takes on the mantle. Indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing and there are many such wolves. Nanaia Mahuta is certainly in that mold, although no longer subtle. Absolutely brazenly unequivocally going hell for leather toward Maori Sovereignty. Dianna
South Africa all over again rex
Te iwi tahi tatau’ We are now two people Kevan
Separatism never works. I predict that if the current political traverse to Maori activist agenda’s continue, that within 30 years, New Zealand will be embroiled in a civil war. This is not a cultural agenda going on, it is about power grabbing by stealth. If National stand at the next General Election on a promise to repeal the unconstitutional ‘Maori Wards’ Act, they will get my vote Vic
Our democracy is collapsing rapidly Bruce
All this is founded on the proposition that NZ was founded on racism and remains racist. There is no evidence that HRH Queen Victoria and her representatives were racist.Some maori chose to set aside Article 1 of the Treaty and suffered the consequences. John
enough is enough. terry
Absolutely! I feel so alienated already and feel so frustrated that the majority of the population have no idea what is happening to this country. I find it quite terrifying Emma
Lets not go down that route Diana
This has been coming for years, Aparthid, apathy, economic ruin, is our future. Unless, when and if New Zealanders come to their senses and stop this. Bryan
A Maori Nation State will definitely be a threat. It will be apartheid and tribalism run by cultural Marxists riding on the backs of taxpayers….. forever……if none of us rebel to stop it. Don
The Maori Sovereignty movement is a perfect example of the German communist Rudi Dutschke’s Long March through the Institutions. The National Party are too cowardly and disorganised to speak out and our final line of defence, the mainstream media, have been successfully infiltrated and are little more than cheerleaders for the Maori sovereignty cause. Scary stuff. Brian
If they are allowed to continue getting from the government everything they want then, we are in real trouble. It is a pity the Nats and Act are not shouting this from the rooftops and condemning this takeover. Murray
Worse than any corona virus. William
For all of the reasons so succintly outlined in the articles covering this subject in the current news letter. Roger
It is strange that many of the worst Maori separatists have some degree of European blood but choose to deny this part of their ancestry. I am insulted that me and my descendants, 4th, 5th and 6th generation New Zealanders are being considered as less worthy than Maoris, most of whom only have half or less of Maori blood. It is becoming evident that many Maori separatists will not be content until they have at the very least their own education, medical and other systems in place funded of course by all taxpayers and preferably being able to govern New Zealand. It is increasingly difficult to stand up and argue against Maori preference in almost all fields because you are branded as a racist even though you offer reasoned argument. The now predominatory left inclined media are the prime source of support for Maori aspirations. Clinton
Can someone please outline for me the key differences between a neo-Nazi white supremacist group and the supporters of Maori Sovereignty? I consider myself reasonably well educated but I am unable to make the distinction. Racism is racism, whatever the colour or ethnicity of the perpetrator. Igor
I agree with Donna Awatere: “Maori Sovereignty will not be taken seriously” Barry
Undoubtedly the Maori Sovereignty movement presents a threat to New Zealand. The actions of the Ardern government in supporting and encouraging these racists are treasonous in the extreme. Do we still have the death penalty for that? Kerry
Apartheid nothing less. Helped along by the be kind Government. Norm
I feel that most New Zealanders are too apathetic. Unless it affects them directly they don’t give a damn. I strongly object to being called a European New Zealander. If a person is born or gains New Zealand citizenship, then one is New Zealander We are living in a separatist country. WINSTON
Absolutely. This government has shown it cannot be trusted. David
Of course it does. Lets face it until the Maori have total control they well never be happy and then when they get it look out. New Zealand is stuffed. A bloody shame. Fraser
ratepayers – over ridden – Beth
To use a current phrase it is an existential threat to our rights as New Zealand citizens. Terry
Firstly, Maori are NOT indigenous people as they immigrated to NZ in their canoes or waka and discovered that there were other civilisations already living here…!!! Read a book by John Dudley Allworth “Forbidden History” which has a very thoroughly researched book content. Now, I doubt this will become a school text book as it won’t fit the present narrative being pushed by the radical activists in NZ, who will attempt to ‘sugar coat’ the Maori History to be taught in schools nationwide leaving out their cannabalistic primitive lifestyle…!!! With the help of the present Marxist leaning Govt, Maori will probably get ALL that they ask for with the immediate Maori Wards voted through Parliament under Urgency (farcical!) as a higher priority than our Housing Crisis or Health & Education, the latter being the exact issue in this weeks newsletter high lighting the “Skill-Set” as being what needs to be focused on if Maori want to get ahead, but they have just the same opportunities that European Kiwis have when it comes to Education, so what is all the griping about being disadvantaged and blaming it on “RACISM”…..sad state of affairs, as the complainants need to get real and work hard to achieve a good lifestyle just like most NZers and STOP expecting ‘Hand-outs’ from the oppressive colonialists, who, if Europeans didn’t come to this country, what a sad state this country would be in I wonder if they hadn’t…!!! Bruza
Yes, especially when we have a socialist government at the helm. God help us! Dave
Absolutely. Muriel’s comments reflect the feelings of many NZers who are often afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. William
Complicit media – woke politicians – “useful idiots” undermining our society. Henry
Any Government which seeks to promote Maori sovereignty is a threat to democracy and a danger to New Zealand Harvey
We’re doomed !!!! I’m shifting to Aussie !!! Mark
It is the consolidation of ‘apartheid’ NZ style. The country doesn’t need it,, or anything similar Ced
Another RACIST MOARI ploy. But… gaining “sovereignty” means breaching the Treaty (where they ceded their sovereignty) and then civil war can sort New Zealand out for New Zealanders. F*** the moari. Mark
Divide and conquer comes to mind. Will National or ACT stand up and resist? John
If this goes ahead we could have civil war Jamie
It is obvious that this is the way this is heading. Not Right claire
Absolutely. We are sleepwalking to disaster. Did Germans in 1930 have any idea of where they were being led!! Willy
If they want apartheid , then let them have it ; but using their own monies , will never happen , but it would tidy up this , very ungrateful / poor attitude . Roy
If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Quote: Joseph Goebbels Mark
The is a deliberate planned deception and corruption of power of the worst kind, and the beginning of the end of NZ as we know it. The problem is how do we get the bulk of middle class working NZers to wake up and realise what is happening. Judy
We are doomed. Sheena
It will be the demise internationally for NZ Beverley
Apartheid is well entrenched in N.Z. society. This government in fact is the most divisive racist government ever. Denis
I totally agree with all you say. Our country is being taken over by Maori language and the increasing control this government is giving to those of Maori descent no matter how minor. Maureen
