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The Toxic Co-Governance Agenda

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The Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill is dead – and long may it stay that way. The Bill attempted to introduce co-governance with the effect that it advantaged voters on the Maori Roll over all others.

The final blow was the ruling by the Attorney General that by breaching the constitutional principle of equal representation for everyone – a cornerstone of our representative democracy – the Bill was discriminatory.

This fact that co-governance has now been found to be discriminatory must surely signal an end to this whole toxic agenda.

Given the sleight of hand being employed by advocates of Maori supremacy to mislead the public, it’s important to understand the numbers.

In the Rotorua case, the Council sought to introduce equal co-governance by creating two new wards of three councillors each – a Maori Ward for voters on the Maori Roll and a General Ward for voters on the General Roll.

In doing this, however, they breached New Zealand’s electoral law, which requires the number of elected members to be proportional to their Electoral Populations – which is the number of the men, women and children who live in the area they will represent.

With Rotorua’s Maori Electoral Population standing at 21,700 and the General Electoral Population 55,600, assigning three councillors to each Ward is a clear breach of proportionality.

When looking at the voting numbers, the discrepancy is stark. The Rotorua Bill would have given the 8,000 voters registered on the Maori Roll the same voting power as the 38,000 voters registered on the General Roll. This means each Maori Roll vote would have, in effect, almost five times the influence of each General Roll vote.

The Attorney General’s ruling that the Bill discriminates against non-Maori and is in breach of the Bill of Rights, is not only a slap in the face for the Labour Government, which unanimously supported the Bill at its first reading, but in particular for Tamati Coffey, the MP sponsoring the Bill, who hailed it as breakthrough legislation that would introduce a ‘new type’ of democracy to New Zealand: “There is nothing to preclude us being able to ‘tweak democracy’ to make it work for us here in Aotearoa.”

It has now been revealed that this ‘tweaking’ of democracy by Tamati Coffey and the influential Maori caucus involves replacing New Zealand’s system of universal suffrage – where all votes are equal – with a new system designed to give Maori votes greater influence than the votes of everyone else.

And that’s the crux of Labour’s “co-governance” agenda. Under 50:50 co-governance, it is claimed that representatives of a 17 percent minority of the population who identify as Maori will be given the same voting power “at the table” as representatives of the 83 percent majority. By giving representatives of the tribal elite almost five times the voting power in democratic decision-making, as the representatives of the general public, co-governance is similarly discriminatory, undermining the principle of equal representation, which, under Section 19 of the Bill of Rights, cannot be justified in a free and democratic society.

However, looking into this further and considering an analogy based on voting numbers, the situation becomes even more ridiculous. Of the 3,507,291 voters registered at the last election, only 272,957 – around eight percent – registered on the Maori Roll. Co-governance would therefore give an eight percent minority the same voting power in decision-making as the 92 percent majority. In essence, through co-governance, Labour would be giving Maori Roll voters more than eleven times the voting influence of other New Zealanders.

It’s clearly time to remind politicians that in our democracy they answer to all New Zealanders, not just a minority. And isn’t it now time to call out “co-governance” as discriminatory and racist, and reject it outright?

So how on earth have we reached this point in time where democracy is being undermined by our own Government through a bizarre attempt to transfer democratic power and public resources from all New Zealanders to representatives of billion-dollar tribal business development corporations that pay little or no tax?

If we cast our mind back, it was just over a year ago that we first came across an abridged version of Labour’s explosive He Puapua report on the Ministry of Maori Development’s website. A full version was subsequently located and published on our NZCPR website HERE.

It turns out that He Puapua had been produced by Jacinda Ardern’s Government as a roadmap to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a radical plan adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007 to give self-identified indigenous people around the world control of land, resources, and governance.

Even though the Declaration was described as non-binding and aspirational, Helen Clark’s Labour Government refused to sign on the basis that it was inconsistent with domestic laws and the Treaty of Waitangi.

However, as a result of a coalition deal with the Maori Party, John Key’s National Government foolishly signed the Declaration in 2010, with the Prime Minister reassuring the nation that the agreement was essentially symbolic.

In 2019, Jacinda Ardern rejected Helen Clark’s opposition and John Key’s caution, to announce the Declaration would be enacted into law. A technical advisory group was appointed to develop a blueprint, consisting of Dr Claire Charters (Chair), Waimirirangi Ormsby, Naomi Solomon, Gary Williams and Dr Jacinta Ruru, along with government officials Emily Owen, Judith Pryor, Kayla Kingdon-Bebb and Tamati Olsen.

Their final He Puapua report, setting out a radical plan to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040, was delivered to the Government in November 2019. There are signs it began to be rolled out shortly thereafter – even though it was kept hidden from Labour’s coalition partner, New Zealand First, and from the public. 

Once Labour won the election with an outright majority, the momentum increased, and by March 2021, the country was being swamped with a tidal wave of Maori-first initiatives. Maori language and culture were imposed at every turn. Our democratic right to challenge councils over Maori wards was abolished without warning. And accusations were rife that colonisation and white supremacy had turned New Zealand into a racist society. 

Our discovery of He Pupua enabled us to make sense of what was going on, especially once the radical bombshell was announced that iwi co-governance would be introduced into two of New Zealand’s most essential services – health care and the delivery of fresh water.

As Ian Powell, a former Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists – and leading critic of the health reforms – explains, “Abolishing District Health Boards was not part of Labour’s election manifesto in 2020. There was no public discussion on the matter before it was announced. The abolition decision was made in complete secrecy. DHB chief executives themselves only were informed on the day of Andrew Little’s public announcement.”

Ian describes the rationale for the reforms given by the Health Minister as “misleading” and “false”, and he describes the reality of the situation that New Zealand now faces: “There is a huge problem. With only 40 working days to go those running DHBs have no more information on what will replace them on 1 July than they had on 21 April last year when the health minister announced their abolition. In other words, the organisation responsible for planning the transition has no plan.”

What is going on is unconscionable. The only reason for the abolition of a community-based health system that has stood New Zealand in good stead for 30 years, is Labour’s ideological obsession with co-governance and centralised control.

Labour has now pulled back from giving their new Maori Health Authority (co-chaired by the sister of senior Cabinet Minister Nanaia Mahuta) the right of veto over the entire health system. It may be merely a coincidence that this comes at a time when Labour’s polling is in decline and the backlash against co-governance – which transcends political boundaries – is growing.

But it needs to go further – the  whole $500 million health restructure should be abandoned so DHBs can focus on the enormous patient backlog that’s been created by the pandemic and avoid the disastrous disruption that Ian Powell is predicting.

It’s a similar shambles over Three Waters. While Labour campaigned on ensuring “major decisions about local democracy involve full participation of the local population from the outset”, once their plan to confiscate water services and infrastructure from local authorities was announced, they instructed councils not to consult with their communities. Maori were the only group to be consulted on a proposal that would give iwi co-governance control. 

Furthermore, Minister Mahuta’s insistence that the water reforms will prevent privatisation are now raising questions about whether, in fact, Labour is privatising water through iwi control – as Victoria University’s Dr Bryce Edwards explains: “In one sense the co-governance model is a form of privatisation. The new companies will be half controlled by private organisations – iwi, which are increasingly highly corporate in their business operations.”

Labour is now employing desperate tactics to try to save Three Waters. Misrepresentations about the state of water quality in New Zealand are being orchestrated through “friendly” media to scare the public into supporting the reforms. False claim are being perpetuated – that councils will still ‘own’ their assets, and that the planned mega-bureaucracies will save water-users money.

And, with regards to concerns co-governance amounts to tribal privatisation, Labour has still not denied that Three Waters may lead to Kiwi water-users being forced to pay iwi a royalty – in perpetuity – every time they turn on the tap.

So, what does the future hold?

Firstly, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, Jacinda Ardern continues to deny that He Puapua is government policy.

To dress up the lie, Cabinet approved a project under the co-leadership of the Minister of Maori Development Willie Jackson and the iwi leader Professor Margaret Mutu, to undertake yet another round of consultation with Maori. The feedback will form the basis of a Draft Declaration plan and a public ‘consultation’ proposal will be released in June to coincide with Matariki. Once that secondary consultation is complete a “living document” will be launched in December that will ensure the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration of tribal rule can be fully implemented by 2040 – the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Mike Butler, has reviewed the report from this latest round of Maori ‘engagement’ and explains:

“A report with the lengthy title ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Key themes from Maori Targeted Engagement in April 2022’ looks like Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson’s tricky next step in implementing the He Puapua plan for two governments in New Zealand, one for Maori and the other for everyone else.

“Jackson’s engagement report unsurprisingly recommends separate administration for Maori of land and resources, education, justice, and housing along the lines of the Maori Health Authority and directly reflecting proposals in He Puapua.

“Justification for this appears in an assertion in clause 12 on page 7 of the report that says ‘strengthening the tino rangatiratanga of tangata whenua was the most consistent matter raised’ by participants in the engagement meetings.”

In essence, the feedback from the Maori consultation confirms that not only do they want the Government to cede power and resources so they can control everything, but they also want to use the Declaration as “an avenue for oversight when Maori rights were not being upheld”.

Is this the ultimate goal – for the Declaration to not only become the mechanism for tribal control of New Zealand, but the basis of a new grievance industry going forward?

Since the NZCPR has no confidence that the government’s public consultation will be anything but biased towards a Maori-first agenda, we are preparing an independent consultation process to ascertain exactly what New Zealanders think about the Government’s plan to replace our Westminster Parliamentary democracy with tribal rule. We will be announcing details shortly.

