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He Puapua in Action – Labour’s Three Waters Reform

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In September 2012 the Maori King Tuheitia told a meeting of over 1,000 people from throughout the country that in spite of fresh water falling from the sky as rain and snow, it was owned by Maori: “We have always owned the water!”

He said “the ultimate goal for iwi is to retain management and control of water…”

Just nine years later, the Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta is planning to deliver on her cousin’s goal by passing legislation that will give iwi, including her own Tainui tribe, the right to manage and control the country’s freshwater.

Minister Mahuta’s plan will result in freshwater, stormwater and wastewater assets and infrastructure owned and controlled by the country’s 67 local authorities – and paid for by generations of ratepayers – being transferred to four new regional water agencies 50:50 co-governed by iwi. Although local authorities will provide all of the assets, they will be given only 50 percent of the control. The other 50 percent will be given to local iwi.

Not only will councils effectively have control of their assets cut in half, Cabinet papers reveal an extraordinary requirement: all decisions undertaken by these new agencies “will require a super majority decision of 75 per cent”. That means no decisions can be made without the approval of iwi. In effect, iwi will have a veto right and be in control of all New Zealand water services decision-making.

In light of the introduction of co-governance and veto rights, one would be naive to think that Three Waters is anything other than a transfer of water assets to Maori – and another giant leap towards the implementation of Labour’s separatist He Puapua plan for Maori sovereignty by 2040.

A December Cabinet paper issued by Minister Mahuta reveals that the argument being used to justify what is the biggest local government upheaval since the reforms of the 1980s, is the discredited claim that a “partnership” exists between Maori and the Crown: “Cabinet agreed that a high-level principle of partnership with iwi/Maori will be followed throughout the reform programme, and reflected in the new three waters service delivery system.”

Despite there being no legal basis, nor public mandate for the so-called Treaty “partnership”, it is now being extrapolated into ‘shared sovereignty’. Yet, as former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy has explained, “It was and is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.”

It is said that the former Prime Minister David Lange expressed this more mischievously when he remarked that it was absurd to suggest that Queen Victoria was in partnership with 500 signatures and thumbprints. 

So, even though there is no constitutional foundation for the ‘partnership’ claim, Jacinda Ardern’s Government is now using it to advance He Puapua as they attempt to transfer control of billions of dollars-worth of the country’s community owned and operated water infrastructure to iwi.

Unlike public entities, which are required to prioritise the national interest, iwi trading enterprises are profit generating corporations worth billions of dollars.

They have no unique community role in governing council-owned water services for the benefit of all New Zealanders, rather, the focus of iwi is on advancing their own situation.

By giving control of 50 percent of the country’s water services’ decision-making power – along with a right of veto – to those representing just 16.7 percent of the population who call themselves Maori, the Government is undermining the proportionality principle on which New Zealand democracy is based. Their proposed arrangement would leave the 83.3 percent majority of non-Maori New Zealanders under-represented and discriminated against – a breach of section 19(1) of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

As a representative democracy founded on the principle of equal rights, it is abhorrent that Labour is destroying that culture through the 50:50 co-governance requirement of the Three Waters proposal.

Imposed without warning or any electoral mandate, the total upheaval of water services in New Zealand – designed to deliver control to Maori – is He Puapua in action.

Looking through the Cabinet papers, it is clear that to achieve her objective of iwi control of water, Minister Mahuta has had to engage in creative accounting.

Although the Government will argue local councils will still “own” the water infrastructure, they will receive no compensation for transferring their multi-million-dollar assets. The tenuous nature of their “ownership” is further exposed by the fact that councils will receive no shareholding in the new water services entities, only a collective right to occupy half of the governing seats. That discretion will itself be constrained by government oversight as well as the 75 percent majority decision-making with iwi.

In other words, claims that local authorities will remain the “owners” of their water assets is pure fiction and must surely go down as one of the largest political lies ever told in New Zealand.

Cabinet papers also reveal that in spite of holding over 60 consultation meetings with Maori about the Three Waters proposals, Minister Mahuta is going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that councils do not properly consult their communities about the scheme.

In a December Cabinet paper, the Minister described the 2002 Local Government Act requirements for public consultation when councils divest strategic assets and water services, as “statutory obstacles” that may prevent councils from achieving “a desirable outcome from a local government and central government perspective”.

As a public safeguard to protect communities from local authorities that may attempt to dispose or transfer significant ratepayer funded assets without informing them first, the Act requires any such proposal to be included in the council’s long-term plan, with a full analysis provided for a public consultation process of “not less than 1 month from the date the statement is issued”.

Minister Mahuta, however, plans to over-ride those statutory requirements and strong-arm local councils into agreeing to her proposals through a Local Government (Three Waters Reform) Amendment Bill that will no doubt be introduced under urgency to “remove or amend the detailed legislative requirements in local government legislation relating to council consultation, long-term planning, and decision making for the purposes of making a decision to participate in the government’s reforms.”

By curtailing the consultation process, Jacinda Ardern’s Government, which claims to be governing in the best interests of all New Zealanders, will ride rough-shod over local government democracy – just as they did when they abolished the right of communities to hold a binding referendum over the establishment of Maori wards.

Cabinet papers also provide more detail of the proposed governance arrangements for the new water services. There will be the four Regional Representative Groups, each with 10 to 12-members: half from local councils in proportion to their relative asset contribution and the remaining half representing iwi in the area.

Each of these Groups will appoint and monitor an Independent Selection Panel of four members, to select the 10-member board that will run that region’s water services.

According to the Minister these appointments must “ensure that the Board is adequately competent both as a Treaty partner, and with expertise in accessing matauranga Maori, tikanga Maori and Te Ao Maori knowledge to inform the water entities activities.”

In other words, in line with He Puapua, a Maori World View will underpin the future running of the country’s Three Water services.

While the Minister plans to remove the need for councils to properly consult their communities over her Three Waters proposal, she intends introducing a ‘referendum’ option to protect against the future privatisation of the new water bodies.

Yet couldn’t it be argued that Labour’s Three Waters proposals already represent a partial privatisation in light of the fact that iwi are private economic corporations that aim to secure financial advantage for ‘their people’, rather than public entities looking out for the common good?

Cabinet papers also reveal the Minister intends to punish local authorities who refuse to join her scheme through new regulations that will dramatically force up costs: “Councils that choose not to join the new water services entities would face increased performance standards and stronger regulatory enforcement of consenting requirements…”

It is difficult to interpret this as anything other than strong-arm bully-boy tactics designed to intimidate councils and force them into submission.

Councils concerned about Three Waters cannot even turn to their own association, Local Government New Zealand, for support, since – without consulting their members – LGNZ entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government to promote the scheme. In a recent email to councils, their President Stuart Crosbie explained: “The Heads of Agreement is a partnership commitment between Central Government and LGNZ.  It is consistent with the direction the sector has been asking LGNZ to lead – a closer more influential relationship with central government.”

LGNZ needs to be reminded that their role should be to represent the wishes of their members to central government. Instead, they are now in ‘partnership’ with a government that is strong-arming local authorities to join a scheme that will deliver control of their water services to Maori.

Questions are now being asked about the Government’s rationale for the scheme, including whether a freshwater supply failure in Havelock North in 2016 which had never happened before nor since, is sufficient justification for upending water services throughout the whole country.

There are also serious concerns about the untimely haste of the reforms. Why is the Government trying to rush these changes through with such urgency that councils are to be prevented from consulting their communities using the existing Statutory process, when the new scheme is not expected to be up and running until 2024? 

Isn’t it the case that the motivation for the fast-tracking is to prevent the public from finding out that assets paid for by generation of ratepayers are to be given to Maori control?

This week’s Guest Commentator, the Mayor of the Westland District Council Bruce Smith, updates us on developments regarding Three Waters and outlines his plan to hold a binding referendum so his community can decide whether they want to opt in or out:

“I can’t speak for other councils but Westland will need at least 3 months upon the receipt of the information to engage experts and receive their advice on the merits and risks of the transfer of assets as proposed by government. This will then go to ratepayers for consultation and seeking of submissions.

“My view is that because of the implications of transferring over a quarter of Council’s total assets at below valuation there is only one safe road to take. I will be advocating for a binding referendum to go out to the people of Westland seeking direction on in or out. It’s called democracy.

