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Who is Actually Running the Country?

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The escalating controversy over Three Waters – and an increasing realisation that the Prime Minister and senior members of Cabinet do not really know what’s going on – is leading New Zealanders to question who is actually running the country?

Today’s announcement by House Leader Chris Hipkins, that a highly contentious ‘entrenchment’ clause introduced into the Bill by Minister Nanaia Mahuta without the approval of Cabinet will be removed on Tuesday, simply reinforces the shambles.

The obvious question that now must be asked is whether New Zealand is being co-governed by Labour’s Maori Caucus? Has Jacinda Ardern put in place some sort of ‘power sharing’ arrangement with Maori?

Is that what’s really going on behind the scenes?

While Jacinda Ardern claims to be running the most ‘open and transparent’ government in New Zealand’s history, experience shows it is the least open and transparent government ever.

Our Prime Minister not only failed to inform New Zealanders before the 2020 election that she was planning to replace democracy with tribal rule, but she even kept the He Puapua roadmap hidden from her Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters for the best part of a year.  

When she first became Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern declined to tell New Zealanders that she was embedding the socialist objectives of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 into our legislative and regulatory framework. We only became aware of what was going on when she boasted about her achievements to a Bill Gates Foundation gathering in New York.

Chosen in 2014 to become a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Jacinda Ardern has not been upfront about what the WEF’s agenda of “building back better” entails for New Zealand. Is ‘co-governance’ what she means when she talks about introducing the “great reset”?

Is it possible that Jacinda Ardern has herself entered into a “partnership” arrangement with iwi leaders that gives a free hand to Nanaia Muhuta and her cabal of Cabinet supporters to implement He Puapua?

In other words, is New Zealand already being co-governed by the radical separatists in the Beehive?

None of this may be as far-fetched as it sounds. As the Herald’s Audrey Young has revealed, all policy decisions being made by the Labour Government have to be vetted by the Office for Maori-Crown Relations to ensure they comply with the ‘Treaty partnership’ fabrication being pushed by Maori supremacists.

This Office, established in collaboration with Iwi Leaders in 2018 to oversee the Government’s work with Maori in a post-Treaty settlement era, has been specifically instructed by its Minister, Kelvin Davis, to operate “under the radar”. This means that most New Zealanders have no idea that tribal leaders have already gained a significant influence over Government decision-making.

Is this why Labour is soft on crime? Are tribal leaders influencing the operation of the criminal justice system with their ‘soft-touch’ approach?

Is tribal influence the reason that an apartheid health system has now been introduced, which gives Maori priority treatment over all other New Zealanders?

Is tribal capture of the policy decision-making process why this Government is not fixing the worker shortage crisis – because iwi leaders and their Maori Cabinet representatives are opposed to more immigration?

The only member of Cabinet who appears to be holding out is the Attorney General David Parker, who, in spite of reports of extreme pressure, has refused to introduce co-governance into the new resource management reform process.  

Is he the only Minister who sees through the absurd claim being made by iwi leaders that they are Treaty partners with the Crown – an arrangement that is constitutionally impossible, but that they nevertheless maintain gives them supreme rights over all other New Zealanders?   

Iwi leaders certainly appear to have the favour of our Prime Minister – and most of her Cabinet – to such an extent that she is now transferring key assets and resources that belong to the people of New Zealand into the hands of tribal interests running their multi-million-dollar business development corporations.

It’s become a huge embarrassment for our country to see its Prime Minister capitulate to the greedy demands of iwi leaders seeking to increase their power and wealth – at a cost to all other New Zealanders.

But it’s all gone too far.

Today’s backdown over Three Waters has highlighted last week’s revelation that legislative decisions are now being made without the PM’s knowledge – and without the  approval of Cabinet.

It started last Monday, with the news that coastal and geothermal waters had been included in the Three Waters Bill after submissions had closed – ensuring the public had no opportunity to have a say on this highly contentious matter. Both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy Megan Woods claimed they were unaware that approval had been given to turn ‘Three Waters’ into ‘Five Waters’.

The context here is important.

Back in April, Cabinet agreed to Minister Mahuta’s plan to include ‘coastal’ water in the next Three Waters Bill, not the current one.

So, under whose authority was coastal water included in the current Bill?

‘Geothermal’ water was not even mentioned in that April Cabinet paper, and the Minister of Energy said she knew nothing about any plan to expand the influence of tribal leaders to cover geothermal water as well.

So by what authority was geothermal water added into the Bill?

Did Nanaia Mahuta unilaterally make those changes – and is this co-governance in action?

It was a similar story last Wednesday, when it emerged that yet another highly contentious Three Waters decision had been made after submissions had closed. This time the controversy was over the inclusion of an “entrenchment” clause, even though Cabinet had specifically ruled it out.

A Cabinet paper dated 30 May outlining a number of decisions regarding Three Waters stated as a key recommendation: “agree that the Water Services Entities Bill should not entrench the privatisation provisions in the Bill.”

The paper explained that a recommendation was made by the Three Waters Working Group to include in the Bill an ‘entrenchment’ provision “in a similar form to section 268 of the Electoral Act 1993” to protect the Three Waters entities against privatisation.

In Westminster democracies Parliament is sovereign. As a result, entrenchment clauses which seek to bind future Parliaments are used sparingly, and are reserved for protecting important constitutional measures that have widespread support across the House.

New Zealand’s “reserved provisions”, which are entrenched in the Electoral Act through a 75 percent vote threshold, protect the term of Parliament, the operation of the Representation Commission which sets electoral boundaries, the voting age, and our MMP voting system.

Since Standing Order 270 requires entrenchment provisions to be passed by the same majority in the House as the threshold proposed in the Bill, Minister Mahuta wrote to all political parties seeking their support for a Three Waters entrenchment provision with a 75 percent threshold.

However, as the Cabinet paper noted, “cross-party support for entrenchment has not emerged”, and since the Bill already contained “very strong safeguards that are significant obstacles to privatisation” – namely, that privatisation of a water service entity could only go ahead if there was unanimous support from all councils, at least 75 percent support of the regional representative group, and at least 75 percent support of voters in a poll – the plan to include an entrenchment clause in the Bill was dropped.

With that matter settled in May, it would have come as a shock to both Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins to be questioned about the last-minute inclusion of an entrenchment provision in the Bill.

According to Green Party MP Eugenie Sage, the entrenchment clause to prevent privatisation had been negotiated with Minister Mahuta using a 60 percent threshold instead of the 75 percent used in the Electoral Act, because 60 percent represented the combined votes of Labour and the Greens. It was lodged in Supplementary Order Paper 285 and included in the Bill through the Minister’s support during the committee stages.

With official advice, including from the Attorney General, Crown Law, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department of Internal Affairs, strongly opposing the use of entrenchment provisions for anything other than constitutional measures, critics from across-the-board let loose.

Some described the attempt to bind future Parliaments as “democratic vandalism”. Others claimed it set a “dangerous precedent”, that could trigger a “race to the bottom”, with governments entrenching any policy positions they felt strongly about. This would result in today’s “MPs placing handcuffs on tomorrow’s MPs”.

In a Radio NZ interview, Eugenie Sage justified the entrenchment clause by saying, “There was strong public concern coming through submissions on the Water Services Entities Bill that assets remain in public ownership”.

But fact-checking that claim reveals a different story. The Departmental Report on the Bill stated the actual numbers of submissions that mentioned the clause in question (clause 116): “There were around 15 submissions about this clause.”

So it was on the basis of 15 submissions out of a total of 88,383, that the Green Party’s Eugenie Sage and Minister Mahuta colluded to abuse Parliamentary conventions, Cabinet protocols, and the democratic process.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy reminds us that the sovereignty of Parliament remains an incontrovertible democratic safeguard, which means that any attempt to bind future Parliaments through entrenchment can be defeated by repealing the entrenchment clause itself using an ordinary majority:

“What is extraordinary is that the whole grubby scheme is doomed to fail from the outset. Inconveniently for the government we still cling to our Parliamentary democracy. This lot don’t seem to understand that in the Westminster system of government the King in Parliament is sovereign, and no government of the day can bind the hands of its successor. This is constitutional Law 101.

“Here is what we learned at law school about the supremacy of Parliament: ‘Within the limits of physical possibility Parliament can make or unmake any law whatever… there is no Act which Parliament cannot repeal. The Bill of rights could be cast overboard by the same process as the prevention of damage of pests Act namely by repealing measures passed in ordinary form.

“How can this lot be so stupid as to not understand this fundamental constitutional principle – or perhaps they do.”

And that is the point.

Right from the time it was first proposed, the focus on privatisation could be seen as a diversion to deflect attention away from the fact that under the Minister Mahuta’s scheme, the country’s water services are being partially privatised to iwi.

With iwi having veto rights at a strategic governance level, and full control at a local level, iwi can essentially do whatever they like.

As Victoria University’s Dr Bryce Edwards explains: “The co-governance model is a form of privatisation. The new companies will be half controlled by private organisations – iwi, which are increasingly highly corporate in their business operations.”

Essentially, this means that under Three Waters, the country’s water services will be controlled by Maori tribal groups with the power to implement policies of direct benefit to themselves – including the potential to impose water royalties in perpetuity – and no-one will be able to stop them.

Minister Mahuta has elevated concerns about privatisation as a trojan horse to deflect attention away from the fact that she is transferring total control of all New Zealand water to iwi corporations.

In fact, if Chris Hipkins was genuine about wanting to “fix” the Three Waters Bill, wouldn’t it not only be the ‘entrenchment’ clause that is removed, but also the highly contentious clause that introduced coastal and geothermal water as well, since not only was there no Cabinet sign off, but no attempt has been made to consult the public about this major change to our laws.

If this jack-boot totalitarianism is what we can expect from the tribal co-governance of New Zealand, Kiwis do not want it! Three (now five) Waters has not only exposed the radical racial agenda that is now dividing our country, but it has also revealed the truth about who holds the reins of power in our government.