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*Do you believe Labour’s commitment to 50:50 co-governance will harm its chances of re-election?

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Why would we want incentivised victimhood to govern us by the slimy, supremacist Willie Jackson and entitled Nanaia Mahuta, the liars Ardern, Robertson, Parker, Litttle & others? Big government socialism and woke liberalism are a disaster. By pointing to our past all the time does not highlight our progress. Monica
most definitely, I hope it will sink Labour Paula
Sincerely hope that this will be the final demise of Maori/ labour so called democratic governance they should be voted out as soon as possible & never seen again Iain
we want one democratic country, one people, one law for all Nev
That commitment further undermines public trust in this government. It does not give equal representation to all sectors of society in New Zealand. Nola
Thank God!! Brianb
I hope it does! Chandra
I most certainly hope so! People had better start waking up to what is going on in this country. Bill
Only a moron would support a proposed co governance system. Raymond
There will be a civil war in this country if this continues. Harvey
Should eliminate them but you never know! Peter
it blumen well better John
If not I dam well hope so, I bet the majority of NZ do not want any part of co governance or waters or anything else how dare they try and deny us our democratic rights and our democracy as NZ once had before this lying lot came into power,. Gwenda
Co-governance will only reduce Labour’s chances of reelection if the public are made fully aware of where Labour and Jacinda Ardern are taking us with their deception as large swathes of the NZ public only get there news from main stream media whom are misleading them by only providing some of the information required by them to make an informed decision as to what is best for NZ as a whole into the future. The collusion between some of NZ’s Academia and Bureaucrats is not far short of traitorous when looking to subvert our Democratic Electoral System. Larry
Absolutely. Trust me, there’s nothing to be alarmed about says that greasy streak of deception Willy Jackson. Next thin he’s on TV saying there all different sorts of democracies and native peoples should get more of the vote. In other words there is no such thing as one man, one vote to him. And where does he get the idea he is a native and not an immigrant? terry
Let us keep New Zealand a democratic country. Nick
Hopefully ! colin
Most definitely so but this rot runs deeply. The U.N. is as weak as water. Key signed the Declaration in the first place and advises Luxon. Both are like pussy cats. Winston is responsible for Ardern’s reign of horror. The whole performance is a political nightmare. Our future always appeared rosy but it is now very grey with black clouds on the horizon. In the direction we are now moving one would have to say This Country Is Stuffed ! One of the main points of attack should be against television, newspapers and editors to tell the truth– to inform the masses. It is sad to witness the war memorials throughout New Zealand and ponder the enormous sacrifices for freedom compared to today’s putrid political performances .One people, one vote, one country. Long live New Zealand. John
2023, YES, YES,YES,..Give the Satanic witch and her Commie crime UN/NWO gang the BOOT! BOOT them into touch …ON THE FULL!!! FOREVER…. NEVER TO RETURN.!! David
No, because too many voters don’t understand what is happening. Marian
I just watched Dinesh de Souza doco on the voter fraud in America and how they did it and have been doing so for years. I suspect there was voter fraud here in NZ on 2020 and I fear it will happen again. These young leaders have been placed in various countries by the WEF with Klaus Shwab, such as NZ, Canada, France, Austria, Ukraine, England etc to bring our countries to their knees, broke and ripe for the communist takeover. Every vote MUST be checked and verified next year if we are to get rid of puppet Ardern and her Labour lackies. Carolyn
what a disaster!! joan
Why are these left wing politician braking their necks to hand our government to corrupt Maori oligarchy who care nothing for their own people but only for their own power? Kevin
Providing Labour make their intentions public which is doubtful. Are all of their politicians awake to this madness? David
And so Labour should lose votes – the New Zealand people are not being serviced well under this Labour government – I am being facetious but British could have presented as just another warring tribe and like Te Rauparaha beaten up all Maori tribes into submission. It is now the Maori with parliamentary assistance management that is exploiting misinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi to drive a wedge between NZ’ers for economic gain and control. This is 2022 for goodness sake – NZ is for NZ’ers regardless of their origins. The direction this all taking makes me very sad. NZ’ers must take back control and make NZ the place NZ was before all these takeover actions started. Is National and other parties and independents strong enough to do this! WAKE UP NZ’ERS! before it really is too late. Ian
Well I sure hope so Cookie
Absolutely disgraceful David
We are all New Zealanders the Govt is doing its best to stir up racism Ian
When lying treasonous traitors, like Silly Jackson, keep on spouting racist communist lies, YES, it will seriously impede Liebours’ chances….. BOOTE YES.. Because when lying treasonous clowns like Silly Jackson, keep telling lies, it will impede, Liebours’ chances, kiwis will Boot them into touch..2023! David
It is a disgraceful move by Labour and hard to see where they gain any credibility from such a move. Rob
They (the Lbourpartyare liars 0and should be out of government next year if common sense prevails., Surely Co Governmanse will hurt them. Barry
My word, I certainly hope, so, and so it should Gail
Joe Average is becoming sick and tired of the bleating that is coming from some quarters and is being encouraged by the government and media. This WILL be reflected in the voting on election day. Gary
Madness Alan
One vote one person. End of story Bradley
I hope so, that red outfit has to go or I’m off to Australia. Ian
Undemocratic Ian
of course it will barry
We hope so !! Also heaven forbid if the Maori Party are given the opportunity to play “kingmaker” Politically in NZ (not Aotearoa ) we are in serious trouble if this current Government gets re-elected in 2024. Andrew
Yes, but only if the people of NZ wise up and get politically educated. glyn
hopefully Stanley
Labour is making itself un-electable among thinking people. Loss of true democracy is New Zealand’s greatest threat. Democracy must be preserved Fred
More Kiwis are beginning to understand the relevance of all this racism (and much thanks to this weekly newsletter!!!) Jan
Dreadful Labour Govt! Patrick
I hope it does Barbara
It is contrary to our democracy Ken
Racist laws have a 100% failure rate wherever implemented. Larry
Yes, if that’s the case. We are in real trouble if Labour were to win on the bases of campaigning regarding 50/50 co-governance. Owen
commonsense and democratic principals will beat the maori elete,with there snouts in the ordinary,strugling, taxpayers money trough! norman
If it doesn’t there is no hope for democracy as we have known it. Tony
Sure hope it does! Russell
you can fool all the people …………….. murray
Labour OUT Ian
we cannot just believe or hope that Labour is pushed out of office we must educate and spread the word. We now live in a toxic divisive country. JA needs to be held to account as do “other weak politicians” who are not listening to the public. Remove NZ from the UN. Sam
And so will her giving away our sovereignty to the World Health Organisation later on this month. Hans
Because the NZ School curriculum does not require formal ‘civics’ education about our democracy many people are not well versed in constitutional matters or democratic principles & processes so the effect may not be as marked as one would hope. It will depend largely on the amount of effective communication that can be delivered countering the government’s publicly funded propaganda Francis
I hope it decimates their chances of ever getting back into power. jeanette
Yes I think the public are starting to wake up to this subterfuge by the Labour and Maori, at least I hope they are. Another Zimbabwe on the horizon. Fraser
Adern and Maori can push this only so far. It will bite them on their collective bums at a general election. Barry
Already on the back foot, this will put them down. Elizabeth
I bloody well hope so. Another term of Ardern and her Communist clowns would cause irreparable damage to the social cohesion and economic well being of NZ. They are evil personified with their destructive policies. Allan
I certainly hope so. Tom
I say yes but with some people our cunning dictator and her bent and greedy co parties and only ACT standing up to them while luxton is sniffing around instead of standing up and saying his party will reverse the corrupt laws that have and some shortly will be passed which will destroy this country and cause a civil war because there is NEVER OR HAS BEEN ANY MENTION OF CO_GOVERNANCE in the treaty so that she and her cronies have been proven to be liars and greedy thief’s, so the sooner she goes with her brown nosing mates the better but I hope who ever takes over doesn’t cowtow to the polywog and bent green mob. Richard
Under no circumstance’s do we require this Labour Government re-elected. The Country has been desi crated enough over the past 2-3 years, heaven forbid what it would become, if this lot get back in again!! Roy
We can only hope the NZ sheep have finally woken up. To all the crap going on in this country. If the Communist is returned to power I will not be staying here. Tony
I hope so but the propaganda is very clever and effective. Charlie
Simply, people are pissed off with the filth and theft seen on a daily basis. alan
Is there no depths this Government won’t plumb to get their way? Bob
one person one vote is the basis of any real democracy. Do you need to say anymore? Mike
simply cant happen robin
The voice of the nation will drown out Labour’s self serving and idiotic ideology Gavin
When Grant R stated that democracy rules will be “adjusted” to accomodate co-governance and no media reported that comment foretold the future! Bob
The opposition needs to ensure they highlight this to the electorate Kevin
Bloody hop so. Even those who voted for Labour and their dim witted Green partners must surely have come to their senses and realised what they voted for was not what they envisaged. Barry
What can I say cogovernance what a joke look what happened in Africa say no more the majority of us would be nothing but slaves and 2 nd class citizens in our own country How many people claming to be Maori are actually more than 50% I would hazard a guess very few after 200 plus years of interbreeding with the rest of the world So let’s scrap this terrible waste of money and time and tax everyone the same after all we all have to abide by the same rules Peter
I long ago decided I would never vote for this government and I now just hope people are waking up enough to understand what they are really doing. David
