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The War on Woke

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New Zealand is now well and truly in the grip of ‘woke’ madness. And it’s destroying the unity of our nation.

What is “woke”? With origins in cultural Marxism, the general view is that it’s a movement that seeks social and political redress for wrongs derived from social injustice and discrimination.

Like the Black Lives Matter crusade in the United States, which attributed police violence to systemic racism, the woke movement embraces ‘Identity Politics’ with its focus on the so-called ‘oppressed’ groups in society including those centred on gender, race, and sexuality.

In their struggle for social justice these groups claim they have been the victims of systemic oppression, and they demand preferential treatment to address the wrongs.

What is particularly sinister is their propensity to attack and ‘cancel’ anyone with a dissenting voice.

Oppose the imposition of Maori cultural values onto mainstream New Zealand – including the use of karakia to begin meetings – and you are labelled a racist. If you express concern about schools teaching young children that they can change their sex, you must be a homophobe. And if you are a middle-aged European man, by default you must be a white supremacist patriarchal coloniser!

The words of novelist JK Rowling, who opposes all forms of woke repression are particularly appropriate: “If you seek the removal of freedoms from an opponent simply on the grounds that they have offended you, you have crossed a line to stand alongside tyrants who imprison, torture and kill on exactly the same justifications.”

While a desire to address social injustice and discrimination is admirable, and something few would argue against, the problem arises when the cause of the “wrongs” is fabricated to suit the political interests of those driving the agenda.

And unfortunately, our politicians seem all too willing to promote such false narratives in order to ingratiate themselves with those activist groups.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former University lecturer and author Dr Greg Clydesdale, believes woke ideology is now so ingrained in our establishment that it represents a major threat to Western values and New Zealand’s future:  

“A number of writers have noted that the woke ideology is now so entrenched in our institutions that it presents a genuine threat to Western culture.  The term ‘woke’ had origins that I personally support, that is alertness ‘to racial prejudice and discrimination’.  However, over time, those bearing the ‘woke’ label have adopted more extreme positions.  It is now associated with intolerance and over-righteous zealots who believe they are morally superior.   

“Many people complain about political correctness and the woke culture, but it is harder to identify actions that will bring it to an end… What is needed is a structured approach to dealing with this, including legislative and institutional changes. In order to do this, we must first identify how this problem manifests itself and why it is such a cause of concern.” 

Dr Clydesdale explains that universities “play a leading role” in nurturing this destructive ideology, which is then transmitted to the media, education and other institutions. He outlines why the woke bias is so dangerous: from the corruption of knowledge – “I have met students coming out of teacher’s college who did not know that Maori were cannibals and took slaves, but they knew a long list of bad things that the colonial government had done”, to the refusal to publish research they disagree with.

He then goes on to suggest a number of initiatives that could be introduced to restore tolerance and the freedom of speech including, “Donors to Universities need to be aware of what is happening at the universities before they provide funds”.

This is particularly prescient given the Vice Chancellor of Otago University has just asked donors along with all alumni, students and staff to approve a new Maori name – Otakou Whakaihu Waka – and a Maori logo: “Universities around the world traditionally use a crest or coat of arms as their main logo, following European perspectives of identity, learning and knowledge. Our proposed new tohu has been designed to better reflect our desire to be Tiriti-led, and better reflect our special place and places in the world, in Oakou, Te Waipounamu, Aotearoa and the Pacific.”

With those responsible for defending Otago University having been captured by the woke brigade, the question is what can be done.

In this case, those eligible can speak their mind by completing the survey, while others can contact the University Council to express their views.

The ‘transformation’ of our tertiary institutions is shocking when one compares what they were like say 30 or 40 years ago, with what they have become today. They have well and truly been captured by political activists masquerading as academics.  

The mainstream media too has failed to expose the woke agenda for what it is. They have instead become part of the problem. Like the tertiary institutions they too have compromised what was a proud tradition of independence from political activism, and as a result, they too are suffering from a credibility crisis.

Aaron Ironside, a journalist and broadcaster with 25 years’ experience, explains what happened to him when he became the spokesman for the campaign against the legalisation of marijuana: “I will never forget the day I was announced as the Say Nope to Dope spokesperson. Within hours of the press release being sent to media, I received an anonymous call from a radio station where the announcer told me that if I intended to speak out against cannabis legalisation he would bring every power at his disposal to destroy me.”

The big question is what can be done to turn things around in New Zealand as a whole, since the extremism of the woke acolytes unleashed by Labour has become a danger to society.

With this in mind, it’s important not to forget that as a key Minister in Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet, with major portfolios including Education and the Public Service, Chris Hipkins was largely responsible for allowing this destructive woke agenda to be imposed onto the country.

As journalist Graham Adams explains, “Hipkins is aiming to pull off an ambitious ploy. Against reason, he is hoping to convince the public not only that his accession to the prime ministership represents a shift from ‘woke’ to ‘bloke’ but that he was an innocent bystander in Jacinda Ardern’s government…

“It beggars belief that anyone would fall for his double act in posing as both a political innocent and a simple Westie (‘I’m Just Chippy from the Hutt’) but our mainstream journalists appear to have. Certainly they do not seem keen to point out that Hipkins is an ideologue who has been radically reshaping New Zealand education policy alongside Ardern for years, without any explicit electoral mandate to do so… Even Blind Freddie could see that Hipkins’ legacy in that portfolio represents social engineering and ‘woke’ culture on a grand scale.”

And that’s the reality – Labour is the champion of woke, with an obsessive focus on identity politics and race. Under the watch of our new Prime Minister, New Zealand has been transformed into ‘woke’ society where anyone questioning any aspect of the Government’s social justice agenda is treated as an enemy and cancelled. And while the “Queen of woke” may be about to leave Parliament to presumably pursue opportunities in the woke industry abroad, unless major reform is introduced, very little is likely to change.

But Chris Hipkins is an astute political operator who’s determined to win the election. With a stage-managed persona and a disarmingly boyish demeanour, not only does he come across as down to earth, but he is cleverly positioning himself as the antithesis of woke – Chippy, the common man, versus Christopher, the corporate suit.

As New Zealanders become increasingly fed up with the woke agenda that Labour has imposed onto the country, Christopher Luxon is showing little sign of recognising the changing mood of the nation – as Karl du Fresne noted after hearing him being interviewed on Morning Report late last year: “It was profoundly depressing… He appears desperately eager to convince the media that he’s sympathetic to the woke agenda… Here was the leader of the country’s principal conservative party adopting the terminology of the woke Left in a pathetic attempt to persuade the public that he’s no right-wing ogre.”

Karl goes on to say, “Someone should explain to Luxon that every time he indulges in these appeasement games in an attempt to persuade the Left that he’s no threat – a strategy that won’t win him a single vote, since they won’t vote National anyway – he alienates more of the people whose support he should be seeking.”

Chris Hipkins is better attuned to voter sentiment. He knows that at a time when crime is escalating and the economy is tanking, middle New Zealand has little tolerance for woke.

That’s why he’s announced a $1 billion bonfire of unpopular woke policies, to enable his party ‘to better focus on bread and butter issues and the cost of living crisis’.

The policy cuts include the merger of RadioNZ and TVNZ, the social insurance scheme, the biofuels mandate, hate speech legislation, the planned lowering of speed limits around the country, the ‘clean’ car upgrade, a ‘clean car’ social leasing programme for low-income families, a used container refund programme, and alcohol reforms.

Some of these policies, of course, may not have actually been cancelled, but merely shelved until after the October election.

A clever tactic has been to associate these policy cuts with ‘sweeteners’ to take the focus away from what has been lost. The first ‘sweetener’ was the largest ever increase in the minimum wage of $1.50 an hour to $22.70 from April 1 – a measure estimated to cost employers over $280 million. And the second, worth $2 billion, involves the reversal of a 2019 Budget initiative that changed the indexation of welfare benefits and superannuation from inflation to the average wage, so that from 1 April payments will be switched back to increase in line with inflation

While Chris Hipkins hopes these initiatives will help the party retain the 400,000 swing voters who supported them into office in 2020, as yet, he has not revealed how he intends addressing some of the deeper problems facing the country – namely those caused by Labour’s He Puapua agenda to replace democracy with tribal rule through co-governance.

One key He Puapua initiative – the introduction of Maori control of health – is now having such a dire effect that some are warning the health system is on the verge of complete collapse.