The horse has truly bolted on this one. Yet it is our non-Maori leaders who sold us out. NZ has truly passed the point of no return, it’s all down hill from here, and we will become a socialist country. Fred
Yes! it’s now a torrent and simple things like ” a school girl all upset because the teachers shortened her name to make it easier to call her……….the furore over “school children crying out for a street to have a Maori name instead of a past Mayor in Wainuiomata………who quite deserves the honour if you can call it that, So you can see that it’s now all going to ‘plan’……….non stop media coverage, TV, Radio and community newspapers highly disguised as Local but all featuring non stop “poor mes” hard done by…………..not quite if you can listen to sensible people with sensible truths rather that these untruths coming ‘fashionable’ to the detriment of racial harmony that is in the term “Kiwi”. Trying to split that is not acceptable………we are all Kiwis, no matter what race we have come from and there are a lot not just Maori….. New Zealand is a multicultural society, not two of .We deserve that and are proud of that. ………a campaign to break that is not acceptable and New Zealanders need to say so emphatically.  Rory
Maori sovreignty is a fait accompli. The reticence of New Zealanders, of European descent, to voice publicly any opposition to Maori demands for fear of being named and shamed as racist assures that Maori will succeed. The Ardern government has effectively bought the media, which will continue to fail to report the incremental take-over. Neil
A clear and present danger. bruce
This is a nonsense that will divide NZ John
we are all New Zealanders and we should be all represented by the same laws , by representatives who are elected to serve all of the people all of the time. We don’t want to have separatism in New Zealand. this will only lead to conflict across New Zealand. Peter
It sounds like South Africa started, and look at it now! Elmarie
As a tax payer for the past 40 years I feel marginalised and my viewpoint unwanted in my own country. Aaron
We need to also think beyond our local issue to the bigger issue of who is behind the divide and conquer strategy this is part of. Darag
This is so divisive I am glad that I am 78 nearing the end of my place in NZ I see a very divided NZ for my grandchildren Andrew
It is reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution or Pol Pot. Anon
It even represents a threat to Aotearoa. Put in charge of an economic system they did not create and which they don’t understand (a feature in common with Ms Adern) who would deny that the likely outcome is that they will bugger the very Aotearoa they connived to contrive? Mark
It appears to be the most dangerous threat to our society. But the Treaty of Waitangi would obviously become null and void, wouldn’t it? Paul
Hi iwi tahii tatau We are now two (2) people! Kevan
How many ways can you spell “slippery slope”? Gary
Agree with all ross meurant says. Wake up and voice opinions citizens Bev
Of course it does. The so-called “maori’ nazis and their treacherous labour backers, have had there way. The question is, what are people going to do about it?. John
It is being introduced by stealth not all are aware of . So wrong in a so called democracy. Ngaire
not only a threat but a way to the second round of maori war which will happen because of the way cindy has allowed a certain mp to declare councils not to obey the law and put a bunch of misfits on the council because of there race and corruption. Richard
A bigger threat than Covid, the Economic Recovery or Climate Change. Goodbye God’s own country. Robert
We are all New Zealanders, enjoy our special land BUT 13.5% of the population cannot be allowed to take over. Just have a look at Fairfax Newspapers, NZ Historical Society – just 2 examples. BEWARE AND DO SOMETHING. sheryl
Couch it which ever way you like but we have all just said goodbye to democracy in New Zealand. And that’s a fact. What I don’t understand is why aren’t people raising their concerns or is it that they are just complacent about what is going on. chris
a step too far Len
Indeed, I am so concerned by this rampant movement that I am planning a move to Australia within a year. Margaret
We are no longer a democracy Merv
It goes against the very concept of democracy and we are all one people!! Completely destroys Jacinda’s Team of 5 million David
It is all wrong and will not happen Dave
Unquestionably.. the greater concern however is a totally ineffectual opposition that seeks to woo the interests of Maori whilst purporting to represent right of centre philosophies rob
A huge threat. The end of NZ as we know it. Andrew
An important part of establishing a Marxist regime is indoctrinate the amenable minds of Children. How better to start early than with a racially biased history of NZ being taught in schools.. the evil colonialists being the cause of all Maori problems and should be made to pay for this in perpetuity. Alan
I don’t think that analysis is correct. https://youtu.be/gL00wOVRDv4 john
It has been for forty years as your article points out. The key question is how does the bulk of New Zealanders rescind the takeover of government institutions, the imposition of language compulsorily and the partnership factors non existent in the 1840 Treaty. Our politicians are all gutless. Tom
…when is socialist Cindy going to stop being lazy even her speech? Unided Nations, things will get bedder, as a madder of fact… she can’t even speak properly. A poor example of leader – no example to anyone. It’s all about her. Show pony much. Selling out New Xealand for a job at Unided…. FFS she’s a rank amateur! LUKE
By subtle moves government is giving more power to Maori on a regular basis. Douglas
New Zealand is on a downwood path to Racial division which must end in conflict. Don
In the past I have never felt that politicians have impacted greatly on people’s day to day lives.what we are now seeing with separatism means we need a ground swell of opposition before it’s too late. Let’s act now. Alan
Probably the biggest threat to NZ’s way of life ever. Very dangerous and will probably slip through before anybody realizes. Graeme
Somehow we have to put an end to this nonsense! We need a political party to take up the cause. They may be surprised at the support they get. I get the feeling that many many NZ-ers Are becoming fed up! Ron
For a start, New Zealand is a multicultural Country NOT BICULTURAL.. Maori Language in everything is the Trojan Horse for Maori Sovereignty. Socialism at it’s finest !! Geoff
They surrendered their Sovereignty in 1840 for British law and citizenship..This saved them from self extinction. David
Apartheid. No other explanation. Richard
Aided and abetted by a dysfunctional welfare culture. peter
If you care to look up Trevor Loudon National question, you’ll find that the maori sovereignty issue starts much earlier than Geoff McDonald’s 1982. It goes back as far as 1921 when NZ Communist Party formed. And in 1970 Nga Tamatoa was an outcome of communist agitation. A letter from Moscow in 1934 – During the last year, the Party has not reacted at all to the National Colonial problem. The slogan of the self determination of – the Maori must be constantly driven into the minds of the working masses, linking it up with the tasks of the current struggles – Great efforts must be made to bring Maori workers into the Party ranks. The Party must work out concrete demands for the Maori toilers and take steps to secure the poorer part of the Maori population and the Maori youth in the struggle for these demands. Peter
But ultimately sadly more of a threat to Maori Maurice
Absolutely! – it is readily apparent that these activists are putting into practice the subversive tactics absorbed via Communist indoctrination in overseas training camps during the 70’s and 80’s. I thank Ross Meurant for his excellent commentary, which clearly lays out the train of events that have brought us to where we are now and what we need to do about it. I now have a different attitude to multiculturalism – more positive than before. Biculturalism, I rejected out of hand long ago. There is a clear and present danger, here and now, that we ignore at our peril. Scott
