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Disunity and Division

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“The last American to leave Kabul won’t have to turn off the lights because there has not been any for some years now. It flickered occasionally… But by and large, Afghanistan descended into the dark ages of tribalism, where it has been largely rooted, many decades ago. Tons of Soviet hardware or a trillion American dollars was not going to rescue it. Nothing will.”
– Chidanand Rajghatta, The Times of India’s US-based Foreign Editor, August 16, 2021.

The world has watched on with disbelief over recent weeks as the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan – with little or no resistance. Having battled both the Soviets and the US over many decades, their latest move came as a result of the rapid withdrawal of the US and other Western allies over recent months. Facing limited resistance and supported by Pashtun tribes in the south and east, Taliban fighters swept across the country and into Kabul.

As a young soldier-journalist fighting tribal insurrections on the Afghan-Pakistan border in the 1890s, the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described the forebears of those Pashtun Taliban supporters in his 1930’s book My Early Life: “The Pashan tribes are always engaged in private or public war. Every man is a warrior, a politician and a theologian. Every large house is a real feudal fortress… Every family cultivates its vendetta; every clan, its feud…. Nothing is ever forgotten and very few debts are left unpaid.”

Last time extremist Islamic militants ruled Afghanistan some 20 years ago, women’s freedoms were severely restricted: women were not allowed to leave home without a male chaperone, they were required to wear a head-to-toe burqa, they were not allowed to work, and girls were not allowed to pursue education.

They banned non-Islamic music and television, statues and other symbols considered blasphemous were destroyed, and religious courts imposed inhuman corporal punishment including chopping off the hands of thieves, flogging lawbreakers, and stoning adulterers to death.

While the new regime say they will accommodate women’s and minority rights, they also warn that new laws will need to reflect their cultural traditions and religious rules. Others simply say the Taliban should be judged by their past actions.

How it all plays out remains to be seen, but the reality is Afghanistan is deeply tribal and deeply divided. It has a long history of clan warfare dating back thousands of years, and those divisions remain today. Afghanistan and other such countries are a reminder of how destructive tribalism can be. It is no coincidence that the nations with the highest standard of living are by and large unified.

Despite this reality, empowering division in New Zealand appears to be the committed objective of Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government. This has been revealed in He Puapua – a blueprint devised in 2019 under the guise of enacting the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that would deliver tribal rule by 2040.

Although the Government claims He Puapua is simply a discussion document, its radical objectives are being enacted at pace.

So while the people of Afghanistan are being forced to accept the cultural traditions and religious rules of the Taliban extremist minority at the point of a gun, in New Zealand the extremist minority are exercising their influence through Parliament – but without a public mandate to do so.  

As the 1986 Royal Commission into New Zealand’s Electoral System warned, “Our Governments have great powers and great responsibilities. Their exercise of those powers and fulfilment of those responsibilities is legitimate only because it arises from the consent of the people, or, to put it another way, because it is based on the political sovereignty of the people.”

Jacinda Ardern received He Puapua in late 2019, but kept it hidden so well, that even Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters knew nothing about it. The New Zealand First Leader was kept totally in the dark – even as He Puapua policies were being enacted by stealth.

Furthermore, Jacinda Ardern deliberately betrayed New Zealand by keeping He Puapua hidden during the election campaign, especially as she knew it would have a profound impact on New Zealand once she returned to power.

In spite of having a majority to govern alone, Prime Minister Ardern has no mandate for He Puapua. She has no mandate to assume that the Crown is in an equal partnership with Maori that gives tribes a 50 percent interest in our resources and the decision-making powers.

The whole ‘partnership’ concept that underpins He Puapua is based on deceit – as the former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy has explained: “It was and is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.”

Furthermore, the partnership concept fails the ‘reality’ test – who in their right mind could imagine Queen Victoria agreeing to partner with 500 warring chiefs? 

The website of the Government’s Office of Maori Crown Relations clarifies the ‘end game’ of this bogus He Puapua ‘partnership’ in the advice it provides to Crown agencies.

It states that establishing a “partnership framework” will involve the “sharing” of government “power and resources” with Maori, and concludes: “Māori decide and the Crown assists in implementing the decision made by Māori.”

If anyone thinks this 50:50 partnership arrangement is going to end well, they should reflect on what is happening on the West Coast, where a stoush has now developed over a Department of Conservation plan for a new visitor centre at Punakaiki.

In 2018 DoC applied to the Provincial Growth Fund for their Dolomite Point project, with a proposal that provided space for Ngai Tahu to operate a visitor attraction within the new centre. The application was successful and DoC received $25.6 million for the project.

However, since then and consistent with the enhanced He Puapua ‘partnership’ aims, it is now proposed that Ngai Tahu will be gifted the $25.6m centre on completion, and DoC will rent space for its visitor services.

The centre itself would be run as a for-profit commercial operation for the benefit of Ngai Tahu.

When the local Conservation Board was asked why the building was being vested in Ngai Tahu, a Ngai Tahi appointed Board member, Kara Edwards, said, “This is an example of a Treaty Partnership in action. It’s offensive to suggest otherwise and I’m not having it”.

According to the DoC West Coast director, Mark Davies, “The facility would be an ‘exemplar’ of DoC and Ngai Tahu working together in a Treaty partnership”.

So, here’s the deal. DoC, via the taxpayer-funded Provincial Fund, receives $25.6m for a building. DoC and taxpayers then give that building to Maori and lease back some of the building that they have just gifted.

Is this what Jacinda Ardern understands by partnership? Is this the template for future arrangements with Maori? This is not being done in the context of a Treaty settlement, it’s being done under He Puapua.

But let’s be honest. This is not about “partnership” – it’s about money. And it’s not like Ngai Tahu is impoverished – it is a multi-billion-dollar corporation!

Is He Puapua our future? It seems so.

Government departments are now not only being rebranded using Maori names, but their core purpose is being redirected to He Puapua goals.

As political commentator Frank Newman recently noted in response to a report that the housing agency Kainga Ora (previously known as Housing Corp) was defending spending $30,000 on a Maori carving by claiming that Maori culture is their priority: “The main principle of the Housing Corp used to be housing people in need. It is now clear that the main principle of Kāinga Ora is recognising Māori culture and traditions. Kāinga Ora should change its name back to what it was and get back to doing what it used to do.”

In the best totalitarian tradition, He Puapua Treaty partners are forcing their culture onto the State sector through compulsory training courses encompassing the separatist agenda of the Maori sovereignty movement. And it’s not just the core public service either – everyone in ‘official’ positions is being targeted including teachers, children, school board trustees, doctors, nurses, firefighters and other emergency service volunteers, Police, military, and local authority employees.

The scale and speed of this cultural takeover is breath-taking.

And of course, the radicals who stand to profit most from their new found partnership status, are very quick to condemn those who dare challenge their legitimacy. We saw this recently when seven University Professors were subjected to a vicious and orchestrated attack for raising valid concerns about Maori mythology and culture being described as “science” in the education curriculum.

Just as the Three Waters reforms are a means of delivering the He Puapua goal of control of water to Maori, is the Government’s health reforms being undertaken for the same purpose?

Is community involvement in health through the District Health Boards being abolished simply because that model doesn’t fit the 50:50 He Puapua goal of Maori control of health services?

Is that why two new centralised heath bureaucracies are being planned – a Health NZ agency and a Maori Health Authority – with the Maori Authority being given the power of veto over the entire health system?

Journalist Graham Adams has been investigating these health proposals and explains, “There has already been much debate about whether the alleged inefficiencies of the existing bureaucracy can be cured by the creation of another, centralised bureaucracy – especially as it will include co-commissioning bodies in the form of the Maori Health Authority and Health NZ that will work in partnership to deliver health care across New Zealand. Within that debate, one of the most explosive issues is undoubtedly going to be the question of a right of veto. It’s impossible not to conclude that… a health authority representing roughly 16 percent of the population having the right to nix the plans for the remaining 84 percent is likely to create the mother of all political firestorms…”

Graham notes the other inflammatory question relates to funding. While it has been suggested that Maori Health Authority funding should be in the region of 16 percent of the total health budget, in proportion to the Maori population, how long will it be before Maori leaders start calling for 50 percent of the health budget – citing their Treaty partnership as justification?

