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Political Dishonesty

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If organisers can collect sufficient valid signatures, California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, faces the possibility of being removed from office by electors in the middle of his four-year term – through a “recall election”. Introduced in 1911, recall elections give voters a right of veto against politicians who lose their confidence.

One of 20 US states with the power to hold recall elections, the last successful attempt to remove a sitting governor in California was in 2003 when the Democratic Governor Gray Davis was recalled and replaced with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actions of Jacinda Ardern and her Government since last year’s General Election raises questions over whether New Zealand needs the equivalent of a recall law to rein in deceptive and dishonest governments that say one thing to get elected and then do another once in power. In this case, while Labour was elected to office on the basis of their published policy manifesto, the radical separatist agenda they are now introducing to replace New Zealand democracy with tribal rule, was never revealed to voters.

Indeed, Jacinda Ardern appears to have become the puppet of a tribal elite – some sitting within her own caucus – that are calling the shots.  

As a result, New Zealanders are being betrayed – the Prime Minister, who on election night promised to govern for all New Zealanders has unleashed a plan for a separatist takeover of our country by 2040. 

Jacinda Ardern’s He Puapua report outlines the steps to 50:50 tribal rule by the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi. It will involve unprecedented constitutional upheaval, and the biggest wealth redistribution in our history as much of the country’s publicly owned land, assets, and resources are transferred from taxpayers to multi-million dollar private tribal businesses.

Unbelievable as it all sounds, He Puapua is already being put into effect.

The first sign was the abolition under urgency of the right of local communities to hold a binding referendum on Maori wards.

The review of local government that the Minister Nanaia Mahuta is now undertaking, appears likely to lead to 50 percent of Maori seats on councils. The effect would be disproportionate – the small proportion of voters registered on the Maori roll would gain a large number of seats around the council table and dictatorial control over critical decisions such as rating policy, spending, and planning rules. It would be naïve to assume that such power would be used to advance the greater-good above their own tribal ambiitons. 

The reality is that in representative democracies, maintaining approximately the same level of representation for everyone is a foundation stone that has evolved over many hundreds of years in western societies. People have revolted against class and privilege and gone to war over their right to be treated as equals. That’s why Labour’s unheralded move towards the political constructs of “partnership” and “equity” is so vile.

Jacinda Ardern is justifying her separatist actions by claiming her Government is working in ‘partnership’ with Maori – and many New Zealanders believe it.

But, since it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into partnerships with any of its subjects, what Jacinda Ardern describes as a ‘partnership’ is, in effect, a cunning plan developed by tribal leaders to take over the running of this country. The reality is, the Crown is supreme, and the people – including Maori – are subject to her laws.

Sadly, Kiwi voters are too trusting. They think kindly of politicians and mistakenly believe their government and Prime Minister will put the best interests of the country first, when what they are actually doing is putting separatism first – and the electorate is largely blind to their end game. 

He Puapua’s steps to tribal control include, “All New Zealanders will embrace and respect Maori culture as an integral part of national identity and this will be reflected in a bicultural state service.”

That’s why Maori language and culture are being forced onto government departments and local authorities – and why state funded media are pushing separatist propaganda instead of reporting the news.

A tsunami of name changes is part of the plan, as the English language and heritage is replaced with Maori – for buildings, government agencies, streets, towns – even the country itself. 

In fact, He Puapua is so detailed, we can tick off achievements as they arise – including in health where a separatist Maori Health Authority with veto rights over the entire health system is being established – and where Maori patients are now being prioritised over those with greater clinical need. The final objective is two health systems, one for Maori and one for everyone else – both funded by everyone else.

Not only is He Puapua detailed, it’s unbelievably ambitious: “There will be enlarged Maori estate, supported by significantly increased return of Crown lands and waters, including the marine and coastal area, to Maori ownership”.

And progress on this so-called transfer of land, water, and the country’s coastline is well underway.

As far as Crown land is concerned, government documents have now emerged showing a plan to transfer the ownership and control of the entire Conservation estate to tribal authorities.

In his Breaking Views blog, geologist Derek Mackie explains, “The government, through the Department of Conservation (DOC), has set up an Options Development Group (ODG) to make recommendations on the co-governance and complete reform of the conservation system in New Zealand. The ODG’s recommendations… give Maori complete control, governance and ownership of the DOC Estate. I believe that most New Zealanders would find this report shocking and insulting.”  

When it comes to water, a few years ago the Maori King declared Maori would own New Zealand’s freshwater. Now a member of his own iwi is delivering his prophecy.

The Minister for Local Government, Nanaia Mahuta, is reviewing the management of the three waters – drinking water, wastewater, and storm water – and while that infrastructure is presently owned and operated by local councils, the Government is planning to take it and consolidate it into four mega-agencies – in the Upper North Island, the Central North Island, the Lower North Island, and the South Island.

According to the National Party 50 percent of the South Island agency will be transferred to Ngai Tahu. The plan for the North Island is likely to follow a similar model. In other words, Jacinda Ardern is planning to give control of the country’s freshwater to private tribal corporations.    

And with regards to the foreshore and seabed, just last week we outlined the appalling ruling by Justice Churchman on the first of 200 High Court claims for the coast under the Marine and Coastal Area Act, that elevated ‘tikanga’ above the common law, signalling the entire marine and coastal area right out to the edge of the Territorial Sea is likely to fall into tribal ownership.

We are now fundraising to appeal this radical decision to the Court of Appeal – if you would like to help, please click HERE for details.

By prioritising tikanga above the common law, the Churchman judgement has delivered on another He Puapua objective: “Tikanga Maori will be functioning and applicable across Aotearoa under Maori authority and also, where appropriate, under Crown/Maori authority.”

One of the earlier He Puapua goals was the development of a new New Zealand history curriculum to indoctrinate school children. The Ministry of Education released a draft curriculum for consultation earlier in the year, and called for public submissions.

Historian Dr Michael Bassett, a former Labour Cabinet Minister and Member of the Waitangi Tribunal, found the draft curriculum ‘utterly depressing’: “Nothing about economic development which lifted New Zealand after the Treaty from a state of anarchy where 25 percent of the entire Maori workforce between 1810 and 1840 had been killed and eaten, and others enslaved. The development of the modern economy is of no account… and, there’ll be no mention of the Musket Wars in the new curriculum – the government is intent on sanitising our history.” 

A further critical analysis of the draft curriculum by Professor Martin Devlin, in which he states, “Many myths surround the Treaty today which are unsubstantiated, particularly that the treaty is a “partnership”. Not only is this manifestly incorrect but the treaty is NOT, in fact, even a legal document, according to the New Zealand Constitution” is provided to assist in the submission process and can be viewed HERE

Former history teacher Roger Childs, who is also extremely concerned about what is being planned, has provided his submission on the draft curriculum in the hope it will encourage others to have a say before the end of the month deadline – you can read his excellent submission HERE and make your own submission HERE.

With the country now being rapidly forced down the path towards a racially divided nation, New Zealanders who value equal rights and democracy must fight back.

In his hard-hitting Breaking Views article, retired headmaster Tony Sayers urges action: “It is up to all who want a democratic country for their children, with rights guaranteed regardless of race, colour or creed, to unite to stop the causes of racial hate in our precious homeland. That cause is Maori dominance over our society.”

And that is surely the point – through endlessly dividing society by race, Jacinda Ardern’s Government is fuelling resentment and anger. The more public resources they give away to their tribal supporters, the worse it will get. They are creating a problem for which they are blaming everyone else. And Budget 2021 is likely to exacerbate the situation with vast amounts of race-based funding to advance their separatist cause.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former teacher and political organiser John Bell, believes that building public awareness of He Puapua is crucial for generating the public unease necessary for a change in government in 2023:

“The prevailing public mood will be a critical factor in determining not only whether National and ACT can succeed in the 2023 election but also, in the event of their succeeding, how far and how fast they can roll back such developments as Maori Wards and a race-based health system. With the entire apparatus of Government and most of the mainstream media currently enlisted in the cause of creating and maintaining public acceptance of co-governance, the task of impacting on the prevailing public mood is daunting…   

He further believes, “If we are to salvage our democracy, we have no option but to get out of our comfort zones and engage in protest by means that may not come easily to us.”

As more and more people, realising the danger He Puapua represents to democracy and our way of life, share their concerns, the magnitude of Jacinda Ardern’s betrayal of the trust of New Zealanders is becoming clear.