I say NO only because there is a lot of people out there who do not know what damage this government is doing to our country New Zealand. If they were to get a 3rd term then I do think it will be time to seriously consider a move away from this beautiful country. Lawrie
We must make as much noise against this traitor of a government. They have sold our souls. Ardern is not a leader. She has betrayed us all. Robert
Hope so. Iain
It is an affront to democracy that simply because I have Maori ancestry I can choose to be on a roll that gives me more influence than another roll. Wayne
it’s all a big con, inspired by Communist/Socialist Ideologies. Grant
if the SHEEPLE wake up yes it will/should be all over for Labour – separatism does NOT work tony
hopefully ?????? anthony
The best thing that could happen to Labour. They must go dave
The NZ electorate is so thick and apathetic regarding politics and what policies actually mean. Females, the young, beneficiaries, the modern woke, those with Maori DNA who think they are special and those who adore a harding working mother all adds up to a huge vote that will keep her in power. God help us all. We are fast becoming the laughing stock of what is left of the old West. Creed
The numbers are against these proposed changes. Roger
It should do, but with many National voters voting for them in the last election I no longer have faith in the NZ voters. Sue
I believe that whatever Party intends to implement this, will have its chances of being elected decreased. Heather
Labour have shown their true colours and have visibly broken all their election promises. The question now is how much will this racist agenda affect them at the election. David
I am fearful that unless we curb this co government bullshit being advanced by Labour NOW it will be a long process to overturn even when they are booted at the next election Ken
50-50 governance is just another one of Jacinda’s impractical Myths. Every ship can only have 1 captain, if it wants to reach its destination on time !! Pierre
Co governance if implemented would be the last straw. Minority rule is what it would amount to. I’d leave the country if I was young enough to do so. Allan
i hate Labour jeremy
I think the time is well overdue for a vote of no confidence in this very racist government. Jan
I certainly hope the 84% of Kiwi’s that aren’t Maori believe in Democracy and the one vote, one law rule for all of NZ John
Our democracy is more important than the power grab that elitists Maori and this racist government are undertaking. We must get all of them out of a parliament or this Country is doomed Geraldine
one nation. one people, one government one law for all. A s the treaty says equal rights for all New Zealanders Doug
and good job if it does. Erin
I think labour supporters are blinkered to anything that criticises their agenda. Most people i talk to are either dead against this govt or still for it. So I think most people have made up their minds. The only way to let people know what is going on is through the media on free to air unfortunately , hard to do when they protect the PM and govt by omission at every turn. Unfortunately someone has to bring attention to this UN backed govt by sensationalising some aspect of it to give it oxygen. Craig
Because it is totally undemocratic. Donald
I hope so Anon
The average person on the street still has no idea this is going on let alone registering & acting on it, in short most of the population live in self proclaimed denial or ignorance bubble which this cunning Govt has well worked out so alters how it selectively markets this in its propaganda to the public & it’s other legislative rule changes it carefully slips through in the dark of night with minimal timelines, consultation with minimal nor full transparency. To be fair most people get totally confused and don’t realise the implications of what this Govt is implementing, even those that follow this news letter & the many others we get coming through struggle to keep up with it all let alone the ‘run of the mill’ population who are getting on with daily life trying to live and survive while all this is going on at pace on all fronts resulting in leaving us all with confusion & a huge mess and cost to repair in time , assuming that can actually be done . If you don’t think it can happen just watch now on a daily basis that which is happening right in front of us & you’ll soon realise it can be done & is being done so more fool us for letting it happen . Garry
The definition of co-governance: Giving up your human rights to please people who will still hate you because of your race. Shaun
I sincerely hope so! But I think the current opposition is so weak at the moment that it still looks as though the small voting public will get labour home with too much support going to the minor parties that are wrapped up in labour’s skirt. It’s going to be close next time. Garry
It looks like the beginning of the end of NZ as a liberal land owning democracy Wake up New Zealanders 100s of year of democratic systems are under threat Geoff
I certainly hope so. June
Out they go Grant
labour has totally undermined New Zealand”s democracy , and freedom of speech. With Ardern pushing ahead and passing mandates late on a friday afternoon when there a only a handful of politicians in the house. DIANNE
If it goes through, look out for more gun regulations, plus a whole lot of left wing rules being applied. We have to take a stand against this Karl Marx ideaology being rammed down our necks. Sam
What happened to the one man one vote rule.Ardern and Biden are in a race to see who can ruin their country the fastest. Morea
There is an upswell of resentment against co governance which will only increase as more people become aware of the governments agenda Cliff
Total Maori rule is obviously what our Maori activists want Rosemary
The Boomer Generation are very upset with the Maori ministers in the Labour Causus hijacking the Labour Party values and policies Rob
Agree provided the message gets into the public arena via her majesty’s opposition which seems unlikely given its performance to date Terry
The Maoris are NOT the indigenous Natives of N.Z\ ,m The Mori Ori were and they were in the main slaughtered raped and eaten by Maori We need to get our facts straight John
No, because when Labour brings co-governance into parliamentary elections, the race that has almost always voted Labour (and will be strongly encouraged to keep doing so by the chiefly class of Maori elites who will profit hugely from all co-governance arrangements) will have 50% of the say over who’s in government even though they are only 17% of the population. Johan
This crazy idea must be given the boot.. A referendum on the Treaty must be put to all the people of NZ so that we can advance without this continual claim by Maori Elite for some co- governance. Take that away and the rest of us get on pretty good . Deek
The key to Labour NOT getting back in, will be the amount of correct information like this article being made public, and some like-minded smaller parties working together with those who appose all the tripe this Gov. is putting out. Ted
The co-governance proposals is not democracy, and I believe that the electorate as a whole would not support it. Michael
It will destroy them Paul
The only way this Communist evil leader and her band of spineless traitors will get back for another 3 years (shudder shudder) will be by voter fraud. Every vote will need close scrutiny. Carolyn
One country for all people John T
Ridiculous that 17% or less should govern NZ. The NZ voters need to wake up to this and vote National at the next election. And start “king up a stink NOW. jim
There should be NO more certain outcome with commitment to such a separatist plan. John
Labour can’t read the room and are pushing forward blindly that the majority of New Zealanders don’t want. Vivienne
50:50 co-governance is only part of why NZ people will reverse the landslide & vote the socialistic labour party out. I have never in my lifetime seen or heard of socialistic changes only revealed after election to try & fool the people of NZ. As the saying goes you may fool some of the people sometimes but you cant fool all the people all of the time. Roydon
I REALLY hope so Aiian Robert
I hope so but so many people seem to believe the spin. Donald
If Labour / Greens are re-elected it will be the end of NZ as we know it. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and ambition will leave for Australia or other democratic countries. Keith
Just add this to all of rest of the lies and Labour Party incompetence under the stewardship of Komrade Jacinda. What an absolute farce of a government Rob
I most certainly hope so. there must be someone with part of a brain in that party surely. they cant all be mad. ideas absolutley absurd edward
Labour has a silver tongue media that the multitude follow like sheep. We need a leader David Seymour bringing the debate of the treaty truth to all New Zealanders and ensure the 92% vote with their brains. Robin
I bloody hope so. Colin
If it does not then there are a lot of foolish voters Neil
Let’s hope it fatal. Graham
Labour supporter all my life. Sorry not this election. Racism is not in my agenda. One person one vote for all Norm
This will only enhance Labours chances because it resonates with the thinking of most NZ’ers Michael
Co-governance must be prevented in all respects!! John
At least I hope so!! Jo
Because there is so many dumb kiwi’s who cannot see the wood for the trees and Jacinda saved their lives (not) Allan
Absolutely and with it our opportunity to get rid of this treacherous Government and it’s various rotten agendas. The problem is that National may be tarred with the same brush and won’t do what needs to be done As some are saying now it may need a revolution. It’s amazing how naive people are when they still think Jacinda is “lovely” and the preferred Prime Minister — wake up NZ’s !!!!!!! Alan
Surely a majority of New Zealander’s will see through this charade Alister
I sincerely hope so. Peter
Well, voting with a YES, I am hoping like hell that everything that the Liebour Govt are doing will harm them being re-elected, but who will they be replaced with? A woke Chris Luxon & his bunch of globalists ‘centre right’ politicians whom Klaus Schwab is one of their globalist masters? NZ needs a whole new governmental system with each region or province governed by locally elected professional candidates who have to apply for a candidacy based on qualifications & experience being able to operate a large organisation or local council. The Leaders of each region or province would meet weekly in the present “Wasp Nest” or Beehive to manage national infrastructure etc. MMP has destroyed this country as it doesn’t need 122 MP’s to run a country of 5 Million. The Swiss have 25 MP’s to govern 10 Million people, where Citizens Initiated Binding Referendums are common & if a 70% or 75% vote for the initiative, the MP’s are obligated to make it LAW, not like NZ where with this He Pua Pua will have the “tail wagging the dog”…..!!! Bruza
I certainly hope so Phillip
i hope so Anon
Sure will. Janine
Totally.Let it happen.It is my gut feeling that most hard working maori folk want what most of us want a fair deal. gale
No government should be steeling the assets from the people to whom have been paying for them  Colin
It is setting up and leading to a racist divide in N Z and a breach of Democracy Leo
New Zealanders aren’t stupid enough to allow this racist apartheid agenda to succeed Ihaia
