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Tribal Takeover

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Probably the most important court case of recent times was held in Wellington last month, yet it  attracted no mention in the media.

It was a Court of Appeal hearing seeking to overturn a High Court decision to grant multiple customary marine titles over a 40 km stretch of coastline near Opotiki. If the Edwards Marine and Coastal Area Act ruling stands, it will set a precedent for almost 600 yet to be determined claims, with the likely result that the ownership of virtually the entire New Zealand coastline – right out to the 12 nautical mile edge of the Territorial Sea – will pass to Maori.

The implications of tribal control should not be underestimated. Gaining customary title provides rights akin to ‘ownership’. Tribal owners can ban public access to beaches and fishing spots by declaring an area is ‘sacred’ or wahi tapu – or they can impose rahui. And commercial operators holding coastal permits – including councils, port companies, marina operators, and boat ramp owners – are likely to be targeted with annual levies to create an income stream in perpetuity. 

The rich mineral wealth and natural resources like seaweed found within the coastal marine area will belong to tribal ‘owners’, who will have the right to mine it, sell it, or otherwise exploit it. 

And while the legislation is meant to guarantee on-going public access to the coast, if aggressive tribal owners decide to block others from using ‘their’ area, it is difficult to see how access could be enforced. 

This situation, where New Zealand’s coastline could effectively be privatised to Maori, is the complete opposite of what the National Government promised in 2011, when they repealed Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed and opened up the coast for tribal claims.

They assured the public the law change would result in only a relative handful of successful claims – all in remote areas. And we were never informed that there was a chance the whole coast could end up in tribal hands.

To make matters worse, while no financial assistance is available for anyone wanting to oppose tribal claims, the government has provided lucrative funding of up to $458,000 for applicants to prepare their case, with further funding available for historical research as well as for legal fees and other costs associated with court hearings – including accommodation, air fares, meals and so on.

At the time National passed the Marine and Coastal Area Act they assured New Zealanders that the criteria for gaining a customary marine title were stringent. Under section 58 of the Act claimants had to satisfy two tests: firstly, they had to “hold the specified area in accordance with tikanga” – where ‘tikanga’ was defined as “Maori customary values and practices” – and secondly, they had to have “exclusively used and occupied the area without substantial interruption from 1840 to the present day.”

Overlapping claims, which are inconsistent with the concept of ‘exclusive’ use and occupation, were expected to be ruled out, as were claims for areas where third-party usage resulted in substantial interruption. And since tribal groups had limited ability to navigate far from shore back in 1840, it was expected that few Territorial Sea claims would succeed.  

The Court of Appeal case hinges on the fact that in the High Court case Justice Churchman determined that since applicants had been found by a Court appointed ‘expert’ to have held their claimed areas according to ‘tikanga’, this was sufficient for Customary Marine Titles to be awarded, thereby over-ruling any requirement to consider the second limb of the test – whether the areas had been used and occupied ‘exclusively’ and continuously since 1840.

Furthermore, instead of ruling out overlapping claims for failing to meet the ‘exclusive’ use and occupation test, the Judge createdshared exclusivity” in order to accommodate them all.

Should the Appeal Court find the High Court’s interpretation of section 58 was wrong in law, then it is likely the case will be returned to the High Court for further consideration, although such a ruling would more than likely be appealed to the Supreme Court by claimants.

However, the bigger issue is that by prioritising tribal demands over the public good rights of all New Zealanders, the National Government has put the nation into an untenable situation where it could effectively be held to ransom by private owners of the country’s foreshore and seabed.

The last time this happened was after the former Chief Justice Sian Elias ruled in 2003 that ‘some’ customary title might still exist in the coastal marine area. That decision triggered such a flood of tribal claims for the coast that Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark was forced to step in, cancelling the claims, and reaffirming Crown ownership through the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act.

And that is the only practical solution for the situation New Zealand is now in – an incoming government must revoke the Marine and Coastal area Act and return the foreshore and seabed to Crown ownership.

What this case highlights is the huge threat to the Rule of Law and the stability of our country that’s being caused by the inclusion of ‘tikanga’ – which can be interpreted as meaning virtually anything Maori want it to mean – into legislation.

There should be no place in the law for tikanga.

Nor for Treaty ‘principles’, since the Treaty of Waitangi contains no principles.

Nor should there be any place in our regulatory system for the fictional Treaty of Waitangi ‘partnership’, since it is constitutionally impossible for subjects to be ‘partners’ with their Sovereign.

Yet, the brazen claim that Maori are ‘partners’ with the Crown is being used by the tribal elite to justify ‘co-governance’. Through 50:50 decision-making powers and the right of veto, they are gaining political control across the public and private sectors – and accumulating wealth.

Back in 2010, political commentator Chris Trotter warned what can happen if separatists gain control of organisations, by describing the demise of Corso, a charity established in 1944 to provide clothing and footwear to millions of people around the world:

“Throughout the 1980s Corso was steadily infiltrated and eventually taken over by radical Maori nationalists. Led by the Harawira family, the radicals insisted that Corso recognise and promote tino rangatiratanga – the Maori right to self-determination. To prove its bona fides to the cause of the tangata whenua, Corso was also required to devote two-thirds of its income to Maori projects. When Corso workers and supporters objected to this takeover they were subjected to withering criticism – it was much easier to leave than to fight. By 1990, the organisation was little more than a hollowed-out shell. New Zealand’s largest and most successful home- grown aid organisation had been destroyed: initially, by ideological extremism; and finally, by radical Maori nationalism.”

Under the Labour Government, not only has the public sector been radicalised by being forced to embrace the Maori supremacist agenda, but private sector organisations that have some association with the government, either through registration or funding are now being pressured to swear allegiance to the Treaty, embrace the Treaty partnership lie, and establish co-governance boards.

Sport New Zealand is a case in point. With a new Maori name, “Ihi Aotearoa”, its website states its “commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Treaty principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation”. Affiliated bodies, like Sports Northland, have already introduced co-governance.

