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Dividing Our Nation

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In his iconic book Free to Choose, Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman provided an insight into human aspiration: “A free society releases the energies and abilities of people to pursue their own objectives. Freedom means diversity but also mobility. It preserves the opportunity for today’s disadvantaged to become tomorrow’s privileged and, in the process, enables everyone, from top to bottom, to enjoy a fuller and richer life”.

As a pioneering society, New Zealand embraced freedom. New immigrants flocked here seeking a better life for themselves and their children, many escaping from countries with hierarchical class systems. In our equal opportunity society, it didn’t matter where you were born or who your parents were. If you worked hard and did your best you could get ahead.

Times have changed. It seems we have regressed almost two hundred years in the last twelve-months. Now who your ancestors are does matter – according to Jacinda Ardern’s Government. The consequences will be severe and long-lasting.

As Once Were Warriors author Alan Duff, a strong critic of Maori tribalism, explained in 2006: “A Stone Age societal model patently does not work in this modern world. When are we as a nation, starting with the Government, going to say enough is enough? To continue with the collective, whanau, hapu, iwi societal model is a fatal mistake. For in not developing individuality we continue down the declining slope of anonymity in a collective. Of no one willing to make decisions, especially unpopular decisions, for fear of standing out from the crowd, going against the collective will. Individuality is as fundamental to a society’s development as property rights.”

Former US President Barack Obama was also an outspoken critic of tribalism: “Ethnic-based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much of the pie as possible to one’s family, tribe, or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of the society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce, people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems, it divides neighbour from neighbour.”

Tribalism is insidious and destructive. It divides families and communities, and it is dividing our nation. It’s also a class system that enriches the iwi elite, while leaving the most vulnerable mired in disadvantage. Yet this is exactly what our Labour Government has embraced and it is accelerating the pace since gaining an absolute majority in October last year.

The Prime Minister’s masterplan is outlined in He Puapua, a document prepared in 2019, under the guise of implementing the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. That report is a blueprint for the tribal control of New Zealand by 2040.

While the Government claims He Puapua is not policy, its objectives are being rolled out now.

One key aim is to introduce “tikanga” – Maori customary values and practices – into the law. He Puapua states, “Tikanga Maori will be functioning and applicable across Aotearoa under Maori (national, iwi, hapu, whanau) authority and also, where appropriate under Crown authority.”

A leading advocate is Justice Joe Williams. Appointed to the Supreme Court by Labour in 2019, the former head of the Waitangi Tribunal delivered a lecture entitled “Decolonising the Law” to the Otago Law School in April, that promoted the concept.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Judge, barrister, and law lecturer Anthony Willy, has examined the address and questions the wisdom of introducing ‘tikanga’ into the law:

“I can find nothing in the Judge’s lecture which defines what tikanga is or that it has anything to do with the law; indeed he says it is impossible to do so. At rock bottom the law is all about the resolution of disputes between citizens, and between citizen and the state. There is much talk in the Judge’s address of community practices by which the tribes historically regulated their dealings but when it is all boiled down seems to amount to no more than some tribal elder remembering back 160 years in the oral tradition, and what he now thinks were the solutions adopted by the tribes in 1840 to the problems of that time.

“Apart from the insurmountable evidential difficulties inherent in this approach it fails to recognise that the problems of the tribes in New Zealand in 1840 are not those confronting them today and whatever the practices were then they cannot provide an answer to the complex forces at work today.

“That said the insuperable problem which the Judge does not confront is that the law must be certain, impartial, and knowable in advance by all citizens. Ignorance of the law be it civil or criminal is no excuse but, if a citizen cannot know when, or if a strain of tikanga will be relevant to some proposed conduct until some tribal elder in litigation says it is or is not then there is no certainty and no impartial rule of law and the law collapses.”

Another He Puapua objective is ‘Maori ownership’ of ‘takutai moana’ – the foreshore and seabed: “There will be an enlarged iwi/hapu/whanau estate supported by increased return of Crown lands and waters, including takutai moana, to Maori ownership.”

By prioritising tikanga in the law, that objective is now being realised.

With 200 Marine and Coastal Area Act claims covering the entire New Zealand coastline currently before the High Court, Justice Churchman’s decision in April on the first case – Edwards – which awarded tribal applicants ‘shared’ Customary Marine Title to a 40 km stretch of Bay of Plenty coastline, is having a significant precedent effect.

While claimants under the Act are required to satisfy two stringent property rights tests: firstly, that they have held their claimed area in accordance with tikanga, and secondly, that use of their area has been exclusive and without substantial interruption since 1840 – the Judge ruled that tikanga takes precedent over common law requirements.

The influence of this Churchman decision can be seen in last week’s finding in the Rangataua claim for an area of the Tauranga Harbour: “Justice Powell ruled that to hold an area ‘in accordance with tikanga’ did not require a proprietary ownership in the western legal sense. Instead, evidence of a group’s use and occupation would be judged on the basis of their own tikanga. As to the second part of the test, Justice Powell found that ‘exclusive use’ of an area did not require an iwi to prove that no other groups had used the bay. Instead, it was enough to show that they had the authority to do so under their own tikanga.”

Essentially, the Churchman decision has not only lowered the bar for what constitutes tikanga evidence, but it has also overridden the intention of Parliament, since, at the time, the National Government had assured the public that few tribal groups would satisfy the stringent property rights tests in the law, and that no more than 10 percent of the coast would end up under tribal control.

The reality is that if the Churchman ruling stands, private tribal corporations will end up controlling most of New Zealand’s coastline.

The Churchman decision has now been appealed to the Court of Appeal by an Interested Party in the Edwards case, who was opposing the claim in the public interest. But their right to appeal the judgment is being challenged by claimants. A decision on whether the Churchman appeal can proceed is expected before Christmas.

If the decision to prioritise tikanga over common law property rights in these coastal claims is not overturned, the Marine and Coastal Area Act itself should be urgently repealed and Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed restored – I am calling on ACT and National to say that’s what they would do should they become the government after the next election.

By embracing Maori tikanga – which differs from hapu to hapu and iwi to iwi – the judiciary is radically altering the meaning of the law, and undermining the foundation of certainty and codification on which the whole legal system is based.

Another key concept that underpins He Puapua, is the claim that Maori are ‘Treaty partners’ with the Crown. Since it is constitutionally impossible for a subject to be partner to a Sovereign, the concept is bogus, yet it is being given official authority by the Prime Minister.

This Treaty partnership fiction is driving the Three Waters proposal to give control of billions of dollars of freshwater, wastewater, and stormwater assets to iwi.

In health, it underpins the planned abolition of District Health Boards, since a Maori Health Authority that gives Treaty partners veto rights over the entire health system can only operate in a centralised framework.

Meanwhile new guidelines from Pharmac reveal that as Treaty partners, “Maori are the priority population”. Essentially, those with Maori ethnicity will now be guaranteed priority treatment ahead of others with greater health needs.

In education, the Tertiary Education Commission’s proposed changes to the Performance Based Research Fund – to better reflect the Maori partnership agenda – not only strengthen race-based incentives for Maori, but they change the focus from ‘research excellence’ to ‘cultural inclusiveness’.

In conservation, an Options Developments Group set up by the Department of Conservation to better recognise the ‘Treaty partnership’ recommends “the delegation, transfer and devolution of functions and powers within the conservation system to tangata whenua”.

One significant policy change still in the pipeline is the Government’s response to the Waitangi Tribunal’s Wai 262 report, which categorises as Maori ‘taonga’ a wide range of ‘treasures’ including intellectual property rights, genetics, and all living species in the country – both native and introduced. In 2020, $6.2 million was allocated to develop a Treaty partnership programme to ensure Maori ‘participate in, benefit from and make decisions’ over anything identified ‘taonga’.   

Scrutinising the bogus claim that Maori are Treaty partners with the Crown – that is being used by Jacinda Ardern’s Government to justify the transfer of significant public resources and power to Maoridom’s elite – is off limits to all media who receive funding from the Government’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund.

The reason is that under condition three, all fund recipients are required to “Actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner”.

In Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz recently resigned over allegations public money was used to buy favourable media coverage for his party’s policies.

It’s surely not too much of a stretch to apply the same principles here as there is a direct link between the funding and the promotion of Government policy.

With the Fourth Estate effectively silenced by Labour, it’s now up to every New Zealander to alert others about what’s going on. Only when everyone who is concerned “does” something to spread the word – whether sharing information around their networks, talking to family and friends, contacting MPs and councillors, writing letters to newspapers, calling talkback, delivering fliers, using social media- will the message start to hit home.

Collectively we not only need to call the partnership agenda a fraud, but we also need to end the insult of being defined by race.

We should demand that New Zealand follows the lead of European nations and removes race from our Statute books, so we too can become a ‘colourblind’ society, where everyone is treated as equals under the law, and support is provided on the basis of need not race.

Removing all references to ‘ethnicity’ from legislation and regulation would stop He Puapua, the Maori Health Authority, Three Waters, Maori seats in local government – and Parliament – and all other race-based initiatives.  

With all of this in mind, George Orwell had it right – when asked whether the nightmarish future depicted in his novel 1984 could become a reality, he said: “Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”

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*Should references to ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ be removed from legislation and regulation?  