If voters are stupid enough to support Labor ever again they deserve the outcome – but no one else does. Doesn’t this all highlight the fact that none of the existing political parties can be trusted to uphold truth and democracy? And when they stray we don’t have the means to stop them. But Yes WE DO! Install the Citizen Initiated Mandatory Referendum as used by the most politically happy people in the world, the Swiss, 170 years ago. We do want to be happy, don’t we? Rex
I sincerely hope so John
Hopefully they get smashed Ian
of course. I hope they are out on their ear. Christine
Hopefully it will scuttle Labour and the maori party out of power for a very long time. What a blatant attack on our democracy. Its a disgraceful act against the sacrifice our old soldiers gave their lives for to to uphold our democracy. Jackson and his cohorts are traitors and should be utterly ashamed of themselves, which I very much doubt. Its all about raking in the money for as little effort as possible. Peter
Undemocratic and separatist Phil
If enough people know about this back room dealing I’m sure they would not put labour back in power. We must get the message out. All NZ should have one vote, no discrimination. One government ruling the country Dianne
I certainly hope so. Only airheads can think this will be a good idea and all will be wonderful living in some form of Utopia with them at the Helm. History tells a different story. While we may have educated them, their “tribal” instincts and behaviours will come to the fore once more. Steve
I certainly hope it will put paid to all the devious and underhand tricks that are going on at the moment. Between JA and the Treaty this country is going downhill fast. kabe
And deservedly so Marilyn
Hopefully, yes! We need co=operation not division. Peter
Can you even imagine the Maoris governing our country New Zealand. We would be the laughing stock of the world and be totally bankrupt within a year. Graham
They are so ideologically driven that they fail to see that the majority of voters will reject these proposals, and them!! Colin
We are being led forcibly to a Marxist government . Tony
I hope so !!!! Bev
I’d like to think it will harm their chances, but I’m starting to realise most people in this country are too stupid to see what’s going on. They won’t wake up until we’re embroiled in civil war. Dave
Jacinda will be out along with her corrupt lying labour government.Her words a government for the 5 million. Absolute bollocks . She only supports 17% of our NZ population- those that identify as Maori. Jacqui
I certainly hope so. However Luxon has not come out openly and siad he will put an end to this nonsense, so I don’t have much faith in National either. Brent
But that is optimism. Unless media of NZ turns away from cultural bias and promoting Labour’s agenda for Maori tribal rule, some will vote again for the Covid saviour. June
No= Not if voters have any common sense and stick to their personal self promise of voting this bunch of no hoppers out of govt for ever. john
If it doesn’t then it will be back to the dark ages and superstition. Maurice
Most definitely YES! Co-governance never works. The parasites will live until the hosts die economically. Then the parasites will fight amongst themselves like thieves who fall out over the loot. Don
Hopefully terminally! Graham
If New Zealand is the second least corrupt country in the world, the rest of the world must be in a dreadful state! The Labour Party “failed to inform” the deputy prime minister Winston Peters about He Pua Pua. They betrayed the very person who gave them the power to govern in their first term and consequently they betrayed the nation. They cannot be trusted and so they must go back to the people now for forgiveness at the polls! Kevan
Certainly hope it blows them out of the water Trevor
Oh yer! Martin
There is not enough space to say everything that annoys me about co governance tony
I don’t have very many kind words for this govt so better not say anything Barbara
Absolutely, together with all the other childish rubbish that Labour has imposed on NZ. Labour plus the Speaker has been disaster. Athol
But seriously let them push their apartheid based agendas and let the brainless idiots lose the Treasury benches ,an excellent outcome .All I can remind people of is Aderns method of bribery which will no doubt promise Kiwiis a srawberry flavoured lolly pop ,but made from rat poison . Ray
If it does not New Zealand is well on the way to becoming a basket case Shaun
Most definitely YES! Co-governance never works. The parasites will live until the hosts die economically. Then the parasites will fight amongst themselves like thieves who fall out over the loot. Don
How can approx 40% of our average joe blogs population still be sucked in by all this racist crap. I am dumbfounded Richard
I hope so. Vaughan
Dumb. Edgar
If it doesn’t then we know that a majority of Kiwis are either woke or stupid or both. Derek
Labour will not return to the treasury benches in my lifetime. Peter
After reading the 46 Articles in the “UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” I can’t see any reference that States are compelled to share governance of the State with Indigenous Peoples in any form let alone 50:50 as proposed by current Prime Ardern. The Articles refer to rights to governance and decision making over lands currently controlled, owned or occupied by Indigenous Peoples and including cultural rights, language, health, education, work, religion etc. Ardern’s radical plan in conjunction with Maori elite’s is a bridge too far. She and her Government need to be voted out before the country is destroyed. Colin
this will only happen if the he puapua agenda is clearly presented to the public through all media kay
I certainly hope voters are taking note of this move and vote NO accordingly. Janet
C’mon! You’ve got to be joking if you think a Labour government could ever be attempted again after this incredible shambles about proposing co-government between maori (at about ten per cent of the population) and the rest of us (who, incidentally, have created the wealth the country enjoys today. It certainly was not maori who did that). ROB
Hope so! Pam
By all means, already myself and 13 others i have talked to think they have passed over too much and given in to every whim of the Maori. We will be looking to vote for New Zealand NOT Aotearoa. laurie
question is are they worried, I say no wayne
Useless labour typical bullshit Allan
Let’s hope so!! Alan
I like most New Zealanders believe in DEMOCRACY David
Labour MUST be stopped, as must their mad plans. They have done to much damage to this country already by stealth! Carol
Hopefully they will not be elected ever again rita
I clicked the YES button on this one, but if National replace Labour as the government, nothing will change anyway. Particularly if the Maori Party are still in parliament. So unless ACT can gain enough traction to have a major influence, or another Right of centre Party gain enough to join them in a new government, then sorry folks, I think we are screwed. After all, Luxon was groomed & encouraged into politics by John Key, & it was probably the countries second worse Prime Minister, John Key, who set this anti democracy ball rolling. Personally I am quite happy to implement a Maori government, provided they give up all of the technology that Pakeha have provided. Tax is collected from only those who claim to be Maori, & all from every other ethnicity can get on with their lives, without subsidising & pandering to those who have Maori ancestry.. A.G.R.
I sincerely hope so !! Barrie
Heavens yes Who on earth would believe otherwise? Erin
hopefully tracey
Let them keep pushing it Tony
I believe this dangerous attempt to coerce the public will be detrimental to race relations, it is a disgrace. Gordon
My friends and I are sick and tired of the changes the Labour Government are making. I think the Labour Government will not be re-elected. William
I personally hope that the Labour, Green and Maori parties all quietly fade away and we never hear from them again. New Zealand is a democratic society. Wayne
I most certainly hope so. Co-governance is an example of the deceit Labour are prepared to go to to meet their own ends David
Certainly will and I trust they will lose by a large majority. Children leave Secondary School these days practically illiterate and speaking pidgin English. They will blame their lack of employment on racial bias not the fact that by their own actions they are just plain THICK. The country is stuffed. Bruce
I think they are in La La land. Open and honest yea right. May be one day they will wake-up and it will be to late Brian
Should finish them Edgar W.
No one likes the idea unless they are a Maori john
I trust the NZ voter has enough COMMONSENSE to understand why the current Government MUST not get another term. Ewen
It goes against the principal that we re one people. Even the law society says there should be no discrimation on any grounds. Michele
Maori are NOT indigenous to New Zealand!!!! Derek
I also believe Chris Luxon has an obligation if national win power to totally wind back he Puapua given it was national who set it in motion Warren
Not sure – but I certainly hope so. It may depend on how widely information about it is disseminated to the general public Brian
This country’s democratic life hangs by a thread. He Pua pua must be dumped in its entirity. No appeasement, nothing .It must GO. Peter
What is going to happen when 50:50 on an issue is unresolved? Who determines the answer? And IF ‘they’ can’t agree under the 50:50 arrangement of co-governance, who determines the FINAL outcome? Tangata whenua or a List Member? Oh, but this is 50:50 governance ! What a mess!! Stuart
But I hope NZers are not as stupid as Jacinda thinks. Malcolm
With any luck it will be the last nail in the coffin Dave
I cant believe that we are allowing this charade to continue. Action is required now to stop this undemocratic agenda. What has the opposition done to combat this? Very little it seems. Only ACT seems to have stepped up and made some noise at the risk of being labelled racist Errol
Ardern has her head stuck so far up somewhere that she fails to comprehend that people see what she and her cronies are really up to Ken
The more people that read this particular Newsletter the bigger the Labour Party downfall will be. Denis
Absolutely john
I hope so. Anon
We are no longer a team of five million. From what I have been reading over the previous we are now two teams. One of 17 % and the other of 83%. It is not difficult to work out who will win the tug of war. Dennis
It is dividing our country and creating racism. It is undemocratic and the Labour Government has no mandate to implement co-governance or other aspects of the He Puapua report. Murray
Plus all the other comrade carry on by this bunch of no hoppers current decisions to waste the taxpayers money for votes Kevin
It is a racist and divisive policy which will lead to a form of apartheid in New Zealand. It must be rejected Ken
Labour’s commitment to 50:50 co-governance will harm its chances of re-election IF people understand what is happening. Same applies to the Labour / Green assault on property rights. Barbara
Definitely carolyn
They have already lost by pursuing this racist rubbish. Andrew