“It’s hard to imagine how any council in New Zealand will be able to make a decision without the clear direction a referendum will bring.”

Given the Government is trying to rush these changes through without the public being properly aware of what’s at stake, we urge each NZCPR reader to do all you can to raise awareness about what’s going on.

Firstly, you can use the social media and email buttons on the top right to share this information with your networks.

Secondly, we have compiled the email addresses of all local authority councillors into a new directory, which can be found on our website here: nzcpr.com/local-government-directory We would urge you to send a quick message to your local council representatives to suggest they follow the lead of the Westland District Council and commit to holding a public referendum so the community can properly decide whether to opt in or out of the Government’s scheme. 

And thirdly, we are considering running a nation-wide public information campaign to highlight what’s going on. If you would like to support the campaign fundraiser, please click HERE.

I will leave the last word to Bruce Smith: “What other councils do around New Zealand is up to them however a public referendum in every district would involve our residents and ratepayers who have along with their families over generations paid for these three water assets – on that basis the decision to opt in or out must come directly from them.”

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This Mahuta is a very dangerous person. She is a bulldozer who will stop at nothing to get her way. She doesn’t care about the wishes of others. A very dangerous person to be holding a position of power. Colin
Democracy is dead Yvonne
More underhand stealth from Labour! Don
does this not create racism ? RICK
just another form of theft that our dictator and her coloured family have designed to bugger this country up, the Italians had the same problem with mussolini and look what happen to him so our dictator needs to be more (if possible) honest and tell every council to have a referendum ASAP not only on the water but about the seats that mahuta enforced upon councils for her bunch of misfits to put their fat cat bums on. Richard
Very deceitful!  Jen
None of the He Puapua changes can ever be turned back. It will not be possible. I would support some sort of positive action to stop this proceeding but we need expert leadership in this. Roger
We have no Democracy and no freedom. Only in name. Quickly moving into total control and APARTHEID. Very sad to see this happening. Gerard
This question must be put to the people of New Zealand as this is a democratic country. Mike
this is appalling Anne
The lack of democracy practised by this government is breathtaking in its audacity.. Throw them out! Peter
too much rush as usual country going back wards Edward
No way do I support any form of racist separatism in New Zealand. It is destroying our nation and can only lead to civil unrest. Terry
what has happened to Democracy? Kevin
I am absolutely disgusted with this He Puapua separatism that is destroying New Zealand. Terry
Not on my watch … last time I looked New Zealand was a democratic state not one run by 16.7% of the population Tim
That water that has been funded by ratepayers, be “given” to Maori, is completely unjust Margaret
Instead of saying we are one why don’t we start acting like we are? How can something so simple, three paragraphs have so many meanings and promise so much, to one group, is beyond belief. We learn from history but we don’t have to live in it. NZ is diverse but not inclusive. and if the small percentage of the16.7% who claim everything is their birthright and weak government continues to accept this as fact, well, you join the dots. Cyril
It is an appalling breach of democracy. Allan
This is another step towards Apartheid. Brian
I am speechless. Nazi Germany went through this form of governance???? Richard
So undemocratic. What next June
Totally undemocratic Marg
Does Iwi stand for – I Want It Greg
Let the public decide ,not the government. No one owns the water Richard
This is what is known by social historians as Hydraulic despotism. A little viewed wiki posting very accurately lays out the history ,the rise and the fall of Water empires. It comes as no surprise that politicians have been bamboozled by my Cousin the king, because he knows all too well that old saying” he who fails to study history is doomed to repeat it”. If NZ’s political class took time off from the coctail circuit they might just see that a group of my close relatives is in fact trying to set up an actual despotic rule . Here is the wiki link.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_empire Ron
With the Act party riding high in the polls, now is the time to promote their No. 1 policy: NO RACE-BASED LAWS. Agree with National MP Stuart Smith we need a referendum on New Zealand’s name; I find the maori name and language unpalatable. Monica
never gerard
WE do not need a referendum. The New Zealand ratepayers as a right, contribute to the infrastructure of the water services.. The Government should not be making policy that undermines that right. The only action that New Zealanders need to take, is to dissolve this Government immediately.. cal
This is separatism and racist, we are one people, if Maori are indigenous so are all other New Zealanders, We all arrived here from different parts of the globe therefore no one is indigenous. The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi is an historical document of that era and served its purpose admirably, Maori of the day were thankful that their privative era of war, slavery and cannibalism was brought under control by their acceptance of sovereignty to Queen Victoria. The Treaty should be regarded as an historical document recording events on and around 1840. To somehow reinterpret it today as a partnership is mocking the historical document . Where in the world has a minority of people with a very small ethnic bloodline OWN the water? If the Three Waters proposal passes into law there will be serious civil unrest. 15% v 85% ask yourself who will come out on top. This proposal needs to be rejected by every Council throughout New Zealand immediately. Steve
Unbelieveable! Cindy is a prime candidate for the UN. I bet they are keeping a seat especially for her and can’t wait for her role as PM to end. Chris
It is theft of public assets and an assumption that water is “owned”. Graeme
I will vote NO while I can before they bring in hate speech in the dead of night. Meg
Comrade ardern and the rest of the incompetents need to be removed from power.I’m not suggesting armed insurrection,but there must be some way to remove them. Sid
I don’t like anything that this current Government are doing. Everything is under so-called urgency; and it is not giving enough time for the people to digest and discuss openly. A Referendum is required in matters such as this. One where the people of this country can make a Democratic choice. Heather
Disgraceful arrogance, bullying and disregard for democracy! Jan
This racist government must be removed for the greater good of all New Zealanders. Igor
I support nothing this government proposes. They are incompetent and must be replaced at the earliest opportunity. Kerry
what is proposed is dangerous the latest poll hopefully will give her the message robin
Its time for a mass march on Parliament. I would certainly attend. I have written to every member of my local council who have indicated that they do not support the proposal but are afraid the Government will just go ahead and legislate the proposal anyway. Time for action.!!!!! Albyn
How dare she! This is going to split NZ on a race basis forever. Which generation of kids are going to ever grow up without a sense of enforced guilt about how much is owed by European Kiwis to Maori kiwis. It will never end until NZ become the equivalent of any other pacific island which is controlled by indigenous peoples. Enough is enough. As someone else said, I too would join the revolution to stop this. Farmers did it. Business owners need to do it and the public (those who get how bad this is), also need to rise up. This will divide us all. She is r-uting the fabric of our country and democracy Bryan
Wrong on every level. John
This proposal stinks of dictatorship where a minority of the country,s population are given rights over the whole country. we must stop this nonsense NOW as the future of our country is at grave risk of a partial dictatorship. This i not what the country needs. Brian
Stand strong Councils Christine
Another example of labour trying to run roughshod over the majority. George
NO body owns water Brian
Democratic NZ no longer exists due to this labour governments extreme ideas. Not what they were mandated to do by the voting public. Power grabbing. Janet
Democracy in New Zealand is being thrown under the He Puapua bus Alister
Completely disgusted by the whole three waters fiasco. Tony
time to defund everything Maori. Boycott everything Maori bruce
This is fascist Marxist behavior at its worst Thomas
The government should go back to their sandpit and play there. Crikey they only left it a short time ago…. What a pack of dummies…. Simon
Time for another demo with more information to motivate more New Zealanders. Alan
Never, No, No! This govt is following a communistic approach and must be stopped Des
this is the sort of nonsense that is taking NZ downhill fast. Recently because if age it was time to go into care and where better than in Australia where they are positive. John
Anti Democratic on so many levels. John
N/A Ray
I find it very very scary what Government is doing by stealth. Don%u2019t we live in a democracy? Obviously not! Bob
Maori do not own the water God does and he gives it freely. Ian
It must be stopped, We have had enough of this Governments lies and deception. Malc
The day I pay maori for water is the day I take up arms Russell
It’s completely unacceptable. Honor
They should not to be allowed to do this, overriding our rights as ratepayers and/or citizens David
borders on treason surely when one minority of the populace is promoted over the majority john