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Barack Hussein Obama now is a major proponent of Critical Race Theory(CRT) which means all white babies bad and for brown babies to succeed they need government help. This is carried out now by the totally Obama-controlled US presidency of old Joe Biden. This must give great heart to the socialist race-divider Ardern here in NZ. Backwards to the future. Monica
It is a pity that this poll question could not be the question put to ALL NEW ZEALANDERS as a referendum! bill
All Government Legislation should be colour blind and ethnically equal to all of us. Brian
For some time I have been advising young people to go to Australia, New Zealand is stuffed!!! Len
Maori were not the first people to settle New Zealand! Having eaten their way through the original settlers, they should not be given further advantages ,,,, David
Definitely! Calvyn
Tribalism is at play – and it’s so wrong mark
Labours policies are making us racist Brian
We have a small group of younger radicals who are trying to divide this Nation to their agenda. New Zealand is for all who were born here, the coast, the lakes and rivers, the mountains and all the land within. Ken
YES ! But now is the time to cut the waffle with yesterday’s announcement regarding Three Waters. Action is required. REVOLUTION is the word. A couple of years ago a friend jokingly mentioned this was the chatter at his club. We had been very annoyed with the direction of the world in general. Two years later suddenly we are now faced with a bloodless revolt or violence. Why at this late stage in life should we be faced with such a dire situation ! REVOLUTION is the word. John
Yesterday! Carol
Yes of course it should be removed, but then that is common sense and remember the Act party tried a bill to remove it about the turn of the century and the other parties turned it down. Jacinda is racist in favour of everything Maori or so it seems but I suspect it is just she needs their seats so quietly does these dirty deals to get their votes so she can rule. A good example of ‘Power Corrupts’. What would stop this once and for all is to get rid of the Maori seats in parliament which honestly were supposed to be disbanded way back in 1879 when all men got the vote. Consider, a Maori seat holder only wants to advance anything Maori, he is not concerned with any other race! Eric
We have had an absolute gutsful of the worst Govt in living memory and their dishonest, deceitful and blatantly racist practices. Their incompetence and arrogance in making NZ a very divisive banana republic in double quick time beggar belief. When are the masses going to rise up and demand that Ardern and all her sycophants be dumped? Very soon we hope? dave
The definition of racism is different treatment of people due to their ethnicity. All New Zealanders should be treated fairly under the law and in society with no special treatment for different ethnic groups. Kay
We need to all work together and share the burden to ensure we can leave our children and grand children a better society in which to thrive. T
Immediately and irrevocably! Maria
Yes, it is dividing us even further and creating an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality.  Kim
I find the whole aim to maorify our otherwise splendid and well tried legal system ideprable and wholly unacceptable. Paul
We are being controlled By a Dictatorship. Not a demoracy Ian
Racial politics sickens me. Anita
Incredibly divisive. Kim
Absolutely gale
We are at a critical point where we must rise up to counter this insidious direction this communist government is hellbent on deleting democracy from New Zealand Ken
It just gets worse, thank god we have Muriel Newman informing us and making us aware of what’s going on and going in to Bat for NZ Robin
Justice, under the law is eroding rapidly through the trend towards tribalism. I don’t want to be ashamed or frightened for being white. Tony
now ie this year graham
the horse has bolted long ago Wayne
Racial division will be the downfall of this country which is rapidly becoming unrecognisable. Miriama
This is 2021 not 1721, the world has changed and every one should be treated equally. Cindy the slippery one has to go with all her spin doctors on the next sailing of the Titanic rod
No place for it here if we are to have a democracy Warren
it should be irrelevant if you want a government for the people with equal rights. Have a country that is congruant with that belief, otherwise disparities involving ethnicity and colour or creed will be realised. trish
The moves to boost Maori ownership and power under this government are disgusting. Apartheid will breed resentment among those less favoured such as people missing out on a place at medical school or having an operation delayed because they are non Maori. Surely they must suffer in the polls after this, but I want them gone. I will join any march on this issue and so should we all. Chris
Death of democracy John
separatism is always used by evil people to gain power divide and conquer still applies donald
We are ONE NATION Wayne
Equality must prevail John
Ruining this wonderful country Yvonne
We all have red blood under our skin. We are one nation. The blind race to divide our population has to be stopped Merrill
Of course. I see that filth in Government have just forced through three waters legislation, controlled of course by Maori. Bring on the protests. Never ending protests. Force them out. I see the Commie filth is also still working at passing hate speech laws. As they are being passed by the biggest racist Government in the world you can bet they will only be for whitey. Terry
Absolutely Mary
Absolutely essential that no domain or regulatory facet of NZ should be exclusively allocated to any assumed ethnicity. Brian
We are all New Zealanders – nothing more, nothing less. Ardern is destroying a nation Rick
Be prepared for the new variant that is affecting UK . It is called Delta Plus & is reputed to be more contagious than the original Delta but not so lethal. Evelyn
To have a democracy the answer can only be YES. Thank you Anthony Wills and Muriel for your articles. New Zealand is in a dire situation, certainly not a country one can be proud of. Weak self serving Politicians are entirely to blame for the current divide, I cannot see the opposition standing up for the people, even ACT is loosing it’s way., They have no spine. it can only end tragically. The pool of useful idiots assisting Ardern appears to be unlimited. Sam
Without question. Muriel makes some very good points Ian
Race and Ethnicity, are not ‘social constructs’. The Frankfurt school of communism is responsible for this horrendous marxist lie, now taught at school! David
Definitely, all race and ethnicity references in our legislation need to be deleted. New Zealand cannot afford to allow Jacinda Adern and her intellectually challenged government to sacrifice democracy in this country to fulfill her own ideological wish list. She has absolutely no mandate to do so. This is third world corruption at its worst. Donald
i could contain it if the government would allow ivermectin into the country. look at india one state of 250 million is using it and covid is gone david
Absolutely Craig
We are new Zealanders, all together Jill
We are all part of the human race. This governments focus is extremely disturbing as they just seem to see it for themselves. Glenda
But what chance is there of this happening while SHE remains PM Malc
Finally someone with a megaphone has had the courage to put into words that which we all know and are concerned about. Thank you Muriel. Peter
There should be one law for all! Ken
New Zealand for all New Zealanders, regardless Rob
I was born in New Zealand, I am a New Zealander, not a Pakeha, or European NZ. Everyone is entitle to their culture, like religion, BUT we ARE ONE People. Jenni
Any policy that promotes or segregates people’s on ethnicity alone is racist. Fix the system for ALL Jules
I see only heartache for all at the end of the road we are currently on. Charles
Totally fed up with the racism this government is implementing, which is having the effect of turning people who are not racist against Maori, due to the constant bombardment by government and media directed at the public of everything Maori. Susan
indigenous, according to the dictionary, means originating, growing or living naturally in a region or environment. I was born here over 70 years ago and if I cannot be called indigenous then where do I belong? This is my country and it is the here and now – not the ancient past. Let’s all be Kiwis regardless of our backgrounds. Forget the stupid concept of he puapua! Terry
Aren’t we 1…a team of 5 million?? That’s what Jacinda tells us isn’t it?? Jamie
the sooner the better Jim
Distinguishing people by race is racism pure and simple. Richard
Race is another term for division – this is being practiced by the Labour government and its accolytes by stealth. Keith
To leave race preference in our laws is contrary to the Magna Carta and the base of Common Law. Michael
How can we stop this Government before europeans have no place in this country Albyn
The idea that NZ should prioritize or disadvantage one over another due to an immutable trait will ultimately divide our nation. Darryl
We need to move on as New Zealanders in our very young country compared to the rest of the world. All legislation based on race needs to go. We are all part of the human race! Paul
Yes, without any doubt. Peter
apartheid is growing by the day Jane
The law should be blind to race, religion & sex so it can be applied equally to all New Zealanders. Unfortunately with this bill Ardern is supporting apartheid, one which warps the term “common law” into a land an sea grab for their Maori co-conspirators or is this just the pay off for their support of our radical far left Labour party? John
Absolutely. legislation and regulation needs to be colour blind. One law for all Dave
Now! Russ
Master race, anyone? Philip
are we not supposed to be all equal under one set of laws les w
By discriminating so deeply in favour of one group in society against the rest, our Government is stocking the fires that will burn for decades. I live in a village that is 95% Maori, so could hardly be described as a pakeha bigot. But it is obvious to me that the Government’s policies will eventually create a huge back-lash amongst the 86% of the citizenry who are less than 1/16 Maori. Why is the Government so intent on creating a highly divisive and angry nation? Marty
We are being led down the path to tribalism and apartheid. This must not be allowed to happen. Rob
It is dividing our nation Teresa
Its an absolute disgrace and undemocratic what this government is doing, I am a skilled person and seriously thinking of moving to Australia if this continues Dave
One nation, one people Alan
Wether positive or negative its still racism and iv e just about had a gutsfull in my life here in Aotearoa. Edd
If this doesn’t happen our future is bleak Bryan
All New Zealanders should be equal under the Law Valerie
Let’s all move forward as one people under one constitution. Richard
I have worked with and encountered maori up and down his country, and am convinced this agenda suits a small group of radicals, probably tribal elites. This will create divisiveness we can simply do without Jan
Of course.It seems a no brainer to the average kiwi,but we know labour does not have any average kiwis in the midst. Peter
most definitely. gerard
It’s so self-evident that the question is redundant. Cherr
Where the hell is Trevor Richards in all of this. What a useless jerk he is. John
This poll will be ignored by “our” Wgtn masters/mistresses as it points the finger directly at their socially and racially divisive intentions irrespective of the true laws of our country. Edgar W.
Definitely YES – this government is leading New Zealand into separatism in every way. We need a public arousal defeating and abolishing this labour government’s term of office. Our nation is becoming ruled by a race whose numbers are not even 17 – 20%. How outrageous is this? Not even totally communist countries work with this unjust and unrighteous minority. CMM
We are one people are we not! Kevin
The road this government is going down is totally divisive and will ultimately destroy what all peoples here have worked so hard for for future generations. Andrea 
WE are all New Zealanders or Kiwis and should not be dictated to because of the colour of our skin or who our ancestors were. It is disappointing that both National and Act seem to be silent on theses matters!! Ian
What really concerns me about this diversion in New Zealand. One day coming soon, myself and my Maori friends will be forced to pick a side. We are mates and we will be divided. Murray
the treaty says all must be equal citizens Patrick
Labour trying to entrench privileges for the 14 percent. All references should be removed now. Her divide and rule policy will not provide her with protection when the majority of the divided finally unite and, as history shows, remove the rulers. Ronnie
A road to disaster Harry
We are all New Zealander and it divides the people Helen
definitely Colin