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Ardern will continue with her mind control propaganda. She obviously is not interested in New Zealand values so she needs to resign and/or call an early election. Monica
All New Zealanders should have a say in matters of importance such as Three Waters and be aware of the real agenda of the Maori Caucus. Lynne
Ardern and the IWI she has put into power must all be immediately arrested if New Zealand is to survive – this is a dangerous coup against the country. Arrest them immediately and bring justice to New Zealand before it is too late! Eric
We will never have co-governance in this country. Our choice is what we think we have now OR Iwi control. Jeff
Thus has to be the most, morel lacking and valueless group of people ever let into our parliament . All iwis need their power stripped for this lack of common decency shown to ALL New Zealanders Aidan
Way too much!! meg
The Performance of this Labour Government has greatly overstepped by any mark who they proposed to the electorate. They are totally untrustworthy to carry on leading the Country and should resign. They have no scruples. Walter
Maori appear to be wanting some kind of UTU and increasingly there are attitudes of ‘ sticking it to the white man” as some kind of revenge tactic for wrongs that happened a long time ago historically and past. Tina
Perhaps but this entire Government is corrupt, inept and the worst Government in the history of New Zealand. Every single Minister is incapable. But the worst by far is our Prime Minister with her communist totalitarian agenda. As for all the other Labour representatives – they are worse than sheep – more like lemmings. Scott
It would certainly seem that there is an increasing shift in power and this seems to be dividing the nation. I wonder how divided New Zealand will be by 2040. I also wonder how divided Iwi will be by 2040. Rob
Absolutely. It seems that there is no care for the NZ people, only power and control over our fast loss of rights and freedoms along with our natural and valued assists. I also ask, who and what power overseas have the power over our government and Iwi? Agenda 20/30 starting out into place from the pandemic response under the excuse of emergency. Tracey
One land one people. Most of New Zealand people are indigenous as we were born here. The first Maori settlers were not born here and unless their wakas were full of pregnant women which they were not, they were not indigenous. By embellishing the myth they are still trying to get privileges over every other hard working NZldr. Andrina 
yes, things have gone too far, let us return to basics, get rid of Maori co government altogether. gerard
The 17% of people who have Maori blood how come they now control the water in NZ. .This is a .travesty. wendy
I actually think they’ve just about taken over Glen
It’s crazy. We are all humans regardless of colour. There doesn’t need to be a separate caucus. Jen
YES ! And yesterday was a very dark day in our history. Right now the rain is pouring down and guess who owns it ? Maoris do of course ! What an infantile country of drongos NZ has become. The scene is now set for a disaster that could end in civil war. Which brings me once again to say the world is run by liars,cheats and bastards. It will be a long and tortured road back to normality if that is possible, from here. I shake my head in despair at the fools who have led us into this quagmire of ruin. God defend New Zealand is very appropriate. John
the labour caucus has obviously been taken over by Iwi. Our prime minister is dishonest and should not be allowed to continue to lead our country. Colin
They are racists Russell
Think KIWI…..NOT IWI fred
Horrendous ! Patrick
What happened to: governance for the people by the people? Phil
10% of certain people in NZ are telling 90% how to run this country, this is why we have a divided country if we do not go forward together how will we ever have stability and common sense !! Roll on next election I sincerely hope we will have a new Government, God help us if this is not the case. Ross
They should have no powers beyond other parties in government. Susan
Get rid of them Cedric
Why do we have a Maori caucus, get rid of them all. One people that’s what we are John
The tribal elite are leeches on the massive majority of flax roots Maori Paul
Why exactly is there a separate Maori Caucus? If everyone left NZ except the full-blooded Maori population there wouldn’t be a single person left in the country. Every single so-called Maori has the blood of other races in their veins, even the Mahuta clan. They wouldn’t even be the people they are if it wasn’t for the coming of other races to NZ. The wicked colonists they cry! Alan Duff called them “cry babies” and that’s exactly what they are! Rosemary
new zealand is becoming more racist by the day due to politicians not being totally honest with the public. Albert
The Death knoll’ of New Zealand democracy is loud and clear with tribal garbage pushing the dumb politicians under the table to a non- democracy ..fare well to freedom NZ…. Christopher
maori caucus is far to influential and maori are over represented across the board john
This is a NO BRAINER! By the way, anyone else noticed this govt’s habit of adding the most over the top clause to an already egregious pile of legislation and then, when they have their media call them out on it, they “back down” on the worst bit of their bill to appease the peasants and keep 99% of their rubbish in place. It’s absolutely appalling Jenny
Too much influence and hell bent on the destruction of democracy in favour of bent and twisted tribal rule – Afrikaner style. Martin Bormann was referred to as ‘the brown eminence’ in Nazi Germany. Nanaia Mahuta fulfills that role in Jacinda’s Labour government. The Prime Minister is rarely seen without her own sinister ‘brown eminence’ just one pace behind; there to ensure that the PM stays on script. David
There is a silent coup taking place in New Zealand , democracy is being removed, apartheid inserted in a bid for Maori sovereignty, co-governance and tribal power. What next? A Mugabe style takeover of all assets and property owned by ‘others’? Johanna
And gloating too Stephen
YES yes yes, they are now running NEW ZEALAND not the Maori name that all the media are pushing and adding to the Putin like take over we are experiencing. Voting rights should be one vote per person and not a minority taking over the country. They have experience doing this as who did they displace and possibly use for lunch while doing so back in to olden days prior to Cook arriving in NZ. This is NEW ZEALAND and all should be equal it is 2023 not 1703 come on guys wake up and get ride of Mahuta and the red queen rod
they have far too much control already and need to be stopped with loud calls by the press for public to speak up leo
It has become obvious that they don’t abide by the law so any special power for them is dangerous to our democracy. Denis
Weak PM has allowed this to happen!! Jeremy
There should be no racial preference in a democracy. Darag
I did not know about the entrenchment clause .I forgot I did what what I always do I LIED .What secret does Minister Mahuta to hold such power over this government.She broke parliamentary rules that’ she was allowed to because it wasn’t a labour SOP .Jucinder it’s time for an election that’s what the people of New Zealand the ones you say you represent well do you . Come back to the city you say you represent and listen too scared or don’t care . When one of your constituents gets murdered you go to a party in the Chatome Islands no head scarf no hugs no photo shoot doesn’t that tell it all the word that defines it is CALOUNESS I’m the PM what’s in it for me. Vivian
I can not believe how much new |Zealand has changed under this Government, I do not understand the language and , when was there a referendum to change the name of the country or the names of towns in New Zealand. Maori are 17% of the population yet we are being indoctrinated to speak Maori as a first language. Yes I do think Maori Caucus has too much power in Government. Gayle
It is getting out of hand and there seems that nothing is being done about it. John
It’s about time the maori members of caucus where stopped in their tracks. and reminded that they also are immigrants to this country, they are not indigenous, so have no more rights than the rest of us. They will make a rod for every Maoris backs if they don’t stop their greed, it will be the ordinary Maori who will pay the price. Merryl
True democracy is being eroded before our eyes  Peter
absolutely Cyril
New Zealanders should not be at all surprised that all water in our country will soon be under tribal control. There is no place in a modern democracy for race based seats. Established in the 1800’s as a short term solution to provide Maori representation in parliament. They are long past their use by date, and are being used as a stick with which to beat us. Providing an easy pathway for tribal fanatics hell bent on taking us back to the dark ages. The Act party support abolishing Maori seats. The country will be the better for it. Louise
Jacinda seems happy to allow 16% of the population to rule the other 84%. We wonder if the loss of the next election and her cushy job at the United Nations may have some bearing on this. Ralph & Lauree
The government is there to represent all New Zealanders in a fair and equal manner. All members of the Maori caucus and their supporters should be charged with treason and be removed from parliament immediately by the Governor General. Steve
Absolutely agree. And the huge payouts to Maori (including the recent payout to King-Country Maori) simply continue to line the pockets of Iwi leaders (now the Maori Elite) to fund their outrageous campaign for political dominance. Nola
Frighteningly so Jill
Maori represent 17% of the voting public NOT 70%. Denis
It is the saddest time in the history of our country that we have a Government that is prepared to destroy democracy and hand power to Tribal elite, on such a fundamental basic human right, our water. Margaret
Jacinda is backing them !! Pierre
Maori have always been feudal.This continues. margaret
Yes absolutely. They are there solely for Maoridim, and not for the good of the country. Their behaviour disgusts me! Gail
It is creeping in while a lot of New Zealanders are not realising it. Wake up people before it is too late. Laraine
The Maori seats must go! if we are to have any democracy at all. The last election cycle proves this. Mike
This is extremely frightening Labour and a Green parties must be held to account in the 2023 elections VOTE LABOUR OUT David
She is a communist. So is Christopher Luxon. They were both chosen to be part of the World Economic Forum’s Young World Leaders. They don’t talk about it, of course. WE don’t want to “own nothing but be happy.” What they want for us is mostly to be dead, to help cleanse the world of over population, thus saving Earth from global warming. They are doing it with the jabs. Don’t get more, folks, they are poison. Back to Maori privilege: it is a smoke screen. Our communist leaders care nothing more for Maori than they do for the rest of us. Most of you know all this. It’s time to fight back, NOT by jumping over to National. Ahh, they will probably just steal the elections anyway, like they did in America. The New World Order is heinous, not heroic. WE are indoctrinated daily by the media that they own and control. Joyce
Labour list members run the NZ government. Minority groups are in control because of MMP. Ken
From what we are told. It who do we trust John
Very sure this is going to be the start to the end of democracy in our wonderful country June
100% too much power. Power belongs to the people and politicians need to remember and respect their bosses, I.e. all New Zealanders, not elite Iwi who are looking after themselves and no one else. Rita
The racist intents, deceit and cronyism of Mahuta, Adern and their complicit sycophants must be dumped before they send us all to hell in a handbag Dave
This crowd given an inch will make Sth Africa’s apartheid regime look like a kindergarten. Eric
That would be a bloody understatement Colin
There is no doubt about this from alternative sources and the power trip Labour is on John
Omg – this lot are dangerous. What worries me is they still have support and if they bribe younger voters enough, plus Maoris- they could win next year Ian
And on the Supreme Court, Maori Radicals are calling the shots Christopher
get rid of them Patrick
Absolute contempt and nothing short of bent corrupt filth. Enabled by this inept woke Labour Govt. Alan
I have voted Labour for 2 elections. This apolog for a Govt MUST GO !! anthony 
it has to stop before we all become subservient to this minority terry
The low life do not deserve any rights .They act like naughty kids who need watching all the time. Mike
It has become obvious that the people of NZ are being duped by Nanaia Mahutu over the Three Waters etc. To over ride the PM and other MP’s is a disgrace. Co governance has silently been put in place. A change of Govt is extremely important if NZ is to survive as a democratic country. Robina
Maori Caucus, what a joke. The only influence that they should have must only be in an advisory capacity. They are still stuck on the partnership BS, and it is even quoted as if it is a fact by the PM, when it is an oxymoron, quoted and normalized by morons! I will never accept that water is owned by anyone. Water is a human right, it is prolific and it belongs to everyone whitout exception. Neil