It is not democratic John
I definitely do not support the Government’s haste. Local Councils should allowed adequate time to organise referenda for their constituents. Democracy is by the people and for the people. Laurence
Disgusting power grab by Maori rod
Absolutely not. The public of New Zealand must be given every opportunity to understand and accept every aspect of this policy, through an open and transparent (there you go!!!) period of communication and explanation, before any decisions can be considered. If that does not happen, then surely, the process must be illegal and subject to review. Grahame
This is going to create a divide in this country if not already so. Bruce Smith puts it very well on a YouTube post, worth watching. Chris
Absolutely not. Consultation and referendum only way to resolve this shambles. We cannot allow aou water ownership to be taken over by the Elite Maori leadership Norm
Under no circumstances should this be allowed to proceed. It is the very antithesis of democracy & smells of a communist regime. Peter
Seriously concerning Jeremy
This is Nationalisation of water on behalf of the Maori State – just like 1937 Nazi Germany. It is quite apparent that rest of us are all considered to be subjects. Bit ironic when the first article in the treaty is about Maori renouncing sovereignty forever and the third is ALL of us having equal citizenship. Mike
Probably illegal Simon
Undemocratic Rick
The cancer that is communism is spreading like a virus ably facilitated by a compromised MSM Richard
So the water that falls from the sky belongs to Maori. Really! Another of Maoridom’s great lies fueled by their mythological ignorance. The arrogance from these activists is breathtaking. Do these charlatans think we really believe this nonsense? Robert
This is totally wrong & against all principles of democracy, It must stopped. John
Unthinkable! Harvey
Undemocratic and expensive. Would be totally inefficient. Neil
we must oppose takeover by mORI. tHATS ALL IT IS JOHN
Labour’s 3 Waters will drown this government dave
This is totally unacceptable. It joins a long list of other measures that this Government is doing without consultation with the NZ public. Russell
Absolutely not! Jacky
Blatantly racist Bob
No way in hell, this is turning into a complete communist country, do as we say or else. Harold
The assets are the rate payers not the governments. The government needs to keep their filthy hands off. The iwi have no claim to it. If it goes as far as the government forcing this policy through the ratepayers past and present need to be compensated for their input. Also the iwi will become responsible for 50% of the water, including any damage made by the water. Jo
By doing this will make it easier for this undemocratic government to twist water ownership into Maori hands. I doubt wether councils realize this. Owen
The Govt continuing to push through agendas without taxpayer consultation while everyone is watching what is happening with Covid will ensure its demise at the next election!! Carol
Kingitanga is all about installing a representative (the Maori King) into a position equal to the Crown. This is part of their plan to achieve that goal. Readers need to be aware that within Maoridom there is a tribal status system that is rigorously adhered to. The assets are not being transferred to Maori as a whole but rather to Rangitira, the IWI elite. Just as the Maori Corporations trade for Rangitira advantage, so to will these sharing arrangements. The Maori orporations have the wherewithall to support all their people through housing, employment and health support. They choose not to as there are Rangitira and there are the slaves. It is time for New Zealanders to rise up and take back what is ours, and put a stop to the Aotearoa nonsense! We are all immigrants and native to New Zealand by birthrite. Do not let us become second class citizens in our own Country Roger
in my opinion everything taxcindy along with aunty helen in the back ground is destroying New Zealand sending us back into the dark ages of no return …….. Anon
No amount of our views will overturn Adhern and her cronies decisions chris
Another frightening move by the Labour government. Next minit, land redistribution. Chris
This government can’t organise their own business so why are they continuously sticking their nose into council affairs. It typical and form for this government, you only have to look at maori wards. Its also typical of this government to give away a scheme that was paid for by the local councils to a party that has made no contribution towards the local running of water schemes. All the work is done so they’ll wade into someone elses puddle and take it over lock stock and barrel. Ross
Becomes conscription without consultation. Errol
This is simply theft by an autocratic government with such a huge majority it can just ride rough shod over democracy. Margaret
Just another step to Communism Michael
Where is democracy??? Brian
Ratepayers over decades have paid for this infrastructure, and every Council should retain this. No way should Govt be involved. Elaine
Councils must hold a ratepayer poll to remove any ratepayer funded assets from their control blair
Absolutely Not! It’s a scandal…just one of many! Carol
how dare the labour govt barge this disaster through with no consultation. cindy’s star is thankfully fading rick
Ardern is the sneakiest most underhand politician this country has ever produced. They did not make clear to the public any intention to introduce He Puapua, laws against free speech, water, or any of the rest of it. They have no mandate. I see they are falling in the polls. It is up to the NZ public to ensure they never dirty Government benches ever again or for at least the next 30 years. Remember this is the party that produced mavericks like Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble and thousands of Kiwis suffered for it. It is up to National to come out and state that they will unwind any of this rubbish introduced by Labour and to get rid of Maori seats and undemocratic representation on Local Councils. Phil Goff is of the exact same cut as this Labour cadre so you can expect him to sign over Auckland water after making a loud token resistance of course to square himself off with the Auckland ratepayers. Terry
As an old fella I cannot believe my beloved country is in the hands of such incompetent fools ! John
Didn’t see anywhere here the part we at least get back our billions of dollars of “full and final” Treaty settlements.. Tony
I am in Auckland and our water services are working very well for me. Why change what works. Andrew
The Three waters proposal is race based, undemocratic, divisive and not in the best interests of the majority of NZ. Paul
Why would we support illegal decisions from a dictatorship government that do not have public support. Not sure where cindys head is but it is not where the sun shines brian
Local Government need to dissolve their ‘partnership’ with the Labour Govt. RICHard
This is theft in my book roger
No f—–n way. Mark
Democracy first. Colin
Government or Dictatorship Linda
Throw Jacinda out, I just can’t understand why this traitorous government loves the Maoris so much. I really don’t think the average Maori could find his way out of a paper bag let alone run the water works of a country. And remember they never contribute anything. Eric the Red
There is no Maori race; the further mixed-race generations move away from any significant Maori blood in their veins, the more outrageous this pandering becomes. The original Maoris were migrants like us all: “indigenous” does not constitute a group which arrived from Polynesia a scant 500 years before the next. It is beyond time that Ardern honoured her “We Are One” claim. Recent migrants owe the past nothing and should not be incorporated in this We Owe Them farce which she is keeping alive for political reasons. Heidi
All Councils must be made to have a referendum on this stupid policy Andrew
God, what next?! Maori exempt from taxes?  Kim
Absolutely not. They are so desperate to keep the public dumbed down so they don’t know what is happening. Completely devious on all counts by an incompetent and racist Government Craig
He Puapua is coming to you like it or not, might pay to start checking out the latest Moko designs. Sven
The only way I would accept a decision of the people of NZ yes or no is by a referendum to be voted on at the next election. Roydon
The Govt are out of control. Nane
Absolutely Not. Omg,this socialist commie tart of a PM needs to pull her head in. She’s trying to destroy our country and everyone’s livelihood. This bunch of no hopers have to go asap. Peter
Every day this government moves us further and further away from democracy and more towards their nivarana where they can rule by fiat without having to worry about what the proletariat want…. Oh wait we are already there ! John
I am shocked at what is happening in our Country NEW ZEALAND The pace of these “”reforms””. is leaving me with a feeling of despair and anguish at the process of democracy. This Govt has created a Totalitarian State by a simple majority mandate, and future proofing their Political future by aligning with Maori self interests, regardless of cost or long term ramifications. How about pointing out to IWI that if they get 50% of the water spoils, then they also get 50% of the Liabilities, which at recent count, ran in to the Billions. They want their Cake, and Eat it too!. I want to know, how to stop this Political Madness. Will National stand up to this crap, or will they stand by and say nothing. Their silence is deafening !!!!! And where are the Maori New Zealanders who just want to be KIWIS as equals with the rest of us. They are conspicuous by their silence also. I say again, I despair ! Stewart
This is another appalling attack on democracy from this administration. Gavin
Absolute bollocks! Hopefully it’ll go to a referendum. Otherwise we’re headed for civil war…………. Dave
