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Unhinged Obsession

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Climate change represents a major threat to New Zealand – but not because of the emissions produced by cows and sheep or from driving cars to the shops.

The biggest threat comes from the unhinged obsession of climate fanatics – including New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – who are trying to force damaging policies onto the country that will have zero impact on the climate but will devastate the fundamentals of our economy.

First, some background.

Last Monday, Statistics New Zealand revealed inflation had hit 7.3 percent – the highest level in 32 years. To deflect the negative publicity, the Finance Minister Grant Robertson called an unscheduled press conference the day before, to announce that the 25 cents a litre fuel tax exemption was being extended until January – to help ease the cost-of-living pressure on households: “We know that the rising price of fuel has a direct effect on inflation, and making these changes is a targeted approach to a root cause of the cost of living pressure being faced by Kiwi households.”

The Minister of Transport added: “Extending the reductions to fuel excise duty and road user charges will also help to reduce the fuel burden on the road transport sector, and in doing so keeping the cost of food and essential goods lower”.

Treasury was quoted, as estimating that lowering the price of fuel will reduce headline inflation by 0.5 percentage points in the June 2022 quarter.

The Minister’s claim that the timing of his announcement, late on a Sunday afternoon, was not orchestrated defies belief. Clearly Labour went into damage control to try to defuse the negative media narrative. They also took the unusual step of emailing their supporters to reassure them that they were taking appropriate action.

What all of this highlights, is the staggering hypocrisy of the Ardern Government. On the one hand, they are reducing fuel taxes to minimise the inflationary impact of rising fuel prices – while on the other hand they are progressing radical zero carbon goals, which are designed to drive fuel prices and inflation even higher.

With today’s carbon price, established through the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), sitting at around $75 a tonne, the carbon tax on petrol is almost 17 cents a litre and over 19 cents for diesel.

So how high does the Prime Minister want it to go?

According to the Climate Commission, to get to Jacinda Ardern’s “ambitious target of net-zero by 2050”, the Emission Trading Scheme’s carbon price would need to rise up to $250 a tonne. 

Since every $20 increase in the per-tonne price of carbon results in the cost of petrol at the pump increasing by 5 cents, at $250 a tonne, the carbon tax on fuel would rise to over 60 cents a litre. On today’s prices, fuel would be pushed towards $3.50 a litre.  

We now know only too well what the result of that will be – to use the Finance Minister’s words, “the rising price of fuel has a direct effect on inflation” and is “a root cause of the cost-of-living pressure being faced by Kiwi households.”

But it’s not just fuel prices that are being driven higher by the rising price of carbon – electricity prices are as well.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Bryan Leyland, a power systems engineer, who explains that if the government continues its pursuit of carbon zero, ‘escalating power prices and frequent shortages seem inevitable’:

“At the moment, the carbon tax is about $75 per tonne of CO2 and the Climate Commission predicts that it could go as high as $250 a tonne. Every $50 increase in carbon tax increases the cost of generation at Huntly by at least 2.5¢ and 1.5¢ at a gas fired station. ‘Green’ geothermal stations also pay carbon tax on the carbon dioxide they emit. 

“Between 2004 and 2018 wholesale electricity market prices increased at a rate above inflation – from about 7¢ to about 10¢. In 2018 prices jumped to about 15¢ and have been relatively steady at more than 20¢ for the last two years. This doubling of the wholesale price is already showing up in commercial and industrial tariffs and retail tariffs must soon increase. The economic damage will be huge and the underprivileged will be even worse off.”

What all of this means is that if Jacinda Ardern continues on with her ‘obsession’ of wanting to be seen as a global climate change leader, our economy will be sacrificed through the harshest restrictions in the world.

The process is already underway, with climate objectives increasingly embedded throughout our whole regulatory and legislative framework.

Just last week the Climate Change Minister, Green Party co-leader James Shaw, signalled his intention to tighten up the ETS to force the country’s big emitters to “make a larger contribution towards meeting our goal of building a net-zero future.”

To achieve this, he intends reducing the availability of the “industrial allocation” of free emissions units, that were introduced when the manufacturing sector was first included in the ETS – in order to protect emissions-intensive and trade-exposed businesses from unregulated foreign competitors.

The Ministry for the Environment consulted on this proposal last year, and the feedback was alarming. The first cause of concern was that the number of proforma submissions from environmental activists clearly indicated that the ETS is seen as a political lever to close down industry in New Zealand. And the second, is how vulnerable our key industries are to ETS changes.

Affected parties who manufacture critical products in New Zealand, such as cement and fertiliser, claim Minister Shaw’s proposed changes may force them to close down – not only at a cost of hundreds of jobs, but also resulting in the importation of replacement products from overseas countries with no emissions controls. 

New Zealand’s only cement works, Whangarei-based Golden Bay Cement, which employs around 550 staff, warned that changing the baseline and allocation settings, would increase production costs above the costs of imports, “which will shut down New Zealand operations in favour of imports – increasing global emissions as a result.”

Winstone Pulp International, which employs 281 staff at the Karioi Pulp Mill near Ohakune, says phasing out Industrial Allocations would erode their competitive situation internationally and result in processing capacity being transferred offshore.

The Taranaki based methanol producer Methanex, which employs 240 staff locally and over 3,000 nationally, explained, “Our competition is global, with major methanol production occurring in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and Qatar. None of these countries applies a carbon cost to methanol production today; in fact, over 90% of methanol production globally does not attract an emissions cost, and therefore the Industrial Allocation is essential for Methanex to continue operating in New Zealand.”

Methanex also explained that while New Zealand methanol is produced from natural gas, over half of the global supply is produced from coal, with an emissions profile five times greater. They said that because of the Government’s ban on new offshore permits, the lack of natural gas supply had forced them to shut down their Waitara Valley facility. As a result, China had increased its coal-based methanol production to fill the supply gap: “This shutdown therefore runs directly counter to New Zealand’s stated policy of reducing global emissions.”

And that’s the problem Jacinda Ardern created for New Zealand in 2018 when, without any official advice – or even Cabinet approval – she made her Captain’s Call to close down new offshore oil and gas exploration. In doing so, she turned her back on the decades-long strategy of successive governments for New Zealand to be as self-sufficient in energy needs as possible, and, as a result of her recklessness, Kiwis no longer have security of supply. 

The reality we face, is that under Labour and the Greens, anything is possible – regardless of how destructive it is to the economic well-being of local communities. Through the stranglehold of climate laws and regulations, at the stroke of a pen the radicals now have control of every industry in New Zealand.

How can any business make long-term investment decisions when they could be crippled by the madness coming out of the Beehive?

The answer is they can’t. There can be no trust that the Ardern Government will act logically or sensibly – given they have failed to do so in the past.

New Zealand increasingly stands alone, hobbled by punitive climate restrictions that have been justified on the basis that such controls are necessary to avoid constraints on trade – yet the European Union trade deal exposed the fundamental fallacy of that rationale.

The reality is that countries are increasingly backing away from the demands of green fanatics for their low carbon fantasy, instead prioritising economic stability and public wellbeing over UN socialism.

Will Jacinda Ardern come to her senses and abandon her dangerous commitment to net-zero before more damage is done to our fragile economy?

And that’s the fundamental problem. The climate crisis is a political crisis – not one rooted in the real world.

It has arisen because successive governments have adopted the radical socialist agenda of the United Nations to restrict emissions of carbon dioxide as a means of regulating their economies.

Justified under the guise of saving the planet, carbon is, in effect, a proxy for State control of all economic activity.

It was Helen Clark’s Labour Government that led New Zealand down this path back in 2002, when they ratified the UN’s Kyoto Protocol and introduced an Emissions Trading Scheme – even though it had been designed for industrial nations, not rural economies where the main ‘emitters’ are cows and sheep.

Ruminants, of course, play a major part in a natural cycle that goes all the way back to the dinosaurs. Grass lands sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, and when eaten by ruminants, carbon is released as methane, which breaks down into the carbon dioxide and water the plants need to grow. It’s a cycle of life, yet this is what misguided politicians like our Prime Minister are trying to demonise!

When National won office in 2008, instead of repealing Labour’s socialist climate agenda, they doubled down by signing up to the UN’s Paris Agreement to limit emissions, even as the world’s major emitters were walking away. 

Ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic partially delivered on the UN’s Paris objectives, when world economies shut down in early 2020, leading to a massive decline in man-made global greenhouse gas emissions.

However, instead of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels falling – as the UN had led us to believe they would – the US State Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found they had risen dramatically.

The Washington Post of June 4, 2020, carried the story: “Global emissions plunged an unprecedented 17 percent during the coronavirus pandemic… Carbon dioxide levels are the highest they’ve been in human history, and probably are the highest in 3 million years. The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, global average surface temperatures were significantly warmer than they are today, and sea levels were 50 to 80 feet higher.”

These real-life findings counter the dreadful scaremongering surrounding this issue.

They not only show that human emissions are so insignificant that their impact on the climate is negligible, but they also remind us that the earth has been both hotter and colder than today, irrespective of carbon levels.

The reality is that carbon dioxide is a trace gas that is present in only minute concentrations in the atmosphere – making up around 0.04 percent. Almost all carbon dioxide – 97 percent – is produced through natural processes including being released from oceans, rocks, volcanoes, and, of course, during the respiration of all living things. Only 3 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is generated by human activity and of that, New Zealand’s contribution is an infinitesimal 0.17 percent.

All around the world, governments are turning their backs on radical climate policies that will undermine energy security and economic independence.

Isn’t it time New Zealand did the same?