With opposition parties in Parliament now holding the government to account over their separatist initiatives and their tribal takeover plan, the latest TV3-Reid Research poll was a disappointment to those who might have expected the government’s ratings to decline further and support for National and Judith Collins in particular to rise.

Political commentator Chris Trotter has described the poll and biased reporting as ‘propaganda’: “This is how it works now. If a potentially damaging report like He Puapua makes it into the public arena, do not under any circumstances attempt to inform the public accurately and dispassionately about its contents. Instead, brand any publicly voiced misgivings about the report’s recommendations as ‘racist’. Give maximum coverage to accusations and recriminations arising from politicians’ responses to the report, and highlight the alleged divisiveness of their attempts to question or challenge its findings. Then, commission a poll, the entirely predictable results of which can be used to discredit the report’s critics: most particularly the leader of the political party most heavily invested in challenging its officially sanctioned version of reality… It’s a game played out every day in Moscow and Beijing. The only serious distinction between the players there, and the players here, being that ‘there’ they know that the name of the game is ‘Propaganda’; while ‘here’ they still think it’s called ‘Journalism’.”

It is time to fight back. It’s also time to put an end to deceptive politicians being able to abuse their positions of power by delivering something they did not promise when soliciting public support on the campaign trail. This kind of political dishonesty should never be allowed in New Zealand and should not be tolerated.