Very dangerous racism developing. NZ is run by the Maori caucus William
Far too much power wielded by radical self serving Maori. Jacinda Adern has been handing out ” bags 0f Lollies” to the radical and arrogant tribal elite, in order to support her own agendas. There has been too much damage done, and you can guarantee that those Maori who can Whakapapa back to the ” original canoes” will remain self serving as the tribal elite forging their own agendas and corporate entities. Definitely our democracy is at risk name
Yes, they are well over represented. Janine
This govt is becoming more corrupt by the day! Jan
A perfect example of why we need to get rid of MMP, and I mean party seats, we need to get back to electoral seats where all MP must be voted in by the Public. Geoff
They sure do have let’s remember they are only 16% of NZ population about the same as the Asians that live and work here that have no say at all. My friend and myself are completely over all this Maori shit. Mark 
Racism is NOT welcome in New Zealand which is being weilded by the maori people calling themselves…’elite’. mark
What race pay the most taxes here in NZ yes PAKEHA. wHAT RACE gets nearly all tax payer payouts. MAORI Barry
Frightening ! Gillian
Disgusting. Mahuta should be sacked Elizabeth
Our Democratic System is being undermined by the Maori s. James
Where is happening to our Official Democratic rights in our nation. James
Racist and greedy for money, but not prepared to add value. Democracy is on the way out, thanks to the current govt. The lies are unbelievable, they just fall out of Adhenrns mouth. Richard
Yes, without any doubt Peter
The Maori caucus is racially constituted and subjected to secretive manoeuvres to sidestep logical democratic decisions. Perhaps that was their intent when it was suggested that democracy should be tweeked a little. It is totally antidemocratic and totally dictatorial. It needs to be abandoned at the first opportunity. terrence
Too much ?? They are the power … over anything important. The rest can waffle about the crap that doesn’t really affect things !! John
Total minority running the country. Bringing Aparthied to our Once envied New Zealand. Rick
Too many strange decisions being made by a minority of people. Rob
Far too much Val
Hell yes. Greedy bastards those so called ‘ellite’ few !. Greg
All a hidden agenda Janne
It appears the Maori elite are gaining wealth through stealth Greg
From the current radical and fraudulent interpretation of the TOW, to the overthrow of our Govt by Stealth, the Maori Elite are demonstrating very clearly their agenda to have superior rights to everything that the colonials have built in this country. Good try, but there will be blood in the streets if this goes much further and it won’t be pretty for Maori. Peter
Absolutely too much power is wielded by the Maori caucus. George
Muriel says it all. June
Maori Caucas obviously has all the power. We can’t afford another 11 months of this government, they will destroy us. Treason! Carole
Obviously yes but what are we going to do about it? Good comments from Sam o n this forum re if there are any decent kiwis in the labour party how about crossing the room for your country? Can someone please explain just what this entails,I presume it means changing sides to do the right thing but there must be more to it. brian
Way too much, and it needs to stop. The elected members run Parliament, not a group of self addressing crooks. Rod
The true shame of this is that it’s turned many people into distrusting all Maori, which isn’t fair to the many fine Maori people working hard in NZ. Shane
no one is running the country.Labour has been inept from the beginning.NZ has deteriorated under This govt.. lorraine
All dictatorships in the last century have started with the abuse of the existing law Patrick
This devious outfit that call themselves the government are the most corrupt we have ever had. Elite Maori are certainly in cohorts with Ardern and the rest of them. Allan
Jackson, Mahuta, and Co are obviously calling the shots and the labour Govt should be held accountable? But that will never happen will it. Wayne
Ardern and Labour are establishing an apartheid based society. They cannot be trusted. They are anti-democracy. The concept of democracy cannot evolve or become nuanced without becoming something other than democratic. Natalie
The tail is now wagging the dog. Mark
New Zealand – Apology – Aotearoa – is now owned by Maori, and it’s time for the white population to get out. No No, that won’t work – the Maori need the whites to pay the bills When will New Zealanders WAKE UP? Don
Check Jackson Tane interview if anyone want validation as to the mess NZ is in. Phil
You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Maurice
Totally sick of all this Maori bull shit being rammed down our throats Murray
Far too much power. Marilyn
People need to wake up and see what is going on.Media need to do its job of informing the nation. Mary
Maori Caucus dominance has been obvious for some time.Tremain recognised it months ago. I fear that the Labour Caucus will implode in the months ahead. There will be blood spilt. Tony
It would appear that Maori elite are running a takeover campaign to fill their pockets and they are doing it right under our noses! Geoff
Greedy elitists, who are only in it for themselves. They all need the boot. Christine
It has been obvious for some time. They were elected to represent ALL of their constituents, but you would never guess that. Bruce
Brown Nazis, the blood sucking vampire elite feast while everyone else works. Sven
I am totally opposed to this government handing over our assets to the greedy tribal elites. This co-governance stuff has got to stop before it all gets far too ugly and the ordinary folk get totally pissed off and start revolting. Derek
Unchecked Mahuta would quickly become the Mugabe of the South Pacific, she is utterly corrupt Jim
There shouldn’t even be a Maori Caucus! The fact that this has been allowed to happen shows that the system is broken and needs fixing in such a way that this blatant power grab can never occur again! Scott
This seems to be part of this totalitarian, socialist regime’s agenda. Spearheaded by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the policy seems to be divide and rule. The current situation of maori privilege being entrenched is a compelling reason to expunge race from the laws of the nation, including racially-selected parliamentary seats. No party seems to want to tackle the issue, although there seems to be something of a groundswell growing against this apartheid policy. Gavin
Damned fascists. Please start pushing an anti-Green Party message (far too many do-gooders will vote Green, thus enabling the awful Labour Party to get more seats) Patrick
It has become apparent that our prime minister is a marionette with her strings being pulled by the Maori caucus. In fact the seriousness of the predicament that NZ is in has led myself and a lot of my friends to anticipate leaving this country if labour get back into power. The next throw of the dice could well put this country and her people into their death throws Alex
Yes. All ethnicities that go to make up New Zealand’s total citizenship should be on the same level. There is not one ethnicity group that is more or less special than any of the others. The treaty does not create a special race with special privileges. Therefore, what the current government is doing is being downright immature and vindictive in attempting to deprive ordinary New Zealanders of their equal opportunity for a quality lifestyle in which to gain social and economic advancement from their own endeavors as they see fit. This pitiful Government has and is destroying New Zealander’s special democratic way of life. They are not fit for purpose. However, let’s give them more rope. Garry
They now seem to be running the country to benefit the iwi corporates Dorothy
Far too much Marion
we need democracy true democracy Anon
Of course they have. It is becoming more and more obvious. julie
Extraordinary scenes as Hipkins and Ardern deny knowing about outrageous additions to 5 Waters. There is tension building and I hope it explodes and destroys Labour. Jacinda must have some idea of how this looks – either she has been misled and needs to sack someone or is lying about not knowing about the entrenchment clause. Chris
It is indisputable that Maori as a group are costing everyone else a hell of a lot of money.Let me count the ways— bruce
don’t no for sure but will say yes…. Wayne
We are supposed to live in a country that supports democracy ,however I don’t think this is true anymore , I don’t think that 15 per cent should be dictating to everyone else .this is wrong James
I am concerned that tribalism is becoming the norm and that the country is becoming a racist divided society and democracy is being destroyed. Graeme
Hell yes. I heard an old maori woman talk on radio say that maori have a role but it’s not control. And they are not in partnership with the crown. That idiot maori king reckons they own all water, if so, will they pay for flood damage etc. Don’t hold your breath on that. Peter
There should never be any raced based seats / caucus / funding / privilege Alex
White anting has been replaced by brown anting. Hugh
This problem has been created by successive governments having the balls to remove the maori seats and treat every New Zealander equally. Only when a political party will step up and carry this out will they have the backing of the majority of the population Will that happen, don’t hold your breath.. Dennis
They should not have anymore power than the rest of the population Tim
There is no doubt that the Maori Caucus has power over Jacinda and has the real power in Caucus. Colin
Insidious government. Treacherous and crafty. Dianne
They need to be stopped dead. Harvey
It has been clear over past 18 months with the demo job on Local Govt, RMA, SNA, Health Authorities and now 3Waters and Electoral reform that as long as Ardern gets her Digital Control and gets support for UN, Financial, WHO an WEF goals, the Maori Caucus are at liberty to do what they want to benefit the small minority Mark
Far too much Anthony
Most NZers want democracy, not apartheid, as a form of govt. One person – one vote. Susan
Total corruption from our WEF dictator. Mike
Maori caucus must have something to hold over Labour. I can’t wait to find out what it is. Vanessa
It would seem that the maori caucus is the govt lead by mahuta Doug
It’s racial discrimination writ large – and is actually illegal. Colin
Far too much power Jock
At what point do we move past these divisive policies? How can we move forward as a multi-cultural country when a tribal elite is hell bent on creating a tribal autocracy that benefits no-one other than themselves? Should tribal autocracy eventuate, my suspicion is that ‘Once Were Warriors’ would still be a reality for Maori at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. Paul
Most Definitely, it’s no wonder the majority no longer trust this Government. Rebecca
Totally, seem out of control and needs to be all kiwis equal Merrilyn
Absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are already sliding into co governance by stealth and it has got to stop. We simply have to get rid of this treacherous labour mob and all it’s minions. Alan
They should be burned at the stake. Evan
Definitely, also in all other spheres of influence, education and everything else. Benjamin
Another example of a minority controlling the majority for the sake of woke-compliance, as is occurring around the world. Michael
way too much and must be stopped.I hope National and ACT stop the unethical nonsense around all these things,x waters, RNZ amalgamation etc steve
An alarming growth of Apartide is being pedalled by a minority,while a large section of the majority are unaware. Cedric
Yes, because the Government should act as, one, for the people, not various races that make up New Zealand. Alan
Absolutely. Dave
There is too much power moving towards racial group demands. In my opinion and those of friends I have contacted on this matter. If it continues there is a very strong possibility that if this continues then we will end up with a totally divided country. Brian
now with the greens up the backside of mahuta and her cronies and the tooth dictator not knowing her arse from her elbow now wonder the brown mob is running this country, just look what dr dolittle has done to the health system but if you look who allowed this to happen is all down to key signing over this country to the un nutters and maori. and luxon wont make any changes because he’s afraid of upsetting the brown mob. Richard
“Representation” far beyond that warranted by numbers – – – – -one person one vote? Yeah, right. michael
again we have democracy being de-established by stealth. maybe we`ll have an early election. bob
Way too much! Michael
Absolutely Rochelle
This Maorification of everything has gone too far – election now! Kip
Yes, Looter Mahuta as she is now often called can obviously run rings around the naivety of our virtue signalling so called “Leader” who demonstrates time & again she is out of her depth & not fir for purpose! Rex
Entrench democracy Steve
Outrageously despicable, yet another of many deceitful, deceptive, deflective flip-flops by this totally out of control Govt…! Bruce
When we are all NZ citizens regardless of racial background we can go forward together. Dave
I am totally flabbergasted. Will be so relieved when they have all been dumped. Kath
With the present legislation going through, of course it has. Ted
Skullduggery Thomas
They appear to be running the country Jan