Local Government New Zealand, the so-called industry body for councils, has been well and truly captured, not only through their funding agreement with Nanaia Mahuta to promote Three Waters, but through their prolific advocacy for the Treaty and co-governance – including Treaty training for newly elected local government representatives.

Auckland Council’s withdrawal from LGNZ is to be applauded. Other councils should follow suit.

Real Estate Agents have also been targeted with a new requirement to undertake compulsory Treaty training: “A practical introduction to Maori culture, language (te reo), custom (tikanga) and te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi) in the real estate context”.

To say the profession is outraged by this requirement is an understatement, but since their registration will depend on it, they will need to endure it until new political leadership hopefully sweeps it away.  

Treaty training is also underway for engineers, as their website explains “a two-hour Treaty training module has been developed to help engineers understand the modern day implications and obligations of The Treaty.” 

Even the accounting profession has been caught: “Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is committed to honouring the Treaty of Waitangi through a process of building our own cultural competency, knowledge and connection to te ao Māori…”

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy, outlines how lawyers are now being pressured into swearing allegiance to the Treaty:

“On 1st March 2022 the New Zealand Law Society or as they now call themselves Te Kahui Ture o Aotearoa commissioned a report by an ‘independent panel’ into ‘Legal and Structural Change in the Law Society’… Three Commissioners were appointed: Professor Ron Paterson ONZM whose area or expertise is in health and disability services and ‘medical law’; Professor Jacinta Ruru Australian born of some Maori ancestry and lecturing at Otago Law School; and Jane Meares who has an extensive background in commercial legal work at a high level and could be presumed to understand how the legal profession works. Neither of the other two appear to have practised as barristers or solicitors and must therefore take their understanding of the profession from others.

“The report comprising 192 pages was tabled in the House in March 2023. It has a Maori name which apparently in English translates as ‘Regulating Lawyers in Aotearoa New Zealand’.

“Much of the report, deals at tedious length, with the case for an independent regulator and an independent complaints system. But at page 95 the commissioners record that their terms of reference require them to: ‘Consider changes needed to promote a commitment to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the bi cultural foundations of New Zealand including Te Ao Maori concepts… We believe it is time for this to change.’

“Interestingly this approach was rejected by 44% of those surveyed on the grounds that it would cause separatism and uncertainty within the profession and the public and dilute the lawyers’ obligation to uphold the Rule of Law…

“The commissioners had no hesitation in rejecting the view of the majority of practising lawyers and recommended that a clause be included in the proposed legislation that: ‘All persons exercising powers and performing functions and duties under this Act must give effect to the principles of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi’.”     

Against the wishes of the majority of lawyers, those driving this separatist agenda not only want to force the Treaty into their regulatory framework, they also want the new regulator to ‘partner’ with Maori.

Orchestrated by the Labour Government without any mandate from the public, the  tribal takeover that is now underway in New Zealand is creating deep social division and unrest. And while the State Sector has been their priority, using threats of deregulation and funding cuts, it is now being forced onto private enterprise.

Those New Zealanders who are aware that Labour is giving the iwi leaders of multi-million-dollar business development corporations power over our lives, are horrified.

But not enough Kiwis understand the threat that ‘co-governance’, which is of course a euphemism for totalitarian tribal rule, poses to freedom and democracy.  

With the election fast approaching, it’s imperative that we do all we can to alert voters to the danger – and please feel free to use our newsletters to inform others, if that helps.

But we also need to know whether politicians will step up and defend our Kiwi way of life. Will they stop the tribal takeover? Will they remove references to tikanga and the Treaty from legislation? And will they repeal the Marine and Coastal Area Act?

Why not contact MPs you are thinking of voting for and ask those sorts of questions – then let us all know what they said!

All MP email addresses can be found through our Have Your Say page HERE.

