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Tribal Control of Health

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The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill will radically restructure our entire health system. Our 20 democratically elected and community focussed District Health Boards will be abolished. They will be replaced by two centralised agencies, Health New Zealand and a Maori Health Authority, that will “co-govern” New Zealand’s health services, with its workforce of 80,000, an annual operating budget of $20 billion, and an asset base of $24 billion. The Maori Health Authority will have the right of veto over the entire health system, and as a result, health services in New Zealand will be prioritised according to race instead of clinical need.

Labour’s plan for the restructure of health, comes straight out of their He Puapua playbook, a blueprint designed to replace New Zealand democracy with the tribal rule by 2040. It was not revealed to voters before the 2020 election but rolled out after Labour secured a Parliamentary majority to govern alone.

Not only has this separatist system been created without proper community engagement – other than extensive consultation with Maori interest groups – the Government has even enabled the Bill to sidestep the usual legislative scrutiny of the Health Select Committee by establishing a new Committee, the Pae Ora Legislation Committee, to deal with it.

The Minister of Health Andrew Little justified this new committee on the basis that “the make-up of the committee would permit the Crown to meet its Treaty of Waitangi obligations in a way that had not been provided for in any other piece of legislation”.

That means Jacinda Ardern’s He Puapua “co-governance” agenda is now being forced onto Parliament itself!

The new Committee is made up of 50 percent Maori MPs and 50 percent ‘other’, but since there are 11 MPs on the Committee, the extra MP with the ‘casting’ vote is Maori – a clear indication that under Labour, “co-governance” means “tribal rule”.

Ian Powell, the former executive director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, is outraged by the health reforms: “Ten months ago, health minister Andrew Little announced the government intended to abolish district health boards effective from July 1 this year. This was never signalled and came as a complete surprise to the health sector. DHB abolition was never part of Labour’s election campaign in 2020. It was not part of the narrative around the review of the health and disability system, led by Heather Simpson, nor of the leadup to Little’s announcement. There was a complete lack of prior consultation.”

He refutes allegations that DHBs are creating a “postcode lottery” in the health – the Government’s justification for their abolition – and is scathing about the Pae Ora Bill, describing it as “vacuous on primary and community care and virtually silent on hospitals. Before leaving the health system we have, we deserve to know much more about the one we are going to. Replacing existing structures with new ones that have not been worked through is poor leadership.  Making it worse than irresponsible is doing this in the midst of a raging pandemic… Surely NZ deserves better than this. It is time for sanity, reinforced by an evidence-based approach, to be restored to the political leadership of our health system.”

Not only have inadequate details about the proposed system been provided to the public, the justification for the restructure has been ‘manufactured’ to conceal the He Puapua agenda.

The unfortunate reality is that we are again being subjected to the same sort of misleading public relations spin as Three Waters and Covid, where communications experts are attempting to shift public opinion against our present system through clever “be kind to each other” type catchphrases.

According to the Herald, the Health Transition Unit – the special agency the Prime Minister set up within her Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to push through the health reforms – will spend almost $20 million on public relations consultants this year, attempting to convince us that New Zealand will benefit from a race-based health system.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Dr Lawrie Knight, an Auckland GP who has been practicing medicine since 1974. Dr Knight became so concerned by the ongoing claims that our health system is “systemically racist” and disadvantaging Maori, that he fact-checked the evidence that’s been provided, only to find it is false:

“Maori health leaders have criticised the New Zealand Health System as systemically racist, and that this is the prime contributor to poor Maori health and reduced longevity. The five most common claims that have been made by them in this regard are as stated below. These have all been fact checked and found to be incorrect. This paper presents the evidence to support this view, based on Statistics New Zealand data and the census data:

1. That Maori die seven years earlier than other New Zealanders
2. That Maori have poorer health services than non- Maori
3. That decolonising the health system will improve Maori health and longevity
4. That the primary contributing factor for Maori ill health is “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” and “unconscious bias” in the New Zealand Health system
5. That non-Maori are not affected by inequitable health provision and services

“All the above statements are not correct.”

Dr Knight systematically refutes each of the claims, including that ‘systemic racism’, ‘white privilege’, and ‘unconscious bias’ are primary contributing factors causing poor health, and he outlines the accepted determinants of poor health as identified by the World Health Organisation:

“The Social Determinants of Health (SDH) have an important influence on health inequities – the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between countries. In countries at all levels of income, health and illness follow a social gradient: the lower the socioeconomic position, the worse the health. The following list provides examples of the social determinants of health, which can influence health equity in positive and negative ways:

– Income and social protection
– Education
– Unemployment and job insecurity
– Working life conditions
– Food insecurity
– Housing, basic amenities and the environment
– Early childhood development
– Social inclusion and non-discrimination
– Structural conflict
– Access to affordable health services of decent quality.

“Research shows that the social determinants can be more important than health care or lifestyle choices in influencing health. Numerous studies suggest that SDH account for between 30-55% of health outcomes. In addition, estimates show that the contribution of sectors outside health to population health outcomes exceeds the contribution from the health sector. Addressing SDH appropriately is fundamental for improving health and reducing longstanding inequities in health.”

Dr Knight then specifies a range of common factors that cause poor health including obesity, hypertension, addictions, smoking, coronary artery disease, depression, anxiety disorders, gout, cancers, diabetes, respiratory problems, and genetic disorders.

He explains that the proposed system intends building on the widespread network of Maori health providers that were set up by Helen Clark’s Labour Government 20 years ago to “close the gaps”, pointing out that since they have made little difference to health outcomes in the intervening years, it is misleading to claim they will make a difference now:

“Since 2000, most Maori health services for Maori have been provided by seventy-seven Maori Health providers. They have been funded by the state but completely managed by iwi throughout New Zealand during this time. They were created twenty years ago to provide a ‘by Maori, for Maori’ health service as a solution for the Maori health problems – the identical reason as for this current bill. However, this network of hauora have not had the breakthrough in improving Maori health statistics that had been hoped would occur with a ‘by Maori, for Maori’ service provider.”

Dr Knight believes the reforms will not create the improvements claimed. His paper can be read HERE, and the submission he made to the Select Committee is HERE.

Social issues commentator Lindsay Mitchell has also examined the claims from academics, politicians, and public servants that colonisation has created growing health disparity for Maori, and her analysis found that for most Maori, “living standards have improved enormously, as has equality of opportunity. The progress of Maori social and economic indicators that has occurred under the process of colonisation stands in stark contrast to the constant barrage of contrary claims.”

In her Breaking Views article, Effi Lincoln investigated one of a plethora of claims of increasing Maori ‘inequity’ in health treatments – namely the evidence relating to gout. While she found that no material prejudice in treatments exists, it became apparent a ‘massaging’ of data had created the illusion of bias.

With the Government’s claims that our community focussed DHBs are failing so badly they need to be centralised not standing up to scrutiny, and the allegations of declining health care for Maori unable to be substantiated from the data, what else should we be concerned about?

If we look back to when the Maori Health Authority was first mooted, Iwi leaders insisted the funding model should be based on Whanau Ora, a social services agency with full commissioning powers that stand outside of government.  

But the Auditor General’s 2015 review of Whanau Ora highlighted major problems – not only was almost a third of all taxpayer funding being wasted on administration, the objectives were so vague it was virtually impossible to ascertain whether the money was being well spent.

Furthermore, because Whanau Ora commissioning agencies are private contractors, they are not covered by the Official Information Act, nor are they accountable to taxpayers.

Pae Ora is heading down the same track, and this is one of the concerns raised by the Auditor General in his submission on the Bill:

“In essence, public accountability is about public organisations demonstrating to Parliament and the public their competence, reliability, and honesty in their use of public money and other public resources… I am concerned that accountability arrangements for the reformed health system may be unclear, confusing, and fragmented…

“It is unclear whether the Maori Health Authority will be a public entity for the purposes of the Public Audit Act 2001. To avoid doubt, we suggest that the Bill include a statement that the Maori Health Authority will be a public entity for the purposes of the Public Audit Act 2001, and therefore within the Controller and Auditor-General’s mandate.” 

As the Bill stands at present, Section 11 states, “Health New Zealand is a Crown agent within the Crown Entities Act 2004”, while Section 17 states “The Maori Health Authority is an independent statutory entity”.  That implies its spending will not be subject to any official scrutiny – billions of taxpayer dollars handed to the control of iwi leaders, without full accountability, and without a public mandate, is scandalous.

Let’s be very clear what this is. The proposed Maori Health Authority will create a separate health system for Maori, paid by non-Maori taxpayers to entities controlled by iwi leaders and accountable to no-one. It’s being justified on the basis of health statistics that are bogus, and to satisfy a Treaty of Waitangi ‘partnership’ that does not exist in law.

Let’s also be very clear about what the effects will be. The iwi elite will control our health system through a veto right. That means the leaders of multi-billion-dollar private business development corporations will control New Zealand’s health system, and public funds will be allocated on the basis of race.

Will it achieve any better outcomes? No. Closing the Gaps has been in place for 20 years – yet iwi leaders claim the gaps have widened, and they trot out their mantra claiming institutional racism and colonisation is the cause.

Behind the veil of fake evidence and misrepresentations, tribal rule – masquerading as “co-governance” – is the ultimate purpose of the reforms.

Jacinda Ardern is about to give iwi leaders control of our health system and the huge funding resources that comes with it. Is this what you want for New Zealand?

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*Is it acceptable that the proposed new Maori Health Authority will not be fully accountable to taxpayers?