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Rise up New Zealanders Ray
Unfortunately I’m afraid NZ ignorant public Would only go a re-elect This pack of Marxist swines Back in Elaine
especially if that Government is pursuing a constitutional change that was not clearly signaled in the previous election. Simon
Definitely! Everyone needs to shout out against this deception and punish the media who persist with this propaganda! Jan
duplicity does not deserve reward Barry
The government needs to be held to its election promises. Kathy
There is no place in New Zealand for a Government that supports racism against white people and implement an agenda they had no mandate for. They need to go. Graeme
I feel there is too many hidden agendas in this Labour Party government, We need to have a strong voice in parliament to stand. up in the debates , question ,since NZ First has gone there isn’t a Mr Peter’s. to get under Ms Arden’s skin . ( I am not a NZ First voter ) . Glenys
An unqualified yes. gale
Outright racism – it has to stop Marion
This is the first I have heard of He Puapua and I am surprised and appalled. I switched off from watching the news over a year ago because I can’t play it in front of my kids. Ben
We need a strong person/organization to motivate the population colin
The situation is becoming of critical concern. Feed by White Maori who our so Caucasian that need to get a moko. Hypocrites of the finest order Line up of Ardens team ‘third world’. With tongue in cheek maybe Helen Clark should step From behind ms adern Joy
There are only a few animals I don’t trust. They are dogs and politicians. Peter
WAKE UP New Zealanders!!!! Let’s get out of our comfort zones and do something, anything to help others become aware of the dangers of tribual ownership of New Zealand!!!!! We are all in this together and have mixed raced families. How are our children and grandchildren going to navigate this separatism when they are of mixed blood while parents, aunts uncles cousins have no Maori in them, how is this effecting the next generations, it’s not helpful at all and is so narrow minded. Having ownership of this land, Maori’s own this and that etc will never be enough for some tribes, because it’s a spiritual battle we’re in and materialism and money will not full the gap or make the wrongs right that were done against the Maori people last century and the one before. It is dishonest to think that having Maori governance will make things better, for who, it will only rob, steal and destroy ALL the people who live in NZ and our nation. No matter what people may think it is becoming like South Africa more by the week and look at the mess, violence, pain and sorrow of that land!!!! Do we want that here in New Zealand Jarcinda? Do you want that for your child/ren? Start doing the right thing we need a “recall election” A LIE DOESN’T BECOME TRUTH, WRONG DOESN’T BECOME RIGHT, AND EVIL DOESN’T BECOME GOOD, JUST BECAUSE IT’S ACCEPTED BY THE MAJORITY.” Anon Karmenne
I see Andrew Little, when interviewed by Mike hosking regarding Opotiki Foreshore and Seabed issues has basically said ” Nothing to see here, move on”. This is outrageous really. Any government is supposed to be representing ALL the people. Their own supporters should be furious. Janine
I disagree with one point in this. I do not think that Maori are using Jacinda, I see it being the other way around. She is using these loudmouths to engage in the ” RACIST– SEPARATIST” slanging matches, while she distances herself from the unpleasantness. If anyone is pulling Jacindas strings, look to her Class of 2008-2010. Anon
How do we institute a very good idea like a ‘recall election’ with a corrupt Labour govt and media like we have now? International media like Sky 088 US Fox news may have to be involved. Try Tucker Carlson 12-1pm, Sean Hannity 1-2pm, Laura Ingraham 2-3pm. At least they are fighting back against the very far progressive left govt. of Joe Biden with conservative, commonsense Republican traditions and values. Do not contact CNN – they are partisan with the Democrats- like Labour and probably worse. Monica
Yes, but I wish people had thought before they voted at the last general election. We knew enough about Jacinda’s communist past and her intentions that should have alarmed made most sensible people so they would not vote for her. Eversa civitate patria sua (Our country, destroyed by its own citizens) Kelvin
Comrade Ardern is untrustworthy and needs to go. Wake up NZ and demand a recall. I agree with others who are suggesting a re count of votes in last years election could bring up a different result. The farming community didn’t vote for a socialist/communist and that cobbled together rabble called the govt. Carolyn
how about a vote of no confidence in the Pm and this Government.Timely I see with the new appointment of the incoming Governer General she will not ‘rock’the Boat! helen
Current situation explains why Richard
Absolutely. Need to get rid of this corrupt bunch ASAP. Vert dangerous where they’re taking us. Graeme
The sooner the betterOi Iain
Labour Party are way outside their stated manifesto. Lois
Mountains of evidence. Peter
However well this provision may be justified it has the same chance of a snowball in Hell of making it to a referendum in this environment of the cancellation of plebiscites for ratifying or otherwise the establishment of LG racist wards Richard
This is the most untransparent government ever. A recall should be on the cards Ron
Unreal the speed and Maori activists greed is allowed into our One Nation, Team of 5 million , total B-S Clint
I say yes but right now we need to remove this extremely dishonest government who are using dubious tactics to prevent discussion and shut down those journalist who are trying to start a debate. it is time for each person in New Zealand to make a stand, talk to people, direct them to this site and ask what they think democracy looks like?? Time for action people. Sam
Virtually all comments are unified in reaction to this very serious delusion, by this Labour Gov. Effective, worthwhile and organised reaction is itself, somewhat overwhelming; but we cannot–absolutely MUST not, rest idly. Therefore, as suggested before, at least a start would be an onslaught of letter writing and it’s immediately within all our reaches. Don’t cast out the day of small beginnings people–such letters just need to be not too long, honest respectful and granite-hard, with conviction, concern and disgust. Send to as many members of National, Act and Labour as possible, week after week—there’s a lot of M’P.s out there. This first step is quick, low cost and clearly relays to their minds, how increasing nos. of NZ’s are feeling and how they are paid to represent the citizens of this land, with truth, justice and honesty not there own illegitimate mandates! Advise the members, that we intend to not vote for them at the next election; ask them outright what they are doing about this disgraceful fiasco, query labour members why the HE PUAPUA issue was ready at Nov.2019, but still not released to the public, apart from a dressed down section of the report because the government didn’t want it ‘misconstrued’. And if it’s only a ‘guide’ document, then why is one of the papers Authors on the committee of Options, for the new DOC structure. Ask every National and Act MP, exactly what their stance is, on this iniquitous programme of Treason by Labour. Why is virtually no one–(I’ve addressed this in a couple of letters written), broaching the issue of the Maori people, incorrectly claiming status as indigenous peoples? This is probably one of the hottest potatoes out there.. I am genuinely loathe to agree with the other sentiments, that this issue, will decay into strife and civil unrest if it’s not dealt with very soon. Any one with half a brain, can see that this sick, spineless leadership squad, are only inciting the situation. An imbecile would understand, that any dictatorship in whatever form, only ever succeeds briefly because ordinary, common citizens will not tolerate sustained subjugation from arrogance and self righteousness. Violence is no answer for anything; and yet, sadly sometimes it’s the only answer. How insane and obscene, that we New Zealanders’ are facing such a disgusting possibility at the machinations of this Political kindergarten! Alan
Wow what a great idea. If we could get rid of red Cindy that way what a good message it would be to future governments. What a deceptive tart she is. Peter
Great idea! What would happen if one were held now? Paul
Labour is causing extreme racism in this country and is now out of control. Something definitely needs to put an end to it. Tracey
The present Labour lead coalition Govt are dividing NZ into racism at an alarming rate. Maori are not Indigenous to NZ and this so called partnership needs to be stomped on immediately or we will end up like Rhodesia Wayne
Some Members of New Zealand’s Parliament need to be charged under the Crimes Act for the Endangerment of the New Zealand Public, by their Actions and Deeds. Geoff
YES YES YES – ASAP !!! Before any more dishonesty occurs to shock the nation. Maori are NOT the indigenous people and make up a small portion of the total population. There is no reason for them to keep pushing for supremacy! Equality with the rest of the nation is the best they should be expecting. Stop this madness – we are becoming another South Africa .with the strong possibility of civil war. CM
This is a government that does much by stealth and much against the wishes of the majority. Robina
MMP is a mitigated disaster that has taken NZ into the heart of a totalitarian oppressive regime that by-passed common sense and sound economical analysis. Now MMP allows propaganda to rule and as such blocks a massive change necessary to defeat socialism that will take the country to economic collapse.. Frederick
Great idea. The time is now to start a fight back. I only hope it is not too late. J J
A recall election would be ideal but surely would require a law change to be allowed. The chance of that is less than zero with labour’s control of Parliament. If it was just a matter of getting a large enough number of signatures on a petition that would be slightly easier, though still difficult with Labour’s control of the news media. and their efforts to increase the power of the unions. The other problem is the strange results from the latest political poll, which is probably due to public apathy and Ardern’s appearances on public TV, ‘look at me, I am the world’s golden girl’. Chris.
Manners maketh the man RICHard
Wasn’t this government supposed to be transparent. They are masters of spin and deceit. Gordon
We need FPP not a recall. National have been part of the demise and I have no faith in ACT.A four year term is a backward step. The New Conservatives have been on the money with their policies but are not mentioned.National should be looking at them as a coalition partner. allan
While journalists and teachers are on the same side as the government it is very difficult to stop the steamroller but we mustn’t give up. Ian
The dishonesty of politicians is becoming commonplace. Incidentally, it also applies to the media. We have got to strive for and insist on checks on the politicians and we have to learn how to consider media reports. Denis
A recall election law is necessary but in the face of what direction this country is taking– and the apathy of the general populace is a major culprit in this– a law like this will never be established. As the article says quite frankly, this PM is nothing but a puppet in the hands of these ruthless radicals and they are hard at work to destroy us. These two ‘opposition parties’ have to be much more radical to stem this evil tide by exposing ruthlessly what is going on in NZ. The MSM are doing their part as paid minions to supress, slander and falsify any information criticising this criminal outfit called Government, but there are still enough possibilities to spread the word . One thing is for sure : we have dark and sinister times ahead of us Michael