I am tired of being called a ‘Pakeha’ I became a New Zealander not an ‘Aotearoan ‘ after living here for some years; a decision not taken lightly. but at the time so pleased that I did. Kathleen
This has to happen so we can get NZ back on an even keel so as all constituents are treated equally in the eyes of the law. Stephen (Steve)
Otherwise we are condoning a form of Apartheid. Robert
We here in New Zealand are all one people. Or we should be. No to Sepertisim. William
Absolutely. Leonard
aren’t we one people? Barry
If we do not adopt an ethnicity free policy I fear the future for our country is too dreadful to contemplate. Bill
Strongly agree June
Lack of proper border control has been the problem and self isolating not working leo
Giving one race prime rights over another race is totally against the principles of normal New Zealanders. We have gone to war and died for this principle. Any New Zealander proposing that one race of citizens in this country is in any way superior because of race is a treasonous traitor. Rob
This huahua document cannot be allowed to become law. Peter
We are one nation hopefully pulling together to prevent destruction of our country by this power hungry leader Dell H
Lets hear your voices Mr and Mrs Politician. Why is their silence on this issue? Alan
We are a multicultural country but one law for all. Gavin
most definitely,i dont know what this government is trying to do in new zealand,the books to the ends of the earth,and to the ends of the earth and back again written by maxwell c hill need to be read by everyone it proves by any dought that maori are not indigenous to nz,they should have no indigenous rights,we should all be as one people thats what she keeps blathering on about while pushs her other agenda of tribal control its sickening rodger
Is it correct that the South Island was used as a test case for using those Dominion vote counting machines that were used in America a month after our last election? I have always thought it weird that the South Island, with strong National seats, suddenly turned to Labour and consequently we have a dictator in charge. Comrade Ardern should be removed from office,she is creating so much apartheid and division amongst NZers, changing laws to suit her idiot followers in parliament, dictating to NZers with her silly vax passports, continually invading our TV screens and her determination to send NZ bankrupt and into the NWO. Carolyn
I have been following these issues for some time, and am concerned for the future of NZ should all the Labour policies become law. Dave
As I said. Now you know why they are all hot and heavy on your arms. Police hierarchy in cahoots with Commies. Not all police mind same as all Maori are not on the radicals side. If it comes to a fight Maori will be the same as during the NZ Wars. A proportion of them will be on the side of queenie & democracy and a proportion of whites will be on the Maori side. They are the rabble rousers. And when it comes to White privilege, it is now proven that the privileged ones in the country are MPs and Maori ToW industry participants. Terry
We have to vote them out and return to a society where everyone is not judged on their race. One country one people Dianne
We are one people. According to the aims and objects of the treaty of Waitangi. Owen
if its not removed then look forward to a massive backlash that will result in civil war ,many of us will not put up with our country being destroyed by a few dangerous polititians and and ethnic eiite group of a few backward thinking part maoris trying to hitch a ride on the grevance gravy train,,iam part maori and dont want a bar of it ,,we would still be in the swamp eating pukeka bkiwi and kururu if it wasnt for our pakeha genes in all of us wake up you wankers ,,hone ( ill be scrapping with my pakeha bros ) hone
Return to what we were before the Labour Government came to power and wrecked the country with their looney plans. Garth
fark YES G
definite Yes . government seems to have become Maorified. need to get their head out of the sand and do something for the rest of us PS. stuff the U.N Edward
we are treading a path to the destruction of democratic life as we know it and how it is meant to be. It can not end badly. Distorted thinking by those interpreting the law is resulting in decisions which shouldn’t withstand scrutiny by any unindoctrinated legal mind. The pace is increasing and a solution needs to be found and implemented Mike
thanks for the illuminating article. Ross
Most definitely. We cannot exclude all races who reside in New Zealand for the benefit on one race! Lois
Absolutely David
Stop this apartheid agenda William
we need a colour blind government, otherwise NZ has no future jenny
Unless EVERYONE wakes up to what is going on, this country is stuffed! I agree that all reference to race/ethnicity be removed from all legislation right now! Janet
It is obvious that tribalism is divisive. It also fosters attention to differences between groups or race – which is counterproductive to caring for all equally and regarding all of us as one under God- which is accepted by all Religions . In view of this it is surely expected that tribalism is primitive and should evolve beyond this separatism to oneness. Bruce
Yes – Without doubt, it is racially divisive. Nathan
Absolutely Kelly
Divisive and deceitful and will totally undermine democracy as we know it today. Huge elector greed by part- Maori activists and a devious PM Michael
I am sick of the racist policies of our communist government Ihaia
If this does NOT happen why were there protests against the Springbok tour of 1981? Martin
One people, One Law, if you don’t have that you have a form of Apartheid, something so destructive, that it should have no place in our beautiful Country. If given leave to use race based policies, you are taking us back to the Stone Age! Heather
We are New Zealanders, nothing more nothing less. Frank
Totally removed David
obvious for the Rule of Law, & for the continuous of the 5M united society ( sic. Ardern ) that we live in today & the future of New Zealand brian
Absolutely critical SH
What were the 1981 protests all about. Civil disobedience led by the left! The same movement is promoting apartied in NZ Graham
Just part of implementing Marxism Michael
We are supposed to be one people. To do otherwise will continue to lead us down the pathway to apartheid. Brian
We all have a right to live in a New Zealand that is blind to skin colour. No benefits should be available to anyone or any group on the basis of claimed ethnicity; all charity should be distributed on the basis on need and need alone. Barnett
Without a doubt. As you say this is creating a huge divide . I for one are beginning to despise the Maori and their greed. But how come NZ is so weak we can’t prevent this from happening. Between Covid and the labour party I’ve had enough. Pauline 
Act need to push back harder on these subjects Richard
Absolutely. Equality is equality, no t preferential treatment in law for certain ethnic/racial groups. Life should be about equal opportunity, the outcomes are then dependent on the efforts of each individual. The current Government is more interested in creating huge numbers of people who believe they are victims and then act like it. They become entirely dependent on the Government, which is just how old-fashioned, Soviet-era socialist governments like it. Gary
To include race or a particular race is racism which divides various races and treats one race different to another. It’s not what our country is about. David
We are heading down a very bad path which will inevitably in dividing this country with hatred. Bob
We are now a divided Nation that this Labour Government has created. Noeline
It has no place in a democracy where all people have equal opportunity if they wish to take it. maurie
No place for outrigjt racing by this Marxist government. Linton
Without doubt David
The current Govt is destroying our country. It has to stop Frank
We politely say the government is introducing separatism when it is more correctly described as apartheid. With a “bought” and/or biased media, too many New Zealanders remain unaware of the extent of it. June
Racism is totally abhorrent Lyn
Another thing that should be removed is the pidgeon English being used on tv and radio Flip
All should be removed immediately and while we’re at it lets remove this inept bunch of fools from office before they do anymore damage Flip
Neve before have I thought about living elsewhere but now I can’t recognise ‘home’ get rid of that woman and we may have a chance for the land of plenty for all. Jane
All New Zealanders are equal dave
Remember ‘some people are more equal than others’ and what it represents. John
Im very worried about the government Marian
the sooner the better! Brenda
NZ law treats us all as equals, or it used to! Ken
The use of terms of race and ethnicity have no/had no place ever in our law which under TOW promised only “One law for All’. So called ethnic prioritization is just so much socialist manipulative garbage and must be removed. Richard
How can my letters be printed in the CHCH Press when the editor has banned all letters from me. She told me on the phone that people are not interested in my views. Denis
no baby is born with an innate sense of racial prejudice, sense of entitlement or superiority over others !!!! These are learned traits !! Bruce
We are already seeing and feeling the effects of the “Race” and “Ethnicity” Divide and it will only get worse if not stopped now. Do we really want it to ruin our beautiful country? Laurel
We should recall our childhood days when colour did not matter. AND what does indiginous mean? Who are we then if we are born here and are not indiginous? Terry
….if tribalism ever arrives in New Zealand “let the last citizen leaving turn out the lights”. The Dark Ages will be back……!!! Christopher
Yes. By lunchtime tomorrow. This is only happening because Cindy saw how Helen got to the top at the UN and she wants to do the same if not better : a one world government run by socialist. She has to go along with her racist government. Peter
No divisions Shelley
The road to ruin for NZ is ahead !!! Name me one tribal / religious lead country in Africa, or the middle east, that has advanced the economy & improve the well being of the majority of citizens in the past 50 years since being given ownership. There are more race based laws already in NZ, and more to come, than South Africa ever had. Labor is actively practicing Apartheid, what they said was bad. Sadly here is no hope for this South Pacific coconut nation if this comes about. Dane
Bring on a revolution Greg
Jacinda has pushed a divide in the nation. She, with her government has gone way too far in showing favouritism to a minority . She feels they need to control the water and their health. She forgets that they have shown apathy in getting vaccinated. How does this make them reliable stewards of any governance? Let them show leadership by owning responsibility for themselves first! Peter
Keep up the good work David
the sooner the better that this country of NEW ZEALAND gets rid of our dictator and her bunch of misfits and completely removes ANY mention of the treaty in any new law and STOPS any new claims the polywogs put forward the better off they and the rest of NEW ZEALAND will be. Richard
Absolutely. Not to do so is Institutionalised racism AKA Apartheid. Lionel
most definitely – we are all humans and it doesn’t matter where we are born – if we were all blind it would not matter an iota Lorraine
All should be equal under NZ law Ian
As soon as I am able, I’m leaving and going back to my home country. I came here on the understanding that NZ was a modern country with a competent, honest government. None of these are now true of NZ. Your country is being led by a closet marxist, who You voted for, and who is now intent on giving it away to a stone-age people. I cannot begin to understand her motivation for this, but be assured, it will lead to fame and glory for the labour party princess. Your country is going down the gurgler. Farewell. TOBY
We are all New Zealanders. Fred
Of course. We should be all New Zealanders under the one law. The National party need a strong capable leader who will put an end to all this nonsense by stepping up to the plate and calling out what is going on and to firmly promise to revert to a proper rule of law that treats all New Zealand citizens in the same manner. Garry
One people one law. The Treaty partnership does not imply special privileges to Maori%u2026definitely no power of veto or funding priority. Peter
I’m of mixed race and don’t need, want or intend to choose one heritage over another. I’m a New Zealander. Diane
the answer can only be yes, is Ardern scared of the Maori elite if not she should be removed & charged with treason, the day we can no longer go the the beach & bush is the day our peaceful nation sinks to civil war, Hu Papapa is the most dangerous document ever conceived in this country. One Country One people No to all Race based policies! Nigel
100% YES. I could cry with what is happening to our fantastic country at present. I have never known so many people being this unhappy with their government. Laraine
civil war creating BS Murray