All non-authoritarian societies evolve. The danger that we face is that we are being led down a pathway which appears obscure or undefined by most people whereas in fact it is a predetermined pathway not put before the people to appraise or vote on. Peter
Keep the good work. However the push back can only happen through corrective laws of the land. Where are these to come from? Garry
sadly Maori and the rest of NZ are moving further and further apart Neville
Indeed the Maori sovereignty movement and those who propose and espouse it are the greatest threat, and the most immediate and dangerous threat, New Zealand has ever faced. As a fifth generation New Zealander with grandchildren in the country I am horrified that some part-Maori troublemakers should be attempting to bring this disaster about. When my ancestors came to settle in this country Maori were a people who had not, of themselves developed metal tools or invented for their own use a wheel. Most tribes were at war with all others. Those defeated in warfare were enslaved or eaten by their fellow Maori of those days. My ancestors and those who came with them were the people who introduced horses, built sound housing and roads, introduced the telephone, piped water supplies, safe sewage disposal and electric generation and distribution to everyone. They introduced the railways, air transport, hospitals, radio and television and all those other blessings of civilisation. Working together Maori and Pakeha of many races fought in wars as comrades and made New Zealand the country it is today. Do these part-Maori supremacists (they are a quite small proportion of what our Prime Minister has called “our team of five million) really want to destroy all we have built together over so many years? Will we let this happen? Destroying democracy by introducing race-based local government wards and maintaining the now anachronism of “Maori” members of Parliament is the way to destruction, not success of our country and all our fine citizens. Rob
Absolutely! Sylvia
And we will lose our status as being relatively corruption free. Gillian
I was informed by a former Chair of the Maori Party that the goal of the Party was to form the Upper House in Parliament. It now seems that Maori will take over the country – it is amazing how many more folk are suddenly classifying themselves as Maori. I am deeply concerned about this issue. Brenda
Chip chipping away, it’s been going on for many years now. Owen
I am fearful that democracy in nz is been lost Mary
I am fearful for future of nz that democracy as I knew it in the pass, is been totally lost Mary
When will Kiwi’s realise they have been herded into a corner …….and more importantly will they fight back? I suspect not! Communist serfdom is knocking at the door. Rossco
Welcome to apartheid New Zealand! Adele
A very real and present threat!!! The chief vehicles of this threat are the media which are doing all they can to destroy our democracy and the education system which has been taken over to produce a whole generation of brainwashed young all keen to give up democracy for some bicultural Marxist paradise. Time for the fight back!! Roger
The first step is the Maori wards.The next step will be 50% Maori MPs I have emailed all MPs urging them to rescind the Maori ward legislation. I urge everyone to do the same. I see civil unrest on the horizon. Steve
It is a corrupt pathway however most Kiwis appear to be so apathetic about most issues. It’s an old adage that we get what we deserve. Shane
We must wake up N O W and speak up otherwise we will have no country left as we know it now Carolyn
Absolutely – and somehow it must be arrested Tony
I am becoming afraid, very afraid. As Murray said, who is going to stop this? I believe it has to start immediately. If not the only way will be armed conflict. Dennis
Already an issue john
It’s not difficult to see this happening right now & I cannot understand why so many NZers don’t seem to realise it. With the government & the mass media enabling & encouraging this agenda, I fear for the future. Surely there must be some way forward for those of us who do not agree with it all? Heather
Absolutely. But who is going to stop it? The build up of momentum has increased so much in the last few years that it’s like a runaway train. There’s going to be a hell of a bang if and when it comes to an abrupt halt Mike
Comrade ardern and the other incompetents should step back and think carefully of whet they are allowing to happen.Councils that tried establishing maori wards and subsequently were overuled by voters should . also think carefully,the next local body elections will see their comfortable tenures removed. Sid
It’s greed, not to mention trying to gain control of the whole country. Jane
I have grave fears for the future of New Zealand and what it will hold for my children and grandchildren. Jacinda is supporting a fanatical drive by a few maori extremists to create a racial divide in Godzone, and it NEEDS TO BE STIOPPED NOW. We need a strong leader to stand up and say Enough is Enough. I am ready and willing to support such a person for the sake of the future of our country and our children. Urban
She should be replaced by a true New Zealander Tom
Of course it is, only a full would think otherwise and that is why a move to replace this prime minister ( Not in capitals) has to be removed now and not later . It is astonishing that she has been allowed to go so far without any repercussions. Tis matter is so serious that this Prime Minister should be removed from office regardless of what it takes along with a number of Maori activists Tom
Yes, a very real threat indeed. I understand this is just the tip of the iceberg. There ultimate goal is to have co-governance of NZ (50/50) or their own governing body (tribalism) completely separate from our current Westminster tradition. Tony
It won’t be known as New Zealand by the time the Separatists have got there. Returning to an inclusive and fair-minded society will be above difficult Barry
The treaty was not a partnership in any sense. The word partnership is not in either of the two languages. Maori signed to become equal with the British peoples. No more and No less. Many Maori chiefs thought that was preferable to being under a French rule. Mike
Maori sovereignty is a lie. This is not the only lie being perpetuated. Man made climate change is a lie. Corona Virus is a lie. lock down to “save Lives”. what a load of bollox. We, the World, are under attack!!! What else is going on, Huh? The corruption is now rampant and out of control, Neil
Democracy under Ardern is under serious threat. Time for her to remember that she doe NOT represent a minority of activists, but ALL New Zealanders. Peter
I feel sad that this is so obvious to those of us who think through what is happening. I feel anger that we seem to be powerless to stop or prevent it and at the huge change now with Maori language inserted to almost every sentence in news presentation and broadcast on National Radio and TV, which are so ardently following with apparently no adverse reaction from the general population. and encouragement from the Labour Government. Place names like Auckland are never mentioned by name and all the reporters identify themselves in some unknown Maori call sign. All this change has occurred since the election a few months ago. Perhaps the most underhand indoctrination is occurring in our schools where young minds are being force fed with Maori history and language so in later life they will accept Maori Sovereignty as ‘normal’. The time wasted on this should be devoted to learning the 3 ‘Rs’ as they are showing the neglect from the last few years with poor levels of English, reading and mathematics. Chris.