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If the Marine and Coastal Area Act is not repealed, the whole NZ coastline will fall into tribal ownership. Is that what Kiwis want? And it not because they ‘owned’ it as tribes. It’s because the stupid law allows opportunistic claims to succeed. Also, policing is such that if tribal owners block public access they will get away with it. What a terrible mess the country is in. Gordon
What a pity we didn’t get the referendum voted on, more people may have remembered it. Who will take it up now? Monica
Very very important to repeal this nefarious act Iain
This is alarming. How do we wake up the general population to this nonsense? Debra
hugely Mark
If we are one people there should be no division. We are ONE. What a dilemma my friends have who have one pakeha parent and one maori.? Doris
We agree with you Muriel but how do we get this message across to the majority that don’t read your information. would a page in the Herald,Dominion and Christcurch papers help do you think? If ACT and NZ first took on these issues head on they might score enough seats to make a differance. To be honest I was not aware of most of these policy changes except for your information. Jeff
This lot, calling themselves maori have to be removed from parliament. They are also IMMIGRANTS to this country. Peter
We must repel this Act Denise
Seriously concerned Co/Governance will be down played to most voters We need to fight to stop it happening Brenda
It’s absolutely imperative to abolish it. The National Party introduced it with many complaints from their members that it was too dangerous and that would allow Maori ownership of most, if not all of the foreshore and seabed. Giving them total control and exclusive use that area. Peter
It’s an outrage, leave as is it belongs to us all, not Maori interests, No No No Colleen
No other country has done such a stupid thing as give away territory or coastal areas to a select group of people. Come on New Zealanders help stop this madness NOW. Graeme
These tribalistics keep blaming others for their woes, but completely forget just what they did to the people who arrived in New Zealand 1000 years before them. To remind them, they killed, cooked and ate them. Never let a good feed go by! They have infiltrated society like a vast communistic cancer. It is time to reeducate them, and fast. In a free society we are responsible for each other to live as one people. If this starts World War 3, bring it on! Kevan
Repeal the Marine and Coastal Act in the first 100 days, in addition to removing RACE AND TREATY PRINCIPALS (whatever the hell they are) FROM ALL LAWS AND LEGISLATION, that would see divisive health and education removed including indoctrination of citizens. English must be the legal official language. Perhaps then New Zealand could then be called a Democratic country of one person one vote of equal value. Currently that’s not the case. Politicians will “NOT save” New Zealand, because they are not “FOR” New Zealand. Only New Zealander’s, the people in the street, can save their country and way of life from the radicals. Sam
The public must have free access to all coastal areas. Mike 
Absolutely important, in fact imperative to our very future existence. Sadly NZ is right ‘in it,’ up to the chin and sinking fast ! I just cannot imagine how past generations would view this gutless performance . The political treason is one thing but a mainly ill-informed nation is pathetic. Many heads will eventually roll. Surely it must be plain to see that all of this unchecked nonsense must lead to blood in the streets. John
I would rather live on New Zealand’s great land rather than being ‘pushed’ by radical politics off our land into the sea!! Stuart
This dreadful piece of legislation needs to be removed from the law as soon as the new hopefully Conservative Coalition Govt of National. Democracy NZ and ACT is installed after the next election. Allan
This if it is not repealed will further divide the the people of New Zealand.This is what Maori want !! Ross
Put back into public ownership. Maori have no right taking away our 100% access and they will. They block parks, roads, doc land, beach entry already. Chris
This should never happen for the good of all New Zealanders Jeanette
Our way of life depends on it Michael
Winston Peters in a recent speech said TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK or words to that effect, referring to the increasing manipulation of New Zealand by the Moari tribal elite and that non Moari New Zealanders need stand up against this power grab. This is also playing out in Australia with the voice. It seems that Governments are now more concerned with dividing rather than uniting nations. Maybe they need to re-educate themselves on what a Democracy is. Rob
No one should own our coastal areas – we should be free to use them – Maori law would dictate how ,when , or where ! Carole
It is not just very important it is crucial to the survival of NEW ZEALAND as we knew it! Murray
It needs to remain in all NZer ownership to allow everyone equal access to all coastal areas and fishing etc. michelle
more than important …. Absolutely vital Bill 
Our waters are national assets belonging to all peoples tony
New Zealanders, you are asleep at the wheel. Our wonderful country is being destroyed, but as long as we have f game of footy, a beer and a BBQ then She’ll be right, it’s not serious, please don’t disturb. Shame on you Kiwis wake up now Leon
The Act needs a review. Denis
The marine and coastal act definitely should be repealed. The queens chain cannot be banished. Our coastline is available for all NZs and should remain so. Jacqueline
This should never ever have been allowed. At least Clark got that one right. Just another land grab by Maori for Maori They don’t give one snort for the rest of NZ’ers. Just me me me me all the way. Don’t get me started on what I would really like to say. It ain’t nice. Carolyn
There should be created a new Act eg;-“the Marine Estate Act” providing for the control & enjoyment & definition of the whole Marine & coastal area for the benefit of ALL new Zealanders.It would be like extending the Hauraki Gulf –Act to the whole of NZ but with extra refinements and improvements.For a start no rights in perpetuity would be granted to any party for any part of the Marine estate. Bruce
The coast and sea bed belongs to all new Zealanders, to enjoy, fish and work with, Heather
We are heading the totally wrong direction Norm
Thi9s is enforcing apartheid in what was a democratic country Shaun
All racist laws must be repealed Richard
coastal and marine areas should belong to all New Zealanders collectively through the Crown. Hugh
Not for Maori and there so called tribal crap it’s for everyone Neil
the coastal land and sea should not be given to Maori to control. Walter
I’m so over all this orchestrated tribal takeover we are experiencing here in NZ. I’m 78 yrs of age & have grandchildren that are classed as part Maori. We love these children and certainly don’t have a problem with any of this inheritance in our family. BUT these Maori activists are something else causing deep social unrest and division within our society. Most of them have surnames like Jackson Morgan Davidson Ngarewa-Packer to name a few. Names that come from Scotland Ireland and England. Sooooo what part of their family ties do they not associate themselves with? It beggars belief. Democracy needs to be maintained here in New Zealand. I’m totally gutted for my family on what is happening here. Why can’t we just be New Zealanders. Just who do these tribal activists think they are it’s simply a shocking state and we must be the laughing stock of the world. This Labour Government needs to go!! National and Act & ? NZ First need to get their act together only 6 mths to go to rid this socialist/ undemogratic Govt out of Parliament. Hipkins and his lot are exactly the same mould as Ardern. Suzanne