Comrade Jacinda is also dividing our nation by jabbed and not jabbed as though the not jabbed do not have good reasons for their decisions. Catherine
Absolutely it should be removed who do Maori think they are they basically have ownership of all the negative stats in health education crime employment.and don’t have the ability or will to make a better life for themselves. Warren 
I am sick of this separatism being promoted in our country. Brian
shouldn’t be there in the first place. Gerhard
What is happening, this beautiful life is going the wrong way are we not allowed to vote on issues anymore. Ken
Yes – I do not like the division it is creating. Kate
Our Lying PM together with her sycophants continue to pursue their racist and divisive agenda and associated policies. So much for”Governing for all”. The Treaty which is central to their and maori elite beliefs has been manipulated to suit their political aims. The Treaty was meant to be applicable to ALL New Zealanders and certainly did not provide for a partnership despite the distortions and lies Miss Ardern and Mr Shaw would have us believe. If we are be one nation all reference to race and ethnicity need to be removed from all legislation and regulation! The sooner the better!!! Michael
Politics should not determine anything other than governing for the peoples best interests. Not determine which race should have precedence. David
One country, one law for all mark
Absolutely this needs to stop James
I believe we ought to be one nation, rules and regulations should apply equally to everyone, no matter what race, ethnicity or tribe. Claudia
Race and ethnicity divided Germany in the 1930-1940s and the World, and look what happened! Wake up New Zealand and stand up against the lies, misinformation, and greed that is rife within our Labour Maori Govt. Their actions are treason against the laws, and majority of people in our nation. The problem with our PM is she wants us all to be kind but her actions are not . She is leading NZ down a path to civil unrest if not civil war . Does she want her daughter to grow up in an environment where injustice, race , ethnicity, and powerful elite with an over inflated sense of privilege , based on the colour of skin and DNA, exerts an unbalanced view of our Nation and the World. We must not let this happen for our children and grandchildren`s sake.!! We all bleed red blood !! Bev
Definitely. A house divided against itself cannot stand (Abraham Lincoln}. Can someone tell me where I can find a reference to the “partnership” and “privileges” (quite a few, it seems) in the Treaty of Waitangi? Possibly the beehive, but I won’t hold my breath for an answer. Kevan
Race and ethnicity has become something evil and used to control and provide privilege Donald
I’m not going to be a second class citizen in my own land to satisfy a bunch of wannabe activists. Kevin
One Country / One People / One Law / One Health Regime / One Education Curriculum etc. SAue
What this Government is doing is a disaster!!We need to band together and stop it!!! Derek
Any reference to Race and Ethnicity MUST be removed from our Statute Books. Any view opposed to this is, by definition, a racist view. From any perspective, it is incredibly difficult to comprehend how anyone could believe dividing a racially and culturally diverse nation into two identity groups only (ie. Maori 15% and The Rest 85%) and demanding that the majority group abandon and denounce their diverse cultures and forcibly assume the culture, language, history and absolute authority of the minority group can possibly end well. At best, a simmering and uneasy form of apartheid will result (which should attract the condemnation of the free world). At worst, I shudder to imagine but it will be a dreadful outcome. Sadly it is the minority group that will ultimately pay the price even if only by way of the backlash that will result against anything and everything Maori. Kevin
So much for Jacinda’s election night speech saying she was going to govern for ALL New Zealanders! Ted
Maori is an extinct race as there are no pure blooded Maori left in New Zealand. All are of mixed blood. grant
If we do not, we will be like South Africa before Nelson Mandela finally got some way towards unification Robbie
I would suggest that the majority of voters would not support these tribal based demands. It all goes to show NZ voters don’t have control over politicians. We don’t hear any repeal assurances from other political parties….wonder why? Rex
Goes without saying – called democracy. fred
Your analysis and reporting of the constitutional threat to our society is bang on target. What is needed right now is a strong response from the opposition parties (if the media organisations and CEO’s allow the reporting of it!) to come out strongly against it,, continuously, up to the next General Election. Jacinda’s team did very well handling the many disasters within her first term and rightly deserved another. But she now seems to be selling those voters out and has been conned by the tribal elite and racist greed. She does not get my vote on current tracking! Vic
It’s the undoubted and unquestionable answer to out current problems Terry
UN again influencing decisions over our country which Aunty Helen is pushing hard for. John T
mowrie should be treated same as everyone else john
When are we going to become “one Nation with all residents having equal rights and responsibilities?” Keith
NZ is a multiracial society and the laws should reflect and embrace this diversity. Sonya
State sponsored apartheid, Unbelievable!!!! Alan
If 1 plus billion dollars could not explain Covid to Maori in terms of understanding the (dangerous) virus and being able to access vaccination centres when the interest oly on this investment in their welfare would pay for individual taxis then a further one a half million dollars is not going to make any difference. It is apparent that the iwi dictators are not only doing a disservice to their own people but they are deliberately holding the rest of tNZ to to ransom. Aucklanders should be actively protesting every denial of neglect by these people who have no acknowledgment of NZ as our home. Rayna
Encourages aparthied Tom
Absolutely, we are first and foremost human beings, we are all a mixture of races, a nation within ourselves. “A nation divided amongst it’s self cannot stand.” No man can serve two masters, he will love the one and hate the other. Jeanette
As our PM. Said They are Us John
Act for freedom. How true. Dave
It is about to create a division between the people of New Zealand. Up until recently all residents, regardless of race have had equal opportunities and support. I fear that this government is about to create severe division within our community. Graeme
We are New Zealanders PLEASE stop the direction this ????? Government is taking us – we must stand up united and become the New Zealand we know and love sheryl
Removing all raced based legislation is the only way forward if we are to progress as a nation Adele
once and for ever rob
But when will our votes be heard on National Radio?  
With labour in power the end result will be a communist country with all property owned by the government . Ian
Communication is of some help however we must all do our bit at the next election and put an end to this nonsense. Lets see what the oppositions can come forward with as soon as they can formulate a policy to encompass All New Zealanders Barrie
As Immigrants to this country and having Colonised the Moriori ,Maori should have no extra rights than anyone else. Have you ever heard of any “indigenous” race in the world complaining that being equal was not enough. In any case these radical demands I’m sure are not those of the average Maori. Maybe it’s time for them to speak up Richard
We are 1 people, racially dividing us is a very dangerous proposition for future generations that will not have any ability to challenge decisions, through fear of being labelled racist. John
What Labour, under Ardern, is doing ,behind the cover of Covid is appalling. She is dividing our country and pitting one group against another on many different fronts – not just race. Separatism and apartheid are on her agenda. Divide and rule is her motto! Mary
People living in NZ are all equal., so no need to differentiate. Neil
I thought we were one people now comrade Jacinda and her useless woke mates are implementing apartheid Laurie
Although either way I think we are heading for conflict .Rioting,looting,violence. Thanks Jacinda !! Ian
We are all New Zealanders. Stop ticking boxes on ethnicity. Just write New Zealander! Richard
yes it is time to make it clear we are all one people one Nation Margaret
Removal is vital if we are to have a unified nation. Brian
We need to become one people so that we can advance Neil
Maori are New Zealanders like you and I There should be no difference and we must be all equal., otherwise there is no future for us ever being a wealthy content nation Luke
It is repugnant, as equally repugnant as those within the maori caucus (as unrepresentative swill) who have been given the all clear by ADHERN. If it were a comedy, she would be a joke, but sadly that is far from the case. As a retiree who has worked overseas all of my career, returning by choice to New Zealand. After 40 years offshore, I find it difficult to believe the pandering to the “entitlement sector”, that has destroyed any work ethic. Fortunately, I maintained an option to leave and domicile myself offshore, away from all of the destruction and mayhem that is about to unfold. Timothy
That is too full a suggestion. But He Puapua proposals are a cover for the most egregious transfer of rights, without obligations, to the Maori [self proclaimed] 15% and must be opposed ..even by those who understand that there are justified grievances Rochelle
We fought against apartheid in other countries, so should not be allowing a New Zealand government to establish it here. Mark
I always thought we were one being New Zealanders i never thought i would see the day that our government would try and split us as two different identity let us stop this and vote this govt out. Colin
A slippery slope to complete control by Maori-long live 1984. btyan
The laws of this land are now floating on the Maori Beliefs in multiple mythical Gods. But if you look at the motive behind all the claims, you will see it’s money and power. The John Key National Government started it all off. They coallesed with the Maori party and the gains began. Now the only way it will stop is when the money runs out. Then people will wake up and say why is money and power being given to just a small section of Kiwis. The great inclusive plan will end up with racial wars. Dene
I won’t be happy until the PM is forced to resign Jane
Let all people be called NewZealanders and have equal status. Jo
Society should have moved well beyond race based legislation and regulation. Tim
NZ is fast becoming an apartheid nation. Neither of the two main parties is prepared to stand up against the issue for fear of losing votes. Labour is leading and National is tagging along behind. We will soon be so mired in racism that it will take a revolution and many years to extricate the country. Is that what NZers want for the future? How do we stop the rot? Richard
hell yew norman
We have a Prime Minister who has resonated her Power by being a Pathological Liar. She does NOT listen or care what anyone thinks anymore. The sign of a Tyrant who will rule by any means. God save New Zealand. Geoff
rapidly and completely Gordon
Muriel has said it all. June
Long overdue! Ido
This government is a disgrace Keith
“Tribalism is insidious and destructive.” Bob
One country, one nation Lauren
This government will drive out the young, talented, educated individuals who just want to get on in life. My family has been here since 1862. But as retirees, we will be leaving, saddened by the nastiness this Government is inciting. Karen
Totally, and any race based benefits, advantages, bonuses, financial assistance, of any kind. Absolute, needs based only.  Howard
One Country, one flag , one people, one law for all. john
Let%u2019s stop the nonsense by spreading the word asap Alan
Absolutely! Roseanne
Makes me SICK Kevin
I am absolutely sick and tired of Hearing the divisive word MAORI.everything we hear has a Maori rider to it. Now special funding for MAORI VACCINATIONS ,,,, THIS IS UTERLY UNBELIEVABLE. This is APARTHIDE JACINDA , we cannot expect much else from a communist leading a democratic country! Claire 
true democracy, better for everyone John
I know people who look and speak like ordinary kiwis but identify as maori due to the fact that one of their great grand parents was half maori.This is the reason that race should be removed from all legislation.We should all be classified as New Zealanders. Failure to remove this will result in a system of apartheid the result will be civil war. Steve
This country is being brought to it’s knees by this Government. The policies that they have in the pipeline, should they come into being, will change the fabric of our society for all time. And, it will bring internal troubles and violence to New Zealand. Watch this space. Grahame