Almost identical to the logic behind the Apartheid policies in the old South Africa Bruce
Look at who’s going along with the anti white, anti history, pro Maori elitism. Government and Local Bodies, left- wing/Marxist politicians, Mercury Energy, NZ Rugby Union etc and all other companies showing their anti white preferences. Look at who’s pushing back against the elitists – not the state controlled media nor the teachers unions, nor the forelock tuggers in the National Party. We have a situation where the extremists have taken control and they won’t stop themselves until they have taken full power control and NZrs finally loose their freedom. Rex
Such moves entrench the APARTHEID that already exists in NZ and affords Maoridom greater privileges than they already have. Eg. Lower tax rates for Maori Trusts, reserved places at University etc. Geoff
An ever increasing threat which is clearly pervasive and unstoppable considering the current political malaise. New Zealand is edging itself off the cliff stewart
We will destroy Maori and our country. This is madness. NZ for New Zealanders. Barras
Too right! Colin
I already feel like a stranger in the country I was born in. Simply because so many maori Maori words are being used and not having learnt Maori language I find it very difficult to understand what is being conveyed. Laraine
Why comment ? The move towards 50% Maori representation at local body leve and eventually national government level will occur anyway regardless of any protestations. The various political parties wish to remain in power and will take any course of action to achieve that regardless, again, of implications to the welfare of the country.. As a generalization the minute a person is elected their aim is to remain on the gravy train! Tony
we are too scared to speak up because we will be classed as racist but really the shoe is on the other foot anthony
An equal partnership means all people that reside in NZ have exactly the same rights and obligations in law. Phillip
Agenda 30 suits the likes of Bill Gates just fine. With his wealth and notoriety he will have a seat at the Orwellian table with all his trotters and snout in the trough. That socialist b…h that so many ignorant and brainwashed NZers elected into the position of absolute power will be aiming for a seat at his side. Unhappily for her she%u2019s ignorant enough to be gazumped for that position by Mahuta or another of her Maori mates! Alan
Maori know we have a weak government at present and will manipulate their ideals as much as possible before being reigned in. Roger
I start to feel a stranger in my own country! What are we moving to? To inequality, to more racism! Theo
Another Labour creation although a few years ago. Foon should have a good hard look at what is happening in China with Uighers, then return to the land of his ancestors where his ideology may be appreciated. Peter
The treat has been bleedingly obvious for decades with no politician with the balls to say back-off. For goodness sake National and Act….. start yelling and screaming and demanding media exposure so the white sheep of New Zealand wake up and reject this power play. Creed
Ardern, in my view has handled the COVID problem well. That is the only thing she has,or wiil achieve during the term of NZ’s disastrous choice in the last election. Peter
Reallly Sad, We all need to vote for ACT clint
Absolutely Mary
At best it will mean apartheid, at worst disaster for democracy. Brian
It is time for all NZs to wake up to this very threat to our country’ Keep up the good work to expose the short comings of this socialist Gov and its untruthful P M. Robert
Look what happened to South Africa. Time to fight back francis
Yes, yes ,yes !, the problem is as soon as you voice an opinion you are swamped with messages of racism , bigot and other pure hate. Very hard to speak out Karen
Most definitely We need to get to the point where there is one man one vote and that it is TOTALLY COLOUR BLIND. Unfortunately I am coming to the opinion that there will be a point where the majority of New Zealanders (not Aotearoans) feel that the Maori Sovereignity movement has just gone too far and that rebellion is necessary to restore the proper order I worry for this beautiful little country if that ever becomes necessary We are constantly being inundated with Maori Propoganda on Radio and TV and all the MSM just to bring us all into line. And don’t forget that all these so called Maori Seperatists are only part Maori So who in their ancestory are they dening IF A POLITICAL PARTY OPENLY STOOD FOR GENUINE EQUALITY THEN I WOULD VOTE FOR THEM Robin
All of Arden’s language is condescending, arrogant and dangerous and deeply disturbing. Paloma
A very big threat. We now have apartheid in this country – special treatment based on race is apartheid. We need a strong political Party to oppose all of this racist separatist nonsense but sadly I don’t see one yet. Helen
Maori “sovereighnty” is a threat to all NZers including Maoris. John
We should be all one new zealand Daryl
It is the persons leading this ,that are the problem ngaire
Without a doubt Terry
the tail wagging the dog too many white sympathisers james
It misses the point of the Treaty and takes on the face of apartheid. Most Maori are also European, which means they are European-Maori or Maori-European, so where does this all begin and end! The reality is the races have been only too happy to mix and match with each other, and still are. So is racism as rampant as people make out? Or is a large part of it generated by media hype and name-calling that is attempting to sanitise history and create a new truth and new culture?! Jack
very obvious, why cant most people see it. Lack of a free and balanced press is a big part of the struggle to wake up the public! norman
Yes these woke politicians are pandering to Maori promoting apartheid Laurie
Enough is enough. It is time to react and stamp out this cancer. Gerald
This scenario is sickeningly obvious and holds no surprises, based on the past ‘political credibility’ of this current lap-dog, Labour collective. In short, there are perhaps only two pathways open up ahead, for average, rational citizens of this land, to effect any change and restraint to this perverse, radical movement: the first and best option is by widespread action, voicing, writing and declaring the truth, with historical foundations, of what the various agencies of deception are striving for. In particular, the formal, government associated bodies and organisations as well as all political parties, M.P.’s and associates, need to be forcibly and repeatedly challenged on this overall situation and the grave peril we all face. The second option will be painfully obvious and God help us all, if it is ever reached and taken up! Alan
Maori Sovereignty by definition is already separatist bordering on reverse racism. None of this relates to our founding document of NZ and is not for the common good. Ash