Even if they did a one-eighty degree turn on it, the damage is already done! It is a matter of keeping on exposing the deception to ALL NZers – that isn’t going to happen via MSM unfortunately – so keep up the good work independent journalists! Pammie
Absolutely against democracy This govt must go Wayne
I hope so. But maybe not …. too many apathetic (or ignorant) Kiwis out there. Bryan
I certainly hope so! Ann
I have always supported racial equality. What this government is doing is definately not that and must not be allowed to happen. I will not be treated like a second class citizen in my own country Jon
certainly hope so Colin
The older generation have fought long and hard to have us one people and one nation- judy
I hope so ! Arthur
I sincerely hope so Mike
Why would anyone vote for an undemocratic government?? Simon
This Govt is splitting the nation into two ethnic groups. Richard
Absolutely. Middle NZ ,whilst outwardly PC will vote them down as voting is supposed to be confidential. Watch this space for bimbo PM to try and change this, a 4year or life term and maori to get 6 votes each ! bill
Absolutely! Ron
Until NZ collectively embraces the spirit of a MERITocracy; all we are doing is rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship Bruce
I surely hope so. Paloma
… but only if clearly enunciated by other political parties: they must force it to be a visible issue. Patrick
I damn well hope so. This co-governance is part of the myth of a partnership with the Crown. martin
If it doesn’t it should. Richard
Especially so when we ‘the people’ become fully appraised of Labours evil racist intentions! Stephen
It has to Ray
Unfair and ridiculous Joan
As long as there’s no outside intervention in the election they’re out. Ray
Unfair and ridiculous. Joan
ABSOLUTELY… we owe Muriel Newman and NZCPR a debt of gratitude for fully exposing this ill advised, autocratic agenda. kevin
Hope so! Joseph
I certainly hope it defeats Labour completely. This is essential. Every effort must follow the pattern successfully initiated by the defeat of the Rotorua plan to establish ‘ Co- Governance.’ Publicity to the general population is essential despite the efforts of Labour to keep all changes secret by bribing the newspapers, TV and radio. We have less than 18 months to make all electors aware of the threat to democracy and the illegal and deceitful path that the lying Labour Government is following. However it is not just the defeeat of Labour that needs to be achieved but the defeat of the illegal changes planned for water, the health system, our language and anything else that is still to come. CHRIS
One vote per person . Democracy is the best system of governance in all our political systems Lou
I really hope so!! Murray
We the people of this country need to decide these issues now! Trevor
Who wants to be governed by apartheid promoting fruit loops Laurie
No one honestly can support racism alan
Socialism is killing the NZ economy! Frederick
I sincerely hope it is rejected as it is definitely a backward step for NZ and New Zealanders ! Barbara
I hope so the NZ public need to wake up to this racist government John
Most New Zealanders would consider such a proposal preposterous and avoid giving Labour any chances to continue with their secret agenda’s. Ian
I certainly hope so. Its divisive and unethical. caren
get rid of Labour graeme
What are they thinking? We are all Kiwis who should be treated as such Chris
Hope So. It Should. John
I hope it will. Maybe then we can get back to some sanity in running the country. Warren
Yes, this country has made some stupid blunders in the past which we are now paying for, but this co- governance nonsense beats them all for ignorance and stupidity. This government under this Prime Minister have to be removed in the ongoing interests of this country Tom
Hopefully Lyn
It already has. derek
co-governance is complete nonsense. I also object to the name Aotearoa being used as it was never a name for all of New Zealand. The world has no idea where or what it is AND it was dreamed up by the Englishman J.Percy Smith for his fictional story of Kupe…. Cath
most certainly and i hope it puts them into complete oblivoration and we do not ever see them or jacinda again as she has ruined our once great country eric
The issue is that the Opposition need to win in 2023, and win big, or we are screwed. Page 79 of the He Puapua Report makes it plain that rights on individuals (including non-Rangatira Maori) and the non-Indigenious population are to be suspended, probably indefinitely, in order to achieve equity. But it is for Maori to define when that equity has been achived. The problem for the Opposition is how committed are they to overturning He Puapua and how much political capital are they willing to burn? Brenton
We have to show we are totally against a 50-50 co governance. And by not voting Labour in again will show this and all the other things they are trying to push through. Ann
I sincerely hope it will kill Labour’s chances of re-election absolutely stone dead! That is the least they deserve. Philip
Only if enough Kiwis finally wake up to what’s actually going on here. These ‘Tribal Elite’ are only ‘piggy-backing’ on the New World Orders Totalitarianism Agenda and want to extend their Governance in New Zealand. Geoff
I hope so Andrew
Lets hope they lose anyway, as they cannot be trusted in anything they do. They never work in favour of the majority – eg same rule for everyone. Peter
Yes the vast majority would hate the idea of co-governance if they were aware of it. It is astounding that Labour is still pushing 3 Waters and the rest while it is falling in the polls, but it will be the end of the clowns. Good riddance to the lot of them, especially the Maori caucus. Chris
Its not rational Natasha
Of course it will. I predict Labour will be tossed out along with their toxic coalition enablers. The Racist/Maori party must not hold the balance of power ever again. They are tyrants. Cindy’s Public interest Journalism Fund must be abolished or else the message will never get out to the public. John
Oh I hope they are delivered a resounding defeat, the party never to hold power again for a very long time. Hopefully (it is a vain hope) the Greens may self destruct with their new leadership proposals. Dick
Jackson &Mutu are two Activists from way back Now settings up their agenda for a Maori Activists which this Lousy Labour Government is supporting Act is only Party standings up against this Marxists Regime. Ian
He Puapua is racist, divisive and separatist plan Alan
I certainly hope so. If the people of New Zealand value freedom they will surely vote to rid our country of a Government which seeks to destroy democracy and the way of life which we enjoyed formerly. Almost all of the ills from which we suffer seem to point to bad Government influence in one way of another.For example, the lack of morality is being enshrined in our laws laws, and criminal behaviour is encouraged by lack of constraint. Harvey
The only racists in New Zealand are Maori Mark
Harm it? It should blow the govt out of the front benches; hopefully for good. They are planning to destroy our democracy, replacing it with tribal rule. That is against their holly Treaty which stated everyone was equal. There should never have been a Maori Party; that in itself is racist and should have been been struck down at the very beginning. The voice of the people should have NO racial colour. Graeme
The Rotorua Bill was introduced by list MP Coffey! It truly displayed the ignorance & naivety of this member & in fact of the Govt in general!!!! The most dangerous person in NZ is Jackson!!! He is a racist & the policies he promotes are racist!! Despite their minority in the House where is the opposition (National)?? Luxon not a leader & thank god David Seymour is there to make his presence felt!! Ron
If it doesn’t, then we could rightly be termed as a nation of zombified sheep! Scott
well it will do if the apathetic kiwi attitude of she’ll be right ceases and they start having some interest in where our country is heading or has already head in my view. Brian
Maori ARE NOT INDIGENOUS they came to NMZ in canoes.WHY are they living in the past & NOT helping themselves in this FUTURE.The past should not be forgotten but it was 200 years ago & the future to work & improve themselves is UP TO THEM,NOT COMPLAINING<CRYING HOW POOR THEY ARE,POVERTY the BILLIONAIRE IWI SHOULD HAVE FIXED AS THEY ARE ALWAYS SAYING MAORI WANT TO DO THINGS FOR THEMSELVES,the treaty money NZ tax payers gave them OVER & OVER was supposed to be shared with ALL those in their community BUT IT WASNT THE IWI KEPT IT FOR THEMSELVES,so maori poverty could have been fixed YEARS ago.NO-ONE has the guts in both National & Act to point out the iwi (and there are several) are BILLIONAIRES who LUXON wants to stand for National in the maori seats,ASK HIM WHY,they blackmailed John Key to give them things or they,d remove their support so Luxon will face the same thing if National have radicals.There are MANY other races he can get who will govern for N.Zealanders so ask him WHY or is he so P.C. he,ll be another jacinda & give maoris everything they want to stay in power. Cindy
It should but NZ has a lot of sheep john
They govt may as well resign now and rid our democracy of that communist bitch P M Keith
We have to believe that or we’re doomed as a separatist nation Graham
How can a people whose own history has them arriving in canoes, in any way claim to be indigenous? Chris
But only if the populace become aware of Labour”s policy in regard to co-governance Allan
Yes, she has to be voted out of parliament with bringing in co-governance in all things – it has created a massive divide in people in NZ and has made thousands very angry Kerin
Certainly hopes so otherwise we are ….. Grant
Absolutely. Out they go. Stop robbing the (private sector)taxpayers. bruce
I think their pre-occupancy with Maori will cost them dearly at the next election. Mika
It can’t happen soon enough! Anon
And good riddance to them Leon
If they get in again our country as we know it will be lost for ever Noel
I certainly hope so ! John
Co governance is bullshit,they are inciting civil war. Mike.
I hope so Des
I hope labor goes Ian
get rid of this shocking government next election David
The so called maori are not even indigenous.They killed and ate the people before them.The sooner this pack of liars are removed from office the better. They drifted down from the Pacific Islands.Therefor they reached these islands the same way everyone did. Ross
Labour did not campaign on its “co-governance” policy (whatever that means — it seems a rather flexible label which can be modified to suit circumstances), and it certainly did not campaign on the maori vote being worth much more than the vote of any other individual. Democracy is one person, one vote. This 50-50 concept is anti-democratic and Labour will lose the 2023 election because of it. Gavin
Hopefully the silent majority will have their say come election date. Under the Treaty, we should not even be having a discussion on the matter. as the so called elite Maori leaders well know. chris
I would certainly hope so. I would like to see if National would rescind most of the stupid decisions that this government has put into practice. This is IF they win the next election. William
Now that some media are taking about what co governance might mean I hope people will now realize that Maori will have so much control, it will put people off voting Labour. National needs to drop the 3 Waters all together. Frank