These deceitful apologist socialists need to be kicked into touch asap. I wonder what percentage of generations of ratepayers who effectively own these assets were or are Maori? I would think way less than the 16.7% of the population who are only part-Maori anyway. Warren Storm
Dictator Ardurn strikes again! John
He poopoo continues! John
This is non-democratic, in fact dictatorial. Glyn
But I feel that whatever we say the three waters will go ahead anyway. mike
Ardern and labour are destroying NZ. We need to oust her and them Now before they continue their rampage Carole
NZ is getting exactly what they voted for. NZ was only in too big a hurry to get rid of Winston and bring in the dangerous greens. Now we have to live with the consequences for a while longer. The other parties are not saying much either. They don’t want to be labled “Racist.” Ray
Absolutely unacceptable to bypass public consultation and not seek the majority in a mature democracy. For the central government to force Councils would be a major step toward a hard left totalitarian society. Ian
Never have supported Tinkerbelle & Peter Pans’ government especially with the female version of captain hook . All this is starting to get beyond me and am finding it hard to keep up with the small print. NZ will hopefully now appreciate what an important roll Winston played in the previous government, tho he may of been kept silent. Ray
Referendum material. Consultation required with all NZers Mike
What is happening to democracy, and the PM saying she is working for all New Zealanders. What falsehood Gail
Consultation is democracy Den
So what happened to NZ signing up to the 2002 UN declaration that water is a basic human right? How did anyone Maori or not, get to own my so called, basic human right to water….. and does ownership of all the water mean Maori are to assume responsibility for repairing all the flood and erosion damage? Ian
It belongs to the ratepayers Frank
If we can’t have any say in what is paid for with our money then we’re being robbed to fund a dictatorship. Caro
They are stealing democracy! John
Another example of the democratic process being thrown out the window by the Labour Government . They are moving on their communist agenda. Lindsay
I do not understand how this could be happening within the law. cris
A referendum MUST be held!! Sylvia
Definitely not! We trust them by voting them in, but they betray that trust. I once thought that PC stood for Political Correction, but I now believe it is Political Corruption, Political Coercion, o Political Claptrap – take our pick! Kevan
A pack of racist idiots running this once great country Ian
commo b……s Wayne
Sieg Heil, Comrades!!! Philip
No way do I support the government’s under handed proposal. It is undemocratic to not seek the mandate of the people FIRST! Walnetta
Further biased policy favoring Maori allan
This Is blatantly Undemocratic and needs to be halted in its tracks before New Zealand is sold out to a minority. Doug
More socialist divisive ideology. Hoping to catch the average NZer asleep. Colin
This whole process is clearly a breach of the treaty Maori are not in partnership and certainly are not indigenous surely the government can be held to account for the blatant breach of our democratic rights Warren
Another nail in the coffin of democracy, which is meant to be govt of the people, by the people, for the people. My G-father put his life on the line fighting Imperial Germany, and my father did the same in WW2. Why? To preserve freedom of speech and Democracy. If we lose what we have to extremists, because we are confused and weak, we disrespect those who put the hard yards in before us. Neil
Ardern and her govt have to be stopped. Trevor
This theft of our assets must not be allowed to happen. End of story. frank
What Westport is proposing to do with a referendum to all their ratepayers, has my total support and should be a route taken by every council in NZ.. They should have a chance to either accept or turn down the Govt.’s plan with their Maori so called partners, before the transfer of the ratepayers assets. Ian
It is wrong on many fronts, for a elected govt. to ignore the democratic proses show a level of corruption unseen in our history ever. Ian
So devious and so untruthful. No equality. If Maori King Tuheitia declared that Maori own even the rain & snow that fall from the sky, perhaps they should be responsible for cleaning up after flooding Dell H
Another attack on democracy! Les
Definitely not totally against it Iain
This is a Government intent on centralising and controlling as much as they can. They must be stopped Helen
Sounds like the start of apartheid to me. Alan
200% not! Joe
The time for talking is over. We need to start protesting. We need to gather together and make our voice heard. Paul
This is not democracy. Mahuta has never paid any attention to local authorities until the three water proposal. Why? Laura
We need to challenge our local councils to hold a referendum. I do NOT trust this government to make the right choices for all New Zealanders. Time to go !!! judith
Thank god that at least one Mayor in New Zealand is prepared to stand up to the PM and her obviously “exception” Minister Mahuta and lead his ratepayers to a democratic decision on this brainless proposal.. I have asked and will continue to ask, who does the Labour government have in mind to head this sure to fail Government agency and why do they assume that they have the expertise to do a significantly better job of water provision than the existing council staff. Barry
Daylight extortion and an outrageous abuse of power. Jane
If this proposed theft is allowed to continue ,you can kiss goodbye to Democracy in NZ . The outcome will not be pretty. I despise this Govt. john
This is not how democracy works. Peter
completely undemocratic Bill
This rotten government led by a communist Trojan horse has to go Athol
No way. This is not democracy in any way. Dianne
Ratepayer money paid for the infrastructure, rate payers should decide who has control Cheryl
Government by stealth Janie
Stupidity Mitch
The Government’s intention is tantamount to decision by Dictatorship. Matthew
Divide and rule. Robert
It is nothing short of an abomination, undemocratic and extremely pointed to give control to Iwi. Nobody but nobody owns water in whatever form it arrives on this planet. So are Maori saying they own water were ever it falls not just in NZ? This nonsense has to be stopped. There is so much dissention in this country right now over what the government is proposing and, unfortunately it is spilling over into a racial divide as we have not experienced preciously. Repercussions are bound to follow. It deeply saddens me. It is pulling this country apart. chris
Highway robbery. A good way to split the country once again. Ian
Absolutely not. This is a dictator ship not democracy. More Maori attention grabbing Gareth
This a total sham Peter
For all of Jacinda’s “Be Kind” this Government is being anything but kind when it comes to many of their new, un-campaigned for ideas. It is a bit rich for the Gov. to be looking to handing over community assets without community input, – to Maori corporations that pay 0% tax! Ted
New Zealand is for all New Zealanders Tony
No consultation process should *ever * be cut short .. unless their is a dire imperative, of a genuinely and critically time-sensitive nature (eg a matter of national security, public health, or similar. Our democratic due problem ceases are long-standing and hard-won. They protect us from making bad laws – as we have seen recently (eg Firearms Law Reform, the example with which I am personally most familiar, and truly a debacle). Stewart
Communism at its best!! This dictator led Govt has to go! Apartheid is to the fore!! Ron
This is appalling. This is not democracy Robert
we are a democracy not a police state in the making Graham
All part of the same goal – This “government” are nothing but a bunch of traitors to the people that pay their wages. Have they no shame? I would like to see a legal outfit look closely at what Labour are doing to our country with regard to this issue, because I and many others believe the process they are following is quite possible illegal. Where is our so called GV – what a joke. Roy
Absolutely not. Neville
Water belongs to the Creator not the Iwi!!!!! Blanche
Stop this nonsense! Wake up NZ. Jenny
Goodbye democracy hello socialism and Iwi control Merv
Its theiving from citys & towns who have good infrastructure. What about the rate payers No new taxes Yea right Paul
Another stab in the back by this Labour government which has no mandate to rush this through and furthermore they don’t care Lawrie
Should this proposal succeed, would Maori be liable for ALL damages caused by flood waters, their waters, to homes, infrastructure, etc anywhere in the country ? rod
This is yet another nail in the coffin of democracy and apartheid being promulgated by our socialist/communist government. Mark
I do not , but this devious scheme will be pushed through with whatever it takes. It seems it does not even matter in their eyes any more whether we have a Local Government Act whose laws require a consultation with ratepayers when it comes to asset disposals and the like.. Consultation will be timewise severely restricted ( look only at what they did in regards with the gunlaws) in order to give ratepayers not even time to think properly. Once this so called 3 waters scheme is implemented , things will start to go bad for us. I already plan to increase my water tank storage and recommend to friends to so likewise, We can look forward to massive increases in water charges . I wonder though how long people in general will be able or prepared to suffer all this in the long run. Michael
No and No. Extremely concerning the actions of this Govt. Ardern and her rabble are showing outright contempt for the 85% citizens and the rule of law. Local Govt act states councilors must consult and work/represent their rate payers. 1933 Germany shows how very quickly evil Govt.’s destroy society for selfish ideology and greed. Be concerned, We must do something now. Where is the opposition? Sam
Figures prove Maori are the most unreliable ratepayers on average. This plan is a joke, a theft and an insult, predictably. Richard
