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The local elections sent the Prime Minister and her Labour Party a message: “We don’t want you anymore”.

The resounding defeat of the two Labour mayoral contenders she had publicly backed – Efeso Collins in Auckland and sitting MP Paul Eagle in Wellington – demonstrated only too clearly how the PM’s endorsement has turned into a ‘kiss of death’ for candidates.

This ‘swing to the right’ across the country is bad news for the Labour Party’s 2023 election chances. The results mirrored what the polls have been saying for some time now – that the electorate has fallen out of love with Jacinda Ardern. They are now treating her with the contempt she deserves. Not only has she undermined democracy by inflicting her unmandated tribal rule agenda onto the country, but ‘trust’ in her Government has evaporated as almost everything she touches turns into failure.

Her excessive spending has contributed to a cost of living crisis. Her welfare and immigration policy failures have created a critical shortage of workers. Her centralisation of the health and polytech sectors to deliver control to the iwi elite has been a disaster. And now as a result of her narcissistic desire to be seen to be leading the world on climate change, she appears intent on ruining New Zealand’s crucial farming sector through her obsessive ‘zero carbon’ fanaticism.     

It must surely be only a matter of time before she heads off to take up a position within the World Economic Forum or the United Nations, leaving the mess she and her comrades have created for others to clean up. Her tenure will be remembered as a failed experiment in modern socialism.

This year’s local elections were also notable for the continued slide in voter turnout.

What we do know is a range of factors contribute to good voter turnout – namely communities with a higher medium age, more home ownership, and a smaller population base are likely to become more engaged with local councils and vote. But one also wonders whether Labour’s divisive policies, continual lies, and sham public consultations has contributed to people switching off local body politics and politicians. 

Let’s investigate.

Firstly a reminder that in the lead up to the 2020 General Election, the Prime Minister campaigned on a Labour Party manifesto promise of strengthening local government democracy and community engagement: “Labour will uphold local decision making in the democratic institutions of local government” and “Labour will ensure that major decisions about local democracy involve full participation of the local population from the outset”.

Those promises turned out to be lies.

Barely three weeks into Parliament’s sitting programme following Labour’s outright victory in the October election, the Prime Minister authorised the Local Electoral (Maori Wards and Maori Constituencies) Amendment Bill to abolish the local democratic right of communities to oppose Maori wards.

At the time, almost a dozen councils had decided to establish Maori wards without consulting their communities. Since most New Zealanders do not want to be divided by race, petitions had been launched to force the councils to hold binding referenda, so local residents and ratepayers could have a say.

Labour’s plan to prevent the public opposing Maori wards was not signalled before the election.

The Herald’s Chief Political Reporter Audrey Young was scathing about this deceit: “The Government has made a strong case for abolishing local voters’ ability to overturn a council’s decision to establish a Maori ward. So it is unforgivable that Labour did not put it in its 2020 election manifesto. Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta foreshadowed the move in November, within weeks of the October election. It was clearly on Labour’s agenda all along. It may be a divisive issue but there is no excuse for Labour having hidden it at the election.”

In true dictatorial fashion, Prime Minister Ardern abolished these important local government democratic rights under urgency, with no prior consultation. Retrospective provisions were included that cancelled petitions that had been supported by tens of thousands of New Zealanders up and down the country demanding councils hold referenda on Maori wards.

The Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta justified the Bill on the basis that Maori were underrepresented in local government, saying they faced “an almost insurmountable barrier” to getting elected.

That too was a lie.

survey by Local Government New Zealand carried out in October 2020 showed that the proportion of Maori elected to local authorities was 13.5 percent – almost exactly the same as the 2018 census, which showed Maori as 13.7 percent of the adult population.

In other words, there was no under representation – Maori have always been quite capable of getting elected onto councils themselves.

The Maori ward petition rights that Jacinda Ardern abolished had been introduced into law by Helen Clark’s Labour Government in 2002 as a constitutional safeguard to protect the voting system.

In any democracy, the voting system is sacrosanct, and the Westminster Parliamentary tradition demands additional safeguards when electoral law changes are being proposed to prevent any manipulation by those in power.

That safeguard took the form of Section 19ZB petition rights in the Local Electoral Act. Ratepayers could challenge any council decision that altered the voting system if 5 percent of voters supported a petition calling for a binding referendum. The community then had the final say over whether or not to support the council’s decision.

Two such safeguards were identified. The first was over decisions to change the voting system between First Past the Post and Single Transferable Voting. And the second was over the introduction of Maori wards since that meant using the Maori roll and the General roll instead of the combined electoral roll.

Ignoring those facts, Minister Mahuta claimed, “The current system has a different set of rules for establishing Maori and general wards and that uneven playing field needs to change. The process of establishing a ward should be the same for both Maori and general wards.”

This deliberate misrepresentation was designed to imply the system discriminated against Maori when it did not.

In reality, those arguments were just a smokescreen to justify the introduction of Maori wards around the country as swiftly as possible. Minister Mahuta and her Maori caucus colleagues no doubt saw the move as a way to create a permanent shift in the balance of power within local government towards Maori.

As a result of the law change, the number of local authorities with Maori wards increased from three in 2019 to 35 in 2022.

But as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, financial analyst and former councillor Frank Newman explains, there are ominous implications in the results:

“The biggest winners from the local body elections are: Nanaia Mahuta and the Maori Party!

“Nanaia Mahuta has achieved exactly what she set out to achieve, and that is a much stronger presence of Maori around the local council decision making table. It’s a giant leap forward towards co-governance at a local level. There should be no doubt she had that intention when Parliament passed retrospective legislation under urgency to repeal the binding referendum right granted to electors under Section 19ZB of the Local Electoral Act.”

Frank explains that as a result of an anomaly, whereby the number of Maori wards is based on the number of people who identify as Maori in a local authority district not on the numbers registered on the Maori roll, 66 Maori ward councillors have now been elected around the country.

While four of those new councillors acknowledged Maori Party affiliation, others with equally strong views have also been elected – like the wife of former Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, who is now one of the four Maori ward councillors on the Far North District Council.

That Council will no doubt become a test case to see whether it puts the interests of Maori first, or those of the whole Far North district, since it now has a Maori mayor – who also stood as a Maori ward candidate – and a majority of councillors who identify as Maori.

Frank warns, “Let’s not under-estimate the uncertainties of a vested interest group controlling a local authority. That group now control rates and will have the absolute say on how much property owners will be rated in the future. They also have absolute control of how those funds will be spent, including how much will be for the direct benefit of Maori. They will decide council debt levels. They will control planning rules – what you can build and where and who must give their approval before you can do so. They will dictate whether iwi consent will be required, and which iwi. They will decide the spending on infrastructure, and which projects get priority. They will consider the legal issues surrounding tikanga, and the role of tikanga in property law and compliance issues.

“These are critical questions, and more so given non-Maori are powerless to have a say.”

When she removed Section 19ZB petition rights, Jacinda Ardern crushed local democracy and opened the door for the tribal takeover of local government.

But that’s not all.

Labour also supported the anti-democratic Rotorua District Council’s co-governance Bill that would have given Maori roll voters almost five times the voting power of voters on the General Roll – that is until a public outcry forced a backdown.

There was no backdown, however over another anti-democratic Bill that Labour passed into law – one that created a ruling class of elite iwi, by guaranteeing Ngai Tahu a permanent power base of two seats on the Canterbury Regional Council without having to be elected! 

The Prime Minister’s anti-democratic Maori-control agenda is also being progressed through her despised Three Waters Bill. 

For residents and ratepayers, the impact will be profound. From funding, owning, and controlling local water infrastructure and service delivery through their democratically elected councils, not only are their assets being confiscated without fair compensation, but their power of control is being transferred to Maori.

A disinformation campaign built on a litany of lies and misrepresentations was again used by the Ardern Government to promote the need for reform.

They claimed that water quality in New Zealand was so dangerous that a new Water Services Regulator was needed, even though water quality audits and surveillance reports by the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research showed excellent results. 