My prediction is we will have our first Maori Priminister by March 2023. The Maori caucus is getting sick with delays for co governances and want control now. Gary
The Majority in New Zealand (NOTE: Not Aotearoa) need to stand up and be counted. Derek
3Waters is a torrent towards separatetism/apartheid which was an evil in SA and is an evil today Herb
This govt is enabling a bloodless coup of NZ democracy in the name of power sharing with Maori.Its time to get rid of the Treaty gravy train and return to our democratic roots our for fathers fought for in 2 world wars,we are multi cultural democracy with one vote per person Maurice
unbelievable deceit and manipulation chris
One vote irrespective of race or colour of your skin Barry
The mandate is to fairly govern for ALL New Zealanders. Period. Affirmative policy on behalf of an ethnic group which is barely 16% of the population is racist. Graham
There must be a call for a “no confidence” vote against this current undemocratic,, obtuse and opaque government. Kiwis did not expect to have a dictatorship prevailed over by tribal elitists. I am not anti Maori, only anti undemocratic moves being made by this lot in power. Godfrey
absolutely and to the detriment of most thinking New Zealanders David
Far too much power, especially in respect to the number of the population that they represent. Racism has no place in New Zealand and no race has precedence over another. Paloma
I am concerned at the influence being gained by the unelected Maori elite. This is undemocratic and must be stopped. William
Absolutely!!! Ian
We are no longer democratic Patsy
Firm hand needed here. Elizabeth R.
Absolutely, I think this has been obvious for some time now. Lawrie
They do have too much power and it is self serving power, not for the good of NZ, just for the good of themselves. I can’t understand why they are allowed to get away with their abuse of democracy. In fact abuse is a good word to describe their attitude toward anyone who is not part of the tribal elite. Pamela
I thought theft is crime, but obviously not, or the entire cabinet would be under arrest awaiting trial Hugh
One law for all kiwis. No racial privileges Mitch
Its moves NZ from Democracy to Apartheid! Rob
What Maori Caucus; a caucus is a “body” ,it’s membership being in this Casey those who are elected govt MPs,the question should be asked as to whether ? correct process is being practiced Simon
They’re destroying our democracy before our eyes and laughing all the way Claire 
Hell yes, but then they want total control and wont be happy till they get it, by fair means or there preferred method foul. Fraser
We are one people under one flag and one law. William Clive
This Labour Party Maori caucus is deceptively cunning. We should all be scrutinising every single line of any legislation they attempt to pass. Rob
The tail is wagging the dog. Adrian
I believe we need a referendum to determine if New Zealander’s want to live in a democracy or revert to tribalism Rob
This government is guilty of allowing the Maori caucus of causing a racial divide that long term, is irreversible given the power of the gang population. I have seen how sinister this path is, having been in Nigeri during the Biafrin war. Adern is destroying whatever democratic principles are left in this country. Ken
Maori power in government should Reflect their population ie 17 percent Colleen
Appalled at the takeover of my country. If I were younger, Australia would seem a better option…. Bridget
For sure! It should be proportional to the population. Kate
All are equal in this country not one above the other. There is no room in my Country for a Racist Minority of “I Want” Ken
It is clear that there is an accomodation (probably managed by Adern) that seems to be a precursor to her ascending the throne at the UN Mark
Most definitely. Grahame
A part-Maori woman has made a claim against me for racism because I refused to put a Maori greeting in my community newsletter ahead of an article she submitted (which has nothing to do with her ethnicity). The Human Rights mediator is CLEARLY biased towards Maori and their racist agenda! Jane
An excellent example to the tail wagging the dog! Brian
The Maori Circus… Not Caucus! GeeBee
Why has labour even got a Maori caucus? What about a Chinese caucus. Or an Indian caucus. I find that racist Roy
There is only one race on earth and that is the human race.When will the racists learn this fact? Lance
Blame the voting system where list MPs can be voted in without the electorate knowing too much about them, until after the election. Something wrong there, but of course we didn’t know too much about Jacinda either! There is certainly something to be said about fooling the people, and we have been hoodwinked! Carol
Of course it does. Under PM Ardern this government is handing power to maori who only represent approx. 17% of the population. Democracy is going down the drain. Neville
Absolute power to 16% of the population John
Absolutely, plain & simple. Graeme
They should not exist we are supposed to be aDemocracy Ray
Absolute theft of NZ assets and deceitful dealings behind the scenes to benefit the maori. neville
This is tribal rule plus apartheid. Peter
Bad enough having Maori seats let alone a caucus how come they have been able to take over parliament Russell
So glad you are keeping us in the picture. Thanks Muriel! Have a good Christmas holiday! Marianne
Absolutely without a doubt One has to be frightened as to what they will do next Shirley
Maori are a minority group in NZ yet they seem to have an awful lot of leeway as far as decision making are concerned. They do NOT own NZ so why are the rest of us being made to give them more and more power . Douglas
It is obvious that, since the advent of He Puapua,, the Prime Minister is beholden to the Maori Caucus. Peter
Deception appears to be Arderns middle name as the layers of “build back better” are being slowly peeled away to reveal just how determined these anti-New Zealanders really are. This internal NOT FOR YOUR EYES structure in being enacted in all the 5 eyes countries today. Will we next become victims of voting procedures where the winners will also be pre chosen prior to any votes being cast. fred
Far too much power David 
What a bloody mess they are making of everything they touch. Bob
There shouldn’t even be a Maori Caucus! Michael
Yes, they appear to be controlling the country already after the latest 5 waters debacle. Get rid of these maori hybrid tribes with mahuta at the helm.. Will all these tribes pay no or little tax like Nga Tahu ? Kevin
Time this was stopped Pam
The schools in Auckland now fly the Maori Independence flag. Does that tell you something? John
Mahuta n Jackson should be removed from Parliament immediately natalie
Yes, the Maori Caucus is currently something like the tail trying to wag the dog. When are these stone age minds going to grasp the fact that under democracy (which they are clearly trying to destroy in this country) each person gets ONLY ONE VOTE. You do NOT get more votes if you happen to claim to be a Maori. And, while we are at it, I use the word “claim” because there NO full blood Maoris still in existence. Who do these half-breed guys think they are? ROB
You could also argue that in reality criminal gangs are now running the country. I am sure that is the viewpoint of the victims of ram raids and violent crimes etc. ken
Absolutely and it has been obvious for the last two years. I hate to say it, but our beautiful country NZ ( not Aotearoa) is heading for bloodshed. John
Yes. It is too late NZ is already under tribal rule with the Crown Relations Act giving Iwi complete control and destruction of democracy to be replaced by tribal Iwi rule. Our Anzacs are turning in their graves at Hitlers polices being bought in by tribalism – all non Maori NZERS have become the equivalent of NZ Jews at the mercy of tribal rulers and their gang henchmen. Peter
Yes, too much power. But who’s to blame for this perversion of our democratic governance? How to resolve it? Ralph
More than far too much already. Wake up NZ ! Have the guts to stand up & stop the race based enrichment of a vocal minority that is already put NZ well along the path for its downfall to be a minority tribal rule & controlled country. Democracy no longer exists in NZ! Dane
Despite their efforts to hide it, the evidence is becoming very clear John
They are arrogant and out of control!! Ray
Not sure who actually is running the country. Ardern appears to not know certain things that she should know as PM. Charles
Only way is to vote them out Royce
needs to be stopped Gordon
Definitely. Why do we need a Maori caucus anyway? They are not indigenous. Why not have an Indian, Chinese, Dutch, Scottish etc. caucus? It’s a silly idea. Jacinda needs to get a grip and stop Mahuta. The tail is wagging the dog. Sheila
Way too much. Our country is deliberately being Maorified at the expense of the majority. Our democracy is being destroyed and we are being force fed unwanted and unnecessary Maori language at an ever increasing rate. Ardern is a lair, and a traitor, her Maori caucus are corrupt. Ardern and her disgusting excuse for a government must be removed from power urgently. Steve
If our MSM would start telling us the truth about all of this, there would be many more people horrified at what our present dreadful government is doing to our wonderful country. Glad 
As a voter that’s not we wanted lynne
We are being held to ransom by the radical racist Maori members in caucus. We have now lost democracy. Doug
Who really cares ? All the smart people are leaving NZ in droves. The maori & their leftard allies can have the place. There is nothing keeping me here… Hazel
I say once again – REVERSE RACISM which is rapidly killing our wonderful Country – NEW ZEALAND. Stop this intimidation immediately. If the early European settlers had not arrived they would be still killing and eating each other. BrianD.W. Brian
No Maori seats in Parliament at the next Election. One vote and we are to be colour blind. Noel
There should not be a seperate Maori caucus there is only one caucus John
They should not have any more power than the rest of the elected members Colin
I would like all claiming to be Maori to take a DNA test too to verify it linda
And I believe this power is aided and abetted, as a very successful smoke screen, by our now found out yet again devious and deceitful (lying) leader whence more and more New Zealander’s are now ‘seeing’ through her power grab plan assisted by the self serving Maori Caucus. tuart
APARTHEID IS THE WORD THAT COMES TO MIND EVER MORE INCREASINGLY – no longer by stealth but, absolutely out in the open. Keith
We have to stop 16% of the population controlling New Zealand. I fear for my children. Kevin
Far too much power. They are running the show! Jean
Grant Robertson also suggested this with his comment (NZ Herald) that its either this or go to court. Roger
The actions of this government will haunt them for hears to come Leonie
Absolutely John
As a highly politicised group with too much say they are highly dangerous to the future progress of NZ, Good riddance in 2023 DAVID
Get rid of the preferential racist treatment of a small percentage of the population. All laws regarding a specific race should be repealed. James
Obviously they do. Brent
Racism Apartheid call it what you will its race based Bull dust Murray
The Maori Caucus has & is instilling a racial disharmony within the whole of NZ, which is tantamount to bringing us back to old South Africa standards, which will ultimately lead to valiance. This cannot happen. act know before it is too late!!! Roy
They have more power than labour. John
dangerous racial corruption Allan
The Maori Caucus have too much to say and too much input for 17% of the population; and the rest of the population, regardless of ethnicity, is left out in the cold. This is NOT DEMOCRACY. Heather
About time the majorities stand up and stop the thieving. Hugh
It appeared to me that something was up when Nanaia Mahuta was sent to the CHOGM as our ‘head of government’. Fletcher
How this has even come into being needs more investigation and clarification not somebodies take on what the treaty mean Geoff
Apartheid in action Frank
Much too much power Mark
This is getting ridiculous and very much like a communist govt . The country has never ever been so divided in my lifetime of 78 years. Russ
Yes, the racists are bullying the ignorant and stupid. Richard
Absolutely. The quote that absolute power corrupts absolutely comes to mind. Tony
99.9 percent. Henk
Arseholes Bill
Totally, and also with the language, – In the late 1800’s there was pigeon English , fast forward to the 2020’s and we have what I would call pigeon Maori !! I write and speak English so expect the same in return Logan
The Gang of Mahuta has taken over the governing of our country. Is Ardern too weak or has she lost interest? Jenny
certainly appears that way Colin
The government is totally wrong trying to divide NZ and any move away from equal rights is wrong. Neil
Power should be proportionate to population one vote / one person. Maori are said to be about 16% of population but are probably about 8% by DNA. NZ is “on the downward slide, an if Jacinda get in at the next election then Heaven Help NZ. James
When you commit treason, it’s normally prison time that comes next, so why is it that these people are not locked up for their crimes Paul
Racial discrimination is now the norm. NZ is a de factio Maori state. Christopher
All current parliamentarians should be removed, they are all compliant with the lockdowns and ignoring the protesters including the jab injured. They are the uni-party under the WEF/WHO. Max