Not only is the notion of a Treaty “partnership” a fabrication, but so too is the myth being used to drive this He Puapua agenda, that colonisation and institutional racism within government agencies has created widespread Maori disparity.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, social policy analyst Lindsay Mitchell, has undertaken a comprehensive investigation into the progress of Maori under colonisation. Despite the claims that Maori are worse off, Lindsay found otherwise:

“The over-riding theme from those academics, politicians and public servants currently holding sway is that colonization was and is a negative experience for Māori. Poor outcomes are given as concrete and conclusive evidence… this is simply not the case for most Māori. Their living standards have improved enormously, as has equality of opportunity… The progress of Māori social and economic indicators that has occurred under the process of colonization stands in stark contrast to the constant barrage of contrary claims.”

Lindsay’s research shows claims that Maori disparity is growing to such an extent that tribal agencies need to replace State services, is not credible. Yet such misrepresentations are commonly used to justify He Puapua – and redirect democratic rights and public resources to tribal control.   

So as the world watches on in disbelief as Afghanistan’s fragile democracy is being captured by extremists, many New Zealanders are now watching the damage to our democracy with disbelief.

The reality is that no nation has ever prospered by dividing its people, and it is hugely destructive of Jacinda Ardern and her Parliamentary colleagues to pretend otherwise.