The empowerment of iwi in recent legislation , and intentions for further legislation empowering iwi even further , is a sign of a country heading for disaster . pete
Councils should be directed in this matter by their ratepayers not by government undemocratic decree Anthony
Fascist, communistic, racist and abhorrent! How did we let them get us to this place? Paul
This is the first step in imposing central Government control over the means of production, distribution and communication. June
The crazy thing is that NZ public have blinkers on to what is happening and will Vote Labour in yet again to complete the destruction of our democracy and country Mike
Labour are undermining democracy at every turn. This has to stop. Steve
A hidden hand out to maori Wendy
This Communism hitting us right in the face! Robyn
another definitely undemocratic stealth program communism all over again !! Roy
Iwi do not own the water. This is an asset grab. When is the demonstration protest street march? Keith
It’s disgusting handing over our water assets to ini, many who have never contributed as rate payers. Developing another racially unjust body. When’s the march against this Erica
Here we go again. A minority group controlling the government of the country for the benefit of their group. I think that this has happened before with a “gentleman” in Germany and look at the outcome. Tony
We cannot let this 3 waters proposal go ahead. The treaty is NOT A PARTNERSHIP. This proposal usurps democracy. huria
Absolutely NOT. All local citizens need to vote on this for themselves – this is called Democracy. While I think of it, I did always wonder why Northland’s Matt King lost his elected role after a hushed recount that alleged his votes had been miscounted by 300 or so – the position going to Labour. Always did think there was something fishy in the water up there… We are supposed to be living in a DEMOCRACY! Hannah
Dictatorship in disguise Peter
MMP is the end of democracy in NZ. List members have no accountability to an electorate and the government ignores the constitutional rights of the people of NZ who now live in a totalitarian country run by a Marxist government. Ken
No, never – this freak show of a Government are less than a year into their second term and look at the damage they have done! Scott
Democracy for all New Zealanders Louise
Again we are being forced to give something else away to iwi/ It is wrong Laurel
Definitely not Mary
it’s everybodies water IWI CAN KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF! nigel
The way this government is going New Zealand will end up like another Rhodesia with the general public having no say over any changes the powers that be want to implement. Digby
Why is none of this article not appearing every day in every national publication. will
No Way! Michele
More of the same Adern lead concentration of power in Central Government. Dangerous policies and less and less Democracy Don
Why the need to give to Iwi, we are one people! Vote Labour out! Matt
This country already resembles a totalitarian state. The propaganda that comes out of Wellington is no different to Moscow or Beijing. When NZers wake up it will be too late to roll back the changes. Mark
This proposal has really upset us. Very few seem to be the slightest bit upset or realise what is happening. Martin
Ardern is destroying this country. Pamela
Centralising all control and decisions in Wellington is a typical socialist agenda. Decisions will rest with incompetent bureaucrats unqualified and politically driven to the detriment of us all. Peter
This is a gross erosion of our democracy. Ann
Nationalising community assets and giving to minority is totally undemocratic. Can this be challenged in court? Willy
No one owns the water! Ray
Enough of this communist racist rubbish – I will join the revolution before this happens. Clive
just another asset grab for Maori via Labour. Nick
This NOT any way to make such a major and significant change change – it needs to be called out for what it is – misdirected power, and undemocratic. maurice
Communities have a right to determine the ownership transfer of their assets Sue
Nationalization by stealth. Who’s next. Richard
This is a blatant takeover of N Z’s water by tribal and Iwi private interests. The definition of a Maori is a descendant of Maori which probably includes over half the population of N Z. So it will not be control by Maori but rather control by private Tribal interests. John
Absolutely not! Jennifer
Never should this devious 3 water rort be passed by this racist government Sidwell
Why? We are all Nee Zealanders. They think they can control because they got here first? My family goes back to early 1900 so we have been here longer than a lot if immigrants but so what. Does not give me any special privileges and I do not expect any. What is wrong with these greedy people. Erin
Maori do not own our water and should not have 50% governance. Geoff
If NZ is now not a democracy, what is it? Miss Ardern, an answer please. Graham
As a former Mayor I am well aware of the obligation to consult – imposed on Local Government by past governments – both Labour and National and the inbetweens. To eliminate this onligation so as to impose something no New Zealander has ever voted for is criminal Mark
definitely not. i don’t believe NZ has ever been in such a shocking situation. I am not even sure our local councils have the wisdom to work for the people. Feel pretty helpless and fear for our children’s future in most spheres of life in what used to be a country to be proud of. I pray that God will intervene. Mankind is obviously destroying everything good in NZ. marilyn
This is nothing short of deceitful. This is undermining Democracy and is Apartheid in Action. So much for Jacinda’s OPEN AND TRANSPARENT government for ALL New Zealanders. Graeme
These idiots are out of control Murray
Blatant Apartheid Craig
polite reasoning with this labour cabinet is a hopeless cause bryan
NZ is on the slippery downhill slope to complete Maori takeover. Are we blind, or will there be an uprising that will be disastrous? David
What the hell is happening to our democratic rights? Are we so weak as to let this just happen? God bless the farmers for their stand Peter
Another step on our path to race driven communism Frank
Absolutely not. This is another nail in the coffin of our Democracy, but they will continue on their ram-rod journey to defraud our people and destroy our Democracy. They plan to institute a racist, Communist Oligarchy, all based on the false history they have created and the lies they’ve told. It is heinous manipulation of power. Joyce
Comrade Jacinda and her fruit loop mates are idiots, who do they think they are? Laurie
Governing by stealth. How low can this dictatorship get? Roger
Sick to death of this government forcing racist legislation on New Zealanders. The infrastructure is owned by the ratepayers who have paid for it over decades. Nobody owns the water! Adele
This approach underpins the very sentiment labour campaigned on! Georgia
Clearly part of the Agenda 2030 plan Vaughan
This whole process is nothing short of theft by Government backed up by a new form of apartheid. Andrew
This is totally undemocratic!! Philip
All this intention of the government would be taking us back to medieval regimes complete with self appointed elites pretending to govern a country. Paul
Theft of assets and gift to Maori 16.7% James
Apartheid in NZ. This government has to go. These type of articles never see the light of day in Any NZ media. Warren
Communism at its worst ! gary
Definitely not. Mike
Very concerning. Susan
Absolutely NO. This communistic govt must cease all their undemocratic schemes. All new Zealanders must unite against such outright Fascism. Political control of everything. Graeme
This is confiscation of ratepayers assets Form of communism Geoff
No. It would be quite improper for elected councillors to dispose of a huge amount of property which has bern amassed at ratepayers’ expence over many generations, without holding a referendum of those ratepayers. The ratepayers are really the owners of this property and, frankly, it would seem stupid for them to give that property away or into the control of some upstarts in a temporarily elected government who come up with what they consider a wonderful idea. Wonderful idea? Who for? When a country’s government goes to such destructive lengths it is time to dump that government and elect a more competent and sensible one. Rob
I fail to see why 16.7% of the population who have diminishing amounts of Maori blood in them, should effectively control water. We irrigate 170 ha. At 2c per cubic metre, which is the figure generally talked about, that will cost us $178.00 a day on top of paying for all the infrastructure to get the water here. in the first place. As a nation we utilize 2% of the water available to us. Tim
No way. They have no mandate to do so and we Kiwis should all be concerned how this government is using stealth to push through changes. The sooner they go the better. Max
As a South African living in New Zealand I am appalled to see New Zealand implementing a raft of race based initiatives that will do nothing but create racial division. I gre up under the apartheid regime where a minority unfairly controlled to country for the benefit of the minority. It now looks as though I will grow old in a country controlled by a minority for the benefit of the minority. Appalling. Utterly appalling – and too many of us are doing NOTHING about this! Jaimes
Disgraceful. The public should get a full say over something this important. Mick
Absolutely NOT Pam
Maori no more own the water from the sky than I do. Before the missionaries arrived, Maori had no idea about the water cycle. Bob
No way is this going to happen to my share of the local three waters systems. Mike
All the standards of democracy are being removed by this radical Communist government. Free Speech??? Edgar W.
Need a NZ wide binding referendum on this Margaret
Govt trying to short cut a good again Carl
The sooner this government & its Commie leader get the boot the better! david