How much longer do us New Zealanders have to put up with ALL this maorification nonsense when there has never been any public mandate for this Liebour Govt to implement the LIES & FABRICATIONS aiding the separatist activist part-maoris to get their noses in the trough & on the Grave Train FOREVER. Bruce
This has to be made public through every media source. Chris
if there is a take over will the last one turnout the light.I can see a civil war braking out. Barry
Nil Tony
Absolutely imperative !! – for all NZ present & future generations. Leon
govt treason is evident john
Must be 100% public control. For all NZrs to enjoy. Sick of greedy money hungry control freaks of the Maori cabal taking over all of NZ for their personal benefit. Labour promoted all this , DO NOT forget at October elections. Labour will completely destroyed our country along with the Maori Party and greens. DO Allan M
I hate to think what the outcome will look like, a civil war of some sort, no one wins, a totally screwed up country. Sven
This transfer of ownership from public ownership to Tribal must be stopped Peter
It is actually much more than “Very important” – it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that this movement is stopped in its tracks. Ron B
Absolutely vital! Gail
To give exclusive access and control to one sector of society runs completely against all New Zealanders freedom to access the foreshore of NZ for their own purpose. The world has evolved hugely since 1840 and the multi racial society that now exists must be allowed the freedom we have. Dave
It will be the last straw and be will truly screwed John
Very important. Everyone must have free access to the marine and coastal area with no impediments.  Jim
Wake up NZ!! Roy
Another disaster in the making. but a part of the takeover of NZ by tribal cabals who have absolutely zero interest in anyone else but themselves Carolyn
Very very bad Lionel 
luxton is most likely more dangerous to our freedom than adern ever was as he is a weak man donald
Nobody should OWN the foreshore & Seabed, we should all have free & unhindered access to enjoy it Peter
This country is driving full steam ahead towards the precipice New Zealanders need to take a strong stand against this threat to our Kiwi way of life. Chris
Anything short of repealing the Act will be totally disastrous for New Zealand and its citizens. It will cause and promote further division between New Zealanders. I’m not convinced that a National-led government would be brave enough to repeal the Act. Laurence
Upmost importance. Mark
One Country One People Kelvin
Another attack on NZ Giles
Tribalism is worse than communism Michael
The insidious creep of catering to the entitlement and the self interest appetite of a small and select part of our population needs to stop. Graham
I believe the problems this country now faces along with many other Western democracies is due to one thing and one thing only. Weak Western governments. Paul
Stop this madness now or we will end up like other Nations who are having cultural wars. Dene
John Key was the traitor here and as time goes on his foul deeds are becoming more obvious. Rod
On the basis of their collapse in the face of Maori activism, none of National, Labour and NZ First can be trusted any longer! Colin
Maori totalitarianism creeps slowly, slowly into NZ . With only 17% Maori population it is wrong, wrong, wrong! Even without this Maori Elitist push, I do not like Totalitarianism. We must stop this! Valerie
we must , without fail, repeal the repeal the MARINE AND COASTAL AREA ACT’ ngaere
I can’t believe the lunacy that is becoming the norm in New Zealand. For God’s sake, wake up New Zealand! Rodger
Tribalism must be stopped. Loss of Democracy must stop. John
Utter filth communist shit socialist government. They are destroying our country with APARTHEID MADNESS. Dave 
Can’t happen soon enough. Tim
To repeal this radical nonsense is the only option but who will step up and do this: National??? .Act ??? We all know that this will most likely not happen without the RADICAL faction becoming very nasty if not outright violent. Michael
We are one nation, no one part has rights or wants over the other. Get rid of the government. Ken
I consider this a very important Act to repeal. Zelda
NZ has already given far too much responsibility to un-otherised but self interested groups. – 4 yr old pre schooler being encouraged to learn Maori words- why? Maurice
It is essential Phil
It is actually of critical importance! Ron
Clean cut! Martin
One people. One country. One vote. One foreshore. DAVID
Vital in fact. Fred
I am personally disturbed by the amount of Apartheid being introduced into our Law, also the amount of blatant racial comments being made, without any redress by Maori in positions of trust, in Parliament roles etc. There is absolutely no doubt that this increasing separatism, will end in the destruction of New Zealand’s society. I am becoming increasingly concerned that our near future will spiral into anarchy, and chaos. It is already happening Bryan
Most definitely. William
Damn separatism Claire
As I said before, chip chipping away. National and Act will need to have a United front and not to fear the left in all its form, just have the balls to go for the throat of this under belly government. They will be called racists however but must remember they will have support of the majority of NEW ZEALANDERS. Owen
Even National are like warm on this issue Tim
I believe the failure to repeal this Act will seriously affect this country forever! Janet
I will not be dictated to by a minority. Their claims of stewardship are a farce considering they are a society of hunter gatherers that are responsible for wiping out over 400 species of indigenous flora & fauna prior to the arrival of the Europeans. This will lead to civil war & sadly, that is probably what they want… Hazel
I am horrified at the direction NZ has gone and is going. For goodness sake people don’t let it continue. . DO SOMETHING ……. Bill
it was National who put all of the ground work in place that has led to this tribal takeover of New Zealands. Yet the gullible public still consider them an opposition Party. Before you vote at this coming election, investigate, enquire, & then vote for those who appose APARTHEID. A.G.R.
Apartheid has no place in New Zealand. We are the South Africa of the South Pacific. I say these matter should be put a referendum requiring at least 50% of voters voting and 75% voting for the referendum resolutions. Grant