We are living in dangerous times. Definitely need this facility Jan
it’s needed more than ever right now Brian
The time has come unfortunately to have this government removed from office because of the communistic deceit they now undertake with our rights as citizens of New Zealand. Time the Governor General and Crown stepped in and removed their right to govern. Kevin
We really need to stop this deception william
Govts who campaign on one platform and dont deliver end then progress ideals that were not part of their agenda without public consultation need to be stopped in their tracks and a new election forced upon them. Rod
definitely I do Lorraine
It is a pernicious cycle that the Majority of New Zealanders have been subjected to, by a slow weaving of separatist policy making, distorted histories, over empowering an ethnic minority, questionable Waitangi Treaty interpretations, over the last few decades. This has infiltrated the mindset of New Zealanders to the point that now the majorities are complacent, accepting, of these distortions and believe that the Maori have by and large, been wronged. Possibly this has been a social experiment, to see how a primitive tribe with questionable values, culture, can become a race that supersedes the culture that saved them from themselves. I think that this way of thinking has got to be challenged, which can only be achieved by sending the alarm bells of separatism out to communities via emails, drop mailers, newspapers, community papers, radio, protest groups, face book, petitions. Parents protest at your local school, no to Maori history curriculum. This is a battle for democracy and truth. When the pen has no persuasion, maybe other alternatives need to be devised. I will be drop mailing He Paupau into a few letterboxes HE Paupau (He Power Power) is a blueprint to separatism, and a blueprint of treason, to the democratic process of what constitutes the makeup of a historical governing body. This government is not fit for purpose. By changing the makeup of government without majority consensus from the people of New Zealand, this very radical premise, has no legal validity for New Zealand. This document infringes on the freedoms of New Zealanders, compromises the sovereignty of the New Zealand government, is divisive, and contravenes the basis of true democracy. The opposition parties should be making a collective stand against such polices, even going as far as to invoke a vote of no confidence against the incumbent labor government. The Governor General has the power to The Governor-General may dismiss an incumbent Prime Minister and Cabinet, an individual Minister, or any other official who holds office “during the Queen’s pleasure” or “during the Governor-General’s pleasure”. … The Governor-General can also dissolve Parliament and call elections without Prime Ministerial advice. If there are 5 million New Zealanders Say 5% Maori activists 250,000, 5% other activists 250,000. So total 500,000 support all these policies. Less 1.1 million under 18, leaves 3,400,000 against. Who wins?? steve
Deception needs to be met by truth. Truth needs to be new backed up by action. Honest facts reveal truth. Maurice
A workable recall election mechanism is needed in both the Govt, all regional and local govt and all govt owned or wholly contracted entities. In Addition the Veto doctrine has to be curtailed to specific instances and prohibited from use by racist entities. Richard
Yes yes yes they need to be gone now! This Marxist govt with apartheid agenda. Our petition is going and gathering momentum! Christina
Unless we unite in opposition to what her ladyship is doing, New Zealand as we know it will be gone forever. Public protests, street marches, even with the cry’ of RACIST in our ears Malc
unfortunately it will never happen with all the treasonable people up each others backside residing in the beehive,pity we dont have a Gov General like they had in Australia and sack the lot, just wait and see next year when our toothy dictator gets married and has another bun in the oven all the women and reporters on tv and papers fall over themself,s to keep her and her bent lot in power, I’m too old to move overseas so I will just have to drop my trousers and bend over and kiss my arse goodby. hitler, stalin pol-pot and other despots would be proud of they way this country has been controlled and destroyed at the same time. Richard
Comrade ardern and the other incompetents must go. Sid
that would be a good thing to happen, but the trouble is this government has been voted in with full power, they got rid of Winston peters that was a chess move now there is no hand brake on this crew of misfits and i hope those people who voted them in are starting to worry a bit, because i am, it makes me wonder who would vote for a authoritarian government who is going to hand over such power to a race that are not even indigenous to new Zealand ngapuhi leader David Rankin has him self said this and has mentioned a book called to the ends of the earth by Maxwell c hill,co written by new zealand pre -historians Gary cook and a mister hilliam a 378 page book with detailed evidence that Greek and Egyptian travelers sailed and settled in new Zealand long before the arrival of maori,if this is the case they have no more rights in this country than any one else, there are no indigenous people. when are we going to start living together as one people i don’t know do you rodger
We have reached a very sad situation when the question is even being asked. Richard
No confidence whatsoever. Al
The only way to get real democracy to work john
Currently with the separatism being increasingly driven by Labour, we need to stop this before its too late – They have no mandate to be doing this. Roy
A wandering government trying to please their members – is overloaded with huge mistakes Beth
Oh Yes! I have never been so anti a government as the current. Now 80 I guess whatever she does may not affect me greatly but I wonder about my Grandchildren and the very young voters who seem to be completely mesmerized by a very dodgy political leader. John
absolutely imperitive that they can be tossed out ,the alternative is bloody conflict,,thats what we are heading for,northland is a breeding ground for race based separatist war,,every day we see more of it up here,,vicious protests etc,,,disgraceful,,they all want freebies at the good peoples expense,,the authoritys hush up reality pihia motels full of ex cons,,mingling with tourists,,what happens when the word gets out,,potential tourism is over,,attacs in the streets,,police station closed down,etc,,good luck with your campaign tony
We have a dictator not a Prime Minister. She must be stopped before she can do any more damage to this country. I am becoming an outcast and foreigner in my own homeland. Pamela
Yes … this stupidity has to be stopped. Robbie
We won’t get this type of provision until NZ has a different government. Far better, for a start, would be a three day general strike by ALL taxpayers. Phil
We got rid of Clarke yet it is still there, The Jasinderalla guide to dishonesty and deception Scott
Anything that stops any Government from altering the democratic system of the country must be made available to the people. Politicians, particularly our current Government need to be reminded that they are only there at the will of the people and hidden agendas like He Puapua will in the long run lead this country to a full blown dictatorship How dumb are the 46.3% who voted for the socialist thinking PM and her band of jolly men/women. Then again this may just be the political system they all want to live under. Barry
Absolutely, but i don’t see it getting any traction with the way the media would treat it. Lawrie
I have thought for some time that the MMP system of Government needs to change so as to enable strong Governments to be elected I have some ideas about this but not now. Also the term needs to be lenghtened to 4 years That will give time to implement policies that have been promoted and have them bed in properly, HOWEVER THERE MUST ALSO BE A RECALL PROVISION IF AND WHEN THE ELECTED GOVERNMENT STRAYS TOO FAR FROM THEIR MANIFESTO Robin
I would never have conceived of a need for this but how far our Maori fraternity appear to be moving definitely reveals this possibility need … so it has to be there as a carefully constructed emergency safeguard. Susan
An elitist enclave will be created from the hard work & sacrifice of generations of NZers. Why has there been no comment by the opposition National Party and others, or the media to alert the general public. If the policies this government envision we will slip without a whimper anarchy. How will the Iwi divide the spoils? Brian
The people need to speak loud and clear Vanessa
Our way of life appears to be being eroded for 10/% approx. of the population which seems very biased and wrong.. Unfair ? yes, good for the country? no Laurel
I’ve said yes but that is a forlorn hope. Our current crop of socialist/Marxist rulers are ignorant and totally corrupted by power and, of course, have the MSM by the short and curlies. I believe that only way out of the mess we, the electors, have created would be a takeover by the Armed Forces. This would be risky, I know, but could it really make it any worse than the direction in which we are currently heading? Alan
The Labour Party certainly has a hidden agenda hidden from the general public. Tony
yes yes yes paul
This Government has been deceived New Zealand by not discussing their intentions before the elections and are now, unimpeded, making radical changes to our country that are not for the best of the country. They need to go and even more so after hearing so many of them admitting to be Socialists. I%u2019m very concerned about what is happening but don%u2019t know what to do. Vivienne
Just how far are these land and money grabbers prepared to go to subvert the course of Common Law which this country was founded on? Bruza
There’s 3 types of lies: Lies, damn lies and ideology. Down with big sister! Mark
This is apartheid in reverse where 85% of the population are paying for and supporting a separate non democratic 15% (who are part only maori in the first instance) whereas the 85% of the population have no recourse. Graeme
This govt is racist in favour of an elite minority Alan
The same principles should apply as the Consumer guarantees Act provides. Gary
absolutely. Our current government is doing so much damage using “Covid level one urgency” to pass legislation that they never had in their mandate but was obviously on their secret agenda. Rita
If only, but Labour won’t be bringing it in any time soon. Andrew
It’s a worry that this great information you are providing to us through your regular political research columns can not reach the people who really need to know about it. When I speak to my friends none of them know what is going on. How can we inform others? Maybe we should all insist that the government have to notify the public before they pass major racist bills. This is one country, one people Dianne
Long overdue Steve
get rid of those traitors Patrick
Apartheid Bob
