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Three Waters Public Information Campaign Fundraiser


Dear Supporter,

This is our Three Waters public interest campaign fundraiser page – if you wanted the NZCPR’s regular donation page, please click HERE.

The NZCPR has launched a fundraiser to inform the public about the Government’s Three Waters proposal (which will deliver control of council freshwater, stormwater and wastewater services to Maori) and to urge them to call for their council to hold a binding referendum so residents and ratepayers can decide whether to opt in or out.

Background information can be seen HERE and HERE.

We are hoping to run newspaper ads around the country as well as provide one-page information leaflets suitable for letter box delivery in local communities.

The Government is trying to rush Three Waters through and force Councils to agree to their proposal without giving them the time to hold a proper public consultation process.

The Local Government Act has special safeguard that prevent Councils from transferring water services and other significant assets without consulting their communities. The Minister of Local Government has indicated that she intends to introduce new legislation to over-ride those safeguards so councils will agree to her Three Waters proposal before the public realises what is going on.

We believe that is wrong.

To support this fundraiser, please complete the form below. 

If you would prefer to donate by phone, using your credit card, we are happy to help – please call us on: (09) 434 3836 .

And if you would prefer to donate directly, here are the details – but please include your first name and email address so we can send you a receipt:

Internet Banking: please credit ASB Bank NZCPR Three Waters Fundraiser account: 12-3099-0833814-53

Thank you for helping the NZCPR campaign for full public involvement in this most significant local government reform since the 1980s. It is not right that the Minister wants to bulldoze through her He Puapua plan for Maori control of water, without the public being properly informed about what is going on!

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Dr Muriel Newman
New Zealand Centre for Political Research
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