Thank you to Dr. Newman for another release of the horror facing us in the form of another list of changes from English to our Foreign language of Maori. If the Law Society is destroyed along with the all the other Government Departments hidden in a foreign language,, this is just another ploy to remove English from daily use and make it impossible for the majority of us to find or communicate with any public service body. I do not speak or understand Maori and have no wish to. Winston Peters has again showed his crafty underhand methods of gaining votes by promising to change all these NZ names back to English which is the language that almost 100% of Kiwis use. The trouble is no one can trust Winston after he betrayed the country by letting Labour off the leash to start the ruination of our country. This is the one thing that Chris Luxon should be promoting as basic policy. It is simple to understand and there is a chance it may influence some voters who would normally vote Labour to wake up to the chaos that their Labour pals are creating. I am still finding fresh devious plans in the hidden policies of Labour so anyone who takes little notice of politics is in for a shock, come the election to find just how bad things are. The Act Party should also be looking to make use of this type of release on the hustings. As I said last week. Hipkins comes across as the easy-going smiley politician but look below that and he is a deceitful crafty sneak passing legislation hidden in other bills to fix Labour’s wicked Maori take over of our country. Chris
Tribalism is nonsense Stephen
A previous National-led administration created this issue and I predict a new National-led government will not have the intestinal fortitude to reverse it. Act alone seems to focus on these issues. Gavin
New Zealand is for New Zealanders, NOT JUST MAORI, they should be more than thankful for what they have bludged so far from weak governments. laurie
Not just this Act – All race based legislation needs to go in order to return to Democracy – sadly lost for some time now but especially during the latest Government no longer listening to the Will of the people. Scott
I didn’t have any time for Helen Clark but she was right in the Foreshore and Seabed Act. National were a disgrace for undoing it Mark
Unacceptable. It must be repealed urgently. Katherine
It is an absolute travesty that all this Maorification of everything is being dumped on all of us New Zealanders and must be universally reversed. There has been no democratic enquiry of the people of New Zealand as to whether such moves are what the population at large want and it will make all other New Zealanders hostage to the Maori elite. It’s a total disgrace and will certainly end in a lot of bloodshed. There is no other outcome for the take over of our country by The Maori Sovereignty Movement, and they are determined. You just have to look at Tuku Morgan and the hatred he is spitting and on the weekend, Marama Davidson and the obvious deep seated hatred she has for white people. Violent confrontation is coming to a beach or land near you. Dianna
I’m horrified but not surprised that this has happened. We must unite and rise up against this dreadful situation. We are losing our beautiful country to a pack of thieves. Erin
Do it now before it’s too late Dave
why give the fox the keys to the henhouse. watch a few episodes of coast watch and see who the transgressors are john
There are no Full Maoris left in the world. Anyone with 50% Maori is rare. The majority of ” Maori”are less than 20%. How come these people think that they are entitled to special treatment.All this “I am a Maori” crap must end now.The alternative is a Civil War. Steve
If this Mari coup by stealth does not stop, NZ is doomed to Third World poverty and decline. John
All coastal land should be under Crown ownership and control for the benefit and use by ALL New Zealanders Keith
Our coastal area belongs to all New Zealanders.What has been forgotten is that there are no FULL blooded Maoris in NZ Diana
What sort of gutless idiots do we have in our so called government offices. Why are they all putting their heads in the sand. Why are they so scared to oppose the changes going on. Or are there backhanders going on. STOP IT NOW Alan
Every attempt at divisive governance of New Zealand must be stopped Maxine
i say no to co-governance Jess
Under no circumstances can this Act be passed to Maori,. The Marine & Coastal surroundings are precious to ALL, not just a few. Roy
This is not only “very important” it is ULTRA IMPORTANT. Unless a stop can be put to the extremists’ tribal takeover New Zealand will become just another “banana republic” and anyone of intelligence and the ability to do so would find it necessary to leave. Rob
This maori bullshit has to stop! derek
It is vital that it’s repealed. Give these radical maoris an inch and they take a mile. Thank you John Key for the mess you made for us. Peter
It is now very apparent that a European New Zealander is very fast becoming a 2nd class citizen. Not sure where all this is heading but we feel there’s a hell lot more of this crap to come in the not too distant future Lawrie
This issue is more than very important, it is crucial, paramount, it has to be repealed. Peter
All New Zealanders should have free access to the coastal areas. Sheila
This regulation is like an approaching Tsunami with most NZers standing on the shore facing the other way! Alex
Because it is being used to create more racial division across our country! Hugh
Another communistic law , one of many this current government has imposed upon the citizens of New Zealand and becoming a regular occurrence almost on a daily basis. The next new government, not the current one, revoke any changes that have taken place, to crown ownership so ALL New Zealanders can enjoy. Cyril
no maori racist ownership in nz bud
Too much tribal influence. john
This Act is based on separation and apartheid motives ex NZ labour/greens/maori party hidden behind the doors unlawful meddling in NZ’s democracy. mark
If this becomes law, there will begin a mass exodus of the people who produce our wealth. Keith
Thanks for drawing our attention to this matter! Marianne
Typical labour Allan
This seperatism unfolding must cease, especially as it is being done without mandate of nz people Wayne
All the coast around all of NZ belongs to the people of NZ, with no exceptions Athol
Co-Governance must be STOPPED !! Maurice
Very, very important Dave
OMG please bring on the election ASAP These Labour /maori mafia must be stopped . To all those people who criticize Luxon , wake up do you really want these wankers to continue to destroy our country, the only real option is to give Luxon a chance ,there simply is no other option . Moaning about him will further guarantee a Labour/ maori win . This country is spiraling into a stone age mentality . Ray
Extremely important it does not go ahead. What is wrong with this government? What they are doing is so very wrong for every New Zealander. I wish the election was now. I can’t abide what they are doing. Causing more racial rift in the country Kerin
Go back to Crown ownership. Graham
Do these ‘Tribal Elite’ really want to find out how the MAJORITY of New Zealanders will react if this Racist, arrogant, Totalitarianism Agenda actually goes through ? I think NOT !! Geoff
Absolutely essential Janet
Maori tribes, hands off our New Zealand coastlines. Our coast’s are for all New Zealanders to enjoy. Darryl
Give an inch and they will take a mile! Nark
Must not be put in control of Maori Chris
Sooner the better. Along with all the maori radicals. Helen
Needs to be resolved and pretty darned quick too. Mike
For NZ it is vital to repeal this Act and all the other Maorification nonsense. Enough! Carole
Radical racist maori cabal will control ..NZ if Labour gets back in. Greens are also racist ( Marama Davidson ) Labour, Greens, Maori parties must not get in. My family off to OZ if they do. Kevin