Oh that we do not have such a provision available to New Zealanders right now for I would immediately be placing my pledge for a “recall election”. Miss Ardern and her sycophants have shown themselves to possess a forked tongue. So much as representing ALL New Zealanders. Did she authorise a further payment to the spin doctors to come up with another meaningless slogan? Did she,her toady Mr Shaw along with their Climate Change Commission so” carefully” chosen, really act upon the “science” available. Clearly a group of models that for the last 30 years, have yet to predict what is actually happening to the Earth’s temperature, or fail to prove that the anthropogenic release of CO2 is the main reason for Climate Change, shows the closed minds that drive this “scientific” group Miss Ardern clearly believes in the edit “it is the mightiest battalions that win the day”. She and our, oh so well trained and qualified, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Local Government have clearly shown the path she and her government are clearly undertaking in their drive to meet the recommended outcomes pronounced in the He Puapua (Whatever that means). Gone tomorrow would not be soon enough! Oh that we could contemplate the creation of a “recall election” but of course under this government it could never happen. Michael
We need something urgently. This is only a dream as it would never get adopted. Mark
We don’t have any indigenous people in New Zealand so the UN Treaty doesn’t apply, Colin
Absolutely as soon as possible. What is happening is dishonest enough to be verging on treason against mainstream NZ’ers and our democracy Carolyn
Yes, very important – but is it too late? Genuine New Zealanders have to speak up – take action – against this such secretive anti-New Zealand racist government. . Stuart
There has been no mention of the obvious favouring of a minority over the 85% majority in Labour’s manifesto at the last election. This is completely dishonest & the majority government needs to be help accountable. Peter
Yes without a doubt, in my 77 years I’ve never had to live through such a dishonest Government. Get rid of them as quick as possible. Ian
This government has managed to destroy New Zealand in so many areas in just 3 5 years. They have lied and deceived the public of NZ for too long and need to be removed before it is too late. We are rapidly losing our rights under the Bill of Rights, our democracy and freedom speech. Richard
Then we may be able to get rid of this Marxist divisive lot of no hopers Laurie
How can people who are calling themselves Maori but only have Maori ancestors be able to get on this gravy train when it is obvious by their surnames they aren’t 100% Maori linda
If it was law now Labour would be gone David
Once again Churchman with a questionale jusgement. Sylvia
Really glad you can see what is really happenning and tell us–thamk you Max Maxwell
This statement should be submitted to ALL New Zealanders for consideration. Pierre
I am totally against giving the early settlers any further power over new zealand policies and wish somehow we could replace Adern and her co-conspirtors now david
Such political dishonesty usually arrises from absolute power which corrupts absolutely. Pierre
Most certainly I do as we have never had a more dishonest govt in New Zealand in my 82 years eric
When do we March? Alan
Absolutely! Margaret
We have to rid ourselves of these communists! Wake up honest, hard-working New Zealanders. This is not what my parents’ generation fought so hard for. Cheryl
The present government has breached its own manifesto by saying one thing and doing something totally different. This is not the first time an elected government has done this so it is high time for a recall election with punishment for the erring party. Graeme
Absolutely – am horrified at what this govt is doing Gail
It is one one way. we need to take our protests direct to Parliament buildings by many thousands of us to stop this nonsense before it’s too late. Angus
Of course, we the public need to have our say in matters that affect us Kerin
But with photo-shoots banned! John
But, this provision should apply to individual MPs only. If an entire Government deserves recall, it should be effected by recall of each of their sitting members. This is the most practical way for a recall provision to survive and work. Murray
This government is totally racist and it must not be allowed to continue in this way. Jane
I’m all for a new forma of government that better reflects the partnership between Maori and the ‘Crown’ (acting on behalf of British and other settlers). The notion that our ‘democracy’ is being eroded is based on a denial of the historial reality of the violation of the Treaty of Waitangi by the Crown. It’s the putting right that counts, and I welcome moves to restore Maori sovereignty. Richard
Long overdue especially as we do not have an Upper House in Parliament to review Govt decisions Bruce
Thsi garbage needs to be stopped now jon
Back in the 80’s I was doing a BA in political science degree at Victoria University. I can always remember a lecture delivered by Geffrey Palmer, “Elective dictatorships.” I was at the time naive enough to believe this could not happen in this day and age. How wrong could I be. Dennis
Yes, we do need a “recall election” when a political party gets voted to power on one set of promises and then turns the tables once elected. Jacinda Ardern’s behaviour in this is disgraceful. However, we do not at present have “recall elections” written into our law, as have many American states. Therefore it is necessary to make the whole affair very public indeed. Otherwise this present government will sneak/push through all kinds of outlandish moves which will take years, and a lot of tears, to rectify. Rob
Emphatic F&*K YES!! Nick
It makes me sick to see what this Commie Govt is doing and frustration at the stupidity of New Zealanders. THIS B/S MUST STOP NOW. JOHN
The current situation within NZ is a prime example of such a requirement! Roy
I want to move to Australia before I’m trapped here. I feel sick we still have so many people in the country worshipping Jacinda. I’m disappointed in the opposition for not doing more to stop this. Anon
The California governor recall movement achieved numbers way beyond what was legally required. It would be a great move here. But as with examples such as Maori parliamentary seats, it is apparently up to Maori, rather than the general voting public, to decide if and when they should be abolished. Paul
Jacinda is following the Marxist/Communist rule book of creating divisions in society to cause instability. Maori may gain in the short term but long term it will mean subjugation of the entire population. We need a recall election before it is too late. Lee
This is the most dishonest, inept, divisive government in history. They are treasonous. chris
absolutely!!!! trevor
I chose yes only for numbers sake. The truth is we’ve never experienced an honest government. Government is a corporation with left and right wings. Regardless of what they promise the people, their first and foremost obligations are to their business contracts and majority shareholders. Simply business. Election is a deception. Only government and their controllers elect. We only get to vote on their selection. It means nothing. I would prefer to see a provision to remove all corporation from government. Only parties of people should be entitled to run. rich
I can’t wait to see Adern go! Lynda
The sooner the better. Graham
Unable to believe what Jacinda is enacting – she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing tony
The only way to oppose the dishonesty endorsed by our Prime Minister Bob
Mp’s ignore the fact that they are elected on the basis of promises made and trust by the electorate that they will behave in a manner which their electorate has reason to expect that they will behave . It goes beyond specific promises and depends on how they have given the elecorate to believe they will behave , based on the knowledge of how they have conducted themselves previously and what they have expressed them selves to value. by their conduct. Harvey
This government’s implementation of hidden agendas that are not mandated by NZ voters is illegal, immoral, undemocratic and very dangerous for NZ. Alison
But it WONT if the woke vote jacinda in again.I dont know if you will be able to put He Puapua in the newspaper & wake up more people but if you can this is what NZ NEEDS to read,also a copy sent to Judth Collins & David Seymour & again ALL National & Act MP,s its plain labour mp,s will remain loyal to jacinda after all they get a wage 3 times more than if they had to work for it now they can sit on their bum & do nothing.NZealanders have to read what jacinda is doing SNEAKILY.WAKE them up if its possible. Cindy
This is turning into the biggest crisis this country has ever faced implemented by woke idiots where 16% of the population get to dominate and plunder everything that the other 84% has built and worked for this isn’t democracy….WAKE UP NZ!! Jeff
I consider it essential to protect our country and our way of living from the agenda of radicals who threaten our inheritance,and stablility. Judith
I consider that the current proposals of the present government are highly detrimental to the future of our beloved country. It appears that these proposals are being promoted with a radical agenda to dis- stabalise our country. If these changes are introduced my family and myself would probably move to Australia. Brian
otherwise apartheid is inevitable peter
We need to unite to stop this dishonesty of this Labour Government from what they presented in the last Manifesto Walter
Never before have we had a government so deceitful in hiding its true agenda for an attack on democracy and a return to tribalism. Look at tribalism anywhere in the world and you will see “might is right” power to the biggest tribe, no impartial justice, only what will enhance the tribe at the top. tribalism brings violence and a constant cycle of utu. Duncan
This is a superb idea , how can this be organized. am sure there enough people in New Zealand who would support a call for a referendum. john
This would be perfect for the likes of Kelvin Davis who believes that by releasing scum criminals out of prison and back on our streets is a good thing, and he can then say that under him, “the prison numbers have fallen. The truth of course is, that the crime rate is growing as a result and to make matters much worse … the police are not allowed to pursue these scum and arrest them. This disgusting separatist government is leading New Zealand down the part of total division. Des
This is the most deceptive Government and needs to be stopped! Denise
I’m getting more alarmed by the day as the clear evidence of the “takeover” by the radicals manifests itself. Radio NZ and TV One are good examples. The two major media companies are also ignoring the stealth campaign by the puppeteers. How else does the wider public become aware of what is really going on? Kerry
No brainer. !! Andrew
I have never encountered a more dishonest government hidden behind such beautiful pearly whites. As a pensioner my wife & I need the increase, badly, but see through Tinkerbelles smile and showing kindness. She is the female version of the “smiling assassin.” Ray
Yes,yes,yes X 1000 Zygmunt
Get these radical away from any decision making Gareth
Unfortunately no government will introduce such a safeguard and would prefer to remove any possible means for the electorate to do so. Even referendums are non-binding. New Zealanders are too gullible in believing media and politicians are all honest. Jacinda should be awarded an Oscar for her role in convincing New Zealanders otherwise. We need some serious opposition to expose her agenda although it may be too late to counter her government’s activities. Martin
Every day another insult to our intelligence. The Public were gigantically let down/ hoodwinked by Ardern by not disclosing their separatist Agenda! Definitely “Off with her Head” Robyn
Transparency is needed here. Caren
The current Bunch of Labour Politicians are Proving to be Traitors to the Public of this Country. We cannot afford to wait until The next Election to stop The rot. Nania Mahutu should be removed from Office immediately . Henry