we are all Kiwis and should all have equal rights and opportunities john
It is a deliberately divisive strategy – presumably to usher in the utopian, socialist central-command economy that Ardern obviously dreams of. John
NEW ZEALANDERS are one people, and our laws should respect that. Tribalism will divide and separate the country, and destroy all the efforts that have been invested to date. Katrina 
Also the name of our country is ‘NEW ZEALAND’ !!!!! Andrew
It sets a dangerous presidence and divides nations , communities and friends, something JA is hell bent on achieving….why are we tolerateing this monsterous behavour! Brenda
Most definitely Trevor
Absolutely and quickly, but have National and Act got what it takes to sort it out NOW, not after the next election, Athol
My parents came over here in 1951 and contributed hugely to the future of NZ and myself. Poul-Erik
Definitely “yes”, otherwise it only starts to divide society. Janine
Yes, remove them all. What else can we say about this clear corruption and being put in place by gangsters. neil
without a doubt john
We don’t want apartheid in NZ Robert
Definitely should be removed but I am afraid it is probably too late The free press has been muzzled and the news outlets that are in league or part of the government are feeding the “Me” and “I” generation racist crap. They are thriving on it. Apartheid seems to be their aim. Sorry folks … The Country is Stuffed Bruce
Absolutely and a law enacted to ensure it cannot reversed by future government Gareth
One country one law Barbara
It’s divisive and will result in separative legislation that will divide or nation. Chris
We are one people and all live in one country. Does the United Nations Declaration of rights of indigenous people realize that all peoples relate to all persons born in the country. Anyone born in New Zealand is an indigenous New Zealander. Gayle
The ridiculous juggernaut rolling over our beloved land will lead us into a civil war based on race. Huge damage is being done based on lies. Maybe Act and National have the strength to beat this socialist/communist government. The hour is late. Pauline
The only way forward for the world to counteract the insanity of what is happening around us is to move forward together,regardless of colour and race. We are one people and we only have one planet. Anon
We are all one nation Graham
One law, one people, one nation. New Zealand. Igor
We are now one people. Lew
It should not be necessary to even ask this question in a civilised country. Kerry
Should have never been added back in. We were this close to post-racial and individual-based society Pavel
I’m of a very certain age and grew up in South Africa, during both the pre-apartheid times and the implementation of that system. My family and I were involved in the large vociferous opposition movement, with protest meetings/marches et al. I remember the banners – ‘One Man One Vote’ Everybody equal under the law. We were labelled liberal radical activists. Like many others, I left. Decades later in New Zealand, advocates of that ideology are labelled racists. So to avoid being accused of being a racist, one must subscribe to race-based separatism-apartheid. How weird is that?. Kevin
It’s unbelievable what is happening! Jackie
We are 1 nation Samuel
we are one nation, just made up of different colours. colleen
To quote the PM: ‘Absolutely!!!” Neville
A sad situation, the end result been of our own making. sven
absolutely they should be removed.- references to race is an insidious and disgusting way to treat people Carolyn
We should all be proud New Zealanders and not classified by any other means. Roger
The current infiltration of racist policies into every aspect of life in New Zealand is astounding, but it seems that few are noticing. Alister
NZ must not retreat to stone-age tribal war- mongering! Yvonne
It is a race based concept that is exclusive not inclusive. Jacki
If this does not happen when New Zealanders wake up they will find great divisiveness between friends, family and all New Zealanders. It’s all ready happening. Maybe a civil war or mass exodus of our best and brightest to Australia resulting in a collapse of our successful export economy and generous social welfare system. Greg
WE are all New Zealanders One law for all, and until we accept this concept we will not succeed. Many very wise man have stated that tribalism will not work, however our Prime Minister is supporting the idea so what will bet he result disaster! John
Our country is on a rapid path to self destruction and will fail all of its Citizens, Are we to become like Zimbabwe, because that is a tragic country to visit Ann
Also, use English instead of a foreign language. Or at least give the translation before the foreign word. I refuse to learn te reo. peter
We should be as colour blind as a society. I now only claim “human”, origin ‘Rift Valley’, place of birth, NZ. Francis
The arrogant ignorance of this govt, and prime minister is astonishing. NZs current political leaders, at the council and national levels, have complete contempt for individual liberty and the Rule of Law. They’ve behaved shamefully, ignorantly, or with wilful destruction of the kind of private rights and liberties that characterise a free society Allan
The current governments focus on and favouritism for Maori is dragging New Zealand back into the dark ages. pdm
This must happen. Dorothy
we are all one people or should be murray
Nothing should be race other than Human race based John
Our country will be destroyed socially, if this racial division is allowed to continue! The opposition needs to step forward firmly and strongly, committing to repeal all such legislation after the next election! Hugh
Absolutely!! Anyone who says otherwise is dangerous and presents a threat to ever achieving World Peace. Heather
This outfit running the camp at the moment is doing its utmost to tear this country apart. Typical socialist bullshit that has been used to stuff every country in the world, that have been stupid enough to try socialism Sam
Colour blindness would be a very good move toward restoring NZ society. Pammie
I would love to see NZ become a united country again. If we continue down this ethnicity road we will see a return to tribal warfare. The tribe from one area will want a piece of the next tribes land and be prepared to go to war over it. Do we really want to regress back 200 years? Frank
We are all one people here in New Zealand and should be recognised as such not singled out into different ethnic groups. we here the call ourselves as genuine kiwis will never in a million years ever let Maroi take this country over and nor the hell should we, there we be one hell of a internal war if they try whether with government help or not, why the hell should 16% of the population no matter who the hell they are be aloud to take over the country. The quickest why to stop all this crap is to wake up New Zealand and vote this labour government out or for other political parties to call a vote of no competence in this government, come on New Zealand lets get rid of them. COLIN
Tribal maori can have a say on any matter but that does not mean that their say carries any more weight than my say. To do so is a racist tool of apartheid. John
Because no matter what ethnicity we are we are all equal. Jacinda Adern must be stopped. She is the worst thing that has ever happened to New Zealand. Dianne
Ridiculous! Graham
Agree strongly – but will it have any impact on our decision makers – after all they appear immune to what little critical comment actually appears. John
We are only one Race – The Human Race. How do those of mixed blood decide what race they belong to or choose which ethnicity they wish to identify with? Anyway, we are all of mixed blood. John
Anything other stinks of corruption. Mark
You only need to look at Afghanistan where once again tribalism and its effects are devastating a country. ash
Surely we can all be equal can’t we ? It’s pretty simple. Some should not be more “equal” than others. Andrew
Yes they must be removed or we stand to be called rightly so a racist country, like the Germans of world war 2 Maori activists won’t to rule others New Zealanders by a race base minority Noel
To remove racism we must remove all references of division from policy Al
This government is rapidly implementing separate development/apartheid into this country by underhand stealth and must be stopped before our country is ruined. Jillian
Few people in New Zealand realise the total destruction of civilised society, that has been taking place since the signing of United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, by the John Key led National government. This set in place the foundation for He-pua-pua, & the Jacinda Ardern led governments desire to implement Agenda 2030. With the frightened rabbit like population obeying every command, issued by this extreme Marxist government, who are using Covid scare tactics to control & further indoctrinate, an already dumb-down population, what chance do we really have to save a once great civilisation, & prevent it from being forced back to the stone age, tribal culture, that the Maori elite will definitely take this country back to. The A.G.W scam is all part of the same process.. A.G.R.
ASAP William
Moving back to Stone Age Culture is a bit Much ! Pierre
ABSOLUTELY – we need to be ONE people and ONE nation. Jenny
One people to quote “PM” Bruce
Totally and utterly !!! This is dividing the nation and is causing racial tension but this is maybe what our Marxist Government wants. As in USA their similar policies are causing the public and schoolchildren to hate each other. Some even now say a revolution is needed to get this country back where it should be — ie all the same but any action won’t happen until we get rid of this Government and the Greens. I have learned may now use the mute button on their TV when Maori language appears and we don’t really want to get to that stage. Alan
We are not a tribal society unlike the Maoris any many in the Pacific and have no wish to go down that pathway as it is totally divisive Shaun
If New Zealand want to save its free democracy it must remove all race based legislation including all government funded race based institutions. Government services must be needs based not race based. Herb
and get rid of alternative tribal names for places ALISTER
What happened to We are all one!if this deliberate effort to seperate us continues I fear N.Z. Is doomed!being a gt grandmother all I hear is when Covid is over young people want to leave N.Z.and go overseas where they are employed on ability not ethnicity. Chris
This should be done immediately , if not sooner. Bruce
This racist and outdated practice has no place in modern society, and if allowed to continue, will ruin this great country. This deceitful and secretive communist government must go. Logan
Too angry to comment – idiocy being displayed is appalling and we are all going to lose regardless of colour/race/wealth etc. Roy
If we continue down this track we will become a divided Nation and can lead to civil war .There is a ground swell of Kiwis that are opposed to a race based policy that come Ground Hog Day 21 Nov this Government will be Shit scared with the amount of support that will follow This Government and our current prime ministers days are Numbered. ken
The word tribe should also be cancelled! Bev
Nonsense Michael
We are TOO racially divided as it is, ALL leaning one way to the minority. Laurie
The sooner the better. Graham
Maori,as such, are not a race anyway. They are just a collection of different tribes from different places around the world. In fact, modern day Maori is just a “Culture Club”, that anybody can join, without proof of ethnicity. Fred
How can this government changing our country from a democracy government to a Maori ethnic supremacy government BE LEGAL – proves the law is an ASS Peter
It is unbelievable that Maori think themselves so hard done by due to colonisation. Firstly if this hadn’t happen none of them would even exist today. What great advantages they have received as they didn’t have so many things like the wheel, fabrics, metals etc. They need to stop looking back and look forward due to all the improvements they receive. Peter
Yes – I have been saying this for some time to anyone who is prepared to listen. Maori are just pawns in the game – they are being used as part of the “divide and conquer” process and will be cast aside when they no longer serve the purpose of those who are really in control. This apology for a government cannot be allowed to run to term. If National does not reinstate and act upon its’ founding Manifesto of 1936, then it will continue to be worse than useless as a viable Opposition party. It may instead find that it will be overtaken by ACT, who at least are making some sort of an effort in this regard. If there is insufficient “push-back” against this creeping Marxist monstrosity, then the rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed for so long, will, very soon, be only a distant memory. We have some hard decisions to make! Scott
maori arent and never have been indigenous. their own folk lore tells us this john