MOST DEFINITIVELY. Right NOW we need two very necessary things. ONE. A strong opposition leader to counter this ever left leaning socialist government. TWO. A truly independent media willing to tell us all the truth; as apposed to the present crappy opinionated “NEWS” we are presently dished up. Graeme
Maori sovereignty. What a joke. The first Maoris were colonists no different from Europeans. Of course whilst not slaughtering one another they found time to wipe out the Melanesians and Mori-ori already here. New Zealands first and therefore indigenous people. BY my reckoning that makes us all the same. Stop the rot. Wake up New Zealand. This govt is driving us to become second class citizens in a third world state. Mike
Absolutely YES Albert
Shit yes John
I certainly do and it’s our own fault we are just to complacent this is exactly what happened in several countries in Africa I bet there are many people in NZ who wish they could change there vote I for 1 will be selling up and leaving this country as soon as the boarders are open Peter
Yes all it is doing is causing negative reaction to all things Maori john
I think Jacinda is dangerous David
This is Ardern taking NZ down the path to becoming a socialist country. Peter
Absolutely – how do we marshal forces to push back and reclaim NZ for ALL NZ? Bernie
We are going to divide our country with this rubbish Ian
Without a doubt this country is becoming increasingly divided. Regarding the excessive use of the Maori language the latest name change for Victoria University of Wellington is a classic example. Terry
Maori sovereignty will drag NZ back to the stone age. bob
Yes definitely, Hobsons words were ‘Now we are one people’ after Maori signed. But they now want to be the only people and take the lot. Usual entitlement issues from Maori Wayne
It has to be stopped by a new political party I hate to say it but we need a Trump like figure who is not afraid to stand up to the woke MATTHEW
Maori sovereignty is a huge threat right now as we speak! .. even long before the “criminal Donna Awatere, along with her husband, stole $82000 from a govt fund, was jailed for 2years 9months, was spouting her crap about Maori sovereignty almost 20 years ago. This disgusting Labour govt is allowing Maori to commit crime, such as illegal road blocks, illegal occupation of private land, stal cars and not pursue the thieves, kill their own kids and not pursue convictions, force the govt owned tv and rario stations to speak maori at the disgust of most NZ,s to the point that i can no linger watch the news or maori loaded adds, which most have a degree of maori in them. Children forced into learning useless language and taught only half truth history about NEW ZEALAND and not the bits that tell about savages who ate people and had only been in NEW ZEALAND for around 400 years … this does not make people who drifted dow from the Cook Islands indigenous to this country. The renaming of govt departments, Libraries, Streets … the list goes on. Even Auckland has gone missing, not to mention male and female toilets at Mc Donalds. This country .. my country is making me sick and a result of this SHIT Govt. I hope ive got my point across. Des
We are now on the path to apartheid. We should be ONE people Rod
this Has to be stopped Trevor
Definitely, The totalitarian Ardern is shoving NZ into a them and us country at an alarming rate. Sheila
it’s pretty obvious for a historian. paul
The sad thing is the average Maori gains nothing from all this activism – only the rabble rousers Wayne
They are a minority population group and have benefited greatly by foreign (European) infiltration of the land. They want ownership they need to pay for the value added by the European. Sure give them recompense. A few paua shells and spearheads. Just let them pay for what has been added. Peter
It is by far and away the biggest threat that New Zealand faces. David
We are all New Zealander s Patrick
We are ONE Country ONE People Carl
The Treaty was clear that nz was one natun not divided by race Warwick
This must be stopped… what do I have to do today to ensure it is stopped.? Reading about it and talking about it is not enough… frustrated…. Clive
Wake up NZ. These realisations should be publicly printed & spoken. This nation of apathetic sheeples is being successfully brainwashed and soon there will be no turning back. I fear greatly for my 5th generation grandchildren who will be second rate citizens in their own country. Sarah
This destruction of the democratic process is effectively, a transfer of power to an apartheid style of governance. For the first time in my life, after 25 years in the public service, followed by 35 years in business, I am fast approaching the stage of active militancy against this erosion of NZ Citizens’ rights. Ritchie
From inching its way into all levels of government and life in New Zealand (Gradualism), Maori seperatism is now advancing at a gallop under Labour and Treaty ‘partnership’ will soon evolve into to absolute, non-democratic control over our institutions and populace. Paul
Sadly yes Darryl
Very much so. I feel that every week I repeat myself. What do we do to stop or halt this march of the minority? William
“Everything that exists, deserves to perish” Karl Marx Coral
Biculturalism by definition is two cultures. Splitting NZ in two by race will not bode well for the future. John
How is Maori Sovereignty supposed to work? That and/or Partnership represents a divided country or, perhaps worse, a complete takeover. Jack
yes – a very grave threat as a pathway to destruction of our British/European culture and on to a one world govt (UNAgenda 2030) with Maori in the king seat – but Maori will find out that the financial powers that run this world will push Maori down when the time is right. Socialism is marching onwards fast under ‘comrade’ Ardern’s deceitful manoeuvres. russell
Definitely. Very, very divisive and dangerous. Tony
Apartheid – nothing less. Lois
I am an 83 year old male and my years on earth are now numbered. It has always been my desire to leave this world, especially our country, a better place when I leave. I don’t believe that this is now possible under the current leadership which brings me great sadness. I have a fine family and grand children whom I am immensely proud of, but fear for their future. John
No Doubt about it. Democracy stands no chance because the Maori will simply Out breed us then Out vote the Pakea. Pierre
We are supposed to be ONE people. Iain
Sadly it looks inevitable that Adern is leaning more that way .Introducing Maori councillors as their god given right without elections is a major step. Watch this space!!! Ralph
Of course it’s a threat! we are not bi cultural we are Multi cultural and we must pursue equality for all Chris
That is pure racism! Pete
There should be 1 law for everyone, including Maori Kevin
a huge threat john
We must stop this. Mark
A very big threat Jim
Was Donna awatere convicted of fraud or theft from her own people. Rotorua about 2009 -2012 Prue