Another policy area that experts have warned will end in disaster is Labour’s key He Puapua initiative to deliver control of water to Maori through the Three Waters reforms.

When Chris Hipkins finally announces his proposed changes to Three Waters, it will signal whether, like Jacinda Ardern he remains committed to tribal rule and an Apartheid regime for New Zealand, or whether he intends to restore democracy and equal rights.

Since we do not know how serious Chris Hipkins is about reversing He Puapua and other ideological policies, this would be an ideal time to let him and his colleagues know that the woke agenda his party has imposed onto our country is now out of control and must be reversed.

The contact details for all MPs can be found on the NZCPR’s ‘Have Your Say’ page HERE.

National also needs to be left in no doubt that New Zealanders deserve to know whether their Party will declare a war on woke and take a stand against insidious racism, intolerance, and vindictiveness, or whether they intend sitting on their hands and turning a blind eye.

The reality is that New Zealand needs a champion to save the country from the woke mess it is now in. Will Chris Hipkins or Christopher Luxon step up – or will it be someone else?

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Domination by ANY group should NOT be tolerated. We are all members of the human race and people should try their best to be tolerant to all. That does not mean that one may not dislike what others do. After all, we are all fallible and have freedom of choice. Elsie
Absolutely out of control at the present time unless National grow a pair, stand up and state what their policy is going to be. Warren
As an older person I am now firmly convinced that this beautiful country and way of life has almost expired. What a lame back of bastards we have become. This country is close to being stuffed ! One of the traits I most admire about the French is their ability to riot and the shake-up this country needs is what we saw in Paris this week. I don’t believe in violence and killing but very sadly this fair land now fins itself on the brink of a man made disaster. All the talking in the world is not going to solve this unbelievably dire situation. A civil war is becoming ever closer. So far this year I think I have only replied twice to these weekly letters because of the sheer pain of all this deception which is not conducive to good health. Good luck N.Z. John
YES, it’s way passed time to get rid of all this SHIT once and for all, how many time do we have to say ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAW, ONE GOVERNMENT. lets get back to the REAL problems of the country and move on and forget the SHIT. Listen to what Winston Peters says if he’s in the next government he will get rid of all Maori names of all government departments and places and co-governance in other words WOKE and all the SHIT that goes with it and i say good on you Winston. COLIN
I think it was in effect and helped by the Key government. Mr Luxon needs to come out strongly against this rubbish if he wants to form the next government. Hugh
Absolutely Valda
Absolute insanity. Driven by the CCP and the WEF, of which Adern is an active member, agenda to be world dominant Phil
I don’t trust the news anymore Tony
It is out of control and the entire country is sliding into an abyss. When we removed God and godly principles from government, law, schools etc we left a void that is now being filled by destructive ideology that our forefathers would never had imagined could happen in NZ. Marilyn
I don’t think it has. NZ has always had its share of smug virtuous zealots but it’s easy to ignore them or vote them out, or boycott their business. They also tend to discredit themselves very fast by exposing themselves as hypocrites. It’s more of an ongoing battle than a war. Paul
We have produced so many great people and created some of the world’s prominent creations now the Labour Government is trying to destroy us. Denis
it has lost all sense of reality and the future WILL be bleak for all Lynn
It is creating an apartheid system like it was in SA, everybody should have the same rights and duties, no exemption due to color of skin! There is only one race on this planet, humans! The rest is ….. Michael
I am at the age where I despair for my great grandchildren, I is too late almost (maybe) for adult grandchildren as they have been brainwashed. I try to tell them that MSM, corporate work place and their universities have taken them to an unhealthy and dangerous place losing all forms of opinion and freedom of speech. It is so very sad to see. I feel all democracy as we knew and my Dad fought for is being replaced with woke censorship. Rowena
But how can the ordinary person bring about change? Brian
NZ seems to have become a haven for these woke misfits under Ardern. They are dysfunctional and want help, but don’t want to be diagnosed or pathologized. Nobody owes them anything, and their demands are based on a sense of entitlement provided here. Mark
Time for a Guy Forks ? John
It’s gone way too far. Laurie
The world is in the most dangerous place since World War 2. China and Russia have teamed up with the worst Pres. that USA has ever had with a ‘pretend woke’ agenda to placate Biden’s left base. We have just had the worst PM here and Hipkins is no better. Cowardice is another word for woke Monica
Hell yes. We need a new broom to sweep parliament clean of these woke pollies. Im sick of these racist woke mongrels ruining N Z. Peter
The word tolerance has completely disappeared from our lexicon and substituted with intolerance and hordes of fractious nincompoops John
How is it that internal hospital directions to departments and wards are in bold Maori with small font below in the north island and English dominant in the South Island the way it should be! Russell
well over the top barry
There needs to be a better balance in your articles. Misusing the term “woke” does you no credit. Greg
The racist extremists are very close to achieving their goal of destroying the fabric of New Zealand society. They will then impose their tribal demands on the population. Already anyone standing up to this piffle is labelled a racist, even though it is the extremists who are racially motivated. Challenging times are ahead, and National seems not to have an answer. Seymour and Act try to highlight the issues but are either howled down or ignored by the mainstream media. Gavin
The ‘silent’ majority has been like the frog in the heating water and has, bit by bit, over time become actually silenced. Those few who do speak publicly against wokeism are immediately targeted and branded “far right” – as if being “far left” is somehow righteous and the opposite is evil. Francis
It didn’t exist pre-Jacinda ! (I had never even heard the term!) Laurie
This is so true. Dennis
The woke agenda in New Zealand has gone dangerously berserk! JC
It is a little strange to say it is “gone too far”, it is morally repugnant even at a minimum level. Murray
Whatever is “woke”, the NZ dictionary defines it as the past tense of “wake”, from a sleep? Like most of the news these days there is a new language evolving. It cannot be understood and interspersed with Maori which was an oral language until the English tried to make it also into a written one. Many Government Departments have become less functional since the Longe, Douglas, Prebble Government pulled them apart, like a child with a large jig saw and they have never been able to be efficiently put together again. Example, Education! Ray
People on this site appear to know the problem but it’s election year and it’s not the time to give up. We are not in a gulag yet! We gently need to nudge our busy friends, family and whanau to wake up to what is going on around them. Can I suggest you donate to the party that best reflects your liberal democratic values so they can better spread your message before the election. The next government, if we are to bring sanity to our future, will need to be very pragmatic to defund those woke departments and organisations so they can get back to the jobs and outcomes we expect them to do. Norman
We need to get rid of the stupid woke brigade and all the bullshit that goes with it. William
You ain’t seen nothing yet. Have you noticed how the lefties always seem to be making laws or fiddling with laws around non hetero sex and school arrangements vis a vis toiletting. non binary etc, etc.. There must be a lesson to be taken there by couple raising a family in this country or indeed any Western country. Also CRT (Crucial Race Theory). Hipkins and Labour have been trying to hide it but they are big on this. Of course Hipkins trained at the feet of our recent Marxist PM. Where do you think the fanciful co-governance for Maori comes from? That is 17% of the population having 50% of the say with vetos as well. Do you see anything democratic about that? Recommended reading War on the West and The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. The right should be orgainising themselves more effectively. Terry
it seems everybody with an opposite view has to be pigeon holed or categorized. seem like its fashionable to be offended john
unbelievable it has gone so far Stu
Any woke is too much, bloody idiots all of them! Ian
Labour has ruined this country with its woke attitude. If we get rid of them, we get rid of woke. Dianne
But I suspect that this movement will die out as more and more people come to realise what nonsense it is. Nicholas
While it has gone too far in the view of many, it may reflect the tide of opinion in our increasingly controlled and manipulated society. Peter
And we need to put a stop to it! Vaughan
absolutely! its bizzaar maryanne
Frighteningly far Lenice
They have planned this for over 40 years Anne
Absolutely Mark
Absolutely. Gone way too far out of line Norm
So over Nz I hate this country now lived here all my life and now ready to call it quits Jake
definitely David
Of course it has.I am no longer allowed to have an opinion that goes against the government. I am not allowed to argue that Maoris no longer exist or that LGBTQI whatever are wrong.What next. Peter