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No, it’s more Labour racist policy. National must promise to reverse this madness. Chris
It belongs to all New Zealanders. WHEN is the Government going to stop this hand out to Maori. It has gone on now for four decades. Are we going to pay for the so called wrong past for the rest of our lives. Treat all people as NZers and run the country for all NZers. Stop the gravy train Alan
Now is the time for New Zealanders to demand a colourblind, united society. The political party/parties who advocate for no race-based laws, seats will be the next leaders. For David Seymour to suggest that NZ has more important things to debate than a fundamental issue like our country’s name is indeed sad. People like Mahuta/Ardern/Shaw represent a dark force and will always use Critical Race Theory to fracture our society and gain more power for themselves. They and their parties are unfit to govern. Monica
Unbelievable stupidity! Derek
Hate Labour & all they stand for! Pete
It is racist Barry
Should not even be up for consideration Edgar W.
absolutely not Miles
Absolutely not. Never – public land is for all New Zealanders, & all DOC facilities too. John
No why should it -They are already a wealth corporate built on tax payers and hand outs and they themselves don’t pay taxes –Cant have it all ways Richard
When will all this crap end. Get another government in, to CANCEL ALL THIS RUBBISH & RE-INSTALL DEMOCRACY! Graeme
No. Absolutely not. It’s not their money. It actually belongs to all of us. Stop this crazy behaviour and decision making. Grahame
definitely not – we do not want to be another South Africa Lorraine
Can such a decision be made legally? If the project is taxpayer funded surely ownership cant be handed over without public input? He PPua Pua is a runaway freight train completely crushing NZs democratic rule! Miriama
Muriel and co please keep up the good work i will donate some more money as soon as i get back to work its hard to believe just how quickly labour have ruined this country ,its the same in wellington where labour dominate our council .i hope we can build momentum to stop this rot chris
No way Ron
Ridiculous! valerie
Mind blowing largess. I suppose it is made easy when you are spending other peoples money. Gary
I strongly disagree that taxpayers money be misused to give assets to Maori only ownership in such an undemocratic manner. June
It’s a national not a tribal asset tony
We are being lied to and conned by this government. Jacinda is secretly carrying out her own socialist agenda . We, the people of NZ want truth, honesty and openness.from the govt.and the majority to be listened. to and treated as responsible thinking people.. Robina
The US had their civil war in the mid 1th century to sort out their true democratic system. When will NZ’s start? Joseph
It looks like a gift to ones self Warren
Absolutely no. This is the Commonwealth of all NZ citizens. Norm
It is a national department of conservation site and belongs to all new Zealanders Doug
So all NZers pay for this and it gets handed over to a Maori tribe who contributed nothing? Who let the lunatics run the asylum? Jacky
Definitely NOT! As stated Ngai Tahu can afford to pay for this commodity and should pay for it, not the NZ taxpayer. Janet
Simply amounts to “double dipping” of tax payers money. Gifford
This is a sick joke. $26.5m of tax payer money would have been better spent on providing much needed State housing to those in desperate need! Martin
Government funded facilities should remain open and free to all NZers. That centre will go the same way as the Waitangi Treaty Grounds – also gifted to that IWI. A huge entry fee to supposedly maintain the facility, but in reality to enrich the local Rangitira Roger
Absolutely not ! What a weak nation we have become led by successive politicians we now face a grim future unless guts are shown for a change. Our forebears would turn in their graves ! Fortunately the ‘tooth fairy’ is really upsetting huge numbers of patriotic Kiwis and her demise is evident. My life has been long and eventful but this nonsense is very hard to take. We live in a beautiful country ! John
It’s a disgrace to gift that and then have to lease back space from what is a tax-payer funded centre. Ngai Tahu should be the ones to lease space if they wish to! Martin
It’s bought and paid for by TAXPAYERS. It’s a farce that DIC should have to lease space back from a corporate entity masquerading as a charity – and which pays no tax! Allan
Separate the issues here. The Waitangi settlement has been addressed with Ngai Tahu, therefore we can close that book. The DOC visitor settlement is modern day piracy and should be treated as such. Gavin
I am of Ngai Tahu descent. Tony
This is yet another step too far from this Government. It would seem that practically all of the Public Purse is going to a certain ethnicity, this country is supposed to be one country, one people, This division, which is being encouraged by this Government, is intolerable. DOC have been in charge of the flora and fauna of this country for many years, why change something that isn’t broken? Heather
This is definitely not an equal partnership Lindsey
No way. Paid for by the public purse, it should remain in the public domain. Alan
This is disgusting Morgan 
It’s for all nz people Lyn
The Maori myth of a partnership Ia a lie that has been repeated constantly by stealth for more than 30 years. Is it any wonder that the unread sheep believe it! Glyn
No Elaine
We are one people. Sue
Somebody should be charged for theft as a Public Servant Kevin
outrageous David
Not at all just or wise. An information center owned by the taxpayer – can cover all cultures, environmental, geological, cultural, historical, photographic etcetera. Maurice
It should be given to the community, not one group. Jen
Perhaps they could buy it? Neil
Absolutely bloody not! Siobain
How much more is going to be given to these part Maori people? Ian
bad economics at least, another racially favourite bribe / gift / graft alan
At least you knew where you stood with a highwayman Nick
It’s just not right Diana
Can not believe this is happening david
It belongs to the people we own it we paid tax to build it .Govt has no right to give it away to any group robin
Definitely NOT – NO, NO, NO. Maori are not entitled to any control of government moves that go beyond their 16% total of the population. Resign this government before they destroy this nation, built on hard work, committment and dedication from generations of people who paid the Crown for their land. WE STILL BELONG TO THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS! WAKE UP AND DEFEND THIS. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND!!! cecelia
Why dont we just give New Zealand back to the Maori and then buy it back because past Governments and more so this current Government has been doing just that .As for Ngai Tahu and other tribes their all robbing bastards any way. ken
I thought ‘we were one’, but instead so racist. Like so many other contributors I ask why no opposition from either National or Act. Rather difficult though with news media ignoring or twisting any action they do take. Dell H
It is repugnant to allow this to happen. If anything it should go to the local council if Doc are so desperate to get it off their hands. Also it’s about time Ngai Tahu payed their fair share of tax to the NZ cause. Garry
Not acceptable! Kit
its a joke chris
Cindy and her leftish PC mates needs to be put down. Just like a critically sick animal!!! Chris
No – it needs to be owned by all of us. Glenda
our money is being used to support a non tax paying enterprise Tony
I dont think a Crown legislature can be a partnership with the people that are it’s subjects. Big threat to Democaracy! Michael
1m people get 2 vaccine wow what a milestone that represents 20% of the population the worst figure for any OECD country well done NZ . Jacinda it’s an indictment on your leadership and your whole government. Get real stop lying to us . Vivian
when does it stop mike
I can’t even believe the concept has gotten this far! Outrageous Hilary
Ngai Tahu have been more than compensated, enough is enough when is this going to stop? Gayle
No tax payers – all of us paid for it so it should not be given to one group Karen
NO! Scott and Oriole
Blatant capture of a Public Asset for Political & Private gain. Derek
Just unbelievable to gift a public funded facility to a multibillion dollar profit motivated organisation and ten for the taxpayers to them have to lease space bak Bryan
Muriel – you know how to make my blood boil! And you are bang on! This is shear BS. It is great to see the Govt. falling in the polls. Des
How came this to be a question? Chris
Ridiculous Toni
Absolutely not. Doc land and building belong to the people and not to one tribe that to add insult to injury does not even pay tax. But then this has long been a pattern to use tax payers money to finance the iwi elite. mike
Greedy Maori. Shameful Government. Watch the s**t hit the fan. This ain’t going to be pretty. Robert
Not as portrayed in Muriel’s newsletter. Why should the wealthy Nag Tahu be given another lucrative source of income. William
Why should it be given to Maoris??? Of course it shouldn’t but our racist prime minister is going hell bent on handing NZ back to them for some weirdly strange reason. Just look at what is to come! Eric
I can’t believe anybody could ask that question. Ngai Tahu is a multi million dollar organisation that pays no tax on its earnings, why would we give them another $25M Terry
Insane. Paid media also fail to mention this on the news what a surprise Kelly
God forbid this has to STOP!! There is NO TREATY PARTNERSHIP,!! Ngai Tahiti a non tax paying charity……what a joke & an insult to the country in general!! Ron
why??? Rob
no no no maori have been given far more than their worth already. If nitarwho want ,let them go and beg a few million from turias 30 million dollar river fund. james
Absolute total crap! Cyril
We do not want or need any race based control of our National Treasures. Race based control would be the thin end of the wedge and we would have a seriously dived country which would be a disaster for our Nation and all residents. Judith
Something must be in the water for so many New Zealanders to be blind to the crap that is going on under their noses! No way give the Maori anything else, they have already been spoiled way too much! J J
Definitely not. The visitor centre must be run and controlled by the government for the benefit of ALL New Zealand residents. Brian
Ngai tahu have had enough tax payer money and no doubt the elite amongst them are creaming it Laurie
Absolutely not, Another example of where we are heading with this government and we all know where its going to end. Lawrie
Absolutely Not. Should be owned by the tax payer who contributed the funds to build it. Jan
Stop this racial process David