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Yes… very damaging, might be a good idea to arrange a damaging offensive against ARDERN and her gang of genociding ‘won’t stop’ communists !!! David
Some Countries are still building coal fired power stations. NZ produces 85% of its electric power from renewable sources. Not many Countries achieve that. Peter
Let’s vote them OUT! Dianne
she has to go Robin
This government’s actions in the name of climate change will be very damaging to our country and will destroy our economy and way of life. Gifford
This article shows how NZCPR is totally divorced from reality. What their motivation is is beyond me. But thankfully it is a only tiny fraction of Kiwis who adhere to this disinformation John
Jacinda Ardern is intent on destroying NZ in preparation for socialism. The means to this are by deliberately feeding inflation, destroying business, preparing to incite civil unrest by introducing the racially based, agenda of the He PuaPua agenda and at the same time cripple farmers with these stupid so called green policies. She is treasonous , a narcissistic attention seeker. Her empathy for people is not real,,its an act designed to enhance her own image on the world stage of Jacinda stardom . What a con artist we have as a prime mister. Its embarrassing. The main stream media are distorting context and pushing the government agenda of Co-governance per the Ha PuPua agenda which also contains 3waters, separate health system and yet to come: a separate justice system for Maori including the abolition of prisons. New Zealand is in very big trouble if we don’t get rid of this government very soon. They have done huge damage to what was once the best happy go lucky country on the planet, john
NZ is such a miniscule contributor to the worlds greenhouse gases that the changes Shaw wants to make will have no impact on climate change but will severely impact NZ financially. All for Ardern and Shaw to say “look at us, aren’t we amazing!” John
Costs need to reduce not increase as most Campari struggling. Dave
What amazes me is that so many reasonably intelligent NZ’s cannot see that they are simply deluded about so much climate change nonsense being fed to them by the Government! Ron
Ardern is plainly unhinged. I do not know what universe she inhabits but it is certainly not mine. Her opinions and ideas are idiotic without any semblence of reasoning and thought as to how the world works and functions. The woman along with the rest of the clowns that she leads need to be removed from office and the sooner the better for the future of NZ Allan
Good analysis – thanks just get it understood more widely John
Bryan Leyland’s article summarises the problem. I am an expat living in Australia and have seen the ruinous impact on manufacturing and my bill. George
New Zealand is too small Mike
This government needs to go!! The Greens must be cut down too!! Totally destructive forces. Marilyn
Woke politics with UN backing. Bollocks science, just political BS Greg
Labour have NO IDEA of the meaning of the words “unintended consequences”. The damage that the Labour Party is doing to this country amounts to treason Ardern has no allegiance to the New Zealand public, and is more focused on her own international image. Common sense policy’s that will take us in the right direction without wrecking the economy, and well being of ever New Zealander is what is required The present government’s emission zero carbon scheme is for Ardern to be able to say to the world hey look at us or more to the point look at me !! As a business person who was brought up in a state house this present labour government bares no resemblance to the thinking of passed labour government’s Who dare I say seemingly, they put New Zealanders and New Zealand first. Past labour governments didn’t set out to divided and burden the New Zealand public like this present government has Come election time this country needs to mobilise on a scale as the public did in Sir Lanka, and completely demolish labour Not because their labour, but because of legislation brought in that was never part of their election manifesto, and a leader who is perceived as more interested her self promotion to the world being her major focus Bruce
The worst Govt NZ has ever had!! DAVID
Ardern is becoming mentally unbalanced with her ideology of zero-carbon policy agenda. Perhaps it would have been helpful to record that this climate agenda was thought of only in the 1970’s by a group of left-wingers and activists when other left-wing policies had not come to pass. They wanted something really big so this is factually a modern day fairytale. Monica
An unfounded fixation that carbon emissions will destroy the planet Michael
The more we have to import products’ the more carbon it makes.  STAN
Climate and global warming are a load of Bulldust. Even more, than the fact that we must get rid of this tyrannical govt, Ardern must be arrested for crimes against NZers with her mandating jabbing the population with a poison that will eventually kill large numbers of us, when She KNEW the jab was dangerous even before she launched it on the trusting public. One very dangerous bitch. Climate change is nonsense. She/it they must be stopped. Carolyn
The insanity of it all ! We are now well into the Lunatic Arena.. Once again Dr. Muriel has highlighted just how ‘unhinged’ our leader really is . She should be charged with treason. HOW THE HELL HAS SHE GOT THIS FAR ? What a crumbling, bumbling, common senseless saga towards destruction.! Drop kick political parties to touch and bring in a panel of selected experts to run and work for the good of the nation. Bring in some sanity for a change and progress for all. But we as a nation must enjoy torture and gross mismanagement or Ardern would have been removed some time ago ? John
If carbon was really their goal, they would consider nuclear Sam
You are spot on with your whole article.. David
It is time to stop cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. Nature (God?) will do what nature does. Man must adapt and go with the flow. Here is something to make the Government’s (and the Green party’s) ears ring – build a coal-fired power station at the mouth of the Grey River. In case the Government has not heard, there is coal and water right there! If Dr Patrick Moore is to be believed, we need more Carbon dioxide in the air, not less. Kevan
A “crisis” money grab that is introduced by a dogmatic belief in the unprovable edicts made by the IPCC and a section of the scientific community who have lost sight of what science really is and are prepared to lie and manipulate data in order to “prove” their position. There is NO consensus on climate change other than it is part of Earth’s normal cycle of events, CO2 is essential for plant and crop welfare (Indeed further increases in atmospheric CO2 density would be desirable). Further not one of our politicians have been able to explain to me and the rest of the nation how turning off the CO2 switch is going to give them control of our environment. Continuation of Ardern’s and Shaw’s policies and beliefs only drive NZ closer to being a third world economy and environment, Let them at least consider the data and consideration of both sides of the argument with equal vigor and enthusiasm rather try to stage a world leadership with roll with unscienfic dogma. Michael
All part of the WEF agenda Wayne
More absolute BULLSHIT from a bunch of total DICKHEADS – Jacinda and her cohorts I mean. Get rid of THEM and SOON before we are totally f..ked.  Brian
If a brain is used, no other choice. John
Flawed Ideology that is certain to impact on economic activity. Gavin
Unfortunately we seem to have scientists with a twisted view on climate who are heavily involved with Government to scaremonger. Murray
As Muriel Newman says Govt unhinged obsession will make us all Phd s Poor Helpless and Desperate John
Labour unable to get anything right. A bunch of criminals and we now live in a 3rd rate country along the lines of Zimbabwe, South Africa. Christine
The danger is the more her popularity falls the more she will suck up to the greens for support and we know what that means… Jeff
The real problem is, can NZ survive this Govt through to the next election? It is looking increasingly unlikely. Malcolm
NZ is but a blip in the world in terms of carbon emissions. It’s insane to line us up with the main emitters. Di
Crazy policies from an insurance government jd
There is clearly another agenda here with the ideology of NZ government. All of the rules we are used to following seem to have been thrown by the wayside. Well being of the population doesn’t seem to matter any more. Sound Economics, sociology, and logic are nowhere to be found in this government or the UN. Sheila
Labour government actions are completely irresponsible. It is well known that China is the greatest polluter, yet exempt any controls. If NZ cared they would restrict or surcharge imports from china. Better still, enforce a five year return to manufacture warranty on all the crap appliances currently filling our rubbish dumps. Tony
Damaging? It will be catastrophically damaging. Grahame
Absolute lunacy, but very typical of the illogical and ridiculous actions of the current bunch of politicians. Rosemary
This government is completely unhinged. The longer we allow them to remain the deeper our third world hole will be. Labour and the Greens are nothing more than a tumour that will kill us because we allowed it to grow. Bryce
CO2 is merely beneficial plant food and its absorptive spectrum is completely obscured and rendered irrelevant by moisture vapour. 97% CO2 is emitted by Nature and it remains a trace gas. 0.04 parts per 1000 is miniscule and the whole warming argument is facile in context of all civilizations agrindise and thrive during the INTER-GLACIAL warmings which represent the statistical minority as Glaciation is the normal and for lengthy periods of time. Furthermore life on this planet thrived at well over 1000 times CO2 and experienced cooling. Most warming data is derived from heat island located thermometers DELIBERATELY to fit the narrative. If CO2 was a real problem we would shut down China and India by refusing to trade in any way with them and maybe even obliterate them for the climate fraud by NUKING them into oblivion. FOLLOW THE MONEY. (Coercion, Bribery, threats, bribes, Blackmail, bribes- yes bribes work and are so abundant.) Divide and Conquer at every level and the constant fearmongery. The destruction of NZ and civil rights is treason at every level. ref 1000Frolly Phd for the science. Zoran
It will wipe us off the international map as a producer and increase emissions due to having to freight everything in and destroying the NZ economy on the way. Ian
NZ produces almost no carbon compared to China, India etc – it’s madness to virtue signal and cause all sorts of ongoing issues for NZ citizens Alvin
Your summary is similar to other reading and research i have done over recent years . Gillian
How do you save the planet, when our economies are being crushed, which will ultimately lead to world wide mass starvation? Rodger
Bring on the next Ice Age. Neil
Definitely economically damaging. Instead we should be concentrating on rubbish disposal, EV battery disposal, sewage and water treatment, clean up of waterways etc. David
New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are 0.17% of total global Human emissions. That is 1/600th. Zero carbon for NZ has been costed out to cost up to $85,ooo,ooo,ooo per year, EVERY YEAR. This is economic destruction of our nation, all to reduce human global CO2 emissions by 1/600 Doug
Alarmists base all their “the sky is falling, we must act now, its a climate emergency” on completely unfounded predictions, and NOT one of these has ever been found to be correct. The other basis for all this nonsense are climate models…once again, all of which have been proven to be woefully incorrect….empirical data clearly shows this! Models aren’t empirical science, rather they are a program that you enter hypothetical data into, and then a hypothetical scenario is produced. we need to unwind all of this. Andrew
It is absurd to try and position New Zealand as a world leader in these matters. Peter
Labour and the Greens are hellbent on this madness and they wont be happy until they destroy the country. Fraser
As Arden stated on Australian TV, climate violence what ever that means, is she finally losing her marbles? Sven
Total idiocy. This GOVT seems hellbent on destroying our economy and democracy/society. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED Andrew
Same old, same old. They don’t know what they are doing. William Clive
Jacinda is destroying New Zealand. Where is the opposition? The Labour Government is the enemy of the people Carole
This lunatic government and all their policies will continue to drive New Zealand to our knees, while their zero-carbon policy will achieve nothing at all. Des
Soon we can grow bananas in our republic Paddy
Currently European nations that bought into green policies are now experiencing large-scale power shortages and outages, negatively impacting their economies and the quality of life of their people. Phil
Being very damaging is putting it mildly. It will be absolutely catastrophic for New Zealand. Bruce
Arrogant, wicked agenda orientated Govt, led by a little girl in a 40 year olds body. She is incompetent with no proper abilities our qualities to be a Prime Minister. The patients are now running the psychiatric unit LB