A powerful Maori Advisory Board was set up to advise the new Regulator, with Minister Mahuta’s sister Tipa Mahuta appointed as chair.

New higher water quality standards were then used to justify the creation of four mega Water Entities to deliver water services, with iwi given the right of veto through the allocation of half of the seats on the Regional Representation Groups.

The Water Entity Boards that will run the region’s water services must be “adequately competent both as a Treaty partner, and with expertise in accessing matauranga Maori, tikanga Maori and Te Ao Maori knowledge to inform the water entities activities.”

And at a local level, only iwi have been given the power to issue “Te Mana o te Wai” directives to Water Entity Boards that cannot be ignored – covering everything from land use, planning rules and regulations, pipes, rivers, creeks, farm ponds, or any other fresh water body or infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister deliberately prevented councils from fulfilling their statutory democratic obligation to consult with their communities over these planned changes – even including such restrictions in the new legislation.

And so it goes on.

It is utter hypocrisy for the Prime Minister to say she wants the public to participate in their local elections when it is she who is undermining the public’s confidence in democracy itself.

Let’s not forget the agenda of the PM and her Maori caucus is far from complete. We know from He Puapua that the goal is to have Maori in control of New Zealand by 2040. In 2022 they made a giant leap forward to achieve that in local government. 

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Just a thought on how this government has regarded the people of New Zealand and the wishes of the majority of the population. I believe that the Government could be regarded as “the monarch” or the monarchs representative. Interesting that Labour was responsible for abolishing the death penalty although the current 14 years penalty would limit offending politicians lifestyle. The English Revolution in the 17th century and the French Revolution in the 18th century introduced a radically different concept of loyalty and treason, under which Sovereignty resides with “The Nation” or “The People” – to whom also the Monarch has a duty of loyalty, and for failing which the Monarch, too, could be accused of treason. Charles I in England and Louis XVI in France were found guilty of such treason and duly executed. Graham
Not only Maori wards but all separatist seats such as the parliamentary Maori seats. Here we are teetering on the edge of apartheid. Monica
Stop racist policies. Nik
Yes, and yes again Gail
we need to be a democracy and get rid of racial division Jeremy
Definitely yes Rob
They contravene our democratic voting system Bryan
Leads to a dictatorship by the minority Rob
Democracy is important for the future of NZ and not based on ethnicity john
anti democratic Roy
I consider that Maori wards must not be established. If they are established then it will be farewell to democracy as we now know it and the establishment of a totalitarian society and country. Brian
Made a mistake when voting before John
Not constitutional John
We should all be one people working together as one John
Yes and the Maori Electorates. New Zealand is becoming extinct. Russ
Absolutely ! I don’t wish to dwell on this worsening crisis that grips this fair land other than to say what a bloody shambles this country has become. I just thank God I am now old. Have a nice weekend. John
Without doubt Ken
A slippery slope to apartheid and absolute division and destruction of any democracy we thought we had left…. This will have a big effect on our property rights going forward. Sam
The Treaty preamble warned of the evil that must come from having separate systems. Rob
And the Ngai Tahu sears at Ecan should also be removed. Their presence is not democratic Linda
And so should Maori Electorates Warren
We are one people and should be treated all the same. It is encouraged racism and a separatist society. michelle
Was supposed to happen years (decades) ago. Alan
Same goes for Maori seats in parliament. Evan
Every aspect of the race division being brought about in NZ by this Labour govn must be abolished Maxine
it is an undemocratic and vile racist policy Robyn
There are two types of people who enter parliament. First there are those who, once there, we never hear from them again, and second there are those who we hear from all the time, and for all the wrong reasons. Many years ago, the medical council of the day suggested that some patients in a hopeless state should be starved to death. That should just about wipe out the entire Government! German philosopher Arthur Shopenhauer once said: “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self-evident.” This Government has slipped in under the radar with the first two on quite a few occasions. and come up with the third as being acceptable, and “We, The People”, well, many of us, have gone along with it. I for one suggest that forgo the coming West Hamilton by-election and have a nation-wide one. Kevan
As should the Maori seats in parliament. .this action was advised when the country switched to MMP.. the seats were only a temporary thing initially. Peter
One vote o for all New Zealanders irrespective of race for local bodies And National elections Barry
There is no need for Maori Wards. We each, regardless of ethnicity, have one person, one vote. Leave it at that. Heather
unless national have the guts to say they will abolish them asap this country will be destroyed by a bunch of corrupt misfits like mahuta and jackson who already control our useless tooth fairy who has the check to call herself a prime minister and endorsed a maori ward in District Councils, one man/woman one vote regardless of the colour of their skin for a council position not automatic because they are chocolate coloured. Richard
Undemocratic Diana
Enough is enough. Maori should stand for election as other candidates do. after all NZ is a democracy where all are consider and treated as equals. Brian
Yes with out a doubt integration in to equality is what is required. There are a minority of Maori Who think that equality is achieved by tribalist attitudes of the past. Colonialism was a gift and desired by most of the tribal chiefs for the betterment of their people No one gets favours because of race. Need and a lack of taking up opportunity, poor health statistics, are not solely the domain of Maori The plight of a human is not a domain of any particular race You only have to look at the asians that came to NZ with nothing Most have done well others perhaps not As with Maori some have done well others not. Same with the pakeha some have done well others not. Race has no place in deciding who gets what Dr Newmans latest Column should be seen for what it is THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Bruce
it doesn’t matter the ethnicity of a candidate as long as its the best person for the job. john
Its not democratic Ian
This totalitarian socialist government is introducing apartheid by stealth. There was no consultation, despite the policy being planned well in advance. Race-based policies and race-based government have no place in this country. Gavin
New Zealand should not be governed by race based policies. Gavin
yes, all race based seats must be removed. New Zealand is no longer a democratic country. eventually the people will sort it out but lest hope it is sooner rather than later. Sam
One people only Rita
There should be NO mention of maori in N Z law, Statute or regulation! We should all be one people under the same law regardless of ethnicity David
Along with all the racists, in the Bunker on the hill, pushing ‘Racial separatist agenda, and Maori supremacy, included… abolish them as well!! David
There are no pure Maoris. All “Maoris” are actually Pakehas with a smidgeon of Maori blood. And they are NOT indigenous either Most part Maoris are decent folk who want all citizens to be treated equally. The problem lies with the radicals who are getting rich aided by Ardern’s anti-democratic policies Peter
jacinda should be abolished Christopher
This is pure racism. Ardern is a white face with a black soul (and agenda). Robert
It is past time to rid ourselves of these divisive issues. Peter
They are divisive without any justification Peter
Absolutely. A Trojan Horse for Maori control. Murray
Apartheid is well underway in NZ. Voters need to show overwhelmingly at next years general election that we as a country reject this approach out right or we risk retrenching into a tribalist horror show. Our population should not underestimate the rise in Gang no’s through out NZ more so in provincial NZ now as part of the Tribal enforced agenda with absolutely no action taken by this Government to address this issue actually at times through its policies exacerbating it. Larry
Democracy needs to be reinstated. Harry
Absolutely but we need a government with the guts to do it.So come on National grow a pair and join up with ACT To all you average decent Kiwis of any race PLEASE do yourself a favour and look at Peter Williams excellent speech on 3 Waters and become informed also checkout Sean Plunkets The Platform plus of course Muriel`s site right here,also The Tax Union on line. In other words become informed,talk about it in the Pub, at home ,anywhere. Remember don`t vote Labour,Maori or Green.Lets stop the rot!! Brian
Racism is not dead in New Zealand, but it is on life support – kept alive by leftwing politicians, Maori Nationalist race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as ‘racists.’ Shaun