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I would have no problem with the proposed Maori Health Authority not being fully accountable to taxpayers as long as they were not being funded by the taxpayer. Another example of greedy zealots wanting the fruit from the money tree and using spurious arguments to get their hands on it. Gary
Tribal control of Health is tripe, racist and a future festering disaster to come. Anything from He Puapua should be dropped immediately. The lies, lack of community engagement and general all round Putin-like tactics reek of dishonesty. As an older person this whole business is beyond me and my beautiful country is in dire straits, sliding the slippery slopes of doom. I can think of many countries who would force this government to immediately resign but New Zealand has sadly become a mouse-like nation. John
NO , It is definitely NOT acceptable. Gregor
Another taxpayer funded dept. grabbed by the commie crime gang, so they can further genocide us by the wef/un genocide , depop, agenda David
WE are a multicultural society and governed by democratic means where all people are equal under the law. John
It is a disgusting abuse of power by Jacinda Ardern and has to be stopped before it is too late. Every person in New Zealand needs to wake up to what this government is doing, and do all we can to halt it. Richard
Absolutely not, we are a multicultural country and as such democracy reigns! John
Any, and every, organisation being funded by taxpayer funds should be accountable to taxpayers. Not only in terms of expenditure, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in terms of outcomes. This Labour government has systematically undermined the DHB’s in NZ and has used Covid as a smoke screen to advance their cause in many areas. Glenn
New Zealand Taxpayers funding this Authority should be not be given to Maori alone.. This sets a dangerous precedent. We are all New Zealanders and should be treated equally. Cheryl
Loss of democracy and transparency and welcoming of apartheid – NZ gone stone age Leeanne
Any public money spending MUST be held accountable and I won’t get into all the other non-democratic policies of this Government Cookie
Furthermore, there should be no need for a separate Health System catering for only 16% of the voting population. We are all New Zealander, and all should have the same equal rights & access to the same level of health care. Those managing it should all be elected representatives and each held accountable for how the funding is managed. John
In twenty years this country will be another Cuba Neville
The leaders of Labour, in the main, were ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY Yet they choose to act UNDEMOCRATICALLY. Gaeey
The proposed changes will fail as most of the money will go on new offices etc, and decisions will be made on racial grounds, not scientific. Malcolm
No bloody way. Democracy is being steadily eroded with each of these so-called reforms by Bin Ardern’s government. It is absolute BS that her government is the most transparent ever. With every one of these policies – 3 waters, He Puapua, the history curriculum, handing the DOC estate to Iwi, blocking select committee access to the police commissioner – it proves the complete opposite. I am incensed at the blatant abuse of power that I’m convinced that these instances prove that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Kerry
Just how much more of trying to make something that is NOT evidence based – to be paid for by the majority taxpayers who get no prior respectful notice. Maurice
This can not be allowed to proceed. James
A separate system that favours one race is racism, and should never be allowed. Laurie
Totally unacceptable. William
Reading through the comments i am fully in agreement with the majority. This is a situation that should not be happening. However , I am not going to put forward my views , instead I am going to write directly to Chris Luxon asking him directly about what he intends to do in regard to opposing this racist bullshit decisions fostered by the idiots in the labour government .I feel if everyone were to do this it might go somewhere towards getting some answers , hopefully positive. Incidentially after watching minister of health, Little being interviewed on Sunday programme about the shortage of Nurse and their burn out rate, from the answers he was giving it appears that he does not have a clue about what is going on and absolutely no idea about how to fix it.. He should be trying to make the existing health system work not wasting a billion dollars on some massive scam system. As for cinderella, she should be asking all the maori business trusts to start paying tax like all the rest of us. Ralph
This racist piffle driven by Ardern and her cronies must be stopped. Any taxpayer money spent on a maori health authority must be accountable. Any agency funded by the taxpayer should be accountable. Gavin
No it in not acceptable, not in any way. If they use all NZ’ers tax money then absolutely they should be accountable to ALL the people of NZ Carolyn
Pure unadulterated racism. Keith
I am beyond speech at the suggestion. Bev
Never. I would like to say more but these days i can’t . John
What ever happened to equality? Averil
absolutely unbelievable !!!! Needs to be stopped NOW!!!! yvonne
National, armed with the true evidence as outlined need to clearly state NOW that they will reverse this nonsense should they win the next election. Robert
Where is the Governor General in all of this? She should sack the Prime Minister if she has any balls. sorry she has no balls John
Any monies that come from taxpayers must be accountable to all. Enough of this Maori elite troughers! Bryan
Consider the current system of accountability practised by the United Nations General Assembly. Current members can submit proposals that would benefit its member nations and/or sanction corrupt practices. Two members with the power of veto, regularly veto, so the United Nations goes nowhere! This is what will happen with the proposed Health changes. Maori elite will control the narrative for their self interest, knowing the cultural cringe of ‘colonists’ will enable them to access the vast pot of taxpayers money that this Labour government holds the purse strings on. Shame on them!. Vic
Ardern’s Govt. puts forward EVER-,MORE outrageous plans for spending OUR cash – with absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY! Sylvia
completely unacceptable. stewart
Hell NO!!! Maddi
No accountability means no rule of law. Barend
I’m totally over this government and the direction it’s taking our country. As for Maori, they need to get off their rear ends and stop looking for excuses. The rest of New Zealanders including immigrant New Zealanders slot in. Wake up Maori. Chris
What is even more unacceptable is Jacinda’s racist agenda. Let’s vote on that in 2023 Phil
An outrageous racist proposal. David
This is all very scary, Jacinda is leading NZ into big trouble Annette
This is an outrageous proposition from ideological zealots who have a complete disconnect with reality. Chris
The question to ask; are National and ACT going to repeal it, if so we can move onto other things the Marxists are doing to us. This has always been the NZ problem, incoming governments never repeal. Makes you wonder if there are some back door agreements we aren’t aware of. Rex
Separatism and inviting an endless pit for money as is the case with most Maori run ventures. I was raised with Maori’s and worked with them but now I find the radical Maori a very different person. John
How can 15% of our population have control over the other 85% health services paid for by ALL Taxpayers, I am lost for words to explain the enormous imbalance in such a biased health system, just because of their so called “indigenous” claim of origin? Bruza
There is nothing fair or acceptable to any of the health proposals put out by this government. We should all be suspicious about what is behind all this and learn to read between the lines. Audrey
Divisions again Elizabeth
This whole health business is outrageous and will cause feelings of division throughput he country. feelings of ill will toward the Maori are being stoked up by this inept government Derek
Totally racist favouring a minority of the population. It must have the light of day shone it so the public can see what they are paying for. Peter
Retain the current system! Donald
Absolutely Racist. New Zealanders have had enough of this. DEREK
Enough of this nonsense N. Royce
Any Govt money should be accountable and audited by totally independent Auditors. ie. KPMG Deliotte’s etc Elaine
So the “Jacinda” racist machine rolls on ! Why the hell aren’t National beating the Drums to death over all this Maori crap or are they too scared to cross the Iwi. Roll on elections 2023. Richard
I thought we lived in a democracy Gordon
When will New Zealanders (NOT people from Aotearoa) wake up to the fact that we are being governed by Communist Iwi led Politicians ? Kay
The tax is for everyone not just a few Toni
If the Maori want to be separate let them pay for the health system with the tax that the big Iwi controlled company’s don’t pay ,instead of letting the rest of NZ pay for their fancy wants. Tony
We should all have access to the same level of health care regardless of race., where the seriousness of illness dictates the urgency for treatment Rob
Money will not be spent on health, it will just disappear! John
It will not end well. Sam
NO. THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED. I usually finish off my contribution with that considered opinion but now it is a certainty. My vote will go to any political party that will guarantee us an English language TV news channel and an English language newspaper sans government press releases. I just can’t get to grips with Pidgin English. As for Maori health problems the most effective solution would be for them to adopt a pakeha lifestyle. On the whole it could be cheaper and more effective for them. Bruce
Racist Greg
colour blind is the only way forward Brian
This is entirely unacceptable. To allow Maori to have no accountability to the non-Maori who will be paying hand over fist to Iwi leaders reeks of corruption and nepotism. Phill
Sick of this separatist bull shit.the labour govt under jacinda is the worst govt we have ever had. Marie
There should be one health system treating all New Zealanders on the basis of need. Tony
Who in parliament is going to have the guts to make it an election promise to remove all race based funding, services and preferential treatment for those for Maori decent and actually implement that promise? Separatism leads to distrust, distrust leads to hatred and hated leads to violence. That is NZ’s future if the decent into Iwi minority rule based apartheid is not stopped and it will not be stopped unless it is mandated by government. RIchard
What is going on? Jacinda must go. William
of course its not acceptable & is undemocratic to say the least…. james
Yes.I would support a separate Maori health Authority on one condition that those on the Maori roll finance it fully and without veto rights over the rest of the health budget. That by my reasoning should be in line with there wish to have a system of by maori for maori.The main reason for a separate authority is so that the maori administrators can lay there hands on large amounts of cash,without accountability. gale
A public bodies must be elected by the totality of the citizens. The principle of one man one vote is essential to democracy. This new act will drive a wedge between maori and non maori. fred
Unbelievable to suggest that any organisation with such responsibilities and access to public money does not have to account. mark
this cannot be allowed to happen..How can 22 elected DHB’s be swept aside. Peter
It is clear that this proposal will not work to everyone’s advantage. New Zealanders should all be treated equally and fair to every tax-payer! Marg
We do not have democratic government. We have an irresponsible rabble handing over our taxpayer funded health care system to a non accountable elite. This is not a democratic New Zealand. Paloma
This is absolutely outrageous and will certainly create more separatism in NZ. Amanda
NO a BIG NO merv
This Labour govt is committing treason Kevin
This whole creepage of control by stealth is totally unacceptable and must be stopped. Roger
This is a clear example of a communist inspired centralised system in order to maintain control. Out with this ratbag government! Peter
So much for openness and honesty – the world is lacking that full stop Jill
Absolutely not – all entities responsible for spending public money must be accountable to the public and subject to auditor general Ihaia
They need to fully accountable, the track record of other Maori Authority proves this. Rod
Our total health service will make it even harder to get the care that so many New Zealanders should be getting. Doreen