We are not South Africa so we not need for Apartheid to be introduced into New Zealand like the Labour Government is currently doing Shaun
Many steps forward or many steps backwards. The activists have planted themselves firmly, thanks to weak governments, who are also thick, and not understand the long term affect,, of bowing down to radicalized agendas. New Zealand wake up. This is all our beautiful country. Stand up to this nonsense This is not good government for all citizens.. steve
Maori had no ancestral lands to take sovereignty over. Until the Treaty was signed ownership was temporary and by conflict. Conflict is still the way Maori acquires control. There should be no biculturism in NZ . The treaty is being abused. Will NZCPR send these poll results to Parliament soonest. ? Rsyna
We protested against apartheid in South Africa 40 years ago but seem to be quite ready to accept the increasing apartheid in New Zealand. The future for New Zealand is indeed dangerous Frank
I fear for the future of NZ. For the future of our children and grandchildren. The suppression of the truth by politicians and the media is a disgrace. Lawrie
you bet it does actually bloody serious in my view Robert
We are all to treated the same as one nation irrespective of whom we are. Peter
Maori names for all government departments is fast tracking – usually by stealth & NO consultation. Very unfortunate. Neville
It’s all a bit frightening. And it’s all being moved along through closed doors and secrecy. Wake up Kiwis! Hilary
Donna Awatere is a convicted fraudster. How can anybody take this terrible person seriously? Seems we are well on the way to finding out how fraud and lies have been used to change the future of New Zealand courtesy of the Waitangi Tribunal. Chris
I am part Maori. I do not believe in any level of bi culturist. All Kiiwi’s are equal. Tony
One Person , one vote William
There is no greater threat than this. Labour, Greens, Maoris, News Media and the “Wokes” have it all planned. We will never get the Genie back into the bottle. These loonies are having a field day. The National Opposition are hopeless and in internal disarray. The quote from Dad’s Army is appropriate “We are Doomed, doomed, doomed!” and unfortunately I do not use it in jest. Bruce
Great article Ross. How do we get it into mainstream media. Where are you Judith & Shane? Where are you David? Roll your sleeves up. Do the right thing right. Doug
It feels like something treasonous is underway. Kevin
Absolutely Richard
Totally, people are waking up but typical kiwis Are realising it is so big they are opting out because they don’t know what to do! Christina
We consider that Maori Sovereignty is a serious threat to all New Zealand people both Maori and non Maori alike. Brian & Judith It is a programme of disunity of the country and must NOT be promoted Brian
I wonder if we used the word ‘the people’ instead of ‘the crown’ it would help our interpretation of the issues Therese
Yet few seem to care Owen
Absolutely !!!!! History is being warped to fit any Maori agenda and we have the wrong Government and gutless politicians who will just go along with any demands no matter how false. We also have a left wing compliant media and Universities and school system. We were going to Queensland to live in the mid nineties but chickened out — we are now too late but what a mistake that was. Alan
It’s about time this was shouted from the rooftops and to hell with the Race Conciliator who has turned out to be the biggest racist of them all. Having recently been on the receiving end of some of this rubbish, I can tell you that the biggest racists and bullies are the Maori themselves. Calling us arrogant white women, white racists, plus a lot of other insulting names because a certain person couldn’t get their own way, ardern has to go, she is the biggest racist of them all, sneaky, lying, deceitful and arrogant, typical Marxist. well trained at her communist youth camp in Sweden, aided and abetted by H1 Merryl
New Zealand is one nation and one people, all with equal rights and opportunities. To advance any other agenda is not only divisive for the country but is also a racist policy, more commonly known as Apartheid. John
It shows in such small things as the weather forecast on TV3 June
WHY has,nt some-one taken jacinda to court & made her point out where in the treaty it say,s PARTNERSHIP-it DOES,NT it CLEARLY says we are ALL 1 people with 1 law for every-one.I,m in my 70,s & used to be a protester in the 60,s &70,s but you younger people seem NOT to care what jacinda does.LOOK at Hong Kong ALL aged people protested for their freedom but in NZ we are NOT doing anything. GOOGLE TANUI IWI & you,ll see how rich they are thanks to the taxpayer but where has all the support maori say they need,tainui iwi are not helping instead tax payers money is spent on maori things & yet it,s NZealanders who,s ancesters them also them were NEVER in the British army who,s taxes are being given away.Australia said right from the start :alot of you are immigrants & the past can never be forgotten but it,s the future we must look to now so your tax money will ONLY be spent on things that benefit ALL of you” so WHY are we giving MILLIONS(the other day it was $30 million) for things in the 200 years past,WHY are maori not looking ahead & bettering themselves NOT concerntating on the future.It seems to me labour/jacinda is dividing us ON PERPOURS but are we going to let her or FINALLY DO SOMETHING.NZealanders are being BRAINWASHED like the Nazis did when they lied(as jacinda is doing) & saying THERE ARE NO CONCENTRADION CAMPS ETC,jacinda has now told us to dob in people (the nazis did also dob in any Jew) All govt. depts are now brainwashed & so are NZealanders maori names come 1st. NOT English It used to be aottearoa New Zealnd now its just aotearoa.The Virus-Jacinda NEVER saved us,it was health experts,the public who pointed out ALL the holes open & all of a sudden the govt. said such & such was being strengthin but ALOT of you are so brainwashed you think jacinda was the saviour who kept us safe.We NEED a system like Switzerland has-Govt. canot pass any law that affects people (after all its OUR tax money that keeps the govt.going & councils our rates.It doesnt require a referendam people can vote online if they support that law or not (WE APPOINT THE PERSON COUNTING THE VOTES NOT GOVT) so the power belongs to the people(after all we pay the tax money) so it should be us NOT govt.who has the power And race based policies MUST END they are NOT DEMOCRATIC.There are more Indians,Chinese,Pacific Islanders who live in NZ so WHY are,nt they equally on councils also & you never hear them asking for things (I,m not against Moslems but they do seem to want,want,want) There are NO maori with even 50% maori blood & there,s not more of them than other races so it,s time younger people started THINKING & RESEARCHING & wake up jacinda is destroying NZ & she must be held accountable after all if the democratic,s can do it so can we. Cindy
Yes definitely, we can see all these claims for special this and that. Paul