New Zealand – is New Zealand. Not maori land with a few whites and other ethnic groups living here. We are a multi cultural country. Our policies should be colourblind. All born equal, there should not be an elite class – colour wise. One rule for all. Jude
it’s time that person JA wakes up and realise that ALL people are human and should be treated the same. Colour, race, or anything like that should not make any difference Johan
NZ should be one nation for all people. Unity not division. Tony
A waste of time and I’m sure most Maori don’t want them. Andrew
Of course they should be abolished. Reading this it doesn’t paint a very rosy future for our beautiful country does it. Lawrie
It’s Racist PETER
All racist policy should be removed from local and central government, a disgrace is happening to this country. Clive
not compatible with a democratic system Gerhard
Not needed, ironically even more racist. Jen
No apartheid in NZ. Allan
we have to save N.Z. . mary
Both Adern and Mahuta have to go. Murray
As Muriel points out ,Adern and her Maori caucus are aiming to have Maori in control by 2040. The Maori wards is just the first step heaped with history education within our schools of Maori European history in an attempt to undermine our European forebears. Owen
Definitely. Heather
They must go. John
The reason, because it is racist to divide our people’s voting rights. Robert
Maori, as I understand, have always been able to be represented on councils. To have a separate Maori Ward is just racist. Gaynor
Race based anything should be abolished. The Maori seats for Parliament should also be abolished. They were set up at a time when only land owners could vote and given that we have had universal suffrage for well over a century now, these seats are well past their use by. Kris
Creating special wards just for Maori is nothing more than creating division. We are supposed to be one country so why are we giving or creating special this or that just for Maori. Know many common every day Maori and they have seen nothing at there level, all they see is those at the top creaming it. Not that they want any of that cream either, they just want to be treated same as anyone else, no special treatment. Gary
I believe the “will of the people” must be enacted by local government, as the local councils/government are there to “serve” those who voted them into the positions. This is called democracy. Also, LGNZ is a partisan and corrupt puppet organisation doing the government’s bidding and “directing” councils. This has to stop. There must be seperation of local and central government. The criminal government are becoming more corrupt by the day and must be reeled in, or preferably ejected and tried for their criminality. Neil
This is blatant apartheid pg
Absolutely! Rosemary
100%YES along with Maori seats in govt. Racist . Snap election would be great come national , act, nz 1st. Though the longer Labour are in the more NZrs will wake up to their deceit . Good to see local elections Threw out jacindas backed crooks. Kevin
One person one vote.Election not appointment alan
Preferably by lunchtime Neville
100% racist and just another Avenue for maori elite to take over NZ. Allan
They are in democratic Richard
It was proved in the election that Maori can be elected to office via the general roll. It is also obvious that the confusion Maori has created with ther Maori that no one understands the Maori Rolls anyway. They are not needed. And al Maori wards should be abolished. Rayna
As the statistics show, there is no need for special Wards, as proportionately Maori are already being represented. And don’t let this tripe of Maori being “indigenous” fool everyone. Look up Google or any dictionary for the meaning of indigenous and it doesn’t allow for a people group to “arrive” in a country. In fact, I understand that Maori DNA traces them back to the highlands of Taiwan! Ted
Yes of course! But the patients are running the asylum and it is too late. The country is stuffed! When our glorious leader transfers to the United Nations post-election 2023 she will rubber stamp it all. Helen Clark has been her tutor. The only country in the world where the minority opt for apartheid. Bruce
Totally racist undemocratic bullshit forced upon us with the help of the cowardly woke mainstream media. Alan
those that were seated on council by mandated race should go. Only those people of any race that were elected by voters democratically should be on council or any governing body. John
Simply put there should be NO race based group in any administration within New Zealand. Roger
Totally undemocratic & was not part of Labour’s policy at the last election Peter
YES…YES YES.. The Maori wards, are undemocratic, and were pushed thru parliament, when these fiends, had us all ‘LOCKED DOWN’, under COVID LAW HOAX! Low-Down COMMIE TRICK!! David
Racist, “apartheid” Peter
Absolutely. William
It is racism in the extreme Lynn
No need for them. Dianne
Democracy is colour blind. John
According to Apirana Ngata and James Carrolll, te tiriti was finished in 1898 and needs to be placed in the annuls of history, along with the letter of arbroth, hebius corpus, and magna carta, all important to our past . Winston Peters ran in the 2017 election on a mandate of no race based legislation in NZ law. Seems a long time since then. In the past 3 years we have seeen exactly what NZ is like, run by Maori causus. There are good sensible Maori leaders in NZ,, unfortunately none of them are in Government – those in power are radical leftist, narsicistic, resentful bullies scrambling to jump on the gravy train. Mike
Yes, local government Maori wards are an insulting insult to democracy. The sooner this rotten and diversive current government and its outrageous mandates are dumped dumped the better for New Zealand and New Zealanders. RPB
We are supposed to be living in a Democratic society. If we let this happen it will be the thin end of the wedge for further segregation of our nation. Brenda
Maori wards represent nothing more than a means of instituting maori control and are an example of outright racism by a minority group on all other kiwis. Roy
New Zealand will be in trouble if we accept Maori wards in local Government. William Clive
Apartheid in the guise of co-governance. Joe
No doubt about it Bev
They are a form of apartheid and are totally racist. Certainly not democratic. Shaun
Of course they should but this can only be done by force. The situation in NZ is now so bad that drastic steps need to be taken. It is very clear that the Labour Caucus has committed crimes against humanity through their illegal actions over Covid, There is overwhelming evidence Internationally that the so called Pandemic is a con. The virus has never been isolated and therefore, there is no evidence that it even exists. Yet a so called vaccine was produced to protect folks from this so called deadly bug. If you examine the evidence from all over the world that is freely available from sources dedicated to telling the truth you will find that as is clear right here in NZ, the jab does not work to prevent infection.. We must ask ourselves why has so much effort been put into encouraging then forcing people by way of mandates to get the jab then the follow up jabs then all the booster shots. If you go to the web site of our very own NZ Doctors and Nurses who have bee brave enough to question THE ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH AT THE BEEHIVE you will find that the jab contains items/chemicals that should not be in a so called vaccine and that the Doctors have identified using a very high powered microscope that was purchased especially for the occasion. They were so concerned that they forwarded the evidence to the Police who have not yet done aiything about it. This of course is consistent with the cover up of any information that contadicts the official information. Do you know that the Government has paid some of the folks injured by the jab provided they keep quiet about it. The injured now number well north of 70,000. Thats a pretty scary number for a jab that has been pushed as safe and effective. It is now very clear that is is neither safe nor effective. We need to ask ourselves why governments around the world including ours have gone to such lenghts to get this jab into peoples arms including our little ones who statistically were in almost zero danger from the so called bug. If you go to the NZDSOS web site you will get some answers to that very critical question. All of this information is freely available and yet in spite of that Ardern and co are still pushing the jab. There is now no excuse. These are crimes against humanity and it needs for the NZ Law Society to get the courage to charge the Labour Caucus with these very serious offences and have them legaly disqualified as being our righful government. They need to be locked up as well. As well as crimes against humanity and homicide in various forms they have also committed malfesance and all those who sustained financial loss will have a right to be compensated. The first source of funds for this should be the caucus members own property and resources. Pfizer have just admitted this week that the jab was never tested on preventing transmission. How outrageous is that. The other parties in Parliament are equilly guilty as Labour as they have gone along with Labour’s edicts without much protest when they had access to all the information that I have researched and should have been raising hell. We need a completely new Government with a new system that incorporates Participatory Democracy with binding referenda for all legal ldecisions just like Switzerland. This will ensure that a situation like the present disaster can never happen again. ronmac