Govt policies are all in a word, Lunacy. Richard
If the government, who cannot govern, believe they can master the cosmic climate they are utterly deluded. Michael
Ideology has derailed common-sense and reality Charles
Stupid lot val
Crazy tarriffs damaging NZ that emits a tiny amount of CO2 compared to other countries a continuation of Arden’s disasters Sidwell
we must get rid off this useless governing body Neville
Jacinda & her Govt are ruining New Zealand. John
This government is out of control, out of touch and out of common sense. Steve
they have no clue given China USA are the biggest emitters and does matter what the current lot try to do they wont change the world robin
nuts brian
This a distraction that NZ does not need. Our energies and resources should be focused on improving productivity, creating business opportunity, and creating jobs that not governmental. I worry for our children, the fabric of our society is in tatters and the government continues to waste the hard earned tax dollars our brilliant people generate. Tom
Once again this stupid Govt heading down the road of destruction RUSSELL
Ardern is a neo-communist. It is not a political regime we voted for nor have ever embraced. The voting public were tricked by Ardern’s propaganda. Alain000
Is Labours agenda to destroy our way of life and give us what – poverty? It continues to make no sense. Rob
The WEF trained Ardern is after only one thing – the destruction of NZ’s economy so that the WEF can then step in! Ray
Another crazy Labour Greens initiative based on fairy tales Ann
Arden should be tried for treason.. She has sold out the country Jock
A total f ck up. no brains in government, just egos. Sven
Green policies only make sense when you realise that the left hates the poor. Jim
Damaging because it will impact upon our farming industry, will not make any difference as we produce such a small amount our contributions will make not the slightest addition to the CO2 produced. Andrew
It will be catastrophic! Brenda
The climate crisis and COVID19 are tools used by the “financial elite” to gain political power and money, all of which they will take from the the average citizen in every country around the word. Henk
They think they can go straight there, and we probably can by joining the Maoris & wear grass skirts and live in a jungle. Eric
iT WILL close a lot of nz industries can not compete and import from countries who will not comply and we will pay dearly leo
All New Zealand citizens have no choice but to take to the streets and bring the country to its knees to force the removal of Ardern and Shaw from any form of government NOW james 
When will this government come to its senses and realise that we cannot afford to be martyrs by sacrificing our economy in order to lead the world to a carbon neutral future. Robert
It’s a no brainer and totally unachievable. Our present government is so pathetic and plain STUPID. Bruce
There is a critical need for an Economic Terrorism Act in Western Nations to be able to bring the doomsday cults to our courts. Cults that use hypothesis and theory to build a foundation stone not based on truth – but based on deceit and fear. Deceit that transforms into the de-industrialisation of democracies should be able to be challenged by the law. We should be able to bring these cults before the courts and force them into delivering quantitative evidence to prove their case. The courts being – the last bastion of truth. Their actions are equivalent to War Crimes against humanity that drive society into poverty. As Scientist Dick Reaney has stated after decades of research in the Arctic, the Himalayas and the Antarctica, Human Induced Climate Change is the biggest and most destructive fraud of the 21st Century. The doomsday cults strategy has been to build a foundation stone that is based on CO2 being a harmful gas, when it is a harmless gas. Then get out-of-work socialist scientists to invent un-pronounceable definitions based on fear. The next step is to gain the global support of socialists in the UN to declare that the planet is doomed because it will overheat! Once this is accepted by socialist politicians and propaganda based media outlets it is time to move onto the doomsday weather climate change scenario that the first two steps are responsible for creating. Then the power base is set! We can fight back by simply proving that CO2 is a harmless, tasteless, odourless, motionless microscopic gas that is consumed by us every day and has no ill-effect on the planet at all. Then the first foundation stone would be shattered and the other building blocks would come tumbling down. Indeed, without CO2 the food sources of the planet would not be able to be produced as plant life would die and like the Dinosaurs we would die out!!! Final thought – if you weigh about 75 kilograms you have about 13.5 kilograms of Carbon in your body! Without Carbon you would be like a Jelly Fish. In fact, without Carbon the world would not exist. So the real problem is population growth as there is more Carbon being produced by birth rates and new plant growth than fossil fuel combustion!!! What a shame the cults continue to breed! At the end of the day when irresponsible government governs without truth the effect can be catastrophic and that is the case today. Now a caustic economy has been created that feeds upon itself given the impression that it is creating economic growth when the reverse is underway. Add the driving force of government socialist law making that builds a shield around a corrupt, inept and regressive group of politicians that are progressively shutting down industrialisation and the path is set for a Depression. Frederick
Not just for NZ.. Nigel
stupid geoffrey
China etc building-more coal fired power stations , USA walking away Roger
Did anyone else notice the 3 news report on the greens annual meeting, on Sunday night. At the end, James and Marama were on stage taking the applause from the assembly and behind them on a screen was the message “Think Ahead Act Now” Allan
This Government has it’s head so far buried in the sand it beggars belief. Ross Sale
It will help the NWO collapse our Economy. This zero carbon policy agenda is based on a pile of political effluent that can only end in disaster. We need carbon to live and the current Government want to take that away. that in itself says it all !! Geoff
Everything I have read on this website is deeply troubling, including this extremely inaccurate article about climate mitigation. I’d suggest consulting some of the basic science on climate change and emissions (which is readily available online, alongside the disinformation you share in this article). In addition, there are a great deal of accounts available (in the media, academic literature, social media etc) of how climate change (in combination with other co-inciding social, economic, political, and cultural factors) is already having a very real impact upon many communities, including here in Aotearoa. Climate mitigation (in combination with adaptation) is a pressing issue that we all have a responsibility to contribute to, such as our circumstances allow. Most people, organisations and businesses do not have the drive nor commitment to cut their emissions alone and so the government needs to step in to facilitate this change. The economic impact of these policies is the last thing I would be worrying about, if I were you. Danielle
I have given up with continually being amazed at Jacinda Ardern and her governments stupidity, and dangerous politics. I Have become a institutionalised powerless citizen. Terrence
Boofheads that make up this Government should be held to Treason Charges and Imprisoned. Gary
The Red Queen is an evil unhinged ideological marxist self-serving zealot! Warren
Pure insanity or intelligent evil; the latter for sure. Angry when valuable time spent preparing submissions; definitely. Any request for submissions is democratic lipstick on a dictatorial horse. We do not have a government of, by, for New Zealand, but a tyrannical regime controlled by elite overseas interests. peter
Climate change is a nonsense that’s crippling the West and is only being paid lip service by China, India and other major emitters. NZ cannot afford to pretend we can make a NY difference. Michael
Look at Muriel’s excellent article and the hero[ne objective of our PM who at the cost to us is cementing a job with her socialist attitude and into the UN. Alan
How on earth do the clowns proposing and supporting “so called” climate change believe that whatever is done in NEW ZEALAND will make one iota of difference to global admissions. This is a whole new industry created for ill informed fanatics. 75% of global admissions come from China, USA, India, Russia, Japan. If New zealand rates at .017& of 1.0% in global emissions, , even it we reduced to zero, it would NOT impact at all on global reduction. These clowns should simply disappear and cease the damage that they will undoubtedly inflict on our country. Tim 
Typical labour Allan
A total unscientific Economic Disaster Hylton
One-eyed political claptrap which this government is skilled in Shaun
The Science says we are in no danger- logic and countries polluting should be focused on., The Climate is and will always change= that is a fact!. Philip
Based on what you have published the results would be devastating for our country Ross
This climate change bullshit has to be called out..the earth has had iceage and/or warming naturally for centuries. Barbara
Natural fluctuations in CO2 are more significant. Phil
Absolutely absurd to control carbon emissions from a non industrial country. Animals are natural creatures on this earth. Chris
Ideological political nutcases together with money driven globalists (UN, WHO etc.) are slowly driving the West to destruction, and its not just in NZ but is a global issue – Talk about the fox being put in charge of the henhouse!! Roy
Big players need to take a bigger part in reducing carbon emissions. NZ is not a major player therefore will have minimal effect on the climate. Noel
Global heating and cooling is natural phenomana, do not mess with it. Margaret
If the Government attends to this it will be a failure this is my reason for casting my vote this way. Warren
Why would N Z try to lead the world, when China, USA, India plus Europe are the worst polluters. All we will do is damage our economy. Peter
Obvious David
Everything The govt is doing is damaging the country Carl
Very damaging. They need to focus on more important things. Jen
Absolutely very damaging Gail
Complete disaster for all New Zealanders. Ardern and her corrupt Labour party must go…. Allan
Anything that the UN pushes, should be viewed as the communist control of all people, and One World Govt, meaning them. Please read Agenda 2030, written in 1992 by the UN. No trust what so ever in this Govt. Harold
This climate change bull shit will bankrupt this country while the rest of the world increase their out put of green house gases to improve their wealth and we become poorer and the population reduces as people move to amore stable and a beater life style Under this Government the young and ambitious are leaving which will place us in a very vulnerable state. God help us. ken
Very damaging to our agricultural economy. Pam
total madness to demonise the gas of life Hugh
The present government does not care about the people of New Zealand. All it cares about is photo ops on the world stage. Paloma
Just another revenue gathering tax on hard working tax payers David
This Labour Govt has to go… Trevor
Yet another scam and money grab based on false science and “adjusted” statistics. Besides, ask yourself what zero-carbon actually means, when all complex life is carbon based. Jasmine
Not only will it be very damaging, but also as you clearly demonstrate, there is absolutely no justification in science for it which is the message that needs to be publicised and understood above all else. John
The drive to reduce carbon e missions by this brainless prime minister and others is all a ploy to get her a seat on the U.N and we are suffering for it. New Zealand’s contribution to the carbon level is so low that everything should be left as it is now and this communist leader should be forced to resign now. Wake up Mr. Luxon and show your worth. Tom
The superstitious nonsense that is climate change. Just like covid. Larry
The sooner the scam climate change is stopped the better for all. Graham
Huge cost for economy, environment, standard of living, way of life Completely unrealistic Completely unscientific Barbara
First there is NO climate crisis and man is having such a minute effect on climate change that any attempt by man to limit the effects will be futile. The weather is controlled more by the sun than anything else and is to a large extent cyclical. It would be much much better to spend money on mitigation AND MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE. Now lets look at some of the history and predictions around global warming. First in the 50’s and 60’s it was global cooling that was the problem. This then changed to global warming when the planet failed to comply. Once again changed to Climate Change when the planet once again failed to comply. In the 2006 film An Inconvient Truth Al Gore stated that there was a 75% chance that the Greenland Ice Cap would melt and that Manhatten would be flooded. NOT HAPPENED. Then in 2009 he predicted that the Artic would have ice free summers within 5 to 7 years NOT HAPPENED How many of these failed predictions THAT WE HAVE WE ONLY 10 YEARS TO SAVE THE PLANET over the last 30 to 40 years do we need to realise that the doomsayers are WRONG. Let us look at some Maths. CO2 is approximately 4 parts per million in the atmosphere of which 97% is naturally occurring. Therefore the man made portion is 3% and of this New Zealands contribution is estimated at .17%. So .04 X 3% X .17% is .000002%. HOW CAN SUCH A MINUTE AMOUNT make any difference to the WORLDS climate WHILE DESTROYING NZ’S ECONOMY. I have just read a 2011 book by Ian Plimer ( An Aussie Professor) casting much doubt on these matters. Called GET EXPELLED. It is written for youth and well worth the cost Cookie