must be under scrutiny of Auditor-General Colin
Healthy choices = Happiness -treating everyone as equals as our creator does Starting every school day with a Health lesson & some exercise – giving kids the tools to make healthy choices . After a few generations doctors/ hospitals wont be in demand -they have the cures = $ & control for the 1% raewyn
Racism/aparthide to the max John
It is outrageous James
More and more we have a government running a once democratic country towards the abys. Ido
Further there shouldn’t be a separate authority based on race or colour, it is racist Greg
There is already not enough accountability for money given. Giving ample opportunity for money to be misappropriated. Ido
It is a fraud John
usual stuff this from Chairman Ardern and her gang of socialists. Ken
Existing system more local and works well. We want to keep it Paul
Its just another massive money portal. I can see them milking it to death until someone with the balls and brains to cull it comes along. Paul
The proposed Maori authority has demanded New Zealand Health to be accountable and would then control yet another NZ department. The million dollars recently set aside for the Authority plus the 82 million in setting it up should have gone to improving the existing hospitals which have long suffered from staff and equipment shortages. This is where 100% of NZ population can go without setting aside an ethnic preferential system. Rayna
any major changes should be done by referendum,old angry little should be kicked out, in fact we should have a complete change of government at the next election, David Seymore is pushing against this co governance scam that is arriving at full speed,these opposition partys are going to have to get in to it,when is the fact that these maoris are not indigenous and should have no special privilege’s,ever going to be spoken about,these iwis are filthy rich have been bleeding the treaty pot for years,but nothing changes,colonials are still to blame for everything,what a load of propagander and bullshit rodger
It is TOTALLY unacceptable and scandalous that this such could even be contemplated! Allan
By Maori for Maori,what a load of BS.Tsooner we get rid of Ardern,The Treaty and so called Maoris who are in fact,Whites with a little Maori blood in them,the better for all. Peter
Irresponsible and outrageous! Joan
Knowing the health conditions Maori are vulnerable to, they cannot be treated successfully via this system. If the plan is to be for maori by maori, the ,outcomes will be so much worse. As Ms Newman wrote, a large proportion of the budget WILL go on ‘administration’. It has occurred before and it will again. The health providers to this system have trained vis the western world system. They hold western qualifications. They took these qualifications to improve their knowledge in their health discipline. WE do not know what the average life expectancy was in pre colonial times.. Maybe if addictions, alcohol, poor dietary and lifestyle choices were removed there would be no talk of this segregation. Esther
How can this proposal be at all acceptable, given that it is race based, not to mention totally unfair and unjust to the New Zealand tax payer. Carol
Luxon must be very clear what his national party will do. Ken
It is absolutely racist and non democratic Greg
The Bill gives Maori control over the entire New Zealand health system with no accountability to the people of New Zealand Terry
As individual citizens we are held accountable for our actions, why would we invest in any agency not held to such a standard having benefit of the public purse. Christina
It is an absolute disgrace that a proposed policy bill as dangerous, deluded and racist, not to mention absolutely undemocratic, has got as far as it did. The only reason it did, is because, like so many other policy changes instigated by the Ardern government, it is being smuggled past the noses of hardworking citizens by stealth. It is disgraceful and New Zealanders need to wake up fast. Johan
Please, can someone explain to me why this hideous PM is tearing New Zealand asunder? Is it for her UN aspirations? Or is it for her one world government agenda? Or is it because she’s really really stupid??? Sharen
If there is a need for a Maori Health Authority – which I dispute – it should be paid for by Maori. This is what Treaty compensation should be for. It Maori want it; Maori should pay for it. Peter K
This is not going to improve Maori health but will help fill the pockets of the elite and will as usual achieve nothing. Can this dopey government legally hand this money over to them and and not require them to be accountable by annual audit when everybody else has to be accountable. Are we also going to see separate hospitals built for maori to help along the aparthied system that is now coming to the forefront John
Yet another lousy effort by this Labour government TO wreck a heath system that worked. this is bad as three Waters This shower needs booting out of office as Ian
I am fed up with all the separate things this government is determined to put in place to give control to 16% of watered down Maori. carol
Tribalism did not work in Zimbabwe And it won’t work here Tony
No way Eleanor
Lies, deceit and corruption. Dianne
If this succeeds will they bring back witch doctors Arthur
When 83% of the population subsidize the other 17% who will not be held to account regarding the spending of that money, makes me wonder if this Govt ever learned any arithmetic Neville
Unbelievable, how can New Zealand let this happen. Does everyone have their heads in the sand. If we criticize we are raciest or we are getting into hate speech. We are loosing our country. Alan
Tribal elite systems are not acceptable and democracy must continue. James
There will be a civil war in this country if this continues. The average Maori does not want a bar of it. Harvey
It’s totally racist and it will butcher and degrade the existing health system. If I was a doctor , a nurse, a specialist or a surgeon I would be off to Australia or some other democratic country where my services would be fully appreciated. It is all a complete nonsense and a rort and the National party need to say they will repeal all this crap. They need to think of the majority of the population and forget about the minority part maori racists, greenies and bleeding hearts brigade etc. etc bruce
that comes back to taxation without representation….in a circuitous route, the result is the same. Lionel
Repeating the same mistakes will never help the people who identify as Maori to help themselves. John
Why is this not published. Why isn’t it given out to the public Hazel
Absolutely not acceptable! These clowns need to be removed from office. vic
Why is anyone surprised thanks to this government nothing happens in this country without the un saying yea or nay Hugh
When the Maoris start to pay tax like all other NZ ers, then they may have a case. Where is the billions of dollars given to the tribes going to? John
Medical apartheid! Roger
It racism plain and clear . Don
Ardern and her government are EVIL Eeverything they do is to destroy democracy! Giving free lunches to iwi for their vote shows complete idiocy. Shes the boss and her lunacy and lies must be stopped !! Warren
No it is not acceptable, nor is it acceptable that the Maori run child welfare services are trying to dodge accountability as well. I think the problem is the ideology of victimhood = it is OK to swive others because I’ve been told I was. Pammie
We should all be asking the New Leader of the National Party if he would stand up and be counted for speaking out against al of these underhand schemes of this government. HE MIGHT, MIGHT just get some of the voters that were lost last election, back to vote these absolutely mindless people out of public visibility. William
Accountability must be foremost !! Coral
“Notaxaton without representation” or in this case “No taxation without “accountability” Gareth
It’s an idea bereft of reason. Chris
Utterly ridiculous. Jacinda is brainless. Valerie
It is frightening to see what is happening to our health system and our country under this Labour Government ! Barbara
all public funded money needs to be accountable noel
Totally racist.I have been on planet earth as a Kiwi pakeha for 75 yrs.I grew up in a family of 5 other siblings & my Parents had nothing but worked there arses off to gove us all the best. Myself & my siblings are all healthy & fit I have many Mairi friends who I served in the services with & I have never heard any one of them mention any of this ” underpriviledged bullshit”.It’s all about the wealthy Maori pulling strings to get themselves richer & they will never help their own kind .Look at all the land they have already reclaimed!!! It’s all in GORSE which has no use to anyone. Jacinda & your racist mob you need to get gone.NOW Murray
Why aren’t these details all over the media? Surely this proposal is illegal? Mel
Absolutely not acceptable David
Any monies given to this will just dissapear, ther will be no accountbility Beryl
Had enough of the scheming pm she and her party and Maori hanger on’s. Need to be kicked into touch. The willie Jackson’s Mahuta are having a damn good crack at screwing NZ. You are about to get a ride awakening Dianne
This fabrication of lies that Maoris claim come from the Treaty are just that. A fabrication. Where does the Treaty mention health care? Like all the other inventions they have pushed as coming from the Treaty are all lies. Next they’ll be claiming that the Treaty had the internet in its origins. The Treaty is a relic from 180 years ago. A piece of history and nothing to do with modern New Zealand. The interesting facts on Helen Clark’s ‘ Close the Gaps’ failure and ‘By Maoris for Maoris’ hallucination proves what a failure this is that Maoris are just not able to help themselves despite millions spent on trying to help them. Giving them control of New Zealand’s health system will be the same failure again and destroy the Health Service for the rest of us. Maoris have brought all this on them selves by poor diet, smoking, drinking and not seeking health care when they should. I am not saying that they are the only ones in this category but they are over represented in this group. The deceitful way that Ardern has hidden these major changes to our democracy, proves that she knew they were illegal but planned to have them all sewn up by the 2023 election. CHRIS
Nothing shocks me anymore on the fanaticism of the unrepresentative maori swill that have been allowed a free reign in this parliament. It seems like the agenda is “hell bent on revenge” The sooner this terrible government is gone the better. I just hope that New Zealanders will not forget what happens when they choose to elect a lLabor Government. NEVER AGAIN Timothy
cannot believe the proposed racial maori bu…hit!! norman
The victim mentality is destructive! Hilary
It is not acceptable that any agency funded by our taxpayer dollars is not fully accountable. Just another Labour government wrought. Lawrie
Racism in reverse Nicholas
There are other areas where Maori dont appear to be holding to the Tax payer so whats new .This is just another and example of this Government attiude and contempt to the tax payer.I am also concerned that Luxson does not shown his anger to the propossed Maori health and the move to Co governance. ken
This is outrageous and undemocratic. The current GOVT is clearly operating in a different orbit to the real world. They need to go-NOW Andrew
Absolute madness David
Absolutely NOT Pam
Bad governance. Christine
so many of NZers have had a huge gutsfull and very concerned about what is being by this mickey mouse Govt graeme
Will we all have to carry another proof of ethnicity document. To access health care. The mind boggles. Geoffrey
There should be one health system that caters for everyone Tony
Disgraceful Keith
t’s racial john
All spending of public money should always be accountable to the public – all the public, NZers as a whole, not divided by race or anything else. Cecilie
This is total racism Colleen
It is undemocratic and will take taxpayers’ funds but not be accountable to the normal auditing of government funded entities. It is apartheid by stealth. It is totally abhorrent. Duncan
Once again Labour has bowed to the Maori elite and this is scandalous, but then they dont care. Time for this lot to go and the sooner the better. Fraser
I consider that the proposed Maori Health Authority is completely un-acceptable as it would create a division in society and the country which tear the country apart and create 2 health sectors – a means of division in our country. We cannot allow this to happen. Brian
All aspects of He pua pua need to be scrapped before it does immense damage to New Zealand Bill