For democracy in New Zealand to be one vote for each citizen of legal age then there is no room what so ever for any other arrangements or voting systems. Why is this so hard to comprehend. I understand that the NZ nation has an interrelationship which is made up of over 100 different ethnicities. Just because the first immigrants arrived a few hundred years before the others doesn’t mean that all the others have to be subservient to that particular group. In fact the peoples that arrived after should take those that arrived first to court to demand repatriations for the huge amount of damage done to country while it was under their care. We are all New Zealander’s in these Islands and we need to cast out this infantile behaviour leading to the rule by tribalism. We only need to refer to historical records of the depravity, butchery, cruelty, deceptions and the through awfulness of pre-Eruopean times in these Islands to see forward as to what we all could be looking forward to with this reverse apartheid type rule becoming our new way of life. We need to keep alert to the wily surreptitious step by step creep of the law makers in taking us by the nose to this rule by tribalism. We accept it at our peril. Garry
we are all of one country.it is right that any candidate whatever race is elected into local government then that person deserves the seat Jim
What is happening in NZ is disturbing and equally disgusting. Geoffrey
un believable Denis
Absolutely they should be abolished. It is divisive. Clyde
of course barry
Of course they should. This once again makes this a racist country being advanced by a communist leader who is only out for herself. Poor old New Zealand, a once great place to live but now racing towards being a country to avoid. Tom
Nothing stopping maori candidates standing for elections and getting off their arses and getting people to vote for them. We are suposedly all equal. Leon
Living in Northland, we now have a majority Maori council, all with the same agenda, basically that of Labour’s and with very little opposition to reign them in. Christine
Yes it is a no brainer get rid of them john
absolutely and definitely David
Absolutely!! This government is not governing for all of us, rather is pushing through THEIR Labour policies, and ideologies and complying & satisfying the labour Maori caucus. If we don’t stand up, step up and speak out we will be walked all over. Carol
Undemocratic Leon
absolute communism at its best and must be stopped at all costs Peter
“…the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy…Winston Churchill” One more line today… …the practice of deceit!!! Frederick
This is the most disgusting Government in the history of New Zealand. Racial division will be the undoing of our once great little country! I despise this Government. Glenda
The sooner the better and get rid of the Maori party and anything to do with them. COLIN
Undoubtedly these non democratic laws need to be abolished. John
most definitely it is another one of her divide and conquer means of controlling the country eric
It’s not democratic! Natasha
ASAP urgently. Maori are already asking for dispensation and special privileges for Maori farmers carbon taxes. Not only do many Maori not pay rates many Maori companies don’t pay tax. Tax and rate paying kiwis are being robbed and looted and financially abused by Mahuta’s looters and Maori Elite labour caucus. How is this not treason and corruption against democracy. Peter
people should be elected on merit, not race. This is racist dribble from an authoritarian ,Totalitarian, Marxist govt Andrew
The system should be returned to the way it was prior to the passing of legislation removing the rights from section 19ZB. T
equality for all nzers Martin
Prime Minister Adern, fanatic or fascist, you decide…….. Alec
What the hell is Luxon saying about it? Kevin
Not only abolish Maori wards in local government BUT also abolish the Maori seats in parliament. Then we can have true democracy in NZ. Michael
yes yes yes yes yes Colin
This is typical of this so-called Government favouring a small minority group Henry
However…as there are no pure Maori left anymore, it’s a no brainer to play them at their own game. Register as a Maori Voter. The more of us who do this, the more it will turn the tables on this Tyrannical Government Caren
Absolutely yes lyn
There is no room for race based policies. Stephen
dictatorship at work nola
This is another step to taking over NZ leo
Yes, yes and a great big yet. The sooner the better. Also delete all reference to race in legislation. It’s racist and divisive. We are starting to resemble Zimbabwe. Helen
Maori have not shown they ha ve expertise in the area and the whole idea is a grab. The elections can’t come soo enough. Gay
This is part of the apartheid agenda being exercised by this Labour government Keith
Totally undemocratic. John
Most definitely Cyril
Absolutely – just racist nonsense Dave
They are anti- democratic and must go. One people not our people! Naty
They should never have been created in the first place. Arthur
One governing body representing all people elected by a recognisable democratic process Nigel
All people are created equal – there is no ethical reason to lift one group over another. Otherwise let’s have a representative from every minority group in the community on the council – That would be about 100 council members !! Paul
Maori Wards are not democratic. ewen
es get rid of them and i hope that the new Right of center Mayors and councillors have the power to pressure this current lot in Government and the Maori elite to start changing the laws that work for all the people of New Zealand. Dont hold your breath .And get rid of those on T V News that keep thrusting the Maori language down our throats.I and a lot of my friends have had a guts full of this lot and we need the more of the likes of Wayne Brown. keen
Totally undemocratic ! Preston 
undemocratic Noel
that is a given Robin
Discussions for the people by the people needs to Reset in concrete to stop the Donkey and the rabble having all the say. Gary
Absolutely! Susan
Democracy may not be perfect but it’s a lot better than any of the alternatives. Peter
Yes.They are just another step towards apartheid in New Zealand. Steve
This is racism …. giving one race extra privileges over another. I know in the past, the boot has been on the other foot but two wrongs don’t make a right! Glenda
And not to soon Chris
Why stop at Maori wards To have diversity we’ll need A Chinese ward and Indian ward Etc etc diabolical Elaine
YES, No question. Chris
Racist communist Ardern and her cronies must be driven out of power and preferably out of the country. Maorification has been a cancer on our free society. Time to eradicate Maori wards and the use of the language in public service and media. The next election will be fought on racist lines; are you for sepewratism/Apartheid or against? Chris
It is time to abolish all division between Maori and “Others”. Do away with Maori seats in parliament, Ngai Tahu unelected representation on Canterbury Regional Council – all things that serve to divide the citizens of NZ. Despite ardern bastardising the mantra of ‘we are one’, we need to grasp that concept and move forward as an egalitarian Nation. Don
They are racist Frank
We should all have equal rights and opportunities. Tony
As fast and soon as possible.Where does national stand on this very important matter. David
Democracy is all about one person one vote, regardless of ethnicity. It’s obvious that Mahuta agenda to stack councils with Maori is well underway. This is a full frontal attack on the rights of all NZers as they will become increasingly powerless to have a say on issues that are decided by councils when the councils are stacked with Maori. Kerry
Reverse apartheid being sanctioned! Adrian
One and the same for all. Eliminate RACE in all our laws Doug
They should not have been introduced in the first place. People should be voted on by talent not race????????? How has NZ been destroyed in such a short time by a Dictator who has only read books and never had a job so no real world experience. At least with Putin and Trump you know what you are in for. They have the balls to be up front with what they are planning. We are being taken over by stealth time to stand up and get NZ back to the way it should be. rod
We are on our way to full South African style apartheid, where the many are governed by the few. Allan
most definitely this government needs to be kicked out,they are the racists in this country, you cant listen to anything radio or television without being spoken to in this new Pidgeon maori English have had a gutsful of this, lets hope next years election may tip these buggers over rodger
of course greg
No mandate – or democratic right – for their existence !! Michael
Absolutely. Such a corrupt treasonous imposition that should NEVER have been allowed in the first place. Don
Every avenue this government takes us down is a disgraceful attack on democracy and our rights. We are now being delivered up by the elite iwi behind the throne their form of apartheid Alex
STOP dividing New Zealanders by RACE we are ALL Kiwis !!!!! Sue
most definitely. its so scary what has been done to undermine democracy. Cherie
We are one people. There should be equal opportunity for all. It is totally wrong to have race-based advantages for some & not for others. Don
No Comment – – I will vote – if i still have one John
Yes, they should have to earn it! Not be given. Neil