If this act is not repealed, it will be the beginning of the end for our beautiful NZ.What is wrong with these people.Why are they so hell bent on ruining our once great country. Ross
When is this nonsense going to end! Todays Maori are not Maori except in terms of where they’ve come from, the same way I’m not and never have been European. We are all New Zealanders, part of a Democratic society with a Government elected by the people and living under laws applicable to everyone. Bruce
By giving. one race control or ownership of any part of NZ is definitely undemocratic and all legislation mentioning Race should be scraped, all should be equal with one man, one vote,and no special privilege’s Colin
more than just really important. we already have the beginnings of violence and racism from maoris and it will only escalate Robin
Coastal access to anyone not Maori will be almost impossible. Tony
We must uphold the principles of democracy. One people, all equal. The Government is trying to divide us and we must not let it happen. As one of Maori descent, I am ashamed of the opportunism that Maori activists display and how little they care for our country. They are prepared to destroy it, following Americas example. Of course the same interests are promoting it. N.W.O. Harvey
Turns out that John Key and Chris Finlayson are traitors – what a surprise! Tony
As Winston Peters said, all references to Maori in legal type documents must be deleted Gareth
This abomination and perversion by Maori elite needs to be stopped immediately. Greg
And very urgent. Where are the marches ? Gay
It will be included in my pledge to not vote for a party or individual who will not include the repeal of ALL racist legislation. Terry M
Give them an inch and they will take a mile. This nonsense has to be stopped or this country will be run by communists who call themselves Maori Tom
Critical! Christopher
Totally corrupt takeover of our country by deception. Heather
We need more fishing inspectors on the water Mike
has to be a policy for National. Act, and NZ first Selwyn
Definitely should be repealed Graeme
Seabed and foreshore should be owned by all. Peter
Maori have conveniently forgotten that “We are One People” as a result of the Treaty. The right to access the beaches … Crown Land… has always been a public right. Robbie
Imperative and Now John
Where is the counter argument in mainstream media? And why isn’t it there? Why is the Labour Govt so dumb? Dennis
The Government must repeal John Key’s terrible decision to allow ANYONE to claim any part of the coast. stephen
Years ago Maori were blocking access to Pakari Beach north of Warkworth. This made me realise that Maori are prepared and will use force–they used horses to intimidate people–from using a beach access onto the beach. I believe this type of intimidation will be common place if this Act is allowed to be passed. We are one people, one nation and ALL should have free and unimpeded access to areas open to the general public on the whole, not be race entitled as is likely to happen. I am a European New Zealander, not a Pakeha as often referred to. Nobody asked me if I wanted to be titled something I’m not. As such, most NZrs are of mixed race and therefore no one should be treated as special, but should be projected as one race one people with equal rights over everything this country offers. COLIN
Because the one thing the iwi will do is charge everybody to use the beaches and sea. This nonsense has to stop now. Laura
Maori were never offered a Partnership its B/S Ian
sea shore and surrounds are for all Bryan
This has all gone far too far. The for all this nonsense to be repealed. Liz
It needs to be gone Yesterday! robin
If the Act stands, we will have to pay to go for a swim or catch a fish at the beach. Mark
The trouble with Maori, and this is well documented is that they always want more….more more more! Beaches, coast is for everyone to enjoy. This will not end well. Darryl
Up the East Coast of the North Island some tribes have already put launching fees in place to launch your boat off ramps and the beaches. If you don’t pay you run the risk of coming back to find your vehicle burnt out. Maori say they are Tangatawhenua! Guardians of the land and sea ? but all I have seen is rape and pillage of all natures resources. Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand and if this act goes through all I can see is another Rhodesia . Wayne
Essential john
Coastal areas are for everyone. What has happened to our country? I do not know my own country anymore. Janine
The demise of our Democracy is going to happen unless our state controlled media make it known via debate & unbiased editorial as to the reality to what is being enacted out of site. NZ sadly now has State control over all NZ media as in North Korea, Russia & China. Derek
If this Labour Government is not defeated in the next election we are all in for some very dark times ahead Kevin
if this happens i will leave NZ Peter
These changes cannot continue . They are destroying the democratic rights of all people. peter
How much more of New Zealand is to be given to the Maori elitists without their hands getting dirty ?? Logan
Anybody who is not maori may as well find somewhere else to live. Chris
Great opportunity for ACT to say they will repeal it bill
Along with every other piece of legislation that even hints at the ToW and co-governance! Brenda
BEYOND very important. The current communistic approach of our woke politicians is terrifying. Bob
I have thought the Legal profession had intelligent people at its core – sadly I seem to have been misled as have we all. John
We HAVE TO PUT A STOP to this ridiculous apartheid nonsense, once, and for all, forever. As Enoch Powell predicted correctly many decades ago …this type of segregation can, and will end only with the result of rivers of blood in our streets! Why do we never learn? WHY? GeeBee
National have a lot to answer for, it was they who introduced the cockeyed view of the treaty by progressing claims and repeal of the seabed act. David
That Act should NEVER have been taken from Crown ownership and put in the Public Domain despite reassurances from Key & Finlayson. Tony
Very important if we want New Zealand to function as a democracy & treat all Kiwi’s equally John
This take over by stealth was told t me by an old Kuia from Murupara back in 1985. She said: “Boy, these pretend Maori academics and stupid Pakeha will turn this country into a ‘boonga republic’ and you whiteys will be second class’. I thought she was a way off the mark. But now with “He Puapua” and Nanaia Mahuta at the helm and the weak willed milksop politicians with no backbone the old lady’s prophetic words are well and truly happening. Ian R. Braddon-Parsons Ian
Another step in the march towards complete maori domination and ownership of New Zealand. Then watch the shit hit the fan. Urban
Helen Clark knew what the outcome would be and I agree! Paul
A dangerous development by racist Maori which needs to to be cancelled immediately Sidwell
It needs to be gone as it is used for tribal totalarism where division of Kiwis by pushing tribal rule is creating deep community and social unrest. Stan
Imperative! Mark
If this goes ahead, Maori will be back fighting each other for their “share” whilst NZers will be excluded. John
Crown ownership must be restored Chris