Gifting taxpayer built and owned assets to Maoris is dishonest and theft. I suspect it is done simply to satisfy the Maori call of gimme, gimme, gimme. Maori businesses with their tax free status and enormous wealth were founded by initial Government grants and taxpayer subsidies and are now among the most prosperous enterprises in New Zealand. They are the only group given this preferential treatment and the gravy train continues unabated. Dr. Newman’s article as ever highlights the true position and threat to the NZ way of life. Chris
Ngai Tahu has had their “Treaty Settlement” – time and time again. Bob
No way should it be gifted to Maori and taken away from DOC. I can see the day when Maori will make a charge to go there. Give the funds back to DOC and let DOC run it for all New Zealanders. Frank
Definitely NOT! Trevor
this is outright thievery dave
It is a NZ asset for everyone John
Someone has to make a stand, or else it (the Maori debacle) will march on sheryl
Why should we? Maori want everything without working for it. Lazy people! Gary
are Ardern and Mahuta Afghani names. john
Chicken Barry
Last time there I was impressed with the facilities already in place. Do we need another? But in any event DOC should retain ownership for all citizens of NZ David
Too much money is being gifted to the Maori with no real justification Incredibly wrong John
Np. I could never agree to more than 26 million dollars of public money being gifted to the bloated maori corporation known as Ngai Tahu. Why has a legal action not been launched to challenge this corruption? Those responsible should be made to answer for their crime against all New Zealand taxpayers. This is an outrage. Rob
On what grounds????……Oh ,that’s right…..they are the chosen race. Geoff
This country is being run by a bunch of school children, and all we can do is watch on until the next election, in the meantime they play with these disastrous experiments. Tony
Too much Tax payer money going to Ngai Tahu enough is enough. Ross
NO why should they be gifted it if they want it tell them to BUY IT ! Cynthia
This proposal is an example of what happens when handing over taxpayer’s assets to Maori. They didn’t pay for them in the first place because they don’t pay tax or rates. On top of that they will have there hands out so that non-Maoris end up paying twice. It’s a bloody disgrace! Kerry
Absolutely NOT! Why should a taxpayer funded visitor centre be gifted to a tribe to make money for it? Sylvia
26.5 million should not have been given to DOC – much less Ngai Tahu. Mark
New Zealanders will only recognise the damage when it is too late to stop. Ian
We may as well turn the lights off as the last one of us leaves for Australia eric
There is NO logical reason to do this – other than “Woke” ! Te Puapua is itself flawed (nonsensicial even) as irt purports to represent ‘indigenous’ people; Maori are NOT indigenous (evne by virtue of their own legends ! ! ! Michael
Absolutely not. I’d be interested to see how much Maori contribute and then take out if the economy. I suspect they contributed minimal compared to what they cost ! Argh Ian 
Not at all. However this is not a new concept Gary
It is for all NZ not just a minority Gordon
If every ‘Non Maori” New Zealander becomes a Maori ( tick the Maori box on the electoral roll) this seperatist B S is defeated! Roger
DOC have gone Mad Addy
It will have been paid for by everyone. Barbara
He Puapua at work again. How do we stop he puapua cath
Surely the implementation of co governance with the crown is a massive treaty breach by Maori along with all the other he Puapua implementations and quite frankly racist these people need to be educated tribalism and democracy does not work Warren 
I think what is happening to our country is appalling and I certainly don’t agree with Maori begin able to control 50% interest in our resources. Anne
while our racist Labour Government continues with dividing our country in two, the country will be Aotearoa – ie Up In the Clouds. Te Iwi Tahi Taho – We Are Now Two People. Kevan
It’s bloody thief! You cannot pay for something, then give it away, then expect to pay rent for it. Carl
It is difficult to believe that New Zealand once had a fair and equitable society but that is rapidly disappearing and, yet, we are still being told that we are a team of 5 million. It is more like 5 million teams of 1. John
In New Zealand for all New Zealanders Laurel
It is plain theft of taxpayer money without permission from we the people. We already boycott everything Ngai Tahu and encourage others to do so. Bruces
Absolutely not! Ngai Tahu are pretty fly and DoC will pay whatever for rent. So the taxpayer is taken for a ride not once but forever. David
This shows how corrupt and in the pockets of certain maroi this govt and its departments are,unfortunately the two opposition parties don’t seem interested in kicking up a stink, but then again the media are a gutless bunch so wont publish because of their back hander from our dictator so once again the taxpayer is screwed. and folks it wont be the last with this govt in charge. Richard
never Lyn
No- Visitors Centres should be owned by all New Zealanders for all visitors of all races both in New Zealand and from overseas.. Simple ,no selective ownership. Rory
Of course not. The shear arrogance of them demanding it be gifted to them then charge us back to rent space of them . Give them an inch and they take a mile. Peter
Ngai Tahu is a commercial identity. If anything is being given away at least DOC should have free use indefinetly of a certain area of the building. Robert
Who is running this country,?Labour , I do not think so. This country is in big trouble ,soon you will be paying double your rates and rent ,due to water will soon be dearer than petrol and not controlled by local govt Francis
donate it to every New Zealander Patrick
Absolutely not. Betty
The time is fast approaching when the majority of New Zealanders will have to face up to the facts that this Labour governments is dividing this country based on race.This can only end in disaster for this country. Steve
ridiculous gerard
we paid for -it is ours. I am not paying Ngai Tahu to visit a centre I paid for. June
Hell NO! Grant
This has been paid for by all taxpayers and should not be given to a minority group neil
When is the New Zealand public going to wake up take action ?? Pete
What a joke! Ngai Tahu are one of, if not the wealthiest tribe in New Zealand. DOC is also a joke. Donating the building to Ngai Tahu who no doubt will screw the visitors, whether they be Kiwis or overseas tourists. Come on West Coasters, wake up to what is happening. Kevin
IWI = I Want It. Disgraceful! Mark
Absolute inaanity Peter
Hell no..!! Why..?? Ngai Tahu has enough money. Why don’t they take care of their own people and get out of the pockets of taxpayers..!! jamie
How does anyone identify as Maori? I have family 128th Maori who can legally identify themselves as Maori. Really? Catherine
The proposed new centre should be gifted to all New Zealanders. After all the money to build the centre comes from all New Zealanders. Keith
More stealth and theft from Cindy the Red. If Ngai Tahu want to own the complex do what we all have to do pay for it. It is eye watering how the reds are shafting the hand that feeds it. The future is bleak we are all going to starve to death . rod
What that heck is going on with this bloody Government. !! Geoff
Certainly not! Rosemary 
A Tax-Free charitable trust asset that competes as a business in New Zealand’s economy does not need an additional $26.5M grant. If they wish to participate in the venture let them do so as a standard commercial enterprise on an even playing field – the Taxpayer has done enough subsidising and “Full and Final” payouts. Michael
certainly not Mary
Another split in this nation called NEW Zealand Martyn
This is nothing less than theft from the NZ public. Tony
This is absolutely ridiculous and so unfair once again favouring Maori at the expense of the rest of the population. Talk about seperatism! Alan
Why would anyone think that was a good idea? Richard
Ngai Tahu is about the wealthiest Maori tribe in N.Z. Such monies need to go to those most in need – many of whom are NOT Maori! Isabel
The maori propaganda machine in action, again.Once upon a time, I thought we were all one people living in one country. Jacinda Ardderns, socialist connivance to Give maori back something they never owned for a start is just going to lead to resentment from the rest of the population, civil unrest and dare I say it, disgrunteled people with guns may just start using them Trevor
Just another instance of Jacinda’s love affair with everything Maori Tony
This land is department conservation Land owned by all New Zealanders and no way to be take and gifted to Maori for commercial Gain leo
Enough is enough Dean
We have one scared government, a 16 year old marches and says utu and the government gives in/ George
The mind boggles – How is this possible and the narrative gets worse by the minute. This goes against a democratic process and you wouldn’t dream that tax payer funds would build a facility and then look at handing over to a Tribal group, to be run as a business and then lease facilities from Them. Really? This agenda is promoting division as never before. Bill
Pancakes – Punakaiki Equality – Equity Principles – Articles Parties – Partners We’re being played for dummies Tim
words fail me stephanie 
Watch Fox News and you will see the same is happening in the USA. Malcolm
Most definitely NOT, in the interests of democracy and all new Zealanders regardless of race. Ken
Ngai Tahu are already very wealthy and there is no justification for gifting it to Maori. Les
Fed up with all the free gifts from the P.M. and her cohorts. Ann
When are Ngai Tahu going to start paying tax at the same rate as other corporations Allan
That is an outrageous idea! Ngai Tahu dont even pay full tax on what they already earn let alone having amounts like this gifted to them! Ron
A couple of words were omitted from ” it is a multi-billion-dollar corporation!” It should read ” it is a multi-billion-dollar non tax-paying corporation!”- Kathy
Equal Partnership with Maori will not work. It cannot work here in New Zealand. Maori are a tribal people. William
they don’t pay tax on their existing businesses so why give them another gift to make money. Ian
It is absolutely incredible that is even being contemplated. Albert
Continue with the original plans. This is yet another underhand takeover Sara
Stop the greedy lot. There is NO partnership. All they do is moan and complain and take. Without colonization they would still be living in grass huts and killing each other. dona
It will be the end of Democracy in this country. Michael
Our PM has a not too hidden agenda and is a very dangerous person Raymond