Racism is ok if perpetrated by non-whites, it would seem, which of course is in itself a racist position. A rabbit hole! Dave
this govt must be removed from power. how??? apart from voting can the Governor General remove the whole govt because of no confidence.?? lisa
I have Scottish, Welsh , Irish , English and Maori ancestry. I am an individual, unique HUMAN BEING, as are all humans. I hold myself RESPONSIBLE for, my actions.,I take RESPONSIBILITY for my dependants. I lay NO CLAIM NOR BLAME on any of my ancestors. I AM A NEW ZEALANDER. Selwyn
We will never become one if we segregate by document. This issue has been going on before this weak, manipulating government was in power. Just ask the DHBs and any other government department. It seems Maori or the aggressive minority and those that suit Ardern’s want to segregate themselves are playing into her socialist hands. Divide and conquer. We will be left with no other alternative but to have serious friction in this country. Unless by some miracle National and Act can start talking about that rely matter and not just bagging on about covid. By this I mean things that they will be could racist for but brave enough to know the majority are with them. Owen
It isn’t required, we are all human. Lyn
To do so demonizes one race against another. We are starting to see the consequences of this governments actions. It creates hatred and intolerance. Shameful. chris
As I’ve said before, the next government should introduce a ‘Racial Equality Bill’, which would override all existing legislation, and thereby remove all and any reference to ethno-racial identity from both the statute books and regulatory documents. It would be entirely consistent with the Bill of Rights, which seems to be conveniently ignored when it suits the woke politicians and pressure groups favouring Maori. This, of course, would only come to pass, were there to be a National/ACT coalition after the next election. Then wait for the hikois, hakas and huis in protest; it would likely become ugly, but that’s the only way to set this country back on course towards an ethical constitution (and, in the process, get rid of the fiction of a ‘Treaty partnership’ once and for all). Graham
absolutely,, if not NZ has got major problems ahead Graeme
Until our legislation and regulation is colourless or colour blind New Zealand’s democracy and peaceful society will face decay into dystopia Martin
What we need is a series of major public rallies throughout the country to show the nations disgust at what this radical ‘prime minister’ is doing to ruin this great country. The sooner she & her cronies are removed from government the better! david
WE need neutrality Thomas
All should be equal before the law. Ask these maori activists what special remissions will apply to them on Judgement Day. Mick
Supposedly we are one David
What is happening is very threatening jean
It should never have been considered in the first place..We are all one people. David
Yes of course and that is just what is happening in some of the more progressive countries in Europe in particular. What is needed here is another Don Brash Someone who is prepared to expouse the correct view that we are all equal and some are NOT more equal than others. Don Brash very nearly won the election following his Orewa speech Would it be a great time for either ACT or the Nats to step forward and promote equality under the law. The timing of this policy must be right ( when the people have had enough of divisivness and the left has gone too far ) or it will run out of steam before the election. Timing is critical so don’t expect announcements too soon ROB
Nobody can speak out about their concerns or the inequality they experience based on race. If they are white and do so they are immediately called “racist”. The inequality is never investigated. Jean
Completely! New Zealand should be completely colour blind. We are all either immigrants or descended from immigrants WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Further, it is impossible for the Queen to be in “partnership” with her subjects – a legal fiction which Ardern promulgates. Peter
All services, health, housing, education must be based on NEED not race. Marie 
16% Maori or part Maori can not be allowed to rule the rest of New Zealand Why can’t a N.Z wide petition be raised showing a No Confidence vote in the Government and demand a new election Fiona
we are all one mike
Regulation and legislation according to race and ethnicity is divisive and fosters a community of mistrust between members of a community. We cannot afford to have this in New Zealand. Nola
Stop dividing the nation by such racist policies Graham
Most definitely remove all reference to race or ethnicity for all law, policy and regulation Mike
we are all human no one has special status over another brian
We need a level playing field for all New Zealanders. Jo
It is long overdue arthur
Unity of NZ is essential if we are to move forward in a post Covid era. Phil
This is an absolute imperative. It should be a prime focus of our weak knee’d opposition. If they announced their opposition and intentions today their support would sky rocket. Phil
No brainer! Bryan
We are all equal Graham
It is by definition racist. He Puapua will completely destroy NZ as a democracy! Calvin
If we allow Maori racial supremacy we will become another Hong Kong or Nazi Germany. This is what Nazi Germany did-kept changing laws until Jews became second rate citizens Brenda
End racism by ending racism Geoff
We are one “NATION” and one “PEOPLE”, we “ALL” stand to be “EQUAL”. I am in my mid 70’s and I was taught that during my school years and to this day, still believe such. Richard
It s a destructive approach to the greater good of all who live in New Zealand and particularly those of us who are mixed race. Leon
Political parties should be pressured to respond as to their intention to adopt this policy or to continue upon the road to apartheid. Roger
A big YES Don
Absolutely no – I’m starting to feel like Ardern’s government and the power behind the throne, Mahuta, is totally racist, ignoring the indisputable fact that this country was MADE BY European migrants who turned it from a place of savagery and a stone-age culture to a unique and amazing place to live. I feel like Arden is disenfranchising anybody who is not maori. Where the hell does she fit? She’s not maori either. Kerry
Absolutely John
New Zealand will be ruined if this madness continues. Tribalism is an outdated system and has no place in our modern society. This “Labour” Cabinet has 11 out of 28 members as Maori or Pacific Islanders. They are running this show in the background while grinning Jacinda talks about her team of 5 million. That is all front. She is being led by the radical members of her Cabinet. If she apposes them her party will fall. Graeme
Absolutely! Graeme
It is only logical to do so, especially when we remember what Martin Luther King said ” all man is created equal.” We should all be permitted to enjoy our lives without some sections of society treated differently. We are currently going down a very slippery slope to full blown racialism, at a time when all other developed countries had abolished this diabolical behaviour.. Carol
We need to be one people David
The original unmassaged treaty basically said “We are one” Ross
We are ALL one race… the human race!! Des
The Act, National parties and the Public must halt this race-based programme claire
The race backwards to TRIBALISM, is the main reason for Maori under achievement today. Bob
Apaprited NOT welcome in New Zealand WILLIAM
NZ embraces multiculturalism and is a melting pot under the banner of ‘New Zealanders’. We are all Kiwi with only a minority of radicals who claim themselves to be war like (as told to the world at an opening ceremony of a Commonwealth Games). That is their history, it should proudly remain in history but it is not that of the current Kiwi. Sharron
Can New Zealanders imagine a future with Maori controlling, the Government, the health system, water, all the foreshore, local councils, education of our children. Can anyone imagine what will happen to our economy, our reputation, justice system, housing, ???? Is everyone going to move to Australia like back in the 70’s and 80’s, and leave it to the Tribes to sort things out for themselves. Can anyone actually believe what Jacinda is doing to OUR New Zealand ? Bryan
I am over all this continual discussion on what my dog would not accept .if there isnt some one in Act or Nat who has a gram of Brains Guts to lead us out of this well I suggest they be shot FIRST Bill
Maori are currently being put on a pedestal. They are not indigenous and they were never one nation. Steve
The NZ law should be independent of race! John
The legalised parasitism of tribal socialism will bleed the productive host. As the incentive to continue producing diminishes, while the host is being bled dry, the tribalists will fight amongst themselves as thieves always fall out over the loot, then it’s back to Tikanga. Sanity must intervene to reverse this impending tragedy, the sooner the better. Don
I voted yes. And what possible justification is there for the grant of $29.5 million to ngai tahu to help save their tamariki from the harm that their own ngai tahu parents inflict on them? Ngai tahu as beneficiaries of a magnanimous government have become one of the wealthiest enterprises in this country and surely could look after their own? Isn’t that one of the aims of the whole treaty settlement process? As it stands it seems that only the fat and overfed cats at the top benefit!!! Alan
Absolutely! David
It is taking us down a very dangerous path and the media who greedily accepted money from the Govt. must take a huge responsibility for this Ann
Great philosophy, Muriel – but our problem is that Jacinda and her cohort aren’t philosophers. I note, however, that David Seymour has a degree in philosophy! Andy
Race should not be taken into consideration in any laws%u2026 Clive
definitely john
We are one Allister
Equality will never be achieved Whist legislation divides or minorities seek to govern Bruce
Don’t let it happen! Evelyn
All New Zealanders shall be equal Martin
Not only that, but all reference to the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ as being a ‘ Partnership ‘. Tribalism it is. Both the Nats and Labour are guilty of sucking up to this minority within that minority. Jab them ! Alan
Absolutely! Phil
We are all one people . LT Hobson Wayne
Yes, for heaven’s sake let’s return some sense and justice and mutual support for all the members of our potentially lovely and lovable country. How stupid and destructive it would be to meekly follow the path to apartheid destruction being espoused by our incredibly stupid prime minister. Indeed the time is coming to say to her and others of the “pua pua” ilk that they should begin behaving like honest New Zealanders. This country has nurtured them as it does all its citizens but these cretinous traitors would destroy everything we and our forebears have built. Rob
Absolutely..! Vic
And bring on the Republic of NZ. Remove all reference to the treaty, it is obsolete, and divisive..We all stand equal with the same opportunities. Sid
I grew up in 1950s South Africa until my parents decided to emigrate to apartheid free New Zealand. Sadly 2020s New Zealand is all too reminiscent of the South Africa of my youth. Like the Afrikaners of the 1950s, a small clique of Maori activists egged on by wet, white wokesters and a compliant media silenced with 30 pieces of silver are destroying the very fabric of the society that made this country great. David
Division by race can only end in animosity, greed, and inequality What will end that is civil war. Stu
I want to see NZ move forward and be truly one people without the constant reference to ethnicity. Jan
neither race nor ethnicity should triumph over need, right and responsibilities. Victor
Absolutely like yesterday this is so far from democracy it is crazy..maori are New Zealanders like all others and it is time they acknowledged it Jeffrey
anything else is systemic racism Angelica
It will lead to unrest AND POSSIBLY CIVIL WAR John
We are ONE people ONE Country. Race and Ethnicity should be removed from ALL legislation and regulation. Rod
Race based politics has no place in New Zealand Joan
Yes , in a balanced society with high ethical and moral standards practiced by a leadership which upholds these guidelines, issues like race and ethnicity would be ignored. The reality , however, is the stark opposite of the above. Fact is that we do not even have a proper opposition in existence out there in this bleak political landscape. There are too many factors where we can see that National and Act are too submissive and compliant in all that rubbish.. Two more years of this mayhem will cement the fundamentals which are relentlessly driven by the regime and the next ‘ so called’ elections will be massively rigged to ensure another period of destructive control by the regime. And we all know too well that two years is a very long time in politics. This Covid nonsense is just a tool to dismantle the rest of what is left of our once free society. Our neighbours are already becoming our worst enemy. Division and fragmentation of our society is rampant. Misinformation and propaganda are disseminated by hired minions. This will not go on for too long before this whole thing comes crashing down and we will find our selves in a third world country. Michael