It is not acceptable that a maori Health Authority be allowed to exist at all! The government has no mandate to initiate this, and the vast majority do not wish to have, and would not agree to having, their health care put into the hands of a group that are demonstrably hostile to our way of life. New Zealand will become an international laughing-stock, and rightly so, if we continue to try to introduce an apartheid system of government. TOBY
And this is just the beginning, Justice, Education, Transport, Defence etc. etc. will all follow the same route if this is not stopped Kate
Open to mismanagement and embezzlement Peter
Ardern’s government is the most secretive, scandalous, underhand, dishonest government this wonderful country called NEW ZEALAND has ever had to endure. May it end soon. Logan
What on earth is happening to our DEMOCRACY Ie one Person one Vote elections. The Health and The Tree Waters changes are so Racist it is past being a joke. Norm
Our current Globalist Agenda supporting parliament, will do anything to destroy society as it is now. Entrenching Apartheid is just another divide & conquer tactic being used. If facts & honesty were employed, no race division would be considered as race would not be considered when it comes to need. The large uninformed proportion of the population are shielded from the facts, by a government controlled media. Thank goodness, more & more of the population are tuning in to the likes of N.Z.C.P.R news-letters, & reading the truth. For that reason alone, we owe Dr Newman & her team, a huge vote of thanks. A.G.R.
The very fact that such authority is to be given to unelected tribal corporations and leaders – without public consultation – is morally totally wrong, and goes against all democratic principles. The so-called “15%” of the population (in reality far less that that) should not be permitted to hold the 85% to ransom. This proposal will not alter Maori health statistics one iota, and instead will make the already-wealthy more wealthy. Remember, “iwi” stands for “I want it”. Laurence
It is not only not acceptable – in fact the proposal is absolutely scandalous ! Ron
how can a ,minority control the outcomes for the majority john
I am non Maori and was basically told by surgeon at hospital that I would not get a knee replacement as I was not fat enough and the wrong colour Shirly
This is outrageous Felicity
why are we introducing apartheid? louis
There must be tracked performance targets. What gets measured, gets done! Murray
Funds given to Maori orbanisations has been shown a waste of Tax Payers money in most instances. David
This is totally racist i its concept & implementation as I pointed out to the Chairperson & Executive of the NZ Medical Association(95% of NZ medical Drs). I received no response so as an Hon. Fellow ( a reward for services rendered) I had no hesitation in resigning my Membership Hylton
Recipe for more division and a long term disaster which will not change health outcomes peter
The sooner the Government realizes that we are one people the better. Bad life health choices are not confined to maori. Dennis
They do have a history of financial fraud and mismanagement. Our system is tested by history and should be kept. Christine
Miss appropiation of funds will occur by maori interests. ie maory elite John
ONE system for ALL please Douglas
Absolutely not acceptable for any entity receiving taxpayer funds to not also be accountable to those taxpayers Kevin
If the new Maori Health Authority is funded by taxpayers, it should be accountable to taxpayers. Jacky
They will rip the system off as they have done in the past. Just look at the Tainui Waitangi payout years ago. Only the tribal elite got the money while the majority of the tribe got very little if any. This will be no different except all non- Maori Kiwis will be robbed. Garry
If this comes to pass we will end up like Zimbabwe & wait for the white flight from a once democratic NZ Warren
As usual tribal rule antidemocratic it Albert
How can this be anything but a money grab by Maori elitists. The government are being very quiet on this. They know the people will not have this happen with their knowledge Roy
No this is creating more division Naomi
The plan is Not democratic and it is divisive to all NZ David
If we are paying them they should be accountable. Brian
As I’ve said before, it is theft on a grand scale. Geoff
It’s simply not fair. NZ has always used the phrase “Fair Go”. It’s a New Zealand Mantra. This New Health Authority smacks of Racism. Not acceptable of the World Stage- Why ? Look at The BLM issues created and worse it smacks of Apartheid- not really how NZ should be viewed on the world stage. Philip
Will it be acceptable to withhold tax because the tribal elitists will not be accountable to taxpayers? Don’t bank on it! This would be pure, abject racism, brought about by a Government which has got well out of hand. Kevan
In pursuit of their flawed ideaology, Jacinda Ardern and her government are displaying their utter contempt for all but a favoured few New Zealanders. Third world corruption on a grand scale. Donald
This is so bad that it is unbelievable. June
I am sick of hearing about the poor hard done by Maori they have exactly the same access to hospitals and Health providers as any other person in this country this is pure racism condoned by our Communist Leader Government She has to go along with the rest of her comrades. John
What a bloody farce.Here we have billion dollar tribes who hide behind a trust,who pay no tax!!And they want the NZ tax payer to front up with billions of dollars with no accountability.The sooner you piss off Horse mouth .the better for NZ.you are splitting a great country in half Ross
One system for all New Zealanders, accountable to all New Zealanders Graham
What is proposed by the Labour Government is absolutely absurd!! Murray
Such info stated regarding this revision of the Health System, are totally distortions of the truth, and should never see the light of day, in a proper government!!!!! Roy
certainly not acceptable as it will only result in the maori elite creaming billion off us white tax payers eric
What next the mind boggles 15 per cent of the population running the country well I don’t think so who is letting this happen why don’t Maori take a good look at there diet take a look in there shopping basket at any supermarket enough said Peter
billions of taxpayer dollars handed to the control of iwi leaders, without full accountability, and without a public mandate, is scandalous. KATRINA
All public money must be openly accountable to the public and subjected to inspection by the Auditor General tony
It’s scandalous. The PM should be removed from office.forthwith. She is a traitor to NZ. Peter
This is a travesty of democracy Simonne
Jacinda Ardern continues to give Maori total control of our country ,needs to go to go before N.Z. is completely down the tubes Seeking her own desire of more votes. Ann
Many Maori health problems are self inflicted e.g. drugs , booze .arrogance , obesity. multiple pregnancies and they have been privileged too be able to access what has , in the past,, been recognised as a world class health system . There is room for NON RACE BASED improvement certainly , but the proposed changes are dangerously racist and will be detrimental to health care in N.Z. Barrie
Any one who thinks they are not accountable is a greedy lunatic and if Christopher Luxon is not more forthright in comments regarding the ridiculous claims that those greedy part Maori are making this country will be communist/racist run after the next election. Wake up New Zealand, this is not Aotearoa. Tom
NO… Jacinda and her communist cronies must be dumped NOW before they totally destroy NZ Bruce
The sooner processes are put is place to sack this government the better. ! Rick
Racist. Blair
It hasn’t worked in the past. Dave
Beyond unaceptable-treasonous. kevin
No it is not. When does this racist nonsense stop. Addrianne
This is obscene – Maori should be more responsible for their health – obesity, smoking, alcohol, child poverty, living standards Dianne
There is no place in NZ for racism particularly govt instituted racism Richard
Like everything these last few years everything is changing to Maori ownership in a country they are only 15% of and from those 15% 99.9% have mostly European blood, another type of naming grab, land grab money grab for the elite couple of Maoris, in (NEW ZEALAND) “NOT” Aotearoa we all have to learn the language of the few to know where or what anything is now A TOTAL DISASTER!!!! Laurie
Dishonest and disgraceful richard
Aparthied here we come ! Stewart
It is simply preposterous John
Not only unacceptable- it is outrageous Terry
Very unhealthy way to go for all New Zealanders, will almost certainly collapse in time. Typical Ardern socialist initiative, power to the few. This goes also for all the other like proposed so called initiatives. Owen
No. No. No. this is 100 % racist and apartheid. It is 100% contrary to the principle expressed in the preamble to the Treaty about the need to avoid the evil of having different trikes for Maori and Pakeha! Rob
Outrageous!! Mike
With no accountability that the money is actually being spent on health, the overall health system will deteriorate. Michele
The paper written by Dr Lawrie Knight was very enlightening.It proves beyond any doubt that Labour and the Maori Greedies are totally wrong in their assertions that racism and bias exist in the current health system. The big question is : Why are the New Zealand Human Rights Commission allowing this to happen ? Are they too weak to stand up for the rights of all in this country. Steve
All recipients of public money should be subject to audit and accountability Mark
Wouldn’t trust them with anything Mike
We must ask our selves why is the government pushing racism at every chance it gets. The reason is divide and conquer, they wont us to fight each other, the little down trodden Maori minority v the white male capitalist colonist majority, that way they can control the narrative, anything said against Maori will be considered hate speech, and out lawed, the proper gander machine using NZ tax payers money will roll over us leaving us think how wrong we where to trust Government Noel
You cannot have separate systems based on ethnicity and ask the other group to pay for it through their taxes. Iwi should be fronting the entrie bill they have millions if not billions. Every non Maori should be fighting this. The worst thing is Maori have European in them so its a really absurd bill. Chaquila
Apartheid at work Warren
If we, the public, pay the bill we of course must hold them to account Harvey
The proposed Health Authority is separatism and therefore apartheid. John
Repeal all race based policies immediately! There is no right way of doing Apartheid Tjaart
All tax dollars should be accounted for regardless of who receives them. Mark
literally a form of genocide against white or other races of people. NO, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! There should be no need for a separate Maori Health System. We are supposed to be ONE PEOPLE, with Equality for ALL! If they want to set up a system like that, then they HAVE TO BE FULLY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE TAXPAYERS! If they want to pay for it themselves out of their Iwi Trusts, then it is up to them how they deal with it. But if it is Taxpayers money, then EVERY SINGLE CENT HAS TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR. IT WILL BE DEMANDED BY THE MAJORITY! But, of course, this idiotic Tribalism concept they are looking at introducing will not involve Democracy. Why should 17% of the population have the right to force all other ethnicities, and there are many, to come under their rules? Equality for ALL is what is required……nothing else! Heather
And all Closing the Gaps type organizations should also be audited and where there is criminal malfescents, inefficiency or incompetence this needs to be exposed and dealt with. Brenton
NZers should be equal. Immigrants, all rces. Marie
Nothing that is going on right now is appropriate Alastair
Whanau Ora should also be subjected to annual audit by OAG. This is yet another rort on taxpayers being orchestrated and controlled by Iwi. Just another giant step towards New Zimbabwe. Chris
I spoke to a well respected doctor yesterday. He believed that the Maori would have guidance input only. I suspect his head was in the sand. Go Governance with a casting vote is not guidance only. John
any tax payer funded organization should be accountable, Maoris have enjoyed billions of dollars for spurious reasons (re opening Hicks bay meat works) nothing has come of any of these hand outs and no one is held to account Stanley
In a democracy all government institutions should be accountable to the public. No exceptions. Aj
This government is making decisions by stealth. At no time in the election year did we know of their intentions to push for co governance and we are still not fully informed of their intentions. We can be passive spectators to this, but I for one will be actively voicing and backing those who can stop this divisive and undemocratic so called government. yeverley