Do not blame Ngai Tahu, or any other tribal group, for accepting hand-outs & gifts. It is incompetent governments over several decades, that have encouraged this practise. First we had the Kirk Labour Government that decided a Maori could be any one at all, provided they had a Maori ancestor. No longer did you have to be At least 50% genetically. That allowed the mixed race mongrels, as they were described to me by a real Maori many years ago, to seize control & demand, whatever they wished for. The enemy of humanity is socialism. This ‘system’ replaces personal responsibility, with Government dependency. So here we are, with mongrels demanding more & more, & getting it, because they have forgotten totally, what personal responsibility, & hard work, even resemble. Final nail in our democracy coffin was of course, the signing of U.N.D.R.I.P. Please don’t ever forget who signed that.. A.G.R.
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murray
DOC has been overrun by maori it’s their way of retrieving back their so called confiscated land with stealth. John
outrageous rusty
If the visitor centre is such a good thing ngai they could have built it themselves. The way we are going now is lunacy. Willy
How long will this government hide behind covid to further this marxist agenda? Terry
DoC works hard to make nature accessible for the public to enjoy. They shouldn’t have to gift it away and spend their precious funds on leasing it back again. Caro
provincial development funds should benefit the province as a whole not just iwi john
Ngai Tahu are a multimillion dollar Corporation that avoids paying tax by registering as a charitable corporation stan
Totally agree with the written article. Geoff
They can pay for it themselves. This woman is utterly crazy and should be thrown out of politics. And banned for the rest of her life. peter
There is nothing wrong with DOC continuing to look after this iconic tourist attraction Ngaire
One thing that was missed in your excellent article, is that the Ngai Tahu corporation/s haven’t contributed one cent to the $26.5m, as the tax rate on such is 0% ! Ted
Unbelievable.how do we expose all this rubbish. As soon as anyone sats anything to the contrary they are shot down in flames as ‘Racist’. there has to be a major opposition exposure to this but how can it be done? Peter
Absolutely not, this is just another rort by the Labour government and Maori. Jacinda and her useless lot of cohorts need to be voted out. Fraser
The Government has no right to give public money to a maori tribe in this way. Jens
No, it should be gifted to everyone in the community. Not one group. Kim
Absolutely not before it is offered back to the tax payers who built it first! David
ITs a bit like “selling your grandmother”. My forebears in NZ would be spinning out of control in their graves if they could see the destruction and desecration being visited on this beautiful land, that has been so full of promise. Paul
Totally undemocratic using taxpayer funding to do anything like this. gary
To be gifted facility away then able to charge the giftees rent is a hell of a deal. Wish I could do it! steve
a clear example of tribal control of a public asset! John
Leave as public asset not free money to others Carl
This is another money grab by a very wealthy iwi who pay very little tax and so they can screw the taxpayers of New Zealand even more and bolster their coffers even more. Digby
The divisions that are being created by this government are despicable No sector of society should have power over others no matter who. One NZ and one NZ only ! Robert
More gifts while the poor of the Maori community continue to live in unsuitable homes? The power again and has been for a long time is with the rich who have no compassion for others but themselves. Ngai Tahu has billions in assets. No one holds them accountable. ido
Work &. Earn something for themselves for a change Iain
Definitely not!!!This absolutely “nutty stuff” Evelyn
Absolutely no 16% mixed race individuals have no rights above 84% of other kiwi ethnicity. We are one. New Zealand!!! Paul
Absolutely not. It should be owned by and for ALL New Zealanders. Alister
New Zealanders MUST demand race preference be removed from our laws before the next election. That demand alone will generate a push back but it must be done or our country will not recover from tribal rule without social unrest. We must demand our politicians promise absolutely a color blind, one rule for all democracy before 2023 including removal of race based seats, wards and funding. Statistics clearly show Maori are no worse off that other groups in similar circumstances. Generating a lie for profit is fraud. Sam
Another decision based on race. It must be stopped . Louise
No, bad idea. They have had enough for free. Len
I have said it before and I will say it again for some reason New Zealanders don’t get it or they can’t be bothered, they would rather spend their time making money then worry about the long term future of our country. Sven
I suspect that today Maori tribes represent very few of the tens of thousands of urban Maori, most of whom enjoy the personal freedoms and wealth afforded to all Kiwis by colonialism, a multicultural society and a free Western economy. I believe most non-Maori Kiwis support “equality for all” but would not support the radical impositon of unquantified ‘equity’ proposed by this far-left Labour Prime Minister. Nor are they interested in her fawning support for politicised tribalism. I further believe that this Government’s long-term under-funding, mis-management and callous abrogation of its governmence duties towards DHBs and Councils were part of a premeditated plan to ruthlessly ‘nationalise’ the Health Service and NZ Water. This is He Puapua and far-left Socialism in action, and Jacinda’s aim is to do as much irreversible damage as possible while the Labour is in power. Labour’s actions are not only underhand and undemocratic, they are clearly “inciting social disharmony” which is illegal under New Zeaand’s Human Rights Act. Phil
Taxpayers should be able to enjoy the fruits of their investments without being double charged Elizabeth
What the heck are we doing gifting taxpayer facilities to Ngi Tahu!! Mike
Just another example of the divisive, deceitful actions of a Marxist Prime minister who is well on the way to earning the title of the worst and most destructive leader this country has ever had. Bill
Before we know it we’ll have to pay for something we, as taxpayers, “own”. It is the heritage of all N Zers. paddi
its time the whole country is fully informed what is really happening in what was and sill could be a great country united in purpose and opportunity anthony
Most definitely NOT Diana
Another attempt to seperate all Kiwis by ethnicity. We are a multi cultural society & certainly NOT bicultural Peter
Absolutely not Carol
No way. They’ve got plenty! Mike
Get real ! Answer NO. Andrew
Never Jamie
Destruction of New Zealand’s Democracy via secretive hidden agendas….this is an absolutely No_Go Zone . End of story. Chris
A totally race-based proposal by DoC Warren
Definitely not. This will be paid for by taxpayers money, therefore should be owned by the crown Bronwyn 
As well stop Maori Entities claiming charity status and have them pay tax like all other NZ entities. Mike
Divide and rule seems to be this Government s agenda Heather
this is nothing but fraud dave
The money is ours, NZ, the whole people%u2019s. Robin
They are a rich business. Adern has lost the plot. 15% V85% wont work. Trouble is just over the horizon. She can think about in the opposition next elections. Pull Up; pull up as on erebus!! mike
Jacinda Adern has no regard for the people of this once harmonious nation. She will do whatever it takes to impress her socialist mates on the World stage. If that means division and deprivation so be it. Lee
This is just WRONG. Lionel
Sell it to them Bob
Its a community asset… period Barry
Sell it to them Robert
Typical labour Allan
Should Jacinda and her happy crowd proceed with the gift, then an equal Dollar for Dollar Gift should be made to NZ Pensioners / Annuitants Pierre
Needless to say just another rort. When will NZ come to its senses? Bruce
Needs to be owned by all NZ’s not a Maori identity Ted
If the Maori want it they should pay the full cost of it! Its about time this useless Government stopped giving away what the NEW ZEALAND tax payer has funded. The sooner this totally useless racist government get thrown out the better. david
The playing field will never be equal as long as iwi can avoid paying taxes. Roger
It’s an absolute disgrace Bruce
Muriel says it all. June
Why should Maori be given over and above what all people of NZ are entitled to share in equally? Are we not all people of N. Z, with equal rights? Are Maori a class above the rest? I am of Maori descent and I do not consider myself entitled to more than anyone else unless I have bought it; paid for it by hard work. Harvey
Ngai Tahu have been the beneficiaries of billions of taxpayer handouts through dubious historical claims to the Waitangi Tribunal. They don’t deserve, or in fact need any more taxpayer handouts. DOC have long ago succumbed to the woke leftist agenda but nowadays they are becoming laughable. It it wasn’t so tragic one would be laughing but this is corrupt use of taxpayer money. Rex
Absolutely disagree with gifting the visitor centre or any other crown assets actually. There is no partnership and Maori have had more than a fair suck of the sav through waitangi payouts. Lets Let’s just end it and get on with making the country great again Flip
Pure theft, Mike
This is extortion under a racist cloak Frank
Most certainly not! Previous governments have spent the last four plus decades gifting to the bloody minority radical Maori elite. It has to stop. That loopy drama queen and her equally out of touch government must go. Also all racist legislation must be repealed. Terry
Definitely NOT. ERIC
Let Ngai Tahu fund their own centre if they are that desperate. Brian
One system for all. No separation. Ian
Another example of discrimination against all New Zealanders except Maori. Rod
Let Nga Tahu build a visitor center building , funded out of the $25m, but it must be built in a true Maori way “a whare of poles and thatching ” no colonizers nails windows, ,hinges or roofing. . and the $24.9m left over we can give to the thousands of front line workers getting us through this COVID thing . Warwick Warwick
Absolutely not. arthur
No, who are these idiots and how dare adern think she she knows best about what the New Zealand people want she is a complete traitor and an embarrassment to our founders and to the crown she and her maori radical friends need to be thrown out on their ears right now and let’s get back to normality Jeffrey
Totally stupid idea! Hugh
Definitely Not Richard
Dr Newman, I don’t know where you find the energy and the will-power necessary to continue your struggle against the institutionalised incompetence and outright dishonesty that is evident in everything this government turns its collective hand to. I am pleased that you do, and wish you some measure of success, but I fear that is a vain hope. This country is on the slippery slope to utter ruin. TOBY