too far Mark
A world war, and a major depression would bring sanity back. Sven
Chippie may be more of an undercover marxist worse than Jacindarella truth always comes to the forefront sooner or later just hope not too late ?? Peter
Definitely no doubt about it. william
It’s not just NZ, it is happening throughout the Western world and I am soooo over it. Every day there is some new issue and we are told we need to change the way we think. Viv
They have already taken over NZ. Woke Labour and maori caucus we just don’t know the severity of it yet.we’ve been blind sided. Kevin
Once patriotic kiwi, no longer. David
We in NZ need strong leadership to hopefully return us to a democratic country again Allan
Maori is the dominant language on signs in hospitals and on passports Why when very few can read Maori David
As an immigrant from South Africa; and having made New Zealand my new home for almost 20 years now, I am deeply saddened and trouble by watching the same dire road of Apartheid being travelled on. I am saddened by the fact that for the first time I have to consider whether I want to stay here and watch the same demise of a once stable country and economy decline under the rule of people and/or people group placed in power, not on merit but ideology and race. Billy
This woke madness has gone way too far & will destroy NZ society as we know it , as already proving to do so Andrew
Definitely! Huge push by activists to control what people think and say. Restrict opinions if they don’t fit the untruths that are being forced on the population. Nigel
Yes! DemocracyNZ is the party that can repair the damage! Karly
Out of control. Woke equals mentally disturbed. They have been paid to emulate WOKE. As they say, go woke, go broke. A losers game!!! Neil
This is the tactics of Hitlers nazis Ian
We are governed by communists who treat us as fools. It seems that in the majority of cases they are correct. Witness the 2020 election result. Philip
Way too far it’s going to destroy this country Iain
Way, way too far and like many Kiwis, I’m sick to death of the whole woke scenario. Why are we afraid of these sick bastards, I am certainly not! John
Completely Janet
If people cannot be bothered to fill in the latest Census, then following WOKE tradition they will not understand what is happening to their democratic way of life, what its all about until too late. We are suffering clever fools gladly and it doesnt look good for us as a Nation now or in future .I support anyone who can bring about change in the election otherwise we are stuffed!!!!! Bev
Sick to the stomach of wokeness Donna
Democracy must be restored to New Zealand. It doesn’t exist now because typhoon Cindy has done her damage and now vacates the mess she has created. I have never known apartheid in New Zealand until Cindy came to power. Now Chris takes over from Cindy, but it’s the same sad game. I wish Luxon would make a more meaningful stand against the “Maoriization” of New Zealand as it’s quite a nice country to live in otherwise Mark
I loathe the word – why do people not call it what it is pure racism – like Chris Hipkins is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sheryl
They have already taken over NZ. Woke Labour and maori caucus we just don’t know the severity of it yet.we’ve been blind sided. Kevin
We now sadly live in a woke house and my 5 year old grand daughter was told by the local Hunderwasser Art Centre- the Union Jack does not belong in our flag!!! Unbelievable tony
Like all the Labour policies, we are being driven down paths we do not agree with. Hou8 to reverse this ??????? Douglas
We believe we will need ACT and/or the NZ First party to bring some sense to this problem. Ralph & Lauree
Absolutely yes ! Joan
Wokeness is a weapon used by astute influencers to effectively silence their detractors. John
As with everything that the Prime Minister touches he is hell belt on centralizing control under his eye and the Labour Government’s direction. Remember that although Ardern was the top dog it was Hipkins who did the dirty work of administering the introduction of 5 Waters, the RMA, and Co Governance. He comes across now as the chatty, friendly politician but under all that he is still quietly pushing on with the introduction of the new RMA, which has worse effects than 5 Waters had in the way of setting up the Maori Committee to control all aspects of the issue of building permits and any local resource consents changes which used to be done by your City Council. Permit issue will be slower and anything the Maori committee dislikes will be refused a permit. This underhand secrecy has been kept under wraps so far but needs to be widely proclaimed as a more serious removal of democracy by the Government in that there will be no right of appeal to this Committee. Get rid of this anti democratic Labour Government and send the Treaty with it. It is completely out of date and has no relevance to today’s World. CHRIS
To continue pushing a Woke culture and agenda is to destroy all truth and New Zealand. Greg
Way too far! Dick
It is now under every plate or dish you receive Labour Party Wokeness Warren
Our grandchildren as a consequence are going to have to move to Australia to have a reasonable future. Bruce
We are at war… CIVIL WAR that (like all wars is NOT CIVIL) P Peter
Very disturbing what’s happening to democracy in New Zealand and world wide Brenda
Absolutely disgusting what has been taught and presented at our schools throughout New Zealand. Wayne
As Muriel Has written. June
Without a doubt, gone over the edge. Sam
It is madness. A western world madness. Alison
Absolutely too far. Especially the media both written and TV News reporters and editore Anon
We all have our own ideas of what is fair and not fair BUT any need to take a step back and look at what they are doing. We need to be working for the common good not tribal or select interest groups Alan
Wokeness is an absolute disgrace. A slap in the face to logic and common sense. An indictment of the evil deceit which drives socialism. richard
Scrap any such legislation that divides a nation on racism, or sexual agendas. God Defend New Zealand. Enough tribalism given Maori is a minor part of populus within NZ whilst trying to make a mockery of Democratic freedom freedom. Bruce
Unfortunately, however, I see no member of the major parties with enough ‘mongrel’ to come out as a strong personality and take control of the problem! Michael
Yes the woke agenda is dangerously close to achieving their goal. It must be stopped. We New Zealanders must stand up to it, in all its forms where it touches our lives & say Enough!. Start by protecting our children, who are being brainwashed & indoctrinated. Parents don%u2019t let them have your childrens minds. We need to tackle to Ministry of Education. Remove all of the woke propaganda from our schools. Take away the CRT. The Gender Ideaology & start teaching accurate history. Stop rewriting childrens stories that don%u2019t fit the woke agenda. Get back to the basics of numeracy & literacy. When they can master English with proficiency, then give them the option to learn a second language, be it Te Reo, French, Spanish or Mandarin. Take politics out of schools. Our children need to know how hard their fore fathers fought for the freedoms we are so close to losing. We need to expel the Woke activists from our Universities. In government we need to keep our freedom. Start by identifying any who are Klaus Schwab%u2019s WEF supporters, get them to publicly explain what their true motives & agendas are. Based on that. I’m sure most New Zealanders would want them out. Right now I don’t see either Chippy Or Luxon being the Leader we need. If we don’t have Freedom, the rest is lost anyway. Hannan
The energy needs to be redirected to solving the present day problems not causing a waste of both talent and energy digging up the past. Brian
This philosophy, “woke” is being corrupted in NZ to ensure that we come under tribal rule by the maori ‘elite’. We will then become a basket case, a pariah nation on the lines of Zimbabwe. Who will become the Robert Mugabe of the South Pacific? Will it be Chippy Hipkins, or more likely Willy Jackson? If you prefer to live under democracy, then vote with your head at the next election. It may well be the last time you have the opportunity. Remember Mugabe – “One man, one vote, one time!” TOBY
Way too far! Albert
most definitely John
Far too far. Your comments are an excellent exposition of wokeness, | I’m by definiition a woke stale male with 8 children. Tribalism in NZ must be suppressed. The Treaty is not modifiable. There is a price for acceptancing the Crown’s protection from cannablism for utu. We have paid sufficient also retrospectively in extras. Kevin
Alas we New Zealanders are coverd by the ‘Cloak of Woke ‘ John
This Woke Agenda will keep going until they are all voted OUT. As this is all part of the WEF Narrative for a one World Government. Geoff
I’m 70yrs old and a 4th generation kiwi, this madness has got to stop Colin
It is time to return to democracy for New Zealand. William
No doubt about it. Schools and University’s and Corporations. Get rid of it ! Mike
Way too far. David
This insidious creep has paralyzed our public sector (national & local body governance, health, education to name a few) and is now seriously affecting our private sector. It has to stop. Laurence
I am afraid to speak out or to publish a letter in a paper for fear of recrimination . arthur
Not only in New Zealand but everywhere. Elaine
The marxofascists are advancing. We need to get a counteroffensive underway. Barend
Go Woke, go broke & NZ has most certainly been broken by the hideous allegiance between the wacky Greens, Toxic maori radicals & the communistic Labour John
The country of my birth is unrecognisable. History should not be fiction and children should not be fed division as a daily diet. Put food in schools not propaganda. Christina