Economic suicide in my reckoning. Dennis
Typical of the lack of understanding of the problem Ralph
The only thing this bunch could do for the good of NEW ZEALAND is to resign and emigrate to the other side of the Universe ( the latest data tells us it is 13.7 billion light years away) Peter
Brainless addiction to ideology promoted by lies. NZ needs to compete on a level playing field or better still one tilted in our favour Doug
its already damaging this country dam near beyond repair and it all started by that septic gore and then our tooth fairy clark and now our dictator adern and those nutter greens, time we had a vote to arse this govt out NOW not in 2023. Richard
Major fuel cost increases in the transport sector will increase inflation. There is no recognition for those using urea based emission reduction systems in diesel vehicles. Those additives will in any case be liable to be imported (if available to NZ) as natural gas supplies are cut off e.g to the Methanex Watara plant. Layor
zero-carbon is not about controlling climate it’s about destroying capitalism and the transfer of wealth to third world countries robert
We must fight against this as it is a load of rubbish. It’s the biggest con job known to mankind and so many non thinkers believe what they are told. Nic
Stupid and Labour/Greens seem to go together wonderfully well and NZ voters seem to be the same. If there is not a change of government next election we are dead. Peter
There are no adults in the NZ Labour or Green parties. Greg
The general populace will be dissapointed and reactionary when the acheivements are shown to be negative. Clive
Repeal this idiotic legislation Chris
The government has gone overboard and with the zero carbon policy. I just hope the next government will change the agenda and stop this madness! FRank
if not so serious this governments actions would be regarded as laughable in most sane conversations Colin
It will increase our dependence on imported energy and products which are produced in a less efficient way than we can do in NZ Craig
Extremely damaging! Ross
New Zealand’s contribution to the world’s emissions is negligible. The big emitters China, India, USA will chug on regardless. These energy hungry nations have not signed up to the Net Zero 2050 plan. And will not. We need to come to our senses and realise we are doing unnecessary heavy lifting that will not make one jot of difference to the world’s emissions while ruining our economy and lifestyle. Rob
There needs to be pragmatic considerations applied to deliver the best results. Peter
God defend NZ anthony
You would have to be a total Moron to see what Adern and the crazy Greens are really pushing and its not a to save our planet . What really amazes me is so many Kiwis still believe Labour is a party worth supporting . for Gods sake wake up . Ray
It will continue the destruction of our economic activities by successive governments with NO mandate from the electorate! Peter
We are governed by woke Marxist idiots who have never had real jobs in the real world so don’t understand how things work Laurie
The governments policies are short sighted and exclude the concerns for well being of Kiwis now and into the future. No one denies the need for policies to guard the environment but it is critical that such policies demonstrate the care and nurturing of “now” and the immediate future. Gradual common sense approaches are essential or we will all suffer and so will our children and their children. Our delicate existence relies on common sense not the idealistic dreaming of politicians. Stewart
New Zealand is such a small player that what we do won%u2019t make an iota of difference on the world scale. We should therefore be looking to be fuel independent so that we don%u2019t become victims, particularly of Chinese expansionism. What China and other large nations are doing in relation to the environment affects the whole planet. Lynne
The whole carbon emissions ‘scenario’ promoted by the greens and rubber-stamped by the Ardern Govt follows unbelievable ignorance of the ‘carbon-cycle’ and how it is vital for the health of the planet. Carbon is the foundation of all life on earth. Currently at 300 ppm it is about as low as it has every been for 1000 of yrs, possibly heralding a total collapse of vegetation and ultimately animal life in it various forms, [re Dr Michael Moore, ex prime mover of Greenpeace, including many other ‘thinking’ scientist, who have studied the phenomena.] Ced
It is VERY damaging already.Roll on the election!! Dick
She is a deluded fanatic. Neville
Ridiculous and very damaging. You can’t control mother nature. Jim
Anyone in doubt should read Ian Plimer’s book ‘Green Murder’. which proves the stupidity of the whole zero carbon nonsense gay
And will not make any detectable change to the the climate Thomas
The NZ govt is using FALSE science to back their scam. mark
I started to make comment and then realised it would be public…. Rainey
Every thing this so called Govt. touches is a bloody disaster Ross
The whole anthropogenic global warming allegation is such a hoax which has been inculcated into the masses, that I can see little hope of any resolution of such dire consequences being effectively countered in the near future. Ronnie
Zero carbon agenda is scientifically and economically inept Peter
We produce such small amounts .Compare to India,Australia,china and others. Russ
The whole Climate Change agenda is a hoax that is only making some people rich. One volcano erupting emits more poisons’ gases into the worlds atmosphere since man kinds existence here on the planet. Sure we have keep our water ways healthy and look after the environment. but not the carbon emission rubbish Wayne
Nature has its own ways to keep our planet alive and well it is human ignorance and at bestself belief that they know better than the God who created this world. Naomi
New Zealand is a very low emitter Evan if we went carbon neutral tomorrow the world would be NO different. Yes Ardern and Shaw are obsessed’ They must both GO. The sooner the better. Graeme
NZ is too small to make any difference what so ever. gerard
Zero carbon policy is insanity on steroids. Allan
Try to reduce emissions to a level that doesn’t impact our economy too much. We don’t need to be a world trendsetter. Wayne
We have seen already the damaging effects this government has made with their climate change policies. If they are allowed to continue down this path, they end up crippling the economy permanently. Lawrie
As i have stated before this will not be good for kiwis or the country and as before what has the Labour government done that has worked? everything they touch they stuff up the only thing they can do which would work is to GET THE HELL OUT and stay out and let the country rebuild and get back to normal as this government is a complete joke and we a being made to look like a dicks all around the world. COLIN
It is already damaging the NZ economy and living standards john
Ideology in full cry ,denying reality,of natural warming and cooling of earth. Sid
ideological clap trap. There is climate change but certainly no climate crisis Keith
Not only damaging for the economy and business…the fallout will be catastrophic! Poverty, unemployment, emotional stress, escalation in mental health… And in my opinion the zero carbon agenda is based on a lie… Words fail me to be honest! Steve
When can we get rid of these nutters in Wellington, or, are we just going to stand by and watch New Zealand become another Zimbabwe? WAKEUP NEW ZEALANDERS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!. Don
I do not believe in this nonsense, they need to look at climate changes that have occurred since time began. Allan
I do not understand what drives some humans to thinking that they are able to control nature. I agree that the climate is subject to change, but I do not believe that humans can engineer a change. Sue
Tests done on ancient trees and ice core samples indicate that the globe was warmer in the 12th century than it is now. How many of those horrible trucks and cars back then. Also, ignored by the greenies is the ancient remains of trees (in the process of becoming coal) have been discovered in Antarctica. The climate is changing constantly. 50 years ago scientists were warning of an impending mini ice age. It’s all part of the evil UN’s plan to destroy the world economy and thus create a communist paradise where we can all be happily poverty stricken together. Peter
NZ is down hill all the way with the current PM and cohorts Ann
Infintesimal on the right side of good, but at huge harmful cost, out of proportion. Sheila
It is so obvious.But our socialistic prime minister seems to be on a mission to bring NZ from one of the best places in the world to live .to well blown the list.One other really dangerous effect of the emissions trading scheme is the encouragement of the planting of a monoculture of pine trees that will be at high risk of wildfires. Bryan
zero- carbon plants wont survive we die noel
An undeserved and ineffectual burden on taxpayers. Bryan
Because its one of the biggest cons perpetrated on the country by a treasonous so-called leader Michael
I think that jac would have made a good mate for any of the nitwit and dangerous leaders the world has had in the past. I really have to wonder what the other politicians think of her , and if they are all voted out at the next election, they should be publicly ridiculed. william
The warnings are there right now as we see how dependant Europe is on Russian gas and oil because they abandoned their own energy generation endeavours. The views of the methane and cement producing companies are extremely worrying, particularly since we don’t have an oil refinery any more. NZ is in danger of defending on foreign companies that are not hampered by a zero carbon act. It’s just another step in Ardern’s agenda to make NZ a socialist economy. Kerry
it’s totally senseless. Nick
Global warming/Climate Change is very real .. and now obvious. We have signed up to international agreement to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and greenhouse gases generally. If we do not there is a financial penalty to the country.. tax-payers. It is no use quoting the importance of ruminants over aeons. They controlled their own populations to be suitable for their feed/water. via die-offs, preadtion, genetic evolution to be in tune with their particular environments. Our dairy industry especially has been intensified way beyond natural food and water availability, and they have been bred to produce as much milk as possible. They are nothing like the US bison etc. They need irirgation in summer, feeding [crops which might otherwise be available to us, made more “producitive” with synthetic fertilisers which impoverish soils] including imported palm kernel expellar etc .. leading to stupid greedy leaders cutting down the planet’s lungs ..all natural forests. What the Government here needs to do is to subsidise farmers, incentivise with advice and ongoing research, the move to regerative farming which includes anilmals .. sheep in vineyards etc .Everything in harmony. The examples here we have seen on film, in “Country Calendar etc show that the farmers are happer, less stressed [along with their animals, and just as profitable. A win-win for farmers and us all. Fighting to remain the same is very bad policy. Rochelle
Co2 is not the cause of global warming and it is the worlds largest fraud. The sun and solar activity controls the weather not human activity. David
It’s damaging by design, same as Reserve Bank pumping far too much liquidity into the system under COVID excuse, the breaking of the fragile health system, racially-divisive policy agenda, etc, etc Tony
Nothing this Government does is good for “The country ” !!! They have got to GO !!!! Sue
dismissed my staff , closed my grain manufacturing business, sold off hill country farm, and you aint seen nothing yet. this country is f**ked bernard
It is a suicidal policy for NZ to achieve absolutely NO change in emissions. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY. Geoff
Absolute communism used to control NZ Business and people Neil
Labour Government only interested in Socialism – Handouts $$$ They are Not interested in NZ future prosperity – No vision at ALL How we will SURVIVE in the Future William
We are not the problem, less than a 1/4 of a % of global emission’s. All we will achieve is to strangle our country and climate change will not get better because of the 3 major polluters. Matt
The Ignorance of Arrogance is SO obvious in government – not just ours, but around the world. They are successful only due to their ability to keep the general population from discovering their ignorance through control of the media and education. Gary