It was paid for by the taxpayer so should remain in the ownership of the taxpayer. Also Ngai Tahu along with all of the other tribal groups should begin paying tax on the money that these tribal corporations are earning rather than hiding behind the fraudulent guise of being Charity Organisations. Allan
I am totally opposed to paying for the centre and then paying Maori to run it tony
Come on NewZealand stop sitting on your hands & realise Maori are not indigenous to NZ and have only been here for a mere 400 years,DNA can simply prove that!!! Mike
Even if it were to be gifted the Crown should have a right to lease at no cost the space they require John
Why can’t they stand on there own two Feet. Richard
this is beyond belief, this is the economic thinking of someone tripping out on drugs, utter bloody bullshit. Sam
Absolutely not. We seem to be powerless to do anything to stop this confiscation of all that have built by taxes and paying of Rates. How can we get this government out ASAP. Gwenda
Why should we “gift” something & then be asked to pay to use it? FloJo
This is a concerted further effort to divide N Z . Jacinda Arderns is traitorizing N Z Cliff 
If Ngai Tahu would like the the visitor center at Dolomite Point be of some value to Ngai Tahu,, then let Ngai Tahu fund it themselves from the Billions of funds and assets they acquired from Govt [taxpayer] settlements Ced 
The wage and salary earners of NZ are being robbed. Nothing new about that. Charlie
We are all Kiwi’s! John
No, they have had enough! Jane
let Maori build their own, after permission and at their expense Ian
But the point is how do we get such rorts out to the general public so that they react and throw these charlatans out in 2023? The average citizen will just shrug their shoulders and ask “What can we do about it” and move on until the next event – eventually it will be too late. Brenton
Maori seem to have all the privileges in our country of New Zealand Toni
It was paid for by the taxpayer so should be owned by ALL New Zealanders Peter
Come on National and Act sort this mess out, not only in parliament but a mail drop in every letter box with what is really going on. Athol
Certainly not! Pamela
More division from the labour dicks less democracy Gaz
This is ridiculous.. That building should have been built for Doc to use for all New Zealanders and tourists.. Why do maoris need to have anything to do with it. Dennis
This was paid for by all citizens for benefit to all, regardless of race. It should never be gifted to Maori. Wayne
no more racist gifts Gillian
Our so called PM is a traitor to the people of NZ , she needs to go. Don’t want to see her at the UN either, this young woman is ignorant, arrogant, and just plain dumb. Merryl
Not at the moment Graham
No. Not until Ngai Tahu start paying corporate tax rates. Now there’s another question! chris
it has been built with the money from ALL taxpayers Klaus
This is insanity at its best. I just hope Kiwis actually take offence and start to actually SEE what is going on and have some idea of what is to come. Dick
Where is NZ’s political opposition? If ever they were needed it is now. Or do they agree with what the Labour Party is doing? Richard
Mind boggling that anyone should think so. Bev
The South Island was “owned” by England by right of discovery. Not by the signing of the Treaty. So why are Nga Tahu entitled to any compensation under the Treaty? https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/hobson-william-2189 Governor Hobson On 21 May he proclaimed British sovereignty over the whole country: the North Island on the ground of cession and the South Island by virtue of James Cook’s discovery. In July, fearing imminent French settlement on the Banks Peninsula in the South Island, Hobson sent the Britomart under Commander Owen Stanley to establish effective occupation there. Gary
Good grief NO! Ngai Tahu have a record of extorting money from the Crown and lost not a single acre to anyone that they didn’t sell. This must stop! Roger
Maori have been given way too much money since treaty negotiations have been underway, there has to be a limit to gifting David
NO !!! What a disgrace. DOC gift the bldg and then have to hire the rooms to do all the work!!! Shirley
Absolutely NOT that money belongs to all NZ taxpayers Greg
Not bloody likely Arthur
Definitely not! Barbara
It is like gifting $26.5m of taxpayer money to the farmer owned Fonterra. John
Tax payers paid for it, tax payers own it. When will the madness end? Mark
This needs to be debated in Parliament..I thought Treaty Settlement moneys would be used to purchase these income proding Assets. Peter
I keep saying it I don’t believe there is any full blooded Maori left in New Zealand so what the hell are we doing!!!!!! Les
Its all about money for maori .Pure and simple .Colonization has hugely improved maori ,from stone age living conditions to state housing , food availability and transport to name a few .Yet they now want assets owned by all kiwis are in their sights . Enough,enough. Ray
The very notion is an obscenity John
Definitely NOT. Why gift anything to a corporation that pays little/no tax and has been built on taxpayer handouts. Vic
If this sort of thing is to happen, the least we can do is make the commercial arms of the tribes be liable for income tax. Peter
Is there no limit to the stupidity of this government? Judy
stop He puapua action now Helen
Kara Edwards arrogance is an example of why these tribal extremists have a sense of entitlement. Warren
We have to convince all New Zealanders to vote for National or Act at the next elections to oust Labour and then change the voting system back First Past the Post. reg
No no not ever. Dianne
What a joke – We are constantly being hoodwinked by this dishonest Government. This belongs to New Zealanders. Stand up New Zealanders before it is too late! Jenny
Paid for by taxpayer, belongs to the whole country Keith
no mike
More racist policy this must be stopped. Clive
For 16% of our population,  Asians now have a bigger % in NZ, and European’s are Being left high and dry by the PRESENT COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT. Ian
if it were not for the intervention of the English crown, Maori would have eaten and slaughtered them selves into extinction by now GLENN
Enough of this nonsance, lets get rid of this dividing Government. Robert
Another Jacinda/Labour failure to the whole people of New Zealand (everyone). RACIST politics…… Carl
Thief by stealth. Wendy
What is the next thing we have paid for that will be gifted to the Maori elite That we will then have to pay to use? Our water infrastructure? Well that is in progress. Kiwirail? Probably not as it loses money. Kiwibank? Auckland Harbour Bridge?Air New Zealand? TVNZ? Transpower? Where does the asset grab end? Frank
Absolutely not. If Maori want to own it, let them build it. Gail
if this goes ahead it will be the start of every govt department given to Maori and then what ” our property confiscated ” and all we own taken Les W
what is this country coming to these radicals are raping the country for every thing possible time there was a bar put on these radicals or put them in Jail so they will not be able to carry on with there the theft of tax payers money Russell
They’ve had far too much already. Kevin
Definitely not. The taxpayers of NZ own that enterprise, so they should be asked. Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan (deputy) will use the latest Covid outbreak to most likely focus everyones attention to enable unpopular bills to pass through. The smiley face on TV every day being kind, has more serious ramifications for NZ than what the average Joe thinks. Ray
This is cultivating racism Dianne
Just another example of the power that this Govt has. Helen
It is tax payers money and therefor belongs to all of New Zealand John
I suppose there will be an admission charge as well. I think we need the Taliban to come over here and teach us gullible whities a few a few tricks of the trade. tony
Definitely not Ian
Defiantly not. Ian
Of course not. This stupid government keeps giving and giving to Maori … all in the name of VOTES from maoris. The fact is, all REAL New Zealanders are paying for it, and Maori dont deserve another cent. All this crap about a partnership is a total lie, and with regards to colonization, Maori should be grateful that they were offered the way to civilization, and move away from tribal wars and cannibalism. In stead, they have just continued to grab everything they can lay their hands on, and all with Arderns help. God help us! Des
Most definitely NO NO NO !!! russell
What right have they got to claim every advancement that has lifted them from the Stone Age? William
It should be retained as State owned under control of DOC. Shaun
This is outrageous as everything else on their divisive scheming! Yvonne
unbelievable the govt would even think this is ok blood will be spilt in NZ over this crap nigel
Enough is enough! Errol
Where are the opposition MPs? John
Of course not, I dont know why Ngai Tahu are even involved. Had they wanted a visitor centre there, they could build it themselves The $25K is probably the amount of yearly tax the tribe pays. Ray
no mandate ken
Ngai Tahu are opportunistic bullies – why have they not already built their own visitor centres? Tony
Absolutely not. Built with public money and should remain a free public facility for ALL New Zealanders. NO crown land should be “given” to a basically commercial entity for the benefit of a few. Rita
No way Chris
Absolutely not !!! Ngai Tahu have had totally more than enough taxpayers money so if they want it let them pay for it. No doubt of course they will charge exhorbitant entry fees a s well as we see in other Maori run outfits. Alan
No way. Ngai Tahu are not just a tribe but a multi-billion dollar business, that does not pay its fair share of tax. They are looking to fill their coffers for the benefit of their business and certainly not ‘their people’ Robert
Where is the promised transparency? Russ
I wonder how long it will be before this Government decrees to take over our very souls. Not only gifting Dolomite Point but of all thing OUR water – our life blood – to Ngai Tahu and then what? Will this lead to our Afghanistan? A scary thought! Stuart
How can these lies be stopped? Are New Zealanders a bunch of grasshoppers who will one day realise the sUmmer is over? Gay
Nothing more should be donated to the Maoris; WE ARE ONE.. Graeme
Absolutely NOT. Its time to stop all this giving back to the Maori NONSENSE and just get on with life as we are all kiwis and as kiwis in this country we have bigger things to worry about like covid-19 and weather we want to live or die, because if we don’t get our shit together there won’t be anybody left to get anything.What about all the other ethnic groups in the country you don’t here from them saying they want,want,want all the time they just accept that they are know kiwis and they love it and just get on and enjoy life and mix in with everyone else with no problems, i just do not understand why this government is so hell bent on giving back to about 15% of the country just ONE small group at the cost of the rest of the 85% population. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Prime Minister Ardern its time to get a grip of yourself and pull your head in before its too late, because mark my words you will pay the price, as the 85% will see to it. WAKE UP!!!!! COLIN