Christopher Luxon will do nothing, he is a complete waste of space and is complicit in what is going on in NZ right now. He hid with Labour MP’s during the Wellington protests, he didn’t have the balls to speak to any of the protesters and find out what was really going on. This last week he once again let National voters down with his pathetic comment on the outrageous mob attacks on defenceless women when he said what he saw was peaceful!! He’s an absolute idiot!! Helen
The corruption is rife .. Hipkins & Co. well shackled, but where oh where is the “Opposition” …. hmmmm ? John
Repeal all racer based acts and the maori seats hris
Maoris will not be satisfied until they totally rule the country. I have been racially abused and assaulted by a Maori, and the police did nothing. I could not state that it was a Maori to the police who recorded that it was a non-European. Why did my ancestors leave Ireland? I will never forgive them! Denis
Once gone, gone for ever Peter 
Helen Clark had it right. Mark
Muriel you paint such a bleak scenario. Do you really think that Mr Luxon if he wins this forthcoming election is going to change anything? After all both the general body of current politicians and the disappointing activist judiciary don’t have the moral fiber to resist the sly activism from the Maori radicals. They have become useful idiots to the radicalisation movement and have been sucked in to believing that the words in the TOW can mean to be anything that you want them to mean. I think that it will take a couple of decades or more to reset what is going down now. However, it may produce new stronger political movements that will find a more acceptable system for a nation such is New Zealand. In the interim, the time has come for the government to introduce regulations that enables the collection of meaningful revenue from all land and resource ownership (rates) and from all money making income streams no matter who owns what. All must contribute without exception toward the obligations that our Nation owes in common to all its people. Garry.
It’s the only way the entire population can have free access to beaches and other coastal areas Dennis
If you don’t want civil war then vote out labour and the greens.If all this b/s happens then that is what will happen LABOUR MUST GO!!!!! brian
Repeal it or look forward to civil strife when new zealanders wake up to the consequences of doing nothing. Willy
Absolute public ownership. We are all New Zealanders so should have equal rights Kevin
IT IS OUR COASTLINE! And it should stay our Coastline. William
Coastlines are for all to enjoy and partake from, not be hit with possible exclusions and or entry fees John
How come politicians not in Favour of this are not raising it in parliament or in the media ???????? Warwick
Our country is under serious siege and for the good of all in Godzone we have to stop this blatant treason Richard
Now. Iain
I’m gob smacked that supposedly intelligent people are going along with this woke rubbish! Wake up people! peter
Absolutely essential. If not it will open the floodgates to claims like we’ve never seen before. Jan
The tribal takeover must be stopped because once laws have been changed to give ownership to Maori, it will be almost impossible to reverse these laws. Carol
This country and its people is being ripped apart by greed, racism, and evil ideology. Donald
Apartheid is coming to NZ with state funded facile media pulling the synthetic wool over kiwi’s eyes. Mark
We have to put a stop to the takeover of everything we take for granted. Once it’s gone then it’s gone for good. Andrew
Maori are not indigenous to Nz !! The beaches and marine areas belong to all nzers Kevin
Make it available for all not just Maoris Warren
It was passed with assurance it was relatively innocuous. That is not the case now and the likely outcome will be divisive in time if the matter is left to the activists and opportunists. Peter
It should be repealed by the next incoming government John
We are a captured majority. It’s like the tail wagging the dog Ken
Coastal waters should be for the use of all New Zealanders Roger
it is imperative that this awful piece of legislation is repealed and dispensed with for all time for the sake of our democracy Jeffrey
NZ is doomed by entrenching racialistic apartheit governance by greedy indigeneous tribal appointees that have not been democratically elected. A sad reflection on the Kiwi mentality as no oposition from them is apparent. No wonder half a million NZ ‘citizens’ have left – most of whom were immigrants promised a better life in NZ to find that was not the case. Dane
Destroying apartheid in NZ is vital, NOW. If this does not happen, NZ will ultimately descend into violence once the apathetic majority wake up to the reality. Geoff
This is a load of BULLSH***T, We (NZ) are about to become the next Zimbabe Andrew
Absolutely important!!!! Dyan
To do otherwise is to endorse a huge backward step in civilisation itself. Mark
Like candy from a baby. Complacency rules this country. Want to see for yourselves search www.stopcogovernance.kiwi Csrol
It was John Key, the man that Wall Street called the smiling assassin,who is responsible for this when he sent Pita Sharples on a midnight flight in stealth to New York to sign the U.N. indigenous peoples act.. National ( Labour dressed in blue) need to show their real colors & sort this crap out. but I don’t think Luxon has the balls. Allen
Thank God I no longer live in NZ. I’d have gone mad by now… John
Very important. It is a ridiculous notion that someone other than the Crown should own our seabed and foreshore.  Jane
The seabed, foreshore and costal waters belong to us all. No discussion on that as far as I am concerned. John
We need to fight back against creeping tribalism in all areas. Rod
this is another National screw up based on hope and naive trust in the goodness of tribal elites and their followers. fred
Revert back to the Crown entirely. Alan
For the last two years I have not been able to set a net for flounder in the Waimea estuary because i am a European but Maori’s can. This is being racist in the extreme. Roger
I have not lived my life and raised my family to now give up democracy and give it to Tribal elite, and a totalitarian rule. How can we be so stupid. Margaret
when is this stupidity going to stop? gerard
This must happen June
Absolutely essential for the future good of this country. The result of multiple claims would be disastrous for the majority of citizens in NZ. Technically, the ownership of our coastal environment would be controlled by Iwi. It is essential that all coastal areas be vested in the Crown. Chris
Public ownership is the only option. Neil
Also repeal the Treaty…… John
For the freedom of all New Zealanders Mary
We are supposed to be one country called New Zealand and one people called New Zealanders. This is serious stuff going on here. I have emailed my MP Jacqui Dean with my concerns on this topic plus a few others. Alister
The Act is leading to loss of rights to all New Zealanders in favour of a minority few tribal elites. Jim
Imperative I would say sheryl
Here we go again…what to leave in and what to kick out …Would any elected Govt. ever have the guts to repeal this democracy destroying Marine and Coastal Act ? This is Winston’s last chance to make it happen. Chris
reject totalitarian tribal rule jason
One nation..we’re all new Zealanders Tony
We are led by fools Evans
It is imperative It is scary Co governance and the Marine and Coastal Act must be stopped Maree
all this treaty nonsense must be reversed or civil war will erupt once the hoodwinked realise what has happened when it is too late. Nigel