Continued sepratism from comrade ardern and the rest of the incompetents. Sid
This country campaigned against the evil of apartheid. Why are we doing this? Get a grip Kiwis! Samuel
I feel sick each time I hear Maori state this is not a takeover. of our health services. Jasmine
This is illegal and unbelievable Moyra
More of Ardern apartheid coming your way bud
After years of education and assistance I consider the colonization ploy and the Treaty Tribunal need to be laid to rest. In a democracy all have equal rights. If Maori want a separate system then I suggest they shoulder the cost and not rely on the majority for funding. Take a good look at society those who do not take care of themselves and their health, suffer the consequences it is not generally race or gender related Start taking responsibility for ones actions and stop blaming others, but of course it will continue as will the handouts. Labour seem hell bent on abdication of their responsibilities to all NZers through layered governance, Which will be costly and unjust to the majority. They have a responsibility to all NZers, especially the taxpayer & not to the perceived down trodden minority. Where is the so called NZers spine? Bryan
Very badly presented poll question. Is confusing. I am old and glad that I don’t have to try and run my business’s under this evil Government. Albyn
Of course they must be accountable. It is unfortunate that many Maori enterprises have failed because of an inability to see just where the money is going, Robbie
Worldwide, nations have been fighting for thousands of years to shake off the drawbacks of tribal rule; yet certain factions in this country seem determined to drag us back in the opposite direction. peter
Disgusting Keith
Obviously we have a dictatorship when we are supposed to have democracy. How did we get here? Gay
How could it be acceptable-it is mot possible at all. David
Blatant DISGRACE makes the evil authoritarian and bigoted doctrines of Pol Pot look like a Sunday School Service for community by Mother Theresa! Surely the majority are not this stupid that we just go along with this nonsense, just because it’s an easy woke or PC compatible ride? When does ALL THIS nonsense STOP? Graham
Jacinda and her MOB need to go. leave the health system as is. william
It has become a sad situation that our current Government already has been taken over by a minority elements that are not acting in the best interests of New Zealand citizens. This element is only interested in enriching themselves and in grabbing sovereign power. This situation is akin to a cancerous growth that was started by a collective “chip on the shoulder” movement from the 60’s. As with with all such sicknesses it has to be cut out ASAP before it destroys all together the main life support organs. On the other hand what is being proposed will eventually run out of other peoples money and we will all be broke. It’s on us all to put an end to this deleterious nonsense before it is too late, which I suspect is already past the point of no return. Garry
Another indication of Jacinda and Labors SOCIAL Engineering by this government that was NOT elected by the Voters, and NOW has even less support of the electorate. Carl
there should not be a maori health board brian
Just one more step towards Apartheid, led by the radical tribal elite. Maori will be no better off and $billions will be misappropriated. Absolute disgrace. Peter
Nothing about us without us john
Certainly disagree Diana
It is not acceptable that the proposal for a separate Maori health Authority has got this far. The enormous amount of money spent on it to date would have gone some way to fixing some of the issues underlying ill health in many New Zealanders. Anon
This is a fine example of APARTHIED CONTROL not Democracy. All this is a setup for the Tribal Elites to operate without any accountability what so ever. Yea Naaaa Geoff
Changes being made by this labour govt are based on dogma not factual evidence. Cliff
Totally unacceptable Philip
I was a nurse for 41 years in a maori populated area and it is not acceptable. Rosalie
If one eyes are open this unaccountability is how this government has survived recently. I see this as a major part of their master plan ……… Stuart
No no no a thousand times no, this is total madness and there has never and will never be a co=partnership between maorii and the crown. Carolyn
One sun under one sky John
It is no more than a scam. Ian
We already have NZ govt run by Maori. I told people that with this govt you now see what NZ would be like run by Maori. This must be the most dishonest corrupt govt we have ever had. Mike
This is scary and unacceptable, we need to give the Govt what it fails to see that the NZ public are not happy. All this Maori stuff is getting more worrying by the day. Barbara
PLEEEZ stop this reverse racism which is splitting our wonderful country NEW ZEALAND – (not ayoteearower). Brian
To think that a Maori based, private entity, with no public accountability over how taxpayer funds are spent, or achievement, and has veto control over the health system decision making is truly scandalous and fir the sake of all New Zealand, stopped immediately. Peter
MOre rubbish from the radical left, time for them to go , its pathetic that the media do not cover whats going on, a strong indicator of who controls what in our country. craig
Maori intellectuals and Trubal corporations truly believe that New Zealand is post democratic. Matt
All Health Authorities should be fully accountable to all New Zealand taxpayers. Shaun
She is making anyone who is not a maori a second class citizen. Ann
All taxpayer funded bodies MUST be fully accountable to the public in both how they spend their funding and the outcomes derived. They must always be measured against their forecasts and targets and be made to explain shortfalls in performance. Derek
We must not have a separate health system based on race. Having worked as a professional health worker for many years never did I encounter any discrimination in regards to Maori. What I did encounter was many did not follow the treatment advised even if it was given by a Maori health professional. Individuals must take responsibility for their own health. A separate health system will not solve this individual problem.it will only cause widespread division , it basically is a form of apartheid and will line the pockets of the elite Maori once again, especially if it is not accountable to its spending. Jacqui
How do we stop this agenda? The only way is to have a change of Government at the 2023 election, but who gets the nod? Act hav become very clear on their stance BUT National have skirted around all the questions regarding Co Governance. WHY ??? are their keeping evasive in their comments for fear of being labeled racist or do they also want the so called Maori Vote. 20years of a system of “by Maori, For Maori” has been a failure who the Waitangi Tribunal refused to comment on in their demands. Barry
A blatant excuse to provide race based “health care”, ie: line the pockets of a select group of “elites” Phillip
We should not be surprised in a country that is now deeply entrenched in APARTHEID. Geoff
It is simply undemocratic douglas
Democracy? Doris
Racial segregation in health – how low can Labour sink? Trevor
110% against it!! John
Racist Jacinda. bruce
On Average, Maori people are more overweight than Pakia, due to their living style and diet. Just have a look on Maori TV Channel 5l when they do their concerts !! Pierre
I am truly embarrassed to see so much apathy from my fellow citizens. Ardern and Putin seem to operate in a separate universe to the rest of us. Jim
A scandalist waste of time and taxpayers money. But nothing new here – normal behaviour from this government!! John
Absolutely Not. As in any business with a budget there must be accountability to the Tax Payer. Caren
This is an outrage and must be stopped in its tracks Murray
Please ask JACINDA if Mairi will be able to go to the non mairi health system? And can white people attend the mairi health system? Such a race bases system is abhorrent, racist and a shocking waste of money. We tax payers may have to boycott paying tax to these Maori only nonsense,especially as all Maori corporations DO NOT PAY TAX. Get them to fund their own hospitals for their own people and try staffing them too. Fat chance!where is the statistic to show now much tax each Maori pays in comparison to the rest of the population? Without checks on the Maori businesses, we know from the past where the money will go, to those on top, the elite. This is sickening. Claire
Apartheid, in any form, is not acceptable in any society Tom
Nothing about the new authority is acceptable! gail
Most of us will remember Maori TV which was also non accountable. How many Tesla or Audi E Trons will the new health authority need. I’ m sure there will be competition as to who can get the highest spec. model, because they are the most important leader. Geoff
Typical Maori unacceptable lies. Graeme
This in itself is racist by the minority Rusty
It’s scandalous. NZ’s need a referendum on this . There are too many untruths being told by Jacinda Ardern we need a public consultation immediately Linda
Have run out of patience with this garbage – we need a strong government to roll all this crap up and treat everyone as equal regardless of colour, race etc. etc. etc… It will not happen of course, they do not have the courage. Roy
With out any a accountability!!!!!!! Is criminal. Joan
This Labour government will persist in its race based policies which is unacceptable Allan
Just another labour government stitchup of the public Peter
Any organisation which receives money from public taxes should be accountable for it’s spending. Kristina
Public Health services must be equally available to all New Zealanders regardless of race or colour. David
This is bloody outrageous!! What sort of democratic gov’t would tolerate this type of Maori tribalism. Ardern and her sycophants need to be replace with a common sense party like ACT. Tony
A key pillar of democracy is accountability. This Maori Health Authority is untenable and therefore completely unacceptable Gavin
what a joke….this govt really has to be voted out ; too much permanent damage has already been done to NZ Roy
We can see clearly where all this would lead with the recent ” Three Waters” vote from the Dunedin City Council. Unelected Maori members throwing their toys out of the cot in a huff and walking out because the council decided to vote against the Three Waters proposals. We simply cannot agree with this type of apartheid system in New Zealand. Janine
Another social engineering experiment by nz communist got designed to disenfranchise mainstream nz Bill
He pua pua MUST be stopped entirely. It is blatant apartheid. Elizabeth
An ACT style vote on the question would be a good idea (Maori in my wider family would vote that down) understandable pity National won’t get on board. Ian
The sad part of this is the woke think this is a game – a reversible game where when it goes wrong it can be changed. This happened with “defund the police”, affirmative action etc but the damage is extensive and not reversible. John
Absolutely not acceptable. David
One health system for all. Asians are not calling for their own health system. Personal responsibility is the key to better health outcomes. Tony
Some people need to stop hiding behind mistaken beliefs and get out in the world and look after themselves Wade
the history of these greedy, minority racists show that they will take any advantage of any power or responsibility given, 3 waters cogovernance for example. philip
Its Apartheid in reverse blatant racism murray
god forbid Robin
Maori in general, have every opportunity to have their health needs met, throughout New Zealand, just the same as all others. COVID virus vaccination uptakes showed how poorly most people of “maori” heritage were indifferent to protecting themselves and their families. The usual incentives were given to iwi. MONEY Twenty years of billions of taxpayers money given to maori health initiatives and yet still no improvement in major health!!! Darryl
Major systemic changes to our democracy are being steamrollered in. This is not our New Zealand, it is a racist socialist nightmare. David
Unbelievable! A pity that so many voted for for Ardern thereby allowing all of this to happen. Anon
democratic process must be a bottom line always Ken
Once again we are faced with more spin and lies coming from the so called most transparent govt and let’s not forget the PM was going to govern for everyone. What a joke. Jane
The question shouldn’t even have to be asked. Hilary
Here we go again: More tinkering by the muppets in charge, that will inevitably lead to another disaster, which will once again have to be rescued by the tax-payer in years to come. It really looks like the lunatics are in charge of the assylum! Jan
No way Roy