Totally undemocratic and typical of this Government’s total disregard for the clear and transparent Government for all New Zealanders promised by the PM. Ian
Typical labour bullshit this labour govt is a bloody joke Allan
NO ! Richard
Yet another example of the arrogance and division displayed and promoted by this government which supposedly “governs for ALL New Zealanders”. It probably does so long as you can claim to have maori heritage. Miss Ardern and Ms Mahuta obviously believe that their parliamentary majority supersedes the democratic rights of ALL New Zealanders. Have they forgotten THEY ARE THE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, NOT the other way round! They are proposing to nationalise public assets and pass 50% of ownership and oversight control to 16% of our national ethnic population. Yet one more incident of the destruction of our nation’s democracy. He Puapua is alive and well in the raciest hands of the Hon Mahuta and the Rt Hon Miss Ardern , both ably supported by the likes of Mr Shaw- forget about the 84% that provide most of the finance that supports their racist endeavours as they no longer count in the overall scheme of things. However, a parliamentary majority does not give them the right to commandeer assets that have been acquired and funded by ratepayers over generations without the authority of those same ratepayers. However, if your political doctrine is communistic, which clearly this Government coalition is, then nationalisation is a natural course to take in your trek to division and central control. Clearly, I do not support this Government, their imposition of their “Three Waters Programme, and their racist actions that exclude 84% of our population from the management of our nation. Michael
Robbery !! & too much control in too few entities All central and NONE with a proven delivery capability at realistic cost !! David
Another socialist/communist takeover. This government is acting like a mad dog and should be dealt with accordingly. Paloma
Why would any democracy wish to stifle debate or comment from THEIR constituents? Cliff
These assets were bought and paid for by the local communities, Ardern’s legislation is totalitarian and must be resisted douglas
NZ is spiralling into daily attacks on democracy and increased institutionalization of apartheid in NZ. Seems Labour and their allies are begging for civil unrest now. Geoff
Surely this is a classic situation where democratic rights must prevail. A referendum by individual council%u2019s must be called for so that ratepayers get input to the decision on this. Alan
Where is democracy gone Gil
Decisions of this nature are to be made by the public not a group of idiots currently sitting in government. Peter
How dare they. Sheena
No, this is nonsense. William
Have written to local MP saying “no”. Brian
The Government…. Liars AND Thieves!!! Gregor
They’re slack of lying thieves and scoundrels. This proposed action is being taken totally without mandate and is an affront to democracy. What’s more it is racism in the extreme. The partnership justification is absolutely groundless and is pure bullshit. There wasn’t, isnt and never will be a partnership. Who do we in Towronga write to?? Mahuta’s lackey overpaid commissars certainly will not bite the hand that feeds them!! Alan
This is Russia coming to New Zealand. Lets get rid of this corrupt mob before it is too late. Robert
The water belongs to all of us ,it comes from the heavens and glaciers, no one owns it Barry
We the rate payers must have a say over the water infrastructure s of our councils that we past and current have paid for. I object to this hijacking by this bill there was no mandate given for this Theft. Gwenda
We own it we should decide who will run it .keep it in the local councils hands. Let this go is the thin edge of the wedge. What else does the Government want to take of the ratepayers? Brian
That stupid woman with the bar code on her chin needs to go away some where out of site she is a proper stirrer we Don’t need the like of in NZ Russell
never””””” neville
There is NO concept of ‘Partnership contained in or to be inferred from the provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi. There likewise can be no “ownership” of our water resources. The transfer of community funded assets to this proposed new ‘entity’ is a complete travesty. To even contemplate such a horrendous injustice to the people of this country without a Referendum is an outrage. Brian
Of course not . There is no need for this proposal. Why should anyone agree to theft. Communities should consult on the best way to kill this sort of racist proposal effectively and permanently Robbie
It is a must that the current owners of all water assets be given the opportunity to hold a referendum. Thats how democracy works. Dennis
of course not! However I live in Tauranga, and in spite of supporting a referendum on Maori wards, it got scuttled by Ms Mahuta, and then to top it off she removed our Councillors and put the Council under governance, so fat chance of Tauranga ratepayers getting a say! Pamela
NZ is heading for civil war when the complacent and dumb majority wake up to what is happening Tom
A bunch of thieves stephanie
This is not a democratic process Mike
I cannot believe this Government’s trickery and dishonesty in its actions! What is HAPPENING to this country of ours? Sylvia
Mahunas cousin who says the rain and snow that falls from the sky ibelongs to moari is way out of line. What about the air we breathe? Stealing infrastructure is yet another diaboloical no-no. Michele
definitely no democracy here Moyra
Totally undemocratic and a real shady part of the rapid move by this socialist incompetent government towards centrally controlled totally inefficient Marxist command economy and control of the country’s assets.. David
Labour must go. Malcolm
What has happened to the Government for all the people. Gordon
Corrupt pack of Greedy Iwi wanting something that they have not worked for, not paid into and will want someone else to do the running of it, that is, the ones who are doing it now. It is all about the mighty dollar and the corrupt greed of Iwi. If this comes about, it will be reversed, and it will bite Iwi in the arse with them being completely bankrupted and ruined. Neil
No way will I want my rates to be used in such a way’ The Council have done a sterling job. Irene
Mahuta is a school yard bully! Sadly she is being supported or by, or has intimidated the Labour caucus (which wouldn’t be hard). . Dick
Absolutely not! Matt
The water assets belong to the ratepayers and local councils and all should be consulted. Helen
Absolutely wrong! Lois
WE want a voice! Cath
Someone we trusted has grown horns. Dave
I thought NZ was still a democracy? Gavin
No bloody way, Labour and the Maori party seem hell bent on destroying New Zealand and our way of life. This is one of the worst governments we have ever had. Talk about hypocrisy. I don’t know how they can even lie straight in bed or sleep at night. Can we have a snap election? and vote them out. Fraser
Technically, the traditional term is subsidiarity. Nowadays we say localism. Either way, democracy itself demands it, versus a high-handed centralism, bulldozing all before it. Bryden
Muriel says it all. June
It is theft of the peoples property Reg
We go on and on and still this communist government keep getting away with it. It has to stop and stop quickly either through the details being published in all the newspapers or through the High Court Tom
While rationalisation is needed to fund the smaller Councils to provide quality W and Ww plant, this proposal to donate to Maori interests in totally undemocratic. Chris
This control grab must be stopped! Calvin
As I said last time, Councils should just tell Government to p. off. Off course Councils already know the outcome of any referendum, or consultation for that matter, as does this Marxist Government. That was painfully obvious at the recent farmers protest, much supported by the public. Government took no notice of referenda regarding undemocratic Maori appointments on Councils, so why should they take notice of the majority of New Zealanders? Seems only through more protests, which will get bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Let us all find a way to turf this racist, Marxist Government out before their time is up. Motions of no confidence, coupled with even bigger protests. The farmers are not going to stand for not being listened to, and neither are we going to accept this latest money grab and the Death of our Democracy. Folkert
Undemocratic!!! Julian
This Govts 3 waters proposal will finish up with civil unrest and violence. To remove community consultation rights by forcing a law change would be nothing short of dishonest. Not that that would concern the present bunch who call themselves the Govt. David
Just more Maori focussed apartheid and public asset grabbing driven by a bunch of clowns who have absolutely zero idea about anything. We do need a resounding declaration NOW from both National and ACT to repeal any such legislation as a priority if elected to power at the next election Rob
This will be the last straw. No way there will be rioting in the streets. We will put MP’s in prison Frank
Ridiculous idea! Jennifer
No I do not ! John.
We have to stop this Mike
Council residents have always paid for there water through rates.Three water proposal if implemented would service the large cities and the smaller towns would be at the bottom of the pecking order john
Councils should consult their constituents regarding transference of their assts. What happens to people with their own water supply such as water tanks? Will they be taxed for collecting water which came from the sky? Robyn
Absolutely no. Iain
No no no! This govt will only stop this strong arm bullying if our citizens stand up and push back? Bev
Absolutely not! We must get rid of this socialist government and their deliberate introduction of separation of New Zealanders. Darryl
This is an enforced grab at something that belongs to ALL New Zealanders. Pamela
If you vote yes Does that make you an accomplice to the greatest act of theft this country has ever seen? Mike