I came to NZ I was really surprised to find out that you have to state your ethnicity e.g. when you go to a doctor. It would be considered extremely racist in Europe. Also the statistics dividing people according their ethnicity actually change the focus from the real problem like poverty, remoteness, broken family background to the problems of race as if e.g. all poor were Maoris and all Maoris were poor which is evidently not the truth. The sooner the society adopts colourblind approach the better. Alexandra
If you need any proof that reverting to tribalism is a HUGE backward step, witness poor Lebanon. Also look at the Middle east and Africa. Is this where this Government wants to take ius? Paul
At Orewa Don Brash had it absolutely right! John
Definitely they should be removed along with the Treaty of Waitangi john
Absolutely. Doug
Doesn’t the ToW say “We are now one” or words to that effect ? Tony
The principles of democracy make this perfectly clear and anything else is a contrivance. There should be one law for all, without regard for race colour or creed. while respecting the rights of every individual. Harvey
Absolutely. Such references need to be removed yesterday. Apartheid policies are spreading like a cancer under the cover of covid. Wendy
If NZ is to continue to grow as a nation , this has to be a priority , to be put into legislation .National-Act-NZ First and NNP Party must make this part of their policies going into the next election in 2023. Chris
We should all be deemed equal and assistance, care and resources should be given based on individual need and eligibility, not ethnicity. Grayson
Probably too late now !! All the best and brightest will be off to Australia Geoffrey
One people , One law for all. Don
We are all in it together. Bruce
Were we not supposed to be a team of 5 million. Where is that team now? Absolutely everything is being given to 15% of the population (unverified as to % maori) and giving them control over the other 85%. We will revert back to the stone age if JA completes her mission. Michele
No apartheid in New Zealand! Allan
Take over by Maori elite Jeff
This message needs to be shared and we need the media to get off their collective bums and be honest with the readers. Tim
This is a pure power grab by a handful of NZders who have no love for this country, nor it’s citizens. They are beneath contempt. Delia
Maori want apartheid and the useful idiots governing NZ are empowering them. Ardern and her toxic coalition of losers are destroying our freedoms with their evil Marxist doctrine. For God’s sake wake up NZ! John
There is no place in NZ society for tribalism Petr
Are we all equal or are some more deserving than others? According to the present government some are so much more entitled than those whose ancestors arrived in NZ and introduced civilisation to a culture of tribalism and violence. Dell
Govt promoting apartide David
A must, only when equality is reached will everybody will have the same chances in life.. Dennis
Considering that Maori are not indigenous and that there are no full blood Maori left, race should not come into equation at all, as we are all of mixed blood and we are all descendants of immigrants including Maori. Andrew
No should be multi cultural Anthea
No brainer. Andrew
All of the population should have equal rights under the law, A minority should not be allowed to have overak controk of the laws of the country, David
Completely flies in the face of the comment The Team of 5 Million that the Prime Minister keeps spinning and what about ‘We are One’, Two faced Hypocrisy. Sheryl
We should all move forward together as New Zealanders. Enjoy all that is available in this beautiful country that actually belongs to the British Crown. Judith
Absolutely! Christine
Treaty is outdated Gill
Are we not all one under the law? Bryan
This government is practicing apartheid in reverse as part of its Marxist approach to governance. Our nation has changed in a couple of years to something not believable just a short time ago. This when most Maori have less the 50% Maori genes and deny the majority of their bodily makeup. Total madness as a society to have this happening. Hylton
The whole situation is soul destroying in it’s absurdness and injustice in a civilised world. The fact that this agenda has gone this far horrifies me and it appears there’s minimal opposition from the bulk of our population. Kirke
Absolutely, one race one nation New Zealand ! Lawrie
Absolutely David
We are one country and our laws and government policies should reflect this. Rick
Our vision for New Zealand is a society in which all citizens have the same rights, irrespective of when we or our ancestors arrived. Bill
There cannot be any prospect of future harmony in the face of a division based on a form of favoured racial identification. RIchard
100% how can you say hate or race speech is illegal yet the Government is promoting separatism based on race. Double standards and the ruination of our beautiful country. Kevin
We are one in New Zealand Celebrate our differences. Sue
Our country now enjoys a very mixed and diverse ethnicities Treat all of us the same but respect ethnic cultures of all including born and breed Kiwi’s John
Please stop this undercover take over of Nz . We need a snap election now before this govt do more irreversible damage Dianne
Yes! We should become a colour-blind nation with no references to race or ethnicity in our laws. We need a party to stand up for that – and right NOW! Roger
Its racism and divide and rule Greg
The country is being divided by race more than ever in our history. Jim
Nothing in New Zealand should be defined by race Laura
APARTHEID in NZ needs to end. Separate Maori seats in Parliament & on Councils is simply APARTHEID. Its abhorrent. Geoff
We need to be “one” people not as we are heading as it WILL end in bloodshed. Colin
Equality should be the keyword, not race John
The new Governor General used word ‘partnership’ in her inaugural speech. We are NOT in a partnership as Maoris. Alan
I want NZ to be a place of acceptance and equality. Ardern is taking this nation into a period of potentially violent internal conflict and she needs to be stopped. The really sad thing is that if a person speaks out against these policies they’re immediately labelled racist or white supremist in an attempt to shut them down. It’s really sad. Craig
Yes! One person; one vote. One colour. One country. I don’t believe Maori (who can’t even be bothered protecting themselves/their whanau from Covid) are capable of running our country. ..unless it’s into the ground. FloJo
As soon as possible! New Zealanders are in a worrying and scary political downslide. Maria
Perhaps then we may become a less divided country Dorothy
I wish to resign from the team of 5 million. It really was just a load of crock and like everybody else I was never asked if I wanted to be a part of it! Rod
Absolutely Robbie
I reject the ethnicity box ticking exercise at every opportunity and encourage others to do the same. Owen
Race is irrelevant in today’s world. Lynne
Yes, as there is only one race, the human race and the colour of your skin or the kind of hair or body features you have has nothing to do with your God given humanity. Ray
Absolutely! Going down the proposed path will start a civil war as has happened in countries that did so Des
yes, otherwise we do not have One Country, One people. And New Zealand needs to get rid of the initiator of this divisive movement – an unelected List member with radical ambitions to divide New Zealand and New Zealanders. Stuart
We should be one nation and one law for all – as we are all equals Muriel
there is no place for this type of racialism in modern NZ William
Until we do this country will continue down the track to apartheid. Murray
This has gone far enough, it is time that we have equal rights for all our people. Murray
Unfortunately Aderns maori cohorts are hell bent on destroying our beautiful countries values and introducing apartheid and division as never seen before . Imagine if we didn’t have NZCPR in our corner ?? Im sure anger amongst Kiwis is close to bioling point . ACT and National must work together and resist this Labour agenda . Please people DO NOT SUPPORT any/all supporters of this corrupt Govt . ie Stuff and advertisers pushing a name change for NZ .Vote with your pockets . Ray
Absolutely, no question about it! Alan
It will destroy our nation. Elizabeth Mary
NZ is an egalitarian societty-equality Tony
A huge big YES!! Race should not come into it. Need is the key word. This Government is destroying our once beautiful country with their racist policies, because that’s what they are. Apartheid is creeping in while we are sidetracked with Covid. Wake up people before it is too late. I do wish National would come out much stronger on this issue but I do realise they are up against a bought and paid for media. Helen
What a wonderful thing that would be but, as a first step, the next election MUST get rid of the labour government. Vote ACT/National as the only options! Carl
Only a racist divided country would include these references. Maurice
Without reservation, yes. Ravi
We are one people and we do not want to descend into tribalism and chaos. Errol
We’ve spent so much of our lives trying to become an equal society with equal rights and all that is being stripped away. It is coming to the point where I actually do not want to live in NZ anymore, it is not a country I%u2019m proud of Ange
Yes, NZ has too much racial decide Neil
I am mortified that so many New Zealanders, NOT “Aotearoans” as the One Trick Show Pony masquerading as a Political World Leader would wish to have us named, are so blind to her incompetence and evil intentions for New Zealand. She has to cease being a “Prime Monster” and next week would be an excellent time. Vernon
A definite “yes”! And remove all references in Statutes to the Treaty. Also, remove the revised NZ history from schools. “United we stand; divided we fall” – Cindy and her mottley crew are determined to do the latter, and proceeding with that agenda apace. They’ve got to be thrown out decisively at the next election. They have deceived the people of New Zealand by chasing their own agenda which was carefully hidden from the general public because a “Covid election”. Enough is enough! Laurence
This travesty must not be allowed to continue Dennis
The so called iwi elite have been milking the system for years at the detriment of their own people. One law for everyone Claire
This is the only way to stop this racist rot Andrew
Yes most definitely and I’m of mixed race! Walnetta
I could write a book explaining why race must be removed from legislation and regulation. Simply put it is apartheid which all caring New Zealanders abhor. Chris
They definitely should, one country one people Graeme
Absolutely, anything else is racism. Jason
Definitely. In a country where all people are equal under the law, there should be total resistance to any ethnic, religious or race based legislation. This country is sleepwalking to a disaster. Willy
The sooner this crowd of clowns is removed from running this country the better. They may have to be physically evicted. frank
There is little doubt that if the current racially based policies of the Labour Government are allowed to progress there may well be civil unrest and violence on the streets of NZ. Not something any of us want to see or advocate but the increasing sense of electoral betrayal that we are experiencing as a nation may well have consequences that no- one has foreseen. This government will be realised as the most inept and divisive that our country has ever seen. It would be nice if other than through the electoral process, the idiots involved could be held personally and legally accountable for the flouting of their electoral mandate.. after all despot dictators often face the legal consequences of their behaviour downstream so why not these clowns. Rob
Yes. New Zealand is already a very divided country thanks to Ardern and her monkeys. Is she so thick that she cannot see the damage she is causing to our nation. Des
We are all supposed to be NZers…end of story! Ken Platt
This is the party that promised open and transparent government and to maintain electoral integrity. Surely this country is approaching or is at the stage where the Government is about to usurp the Monarch by handing back sovereignty to maori which they ceded by signing the Treaty of Waitangi commencing on 6 February 1840. The incoming Governor general Dame Cindy said she has accepted the position under existing constitutional arrangements, accepts them and will serve the Queen. “I,{name}, swear that I will duly and impartially serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Her heirs and successors, in the office of Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Hr Realm of New Zealand, comprising New Zealand, the self-governing state of Niue, Tokelau, and the Ross Dependency, in accordance with their respective laws and customs. So help me God.” It must be time for the Governor General to exercise The Reserve Powers and dismiss this Prime Minister. Other reserve powers are to dismiss a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation. These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations. This situation surely has become extreme. Failing this I see a great migration of people both brown and white to some country run by grown-ups. The other alternative is for the Government to call an election to gain a mandate to continue with their agenda to replace democracy with their intended totalitarianism. Without recourse to any Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda this would seem to be the only bloodless solution to this country’s current political crisis. Terry