Any and all Govt funded organisations should be subject to scrutiny. The recent handouts over the “Covid” period are alarming and have produced few good results. Not good enough. Steve
Definitely not I am fed up with all this racist propaganda after all we are supposed to be all NewZealanders Barbara
Typical moarification strategy to give them money with no accountability for what happens to it – Troughers gain – we lose. Clive
This would be government enforced racism against all New Zealanders who are not Maori. Stuart
There appears to be no agency holding local and central Governments to account for wasteful spending and for not themselves ensuring accountability when they dole out money and reorganise systems.The governments are more concerned with keeping themselves elected than what is best for NZers. Higher intellects are required for the job of running a country with job descriptions required. Denise
the current pm has created and allowed far more division and racism in New Zealand than anyone would/could have imagined. This proposed change in the Health System without public consultation and discussion reaffirms the need for a change of government jenny
Just so anti democratic it is almost unbelievable. 17% of the taxpayers will receive 50% of the money and will have more than equality as they will have power of veto over anything that doesn’t go their way. We are becoming the proverbial lemmings and heading for the cliff. Adrian
Racial bias is never an answer acceptable in any democracy. Alastair
Blatant racism. Accountability for expenditure of public money is a must. Always has been and always must be John
If it is not accountable to tax payers; it should not be funded by taxpayers George
Appalling apartied tribalism. We will become like South Africa Laurine
No accountability of public taxpayer money = no taxpayer money should be given at all Laurine
This stuff is really pissing me off Bob
Not now, not ever. Fred
No wonder there is an exodus of people leaving NZ now that international flights are back up and running. This Labour Government headed up by a Prime Minister who can only be described as cunning and a liar has her own agenda to destroy the existing way of life for the majority of New Zealander’s. I cannot believe that National and Act are not screaming this from the rooftops. Never has New Zealand had such a despicable Prime Minister and she and her regime need to be voted out of power. Race based legislation enacted by her regime needs to repealed as the first priority of the new incoming Government. He Puapua needs to be shredded and burnt. Colin
This is a massive brownwash Philip
Not printable Russ
I not only have to apologise for being a non-maori, but I now the new underprivileged and subservient to a minority race. WE HAVE APARTHEID! Denis
Racist Brett
Every health authority no matter what the race , should be accountable when spending tax payers public funded money. Christina
Public Health should deliver to all New Zealanders who need health services based on needs not on skin colour. Anything specifically for Maori should be accountable to the taxpayer. This is more murky policy from this government which has no transparency. No transparency will mean more abuse of tax payer funds. Ann
Of course not. It cannot be independent if it relies on funding from non-maori taxpayers. Gordon
Such a system would justify taxpayers refusing to pay tax. Bring on the revolution! Alan
No it is not acceptable, the pampered race will have to be treated equally one day with the rest of us so why not start now. So we can finally have what the Maoris have and we can all be treated equally. The Treaty was a merger between two peoples and we were a democracy. What Jacinda is doing is the very opposite. Eric
At the moment bullshit spin rules the waves, if you are maori you will be aloud to ride those waves, everyone else will just be by standers, Sven
I’m speechless! Michael
Any Authority funded with Public Money must be made Accountable to the Taxpayer who are paying their wages Laurel
I read this with a mounting sense of disbelief – then reality kicked in. The usual suspects were at it again! Not only is this monstrosity unacceptable, it should never have been countenanced in the first place! If the iwi elite want a “Maori Health Authority” then let them fund it themselves by tapping into the billions of dollars they have screwed out of the long-suffering NZ taxpayer for as long as anyone can remember. I fear that NZ will be brought to ruin if this process is allowed to proceed unchecked. Scott
Every time tax payers money is used it must be accountable Alan
Racism John
Absolutely designed by our Control Freak Vaxcinda. Chris
EVERY New Zealander has EQUAL opportunities to good health, good education and yet they want special treatment in everything. They STILL can’t be bothered to get off of their a##es to get vaccinated. Even though FREE TAXIS were made available to them Now, $140million of overseas loan money has been given “to assist with Maoris & polynesians get jabs??!! Who or what national organisation gets this money and HOW is it being spent. Detailed accounts needed. But, no chance of that – the money will ‘disappear’ with NO checks & balances and NO accountability!! Edwin
Why should 15% of population who in most cases have very very little Maori blood get funded for a system that is obviously going to be unaccountable to anyone,if this goes ahead those we prefer a Maori health authority should have no access or say in the Health system for the rest of the population Chris
Absolute disgrace the sooner this dreadful Govt is gone the sooner we can regain our right of Democracy. We will be paying for this not Maori – just cant happen Tony
No taxation without representation. this is a primary tenet of democracy. Co-governance – no way. These people are making suckers out of the taxpayers.. Bruce
But how do we stop it Andrew
Accountability accountability accountability!! Jason
a rip off again Gill
Totally unacceptable. The proposal is undemocratic, racist and divisive. Laurence
Undemocratic. mary
Totally irresponsible John
If IWI wants their people be healthier, why are they NOT paying for it, but US. Another apartheid South African ploy. peter
Where does massive deception come from ? Maurice
No! Race-based apartheid sickness. “What is a Communist? One who has yearnings For equal division of unequal earnings; Idler or bungler, or both, he is willing To fork out his penny and pocket your shilling.” – Ebenezer Elliott, b. 17 March 1781,Masbrough, England Don
No it is not acceptable. Any tax funded entity must be scrutinized and results accessible to the public who after all have made this possible through their tax payments Heather
Absolutely not. Willy
Why is this not broadcasted to the public. Why do we never read or hear any of this in a public forum that the Joe Boggs person gets to hear about. They make up most of the country’s voters and users of the public health system yet won’t be aware of these issues. All my friends feel the same as you on all the tribalism issues you have written about but are too scared to say anything in public in case they are shamed as being racist. We are not and many of us are part Maori or have part Maori children or grandchildren etc. This is not democracy, this is not fair, this is so wrong to everyone who cannot claim a smidgeon of Maori. And, it is dividing my family as two of my boys have children with no Maori genes and one son’s children are all half Maori so they get everything for half price as one of my sons says! Not fair! Lynne
This cannot happen !!! Kevin
NO it,s OUR TAX MONEY she is giving away when those so called ELITE IWI have MILLIONS & MILLIONS given to them & their should be NO MAORI children going to school hungry or without shoes,NO MAORI not being able to get good health care,ALL MAORI houses should have been renovated if the GHREEDY IWI had shared those MILLIONS they got from treaty settlements with ordinary maoris like they were SUPPOSED to,there should NOT BE ANY MAORI POVERTY & now jacinda is giving them a veto on our 1/2 of the health system BUT we are NOT allowed any say in their 1/2.Where is NATIONAL & will they even stick up for us 85% ignored NZealanders.EMAIL LUXON & ASK WHY HE WILL SAY NOTHING OR GIVE NZealanders a referendum on ALL THIS MAORI B..ShitOnly 10 years ago you could read THE TRUTH what maoris were like on google but now its all been removed-they certainly were,nt the peaceful people they claim & our children are being b rainwashed at school to believe.If a poll was taken to see where our ancestors came from you,d see OVER 80% of us had NO ANCHESTORS who were in the British army & yet even though NZ hospitals,schools,ETC NEED money jacinda is giving OUR TAX MONEY to greedy,lying iwi.EMAIL LUXON EVERY-ONE HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS THE TOP OF THIS NEWSLETTER-DONT WAIT IT,S TOO URGENT,jacinda NEEDS STOPPING and everyone who,s on any social media get the details what MOST NORTH ISLAND MAORI IWI,s are worth & let the world know & let them also know jacinda is introducing APARTHEID & giving tax payer money to BILLIONAIRE IWI.The more the world knows the better,if our media could be trusted to report everything NZealanders would know how corrupt jacinda & labour are. Cindy
Taxpayers money must be totally accountable for. Seems to me to be another snouts in the public trough. Gary
More racism from komrade Jacinda.. what’s new? Rob
Absolutely not. Public expenditure must have Public accountability – which means a visible audit trail. Anything else will breed corruption. Francis
just another example of the lunacy and racist intents of the current mob that are doing their very best to hand control of this country to 15% of the population based on ethnicity. An absolute recipe for disaster and the final step in acquiring ‘banana republic’ status for NZ dave
We need a health system that is based on need regardless of race. Spend the 20 million in “Advertising” on more beds, more Dr’s and Nurses and targeted community education on healthy life styles. Unlike current govt offering “KFC” rewards for getting jabbed! Rita
Why are so many New Zealanders (non maori) so totally unaware of the aparthied thats being established in NZ ?? (I don’t care what happens in Aotearoa ) warwick
These idiots (the unrestrained all-powerful Labour/ Maori coalition) are frog-marching New Zealanders into APARTHEID. New Zealand is doomed unless we can get rid of this racist incompetent government. Patrick
They should never be created & in my view are totally inappropriate. Health outcomes for Maori will not improve under a Maori Health Authority as they are never measured. But just watch the costs escalate!!! Gerald
‘No taxation without representation ‘as the saying goes and how true it is William
This is just another flawed pro Iwi reform promoted by misguided socialism. Research and past experiences demonstrate the issues are related other contributing socio economic factors. Wide range far reaching restructure as proposed will have disastrous social and racial implications fuelling the ever growing anti Maori sentiment in general society to disastrous proportion. Political representation should in my view represent fairly the majority. That doesn’t rule out support to the under privileged but this should not be on racial basis. Chris
When will this ever stop ??no wonder 20,000 kiwis are about to leave NZ Gil
No it is not ok. Public expenditure must have accountability and to be seen to function efficiently. It would be tantamount to having an open cheque book. We have seen in the past were these groups have completely mismanaged their funding allocation and produced very little in return. chris
Taxpayers work so hard for every dollar that every cent of taxes should not be wasted. The whole system is very corrupt. Donald
Racism at its worst John
Just like Mainstream Media, throwaway lines with no basis of fact seem to be acceptable. Come up with a great one-liner that put Maori in the Victim position (Missionary position or bum-up over a barrel visual freeze frame) when in fact the Iwi Elite are nothing more than clever, articulate Law Loopholers that have taken advantage of some education and White Man’s Guilt. The likes of Andrew Little and the Race Relations Commissioner have Altruistic Beliefs that do not bear the scrutiny of practical application. The One-liner on that is White Man in Hawkes Bay thinks it’s raining in Porirua by licking his finger and putting it in the air. Johnny
ALL Government departments and Ministries should be accountable to taxpayers for their respective spend – and should include ALL Organisations that are government funded. This is merely another ladder for Jacinda in her climb towards becoming SG of the United Nations in a bid to outperform Helen Clark. It is obvious that she is pandering to the UN in her policy drives in an effort to gain their support and ultimate election to the senior post. Martin
This country is going to the dogs- people will be leaving in their droves. Kevin