What is the matter with mainstream press. Don’t they care about this. Is there NO quality journalists outside NZCPR working on this. Its a disgrace and shows the poor quality of editorial direction in this country or have they been bought out by Labour Alan
Or being allowed free reign to raid the govt pantry totally unaccountable for its actions John
Useless bloody labour Allan
Get them out…get rid of 4 unelected seats given to them..URGENTLY! Gillian
Soo much deceit. We cannot trust the current Governments scheming. Linda
It should be illegal to have a race based caucus in government Murray
They most certainly do Teresa
Its non inclusive corruption behind the scenes! Craig
This government is totally racist being controlled by the Maori Caucus. Funny thing the Maoris are members of a race just like the rest of us! Shaun
YES! If the reader is not aware of that they have their heads buried in the sand. Merger of Broadcasting/Television is another of their plans. Willie Jackson as Minister of the combined organisations. Now that is something to look forward to if the Red Queen pulls off a miracle. I don’t think Willie is the man for the job and Joseph Goebbels is not available to give him some pointers if he did get the job. “I tell ya mate” THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED. Bruce
They don’t have the power they think they have.! john
Most definitely yes they do. From where I’m sitting it seems they are actually running things or are at least in co-governance of our once lovely little country. We need to get rid of them all post haste, well before the proposed election. They are destroying our democracy. Wake up New Zealand. Helen
Too much power to elite Maori Kiki 
Based on how 3 waters has been handled the Maori Caucus clearly has too much power in Government. Paul
It’s time the racist Maori party was abolished because without labours Maori seats this wouldn’t be happening. Trevor
Racism runs wild in this country Bruce
Is New Zealand a DEMOCRATIC country? We are totally lost, coming home to retire after 23 years working in Tasmania. Henry and Denise
Subterfuge and smoke screens. I have heard that ex PM Helen Clarke visits the current showpony PM about 3 times per week. Who is really running the show? Ex PM, Mahuta and her tribes or the ex fish and chip wrapper from Morrinsville Prue
the tail waging the donkey Noel
Sick to death of Ardern and her government. They are not interested in democracy, except to see it end. She hasn’t changed her position since heading the global socialist youth movement, she just lies through her teeth about her real agenda. I also find it fascinating that the recent NZ Herald poll on things dividing this nation didn’t bother to cover co-governance. Gary
call it for what it is “Part Maori Caucus” Nev
They think they are in control and that is almost a reality. Even Willy Jackson was panicking a few weeks back DICK
Yes, far too much power. 17% of the population destroying our democracy. Darren
They should not have ANY power. And, as a Democracy still, we really don’t need them to dictate what will happen without consultation. Elizabeth
The Government is being hijacked by a bunch of Maoridom fanatics. Jacinda must step down as Prime Minister immediately as she has grossly misled and lied to the people right on their face. Raj
Absolutely! Maybe even a thank-you for all the benefits Colonialization has bought Maori Rosalie
Underhanded un-democratic, and dangerous Ian
The Maori caucus members should be prosecuted for Treason against the people of NZ and punished accordingly. Greg
The number of Maori parliamentarians are there by virtue of legitimate voting. Yes I am against racist Maori but it is over to NZ’ers to correct this in the next election. Cliff
NZ has got major problems coming up ,we have got to get rid of this Govt because we do not want maori running NZ graeme
definitely Jan
Jacinda has become a David Lange. she does not have the courage or conviction to challenge her Cabinet. Merv
Way to much and the Maori caucus is way to racist worst group in nz Carl
This is racism being used for the Maori Elite. Law must be passed to end all money being given to any race based institution Hugh
Too much is wrong with this government Lois
When are the other ethnic minorities going to ask for a slice of New Zealand. The Chinese helped to build the infrastructure so why shouldn’t they Have a hand out. They don’t because they have morals. The so-called treaty is being used and very much abused by a few who claim ownership after they ate the gentle residents and learned how to manipulate lessons learned these past 100 plus years. Stabbing in the back appears to be a trait they enjoy. When can we return to the all embracing New Zealand of even a few years ago? Good luck to all Kiwi who enjoyed the multi racial country we used to be. Sharron
I believe the Labour government is being totally controlled by people who claim to be Maori because that way they get it all given to them. We are New Zealanders – all of us Rosemary
Most definitely. Especially Mahuta and Jackson.. I’m appalled that all this pro-Maori legislation is being inacted without the consent of the people. When you consider Arden did her degree in PR and communication it is no wonder that she has been walked over by the Maori caucus. She does not have the intelligence to be Prime Minister. All she is is false empathy whist carrying out her socialist agenda believing that the Maori are helping her. God preserve us from this destructive government. Laura
Transparently so! Dennis
This whole governmental performance is just another scam to turn this country back to the ‘stone age’ ruled by Iwi with no ability to respond by ordinary New Zealanders. Terrry
Obviously Ronmac
You think? Fred
Not only in government but in everything else too Graham
Definitely the Maori caucus has too much power. Anon
it’s a ‘no brainer’. they are out of control and must be reined in. But who will do that? ‘ John
I have always maintained that the Maori caucus has had control of this Government in the decision making process And Jacinda Ardern is a straight out liar and can never be trusted in the old days she would be burned at the stake.AS for Willy Jackson his recent t v interview with jack Tame shows what a low life he is and the Maori caucus as a whole should be jailed for life for corruption. ken
a disgrace and national embarrassment Ivan
Tear up the treaty, it is past its used by date. John
lets look at nz history. why cant we freely visit waipoua forest? there were people in nz pre Maori. why don’t we talk about this? if we all knew the real truth none of this nonsense would be possible. mel
I think the underlying issue is the mistrust being generated by devious means of achieving current Government agenda Mike
With a lot of bullying Lesley
It CERTAINLY has TWO much power.IWI are way OUT OF CONTROL they are only 16% but us ENGLISH SPEAKING are 84% & yet we are IGNORED.ALL of OUR taxes are being GIVEN to ANYTHING maori & its WAY OVER TIME people started writing/emailing EVERY where & EVERYONE they can pointing out the 16% &84& being ignored & WHERE in the treaty does it say PARTNERSHIP but it does say ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE & EVERYONE IS EQUAL IN LAW.You get letters from councils & other govt. agencies in MAORI hardly anything in ENGLISH so you can understand what the letter is about.IT,s NOT racist to want NZ to be democratic & everyone being equal no matter what skin colour you are but iwi have divided NZ & jacinda NEEDS to WAKE UP & govern for NZ NOT the united nations so start by emailing her. Cindy
The removal of the entrenchment proposal will be seen by some as a great win for democracy. The fact that the 5 waters bill will pass and is very unlikely to be repealed by a Luxon led government is more problematical. John
Most definitely !! Leon
Shoot the bastards Mark
Minister Mahuta is the most dangerous politician in the Cabinet and is totally determined to make New Zealand an Apartheid country with her elite Maori friends having total control. Jacinda Ardern is handing over control on a silver plate and is powerless to stop what is happening. She is more dedicated to the WEF than she is to New Zealand. The Great Reset is upon us and most New Zealander’s have little or no idea about whats really going on with our beloved country. Colin
What a FEASCO this Govt is NOW BRING THE NEXT ELECTION FOWARD Labour will be so Fast out the Door They WON’T KNOW WHICH DAY IT IS William
It has been obvious for a long time and is getting more blatant. John
Absolutely they have and this must be stopped. The only way to achieve this is ensure they are all made redundant in October 2023 Kate
Just need to read the body language of that worm Willie Jackson!! To whit his appearance on Q & A on 04/12/22 !!!! Ron
They are running the Govt Neil
It is very obvious that the Maori caucus has to much power and are a threat to this country as we knew it .They have to be reigned in by any means possible, even if it means jail time for undemocratic action Tom
And we should dis-establish the Maori -Crown Relations Office. Brenton
There should be only one Caucus in Government. We are One people , each with one voice and one Vote, Equal rights for all. Co Governance is an insult to our Freedom and the sprit of the Treaty One law for all. . Don
Yes, far too much say, basically demanding whatever they want and these fools running the country giving them everything to the detriment of every other race in New Zealand. Whatever they want language, water, housing, seats in councils, separate racist party in parliament, handing out money hand over fist for so called wrongs over 200 years ago, changing all ministry and council departments to Maori,having the garble language on TV and Radio and kids being forced to learn it from preschool to the detriment of English. We have all been fooled into this rubbish even our passports are in Maori first, and it’s all happened under this govt’s watch. All i can say is this PM must be very rich beyond the salary she’s on to sell the country to the 2% Laurie
Ardern has lost control. Betty
The Maori caucus has the overwhelming power in the Labour caucus riding roughshod over a bunch of incompetent Labour ministers, and a cocky P M who continues to espouse from the ” Pulpit of lies “ Rod
Jacinda has lost control for a better NZ. John
Not only that BUT it also seems that Labour Mp’s DONT read the bills that are submitted, HENCE the Shambles. TIME for this Labour L<OT to GO call an election NOW!!!! Carl
The bolshevik crime gang, that work for NWO/WEF/CFR, are running NZ! Commissar Scribble Chin, gives the orders for the Maori elite and their crime gang brown shirts, helped by Davis, Jackson, Allen with support from the racist maori party radicals, and of course the commie dictator witch!! David
No minority racial or religious group in Parliament should have the opportunity to bugger the country. Have a look at the weekend NZ Herald survey of whether the country is divided or not. The issues questioned were Covid Response, Distribution of Wealth, Housing and Farm Based Economy. The biggest media organisation in NZ deliberately does not expose what is clearly and severely dividing our citizens. It is implicit in the worst political rort in New Zealand’s history. Regard an easy National / Act victory next year at your peril. Also, can you please publish the feedback of the 1% or 2% who vote against the 99% responses to your questions. It would be useful to understand why they think as they do. Creed
Far too much power. Rose
Let’s get this straight, there shouldn’t even be the need for a Maori caucus so the answer is yes. Our so called democratic system (as it used to be) should be colour blind as most progressive societies are. We clearly have a serious problem with the power elite in this country who have an inflated opinion of their own self-importance. chris
An appalling abuse of power. Why does the PM do absolutely nothing to stop them? Jen
As long as Willie Jackson’s vision of total dominance of Radio and TV, he will be able to pepper us with non-stop propaganda without opposition. Glyn
Absolutely too much power . Thank goodness Kiwis have stood up and said NO you parasites !!! Ardern has lost control of the reins not only this issue lets get the rest of the Mahuta family off the taxpayer bankroll while totally unconstitional the family of bottom feeders ,absolutely another abuse of power ok-by the Tooth Fairy . Great column Muriel its people like you who really are the only source of truth thankyou Ray
Just wait till Tainui take over completely. That’s what’s behind all this, it’s NOT Co-governance, it’s TOTAL Tribal Elite Control over all of New Zealand. God Defend New Zealand, is now very appropriate. Geoff
It is the most contemptible, embarrassing example of state-sponsored theft coupled with sponsorship of race-hatred and division that I have ever heard of since Hitler was defeated in 1945. Charles
The point of grave concern to me as a citizen is that New Zealand’s democratic processes and the tenants of our democracy itself are being deceptively eroded by parliamentarian autocrats exploiting the law thought subversive actions to destabilise the very parliamentary enterprise and meet their own populist purposes. Three waters provides a clear example of how Labour, Maori and the Green Parties exploit their democratically elected positions to develop a narrative that equates the majority vote to an official mandate to act on behalf of the citizens of the country. Increasingly, tactics are employed by these parties to consolidate their regimes while seeking to maintain a form of legitimacy that masks their behaviour under the pretence of law-abiding democracy.This has to be challenged. It id a for m of state capture by individuals abusing their authority towards what equates to one party Maori) rule. patrick