They are gone burgers!. But what will replace the corruption that is endemic throughout the whole of the government? There must be a “disassembly” of the present corrupt system to place the “governing” in their place as “servants” and not “masters” as they are now presenting. But, will there be another election, or will the corrupt ones attempt a hostile takeover of the country. Who will support that? By my reckoning, only up to 20% of the population! So, the rest of you 80%, time to get off your arses and stand up for the freedom we deserve. Lord knows that there was a clear message in Wellington. The corrupt government are afraid of us. Thime to stand up and say NO to the corrupt shit that is going down. Don’t ignore it Men and Women of New Zealand! Neil
Very dangerous precedence they’re proposing and definitely not something ever campaigned on in their last election. Janet
hope so bill
About the worst thing I can think of is another Labour Government. Don
The more negative news against Labour the better Warren
Thank God Pease. Don
With any luck this will throw them out Gareth
Labour will still have enough with coalition partners. There must be avenues for us to resist the implementation of tribal governance without resorting to Wellington camps poul-erik
Yes, thank God! Bill
I say yes in the hope that New Zealand voters will research this themselves and actually have conversations with others realising that as voters we should be informed before we get to the polling station. Judy
They are history already, no matter what they do. Rolf
Please God yes Lindsay
I refuse to BOW to this Labour Government’s working towards a racist based government in NZ. Time for this racial biased government to GO…. Carl
It will if people understand Labour’s intentions. That’s the worry. People generally lack understanding of what is going on. Most people are lazy and giving serious thought to incredibly important matters such as radical changes in Governance is just too hard. In my experience of engaging people in discussion of Government Policy, all too often leads to a “not interested” response. Apparently serious though on any subject is beyond a large proportion of the population. They are all too busy preparing for the next sports match or lamenting the failure of their favourite team or worrying about nonsense like New Zealand’s microscopic contribution to the dubious theory of anthropogenic effects on climate change. Thank God NZCPR are doing what they are doing. Dianna
The public need to be told the truth as you have set out. Dave
I can’t believe otherwise owen
Labours co governance commitment reinforces that they lare definitely NOT working for all New Zealanders! Time for them to go! Phil
New Zealand requires a re set as far as our treatment of all things maori are concerned. For starters the tax free status of iwi trusts must change as these are just fronts for shielding what would otherwise be taxable income received by commercial businesses. Distributions should be treated as dividends and taxable in hands of recipients with ICA’s attached to give tax relief to beneficiaries.. This is just a start point in the fight back for equality in New Zealand. Chris
Labour a bunch of crooks. Kevin
Yes, provided the parliamentary opposition parties are able to ‘broadcast’ the Govt’s constitutional change by stealth amidst a knee-capped MSM response. Roger
apartheid by any other name…. Lionel
Labour is committing Treason Must never ever govern again Bunch of criminals Allan
And a good thing too as we need to get rid of this government..! Peter
please God it dumps them Gill
I Hope so! Howard
Many New Zealanders need to wake up if they want to continue to live in a democracy. Jasmine
Unless the voting public is as stupid as last time. Dan
I sincerely hope so, so long as people wake up to this deceitful government. Opposition parties are singing from the same song sheet, so it seems. We are doomed if they don’t wake up. Luxon is a secret Labour party member pretending to be national. If Labour wins this country will become fascist socialist, people need to wake up! Peter
Absolutely.Looking at Three Waters, the most contentious aspect is the 50/50 power share arrangement with tribal Maori. Louise
This is an offensive move to deny the public their democratic rights. terry
I sincerely hope so and will actively support any opposition to this undemocratic process john
and rightly so, this government and maori elite should be prosecuted for inciting racial disharmony and resentment in New Zealand by the majority towards all maori which all maori do not deserve. We all have worked,played for and against in sport and have moari in our extended families and this type of bullshit should not be happening in this very tolerant and accepting country. All these changes being sort will only benefit maori corporates, maori elite, tribes and maori gangs. We just have to hope that whoever follows this current racist regime that they have the Balls to put things right, already it will be a mamouth task, Is the massive amounts of hard cash given to maori over the years not enough, The likes of Willie Jackson believe that he is right and the rest of NZ citizens are wrong and therefore must pay keith
Certainly hope it does harm them. Polls are showing now they are falling out of favour with the public. Taken a little time but happening. Addrianne
I hope so, anyway! But this is the first time I have seen anyone mention that the huge Maori corporations that call themselves “charitable” pay no tax. Hilma
I am certainly withholding my support Eileen
The public must be informed constantly. They seem to be slow to listen or read. Judith
yes it has to,as long as the brain washed people of this country can see the evil behind all this,how can a race that are not indigenous gain this power,when is this simple fact that there are no indigenous people in new zealand going to ever be spoken of,we never have binding referendums,this co governance needs to go to referendum,people need to have there say on this,or vote this government out,at the next election,or we are going to have a labour greens and maori led government,they get in for another term god help this country. rodger
Maori are NOT indigenous anyway – are they ? Michael
I just hope that the majority of New Zealanders realise what is happening. No media cov Erase means that a huge number of people are not informed. Word needs to be spread. Jana
The sooner they go the better for New Zealand Les
I certainly hope so. Talk about racialism !!! Faye
You cant have democracy with Racism Colin
But not as much as hoped for. Don
Who in their right mind would vote for a race based control of everything? Steve
Let them pursue this s it will be the last nail in their coffin and bury this evil ardern govt. Sue
It is not that simple, there are so many brain washed people out there who think this maori thing is just and right and we owe them something, I cannot answer the above poll, I think it could be touch and go sad to say, the worst part is that the msm control the narrative and the government control the msm. Sven
We live in hope that the sheeple will wake up to the dangerous Apartheid agenda present in NZ. Geoff
it would be good to think that labour has no chance of re-election but it will depend on the level of bribery and coercion nearer the time john
if co governance becomes reality we will move to Australia Rob
Provided the electorate is informed Tony
Looking at the mess made by many Maori businesses who base their decisions on Maori culture I would hate to see them trying to run the country. Hopefully the majority of New Zealanders … including many Maori…would not want to see that happen, and no one wants a blatantly racist government… we already have a taste of that with Jacinda’s Labour. Robbie
It had better! Dyann
Utterly unthinkable. Vote them out. Sall & Brian
Certainly amongst those that vote john
Ill never vote Labour again. Jan
I will never vote for Labour ever again!! Bruce
OMG I hope so Suzanne
Labour is toast – self-inflicted in so very many different boaters. Jim
Yes Rose
Co-governance actually describes democracy, where we work together. But concealed under that comforting title the activists propose rule not by all Maoris but a few iwi leaders. The rest of us pay for everything. Also, Maori corporations are not charities%u2014they must pay their rightful tax. Richard
As it was not part of Labour party policy the general public were never consulted so it can’t be democratic. Janet
There is a growing number of people who have woken up to the Maorification of NZ and are incensed at this blatant attack on democracy. If the people of Ukraine can fight and give their lives to protect democratic freedom, we must do everything we can to retain one person-one vote in NZ. Kerry
It should, but I don’t really know. There are a lot of Idiots voters out there who cant see the wood from the trees. Bruce
co-governance is incompatible with democracy. Either we are one nation or some sort of construct. Gerhard
This government is intent on destroying democracy and must go. Trevor
Sufficient people do not know what is happening or don’t care. Alternatively by being ostriches they can continue getting their ‘handouts’ from the government. Anon
And let them go for it as it will ensure they are in opposition for many years to come Luke
It is not just the co-governance but also the current governments shameful overspending and pending economic disaster. Jacquetta
Get rid of the idea , and become one , since this BS , NZ is going backwards, especially the ave Maori Roger
Persist with the ‘co-governance”agenda and Labour is dead in the water! Tony
YES. And good riddance to this labour government, Ardern and the racist Maoris in caucase. Darryl
I sincerely hope so Mike
Hopefully relegate them to a minor party. David
Illegal Discrimination We are all New Zealand Citizens and all under democracy law have equal individuals rights Julz
This government has shown itself to be dishonest and incompetent. Vonne
I certainly hope so! I also hope that unless National start to speak out then their vote will also be damaged. We are in a war that we absolutely MUST win! Start fighting for democracy right now! Roger
Of coarse as it is basically against the democratic system and the Treaty. David
Of course it will! There is so much opposition through online media from All walks of NZ life, Maori included, who totally disagree with anything He Puapua… The whole matter is so Racist, discriminatory,and a complete waste of taxpayer funds. It will destroy all this country has built up, and lost lives lost achieve over the past 200 years. Robyn
Dishonest to the extreme dreamed up by a minority who want their way, a racist minority who need to be silenced. I suggest were proportion the minority figure on our National Coat of Arms, remove the spear and call an early election. Ken
I bl**dy well hope so or this country is truly stuffed. I am completely over this rubbish and the misguided idiots in the labour party. Roy
politics out of balance arnie
It’s total undemocratic nonsense Hylton
I sincerely hope so Chris
I certainly hope so Allan
groundswell of antagonism I see I write locally on this Bryan
One can but hope. . . Don
They have gone mad! Helen
Even Wee Willie’s ‘tricky understanding of simple maths cannot hide the fact that: 8% (Maori roll voters) ‘versus’ 92% (the rest of NZ’s adult population), when claimed to equal 50-50 and co-governance, cannot begin to spell out the word ‘democracy.’ Paul