I am so tired of having to point out the obvious flaws and failings of every move JA is making without our democratic input being heard – how dare she shut down our oil refineries back at the beginning of all this pulling NZ into the dark ages – making us reliant on other countries for our energy and possibly concrete if she gets her way – and its all counter productive – not helping climate change problems just making us an impossible place to live in – why doesn’t the govt. do something positive to help with flooding rivers for instance like just digging out the gravel – hey and guess what they could use that gravel to fix the terrible condition of the roads in this country – just try some old no.8 wire real time action. Jane
What we put out is minuscule compared with the rest of the world. And we make food. Pip
scrap it now peter
The government needs to make decisions based on facts no political ideas. Michael
It has already crippled the NZ economy. NZ is going down the gurgler. Ken
This zero-carbon policy will cost more than just a heap of money. It must be stopped, just as we have done with the 3-waters policy, we must tell the Nats and Act to repeal the act ASAP.. CO2 concentration is declining yet the global temperatures are rising?? RICHard
Fake “science” being used as propoganda to bring in poverty and state control. Mark
UN ideology is ruling the decision making of this government. We should put NZ economy first. We are only 5 million people. Good Science and Engineering will provide solutions. Norm
Even the radical Greens in the German Government have turned their backs on climate change as they deal with the country’s energy shortage exposed by the dependence on Russian gas, and the former green focused policy that denuded Germany of heavy energy (coal, gas) and nuclear. We are heading down the same dangerous path. Brenton
disaster and stupidity joe
I think that carbon footprints and the ETS are a load of bollocks and that climate changes all the time – not because we have cows! Sue 
The anthropomorphic component of global warming has been hugely exaggerated to ramp up fear in the populace and to enable greater government control. It will result in increased poverty and social disintegration. Janet
This post shows how irrelevant NZCPR is to what is positive and is destructive to what really matters. And having Brian Leyland as your commentator says it all John
As well as seriously damaging it will have no measurable impact on CO2 levels When are we going to start using real evidence and the impact determined Bruce
the whole ‘global warming’ thingy as a danger to humanity is a hoax from start to finish and the carbon emissions is the pinnacle of the hoax. Humans have the ability to adapt to whatever climate they are faced with%u2014cooling or warming. Catherine
Climate change is a natural phenomena and is only truly recognised by an hysterical minority with a loud voice. Al Gore is a classic example of a false supporter. Ken
The demonisation of CO2 is a Trojan Horse to ram through “justified” policies which suit the socialist agenda.This aided and abetted by a sycophantic and gullible media and education establishment. Bernie
Until usa china india & russia reduce their emissions nothing will improve. These countries will not stop using coal to generate power until at least 2070. Don’t do nothing but be sensible given NZ’s contribution/ effect to this issue. Rick
It will kill numerous local industries if the carbon price continues to escalate, forcing closure. and the subsequent importing of equivalent products which will just create more carbon. Dave
Ideology gives no room for practicalities. And Jacinda is trying to get herself a cushy job in the UN, like Aunt Helen… Aj
Common sense (totally lacking in the current government) tells you this policy will be extremely damaging to NZ Bradley
in more ways than 1 graham 
It’s an international scam, perpetrated by those invested in other forms of energy production. And we need CO2. Mike
She is trying to destroy our country Eleanor
The Government’s current policy on carbon needs to be scrapped entirely. Alan
Brainless idiots running our country john
This is a scare mongering UN agenda, which all political parties have been bribed into and is all about NWO control. neil
Bunch of wallys Peter
Somehow we’ve taken the loons that used to be laughed at by all and sundry when they preached that the “end of the world is nigh” and elevated this thinking to actual policy, so is Jacindy & her merry band of cretins that dumb they want to destroy New Zealand’s economy just like the WEF disciple in Sri Lanka has or is it just another corrosive way to control the masses lives ? John
The useful idiots Ardern has surrounded herself with will enable her to buy into a plum job at the UN using the rest of us as sacrificial lambs. She is an abomination. Charles
plus it won’t make a difference !!! Mark
Ideology and a misunderstanding of consequences is the hallmark of our current Labour Govt. John
As Kemi Badenoch in the UK has said, it amounts to unilateral economic disarmament. David
I find all this very hypocritical and nonsensical, like much of what the Ardern government have been doing for sometime now, including the Covid restrictions policies. Theodora
I have been interested in climate change for close on 30 years and firmly believe that we have to change to survive, to do nothing is not an option. We can plant trees but we don’t have the capacity to control forest fires similar to those that experienced in Australia and numerous other countries, and nobody seems to have taken any consideration of both the climatic impacts of the actual fire, as well as the significant loss of the actual carbon sink. We can lower our carbon level but, even if we got to zero, New Zealand would result in a negligible improvement to its own climate, let alone the World’s. The only way is to change World climate is to work on the big ticket problems to get realistic worthwhile improvements, the Amazon Rain Forests being one example. It would, however, mean subsidising farmers in the Rain Forests to operate elsewhere or train them to do something else, increase enforcement against illegal mining or forestry companies to stop them from clear cutting the forests, to name a few of the major factors impacting on the Rain Forest. This would require international funding and cooperation and, in the meantime, the obsession with zero carbon could bankrupt our own country. We would need to assist in the provision of international funding, along with other countries. It may appear to some, as abrogating our responsibility to clean up our own country first but, from a purely practical view, we would be more helpful to the world, and ourselves, to do what we can realistically do to reduce carbon levels, but not to such an extent that our export industries, especially the agriculture sector, which could have difficulty in even surviving. It is imperative to ensure that we are keeping our current high level of food production, in particular, to help feed the rest of the world, especially for those country’s that cannot produce enough food themselves. John
New Zealand, as a country of about 5 million people, with the vast majority of its land use being rural, is being targeted by a fringe political green element, with support from a Labour Government that has an appalling success record in business management, to be taken from prosperity to social and economic ruin. New policies are needed urgently, from a new Government in waiting. And the country%u2019s citizens must find their collective democratic voices – fast. The future of the next generations is relying on it. DAVID
Politicians need to wake up and go back to running the country on mandated issues voted on during an election. Dishonest behaviour has no place in politics in NZ. Mike
Our economy is being destroyed no question and why? certainly not with a C02 output of 0.17% so there are other factors at work here. And we should all know by now climate changes – always has and Human input has little or no effect so, why? The ETS is making global elites very rich while it destroys economies which are signed on! NZ (and Australia) need to back out now but that won%u2019t happen while Labour & Greens are in charge. We are already in big trouble. John
definitely more damaging Lorraine
How anyone can believe CO2 is the climate control knob cannot think for themselves. Chris
The extent at which our government is obsessed in reducing our so called emissions to zero is nothing short of insane. It will decimate our economy and will do absolutely nothing for the health of our planet. Just take a look at China and India and other major economies and their level of emissions. By all means tidy up our back yard but don’t kill the economy – their proposals are ridiculous. chris
We need Labour gone Bruce
NZ has adopted CLIMATE CHANGE policies that make no sense at all.- NEIL
We are only a country of 5million. How can we save the world as Jacinda seems to be hell bent on doing when the big nations are thumbing their noses at climate change Lynn
Are we ready to further impoverish our population over something we could change the outcome of by a minute dot. This when giants of countries do little or nothing or worsen the problem. This should be added to the definitions of insanity. Felix
Unhinged Obsession?? Could something more sinister underly Ardern’s policies? Chris
They are a bunch of brain dead lunatics destroying the country. It is the communist way. John
Wake up and follow the real science. It is unbelievable how many people are so gullible to believe this carbon nonsense Anne
Watch Fox News and you will see Biden is doing the same to the USA as Ardern is to New Zealand.Time to pull out of this ETS scam. malcolm
It will and is now and has for sometime been extremely damaging and can only get much worse until NZ becomes this socialist banana republic Arden craves. There isn’t now or before been a climate emergency, it’s just weather and it changes all the time. Weather is a cyclical phenomenon Flip
It is time for realistic practical economic policies to be instituted for the benefit of ALL NZ’s. Not lead by the fringe bleating out-of touch-of-realities minority. Dane
Flawed policiecs and DATA being used to press ahead with dammaging laws and taxes being foisted onto New Zealand people…. Carl
As per your story, it is just political madness to demonize carbon. Murray
We need to move from fa fossil fuel energy economy to a hydrogen energy economy in order to save the planet. With green hydrogen we can do it. Let’s get a march on all other parties. Martin
All part of the globalists agenda! Elizabeth
At 0.17% of global emissions, it won’t make a blind bit of difference to the overall situation. Jan
Climate is always changing, and man-made climate change is an international confidence trick. Nature itself has the largest influence on climate. A significant volcanic eruption can alter the global weather patterns for years. Unfortunately, the bulk of the world’s population seems to have fallen for the swindle. Ardern’s attack on the oil and gas industry destroyed New Zealand’s opportunity to be at least partially self-sufficient in energy (that attack has continued with the closing of the Marsden Point oil refinery). The upshot was that she could stand on the world stage and crow about what she had done to save the planet. Simply more extremism from a totalitarian administration. Gavin
Arderns Govt is the worst in our History Tony
Large governments are dismissing climate change to save their economies as the changes are too insignificant. Our economy will be ruined by labour’s stupidity. Labour and Iwi elite/Maori caucus are making NZ global idiots and fools. Brenda
Ardern has to go shes a destructive PM worst in our Countries History Tony
The biggest Scam in history, How to make a new tax from nothing. Paul
It is insanity Ken
The lies are repeated so often right from primary school to university and beyond that the average person that doesn’t do any research believe them to be true. One day they will wake up and it will be too late. We’re definitely in trouble if we keep going down this path DAVID
Human Induced Climate Change is the biggest FRAUD of the 21st.Century. Refer NZCPR February 9, 2022 written by Dick Reaney Robyn
Farmers seem to be bearing the brunt of this idealistic and fanatical idea to the point that many will walk away from the industry jean
This bunch of loonies running the country are incompetent. Jacinda is using NZ to get a job at the socialistic UN like Ms Clarke did and she’s wrecking NZ to do it. They need to go NOW.6 Peter
Excellent article. it’s a pity the greens can’t read tony
Why oh why is our communist PM so bloody stupid? Trying to show the world she is a wonderful leader when in reality she is hopeless. John
Sheer economic suicide Roger
Utter rubbish it won’t make any difference what so ever. We are stupid enough to believe all these nutters. Barbara
All hot air like Jacinda Erin
We have an extremely evil Ardern government in power, right now! They are annihilating all the dreams & asperations of the majority of New Zealanders. Valerie
The problem with lunatics is that they believe themselves to be sane and everyone else mad. Our Liebour-Groan coupling is totally unhinged, focused on global adulation and sacrificing every other Kiwim born and unborn. They should be found guilty of treason. Philip
They are following an “ideological religious dogma” that fails any objective logic or even true science. Maurice