This agenda has been pushed upon NZ, just like everything else connected to it, from the ideology of the fascist WEF and the globalist criminals who want to destroy the whole planet and rule it. This must end !!! We want our democracy back, the voice of the people!!! Politicians behave like they OWN us and this country!!! ADRIANA
It is dividing the nation and creating a political elite who want to control our lives and activities and finances. It is destroying our education system and the future generation. John
Go Woke, Go Broke. Colin
It needs to stop now. Laurel
200% too far. Bryan
100% YES trish B
“woke’ represdents the opposite of it’s original meaning Mark
Woke is ridiculas Michael
Woke culture has gone way to far, forget about universities, it’s crept into all levels of education! I drove past Bulls Primary school today and the front of the school is plastered with the word ‘pride’ in rainbow colours. Indoctrinating young minds into the idea of the gay world. Maybe they’ll want to change their sex, the census people would really like to know how the propaganda is working! As for expecting National and Luxon to change woke culture, forget it! Luxon is a closet Labour supporter, he and Mallard coordinated police brutality on legitimate protesters at parliament. Ask yourself , why would he give up a multi-million dollar job at Air NZ, to do a petty cash job for National, if it isn’t to continue some woke agenda for the puppet master, who has a folder on him! peter
Let%u2019s hope Winstone Peters and NZF makes a meaningful impression on the votors Stan
It shouldn’t of been allowed to exist in the first place ash
Instigated by labour’s Red Queen who has done a bailing act. That party lies twists nad is dishonest in its presentations towards Every New Zealander. They have more destructive plans in motion. Enough and Out Out: mike
We need to wake not be woke. Hipkins and unfortunately Luxon have forgotten that we are becoming a tribal society ie. a socialist third world country Pauline
I hate woke. Josie
It has gone way beyond silly to catastrophic Geoffrey
It is early days but something troublesome is afoot – we MUST remain alert and expose the “woke” agenda before it is too late. Neil
The bible talks to the 7 deadly sins, which now should be recast as 8 as IMHO wokeness is the deadly sin of modern times. Gavin
As new Zealand s we have had no say in all theses changes Health is going back wards where is the money gone ?? Lynne
Yes its gone too far; but can you see anyone/politician that’s capable of stopping it? like an alcoholic, the country will hit rock bottom before people realize ignoring a problem does not make it go away. Too many self serving public servants are in power and benefiting from tax payers and cannot see the cliff edge. The media have taken the silver in exchange for loyalty to their country and the democratic process. God will not help us, they threw him out and filled the vacuum with maori superstition and creed. Sam
Not only NZ. whole western world Dave
way to far Both Chrisses are utterly useless. Peter
Not just the politicos but more especially in our universities Ian.
After watching the news tonight and see that idiot green bunch rave on with all their woke crap, make all of us of a certain senior age shake our heads and think that with chippy & greens & the hori mob get in our young people will end up as zombies because their teachers are already in that category with the rubbish they push through and the media sprouting this grunt language this govt is forcing onto us means common sense is disappearing faster than you can say New Zealand Richard
We are in the midst of a totalitarian Marxist toxic environment It is Concerning also that JArdern May be diverted to influence stopping freedom of speech from a global perspective channelled through Chris Hipkins. Appartied inducing laws still being tabled behind the labour front eg resource mgt etc. education in schools? Real Estate agents requiring Maori/ treaty training.. where will our property end up.. you’ll own nothing and be happy!!! Maree
I have to have a license from the plumbers,gas fitters & drain layers board to work.They have now started to ask what gender and ethnic group you belong to. WHY what has this rubbish got to do with being a tradesman. Mike
Yes, it has gone way too far! I refuse to have anything to do with any business, media or anything else, that shoves woke down my throat. It has got to stop! Heather
It is out of control. Woke -ness is a vaccination with the stupid needle. Legislation is the only way to curb just rubbish, the people must be awoken to the truth in freedom and choice. George
Wayyy too far Carol
Of course it has! Look at most of our towns and cities. Originally named by settlers who formed their own communities with names they chose or were familiar with, these hamlets grew with increasing population growth to become villages, then towns and then cities. The woke media have now bowed down to Maori and provide a Maori name which should not exist without a referendum. I suggest that the Maori names appended are a ‘regional’ area of tribal interest going way back before Europeans arrived, How would Maori like their marae’s to be given a European name when used by the media comentators? Vic
Gone too far, its screwed up rational thinking. Who mentioned factual accuracy Give that man a beer. If the NZ public think Hipkins has the answers,look to the brush he is tarred with, and think again. The only way forward is to remove all inaccurate history from the school curriculum and that is not just restricted to race. Remove all reference to race from the statute books Equality is not driven by favours to one race or any race for that matter. Nor is nepotism Who will stand up and take the lead. Luxon is not listening or is he His speech at Waitangi was a step in the right direction But he needs to follow up with an action plan to eliminate race from the statute books and put the treaty of Waitangi to bed once and for all. David and Chris really should get together over a cup of tea And take this country away from the undemocratic divide that clouds NZ society today Bruce
It has gone far far too far. And far too many teachers are using their position to promote the WOKE ideology. These teachers have been introduced to WOKENE at Uni and training college, and now truly believe that what they are now passing on is the right thing to do. I know a number of woke teachers, and I know their parents and in some cased grandparents who are horrified at their attitudes and beliefs But there can be no discussion or tolerance with them. They are right and that is that. Will
Time to publish a Woke Daily of short pieces on the latest woke happenings. Tony
It’s about time Luxon showed leadership, instead of trying to be Mr Nice guy in public, he’s never going to get anywhere with the press, who know that when the 50 million is gone so are they, and that can’t come soon enough. As for Hipkins, a loathsome little creature there ever was, made in the same mold as ardern, not an original thought enters their tiny brains, it’s always orders from the top, the sooner the pair of them are gone, the better the country will be, they won’t be missed. As for the Maori Elite, they got there on the White mans money, now they are trying to kill the golden goose, pathetic! in my opinion. Merryl
NZ is floundering in an APARTHEID induced mess. Geoff
One glaring example of wokeness in action was at Auckland University. Seven highly respected scientists were lambasted and derided by other so-called academics for daring to voice the opinion that Maori science was not true science. One of the seven felt obliged to resign. This type of politically-correct filth was encouraged and flourished under Ardern. It will be no different under Hipkins. Doug
We need a completely new party of commonsense to emerge. National have swung left as labour swung to the extreme right. We need a true Centre right coalition to emerge who are no scared to tell the truth. Michael
This is the most damaging ideology we have sweeping the world today. It is destroying families and lives and nations. It has not just gone too far,we don’t want any of it! Colin
National will not get my vote unless they stand up for ordinary kiwis and reject all woke policy and racial elitism John
Where did that come from ! David
Yes, the woke agenda has gone much too far Peter
Absolutely. It’s been aided and abetted by a news media that has been cunningly bought by this government’s journalism fund (under the guise of Covid funding) which, to be a recipient of this fund, they have to agree to push the Labour Party’s “woke” agenda. It’s all thoroughly underhand and dishonest. Don’t forget that Hipkins was very much a part of that. Laurence
Definitely. It’s against Dame Whina Cooper’s vision for New Zealand which was going forward as a multicultural nation Diane
Woke need deporting Colin
Just “yes” Michael
Woke agenda is simply different terminology, for exactly the same Ogre. That is; extreme Socialism, driven by the World Economic forum, who have both Labour & National in their pockets. If ALL current National voters abandoned ship & voted ACT, with another 6% voting New Conservative, this once great country would have a chance of retaining a democratic society. If voting remains as it is, we will very shortly become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. A.G.R.
my definition of woke would be…..awake from slumber” mary
Its about NZ grew up and all started pulling in the same direction instead of the racial divide that seems to be emerging neil
Absolutely too far Simonne
Our country was built as a meritocracy, now it is being destroyed by wokism. Russell
Of course it has gone way to far. Only complete idiots would think otherwise. The entire Labour Government are those very idiots and Hipkins is in the very thick of it. Sadly New Zealand is also full of complete losers, takers and those who dont appear to have a brain in there heads. Maori seem to be well entrenched in the above group. God help New Zealand if they are given any powers and control whatsoever. Des
blame ourselves continually voting swinging doors of the 2 wings of the same bird. Wayne