The criteria would need to be very carefully and fully defined in the Legislation introducing such a practice. The last thing that the country needs is legislation which cam be reinterpreted after introduction; much as the Treaty is now reinterpreted, and bears little resemblance to the original document. bob
Ardern is definitely going down the Treason road. Time to ask for her resignation. How about the “100 Days – CLAIMING BACK NZ MOVEMENT’ Convened by Amy Brooke. ‘There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.’ Victor Hugo The most successful democracy in the world, where the government respectfully refers to the electorate as sovereign, is Switzerland. The fact that not the Swiss government, but the people of the country itself actually make the decisions, has brought this about. But surely New Zealand is a democracy? The reality is no. In actual fact, our democratic freedoms now extend only to throwing out one political party or coalition when it is perceived as having done so much damage that it should be removed, to exchange it for another which nobody now really believes is going to be any better. New Zealand used to be called a representative democracy, where MPs supposedly represented the views of their constituents in the House. However, we are no longer even a representative democracy. A watershed has been passed. New Zealand went down the road of no return in 2009 when the anti-family, anti-smacking legislation was passed, instigated by a reputedly Marxist Green MP, Sue Bradford; supported by a heavily socialist and dominating Prime Minister, Helen Clark; and scandalously endorsed by National Party leader John Key telling his party members to do as they were told. But of course our representatives MPs stood up to be counted? Not one. Not one of the major parties so-called constituent MPs stood up to be counted and to represent the views of their constituents although polls showed that New Zealanders were well over 85% opposed to this ominous and intrusive legislation. List MPs, yes-men, and yes-women, are answerable to nobody except their party leaders. It’s time now to claim back this country. Yes, it can be done. And no, it isn’t difficult at all. It will just take time for this concept to be understood. All it needs is for New Zealanders to say that they have had enough , that they claim the right to make the decisions that affect them. The Swiss claimed that right 160 years ago, when they realized that they no longer had a democracy. They have proved it works. It simply works!” Terry
No transparency, just underhand dealings – this government has got to be stopped. What happened to being a “team of five million”? That’s gone out the window and the 15% are being hailed as the future of our government. Honesty is a foreign word to all those on the Labour benches. Cecilie
Yes, damn right. Fraser
We also need a right wing news media, or media that reports the facts. Martyn
The current 3 year term is sufficient length of time to recall a government. Don’t extend the term to 4 years George
The problem is, far too many NZ are oblivious to what is going on. Graeme
Yes it has to happen and quickly before more damage is done. As Maori are not the indigenous people of this land why is it that the present and past governments have allowed the present situation to occur. The population at large must be advised of the current situation, in the press. on the news, whatever it takes, regardless of racism taunts We need honesty !!!! Tom
On the other hand we do have elections every 3 years, all it needs today is for the public and politicians to start campaining now.Everyone make a noise, protest rallies for example. The younger vibe should start doing this as it is their future we are talking about. Owen
we sure need it now days william
The situation is appalling and it is getting worse by the minute. We need to start some direct action. David
Beijing. Moscow. Auckland. Say no more. Thanks Labour and your cronies Mike
Jacinda Ardern has no idea whatsoever how to run a democratic system most people seem to be loosing confidence Ivan
This is urgent. The government’s deceitful plans to hand power and control of resources to a race based minority will in fact destroy Western democracy in New Zealand. The process of apartheid by stealth has accelerated, as the racial separatism is now taking over in all areas of New Zealand – education, coasts, seabeds, forests, Health system to be controlled by racial minority. It is extremely important that all New Zealanders oppose this threatened process which, if unchecked, will destroy our country. doug
what the hell happened to most honest and transparent Government, a promise that is now such a joke! Daniel
The sooner the better. Steve
This is the only way to hold politicians whom blatantly lie and cheat their way into power, those that once secure in parliament they enact their real agenda, which normally is the complete polar opposite of what the voting public expected or voted for. John
The ability to stop the rot is critical. This Labour govt is rotten to the core. Richard
we are not a communist state , we are getting all this critical race theory creeping into our our education system . FELIX
As soon as possible Mike
The Governor General has the power to do so but when the person is appointed by the government can they ever be independent enough to call the shot? Bryan
It is quite breathtaking how this Jacinda Ahearn government is trashing this country’s heritage and returning it back to tribalism and all that entails and all with out any public consultation ie renaming all Government departments etc in Moari,unbelevable Kevin
Yes. and the sooner the better, but who do we replace? National or Act. Reg
Not printable. Get them out…. Russ
Yes, they are doing absolutely nothing for hard-working NZers. Tim
This government and PM are corrupt in what they say and their actual agenda. Worst PM we have ever had. Stephen
My only concern is ; who would take over the leadership role to repair the monumental cock up / state that labour has now put us in . Also I imagine that it would take at least 10 years of say a National / or Act govt to remedy the mess that we are now in . Roy
The way this government is carrying on shows we need it. Ardern and co’s dishonesty is unbelievable John
This government is steadily going down the path of doing irreparable damage to race relations in this country. The silent majority won’t stay silent forever, and the results won’t be pretty! Dave
Im all for helping those in need, and doing it tough. Personal responsibility. and social contribution need to be promoted. As a nation we need to work together, not on race based approaches, but while recognising some in our community may have a greater need than others. That is fair. Separatist policies are undemocratic, and lead to entitlement attitudes. Therefore Im opposed to race based seats. Im not opposed to have a statutory Maori input and a say to provide a proportional lens and making sure their interests are covered, But I am opposed to race based underpinnings, as appropriate representation can be easily achieved without the race card, while upholding the core principle of democracy. The Westminster system, will, in time when Maori are again the majority, hold them in good stead because the same principle of one vote, one person will still apply. NZ media has largely shut down public debate so it is up to us to write to the MP’s and tell them we appreciate our values and not theirs. Kevin
it is needed now! antony
What is happening NOW, clearly explains why a recall election provision IS essential! Gray
We need to have transparent honest government. Philip
Sadly it has come to this. Unfortunately, even were it possible, at this late hour kicking Adern’s junta out would not fix the danger we are in. charles
Not unlike what democrats are trying to do to the USA Michael
N/C Norman
This is a government that has become untrustworthy. Mark
Before there is civil strife in New Zealand Carl
It seems the end of New Zealand as we know it is nigh. We must fight back at all costs. This is war! Rod
And a “100 Days” brake on obnoxious legislation, as enunciated by Amy Brooke Phillip
I believed that we were heading towards “We are one” as changed after the Chch shooting. What on earth has happened. Lies, lies, lies!!! Lindsey
We are being screwed over by this marxist government Gary
Labour’s election manifesto does not reflect its current actions and therefor was elected under false pretensions. It should now be investigated by the Governor General John
Many of us are sick to death of the seperatist moves by the Labour Party. The biggest problem – lack of a party or leader capable of taking us out of this situation. Move over Judith and Jacinda – the ‘J’s just don t have it. Peter
Apartheid Peter
Desperately needed to stop the deceit Bryan
Yes they need to be held to account. Kit
But cannot see any way this can happen under the present Government Hugh
Action definitely needed. Someone must step up to lead it. peter
What is needed is a complete cleanout of the “House of Representatives” (read dictators), education facilities, right from kindergartens to universities, the legal profession, as well as Government agencies. Abolish the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori Party, both of which are racist in the extreme! Let us have some debates of important issues on television. It is time to stop this treasonist betrayal before it gets written into a constitution. Kevan
Yes, NZ most certainly needs a “recall election” provision to preserve our democracy. Urgent action must be taken to prevent this government turning our country into a deeply divided racist society,. We have much to be proud of, its unthinkable to that our PM can betray the hardworking honest citizens of NZ in such a cold calculating way – and for what?? Loretta
We need a snap election asap before it is too late. frank
What is happening at the moment is becoming very worrying for all New Zealanders who are not Maori or so called Maori, as you say democracy is fast being eroded. Digby
Critically important! Michael
NZ is sliding further into the quagmire of apartheid which will not end until the Maori seats are disbanded. Geoff
I believe that the last election was rigged and that we have an illegal government. This process would have taken place when the votes were transferred to machines. This is the first time I have ever considered that a NZ election was fraudulent, however that may be a naive assumption. Certainly I am now totally cynical about our government and media. We are being lied to in a chilling manner, and I am very relieved to have been alerted to the existence of NZCPR and consequently the existence of others similarly concerned. Susan
We need to get rid of Jacinda and crew asap. Robert
Complete betrayal of the electorate Bernie
Labour didn’t legitimately win the 2020 election, I would like to see a formal investigation however the paper ballots are destroyed May 24th, the Catalyst Machine records will probably be, if they haven’t previously, be destroyed. Max
Political dishonest must be stopped and punished Alan
Absolutely. In my 61 years of voting, this is the worst Government I have known. It is ruling us, instead of governing on behalf of ALL New Zealanders John
We need a recall election to protect all New Zealand%u2019s from this dishonest government, as all New Zealanders are equal. Maori need to ask their leaders what happens to all the wealth generated by successful Maori business funded by treaty dollars, why do so many not benefit from this success story. Kim
Too bloody right! wally
An absolute priority Neville
When the government takes advantage of the misplace trust and ignorance of the electorate, it is time to replace it. I was actually living in California when Gray Davis was recalled and I absolutely supported it and his replacement, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I would have no problem supporting the recall of Jacinda Ardern. Gary