Absolutely. So should the use of maori language for titles of government & local body entities, educational institutions and place names. Nebville
Yes they are racist Graeme
All racist/separatist provisions should be removed from council matters David
AS it is easy to see when maori are given control over anything they always go to the extreme side and take all the Resorces for themselves David
All Kiwis are equal Brian
What is a Maori – less than 2% have more than 50% maori blood. When is a doberman not a doberman? Gerry
’tis a slippery slope… Gary
Racist! We are supposed to have a democracy which means one person, one vote. Not race based. Elizabeth
It is completely devious the way it has been set up. Barrie
Absolutely Paul
We think the country is in a mess now, if the other lot get control it will be a bigger mess, just lining their pockets. Hopefully there won’t be a job in the UN, and the ring leader will drop into obscurity where she deserves to be, minus the wealth accumulated from the taxpayers. Can’t wait for this nightmare to finish. Merryl
Absolutely, asking with race based seats in Parliament. Murray
Maori wards must be abolished as these are yet another example of this governments anti Democracy stance and their plans to create am Apartheid state of Aotearoa John
As per the royal commission report ! Mike
absolutely ; long overdue !!! Roy
I was originally for Maori Wards but now I can see the deceit and underhanded news and am dead against them Doug
Apartheid. Murray
This will lead to the downfall of democracy in NZ as we know it and lead to unrest, possibly civil war Andrew
They are racial and anti-democratic. Wally
All racist appointments must be outlawed! Richard
No comment needed Brian
No more apartheid please! Ann
Of course they should be abolished, no ethnicity is deserving of being valued above another, to do so denigrates the value of those who are NOT included in the selections process..! Marion
Abolition of Maori wards is long overdue. They are well past the original purpose for which they were stablished Barry
of course Lorraine
Definitely. We are either a country of one people , all NZ’ers or we’re not, – oops guess we’re not Some seems to need more and more and more of everyone else’s. There should be no separate anything and separate wards for one race is just apartheid. How ugly. Get rid of them and while you’re at it get rid of ALL race based legislation. It has no place in a decent civilised society Carolyn
One people one class Bradley
According to Winston less than four percent of the New Zealand population has more than 50% Maori blood.Didn’t we protest about South Africa and their minority rule a few years ago, so what has changed, how can New Zealand have minority rule by 2040? Malcolm
There’s no justification for Maori seats in General Elections, let alone local elections.Abolish them all Bruce
This government must go Anthony
One nation one people Mat
Democracy hold decision makers accountable. Maori wards are undemocratic David
Not necessary and undemocratic Graham
The very concept of Maori wards and parliamentary is racist at core and an affront to the principles of a free secular society. Mark
Definitely maori wards should be abolished. Maori have shown that they are able to get elected and participate in in local government without the patronising maori wards. Willy
What was it the female dog uttered after the mosque massacres,- ‘They are us , we are one” How selective, deceitful and hypocritical. Exactly what we have come to expect from the female dog. Neil
Can someone please nominate a country where intelligent retired people who want to leave NZ can go to? What was paradise on earth has been systematically destroyed over the last 40 years. The communists/socialists began bit by bit, but in the last 5 years the floodgates have been well and truly opened! Gerard
Absolutely we do not want an apartheid New Zealand. Vivienne
Outrages Wilf
Should never have been allowed to happen in the first place! Scott
As it happens, I am a Maori. I believe Maori wards are unnecessary and unfair. Tony
Only equal rights to all is acceptable Noel
Another case of ” nursemaiding Maori into jobs Logan
I believe if anyone runs for a position in local government and I agree with how they can be of benefit to the local community, I will vote for them no matter their ethnicity or gender. Jackie
I can only say one word about Jacinda Ardern, she is , EVIL Valerie
More REVERSE RACISM which is f..king our beloved NEW ZEALAND. Stop it NOW.  Brian
Maori must take their chances of election the same as anyone else Ray
The ultimate aim of Maori is to have the treaty in a constitution. As a partnership. Which the media have been payed handsomely to state it regularly` and now our Judges in the courts are doing the same. Maori want all their own Government Departments. Including Police and Courts. To pay for all this they want 50% of the tax take for 15% of the population. The head of the Maori sovereignty movement in the courts told me this directly, while doing duty in the courts at South Auckland. Dene
Words fail me. gale
Total racism DAVID
Of course they should. Adern is hellbent on destroying NZ and is using maoris to provide the catalyst so NZ turns into a socialist state. We need a snap election NOW, before they wreck nz completely. Peter
Everyone of age can stand for election and then the people decide. It is called a democracy. And soldiers have died defending it – including the Maori Battallion. David
In HAMILTON, A Maori ward councillor got his highly paid seat at the table BY WAY OF 6542 VOTES. Those OTHER COUNCILLORS had to have 10445 votes to get their feet under the table. EQUALLY of the POWER of a vote ?? WARWICK
The P.M doesn’t know what democracy is Tony
Absolutely so am sick of this control fiasco Alan
We are one people. Maori wards separate us. Lynette
Racist bias Brian
MAORI WARDS ARE COMPLETELY UNFAIR TO NON Maori. No taxation without representation. bruce
It was totally wrong to set them up in the first place. Dennis
Should never have been put in place under the Treaty in the first place. David
What a complete and utter shambles this government has created. No wonder more and more NZ’ers are viewing politicians as a corrupt bunch of clowns. Jan
we are one people & the sooner the separatists are told that in no uncertain terms the better. Nigel
It is through hogwash like this three waters boon doggle that will split this nation into 16% vs 84%. Luxton sais he will repeal, odds on he replaces it with some semi left wing bullshit. sam
And the people responsible for suggesting such be tried for treason. Mark
Scrap everything Labour has introduced or tabled to be introduced. Rich
unless strictly proportional to those who elect to be represented on the Maori roll. gregory
It just creates more separation in society. Jane
Abolish apartheid Patrick
Definitely. They are undemocratic and frankly racist. Dave
Fascist control again Thomas
NZ’s local Government representation should ideally be democratically elected persons who (hopefully) have relevant experience to manage their responsibilities. NOT appointed Maori elite with aspirations of Co-Governance with rights of veto! Peter
one nation one people one law John
We seem to vote on this very issue once a month, don’t we? Linzey
The treaty guarantees equality but not tribal rule or unfair voting outcomes fred
Ardern is taking the same steps as Hitler did: control the media so only ONE side of any story comes out; drive people into separate camps so they come to distrust or hate each other;, give them a scapegoat group to turn against; cause rising prices for everything so the people can’t afford to buy groceries or pay rent or their mortgages. Make them dependent on the government. There’s more, it is a heinous, underhanded way to descend our country into Communism, step by step. Once we are to that point it will be almost impossible to get our Democracy, freedom or prosperity back. Wake up, folks. Joyce
They are a complete con job Kevin
There is no need for separate representation for Maori. Janet
Of course they should be abolished, they are purely racist and wrong. Strange isn’t it that Labour say we shouldn’t be racist yet they practice it and entrench it in law. As I have said many times this is the worst Government New Zealand has ever had! Eric
Immediately moyra
It’s not democracy Warren
One person, one vote. No unelected seats. Peter
Yes, yes, yes. A million yeses. No, 6 million years. Kristene
nz for all nzers not just maori, had a gutsfull of all this maori crap graeme
To maintain equality in NZ Margaret
All for one, One for all! How difficult is that? Colin
Pure.racism and further erosion of our democracy Jan
Absolutely John
for sure Anon
Quickly as possible Yvonne
Sick of the Maorification of every aspect of our lives. I believe a lot of Maori are too! Also resent hearing Te Menglish constantly – overseas tourists will feel bamboozled to say the least. Louise
We are all one people. Anyone born in NZ is indigenous to NZ.. John
1 vote per person, no matter which roll you are on. michele
These wards represent Cindy’s destructive anti-democratic plans on unsuspecting New Zealanders. Simon
The lies have to stop Anon
Wards are not democratic Tina
Maori wards are nothing but a relic of colonial appeasement of the local populations. Long overdue to go. John
One people, one country,one law. helen
I am part Maori BUT I can see a hue division coming in New Zealand society where the fat cat Maori will be basically making huge salaried and perks just be being on councils etc. I have a great deal of unease when the likes of Taunui have a tax free ride for LIFE How can anyone compete with them. Even Samoa wishing to encourage tourist venues has given a 10 year tax break, but not for ever!! Wake up New Zealand and vote this synical woman out of parliament and don’t forget who put her their, Winston Peters Alan