The very concept is racist and corrupt. Health funding should be needs based. Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. No accountability for funding is just another layer of corruption. Welcome to The Banana Republic of New Zealand. Wendy
Horrific proposal…no no no. As a nurse of many years never saw Maori being treated in a lesser way than the rest of the population. Shirley
This is an outrage …reverse racism at its finest and most disgusting. I so wish I could leave this once amazing place to live Julie 
Unbelievable! How do we bring all this to the attention of the general public who mainly have no idea as to what is going on. Most people are too afraid to be vocal about this as immediately they will be labled ‘Racist” Peter
I cannot see what is NOT apartheid in this system. It’s division by race and is simply unacceptable and downright dangerous. The sooner this is overturned the better. Roger
This is straight out theft from the NZ public . Wendy
NZ is in a very dangerous place. We are leaving! kate
Well we all can see what’s going to happen here. Who is going to be first to rip the system off? They will be lining up to fill their pockets and provide well paid jobs for their cuzzies. What a bloody joke this is, could only happen under this current pack of lunatics in power now. Peter
All spending of taxpayer funds should be open to public scrutiny. Paul
Anyone or organisation that receives public funding must be held accountable for the use of those funds. Paul
This is another disaster waiting to happen as usual! People need to be accountable and even moreso if those people make up only 8% of our population. We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again, “Where did all the money go?”, and “We need more money “. Grrr Anne
Just another brick in the wall Barry
sadly this Govt has lost the plot and given the Maoiri’s free reign at the expense of the ordinary tax payer Russell
ri ancestry without having to provide any kind of evidence. If any shred of democracy can be salvaged after this wicked, deceitful, lying Labour Party is thrown out it will cost billions of dollars to try to regain what is being stolen from the majority of New Zealanders every day. Ardern is a total disgrace. My ancestors arrived in NZ in 1838, 1845 and 1865 from Scotland, England, Ireland, Jersey, France and Germany. My grandfather fought at Gallipoli. They worked extremely hard to build good families here and improved the lives of many Maori they helped. I believe they would be horrified, as am I and most of my friends, at the evils being wrought today. Pauline
Taxpayers money should be fully accounted for and spending transparent. Chris
racist bullshit ! Bryan
Just not fair and reasonable. NZ people must have equal rights to everything including health services. Neil
Unbelievable folly yet again from our totally inept government. This government will ruin this country and most likely to a point beyond repair. I’m part-Maori, 66 years old and seriously considering a move to another country. How sad is that?! Mark
Just another reason to dump this bunch of nitwits. For goodness sake New Zealand WAKE UP before its too late. Don
Labour please stop trying to divide NZ with race based undemocratic policies. Steve
Maori Health must be fully accountable to taxpayers if they are using taxpayers money.As Maori entities invariably fail and are often disfunctional it is very frightening to think they will have so much power over the running of our Health Service. Gail
Absolutely essential that effective accountability measures be applied with appropriate reporting to all stakeholders. Peter
Must be subject to audit Deborah
Past control by Maori of very important financial outcomes ( Treaty of Waitangi Settlements) have been managed behind “closed doors” without any public scrutiny or accountability. This has led to some settlements that are unbelievable. Where in the Western World is this accepted as appropriate? Nowhere to my knowledge, so how has this happened. To now give Maori the right to essentially manage and control our Health System with no form of accountability is ongoing confirmation of the totalitarian communist path of where the Labour Government is taking NZ. We are now seeing China imposing a foothold in the Solomon’s. Jacinda has been cozy with the CCP since she has been Prime Minister, watch this space, if we as New Zealanders do not remove the Labour Government and the Maori Party from controlling our future, it will not be long before China start spraying the $ around here. Steve
Absolute disaster in the making Having Maori in control is not going to change the lifestyle habits of Maori Karen
The Maori separatist control needs to be scrapped in its entirety! Greg
There should not even be a Maori Health Authority … full stop. Des
We’re paying-someone has to be accountable Ted
There is no other description for this but apartheid. The experience of Whanau Ora, where it was virtually impossible to see where the money was spent, must be an indicator of what will happen under iwi control. There can be no handing over control to race base authorities. Who are these iwi leaders? Let us have some names, let us see some faces, let us see the nepotism and further government corruption. We should NEVER even consider being ruled by faceless despots of any race. Let’s ask Maori whether they would prefer to be treated by a non-maori (be they Asia, European of whatever) with qualifications or a tohunga with, what? In fact, let’s ask Maori if they want life under tribal rule. The health ministry has been completely screwed up under the stewardship of this present incompetent minister. Not one additional ICU bed provided during the two-year covid fearmongering. How many critical care workers have been mandated out of their employment? How many people have died needlessly because of the government’s lockdowns and mandates? How many health professionals have been kept from entering the country due to the incompetence of the Minister of Immigration? How much economical damage has been caused by this government since they have been in office? How much more will they do before they leave? Polls show them on the way out, they should do the honourable thing and admit that they have ambition but absolutely no ability. RESIGN Terry M
The bloody Maori’s cannot run anything correctly, they always stuff it up. don
RAcist Tom
Where is the groundswell of outrage against the handover to 17% of the NZ population? Mike
shocking and shonky.We are sick of maori blaming everyone but themselves for the poor discipline that causes their health outcomes mike
just shows how corrupt and loony this govt is by saying that they want co-governance with a select few greedy mobs and when you have the likes of little dribbling about the treaty which should be scrapped and him charged with many others with treason to get this country back to what it once was ” a decent country” but after listening to the national leader he’s going to just as bad as our dictator and her bent mob regarding co-governance so unfortunately this country is ****** Richard
I work in the health sector. We must stop this proposed change as it will cause a health system with NO accountability. Sue
All for one and one for all – Separate human rights race based is apartheid Leeanne
Never! Bruce
All organisations that are funded by the taxpayer MUST be fully accountable. Rod
This will end up to be a total waste of taxpayers money. My experience of the Maori health so far is a grandoise hierachy with no results Errol
Terrible stuff we are domed. God bless New Zealand. Royce
This is just another of the Labour Government’s shams, smoke-n-mirrors, fudging the truth and most of all being RACIST to the Extreme. There will be no accountability as to how the funds are spent. Iwi Elite like all things they touch, will channel most of the funds the into their own means and the so-called Maori health system will be starved of funds for those who need it most. Forget about the rest of NZ – there will be no thing left for them. A shocking, deceitful, and hidden agenda which will NOT WASH with New Zealanders. Robyn
Absolutely not – this is the most disgustingly racist piece of legislation ever attempted in NZ The relative health spend per Maori person has already been significantly higher than non Maori for many years now – and this despite all the Maori only support mechanisms that are already in place. Stand up and be counted NZ! Nick
Anything that is taxpayer funded should be for the benefit of ALL New Zealanders, not just one group. To allow an entity to be unaccountable leads to bad management and the possibility of unlawful activity. Leslie
Public money, public scrutiny Raymond
All taxpayer funds used in the NZ health system must be fully accountable and available for public audit. Simon
This is so wrong on a lot of levels Debbie
It is scandalous!! Heather
What nonsense we have to contend with here. Lets get back to being New Zealanders. Jenny
what a stupid idea, of course we need the system to be accountable at all times. Tell Maories: Hands off.!!!! gerard
It is an absolute disgrace, the whole thing. Brenda
Completely outrageous proposal which demonstrates the incompetence of our current government. Bruce
we want equality not destruction of our democracy. Margaret
If they are spending someones else’s money they have to be accountable. All taxpayer funds need to be fully accountable Andrew
The labour government is out of control and should be jailed for treason. chris
Let us be clear about this : this whole charade about Maori health is just a smoke screen. This is just another malignent scheme to skim off money until there is nothing left. Any excuse will do to blind and deceive the public ( and that includes ordinary Maori people. The radicals behind the screen do not care one iota about people in the first place. By 2040 this country will be another Zimbabwe. Michael
this is bullshit so sick of hearing Moari getting never ending handouts bring on the civil war it cant be far away One People One Nation is the only way Nigel
It should be fully accountable Douwe
Nothing about this is fair or acceptable. Chris
Absolutely not… Lyn
Why is this happening – and everyone just standing around just taking it on the chin Bruce 
It is a scandal to give billions of tax payer dollars to a small elite without being accountable how it is being spent; on the basis of race. Wietske
Another absolutely appalling decision by the most divisive government in New Zealand’s history. Adele
Should be one nation, one people, one law and one vote. No more no less. David
This is state tyranny, I am paying taxes now to a black hole, this will make the hole bottomless. Alan
Labour socialist bias is destroying our country. jeff
-no ,when has the millions of dollars GIV EN to part maori ever been accountable they are are a bunch of free loaders james
we are supposed to be equal. Graeme
Bottom line is that it is gross incompetence and racist. David
This puts one race of people above the rest Colin
We are all one people i New Zealand. ingrid
If the poor old Maori wants it’s own Health Authority, it can bloody well pay for it them selves. They just expect the Government to pay for everything, and they contribute sweet F A. Graham
No lets be black and white about this. No way is it going to happen. There is no free lunches in this world. The Waitangi Tribunal has had its time This 2022 not 1842. Are you a New Zealand er or not? No put in kitty no take out. My taxes will not be going to pay for the Maori Elite. Frank
This is Racist 15% of the population controlling 85% Warren
15% of the population being paid for by the 85%. taxpayers–ridiculas Ian
Never could such a rort be acceptable. Taxpayers would have every right to be outraged by this undemocratic grab of health facilities they have paid for. if Maori supremacists attempt to destroy this not-over-rich country’s health and other facilities, such as water and drainage systems paid for and worked for by ratepayers over more than a hundred years then look out, Ms Ardern. You will reap the wirlwind! Rob
One Country- all babies when born care only for the best available care – if they could speak-whether it’s English- Maori and all the many ethnicities who live in New Zealand. Isn’t it strange that Maori leaders want to introduce the very apartheid umbrella that they so venomously opposed in the South Africa of old. Phil
Jacinda Ardern and her caucus cronies are a disgrace. Thank you Muriel, Frank and guest authors for highlighting the deceit. Anne
Excellent coverage of how things really are. Dick
I am a descendant of 2 Iwi and sick of this BS of poor sick disadvantaged Maori. Our dad did not take charity and taught us that your way in life is up to you. 80% hard work and 20% luck. Us 6 kids all turned out well and made good lifestyle choices for ourselves and our children. Wayne
Those who use taxpayer money must be held accountable for how they use it, just as the DHBs are currently. Is this not common sense? And just? Pieter