We should have come back against such a dishonest government. How can we wake up New Zealanders? Bev
Enjoyed Chris Trotter’s comments on propaganda not journalism. Catherine
And quickly!! It’s totally unbelievable what this Government is doing to our country. We must push back with everything now, not tomorrow, but now!! Before they do too much damage. Wake up Sheeple!! Helen
Absolutely! It is an excellent way to keep our “elected” representatives honest in what they promise and what they do once in power. I am appalled at what Ms Ardern and her cohorts are trying to foist onto our country. Rosemary
This Marxist B….needs to be removed. How NZers voted for her and and her accompanying socialists’ is beyond belief I suppose thats why we are called the land of the sheep!! Wake up NZ john
Traitors and liars have no place in government and mechanisms need be put in place for their removal when their mischief becomes revealed. Tony
I am distressed as to the direction our lovely country of NZ is heading. Shirley
The present departure from the basic fundamentals of democracy is beyond the stage of “concern” – it threatens the way of life of every person in New Zealand. Ross
They have said one thing and done another . The present govt cannot be trusted Arthur
I myself, and a lot of people I associate with, young and old , have had an absolute guts full of this lying communist government, and all the Maori bullshit that is being forced upon us . I would say, prepare for some sort of back lash Murray
Labour are obviously on a road to there own objectives Rick
Jacinda Ardern is a globalist and is on track to destabilize and sell out NZ to her foreign friends. Robert
Most definitely Elsa
If an election was called could we truly rely on the National party not to carry it all on. I have no faith in them either.. Catherine
Jacinda Ardern is a TRAITOR to her country in more ways than one . Colleen
As soon as possible before more corruption occurs Gabrielle
Lets get them out…NOW Erin
I do now! Sheena
This is not what Nz is about, we need to impeach this govt….march kiwis, march Nick
But it would be as binding as the ability to use referendum to prevent Maori Wards. I am afraid we are fighting a loosing battle as the indoctrination has already begun with the under 50 age group. They are accepting tereo and think it’s great their children use Maori words all the time. The older the people the less they are listened too. I would march on Parliament if it was organised. But would we get any support from the under 50s. Andrew
The dishonesty of this government is unbelievable but So many taken in by them. Dell
Whatever it takes to get rid of those who have taken over the asylum Phil
Jacinda fiddles while NZ burns. Richard
Many of us who read the NZCPR newsletter and Breaking Views are frustrated. You only have to view the comments to see that. This week we are being encouraged to take action. The problem with that is if only one or two, or even several of us object at a meeting or event it won’t mean much. In fact, it will give the separatists more ammunition by claiming small groups of racists or “white supremacists” are starting to cause trouble. There will be calls for more laws to prevent this and away we go again. In my opinion, for protests to work they have to be big…really big! So big that the establishment can’t risk accusing a significant proportion of the public of being racist…safety in numbers, if you like. You can’t organise big protests without people, and I don’t think enough people know about or understand this issue yet. We have to mobilise support through public information first…then organise the protests. Derek
This government is the most divisive ever known in NZ. Jacinda is one very dangerous woman – thevqueen od spin. Dell
I am appalled by the apathy of the young people in NZ who apparently are quite happy about what is happening in this country. Wah
It appears our country is truly filled with sheeple! I hope they lift their heads out of the hay before it’s too late! Pauline
Very dangerous times.What a snake Jacinta is Raymond
Totalitarianism – that is where we are heading, in line with United Nations Agendas. This Government is treating us like mushrooms. Water reforms ?- huh – make that water control. Control the water, control the people. Please continue to publicise the truth of what is really going on,. Time for the ‘she’ll be right’ New Zealanders to wake up. Gaynor
In all my life I have never seen a complete takeover by a govt as has happened in NZ in the last year. It seems all news media have been persuaded to “toe the line” and back whatever the govt does. Unbelievable in today’s western democratic world. mike
What is being passed into law under urgency, and brought in to social behaviours is totally opposite to what the government said in its manifesto prior to election. Funny that. They get elected and then do what they want. Total disgrace and the more people who can see this, the better Michele
Yes, and with some urgency. It should have been enacted upon years ago. Governments (and councils) need to be to account. They used to call democracy. chris
Liars and dishonesty should not be part of our democratic ??? society in New Zealand Sheryl
The govt are quite blatant about What they are doing. Need not race is what most nzers expect fot their hardearned incomes Pat
get rid of those traitors Patrick
More than ever! Graeme
Now more than ever. Gordon
what is wrong with one New Zealand, one Law for all sam
The sooner the general population realise what is actually happening to this country the better Christine
It is a disgrace that no one is allowed to oppose the racist views of this government Nicola
Never thought we would need it but times have certainly changed, I want the election audited, farmers would never vote for their own destruction Di
I have never trusted Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party David
If we do not then we will the NZ we know and love. Stand up and Shout NO. ian
This is the least that we can do Murray
Absolutely Greg
John Bell is a clear Bell. mark
Absolutely Murray
Jacinda Arden & Labor is lying to us! Dawid
Yes, they are letting most of NZ down. Kay
of course, One NewZealand One People! Anon
Unbelievable evil afoot. Janet
Separatist bulls**t Steve
Yes! – and the sooner the better, before the ballot box is replaced by the cartridge box. Scott
political dishonesty demonstrated again today grahame
Need this safe guard. Will not work in N Z as populous too apathetic. Worth a try. Grace
Like many, I am getting very concerned about our democracy. We need a new independent t v channel in New Zealand. We pay for Sky news but could equally pay for a Sky New Zealand type channel. Let’s all do this! Janine
One of the few times I have to disagree with the general consensus – in that no, I don’t think New Zealand needs a recall election provision – specifically because while it is a good concept on paper, it will not achieve anything at all in reality. What New Zealand needs is to stop importing Marxist identity politics, and stop acting like a colony being governed by a document from the 1800s. What New Zealand really needs, is to grow a pair and gain it’s independence from TOW, the commonwealth, and draw up a constitution or at the very least agree to the base set of values that are New Zealand and that the nation will strive to going forward. Basically are we a nation of individual freedom and liberty, or are we a nation of race communism and ‘equality’ or ‘equity’ or whatever the current buzzword of the month is. Pavel
there is also the speech jacinda made to the gates foundation re nz adopting un agenda 2030 john
We Reap What We Sow. Our sucker-ability is proof of our uneducated trustworthiness. We are pretty dumb in this country. Mike
I’m in my 70’s and I have never despised a government as much as this one – they are out of control with power, Fiona
If the bloody Maoris wanted it we would have had it by now! Murray
The PM MUST be legally removed from office. Bruce
Your most important and riveting newsletter for some time. Shades of the 1930’s as it all unfolds, and New Zealanders like Europeans at that time, are like lambs to the slaughter. This will not end well. Hamish
We are being taken too far down the separtist path, and the public are heading to the cliff like lemings. Willy
Absolutely! Frank
I have been advocating for some years for the ability to ‘recall’ at all levels. A highish %age would ensure it isn’t overused-certainly needed now! Roger
I never thought this would be an issue. I have been naive. The audacity of the Prime Minister is unbelievable. Megan
They must have one hellov good PR Brian
And soon Pam
Ardern has deliberately lied to the people of NZ by saying that she would govern for” all the people”. It’s certainly true that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. She’s obviously under pressure from the Maoris in her own caucus. Bring back Winston! And, “Go, Judith and David”. Keep putting the pressure on this separatist Labour government. Laurence
Absolutely !!!! Jacinda and her tribe must be removed along with those loony Greens. Because of what is going on and what is seemingly proposed is the reason people I know are going to Australia — in particular Queensland. Alan
The sooner the better. Ardern is the most deceptive & dishonest politician this country has ever see, And that’s saying something. They knew what to do with this sort of politician a hundred years ago. They strip Chrstianity out of Parliament and next thing we’re getting the animist slogans. The lies that are being told and the brainwashing your kids are being subjected to is criminal. I would never send a kid of mine to school in this country. Wakey wakey NZ, but I guess a lot of people are bursting with happiness after the budget. Terry
The number of outright lies by the Labour Party is reaching breathtaking levels. It is time to end this hijacking of our democracy Frank
Media’s uses the excuse of hate mail and racism to prevent constructive argument from people who don’t compliment the current govt. agenda. sharon
This open and transparent govt has to be booted so NZ’ers can save our country. Barbara
It should also apply to local government. Far too many councillors and mayors are elected on trust and then change their spots once in power . Geoff
Sadly we will not have the numbers Hone
This situation that we now find ourselves in is a classic example of why we need it. The actions of this government in implementing the destruction of democracy without any mandate whatseoever to do so amount to treason. Mike
Direct attacks on democracy, as are happening now, by the arrogant racists calling themselves “maori” has gone far enough. Time to “recall” this government. So when will we stand outside parliament and demand a recall? I’ll be there. neil
We no longer have a democracy and any criticism of the plans towards separatism is now called racist. Shame on you Jacinda Ardern and all of the Labour Government. Jan
I have already emailed Judith Collins and David Seymour and Shane Reti suggesting they form a coalition government and to enter a vote of no confidence in labour govt. Brenda
Such a provision is absolutely essential to good government. It has been needed for at least four decades, but the problem has become acute with the sitting government–both major parties. A clean sweep is in order. Bill
Definitely Ken
Definitely and possibly a guillotine. Kevin
Stop giving Maori stuff !!! Kevin
Absolutely…and I will contribute financially to what ever it takes bruce
Arden has NO mandate for He puapua and guilty of a form of treason to voters, in my opinion. Allan
This government is the most dishonest in living memory, including the Muldoon and Lange administrations. Because it is setting a precedent for future governments there must be a way to curb such excesses. Gavin
One country, one people must prevail. Paul