It has gone so far that my wife & I will seriously consider leaving New Zealand, my home for over 60 years, if Labour gets back in. John
Go Woke….Go Broke…..& that’s exactly where our country called New Zealand has gone…BROKE…! The Woke Agenda has gone FAR to FAR…! This is in Lockstep with a Global movement where the Lefties are attempting to take over using deceitful, deceptive ways of using “Divide & Conquer” ideologies to bring down all countries as part of this so called RESET…I can’t bring myself to use the word great with reset…! I just wonder where our world is heading with SO many aspects of what life was like 30 – 40 years ago, the world has gone completely crazy! Bruza
Way too far, must be stopped NOW! Pam
Luxon is just as much of the problem as the loony left. The clock is ticking National they need to get it right before this country is unfortunately lost forever Ken
Woke proposers should be institutionalised chris
Kiwi Wokeness is like a highly contagious disabling disease. It seems to infect most that come into contact with it. The few ‘Thinkers’ remaining will have a significant challenge to return New Zealand to a fair and equal opportunity country. David
There are already too many organisations and companies that are becoming bogged down by the adoption of unproductive wokeness. NZ inc needs to get up and be more economically efficient. Richard
Speechless!! RICHard
Far too far! Ron
When you hear activists demand equity, what they’re really saying is that our basic value of equality, where the rules should apply equally to everyone, regardless of race, is actually racist! Why? Because they say equality of opportunity doesn’t always produce equality of results. Of course it doesn’t. But they conveniently ignore the opportunity that is implicit. Their solution is equity, where they attempt to achieve equality of results through, what has been dubbed ‘positive discrimination’. John
Radical changes are unrealistic and anti democratic Peter
Far too far! The only political opposition is coming from Act. If Mr Luxon wants to get National into Government he needs to firmly stand against all the Woke ideas coming from Labour, remove political agendas from Education AND change all Government department names back to English. Bruce
National must stand against this agenda, and not be concerned by the racist dog whistle abuse. More voters would support than oppose them for that stand. Colin
Way too far. I fear it may never be reversed. Penelope
Yes Woke ness certainly has gone way too far and needs to be recoiled and eliminated forth with Jeffrey
Political Research= Paranoia? John
Ridiculous government overreach and the country is being paralysed by the adoption of so many policies sharon
A concert last saturday night for the public in Rotorua, saw a ban on alcohol except for the Tribal elite who were gifted an open bar courtsey of the rate payers. Then a councillor says ‘come on whanau, fill in the census, that’s how we get funding’. It was a begging bowl, insulting and offensive. Most people had left before it was over. Rotoura really needs help. Ngarene
Quite obvious really Bruce
This is frightening, it must be reversed. Keith
Far too far. we need to cancel wokeness full stop. Rhys
There is only one ultimate solution – A quote from Michael Cassidy’s book, Inherit the Wind, sums this up well and I believe that it applies to every single aspect of our life (and its entitled)  The moral nature of the universe. John 1: 1-3, Romans 11:36 and Colossians 1: 16 & 17 tell us that Jesus is both the Agent and goal of Creation. The great socio-political implication of this is obvious. Because the universe has Jesus’ stamp on it, both governments and governed must realise that, for life to work, whether private, marital, social or political, the game must be played Jesus’ way! 1. This means that the universe is His and His stamp is upon it. 2. It means that His laws %u2013 scientific, social, personal, psychological and moral %u2013 are operative throughout. 3. It means that, if we want life and the universe to cooperate with us, we must play the game His way. If we do, life and the universe cooperate with us. Things work. 4. It means that if we do not go the Jesus way at every level of life – whether personal, marital or political – then life and the universe do not cooperate with us. We lose their backing and, instead of producing that which is intergrative, we produce that which is disintergrative. Thus, for example, a teenager (or anyone) violating the laws of sex is not breaking the laws, but illustrating them when he or she becomes fragmented. Likewise, a politician who violates Jesus’ corporate and social laws (e.g. Do to and for others as you would have them do to you – and Love your neighbour as yourself) will find, not that they are breaking the law, but that the laws are breaking them and the society around them. 5. It does not mean that a thing is wrong simply because the Bible says so, (as if it were something arbitrary) but rather, the Bible says a thing is wrong because it doesn’t work. It is not in accord with the moral fabric of the universe. In other words, biblical morality (whether personal, social or political) is not an imposed morality, but rather an exposed morality. The Bible simply exposes the morality which is there (because Jesus created it that way and the Bible is His Manufacturer’s Handbook) and it says, If you want life to work, do it this way. It is like finding the direction of grain on a piece of wood so that one may plane it correctly. The plane works when it follows the grain which is there. Likewise, if by faulty policy we go against the moral grain of the universe, the policy will just not work. Ian
What NZ needs is strong political leaders who will reverse the decisions of Labour and the Greens.The new government will have a gigantic task ahead of them, but it is achievable. They must reverse the education systems from pre-school right through to the university ensuring that they only teach the basics like Maths, English,History,Reading and Science. Children should be encouraged to study towards Trade and Academic Achievement. Schools and Universities should be banned from social engineering. Steve
As a middle-aged white male I’m in the crosshairs of the woke and have been for some time. I’m entirely sick of it and am now fighting back against them and their racist bullies in Government. It’s unfortunate that Luxon is so tone deaf to what’s happening. Neville Chamberlain seems to be his role-model and that didn’t work out so great for the world. John
Definitely, it’s a real concern Graeme
Why can’t we get back to basics – honesty and respect. Ross
It is a disaster in the making Colin
Labour’s legacy David
Why is it so difficult for politicians to be honest and respect the one vote per adult NZ citizen? Mike
Far too far. Apparently you can recite white hatred poetry and it isn’t racist. Wondercwhatvwould happen if someone wrote a poem about knitting black pigs? Jana 
Totally. A large number of NZ are sitting back and going with the flow. Luxon is distressing in his pathetic stand Bev
Has gone too far……. it’s out of sight !!! Raewyn
its a ridiculous concept, i cant beleive white collar idiots are buying in to it, I beleive each to their own but stop pushing these ridiculous ideals ont our younger generation. They are getting more and more confused. I believe confused kids commit suicide Vanessa
it went too far a long long time ago. Unfortunately Luxon is as woke as the lefties, Seymour abandoned his govern for all stance when he signed the cross party agreement to not meet with the freedom protestors so it’s Matt King all the way for me Alastair
Yes it has and just like the Dutch Farmers have shown there is a way back. In holland the farmers elected a new party that stood for them and now they have control of Dutch Politics. So the woke left has been defeated and SO IT MUST BE HERE COOKIE
If we continue down this woke path NZ will end up on the scrap heap just like South Africa; a country torn apart by racism and cronyism and tribalism. Graeme
Yes , far to far STAN
Absolutely! Barrie
Lets get rid of this woke group and get this country back to where it was. Only trouble is that we do not have a leader with guts Tom
This has really got out of hand and I will not vote for a party that hasn’t committed to reversing this trend. Ron
Unless Luxon wakes up to what is going on around him we don’t have a chance of getting rid of this disgusting govt. Thankfully, we have David Seymour who must keep on showing them up for what they really are. Elizabeth
The awoke attitude being forced on NZ will, and is already destroying this country. Luxon needs to listen to what the people want to hear and step up smartly…unfortunately I fear it is too late for National and their scarcity of policies…. Robyn
Of course, it is the biggest threat to the stability and future advancement of New Zealand Terry
It is time the silent majority woke up to what is gong on. Peter
Way, way too far. We are so divided now. We can’t speak the truth in case someone has hurt feelings. The Treaty should have been sorted out and over. I believe people get by on their merit no matter their colour or creed, not because they are Maori. This is very bad for NZ. I for one wont be voting Labour Kerin
WE need to act now and destroy this disease. John
With out a doubt Bob
Far to far Ian
Way too far Trish
Yes far to far and the only party that will address it is Act. I have voted National all my life but not next time. John M
Without a doubt. the situation must be remedied now by Christopher Loxon. David
Not just too far, but farrrr too far. Tim
Just the sheer cost alone of renaming places, railway stations schools & universities etc. and for what? Peter
complete madness terry
It has created unwanted division within NZ. Ian
This Labour government is dangerous for New Zealand Democracy. Shaun
It went too far about 15 years ago and gas got progressively worse. Our lives are now controlled by radical fringes who shut down mainstream thought or activities in the same way that authoritarian regimes always have. Sad that we have allowed it to happen. Frank