When is this ever going to stop Jan
Apartheid by stealth comes to mind. It is time for those of us who believe in the concept of one people and one law for all to talk open and freely about the threat of division at our work, in clubs, in pubs, in the press and social media. Peter
theft in the highest order, this wont end nicely, clint
Certainly not, it is a public asset and should remain so Graham
This is farcical. The separatist agenda being pursued by our government will end in tears. It may even end in blood. There is no mandate for some 84% of our population handing over 50% of governance of our country .. and billions of dollars of public assets .. to a 16% minority. It’s an abuse .. nay, a bastardisation .. of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. STOP! Stewart
Absolutely NOT. Just another Maori scam Bruce
National, Act etc need to reverse all changes made leading to Maori so called partnership as we may as well give up on voting as we will be living in a Communist state Alan
More Maori racist propaganda Gareth
the giving needs to stop. Maori have huge wealth in farms, commercial property and business. giving more to the top is not helping the bottom to which media identify with. William
Definitely NOT Liz
Not a cent of taxpayer funds should pass to this wealthy corporate. Trevor
All taxpayers own it once it is built with taxpayers money. What other buildings will be lined up to gift to one group of citizens? Patsy
Maori activists are bullying New Zealanders. I am amazed that the “woke” ones can shut down debate so easily! When are we going to do more than write and talk about this? If a line in the sand isn’t drawn soon, we will be Ngati Pakeha, and subjects of the Maori king. Bill
“Gifting” tax-payer funded assets to corporations – even Maori ones – is completely unacceptable. And then to actually pay that corporation rent for the use of the facility that you built in the first place is crass stupidity and complete fiscal incompetence. There you go, that sums up our current government. Add in blind ideology, no real world experience and lying to the electorate and you have many good reasons NOT to vote for Labour next time around. Let’s do this! Derek
A question that should never need to be asked! Poor beggars are soooooo hard done by. Tim
Someone has to stop these idiotic actions of Government Peter
What nonsence. Ngai Tahu should pay for it or lease space off our Conservation Department. Steve
Why should the people of nz pay and then rent it back Keith
Why should it? John
It’s an asset owned by everyone Mike
Absolutely NOT. Wake up sensible New Zealanders, we must stop this blatant bullshit being forced on us. This will force us towards a civil war; one that the maoreuropean activist are better armed and ready for, than we are. Darryl 
No bloody way Michele
never . steven
No, taxpayer funded land or buildings should be given to any tribal group. As an aside, look at the damage tribalism has done for Afghanistan. Denise
Yet a other irresponsible pandering from this misguided colonial racist guilt conscience government. Mike
Lets just all be equal citizens of N Z not split by tribes. Michael
The taxpayer funded Visitor Centre should not be handed to Ngai Tahu. Nothing funded by the taxpayer should be handed to any tribal group. Peter
It should be freely available to all not a money maker for an iwi. Lynne
I ask the question, what do Ngai Tahu gift to the people of New Zealand? Answer, absolutely nothing. Talking of name changes, has anyone else noticed that the New Zealand Government tag on all the covid 19 adds now has a Maori name or phrase printed over and above the words, New Zealand Government . Bloody sneaky of Jacinda’s spin doctors. Barry
NO Way. the whole idea is totally absurd. . back in 1896 a census of the South Island total of 1200 Maori residing on the east coast. A full and final treaty settlement was made then. Now Ngai Tahu claim the whole Island and still want more.. Don
If they want it they should buy it Ray
A beautiful part of NZ which must remain in public ownership. Not even sure DOC should have any interest, they are all lefty greenies happy to comply with this govt. Ngai Tahu want a profit providing business, build it and pay for it with their own money Carol
If Maori want to own it, Maori need to pay for it, not the tax payer Donald
Open theft of public property colin
Although I would not mind if the Government gifted me a 26 mln dollar property either. After all, they know what has happened to my people. Abel
Just more separatism Elizabeth
Typical of Maori to go into partnership and then want to be ‘given’ everything. Ardern is promoting a civil war basically. Barbara 
Why? Jill
Yet another example of the lunatics being in charge of the asylum. How long are we going to be forced to endure this madness. Seems the maori caucus is already governing New Zealand with Marxinder as their mouthpiece? Chris
absolutely not! there is no reason for it. Gerhard
Why should Maori be 26.5 Million and then charge DOC for the use of their building Reg
I am of Ngai Tahu descent Clem
This would be insane. Murray
1000 times no! There is no such thing as “partnership” between the Crown and Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi – it’s a fabrication and a distortion of language. “Iwi” stands for “I Want It” – and this government, led by a self-avowed communist, is bowing to the pressure from the Maori “elite”. Laurence
It’s blatant fraudulence, there can be no partnership. Rick
Why aren’t HART and Minto protesting about segregation in NZ? Helen
NO! Chris
Ok so taxpayers pay for the centre, then pay again to rent a bit back. No fairness or logic. I’m sure the money should have been used wiser, like nurses pay. Laura
The taxpayer has funded this on behalf of all taxpayers.Past governments decreed that the treaty payments made to Ngai Tahu and subsequently any profit made on those investments would be exempt from tax so on that basis Ngai Tahu have contributed nothing yet typically want everything. Brian
Absolutely undemocratic diversion of hard earned taxpayers funds Peter
This was funded with tax payers money for the financial benefit of all New Zealander not for one Maori tribe. Oh when will this end. Thank god I am 79 years old and I will not see the result of this *governments folly Andrew
Day light robbery. Carol
Absolutely no and it is time that those belligerent part Maori leaders were rounded up and advised in no uncertain terms that they have no more rights than any other citizen of this country, New Zealand. Tom
Just more separation between non Maori and so called Maori. Roger
This is nothing but theft from New Zealanders and taxpayers. Nat
Absolute disgrace! Graham
This belongs to all NZ. Tony
Definitely NO,NO,NO,NO. repeat NOOOO. STOP this reverse racism which is f….ing our wonderful Country. Brian W. Brian
Stop this gravy train now This is an all New Zealanders asset and not just a select few Disgraceful government Kevin
Clearly not!! But this does not really make a difference either, considering the billions of tax dollars sunk into a corrupt tribal leader cabal . As far as democracy in this country is concerned: There was never a proper democratic system practised. Yes, one can vote , but afterwards the public has no further say in what is to be decided on for the well being of the country. These politicians have free reign for three years without accountability. And this system has now been taken to the extreme by a ruthless bunch of neo marxists and race radicals. By the end of this electoral term we will be ruined. Act and National could be more critical and pro active , but they are not doing what a real opposition is supposed to do. Namely to brutally expose all this political perversion. And why is this happening. : Because they prefer the status quo to have their share of the cake. Michael
This is nothing but a money and power grab. Not at all consistent with democratic principles Andrew
Most definitely NO!! All of this fabricated nonsense must stop now. There was never a Partnership and all the full and final settlements that Ngai Tahu has received over the years are totally fraudulent. National, please stand up and insist that there is absolutely no special ‘anything’ for Maori. We are all subjects of this once lovely little country and should all be treated the same. Race must NOT come into anything. Helen
Ngai Tahu have been given enough money geoffrey
This is a nonsense. Promoting inequality Gregar
What these empty heads running this country are proposing is treasonous and criminal. But where are National and Act?? Surely they should be out there emphasising that there is NO treaty partnership and promising to reverse all actions taken in pursuit of the he puapua objectives including taking back any gifts such as that proposed for Punakaiki. Alan
There is no justification for this blatant bribe. Robbie
NO but it will be.Jacinda and her fuzzies will see to that. They have given the Maoris so much now they can’t be stopped. Helen Clark is still pulling the United Nations strings and Labour is lapping it up. Clark is no passive observer. Jacinda will have her eyes fixed on the U.N. and New York as her opt out option. The country is stuffed. Bruce
It was built with New Zealand tax payers money and belongs to all New Zealand citizens. Maori Iwi’s are tax exempt on all their enterprises and should be funding all their own businesses Wayne
This is insanity, again. Megan
NO! Thank God I am in my 70’s and have lived the majority of my life in a democratic society. The idiots pushing this agenda will live to regret their actions as our democracy, economy and sense of “togetherness” and fair play is destroyed. There will be “white flight” from this country, with a large proportion of the educated “drivers of wealth” departing these shores. Those left will be the old, poorly educated non achievers, and the maori elite. Roy
Definitely not Clark
Ngai Tahu have enough money already gifted to them, this centre is built with taxpayer funds, keep it in taxpayer hands. Colin
There is no partnership never has been and I suspect never will be If Ngai Tahu want the centre they can fund it from their own resources Remember they are operating as a tax free charity so what is in effect being given to them anyway ROBIN
I would be interested to hear someone explain why that person thinks it is a good idea. Brian
Outrageous Non Maori taxpayers 85% of population Thomas
Absolutely Not!! It was built with tax-payers money and it should remain in tax-payers hands to be administered by DOC. I am utterly dismayed and disgusted in where this country is going 🙁 Brenda
Absolutely NOT , that is outright theft . Carolyn