We are one nation, we shouldn’t be creating a divide between us.  Jim
It’s a no brained they have lots of representation now Peter
Most definitely they must be abolished. It gives Maori an unfair advantage! Colin
Now Mike
Definitely seeing that they were created by stealth. William
One person one vote John
At last the cat is out of the bag & good for Winston Peters for saying things the way they need be. Jacinta & co are racist and hell bent on giving dominance to the minority = Apartheid. Dane
By any other name this is apartheid…..that NZ protested so vehemently about in the ’80’s bill
We are all equal in gods eye, he only see a person whatever the colour maybe. Stephen 
This is undemocratic and racist. I am ashamed to be maori. Peter
Absolutely! I’m fed up with this continued creation of division and separatism that has become the hallmark of Jacinda Adern, her party and cohorts. It has to stop and sense prevail before our country is totally destroyed. How people never saw through her at the last election is beyond me Heather
I’m sick of this apartheid loving racist govt Ihaia
Maori are extremely capable of being elected to any official position on their own merit. They have been proudly doing so for some time without receiving unjustified handouts. Those wanting to introduce Maori wards and fixed Maori seats are the ones incapable of achieving the positions through hard work and at the ballot box. They are, fortunately, a minority, although, a dangerous group, due to support from those currently in power with their own agenda. Martin
We the people have the power, but don’t realize it. We need to wake up and come together to take back our country. neil
Without question. David,
They are a race based sham and totally undemocratic. The Maorification of New Zealand is a looming disaster! Lynne
Absolutely! Local councils will be bogged down by endless maori bullshit. Darryl
Reflects National Electoral System John
Its an insult to all members of the community, Maori or not. All rate payers now have to financially support excess council members. Sally
we need to be all equal Graeme
Again: YES YES YES YES ! Carl
Absolutely — one nation for all and no special treatment of any one race. Alan
Tribal rule iwi bi iwi Jeff
There should be NO PLACE for such racist wards in a democratic political system. Graeme
There is no democracy if one race gets elevated above all other. Maori should be deeply ashamed for keeping up this charade, but then again, it seems the only way to keep fingers in the till. Scott
Undemocratic Laurine
There is no credible justification for having wards based on race Terry
Each on their own merits Lee
They are totally undemocratic and National should repeal all those laws as soo n as they can form the next Government. David
Should never have been mandated in the first place. An absolute disgrace that New Zealanders are being rorted into paying for these additional seats around the council table. Chris
Absolutely. Democracy and one person one vote needs to be upheld. Nobody should have a vote that has greater influence than another person’s vote. Karen
Absolutely They are RACIST just like Maori Electoral Seats Greg
They should have just the same rights as every other voter -no more, no less. Geoffrey
They can stand and get elected like everyone else Colin
We’re heading to hell in a hand cart ! Eventually civil war ! Iain
Absolutely. Mahuta and Arden are both dangerous women. Laura
It is extremely concerning to see our Democracy being destroyed by this current govt, who have not the slightest interest in what the majority of NZers have voted for, and That is a country which respects all it’s citizens, not just 15%. jenny
These non democratic wards infer that Maori are inferior and cannot get elected to council on their own ability without special assistance. I dont think that in reality that is true. peter
Sth Africa look alike. David
We are all one nation so there is no need to give one sector (based on race) more power than mainstream. William
They should not of been instigated in the first instance. Chris
100% for abolition. Raewyn 
They are a threat to our democracy graeme
Absolutely!!! We are all one!! Snap election called for to get rid of the dictator Jackson & the rest of the Maori caucus!!! Ron
Absolutely! Robin
Legalised Apartheid, that will create the foundation for civil war in New Zealand Bryan
We are ONE people max
Absolutely! John
One citizen, one vote. All are equal. James
Why are we not one people ? Brian
SO SO So insulting!! max
Overwhelmingly yes. The legislation is straight out racist and I might add not needed. Let’s try this for size, change the law so that non Maori must be required to hold no less than 85% of all seats. You can hear them squeal already. The law needs to change and fast. chris
Its just causing more discrimination that Jacinda has set out to do. Alan
Maori, Indian, Chinese, European or whatever nationality all have the same chance to get elected into Local Government. Over this we want because we are local Iwi Etc. Get elected on your merits. Wayne
if you have the correct experience to become a councillor stand up for election the same as everybody else has to LesW
Maori leaders have already said they intend to take over and control New Zealand. And we also observe how Maori tribes still ‘argue’ sternly amongst themselves – so what future is there for a united New Zealand – even under Maori governance – NONE! Stuart
State sanctioned racism by the Liebour Party and Liecinda.. of course they should be abolished .. the sad thing is that who exactly do Liebour now purport to represent in NZ other than the left wing loonie Marxists and the vested interests of the Maori elite? Most certainly not the working class any more! Rob
We’re all supposedly EQUAL…aren’t we? Or are the tribes still playing their usual parasitic game of wanting the benefits of a hard working society without contributing in any way!! But of course they contribute…by swelling our prisons!! Tony
As an elderly New Zealand born citizen I fear the future for my children and grandchildren who will live in a race divided nation. Graeme
They should be abolished Theo
I hate apartheid. andy
Absolutely they should! Certainly in Taupo people have indicated that they didn’t want them. Roger
It is nuts! Maori (as any race) can definitely get elected on their own merit as everyone does. It is actually insulting. Kim
As soon as possible. ERIC
And along with the maori seats in Parliament. Max
Absolutely, cant wait for Ardern and Labour Maori elites to be thrown out. But National need to lift their game considerably, not helped by John Keys idiotic comments on China, never liked Key, only interested in his own personal interests and has a lot to answer for. Roger
These Maori wards are nothing short of apartheid in action. Who would have thought this could happen in New Zealand. Shame on you Ardern, Mahuta and the whole of the Labour circus. Mike
Greed,need greed Jill
Can’t happen soon enough. Tim
There is no need for them in today’s multi cultural New Zealand. mike
Anything to do with Maori should be abolished Warren
absolutely and without delay Michael
We are all New Zealanders! pam
Yes obviously, every supporter of democracy in New Zealand would vote yes! Paul
Along with the present government Terry
YES, absolutely! Frank
Apartheid in New Zealand? It’s already here. john
One person = one vote. No separatism Graham
The lies and deceit from Ardern and her racist government are mind boggling. They are aiming at total control in NZ (for now!?!) by their all-powerful iwi and the destruction of our Democracy. mary
This election proves they have no purpose David
Yes, it can’t come quick enough to abolish them Laurie
This is truly racist. If National get in, I hope that the agenda put through by Labour and their cronies that benefits only maori can and will be reversed and everything put to a vote from the local people. This has to stop. Dianne
one person one vote should be the norm. Warwick
democracy democracy democracy! john
There is no intention to have Maori control by 2040. That date was chosen so the public would think there was little needed doing as it is a reasonable time off. I believe the date is 2030 and everything they are doing supports this belief. They are not wasting time. This will happen by then if they are not stopped. Mike
There is no justification for a separatist agenda in NZ. Nikki
We ought to steer completely away from an “apartheid” style of governance, which is coming at us at great pace. Robin
One person one vote without Maori oversight errol
It’s obvious, isn’t it? Chester
Statistics prove that descendants of Maori are NOT underrepresented in local or national government. Why is the current evil government so determined to entrench apartheid into our once democratic country? The main reason we have the government that we have, is because the general voting public are so apathetic when it comes to researching ‘political Parties’ before they vote. Usually more than 30% do not even bother to vote. So WAKE UP Kiwi’s, before your country is COMPLETELY destroyed.. A.G.R.
Let there be no division or separation. We are all individually with equal opportunities to unite. Mary
Absolutely Grahame
They racist carl
The wards destroy the balance of democracy, giving greater power to a race-based minority. Sylvienne
Enough division! We are one people, one country. Equal rights for ALL New Zealanders. Dianna