If it doesn’t, it should! Frank
I surely hope so don
This will not happen unless the public are made aware of what is happening behind closed doors in the Beehive. Most New Zealanders don’t care or want to know and are happy to go along with the status quo regardless of what will become of this country. We need a march or a protest now. Mary
This government is pushing through as much change as possible before the next election. Normally we would have opposition politicians outraged by this threat to our democracy. Except for a small number, our politicians are so weak it is now up-to-the-minute voters to ensure a return to democracy and one person, one vote. Janine
As long as Christopher Luxon has the balls to strongly oppose Jacinda Ardern’s racist agendas in the next election runup he will win in a landslide. In his state of the nation speech he briefly mentioned 3 waters once. The rest of his speech was about economics which means very little to the average New Zealander. Roger
I hesitate to say it will because I don’t want them to get the wind up and drop it. The old saying of give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves springs to mind. Flip
This has got to be terminated now. Tony
It definitely will, and should Graeme
Labour need to be voted OUT in 2023 RICHard
Definitely. Bye-Bye Labour. But the story has to get out to the people. Tony
I hope so, it’s another thing \\\\Zealand doesn’t need. Chris
Pidgin use of Maori is ruining Te Reo. They ignore the critical grammar the pitiful few root words. The lingo is fixed about 1835 and useless except for tribal history matters. Kevin
Everybody in their right mind and a minimum interest in politics should realize that this devious scheming driven by a very vocal radical and ruthless minority of extremists is outright dangerous and is to be condemned. Ardern and her minions have to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael
& a lot more Doug
I hope so, but sadly I think a lot of people have been hoodwinked. Kate
Get them out of power Ron
absolutely!!!! This is the most incompetent and lying govt in 60 years patrick
Certainly hope so because this is by far the most divisive government in my 40 plus years of closely following politics. Based on performance it is probably the worst government ever – overall. pdm
Let’s ruddy well pray that it scutttles Labour well and truly Peter
As it should. There is no consideration of equality. Huge subject and need open discussion. Maori stats are appalling but is throwing more money at it going to resolve it. Mindset needs to be addressed too. phil
I hope so for all our sakes. I worry that most people don’t know about this disaster or don’t care. Willy
I sure hope so brett
I believe that Maori are NOT indigenous to NZ — they just arrived a bit before the Europeans. Furthermore all Maori dead pass by spirits bay back to their HOME in Hawiki. They are indigenious elsewhere. lorne
Arriving by boat before anyone else does NOT make Maori indigenous to NZ. What can’t we all be treated equally? Mel
Certainly hope so! WALLY
If co governance had been part of Labour’s election manifesto it would not have been elected.This is legislation on the run without public mandate. Richard
Hope so! Rodney
Absolutely !! mike
Well, I certainly hope so..!! Otherwise …?? Vic
Totally undemocratic Pete
Bloody hell…I sincerely hope so. The sooner we get rid of this tribal pushing, socialist bunch of ineptitudes, the BETTER!! Tony
One law, one vote for everyone. We are all New Zealanders Claire
hope so gary
it will be hard to beat the purchased beneficiary votes…………however ….it SHOULD !! …have a detrimental effect Roy
Put it this way if it doesn’t it should ….it’s a no brainer Nev
we cant believe anything they say now as they have lied so much about this subject. Graeme
I hope so ! Richard
It is a breach of democracy a basic principle upon which our nation was founded. Tony
I certainly hope so otherwise we will be in an ever bigger mess than the one this lot has created now Phil
I sincerely hope so It’s duplicitous and undemocratic Phillip
Pressed no instead of yes. Diane
It had better. If it doesn’t it’s a win for the WEF/UN who are the paymasters behind this. neil
I hope it will cost them the election David
Hope so but lot of asleep muppets in NZ Greg
NO to co-Governance ERIC
Certainly hope so! Graham
Putting aside all the arguments regarding the wording, and the meaning of said words in our Treaty, perhaps Ms Mahuta, Ms Mutu and Mr Jackson might like to explain :- On what grounds would the most powerful nation on earth give co governance to factions of warring cannibals. Geoff
I certainly hope so ! Anthony
Lets get them GONE rod
I certainly hope so. Hilary
iI sincerely hope so! Rick
Let’s hope New Zealand boot them out of power and the new ACT Government reverses all Racist legislation. Clive
The dry letter of the law is finally coming to play in this whole silly legislative charade Andy
Hopefully this will see the end of the Labour Govt and it’s racist agenda John
It certainly should. How can someone with 90% European ancestry be considered indigenous anyway? Laurie
New Zealand certainly isn’t what it used to be, seems to head down the path of division Terry
Four legs good – two legs bad. Brett
Labour = Apartheid Laurine
Hopefully and terminally. Tony
Of course it will harm their re-election chances – that’s why they are trying to give the impression of “backpedalling”, when all the while behind the scenes they are just doing the exact opposite. James
My answer should have yes, in my view they will decimated at the next election, all the signs are clear, people have had a guts up. Robert
definitely Lorraine
It is totally undemocratic Phillip
I believe that absolutely every effort must be made to bring these details immediately to the attention of ALL New Zealanders Kerry
Most definitely YES! Co-governance never works. The parasites will live until the hosts die. Then the parasites will fight amongst themselves like thieves who fall out over the loot. Don
Time for a coup. Dave
It will get them kicked out forever. Murray
If you want NZ to fail, keep voting Labour!!! Dennis
The lethargic Silent Majority may bestir themselves by then and realise their loss of democracy by racially divisive governance Bryan
Just before the election Ardern and her mob will come up with a “real deal sweetener” that will specifically target those that didn’t like the co-Governance agenda.. Tony
But not as much as one would hope, since the MSM are doing the bidding of their masters very well with well-constructed lies and misrepresentations Ross
We need to steadfastly protect New Zealand’s Democracy. If any of this nonsense is implemented, it will create major racial tension. The Racism is coming from Maori themselves & not the other way around. The rest of us New Zealanders will be labeled ‘Racist’ by default; simply by questioning the fairness of this. I will certainly not be voting Labour. If possible I would vote for a ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ vote in the Government, and try to force an early election; before any more damage with prestigious ‘jobs for the boys’ is done john
Anything that will harm this government’s chances of re-election is a good thing. John
One person one vote equals democracy bruce
The trust has gone. It’s time they go! Jason
Absolutely, it will be the end of the current Labour Government Chris
I most certainly hope so Barras
The sooner people wake up to what Ardern and her cabal of socialist losers are up to the better, This government richly deserves to be decimated at the next election and I sincerely hope this eventuates, however the danger is that knowing that they she/they will be chucked out they will seek to do as much damage as they can before that happens, including delaying the election to the latest date possible. Richard
Absolutely. If you are Non Maori you are fast becoming what feels like a second class citizen Laurel
they will be swept away by a tsunami of voters. Simon
I believe it will. I certainly hope it will but it does require voters to see what’s really going on in our slide towards apartheid Frank
How I wish! Alan
At what stage can a no confidence vote be called over this corrupt Labour government and an election held? There must be systems in place for when a government goes rogue. Paul
Without a doubt. Puppet Adern and Mein Mokumahhuta are signing their own political death warrant. Gary
I hope so! Tony
The hardcore and self interest He Puapua promoting MP’s of the present Labour caucus will bring them down. NZ is still a democracy and its citizens will not allow this nation to revert to tribalism. Laurence
Yes. One person one vote is more democratic so please leave it alone! Ray
And thank God for that, the sooner they go the better. COLIN
I wont be allowed to say here what I really think about this government with the words I want to use. Darren
I hope so. wake up from your slumber kiwi’s Phillippa
As it should! Michael
We New Zealanders want an equitable society where we are all treated as equal citizens no matter of ethic origin. To divide our country by Maori heritage is insane. We are now a blended race so division creates huge disharmony. Vivienne
Most certainly. With a bit of luck, it will blow them out of the water! Good Job! Grahame
I wish, BUT with the MSM bought by the Govt. and seemingly compliant with its dictates much of the NZ public is largely ignorant of what’s proposed and thus unconcerned AND many still believe Jacinda is such a wonderful, kind person and a marvellous PM! Alan
Surely it must Terry
I damned well hope so!!! David
I hope it will bury them – before our democracy is destroyed! This Government is corrupt John
We don’t want apartheid. Arden is going to get crushed. Mike
I hope so!! Michael
I can’t wait to see the end of them, they have ruined this country. They would have to be the worst government we have ever had. Gayle
It is an unbelievable that this is happening right under our noses, we are all so indoctrinated with the belief Covid is going to get us all we are not seeing what is happening to our once great country. Alan
One ignorant, young and inexperienced , Agenda driven Prime Minister causing mayhem ,disruption and great concern for NZ’s future , favouritism and an apartheid country . This is an absolute theft of an asset which we have payed for , for all . National has gone very quiet . Where are the assurances that this will be rescinded by them ? They will be the UN’s patsies for a one world Government also. We need a Government who will disengage our country from the United Nations and it’s One World Government evil Agenda. Colleen
The worst government ever destroying democracy and causing racial disharmony Graham
I believe that the general public is finally starting to wake up to the underhanded tactics of the labour party regarding Maori “co governance”. Also, labour is being taken to court over it’s stance on this matter, I believe. The sooner this lot is outed, the better Trevor
definitely & this may destroy the labour party & if implemented will cause anarchy & protests/riots than will make the covid ones look like childs play. I hope I do not live long enough to see it. mike
After a lengthy deceitful period of exclusive maori consultations without general public awareness the current aggressive promotion of co-governance concepts must be rigorously rejected. Labour must realise the danger of continuing to pursue this undemocratic action. Peter