5 million people on a planet with 7 billion. Get real. Bjorn Lomborg scientist stated NZ after 80 years or by the end of the century and untold damage to the country would save about 0.000002% Laurine
When China and them step up maybe we can look at something but dear God get real Jacinda. Stop taking orders from Klaus schwaab n pals Marc
It has already been very damaging Matt
Just totally out of control ring back some testicular fortitude Aidan
The goal of our current politicians (of all persuasions) is obviously to destroy our country. Russell
Because this govt including the Greens are on an ideological path which has no scientific base , will cripple our trading businesses pushing our economy to breaking point. Rod
This is wilful destruction of our economy and should be dealt with under the provisions of Crimes Act. It is bordering on Treason Humphrey
This is a disgrace. take a look at what has happened in Sri Lanka and Ghana, people are starving and there are black outs due to lack of power and with that water shortage as well. This is going down the track of insanity. Julia
Biggest hoax ever being played out worldwide. William
Just another means of gaining total control over us. Lindsay
Damaging economically, socially, etc etc IT IS A FARCE sheryl
zero-carbon policy is absolute madness. There is zilch-no evidence to prove that CO2 results in climate change. We are led by fools. This government has to go, the sooner the better James
The Government’s zero-carbon policy will have virtually ZERO effect on New Zealand’s environment. The present massive snow dumps could add years to south Island glacial life. Stuart
The effect of New Zealand’s comparatively low carbon emissions is a minuscule part of the global output, yet we are expected to implement the most stringent rules and pay the most in costs. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and we cannot stop it, even if every country was to cease emitting immediately, the event will continue unabated. Man is not capable of controlling nature yet we egotistically give credence to those who state otherwise. We cannot stop the wind, the tides, the sun, etc. etc. so who are we fooling? It’s all a money-grabbing scheme and the New Zealand taxpayers will be funding it. Forget about beneficiaries, there won’t be any money left when the economy collapses. Martin
The Arden Government’s policies are destroying a once prosperous country. John
The climate change plan is a rort and should be dumped! John
its just another form of taxation/theft, so where does the money all go??? not fixing our roads which are all in a shocking state of repair. ideology at its best but we are the laughing stock of the world. roll on 2023 and get rid of this current government. anita
It is total insanity, she is playing the game of the WEF. We all need to stand up and be counted. Liz
Leave us along J A!! Michael
We are between a rock and a hard place. Evans
Trying to achieve zero carbon is a futile and costly exercise Jacky
All of this has been brought about by those who were sucked in by the grinning wolf in sheep’s clothing. One can only hope that those who have been doggedly doing the job that this current woke fourth estate should have been doing by warning the country of the damage that is being brought about by the least transparent and open government New Zealand has ever seen will be listened to. We have to take a stance for democracy and vote this bunch of communists out before our country is completely destroyed. Heather
clearly damaging norman
The so-called leaders of our nation and their advisors need to go back to school and learn the basic cycles of life such as the carbon cycle and the water cycle and a host of other basic ones. They do not have a clue on what they are doing. Kevin
Time for our leaders to call out the climate fraud. John
Next Ice Age could be only a decade or so away Geoffrey
MSM tell lies all the time. Neville
Thank you that is the very best article I have read – Unhinged Obsession Kevin
The CCA just doing what the WEF want them to do . Destroy farming and starve the people of NZ Ardern should be in JAIL Greg
These people have no idea what they are doing to the future of Kiwis! Debra
We’re doomed with a labour government Iain
There is no such thing as global warming “they” talk about. Temperatures rise and fall over decades, as per the suns energy output, which goes in cycles. All weather is controlled by the suns output!!!! Greg
It will not just be very damaging – it will destroy us as a nation if we do not put a stop to it – effective immediately! Scott
It is time to follow the world. We need to make food as the WHO requires. leigh
failure before it starts Graeme
An unhinged obsession sums it up,without any scientific basis,all fire and smoke screen. gale
It makes far more sense for us to be self sufficient in energy, fertilizer & fuel as much as possible. Elizabeth
This is pure fantasy and impossible to achieve a ‘zero carbon atmosphere”. I am increasingly believing that the UN is leading the crushing of life on earth. They are not on our side. Derek
Another example of the lack of research, logic and In fact, thought that this government displays!! Glenda
All living beings and plants need CO2 – reducing this (it it actually did make any difference) would render the earth sterile. Michele
Alarm bells rang when Jacinda put a stop to offshore oil exploration. New Zealand needs to be self-sufficient in this. Best to concentrate on the economy and inflation rather than climate change. Jill
This is politically rather than science driven. For our economy, international policies which are designed to be effective in a more industrial context, mean NZ is disproportionately impacted. Jackie
We need to allow longer to attain the right levels of green energy to enable correct amount of supply to equal demand. Gary
but most people somehow don’t realize Jan
All based on a massive fraud, Carbon is not our enemy, the groups perpetrating this ridiculous scam are our enemy Paul
Good or damaging?…. just plain bonkers more like. Excellent article Dr Newman John
It’s about power, control and a money grab for redistribution and you can guess where to. The only way to stop this socialist rort is to decouple from the Paris Climate Accord, WHO and the United Nations. Yes, I know…….well, it’s about time we saw some flying pigs. Don
Just ask Muriel June
There is no need for climate action what we have at the moment is a bad case of group hysteria driven along by the media over a problem that doesn’t exist. Mike
Like everything this incompetent government attempts. Vonne
Arden’s lot don’t understand earth physics, radiative physics, chemistry, geology, paleontology, oceanography or any of the other sciences necessary to understand the benefits of CO2- they can’t even form a coherent plan to reduce pollution – and think the beneficial life giving CO2 is a pollutant – wokeness of the highest order Rex
Any sane person who has ay understanding of the evolution of the planet knows that our climate cycles regularily . How many cars or factories were in existence when the fjords were formed by melting glaciers or the deserts around the world were established – NONE Peter
Brainless illogical ideology…  
More WEF, UN 2030 Agenda destroying the country so they can “save us” with Digital ID, Digital currency and Chinese style authoritarian control Craig
This has to stop. None of the science they base it on is well founded and the completely ignore alternative papers Robin
The climate is changing, we need to adapt to it not try expensive, useless attempts to try to halt it. The climate has always changed and will continue to change. Learn to live with the inevitable. Peter
Co2 has never been a problem. Indeed as the article states it is governments, not “real” science which have created a problem to divert attention from their inability to “manage” and adapt. The whole fiasco is too complicated and integrated to be explained in a few sentences.. “Simple things for simple people”…. a classic Government collective example of Dunning- Kruger effect. charles
She is a danger to any economy and is a tyrant that should be kicked out for the crimes against NZ and the people of NZ Brad
It is unbelievable that our government can believe that economic disaster for NZ will be in our best interest. Bruce
Reality is showing us that this moronic ‘leader’ has no clue whatsoever how things work. She and her bunch of clowns are hellbent to push the UN agenda no matter what the cost. By the time elections are due in Nov 23 , the entire economy of our beloved country will be in tatters. And the big conundrum is this: Who will be able to fix the massive damage done.???? National , Act, ??? No— only real experts in finance and economy would be able to do that, not politicians. We have enough proof at this point in time that these economic wreckers have to go. Michael
Farmers should be able to offset their carbon emission from farm vegetation/shelter belts/QE1 covenants etc Frustrated about this. Diane
everything this government does is damaging. Hans
We should make an effort to change the behaviour of India, China and the US rather than ruin our own negligible economy. Harry
If this repugnant labour cult with its odious leader and loopy greens are allowed to continue with their zero carbon policy agenda along with their introduction of apartheid and tribal rule, this country will be a great place to leave. Anyone who, because of their belief in the climate change scam invented by a corrupt UN, pays $1.3 billion of taxpayer’s money, from which there is absolutely nil return, must be completely insane. To shut down Marsden Point and ban all further oil or gas exploration without any sort of official advice or Cabinet approval is the action of a narcissistic dictator who has no awareness of reality. You just need to look at Sri Lanka to see what screwing with the primary industries can do. Look at the results of the green policies in Europe. We are heading in the same direction. The whole place is becoming a basket case and with this bunch of numpties in charge this country is toast. The only possible bright side is that they have a one hundred percent failure rate. Terry M
Car on zero policy will send NZ back to the stone age and send us broke. Just look at countries in which this has happened. This govt is a danger to life in NZ and must be ejected. And don’t think for a minute that National will be the panacea! It would be same horse, different jockey. Theif leader is a globalist communist just like the “horse”. Neil
This small country cannot afford the radical law’s being introduced under the guise of ETS. Darryl
Devastating unhinged policies and decisions that is killing our country on all levels Ann
We have to rid this country of the socialist/fascist Labour Government and its numb skull leader. They cannot be permitted to go full term. David
Utter madness! Gail
This is the summary page from the Russian Institute of Economic Analysis date 2004. THE KYOTO PROTOCOL: AN ASSAULT ON ECONOMIC GROWTH, ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC SAFETY, SCIENCE AND HUMAN CIVILISATION ITSELF I have the full report if you want it. John
That’s what you get when you vote labour John
There is definitely issues with the worlds temperatures and we need to ensure we do what we can to limit the CO2 levels. The destruction of global forests is a massive problem and needs addressing as it seems to be a huge factor Alan
Destroying NZ Alastair
Presuming the Government knows what it’s talking about is referring to CO2 as against carbon which is the residue after you have a charcoal barbeque. CO2 emissions are the lifeblood of the planet — at one stage it got down to 180 PPM and if it went to 150 PPM everything on the planet would have died . It’s now about 420 PPM and a real boon for the planet with extra green growth. (It was once 2500 PPM or more and NOTHING HAPPENED — in fact more plants grew). What our Government, and others around the World are doing, has more to do with the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum — it has nothing to do with “saving a planet” that doesn’t need saving. Look up the “REAL” climate scientists around the World who all state this is rubbish. Check the long open letter sent by 500 REAL scientists from around the World to the UN stating “THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY” but of course they did not get a response from the UN. We have had enough of Jacinda and her indigenous matters and climate change waffle but those two subjects are her main topics. We need to get rid of this Government but who will take their place — maybe the same !!!!!!! Alan
I not against taking measures to limit man made CO2 emissions, but the big picture is never told by media. Erupting Volcanoes contribute so much CO2 that what we do must be put in to perspective. NZ can show leadership but lets not cripple ourselves in the process. Stewart
Technology at this point is not up to such a goal. Ross
It’s Time that Ardern and her Government woke up to the fact that they are ruining New Zealands ecomomy. Things need to change. David
The numb skulls in the beehive just can’t understand basic chemistry regarding methane, or the physics of unreliable renewable energy. Mark
We can be self sufficient in energy, hydro if we wanted. ETF are bad. John
carbon tax is a waste of time, get the labor dummies out of gvt. william