The legislations was conceived illegally by the currant government while under covid protection allowing this government to do do exactly what they wanted. Wendy
The average Maori gets nothing, just the elite corrupt leaders Niall
One government; one law for all Harvey
100% YES. Although this is an absolute must, I have an even bigger worry that, – impossible as it may seem at this time, – Ardern will find a reason, – or manufacture one,- to postpone indefinitely the next general election. She has been shown by the recent L. G. elections that she has no chance, so her only way to stay in power is to cancel/postpone the elections. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. bRUCE
Absolutely yes Ruth 
This is a blatant misuse of power by the current government. Maori have as much chance as getting elected on to Local Bodies as much as any other culture. All they have to do is get their people to get off their back sides and vote. Kevin
Absolutely yes Jim
not tomorrow but NOW. gerard
And lets get JA overseas before Christmas ! Maurice
Being a “team of 5 million” everyone should have one vote irrespective of race or colour David
we must not and cannot tolerate apartheid douglas
It is the right of a totally inclusive community to vote democratically on local issues. Doris
Maori can vote alongside everyone else g
Maori Wards are racist and have no place in a democratic society. Graeme
No brainer really. J J
Great lead article this week! Carol
Far to much’ Racist power abuse,’ by the minority 13.5% … by the only race based party allowed, in our parliament… time to boot the racist extremists out !!!!! David
let us stop the rot Jim
Without a Doubt Ian
Definitely. The PM is securing her future role in the UN at the expense of we NZers. NZi is being ruined by this authoritarian woman. Allowing 12% of the population to take over the rest is shameful. Bring on the next election. Robina
All New Zealanders are recent immigrants or descendants of immigrants, this includes Maori. So we should all be treated the same. Racial division is apartheid. Andrew
All NZers should have the same opportunity – not ffavour Maori – Mahuta is in parliament undet that system, and she should recognise that. Rowena
First I am New Zealander by birth of Maori Scottish and Irish decent. Second I have always believed we do not segregate any voting system by race. Close South African friends chose to leave their country of birth because of the apartheid system. And now we have it here. It has to stop now Rod
Definitely peter
We should all have equal rights. This is apartheid Bill
colour blind is the only way forward Brian
How did separatism ever manage to become the centre of Cindy’s communist racist, government? They also get lots of help from the only ‘Race Party’ allowed in the house…. David
The local electors were not consulted on the proposal. terrence
Its a racist policy Chris
Race based policies and race based government have no place in New Zealand. Colin
All preferential treatment for Maori should be abolished.There is no room in New Zealand for racial discrimination. Mike
All race based legislation should be abolished. The Treaty made us all british citizens with the same right and obligations. ken
Because we are one not two as is fast happening Morrin
Wards have generally related to specific areas or regions of a city or district, not to a group claiming to be affiliated to a specific ethnicity. Ethnicity should not feature in any of our laws – the law should be absolutely colour blind. Alan
Biased toward Maori John
Absolutely it’s separatism NZ is meant to be a Democratic country Dianne
Abolish them immediately. The way New Zealand ( not Aotearoa ) is going, we’ll end up with apartheid. Kevin
No Comment Anon
No to Separatism Lindsay
It is mystifying that the NZ public has been so complacent as to allow APARTHEID to become so entrenched in NZ. Instead we should all be revolting to have separate Maori seats abolished. Especially since only 48% of so called Maori are registered on the Maori voters roll. Geoffrey
It would not hurt to get Luxton to commit to abolishing all such legislation. Good luck John
Absolutely! Helen
Typical labour crap Allan
A “Clayton’s” democracy is not a true democracy. Refer to Article 3 of the Treaty. Mark
They are undemocratic and divisive. Pam
Maori wards should never been established i the first place just another racist move russell
If i was a maori i would feel insulted that special laws etc were needed for me to have a say. As though I wasn’t capable of holding my own Bev
And from memory the people voted against this a couple of years ago Janne
This country is turning into a tribal based governance country without a mandate from its citizens Geoffrey
Totally undemocratic merv
We are all one people and do not need any difference based on looks. Alan
Why is it that Maoris need such special treatment. In my lifetime I have seen civilizations remerged from the ravages of war to become thriving societies, as lead economically (less so democratically). Antony
Asap Sandra
They should NEVER have been introduced. Des
Undemocratic Phillip
Racism Ainslie
They increase the number of councillors of which we have too many George
It is Undemocratic and Racist. peter
they are not democratically elected graeme
There can be no reasonable argument to a totally colour blind New Zealand. The sooner it happens the better Cookie
Waste no Time Noel
Stop the racism. Stop the corrupt WEF witch. Referendum will fix it for once and all. Mike
SO sick of all this B S gil
All kiwis equal Dave
Of course – banish racial discrimination! David
Yes indeed! Ardern has turned into a gang leader ruling over a bunch of malignent, devious , untrustworthy corrupt to the bone lying and stealing gangsters who will do everything to get what they want. ( including political ram raids at the foundations of democracy) Michael
should be all equal Colin
overdue and totally unwanted Collin
No-one should be on any council unless they are elected by the voters. There should be no Maori roll. Everyone of voting age should be on the Electoral Roll and one person, one vote. If an individual feels that he or she can give something to the electorate then stand for election. If people like what you are saying, they will vote for you regardless of creed, colour, religion or anything else. Christine
They were imposed by force and that was wrong. The Maori Wards, and Three Waters, which is a large and looming debt problem for generations to come, should be tossed, unceremoniously, out. The current government should also be tossed out and I fear election 2023 is a long way off. Peter
Who is a Maori anyway! Willy Jackson called me a moron and an idiot when I questioned the Maori history. Florence
simple democracy – one person one vote Mike
As muddled as National is, and with likely liaison with Friedmanite ACT; we need to stop this woke steamroller by dumping Labour. Hugh
Time for our democracy to be returned to pre Ardern times. ACT seems to be the only party promising this! Colin
Race has no place in democracy tony
Definitely Barbara
Perhaps luxon will show some spirit and they will be abolished after next election Arthur
Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Murray
and so should the Maori Parliamentary seats Paul
Without a doubt. Separatism won’t work in New Zealand and eventually the people it affects will revolt and take the country back by force if necessary. Maoris at 16 % of the population should have 16% of the say not 50% or any other figure.Remember,Maoris are colonizers just like the rest of us. Peter
There are candidates who identify as Maori standing and winning in local wards. Surely it is condescending to further prejudicially secure Maori seats. Christina
Just plain old “Yes” is the only thing that needs saying about Maori Wards. Michael
But seat only if voted for Maori on the Maori Election Roll. Should not have a cating vote. Should declare their interest in governing locally for all electors, not just Maori. There should be a 5-6 year re-appraisal time limit to see the effect on local democracy/policies from the having of a Maori Ward. In Kaoiti local Maori [Tribal] “gifted” a Maori name [which was accepted by the KCDC with grateful thanks] for a very contravertial $4million vanity project on the coast – at sea level and adjacent to a stream .. in spite of policies to take note of Climate Change hazards re coastal developments etc. Rochelle
ALL references to Maori in government entities should be removed Gareth
And the Maori seats in parliament Martin
In our local government area it was maori who voted against the wards as they had better representation currently  Skarlett
Yes, yes, yes and yes again Peter
It is the tearing down of democracy. Michael
yes to go back to normal representation Nick
Along with several other suggestions Jim
Must be abolished otherwise other ethnicities will hand over all their rights and assets to the Iwi Elite who under Labour govt will completely control New Zealand by 2040. Iwi elite will have more power than the Nazis had over the Jews DANGER DANGER DANGER wake up NZ Brenda
Still waiting for my voting papers. Douglas
NO more Racist politics BRUCE
One Kiwi, one vote. That is how New Zealand democracy works. Phil
There was no prior consultation! It is undemocratic. Rose
What is there you can say about something so obvious – it is apartheid. Piers
Maori parliament seats should also be abolished as per MMP recommendation Barras
APARTHEID IN ALL OF ITS SINISTER FORMS SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. New Zealand has an apartheid regime. charles
Not enough room for all reasons Clare
There should be no special treatment for any one race. One person one vote. Rod