absolutely, not sure how you undo it tho… mike
Woke is communist poison and oppression. It is a weapon of foul Marxists to destroy society. John
As an over 60’s european woman, I couldn’t find my way around Hastings Hospital to get to the fracture clinic – I didn’t take my reading glasses and all the signs were in Maori, with small font English underneath. When I was directed there, in the cubicle next to me (separated by open curtain) was a nice Maori chap. We had some friends in common. I was on ACC with my knee, he had been sent with arthritic knee to the clinic. The (South African) specialist saw the Maori chap first so I could hear everything. Yes, arthritis, he got a full conversation about his knee, then told that if he has arthritis in his knee, he probably has it in his hip so he was sent off for an x-ray to see if they could do a ‘two at once’. The Maori chap was overweight and probably ten years younger than I am. The specialist then walked into me, stood at the front of the cubicle (not coming in – this was obviously predetermined) and said “you’ve got garden variety arthritis – there’s nothing to be done” and I was sent on my way without a conversation about my knee and no hope of any resolve to a dislocated knee and meniscus tear that had left me on crutches for six weeks…apparently as the specialist said, “caused by arthritis”. I also have arthritic hips that have not been x-rayed. Meg
He Puapua is for ‘indigenous’ people: Maori are NOT indigenous !! Michael
The cancellation of differing ideas defeats free speech and debate. The white,, heterosexual, middle aged male is now the most discriminated sector of NZ society. Penina
Way too far. National mp s need to be collectively receptive to fair justice, but denounce woke extremism and devisive race based policies Willy
And not only does it continue, but it will get worse under Labour. Bob
Don’t like it and will not be a part of it. Neil
United we stand..divided we fall! Denise
Its out of control. Its sickening that the majority of New Zealanders are being bullied by minority groups whom are not satisfied with being legally accepted in society but want to force everyone else to pat their heads and appease their ego’s. They j need to get off their high horses and fit into society like everyone else. Its almost like being heterosexual or fair skinned is a crime. Peter
Way too far – a modern version of “divide and conquer” so beloved by the Marxist WEF. If allowed to continue unchecked it will ultimately destroy us. “Woke” is no joke! Scott
This country is accelerating rapidly on a highway to hell. I’d leave it if I were 40 years younger. Allan
Absolutely the woke agenda has gone too far. This started in 1975 under Norman Kirk and matthew Rata. Now is the time to change the agenda if New Zealand is to be saved from third world status. Chris
I listen to all the woke BS spouted around me and think how can you be so dumb. Last year I had a conversation with a teacher about the treaty of Waitangi and had to correct her about the facts – to her credit she did her research and came back and apologised Ihaia
It must be stopped , whatever the cost Bruce
I think alot of people are creating alot of crisis where crisis does not exist. Important aspects of society like the education of our children appears to be more about indoctrinating them and forcing upon them disinformation about themselves their ancestry and the world they live in. Science, once the pillar that underpinned our understanding of the world and our place in it is now regarded as untrue if it does not meet the narrative. Anyone who dares question the current beliefs is called a deniar, a racist, etc. It is becoming increasingly obvious that if you do not subscibe to the woke agenda you will be identified and punished. Come on Mr Luxon start providing the sort of opposition that Act is providing. Rob
Its criminal and sending NZ to third world status and in time to Civil unrest. Tony
I was very angry about this happening in NZ. Now at 65 I sit back and laugh at my own broader family members for their absolute stupidity to indulge in this concept. I believe the left and the Maori elite are coming in for a hard landing with reality. Lies can only take you so far and the good nature of the majority does not last forever. Mike
We need an army of Anti Wokers in every town and city in NEW ZEALAND. How do we do this? Gerald
It is an agenda being pushed by W.E.F to divide families even more. Monica
I t is obvious that Chris Luxon is not prepared to do anything about it so New Zealand as we knew it is gone. “Bring back Muldoon.” Roger
please will someone restore commonsense in this country Erin
I am all for one vote each and a nation built together with both Maori and us so that we can be an us and get rid of all this stupid Maori puch by certain people. Barbara
Time to clean the cupboards. Our society is collapsing Jeff
It is out of control iw fear for the future of this small nation Toni
Its resulting in a society, to quote George Orwell, where “all pigs are equal but some are more equal than others”, the Elites in New Zealand. Frank
Gone to far does not describe it,this labour government should all be detained under the mental health act. Kevin
Much too far. Ken
Vey difficult to reverse as they have “mind @#$#” several generations through the education system ??????? Trish
Most definately. Great article. John
This is just the start of de_colonisation and permanent Maori tribal Co-Government (forget governance). Phil
Changing all our names utilities is totally unacceptable as is the fact that Maori names come before those in English. Sue
Absolutely!!! I am 50 years old, never before have I felt so out of place in my own country. People need to start waking up and speaking out. Janine
Too much damage has been done, and the seed is well implanted in our education system it will take radical change to bring us back Fiona
It’s outrageous what is happening in this country! Craig
its a different country and in the space of 3 years- sad John
Way too far . Especially 3 waters. Kevin
We are falling fast into communism in NZ! I don’t recognize this country as the same one I grew up in! We must fight this or future generations will suffer oppression! lisa
It’s past time someone had the balls to actually say what the opposition stands for and will because as things stand Labour will be in again god help you all because I’ll be gone living in a better country Peter
People need to think for them self’s. Don’t believe what you read in msm John
1000pc Evans
WOKE proponents, in all matters…Will Only Know Emotion (completely dismissing facts and our formational wisdom ). James
Good insight and Chippie has shelved woke agenda issues. Your analysis is spot on john
If the roots are evil then the tree is evil. Audrey
It certainly has and national need to quickly revoke the policies that labour cunningly proposes Sidwell
Total bias in every opinion toward liberal as opposed to conservative Doris
Way to far! Adrian
under labour ; the woke agenda , has ruined the country in numerous ways , and will take many years to remedy , IF ever . Roy
Lunatics running the asylum promoting an ideology that is the antithesis of Western values and democracy. Bernie
We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended. Tony
Zimbabwe, here we come! Coral
There is no way back as kids indoctrinated from years in school. So I am, leaving permanently in a few months a country where I will be a minority in thought Mark
It has gone beyond merely “too far”, but there’s a long way to go before the direction of travel changes. These people will be content with nothing less than revolution. Greg
A ban on woke ideology is a must if democracy is to survive indigenous advancement Norman
Far too FAR !!!!!!! Gordon
Far to much of this propaganda BS going on Alan
Woke Culture is a culture hiding from the truth. David
The whole NZ education system has been hijacked by the purveyors of woke propaganda and false histories to become the driver of wokeism in New Zealand Dennis
It is destroying Free Speech and democracy. Ross
Be awake to Woke Bryan
We must as a Country denounce all these insane Policys of Labour and flush their six years of destruction down the drain. Noel
Democracy is being phased out and ethnocracy is being imposed on New Zealand Geoff
Hell yes Norm
Gone to far would be an understatement the red witch has to be the worst prime minister NZ has ever seen. The replacement is no better a very slippery operator. Sleep with dogs you catch flees. This lot has to go and take their Maori friends with them. Wake up NZ the priority is the get Labour and Maori out of government ASAP Jeff
Woke agenda and Zero Carbon, both are taking us on the wrong trail. I also reject the Maorification of everything as I do not wish to be guided in life by adherents to te Ao Maori. Time for a real politician to stand up. Peter
Woke and all this PC nonsense has gone way too far. I remember NZ the way it was back in the 1960’s and 1970’s and I could never have dreamed it would come to this. I have been saying for years PC is way out of control and it is so heartening to hear Dr Newman explaining woke in laymans terms so we can all understand it and get a grasp of where it all came from in the first place. I am so concerned that Labour and the PC brigade will get back in next election. Winston does not seem to believe in woke but I’m afraid if I vote for him he will become the Turn Coat once again. I no longer even know who to vote for in this country. I am lost, I would step back into the 6o’s and 70’s like a shot if I could. Paul
It had gone too far some time ago. New Zealand is, in reality, in dire straits, from a number of angles. There is an old saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.” I have yet to see that refuted. New Zealand, now more than ever, needs to stand united against some of the problems the rest of the world is going through( financial problems, wars,food supply issues). If we don’t act now, we will never recover from our failure and will simply become the banana republic of the south pacific, where those who still have something, will be expected to provide for those with nothing but a sense of entitlement. Nobody wins under that scenario. Trevor