Learn from corruption and missappropiation straight theft over the past in numerous various organisations whereby those in positions of trust have weakened and stolen/fiddled the books. Even high ranking [huh??] maori. Temptation is too big to resist. The country requires more truth and accountability> No way to this.: mike 
There is no country in the world with race based legislation that is a successful society or economy John
How much of this is Ardern pushing for the top job at the UN and garnering supportive votes from all over Africa? The dominating maori caucus and her deceptions will lead to awful social unrest. Dave
Not only is it acceptable it is an organised scandal. Maybe we all call ourselves Maori ? gary
This is racism. Divide and conquer will not work here. I predict massive social disharmony if this is allowed to come to fruition. Rob
If there is no accountability then this will be a complete shambles. Not unlike this JAG. This cannot see the light if day. Nigel 
Totally racist and unheard of in any other democratic society Paul
Should be no separate health authority at all. We are all New Zealanders Jane
Disgraceful that this is even being considered Robert
Having worked in Wairoa Hawkes Bay and watched the water through the Hauora providers and watched how even though they had arrangements to be picked up to be taken to appointments there are some who still didn’t come and simply wouldn’t engage in the health system. Others fully engaged and looked after their own health and had fewer problems because of that. Robin
Anything paid for by the taxpayers should be fully accountable to the taxpayers Lee
Accountability is integral to democracy. Sharon
Tax funded but excludes all kiwi’s, does not make sense in any way at all. They have had “for Maori, by Maori” for 20 sum years so clearly this is all more money grabbing. They want to create a new modern day super tribe, removing all progress made by democracy in NZ. Totally built on fraudulent lies about made up treaty “principles” and “partnerships”. kenton
If I was a few years younger I would getting out of this country Lindsay 
Another lie from Labour Stuart
Every cent of taxpayers money should be accounted for. Helen
This government is disgracefully undemocratic. Jackie
The sooner this useless “government” goes the better. They are a pack of idiots, forcing all this Maori crap on everyone. If the Maori want a separate health system they can pay for it from the Treaty of Waitangi settlement funds that they have received from all of New Zealand’s taxpayers!!! david
Outrageous! Elizabeth
We must stop this Government before our destiny and language etc is totally given over to Maori. I watched a US body language expert and psycologist. He saw a video of Jacinda and was very disturbed at what he saw. He said watch what she does after three years in power and you will all cringe as disturbing trends and agendas are coming to fruition. WE HAVE TO GET RID OF LABOUR AND THE MAORI PARTIES so that they have no say about the future of NEW ZEALAND. (See what they are saying overseas about Aotearoa and the level of our so called MP’s) Al;an
Transparency is not race related it is people related. Keren
Totally NOT. This is a rip off of the highest magnitude. Andrew
This is just straight out racism, if we can’t stop this madness staying in NZ may not be possible Terry
without accountability there can be no measureable outcomes, therefore no guarantee of funds going where they are actually needed and/or intended. Its just fricken common sense…opps I said bad words “common sense” Lianne
Any group charged with spending tax payers money must be accountable for how that money is spent and be held responsible for any misuse of it. Mark
This is illegal why is it not being challenged. The Treaty of Waitangi Article III guarantees the same rights to ALL citizens not greater rights to one group of citizens based on race. Also it is constitutionally impossible for the governed to have a partnership or co-governance with a sovereignty. More Iwi Maori elite deceit to control taxpayers money with no accountability. This is a Maori Iwi elite COUP. Hello tribal rule, misery, bankruptcy and subservience to Maori elite/Iwi and gangs. NZERS don’t let this treason happen. Peter
This present so-called Government is on a totally different planet !!!! Talk about Looney Toons,Trev!!! Henry
It’s nonsense and not democratic. Robyn
Racist. Diana
Even worse, Maori corporations pay no tax whatsoever – thereby making absolutely no contribution to the welfare of “their people.” As the bill is picked up by non-Maori taxpayers, this by any definition represents sponging off non-Maori as well as being utterly hypocritical. Jim
How dare this stealth be perpetrated against the kiwis (of all races) who live in and love this country!! Shame shame on you Ardern, you are a fervent racist. Helen
It is scandalous. All tax payer funded entities must be accountable and transparent. Colleen
The whole thing should be scrapped, but to save money on letterhead and logos already created, MHA should become the ‘Men’s Health Authority’ because everyone knows that men have poorer health outcomes than everyone else. Tony
Never. Betrayal of NZ taxpayers at its worse. Whanau Ora has already failed with huge taxpayer input wasted with no improvement to Maori health only Iwi Maori elite wealth. The problem with Maori health is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Stop throwing good money after bad. Brenda
Why are we allowing a veil of untruths to dislodge Democracy? Every issue that requires tax payer funding has to be able to be audited and held accountable. Fi
Certainly not. It is wrong that a minor section of society (the iwi leaders) will determine all New Zealanders health. We must STOP this erosion of democracy now. But how do we do it? Laura
All New Zealand Tax Payers money should be accountable including the millions that Maori received over the Covid epidemic Wayne
We are being betrayed. Tim
I will not accept a new Health Authority that is racist and not fully accountable to the tax payer Ken
Seems anyone can be registered as Maori. I rang the electoral commission today, turns out if I think my great great grandfather was 1/4 Maori then I am Maori and can enrol on the Maori Roll. I don’t have to be able to prove it. This is absolute BS and it’s time the truth hurt some people. Rod
When are we going to have a government with the guts to stand up to the Maoris and their demands. Dawson
Utterly ridiculous. Maoris need to take care of their bodies and their lives and stop being sorry for themselves. If they truly believe they are so hard done by then why are their children at school? Why do Maori medical students have a lower entrance requirement? Why to they travel on Pakeha transport? Why do they wear Pakeha clothing and not grass skirts? And so on. Would they prefer to return to grass root living as Maori tribes constantly at war with each other? And son. And so on. Come on, Maoris. Time to WAKE UP and not let a few activist, racist Maoris cause deep resentment against you. This country needs us all to join together, all races, all people who are so fortunate to live in this God-given country of beauty and plenty. Elizabeth
No race based policy is ever acceptable. Steve
This is one country if this was to happen it proves that the side that wants it to happen is proving that they have not advanced since cook arrived. Do not blame other people get educated rod
Any body receiving public funding should have to be accountable for the spending of that money Dorothu
No way. It’s public health not for a minority race John
We are building a fascist state. run by maori.. The fact of the matter is that there are Very few Maori that have more than 50% blood, so what is a Maori????? Les
Scandalous to have funds allocated without usual accountability David
One country one health system!! Bradley
What is Luxon saying? Hone
If it is not transparent, then the first we will hear of any misuse of funds will be a court case. It is going to happen. Steph
It is apartheid in another guise David
The depth to which this country is descending is unbelievable. Graham
It is sickening in the extreme! Ron
No to apartheid. Rob
This country campaigned against the evil of apartheid. Why are we doing this? Get a grip Kiwis! John
Just another case of Maroi wanting everything, take,take,take that’s all they ever do, the sooner we get rid of Maroi out of Government the better off the rest of us will be. COLIN
Spending public money anywhere in the system requires accountability. Charles
its our money we like to know were it goes and its fact maori have smoke drink and live life now stephen
Maori blame the the health system for their poor health, they need to take responsibility for their health. There is plenty of info on healthy eating (you are what you eat) no one forces them to eat junk food or have lifestyles that are conducive to poor health outcomes. Peter
Communism Michael
None of the proposal is acceptable. Ethnic division is not acceptable. Minister Little is not convincing at all on the topic. Peter
We should not be separating Health Authority at all – we are one people and we should all be treated equally THIS GOVERNMENT HAS GOT TO GO! Debra
all government funded organisations should be accountable to taxpayers and subject to internal audit . It should be mandatory and not require any discussion. There should be major penalties for non-compliance. a few centuries ago it would have been beheading. terrence
It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that there should be a “race based” dual health system in the first place..!! Vic
That is total apartheid by stealth now in the health system. It is unconscionable. Each person is responsible for their own wellbeing. Maybe it should be portioned aunt according to the amount of tac each one pays? ian
more of the same race based and divisive policies from Liebor Mike
this is a disgrace, this cannot be allowed to happen Geer
No is no place in NZ for racist based policies, or systems. We are a Democratic country, well we used to be….. Richard
Unbelievably wrong in every way Dianne
We are introducing aprtheid jsut like it was insouth africa under the afrikaaners and look how that turned out I am leaving NZ asap if this comes in Dr Alan
this is reverse apartheid. Horrific and unfair. Avril
This madness must be stopped. It is a complete disaster for our economy and the country. Louise
If they don’t want accountability then fund it from the treaty settlements that have been paid out. nic
No taxpayer money should ever be deemed unaccountable in a democracy. That is why we have a pandemic….Fauci is not accountable for the manner in which he uses American funding, nor where. Sally
Inverted racism. I am tired of this race bullshit. Jizz (cindy) has to go, she is too reckless and dangerous. Nic
Its a very bad idea and should be stopped at once. Michael
Absolute racism and destruction of our society Des
Ridiculous!! lawrie
ALL spending of Government money MUST be subject to accountability and scrutiny under the laws of NZ, never mind those of us who foot the bill Michael
This is the sleaziest,most underhand,undemocratic bunch ever to crawl out of the slime into Government. I am not surprised that they have once again dumped on the Kiwi voters as they seem to instinctively think of the dirty way to get laws passed and keep the voters in the dark. They know it fails the sniff test as does almost everything else they have handled. Little, the behind the scenes dirty operator would not dare try this on his Union mates as he would get stomped on quick & lively. As far as I am concerned Ardern still owes Joe Public $2.75 million for her gift to the Mongrel Mob. out of her own pocket. Where is the enquiry on this payment? This also fails the sniff test. Terry
Outrageous abuse of the taxpayer. Norm
Maori in this country are becoming a law unto themselves and are being elevated as superior to everyone in the country. Lynne
It is absolutely NOT acceptable that taxpayers money could be used as a slush fund for iwi leaders. It is just another reason why this Bill should not go ahead. Larry
I have now read the Auditor General’s criticisms of the Bill, yet I don’t recall seeing any mention of these crucial issues in the media. Why on earth not – they are hugely important.    Keith
The whole Bill is a complete and utter debacle and must be scrapped. Donald
Who in their right mind would support a political party that wants to segregate the health system. Oh, that’s right – the Prime Minister forgot to tell us what she intended to do if she was re-elected. I bet a lot of people will be ruing the day they trusted her with their vote. Trevor
What an appalling situation New Zealand is now in. On whose authority is Jacinda Ardern privatising control of health to the iwi elite. The public have’t agreed to this. The whole thing should be unceremoniously dumped! Matilda