Racist in the extreme and Labour supports this approach fully. Maurice
Of course, and ardern’s marxist ideology fits nicely with tribal “culture”.We are losing control of our country,NEW ZEALAND. Sid
This must stop! We cannot give our country away like this. Brian and Sally
Absolutely too much power. There should be an election now. The current government is not for Kiwis. Jackie
They should all be charged with treason Chris
Far too much power. I think the Maori caucus possibly holds the government to Ransom. Accept our wishes or we won’t support your bill’s in the House. Max
Mahuta Mugabi and the lot of liars should all be sacked. I am afraid that New Zealand is going to be renamed New Zimbabwe. Peter
The news media have much to answer to..their support of this government is beyond understanding with their selective reporting. David
Facts are now proving this. Andy
The entrenchment clause was nothing more than a smokescreen to make the rest of the 5 Waters debacle more palatable to the general public. The whole 5 Waters Bill should be thrown out now! Phill
They are only looking after their own interests, not the interest of the other 85% of the country. The whole lot need to be gone. Michele
Absolutely, YES. Brian
far too much power and let run lose with it mark
Ardern is naive and too dim to see that she is too dim to implement her own ‘aspirations’. Any of them. Putting the self-entitled and conniving iwi-elite-genie back in its bottle will make battling a taniwha look like child’s play. There is no political leader on the horizon with the mana to achieve this anywhere on the horizon, but failure to do so properly, and soon, will result in a tearing of the whole fabric of society. Nice country – would be a shame if anything happened to it! Tony
Why is there even a so-called ‘Maori Caucus? The fact that such a body even exists shows that our present government is racist to its core! Roger
This government lead by Ardern is totally Corrupt and need to go as soon as possible. Heather
It seems very likely we are being co governed, either Ardern is engineering co governance or she is incapable of controlling Mahuta and her gang. I suspect Ardern is helping engineer it and it is obviouse the rest of the sheep are being shut down. Ask yourself the question why are they not doing something about it. Owen
and with the Greens backing it appears. David
Absolutely – throw them out!!! russell
Let’s not overlook that the “elite” maori are a tiny group of greedy extremists who claim to represent the wishes of maori as a whole, but in reality, the vast majority of maori want nothing to do with them and are highly embarrassed to be thought of as represented by them. Logan
They should have no more say than any other New Zealander Get rid of the Caucus john
The Treaty of Waitangi is a simple straightforward document. There is no reference implied or real to co-governance. David
These apartheid separtists are like hyenas. They rush in and greedily grab chunks off the dying carcass that is NZ and momentarily retreat in the face of stiff resistance. But they keep circling and return for another bite as soon as they can. Meanwhile the carcass slowly rots. Geoff
This government needs to go, total separatism at its highest level has been implemented. Return New Zealand to the wonderful country it once was Raewyn
This is all extremely disturbing Evelyn
Maoris are determined to deliver us back to their good old days when might ruled weak and weak lived in fear. God help us. Peter
Definitely, far too much. Roll on the election! Len
iwi have corrupted the labour party. they must go at the next election Geoff
Time to make a vote of no-confidence in this lot!! Helen
They are a b—-dy disgrace Robert
Not a pure Maori amongst them Iain
Without a doubt! Maori are over-represented in the Labour caucus. It seems that they have their own caucus – which runs the Cabinet. Jacinda obviously cow-tows to them. The Maori seats should be dispensed with ASAP. Laurence
There is no Maori Caucus, just a bunch of elitist part maori gangsters trying to take control for their own benefit. As proven many times, there will be no benefit for the people who need guidance and support. Leonard
Way too much power. There just shouldn’t be a separate Maori caucus. Our govt needs to govern for all New Zealanders equally. One law for all, equal opportunity for all and where necessary, support based on need. This constant division is abhorrent. Wendy
they should have no power. Gerhard
Adren is beholden to them, wonder what they will expose if she pushes back? nikki
Dangerous MIKE
J.A. is giving all free range,she must go to allow N.Z.to return back to a democracy. Ann
is the end goal Maori {the tribal leaders} entrenched dictator government? Richard
The maori are a minor group operating on the sympathy vote fr alledged grievances of long past history. Wrong doing was rife on both sides in those days. Now we have skulduggery of self. mike
Without a doubt Fritz
We do really need to get them out of the power position they seem to hold. When will there be a vote of No Confidence for this government. Alan
All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall of Third World Economics and corrosive nepotism. Jacqueline
How did these maori extremists get so powerful without the public knowing about it? It is only through reading your wonderful newsletters notifying us of this corruption that we truly learn what is going on in Parliament. Ardern does not have a clue how to run the country. She is a self obsessed leader who wants to appear to the world that everybody loves her. Lets hope the truth of what she is doing comes out and all New Zealanders finally see her for what she is. We have to vote her out. Dianne
Maori supremeists are out of control and labour is totally doomed. Alan
Its truly unbelievable but I am not giving up hope that the whole nation will see the nonsense and vote accordingly – bring on the elections and lets reinstate a united democratic country Jane
Disgusting behavior from the Maori Caucus as they are creating a racial division in NZ Brian
No wonder good people are leaving for Australia! Alec
Way to much it should now be obvious to anyone who not to vote for I can%u2019t believe how Labour ever got in in the first place Peter
The lies we are being told. chris
As each day passes, the real agenda is exposed. Wake up New Zealand we are about to experience Apartheid first hand wit the full support of Adern and her divide and rule ideology Ian
Frightengly too much Shirley
Far too much power ,with Comrade Nania Mahuta having Comrade Jacinda under her thumb. David
Very definitely too much power. Jim
Their actions flaunt current law. Ian
Yes — although I find it extremely hard to believe that the PM did NOT know about the surreptitious inclusion of this entrenchment clause. Is she perhaps now just blaming it on the Maori Party and Greens because too much shit has started to hit the fan? After all. this loathesome woman has repeatedly been proven to lie with an ease born of long and dedicated practice. Why should we now believe ANYTHING she says? This whole thing stinks of Schwab and the globalist cabal. Control food and you control the people. Control WATER and goodbye to any form of freedom, forever Sue
Surely there must be some grounds on which this corrupt govt can be removed. Mick
way too much Simonne
Yes in other places as well as well like TV George
We are being played as fools. We should be suspicious about any bill proposed by this government and pay close attention to every word within. Trickery is the name of their game Gay
Our democracy, one of the strongest in the world is being removed without our permission and indeed without the majority of New Zealanders even knowing about it as the MSM is not reporting on it. how can we stop this travesty? Lynne
Democracy is on the way out in no uncertain terms. 17% are going to govern the majority of non Maori – really?? Unfortunately, it is well on the way. Helen
There should be no such thing as a Maori caucus. Caucus is a term that describes all the people sitting around the table of the governing body. We have a single house of parliament so the tribal leaders should get used to that idea. John
We are one people.. very disturbing the direction NZ is headed in Sue
Greedy maori elite have been trying to control the country for years. Time to boot them and make them pay taxes, rates and everything else non maori pay! Barbara
There shouldn’t even be a maori caucus. One law, one people, one caucus. Mark
It would seem they have been for all this term of government. If this continues this country will be in serious trouble. The brain drain has begun to escalate already Lindsay
I work in tertiary education and am feeling an increasing pressure to only prioritise Maori learners and Maori content. In the absence of this content (due to overall scarcity and low quality of Maori research), I’ve been accused that literature I share with my students is ‘colonising’. This is far too ridiculous and it all stems from the 2030 agenda. Galina
Who is the bloody idiot that always votes ‘No’ in important matters like this? Sherrin
Most definitely. The Maori Caucus and the Maori Race are not the majority in this country. There appears to be a breakdown in democracy over the past few years. Di
Democracy is the public’s right and privilege. Doris
Very undemocratic the way they are acting. Paul
Far too much for 18% of the population. Graeme
Yep, they do and they should all be booted out because of the fiasco they are attempting to introduce Trevor
for 17% of the population they are demanding too much. This is my country too. I was born here and I dislike the way Jacinda Adern is forcing. we have more racism than ever before because of her. Marie
Mahuta thinks she/he’s in control but her strings, like Ardern’s attach to WEF and uncle Klaus. It’s all part of the plan to divide and conquer. We’re letting them get away with it! Wake up people! Peter
They shouldn’t have any power Graeme
Being an eternal optimist I am waiting for the day when activists using trust tax exclusion laws to support their perk positions of power lose that ability. Edgar W.
Their intentions are for maori to rule New Zealand . We will become like South Africa with continual Hui’s and law’s favouring maori only. The country will certainly become no better than Soheto in South Africa. Darryl
NZ was set up as a egalitarian society= equal opportunity for all. tony
There is an agenda, no longer hidden but obvious to anybody with half a brain, to give control of all water, including coastal and geothermal yo iwi. Since water is essential for life of all living things, iwi will then apply levies to users. They will extend the revenue that they derive from investing treaty settlements int income earning assets and then control the economy. 3 Waters is a dangerous game driven by a dangerous cabal of Maori, led by Mahuta. It is the Trojan horse that we all need to be very frightened of. Kerry
when is NZ going to wake up and act against this Robin
The empress Jacinda and her accomplices Nanaia &co have demonstrated by their breathtaking dishonesty that they must be expunged from our democracy a.s.a.p. Rick
The latest debarkle confirms this Gaye
What percentage of taxes comes from the maiori population? Does the tax take reflect who Pays therefore who should control our country? Russell
I think it has for quite a long time with this Government Errol
It is my opinion they’re actions are tantamount to treason, and they should be charged accordingly. Mike
I feel that we do not have sufficient consultation. In fact, NZ has been railroaded into giving away too much to appease Maori. This country is called New Zealand, and not Aotearoa and there is too much Maori spoken on TV. Ludy 
They should have none as they were not elected by the people of N Z Peter
They are running the Govt. Margaret
There should be no Maori Caucus in Government Brian
Time to abolish separate Maori seats in Parliament Warren
We should be one country one rule one vote no matter what race or religion. Let’s move on and get rid of the Maori seats, Waitangi settlements as these are our history and we are different people to those of the past. David
Iwi is taking over our Country Labour is is aiding them.time for a vote of no no confidence in this Labour Government Ian
Why, in a democracy, if we still have one, should there even be a Maori Caucus?? They have no more rights than any Joe Bloggs on the street! Warren
Very Much So Richaed
It is unacceptable that Jacinda and Chris do not appear to know what is happening. re abdicating their most important responsibilities. Jurgis
Definitely, but maybe more importantly, what do the Labour MP’s think. I’m sure that there are many decent hardworking Labour MP’s who campaigned at the last election for a Labour government. How do they feel about some top ministerial positions being given to members of other parties. Worse, they are now expected to blindly pass legislation that these cuckoos in the nest demand. They have been lied to and decieved the same as the rest of the electorate. Many of them must feel betrayed. How will they justify all of this unmandated legislation when they are campaigning for the next election, or maybe the next election is fast becoming a pipe dream. Alan
Arn’t they the Government? Warren