Treason. Dave
YES I DO but I dought Luxon will change things-it was National thats the one who gave into maori & started ALL this wokeness,,I believe the ONLY one with GUTS is David Seymour he, has made it VERY clear ALL race policies will be removed & ALL things that maori have changed put back as we are ALL EQUAL & its the public NOT politicians that can change laws if they object to them.He seems the ONLY politician with common sense & who will stick up for N.Zealanders. Cindy
Yes it has gone too far but fear not , we are the resistance! John
Totally out of control Bev
Far too far, how we will get it back to the NZ not Aotearoa that we once knew I don’t know, but ACT seems to be the only party talking the right way. Andrew
The disgraceful TVNZ and its newspaper sidekicks are a propaganda tool for the woke government and its working, look at the polls !! we , the opposition have only the internet to counter this propoganda. Howard
The current govt has been following a Neo-Marxism agenda. The country is more divided than every before. It is all about control. Anne Reid
Way too far. National needs to get it “a” into “g” now. It may be too late already. Martin
The woke Govt agenda has divided the country. We are no longer a team of 5 million. Even the census promotion suggests that whites have been cancelled. John
Yes, it is a big negative factor in New Zealand and permeates our whole society Frank
Too far???????????? It has been rammed down our throats and imposed on us at every turn. Democracy has all but disappeared. If Luxon doesn’t wake up he will be woked out of politics. If he loses this election New Zealand will punish him severely. He will leave for Australia or anywhere away from NZ. What a disgrace, he must see or doesn’t want to see what He puapua is doing to this country. He has to put the He puapua tactics out in the open and keep hammering it right up to election day. He needs this country to believe that democracy will be history if the electors continue to support the Labour party. He will be labelled as Racist by pushing the He puapua card but that is the message NZ needs to hear every day right up to election day. If New Zealand don’t want to be subject to tribal rule they will get in behind him. Willy Jackson said ” He puapua is not the plan” but there’s no doubt that it is. It is already being implemented big time. terrence
The ‘woke’ are destroying our country. I fear for my grandchildren’s future. Judith
Beyond reason and now madness driven by elite with an agenda taking with them the bureaucratic idiots going along for the ride between tea breaks and free biscuits in halls of bureaucratic employment which has to be strongly challenged Richard
Way, way too far! But not a peep in opposition from Luxon and National. He Poo Poo, 30 pieces of silver to muzzle the media, Critical Race Theory brainwashing in schools – all must go! David
I’m 100% in favor of carrying out an investigation into the excess deaths in NZ since the mRNA injection was introduced to the NZ public. Don
Yes it has gone beyond good and evil. And it will eventually collapse in itself because all this woke crap is in itself nothing more than a unnatural brainfart of some otherworldly extremists.( like communism is just a irrealistic and dangerous brainfart and totally unnnatural) The problem at this time is that the general populace in their gullibility and – to some degree stupidity- has become a far more dangerous enemy to us normal folks than these woke morons. They are helping and allowing this woke stuff to be weaponized. Michael
Unbelievable it’s got this bad so fast Grace
Much, much too far! It permeates each and every corner of once great country and saps at the very heart of it. This coming election is the turning point – or not! Rger
And Luxon will be no better. This country is f…ed Russ
I am so offended at being called a Ciswoman and about the woke idealogy indoctrination happening in school. I find it is an attack on women and girls and is trying to remove our rights and then label as with nasty names for standing up for our rights. You cannot erase Women, and mothers and turn us into chest feeders and people who give birth.i am so offended by all of these new references to who i am. Ana
Without a doubt. Grahame
Everywhere you turn the Maori takeover is well embedded health, Education, police, local and central govt. Labour has to go., Act only party sticking up for the rest of us. Allan
Democracy has been replaced by apartheid and tribal rule. I am so glad I do not have children at school being brainwashed. Diana
Wokeness must stop. It is divisive and spreads disinformation. jill
We need to take our fight to another level Warren david
Alarmingly so, alarmingly fast, and so much, without any consultation with the people, bordering on subterfuge. Christine
It is high time we stamped it out Frank
we need to go back to a society where everyone is EQUAL- no preference for those with a brown tint Les W
It’s becoming a religion with its adherence forced upon society. It is the blind leading the blind till they all fall off a cliff. A disease of the mind for the brainwashed masses. Kevin
Far too far%. Luxon needs to wake up. National will be taken over by ACT Heather
Definitely utter rubbish Barbara
The worst thing about Woke is that it is rooted in confusion, lies at worst mistruth at best – but delivers a huge lack of considered WISDOM in people. – maurice
The woke agenda as actually broken apart my own family. Proven, verifiable facts are beaten down with opinion based on nothing more than … opinion, an idea copied from someone they like. The media fund is fuelling this nonsense using our own taxes to lie to us, this is not my opinion, it is LAW – read the media fund legislation. I once wondered what it must be like in the USSR with only government propaganda on TV, now I know, but today it is worse, the media fund has flooded the internet with lies also, by way of Stuff, nzherald, newshub… they are all taking the money and following the Labour/Maori/Green agenda. I doubt if we can even have a fair election, when all the mainstream media is in the pocket of the current parties.. Trevor
NZ is so close to being a full blown Apartheid country. Trevor
I feel we are teetering on the edge of an Abyss as a Nation I was once proud to be a member of. Brian
This government is socially engineering a society that cannot function happily. The daft mish mash of woke agendas smashing our cultural fabric and it’s future must not be accepted. Force is not the way to educate people. susan
What is concerning that many people are accepting the woke situation and feel powerless to change things. David Seymour is the only politician who articulates the fears of many New Zealander’s. Patricia
We do not want Tribal Rule in this Country or underhand policy to undermine democracy and the Rule of law. We are a multicultural country and one law for all. June
David Seymour has the mental capacity to tackle this issue Richard
Very definitely Ted
And I am maori. Peter
Massively out of control, artists who do not represent what this government considers to be appropriate have been prosecuted in this country. art is a form which should never be judged by courts, who are under control of the present political agenda. Interpretation is now considered to be fact. Sandra
Labour have gone a long way to destroying Our decomatcraic way. We have gone from a mixed society to one of Devision. Carl
Looks irreversible to me Hone
My question to the university of Otago, will they now stop teaching the colonial practices of dentistry, science and medicine, in line with their new name? Anon
The woke thing is a worldwide sore to destabilase the free life style of the Western world. Wokisim has a pointed sublime message especially to those frail peoples who are easily bullied to feel guilty of long past atrocities to which they have been labeled as having an attachment due them being born into the offending race type. This of course means mostly the evil white colonialist European stock. The lefty woke brigade are busy and relentless in pushing their KCC bow wave, i.e. Kindness, Concern and Compassion. Rhetoric packed with this sort of idealistic resonance captures just about all the young and all those fair minded people who have the aforementioned guilt conscience as though it was they who committed the perceived wrongs of the past even though most of this stuff is based upon false or unproven history. I think that so ingrained is this KCC notion in the minds among the bulk of the easily led, not to mention the card carrying members, that it would take a highly imaginative and compelling narrative to move people out their ingrained thought trenches enough to cause a significant shift to the right. While KCC is to be at the forefront of left wing propaganda there must be a strong rebuttal message from the right to point to better ways to bring a nation’s population to a higher living level that enables us all to crown our individual aspirations with hard won success. This should be sold as being far superior to the left wing socialists programmes of just throwing money at problems as a quick fix. A hatching bird seldom survives if it cannot escape the entrapment of its egg from entirely of its own efforts. Vote with care! Garry.
Just another tentacle of the globalist cults arsenal to keep us divided and angry while they go about their NWO reset agenda in the shadows. neil
I fear for the future of New Zealand -for my children and grandchildren. This is not the country I grew up in. Barbara
You do not need a comment, we are just out of control with woke PC elites running NZ merv
Far too far , more racial propaganda, time this government was removed Gareth
sure, stop this nonsense gerard
Gone too far? Good grief, what an understatement! Steve
Way too far. mary
Reduction of political freedom Pierre
Far too far! Megan