Otherwise we will continue down the road to apartheid Russ
Fundamental Alan
You cannot have preferential legislation on race grounds . That is racism. ken
This needs to be enacted immediately Lindsay
NZ is going backwards , even most Moaroi will be worse off Roger
We must recognise and embrace our essential humanity. Time to forget the differences and embrace our need to unite for the common good Cliff
Otherwise it’s total apartheid. Murray
Of course and while we’re about it stop referring to Gov’t expenditure and instead call it for what it really is and that is ‘taxpayers’. Will it happen? not under this lot it won’t. Bart
This is racist Warren
We are New Zealand citizens. No more and no less. The race based agenda under way right now is apartheid Frank
This persistent appeasement of all things Maori by politicians is simply racist and is creating a massive divide in New Zealand. Mike
this govt should be tried for treason. chris
I came from poverty 60 years ago and we were a country where there was so much opportunity and working hard you could achieve all sorts of goals and dreams. This divided nation is making everyone poorer with little opportunity for those less fortunate to get ahead at all. A truly colour blind society would be an amazing achievement and something we should really aim for. This partnership system, I think the elite Maori may be forgetting to not bite the hand that feeds them, if they destroy the taxpayers and their rights then where is the future money coming from ? Is this partnership idea not able to be tested as illegal in court ? Do we not have to get the opinion of all voters to change laws to this extent without asking everyone affected by those decision ? Jackie
And as quickly as possible. ERIC
The problems we face are easily seen in he puapua but the major problem is how do we, a multi cultural country make sure none of it becomes enshrined in law. Law has to be for all equally as does opportunity. Without this we are headed into a very rocky future. Sadly, I believe this government is now frightened to say no to Maori and restore equality. Alastair
How do we wake the sheeple up when even the media is corrupted? Paul
It is morally wrong to base citizenship and legal function on race. Human rights must not create have and have not categories under the law. Richard
I am not Maori. I am not Pakeha. I AM A NEW ZEALANDER> brian
That would lead to Apartheid would it not? Brian
Our PM is leading us down the path of apartheid Cathie
I dread to think what this country is going to be like in a couple of years … a racist dictatorship is currently being developed by this idiotic uncontrolled ‘government’. Patrick
its sowing hate and division James
I thought it was one people Mike
Apartheid is not welcome in NZ. Grant
I am of the opinion our lovely New Zealand is being split and not in a good way. Maori should not have any different rights to anyone else. All of us have good Maori friends who do not want this separatisn either. It is wrong. barbara
Absolutely. There is nothing more racist than race based legislation. Politicians must have entered parliament without a brain to allow this to happen. Nobody, not even Maori, are above any other race. Hitler tried a similar thing and see what happened. In this case it may not be a world war but most likely extremely severe consequences nevertheless. Maori or anyone who promotes this should seriously study history a bit more. Anyone who thinks they are above other people should also look at history – same fate. Folkert
One nation, one people. Any reference to race is divisive and cannot be tolerated. Donald
Frankly I am ashamed to belong to a nation with laws and public policies that increasingly discriminate on the basis of race. The implications of getting rid of such laws will also require putting the ToW to one side as no longer relevant; a diametrically opposite shift to the drive by this Government to enshrine a bastardised interpretation as effectively a constitutional keystone. Ron
Absolutely Colin
because it divides Dave
Absolutely! Murray
Ardern and comrades have risen far above their miniscule level of competence and we should INSURRECT them asap. Coral
This Government’s agenda is to divide and conquer. Appalling bevhaviour. We are all New Zealanders Ronny
Are we not one people. I must have been misguided because I was of the impression we were all New Zealander’s. Peter
its a given otherwise it is apartheid john
We are one people. Chris
We are one. One and the same law for all. Doug
We are part of the HUMAN race! Dick
A dangerous and dividing government in charge, get them out jim
We are one people under the law and our God Ted
We are all humans Terry
The Electoral Commission has already ruled years ago that Maori seats in parliament are no longer necessary, yet no pollitical party has had the guts to remove them. All New Zealanders should be equal before the law. Rod
the proposed changes will make NZ an Apartheid state where different groups wlll hate each other over time. We are walking into racial tensions that never previously existed, so sad for our country Mark
The problem is that this series of concepts, with which I agree, is preaching to the converted Geoffrey
Absolutely, and I am sure that the vast majority of those who claim Maori ancestry would agree. It is only those so called greedy elite maori led bye a bunch of non descripts in this government from the prime minister down who are making these outrageous claims. It has to stop and stop soon before this country faces apartheid. This government needs to be thrown out as soon as legally possible Tom
Racist prejudice at law is undemocratic and unconstitutional Tim
One NZ, one law, one governmental system. We are all New Zealanders. Mark
Through lies and deceit Ardern got elected. New Zealander’s now need to figure how to get rid of her and quickly or we will end up a basket case country. John
All equal. Democracy. 1 vote for all. Alexander
Tribal methods are outdated and not for us in New Zealand RICHard
What happened to “be kind”. Jacinda is devisive and cruel. The world should know how damaging she is Christine
Absolutely it should. Division is shocking Gail
He Puapua should be removed in its entirety. Elizabeth
IN accordance with Windston Peters policy in the 2017 election mandate of NZ First – no race based legislation. ACT and National now need to take this on Board. mike
Stone age culture with all the benefits of modernity when it suits. Louis
Ethnicity is dividing the population of New Zealand. There is nothing more certain than that. Tony
One country- one people.. Donald
If we are to consider ourselves as a mature nation this division of people, being driven at a rapid rate by this immature and control obsessed government, must stop and be stopped now! This is not moving New Zealand forward Heather
Apartheid belongs in the past! Andy
Encourages racism Ewen
Our country is now a racist aparthied disgrace Charles
Absolutely and soon. Graham
Thank you Anthony Willy you are a beacon of hope. There are ways we can counter this ourselves. Talking to family and friends, many are unaware this apartheid is going on. They are stunned! Your fellow Kiwis are those who believe we are all “equal under the law”. Democracy is rule by all the people or the majority thereof. We are clearly no longer a democracy. Ardern got the most votes but only because she did not state her true intentions. Any body who divides us are not ” our fellow Kiwis”. I suggest boycott the media who promote this racist garbage. Don’t even have the tv on in the background. Don’t give them a platform. The media who churn this out night after night and day after day, are not your fellow Kiwis. The politicians who go along with this garbage are not your fellow Kiwis. The judges who promote this nonsense are not your fellow Kiwis. Why should we end up with minority rule? We have managed quite well up until now. Don’t let them take away your seabed, rivers, lakes and land. Janine
Maori or Iwi should NOT have anything more than other ethnic groups across NZ Kevin
Totally. We are one people, one nation and should remain that way. Equal chances for all. All other countries in the World have this written into their constitutions. NZ should do the same else we will be another Apharteid country Robyn
If we don’t,we’re stuffed as a nation. Mark
The activists seeking the adoption of the false ‘partnership’ notion should be set aside. The current government is captured by activists and it too should be set aside. Pete
YES. Long overdue.!! It was a promise made by National’s Brownlee some time back but like many political promises, it never saw the light of day. LET’S JUST DO IT. Tony
This government has to go we can’t have them in power for another day National and act have to act now stop this nonsense and reverse everything labour has done before it’s to late it’s way past time we said enough is enough Peter
We need to be a colourblind society. The Treaty was never a partnership. Liz
It’s a no brainer. But this government doesn’t have them. Only ideology matters. This course feeds the socialist ideology. Martyn
under this government what chance have we to a one nation? chris
Absolutely Andi
definitely Graeme
Also improve and pass the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi Deletion Bill. Gary
This is one of the many, many issues that this Govt has tried to bring in by stealth in some cases and oh so blatant in others (Like funding media) and so to have a good retirement forced me to leave as soon as physically possible can lockdown dependant. Even though 1/8 Maori in the old terms OZ even with their issues to me is still the lucky country and thank god the greens don’t have a stranglehold there. Mark
There should be only one basis for law and that should be as we have used even before 1940 – British. All people must obey the law irrespective of any particular ethnic component in their heritage. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. John
Race based legislation and law is completely contrary to our western based democracy Arden is obsessed with Tikanga Maori with white Guilt as its basis Geoff
This is basic to justice for all. Charles
I am disappointed that false consensus is gaining ground in kiwi land Norman
By mentioning it just brings in more devision Colin
It is wrong Diana
A civil war is on its way Jimmy
obvious michael
Our forebears spilled the same coloured blood to make this nation. We are now becoming a disparate grouping of minority, self-interested pressure groups with no cohesive, inclusive, goal for all our citizens. Ross
Yes yes yes. I thought we were equal. Must have been dreaming. Kristene
We are all equal irrespective of what year we arrived in New Zealand John
Absolutely Peter
we are one JA trevor
Adern has no mandate to push this through and I am disgusted at the continued chipping away Phil
Unfortunately Ardern has other hidden plans which need to be exposed she is milking Covid as a fear factor to keep people%u2019s attention diverted from her devious end game David
I do not think the New Zealand we have known has ever been in such a perilous position with where this Jacinda Ardern led Labour party is taking us. Kevin
Emphatically Andrew
New Zealand is becoming an apartheid country where race is more important than unity. Trevor
New Zealanders were openly opposed to South Afican apartheid, now this Cabinet wants to introduce it here. We need to reognise that a large number of urban Maori do not support tribalism either. Phil
Maybe this govt will all die of covid Coughh , cough Tim
It is clearly APARTEID in word and deed. Charles
Absolutely – race should never have been included in legislation. NZ used to be a society where need was the defining feature. It is appalling that we are all now defined by our ethnicity. Murray
The dividing of NZ by race will be a defining legacy of failure for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. What she is doing is appalling.  Jocelyn
We need a groundswell of support for the concept of a ‘colourblind’ society – and political parties with the fortitude to push it through. If we don’t do this now, it will be too late and the country will be stuffed forever. Gordon
What a disaster Jacinda Ardern is. She’s messing up everything. And to think that overseas media still think she walks on water. Someone needs to let them know how hopeless she is. Jeff
Defining everyone by race is the pits. What sort of a society have we become! Anthony