ONE PEOPLE ONE COUNTRY!!!!! Ardern needs to be stopped from her destructive agenda! Robyn
Arden is a sheep in wolfs clothing. Watch this space. Rod
Already many including me are aghast at or news readers and news papers using Maori before speaking English or papers referring to aotearoa instead for New Zealand. A worrying trend John
There can only be one authority to manage an organisation / government. The Treaty provides for one authority and so it should be. The English translation of the Maori translation should be ignored as poor translation. You simply can not say black is grey and grey is white so black is white! Paul
The single greatest threat to NZ is the separatist maori sovereignty moves aided by Ardern & fellow travelers. It is very likely to end in civil war and much bloodshed. bud
Absolutely and by not so subtle stealth on the part of Ardern, TVNZ etc Phil
I wish New Zealand would wake up to this nonsense. If we can have a referendum about smacking children lets have a referendum about scrapping the Treaty once and for all and who thinks that all New Zealand citizens should be treated equal in all things no matter their race or original place of birth. After all were Maori not immigrants the same as the rest of us??? KB
The Maori Sovereignty movement does not represent Maori, Europeans, Islanders, Indian or Asian! It represents a small minority of Globalists who, by training, persuasion or just ignorance, support this communist sponsored takeover of NEW ZEALAND’s Government. Bruce C
Absolutely. It would be a disaster. This would severely divide our country – and take us backwards to a 3rd world nation. It is a stupidity when we are already a successful bi-cultural nation.. Suzanne
Absolutely! Vic
Of course it does This Government under Jacinda has not only influenced media but is power crazy and her socialist actions speak for themselves Alan
Most definitely, may lead to Civil War.. Deb
Descendants of of a bunch of stone age neolithic nomads that over hundreds of years of being blowing around the Asia -Pacific Oceans, the last lot stumbled to N.Z. & took control.They were not the first to arrive here by a long shot & there is archaeological evidence to prove there were people living & dying here 7000 years ago & it is all locked away in the bowls of THEIR PLACE Te Papa, under Govt Warrant until 2063. These last arrivals who had no name were the people that we now know as Maori. (Maori ) a noun is the word that the British gave them in about 1847-9 . .These people are not indigenous : They now claim they are & successive Govts Have bowed a crawled to their whims & fraudulent claims. It is total corruption & dangerously undemocratic .N.Zers need to stand up & fight for the truth & the well being of the future of New Zealand.The names Maori & Aotearoa do not appear anywhere in T.O.W. Aotearoa is a fictitious word conjured up as a name for the North Island by English literate S.Percy Smith in his 1890-91 novel the myth of Kupe. Allen
New Zealanders need to wake the f.. up as stated this is just the tip of the iceberg and most kiwis like a bunch of sheep are just following their Marxist leader !! One day they will realise and then ask,, whats happened? John
Race is used to classify outcomes that are not caused by race. tony
More racist propaganda it%u2019s about time this was all legislated out but too many radicals around Gareth
Seriously thinking of selling up and leaving this country. derek
Yes, I believe this is a programmed political push, including much subtle widespread propaganda, in which Maori Sovereignty has flourished. If only everyone could move the goal posts to suit and improve their own racial agenda thanks to easily led narcissistic politicians., I see NZ (not Aotearoa) going into a destructive spiral. Stuart
I believe in one NZ for all. There is no such thing as the team of 5 million. Alastair
The woke, the uneducated blind followers, the non thinkers of society need to wake the hell up! Pun intended. Allan
Maori are well on the way to doing so, aided and abetted by the present Ardern government. John
We must stop this stupidity stop placating them.We are sick of it. This government will not get in again Mike
Opening a quarrel between the past and the present will mean we have lost the future – Winstone Churchill Allan
It was never a partnership, Maori agreed to English sovereignty to protect them from themselves. Ken
Total corruption by our Prime minister jeff
100 years ago my Auntie taught English at a “native school” so maoris could communicate with each other as each tribe had their own dialect. If maori run the country they will settle old tribal scores and blame the British. After they ruin the country, China will buy New Zealand. George
A little country splitting into many pieces is a disaster mike
Most definitely, In the end, there will be only one way to stop it and revert to a multicultural society and it will not end well. Ray S
YES !!! Wake up New Zealand. When will someone in power have the guts to make a stand against this small band of separatists kabe
Absolutely frightening and destructive. Louise
Absolutely Arthur
separatism never works Graeme
We are on the road to tribalism. A backward step. Maoris will destroy civilisation. Jenny
Yet again we talk , all well and good but we need action, we need this news letter out there in front of the masses. Peter
Cultural pride and mana is to be valued by any culture, Maori included. But, when that is used by one group as a tool to be divisive and to gain privilege it is unacceptable to the majority; if democracy means anything. Francis
As you are no doubt aware, Marxism is about ‘Upheaval’ and pitting the different classes of society against each other, in order to eventually cause violent clashes, which will no doubt result in some deaths. Then the ‘Marxists’ will have an excuse to bring in ‘Martial Law”, by arming the entire Police force , with the military as back-up. One has to look no further that the USA to see the damage done by the Democrats (Marxists), as I believe there will be civil in that country before too long. Time will tell!. John
We are supposed to be one country, one people1 Brian
I am both Maori and Pakeha and have been savaged by Maori for defending Pakeha. There is an overt hatred toward Pakeha which I am deeply ashamed of. Maori Sovereignty gives radical Maori a legitimate platform from which to promote their race-based policies of hate and blame. It seems Jacinda is content to pit Maori against Pakeha, gay vs Christian and climate change vs farmers. DJ
I saw this coming nearly 5 years ago. Kiwis HAVE to open their, but I fear it may already be too late Elsie
It was reported this morning that our education standard is now way down the list – we used to be in the top5 countries. Liz
I totally agree with your whole article. Sandra
We are all equal!! Tim
This is where we are heading at a very fast rate. In fact we really are there already. “Ineptocracy Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.” Lets join Zimbabwe. Terry