If the up keep is out of their pocket and not the public%u2019s, why not!!!! They can afford it. Raewyn
why? we are all kiwis and they get to share it with the rest of us….Always got the hand out and never satisfied….. Erin
Thieves again… Richard
Just more racially based division orchestrated by our Marxist Government Rob
NO It must remain an asset of the state. New Zealand RICHard
Nurses and teachers our frontline educators and carers need support , this money should have been put there. Di
It is a ludicrous idea. Totally corrupt and insane. Brian
No, no, no. It is being paid for by our taxes. It should remain in Docs hands. This is blatant promotion of the aspirational goals of a stupid policy, which I wont quote as it doesn’t have an English translation Kristene
Let’s not forget Ngai Tahiti we’re given a massive Treaty settlement to invest in their people. And now Jacinda Ardern’s Government is handing them state funded businesses at all New Zealander’s expense. 16% controlling the tax take? Our national health and education sectors are screaming for more staff and funding. Sadly the racial backlash is already starting, Jacinda will not be able to stop the deep animosity she is creating.New Zealand is heading toward some very sad news headlines. Donald
Maori should also be paying taxes. Is this lot insane. Can’t they see China is preparing for war. We should be building a massive airforce and protective missile screen including sub hunters. Perhaps this Government has alternative plans because it is not immediately obvious who they support and having a split population is a hindrance. As it is China could sail into New Zealand tie up at the wharves and take over without even raising a sweat. China has a battle force of about 350 ships and subs. If we show willing I’m sure the Yanks will help, after all they have left lots of useful equipment in Syria and Afghanistan as freebies. Terry
NO! I do not want this building donated to these people. In the comments, Roger has asked why there is NO COMMENTS or ARGUMENTS from the opposition parties in Parliament. I am asking the same question. WHY are WE not hearing any opposition from these people we elected to run NEW ZEALAND? William H
Absolutely NO to gifting property and facilities paid for by taxpayers to tribal interests Linda
No,and not with my bloody hard earned,taxpayer dollars. Mike
A total disgrace and fiasco.. Don
There seems to be a ‘Feel good campaign’ to give things to the Maori and this government is good at that, not to so that previous governments have not. The gifting of the Ngaruawahia Army Camp many years ago that springs to mind along with many others. Why is it that the National and Act parties are not focusing on this sort of thing? Instead their focus is vaccine rollout has been slow. We all know this and it what it is but gifting land back to Maori is something that is gone for ever. I bet most New Zealanders don’t even know about this piece of land is being considered for gift to the Maori, I didn’t. What else is in the pipe line?? Chris
No more Racism Greg
Another case of racial discrimination against the majority of citizens Christina
It is going to be a template for the future including 3 Waters. john
No taxpayer property should be gifted to anyone without just cause. A lot of these things are happening quietly under the radar, for example Huka falls. Maori are claiming everything held by D.O.C. Rex
Certainly NOT.With 7 full and final Treaty settlements they are flush with funds to help Buy up New Zealand David
All for one, and one for all. Annie
They can buy it Phil
NO I have had this Maori nationalization Crap Frank
By handing over the visitor centre will give unfettered rights to Maori to push and pedal there own form of racism Ken
hell no paul
They get more than enough now Dave
The NZ taxpayers paid for it so it should be owned by them Jan 
This is a nonsense John
Absolutely not! Emma
Ngai Tahu is a multi billion dollar organisation, do they pay taxes? If they wish to be involved with the centre at Dolomite Point they should pay for the privilege like any other business entity. Sheryl
Ideological violence Tony
Outrageous. Let’s hope the “mainstream” media pick up on the gifting of the Dolomite Point project. John
What readers here must realise that we now have no political party that espouses the views held here. If you question your parliamentary representatives in even the “bluest” of seats you get a very ambivalent reply to questions such as ” why did you not defend the removal of Winston Churchills portrait?” Or ” Why are you not saying the country’s name should be New Zealand?”.In a nutshell these people are not there to represent us as their oath dictates, rather they have pet projects which they pursue with vigour. You must be very clear who you vote for in the next election if you want change. Our political landscape has greatly changed and we must adopt different strategies to counteract these all pervading false narratives. Janine
After the billions they were paid and their sales from fisheries and other goodies they’ve been given they should be able to pay full price – probably out of petty cash. Ian
Deceitful, underhanded, and non democratic, further eroding democracy with this separatist recipe created the Adern lead socialist Government. Gary
Absolutely not where are the opposition parties why are they sitting back things are getting to a stage where it will be impossible to reverse the situation I’m picking people will leave the country in droves Peter
If they want it let them raise a business case and pay for it with their own money.Their treaty settlement was full and final Phil
I totally disagree, but how is it going to be stopped? It isn’t unless the country is rid of Ardern and her radical government. Pamela
They already have all the greenstone. Simon
No,Why should it be? gale
Obvious, 16% of population one person one vote!!!! Mark
This division is all a disgrace from the Labor Government Liz
Thank you for the excellent article. Gifting property, then renting it back from the business you gave it to? That’s insanity. You know what, there are a million and one better used for the $26m than giving it to a rich corporation, including not taking it from hard working kiwis in the first place. I am forced to pay half of what I earn to the govt, so they can give it away to their rich Maori mates. Something is not quite right here. JD
Absolutely categorically NO! David
Insane. Ngai Tahu have no more grievances to claim under the treaty negotiations. In fact they have settled first and are the blue prints for the north island tribes John
It is an asset that was funded by the taxpayers of NZ and should remain as an asset of the NZ taxpayer. Under what statute does DoC assume the right to gift our assets to Ngai Tahu. Andy
It is incredible that this column is the first I have heard of this and I am an avid news reader stewart 
Sorry folks, New Zealand is now a basket case. Last one out switch off the lights Rossco
More BS, where is the opposition to wheats happening to NZ in Parliament, where is the voice of the National Party, who in power will stand up to these Dictators ? Bryan
I am sick of constantly hearing and reading of tax payer owned properties being gifted to Maori. I am sick of the tribal approach and seeing a select group of Maori skimming the public purse while those lower in the tribal rankings see little real benefit flowing their way. Alastair
Why no just hand over all of NEW ZEALAND to the maori and be done with it David
What the living HELL is the matter with our country that we’re forever giving everything to part-Maori who in reality actually have greater European blood lines!! Tony
Pakeha will be entitled to Treaty Settlements the way we are going. chris
It belongs to all New Zealanders So why is that a problem? John
This nonsense needs to end. Charles
what will be next Jimmy
Unbelievable chris
Is that not out and out Racism NGAI TAHU have billions in assets why should the taxpayer build them a center on public land and then give it to them Colin
This centre was paid for, built, and maintained by the taxpayers of New Zealand. It belongs to all of us – not an ethnic minority John
Definitely not. Maori get far far too much as it is already. Soon Maori will dominate everything in NZ Kevin
Who is behind this continuing craziness. Our prime minister has a heavy socialist background. Is there some secret sub-cabinet working group that dreams up this cascade of changes to drive our communities apart? Roll on the ballot box is all I can say. There need to be tossed out of office with a resounding NO vote. Rob
Never pete
All this undeserved favouritism using primarily our money to Maori is becoming a nightmare. Eventually it may result in riots, even death. Jacinda Ardern seems asleep and any letters sent to her complaining are flicked onto Davis who of course never replies. Democracy now does not exist, neither out ability to complain. Bruce
No, why? It would be the same if the Government was to gift houses to people, That is not the role of Government. And it will get worse if we are all going to have to abide by the 2% Maori imposing their will on the people. The end of democracy will lead us to a very dark path indeed. It is a great shame that this Government is too stupid to even see that.. Folkert
Keep it as a Doc asset as taxpayers funded it. Stan
Unbelievably stupid. I’m poised to join white flight if all this nonsense cannot be eradicated. Laurie
Tatou tatou in action. Brett
Hell No!! Murray
Ardern should be removed as PM as she does not represent non-Maori New Zealanders! Our Anzacs will be turning in their graves. Pauline
Like anything in life something obtained freely does not have the ownership pride of something earned. This property will go into decline and mismanagement, and then they will ask for Government assistance to fix it, all the while charging rent on a property paid for by the renters. This proposal by the Gov, and Maori make little or no sense at all, Another con job by labour socialists and Maori. Grant
This is blatant and barefaced mismanagement. When can NZ get a Leader of moral standing ? John
Absolutely not – it is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer funding.  Grant
What a disaster this government is turning out to be. Far worse than we thought.  Bryan
Indeed watching the disaster unfold in Afghanistan felt like the disaster unfolding here – on a far different scale, of course. But does this government really understand what it is doing giving public funding to Maori supporters without any justification whatsoever? How does that work?? And who is going to challenge the legitimacy of such actions? What a dreadful mess it all is. Pauline
There is no partnership – it is a fabrication. The visitor centre should remain an asset of the Crown. End of story! Simon
Who on earth is authorising tens of millions of dollars to be given to Ngai Tahu on the basis of a fraud. Where’s National when we need them, or ACT – to challenge this scheme. And why isn’t the Auditor General investigating. Roger