Very important is not serious enough. It is critical that a government reclaims the whole Coastal Area with ownership totally in the name of the Crown.Cut out this by that there is a partnership with these part white no hopers. Peter
Just get rid of all this Maori rubbish. I am worried as a 73 yr old Widow that my country is being taken over by just one elite lot of Maori, it is wrong in all ways. Barbara
colour blind is the only way forward brian
cant give up craig
This state sponsored apartheid needs to be stopped Steve
The need to get this power grab out to the unsuspecting public is so important. This separative government has to be held accountable Rod
Coastal and Marine areas must be held by the Crown and be open and free for all Kiwi’s to access Don
One person one vote John
Absolutely essential that this Act is repealed ASAP Bruce
More than important-critical thomas
How did it get to this stage how can a few Maori change the entire country without anyone finding out WHAT are the so called opposition doing don%u2019t they care enough is enough when is some one going to get a backbone to stand up and stop this nonsense Peter
Return the seabed and foreshore to the people as being owned by all citizens equally. Ross
John Key delivered a huge disservice to his fellow New Zealand citizens when he promoted this fraudulent bill to Parliament. Shame on you John Key. Chris
This must happen. David
Get rid of it asap Mike 
Another step along the path to Zimbabwe NZ Mike
Critical Jim
Do it yesterday! Roy.
I would say vitally important! There must be a huge clean out of this sort of racist material or as a country we will have a very limited future. Roger
This is a frightening scenario Shirley
NZ is f***ed if Maori get control of the coast, not sure is we arnt really screwed already. There is a remedy, turn maori loose to rune their own economy, NO financial input from the rest of NZ, let them sink or swim under their own efforts, I am over the subsidising of their lifestyle Allan
NZ’s Coastline and territorial water belong to all NZers collectively – full stop . Hugh
All this maori encroachment into the lives of all New Zealanders, effectively making us all serfs to maori feifdom, has to be put down now. Coastal lands, water and the harvest from it should be retained firmly in the governments hands to ensure equality for all New Zealanders, not just the favoured few. Trevor
Very is not strong enough; it is vital that the MCA act is repealed Geoffrey
Has to be repealed please Dianne
Absolutely crucial!!!! Antoni
time to return NZ to all of its people , for a real change. Woke is Joke, time to end it fred
Critically important! Flies in the face of equal rights and responsibilities for all New Zealanders Vaughan
The coastline, fishing rights and beaches are for ALL NZers. Michele
It is every persons right to be able to visit a beach no matter what their ethnicity LesW
Imperative that New Zealand coastal areas remain in the hands of all New Zealanders Peter
National lost my vote in subsequent election because of their stupidity. I only hope Winston picks up this issue and runs with it. Dennis
Indeed…!! Extremely important…!! Vic
Another step toward segregation if this is not repealed. Gary
If this Act is not repealed and our marine and coastal area is not returned to Crown ownership, we are lost! If none of the existing political parties have the gumption to oppose this and other forms of Maori B-S, then we need to form one that will. This has gone too far – it needs to be stopped now – we obviously cannot rely on our Judiciary to bring about the necessary changes, so these will have to be accomplished by other means. Scott
give Maori elite one area and ‘they’ will have the lot! Catherine
It is radical takeover by those who do not have the good of NZ in their sights. Ray
National have caused NZ major problems-Marine and Coastal and UNDRIP!! Will a new National Govt have the courage to reverse these previous actions? They must!! Colin
Appeasement in any form to Maori demands will destroy New Zealand as a democracy. The principle of RECIPROCITY should be our guidelines, what is good for me is good for you and vice versa. Dennis
Unequal power grab Janet
Just communist racism Greg
Must only be a democratic decision to treat all Kiwi’s equally… Neil
This Act is Undemocratic systemic THEFT of Publicly held indivisible Commons for the ultimate private elitist trust exclusive benefit.Wrapping this Act in legal protocol does not disguise that this is obvious CORRUPTION at a political level. Richard
Any type of legislation that separates on the base of race needs to be immediately stopped and removed Ken
This country is being split apart. I am so worried … not for me but for my grandchildren. They will not know the freedom and the easy togetherness we had. Glenda
Ownership of all natural resources must be the right of every New Zealander. Hugh
Thought we had been here done that Beverley
The NZ coast belongs to ALL new Zealanders not 16% John
Anything forcing New Zealanders to acknowledge Te Trite must be challenged at all cost. There is no such thing as a partnership with Maori under the treaty and its well proven they are not indigenous therefore they have no more rights than anyone else. Rod
Another step towards Iwi vs Iwi! Roger
Absolutely vital it be repealed. Jim
Should never have got traction in the first place. ‘Woke MPs’ are the problem, Collin
Access to all NZ waterways, coastal & rivers for all New Zealander’s, at all times David
Stop elite maori spoiling NZ for all other kiwis. RICHard
Anything and everything to do with the Maori elite involved should be viewed with deep suspicion. These folk have one aim on their mind and that is domination by stealth. I say kick them to touch fast. Rob
This Act must be repealed. Murray
The pandering to a minority has got to stop before it destroys the fabric of New Zealand forever!! Henry
It must be repealed mark
What will be left of New Zealand after everything is “Claimed” by Maori? Douglas
This nonsense goes on and on Les
The citizens of NZ should own the Marine and Coastal area. We, the tax payers of NZ have paid for its upkeep for over 100 years. Imagine the chaos, fights, dislike of the new owners and all of that ethnicity 90% of whom don’t care one way or another in fact they probably prefer ownership by all citizens. Jim
Sjonkey and his Ngai Tahu (Maori) friendly mate Findlayson,were disaster for this country but hell will freeze over before te reo Luxon and his equally woke crowd will legislate the urgent changes required. Alan
VITAL. We are ONE! Doug
Must go back to Crown ownership. For all NZrs to enjoy. Not to 1% radical Maori cabal.Enough is enough. Allan
Beyond very important…absolutely vital David
What a disaster John Key and Chris Finlayson saddled the country with. It is up to Luxon and his National Party to pledge to put it right by repealing the Marine and Coastal Area Act and reaffirming public ownership of the coast.  Gordon
This is a hugely important issue, but virtually no-one knows anything about it. We need to change that, and the coast needs to be returned to Crown ownership. Will
Yes repealing the law is very important otherwise Kiwis will end up being blocked from coastal access. Judith
I always thought National’s law change would end in disaster – and here we are! Chris
If National won’t pick this up as a policy priority for the election perhaps Winston Peters will! He always supported Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed. If he pledged to return the coast to Crown ownership, I bet he would get a lot of votes!  Bryan