The PM is becoming totally “maorified” and ‘white’ New Zealand is too ‘gutless’ to stand up for what is strictly a No -Go road… Chris
This can only mean the beginning of the end of Kiwi life as we know it. Sheila
The Great Reset promulgated now by many worldwide requires by definition ‘breaking’ the current economies and rules of law. Actual wording from the article says it all “..help create the conditions amenable to the collapse of society”. This now is the third visible prong of the attack on New Zealand as we knew it (the others being of cause the economically ruinous response to COVID and looming response to the so-called Climate “Emergency”). Watch for more. Best hope is that the left’s overall incompetence will cause them to bungle much of this as they try to implement.. Tony
Its divisive, Its wrong in a world where all people are considered equal,. They can have their sovereignty within their own but everything else is equal and on merit. Frankly I believe the whole system is becoming racist. ob
It is not a benign move. Saw again yesterday, from a “local Democracy Reporter” that Maori were subjected to systemic racism in health matters. A tired old line but it keeps getting trundled out… Peter
We are clearly heading towards an apartheid system, we should be heading towards one nation one people, all equal before the law as articel 3 of the treaty implied. Peter
Treason springs to mind. chris
The same opportunity is available to maori as is available to all New Zealanders. Special Laws are not needed if Democracy and New Zealand is to survive in future. mike
Why can’t we all just be treated equally?! Jen
Absolutely it is Trevor
or a group of people here for only 400 before the bristish they have far too much power and sway, and the average NEW ZEALANDER is sick of it anne
As i understand the Treaty,Maori surrendered their sovereignty to the Queen.All decision making in this country should never be race based. gale
MOST definitely it does. This is just more REVERSE racism dividing our once lovely Country. It must be stopped NOW before we are totally ruined. Brian
One country, one people… Donald
The idea of ‘Maori Sovereignty’ is a nonsense: when the chiefs signed the Treaty, they agreed to become British subjects. Those now claiming to be ‘Maori’ should have no greater nor lesser rights and obligations than the rest of us in New Zealand, Unfortunately, the political left wing subscribe to racial separatism, even whilst decrying ‘racism’. How crazy can this get? A nation divided against itself will inevitably fail; we are now well on our way to becoming a South Pacific banana republic. Graham
Yes I do so much so that I think awatere and her evil elk should be rounded up placed on a deserted island far away from here and nuked Jeff
Yes, it is scary. Jackie
We should all be equal! Margaret
The amount of Maori that is being thrust upon us is bloody disgraceful, why are they so hell bent on living in the past Given up watching the news on tv , how many tv channels do Maori want !! Murray
Please can you somehow get this article in the MSM. Jackie
radical Maori will try to divide NZ like the radicals in the USA Geoff
The info of origin of all of this goes back to a terrorist organisation and picking up of their strategies by one of the most divisive activists I ever had the misfortune to hear speak Mike
We are so complacent – why are we letting this happen? This is a path of no return. Dale
Absolutely!!! As you have pointed out in your article, this trend of cultural racism has started to creep into every level of society a long time ago. I started to notice that soon after my arrival in NZ in 1987. My citizenship certificate is bilingual ( issued in 1996) Every letter I receive from Govt departments, are full of it My bank ( Kiwi Bank ) is full of it. And I am one of these people who have tuned out of the MSM a long time ago. It became simply unbearable to read or listen to all this biased nonsense. Michael
It is ridiculous – the country is becoming further and further divided when we should stand united as New Zealanders. Len
I’m positive it will be a disaster for non Maori Graeme
We have been led too far down the garden path. We need a leader to restore equal justice to all New Zealanders. Chris
By stealth and no one is asking Adler what is going on and under whose direction.MSM are complicit. Hone
Labour is gradually disenfranchising all non-maori new Zealanders. The TOW is not and never was a partnership with Maori. If we don’t stop this socialist agenda we are all doomed. This has nothing to do with racism, it is pure socialism in action. See it for what it is. Michael
building the most efficient apartheid system the world will see and not a anti apartheid protester in sight but thats what Sheeple allow Russell
Show me a full blooded Maori in NZ today. They are all of mixed blood so why are they denying the other side of their heritage ? that is the rest of us. I want to go and live somewhere else in the world, heartily sick of the clap trap that goes on here, especially when we (the others) mostly support their way of life with handouts etc. I am third generation Kiwi with no ties to another country at all but feel like walking away from the destruction this is causing erin
Maori are immigrants to this country the same as the rest of us. Therefore should have no more say in the running of this country than anyone else. Andrew
One law for all ! Craig
Awatere was so right in saying ‘The strength of white opposition will be allayed by the fact that Maori sovereignty will not be taken seriously. Absolute conviction in the superiority of white culture will not allow most white people to even consider the possibility.’ These are the dumb white ladies in well to do suburbs who think they are superior because their husbands happen to be doctors or dentists! “Those poor Maori, so sadly victimised by us white people, what can we do to help them”, they say between their breakfast Earl Grey and morning tea muffin and latte. johnboy
The greatest threat is from non-maori (usually female but also male teachers and social workers) who don’t see they have been duped by cunning Maori. These are the ones we need to be challenging and calling out because it is they who are weakening our social structure so the big bad wolf can blow it down. jd
Yes, Maori Sovereignty represents a grave threat to New Zealand – it is racist, radical, and anti-democratic.   Joan
This is a huge mess. Ardern never campaigned on implementing radical separatism, yet that is what she is doing. Is she PM on false pretenses? Alister
Separatism and tribalism are incompatible with democracy.  Stewart
Thank you Muriel Newman and Ross Meurant for your insight into what is clearly a very dangerous time for NZ. Tom
This is a very serious situation. I fear Donna Awatere is correct – the majority of Kiwis won’t believe this is happening, until it is too late. Who is going to lead the move against this? Opposition parties are asleep at the wheel. We need a champion – NOW! Murray