This is important Graham
Should also have the same provisions with local councils alan
Of course..Should have been there years ago. david
We just have no rights at the moment , there is no debate , they just push it through under emergency and dictate to us for the rest Colin
This government is nothing short of tribal in actions and ability. We need a government for all New Zealanders and not just the poor and Maori. Alastair
Absolutely ! Only wish I could vote but have been out of the country too long. Barry
Starting today would be good. chris
They are about as dishonest and underhanded as it gets Trevor
Need more then a recall election. There must some form of class action that can be taken against this dishonest administration. Bryce
Given the lies and deceit of the current government, I see no alternative Rob
We need to hold this very deceptive government to account. They are ruining a wonderful Democrat country. Jill
Yes,Yes, and YES ! Donald
I answer NO. What New Zealand needs is a better informed electorate. Peter
Facial gymnastics do not disguise dishonesty. Neville
The way things are moving and the speed that Ardern is creating her separatist agenda, I fear we may be heading to civil conflict, like we see in overseas jurisdictions, that we would never have thought would happen here. But the anger of the once silent majority is growing until it reaches the enough is enough boiling point. When will that point be reached us the question. James
I feel so angry about this government that I’ve moved overseas and can no longer live in NEW ZEALAND Trevor
We NEED a law that enables the general voting population to get rid of devious, traitorous governments like the one we are enduring now. How many unfair, un-Democratic and dangerous laws have they rushed through under the guise of urgency? Many, and those new laws are NOT based on our true history, and they only benefit Maori, Socialism, and Jacinda’s aspirations of a high profile on the UN stage. Let’s get rid of them before it’s too late! Joyce
we need arden charged with Treason as well Norm
Thats what the Governor General is for they can dissolve parliament in such circumstances. What are you waiting for? John
Yes before it is too late and we get total Maori control in NZ Dianne
I don’t like our chances of having a recall election, if we managed to have such an election we would need to have an honest journalist or two, which is depressingly unlikely Peter
Who could have foreseen what the current government is progressing through parliament. Would those ‘changed’ voters still vote the same way I wonder? tony
Should have already been there. Charlotte
The 2020 election was rigged! The Clerk of the house will not allow us to count the votes counted by the “Voting Place Managers” using the form they filled. They will only a count using a computer. NEW ZEALANDS elections are not manual counts!!! Bruce C
untrustworthy and dishonest govt led by the worst commie queen we have ever had. Ardern is dangerous. stephanie
typical labour allan
YES .. Sadly however, it would be but a dream to have such as, a “recall election provision “. Alan
Get rid of Labour please ??? PHIL
Totally agree but it wont happen mainly because her main support voters are under the age of around 45-50 and have no idea of any thing to do with the past Allan
Certainly – as long as we can find enough honest politicians to form a Government.Weasel word users most of them. An honest media would be just as important but where do you find one in this country. I don’t know if I am a cynic or a realist but whichever … I think this beautiful country of ours is stuffed. Bruce
It is now obvious that Ardern had this as her agenda from day one, and with her majority in parliament, she can do whatever she wants to without any restraint. This is morally wrong, and completely deceitful. Peter
Yes, & if such a provision already existed she & her cronies would have been ousted a long time ago. Allen
Like all agreements there has to be an out clause. Warren
or in 20 years time this country will be another ZIMBABWE les
We are living in dangerous times. Democracy is being eroded Ross
Such a recall election should be invoked any time the government fails to include in its election manifesto major policy changes that affect NZ constitutionally which it subsequently introduces. Alan
Our ancestors that fought in wars to protect our civil liberties would be ashamed of the country New Zealand has become! one country, one people…… lisa
Kiwis, need to open their eyes, we are experiencing COMMUNISM/MARXISM by stealth. On the way to becoming part of The World Government predicted in my Bible and a World leader. Jan
A Must to prevent our democracy from being lost due to lying politicians who have their own agenda. Think about Hitler and his method of taking power and his brain washing of children. Judith
Certainly Do !!! June
Bette move quickly. Graham
Darn right we do. My only hope is that we are not too late to reverse Ardern’s gifting the country to our coloured bretheren. Carl
We really need the Swiss type system, where it only requires a percentage of voters call a binding referendum. The result? One of the most democratic governance systems in the world. Ted
This Government is leaning on the prop of maintaining New Zealanders’ fear of Covid. When Covid goes away, the power and influence of this deceptive Government becomes weaker because they have nothing useful and positive to offer us. That’s why they are so slow to roll out the vaccine, why the bubbles are so late, and as the rest of the world becomes free, our borders are still locked down. Separatism and pandering to certain races rather than all New Zealanders as one nation is merely vote-buying for 2023 because they surely will need the help of other parties (Maori Party probably, and/or Greens). Recall Election Provision…YES, YES YES! That’s true democracy in action. Kate
To ensure accountability of MP’s actions and duties. Besides, the PM seems to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons. How Budget expenditure is dealt should be accounted for in details. Johnny
It’s horrifying the way n.z.is heading. Such policies favouring one race over all other New Zealanders will break the country apart Chris
This government is hell bent on destroying damn near everything we have worked so hard to build up, The fresh and saltwater belong to us all. 1/2 the maoris really don’t care mark
We need our guns back Allan
They lied to us and we fell for it. Angelica
Jacinda Arden & the reigning party were dishonest about their goal — to sell NZ out to a Global Totalitarian regime- Socialist dictatorship! Anna
seems a good safety valve – but perhaps under urgency it could be repealed don
Absolutely! And not one which has an ounce of electronic counting or tabulation. Richard
The dishonest way this current government is behaving makes it imperative that we have the ability to cancel them! Ron
What a great idea. Our politicians need to be held accountable. Sheila
This Labour Govt is completely out of control and far exceeding their mandate. They need to be removed!! Tony
Yep we gotta keep emon their toes. mike
If the process that Maori and the Govt continues I would predict severe racial tensions and eventually violence Reg
Great Idea! Dick
It certainly does it’s unbelievable what this government has done and it’s far from finished Where are the National Party How can a nation of 5 million people just stand by and let this happen I for one will be leaving this country as soon as I can Peter
Continuation on this pathway has only one outcome. Division of the population and eventually rebellion Reg
Definitely a must Graeme
It is entirely dishonest to withold from the public a hidden agenda, Voters should be aware of the UN to return lands to the Indigenous long past on, Beware of the UN. Russell
They are, without doubt, the worst government this country has ever seen. Riddled with woke ideologists and racist members of Parliament who are only interested in 15% of the population. Absolutely disgusted and appalled at what is happening to this beautiful country. Adele
This bullshit has gone on long enough. Time to act. Bill
We need to take steps to protect our democratic rights from abuse by deceit and hidden agendas. Roger
NZ has always been vulnerable to dictatorial government on a three year basis. There are little or no checks and balances. John
What we need urgently are a change of government and a reversal of biased media coverage of accurate criticism of political development in this country by the Leader of the Opposition Terry
Probably too late but definitely necessary Steve
Time to act. Peter
Like she said, “You will know it when you see it.” Feel like I am looking at it as I read the budget and pondering He Puapua. peter
IN this case, the Labour Govt is not standing by its’ promises to the electorate. It is not acceptable. Ian
Absolutely! Democracy is being eroded in New Zealand. Janine
I have wanted this for a long time Paul
Have recently had an interesting conversation with the mayor of our town. He has been in municipal politics for 11 years. he says that never before has the goodwill between council and public been at such low ebb. There is no longer any trust. The public connect municipal authority to government and there is no trust left.. Only animosity. Thanks Jacinda. Jenny
be very afraid david
Twisting The Treaty Brian
Labour did not sign any coalition deal with the Maori Party! the Maori voter only totals to 14% of the vote, whats wrong with this picture?? David
With appropriate thresholds so frivolous challenges cannot succeed, but yes definitely to combat the sort of treason our dear leader is doing!! T
Problem is, New Zealand has had dishonest politicians for decades. To hope National would change things if re-elected, is being very naive. It was National who signed “United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People. Which is starting to be implemented now. It was National who told Maori to put tribal claims in place for the foreshore & seabed. Now look what is happening in that regard. If ACT are courageous enough to stand firm & take the name calling, like RACIST etc, they will deserve to take all of Nationals vote & more. If they prove to be just another Globalist Club puppet ‘Party’, they will make a bit of noise to gain a few votes, but will not fight to the end for what is right. Only time will tell, but I am not holding my breathe.. A.G.R.
We need “recall election” NOW to reject this dishonest Labour/Green/Maori erstwhile Government. Coral
Yes but such a provision has zero chance of being introduced while this government is in power. Even if it were possible, results would be massaged to keep the govt in power. Graham
We need to be more passionate as Kiwis. Jacinda and her band of liars needs to be swept into oblivion…forever. Rob
Seeing how the current mob are performing, we really need to have a recall election! Mark
Needed now. Iain
Terrible the dishonesty and deceit of labour and there race based minority agenda, wake up new zealanders you are behind blindsided!!! Gaz
Yes, yes, yes! The actions of this government over the separatist agenda they are rolling out is totally illegitimate. They need to be sacked! Tony
If we had such a law it would surely prevent this appalling tribal takeover from happening. What is being planned is like a nightmare! Murray
Absolutely – Jacinda Ardern and her Labour mates are destroying this country. I feel so powerless. We desperately need a law to fall back on to protect our democracy. Roger
National and ACT should put ‘no confidence’ motions in Parliament to highlight this government’s illegitimate agenda. It wouldn’t get very far, but if reported would show that they are betraying the public. Gerry
And to think that so many people trusted Jacinda Ardern when she seems intent on destroying democracy as we know it. Unbelievable!  Alison