this is a communist type take over of a nation [nz ] still asleep. norman
What on earth are our elected representatives thinking of? This is beyond belief! Peter
The proposal is disgusting and obscene, and reality is a lot of maori people would be against this proposal as well, we are all immigrants here to N.Z. and therefore we should all be equal. What’s more laughable is if I collect rainwater on my property, then I’m a theft!!!! anita
Are we moving more and more toward separate development? Brian
This is the most undemocratic move by the Adern mob since the mad cow was first elected. Mike
Definitely not. Another step in Comrade Jacindas plan to become New Zealands first dictator. She must go. !!?? David
Racist communism Greg
the sooner we get rid of this Govt the better for all NZers  graeme
Like the farmers the local communities must come out and reject this proposal. We need to openly demonstrate in favour of a referendum and a 75% majority before any such blatant communist like manipulation of the population is enacted. Jim
Government is once again using bullying tactics. Jack
What ever happened to Democracy??? Gary
where is the democracy from these communists Graeme
No, it’s disgusting. Racist government! Q
The most dishonest and detrimental regime I can remember in this country. I use the world regime as they don’t behave like a government. They need to go! BryceJ
ask all the people what they think ….. don’t start racism phil
It’s a total disgrace Brian
It is almost impossible to believe what this Labour administration has been doing to New Zealand since they took control of the treasury benches just last September. Unfortunately all their successful actions are designed to pass assets over to iwi control with absolutely no regard or respect for the 84% of us who have no wish to be regarded as maori, but simply New Zealanders. Where is their mandate to make these changes. How far away is the rebellion against this Marxist behaviour? Chris
it is a travesty, a drive towards Apartheid and opens the way to dictatorship. Lionel
It is just another way to give Maori control over NZ. Joan
Who would want to follow our beloved leader down this path to apartheid and self destruction of our beloved country eric
There is no need for centralisation of water assets and Maori have too much say already. Lynne
This is getting utterly ridiculous – no one owns water or the land its for everyone to enjoy Kerin
So if you are Maori you get to consult, but anyone else, NO consultation??!!! Jacinda Ardern please explain!!!! Maddi
1000 times no but I fear it won’t be stopped. Shirley
This is totally absurd. How are they even allowed to do this? This government is completely exploiting the honour system that NZ has enjoyed for over 100 years. They must be ousted! They are ruining our beautiful little country. Sheila
It is non democracy Graeme
There obviously is a need to recall this minister and to defeat this populist government without delay. Norman
No way because this gives CONTROL of ALL WATER to TRIBAL ELITE. And being the cunning, ungrateful, money, power grabbing folk they are, will charge all of us other New Zealanders big Dollars. This current Government has NO Moral Compass what so ever !! Geoff
A totalitarian state is where they are heading John
No Way – it’s an absolute rort and needs to be called out as widely as possible. Graeme
Totally unacceptable Mark
We are a Democracy ! Do not introduce Apartheid here in NZ Pierre
This is blackmail Warren
Its all part of the power grab by iwi, supported by Government, to levy a royalty on every New Zealander for water use. Democracy, infrastructure, ability to deliver, water quality etc will all secondary to the iwi money grab. It’s disgusting. Graeme
The assets are owned by the ratepayers – not the councillors and should be voted accordingly. My other concern is that the beneficiaries will be a small group of Maori activists – and not Maoridom at large, Gerry
Grand theft by a corrupt government must be stopped Richard
It is a huge concern to me the things that are happening to our country.Freedoms are being stolen. Why are we allowing this. Dave
Whatever happened to Democracy. It must be stopped this so called partnership of uneven balance. Martyn
The Government is engaging in a cynical flouting of democracy by attempting to ram through with urgency what is itself an entirely undemocratic proposal. Ethno National Socialism beckons. Ron
Dangerous move – must not be allowed! Pam
Just a small part of Labour’s plan to destroy Democracy in NZ. Anon
Yet again Mahuta is trying to screw white NZ in favour of Maori by giving them council assets. Does this mean that they will get off the dole by selling us water they don’t own? Barbara
The govt is proposing apartheid. Kerry
This is terrible it cannot be allowed to happen no way it must be stopped in its track lousy Labour Government. Ian
Support Te Pua Pua, NZ, at your peril. Mahuta & Ardern are inter on destroying democracy in NZ Bob
This is disgusting. Why are they scared of democracy in action? If an educated referendum decide to run with He Puapua, they would be wrong. Phil
Its like a bad dream,I just want to wake up. I see big problems ahead Peter
Labour are the most undemocratic, racist, divisive and separatist government in living memory. Derek
A unholy concubinage of totalitarianism and racism Colin
Yet more racist agenda from Jacinda and her toadies. John
We’re on our way to Hell in a handcart. Colonisation has been the best thing ever for Iwi. They get to take control, free of charge, over billions of dollars of assets that rightfully belong to all New Zealanders. The whole thing is a farce instigated by our totalitarian Marxist government and a few powerful Maori. No one seems to care what is actually happening. Colin
Time for another march/tractor trip into Wellington. Shut the city centre down until they see sense. Tim
No at all costs. It’s a rort. Do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t happen. And while we are at it find out if they will pay tax on their enterprises Mike
This is not a democratic process. We must have a Referendum of all Council Ratepayers in NZ Christine
Absolutely NO! This must be decided by referendum. Ron
This Labour Government and Jacinda Ardern will go down in History as the MOST corrupt and the Biggest LIARS in NZ History…. Time to hold a VOTE of NO Confidence in this Government time the were GONE. Carl
Most local councils have let down their constituints by voting in favor of maori wards . We cannot allow them to continue their stupid and gutless aspirations . pete
This absolutely appalling “three Waters Proposal” has to be stopped in its tracks along with all the other He puapua rubbish. Congratulations to the Mayor of Westland for standing up for Ratepayers rights. In addition, the total control of the media by this communist govt is disgusting. , I am so relieved to hear of your incentive to produce a media campaign to get the truth out there to a public who are constantly lied to by this Govt. and ignorant of the facts. Mary
It is alarming to contemplate this attack on our constitutional rights and with absolutely no mandate. Michael
Not under any circumstances will I support any government that operates with underhand and ulterior motives Duncan
This is just another step in giving water rights to Maori and proof that this Government is corrupt and has no principals what so ever and our so called Prime minister has no principals what so ever .I can’t wait for the next election and se them gone for good. ken
It’s our democratic right to be informed and have a say in our local District council affairs and planning. The whole 3 waters proposal is a slippery slope to apartheid! Alan
It is a another step into full government control of the national Leo
Bruce Smith seems to be the only Mayor in New Zealand with the balls to openly speak out against this disgusting move, by this lowlife Government that tells endless lies and supports gangs, criminals those who have never worked in their lives. It is not here to represent those of us us who have spent our whole lives working and building New Zealand. Des
Hostile to democracy? You bet. Richard
our disapproval of the undue haste won’t make a jot of difference, however; this government has shown itself to be ruthlessly driven by ideology. We had better get used to government by diktat. Graham
This is clearly non commercial political strong arm tactics by the current marxist government who are being dictated to by radical Maori and Greens members. Linton
No- enough bullying. Councils should get to continue to maintain and manage these crucial assets. To do otherwise will see the standard of both fall to an all time low. Margaret
Deceitful in the extreme! Alastair
We must retain our democratic principles at all cost Roger
Not in a thousand years Simon
This is not Democracy in action This forced action on the people with out consultation Neil
It is entirely undemocratic Grant
Zimbabwe here we come Bernie
Why can’t we get rid of this communist government NOW there must be a way to remove them from office there must be legal people out there that can come up with a solution Peter
This will take the maintenance and management of crucial assets to an all time low. Margaret
This country is being fast-tracked by our inept wooly-minded government into becoming another Rhodesia !! Henry
it is strait out COMMUNISM tactics Les W
I hope commonsense, logic and loathing of Labour’s very racist approach will halt this racist move and have people realise that this Govt has to GO. norman
We now have a socialist government Bill
Three Waters Reform will complement the Prime Minister’s agenda of creating permanent divisions in the country. Fortunately despite media compliance the people are waking up to the Marxist agenda. Lee
Warriors in command of government will destroy New Zealand. George