Why is this ‘government’ so stupid. We are a small country & nothing we do will make a scrap of difference! Its Just Ardern wanting to get into the UN. david
It is interesting that the argument is not between scientists, but false ideology and fake science. Continued false modeling and predictions – shamefully not reported. maurice
Economic disaster. Andrew
Why are they promoting forests be planted Fires of these escalate the carbon problem!!! Fast track farming as world food shortages will be major within 10 years Julz
hahaha – very funny. Would it not be easier to ask if this Government could do anything good for New Zealand? All they can do is destroy. Folkert
Ardern is hellbent on destroying both the economy, democracy and social cohesion all for her misplaced ideology. Vote Labour and the toxic greens out Sam
Climate change is a natural part of nature and has been going on since the beginning of time. Paul
Madness. Unbelievably irresponsible both fiscally and socially ; all for a “Captains Call!” The economy will be wrecked. Margaret
Everyone knows the climate change narrative is bullshit. Andy
Marxism demands that the middle class commonsense be negated and the resistance derived from independent wealth be negated which requires the decimation of the middle class and the confiscation and dispersal of middle class independent wealth by any means. The economy of the community is underpinned by energy harnessed by the middleclass to effect productivity. Zero Carbon is a policy to render energy expensive and scarce in order to undermine any resistance to marxist policy. Marxist policy falsely promises wealth redistribution to the undeserving by confiscation from the productive resulting in both lose. Any wonder the dumbed down wokester socialists are supporting such a self crushing boondoggle. Just that they are socialists Richard
Scare mongering by virtue signaling politicians who would rather listen to the likes of the brain washed Greta Thumberg’s than scientists who have studied climate for decades. Gary
They are trying to lower our emissons by closing down coal mines and pig farms etc and importing the products thus creating more emissions but not in our back yard. Robert
This whole lets tax everything to save the world is a fantasy. Nothing more than a money earner. Gordon
Except by resigning, is it possible for Labour to do anything good for New Zealand? Kevin
Away with the fairies Andi
Of course it will damage our economy. It is socialism 101. Destroy the economy create state control and control the peasants. Create division in the community and anarchy. All the hallmarks of the well oiled Socialist machine destroying all before it. Disgusted
Climate change has little to do with human activities. The real experts on the subject are aware that the earths magnetic poles have shifted enormiously, Due to the Sun and moon. It is no wonder that we have the earths plates above and below the sea shifting, Volcanos erupting on land and beneath the sea, are the real contributers to the heat and indirectly to storms, forest fires etc. Wars being fought with large quantities of explosives aqnd resulting fires have also to be considered. It is time these known factors were made widely known.. The present Govt. emphisis on carbon tax and the monetary schemes can only result in further chaos to the public and it is based on untruths. Ian
Labour governments policies are delusional, unintelligent fantasy. Maurice
We need this ideological government gone. They are destroying New Zealand as we know it. Steve
dump it before we go under & dump the UN as well they are the reason for most of the problems we are having today Nigel
It seems that since Jacinda bought the press in this country, she is intent on fucking everything up while she has the opportunity. Surely they won’t vote her in for a third term, although sillier things are going on! Dot
Most definitely Jan
It will not make any difference to the Climate while it is already damaging to this country. Zero Carbon, the Road to Zero, what nonsense. This government is a great big zero on useful results and a disaster for the mayhem it is generating by promoting ethnic division. Peter
Jacinda and her Green and Maori comrades are slowly but surely stuffing the country. Nothing. I repeat, Nothing will stop climate change. Global Warming and Cooling has been occurring since time began. On the world scene New Zealands contribution to Global Warming is zilch. If New Zealand was wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow nothing on the Global Warming front would change. We are spending millions of dollars on an absolutely fruitless exercise.,while our Health, Education and other essential services are going without because,there are (no funds available). This is where the damage is being done. Urban
If the main CO2 producing countries are not going to do much for another 50 years, if ever, why destroy NZ’s economy to satisfy idealistic radicals that should be standing outside other embassies demanding change. I suspect it is just in the too hard basket for them and media gives them far more coverage here in NZ. Maybe they just don’t want to know the facts and it’s far easier to row their boat here in NZ. Robert
They are a looney tunes bunch this mob. Mike
We’re being led by absolute nutters. Unfortunately they’re also brainwashing the public through the MSM and kids through school curriculums into believing their BS Dave
Jacinda Ardern and her government’s zero carbon policy has already done massive damage to the economy of New Zealand. It would seem the combined intellectual capacity of her government is similar to the percentage of the proportion of the trace gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, ie 0.04% of the average New Zealander. They don’t seem capable of understanding the gods of the myth of climate change will never be satisfied. The UN will always want more money from this rort, let alone all the hired academics championing the cause on her behalf in New Zealand. Clearly, the act of strangling industrial productivity in the name of climate mitigation whilst recklessly printing and spending billions of dollars is leading to the collapse of our economic future, seemingly exactly how the WEF have planned. Germany and the Netherlands are currently discovering the path of zero carbon leads to economic catastrophe , the conspiracy theories of yesteryear are now becoming today’s factual reality. Ultimately New Zealand will lose its sovereignty to predators who can’t wait to see our economic and consequential societal collapse . The sooner Jacinda Ardern and her destructive clowns are removed from power the better. !!!!! Donald
Jacinda Adhern and The Greens under James Shaw are only interested in their own SPIN nothing else matters. Jacinda’s Socialistic beliefs will destroy this country if they are allowed to be implemented and I’m certainly not the only person of that Opinion there are many thousands off us Frank
Worse than damaging it will be catastrophic Morrin
Unbelievably damaging – welcome to third world NZ everyone. Their aim is to destroy Nz and its economy Carolyn
An economic disaster like every other disaster created by the most dangerous government in this country’s history. Richard
Climate change will happen with or without interference of humans. Graham
Idealistic hogwash and yet another blow to New Zealander’s quality of life! Sheryl
Sri Lanka is a good example of what happens when ‘greenie’ policies are mandated. God help us! Personally I think the ‘climate crisis’ is becoming a new religion that requires believers to throw money at it in the hope of appeasement. There is no stopping nature. Pamma
Actually I think it is already very damaging, it will just get a whole lot worse as time goes on. Mike
incompetent and untrustworthy Margaret
So called global warming is bought to you via the same people who gave you the covid scam. Ronmac
What else can we expect from these muppets, lead muppet playing to the wef and the UN, she doesn’t give a stuff for NZ or its people. Merryl
I believe in climate change – but not that rural production, or even many industrial areas are the primary source. Frankly using a 100 year climate model to prove a thousand year outcome, when IPCC reports have outlined ranges of change (some very minor) which have never been fulfilled in actual readings years after the model prediction PROVES the models are not reliable. Then why are we destroying out country, and letting other huge polluting DEVELOPING countries to not have to comply. In due course when the individual CO2 output of humans is considered, then what is the solution? It won’t be long until that question is asked. However if you read population growth models – with every country (except India) being below the 2.1 births per couple, then the world is projected to CRASH in population numbers from the late 21st century. Then where then will all these climate growth predictions go? They won’t, because at this rate the human race will be self extinguishing itself in reduced birth numbers. alex
This current labour Government due to its passion for diversity must be the least intelligent collection of Politian’s in power from the start of NZ becoming a sovereign civilisation to now. Of course the zero-carbon policy agenda will be very damaging to NZ’s social and economic advancement but with blunt ended arrogance and a strong desire to subject NZ to a united nations socialist experiment then what else can be expected? The country did note vote for unmandated destruction of its special democratic way of life. There has been no wide spread public discussion on these and other ground shaking matters that have significant effect on all our living conditions. As I have said before the wisdom and knowledge of the public outside of any government and their bureaucracies is far greater than just the few thousand that feed off the highly inflated arrogance and ineptitude that of our so called administrative class completely disregard our democratic principles. They have to go ASAP. Garry
This government is literally a horror tale, yet their acolytes are busy cheering them onwards. Blind to the economic doom they face Boris
It’s damaging our economy drastically already. What absolute madness to stop using our own offshore natural gas, and instead burn inferior, dirty coal from Indonesia to boost power generation, when we could mine it here more efficiently. Laurence
This policy is reliant upon the extinction of life on earth. how can it have ever seen the light of day?? Helen
No Leader should have the right to make such hugely significant and impactful decisions on behalf of its citizens. These type of issues should be voted on via a BCIR Glen
Yes and how,this labour gang is sending NZ DOWN THE DRAIN as fast as it can before they get clobbered next year, hopefully. James
we are loosing our sovereignty through following a global ideological cult(climate change Carbon is both the foundation of all life on earth and the source of the majority of energy consumed by human civilisations carbon is the backbone of life on earth .we are made of carbon we eat carbon and our civilisations_our economies our homes our means of transport are built on carbon https//earth observatory.nasa.gov/features/carbon cycle/page1.php David
Vote this bunch of dropkicks OUT! Labour Party – A bunch of traitors. Maori Party – A bunch of racists. Green Party – A complete waste of space. Brian
Just a comment from dairy farmer friend who said if the Labour Government get back in he would sell up and leave NZ. Rod
Some Roman emperor had a slave standing behind him whenever he was driven through Rome being applauded for his great actions. This slave had orders every now and then to tell him to remember he was but an ordinary human – that he was fallible – that all hubris must be banished from his mind – that his decisions may quite likely be proved wrong in the future, etc.. Jacinda (who actually has as much power as any Roman emperor did) ought to ask one of her party-list minions to continuously remind her likewise! Ha – pigs may fly! Ha – pigs may fly. She is “woke”!! Consequently she knows she is always right. Consequently she and her cohort are hubris-laden, cock-sure, arrogant and frightfully condescending on any other opinions than their own. Andy
Surely Even limited reading of effects of this agenda must inform people of the stupidity of following it. How can we make people aware of the outcome Bev
Fake science for the demented and deluded Les
More woke BS from this government which will significantly affect NZ economically! Many other countries are ramping up coal mines etc while this lot are collapsing our economy with their BS. More damage will be done with the climate change by us having to import coal etc than if we manufactured it here and used our own natural resources. The backbone of our country is quickly being eroded by this lot which is going to increase the cost of living even further as as farmers cannot sustain the unworkable regulations these lot are imposing on them. NZ is so small and insignificant compared to other countries, it makes no damn difference in the big scheme of things anyway! Jan
Typical idiot government the sooner we get a government with some common sense members the better for this country Gareth
demonstrates how foolish labour is ray
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, even if NZ did everything possible to cut out greenhouse gases – the net result on the planet is infinitesimal. Why our businesses should suffer for no impact is beyond my comprehension! Steph