If it goes ahead they should only get the tax money from Maori the rest should go to the rest of us who are New Zealanders. Marianne
Well let’s hope so. Kiwis need to wake up to what is actually happening here. A run away organisation hell bent on it’s own unmandated agenda. Carol
The penny is slowly dropping. Andrew
Here’s hoping that public pressure and polls will encourage the Labour party to step away from this co-governance nonsense. Unfortunately, this is a vain hope. We need a party to come to power with the fortitude to call a halt to this agenda and at the same time bring an end to the historical anachronsim of the maori seats. Greg
Kiwi’s called South Africans racist & Apartheid a travesty of human rights. What they are now doing is precisely that, where the minority rule the majority, by numbers. Dane
Yes. It will be dead in the water. If National continue to sit on the fence, they too will suffer the same fate heralding in a coalition of minor parties. Geoffrey
Well it bloody well better harm them! Or do NZ ers want a Putin style government? Mike
One person one vote simple 85% of NZers understand this ,it works Gordon. Gordon
Certainly hope so! Would be a disaster for our society, and long term, create racial hatred and even violent resistance. We don%u2019t want that! Hugh
Labour is already dead in the water. Paul
I think they have blown any chance of government for many years to come. Pete
Most definitely but the worry is that too many won’t take it as seriously as they must if this country is not to be completely destroyed. Those who have been taking note will definitely not vote for Labour in the coming election. What an utterly racist proposal it all is and those who haven’t been watching closely need to open their eyes. Helen
The correct original translation of the Treaty of Waitangi said nothing about ‘partnership’; only that Maori ceded sovereignty to the Crown and all are now equal.. We are all the same race anyway. Even modern science has caught up with this fact. And, now 182 years after the Treaty, there is virtually no one left in New Zealand who is more than 50% in their Maori people group ancestry. Ian
This is unbelievable, every Maori person will have about 11 votes to every single vote of the rest of the population!! What happened to democracy? It has to be stopped> Peter
So many people are totally unaware of pending 50-50 co-governance and its repercussions Richard
Definitely Dave
Certainly hope so. Must do surely. Bev
Very much so, Its just another power grab , Dumb Dumb Dumb. gil
I will not vote for them again Kevin
yes we all need to rid nz of this very racist govt asp nev kath
Yes of course, it will blow up in their twisted faces. Don’t we know what “wrong” means anymore? Do you “lefty wokes” people ever learnt the difference between right and wrong ???? Henk
What else can we expect from this lot, honesty isn’t one of their strong points. Merryl
I would like to think so. There are however a lot of people out there, thanks to biased media, who are oblivious as to what is going on. John
I certainly hope so Carolyn
Very definitely a yes. Many of us will be ensuring this….as a goal. Peter
I hope so and Ardern should come in front of the International crimes court peter
So many people are now aware of the skullduggery that their Labour Government is up to. I’ve yet to work out why Labour is doing this to the remaining 83% of New Zealand citizens. Lee Coles
I certainly hope we’ve seen the last of that mob regardless! Jan
All in the Marxist rule book to get rid of democracy Michael
Hopefully yes and the sooner the better. Eric
It damn well better. Gary
Hopefully it will. Then we can get rid of this Communist in disguise government. Graeme
It should It’s racist and undemocratic Lorraine
I sure hope so! It’s disgraceful how Labour has continually lied to the NZ people. Did she forget she was ruling for ALL NZers, as per her speech upon winning the election? Can we trust anything she or her people say? No. Obviously not. Liars. FloJo
Absolutely it will and good thing too. Co-governance would be a social disaster for every kiwi. Phil
The sinister overtones in all of this are unbelievable John
And the sooner the better. Labour is destroying the NZ we KNEW and loved. Kiwis are NOT racist. ian
The problem I see is that in a hung parliament with the Maori party being the king maker. Labour will bow to all their demands just to retain power. Peter
Tribalism will not be tolerated in NZ. Democracy will survive and the principle of universal suffrage will be strengthened. Merv
Only a moron could believe that the World’s greatest Empire would give co-governance to waring tribes of cannibals. Graeme
Of course Clare
I can’t wait to see the back of this dishonest, deceitful incompetent Government Ian
Hope so anyway. Leonora
They are racist morons Russell
Quote; “I have a dream that we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. Yes, I have a dream that one day we live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. Rex
You’re dam right it’ll hurt  Catherine
Surely the Majority will. see through this ? Ken
I sincerely hope so ! Jill
Certainly hope so! Lesley
If Labour win – i’m off overseas to live.. donald
Co Governance is racism on a nutshell giving maori more power than their representation in our population warrants. They did not evolve here. They are descendants of immigrants just like the rest of us. Garth
I have done a great deal of research on this topic. Maori are NOT indigenous. They fail on two counts. They were not the first here. and under dictionary definitions they arrived here in boats from elsewhere like Europeans did. There are the Waipoua stone structures and the Hawkes Bay Moa people. both dated long before Maori arrived but all dates kept under wraps by Maori and successive govts. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples does not apply to Maori. Ian
One vote one person lets get back to it. We are all NZers lets not forget it Bill
Why should it not as it’s racist. Mike
Keep talking co governance Labour – put Willy on Q and A again – NZers at last aren’t liking what they are seeing and hearing! Keep digging a deeper hole Labour ! Elizabeth 
They will be gone by Kai time! Pete
Any one voting for labour led govt is from a different planet!! john
If Labour continue on the path that they are currently on we need to be prepared for an early election or/and a change of leadership for the Labour Party Bruce 
I’m not sure that their chances of re-election will be harmed by this, because there are now so many gullible fools who want to signal their virtue in the realm of ‘race relations’ and may continue to vote for the dishonest socialists, but it certainly should signal the total demise of these cynical manipulators. I have tried to read the te huahua document, but had to give up as I could not follow the childish gibberish language contained therein. I recommend anyone who is wavering on this matter to read it and make sense of it. I doubt if you will feel able to vote in favour of it if you do. TOBY
It should yes..but NZ voters are not that clever. Matt
A vote for labour will be a vote for maori tribal rule. Will there be a next election. This govt has separated Pakistan and moari by a huge degree. We are now a separated community, my only degree of comfort in the direction of this country is what nz will look like in 10 years time unfortunately maori now fall further behind. Just a couple of years ago the General community was colour blind just look at us now staunch racist on a dividing line introduced by janina adorn she should along with her cabinet hang there heads in shame.yeah go on try implementing these racist policies without discussion with the nz people. Will there be an next election let’s start pressing the pm for a date.signing off we are now more separated than we have ever been. Gary
Hope so ! Debbie
What New Zealander wishes to have their democratic country destroyed by a bunch of “tribal gangs” ? … A step too far ! Chris
this is how civil wars start FELIX
Unfortunately I feel the average New Zealander doesn’t understand the impact. Karen
As it should Fletcher
Their existing public support is scary. Chris
I certainly hope so. We need to make the NZ population see JA for what she is. Get rid of her as soon as we can. Laura
If this useless government that have not delivered anything think that boomers like myself will cede to co-governance, they are not listening. It’s time to get down to the range plus work on my fitness. Steve
Never trust the Labour Liars Collin
Abolish any thoughts it co-governance. it’s not democratic Peter
Deservedly so. Howard
i hope so owen
I certainly hope they get kicked to touch big time. They, Labour, disgust and sicken me with their blatant racist policies and have no place in NZ’s democracy Carolyn
One hopes so…… mary
I hope so. Richard
As a NZer of Maori decent I find this abhorrent. It is time to honour the hikoi Dame Whina Cooper orchestrated. We are a nation of one people with many cultures and these should all be openly welcomed. Rod
I certainly hope so Jill
Co-governance doubles bureaucracy therefore costs to tax-payers. NZ then declines as an economical country, reverting to a 3rd world country that our forebears, Maori and Pakeha fought and worked hard for. Lyn
We live in hope Marc
God I hope so these treasonous bastards need to be kicked out now before civil war breaks out Nigel
Absolutely carry on this two governments charade and democracy in NZ will be severely compromised. Karen
I won’t vote a third time for labor John
Co governance is absolutely undemocratic and I do not know of any democracy in the world where 17% of the population co governs with the majority 83%!  Lynne
Hopefully it puts them out so we can return to one nation one people Mat
I sincerely hope so! pam
will hopefully annihilate it peter
I certainly hope so!! Louise
Absolutely Evans
Apartheid by stealth mike
I certainly hope so. errol
Definitely Benjamin
Unbelievable arrogance from the Labour Govt and especially the Maori radicals -who control the Labour caucus who thought that the electorate would just roll over on this Mike
People who like me don’t normally protest will, this could turn into civil disobedience Alan
bloody well hope so. Ian
I could realistically say no as I am pretty sure they will not get in again Andrew
Never vote for them Steve
I hope so otherwise this country is finished steven
And hopefully for the good of NZ they are not re-elected Lyn
If Labour get back in, it won’t matter much as nobody will be living here, ha,ha,ha !! Bryan
Co-governance is turning septic. People are becoming very suspicious of it. If Labour pushes ahead with that agenda they deserve to be decimated at the election. Murray
Yes it will harm their chances of re-election, but they are so ideologically driven I’m not sure that they could pull the plug on it even if they wanted to. Vera
Co-governance is a disaster for NZ. The sooner Labour are defeated, the better! Walter
Labour’s reforms in health and water services are going to ruin them. And the consequences in health will cost lives. It is sickening what is going on.  Tim
For the sake of the country I hope Labour ditches their dangerous co-governance objectives otherwise racial tension will grow and so too will incompetent management of critical policy areas. Donald