it has been very obvious for a long time the Maori caucus has been running the country Jacinda is just a lap dog to them. with the event of MMP the Maori seats where to be removed this did not happen so now Maori have a disproportionate amount of power, they need to be removed, a vote of no confidence needs to be brought on the Labour Greens government & they be removed right now Nigel
Dreamers, hiding behind a dead flax bush RICHard
once in power they will be starting their old tribal wars ond and the cooking pot will put into use jack
Far too much!!!! That the remainder of the Labour caucus can sit around and ignore it is little short of incredible! MMP is partly to blame-no one ever voted for Willie Jackson. Roger
I think this Govt has blinkers on when it comes to Maori, they seem to get preference in everything they want. Most New Zealanders are just trying to get buy doing the right things even Maori but no one is happy with whats going on and behind closed doors. Barbara
Without question. Democracy inNZ is not only threatened, it is erode every day. Bob
The most dangerous, undemocratic government we have ever had. Jackie
Well and truly Steve
Labour will have to go next year. Michael
I just cannot understand how such a small part of the New Zealand population believes that they can be tribal rulers of our democratic country, absolutely racist Peter
absolutely it does, They are certainly not acting in the best interests of all NZ’ers rather for their own totally greedy ends of tribal control of Nz – end of This Govt must go, NOW Carolyn
We are all NewZealanders, let’s act like it and get rid of all this sepretist nonsence. Colin
Why a Maori Caucus at all? They are highly over represented and more worrying appear to be working independently as a Governmental group. There’s a need to reclaim our democracy before it goes down the drain with Three Waters. Pamela
We are being run by the maori caucus, the Gov.has given up,to gutless to stand the heat from the maori caucus.  GORDON
bring on the election and let’s get these clowns gone. bare faced lies hidden behind a smiling assassin Rick
Far too much. Don
In addition to Maori have significantly more power in government, Ardern has proved herself to be one of the WORST liars and spreaders of disinformation, something which she claimed on TV3 this morning that the merger between RNZ and TVNZ is aimed at stopping. It’s ironic she makes this claim as the worst offender. It’s also ironic that approximately 15-16% of the NZ voting public and in almost complete control over the rest of us. What other country in the free, democratic world is controlled by a small minority? None. Murray
They are running the country…what do they have on Jacinda? Clark? Lynn
The odious apartheid system is already operating in New Zealand, without our knowledge or approval.. john
Of course they have. All laws with a racial preference should be dumped forthwith. My grandkids are out of the country (whites) and will never be back. Their earning power and tax potential as well as any other sort of potential now belong to another country. After 170 years it was time to call time. If we thought that Ardern had no more commie tricks up her sleeve, think again. She has a box full of secret agenda to introduce. If you thought the country a nightmare now, just give her another term to introduce the real nightmare. We vhave a spendthrift in charge of finance who can’t keep his hands off the loot, re-allocating $2 billion fom Covid recovery to the 2022 budget as a cost of living bribe to potential Labour voters. I have read his reply to the charge and regardless of his excuses you would have to say that if you were a responsible money manager with an unused $2 billion lying around that you would repay some of the debt you had racked up, not use it because it’s there, effectively kicking the can down the road for everybody’s kids and grandkids and probably great grandkids to pick up the tab. NZ the way you want it. Terry
Race-based politics is fascism by a different name. These Iwi elites apply Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals” to run their rackets at the expense of the people of New Zealand. Chris
Totally out of control!, Geoffrey
This is reverse Apartheid- Maori interests do not give a toss about NZ only their own power and greed. David
Ardern has lost interest and control. Mahuta is grabbing the opportunity. Whilst the Nation is apathetic in its MSM lulled slumber. Ron
The Maori seats need to be removed Lawrence
Greedy damn lot. Biggest mistake was ever giving in to their Treaty claims. in the first place. Sick of Governments apologizing all the time over the past. The elite get richer and never look after the the ordinary ones but go on bleating for tax payers to house and feed them… Sick of the whole lot. dona
We now seem to have a Maori government. John
Far too much, they must go so must labour Beau
The tribal system is feudal in nature. It is a completely undemocratic system that is totalitarian in nature. Maori radicals are subverting this country and Parliament as surely as Pol Pot murdered millions. They will ruin this country and turn it into a combination of Zimbabwe and Puapua New Guinea. John
Unbelievable! Unless this treasonous gang of racist opportunists and labour idiots are consigned to the scrap heap and democracy reinstated, Orwell’s 1984 here we come. Roy
Absolutely. Mike
And expressing even more power by the day with them realising that should there be a change of government that their influence will diminish Mike
ignorant thugs ..need to go .. Peter
Most definitely Jan
A modern day scandal to legally allow Iwi to clip the ticket on royalties for water ? gary
Very dangerous Apartheid policies appearing setting a dangerous precedent. This undemocratic Government MUST be stopped at the next election if not before ??? Andrew
Maoris are already over represented Stanley
It’s just not right what is happening in New Zealand. Roll on next year’s election ! Craig
They are making sure young non maoris, NewZealanders are taught co governance from an early age by what was initially stealth & now flagrant grooming in the education system Patricia
Per share of total population it is wrong and undemographic. The idea is totally dividing our nation. Diana
Everything the government proposes is vetted by the maori caucus first Ian
How we defeat this is the problem as we have another 9 months of this useless government. Luxon needs to get off his arse and start objecting to the iwi grabbing lot. Andrew
Racist Maori seats should also b abolished as recommended when MMP came in Mark
Absolutely. They are effectively a highly powerful lobby group pushing a small minorities interests at all times. They should NOT be MPs. Derek
Apartheid laws lead to civil war and a divided nation. Why damage a beautiful country that we have. Pavithra
Absolutely gale
A megalomaniac PM with ideas well above her abilities conniving with the evil intent of the minority race in NZ promulgated by Mahuta aided and abetted by all the other “name” Maori” high flyers. John
Absolutely!! It’s a criminal caucus of Maori elite – we all know now Skarlett
Should be obvious to anyone of any ethnicity with half a brain Bill
Yes! I do not want my grandchildren to be living in servitude to supposedly ‘indigenous’ tribal elites. Democracy in NZ is finished under these greedy, racist parties. STAND UP NZ Andrew
NZ is now an apartheid and communist state bill
For one group to dictate policy direction of government policies purely based on the colour of their skin is racism pure and simple, something that shouldn’t exist in a country that is still officially a Democracy and not a Socialist Utopia lead by the dear leader Helen Clark, sorry meant her padawan Jacinda John
Who can possibly doubt that the Maori caucus is running Government. They meet as a separate caucus before business each week. Labour is controlled by the Maori caucus. Labour is dead and has become the ‘real’ Maori Party. Hugh
The Treaty refers to maori, not Maori. The meaning of the word has been adulterated and abused. The Government needs to give New Zealanders equal regard and abandon racist tribal idiocy. Peter
Democratic principles are being deliberately worked around by a dishonest government against the interests of the bulk of the population. Bruce
PM a subject of her Maori caucus Bryan
a pattern emerging michael
They have overreached their power by trying to entrench the co-governance model. Janet
Clearly hey have an agenda! Greg
yes yes yes and it will be hard to take it away from them now they been given a sniff of power. Jacindas legacy will be one of ruining our country. Diana
New Zealanders must immediately request their politicians of all parties to remove reference to the treaty from all our legislation. Also New Zealand must rescind the signing of UNDRIP. The Waitangi Tribunal must be abolished immediately following the next election. Only then can New Zealanders expect to live in a harmonious society again. Yes the iwi activists will make a noise. Bring it on as New Zealand needs this debate and soon before it is too late. Chris
Absolutely. Mary
The Maori caucus has no more rights or power or value than any other New Zealander. It should not have undue influence over the Government. There is no ‘co-governance” We are all one people. Robbie
Since the Maori caucus is advancing the interests of Iwi business development corporations it smacks of an American style co-opting of government by lobbying organisations. Government – no longer for the people and by the people. Matt
Unequivocally YES Kevin
Labour must go John
It is very clear to me that the Maori Caucus is in effect running this country. Ardern with all her antics has caused such division in the country that anger is now manifesting itself across the board Murray
Yes, way too much power! The money this government has squandered on Maori is unbelievable when health and the like are crying out for money. What a corrupt bloody government. Lying pack of bastards. A team of 5 million. What a joke!!!! Chris
Some leader! Not anyone I would follow willingly. Max
Absolutely they have too much power, and they are so corrupt forcing legislation without proper if any public consultation, these people are being paid by us the taxpayer and should be working on our behalf….clearly they are not!!! Robin
Yes definitely. A minority group of people will be holding so much power that other N/Zer nationalities won’t have a say in anything but pay big time to the minority party Barbara
Underhanded and deceitful, creating a huge division. When will NZ wake up and get rid of these dishonest radicals??? Gary
Time for the Gov Generals intervention. The spilt in the Executive requires a new election. How did Mahuta get her power over Jacinda? Kevin
Yet another illustration – the fair Ms Mahuta persuades the presumably slightly thick Ms Sage to propose the entrenchment provision because ‘There was strong public concern coming through submissions on the Water Services Entities Bill that assets remain in public ownership’. i.e. 0.017% of submissions. God help us. Rick
Mahuta has over played her hand this time she has shown us the big picture the Maori Caucaus is playing for. We won’t forget before it is time to go to the polls next year. Jill
Maori MPs are in charge of broadcasting, prisons, internal affairs and other vital organs of government and white MPs, most of whom appear intelligent, do not have the character to stand up to their illegal motives. fred
Is there no one in NZ who can put a stop to this madness? Mike
absolutely !! mike
Look back over the last 2 years,and this has ALWAYS been the case. Watch a journo ask Grunt Robertson a question, and Willie steps in to answer it! Clear as daylight. Why can’t Ardern fire Mahuta? Mahuta is the boss! Jan
Roll on election Peter
i hope like hell we see these people all marched out of govt 2023,i couldn’t put up with 3 more years of this greg
This sham of a constitutional government has caved into the Maori and its Caucus is not representative of this elected body but handed over to Maori in order to win over Maori for the Maori vote this coming election. Colin.
You can see it it every thing this Govt is doing or trying to do Morrin
The degree of power being exercised by the 15 members of the Maori caucus is disproportionate to their numbers.  
Far too much power.. And, they are notably devious with it. Caren
I didn’t vote for this government and I certainly didn’t vote for a minority group to have more power than the whole government put together. Adern has totally lost the plot and is not fit to govern New Zealand. We must stand up together and oppose this theft of resources that are the right of every New Zealander not just a minority few. New Zealanders are starting to wake up to this dishonest and deceptive government which is in complete disarray and is itself divided while being led by the nose by Mahuta and her cronies Heather
Co-governance is the con of the century and Labour can not be trusted. graeme
The tail is wagging the dog Mike
The NZ Parliament is NOT a functioning entity. The unmandated Labour/ Maori/ Green Cabinet has been governing NZ as an oligarchy since the very beginning. Power corrupts, and total power corrupts absolutely. We, the vast majority, are not being listened to, and we are completely powerless to block and remove these people from office. This is corrupt, dystopian version of representative democracy and despite screeds of Internet complaining and posturing, NOTHING can be done. Phil
It’s a take over no matter which way you look at it….!! Mike
All citizens must be equal. James
We’re doomed if this lot continues the way they’re going David