Must fight this ! Jacqueline
How come overseas forest owners can transfer carbon credits from NZ? Graeme
It will not change the world very much but it will be very damaging to the lives of those who live on the world. Moreover, trying to tamper with the “settings” of this planet and its “systems”, of which mankind, does not have the controls, will prove to be an exercise in futility. Pieter
The are absolutely THE MOST PATHETIC GOVERNMENT we have ever had! That is from a voter who first voted in the 1950’s. John
idiots Mark
NZ will be uncompetitive on world markets ~ a fools road Jacinda is taking us Tony
But good for me because I am being paid for allowing trees to grow on land that I own.” How ridiculous but that’s the game. Charlie
Words can’t describe contempt for this government Terry
this Government is killing New zealanders & the land!! Dominique 
These ‘climate change loonies’ are 3 or 4 short of a six pack… Agenda 21/50, is their B/S plan, they quote..’You will eat zee bugs, and you will be happy’ Yeah, right !! David
We need to be spending our time and money on planning for the effects of natural climate change. Reducing man made contributions to climate change will have no significant impact. Gil
No it will not be good for our economy it will kill off productive industry and destroy what little money producing enterprises we have 2 things need to go now the government and their hair brained policies Jeffrey
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Tim
Net Zero is UN-WEF lunacy. It is a tool to promote a radical political agenda, the “Great Reset”. Ardern is a globalist zombie who would destroy this country for one round of UN applause. Trevor
It will not only be damaging to the country, as it already is, but the country’s contribution to the world will be infintesimal at best and neglegible all over. Michael
We are too small to matter. The big polluting countries that can make real change are the usual suspects dragging their heels Kevin
A socialist government backed by self agenda greens in blind pursuit of fantasy will loose them their place to be elected again. Ken
Govt might as well burn our money. Sally
Huge political agenda to ensure JA gets a good job at the UN Bryan
Our polies haven’t yet understood, trying to rectify anthropogenic global-warming. is nonsense, as anything mankind can do is infintesimal.. It is a con and an extremely expensive one, for little or no effect! Frank
It makes no sense when we examine how it is brought about. Sylvienne
The Labour/ Greens obsession with zero-carbon emissions will cripple our economy and our lives. They must be stopped now . Steve
Action needs to be taken now and stop this madness Gerald
this labour government has major harm to new zealand that will take decades to undo murray
JA does everything for headlines. Like yesterday, she thinks she has found a new demon in Foot and Mouth. So, she can come riding in and save NZ again. Unfortunately neither she nor OConnor have any experience in F & M. I’ve seen it first hand in the UK and I would hate to that that those two idiots could be in charge. Likewise with global warming, it’s all about Grandstanding and not reality Laura
Financially not sustainable. Why import what we produce here. Heather
How 0.042% CO2 in the atmosphere is supposed to overwhelm all the other huge forces which effect climate has never been explained by our apocalyptic zealots in Wellington Ted
As above, and in your article, what New Zealand does on the world stage won’t make any discernable difference to the worlds carbon emmissions, the only thing this disasterous government is going to “achieve” is to drive New Zealand in to a Mugabe-like state where the only people to suffer will be those who can’t afford to leave the country. I wonder if that’s why a million New Zealanders are now heading overseas, to better job opportunities and better living standards? (so I’ve heard) Trevor
It will ruin our once great country… Donald
Why is it we never hear politicians suggesting that perhaps humans should limit their population growth? Pretty simple, if humans are causing all these problems, isn’t that where you would start? Terry
Total nonsense!!! Jim
If the world is really worried about this then why aren’t the biggest communities doing their bit ie China , Russia etc we are only 4m people spread over islands 2300km long Beijing has 21.5m people our impact is minuscule rob
What are about china,India’s ,USA pollution? Even Australia is a much larger climate changer Why are we trying to lead the world.? Geoff
New Zealand is becoming a third world country. This zero emissions is about as silly as the zero road deaths. What else can they zero? Gayle
They’re idiots! Bryan
The climate has always been changing. Heather
NZ’S input-minute compared to other countries Ted
Jacinda Ardern is a dangerous nutter and the Greens are psychopathic. Who elected these fools??? Sue
The whole of the climate change scenario and propaganda around it, is total bullshit and just another excuse for the government to collect taxes. To even think about getting to a ZERO-carbon country will not have the slightest impact on the world as a whole. It is an impossible task with will cost this country dearly for the next 3-4 generations, in which your kids, grandkids and their kids and grandkids will pay for it. Reg
NZ should follow Germany’s lead who have now realised that absurd Green Policy strategies are having an impact on their economy and energy independence. They are winding back the process and so should we. NZ is not in a Climate Emergency as instigated by Jacinda Ardern to bolster her reputation on the world stage including the World Economic Forum. Colin
Damaging the economy on a whim is stupidity. Ray
It is already damaging! We need to be very afraid of these extreme actions by Government. Take a look at Sri Lanka for a terrible example, very good article on this in Sunday Star times 17 July. New Leader family thought they would do good by the population by reducing taxes. But not Govt spending. Lead to financial crisis, and overseas lenders stopped propping them up. Also imposed taxes on imported fuels and such, and achieved a Greens honour. But farmers crippled, and country now starved of food, fuel and all sorts of essential material. Hugh
This government is out of control what are they thinking we have gas oil etc why are we not using the resources we have been given one day even the idiots will wake up probably far to late I just wish I was still of working age I’d be well gone I don’t see a National government turning things around as unlike Act they are staying very quiet come on guys let’s hear what you are going to do Peter
Diesel was the same price at the pump as petrol last week. Restart Marsden refinery, restart coal mining at Huntly to run Huntly power station instead of importing from Indonesia, build more hydro power stations to use the extra rain, grow bananas and pineapples with global warming. Adapt to climate change, zero carbon means zero life. Piet
Do not comply with Govt Tim
I’m not a believer of climate change in the way it is presented to us. And money certainly won’t fix it. The Greens are a very dangerous bunch and Ardern couldn’t give a fat rat’s backside. Elizabeth
It cannot help but be not only damaging but is also extremely destructive because its whole basis is intellectually dishonest. Furthermore its perpetrators are fully aware of this but the vast majority of their supporters don’t seem to be willing or able to see this. Fletcher
The climate is changing but has nothing to do withCO2 -That is only a vehicle to drive elite agenda of 1 World Govt . Ivor
Even if the Government wakes up soon….. will it have the guts to change course and reverse the policies which threaten to destroy business/trade in NZ Peter
New Zealanders can’t accept the deception surrounding this and we are disgusted at being further racially divided by a dishonest and manipulative government Erica
Good old Taxinda, never worked in the real world, no clues, arrogant and busily destroying NZ. Ho do we get rid of her? Tim
Just look at the UK, Germany etc who have embraced Net-Zero. They have made their economies uncompetitive across multiple sectors by increasing the cost of energy massively. Exactly the same thing will happen here. We rely heavily on exports – dairy and other agriculture. We do not have many strings to our bow. Derek
Will put a significant number of farmers out of business. Rod
Climate fanatics get out of our way!!, you are ruining the planet. Ian
Greenies & Labour are taking the NZ economy down to a level that will be unacceptable to most New Zealanders. It is time for this government to stop brain washing the average Kiwi, esp. the youngsters Richard 
The trans-humanist agenda at work Robert
Govt appears to be making a lot of noise about Carbon reduction but also appears to be incoherent , constantly short of facts – prime 1 being NZ will have almost zero impact . Keith
Crazy policy Ray
we all have to fight the nonsense James
Idiot psychopath Ken
Psychologically disturbed people believe the narrative that the policy will ‘save the Planet’ Mike
It is designed to be damaging like everything else ‘they’ are doing. Sad but true. Do some research folks. D
It is a road to stagnation John
It is already incredibly damaging for the country, but will further the Adern government’s off-shore agenda of handing us over the the WEF/UN. Always thought that politicians working to further international interests to the detriment of their people is called treason. Audrey
The biggest threat comes from the unhinged obsession of climate fanatics Trevor
This policy is completely nuts. Another example of Jacinda trying to lead the world that will destroy NZ Warren
Cunning manipulation are words that spring to mind. Let’s hope this “captain” won’t be the last to leave the sinking ship. Greg
No evidence mary
This carbon policy will effectively destroy this country, which is labours goal! It has been proven that carbon increase does not cause global warming, it is a result of global warming caused by the increased output from the sun. In other words normal ebb and flow of solar energy. No amount of carbon credits or cutting carbon outputs will make any difference. We’re being screwed again! Peter
I don’t believe it will anything but a huge burden for New Zealanders going forward, The idea that a small country like ours can make a difference is ridiculous, when countries like Russia,, China & India aren’t doing anything. Lorraine
Great summary of Labour/ Green madness. It should be compulsory reading in schools! Claire
Farmers should be entitled to carbon credits as an offset on their shelter belts, retired land regenerating to bush and land turned over to wetland regeneration. This only makes common sense, Something that this Government is short on. And no, I can never see the Marxist puppet Ardern and her cadre coming to her senses over net-zero. That would be a commitment to putting the country first before her appeasement of the UN liars. By the way did anyone see Anthony Fauci running out his lies and protecting his own interests in the WHO cover up of the Wuhan laboratory in the investigation of the COVID virus release. This is the calibre of the traitors that Democracy is in a war against these days. It staggers me that they are not arrested and dealt with, Perhaps soon. The number of these traitors in NZ is not small. Another good article by Dr Muriel Newman and also Anthony Willy. Terry
A government in crisis Mike
Ridiculous – pollution yes, man-made climate change NO! Louise
Ardern, Shaw and the madness of climate change policy will significantly damage NZ industry and self-sufficiency. Mark
As So called EU trade deal has proven delusional politicians can no longer advocate ETS & draconian climate change policies as being gd for trade??? Mark
What Ardern &co are up to, against New Zealanders should be looked at as treason, but unfortunatley there probably untouchable being politicians. gregd
The lunatics are in charge of the asylum! Mike
It is barking mad ideology. Repeating BS a thousand times doesn’t make it so Alan
It is a scam by Elite wealthy WEF members to take money off the rest of us to make us poor and controllable. Money doesn’t change the climate. Rosie
Ardern was educated in NZ%u2019s superb education setup and it shows. Like most kids coming through that system today she’s been taught to think what she’s told to think. Clearly she’s totally unable to think things through logically and make commonsense decisions. She’s absolutely hooked on Marxist dogma. Alan
Green/Labour policy on climate change is nothing short of economic vandalism. Chris
Man-made climate change is the biggest con in modern history. It is tragic that so many people have been taken in by it.  Nigel
Absolutely the whole global warming scam should be abandoned – before more damage is done.  Gordon
Jacinda Ardern should be sacked for what she did to the oil and gas industry. She destroyed jobs and this country’s opportunity to remain self-sufficient in energy – all so she could stand on the world stage and boast about what she had done to global leaders. Such stupidity!  Jenny
As Muriel says, the whole climate change agenda is a cunning plan to control then shut down the business sector. All of those business leaders who are just going along with everything should start fighting back while they still have the change. Dennis
This is yet another socialist ruse by our communist leadership. Paul