Mr Luxon had better wake up – he is currently losing the race for Government, to a clever and manipulative Labour minister. Carl
This Country of New Zealand is so divided. We need to be united as one people. Instead a small group of influential ignorant people with power and money are redirecting the course of New Zealand. Kalakanthi
We need a huge reset. Maorification has also gone way to far. Steve
This pathetic agenda has gone too far and needs to be purged from our lives. Bryan
It is the ruination of our country NEW ZEALAND Chris
Too too far Jane
Sadly the woke morons are indeed pushing the current circus . led by chief clown Chippy followed by a number of left wing wankers , the entire labour party , media non biased individuals (yeah right) and of course our race relations waste of time/ money Mr Bufoon !!! National and Act are our only hope . We cannot risk another 3 years of these idiots .destroying our once proud and decent New Zealand . Vote Wisely Kiwis . Ray
Unf***enbelievable that we put up with this evil WTF up kiwis stand your ground Greg
As Prof Fred Hoyle said about the Big Bang theory (he coined the term): “Words are like harpoons – once they go in, the are very hard to get out.” So it is with the woke influence in NZ at the moment. Bruce
WAY too far! Tony
Totally it has. Absolutely NO acknowledgement shown by these people for all the positive things the things 180 years of European history has bought this country Lindsay
It%u2019s gone way beyond a joke and definitely needs to be firmly dealt with before our grandchildren live to regret it. Graham
woke seems to align with neo-socialism-what a mixture! Bryan
We are losing our great country to the woke agenda. We have to get it back from the brink. Andrew
..the future prosperity and hope for New Zealand is being destroyed by the “captains of the political bridge” The sinking ship of democarcy is clearly happening . October ” voting day” will define our future voyage …. Chris
Far, far, far, far TOO FAR !!! Jim
He’ll yes!!! davidf
NZ needs to reverse all race based and woke legislation immediately. This Labour government has destroyed our country like none before it. You need to change back to DEMOCRACY right now, or your government will never be in parliament again. Leave the WEF agenda out of our country. We are not blind to what you are doing. Grant
High time everyone grew up and stopped behaving like 5 year old spoiled brats that believe they are sop special the world should dote on them and be certain to do nothing that might hurt their pathetically undeveloped feelings. Bring back personal responsibility and natural selection, lets have a bonfire of all the cotton wool – should be plenty to power NZ for a decade or two! Steve
Way, way too far.. It is pitiful!! donald
Prior to colonisation, there was no such thing in New Zealand, as a flush toilet or a guitar. The great tragedy for the New Zealand of the future, is that generations of children of Maori descent are being brought up to believe that they do not have to work for a living. RB
I only wish more people would read what Act’s David Seymour has to say on the subject. He is one that has no time for this dribble. He runs rings around Chris Luxon in opposing Labours stupid initiatives. Dennis
Education and a university degree were funded by taxpayers to educate , NOT DOMINATE Basil
Absolutely too far. Catherine
Yes, way too far. Vaughan
I have never ever seen this country so divided to this “Woke” attitude Russ
For sure it has! Can’t do anything these days without offending someone.  Kate
Karl Marx invented “scientific socialism” because he saw the entire world as being divided between the oppressors and the oppressed. In 1850, he saw the dividing line as being CLASS, so a revolution by the working class was the solution. Today’s woke warriors follow Marxist doctrines very closely. They have merely substituted RACE or SEX in place of the outdated Class-based fracture line. All of the reasons that doomed the Class Wars apply equally to Race Wars. Do we really have to learn these lessons all over again? Barry
We are who we are. Not what someone else thinks. Secondly and more important is ” they do not listen” both central and local govt Raymond
I really cannot understand why the other parties especially National do not take a stand on this woke agenda being pushed by Labour. Rod
It went too far a long time ago Chris
Labour out of control! John
There will be nothing left for New Zealanders who aren’t considered to be woke. Our language is going down the rabbit hole. Janet
We are perilously close to a society where our judiciary will collectively collapse the very society they have been sworn to defend because of embedded woke leanings Richard
Like political correctness the woke community is now out of control. Useless and conniving Labour have destroyed the democracy of this country allowing lying traitorous maori to try and take over. Darryl
Hipkins and Luxonnare both now card carrying members of the NWO. Great reset WEF.unless all these naive, trusting NZers wake the hell up, we are doomed. I have elderly friends who believe all the BS being fed to them (they don’t have computers so can’t do any research, but just believe the lies Hipkins is spouting) and have just been scared into visiting the local medical centre, paying $120 each , to be injected against Shingles, having had 2 or 3 jabs. I can’t convince them that they are stupid @nd shingles is a side effect of the jabby jabs. I give up! They go along with all the woke crap! Carolyn
It has to stop, where are the equal rights?? Rna
To far everywhere! colin
I seem to have it wrong last time. I believe we are all equal in our country, well those who are born here. The radicals, the minority have it wrong but are pushing to change to suit their purpose. The Woke has gone too far. Ken
Common sense has gone out of the window and absolute untruths are being taught to our kids. The Maori race was not unified before 1840, they were separate tribes who waged war on each other, which resulted in slavery, cannibalism of all those they defeated Warren
Beyond the point of return unless someone in leadership about turns and I don’t see that happening Ken
Typical labour shit Allan
Much too far! Ken
A most tragic ideology that has the potential to destroy our culture. Utter foolishness. Bill
way too far they now bully everybody. Reverse it or we will all suffer the consequences. Luxton get a back bone & stop being a whimp. ACT is the only logical choice Nigel
Way way too far! Pqul
Treaty Creep is invading every area of our lives. It has to stop! Alastair
To be brief, it should never have started. This country is in an appalling state. A message to Chris Luxton, people are looking to you for strong leadership but it doesn’t appear to happening. It is time to take a firm stance on co-governance, fiscal control, re-writing the education text etc. My desperate concern is that a further term of the current administration will be the death knell of New Zealand as we know it. chris
If we don’t turn this political agenda around New Zealand could very well take decades to become the country it once was, maybe never! David
Any weakening of democracy is unacceptable. Chris Hopkins has not changed his spots, he is still a raving socialist/communist. Don’t forget he was a member of the international youth socialists at the same time as Jacinda was Chairman and prancing around on stage calling everyone ‘comrades’. Lsura
Absolutely far too far. Lisa.
What happened to the science of xx and xy chromosomes? These cannot be changed, therefore we are all either male of female. Catherine
It has been happening slowly for years. But under Jacinda, huge steps in the direction towards apartheid have been taken. We need a Government with wide vision to see and understand, then steadily unwind them! Hugh
It’s being pushed from “above government” and was part of the coup to undermine the fabric of Western society. Bill
Hipkins is sliprier than TEFLON John Key. Hipkins is not to be trusted given his past performance as minister of education and police. He should be given the title KING OF WOKE. Robert
It’s disastrous. Murray
YES! 100% gone to far, What i cant comprehend is why we follow like sheep! Are Kiwi that stupid or lazy they cant or wont see whats happening world wide. Andrew
It%u2019s frightening and a party needs to be set up urgently that people like me will vote for as I have no idea who to vote for – definitely not labour or green and National is useless as is Act so please set up a party and say what we all want to hear and don’t get frightened by calls of racism- millions will support you! Lynne
Woke BS is out of control Collin
Too mad to comment politely! Sharron
absolutely yes, however the Liebor Marxist strategy to embed in our education system looks to have been successful 🙁 Mike
Typical of a government that believes it is the only one that knows what is right for its citizens Peter
It’s become ridiculous. Totally out of sinc with any semblance of rational thought. the far far left agenda, being played out in full sight by the equally ridiculous and duplicitous Labour and Green Parties.. Carolyn
Absolutely – like a tsunami, woke crap is threatening to engulf us all. It must be stopped. And Luxon needs to find some courage – quick smart!  John
It was only five years ago that NZ was a go-ahead place, a “rock star” economy, and now look at us – we are becoming a third world woke backwater. Labour has absolutely ruined our country. Hipkins and his cabal must be voted out!  Amy
Yes – the woke madness has permeated everything and must be reversed. William
I do not trust Labour one little bit. A leopard does not change its spots. Hipkins is trying to win the election and if he does, they will impose this woke stuff onto us again. They need to be defeated good and proper at the election – but National also needs to step up as at this stage they look like they will be as bad as Labour! Simon
Is it time for us to follow the lead of Holland and vote a new anti-woke party into office??? Is this something Groundswell could do??? Murray