Too much and they are abusing this position, perhaps recognising that their time is almost up. This next election hopefully will be a watershed of all the bias in favour of Maori and loss of rights of all the rest of NZ David
Jacinda Ardern and her Labour party are in a frenzy to change this country and put in place Maori co governance laws before the next election as well as anything to do with the Treaty.As I have said before Jacinda Ardern is the most dangerous politician New Zealand has ever had,she really has a psychological problem with the Treaty,Moari and Polynesia and we are now seeing the results with utter lawlessness in this country through the empowerment that this Government and Jacinda Ardern is giving them Kevin
Which is why this government MUST go! Shelley
Mahuta is a slippery customer . She has to go ralph
YES, YES, YES! Elizabeth
Utterly depressing and WRONG! Louise
There should be no “Maori” caucus. There is no “Indian” caucus or “Muslim” caucus. We are all New Zealanders and equal under the law. David
This has been obvious since 2020 mary
The anarchical activists seem to be engaged in a seditious conspiracy. Hang them high! Tim
Typical of divisive govt. Keith
Way too much. I didn’t vote for Labour last time for that, we didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors. I won’t be voting for it this time, that’s for sure. They are dangerous Kerin
Too much? It seems they actually have total control. Mike
Maori were the third colonizers of our country. Douglas
Get rid of cogovernance Nev
I has been obvious for some time that there has been a separate caucus controlling decision making by this Labour crowd! Ron
Truth WILL prevail Thank you for systematically providing evidence of corruption at the highest level in government . Help us to stay alert a d stay the course Carol W
Total abuse of our rights being overridden by a minority Sandra
Totally. Interesting to note that Mahuta convinced gullible Sage to front the change in the 3 Waters Bill. Only confirms the PM is a liar. Jane
Apartheid didn’t work in South Africa, WHY is our Government installing it here ? If a fraction of the effort put into dividing us, was put into a concept of ‘One Nation – One People’ we would all be far better off. Bryan
Stick to the basics. WE ARE ONE! Doug
Hard to believe its happening Roger
It’s the most treacherous govt ever. Shane
MMP. Maori seats or constituencies that have far fewer voters than general seats, etc etc. The whole process is crooked, racist and incredibly harmful for our future. Paul
Without doubt. Vic
The Labour Govt and Maori component are holding this Country Back. Stop the Ideology rhetoric and get on with the the Country’s real problems Education, Health, Child abuse (Not climate change,Please) FRANK
I think the Maori caucus should be abolished and have one electoral roll for all NewZealanders Rod
We are destroying liberal democracy. This has to stop John
It is now clear that the Maori Caucus has deceitfully promoted He Papua initiatives under the radar of NZ public understandings since Labour became Government. Appalling dishonesty and lack of promised transparency!! Peter
Their ais are to get rid of democracy as we know it. Graham
That’s what you get when you vote for Labour and Greens: a bunch of criminally inclined radicals interested only in filling their own pockets under a veil of ‘be kind’ and ‘clean green’. It looks like the only policy they understand is: ‘ everything goes what serves our end’ Michael
This low life Maori caucus should not have any powers at all and need to go before the whole country is totally destroyed. That applys to the entire Labour Govt. Des
Far too much! Lee
Seems to me that the frustration, anger, and now with signs of hatred coming to the fore… how long will it be before we witness the return of the Maori wars. Clearly this labour government will go down in history as the most destructive racists in our history. Geoff
This is racism Brian
They are dividing the country and destroying New Zealand Diana
They appear to have taken control of Ardern completely to the detriment of all New Zealanders.. pdm
Yes!! Absolutely!! Tony
I suspect a poor and weakly lead government has been dominated by individuals in the Maori Caucus who are acting ethnically rather than for the good of all. The Maori seats in Parliament, and Maori Wards in local government, need to be removed to restore democracy. Peter
Mahuta is the puppeteer, Jacinda the puppet Lindsay
As a country we are possibly not that far removed from elimination of all aspects of ‘partnership’ and ‘Maori supremacy’ and their ‘fellow travellers’ by methods reminiscent of the elimination of any opposition by the Bolsheviks. Such can be the reversals of history. Ted
15% controlling 100% ain’t democracy, especially as most of the law makers are unelected list members Gerald
Racism doesn’t work Bryan
A stop needs to be made to this now John
And to stop this Maori BS in its tracks and to ensure it never happens again, we need to learn about New Zealand’s true Founding Document and first constitution, namely Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated 16th November 1840. This supersedes the Treaty of Waitangi and has been purposely suppressed by the “powers that ought not be” from the general public. I wonder why? neil
LABOUR are traitors to the country Andy
That’s most definite, this country has become an authoritarian apartheid state, and is set to get worse. I wonder how long it will be before the rest of the word sees it ? Brian
This should never have been allowed to happen. The prime Minister has no control Michael
Yes we have given in to them far too much over the years It is typical give them a n inch and they will take a mile David
Racism Greg
Labour are criminals Evans
Kick them Out of the country! And it’s New Zealand. Coral
This is about iwi takeover Maureen
Just read the swath of racist legislation that is either passed or is being passed under this term by Labour/Maori/Greens that has no benefit to anyone other than Maori, Iwi and Hapu. This is Maori racism, theft of assets and adding to the racist gravy train, they are just working for themselves, their family and their friends, not the people of New Zealand. Trevor
It is clear that there is a power sharing arrangement in place between Ardern and Maori. The “reforms” of the last two years in particular now make sense. Thank you for spelling it out, Hopefully other opinion influencers will see it now too. JD
Yes, unacceptable. Jane
Why don’t Maori corporations pay tax?!!! Sylvia
What we need is true democracy Dennis
It’s been happening for quite a while now …too everyone’s detriment . Roy
2040 is just a decoy and always has been co governance started when labour won the last election we must take this fight to the streets Warren 
One person one vote. Political participation is the basis of democracy and a vital part of the enjoyment of all human rights. That right without any discrimination, is one of the most fundamental of all human rights and civil liberties. Murray
16% of the population only. only 8% are on the maori roll. mark
The Treaty was never a partnership. Liz
100 % too much power. NZ is now multi cultural, not just Maori & Pakeha, so stop pandering to the elite Maori who do not represent main stream Maori. Kevin
This is obvious! Steve
Maori mafia running the country with a gun to the head with the backing from other M .P,s with same cause. We are one country for all people not just for our tribe. Stephen 
We are becoming a country divided by race. Suzette
Definitely. Co-governance equals privatisation to Iwi and the end of democracy. All racial reference and privileges should be eliminated from NZ legislation to protect democracy. Brenda
Less than 20% of the population dictating to the nation while Jacinda flits around the nation and the world!!! Peter
The incoming Act, national government need to cancel the T. O. W, and rescind all Maori payouts immediately in the first 100 days of taking office, we are 1 people, wake up NZ. Jo hn
The evidence is everywhere. susan
ASK yourselves where are they getting the power from? John
Absolutely, this is the most dangerous government ever. Roger
Separatism by stealth John
there should not be any race based caucus, the Ministers are supposed to act for the whole country. Such a caucus is therefore illegitimate, along with the statutes it passes. This needs to be sorted out. Robert
But how can it be stopped? Look at what happened to the protest in Parliament grounds, ignored and expelled with Government approval and support. Bruce
Ardern may not like to admit it but she has obviously lost control of the labour cults caucus. Her days as the high priestess have gone, the maori caucus has discovered that she is not a leader but figurehead who has lost its appeal. They now have her where they want her, and she does not have the backing of the remainder of her cabinet as they cannot trust her. She is in the position where if she tries to come the heavy with the maori caucus they will walk. Mahuta has already thrown her under the bus over the entrenchment clause. I think we have a big influence. We’ve got the biggest Maori caucus ever, Davis said. Totalling 15 Maori MPs, Labour’s Maori caucus also holds six of the seven Maori electorate seats, and boasts six ministers. I’m proud of our team, there’s 15, call us the 1st XV if you will, Minister Kiritapu Allan said. Who would have dreamed that we would have had our own Maori Health Authority? Who would have dreamed that we would have had a Matariki Day? Who would have dreamed, particularly when we remember foreshore and seabed, that we were settling Ihumatao?, Minister Willie Jackson said. From the above quotes the intention of the maori MPs is apartheid, tribal rule or nothing. Ardern is now toast and the best thing that she could do would be either resign or call an early election. It is just a matter of which form of political suicide she prefers. Terry M
It would seem Jacinda Ardern’s Labour government has turned into a racist monster with no one prepared to be accountable for anything. Sadly, democracy and democratic processes are the first victims of this. The emerging suspicion and mistrust between the elites and the rest will serve to destroy social cohesion until the source is removed from power and their poisonous legislation repealed. Jacinda Ardern , it is time for you and your government to apologise and resign. Donald
Too damned right. They represent a very small minority and have hijacked this stupid “Labour” govt. High time to get them out of parliament altogether as they are only interested in helping themselves. They have had their hands in the till for too long. Graeme
This is part of the stealth coup taking place by Mahuta and her iwi whanau. Andrew
Brown racism?? David
Not only do they have too much power, they are also abusing it. Robert
None of these people are more than 25% Maori: many are less. It is time we got rid of ‘Maori’ seats: they are RACIST!! David
You say in the Westminster system Parliament is sovereign. This is incorrect. In Canada the Supreme Court can roll back legislation that is contrary to the constitution. In my opinion the Canadian constitution is a big improvement on the unwritten constitution that vUK and NZ share with Israel. The unwritten constitution encourages short term thinking. It appears that this think tank prefers short term thinking over long term thinking. To the detriment of New Zealand John
The truth is now being exposed. the sooner we have an uprising the better. Now rather than wait for the election Bev
New Zealanders did not vote for radical Maori to run their country for their own greed and control. Remove Race & race based seats from the statue books, Stop TOW payouts now. Corruption is this Govt. No confidence in Labour Govt. Election now please. Past time Labour MPs with a conscious did their civic duty and crossed the floor for the good of their country, to preserve democracy and social harmony. Sam
New Zealanders did not vote for Maori to run their country for their own greed and control. Remove Race & race based seats from the statue books, Stop TOW payouts now. Corruption is this Govt. No confidence in Labour Govt. Election now please. Past time Labour MPs with a conscious did their civic duty and crossed the floor for the good of their country, to preserve democracy and social harmony. Sam
Absolutely they do. When Ardern the so called P.M.and Hipkins are blindsided it is clearly the Maori Caucas running the country. Maori elite already has governance of New Zealand. What a disaster. What more damage can they do in their remaining 11 months. Just a reminder to all leaving our country please remember to help us Kiwis to vote out Labour next year. Thank You. Allan M
Blatant corruption and racial division taking place before out eyes. Catherine
Maori is the only one that counts with this bunch of crims Iain
Absolutely – the Maori Caucus has too much power. They are the ones now running the country. Murray
This situation, where Maori privilege is now being entrenched left right and centre, is the strongest reason why race must be removed from our Statute books – and that means removing race-based Parliamentary seats as well. Where are the political party promises to do that after the next election? NZ desperately needs to go back to being a country where everyone is treated as equals, and government support is based on need. Mary
This is another case where Jacinda Ardern has betrayed New Zealanders. She simply cannot be trusted. Ken
The Maori caucus has far too much power. They need to be reined in! Ivan
Isn’t this all part of Ardern’s Marxist agenda – divide and rule? But has it now gone too far even for her? Roger