I do not support the govt intention. Maori DO NOT OWN the water, and it is an incredibly arrogant and self serving comment for the 16% ?? minority race in NEW ZEALAND to think they do. There has always been water in NEW ZEALAND since the formation of our earth/planet and no-one has ever owned the water. This attitude is immature and self serving and does confirm the lack of true understanding of how the world/earth /planets began We are so fortunate to live in NZ , where there has always been clear, clean water, and this nonsense about undrinkable water is purely propaganda and directed it seems, at the non-thinkers jenny
Hijacking of peoples assets by the government is what happens in communist countries, not NZ. Not until this crowd came along. Andrew
Sad reflection of the country’s priorities Ian
If Maori get control they can pay for all flood damage and any other problems that water cause. Frank
I thought the little Corporal of the 1930;s was dead and gone but I can see he has been resurrected by the Labour Party Warren
More money for the maori Jimmy
NZ. A democracy? Yeah Right….. Mike
socialist in the extreme don
Absolutely not !!!!! At a ratepayers meeting in Tauranga last Monday all I spoke to agreed we MUST get rid of this Government. as Three Waters is only the start. All councils will disappear and be controlled by the likes of Mahuta and her minions such as we have here in Tauranga run by Anne Tolley and her mates at unbelievable costs to the ratepayers — no democracy whatsoever !!!!! Alan
NEVER!! Let true democracy rule. Tony
Theft by stealth. What is to stop them selling these assets to others. Elizabeth
A public info campaign would be good. Lots of NZers are in the dark. Will donate to that!! Marianne
I prefer a democratic vote rather than a Communist dictate by this corrupt Labour Government Rex
This government is evil and the PM is responsible for ruining our society and country Heather
Just another blunderbuss in the Govt’s intentions for total control. Graham
OK now I am annoyed, tell this bloody cow, or you can use another more suitable term, to get her hands off this money. No way is it to go to Maori. No apologises for the language. I feel I should have used more stronger terms to call her what I really think of her. Peter
This current very undemocratic Government is extremely dangerous. Wake up New Zealand. You must open your eyes to what this Government is doing. Maori are all over everything when in fact we should all be treated the same. Maori no more own the water than anyone else does. Vote this Government out, and very soon, because goodness knows what they will come up with in the next 2 years. This country will find it very hard to recover otherwise. Helen
absolutely NO WAY helen
Mandate, Democracy? Graham
Where is this communist b%u2026h getting her advice from? She is as dumb as a box of rocks on most issues. Our councils MUST hold a referendum to decide to opt OUT of this blatant theft and we must email or ring our council representatives and tell them so. Surely there are some Labour MPs who do not agree with this thievery, or are they being kept in the dark and letting a small group of communist MPs (Ardern and Robinson) make these sinister decisions? Please, please, send this NZCPR article to as many of your acquaintances as possible.For Goodness Sake WAKE UP NZ! Carolyn
No Way! The following says it all: Typical Labour Politician People with this behaviour were most likely treated as if they were superior or above others during childhood. These expectations can follow them as they become adults. They tend to brag and be elitist. They are aggressive, dominant, and exaggerate their importance. They are very self-confident and aren’t sensitive. Sense of Entitlement A common sign is the belief that they are superior to others and deserve special treatment. They believe that others should be obedient to their wishes and that the rules don%u2019t apply to them. Manipulative Behaviour Another common trait is manipulative or controlling behaviour. They will at first try to please you and impress you, but eventually, their own needs will always come first. When relating to other people, they will try to keep people at a certain distance in order to maintain control. They may even exploit others to gain something for themselves. Need for Admiration One of the most common signs is a constant need for praise or admiration. People with this behaviour need to feel validation from others and often brag or exaggerate their accomplishments for recognition. They also like to feel appreciated to boost their ego. Lack of Empathy Lack of empathy is another sign. This means that they are unwilling or unable to empathize with the needs, wants, or feelings of other people. This also makes it difficult for them to take responsibility for their own behaviour. Arrogance These people already see themselves as superior to others, so they may become rude or abusive when they don%u2019t receive the treatment they think they deserve. While they hold themselves superior, they may speak or act rudely toward those that they deem are inferior and treat them with contempt. Can also fit most of the present Labour Cabinet Members. See also: Narcissist. Terry
What a bloody joke this is. Maori (16percent of our population ) should NEVER OWN THE WATER No one owns the water, that is totally impossible for any one to do. Stuff the Maoris and their bigger than thou attitude IT MUST STOP Graham
I would like to know what the labour and greens MPs are on to come up with that kind of Nonsense Colin
The problem is no effective opposition. No National we dont ” demand the debate”. We have already debated this amongst ourselves. We do not want these Labour socialist agendas. If we wanted them we would vote Labour or Greens. We want an alternative party who states clearly they are going to rescind all these undemocratic initiatives. Janine
A government forcing race based control over all New Zealanders Stephen
Marxism in action. Trevor
This is socialism in its purist form. Take the assets that ratepayers have funded over the last 100 years with no compensation and end up with no say in pricing and management. Why do Maoris end up owning assets that they have NEVER contributed to? They don’t even pay rates. This has to be stopped in its tracks because it is just another attack on democracy. Kerry
This must not be allowed robert
ALL our assets are for ALL New Zealanders not just for minorities. Especially Maori John
Nationalization by stealth Derek
Complete takeover of the country by stealth. Get this government out Jeremy
Jacinda Ardern and her ship of fools are completely out of control . This dictatorship must be stopped. New Zealand cannot afford to play ideological games with our most strategic infrastructure enforced by draconian abuse of all New Zealander’s democratic rights . We must oppose this in every way possible. Donald
I just hope that there will be enough of a bad reaction to this stealing of our heritage that the public will finally wake up and say NO The first thing to do is write to your local Mayor and demand consultation and or a binding referendum I have done so Here it is Good Morning Mr Goff As a concerned resident and ratepayer in Auckland I would like to express my opposition to the Governments proposed plans for the fresh and waste waters of New Zealand. Bigger is not necessarily better. First the ratepayers in Auckland have paid for (or are paying for) the existing reticulation systems in Auckland and I feel that they need to be consulted about handing them over to the new entities without compensation. Second the cost to the consumers of the water in Auckland is far from cheap but with little or no detail of the future pricing structure how can the ratepayers be satisfied that the costs will not increase. As this proposal is a very significant change in the water arrangements I would like to see full consultation with the Ratepayers of Auckland before any decision is made by your Council. On top of this the proposal that some 16% of the population should be in a position to exercise 50% of the control could not in any way be considered democratic. Please confirm that full consultation will be undertaken even to the extent of a binding referendum on the matter. Yours If you don’t object now then don’t complain about the losses that will follow Robin
This is a totally duplicitous power-grab. These initiatives are bound to split and ultimately wreck New Zealand as we know it. David
Work to be done on this to halt dangerous unjust traction. peter
Public consultation & binding referendum are a Essential John
it is undemocratic Jason
It’s be coming a one way system. COLIN
More maorification by stealth, except they are now in our faces with it ! Geoffrey
common theft, from a common labor party and it’s hanger-ons Merryl
This woman is destroying democracy! We have to stop her by whatever means. Jenny
One ethnic group having exclusive control of water would be unique in the history of the world Bryan
The sooner Labour is tossed out the better. The most inept Government and the most devious leader. Peter
Unbelievable Bryan
The minister is using her position to channel control and god knows how much money into the pockets of her farnow (or whatever it is she calls her family.) Ron
WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND!!! Vote this divisive, incompetent and thoroughly dishonest, party out of office while you still have the chance. The time available to do this is rapidly running out. TOBY
Absolutely not! This is the most outrageous theft of community assets in New Zealand’s history. JD
Labour is so undemocratic it is appalling. The media should call out Jacinda Ardern on this but they are too busy idolising her!  Andrew
I fully support your idea of a public information campaign as people have no idea that the government intends stealing water services and giving them to iwi – and Ardern and co desperately don’t want them to find out! Colin
Councils should follow the  lead of Mayor Bruce Smith and charge ahead with a full consultation/referendum process. Good on him – he’s a real leader.  Gordon
The Maori Caucus is destroying this country and no-one in Labour is keeping them in check. It is appalling. Nanaia Mahuta is dangerous. Diana
This three water proposal is just a smokescreen to hide the transfer of water to iwi. The whole country is being disrupted so Mahuta can disguise what she’s up to. It is appalling. Bruce