Without question, get rid of them. We now have people we cannot vote for spending our rates money.. Colin
The whole idea is undemocratic and against the spirit of the Treat of Waiting. Maurice
Yes, they are racist and have given radicals a free pass onto councils. JD
How on earth can New Zealand keep giving in and passing over more and more power to these uneducated, ill-informed non indigenous money grabbing protagonists who have the audacity to think they are elite??????, reminds me very much of Zimbabwe and how they took over and ruined the country with apartheid ideas. Laurie
Totally in un-democratic and of no real value to the general public Roy
They are racially motivated and not formed in any basis of law, including the treaty of waitangi (lower case reference intended) Alex
Practising racism and challenging equal rights for all. Edgar W.
Racism with no benefit to New Zealand Reg
We are one people with everybody having the same rights Murray 
labour’s bicultural control is developing into apartheid Bob
Race based politics have absolutely no place in a democracy. Furthermore, to call them “Maori” Wards, is blatantly ridiculous when only 2% can legitimately claim to have 50% or more Maori bloodline. Trudy
Hand up not a hand out. More effort required by Maori to stand for council and for Maori to actually vote. NZ is a democracy and attempts to govern by tribal rule must be abolished. Laurence
In all fairness, we should all abide by the westminster form of democracy, regardless of what level it takes place. Essentially, one person, one vote – leave the race-based stuff out of it and let those who are paying the actual bills, have an equitable say in how things should be run. Trevor
And don’t pull the racist card on kelvin and fellow travelers Stephen
Totally absurd to be introducing systemic racism in this day and age!! Peter
Should never have been introduced at all! Gail
Aderns government is NZ’s worst government ever. Richard
Maori already have voting rights to elect whomever onto councils and public office. It’s not society’s fault none of them take up the challenge and their kin are too lazy to get A, into G and vote. Nah easy way stick the hand out and moan for handouts. mike
Equal rights for all Kiwis. Neil
And everything else that was not given to me to vote about!!!! Raewyn
Absolutely. We are supposedly a democracy (dictionary meaning – not Willie Jacksons twisted version) Fred
Council is available for ALL ratepayers and discrimination by race is bad RICHard
Ardern must go Scott
apartheid chirs
Absolutely categorically definitely YES! Joe
Without a doubt ! Debbie
Absolutely and the sooner the better.! There is no room and no need for them any longer! Ron
I will not be dictated to by a minority. We need a rates embargo to wake them up as to has the real power. An income tax embargo would hurt the criminals & parasites that are hurting us… Hazel
Immediately! Angus
Outright non-elected Maori control, needs to stopped. Maori are entitled to seek any public representation as long as they are elected, same as all New Zealanders. Greg
Yes. As you correctly point out there are no obstacles to capable Maori being elected to local bodies, as indeed they have been.. We now have an undemocratic solution to a democratic non-problem. Nuts! Alan
Absolutely .. They should never have been created in the first place. References to the ‘ The Treaty ‘ in all relevant legislation to be repealed and abolished also. Alan
Why dont we just give the Maoris the whole country and then sit back and watch them stuff it completely up. Graham
Get rid of them along with this corrupt and evil Govt Audrey
YES !!!!! They provide NO benefit whatsoever to the far wider community. Jim
Democracy New Zealand is ‘Dying’….”Death by a Thousand Cuts”. JA had better leave the building. A Snap Election NOW. Chris
Absolutely wrongful appointments. Jono
Laws should be colour blind Michael
If they get VOTED in no problems . Should be voted in on merit , whoever they are Roger
We are all one. Trish
No question. Maori wards are NOT part of the democratic structure in new Zealand where everybody is supposed to be equal. Eric
the party with the clarity to reverse this treasonous racket will get my vote.one person=one vote. chis
The abolition of Maori wards is clearly a ‘no-brainer’ and absolutely necessary for democracy to be restored in our nation. Bryce
They are racially selected mike
Otherwise this is minority rule. Apartheid in reverse against common sense and democracy. Moving New Zealand further into a “Boonga” republic as one old Kuia said to me recently Ian
Totally undemocratic. Les
Where is democracy in New Zealand? It is fast disarming under Labour. This government must go ASAP. They are undermining the rights of all New Zealanders. Tony
More co-governance and tribal rule by stealth. Bryan
Racism at its ugliest – in so many ways – Jacinhuta will be cursed by future generations as this deplorable state sponsored grab for power for a select few moari swells like a gas cloud. I sincerely hope it blows up on them Mike
Just another racist move from this anti democratic government Lindsay
We are one people with no discrimination Roydon
They must be abolished, it is racist & divisive . Allen
Excepting Treaty settlements (which seem never ending) all references to ethnicities in law should be wiped. Owen
What a shit show. Taxcinda is a crook. Evans
No justification in a democracy mary
Discriminatory Hugh
Clearly they are racist – end of issue. All members of all governing bodies should be elected on merit and as law abiding citizens – nothing else. linton
Local electors should have their right to a voice restored and then they should decide on Maori ward continuance for their region Trevor
Undemocratic Graham
Abolish anything and everything that is considered to be divisive in NZ! Stop this Maori elite takeover of NZ. I feel totally disenfranchised by this government. tony
If NZ has any real future as a liberal democracy, where EVERY person, regardless of race, has the same rights and opportunities, then Maori wards and ALL other pro-Maori legislation must be repealed. This will be enormously difficult. NZ has been heading down a separatist path for over 40 years but only now, with the most ideologically extreme govt in NZ history, are people realising the folly of past political decisions and the appeasement of Maori activists and the woke brigade’s obsession with minorities. Who knows where it will end, but I regret to say that NZ will likely be in dire racial, social and economic straits for many years to come. Derek
Any Maori, if they worthy of the job can stand for election on any council, and be elected. Don
They are anti democracy and fly in the face of the treaty. sally
Not needed Peter
All people should be considered as equal, but each person should elected open their respective acomplishments when putting themselves forward in an election Roy
Tribalism and socialism in full flight what is this disgusting creature doing to our once beautiful NZ she must go Warren 
we must preserve the democratic process kevin
We are one people& laws passed in government should treat everyone fairly to all. No difference!!! Dominique 
Maori should put their names forward and be voted into Local Gvmnt. not through the ward system. Colin
ASAP along with Maori parliamentary seats and Maori preferment laws in everything from University places to employment to a guaranteed 10% of Government business. NZ in for a tough time. A saying still relevant today is “When America sneezes the world catches cold”. Which makes it totally irresponsible for Ardern and her sycophants to put the climate tax on farmers at this time and exposing the country and 5 million population to economic disaster. She stated it was in consultation with farmers. Yet another lie which would make the original liar proud. It was not consultation it was blackmail. Of course this also has a stench of self aggrandisement about it. Looks good on the CV for the UN or WEF? I seem to be rapidly going off Damian O’Connor also. You would think as an Irishman he would have enough racial memory to throwing people off the land. He is a shame to his ancestors. But he says they will adapt. Just another throw away line. m Interest rates to rise again. You now know perfectly well what that will do to your rents and mortgages. Australia are going to weather this better than NZ. They don’t mind digging up coal still. Terry
No room for them in a democracy Kenton
Yes, simply because they are not democratic! Ray
They have no place in a modern democracy. Steve
And the Maori seats in parliament. David
Unless you really want apartheid Peter
Very definitely. If maori wards are allowed, so should Chinese, Indian, Fijian etc. Murray
ASAP.this is a total anti democratic rort,we are creating an apathied local body,plus govt against the majority will,this was brought in through the back door,by a minority of Marxist’s. Rick
Without a doubt! David
Absolutely – the Maori ward veto right should never have been taken away.  Murray
Maori wards should never have been introduced into local government. They are racist, pure and simple. Andrew
Everything that is based on race in NZ should be removed as a priority. But have the politicians got the backbone to go down this path? Other countries have done it to create colourblind societies – so should we. Roger
Yes, the Maori wards must be abolished, and National should promise to do so.  Janine
If the Maori wards are not removed from local government – and if the formula for introducing them is not changed, the whole of local government will fall into tribal hands within another two elections. It MUST be stopped, or NZ WILL turn into another Zimbabwe. Brian